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Archives: January 15, 2020

Trump tries scripting a made-for-TV drama out of his impeachment trial

North Dakota lawmaker blames opponents for anti-Islam posts

Tennessee governor says he will sign anti-LGBT adoption bill

Ugh chris matthews

Time to revisit: Joe Biden and VAWA

FYI CNN is providing a free stream of the debate if you do not subscribe via cable at above link

Bernie-Warren Feud Has Been Fueled By Everyone But Bernie And Warren

BS surrogate Nina Turner is on Chris Matthews right now LYING HER BUTT OFF.

Graphic image: While walking to work, woman stumbles on 3 decapitated heads in Cancun

They Were Boarding the Bus. Then the Ground Opened

Sanders camp admits anti-Warren script was deployed in multiple early states

A bit of background and photos of Robert Hyde

US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win in 2020 in order to regain control in 2020.

Turn on Tweety for the Ambassador Yavonovitch story

Thanks to clouds, new climate simulations predict more warming than predecessors

Malinowski endorses Biden for presiden

Sounds like Trump may have been involved in a Murder Plot, Yovanovitch

Kentucky teenager takes picture wearing rainbow shirt; school expels her for 'lifestyle violations'

Boston Red Sox part ways with Alex Cora in light of cheating scandal.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Nik Wallenda to attempt highwire walk across active volcano in Nicaragua in live ABC special

Amb Dana Shell Smith "State must turn over what it has and what steps were taken to protect her"

NOTICE: Last Windows 7 Updates today

A dilemma too difficult to answer

Inslee to Legislature: 'Let's bring Washingtonians in from the cold'

Is James Carville undergoing chemotherapy?

'No cameras, no C-Span, no coverage.' Rules will limit access during Trump's trial

NOTICE: Last Windows 7 Updates today

Photo shows House Minority Leader McCarthy standing between Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman

Trump appointed Judge blocks House lawsuit for Trump's taxes.

Rockets target Taji military base north of Baghdad - statement

Nick Rolovich reportedly to be named Washington State head coach

Analysis: John Bolton's testimony looks increasingly likely

New Video Shows Two Iranian Missiles Hit Ukrainian Plane

Republican Party of Ky. files complaint against McGrath campaign

Trump slams Apple for refusing to unlock iPhones of suspected criminals

Just as Many African-Americans Say They'd Consider Voting for Bernie Sanders as Joe Biden

He ordered the hit---I mean he ordered the HIT on an AMERICAN

CNN: How to watch tonight's Democratic presidential debate

Meet the Trump Donor Who Allegedly Stalked America's Ambassador in Ukraine

More cartoons for 1/14/2020

Floriduh legislature food fight

Warren Calls for SEC Probe Into Whether Trump Tipped Off Mar-a-Lago Pals to Soleimani Attack

Morning Consult, Dems vs Trump: Biden +5, Sanders +4, Warren +2, Bloomberg +1, Buttigieg tie

Someone threw a beer at Trump during the NCAA Football national championship

Nancy Pelosi knows exactly what she is doing. N/T

from Cory Booker:

They Donated to Trump's Inauguration. Now These Big Donors Are Funding His 2020 Competition

Alex Cora out as Red Sox manager

NLRB is now left with just three members all from the same political party.

Former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn files to withdraw guilty plea in Mueller case

How long before Twitler makes some other military distraction?

Lev Parnas is the Where's Waldo of Forrest Gumps.😂

Hyde gives 56K to Trump & Republicans but owes child support to his 13 yr old son

"Until recently, Trump knowingly participated in an IRGC front operation to launder money."

Trump: Saudi Arabia paid the US $1 billion for more troops. Pentagon: Eh, not quite.

The Malignant Clown Just Suggested LBJ Is In Hell.

Jeff Weaver (Sanders campaign adviser): They have "different recollections"

Let me make this Pelosi(edly)* Clear

I keep smelling this godawful foul smell....


Shaun King: "BS is literally the most deeply honest human being I've ever met".

This is SOME DAY, huh? Flynn Moves to Withdraw Guilty Plea

West African Rock

Can you feel your ears?

AG BARR going to even more extremes to protect Twitler! Can't investigate campaign members

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Monday the 13th!

Pelosi: ok you want articles?

Trump: 'I don't believe' Sanders said a woman can't win the presidency

Steven Miller proposed shipping immigrants out of US on trains as scare tactic. I'm speechless.

It appears to me Wolf Blitzer

The Sanders campaign has brought Nina Turner to the Spin Room...

I went for an eye exam today. What's worse:

Anyone ever subscribed to CuriosityStream?

protestors at #TrumpRallyMillwaukee: Trump talks dishwashers, sinks, toilets, light bulbs and divert

Rep Swalwell: "Kiev-in McCarthy"

Comedian John Mulaney on his simile for Trump

Democrats are so amiable. No wonder the GOP is trying to fire up Bernie's base

So democrats just blocked some republican motion to support Iranian protesters?

'We Have Less Than A Millisecond Left'

Why Bloomberg skipped New York Times ed board interview

Where has falafel been all my life? What god made this? How do you eat it? nt

Supreme Court weighs 'Bridgegate' -- with Christie in the front row

Barnier: Goods entering Northern Ireland from Britain will be checked after Brexit


I think I might like Tom Steyer. Is there something wrong with me?

Ukraine Official Offered Info on Biden to Oust Ambassador

Did Flynn Withdraw His Guilty PLea To Delay Sentencing Yet Again?

Collectively the men on this stage have lost TEN elections!

Does anyone find it weird that false eyelashes and heavy make up

So Why Impeach Trump on Blocking Ukraine Aid and No Questions on Russia?

John Roberts may be leading the Senate impeachment trial, but this woman is shaping it

Michael Avenatti Arrested by Feds at California State Bar Hearing


Missouri court permanently blocks key part of voter photo ID

Sanders just said his MFA ends all premiums. I'm on Medicare. I pay a monthly premium.

The purple haze over Arizona was caused by a marijuana farm, but it's not what you think

OK, I really do not like the debate format


Five years guaranteed income for unemployed insurance company employees?

Amy, Pete and Liz are on FIRE!


My pet peeve over tonight's debate.

Yovanovitch calls for investigation following evidence released by lawmakers

Trump got away with Treason, so why not being accomplice to murder of an American diplomat?

Video emerges of Sanders saying in 1988 a woman could be elected president

Michael Avenatti Arrested by Feds at California State Bar Hearing

Nevada's Largest Teachers Union Is Endorsing Bernie Sanders

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 16, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: SAG Lifetime Achievement Award

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 17, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Bottoms Up!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 18, 2020 -- The Essentials: Filmmaker Journeys

"Damn liberals, what are they good for?"

Question of the day...?

More African rock

Someone Warn Iran - Trump Having More Bad News

Stop!!,something's fishy, these breadcrumbs are too easy to follow, Flynn asked for a jury trial,how

How Democracies Die; From Open Society To Failed Democracy

Either both are liars or both are lying buffoons...

The Daily Show: LIVE Coverage of the January 2020 Democratic Debate

All-Coal Lineup Atop Senate Environment Committees In 2021 Very Possible W. Murkowski Departure

Remember Sondland declaring "everyone was in the loop" - was he talking about the "stalking and

Elizabeth and Bernie won the night!

Video of Bernie in 1998 - "In my view a woman could be elected president of the United States."

McConnell before to witnesses, McConnell after witnesses

Ohh, tough guy Ambassador-stalker Robert Hyde makes a statement

Who ordered the tracking and when?


CNN panel agreeing this debate won't move the needle.

Thank you, V.P. Biden, for ending with a statement of hope

How many interpretations can you come up with for this quote?

2019: 2nd-Wettest Year On Record For US, Hottest Year On Record For Alaska

*Plouffe just announced as MSNBC 'analyst.'

Hate to tell Bernie that ...

Australia Fires: Helping Koalas In Need

I miss the days when candidates used to have debates before elections and primaries

Let's review the Iowa Caucus process...

The diversity of Wisconsin's Republican electeds and the people behind is terrifying....

She's going to go through some things. OMG I just remembered😳

GOP lawmaker accuses Rep. Matt Gaetz of creating 'a game' where politicians get 'points' for sleepin

That was a good debate.

New Year's Floods In Jakarta Worst In Decades; Some Areas Of City Already Sinking 10 Inches/Year

Mother Jones - "You Might Very Well Be the Cause of Cancer": Read Bernie Sanders' 1970s-Era Essays

Question about the Iowa caucus.

The Daily Show: Ronan Farrow - "Catch and Kill" and Accountability for Harvey Weinstein

There were two missiles shot at the Ukrainian plane out of Tehran. That

St. Luke's in Mountain Brook Buys $8.1 Million In Medical Debt Across Central Alabama

Seth Meyers: Senator Cory Booker Drops Out of 2020 Race/Trump Tweets - Monologue - 1/13/20

Robert Hyde: Giuliani associate discussed surveilling Marie Yovanovitch

Did Elizabeth Warren 'dis' Bernie Sanders' handshake

Let's talk about what Parnas gave up...Beau of the Fifth Column.

Wisconsin court temporarily halts removal of more than 200,000 names from voter rolls

Can someone go to this link of the Parnas document, page 14 & 15

PolitiFact's editor: Was Joe Biden a climate change pioneer in Congress? History says yes

*Frontline an investigation into America's increasingly bitter,

Per David Corn: Hyde taken into custody at a Trump resort last year

Outside Trump's KLAN meeting in Milwaukee Tuesday night. A huge crowd of protesters chant:

Bernie hauled in a whopping $1.7m tonight, his best fundraising during a debate yet

Tweet of the Day

Boston Globe: Grading the debate performance of the Democratic candidates


CNN Moderators, Alarmed by Cost of Medicare for All, Ignore Price Tag of Endless War


Speaker Pelosi:American elections should be decided by the American people, not by the Russian Govt

Friendly Reminder: October 1, 2020 coming fast, & if you wanna be allowed to Fly you'll need Real ID

The Emperor's New Clothes - Sinead O'Connor

They say the first one is the hardest

This guy from Australia turned draught land into lush water soaked

omg..he's such an idiot

Any thought about what happens if Trump invalidates an election against him or invokes martial law?

Incredible, secret firefighting mission saves famous 'dinosaur trees'

"Just Like You Said it Would Be" - Sinead O'Connor - LIVE performance

Is it possible that Bernie and Liz remember the conversation differently and that both honestly

Did you watch the debate tonight?

Who do you think won tonight?

Troy -- Sinead O'Connor

does anyone else check out LBN just to see if he's dead yet?

Motherless Brooklyn came out today streaming on amazon.

Drink Before The War - Sinead O'Connor LIVE recording

Is it wrong to put the parental lock with a PIN on FOX News on your TV?

Black mayor of racially diverse Iowa city backs Buttigieg:

Oh my! And he is running for Congress. I wonder if stalking ambassadors gives one

If (when?) Trump steals the 2020 election, what then?

Eastern ☦ Orthodox Chants and Hymns

Oh, just ducky. Flaw in Windows 10. I am really really not fond of this version.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/14/20

Should I call in sick today/in the morning?

Stephen Colbert: Guest Michael Bloomberg

Remember This

Hyde the wannabe-assassin with all sorts of GOP clowns (pics, natch)

It's all about the Constitution, republican idiots...

Details on Hyde's meltdown at Doral - this guy is clearly in need of help

A Florida woman tried to build a bomb inside a Walmart using items she didn't pay for, police say

Orthodox☦️Christianity: Life of Blessed St. John of San Francisco & Shanghai

Any DUers have the video with Hyde, Kevin McCarthy

Larry the 10 Downing Cat gets a little help from a Beeb reporter

Trump counterprogrammed the Democratic debate with a rally featuring a rant about toilets

A theory on why most of the GOP are running scared

Michigan Poll - Epic MRA find SANDERS/BIDEN both leading

Wednesday TOONs - History is Watching

Neal Katyal: Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani have demolished Trump's claims of innocence

'Amazing': New embryo made of nearly extinct rhino species

Can you name the other 3 ambassadors &/or U.S. embassies tRump has hits out on?

"Thank you for your request. These rights are for California residents only."

$1.7m raised - the best single day for fundraising on a debate day for the entire campaign

So in December 2018 Elizabeth Warren invites

We Have Got to Think Big, Not Small

The depth of corruption is very disturbing.

Trump to Lift Hold on $8.2B in Disaster Aid for Puerto Rico: Report

When I dream of people I knew who have died, the vast majority

Seems like the stealers of women's agency are also racist wankers... who knew?!?!

China: Possible that new virus could spread between humans

Malcolm Nance: WARNING: We are being attacked again ... right now.

Cross Post - Anniversary message of hope and courage

Winners and Losers From The CNN Iowa Democratic Debate 😁

Davos Schedules Special Session On Australian Fires But Country's Delegation Won't Even Attend

Quinnipiac National: Biden 25%(-5), Sanders 19%(+3), Warren 16%(-1), Buttigieg 8%(-1)

The Crossing: What to Watch as Impeachment Heads to Senate

Carbon From Australian Bushfires Approaching National Annual Emissions Total Of 540 Million Tons

Biden's ship stayed on course. Some headlines and snips on debate Winners and Losers.

Sanders camp admits anti-Warren script was deployed in multiple early states

Vox: Rudy Giuliani's fixer, Lev Parnas, turned over documents. They're very ugly.

Target shares plunge as holiday sales miss estimates on weakness in toys and electronics

Warren's New Electability Argument -Emma Green/The Atlantic

Why doesn't our candidate's

Released Docs show WhatsApp chats with Laura Ingraham & Hannity...

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Dating in the age of impeachment

Zero Specifics From DeSantis On GHGs Or Renewables As "Chief Resilience Officer" Dodges Interviews

The Rundown: January 15, 2020


The Webcomics Weekly #69: ........Nice (1/14/2020 Edition)

Gaslighting Alert: There is no trade deal. There's a band aid to help heal our self inflicted wounds

America Farce

Well That was an interesting Debate

Gene Krupa was born on this date-

R&RHoF Inductees: NIN, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston, Depeche Mode, Doobie Brothers, T-Rex

Nancy Pelosi: What Kind of Sick S--t Do the Russians Have on Mitch McConnell?

Pakistan: 21 more bodies recovered in avalanche-hit Kashmir

Queen Ida was born on this date-

Second Lawsuit Accuses Texas of Voter Suppression

J is for genius ... Watch and rinse your dishes? D. Trump 1/14/20 Wisconsin

Putin and Assad caught on video laughing as they mock Trump during Damascus meeting

I saw "1917" last night. Powerful movie.

Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) was born on this date-

😀🇺🇸🥯☀️❗️What's your favorite bagel?

Yesterday we learned that a mafia style hit was being discussed by people in Trump's circle

"Orwell Rolls In His Grave" - Bernie Sanders 2002 interview

Joyce Vance re: Timeline of Hyde calls against scandal timeline

Wow! So proof of Trump's guilt doesn't matter because the Republicans already know he's guilty!

Tearing you a new one every day of the week. . . . Please come CAPTION A.G. Bill Barr!!

Ronnie Van Zant was born on this date-

Breaking: Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev announced he and the entire Russian government is resigning

Amy Klobuchar lost the Debate by not winning...

There truly is no bottom to the profit mentality.

Putin proposes vote on constitutional shake-up that could extend his rule

F/U means Follow Up

EU pressures Iran on atom deal in last-ditch bid to save it

Nasty Man

Breakfast: Wednesday, 1/15/2020

Russian government resigns after Putin proposes reforms that would weaken his successor

Yes they can. Yes they are. Yes we will

"Thumbs-Up": When a (universally-understood) positive gesture goes BAD

Scientists contribute to major new report on climate change impact on UK coasts and seas

Scientists contribute to major new report on climate change impact on UK coasts and seas

Toles on "if the president does it, it's not a crime... it's a strategy!"

Immigrants Rights Group Endorses Sanders

BTRTN: Warren Had the TV Moment, but the Debate's Real Winner May Have Been Bloomberg

Pelosi announces Impeachment Managers 9:45am

Make the Road Action endorses Bernie Sanders

I deleted the thread about Twitter this morning.

January 15 - Happy Birthday Governor David Ige (D) HI

After the debate the commentators didn't mention Bernie

Warren Sanders "Spat"----Silly

Someone, somewhere, KNOWS what was ...

Mike Bloomberg holds 7-point lead on Trump in Michigan, poll shows

Russian government resigns as Putin seeks constitutional shakeup

Climate crisis fills top five places of World Economic Forum's risks report

Climate crisis fills top five places of World Economic Forum's risks report

Know Your Java...

Why isn't this news?

Misspelled Trump Tweet Screed Suggests Brain Malfunction

MAJOR Ally Abandoning US as Trump Worldwide Embarrassment

NeverWarren and Warrenisasnake trending on twitter

Today, every headline should be screaming, every news show should start with

Whitney Houston, The Notorious B.I.G. Among 2020's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

US wholesale prices up slight 0.1% in December

FYI: MSNBC Special Coverage of Pelosi event starts NOW

Video: Make the Road Action Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

MAGA son in law told me new definition

Trump's Goons Were Up to Something Very Shady in Ukraine

TakeAction Minnesota Endorses Sanders.

Man dies after medical emergency on Metro train

CNN's primary focus is to attack candidates who are in the lead to artificially create a horse race

Pelosi about to announce impeachment managers!

* NEW * YouGov Poll: Biden 27% (-), Sanders 20% (-), Warren 19% (-3), Buttigieg 7% (-), Bloomberg 5%

Michael Cohen's testimony re: Trump said "he speaks in code".

Nancy P's impeachment mangers

The Speaker is wearing

Pic Of The Moment: Meet Robert Hyde!

Per Speaker Pelosi, the impeachment managers are...

"There is nothing that rises to the level of removing a duly elected President from office"

Hakeem Jeffries

This is more of a 'wild' than domestic pet question

"She's Going to Go Through Some Things" - Donald J. Trump

Joe Biden lands endorsements from nine more Ohio lawmakers

This Robert Hyde freak claimed he was simply drunk when he texted Parnas...

#Iowa Democratic Primary, RCP Average:

New Hampshire Democratic Primary, RCP Average:

The impeachment managers are revealed.

#BREAKING #NEW POLL The Economist and YouGov:

My Sleeper Pick For Joe Biden's Running Mate

Wednesday, January 15 RCP poll

The media keeps asking if the Democrats are willing to have Hunter Biden testify in senate trial.

MAGA heads must be exploding

James Carville endorses Bennet

I would be fine if Biden, Warren, Sanders, or essentially any of our canidates gets the nomination

Joe Biden picks up his 6th Obama cabinet endorsement from Penny Pritzker :

Biden Calls Trump A Failed Commander-In-Chief Who Has Ripped America's Reputation To Shreds 😎🎨🦩

Charles Pierce wonders if Sanders attracts the Democratic equivalent of the incel boys

Polling data in early states as of late this morning (January 15):

#Nevada Democratic Primary, RCP Average:

South Carolina Democratic Primary, RCP Average:

Snapshot of the House Impeachment Managers

The Soullessness Of The Trump Supporter.....

I'm convinced. He could shoot someone on 5th Ave and

#National @YouGovUS / @TheEconomist Poll (1/11-14):

It would be really cool if the Rock n Roll HoF elected actual rockers for induction.

@RudyGiuliani The US Flag and President @realDonaldTrump are the symbols for those seeking freedom

The 2020 Endorsement Primary Which Democratic candidates are receiving the most support from promine

Sonoma County prepares to sue PG&E for damages from fire


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2020 inductees are...

Steve Bannon's warning to Apple: 'I would pay attention' to Trump's tweet on unlocking iPhones

I think we are entering a period during which we should all question just about everything we

Political wisdom from Middle Age Riot:

Were Trump and his associates planning to harm Ambassador Yovanovitch?

Barbara Boxer special guest on MSNBC now.

African grey parrots are smart enough to help a bird in need


Joan Baez is BACK, with her new song "Nasty Man!"

And some people think Americans lack culture.

I don't want a pickle ...

Joe Biden lands support of nine more Ohio lawmakers 😎

Big puppy hugs in the reply tweet:

Is Andrew Yang 2020's Unlikeliest Feminist Truth Teller?

Old man and conversation about his age (Warning: Cussing):

Rice Ball evolution!!!

GOP Cult Members plan violence against Democrats in Michigan

If Sanders is lying, why doesn't Warren say so? (Washington Post)

Andrew Yang misses January's Democratic debate but he's resonating, especially with men

Trump Is Going To Go Through Some Things

Christian school expels teen after she posed with rainbow birthday cake, mother says

"Say Cheese, Kevin!" "Smile, big smile!" "Ah, come on, Kevin, you can do better than that!"

The statement by Moscow Mitch may go down as a major, historic, political blunder.

trump is about to exclaim a huge win with's bullshit.

NYT Editorial board - Andrew Yang, Businessman from New York

New PEW research poll re: DT

I just finished binging "Schitt's Creek".

Japanese Folktale: The Great Race of the Zodiac Animals┃Happy New Year! あけましておめでとう!

Nancy P picks out music "to walk the articles" of impeachment over to the senate.

Iran plane downing: Person who filmed video 'arrested'

Wanna Hear A Good One? China Agreed To Stop Intellectual Theft With Zero Enforcement

DT sounds weird again today. Shallow breathing and talking like forming his words are an effort!

Disagreements between candidates at Iowa Democratic debate

Weeks have passed since the House passed legislation to lower prescription drug prices,

Trump is not even going to come close to Clinton's record on job creation.

US firm offers free cybersecurity help to federal campaigns

We appear to be seeing more of VP Mike Pence of late.

House Foreign Affairs Committee to investigate threats to Amb. Yavonovich:

trump has lou dobbs at his china show...

Roberts, senators to be sworn in Thursday for impeachment trial

The world's trust in the U.S. just hit a 'record low'

Trump droning on and on and on

Like a vampire on Trueblood, Trump has "glammed" his base,

Senators won't be able to check their iPhones or talk among themselves during the trial.

Last decade confirmed as the warmest decade on record by three global agencies (BBC)

Last decade confirmed as the warmest decade on record by three global agencies (BBC)

Capitol Hill is 'furious' after Trump's State Department abruptly cancelled briefing 'required by la

Dinner at the beauty salon in Las Vegas (KanaTV)

Re: Ukraine/Biden...

This is how tornadoes begin (puppies!):


MINE! BACK OFF! (kitten)

Pelosi Names Impeachment Managers For Trump's Senate Trial

I never have good luck betting on the ponies

State of Florida Buys Everglades Land to Prevent Oil Production!

NSA identifies "critical vulnerability" in Microsoft Windows 10

NSA identifies "critical vulnerability" in Microsoft Windows 10

The Robert Hyde story is important - but not for the reasons most people are talking about.

Puppy in reply tweet REALLY loves his food:

Just another of life's little mysteries:

Dam at Mississippi lake could soon fail; residents urged to flee

Liz Warren is the candidate that can chop the demented one off at the knees in a debate.

Managers of the impeachment trial of the President

The President appoints the ambassadors.

Senate Has Votes to Pass Limits on Trump's Iran War Power, Likely Drawing a Veto

Senate Has Votes to Pass Limits on Trump's Iran War Power, Likely Drawing a Veto

Great article about Wisconsin and why the evangelicals are still supporting mf45

Jay Sekulow's email to John Dowd

When the smoke clears...

CNN - Putin Dissolves Current Government, in Preparation for What?

faster Louder RIGHTER

Garage Hangover: "The Roaches," of Springfield, Virginia

Doug Collins: "Blah, Blah, Blah....Oh, and by the way...

One thing about the impeachment trial in the Senate that I'll enjoy:

As Virginia gun rally approaches, Alex Jones and his Infowars outlet hype prospect of violence

Response to Medicare for All opponent who thinks the sick brought it on themselves

*NEW* Florida Poll - Biden 42%, Sanders 16%, Warren 10%, Bloomberg 7%, Klobuchar 6%

What Could Make the Senate Impeachment Trial Go Away Instantly?

For all you astronomers: A browser-game where you simulate a solar system.

TN passes bill protecting foster and adoption agencies if they reject LGBTQ parents for placement

Kevin McCarthy whining about that mean girl Nancy!

Trump Obsessed with Bernie's Appeal

Kevin McCarthy is speaking from the well making specific insults about the trial managers.

Nashville hot chicken mac and cheese sliders!

The Hangmen, "What A Girl Can't Do"

Nina Turner on Hardball...

Trump, at press conference with China's Vice Premier: "Comey choked like a dog"

LIVE: Reports of active shooter prompt lockdown at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base

I am proud to be a Democrat, today more than ever.

Kids have talent!

Just a guy and Godzilla hangin' out doing stuff

I could not love Nancy Pelosi more. Those hysterical men, and her reasoned calm.

Pelosi giving speech before the House vote live.

Woo boy Nancy!

My Daughter sent me this. Hilarious mash-up from Jimmy Kimmel

Joe: no taxing Social Security and unemployment compensation are....

TakeAction Minnesota endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Best marriage proposal EVER!

TakeAction Minnesota endorses Bernie Sanders for President

How ironic would it be if Trump was impeached because he listened to Hannity and Dobbs.

Impeachment Managers - great team

Bernie Sanders Won't Play Your Game

Hey, it's National Bagel Day

In 2015, @BernieSanders asked us all for a political revolution.

In 2015, @BernieSanders asked us all for a political revolution.

Keeping up with the times - Reworked travel posters

The Night the Media Realized Bernie Could Win

It would be a shame if something happened to Les Parnas.

Sanders, Warren, Steyer Best on Climate Scorecard Center for Biological Diversity

AG of Virgin Islands files suit against Epstein estate: trafficking hundreds of girls into 2018

Don't like Windows 10? Make it look like Win7.

Will it be televised? (Impeachment trial) nt

Well, how do we interpret this

Grace Slick Vocals Isolated - White Rabbit

The @BernieSanders campaign is about unifying people across our country

Pitting progressives against each other weeks before the Iowa Caucus hurts ALL of us.

The First African American to Receive a Face Transplant.

Big businesses raise over $3 million in campaign for Seattle shelter

Crystal Mountain to limit walk-up tickets amid traffic, parking problems

Can Trump request a trial by combat?

Video: Virginia House of Delegates Vote 59-41 to Ratify ERA

New Season Real Time with Bill Maher, Nancy Pelosi

Oh my! Nancy!

Two things we never hear Repubs talk about:

Days before Europeans warned Iran of nuclear deal violations, Trump secretly threatened to impose 25

Governor Newsom to get his first California Supreme Court appointment

House Votes to Send Impeachment Charges to Senate, Approving Managers

As Lead Impeachment Manager, Adam Schiff Brings Experience and Controversy

Michael Avenatti arrested by IRS agents for allegedly violating his bail terms a week before federal

re: Twitter hashtag

The video of our single just went live!

We've made history! #VAratifyERA

TSA apologizes to Indigenous woman after agent's offensive comments at MSP

i cant wait for this ceremony thing. will they carry the mace?

Thornier trade issues await after in initial US-China deal

The Mojo Men: "Sit Down, I Think I Love You"

Man requests sword fight with ex-wife and lawyer to settle legal dispute

Nina Turner sets the record straight.

Inslee keeps it simple in final State of the State this term

Holy God Lev Parnas on Rachel tonight!!

Customer accidentally shoots woman at Oak Harbor restaurant

Managers and Articles approved to be sent to Senate

It's 'Madam Speaker' now: What's happening in Olympia today

Sanders, Biden Tag Team Trump for 'Lying' on Iran

Sanders's wife calls for unity, positivity amid friction with Warren camp

Jacob Wohl sighting -- at Michael Avenatti's detention hearing

Michigan lawmaker apologizes for comments to female reporter

Netflix's Dracula's time jumps are confusing. SPOILERS

Shocking New Evidence Rocks Trump Impeachment Before Senate Trial Rachel Maddow

It's a six way tie for A-Hole Of The Day!

New from Natasha Bertrand: Republican consultant had restraining order against Hyde - he violated it

Malcolm Nance: This Is 'The Dawn Of The DNC Hacking 2.0'

Komodo dragon destroyed BBC camera by trying to have sex with it

AP Exclusive: State voucher violations leave details unknown

File under Surprising but Welcome News

Virginia just ratified the ERA.

Lots of good liberal talkers like Stephanie Miller being BASHED by that group that supports

DC Climate Protest, 'Stop The Money Pipeline' Speeches, Fire Drill Friday

My husband is still alive and unhurt.

Poitico: The winners, losers and biggest takeaways from the Iowa debate

BREAKING: The House of Delegates just passed HJ1, my resolution to have Virginia be the 38th... #ERA

Cartoons 1/15/2020

Violence breaks out against indigenous peoples in Brazil

Pentagon to talk Space Force plans, uniforms with Trump

Pentagon to talk Space Force plans, uniforms with Trump

@FLOTUS @MelainiaTrump smiles on cue like a robot and then.....

Joe Biden first choice of Wisconsin's Democratic primary voters in latest Marquette Law School Poll

Profile of Hyde from the Intercept -- not his first stalking episode

Avenatti's First Ex-Wife Next In Line...

Trump is just a fundamentally bad guy.

Trump lies about EVERYTHING: Part 2,572,149

Amy K and Biden shine at last night's debate. WAPO

NASA, NOAA Analyses Reveal 2019 Second Warmest Year on Record

Will senate repugs try to end impeachment trial before the SOTU?

A Saying From Mark Twain Very Relevant For Cult45

Wow Rachel can really book a guest

State Dept abruptly cancels briefings scheduled for today after Parnas revelations

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz., who has been absent from the Congress since last week, is in treatmen

Hyde needs protection, pronto.

Rapper Jay-Z sues Mississippi prison system over inmates' deaths

You raised $963.40 on January 14, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Judge Blocks Trump's Refugee Policy

Tennis players raise over $5 Million for Australian bushfire relief

Occasionally, I get criticized for my prognostication.

There is only one person

'The blob', a huge marine heatwave, killed nearly a million seabirds in the biggest known die-off of

Michigan Republican lawmaker apologizes for creepy comments to female reporter


Andrew Yang shares why former President Barack Obama broke his heart

New book (Phil Rucker/Carol Leonnig) portrays Trump as erratic, 'at times dangerously uninformed'

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-2: War, What Is It Good For? Edition

Ronan Farrow to make HBO documentary about threats against journalists

Susan Collins re: Lev's evidence:

Mongolian Groom ran Breeders' Cup with pre-existing injury

UN contradicts Duque over drop in killing of Colombia's human rights defenders

Billboard on I-75 outside of Dalton, GA

Iran has a 'shockingly strong' war-crimes case against Trump over Soleimani's killing -- and it could

Colombia's Supreme Court surrenders spying evidence to chief prosecutor

US Supports Brazil's OECD Candidacy over Argentina

What Warren and Sanders Said to Each Other

Bernie Sanders's agenda makes him the definition of unelectable

BROKEN: Kentucky Legislator Introduces Bill Prohibiting Rainbows

Dzogchen Pointing Out Instructions. Direct Introduction.

You may see me tonight......

About the aliens visiting the earth....Yes, they have been here, but..........

LSC Communications in Strasburg to close

Karma can be an embarrassing b*tch.

I won't be Susan "Lucy" Collins' Charlie Brown. I wish there was some small reason to think

The Sec. of State not only did not protect an American ambassador,

NASA 'snow hunters' to fly into East Coast snowstorms to improve storm forecasts

2019 capped off the world's hottest decade in recorded history

Will Trump invite the Repub Senators over to the White House for pizza?

JUST IN: Robert Hyde tells @NBCNews in a text message he has "extensive comments on this matter"...

The DEA seized her father's life savings at an airport without alleging any crime occurred

'OK Boomer' makes it to the Supreme Court

Senator Harris calls for judicial nominations to stop during impeachment

Earth Just Had Hottest Decade On Record: New Data & 'Alarming Signs'

After this, will anyone want to join the US foreign service? Where govt does not protect you?

Some general info on the presidential candidates views on gun control

Just a happy dance post.

Pressure building on rural north Mississippi dam

He has already been impeached

GOPers howl over Benghazi amb but zero on Ukraine amb---mega evidence re Ukraine plot

An airline employee took a woman's number from her bag tag, then harassed her via text, lawsuit says

Trump Asks JPMorgan Leader to Say 'Thank You, Mr. President'

So the GOP new normal is

Get ready for "Clinton had Vince Foster killed" as justification for tRump ordering hit on M.Y.

AAHH! Fecal Iceberg. Did anyone else hear that!?

Trump: I Don't Believe Bernie Sanders Said A Woman Can't Win, "It's Not The Kind Of Thing He'd Say"

Joseph A. Bondy: Just finished taping our first live interview, with Rachel Maddow (Pic)

The House should immediately call Ambassador Marie Y. back and ask her a question.

538 Debate Poll: Warren had the BEST performance

Hitler once considered having one of his own ambassadors assassinated...

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick Says She's Taking Leave of Office To Enter Alcohol Recovery Treatment

Now you're talking, Speaker Pelosi!

538: Voters who prioritize beating Trump thought Warren did best

(Jewish Group) Sussex County GOP removes leader accused of anti-Semitism

Sunshine State Shock Poll*

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 16 January 2020

I love All Hat No Cattle

Gov. Ralph Northam declares state of emergency, bans all weapons from Capitol grounds

(Jewish Group) Virginia man charged in targeting of Jews and African-Americans with fake bomb threat

(Jewish group) Maine posthumously pardons a Jewish attorney who fought for Native Americans

(Jewish Group) This Jewish astronomer is the first woman to have an observatory named after her

Elizabeth Warren Has The Moment Of The Debate While Schooling Sanders And The Men Folk

(Jewish Group) 500 rabbis and Jewish leaders call for action against climate change

Nutjob Krystal Ball excoriates Warren

BS' Press Sec, BJG, Goes on Cenk's Show to Defend him against..

(Jewish Group) Jewish groups again call for Stephen Miller to quit because of white nationalist ties

(Jewish Group) Book tracing the history of Jewish women wins top National Jewish Book Awards honors

Should the Astros' trash can be sent to Cooperstown...?

Breaking: VA Gov Northam declares temp emergency banning weapons ahead of rally

Ocasio-Cortez creates PAC to push back on the Democratic Party's "blacklisting" rule

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 15, 2020

"The only part of the job that @realDonaldTrump ever liked as President was running for it."

Whoa! One previous stop at a crosswalk and it could've been a different story for the pedestrians

House delivers articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Live Stream

Today's proceedings are totally engrossing. nt

Yard Sale page on Facebook somebody posted pro prayer in school

House Dems release more Parnas evidence (incl. voice mails)

Donaldson, Twins agree to 4-year deal ($92 million guaranteed)

Federal judge temporarily stops Trump executive order giving states power to block refugees

Pierce: Nancy Pelosi Savaged House Republicans While Sending Off the Articles of Impeachment

Our video for our first single is live on YouTube!

Susan Collins Is Stupider Than Sarah Palin

'CNN Is Truly a Terrible Influence on This Country': Democratic Debate Moderators

Amy K won the Debate. just not the night.

Christian advocates booked Trump hotel to coincide with White House briefing

Impeachment Articles Engrossment Ceremony (streams)

Elizabeth Warren Confronts the Issue Dragging Her Down

3 detained with live mortar round at gate to Pearl Harbor

Commemorative Impeachment pens!

A New Study About the Death of 1 Million Seabirds Should Scare the Crap Out of You

Famous Jesus freak con artists

No Joke: How many pens does it take to sign Articles of Impeachment?

Dana Bash pointed out that Democrats handed out pens in the impeachment

Great stuff.

The Articles of Impeachment were submitted to the Senate

Music for walking Articles of Impeachment across the Capitol

The many ways that Trump has beaten President Obama.

Mc Connell is wearing a pinstripe suit - looks MOB

Hearing Moscow Mitch stating over and over again

Trump Takes Credit For Obamacare, Says Democrats Want to Repeal It

CNN's Debate Performance Was Villainous and Shameful

Lev and his lawyer Joseph Bondy will also be on Anderson Cooper (CNN) tonight

Mike Mills of R.E.M.: "we do not condone the use of our music by this fraud and con man"

Powered By People (

Which tech companies are really doing the most harm? Here are the 30 most dangerous, ranked.

Wicked tease from Rachel...

*NEW* Wisconsin Poll: Biden 23%, Sanders 19%, Buttigieg 15%, Warren 14%, Bloomberg 6%

Interview with Astros' Trash Can


US Virgin Islands sues Jeffrey Epstein estate, alleges sex trafficking

Some details on the Warren-Sanders post-debate non-handshake.

'What's this a tour of?':...

New Parnas texts just released: Pompeo was part of the plot against Amb. Yovanovitch

The Dark Side of 'Compostable' Take-Out Containers

Trump didn't know China and India are neighbors and the significance of Pearl Harbor

Doctor asks for (regular) Medicare deductible up front.

An illustrated history of Hong Kong

Manly, womanly--positive; girly mostly negative. Boyly doesn't exist---why not?

The Sanders/Warren "feud" is a nothing burger created by the media

Has the impeached criminal POS starting tweeting yet?

Another way being poor hurts health inequality

They chose Rachel.

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate races that Democrats are leading or in a statistical tie.

🐦 JAN 18 at 3:30PM Town Hall in Exeter NH with Bernie Sanders

The Ocean Is Warming At A Rate of 5 Atom Bombs Per Second, Scientists Warn

Well, FANTASTIC, if you can keep it!

Damn, that's one tough S.O.B.

🐦 JAN 18 at 6PM - Rally in Manchester NH with Bernie Sanders

ARTICLES NOW being walked from House to Senate.

Jeffery Epstein trafficked girls as young as 11 says Miami Herald:

🐦 JAN 19 at 2PM - Town Hall in Conway NH with Bernie Sanders

This story breaking on CNN!

Another 390 pages of Lev Parnas messages, posted by the House

More Than A Month's Worth Of Rain Has Fallen Over Parts Of Aust

LA Times Op Ed: Elizabeth Warren brushed off Bernie Sanders.Good.

Ray LaHood backs Biden for president.. GOP

Flys on the wall

MSNBC showing clips of Parnas' upcoming interview with Rachel

Parnas tidbit on MSNBC now! "He knew exactly what was going on."

Josh Marshall has the perfect response to Collins' nonsense.

So, cheating in sports is not legal.....

IMO: The Tide is Turning. Trump is going to be removed from Office.