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Archives: January 13, 2020

Some are implying a hypocrtical position from Biden supporters complaining about Sanders' "elitist"

Did you catch the nod to MiddleFingerMom on Jeopardy on the anniversary of his passing?

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Saw a video today regarding the fires in Australia.

You raised $360.40 on January 11, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

After reading "House of Trump, House of Putin," maybe we have a hostage situation rather than a cult

I ate a butternut squash tonight that I grew and harvested in September 2018

Bernie: My staff is no worse than Warren's staff.

Pompeo will be dodging Congress again, this time over 'imminent' Iran threats


Drastic changes in the way people do research..Lots of changes.'s Nate Silver: Biden is no favorite. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren?

The Courts Can Move Quickly. They're Slow-Walking Trump Cases on Purpose.

New Labor Dept. rule clarifies 'joint employer' standard

Democrats aren't "mourning" the Death of Soleimani

Trump Demands That The Senate Not Hold His Impeachment Trial

Warren packs the house in Dover, New Hampshire.

Was inspired to create these after reading of Justice Ginsburg's recovery!

Hillary Clinton: The most exonerated politician ever

Democrats need a unity pledge

In honor of Justice Ginsburg's latest recovery!

Iowa Rep. Dave Loebsack endorses Buttigieg

OMG!!!!! Burger King ad uses....the D-WORD!!!!!

Angry squirrel story from who knows where

*Howard's End, on WETA (CH 26) now,

Trump, impeached for life

US Senate seats Democrats need to win in 2020 to regain control in 2020.

Pete Buttigieg talks to protestors

Happiness is a warm puppy

How do likely Iowa Democratic caucusgoers describe themselves?

I ran across this video. Teachers in inner city schools go through hell.

Now this is what I call relaxed.

Golden Retriever saved a lost baby koala's life

wow... Gajillionaire Bezos is donating towards Australia fire effort.

Party Girl

The hardest job in America

for the NFL 100 years the SB should be GB and Chiefs but this time Chiefs win

Why isn't keyboard/mouse/touchpad integration to Smart TV's not a thing?

Monument to honor US-Mexican dual citizens slain in Mexico

2016 miracle stealing; possible 2020

Golden Retriever Super Excited to Meet Tiny Rescue Puppy

Ukraine Pogrom: 4 people hospitalized after anti-Semitic mob attack near Jewish holy site

Extra Bonus Quote Of the Day

Nina Turner Op Ed: 'Joe Biden has repeatedly betrayed black voters'


Thank you, DU

This is Bear - a good boy who helps to detect koalas

House Democrats Make Plans to Unify Behind Nominee

When does Real Time and Last Week Tonight start?

Are they doing blow in the WH tonight?

Pink Floyd: "Grantchester Meadows," 1970, KQED

where could I find Nancy's interview with George Steph. today?

Pelosi reveals in epic fashion when she'll send articles of impeachment to Senate

*Conversations with RBG, C-SPAN2

Swedish band Kent disbanded in 2016

When it comes to NATO, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump offer similar assessments

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Calls Out Trump's Lies on Iran.

So, what's the SHITLER policy agenda for the coming weeks/months?

Serena Williams donates her entire victor's check to help Australia

Bernie Sanders's campaign goes on the attack as he seeks a victory in the Iowa caucuses

Bernie Sanders's Support for F-35 Jets in Vermont Angers Some Backers

WTF? The official WH account just posted that it is snowing, it's 55 degrees in DC.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 14: Star of the Month: Patricia Neal

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 15: TCM Spotlight: The Roaring '20s

Trump will 'be impeached forever': Pelosi - ABC News

Long history of trying to get Americans health care

NH House votes to double minimum wage to $15

Sanders' gun votes are again a potential liability among Democratic base (2019)

Chuck Todd & MTP panel entertained a Bernie Sanders win.

Our song "Moment Of Silence (Duet)" has been selected...

Our song "Moment Of Silence (Duet)" has been selected...

What Catcalling Was Like in the Olden Days - Key & Peele

Tweet of the night:

Fox Anchor Punished For Accusing Trump?

Just finished S4 of The Expanse

Good for this Canadian CEO

Unfortunately, I think it's rude to call another Dem "elite"

Uh-oh, looks like the Evangelicals might have been right....

Austin to consider stopping arrests, tickets in low-level marijuana cases after hemp law

Former Trump housekeepers revealed some of his odd habits involving Tic Tacs, soap, and straws

Liberal Super PAC Targets Key Pa. Legislative Races

In November, Joe Biden called Elizabeth Warren "representative of an elitism".

Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah coauthor book on celibacy, opposing the ordination of married men

Heather Cox Richardson

They are all afraid of him....

Australia: Firefighters prank Scottish reporter into holding 'deadly vicious' Koala Bear.

Did Biden laud a Paul Ryan proposal to cut Social Security as Bernie Sanders' campaign said?

The stakes have never been higher. Here's who I plan to vote for in April's Dem primary

Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren lays out her vision for the military if she is elected preside

Early Exposure To Dogs May Lessen Risk of Developing Schizophrenia

Conspiracy theory with the White House Its snowing Tweet

So this is what FT stands for.

Call the cowards Vichy Republicans.

Early Exposure To Dogs May Lessen Risk of Developing Schizophrenia (mh)

I don't like the way our candidates are attacking each other.

I don't even care if this is photo-shopped - it is too damn funny

This could be a big deal regarding Parnas iPhone

(Jewish Group) Jews should define antisemitism

(Jewish Group) Magnificent synagogue restored in Alexandria, but only three Jews show up

They must lose, completely and w/o mercy...anything but defeat is not an option...

A continent ablaze - photos

I read that there is to be a commemoration of the 75th anniversary

Those in their 70's--what are some changes you've experienced

WH now simply lying for shits and giggles:Claiming snowfall in DC at 54F/12C.

Put. Your. Coffee. Down. 😳😁😆 meme

Monday TOONs - Action Against An Immanent Threat

Ok. What is Biden's honest defense against this article in GQ?

Biden picks up Colin Allred as 10th Black Caucus endorser

Extensive collection of JFK memorabilia hits auction block

Cat battles foot.

Democratic presidential hopeful Biden aims to keep Nevada on his side

Petting your dog is one of the most relaxing things you can do.

Nate Silver: If Joe Biden wins Iowa, 'he's off to the races' [Video]


'If I am president, Larry David will have a good job for the next four years'

Aren't we the lucky ones...

It's Bernie's moment. But it's Bloomberg's race.

Bernie Sanders Says He'd Consider Releasing List of Supreme Court Picks


'Ragin' Cajun' James Carville formally endorses Sen. Michael Bennet for president

Five years after an abortion, most women say they made the right decision

Environmental Leaders in New Hampshire Endorse Sanders for President

Police officer gave a feces sandwich to homeless man, retains his job.

Joe Biden's Vote for War

Anti-Semitic Trolls Impersonate Rabbis, Stoking Hate after Hasidic Attacks

The Rundown: January 10, 2020

Parnas' lawyer: We brought the contents of Lev Parnas' iPhone 11 to HPSCI today (UPDATED)

Scotty From Marketing's Approval Slumps 8 Points To 37%; Fires Have Released 400 Million Tons C

NLF Playoffs / Conference Spreads

NM - Gas Flaring/Venting More Than Doubled In 2 Yrs; Equivalent To Keeping San Juan Coal Plant Open

Breakfast Monday 13 January 2020

Sometimes you feel like a nut ...

MORE bribery: Trump Cited GOP Senate Impeachment Pressure As Reason to Kill Soleimani

The Masquerade of Lies

US Emissions Dropped In 2019, But (Surprise!) Will Likely Miss Paris Targets

Rachel Bitecofer on Sanders backlash - good read

➡️ JAN 14 at 9PM EST/8PM CST - Democratic Presidential Debate in Des Moines

Revealed: US listed climate activist group as 'extremists' alongside mass killers

Deer at the salt lick.

Scenes from the sort-of war -by Tom Tomorrow

So now America is Murder inc.: Trumps mercenary glorification of U.S. troops makes criminals of our

British Reporter encounters Drop Bear (Carnivorous Koala)

So now that Bernie is the front runner to win Iowa, does that mean Iowa isn't as important?

Question for those of you who saw "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" or the Mister Rogers movie?

Should we look for humor?

Trump approved Soleimani killing in mid-2019, days after signing defense pact w/ UAE

Severe weather in Afghanistan, Pakistan leaves 48 dead

"Jesus and I are like this." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

"Moonwalkers." 1 1/2 hours of mindless escapism.

Jealous much impeached dude?

The Trump Method

Mission Impossible? Advice to us from a German Social Democrat: don't do as we did.

Every time Trump lies, an tiny angel explodes into burning ball of white light.😞

Mike Bloomberg wants to be president, but he also has a fallback plan: Defeat Donald Trump

Cold Day In Hell

Pic Of The Moment: Just Another War Crime In Progress

C'mon, Photogs! Let's see some entries in the January Contest!

trump retweet....Good God Almighty.

Warren releases first television ad of campaign in NH, focusing on fighting 'corruption'

How to make Halva from Semechki.

Elizabeth Warren @ewarren It's time to get rid of the filibuster.

"Neither Difficult Nor Easy"

Inspector General Warns Public About New Twist To Social Security Phone Scams

Press Briefing by Mike Pompeo and Steven Mnuchin on Iran Sanctions: January 10, 2020

Madam Speaker - Welcome

A quote from MLK:

How do I post an article from a magazine to start a new discussion?

Joe Pass was born on this date-

The Iranian missiles were meant to kill American troops?

Greg Sargent: New details about Soleimani killing further undercut Trump's lies

Enough of the Earwax ads

Even before the first Primary even takes place,

What will be the total votes to send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate?

"The USA is respected all over the world now" says drumpf

RawStory: Big money Trump inaugural donors are fleeing the president and donating to Democrats

The frightening, unbelievable good luck of Traitor Trump.

"Elites" is a Right-Wing Slur Word

Take a look at Iowa! There are hundreds of @BernieSanders organizing events

Dogs playfully sliding down hills - Ha!

Shake Sugaree, Elizabeth Cotten guitar, Brenda Evan vocals

Trump took credit for Ethiopian PM's Nobel Prize because he confused Eritrea with Egypt

Worst President might be up for debate

The GOP's nightmare scenario is playing out in its Obamacare lawsuit

Fascism scholar: If Trump wins again, America will be 'ready for full-on authoritarian rule'

Taal volcano has Strombolian-type of eruption overnight- half a million people being evacuated

Booker drops out.

Cory Booker ending his campaign bid

Sen. Cory Booker suspends presidential campaign

Wiretapping Colombia's Supreme Court: the suspects and witnesses

Trump authorized Soleimani's killing 7 months ago, with conditions

Colombia seeking to 'undermine' UN Human Rights claims: report

McConnell Calling The Shots As Trump Molds His Impeachment Defense Team

Thank you, Corey Booker, for running a positive and dignified campaign.

Colombia's Supreme Court to turn offices upside down as wiretapping scandal expands

Washington National Cathedral dedicates Bible for newly formed U.S. Space Force

You raised $159.00 on January 12, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

How history textbooks are changed to meet the standards of different states.

Revealed: US listed climate activist group as 'extremists' alongside mass killers

Biden tweet on Sen. Cory Booker:

What we learned about Cory Booker:

The panel on 'The View' is about to change, again.

Wonder why Trump is tweet-raging this am? Maybe because his predecessor is up for an Oscar?

Well, I, for one, am thankful

In the Absence - Oscar nominee short documentary

A conversation with my trump coworkers last night at work

"Stop the Money Pipeline": 150 Arrested at Protests Exposing Wall Street's Link to Climate Crisis

Did anyone hear the Danielle Moodie Mills rant on Stephanie Miller?

Is the Middle East more de-stabilized now than after Iraq invasion?

Meet 'The Michael Jordan of Dogs'

SEA/SEIU Local 1984: tune in live here on Facebook at 12:15 when we make it official.

Yale psychiatrist explains how Trump's psychosis has spread to his rank-and-file supporters

Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates

The Queen gives OK on Megxit

Barack Obama lands first Oscar nomination

I think if drumpf wins again

Sanders surges as progressives flock to him over Warren

Barack Obama lands first Oscar nomination

That Bloomberg money

*NEW* IDP/TIPP (A/B Rated) Poll - Biden 26% (-); Warren 20% (+6); Sanders 15% (-3); Buttigieg 9% (-)

Schumer calls Collins' bluff, will force Senate votes on impeachment witnesses

'There is a real danger' Bill Barr could get the courts to make Trump totally immune from oversight:

Bloomberg Responds to Trump Criticism

"Cheetle" is what it is!

Rescued Tiny Sugar Glider from the Bushfires Tiny but Lovely Survivor

Thank you @CoryBooker for running an inspiring campaign ...

Horserace Horserace Horserace Horserace

Sanders Statement on Cory Booker and his campaign

This is Dewi. His official weather report is that it's a little breezy.

Tonight is New Year's Eve in the Julian calendar. (Excuse for a party ?)

donald trump retweeted this earlier this morning. This is "presidential"?

Saw A Bumper Sticker

Guess who Republicans call elitists.

I didn't see any Oscar noms for Clint Eastwood's movie

South Florida Teachers Head North For Tallahassee Rally Kicking Off 2020 Legislative Session

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney announced his support on Monday for presidential candidate Joe Biden.

McConnell is killing wildly popular prescription drug legislation right now on behalf of his donors

Handy January calendar re: upcoming hearings, sentencings, deadlines

Cory Booker: "Have you been talking to my mom"?

I wish we weren't burning through the candidates of color quite so quickly

Sorry to hear that sir ,, perhap's you can write another Book

A good overview of the birth of radio broadcasting in the US?

What might Harry and Megan do for livings?

Summers End sung by John Prine, my earworm for the last several days

On January 8, 1942, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill visited George Washington's grave

White House Blacklists Matt Gaetz After He Votes Against Trump

Popeye's favorite food?

''It means the world to me to be on Bernie's side ... '' -@DannyDeVito

Fed prosecutors asking for 46-57 months jail for Chris Collins

Supreme Court rejects appeal in texting suicide case

trump says he "saved" coverage for those w/pre-existing conditions, Joyce Vance calls out the lie

Why can't Donald Trump be subpoenaed for his own trial?

Southwest Airlines fined for operating with incorrect weight&balance calculations

Trump: "Anything I do will be scorned by the Rafical Left, Do Nothing Democrats!"

'They're looking for the remains, but they can't find anything.'

(CNN) Sanders told Warren, in private 2018 meeting, that a woman can't win (per 4 sources).

Schiff: "If McConnell succeeds in dismissing this case without witnesses, it'll be the 1st..."

Fargo Season Four

*NEW* Monmouth (A+ Rated) Iowa Poll - Biden 24%, Sanders 18%, Buttigieg 17%, Warren 15%

This TED talk re biofabrication, a process astounding in its potential

Karyn Turk, a Florida pageant winner, was just sentenced to federal prison

How is it legal for him to treat our troops as mercenaries?

Supreme Court won't consider topless bans

When did they move Lincoln Center into the middle of a lake?

Ralph Lauren apologizes for selling $335 pants with Phi Beta Sigma symbol on them

Danny DeVito Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

The 10 Most Checked-Out Books in N.Y. Public Library History

Trump's tweets we can expect during his Senate trial?

"America Exists Today to Make War": Lawrence Wilkerson on Endless War & American Empire

DC Ranks No. 1 As City With Biggest Bed Bug Problem

Selecting managers for the trial of Whiny Donny

New video of Speaker Pelosi actually living in Trump's head

Do you have A question or two...

Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can't win, sources say

Sanders 'frustrated at growing focus on identity politics'.

Evidently fuckface James O'Kefffe is suggesting he has something on Sanders that will break tomorrow

Bomb in Van of NJ Shooting Attack Suspects Could've Killed People 5 Football Fields Away: Officials

As remote work rises at U.S. companies, Trump is calling federal employees back to the office


Bernie criticizes opponents based on the issues. Their response is to assassinate his character.

Anyone know anything about massive demos in Germany against Siemens work on Australian coal mine?

Sanders: "I don't consider myself a Democrat" From 2017..

Oh hell no!

It is the voters, stupid

US to announce expulsion of more than 20 Saudi trainees amid probe of Pensacola shooter

*Spoiler Alert! "Long Live the King"

Democrat Richard Ojeda announces Senate bid after dropping out of presidential race

Sprawling Homeless Camps -- Modern 'Hoovervilles' -- Vex California

Lawyers allege California scuba boat fire that killed 34 was result of safety violations, charging s

Why is it okay to hate immigrants, minorities and women

Mitch McConnell is cynically undermining any notion of an honest impeachment trial

MLB pitcher with the most career pickoffs

One of four teams is a few weeks away from...

Democratic candidates should be daring Trump to testify under oath in impeachment trial

Nancy Pelosi responds to Trump's whining about the impeachment process

Astros found guilty of cheating.

The Tangerine Shitgibbon's head will explode.

MLB suspends Astros GM and manager one year, fines team $5 million in sign-stealing scandal

The only player to end a World Series by being caught stealing was:

Why I'm glad I left Japan (Listening in Japanese video with English/Japanese subtitle)

Tourette's addled Twitter twit throws another tantrum

Just one of the many reasons I loathe that Australian wrinkled scrotum.

Can we please petition Twitter to enable editing of tweets?

Trump mocks Booker over suspended presidential campaign

Trump attacks Bloomberg on health care with misleading claim

Sanders wins NH Union endorsement

Joe Biden: What Trump gets dangerously wrong about foreign policy

Barr Asks Apple to Unlock iPhones of Pensacola Gunman

Trump's collapsing rationalization for the Soleimani strike as 'imminent'

Joe Biden's campaign chairman rallies Wall Street donors for a big fundraising push


All 16 of Texas' Catholic bishops condemn Gov. Abbott's refugee ban in joint statement

baking cookies again today

Seven Days in January: How Trump Pushed U.S. and Iran to the Brink of War

Bernie Sanders Says Vice President 'Will Not Be an Old White Guy' If He Wins Nomination

NH Democratic Party chairman rips Bloomberg op-ed as 'desperate for some press attention'

'We can barely eat': West Virginia offers a chilling preview of Trump's food stamp restrictions

12 months later, O'Hare has yet to actually record a single use of the marijuana drop boxes.

Candidate gender gaps

Canadian CEO blasts Trump over downed plane in Iran: 'I am livid'

Elizabeth Warren Woos Women to Turn Around Her Campaign

New Quinnipiac national poll

Puerto Ricans hoping Trump signs major disaster declaration

History books in the future, if our Democracy survives

Can you say "deep pockets"?

Does anyone know why any of the articles are being sent to the senate ?

Giuliani's Indicted Associate Hands Over Messages and Photos 'Relevant to Impeachment Inquiry'

Trump campaign adviser & consultant, George Nader, just pleaded guilty to child porn and

Thousands in Ohio will lose food stamp benefits under new rules

John Bel Edwards takes oath as Louisiana governor for a 2nd term: 'The future is ours to seize'

The UnfollowTrump twitter account has been suspended.

'Clarion call' for housing: Report says state fell well short on production

Amy is doing better then people think

Over 200 drivers stranded overnight by US 2 closure after trees fall across highway

Monmoth Iowa Poll Posted today: Biden 24%, Sanders 18%, Buttigieg 17%, Warren 15%

The Zombies- She Ain't There- Bluegrass cover by The Cleverlys

A Trump assault on America's bedrock environmental law

I have been chasing guitar sounds around the YouTube for a long while

Cartoons 1/13/2020

Bang the trash can slowly

Ocean temperatures hit record high and accelerating ... past 10 years: warmest 10 years

Jeff Beck Group - Going Down

Speculation: Nominee or not, Bloomberg could dismantle Trump

Romance Boog the chocolate lab and man had a heartfelt talk with the lady

Fecal Bacteria In California's Waterways Increases With Homeless Crisis

Wisconsin Judge Orders 200K Removed from Voter Rolls

Max Rose backs Mike Bloomberg

Steve Bannon's Master Plan for Europe

Biden picks up endorsement of early O'Rourke backer Sean Maloney

Massachusetts teachers unions endorse Warren

White House expects GOP defections on calling witnesses in Senate impeachment trial

Citing Betrayal of Oath, Watchdog Group Files Formal Ethics Complaint Against McConnell...

Franklin College president fired after arrest for sex crimes: 'We are deeply shocked'

is there a way to update phone emojis?

so twitter finally deleted a Trump tweet. anyone grab a screen shot?

Republican spokesperson on Jake Tapper said that no president has

Easy, Peasy...

Meteorite contains the oldest material on Earth: 7-billion-year-old stardust

(Is this a new RW tactic?) Someone Is Impersonating a Stranger Reporter and We Don't Know Who It Is

They'll believe just about anything except the truth

A treasure that could have been a tragedy

House candidate Zina Spezakis (NJ-9) endorses Bernie Sanders...

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 13, 2020

And Trump kisses the ass of the religious right yet again

Bernie Sanders campaign ad: "Strive"

Iranian official tells Trump not to 'dishonor' Persian language by tweeting in Farsi

Joe Biden pulls ahead in New Hampshire

Now This: Hillary Clinton Predicted War Under the Trump Administration

In India, infant thrown into drain by woman is saved by stray dogs

Jasmine El-Gamal on Islamophobia

KS-SEN: Pompeo is out. Now Democrats see an opportunity for Kansas Senate seat.

Song for McConnell

"Million Moms" going after BK now

How to add more excitement to your workout

New poll shows Biden ahead in Iowa.

Here's an alternate take on Pink Floyd's classic "Wish You Were Here"

Starbucks app can take photos and video at will

'Joker' leads Oscar noms; '1917,' 'Irishman' close behind

Ads that fail on opening


Top Senate Republican Tells Trump To Keep Jim Jordan Away From Impeachment Trial

Do not misunderstand what the Million Moms movement is doing.

Dear News Media, Focus on your corrupt imposter President rather than pimping for war with Iran

Putin tells Assad to invite Trump for a visit: "Invite him. He will come."

Polling data in early states as of late this afternoon (January 13):

Ron Perlman Talks President Donald Trump Speech Patterns AM Joy MSNBC

McConnell denounces Democratic war powers resolution

CBS: White House expects GOP defections on calling witnesses in Senate impeachment trial

Opinion: Biden's advantage is underestimated

NEW: Faiz responds to report that in 2018 Sanders told ewarren that a woman couldn't win in 2020.

Trump Grants Interview to 'Very Good Writer' Bob Woodward Despite Calling Him a 'Dem Operative'

Trump boast about $1B from Saudis (for troop presence) - Pentagon says they still owe for fuel

DOE agrees to release Ukraine related documents... Starting Jan 28th

JP Morgan Client Report Reveals Trump's Wealth Agenda Harms Average Americans' Economic Well-Being

Shoes On The Danube: Memorial To Hungarian Jews Shot Into The River By Arrow Cross Nazis, 1944-45

Same as it ever was...

Trump retweets Rep McCarthy

TX Militia leader kills himself.

I wish Nancy Pelosi would pull a Lucy from Charlie Brown

f-ing deal with it! Hillary tried.

Danny DeVito Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Strive - Bernie Sanders

Marriage Story

Strive - Bernie Sanders

The cult of Kanye West?

Australia's indigenous people have a solution for the country's bushfires. And it's been around for

Kitten a third the size of a banana 😻 🍌

Federer responds to Greta Thunberg

He is the Senate Majority Leader.

This 18-year-old pittie has the sweetest smile 😍

Exclusive DU Members Poll- Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Bernie Sanders

Obama campaign guru: Trump would love to run against Bernie

When chicks dig you 😎

Pentagon addresses Trump claim that he's gotten $1 billion from Saudis to pay for US troops

Exclusive DU Members Poll- Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Mike Bloomberg

Have you ever seen somebody so excited over broccoli? 😆 🥦

Your daily dose of cuteness ❤ 😴

Embassies Were Not Informed of Imminent Threats

Has the British Media been unfair to Meghan?

Exclusive DU Members Poll- Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Mayor Pete

Dan Rather "The accusation that somehow one party supports the enemy is a debasement of everything..

Exclusive DU Members Poll-Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Amy Klobuchar?

Soldier stands in the rain to pay tribute to WWII nurse in viral photo

What Makes Bloomberg's Campaign Different

Last In A Series* l- Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Elizabeth Warren?

Abby Huntsman leaves 'The View' amid toxic culture at show and strained relationship with McCain

White House Expects Defections on Witnesses

The New York Public Library Has Calculated Its Most Checked-Out Books Of All Time

Trump Lies About His Health Care Policy

Puppy totally loses it after being allowed to play on bed

Trump cut Social Security. Our checks went up just a few dollars this year. Time.......

Push to ban assault weapons in Virginia meets resistance

Yes, Jeffrey Toobin. But will the Chief Justice participate in a historic farce??

The people of Puerto Rico have been battered by hurricanes and earthquakes.

Wisconsin Judge Orders 200K Removed from Voter Rolls

Social Security and Medicare Are Not Safe With Joe Biden, Joe Biden's History of Austerity

How Trump Plans to Avoid a Campaign Investigation

perplexed royals

Dear Nancy, when asked to respond to what the WH, critics, GOP, RW media, etc ask, answer this way..

Russians Hacked Ukrainian Gas Company at Center of Impeachment

Judge Holds WI Election Commission In Contempt, Demands Voter Purge

270towin has an interactive delegate calculator