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Is this the new Medellin Cartel?

I Can't Quit Her - Blood, Sweat and Tears

*Rick Steves Fascism in Europe

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know- Blood. Sweat, and Tears

*Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

And When I Die - Blood, Sweat, and Tears

The Iowa Poll is in and it is showing statewide what we are seeing locally

New CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom Poll. Top tier is tightening.

Lucretia McEvil - Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Trump takes a bold stand against "lies, the opposite of the truth, amazing hatred!" #BeBest

Great Trump putdown by cartoonist Mike Luckovich

Now On TCM: 'Harlan County, USA' Movie (1976)

To Kill A Mockingbird

2020 US Senate Election- seats that Democrats will win and need to win to regain control in 2020.

Coming Soon to a Democratic Primary: Candidates Backed By Charles Koch

London Couple Speaks Out After Teens Arrested in Homophobic Attack on Bus

Solar eclipse frenzy fuels astronomical tourism in Chile

4 days to Doctor!

Trump officials snub strongman Khalifa Haftar as US shifts course on Libya

Trump officials snub strongman Khalifa Haftar as US shifts course on Libya

New Hampshire becomes 20th state wanting a campaign finance curb in the Constitution

Do Trumpists Not Understand THEY Pay Trump's Tariffs

2019's Feel Depressed Hit Of the Summer?

Just a little Royalty-related question...

Iowa poll: Biden stretches lead over Sanders

Vets get deported, Cadet BoneSpurs thinks he'd have done well in WW2.🤣

Some U.S. embassies still hoisting rainbow flags, despite advisory from Washington

White House Reportedly Blocked Written Testimony of Official on Climate Change

Stop obsessing over your environmental "sins." Fight the oil and gas industry instead.

Laurence Tribe Tells Dems To Leave GOP-Controlled Senate Out Of Impeachment Process

Laurence Tribe says House Democrats don't need the Senate to reach a conclusion on impeachment.

Telesup school's fake facade called 'a symbol of Peruvian university system'

Social Security problem


Rise in attacks against the LGBTQ community....

Public support for liberal policymaking at 60-year high, survey says

Trump Demands That Other Countries Treat Him With Respect During Twitter Tantrum

Democrats face angry union members after tough vote to cut pensions

Albuquerque eyes Route 66 upgrades in 'forgotten' part

The Axe Files with Bob Gates.

Name any other world leader who attended a state dinner and then

Jupiter - visible with the naked eye this month!!!

Don't be a statistic. Protect yourself from water sports enemas this summer.

White House hopefuls target Trump for anti-LGBTQ policies

Five teenage boys arrested in connection with attack on lesbian couple in London

Warning, warning do not attempt, under any circumstances,

False shooting reports spark panic at D.C. pride parade

Convicted murderer now linked to more than 60 deaths may be most prolific serial killer in U.S. hist

Was Mueller's dodge on obstruction a blunder -- or brilliant?

My wish for all Americans; IAmsterdam life

Doing my part to keep the Lounge weird

Poor Sanders

POLLS, POLLS, too much attention paid to POLLS.

Donny Deutsch reported that Warren seems to be beating, or close to Trump in TX

Biden stretches Iowa lead four folds in new poll

Official census count - Sack Cartoon

There might only be three tickets out of Iowa.

Sand Fire burning in Yolo County.

Waxing Moon, tonight, June 8, 2019.

Pro-public employee union bill sails through the Oregon Senate

The 15% rule and gerrymandering

Disregard Trump's ground noise. Focus on the signal.

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku with singer IBUKI / Messiah Music Video

If you get a chance watch Mayor Pete on Desus & Mero

Barnes & Noble's new chapter: Its sale to hedge fund Elliott Management

Campaigns go public with anger at Democratic National Committee as first debate looms

Dark Isle Bagpiper: Flowers of the Forest

Comcast broke law 445,000 times in scheme to inflate bills, judge finds

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II warns those adopting religion according to Trump

Two Steps From Hell - Men Of Honor (Extended)

It Turns Out Queen Elizabeth Was Wearing a GoPro

Name a film that would be improved by the intervention of Groucho Marx...

How Steve Bullock Could Win The 2020 Democratic Primary

NSA Warns Microsoft Windows Users: Update Now Or Face 'Devastating Damage'

Tom Waits in "The Fisher King"

NYC Burger King has been passing off beef as Impossible Whoppers


China adds Washington Post, Guardian to 'Great Firewall' blacklist

"Fool me once ..."

Self delete

This is what leadership looks like

When people talk about the center.

Highly Selective Separations of Actinide (and Lanthanide) Elements Using HOPO Ligands.

Official tells Florida Democrats to expect recount in 2020

When it's June and it snows, take advantage...

Legislators Try To Make Hospitals Justify Their Nonprofit Status

What do immigrants do for America? They're one-fourth of our healthcare workers, for starters.

Citing 'unacceptable' situation, Oregon lawmakers announce state psych hospital reforms

Now PBS *The Story of Fascism in Europe, WETA 26

Thousands run to remember Pulse victims three years later

Tentative deal reached in 14-day New Haven teachers strike, classes could resume Monday

Trump DOJ is again NOT defending a federal law...for female genital mutilation in a case in Michigan

Just got back from Dark Phoenix (No Spoilers)

Real Man by Todd Rundgren...

Sibelius, Telemann, Mozart (Pahud on flute)

Tweet of the Day

The Golden Dawn-This Way Please (1968)

'Matter of Fact' with Soledad O'Brien, 08 June 2019: Gov. Inslee w/ Greta Thunberg

Trump Knew How To Fit A Tuxedo In 2016. What Happened?

Paradise and Oroville in the dark as PG&E shuts off power in some Sierra foothill areas


Rep. Ilhan Omar jointly filed tax returns prior to legal marriage

Climate change could make insurance too expensive for most people - report

Ghost Ship trial: Big takeaways after prosecution rests its case

Trump lashes out at MSNBC -- still stewing about coverage of his administration hours after watching

Trump's late night twitter rants: Calls "Little" Donny Deutsch a "total loser"

LA Times: Kamala Harris defends her record as prosecutor: 'It matters who is in those rooms'

Germany fights to salvage Iran nuclear deal as deadline looms

How Our Appetite For Fish Is Eating Us Into Extinction.

Remember When...

Sudan protesters start nationwide 'civil disobedience' campaign

Circus Flora's 33rd Season Takes Audience Members On Flying Adventure Inside Schnucks Grocery Store

nside the internet-fueled rise of Andrew Yang

nside the internet-fueled rise of Andrew Yang

Wells Fargo to pay $385 million to settle insurance scam

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Raisin Shine Edition

'We All Owe Al Gore An Apology': More People See Climate Change In Record Flooding

are (were?) the barbie and ken dolls "abatomically correct"

75 Years Ago Today; The SS massacres 99 civilians in Tulle, France

🔥 Bernie Sanders Joins the McDonald's Strike in Cedar Rapids

California State Lottery director stepping down amid investigations

Tory Apocalypse: Conservative leadership contenders line up behind a no-deal Brexit horseman

Mega-measure: $100 billion traffic-busting tax plan for the Bay Area taking shape

Divided G20 admits worsening trade wars pose risk to world economy

Buttigieg's high college debt draws attention to the issue

Buttigieg urges LGBTQ community to turn differences into social change

Cornell Study Finds Methane Emissions From Fertilizer Plants 100 Times Higher Than Self-Reported

In MO, NE, IL Less Than 15% Of Homes In Floodplains Have Federal Flood Insurance

Avoiding tax talk prolongs Juneau stalemate

Plastics Industry Getting Concerned About Your Concern About Plastics, But Fighting Any Real Action

Alaska lawmakers advance compromise budget for final shutdown-averting votes

Image Of The Day - Deforestation In Peru's "Protected" Madre de Dios Preserve

Bernie Says He Doesn't Trust Polling Saying Trump Loses: Trump's Going to Be 'A Tough Opponent'

How dry is our rainforest? Southeast's rare drought could threaten plants, animals, your power bill

24 immigrants have died in ICE custody during the Trump administration

In India, Dozens Of Deaths From Heatwave, Crews Pouring Water On Roads To Prevent Melting

Trump Is Vulnerable on Trade

Trump Touts New Farm Trade Pact In Deal With Mexico That Doesn't Appear To Exist

Pete Souza is my new, favorite King of Snark

They fart and we all smell the stink...

A Drama of Trump's Own Making Ends With a Familiar Hero

Sunday 9 June 2019 Breakfast

Some Sunday Morning Fugelsang

Unchartered territory: 2020 Democrats back away from charter schools

Legal fight over Jim Crow-era law upends Mississippi governor race

Harris stresses background as prosecutor in taking on Trump

Happy National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day! Love It or Loathe It?

Is there something to take from the New York Governorship Primary last year?

Software issue blamed for delays on Hawaiian Airlines' interisland flights

Was not happy with Verizon.

ICE deported veterans while 'unaware' it was required to carefully screen them, report says

Hawaii Project To Help Homeless Imperiled By Major Donor's Bankruptcy

Who is this guy that pops up between commercials.

Doonsbury - You've GOT to get in the race, Lacey!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 11: Counterculture Films of 1969


TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 12: Star of the Month: Jane Powell

richard painter tweet this a.m.- boundary waters and klobachar

I like having conversations with kids. Adults never ask me what my

is it ok to cross post links to primary threads in other forums?

Warren supporters in Iowa

Damn that cheese!

Should Pelosi, Go All In and set a deadline for complete compliance of all subpoenas.

Drenched US documented its 2nd wettest May on record

Football coach baptizing on school property

this is hilarious, but this lady is lying through her teeth.

USDOL orders CNMI staffing agency to pay back wages

Donald Trump is a criminal.

How Bob Marley's Daughter Saved Jamaican Women's Soccer

The 'flight shame' issue comes home to Rick Steves

Benefiting from the displacement of people because of climate change needs to be considered genocide

Lying Right Wing Harpy Redefining The Brexit Argument Now It Is All Turning To Shit.

You raised $40.00 on June 8, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump would like a national holiday declared immediately because of his incredible deals.

Inslee Keeps Trump Rollbacks on Environment Front and Center

Mueller probe cost - 35 million/Trump golfing -106 million

Follow the money

Somebody Must Be Doing Something Funny

I can't remember what it was called but...

Why do racists think they have the right to define racism?

The upcoming Democratic Primary debates could have an odd effect.

Music Box Dancer Song with Birds

I am one of the 70% of Democrats who supports Biden on NAFTA/TPP and free trade in general

CNNSOTU Senator Sanders interview Part 1

Put me down for a 4 - Trump struggles to get it up...playing golf

Ian Drury and the BlockHeads

Spirit Airlines passenger banned for life after allegedly vaping on flight

Sobering sentence I read in an article in today's newspaper.

What's with all the double talk?

Is Richard Ojeda reconsidering?

The democrats should be attacking Trump on immigration, the border, non stop.

Sorry can't help it -- one more from Blood, Sweat and Tears

Discrimination is not a human right, and should not be a religious right.

Trump Team's Conflicts and Scandals: An Interactive Guide

Soledad makes an excellent point about the media

If we knew everything the day after the s/election/coup that we know now

Will a single-issue Democratic primary candidate rise to the top?

Mueller: Everyone lied to me and withheld from me.

Things will get interesting when and if Mueller is subpoenaed to testify.

I see physics in action

One lesson almost everyone learned from 2016:

Warren moves up AGAIN in DU Primary Ticker!

3% - The Brazilian dystopia series has its third season available on Netflix.

I'm on a hunt to find all 19 candidates' supporters outside the DoubleTree. First up, Cory Booker...

Congress Can Remove Donald Trump From Office Without Impeaching Him.

Former White House Ethics Chief Proposes 'Golf On Your Own Damn Dime Act'

One more post related to Trump's clown suit

Spot on.

Trump: Do What I Say - Or Else...

If we consumers are paying the tariffs, shouldn't inflation be through the roof?

It's been 12 days since Mueller briefed the nation on Trumps's criminal behavior

It's Always About Him

Climate inspired Musical took a long road to Broadway, now up for 14 Tonys

People said he'd never be elected...

Well, yeah

George Conway's great Twitter response to our mentally unwell president

Trump is extremely stupid knowledge wise. He is smart when it comes to being a conniving SOB.

Nonproliferation, Arms Control

Eight reasons Conservative MPs keep getting it wrong

Buttigieg on the rise

Jackie Wilson was born on this date.

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 9, 2019?

Germany wants access to citizens' data. That's sparked fears of a sinister past

Les Paul was born on this date.

History is the Great Teacher.

A program Jimmy Carter ordered that has saved tens of thousands of lives.

So this brain surgeon rings my doorbell yesterday ...

In Alabama - where lawmakers banned abortion for rape victims - rapists' parental rights are protect

Polls can be poor predictors of political outcomes

I Repeat: Inslee Is NOT a "Single Issue" Candidate.

Guardian op/ed by Robert Reich on Elizabeth Warren's Plan for Economic Patriotism

Someone please P.M. me...

does anyone know if there is some kind of remote wireless bluetooth headset that works with my phone

US Woman Finds A Lump While In Iceland, Shares How Awesome Their Healthcare Is Compared To The US

Fineman: Are Trump's businesses/family profiting from insider knowledge of his pending tweets?

The doctor said I can either put you under

50 Best LGBT Books, from Oprah dot com

Polls matter... Never forget Clinton won the election by over 3 million

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II challenges mainstream media dereliction for Right Wing complicity.

A black, beautiful billionaire? If only she were white

Have a few friends over for a BBQ & show them condensed version of the Mueller II with pics

Read today on the internets LOL

PBS, 'Reconstruction: America After the Civil War' WETA, 2:00 Today

CNN's Dana Bash Asks Bernie Sanders If He Supports Assisted Suicide for Some Reason

Beto O'Rourke Bluntly Answers Whether Trump Committed Prosecutable Crimes: 'He Did.'

"Andrew Yang is the Person We Need at Exactly the Time We Need It"

Prince Louis melts hearts with his wave on the Queen's Birthday....

Dems needle Trump with Watergate witness

"Andrew Yang is the Person We Need at Exactly the Time We Need It"

Trump Threatens Mexico Tariffs Are Still On The Table While Whining About NYT Report

This Week in Royal Fashion: U.S. State Visit Edition

Sanders On New Iowa Poll: With So Many Candidates, 'Nobody' Is Going To Reach 50%

Klobuchar Is 'Happy To Be In The Top Six' In Iowa Caucus Poll

Judiciary Dem On Pelosi 'Prison' Remark: 'I Don't Have Any Difficulty With Those Words'

Joe Morgan, my favorite ballplayer, told this story.

The President Is A Cheater--today's LA Times.

50+ DNC members push for a debate devoted to climate change -- 1 debate of the 12

She Was Smacked at the Group Home. He Cowered in Fear. Bruises Everywhere.

US carrier in Persian Gulf region sends clear signal to Iran

Democratic Convention Rules

A Michigan hotel is offering free accommodations for anyone traveling for an abortion

China warns tech giants after US Huawei ban

Case opened: Democrats begin public airing of Mueller report

This is what #love looks like. Thank you for allowing me to be an #ally and walk alongside...

New MAGAt talking-point surfaces: "GOP really is the party of feminism."

Southern Baptists are supposed to talk about sexual abuse.

Trump's Frontotemporal Dementia: Facial Dystonia, Westminister Abbey

Woman sues TSA over strip search at Oklahoma airport

Trump hits Comcast, MSNBC over 'hatred,' 'fake news'

Just happened to look out the window tonight . . .

How a private border wall sparked anger and death threats in a small New Mexico town

Search is on for men who may have been exposed to tuberculosis at Tacoma Rescue Mission

Mexico Not Aware of Farm Deal Touted by Trump

I'm not the Queen, so I don't have to be polite

Who are the House Democrats backing Trump impeachment?

🔥 Bernie 2020 Rally In Dubuque, Iowa

Charges pending as FBI investigates racist Lynnwood beating

Trump packs so much ignorance into so few words

Booker: We don't need a savior; we need each other.

What Inslee has done in Washington state.

Facebook and Cspan LIVE links: Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame Celebration Event Schedule

Bernie's Up!

Support for Impeachment Surges Among Democrats but Majority of Americans Still Oppose It

Sen. Judith Zaffirini has record-making session

The Planner and the Prosecutor on the trail ... with a cameo from one very excited Iowan!

It took a while, but I read the 2nd section of Mueller's report.

Fluff and Dry

Attention Texas DUers!

songs for Tess

Pete: "Normalcy" got us where we are today.

6-6-19 Latest 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls

Democrats with dreams of impeachment should consider how Iran-Contra turned out

Poll: Where does your Member of Congress stand on opening an impeachment inquiry?

This is why the far right will lose in the end....

Wendy Davis says she hasn't decided whether to run for Congress

As Democratic Candidates Gather in Iowa, Sanders Marches Alongside McDonald's Workers to Demand $15

Seagull photobombs, steals woman's lobster roll

Wisconsin city wants to fine the parents of bullies...

Watch what happens when a dog rescue takes in a lost baby goat

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 9, 2019

Politics in spotlight at Iowa's Pride Fest

Wow! Tim Ryan was very impressive.

She looks like a COMPLETELY different dog now!

This baby owl needed help, so this guy showed his kids how to care for animals ❤️

Eastern Orthodox Church and the Feastday of the Holy Trinity/Pentecost, 16 June 2019

Nimitz and Ford Carriers Need Upgrades to Deploy With F-35Cs

Trump Supporters Be Like

Worried Dog Watches Dad Perform Lifesaving 'Surgery' On His Favorite Toy

A skinny kid with a funny name...

What's Going On With Roger Stone - Haven't Heard Anything About....

Funny, alarming, and pathetic

@DroppedFrames E3 Coverage !RollPlayPatreon !E3 !E3Hype !

UT open to ending Texas Cowboys' hazing suspension early

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats must win to regain control in 2020

Has anyone else noticed

The NY Times printed a list of all the House reps and their Impeachment

Trump's personal attorney Barr compares his return to DOJ to D-Day invasion

1 dead, 6 injured after storm topples crane into Old East Dallas apartments

Why is a Sanders advisor re-tweeting divisive gossip from Russia Today?

All moved in to my new apartment in Boston!

Kids Cover Raining Blood by Slayer / O'Keefe Music Foundation .

WOW Seasons In The Abyss - Guitar Percussion Cover .

Tweet of the Day

Please allow me the luxury of complaining for a bit.

Most Texas workers will no longer lose their occupational license if they default on student loans

Watching "The Society" and crying a bit-

Rampell: Inslee, others ignoring best carbon-fighting tool

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 10 June 2019

Democrats push to make national security a 2020 wedge issue

Senator Ron Johnson: Trump used tariffs 'brilliantly' in Mexico negotiations

Trump's Ireland Golf Course Visit Cost Taxpayers $3.6 Million

New poll says a majority of Florida voters support hiking state's minimum wage to $15

Detroit Pride parade interrupted by neo-Nazi group

George Conway knocks Trump: 'You would have been fired from any other job by now'

What's next in the education world? "Adjunct teachers" on the rise in Florida's K-12 classrooms

Cartoons 6/9/19

Senators look to force vote on all security assistance to Saudis

Beto's Bet on Iowa

Trump's lonely signature at the top of a D-Day proclamation is making the rounds on social media aft

Bless This Mess

How to Watch the 2019 Woman's World Cup in 4K On Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, & More

Qatar urging US, Iran to find compromise

Gorsuch & Kavanaugh had better recuse themselves.

It's Not Fair! Women Put On Makeup And Look Beautiful. I Put On Makeup And Look Like...

This Close to Flipping Again -- Elizabeth Warren is downright IMPRESSIVE!

Warning to Florida Democrats: Presidential election recount is coming in 2020

Hickenloopet People, help me out

Listen My Friends.... E. Warren is just killing it!!

23 Travel Complaints That Measure The Limits Of Human Stupidity

Democrats 2020 'to-do' list? Register a half million new voters.

Does anyone have any experience with garden wall replacement?

Rock Island Trail Gets Option To Raise Money, But No State Funds

The week just past featured several frightening, stupid, arrogant, embarrassing and

Artist Uses Thick Strokes To Create Intricate Oil Paintings Of Birds

I'm concerned about DU. I saw an article about Bernie marching with McDonalds worker, went to reply

Chicken Farmers Thought Trump Was Going to Help Them. Then His Administration Did the Opposite.

Top Space Stories of the Week!

WV governor agrees to pay family firm's $1.23M fine

Bernie Sanders Delivers Remarks At Iowa Hall of Fame Dinner

Dick Van Dyke on Donald Trump

Einstein's Quest to 'Know God's Thoughts' Could Take Millennia

Guy Clark and Verlan Thompson at the Tennessee State Museum

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Safe to Tilt Democratic and Republican seats.

At town hall, Justice blasts Carmichael: 'You are imploding the Senate'