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Supreme Court rejects request to extend Wisconsin's deadline for counting mail-in ballots

UH OH - they are demonizing KH big time....

And so it begins. Trump attack on election results. Eight days out.

538 "The Race Hasn't Changed Much Since The Debate, And That's Good For Biden

Get Out The Vote!

Former Trump advisor Gary Cohn: Markets are down on the '100% probability' that stimulus won't pass

Murkowski is lying.

The Twist: Integrated function: Location: Kistefos, Norway Completed: 2019 Architects: BIG

Love this reply

It's done. McConnell has written the epitaph.

Harris Slams 'Greatest Failure In History' As Meadows Admits Defeat In Pandemic

The tortured self-justification of one very powerful Trump-loathing anonymous Republican.

Senate confirms Barrett to Supreme Court, cementing its conservative majority

Wild Squirrel Decides To Live Next To The Guy Who Rescued Him

Fauci says the US's record-high COVID-19 cases put it in a precarious position

Just Donated $20 To Jaime Harrison

Eight days from now, we'll get our revenge.

With the Supreme Court Trump and McConnell said kiss my A__---

will the scotus

'Classist and disgusting': AOC rips Trump for mocking her college degree

These guys cheering after they save a pelican's life 😍

Almost 70K new Covid cases on what should be a low numbers day.

Holy shit--Brett Kavanaugh just endorsed Rehnquist's concurrence in Bush v. Gore

Holy Jesus H. Christ on an amicus brief -Charlie Pierce On Kavanaugh's new brief on voting rights

Who has "inoculate Santa" and "ban cows" on their Trump bingo card?

The sewers of Calcutta are squeaky clean compared to...

Top Oil Bosses Taking Home More Money Despite Slump

Watch this little screaming baby decide to become a wild animal!

I Approve this message

Happy Coathanger Day

University of Washington study shows hydroxychloroquine does not prevent COVID-19

House Judiciary GOP tweet: Amy Coney Barrett, confirmed. Happy Birthday, @HillaryClinton!

Trump eyes hosting election night party at his DC hotel

kana chan Tv:Dressed up with ASUKA items!!! [the forefront of fashion] /WWE☆RAW☆ASUKA

Biden's national lead is trending back up at 538

Rand Paul suggests restaurants should hire coronavirus survivors as servers during pandemic

Tiniest Puppy Grows Up To Boss Around 100-Pound Dogs

Ladies and Gents--your next VP of the USA..........

Republicans once again show their contempt

This Amy Coney Barrett confirmation breaks my heart.

AMAZING discussion between Nancy P and Chris Hayes just now;

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/26/20 - 2:20 p.m.

Opinions Foreign policy is now partisan policy

The Best Beer in America Is Available at Your Grocery Store

Have been watching a long billed dowitcher

Biden heading back to Michigan Saturday

Write-in votes for Rick Wilson in Tallahassee

Republicans Put the Oil Industry Above Economic Growth

They might have won this battle

My alcoholic son tells me AA condones drinking for pain relief.

House Judiciary GOP (are assholes):

I am sorry for the next generation. Especially girls. We tried to make it better not worse :(

Anybody besides me...

NEW FLIPPABLE: Bill Saxton for MI-HD73

Their word means nothing - they have no principles - they are scum

Trump was lying about winning

Michigan State House moves from 'Tossup' to 'Tilt Democratic'

R you kidding me? Franklin Graham's prayer march/let us worship thing yesterday

Heads up: If you receive an email that says anything like "your vote has been changed to (Donald Tru

An example of the kind of NONSENSE you have to NIP IN THE BUD on Covid


The headline news here is that, by a 5-3 vote, SCOTUS made it harder for Wisconsin residents to cast

NEW FLIPPABLE: Chokwe Pitchford for MI-HD79

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Stephen fry talks about covid

Texas GOP Governor Abbott to Deploy 1000 National Guard Troops for Election

Kavanaugh & Gorsuch opinion proves if we don't expand the court, voting rights are in dire peril.

The helpless feeling is overwhelming tonight.

Nate Cohn: Trump coud win Texas and doom suburban Republicans.

TV off

Right now, at the Trump White House, they are dancing on the grave of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats are gonna win in 2020.

Tim Curry is doing a Rocky Horror Show fundraiser for the Wisconsin Democratic Party on Halloween

This ceremony is ridiculous


You want to take my rights away?

Too bad we can't get a 2/3 majority in the Senate this election...

Could somebody please link to the video, "To All The Little Girls" by Isolde Fair and her sister

Goodbye Roe. Goodbye ACA. Goodbye Voting Rights Act. Hello Jim Crow. Hello Slavery.

Just Remember...We're In Retrograde

I'm 54, And See Myself In Another Country Within Next 10 Years

The Republican Party's Supreme Court

Barrett showed her total lack of character in 2016.

The Republican Party's Supreme Court (NYT)

Am I the only one that's actually just passing time until next gawd damn Tuesday???

How long before the new SCOTUS interprets the 13th Amendment out of existence?

"Covid Covid Covid"

Kayleigh McEnany once praised Biden as a 'man of the people' who resonates with "middle class" over

Paul Begala's advice for our campaign:

Comandante Trump: Socialism or Death

trumper brandished a gun young women protesters....

Texas Guard to send troops to cities for possible 'post election' disturbances

Am I a terrible person if I hope...

2018 was just a ripple

Daily Free talking points

'It's now or never.' Democrats pour over $55 million into newly competitive Texas

Prepare to repeat one thing over & over: COUNT ALL OF THE BALLOTS.

Amtrak has expansion within the San Antonio-Dallas-Houston triangle 'under review'

With shit like this they deserve to be the permanent minority party. Utterly vile.

Message To The 'New' Supreme Court For Next Month.

As Ken Paxton battles scandal, George P. Bush considering a run for attorney general.

Another lawyer who accused Texas AG of crimes resigns

The George W. Bush administration gave us the phrase "shock and awe". I think the

Kushner: "Black people must want to be successful"

Trey Martinez Fischer becomes second Democrat to announce run for speaker of the Texas House

It is so true. Trump brings out the the very worst in people. He brought out the worst in the GOP.

Just Stop!

Joe Biden will travel to Iowa Friday, underscoring close presidential race

Finally, Rachel calls the scum "violent" hypocrites

It's the last gasp of patriarchy

Vengence is a balanced court. Vote.

Play for Texas

People having fun while in long lines to cast their votes - Philly and Nevada

if we don't win Tuesday

DOJ secures Manafort and Gates-connected entity dissolutions

Joe Manchin, the Democrat some people here hate, voted against the Barrett appointment...

Rachel Maddow finally used the correct term, "rebalancing the courts"

Fitting that Clarence Thomas swore her in

I do wish Rachel and other in the media would stop warning the voters about what the Dems

The Lincoln Project: She's With Them

Some are having trouble describing the level of hypocrisy the Republicans are exhibiting tonight

But got to get mad

I'm so angry...

For those that can't handle good election news. Please ignore my post please.

Breaking the rules...Ok, They will get what they have sown.

Chilling message from Justice Kavanaugh

'It's our responsibility' -- San Antonio voters on the East Side caravan to the ballot box

We will soon...Bury the GOP....with a stake in its heart ❤️

Some good news for tonight. We didn't plan on another one so quickly but

Junior's mom is the new My Pillow........

Some good news for tonight.

Big coal CEO Bob Murry dies after filing for black lung bernefits.

Did any Republican vote against Amy Coney Barrett or abstain?

TX-07: Fletcher shrugs off Hunt's late fundraising surge

X Ambassadors - Renegades

Middle Age Riot: There is nothing more temporary...

Hey, mcchinless, you revolting, pathetic imitation human. Kav is a drunk. Thomas is in bad shape.

Wisconsin? Pennsylvania? SCOTUS? Let's take a deep breath

If dems win WH and Clarence retires, we can flip scotus back to 5:4

Amy Coney Barrett sworn in as Supreme Court justice after Senate vote

Originalism is racist, sexist and homophobic. Originalism is just a fancy word for discrimination.

Is it normal for the president to stand in between.....

U.S. Supreme Court declines to change Wisconsin's voting rules, keeps Election Day deadline for mail

My Girlfriend Said She'd Leave Me If I Didn't Support Trump.

Here is what I have real problems with:

Tarrant totals as of poll closing Oct 25

Senate now adjourned until 11/9

Supreme Court won't extend Wisconsin ballot deadline

Supreme Court rejects Democratic attempt to extend Wisconsin mail-in voting deadline

Jamming through Coney is an abomination. The anger is so deep at so many. BUT...

How many repuke senators are actually up for re-election right now?

Kamala Harris to visit North Texas on Friday during final campaign push

Weenie Waver Kavanaugh and Bend Over Barrett - SCOTUS A$$ Kissers

Is Joe sending Justice Roberts a message with his 90-day commission to study rebalancing the court?

here are the @nytimes counterdisinformation ads in the paper from 1940.

The Senate has adjourned: The #Republicans have abandoned the #pandemic victims.............

Grandson made mom get sign 👏😁

Please be on the look out for trolls on DU in the next week

55.6% of early votes by women (so far) in Georgia.

the irony of the Barrett confirmation.......

Colombia's opposition threatened with 'systematic extermination'

Just seen on Twitter regarding voting:

70% of requested mail ballots from Dane County (Madison) WI have been returned.

El Paso COVID-19 outbreak worsens as number of new infections, hospitalizations grow

My new thing. Relaxing sounds videos, and I may have found the best!

SCOTUS. This image just nails it.

Question: Did Trump mail in his ballot or vote in person or both? nt

Many large Dem cities in battleground states still have slow USPS

Smirks and Snickers - Mitch is Hands Down the Worst

Sarah Cooper: I hope the ghost of Ruth Bader Ginsburg haunts them all forever

US Republicans are starting to look a lot like authoritarian parties in Hungary and Turkey, study fi

dear SCOTUS judges - it is a crime to interfere with an election. you are not above the law

Good night, America. If you didn't vote or protest voted 3rd Party, you had your chance.

14 minutes of elephant zen if you need it today. I sure did.

Meidas Touch - Traffic Stop

Morning Joe says Trump 'would kill reporters' if he could get away with it

SCOTUS expanded in 1869 from 7 to 9 to match circuits. We now have 13 circuits.

Stand United

Total Early Votes: 64,174,464 Mail Ballots: 43,188,375 In-Person Votes: 20,986,089

Where you headed?

If Jeff Bezos gave each of his 876,000 employees a $105,000 bonus,

Revenge is a voter. Tell them {RBG} sent you.

You can't keep your "healthcare" if you like it.

They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out

Next steps...

Revealed: the full extent of Trump's 'meat cleaver' assault on US wilderness

A month to the day of the WH event that Fauci called superspreader

Turning Back Time

TLP: Goodnight, America

How's this for an idea? Pack the court next year, and appoint these four......

Good night, America.

More Bullshit From Down Under: $100 Million Recycling Program Never Spent A Dime, Recycled A Thing

***Congratulations to the October Photo contest winners!***

Sorry I goofed the first post on this subject. Mail-in ballots by tomorrow.

A Modest Proposal for an underground group of Nasty Women

Someone stole my first Biden Harris sign

A question about COVID numbers...

Brett Kavanaugh caught lying in SCOTUS opinion against voting access during the pandemic: report

Democrat Stephen Daniel calls conservative group mailers warning he will destroy houses a

October Winners thread

The first thing Justice Barrett did was to participate in a campaign event at the White House for t

expand the court plus more

Seattle Chamber CEO Carried Water For Amazon In Election Fiasco; Now She's Running For Congress

Super Villain

nolite te bastardes carborundorum n/t

So many things wrong with this picture

Milwaukee issues new order reducing gathering limits to 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors

House Judiciary GOP slammed for 'bizarre and psychopathic' tweet implying Barrett is a birthday gift

Biden deals crushing blow to Trump campaign over their massive misstep - Brian Tyler Cohen

My wife and I voted tonight in Maryland got to the election administration polling place

Kamala Harris goes viral with perfect response to gotcha question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Chuck Schumer is HOPPING MAD.....At the GOP in the Senate. ...

So, Rushbo says his cancer is terminal....

This is kind of how I feel right now. And metaphorically how we need to respond.

Republicans like to blame Harry Reid

worlds greatest deliberative body my azz

Minnesota reports 3 Covid-19 outbreaks related to Trump campaign events in Septemberlan

Expand the court and make them howl.

Right Wing 6-Pak - Sack cartoon

Tweet of the moment

Joe Biden to return to Wisconsin Friday, marking his third visit to the Badger State in the fall

In many states SC justices are put on the ballot and voted for by the ppl

Greetings From Illinois !!! Take Down McConnell, My Friends! Save Our Nation ! nt

The Supreme Court just showed us

MUST READ. The Secrets of Leonard Leo, the Man Behind Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Halloween Is Coming! #126

Halloween Is Coming! #127

Halloween Is Coming! #128

Halloween Is Coming! #129

Halloween Is Coming! #130

Sarah Cooper: Pure evil

Keith Olbermann Comment 14: Pence Should've Been Arrested As Health Risk; it's now Trump-45/Covid-19

check this out: Covid takes Thomas, Alito, Kav. Gorsish and Barrett all out by Jan Biden gets 5 pic

Trump and Republicans want to stop counting ballots after Nov 3

Duran Duran: Ordinary World Live

Trump supporters cookie business

From the brain of Louis Gohmert:

Us Kids -Sneek preview - available until midnight tonight - the hope of the future

CPAC threatens legal action against 'Borat 2' production company over KKK scene

UW to start second round of furloughs, increase minimum wage in January

dance tutorial

Saturday I swam in 80 degree water, air temp somewhat higher.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 28: Election Stories

Trump supporters have torn down all the signs of those murdered by police on the fence on BLM Plaza

Joe: The rushed and unprecedented confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as Associate Justice to the Supr

Is there any reason Trump would get more votes than he got last time?

Trump tweeted to stop count on nov 3rd.

Yesterday's Halloween decorations are gone and the White House is ready for tonight's swearing-in

Joe: Vote.

Dem leadership will make judicial changes

Traumatized by 2016, Philly Dems won't let themselves believe polls that say Trump is about to lose

Trump's Schedule for Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Chris Hayes just now

Let's talk about the Supreme Court confirmation and power....

SSC Tuatara -- Did they falsify top speed claim of 331 MPH?

North Carolina voting analysis.

"None of these Federalist Society droids are even employable as lawyers!"

One of the most sinister things I've ever seen in a US election campaign: The proud, aggressive defa

Full Interview: Joe Biden on His Chances in Texas, COVID-19 and the Oil Industry

"To be clear: There isn't a *single* state that certifies its results *on* Election Day."

I voted today, with my ballot and my money.

"Be clear: They're actually just trying to steal the election."

I needed some encouragement tonight. RGB provided it.

White House COVID-19 doctor clashes with North Dakota governor on mask mandate

"Good footnote here from Kagan's dissent in tonight's WI ruling at SCOTUS"

How many times has Trump and his administration officials defied the courts including

Sacha Baron Cohen Fires After Donald Trump Calls Him "Phony" and a "Creep" THR News

The waters roil tonight. Our ship of state sways.

Steve Schmidt: First, you morons work for the taxpayer and this tweet is completely inappropriate.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Early Voting Sets Records & The White House Surrenders To Corona

Still kickin', y'all

WFH, Work From Home Is Proving To Be A Revolution In Our Way of Life

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Counting Down Donald Trump's 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: 75-51

What did you do tonight to ease the pain?

The Volatile Mermaid: The good news is Amy Coney Barrett probably isn't a rapist.

Sanford Health, Intermountain Healthcare plan merger that would create medical giant spanning Upper

Less than one week to go.

McConnell on FOX saying he thinks Amy Coney Barrett will be a "political asset" for Republicans

Seth Meyers - Trump Administration Gives Up on Controlling the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Closer Look

10/27 Mike Luckovich: Turning back time

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Votes, Fake Melania & Barrett Confirmation

IMO: President Obama was the greatest U.S. President since Roosevelt.

Burning Down The House: Talking Heads LIVE

Armageddon Update: WINNING!!

We've been beating down these snakes with a hoe for 40 years

Are the Great Plains Headed for Another Dust Bowl?

They have sown the wind...

Scientists Reveal What May Be the Largest Flying Bird Ever

Fact Checked: Final 2020 Presidential Debate - NowThis

This Halloween, Look for the Hunter's Blue Moon

Fewer Undecided Voters Is Good News For Biden In The Midwest l FiveThirtyEight

Protests swell after police shoot and kill a man in West Philly

Barrett's confirmation BACKFIRES: from DLCC

Kavanaugh's Ominous Footnote In Wisconsin Ruling

How Indigenous Peoples Adapted to the Arctic's Harsh Climate

Never Forget & Never Forgive!

Ancient Roundworms Allegedly Resurrected From Russian Permafrost

Trump considering Friday rally at Mankato airport

I can't sleep tonight

A dazzling civilization flourished in Sudan nearly 5,000 years ago. Why was it forgotten?

Minneapolis sued for kicking unhoused people out of park encampments

Newly discovered pterosaur walked along the shore to feed on worms

History repeats itself

I'm sure the handmaid cleared it with her 'head' first.

MAGA Morally Abhorrent Government Actions

We are an awoken giant and filled with a terrible resolve.

Oldest known battle was massacre of merchants

Trump is back in PA

Joe Biden to return to Wisconsin Friday, marking his third visit to the Badger State in the fall cam

Biden holds overall lead in Wisconsin, with big edge among early voters, in new UW poll

We'd have a better chance of impeaching a couple of justices than expanding the Court

It's going do be a horrendous 2021 in terms of Supreme Court decisions

Workers and Students In Belarus Launch Anti-Alexander Lukashenko Strike

Record amounts of money pour into fight for Michigan state House

Four submerged villages found in Noordoostpolder

Moscow Mitch got his handmaid, then abandoned Americans and Kentucky to the COVID-19 virus.

Gun control group Everytown spending big on Minnesota Senate

Sen. Bernie Sanders to campaign for Biden in Pittsburgh this weekend

Michael Moore nervous but thinks the landslide is on the horizon. Here's what we've got to do.

104-Yr-Old Woman, Born Before Women Had The Vote, Votes Against 'Ahole Trump'

Scots academic leads major project which may shed light on Scotland's Vikings

Revealing the Age of the Clovis People

Mona and Erma (edited) and more...

BassTuba, Cello, Piano Selections (YouTube is screwy. Something changed. Plus the smelly tЯump ads.)

Voters across Philly wait through rain, cold, and long lines as window to cast ballots early closes

The trolls are out in full force tonight.

Oral bacteria persist on wasted chewing gums for weeks

GA-SEN: Senate Democrats to spend another $10M to boost Ossoff, Warnock

Study: Minnesotans exposed to disinformation via Facebook ahead of Election Day

'Ready to shatter glass ceilings.' Hillary Clinton backs Levine Cava for Miami-Dade mayor

These suburban women make it clear why Joe Biden is their choice

Bat-Winged Dinosaurs That Could Glide

Florida Democrats need to flip 3 state Senate seats. Here's why they're going for 2.

Biden: Trump Forgot About You - NowThis

So when Trump loses the election #OneTermLoser would be a great hashtag

My dad died Sunday.

What gets Souls to the Polls? On Sunday, it was cafecito, pastors and Common the rapper

Watching Julie and Julia,

Democrats way ahead in Florida voting, but Republicans closing the gap as Biden and Trump both push

Brett Kavanaugh Just Endorsed A Radical Legal Theory That Could Cause Election Chaos

Kings of Leon - On Call (live on David letterman)

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/26/20

bill mahr - "Making Women Nod" - short video

Covid: Antibodies 'fall rapidly after infection'

Psych Furs - Until She Comes (live on David Letterman) (beautifully done)

Covid: Protective Antibodies 'Fall Rapidly After Infection,' UK Research

Wild vampire bats socially distance when they get ill

Stephen Colbert: Guest Sacha Baron Cohen

Tweet of the Day

We're going to punish Republicans for shredding democracy. Here's how

Ancient lake contributed to past San Andreas fault ruptures

Plouffe & Schmidts Battleground podcast w/ Stepen Stuart & James Carville

The GOP! They're so proud of themselves for this.

ok, how about a cooking tip? dried beans.

'Detached' reef bigger than Empire State building discovered in 500 metres of water off Queensland

Federal minister gives green light for koala habitat to be bulldozed for Port Stephens quarry

The Corrupt Bargain

Many Blue States Insist Ballots are Received on Election Day

'It's daunting': Democrats crushing House Republicans on the airwaves

Study Shows Covid-19 Antibodies Waning Over Time, Suggesting Immunity May Wear Off

The cranberries - Zombie (live on Letterman)

Bill Maher on voter suppression

I see pictures of Thomas presiding at Barrett's swearing in without a mask..........

My first 2020 House flip projections

Hubble Examines Massive Metal Asteroid Called 'Psyche' That's Worth Way More Than Our Global Economy

Maddow On The Building Democratic Backlash To McConnell Coopting Courts - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Watch Nobel laureate Andrea Ghez explain how to prove a black hole exists

The First Ultra-Hot Neptune Has Carbon Monoxide In Its Atmosphere

The magnetic fields of the jellyfish galaxy JO206

Implications of an Enormous, Early Black Hole

"They all hate us anyhow..."

Weird Structures Found to Be Ancient Leftovers of Violent Milky Way Collision

2 years: Fienburg Gottfried Mallinger Rabinowitz Rosenthal Rosenthal Simon Simon Stein Wax Younger

Extreme 'Black Widow' Star Identified as Source of Mystery Gamma Radiation

The second Tree of Life shooting commemoration will bring people together in an age of separation

Yale astronomers investigate the possibility of pieces of Venus on the moon

Do you think Trump going on about law enforcement watching Democratic Governors at the highest level

Arrest Warrant Against Former Leader Evo Morales Scrapped by Bolivian Judge

NEW AD: Trump Administration Officials for Biden

I hear that Ghosts make the best cheerleaders 📣.

Anyone know where Biden's Atlanta area drive in event is today?

'Deplorable': Senators outraged at PH envoy's video assaulting Pinay maid

The size of the Supreme Court has been legally changed 7 times

US embassy warns Colombian politicians not to get involved in US elections

So now our kids and grandkids will have less civil rights than the day they were born

got any good irish jokes?

The size of Trump's rally crowds: Has there been an objective report on them?

A simple task on election day after the polls close can be of great help to protect our votes

US embassy warns Colombian politicians not to get involved in US elections

any smokers in here?

Breakfast Tuesday 27 October 2020

'The way I am is an outrage': the Indigenous Brazilian musicians taking back a burning country

GOTV, Get On The Biden Train. # DudeGottaGo

Come And Pledge With Me, Let's Win

Kaptur makes her pitch for Appropriations gavel

It's a circus here this morning and I love it

Several states see massive die-off of migratory birds

Let's put things into perspective

I used to read here that the son of a criminal, Jared Kushner, was

Woman accused of impersonating prosecutor, dropping criminal charges against herself

69,841 Americans contracted COVID-19 yesterday, 1,000 of them will die, This did not need to happen

Has anyone signed up for taking pics of precinct results?

USPS on-time delivery times for First-Class Mail have dropped again-drop vote off in person.

The picture (tweet) of fear and desperation

Kayleigh McEnany in 2015: Biden is a 'man of the people' unlike 'tycoon' Trump

Arkansas is the only state in the union where you can go to jail for not paying rent. And who gets

The Senate is working overtime to push through Judge confirmations before an election

GOP Congressional Candidate Won't Say If He Thinks The KKK Is A Terrorist Group

A "view" from the South Lawn: The constitutional oath


Bloomberg Funds Last-Minute Advertising Blitz for Biden in Texas and Ohio

If called for jury duty ("Real world" jury duty), then make every effort to serve

One Last Funny Feeling About 2020

One Nomination and One Withdrawal Sent to the Senate; October 26, 2020

They are having MASK BURNING Protests in Floriduh

Nine insect-eating bird species in Amazon in sharp decline, scientists find

You don't get to be both

Attn shoppers: Viking home in aisle 4

I had my first fire of the year this morning in the woodstove.

Illinois' 13th District Congressional Race Is Nearly Identical To 2018

Biden's polling lead over Trump looks more comfortable than Clinton's

Page Vetoes Limits On Public Health Orders, States Of Emergency In St. Louis County

Twitter adds 'disputed' and 'misleading' label to Trump mail-in ballots tweet

Brexit makes Britain 'less useful to the US,' says former top diplomat

Russia implements a nationwide mask mandate to stem rising virus cases.

I'm over this whole winter thing already

Axios-Ipsos poll: Federal response has only gotten worse

Hurricane warning for New Orleans as Zeta swirls over Mexico

Honduras Remembers Garifuna Men Disappeared 100 Days Ago

House race in Iowa will test whether the suburbs have turned from Trump

New South Carolina Poll (Starboard, B/C): Biden -7, Harrison -9

Ex-RN minehunter cut in half during collision with Maersk containership.

Joe Lockhart: Trump's morning Twitter rants dovetail with receiving the overnight polling report...


Navajo elderly turned away in cold, waiting for hardship applications

Company failed to report screws found in its pizza dough

Kamala: I see Americans across our country who are rising to this moment--people who reject the notio

John Heilemann: "I think the President's in a state of panic..."

New Florida Poll (Florida Atlantic, B/C): Biden +2

For Virginia Voters Who Mess Up Their Absentee Ballot, A New Law Gives Them A Second Chance

NOAA Has Not Had A Senate-Confirmed Leader For Four Years; CEI/Heartland Hack Now On The Job

Police in Michigan, a hotbed for armed far-right groups, said they may be powerless to enforce a ban

Thousands of photovoltaic panels are installed on the mountaintop of N China's Shanxi, stretching 80

8 days to go: Biden's lead over Trump is holding, while Clinton's was collapsing at this point

This pretty much sums it up.

"'Covid?' What's a 'Covid'?" The pandemic as covered by Fox & Friends.

Thomas Jefferson on the Supreme Court

Russia Implements Nationwide Mask Mandate as Coronavirus Cases Rise

Nothing Left to Say

Wow. Sacha Baron Cohen speech re: democracy and critical thinking

New Pennsylvania Poll (Civiqs, B/C): Biden +7

How's This For A Thoughtful Warning?

EPA's Wheeler asks DOJ to decide whether green groups should register as foreign agents

New Georgia Poll (Civiqs, B/C): Biden +5, Ossoff +6, Warnock +25

90,000 Evacuated In Irvine As Silverado Fire Hits 7,200 Acres; 2 Firefighters Critically Injured

Russia Implements Nationwide Mask Mandate as Coronavirus Cases Rise

New Mississippi Poll (Civiqs, B/C): Biden -14, Espy -8

Outlier Hunter Troll Polls Will Not Like The Latest Round of Polls

'Still killing us': The federal government underfunded health care for Indigenous people for centuri

Only More "Development" Can Save Brazil's Amazon - An Attitude Cemented In Place For 100 Years

Will Speaker Pelosi retain her position with a new congress?

Justice Kagan Says Supreme Court 'Failed' To Protect Voters Amid Pandemic

As Of 10/25, Arctic Ice Cover @ Lowest Fall Extent In The Instrumental Record, Has Been For Weeks

Expand The Court

We are in the middle of a lovely ice storm here in Oklahoma.

Sweet Dreams - The Miraculous Love Kids / Girl with a Guitar, Tom Morello, Kathy Valentine, et al.

Trump's Whores Yak About "Bringing Back Coal" As Industry Dies, "Protecting" Imploding NG Sector

If by extensive ratfuckery, the Dotard should "win" the election,

BTRTN: The Short Answer: Is This 2016 All Over Again?

BTRTN: The Short Answer: Is This 2016 All Over Again?

Amy Coney Barrett's adopted children

Kanye claims the president of Haiti gave him an island. Not so fast, says a guy in Texas

Warning. Too late to mail ballot due to dejoy sabotage. Drop it off

Ways to return your absentee ballot in Virginia

There is a National Mask Mandate..... in Russia!

Trump admin dismantles 'firewall' for editorial independence at U.S.-funded media outlets

The three trump appointments to the Supreme Court will all have asterisks next to their names

Rinky dink Dem candidates in GA need to drop out

Boxer dog interrupts teaching lesson

Key election dates in Virginia

Pierce: Brett Kavanaugh Just Threatened to Unleash a Zombie Bush v. Gore

Obama visits Orlando as Democrats push to improve early turnout among Puerto Ricans

"Damn, Trump, it's not the SATs, settle down."

'It's daunting': Democrats crushing House Republicans on the airwaves

Can I Change My Vote? Trump Tweets 'Go Do it' as Google Searches Spike

My vote has not been counted

Zeta Named Storm #27 For This Season; #27 Epsilon In 2005 Arrived More Than A Month Later

Brett Kavanaugh Signals He's Open to Stealing the Election for Trump

I'd like to see Bruno Ganz play Trump in a movie

Pallas Cat Steppe Wildlife Conservation Research (Kittens are almost too adorable)

This is feeling like a historic blowout to me

Stealing a seat at the Supreme Court, but refusing to pass a stimulus to save lies -- that is a sin

Seriously Faith (Video)


Ford Hunger March memorialized

Confused by an election ad, what it says or where it comes from? Wondering if it's truthful or conta

cartwheel...can't remember the last time I did one

Biden headed for historic margin in California, poll shows

There's No Eviction Moratorium on NYC Storage Units. Now the Contents of Hundreds are Being Auctione

Drunk dude bulldozes Biden/Harris signs-Neighborhood reacts & plants a zillion signs in their yards

How China took Trump to the cleaners in their big trade deal

'Expand the Court': Ocasio-Cortez Leads Charge With 3-Word Democratic Strategy After ...

Republicans complain Democrats may expand Supreme Court, but GOP has done it at state level in ...

The hidden long-term cognitive effects of COVID-19 - Harvard Health Blog

The demographic that could tip Pennsylvania

Joe: One week until Election Day. Don't let up now.

Rides To Drop Off Boxes?

Enjoyed this interview with Joni Mitchell....

Carl Sagen on Zealots

Curfew ordered in El Paso as number of COVID-19 cases increase 160%

The Rundown: October 27, 2020

Judge Rejects Justice Dept.'s Bid to Shield Trump From Carroll Lawsuit

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 10/21/2020

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 2010

If Joe increases the SC. to 13

New Comic Releases for October 28, 2020

The next step

Trump 60 Minutes Meltdown Sets New Record for Shame

Sick Trump Says Doctors Inventing COVID Cases for Profit

"He's Down to Steal This Thing" : Kavanaugh Parrots Trump Mail-In Ballot Lies

One More Week! My Daily Home Stretch Election Polling Update. Still no tightening!

Undecided Voters Flock To Ken Bone's Sweater In Record Numbers

On this day, October 27, 1992, Radioman 3rd Class Allen R. Schindler Jr. was murdered.

IBD TIPP poll all over the place

Joe Biden closing ad: "Rising"

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "She's With Them"

Revisiting my inner hippie - Mudcrutch, "Crystal River"

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Biden's Moment"

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Fairytale

The GOP plan to steal the election is coming together

Waiting for the Help That Was Promised in Eastern Kentucky

Seven days left

2016 vs 2020 1 week out

And a closer look at the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Governor Whitmer Op-Ed: The Plot to Kidnap Me

Total Early Votes: 67,113,097 Mail Ballots: 44,780,689 In-Person Votes: 22,332,408

trump's Youtube Advantage

Will the threat of expanding SCOTUS restrain the current Court

Hurricane warning for New Orleans as Zeta swirls over Mexico

Ex-postal worker charged with tossing absentee ballots today

If rethugs steal the election will any states vote to secede ?

Scoop: The Lincoln Project is becoming a media business

Time to dump the presidential dilettante -- he's a cruel and incompetent failure

Obama: "It's not 'normal' behavior"

Very clever Biden ad that I saw on Hulu a couple of days ago (Silence Him):

NEW goal for the DU

86% of Virginia absentee ballots returned so far!

"Our real problem is that our democracy is not a democracy"

Jared Diamond writing in "Upheaval" with a warning

US History of Adding to the SC. "Supreme Court/Changing number of justices not a new idea"

If states advertised themselves honestly

Peshawar bombing: At least seven dead in Pakistan school attack

VOTE! They aren't going to steal it if we VOTE!

It's only possible if you ... VOTE

YOU raised $13,162.20 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-26-20

The White Extremist Group Patriot Front Is Preparing For A World After Donald Trump

***Flash*** Elections are bad for your health

Justice Kagan opinion on Beer Pong's opinion on vote flipping....

I say IF we ever get 2/3rds majority in the senate

Everyone chill the fuck out...

With one week left, Trump team rolls out new campaign message: Let the coronavirus win

Trump and the MAGA crowd are severely out of touch with average Americans

Would the ultimate troll of Trump be for Biden camp to make a last trip to Nebraska and

Bloomberg Funds Last-Minute Advertising Blitz for Biden in Texas and Ohio

"Honor The Postmark!" If the IRS honors the postmark at tax filing time, then boards of elections

There's always something to shoot

This week marks the 102nd anniversary of the Wilhelmshaven revolt

Belgium's new princess takes her place beside former king for first time

Chris Jensen now in Ohio


Hundreds of chats leaked to BuzzFeed News from hate group Patriot Front

Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud

The Volatile Mermaid: If you were a true feminist...

Monetary Donations

Voting machines

Trump's $1.1BILLION debt mountain (today's dailyfail headline article)

Justice Dept. Blocked in Bid to Shield Trump From Rape Defamation Suit: NY Times

SCOTUS Decision on Wisconsin

Breaking - South Carolina cannot disqualify absentee ballot based on signature matching!

Thread on how and why presidential elections *actually* work under state and federal law

Fed judge bars BARR's DOJ defense of SHITLER in defamation case (E. Jean CARROLL)

Roy was born on this date.

Wasserman at Redistrict : Joe Biden is likely to win next week , he's seen enough detail

*Poll Alert* A- Rated Hart Research (D) Public Opinion Strategies (R) National Biden 51% Trump 40%

It is my understanding that in contract law the "mail box rule" or "posting rule" provides that an

More than 7.8M Texans have already voted. Close to the total presidential turnout in 2012 and

How Democrats Can Learn Hardball From the Republicans of 1861

Twitter slapped yet another Trump tweet about mail-in voting with a 'misleading' label .......

Brave Women [The Lincoln Project]

New national poll (CNBC/Hart, A-): Biden +11

The Ignorant mans guide to History

I had a dream last night I was banned from DU.

1 week out 2016 vs 2020

The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is trying to purge the White House of dissenters..

Marjorie Orr On That Barrett Person

E. Jean Carroll : "This win is for every woman in the country!"

"Brave Women" - this morning's Lincoln Project ad, another winner!

Time to dump the presidential dilettante -- he's a cruel and incompetent failure

Check In If You Have Been Unable to Vote!

Tuesday TOONs - Ace In The Hole

Trump boasts that he has the biggest super spreader events

Check out the Deranged MAGAt White Supremacists on Previously Unseen Borat Video

This wasn't the first 60 Minutes interview Trump walked out of

1157 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 16 deaths

Republican Former U.S. Attorneys Endorse Biden, Call Trump Threat to Rule of Law

NC Voting Update: October 27

The best way to cast your vote?

Thieves take $1 million worth of gloves meant for Florida hospitals

Business on Biden: Not So Bad, Given the Alternatives

Democrats expected to make gains in Michigan House elections. Could it end in a tie?

Punny quiz - guess the costume (Tip of the Hat to winner)

Trump eyes hosting election night party at his DC hotel

Did John Lewis or Ceasars Chavez or Ginsburg Give Up in the Face of Injustice?

3D printed guns - it's just stupid easy......

Trump related dream last night.

Tight Florida Senate races targeted by dark money group

I'm pumped. Young people are voting. Saw it with my own eyes.

Police: Florida man has sex with stolen pool toys 'instead of raping women'

Turnout comparisons to 2018?

David Wasserman: The polls could be wrong. But that may help Biden, not just Trump.

538/Nate Silver: Biden Back up to 88/100 chance to win

From the CNN vault: Kavanaugh talks Bush v. Gore case (2000) - CNN Video

China Trade War Didn't Boost U.S. Manufacturing Might

Amy Coney Barrett is so independent and unbiased she made a campaign ad for Trump...

I would probably be forced to be a Martha.

Dr Jill Biden tweet: Seven days

TikTok about Amy Coney Barrott that hits the nail on the head.

MSNBC: 10 hour lines to vote in black areas of Cleveland, OH

"Today" show owes Biden an apology -- duped by Trump campaign

When a family member tells you that prayer will cure your anxiety

Lil Marco is getting hammered.

On Mirrored Bayou

Huffington Post site down?

'A stronghold of the Democratic Party': How older Black voters could propel Biden to victory

REPUBLICAN VOTERS AGAINST TRUMP campaign ad: "Trump Administration Officers For Biden"

"Trump told these people to stand by"

REPUBLICAN VOTERS AGAINST TRUMP campaign ad: "Biden Will Beat This Pandemic"

Poverty Exists

Trump's Rallies Don't Move the Needle

The Rude Pundit: "I'm gonna bet there are MAGA morons sitting in restaurants in Michigan..."

538 says Democrats: 74 in 100 scenarios to gain control of Senate.

Raging Trump wants the Supreme Court to save him. Here's why it probably won't.

This final sprint explains why Trump is heading for defeat

Obama in FL CNN NOW!

Obama speaking in Orlando right now on M$NBComcast n/t

A Trump win or a disputed result are Canadians' worst fears

Washington Post Three-part documentary on failed pandemic response

Obama: Trump is jealous of Covid's media coverage!

Senate (Georgia) Poll numbers - Warnock just 2% off 50% !

Temporary stop of COVID-19 evictions: what you need to know

The presidency doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are.

We can enact measures short of expanding the Court which protect rights and prerogatives

Little girl as Kamala iHarris, including the Chuck Taylors - a smile for your day

Barack Obama in Florida doing what only Barack Obama can do.....

Why do I see a big blue wave coming?

Right-Wing Fraudsters Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman Have Now Been Indicted in Cuyahoga County

Justice has left the building

Kayleigh McEnany on FOX saying she was "appearing in her personal capacity as a private citizen."

Bloomberg Funding Last Minute $15 Million Ad-Blitz in Texas & Ohio

Question: What are Chief Justice Roberts' powers within the framework of the Court?

In places where people are having to wait hours and hours to vote

Kazakhstan adopts Borat's 'Very nice!' as official new tourism slogan

Guys. Remember, They Also PLANNED TO Release a Vaccine as an October Surprise

Nobody gives a trump

Desperate voters book last-minute flights to the polls: 'Five hours of flying is more than worth it'

Signature matching? My sig is from 1978.

Obama is letting loose on Trump.

Review of "Twilight of the Gods" by Ian Toll, Vol. 3 of his Pacific War trilogy (NYT)

Scientists & Executives At Ford, GM Knew As Early As The Early 1960s That CO2 Was Warming The Earth

Washington Post Documentary - America's Pandemic

Tweet of the hour! Oh MY!!

So how far back do we set the clocks on Sunday

Here's EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes footage of how dangerous it was for @SachaBaronCohen as he taped

RVAT: RIP, GOP ... Prepare to reap the whirlwind

Police brace for potential Election Day unrest in a year when 'everything is uncertain'

Polls, late campaign activity suggest Republican dominance in Texas could be at risk

"Impeach Earl Warren!"

He brutally raped a lesbian for being gay. A judge just released him without bail.

Why isn't trashing Liberals considered hate speech?

Before leaving WH for his rallies today, Trump watching Obama on Fox

Trump is triggered by Obama's speech:

"Fired Up, Ready To Go!"

(Jewish Group) Almost all American Jews say anti-Semitism is a problem...

Trump Would Kill Or Sicken All His Supporters If He Thought It Would Help Him

Trump must remain defendant in rape defamation claim case filed by E. Jean Carroll, judge rules in r

A little scatter-brained?

10/27Daily Dose of Joe

Nothing Triggers Trumpsters like a millionaire black man driving his Ferrari past their Klan Convoy

Steve Schmidt: "I ran the Roberts and Alito confirmations"

The PERFECT image for trump supporters! Behind a WALL!

Despite questions about the 'laptop from hell,' most Americans think the Trumps are more 'corrupt' t

Ted Cruz: Hunter Biden attacks don't move 'a single voter'

Cruz: Hunter Biden attacks don't move 'a single voter'

"This is Soviet-level butt licking."

Lesley Stahl gets security protection after death threat over Trump '60 Minutes' interview: report

was there ever any reporting on why it was Thomas and not Roberts doing the swearing in of handmaid?

We have to win and have it called Tuesday night!

Tropical Storm Zeta Path, Tracker As Hurricane Warning Issued Ahead of U.S. Landfall

What's At Stake - Meidas Touch - Chillingly true

The futility of being 'tough' on China

For those of you who have done a deep dive into early voting

I have noticed that the images I've uploaded to DU from my file no longer appear except in Edge.

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian: St. John 14:27 (NRSV)

The Zombies are coming, the zombies are coming!

"He Still Doesn't Get It"

"Your vote can make a difference by providing a voice for the voiceless. Use it."

Our Military Is Up To Something In South America

Does anyone know if Michelle Obama will campaign?

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

There is no bottom.

Across the pivotal northern swing states the GOP position is:

Tenacious D cover of Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Time Warp" to help support Rock the Vote!

Question about adding more seats to the SCOTUS and potential Republican retaliation.

Mrs. Krassenstein: Thoughts and Prayers you pieces of crap! (Wohl & Burman)

re: Kavanaugh vote counting cutoff opinion

Roughly one-third of mail-in ballots are being rejected in Tarrant County

The Pandemic Election: Combatting Chaos

Tonight on PBS Frontline - The Choice: Trump vs. Biden

'Rescued from this evil': 179 arrested, 45 missing children recovered in Ohio's 'Operation Autumn Ho

In Finland, sexting could become a crime

Are most of the people voting early voting for Biden? Do we know? Or are we guessing?

Proof that Republicans are acting like everything is back to normal.

The tortured self-justification of one very powerful Trump-loathing anonymous Republican

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Was Targeted in Armed White Supremacist Plot

It's just a jump to the LEFT, and not a step to the right!

So I took a few minutes to read Rich Lowry's latest Trumpian excrescence at NRO

The Trump/GOP playbook hasn't evolved much since 2016: A noun, a verb, and Hillary Clinton.

Killa Con is going to be humiliated next week today

Trump's closing argument: Forget about Covid

Bill Kristol: A Tale of Three Possible Outcomes

Americans Are Losing Sight of What Fascism Means

Former U.S. attorneys -- all Republicans -- back Biden, saying Trump threatens 'the rule of law'

Not wearing a mask linked to antisocial traits, study finds

To change the subject a bit. About COVID practices....

JUST IN: Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman have been indicted in Ohio

Statistical illiteracy isn't a niche problem. During a pandemic, it can be fatal

Missing From Supreme Court's Election Cases: Reasons for Its Rulings "the shadow docket"

'Murder Hornets': More Nests Suspected After 1st On US Soil Eradicated

Pennsylvania county asks Barrett to recuse herself from mail-ballot extension case

What's the over/under on Trump TV?

On PBS tonight - Women Remaking America

What I would like to see.

Fox News staffers say the network is 'in a panic' about election-night coverage after top hosts were

"White House claiming victory for "ending the pandemic," which is blatantly untrue. "

Can you guys (who're interested) PLEASE give me your opinions on the severe,

This damn near gave me a panic attack. As it should.

Records show Trump's border wall is costing taxpayers billions more than initial contracts

Joe Biden Says Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation to Supreme Court Threatens Affordable Health Care

Expanding SCOTUS: Wouldn't the current Court simply declare every attempt to do it unconstitutional?

Joe is live! I'm delivering remarks in Warm Springs, Georgia, on how we can unite to address the cri

Joe was jogging to the stage at Warm Springs

Lilly antibody drug fails in study of hospitalized Covid-19 patients

Sena Kana - up

Do "purple" state politicians moderate their positions anymore? Has that ever happened?

EXPAND the Court !!

Feds reverse course, offer election interference briefing to Florida lawmakers

Do we know for certain that Trump had the Covid-19?

White House says chances slim on pandemic aid deal before election

Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl Indicted AGAIN Over Voter Intimidation

Win or Lose, It's Donald Trump's Republican Party

Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett sworn in and greeted with a request to recuse herself in an elec

Spared early on, 'Trump country' now leads in coronavirus cases, deaths

David Squires on ... Marcus Rashford v the Tory government

Washington election officials double down on security efforts; ask public to report misinformation

Mental Health Support group: Contemplating the worst reality (politically) imaginable...

Seattle-area groups join effort to reverse Trump order to limit diversity and inclusion trainings

Biden is speaking to all Americans. Live.

Firefighters hope for a break in the wind as 2 wildfires burn in California's Orange County

Today at 4pm ET - "It All Comes Down to This": A Mother Jones Podcast Live Event

Are Asian Americans the Last Undecided Voters?

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Last Call"

"I will never wave the white flag of surrender" - Joe Biden right now in Georgia

It takes an average of 10 days for letter to be delivered in Wisconsin

Trump has victory ad ready to air.. a taunting one

Last Call - The Lincoln Project

Stress is getting severe

Amid USPS delays, election experts and campaigns weigh in: Don't mail your ballot

First poll on my district, NY 11: Max Rose (D) vs. Nicole Malliotakis (R)

Early-voting surge scrambles Election Day expectations as some states gallop toward 2016 turnout lev

Time to dump the presidential dilettante -- he's a cruel and incompetent failure

2020 Christmas decoration.

How to spot voter intimidation and what to do

UW Badgers down to their 4th string QB

Trump's Remarks at Swearing-In Ceremony of Amy Coney Barrett; October 26, 2020

Very cool for Oregon. They put out this message on voting this morning.

Financial Times: Inside the Democrats' battle to take back Texas

A Tale of Three Possible Outcomes: So much #losing.

Burgess Owens, a Republican House candidate in Utah, accepted at least $135,000 in illegal donations

Young men voting for Biden, be like.

We Can Start the Era of Liberal Dominance

In-depth imagery of the brain of an Undecided voter

The Third Day on HBO- anyone watching?

We All Should Know We Are Being Played

Is DU secure for Election Day? I don't know if I can handle it getting hacked again.

Nearly half a million Americans tested positive for Covid-19 In just the last week

the government has paid $2.5 million to @realdonaldtrump's businesses. Far more than we knew.

Why it's important to vote, even if you live in a deep red state

Study "finds increase in number of BLM protests within a state is associated with a decrease

Meidas Touch: #SaveAmerica

Kavanaugh Florida team once argued for the inclusion of ballots received 10+ days after election day

In 2016 I fully expected Hillary to win, I foolishly assumed trump was an unfortunate joke

Message from John Lewis

Trudeau: "This sucks. It really, really does"...

UT-04: Owens, a Republican House candidate in Utah, accepted at least $135,000 in illegal donations

This ad is now on TV in Ohio through the election #VoteThemOut

We must never forget. We must never let our children and grand children forget.

Barack Obama says Trump's jealous of Covid's press coverage

This is the seat that decides whether there will be a tie in the FL State Senate.

Joe: Black lives matter. No president should be afraid to say it.

Ransomware hits election infrastructure in Georgia county

Even Though It Was A Top-40 Punchline

A Fired-Up Obama's 2020 Job: Guarding Biden and Needling Trump

Just A Reminder

Tweet of the Day

Post Investigation: These Florida voting machines ripe for Russian hackers, experts say

Save America [Meidas Touch]

Republicans Are Daring Democrats to Expand the Supreme Court

Amy McGrath: What would Kentucky look like if Mitch used his power for good?

Memo to those who feel defeated after the Barrett farce:

Can SCOTUS really overturn an election?


I don't get what the scandal is supposed to be regarding Hunter

Letter from Ion Sancho pleading for modems to be removed from FL elections systems

"Election Night" is not a thing

Trump's company billed the government at least $2.5 million. Here are the key charges.

my terrified worry for next week...

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/27/20 - 7:00 a.m.

The majority of this country - when polled - support the ACA and Roe - That includes GOP voters too

The worst of Zeta's rain seems to be heading for Mississippi, Alabama and Florida

McConnell insists his health is 'just fine,' declines to explain photos showing bruised hands

We May Need the Twenty-fifth Amendment If Trump Loses

Kayleigh McEnany Is Now Formally Moonlighting As a Trump Campaign Aide

BREAKING: NYC to extend early voting hours

On general principles, I stopped in at my nearby Farm Supply

Former President Obama slams Trump as 'jealous of COVID's media coverage' amid record cases

The Supreme Court Should Represent The People Not A Handful Of Billionaires

Why a New Abortion Ban in Poland is Tearing the Country Apart

NOLA & Gulf Coast DUers, stay safe

Is her confirmation legit?

Maddow: Just in case what you thought the US is missing is Trump's own Russia Today...

Burying Trump and the Elephant He Rode In On

Obama slams Kushner comments on Black Americans: 'What history books do they read?'

Sooo... trump is great for the economy eh?? DJIA/S&P YTD

Ohio governor pleads for legislative action on gun violence

Let's talk about Mitch McConnell's great fiction....

The repubs control 26 congressional delegations. What are chances Dems can flip at least one?

A lot of partisan republican polls

Cubans for Biden/Harris

The Connecticut Repubs keep calling me for money.

Some things are worth the wait!

Northern District Director for Congressman seen removing political signs, Chief said

Two minutes of pure gold from Sacha Baron Cohen

Velveeta Voldemort is telling people that they can change their vote

Gravis Minnesota Poll Biden +14 (53-39)

United States is warning it will destroy potential Iranian long-range missile shipments ...

a tiny bit of Japanese culture...

OITNB X Color of Change: Reform, Solidarity, Action

Trump Slams Fox News for Showing Obama Speech

Las Vegas Sun: 2020 Election Voters guide

Queens Gambit

4 dead, 15 rescued in English Channel migrant boat sinking

Just got an email from -- they're sponsoring food trucks for long voting lines

Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey - study

The pro-invader-Russia President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, corrupted the Constitutional Court

Changing the Supreme Court.

Water on the moon

Joe: I know this country. I know our people. And I know we can unite and heal this nation.

Ivanka Trump: "We want a culture where differences of opinion and respectful debate are encouraged,

How do I keep missing the toons? Just curious. They hit the nail on the head most of the time.

So now NC?

Today is the second anniversary of the Tree of Life massacre. Trump inspired the shooter.

Joe quoted Pope Francis when he instructed the faithful to ask themselves

McConnell Insists His Health Is 'Just Fine' Despite His Bruised and Battered Appearance Last Week

😥😥😥 It's 37F and raining here in Lansing. 😂😂😂

On this day, October 27, 1960, Ben E. King recorded "Stand By Me."

Many people are asking if Melania was well enough to travel with me today, but I told her if she sta

I was confused until I realized what The Lincoln Project was doing in South Carolina. It's genius.

'Sleeping giant' Arctic methane deposits starting to release, scientists find

Lincoln Project Last Call Ad

I just noticed the new GOP talking point on hospitalizations

TLP: Bledsoe (Genius tactic!)

Next time someone says "All Lives Matter", ask them whether they believe in Jesus...................

Early Voting Numbers Are HORRIBLE For Republicans

Seattle's first low-income apartment high-rise in decades breaks ground

Can we stop with the doom and gloom and look at the numbers 16 vs 2020

Cartoon: Low bar By Clay Jones -October 27, 2020 9:18 AM

Justice Kavanaugh Caught Cherry-Picking Line from a Law Review Article That Contradicted His ...

White House science office takes credit for 'ending' pandemic as infections mount

Joe: The names of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake will not soon be forgotten. Not b

Cartoons 10/27/2020

SCOTUS: Lifetime appointment or not, these people WORK FOR US.

McConnell decides Senate is done working after ramming through Supreme Court justice

Worst place, worst time: Trump faces virus spike in Midwest

In States Where Trump Loses by a Small Margin on Election Day,

FLOTUS knows how to read a teleprompter speech.

Oct 27 2020 sick joke by Rep @Jim_Jordan............after Trumps Handmaiden confirmed by @GOP

Maybe I've had enough internet for the day.

How the GOP is using suppression and intimidation in 2020

Recent Lehigh Valley poll shows Biden widening lead (for what it's worth)

If you donate to Biden/Harris, why not get something more from it?

"Name something that triggers MAGA"

Arizona man arrested after telling Black men 'this is a no n--- zone'

Joe Biden: 2 years after the Tree of Life shooting, the world feels dark. We must be the light.

Trump to pull all ads out of Florida. Campaign only focusing on OH, MN, MI & PA

Trump just described a scenario in which Joe is "shot"

Trump Pulls Florida Ads as Campaign Enters Final Week

The Keys to the White House: Allan Lichtman's Forecast for 2020, in the Harvard Data Science Review

(Jewish Group) United States of Anxiety: The new fears of American Jews

Ted Cruz says the swelling national debt will re-emerge as a major concern for Republicans

(I missed this?) Two Loeffler staffers test positive for COVID-19

Amy Coney Barrett's first decision as a justice was a wrong one

Trump Pulls Florida Ads as Cash-Poor Campaign Enters Final Week

Who else keeps a Covid journal?

Junta Wife

What I liked most about Joe Biden's stump speach in Georgia today

Trump: We're getting your husbands back to work

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 27, 2020

Bouncy Chubber Puppers

WTF, got logged out between GD threads, message said my pass was involved in "data leak"

DOJ faces new questions about accuracy of Flynn filings

Cliches are sometimes appropriate. It is clear, for example, that Kavanaugh "knows which

Kamala: Tune in as I speak live from Reno about how we can unify our country, fight the pandemic, an

So, when the Third Lady goes on the road for the campaign, does she take

Oh, dear God. That thing is stuck in an episode of "Mad Men:"

DOJ faces new questions about accuracy of Flynn filings

Steve Schale has a great write up on where things stand in FL.

Just passed 50% of 2016 vote.

Seriously hyperactive kittehs!

Some Texas Voting Machines Can't Read Mail-In Ballots, 22000 Affected So Far

NC Polls - this will go down to the wire...

Total Early Votes: 69,257,810 Mail Ballots: 46,195,743 In-Person Votes: 23,062,067

Illinois Gov. Pritzker bans indoor dining in Chicago after latest surge of COVID-19 cases. (via @AP)

its just a JUMP to the left

Let's Count All the Errors and Lies in Brett Kavanaugh's Defense of Voter Suppression

Joe Biden Speech on Racial Justice and Voting in Warm Springs, Georgia

George Takei: Great. On Sunday we get an extra hour of 2020. Just...great.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants Proudly Endorses Joe Biden for POTUS

Joe is live!: Tune in as we get out the vote in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the long lines for early voting, can you imagine the lines if they had all waited...?

This painting from the apple orchard turned out okay

Trump fires NOAA's chief scientist for asking political appointees to follow scientific integrity ru

Lindsey Graham has been begging for money on Fox. CNN's Keilar rolls the tape

Did anybody catch on NPR when a woman from Sweden was talking about how the Republicans

No President Ever Worked Harder

If Putin can call for a mask mandate?

Wonder Woman!

Don . . . .

Drumpf NOT going dark in FL

Postal Service Worker Charged With Dumping Over 100 Absentee Ballots

Well well well, Anthony Gomes debuts at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart

Donald Trump cozies up to the Ladies...

Watching "Totally Under Control" right now

Trump Pulls Florida Ads as Cash-Poor Campaign Enters Final Week

Here is your weekly dose of inspiration

Found this great, fun, entertaining and educational

NXIVM head Keith Raniere sentenced to 120 years in prison

NXIVM head Keith Raniere sentenced to 120 years in prison

538 shows MI Senator Gary Peters up by 11!!!

Trump's pitch to women on coronavirus recovery: 'We're getting your husbands back to work'

CNN won't run pro-Trump ad warning Biden will raise taxes on middle class

Ex-Marines at Camp Lejeune arrested in Idaho for secretly selling guns, feds say

When do states certify the election?

Putin's Puppet put three on SCOTUS.

Things we have to look forward to, per Jennifer Rubin...

PPP has Montana close for both - Bullock +1 / Trump +2

That's a car parade!

What do you think? Pragmatic preparedness or fear mongering?

Has any other President put three Supreme Court Justices on in their first term?

CBS hires 24-hour security for Lesley Stahl after she receives death threats following Trump intvw.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Voters have cast 50.8% of the total votes counted in the 2016 general election.

In-person or drop box from here on out.

Testing, again!

Nursing instructor recorded calling students "little shits" and "dirty little rats"

Here's another:

Election experts doubt Supreme Court decides White House race

U.S. EPA approves use of controversial Bayer weed killer Dicamba for five years: RFD TV

Just getting into groove with new season and postimg, home in southern MD:

Feeling Bern

3 day bus tour in TEXAS, starting tomorrow in Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, Fort Worth, and Dallas


NBC News Election Update: Biden 279, Toss Up 134, Trump 125

Well, We All Need Someone We Can Lean On...

Just saw tRumps plane landing in La Crosse, WI airport.

Keith Olbermann: The Atrocities

Amid USPS delays, election experts and campaigns weigh in: Don't mail your ballot

Amid USPS delays, election experts and campaigns weigh in: Don't mail your ballot

A loss next week is the best thing that could happen to Trump.

Re: Barret confirmation. There are other paths than impeachment.

I Want Anyone Attempting To "Suppress Any Voter" To Be Arrested From Supreme Court To Boogaloo

Michigan judge halts Benson's ban on open carry of guns at polling places

Can't Trust Lindsey - The Lincoln Project

Joe Biden Just Went On

If Hillary was president there would now only be 6 justices on SCOTUS NOW

NYT : Deutsche Bank and other lenders have forgiven $287 million in debt that Trump failed to repay.

MT-Sen: Republicans could suffer from Chinese company's failure to buy Montana beef

Covid hospital bill...$1,000,000

Had not voted, as I've been undecided

Why are we the ones living in fear?

Seven Days

New Iowa Poll (Raba, B/C): Biden +4

How Trump Maneuvered His Way Out of Trouble in Chicago

This little blue dot voted in a very red part of a blue state

"Stay safe and stay home" voicemail messages

Reuters: Michigan judge sides with gun rights advocates to allow open-carry of firearms at polling p

My sister is in a coma. WE are at the end. Could you help if you are so inclined? Thank you

The Founders explicitly stated that it is our *duty* to pack the Supreme Court...

Name The One Lie Donald Told That Bothers You Most

@FLOTUS: slams Democrats: "Children watching and learning about politics in our country deserve a b

jfc. Judge strikes down open carry ban at polls

My sister is in a coma. WE are at the end. Could you help if you are so inclined? Thank you

U.S. warns of threat posed by China, signs military pact with India

Omaha drama: Brother calls cops after Biden-backing sister takes Trump sign off his SUV

Just Stumbled On An Important Thing

And One Day

Wisconsin shatters previous one day Covid records

I believe Biden gave his greatest speech in Warm Springs today

A Trumpfeld Oldie

If you have an absentee ballot and still haven't sent it in

How does the Con poll better on the economy than Biden?

*Way early/late, but a good one:5:45 AM Lost in Yonkers (1993)

*Poll Alert* Poll Trolls Won't Like- Iowa Biden 50% *Klansman* 46%

MRS. JESSE BARRETT was given a seat on the Supreme Court to further the

Clarence Thomas's wife is using her FB page to amplify unsubstantiated claims against Biden

He opined about Joe being shot.

Landslide or close election? It could depend on the outcomes of a few tight races.

CNN: The absolutely bonkers threat Donald Trump made this week

Lincoln Project: Numbers Don't Lie

I gotta say....

I'm so thankful for PBS nowadays

lines at Downtown West Knoxville (very red area) are still long.

Central Florida teachers resigning due to COVID-19 pandemic

One of These Things Has Killed

Is uptick in Florida COVID-19 cases a sign of trouble ahead?


Trump supporter pulls gun on teenage girls after getting splashed by water

Watch The Trumps Not Be Able To Multiply - Howard Stern Show

Democrats Crushing House Republicans on Airwaves

Bonus Quote of the Day

GOP email about 'official' ballot drop boxes at Omaha Trump rally spurs confusion

So... Who will fill the vacuum when Limbaugh "leaves"? Hannity? Ingraham? Lil Bow Tie Boy?

Scariest Halloween Yard Decorations

*Nice* District Level Polling

Pierce: President Obama Has Set Up Light Housekeeping in Donald Trump's Cerebellum

London Has Fallen Financial Collapse

43 hours without electricity.

Can voters have their state "join" the National Popular Vote Compact via ballot initiative?

NYC Strand bookstore pleads for help - gets huge response. website crashes with orders

Ted Cruz is asked why national debt is paramount to Republicans only when a Democrat is in the White

Michigan poll: Biden 49, Trump 42

This is What Stealing an Election Looks Like

The Lincoln Project puts the boot into Lindsey

After Trump's dangerous talk about Biden being shot

Lesley Stahl gets security protection after death threat over Trump '60 Minutes' interview: report

Sunset series

If the same political party wins the popular vote for the Presidential and Senate in the same state.

He's jealous of Covid's coverage

Ferocious war cry to haunt your Halloween nightmares.

I had a Handmaid's Tale/VOX premonition last night.

POWERFUL AD Save America

Why Is Dump wearing Black Gloves

I'm in Ohio and I am still seeing dump commercials

One week to go

New Vanderbilt report looks at COVID-19 mask mandates, hospitalizations, and the economy in Tennesse

trump - we ALL prepay taxes. Difference is that you get all yours back sans $750

Thank you Jeff!

10/28 Mike Luckovich: Cow logic

Covid-19 - How It Started vs How It's Going

Proud of my home state. Minny-fucking-too-cold-soda

Lindsey Graham has been begging for money on Fox. CNN's Keilar rolls the tape

The Rude Pundit is not wrong

Iowa Flips to Biden Column on

Jared Kushner Faces Backlash Over Comments Considered Racist Morning Joe MSNBC

Jeff Daniels joins Don Winslow in Election Ad for Michigan - MUST see. GREAT ad.

The biggest problem with polls this year

who's the lying witch on pbs

Heavily armed militias become a growing cite in US cites.............

Phoenix police officer accused of threatening Mayor Kate Gallego

LAWANDCRIME: SDNY Prosecutors Dismiss Kris Kobach's Attempt to 'Inject' Himself into Steve Bannon Fr

Joe: Our hearts are broken for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., and for all those suffering the emo

Brains of patients recovering from COVID-19 may age 10 years

Leaked Messages Reveal A White Extremist Group's Secrets

Texas supreme court upholds ban on multiple ballot drop-off sites

Trump fires top NOAA scientist for asking political appointees to follow scientific integrity rules

Harris County has now exceeded total turnout for the 2012 election, which was 1.2 million.

So What If The Mass Of Election Day Voters Doesn't Show Up?

Have you seen this Pro Trump ad from the US interior?

The Dirty Knobs (Tom Petty)

Put up my yard sign today

Pushing Deep Into G.O.P. Turf, Democrats Are Poised to Expand House Majority

When did reality become a Stephen King novel? Nt

To EVERYONE who ho has posted a "the SC is going to steal the election" thread today...

Nigerian judge throws out case against 47 men facing homosexuality charge

Biden Makes Closing Arguments in Georgia, Invoking Roosevelt

Coronavirus outbreak among Arkansas lawmakers grows to 9 total cases

Who feels in this election like Jodie Foster in the dark near the end of "Silence of the Lambs?"

'Alarming' mailers question status of voter ballots, prompt calls