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Joe Biden pile-on thread ...

Doug Collins sent a letter to Jerry Nadler, "warning" him about next week's hearings.

Did You Get a Text Inviting You to a Picket Line? It Might Be from Bernie Sanders

UA trustees return $21.5 million donation, rename law school

MSNBC Panel Goes Off on Sean Hannity's 'Bullshit' and 'Business Model Built on Lies'

If we want to engage YOUNG PEOPLE in the election, then the DNC absolutely

This owl

People Find 3 Taped-Up Boxes Outside Shelter And Can't Believe Who's Inside

Alec Baldwin 'So Done' With Portraying Trump on 'SNL'

Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Meghan McCain During Abortion Debate

I've got Weird Al tix 10th row Sunday night and I'm having a hard time staying calm

Do you folks realize...if we bomb the Moon, we bomb Mars, too...?

If I had given $26 million to that shitty University, I wouldn't WAIT for THEM to give it back.

Pussy Riot to stage Planned Parenthood benefit in Alabama

The Struggles Of Making Friends As An Adult

Arrest of La Luz del Mundo church leader sends shock waves through California congregation

Trump reached a signed agreement with Mexico. No tariffs. CNN

This dog has perseverance

Hah! Donny dickhead jr. just tweeted "I love it" with some other blather as a response to....

Breaking: Looks like tariff man backed down and signed a deal

Bernie Sanders's Walmart Speech May Offer a Preview of Larger Labor Proposals

Trump punks out..

Love you Ted Lieu ...great comeback to GOP warning

Former Alabama speaker asks court to overturn conviction

Lesbian Couple Attacked By Men On Bus In London

Bernie Sanders joins striking McDonald's workers in Cedar Rapids

Pussy Riot - Make America Great Again

ReTHUGs and Hannity still shout Lock her Up for Hillary Clinton

So the strategy for fat Donnie is create a problem by declaring an insane policy

Former Alabama councilman pleads guilty to sodomy

The ob-gyn in charge of our state health department is in effect telling women

The special friendship between a neighbor and Brody, the St. Bernard

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Travelin' Truthseekers! a pre-recorded Mike

Raptors: it is who they are playing for.

Mayor Apologizes for Comment About "Killing Out" Gays

Judge orders FBI to reveal more parts of Comey memos

Breaking - judge tells FBI to release Comey's memos

Giving kitty a bath

Why I used to believe in the prosperity gospel like Kenneth Copeland believes

"History shows again and again the folly of men..."

"History shows again and again the folly of men..."

SPLC to Congress: Myth of 'white genocide' driving white nationalist terror attacks

Any experienced growers here?

Flynn's Turkish lobbying client surfaces, through lawyers, in Virginia case

But, her emails...

That mystery DC Grand Jury dropped 1500 pages tonight.

I watched some of the ceremony commemorating D-Day

Trump: U.S., Mexico Reach Deal To Avoid New Tariffs

So now we learn of Pelosi's clever tactic

Friday Talking Points -- Something's Wrong From The Moon

Life is like...

Oklahoma Creek tribe renews lawsuit against Alabama tribe over Wetumpka casino

How we should confront MAGAtts, GOPers, etc.

Seth Abramson...This is a Big Deal

Insanity Hannity....

U. of Al Abama returns $21.6M and removes anti-abortion law donors name from law school

Mystery company off the hook from Mueller subpoena and contempt of court charge

Portugal's radical drugs policy is working. Why hasn't the world copied it?

Maxine Waters, earlier today: "Bet your bottom dollar, Trump will back off by the weekend."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Talks Census Case, Suggests 5-4 Supreme Court Rulings To Come

Steph gets #DubNation started in Game 4!

Moronic, Malevolent, Musings from the Manchurian Manchild, on Mexico, Midler, the Moon, and More (F)

Wait for it!

Pompeo downplays climate change, suggests 'people move to different places'

Feel like Election 2018 made no difference? Look here.

R them

The first time around you covered up HW shit, now the Big Cons.

Here's how Trump is playing his "signed deal" with Mexico.

Former Lawyer Pleads Guilty to $4 Million Wire Fraud Where Clients Were Conned Via Forged Judges'

Rep Katie Porter on Real Time is killing it!

Tweet of the Day

Just a thought.

Top trending hashtag on Twitter: #NervousDonald, 50,000 tweets.

Los Angeles Doctor and Patient Recruiter Found Guilty in $33 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

Louisiana Coroner Claims Woman Died From "THC Overdose"

Michigan secretary of state settles lawsuit and ends GOP's restrictions on college student voters

Who wants to go for a swim in London? .... 55 stories up

Inflated Border Numbers

Etta James + Doctor John

Death threats, earworms and the science behind why Kars4Kids is the most annoying song of all time

New state ballad honors 20th Maine, despite pro-Confederate objections

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Carl Reiner tweet; "guess what the letters DJT LHU stands for?"

Queen - I Want To Break Free

Van Halen AND The Jackson 5 "Mean Street"

Trump Admin Won't Let US Embassies Fly Pride Flags On Official Flagpoles

I hope that Pelosi has a security detail around the clock

ugh some kind of bad wreck on I 10 in Texas Canyon

Friday Night Red Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

I would bet anyone here $10 that chump or chump inc made money off the Mexican

Steve Sack goes there

Ring of Fire: House Democrats Turn Down Offer For Trump's Tax Returns

House Intel Announces Open Hearing On Counter Intel Aspects Of Mueller Report

Any fans of the show "Wiseguy?" Didn't see it the 1st time around, been watching it on Amazon

We've bent over backwards to give Trump the royal treatment, so why not bung him the NHS as well?

Which one of our candidates...

Sen. Chuck Schumer responds to DT's announcement of "deal" with Mexico

Dr. Collins on D-Day

NRA Subpoenas Oliver North, Its Ex-President

My Grandmother's Desperate Choice

Hey New York State Bar Association. Do You Know The Definitions of Witness Tampering, ...

George W. Bush, Kobe Bryant, Jordan Peterson promote shady multilevel marketing company

Marianne Williamson was on PBSNewaHour yesterday

Kamala Harris to press US to help dying man whose brothers were denied visas

There are big changes happening at the WH.

A Jobs Warning for Trump - WSJ Editorial

An autistic boy had a meltdown at a theme park, and an employee's simple, soothing act of solidarity

Brothers Johnson

It's good to have a goal.

Bolsonaro appears to be following Trump into micromanaging, himself:

Has Bolsonaro blown it for Brazil?

Ex-Brazilian President Lula:'Bolsonaro Is Setting the Whole Country on Fire'

I have eaten all four of the McDonald's "Worldwide Favorites"

Bolsonaro Supports Reelection of Argentinian President

I am in Norman, OK, at SoonerCon.

The Lumineers: "Scotland"

One of the last remaining large advertisers on Laura Ingram's Fox News show, Bayer, has pulled their

Pompeo downplays climate change, suggests 'people move to different places'

Newly uncovered video exposes Mitch McConnell's corrupt flip-flop on millionaires funding campaigns

Ditch the GPS. It's ruining your brain.

Exonerated 'Central Park Five' accuse Trump of stoking public rage

Tariff tactics could be bad news

Kobach discussed citizenship question with 2016 Trump campaign

US Will Finance Scholarships for Venezuelans in Peru

Gov. Ron DeSantis has lost as many as seven top aides in the past 24 hours.

Construction begins on massive Machu Picchu airport despite protests

Sibelius: "Karelia Suite"/Poulenc: "Novelettes"

Why People Flee Honduras

The administration's response to far-right extremism

Economic indicators point to recession incoming in late 2020 / early 2021.

Economic indicators point to recession incoming in late 2020 / early 2021.

Today's 3 AM musing

In San Diego court, Drew Brees accuses jeweler of using friendship to scam millions from him

FL crack down on constitutional amendments

Try to rewrite this joke from 1980s Britain to the US in 2019.

Gov. Bryant Seeks Federal Aid for Seafood Disaster

Court: If you fail the Mississippi bar exam 3 times you have to go back to law school

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/7/19

Andrew Yang on Bill Maher Friday June 7, 2019

Andrew Yang on Bill Maher Friday June 7, 2019

(Jewish Group) Groups Bearing Banned Jewish Flags Plan To Defy Dyke March

(Jewish Group) Belgium Drops Case Against Cafe Owner Who Welcomed Dogs, But Not Jews

(Jewish Group) British Politician Liked Post On 'Zionist Slave Masters,' Gets Elected Anyway

Licensing 'misunderstanding' may cost some teachers their jobs, heightening state's critical teacher

"manual of decorum" ban members from using about Trump during Mueller report hearing

I'm looking for a Warren yard sign.

National Democratic Chair Perez in Tennessee: 'Keep Fighting'

Trump's giant gender gap: 62 percent of women say they are unlikely to vote for him

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - WOMAN LIKE YOU

Pearson bid $20.1 million to take over TNReady testing next year

Temperature maps from space would 'boost crop production'

Former Murfreesboro dentist Nate Schott gets 33 months in prison for health care fraud

Tennessee Republican Party official warns of bomb threats after Murfreesboro scare

FedEx eliminates an annual bonus payout for executives this year, cites tough business

NASA chief: 2024 moon landing 'off the table' if Congress doesn't approve Trump request for extra fu

Tennessee Republicans rehash old fight against UAW ahead of Volkswagen union vote

🔥 Capital City Pride Candidate Forum Des Moines

"That Friday Feeling [email protected] the lot of you"

O'Rourke hammers Trump on tariffs: The damage 'has already been done'


Saturday Breakfast 8 June 2019.

EcoSense for Living: Do We Still Need the Clean Air Act?

Puerto Rico to Receive New Disaster Relief, but Colonial Status Prevents Economic Recovery

Is Donald Trump a fascist? Well, he's not Mussolini or Hitler just yet - but he's not far off

New Mexico governor says no to high-level nuclear waste

We cannot any longer moderate our behaviours because men seem incapable of moderating their own.

52 Years Ago Today; Attack on USS Liberty

The Curious Case of Elizabeth Warren and the "Charter School Lobbyist" Who Wasn't

Like father, like sons: Eric and Don Jr. reportedly skipped out on Irish pub bill

MSNBC"s legal analyst Danny Cevalos is a GOP tool.

60 Years Ago Today: Rocket Mail! (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the mail)

Here's An Exciting Climate Possibility - Permanent Spring Rainy Cycles In US Corn Belt

As Floodwaters Remain High, Many In St. Louis Wonder If They'll Reach Flood Of '93 Levels


"The Total Stupidity Of The Democratic National Committee Is Just Maddening"

Amazon Employees Pushing For Real Climate Action And . . . Well, Good Luck With That

When Donald Trump calls someone else a "nasty, vindictive, and a horrible person"....

In 244 US Cities Measured, 95% Experienced Higher Summer Temps Since 1970, Up To 5.3F Higher

If the Majority Leader wants to defend starvation wages to the people of Kentucky, that is his right

NOAA - NCEI: May 2019 Wettest May For Lower 48 In Instrumental Record, 2nd Wettest Month Ever

Trump, 2015: "African-Americas are..lazy..the enemies of progress......"

I am loving Elie Mystal on MSNBC

Normally, the Mueller Report would be enough to indict and convict...

NOAA - NCEI: For 126 Counties In The Lower 48, May Was The Wettest May On Record

Homophobe gets taken down for comparing Pride Month to Nazi Germany

Beschloss tweet: Bringing RFK home

Surprise! Surprise! Trump's "Mexico deal" is 100% bullshit.

'Free hugs' and margarita machine in office? Navy probing claims against war college leader

Let's talk about how climate change is impacting how/when we garden - share some observations

Laura Ingraham tell her audience to disbelieve something Trump just told her...............

Hands down, the most creative wedding planning suggestion, ever.

Upstate NY town warns residents of possible mountain lion in the area

Chris Grayling admits snorting coke, but found it too fizzy

Ex-cop sentenced to 12.5 years for killing of Australian woman

Ground Control to Major Trump 🎶

Weekend TOONs - Trash Talk

A quick note on impeachment...

Vatican cardinal, other priests to return cash gifts from ousted West Virginia bishop Michael Bransf

Mystery crop fires scorch thousands of acres in Syria and Iraq -- and ISIS claims responsibility

Mystery crop fires scorch thousands of acres in Syria and Iraq -- and ISIS claims responsibility

No woman elected or running in US *d*emocratic system dodged the draft.

Historian Allan Lichtman: Dems Might Do Better With An "Off-The-Wall" 2020 Candidate

Free public transport in Estonia

Trump an impolitic guest on trips abroad

The story of Frank Abagnale best describes the Real Donald Trump.

Trump's irrational tweet on Mexico this morning

YouTube's latest fiasco points to a deeper problem for tech

Would an impeachment trial in the Senate be presided over by Mitch McConnell or the Chief Justice?

Democrats to the left of us.. Democrats to the right of us.. Iowa

White House blocked intelligence agency's written testimony saying climate change could be 'possibly

White House blocked intelligence agency's written testimony saying climate change could be 'possibly

seth molten coming up on joy reid.

Powerful Images Of The Last Hundred Years You Have To See

Dana Milbank: How Trump will remake the Fourth of July to his benefit

Donald Trump's 'tremendous' state visit Morten Morland

Talking 'bout your Generations

Founded in 1132. Dissolution in 1539. Still Standing.

When you realize you're standing under the wrong belly...

Meghan Markle Has Made Her First Royal Outing Since Giving Birth

Elizabeth Warren: Happy Pride, Boston! #WickedProud #BostonPride

Trump's all tingly about his Mexico "deal," giving them the prestigious "E for Effort" award.

Beto O'Rourke and wife Amy run in Iowa Pride 5k fun run (video)

Don't worry, I'm sure the check is in the mail

Sanders, Warren Introduce Resolution Against Israel Annexing West Bank

Evangelical Polling Outfit Ranks "Post-Christian" Cities

McConnell kinda likes being called the "Grim Reaper".

The "Straight Pride" Flag

Start impeachment inquiry now ! Best tweet from Larry Wiley

'Political correctness' used to be known as 'good manners'

Trump's Tariff Avoiding Deal with Mexico is a Bag of Hot Air

Rep. Pramila Jayapal on the American Medical Association

cartoon: Do what you enjoy in life

Is any f*****g person watching f*****g Dead f*****g wood?

Days of the Week According to a Pittie

I just burned 2,000 calories. That's the last time I

Caleb Cain was a college dropout looking for direction. He turned to YouTube

Here's a Link to one of the best representations of current polling

Stephen Colbert Presents 'Postcards From Trump'

No Happy Ending

Why don't we hear more about the record 22 Trillion $ Dept the U.S. economy is in?

Like father, like sons: Eric and Don Jr. reportedly skipped out on Irish pub bill

Jill Lapore: The Founders Wrote That America Is A Nation of Asylum -- Were They Right Or Wrong?

Closing Catholic parishes is painful - but somebody has to do it

Happy 79th 🎂 Nancy!

You raised $80.00 on June 7, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Ted Lieu puts vile, despicable Bill Barr in his place.

Ted Lieu wins Twitter today and it's not even noon.

If you couldn't be an Earthling where would you choose to come from?

dont underestimate yang.

Poll: Support For Impeachment Hearings Grows, But Americans Split On Way Forward

Sanders to give speech defending 'democratic socialism'

French Open winner Ashleigh Barty is a descendant of the the Ngarigo people

Mexico has agreed to purchase 50 million metric tons of parsley from our great patriotic farmers

My country, tears of thee.

Banned from guns, Texas gave him a license anyway. Citizens paid the price.

🐦 June 12 at 2PM - Bernie Sanders Delivers Address on Democratic Socialism - Washington, D.C.

In the spirit of Gay Pride Month,

How noble! Trump driving a dead man's approvals down !

Note to the Right Wing on Being 'Exceptional'...

Officers at Central Kentucky health companies allegedly took part in $1.6 million tax fraud

It's blowing stink in Northern California and PG&E has started shutting down power in targeted area

''Where's Bernie? We need to get going.''

Dog Found Tangled Up In His Leash With The Saddest Note

What we now know - "Sleep Is Your Superpower" (TedTalk)

Clinton, Albright to appear at alma mater Wellesley College

The 15% Rule for Delegates, help me out here

London will soon be home to the world's most frightening pool

High-profile Arizona abortion foe strikes out at Legislature

WA state Supreme Court rules against florist in same-sex wedding case

David Bowie - Absolute Beginners

Myanmar's (Burma) Suu Kyi cozying up to Hungary's prime minister Orban is absurd

When They See Us

the Ugly

Organizers of Boston's 'Straight Pride Parade' have ties to far-right groups

Organizers of Boston's 'Straight Pride Parade' have ties to far-right groups

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

It is to laugh. Satire about Pence marching in the Straight Pride parade.

Going after Klobuchar?

Hillary Clinton posted that her brother died last night

Caption Trump photo

Today is the #DCPride parade & I want to tell a story.

Louisville police union files lawsuit telling LMPD to fill promotional openings on time

GOP poll claims Trump is winning -- after bizarrely expecting 91 percent of 2020 voters to be over 55

Trump takes credit for Puerto Rico emergency aid he fought for weeks

Kentucky Supreme Court rules against Matt Bevin in pension open records case

Trump, Pelosi trade barbs on Mexico migration, USMCA trade deal

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Oral Exorcism

Bible classes threaten secular education in Alabama

Human Cat Servants- get there quick😸

Human Cat Servants-QUICK-😸 they will run out

How the homophobic media covered the 1969 Stonewall uprising

Surpriiiiiiise Sucka!

Putin and Xi show a unified front against Trump in St. Petersburg

James Donaldson says setbacks prepared him for city council race

Deep Purple - Highway Star

Hillary Clinton's brother Tony Rodham dies

Americans Spent as Much on Cannabis as Taco Bell Last Year

If we reject facts this won't end well; it'll just end

Woman Quits Job After Being Forced to Spend Week with Trump

Trump administration tramples Clean Water Act, Washington state sues

Trump Claims he 'Dazzled' Queen Elizabeth

White House blocked Intelligence Agency's written testimony saying climate change could be possibly

SPLC sues Arizona groups for harassing churches that help immigrants

Nicole Wallace: Trump FEARS going to PRISON.....

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II to morally indict & impeach Trump at rally in Washington DC

AG Barr: arrival this time felt a little bit, I think, like jumping into Sainte-Mere-Eglise

Cartoons 6/8/19

Trump Admin Plans New Huge Facility For Detaining Migrant Children

As seen on the Twitter machine ...

Fake news will thrive as long we are happy to see only what we want to see

For Northern Californua: National Weather services : Heat Advisory

"Being gay was not okay growing up.... so I feel very seen to have Mayor Pete on the stage openly...

Cohen's Life Behind Bars

The impeachment whip list

Harris to defend record as prosecutor in major S.C. address

Coupe du monde feminine : la soire de fete des Bleues en 10 images

Terry Pratchett predicted rise of fake news in 1995, says biographer

For the upcoming debate - when are they going to decide who is on which

No, Dump. You're a disgrace.

Trump: "Pull my finger"

Immigration sanity

Trump makes big claim about his Mexico deal that isn't backed up on paper

Listening to Mueller Report audiobook - OCH!

🔥 Bernie 2020 Town Hall In Marshalltown, Iowa

The small oak planted by Macron and Trump at the White House is dead

Gov Inslee's Climate policy is published for us to read.

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 8, 2019

Royal Canadian Legion bans branches from affiliating with hate groups

So, did you have a nice lunch today?

Name something you NO LONGER DO, like cleaning the ball in your mouse.

Looks like the Trump boys were shamed into paying their bar bill

Philly Sheriff's LGBTQ Liaison Dies by Suicide

Photos: Bernie Sanders Pride Fest

WHERE IS JOE CRAIN? (Sinclair Broadcasting now censoring the weather!)

2 former state senators found dead in Arkansas and Oklahoma within days

Can we have one open hearing? Pretty please.

Rudy tweets a big giveaway...can you spot it?

Feds announce massive bust of Aryan Brotherhood crime ring in California's prisons

LOL!!!! The White House tailor threw Trump under the bus

Sober bars becoming more popular

Is David Axelrod an Ageist?

Dr. John's second-line parade rambles through Treme.

They really need to put up a "Viewer Discretion Advised" warning

Mexico crisis shows the limits of Trump's brinksmanship

Mexico Agreed to Take Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced Tariff Deal

Hillary Clinton's brother Tony Rodham dies

Tories want to de-select David Gauke, Justice Secretary, for voting with the government

A 'Central Park Five' Survivor's Tear-Filled Plea: 'Trump Put a Bounty On Our Heads'

Regina Spektor - "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - Official Video (From Kubo And The Two Strings)


Trump's $3.6 million Ireland detour brings taxpayer-funded golf bill to $105.8 million

SO IN SAN FRANCISCO WHAT do Asians do when its hot? Well, we do the boba thing

wife of supreme court judge starts organization to protect Trump

I have not yet chosen a candidate, but

So what do we Asians do when its Summer hot ... well, we living the BOBALIFE!

Trump's Mexico "deal" consists largely of "actions that Mexico had already promised to take"

"BIRTHSTRIKE" in opposition of Climate Change

The thing that drives me nuts about VP Biden.. is the same thing that drove me nuts about President

Governor Whitmer has finally reached her breaking point:

I gave the University of Alabama $26.5 million. They gave it back when I spoke out about abortion.

😁 Okay Okay Karen, here are the MEMES 👀🤪

When you go on vacation in the countryside for some peace and quiet...

National Geographic : Inside WWII (2013)

Mexico agreed to take action at border months before Trump deal to avert tariffs: NYT

Jimmy Dore Live

Buttigieg jokes about crowded Democratic field: 'We might as well carpool'

Tougher debate threshold sets off scramble among 2020 Democrats

NPR's buzzkill review of Ron HOWARD's "Pavarotti"

I'm changing my preference to Biden

No, Madame Speaker, Articles of Impeachment do not need to be "ironclad."

Schumer "Now that that the problem is solved, I'm sure we won't be hearing any more about it"

W.House blocked intelligence agency's written testimony call climate change 'possibly catastrophic

Sex abuse crisis tops agenda as Southern Baptists convene

(Michigan) Pickup hits Amish horse-drawn carriage, killing 2 kids

Hillary Clinton: We lost my brother Tony last night......

Ginsburg praises Kavanaugh for first all-female team of SCOTUS clerks

Calif man puts giant swastika in his yard. "what is a swastika?", "I just thought it'd be cool"

"So then he shows up in this penguin outfit ... "

Would it be better if the present POTUS knew how to smile?

Air Force disputes lawsuit to stop urban training in Idaho

Mexico Agreed to Actions Months Before Tariff Deal

New Mexico plans meetings for new methane rules

🔥 Bernie 2020 Town Hall in Waterloo, Iowa

"Sweet Marijuana" song from 1934 movie

Is Trudeau a 'tax-and-spend' Liberal? The numbers say no

The levels of cognitive dissonance & hypocrisy are just astounding

Trump Destroys American Greatness From Within

Some U.S. embassies still hoisting rainbow flags, despite advisory from Washington

Bose products are expensive, but worth it

Fact check. This is a selfie. But @AriRabinHavt insists on taking the photos

My favorite place to tour in San Francisco

Mexico Never Agreed to Farm Deal With U.S., Contradicting Trump

Trump admin tells U.S. embassies they can't fly pride flag on flagpoles

If the Raptors win the NBA championship, do they visit Trump or Trudeau???

Anthony Bourdain remembered...RIP

Pelosi accuses Trump of 'threats and temper tantrums' in Mexico negotiations

Doctor with dubious past decided on unnecessary pelvic exam rule

"CNN Fact Check" reports silliest Republican lie in recent history! LOL

Happy music

There has been a concerning rise in far right extremism in Canada

Woman Quits Job After Being Forced to Spend Week with Trump -- Borowitz Satire

The Government Shutdown Is Still Wreaking Havoc on Workers' Credit Scores

Climate Crisis Is Already Behind Migration At The US Border

AC company convinced 103-year-old WWII vet to pay $24K, son says

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Belmont Stakes

South Colombia governor sentenced to 7 years in prison over paramilitary ties

Vanishing ice: Alaska's shrinking glaciers drive a new brand of tourism

Poll: 56 percent say Supreme Court should consider Roe v. Wade settled law

Gangster Whitey Bulger loved Trump. It figures. Birds of a feather.

Jay Inslee Is Actually Taking the Climate Refugee Crisis Seriously

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Disaster relief is on the way ...