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Archives: January 1, 2020

Opinion writer lures with comparison to Weimar, but full of Both-Siderism & misleading writing

Australia Fires: Military To Be Deployed To Help Rescue Effort (BBC)


Folks, stop falling for twitter manipulation and clickbait soundbites

I was looking a list of notable deaths over the past year and found something every eerie!

Trump event in Miami church may violate IRS rules, non-profit says

Trump: "This is not a Warning, it is a Threat. Happy New Year!"

No vacancy: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard dry docks busy in 2020 and beyond

This Tiny 'Deer' Is The Size Of A Rabbit

Senate Republican predicts impeachment trial ends by State of the Union

First thing I do when I get home from work is,

In 1982, Prince told us to party like it's 1999.

message from Obama

Tim Eyman wants a Thurston County court to also consider I-976

Joe Biden's comeback to heckler draws crowd applause

My internet and tv is out (at&t uverse)

Judge orders Alex Jones and InfoWars to pay $100,000 in Sandy Hook case

"Sordid history" cited as judge blocks NC's voter ID law

Mexico says a total of 7 detained in killing of 9 Americans

"The seeds of theocratic authoritarianism are being planted."


Did you know the "All By Myself" singer-dude was a MAGAt?


New tax code leaves workers paying higher tax rate than corporations

And there she goes, into the west...into the New Year ...

AT&T To Outsource Thousands of Jobs In 2020; US Workers Tired of Waiting For Trump To Act

Well, this is pretty terrifying...

Watching The Irishman: the gangsters all sound like frump.

Biden keeps getting the best of his critics.. Happy 2020, this is the year Trump goes back to Fla.

I love Anderson Cooper........

Democrats to put renewed focus on health care in new year

Gov Pritzker pardons over 11k people with low level cannabis convictions.

Farewell, 2019. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Jazz legend, 'Schoolhouse Rock!' singer Jack Sheldon dead at 88

Tweet of the Day

Bernie's Big New Year Bash!

The Amazing Market Cats of Chile (Gatos de la Vega!)

The Dems should pass MFA in the House this year

Pro-democracy protesters flock to sites in Hong Kong to ring in new year

U.S. deploying 750 troops to Iraq following American Embassy attack

2020 is officially the year of blue!!!

Bloomberg to open campaign office in US Virgin Islands

Ring Out, Wild Bells by Alfred Lord Tennyson

'Fight Hard & Win': In New Year's Eve Speech, Warren Calls On Voters To Imagine A Better World

I saw Counting Crows live a few years ago.

Pope Francis slaps woman's hand away

NYT: Elizabeth Warren's New Year's Message: 'Imagine' a Better America

We were right, damn it. Not bragging 'cause it was not at all difficult. We knew, you see,

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Friday Festivus! Happy New Years eve!

EPA's scientific advisers warn its regulatory rollbacks clash with established science

Capitol Steps end of the year show 😁😁😁

Does Fonzie post on DU?

The Two Popes on Netflix

Donald Trump doubled his tweets in 2019

I used to think I had some control over my life.....

To my D.u. friends..

Happy Blue Year!!!

Is it too soon to be thinking of spring flowers? #NotEvenJanuaryYet

Trump taking credit for CHOICE, but it was Obama who signed the bill into law

Posted at 8:30 pm Florida time, but it is already 2020 in Moscow.

Alex Jones rants as a folk song 😂

Billions invested, hundreds of thousands dead, embassy under siege and on fire, helicopters

Chief Justice Warns of Social Media's Dangers

Is 2017 tax law responsible for declining share of U.S. charitable donors? - PBS NewsHour

I'm so grateful that our Prez is handling

Before the ball drops

Skip to 1:19:45 to see the President pull a young girl's hand to his crotch and beg for a kiss.

2020 Electoral Votes based on current polls:

I just wrote a happy Christmas/New Year song!

Mar-a-Lago guests tonight include Rudy and a corn dog aficionado

Early 2020 countdown for kids.

I've come up with a little ditty in honor of Senator Susan Collins:

In the primary, I will vote for the person I believe---with my imperfect knowledge---has the best of

Watching SyFy Twilight Zone marathon - "trumpy" episode is on

Beware of a fake Iowa poll circulating tonight. It's from a manipulator of betting markets.

2020 Vision for the future: President Biden will restore, reform America!

Connie Schultz tweet: "Stealth Walter" sneaks up on US Senator

My New Year's Eve. And it's perfect. Anyone else?

A song for Elizabeth Warren: Badlands (Live in New York City)

Why I'm Hopeful about America with Robert Reich

Turkish Airlines says Boeing agrees to compensation over Max

Our work on the 2018 and 2019 elections continues to bear fruit

Am making some contributions,

Bruce Springstein & Chuck Berry: Johnny B Goode

drumpf still hoping for a vase. thinks Kim is "man of his word"

Ex-Bush Aides Share Theory About Pelosi Delaying Donald Trump's Senate Trial

I'm sorta... moved by this new VW ad!

some good old country drinking songs

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager ridicules Anne Frank:

Trump says he thinks North Korea's Kim is a 'man of his word'

Am I the only one who hates New Year's Eve?

Doing good deeds actually reduces physical pain: study

Small plane crashes Tuesday near JOCO Executive Airport, killing 2

I'm on Medicare part A and B

what is the worse thing bloated maggot fuck face has done all year?

Super cool fireworks with drones:

caption TRUMP photo

Epitaph for the 10s

Trump abandons sweeping vape ban with new slimmed-down rules

Drugmakers from Pfizer to GSK to hike U.S. prices on over 200 drugs on Wednesday


Petition to boot Meghan McCain off 'The View'

Happy New year

Happy New Year! Here comes the Blue Wave! Leslie Nielsen's face says it all


Backwards In High Heels: Fred & Ginger Tribute

The first question YOU would ask Trump under oath?

You've been telling me you're a genius since you were 17

My 2020 New Year's Resolution is to never criticize Bernie Sanders again.

This is it............ 2020 is here.

Someone take Rudy's keys away... he's drunk.

Happy New Year to the Loners Group!

New Year's Day food traditions

I remember when we had a President

How's this for a New Year song?

Trump Winery fires 7 undocumented workers a year after Washington Post report

NYT: Fellow Seals speak out against navy seal pardoned by Trump.

Happy New Year

Question for CFB fans...

Happy New Year everyone

Auld Lang Syne (with lyrics

Just saw "Knives Out". Great movie! (No spoilers!)

Nokdu Flower gets top Actor awards from SBS

Happy Hogmanay

Korea Times Interview doesn't help US Ambassador's image

Did I miss anything?

WTF? now solved

Dan Fogelberg Same Old Lang Syne (v1) Dan Fogelberg

R. Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection

half an hour into 2020 for Arizona

Judge stalls California labor law as it relates to truckers

Iraq Is The Northern State Of Iran - And Kurdistan

Bonus Tweet of the Day

New Year's Resolution - Make Trump Pay For His Crimes


2020 WOMEN'S MARCH Jan. 18th

My first act of 2020

Half a billion animals perish in Australian bushfires

Never liked the sound of "2019", never liked writing it

What happens...

8 - Madhouse

Happy New Year - Abba, from the end of '89 (someone had to do it)

As Honduras Collapses, Its People are Forced to Flee

Extreme speed biking: Colombian teens' deadly rides

20/20 vision needed in 2020 and GOP needs corrective lenses. n/t

Sometimes I wonder

Palm oil, fire pushing protected areas in Honduras to the 'point of no return'

NOVA Strangest Things Found in Deep Space Exploration Space Documentary

2045 Radical Man - Prince Rogers Nelson

The legend of Pombo, one of Che Guevara's guerrillas

Ween - Roses Are Free - Live, bootleg

Prince 2020 ( Unreleased ) feat. Mayte

Last Extinction NOVA Documentary 2009 (Full HD)

It's late, and I'm home. Happy New Years!

'We are just destroying these kids': The foster children growing up inside detention centers

Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule (Official Music Video)

Let Love Rule

Let Love Rule

Let Love Rule

Bjork -Venus as a boy

There is no proof that Iran is behind the protests in Iraq

The Cure - Plainsong (1989)

The Church - Under The Milky Way

Kim Jong-un signals North Korea could resume nuclear missile tests

This is... 2020!

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

This is... Sealab 2020!


20-20 means perfect eyesight.

Philippines Approves GMO Rice to Fight Malnutrition

Not so much trickle-down economics but, rather, being pissed on from a great height...

Robert Reich @RBReich . AT&T is laying off thousands of workers at the beginning of the year

Ex-Bush Aides Share Theory About Pelosi Delaying Trump's Senate Trial

DeWine: Refugees welcome in Ohio

Kathy Griffin was married at midnight by Lily Tomlin - Happy 2020!

U2 - New Year's Day

Breakfast Wednesday 1 January 2020

Trump Practically Gives Away Energy Rights Near Utah Monument

Photos of Australia's Raging Bushfires

02:30 my chocolate Knucklehead is barking out the window

Milt (Bags) Jackson was born on this date-

Cuccinelli exploits Hannukah stabbing tragedy for baseless anti-immigrant smear

I've been thinking about the "I am owed beer and travel money and many experiences" poster.

Country Joe McDonald has a birthday today.

Arthur Prysock was born on this date.

Biden not 'satisfied' until half SCOTUS is women; 🏛

Depression is real and can be treated

Happy National Bloody Mary Day! 😋

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of Republican Senate seats up in 2020 Democrats could win.

US troops fire tear gas at pro-Iran protesters in Iraq

Wow, Trump sent over a million dollars for his New Years Eve gala!

J. Edgar Hoover was born on this date.

Giuliani says he would love to testify because it would allow him to put Biden on trial.

"This will not be another Benghazi" says the red-orange one.

Buttigieg Raised Nearly $25 Million in Q4

Seize the day!

Cold-water dips and giant heads: New Year's Day in pictures from The Guardian

Court won't reinstate suit over Diet Dr Pepper advertising

2019, the Year the Press Tried--and Failed--to Stand up to Trump

It Is Now Election Year!

When a Trump cultist points to the stock market

Came across this picture on the interwebs and felt compelled to share, for giggles on new years day.

Remains of an accused murderer who escaped from jail more than 100 years ago just identified

Okay, here we are in the year 2020!

NASA 2020 hype video

A rafter of turkey's at the salt lick.

Hope is not enough but it is a start.

Australia wildfires threatened zoo animals, so director took them into his home

Young football star kills himself.... suffered from depression because his family was homeless

"On The Beach Starred Ava Gardner And Gregory Peck. The Remake Stars Us."

USA Today: Inside the US military's raid against its own security guards

Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the Future

The Newest Residents Of Shitstain's Bronx Golf Course - Coyotes

Fort Bragg paratroopers rapidly deploy New Year's Day in response to embassy attacks

Automakers Talk And Talk And Talk, But For Most, "Low Carbon" Models Make Up Less Than 1% Of Sales

We cannot allow this to be the decade of the strong man

Why Republicans would be wise to cut Trump loose?

The Iowa Caucuses Are a Very Minor Primary Event

*NEW* YouGov Poll - Biden 29%, Sanders 19%, Warren 18%, Buttigieg 8%, Klobuchar 4%, Bloomberg 3%

JANUARY PHOTO Contest Theme Ideas?

I don't understand Farsi but this spoke to my soul.

Juan Cole: Pompeo Slashed Security Funding, took no Preventive Steps in wake of US Airstrikes

Vinnie from England is young. 😁

"One of the most human moments of the decade"

Why Pete Buttigieg Enrages the Young Left

Anybody else looking to lose weight this year?

Dielectric & Other Properties of CO2 Syn Gas: The Future of an Eq'n of State for Natural Gas.

B52s Planet Claire

Life Awaits By Connie Schultz

We saw Frozen 2. Some observations about decisions that were too tactical. SPOILERS

"If I were to vote in a presidential primary today, I would vote for:"

They are not going to give up this power easily

You raised $3,692.40 on December 31, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

DUer jberryhill sent me this link re the Mobay Richmond Hill Hotel fire

2020 US Senate Election- What will be the Democrats 50th and 51st US Senate seat in 2020?

Future generations be like...

Hong Kong Protesters Return to Streets as New Year Begins

Decisions, decisions.

Can I stand up for Iowa just a second.

Chief Justice Roberts says Americans may "take democracy for granted"

Numbers from 2019 - Will the 2020s be the best of times or the worst of times?

Beam Eye Bay Bee!

Wireless Water Kettle review

Houston, Texas nurse likely killed by celebratory gunfire

Ahhh - The stretch is mastered by the cat

Albuquerque: Result of plastic bag ban

YouGov: 67% of Dems think Biden would probably beat Trump (Sanders 52%, Warren 49%, Buttigieg 34%)

Elton John-I've Seen The Saucers

Let's not kid each other - Make some realistic New Year resolutions

More or fewer "House Managers"? Which would be most effective in a Senate trial?

Supporters of Iranian-backed militia end siege of U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Homeless Population Is Up Each Year Since Trump Took Office After Plunging Under Obama-Biden

Fire at German Zoo Kills Dozens of Animals in Monkey House

People are judging you for the way you pronounce 'vase'

In memory of Jack Sheldon, Schoolhouse Rock singer

Daniel Dale @ddale8 Trump told this lie at least 56 times in 2019.

Gen Wes Clark flings cellphone after ringing on air CNN

More drugmakers hike U.S. prices as new year begins

Grandmaster Flash turns 62 today

FLOTUS: "Peace on the World"

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II. May this New Year mean the same thing

In 2020, you'll have new privacy rights online. But you might have to show ID (LAT)

A Thank You To Our Volunteers

Step up your game, Florida

Anyone going to the Women's March in DC? nt

Republicans will not announce publicly their positions on witnesses.

I see the appeal. My mother's family left the Krakow area via the boats from Hamburg Germany

WaPo: Biden's Republican VP remark is part of what attracts some voters to him

Why Congress Wants To Look Inside The Bank That Fronted Trump $2 Billion

Apropos of nothing the Eagles are a really good band.

North Korea Is Not Done Trolling Trump

Grant County New Mexico launches new website

Speaker Pelosi, future history books and the apricothellbeast

University cat taking a break from his studies

trump's 'miracle' Stock Market? He's full of shit.

About attacks on Jews, blacks, Muslims, et al.

Look who was on the front page of the local newspaper in Nashua, New Hampshire yesterday 😄

Happy 2020. Sam Johnson proposes massive social security cuts. For everyone.

States that will gain a seat in the US House according to the 2020 US Census.

Roberts will be swearing in the "Jurors" - what will he do with the ones who spurn impartiality?

New YouGov poll disputes the notion that our candidates need to move to the left

Does this qualify as an endorsement?

Admit it--you can almost believe he would say this:

Iphone/Ipad users, has anyone found an ios ad blocker they like? (Resolved)

Can you even BEGIN to grasp this - Pedophile and rapist running for office

Always lock your car doors when on safari!

Always lock your car doors when on safari!

Palo Duro Canyon, Tx

Heard this song yesterday

LOL! Dog rolling a snowball!

Dog rolling a snowball!

Pompeo cancels trip to Ukraine citing crisis in Iraq

Here's a link you absolutely should bookmark.

Yes, Joe Biden did say he is open to considering a VP from the GOP.

NEWS: Our Campaign Has Received More Than 5 Million Individual Contributions

Anyone here watched HBO's "True Blood"?

Smokers Past And Present 'Live In More Pain'

Friday could be a very big news day.

Question about my screen on Netflix

Bernie Sanders just announced they received 5 MILLION donations!

Here's a link that explains the math used to allocate delegates

2020 US Senate Election- US Senators who have not announced their decision on running or retiring.

All is quiet...

Iraq Protests Swarm U.S. Embassy Again, Dispersing Amid Tear Gas

Pride of the PNW: Tribe's perspective on saving the Salish Sea

Jim Carrey

Does anyone here regularly use Critical Path planning for projects?

These are the laws that will change in 2020 in Washington state and Seattle

I hope I can ask a DVR question here

Winter storm train to hammer northwestern US well into January 2020

Australia: Thousands trapped on beach as fires approach

Firings at Trump Property Cap Year of Purging Undocumented Workers

How many contributions Bernie?

Two years after Trump tax cuts, the middle class is lagging

*CNN documentary explores Linda Ronstadt's life, music career.

Kirkland firm moves closer to buying Frontier Communications

Beginning in Earnest...

Pope: Sorry I lost patience with hand-shaker who yanked me

Congratulations to the 47 states and localities that are raising the minimum wage today

Seattle families rush to meet Jan. 8 vaccination deadline for students

For anyone who doesn't get it, the GOP are our deadly enemies

Cartoons 1/1/2020

Losing the American Dream, Real Estate Agents expose the industry

Grocery Plastic Bags Are Now Banned.

Facebook LIVE: Senator Sanders - Every Child Matters

How were the rules for delegate allocations and the 15% cutoff created?

Facebook LIVE: Senator Sanders - Every Child Matters

Blackwater Founder May Have Broken Venezuela Sanctions

War Children

Forget that he is an evil, corrupt, racist asshole

Collins Sides With McConnell On Impeachment Trial

A thing that happens in DSM is that @BernieSanders casually rolls up to brunch at Drake Diner

Many endangered animals die in zoo fire in ape house at Krefeld Germany early Jan 1

A thing that happens in DSM is that @BernieSanders casually rolls up to brunch at Drake Diner

I just saved you a ton of money. No need to thank me.

Buttigieg campaign announces $24.7 million raised in fourth quarter ahead of primaries

Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the Future

Class of 2020 US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senators.

Tulsi Gabbrd raised $3.4 M

Pompeo postpones Ukraine trip due to situation in Iraq

What Does the Republican Party Stand For?

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan.1, 2020

Josh Marshall: "the original 'Benghazi' was a cynical and absurd fraud..."

Recreational Marijuana now legal in Illinois; Chicagoans line up to purchase pot.

NY Assemblyman and GOP Minority Leader Brian Kolb charged with DWI in Victor on New Year's Eve

Thread -Looking back over the past the year, I'm so proud of the campaign we've built together.

The hundreds of private for-profit concentration camps dotting this country must

Why demagogues were the Founding Fathers' greatest fear Opinion

Coyotes spotted prowling Trump golf course in NYC: 'Pups taking sandwiches out of golf carts.'

2019 political 'person of the year': Nancy Pelosi

For every "good guy with a gun" story, there are ten times more like this.

Security tight, Jews gather at stadium for religious event

Donald Trump Should Go at Once to the Embassy in Baghdad and

Secrets of the Sun NOVA HD

OVER 50% of ActBlue POTUS donations are now for Joe Biden

Is Trump's pal Mark Meadows in trouble?

Who Gave The Psycho Church Shooter In Texas A Shotgun?

We reached five million donations...

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Trying to keep the faith

David Stern, former NBA commissioner, dead at 77

some great 2019 photos of Pete's campaign, by photographer Chuck Kennedy

New Mexico church sues US over religious discrimination

PBS Nova Documentary Collection: Ghosts of Machu Picchu

Happy Birthday Country Joe!

A summary of the four early states as of today:

N.M.Criminal Record Expungement Act to go into effect Jan. 1

Coal Beef Or Flying - What Is Worse For The Planet?

Milwaukee in the Winter?

Houston woman ringing in new year killed by stray bullet

Funny Ben Wittes tweet: "'boom,' he said wistfully."

146 'shots fired' calls in Albuquerque on New Year's Eve

Klobuchar hits Trump for spending 1 in 5 days last year at a golf club

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 or 2022 is.

Latest 'Real Clear Politics' poll numbers

Twitter User takes out the Trash

At least 16 dead, 5 wounded in central Mexico prison riot

U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan highest in years

I will be honest with you.. I have my fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed..

Your impeachment was not a hoax Don the Con

Virginia lawmakers ready Equal Rights Amendment ratification push

New England New Year's Day Brunch on Cape Cod

Pro-Iranian Protesters End Siege of U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Former NBA commissioner David Stern dies at 77

2018/2020 AZ US Senate Election- Gabby Giffords/Mark Kelly.

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part XXVll

Water Crisis Puts Oregon Community At A Crossroads

Any Rose Bowl watchers?

Bombing Hitler's Supergun Documentary HD (Nova)

For Country Joe McDonald's 78th birthday

Mirror, mirror

Rudy Giuliani Begs To Be Trump's Impeachment Trial Lawyer

Use "impeachment" in a movie title... Raging Impeachment

Melania should get an Academy Award for her performance as First Lady..😂😂🤪🤡

How Big Companies Won New Tax Breaks From the Trump Administration

Google's Heroes of 2019 -

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Jerome Stakes

What happens in a birdhouse

Entering into 2020 the race looks to still be Biden's barring a major earthquake

Why Biden is the candidate who will most illuminate Trump's corruption and lying.

Keep sipping on that whiskey sour Rudy, lockup will not have them.

Video: 5 Million Contributions to Our Campaign

Barack Obama...

Video: 5 Million Contributions to Our Campaign

US Senate Freshman Class of 2020.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 2 January 2020

BERN NOTICE: Bernie vs Biden On Having a GOP Runningmate

"I want all 24 Democratic candidates for President to convene a joint press conference outside the

JAN 2 Campaign Launch - One Month 5,000,000 Calls to Voters Across America

How Long Can Nancy Pelosi Hold Back These Articles of Impeachment? Longer Than You Think

Who is likely to be the Democratic Nominee for the 2020 GA US Senate special election?

New Laws taking effect today - 2020

Hitler's Last Deadly Secret - U 864

Fox News' unhinged rhetoric in 2019

'Culture is like money, it comes easiest to those who need it least' Rex Stout,, The League of ---

Pharmaceutical companies celebrated New Year's by raising the prices on more than 250 drugs

Surf's Up for Tulsi Gabbard in New Hampshire!

Make up a joke about the monster in the White House

"You can't change the past, but you can make the present better."

2019 Ice Extent ended the year as the 8th lowest in the satellite era

George Harrison was almost killed in his own home more than 20 years ago, today