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Andrew McCabe: If you think Iran is done retaliating, think again

Caught a sweet moment between @SenKamalaHarris and @repjohnlewis in the hallway yesterday.

More than 100 women protest Trump and Weinstein with anti-rape anthem

Trump sends North Korea's Kim birthday greetings

Texas governor Greg Abbott says no to refugee resettlement in 2020.

San Francisco (1955 Cinemascope film)

'There's something here': teen discovers new planet while interning at Nasa

1917 guys..

The latest BS from David Sirota. It just never stops:

Our Time

Our Time

Seattle police officer contributed to man's death with ruse that 'shocked the conscience'

Iraq Considers Purchase of Russian Air-Defense Missile System (S-400)

What's "The Week" & Matthew WALTHER? Saying Speaker "lost"

New DM Register/Selzer Iowa poll finds Dem voters still think Biden's most electable

Trump Takes Undue Credit for Cancer Progress

George Conway & Neal Katyal: Have two impeachment trials - 2nd article first, 1st article next.

US payrolls trail forecasts as wages rise least since 2018

1 bird, 3 cats, and a dog - something to bring a giggle to your day

A criminal cover-up on the George Washington bridge hits SCOTUS

1. Roof kitty 2. Loud kitty

They only need one witness.

House Energy & Commerce Unveil Climate Plan; No Carbon Tax Or Pricing; Some Emissions Standards

Women now outnumber men in the American workforce for the first time since the Great Recession

Judge allows effort to recall Alaska governor to proceed

For a laugh, check out #FilmsForRepublicans that's trending on Twitter.

Doug Collins fundraising email: "I will not apologize"

Seattle, King County adding more beds to emergency shelters ahead of snowstorm

Kangaroo Island Was Haven For Some Of Oz's Rarest Animals; Now 1/3 - 600 SM Burned Flat

GOOP Has a Candle Called 'This Smells Like My Vagina'

My god the BASHING of actual Democrats here today is FUCKING AMAZING

Who Signs Up to Fight? Makeup of U.S. Recruits Shows Glaring Disparity

Did Trump Kill Soleimani to Shore Up GOP Senators' Support on Impeachment?

Adderall Sponsoring Trump's Next State of the Union Address

The House Just Voted To Regulate PFAS. Here's What You Need To Know

Rare salt formations appear along the Great Salt Lake

Trump Demands Schwarzenegger Help Extinguish Brushfires in 'His Own Home Country'

Which football team are you cheering for this weekend?

Sultan Qaboos of Oman dies aged 79

Donald Trump Jr. Anxiously Awaiting Results of Genetic Bone Spur Tests

The billionaire class is getting nervous.

The Wolf Moon tonight!

Trump Allies Explore Buyout to Compete With Fox

Puzzlement in Ethiopia as Trump claims hand in Nobel prize

Yikes! Reason #2,493 to stay away from cruise ships--even on dry land...

*Jamie Raskin on Chris Hayes show now.

Rudy Giuliani Demands That Supreme Court Declare Impeachment Unconstitutional

"Democracy For Sale": Cambridge Analytica & Big Tech's History of Manipulating Elections

John Kerry Fact Checks Trump's Lies About The Iran Deal

WHY does Speaker Pelosi say she will send the Articles of Impeachment next week? Has she said why?

Opinion research- Biden supporters only please

Randi Rhodes Free Show Jan 10 2020

Opinion Research- bernie Sanders

Got a message in my email earlier today, the subject of which was Trump Fit.

Opinion research-Warren

*Cory on Chris Hayes show now.

Opinion research- Buttigieg

(Jewish Group) It's time to call violent anti-Semitism what it is: domestic terrorism

Police arrest Iranian man carrying weapons and $22,000 in cash near Mar-a-Lago

Opinion research- Yang

(Jewish Group) NAACP & ADL announce partnership to educate public officials against hate in NJ

Smoke from Australian Fires Arrives in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Smoke from Australian Fires Arrives in Rio Grande do Sul

First tornado warning of the year...

Champagne announces international working group to push Iran for answers on downed airliner

Warren unveils list of new Texas endorsements as presidential race heats up

DMR/Selzer Net Favorables: Warren +46, Buttigieg +44, Sanders +37, Biden +29 (Fav-UnFav)

#FilmsForRepublicans is trending 😆

(Jewish Group) The first step to fighting anti-Semitism is recognizing how irrational it is

CNN: "LOCK HER UP" Blows Up!

Mexico school shooting: Student and teacher killed, 6 others wounded after 11-year-old opens fire

2020 US Senate Election- Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Stomach illness outbreak at Yosemite prompts major clean-up

Friday Talking Points -- The Madman Theory, Personified

While running for President in 2007, Joe Biden was open to cutting Social Security and Medicare.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! My (Least) Favorite year!

How Bustos sees the battle for the House

I should be able to do this.

Chileans condemn OAS secretary general's visit

Gov. Greg Abbott Says New Refugees Won't Be Allowed To Settle In Texas

Some day the Marketing Dept of Sirius Cybernetics Corp will be the most hated org in the universe

Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

With this news about another non issue with Hillary......can't she sue their ass???

Oh no he didn't 🤣🤣🤣

I look forward to Bernie advancing into the sights of attackers.

I know DUr's need no education on irony, but for trolls: 'lock her up' is getting locked up. I laugh

Steyer made the debate.

In the event that no candidate has 51% going into the convention,

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats likely to flip.

Biden calls on Trump to release his tax returns.

US tried to kill Iranian commander in Yemen same night as Soleimani strike: Officials

We Almost Went to War with Iran This Week, But it's the Gwyneth Paltrow News That's Got Me Shook

Neil Peart RIP

Equal Rights Amendment advancing in Virginia legislature

Good news from the underpants camp 😁

Charlie Pierce to Sen Cotton: Tell your church-going constituents to stop killing each other

Nate Silver of 538 posts poll average for IA

Taxing the rich now supported by 53% of Republicans in new poll

US Senate seats Democrats will win to get back in the majority in 2020 from landslide-narrow margin.

Good critical roundup review of press coverage of Trump WH Suleimani debacle

I drove past the shuttered Lordstown Assembly Plant on Thursday. A ghost town (Short Video)

Peru to plant one million trees around Machu Picchu

DR. Cornel West. The Story.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC The people who tell you we DO have war money but DON'T have healthcare

USAID Arriving in Bolivia to 'Monitor Elections,' Raising Fears of US Meddling in May 3 Vote

'Online and vulnerable': Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internet

Amid outcry, Seattle Public Library weighs decision to provide venue for 'radical feminist' event cr

IPSOS/Reuters Poll: Biden 23%, Sanders 20%, Warren 15%, Bloomberg 8%, Buttigieg 7%

Interesting item in the CNN/Selzer/DMR IA poll: Only 40% have made up their minds.

'Cowardice': Olympics Committee Slammed for New Guidelines Barring Athletes From Kneeling, Raising F

"J" is for Genius?

Just One NSW/Victoria Fire Now At 2,300 Square Miles; 3X Larger Than Any Fire In CA History

Breaking: Iran admits to accidental shootdown of Ukrainian airliner

4/19 - 20+ Former Emergency/Fire Leaders Warned Of Extraordinary Fire Danger; No Govt. Response

A PSA from the official Twitter account of Twitter, could apply to DU as well 😏

Trump: "I'm TAKING THE OIL, we're taking the oil."

House Passes Bipartisan Bill To Fight PFAS Contamination; Shitstain, Of Course, Will Veto

Ukrainian plane was 'unintentionally' shot down, Iran state TV says

Sanders first followed by Warren in latest Iowa Poll

HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher will kick off its 18th season next Friday with Speaker of the House

Cleveland Indians sign Francisco Lindor to 1-year arbitration deal

American Petroleum Institute Is Boldly Rolling Out New PR Campaign; "Innovators"! "Common Ground"!

Comedian group The Good Liars have put up these hilarious "recruitment" posters up around NY

I think the reason public opinion is against Trump's handling if Iran is because the Iraq War

Way early for tennis.......but it's on and some of the best are playing.....

need a little help/feedback if you can- I teach PBS students but want to do something "different"

Trump Administration Says Obamacare Lawsuit Can Wait Until After the Election

The Daily Show: Iran's Foreign Minister Vows Not-So-Swift Revenge

Seth Meyers - President Trump Brags About Supporters at Ohio Rally - Monologue - 1/9/20

Its been three years.................and he will have street named for him in France.............

Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart - Morning Dew

Joaquin Phoenix, fresh off Golden Globes win, arrested at Jane Fonda's climate change protest

FL-26: Republican Miami-Dade Mayor Gimenez to challenge freshman Mucarsel-Powell

Solution of the Transport Equation in the Random Medium of High-Plutonium-Content HTR Lattice Cells.

Seth Meyers: Guest Larry David

Trump's Art of the Steal (Politico--long read)

A winter story of woe from Florida.

Bernie in Iowa, now and then.

Richard Pryor Live And Smokin' (1971) 45 min standup

Florida Senate attempts to end Medicaid expansion effort

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christian Hymns and Chants

Mitch McConnell is the grim reaper of democracy in the USA Today 2020.

☦️THE JESUS PRAYER: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,

I used to work for an artist. Check the link out for some very cool sculptures.

Not fake news: Major study finds no "liberal bias" in media -- but there are other problems

"Bright antennae bristle with the energy" Rush - The Spirit Of Radio

One Billion Animals Dead 20 Billion To Go

For two years now the US has had more job openings than people looking for work

Edd Byrnes, Who Combed His Way to TV Stardom, Dies at 86

Rush - Closer to the Heart

Iran admits accidentally shooting down Ukrainian airliner:

Rush - Neil Peart - One Little Victory

A Rapist in Your Path performed by women at mass protests

A Rapist in Your Path performed by women at mass protests

what if your dad was one of the most famous segregationists in history?

Rush - Tom Sawyer

2020 US Senate Election- Minimum to Maximum # of US Senate seats Democrats will have after 2020.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/10/20

The Jenuis Who Seeks Re-election Be Like...

CNN sponsored the DMR/Selzer poll. How did they report it?

Donald the big orange dog.

To the tens of thousands of Warren Campaign volunteers out there,

Karyn Turk, pundit and ex-Mrs. Florida, sentenced to prison for social security fraud

Rachel Maddow called out NYT for biased coverage of Hillary Clinton

On the ropes of 2020...

The front page of Saturday's Des Moines Register

The front page of Saturday's Des Moines Register

Boy who beat cancer gets surprise greeting from entire school

Sea monster.

CNN 'Red Devil Horns' sunrise photos during rare solar eclipse stuns people

N Korea: Trump's birthday greet not enough to resume talks

Breakfast Saturday 11January 2020

2020 US Senate Election- Likely Democratic Nominee in all 35 US Senate seats up in 2020.

It is not elitist to look fascism in the face and reject it


Tricycle article on Practicing in the midst of extreme crisis: Try to keep practicing

'Bullitt' Mustang sells for $3.74 million at auction; was parked in a barn for 35 years

What If Pelosi Sent Just One Article of Impeachment?

CNN agrees to record $76M settlement over labor dispute

CNN agrees to record $76M settlement over labor dispute

CNN agrees to record $76M settlement over labor dispute

Burning anxiety: The new normal isn't just the fire, it's the fear

Trump administration knows how bad things are for 2020. So they are hiding and delaying bad news.

Another in my series of classic cameras

'She was absolutely adored': Iranian scientist who died on flight 752

Kennecott Mines: An Alaskan Ghost Town

They rely on a general lack of outrage as they screw everyone over

Trump says we're currently seeing the most robust job growth ever, but 2019 was lowest since 2011

Amy Klobuchar Keeps Voting for Trump's 'Horrific' Judges

Nazis didn't fall out of the sky in January '33': The Holocaust Museum's director on warning signs o

Well, we all saw this was coming?

Oh, sure, when the DOG begs for a kiss everybody thinks it's cute.

New: 6.0 earthquake hits Puerto Rico

When free speech is a right wing bollocks used against the freedoms of everyone else...

"Executive Privilege" has become "Absolute Immunity"

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen Wins Reelection With Record Support

11 Year Old in Mexico, Tells Classmates, "Today is the day" then opens fire.

Clear As Mud

300 days since a White House briefing. OUR GOVERNMENT is none of our business.

Murdoch is an agent of Australia's disaster Editorial Star Ledger

Trump's Rationale for Killing Soleimani Is Falling Apart

300 days since a White House briefing. Here's why it matters....

Conservative Climate Champions! Blahblah Green New Deal Bad! Blahblah Innovation! Blahblahblah

How Rupert Murdoch is influencing Australia's bushfire debate (Forbes India)

Scientists Uncover Forest Tipping Point: Deliberately Destroy 50% And The Remainder Unwinds Quickly

How can one person be seen as an existential threat by half of the country but...

If Trump thinks it's OK to call the Speaker of the House "Crazy Nancy" ...

Kinshsha Swamped As Congo River Highest In At Least 15 Years; Deaths From Landslides, Disease

Black Britons Know Why Meghan Markle Wants Out. It's the racism.

The defendant on Twitter.

Vermont bill would ban cellphones for anyone under 21

Scotty From Marketing Finds It "Disappointing" When People Link Climate "Policy" W. Horrific Fires

Millions of Americans devastated to learn they were ardent fans of Soleimani this whole time

Better than Jelly Of The Month Club!

"Progressive" primary challenger to Emanuel Cleaver claims he has a pic of Bill Cosby under his desk

***JANUARY PHOTO Contest -- Comments***

***JANUARY PHOTO Contest -- Submissions***

Usual Suspects Pushing The Australia Arson Lies - Alex Jones, AEI, Murdoch, "Lord" Monckton

Climate activists disrupt Gov. Phil Scott's State of the State address

86% voted Yes on


Front page of today's National Post...

Donald Trump Is a Hostage to 1979

Slim Harpo was born on this date.

Clarence Clemons was born on this date-

Large protests spooling up in Iran over the Ukraine airliner shootdown

Clarence Clemons performing

"Blonde Boy's Boogie Woogie Surprise"

Biden holds wide lead among black voters in Democratic presidential race, Post-Ipsos poll finds

Katie Webster was born on this date-

Robert Earl Keen has a birthday today.

We have a dictator that is above the law of this country.

NYC Bar Association Sends Letter to Congressional Leaders About Barr

Wolf Moon rising -

Mike Lee signs on to Bernie Sanders' bill to prevent funding for military intervention in Iran

North Texas militia vigilante who rounded up migrants at border found dead after months on the run

Democratic Underground Is a Forum for Opinion

Did anyone post the fact that the drummer for Rush passed away Neil Peart

David Corn: Nixon tried to deport John Lennon. Now Lennon's on postal stamps

Laurens Hammond was born on this date-

Trump begins his Saturday by angrily spewing about impeachment, repeating himself, attacking Pelosi

Trump: "I left troops to take the oil. I took the oil. The only troops I have are taking the oil."

WaPo/Ipsos poll of black voters: Biden 48%, Sanders 20%, Warren 9%, Booker & Bloomberg 4%,

Trump's 'press secretary' has more DUI arrests than press conferences

Sweatpants' knots.

N.K. woman is under investigation after saving her 2 kids from a house fire ...


Joe and Hunter Biden should call Trump's bluff -- and offer to testify

Brokered convention more likely than Warren winning the nomination

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's distortions are across the board

WSJ: Per US officials, "Iraq risks losing access to its account at New York Fed"

Now Mike Lee knows what it feels like.

US Government-funded Android phones come preinstalled with unremovable malware

Is it hot enough for you yet?

Endangered Democrats sound the alarm on Bernie and Warren

Miss Black America Ryann Richardson endorses Pete Buttigieg for POTUS.

Florida man refuses to pay for gold-plated steak he didn't order, Salt Bae calls cops

The plight of millennials like this woman shows how immoral the fight against Medicare for All is!

2 US service members killed in Afghanistan

Podium order for the CNN/DMR debate Tuesday in Iowa

Cedar Rapids Rep. Running-Marquardt calls Joe Biden most electable, best prepared

2020 ad spending

RIGHT NOW at the Lincoln Memorial: "Trump is guilty!" "Remove Trump!

I have a question about the Senate trial.

If you are going to shoot a tiger(which I hope you never do), make sure it's dead

Why Trump's changing Iran story is costing him support in Congress

Major setback in effort to save historic DC trolley bridge

Karine Jean-Pierre: "Pelosi is playing chess while Trump is eating the checkers off of the board"

Wealth Tax Has Broad Public Support

Christian Music cover albums - What can I say?

A huge lie has become embedded in our culture, our society.

Tornadoes destroy homes in South

Four arrested after allegedly drunk driving horse and buggy

Repubs are in process of destroying our democracy.

I have no issue with speaker Pelosi sending over the articles of impeachment next week

Homeless center fundraiser

Forwarding the Articles (My Letter to Speaker Pelosi)

If you want to understand Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, go after a fly with a swatter

Thanks to an ad on DU, I have been introduced to Yola.

How Half of America Lost Their Fucking Minds

More Than 100 Iowa Labor Leaders And Union Members Endorse Elizabeth Warren

Joe Biden speaks to members of striking Teamsters Local 104:

Confederate group in Silent Sam deal accused of violating tax and campaign finance laws

How's your 409(k) doing?

"Well, if you want to know the truth of the matter." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Remembering this has kept me sane throughout the Trump nightmare.

Crazy Jack Russell Terrier with her crazy puppies

Was Soleimani lured to his death?

Virginia joins national outdoor recreation network

How Many Iranians Die A Year From Trump's Sanctions?

Be Kind to Wildlife

Chess 2020. Has anyone seen this "historic" chess set advertised?

You raised $333.70 on January 10, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Alex Witless is jabbering about Collins

The generational gap among black Democrats is very revealing

US threatens to limit Iraq access to key bank account WSJ, US behaving like the mafia.

McConnell's tactics are a clear indication of the fear that he and President Trump have of the facts

Big Year on a Unicycle

The Trump/Pompeo Iran policy defies all logic. It is literally insane.

Golden Retriever Super Excited to Meet Tiny Rescue

🔥 UPDATED: Town Hall in Newton IA with Bernie Sanders

Who Signs Up to Fight? Makeup of U.S. Recruits Shows Glaring Disparity

Trump is beyond being unfit for public office...

Ukraine demands punishment, compensation for airliner downed by Iran

One of these guys keeps dragging the other's physical appearance.

And you will go down on Vladimir Putin.

What if the Epstien prison SNAFU's actually *aren't* implausible?

Yes, the Republicans support Trump out of fear, They also support him for this reason.

N. Korea says leaders' relations not enough after Trump sends birthday wishes to Kim

Longchen Rabjam - The Decisive Experience

"His son wanted to grow up and be Justin Trudeau"

Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who modernized Oman, dies at 79

Two US service members killed in Afghanistan

Changes coming for coastal train tracks that endanger salmon

Sanders and Lee Call for Vote in the Senate for No War Against Iran Act

Trump playing 'Iran card' he warned Obama would use

Sanders and Lee Call for Vote in the Senate for No War Against Iran Act

What does a person do to earn a $186,000 per year salary?

Nearly 65,000 drivers overcharged for Seattle tunnel tolls

Rachel Maddow On The Trump Era -- The Gaslighting, Hillary Hate Era

Twitch.TV LIVE: Town Hall in Newton IA with Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Bernie Sanders

Trump claims he pimped out our troops to SA for $$ONE BILLION DOLLARS. WHERE ARE THE RECEIPTS??

Cartoons 1/11/2020

Trump Whines About Not Getting Nobel Peace Prize After Threatening War Crimes

Fux Noise Awkwardly Cuts Off Republican Senator Attacking Trump

2020's gonna be a game of inches and Republicans are inching backward

Quake-stunned Puerto Rico hit by another 5.9-magnitude shock

WSJ: Trump admin holding Iraq's bank-accounts hostage to prevent them from kicking out US forces.

Doggo's polite and subtle implication that he is interested in going for a walk

Noam Chomsky, America Has Built A Global Dystopia

An anguished question from a Trump supporter: 'Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?'

Former Vice President Joe Biden planning campaign stop in Council Bluffs, IA

The Trump campaign wants you to THANK him because "He signed an anti-Semetic executive order"

...and then there is Sean Hannity.

Can you beat THIS airport arrival greeting?

Joe Biden's latest ad and the NRA:

Furor in Iran and Abroad After Tehran Admits Downing Ukrainian Jetliner

Digital Detox - Reclaim Your Mind (short video dharma)

I've always dreamed of living on waterfront property. This isn't what I pictured.

How a Piece of Popcorn Stuck in a Man's Teeth Led to Open-Heart Surgery


America Has Failed Its Millennials, Robert Reich

Biden calls in to striking Teamsters to voice his support.

He Left a Museum After Women Complained; His Next Job Was Bigger

Why We Voted Against the War Powers Resolution

I know how we can solve all this.

"...only the third time Boston has reached 70 or warmer in Jan since 1872 when records began"

America Is Weaker And Less Secure With Every Trump Lie

Tweet of the Day

Mushroom Rice Soup

Four Reasons Why Millennials Don't Have Any Money

Trump Mistakenly Thought Americans Knew Who Soleimani Was

Facebook Says It Won't Back Down From Allowing Lies in Political Ads

Bloomberg adds 3 key hires in delegate-rich California

Republicans in Senate split over one thing that could make them defy Trump: Republicans in the House

Independents could decide California's Democratic primary

Severe storm sweeps south-east US, killing at least seven

small woman in pink speaks her mind, it takes 6 to carry her out

Trump goes on Twitter tear as Pelosi readies articles of impeachment

Rush - Tom Sawyer

Republican fascism vs Democracy

Repubs spend about 90% of their time on messaging.

Dr. Cornel West on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Are you sure you're getting enough iodine?

Pro Publica & WNYC Trump Tax Probe Raises Red Flags...Mayor Asks For Criminal Investigation

I went to the Da Vinci special exposition at the Louvre -- pics

Recipe says 2cloves of garlic .

The only reason the Russian warship was aggressive toward the Navy ship is so

G. Conway & N. Katyal Advise Nancy On How To Trip Up McConnell

A feminist painting from the heart of the 1980s

US Presidents and Their Pet Dogs

The playful nerdiness of Warren's dancing is actually one of the shrewdest weapons in her arsenal

Vikings and 49ers getting started

Impeach (SFV bagseed) update...

"Don the Con" Is a Hostage to 1979

Trump's Twitter account has been hacked, unless he's learned to tweet in Farsi.

Sick of politics, war, Trump, etc for the weekend?

Waves More Than 20 Feet High Could Hit Chicago Lakeshore as Winter Storm Pounds Plains, Upper Midwes

You, you are the CAPTION beneath my wings

China reports 1st death from new type of coronavirus

Misogyny anyone?

Iranian protesters call for Khamenei's resignation over plane crash

'Pure evil in this world': 21-year-old accused of intentionally running over, killing veteran in

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 11, 2019

Update: Coffee shop ran out of beans.

Supreme Court can review an unfair impeachment trial

Controversy over Rep. Ilhan Omar's PTSD comments reveals how the disorder is misunderstood

An Urgent Appeal: Koalas need our help 🐨 ❤️ (Tragic tissue alert)

Dog Who Spent 7 Years In The Shelter Is SO Happy To Have A Family (Happy Tissue Alert)

Kitten Abandoned at Playground Rescued by Sweetest Guy

NC & both of the GA US Sen. seats are the US Sen.seats that will put Dems. in the majority in 2020.

Double shooting in Columbia Heights

North Korea said it was 'deceived' by the US in 18 months of nuclear talks

How are baby skunks THIS CUTE

By delaying sending the Articles of Impeachment; Lev Parnas can show this NEW EVIDENCE

5-year-old girl draws pictures about how much she loves her pit bull

Old negatives some advice please

WSJ: Trump Admin Threatened Iraq's Access To NY Fed Account Over Proposed Troop Withdrawal

In the late 1960s my dad smoked Raleigh brand cigarettes

Who's Behind Those Mystery Drone Swarms? An Investigation

Linda, a dog in Turkey, comes to the same car wash

Trump not happy with reaction to Soleimani take out. CNN

Mischievous Cat Labeled 'Problem Child' Finds A Mom Who Adores Her

DOJ says neo-Nazi group used 'swatting' to target officials, journalists, church

Cat Learns To Open Door To Meet New Foster Kittens

Oprah Winfrey exits Russell Simmons #MeToo documentary, and the filmmakers respond

Donald Trump gets impeached--63 Canadians die

Puerto Rico earthquakes cause heavy damage across island and knock out power

Video Clips: Rashida Tlaib with Bernie Sanders at a coffee shop gathering in North Liberty, Iowa.

Michael Bloomberg Is Open to Spending $1 Billion to Defeat Trump

dukkha posted this in another thread:

A political surprise when I was searching for info on red cars...

The shortage of homes for sale is getting much worse, even in luxury