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2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with at least 49 seats.

Trump's "discussions" with Mexico today seem to be less "successful" than the Kim "summits."

Nadler puts it to Barr. And puts it good. Palmer Report says Nadler is saying Bite Me.

Very sweet video of OUR President. Caution: it will make you both happy and sad.

Irish funeral firm rents out four limousines to Trump for $1m

The 'Great Dying' Nearly Erased Life On Earth. Scientists See Similarities To Today

Number of new Seattle renters skyrocket in early 2019, report finds

Now, Town Hall *ELIZ. WARREN* MSNBC: Fort Wayne, Indiana, Host Chris Hayes

Impeach Trump. But don't necessarily try him in the Senate.

NC House fails to block Cooper's veto on 'born alive' abortion bill

Oregon legislature passed National Popular Vote today! This makes 14 states + Wash. D.C.

I finally made a preference pick

Passengers: Captain drank beer, had cocaine and fired a gun during nightmare fishing trip

Pelosi on impeachment: 'Make no mistake: We know exactly what path we're on'

Talking with Conspiracy Theorists in the Age of Bulls**t - The Jim Jefferies Show


Can you name over 20 Dem candidates off the top of your head?

Xi meets 'best and bosom friend' Putin amid raging US trade war

Never forget - On June 20, 1979, the Carter administration installed 32 panels designed to harvest

New documents reveal FBI investigated Bigfoot in 1970s

Virginia Beach Mass Shooter....

John Berman questioning Tammy Duckworth about the orange chickenhawk.

Amid somber D-Day commemorations, Trump keeps stirring the pot

New restriction on fetal tissue research 'was thePresident's decision'

White woman won't go to jail for yelling insults at black neighbors in Charlotte

FYI for min. wage across the world

I love Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats

First global look finds most rivers awash with antibiotics

Trump in the U.K. Day 2: 75,000 Protesters and One Weird Tuxedo The Daily Show

One is an actor playing a monster. One is a monster who is playing a president.

'Hold Still,' Says Eric Trump Swinging Sword At Don Jr. Trapped Inside Knight's Armor

Plan to expand hunting, fishing in wildlife refuges revealed

Nadler rejects DOJ offer on Barr contempt vote

Minneapolis cancels meetings segregated by race

Teacher asks Trump to 'remove illegals' from her school

The other night, Bill Maher was complaining that Dem candidates should go to Fox News...

Wisconsin legislature passes abortion restrictions governor promised to veto

Don Henley

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Fridaze!

Have you seen bits from the #AnimatedMuellerReport ??

Executive Order 13535

Happy Birthday To All Who Have A June 5th Birthday

The "Double V" campaign. A Tribute to Struggle and Courage for D-Day.

Maddow is doing a segment when Nixon tried to redo the 4th of July DC celebration.......

Just watched an amazing new documentary on Ben Ferencz. What a human treasure.

Ancient Galaxy in the 'Sea Serpent' Has More Dark Matter Than Expected

Dam you Steph Curry and your floating 3 pointers.

Okay, This Is Mean... But...

If an armed teacher doesn't intervene in school shooting, will they be arrested, too? Read more...

Cedric Richmond, Biden Nat'l Co-Chair, on Cuomo

Are Jared & Ivanka The Ones In Charge In The White House aka The Real President

Hillary Clinton offers rare glimpse inside family's DC home

You need to read Tammy Duckworth's EPIC takedown of "#CadetBoneSpurs." I'm not kidding. EPIC.

Judge allows racist FB page as evidence in fatal stabbing

Joe Biden's Views on Abortion Are Unacceptable for a 2020 Democrat

Is anyone aware of any organized protests or marches in DC to counter Trump's "takeover"

Trump administration cuts English classes, legal services for immigrant kids.

Trump violates the Dukakis Rule. Never put on the headgear. It always looks ridiculous.

Convicted pedophile charged in 1993 killing of Missouri girl

This is disappointing

Homeless Vet not homeless enough for VA help. Video attached to post.

On D-Day anniversary, 'America First' doesn't sit well on the beaches of Normandy

Subway Manager Fired After Turning Down Black Teen for a Job: 'I Don't Want Those People In My Store

The New York Times has helpfully published proposed Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump

Charges: Minnesota man sprays Somali children, yells slurs

Young Sheldon: "Pastor Jeff" Upped To Series Regular For Season 3 Of CBS Series

How Marcia Cross Discovered Her Anal Cancer Was Linked to Husband's Throat Cancer

Kids are so honest

US military personnel ordered to paint border barriers to improve 'aesthetic appearance'

Trump to Ireland: Post-Brexit border 'wall' will work out well

Executive Order 13535

Texas governor vetoes domestic violence bill due to unrelated amendment

American companies added the fewest jobs in 9 years in May, ADP says.

Drumpt updated his 1960s draft status.

Its not just Biden, multiple Democrats lift material from other sites

It's not helpful when Democratic candidates lump D's in with R's, saying they both

WE LIKED HER.. You're Not Sending Us Your Best Presidents!..

Military to spend a month painting border barriers to improve their "aesthetic appearance."

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland gets visibly angry when questioned about his private jet

Looking for a good app to edit video on my tablet.

'These are healing plants': Oakland decriminalizes magic mushrooms

PELOSI: "I don't want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison"

Cuba restrictions hit cruise lines at the start of summer

Emily's List Statement on Biden's Support for Hyde Amendment

GOP Chair Claims D-Day Anniversary Should Be About 'Celebrating Our President'

"I don't want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison," Pelosi said . . .

When we lose these markets, we are not getting them back.. a view from the farm

I just put green goddess dressing on cod fillets and baked them. Yummy.

'No way to stop it': millions of pigs culled across Asia as swine fever spreads

George Pell appeal: cardinal's victim not a liar or fantasist, court told

High Likelihood Human Civilization Coming to an End starting 2050

You White Supremacist Dipshits.

China's new high-speed train will 'float' over tracks to hit 370 miles an hour

Chynal Lindsey: Why are black trans women being killed in Dallas?

Democratic Voters Want Impeachment

The Daily Show - If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Boris Johnson

Denmark election: Social Democrats win as PM concedes defeat

The Daily Show: Jill Biden - Finding Purpose, Elevating Teaching and "Where the Light Enters"

Beto O'Rourke asked about Biden's support of Hyde Amendment on CBS News (VIDEO)Updated

Japan's labour minister says high heels at work are 'necessary'

How do we avert the inevitable Plutocrat driven civil war?

State convicted for "the worst massacre" in the history of Colombia's armed conflict

Mexico dismantles three synthetic drug labs in Sinaloa

Mexico dismantles three synthetic drug labs in Sinaloa

Any advice on what to do with a deadbeat relative?

Former Avianca CEO to be heard over spying on labor union: report

China behind massive Australian National University hack, intelligence officials say

trump tweets are nothing less like the old gossip from the neighborhood

Duque signs off on extradition of paramilitary chief ignoring Colombia's Supreme Court and victims

Pentagon eyes rare earth supplies in Africa in push away from China

Oh when the straight go marching in.

New man, same plan: Continuity expected with new US ambassador

Warren summarizes the Mueller Report during MSNBC Town Hall

Jimmy Kimmel Chats with British Teen Who Trolled Trump

Colombia's government "inciting violence" against former rebels: UN

Fiat Chrysler withdraws merger offer for Renault, blames French politics

Don't you blaspheme in here!

Transcript of Amanpour & Co. tonite. It's lengthy. Amb. McCourt.😣

U.S. preparing to sell over $2 billion in weapons to Taiwan, testing China - sources

Still no briefing for Senate intel panel on Mueller report: sources

Just how STUPID is Tucker Carlson?

Luckovich nails it again!

Lone Star.......

Stephen Curry does it all -- and proves he can't do it alone in Warriors loss

Gay Suicides Are On The Rise. This Epidemiologist Explains Why.

DC Dyke March Bans Jewish Star of David Pride Flags.

PBS NewsHour: * Interviewed by Scarborough

U.S. charges ex-CEO of cryptocurrency company Longfin with $66 million fraud

Our puppy Beau. (Pic added of both Beau and Bella.)

Draymond: 'Everybody wants to see us lose'

Voters describe Kamala Harris as smart and tough

House Democrats Plan Event to Examine Donald Trump's Allegedly Deteriorating Mental Health

More of why we call it Pride


Gov. Jay Inslee: the DNC has turned down a request to have a CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump on Best Behavior in England

Jimmy Kimmel Chats with British Teen Who Trolled Trump

Pelosi on tariffs.

Tweet of the Day

So what do you do when someone you love is facing another day of chemo?

Justice Department Reaches Agreement with City of Eastpointe, Michigan, Under the Voting Rights Act

In secret recording, Pompeo opens up about Venezuelan opposition, says keeping it united 'has proven

In secret recording, Pompeo opens up about Venezuelan opposition, says keeping it united 'has proven

Opioid Manufacturer Insys Therapeutics Agrees to Enter $225 Million Global Resolution of Criminal

Orthodox Christian Feastday of the Ascension, 06 June 2019/Hymns

Oral Roberts University to Pay Over $300,000 for Allegedly Violating Ban on Incentive Compensation

Dallas' Robert E. Lee sculpture is going, going, gone for more than $1.4M at online auction

Staggering homeless count stuns LA officials.

Beto unveils ambitious plan to boost voter turnout, diminish money in politics

Beto unveils ambitious plan to boost voter turnout, diminish money in politics

Cyprus: Remains of sixth suspected serial killer victim found in lake

Rahm Emanuel is headed to Wall St.

Central Park Five prosecutor resigns from organizations amid backlash after Netflix series

The Central Park Five Case: Where the racist cops and prosecutors are now

Open Letter to RNC Chair McDaniel

Busting ice cream trucks?

With budget veto looming, Republicans wooing Democratic votes with pork

Oregon to Change Way It Awards Electoral Votes

First-of-Its-Kind Report Details Planetary Perils of US Fracking Infrastructure Boom

D-day anniversary ceremony live from Normandy on Sky News:

Medicare for All: Move To Amend's Director Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap ovarian cancer story

Not so open: Critics say UNC Board of Governors excludes the public from its "public" meetings

"Gerrymander" is much too polite a word for what Trump and the GOP are trying to do

North Carolina GOP fails to override veto of 'born alive' abortion bill

Feds to test North Carolina election computers for hacking

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/5/19

LabCorp discloses data breach affecting 7.7 million customers

Trump's appearance in Normandy is particularly galling

Follow-up: Court rejects cat-killing veterinarian's appeal

NZ judge allows images of man charged in mosque shootings

Tucker Carlson: "The metric system is a globalist plot."

Social Democrats appear headed back into power in Denmark

Ladybug swarm detected by weather radar over Southern California

Facebook will reportedly announce cryptocurrency this month, allowing employees to take it as salary

Mexican judge suspends arrest warrant for ex-Pemex head

UNCC shooting suspect gave up attack after being tackled by Riley Howell

What's for Breakfast, Thursday 6 June, 2019

Raleigh police investigating 'potentially hazardous device' near Triangle Town Center

Another Good Poll for Democrats in North Carolina

Kelly Sends Right-Hand Man To Hear Out Rural Towns On Economy, Housing And More

General Assembly police: Arresting Barber had 'absolutely no bearing' on politics

2020 United States Senate Election- Tipping point States.

A solution for childhood obesity? Universal basic income

A solution for childhood obesity? Universal basic income


White woman won't go to jail for yelling insults at black neighbors in south Charlotte

Andrew Yang to be on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday, June 7

Charleston is poised to ban sleeping in parking garages. Experts say it's another effort to criminal

trump* sound bored out of his mind

Feds offer to speed cleanup of SC's deadly nuclear waste. But plan isn't that simple

Celebrations du D-Day : de Obama a Trump, changement d'ambiance -- Video

Trump sandwiches in a rant about "glowing reviews from British media" between two D-Day tweets.

I was politically active, aware, and THERE for Watergate...

D-Day 75th anniversary marked by Trump and world leaders

Democrats Tinubu, Harrison Going After Lindsey Graham's Senate Seat

Lexington deputy charged the wrong woman. Jury orders department to pay up

Trump needs an intervention?

Klobuchar's mental health policy inspires Iowa endorsement

Make America Honorable Again

Pelosi tells Dems she wants to see Trump 'in prison'

Heavy rain in Wharton overwhelmed sewage system, caused flooding, (but I didn't get wet)

Nature Geoscience - How Dust From Melting Glaciers Affects Cloud Formations, Reflectivity

I'm glad Biden is standing up for what he believes -- it shows strength

In American West's Fire Ecology, The Biggest Overall Risk May Be Smoke - And Little Can Be Done

Northeast Georgia Health system warns of possible break with Anthem Blue Cross

Personal Actions On Climate - The 21st Century's Version Of The "Crying Indian" Ad

Albany attorney, judge Johnnie Graham disbarred by Georgia Supreme Court

Global Corporations Bracing For Major Climate Impacts w/i 5 Years; See Also - PG&E

Pro-Life In Action: Shitstain's Lawyers Argue That There Is No Right To A Liveable Climate/Planet


Emily's List on Biden and Hyde

The CBC coverage of D-Day Commemorations has been wonderful

Recent UGA graduate ran Ponzi scheme from fraternity house, SEC alleges

'D-Day veterans returning to the beach, greeted by the spirits of their brothers who died, there.'

Scrapping the Hyde Amendment is a political loser for November 2020

Trump is really unpopular in the most important 2020 battleground states

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B (with it being D-Day, seemed proper to post)

2020 US Senate Election- How many seats are Democrats and Republicans are favored to win?

The Rundown: June 5, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 6/5/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/5/2019

The night before D-Day

I turned on my TV this morning and was appalled at all the praise for Trump's

Senator Duckworth says Drumpt should have gotten a medical deferment,

Jones County coroner resigns after being arrested on 24 felony charges

How Trump Could Be Prosecuted After the White House

A programming bug has been discovered in all calculators manufactured since the 1970's.

"People are going to see what we do together, because as you know, we're doing a lot together."

If there was a vote in the House for an impeachment inquiry..?

Aww...this beautiful bird in a tree outside my bedroom window woke me with his chirping this morning

Beschloss tweet: D-Day paratroopers on way to launch invasion, 75 years ago:

Indiana Man drives wrong way on interstate because...

Happy 80th 🎂 Gary!


Georgia Secretary of State Trying to Combat Voter Purge Narrative

Bernie Sanders Wants to Change America. But He May Have to Change Himself First.

Now, tell him that he won't like the taste of broccoli.

The @GOPChairwoman claims we should be celebrating the Pres on D-Day, but Ted Lieu corrects her.....

If don't think education matters

Dresses from the sky: WW2 wedding gowns made from silk and nylon parachutes

Al Gore was the most pro-environment candidate ever.

At Least 20 Cadets Involved in Major West Point Crash; Military Describes 'Chaotic' Situation

I'm so glad I'm not 20 anymore

Stunning ignorance: Trump compares Irish border to U.S. border with Mexico

Motel Manager Fired for Refusing to Provide Room Rentals to LGBT Group

Tracking Trump: The President's Standing Across America

A ray of hope???

A top aide for Senator Reid said this on MSNBC and it left me stunned.

Trump, Irish prime minister differ on meeting venue

In the Mood, Glenn Miller Orchestra, 1940s Classic

De Blasio gets 2020 presidential backing from local union

Walmart's CEO Calls on Congress to Boost Minimum Wage

51 Years Ago Today; RFK succumbs to his wounds

A Baby Elephant. Pink Tennies. GIF

White Lies, a New Zealand period piece

Hey Atlanta area, Cory Booker Staffers' dog GUMBO is missing Help

Biden holds 12-point lead among 2020 Democrats as Warren rises

Thinking of my FIL on D-Day

Whistleblower who leaked video of student's injury settles lawsuit with Muscogee County schools

The president to honor today:

17 Year old American Amanda Anisimova has reached the French Open

DNC to Hold IWillVote Fundraising Gala and African American Leadership Council Summit in Atlanta

Madame Speaker: This is THE WRONG THING TO SAY.

Thursday TOONs - Definitely not Donald-Day

Atlanta DUers- C.Bookers staffer has Lost Dog, GUMBO

Emory University receives $180 million grant from Gates Foundation

a taxpayer funded pub crawl... check

There is SO much godless witchcraft going on I can barely keep up...

Trump Prays For Himself Instead of Shooting Victims

White Woman Pulls Gun on Black Couple Having Picnic

I cannot believe that Americans are discussing whether the Con will relinquish office

Congress to fix law allowing North Geogia suspect to beat ricin rap

Opinion: How Sanders would increase funding for public schools

Trump Sets Off Fireworks of a Different Sort With Fourth of July Speech Plan

Biden and the Hyde Amendment.

One tiny little step toward a more peaceful America

20 minutes of animals being jerks - avoid the music if you can


Atlanta to pay nearly $1 million to family of diabetic inmate who died in lockup

Guess who else voted against federal funding for abortion?

Beside mysellf...

Found on FB:

Moderates and Independents support Choice and Democrats MUST bring the Courage of their Convictions

Arizona senator conducts "unbiased" poll regarding pro-life/pro-choice

Tucker Carlson Praises Eliz Warren economic policy!!!

Bernie Sanders Is Endorsing Marie Newman Against One Of The Last Anti-Abortion Democrats In Congress

Gov Jay Inslee Signs Workforce Education Investment Act

Creamy Smooth Tahini Dressing Recipe

Who's in -- and out -- of the first Democratic debates

Women vanish with Le'Veon Bell's jewelry worth $500K

Penile size in adult men--recommendations for clinical and research measurements

Supporting someone mostly because you think that's who others will support is inherently risky

Pope Francis approves major change to The Lord's Prayer

No More Deaths trial: Warren testifies in defense, says he's 'compelled' to help migrants in desert

Rashida Tlaib breaks down during white supremacy hearing

Floats for the Straight Pride Parade...

Pittsburgh tops list for first-time homebuyers

Chilling 7 minute footage of 20,000+ nazi rally in Madison Sq Garden, 1939. What we fought against.

Details remain scant in apparent death of former senator

Joe Biden position on Medicaid and tax cuts for the wealthy

UPDATE-IRS abruptly stopped criminal investigation of Mar-a-Lago member accused of massive tax fraud

Instead of all the extreme outrage over the Hyde amendment

Direct observation of giant molecules

Biden fought to expand Medicaid through the ACA

"Nothing is scarier than a moron who thinks he is a genius." (anon)

High heels at work 'necessary,' says Japan labor minister

Trump in Ireland talking about a wall. My brain is melting.

Hop on now before Dow reaches 40,000, says forecaster who nailed 2018 selloff

The Uber for helicopters is now Uber

Flynn has fired his counsel and is retaining new lawyer ahead of his sentencing

Sarasota man behind bars after being found naked in a chicken coop in New York

This dog and rat were thrown out like trash -- then they found each other

Pic Of The Moment: For The Republican Party Every Day Is D-Day, And The D Stands For Donald

U.S. Army Daily Situation Maps - Invasion of France - June 6 through August 25, 1944

GOP Paid Millions to Gerrymandering Expert Behind Census Citizenship Question

Laurence Tribe has an issue with don't impeach, imprison

Trump vs. Duckworth

Bernie Sanders adds another black SC lawmaker to his list of South Carolina endorsements.

Tourist's lucky guess cracks safe code on first try


I swear, I like this lady more and more every day -

Reminder: A large fraction of Democratic voters oppose Medicaid paying for abortions.

Homeless poodle needed help, but was too scared to ask. Watch the amazing transformation

Blowback facing Biden over Hyde shows no middle ground remains on abortion in presidential politics

I am okay with Joe Biden's position on the Hyde Amendment......

What Is the Black Hole Information Paradox?

Paul to force votes on blocking Trump's Bahrain, Qatar arms sales

The FCC allows AT&T, Verizon and other carriers to block more suspected robocalls

Trump uses D-Day event to give interview to neo-Nazi sympathizer Laura Ingraham

Michael Flynn fires legal team with sentencing looming on federal charges

Alleged animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms under investigation after activists release graphic video

New: You Can Now Search the Full Text of 3 Million Nonprofit Tax Records for Free

Pentagon Contradicts Trump Claim on Transgender Troops

Trump: It's 'convenient' to go hundreds of miles out of my way to stay at my Irish resort

Mary Magdaline her father on D day

Accident at West Point. 1 cadet killed, several others injured.

Elizabeth Warren says she's 'proud' her campaign workers unionized

Nonprofit Explorer: Research Tax-Exempt Organizations from ProPublica Project

READ: Homeland Security IG report on ICE facilities

Trump spent almost $1 million taxpayer dollars to rent four Mercedes Benz limos

Trump blasts 'fool' Mueller, 'Nervous Nancy' Pelosi at Normandy Cemetery

Washington Supreme Court upholds ruling against florist who refused same-sex couple

Liberals rip Democratic leaders for writing drug pricing bill in secret

The Hyde amendment is meaningless now with the ACA and the Medicaid expansion.

House Democrats to make it easier to take White House to court

The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee may hav the power to open an impeachment investigation

DHS officials tell senators migrants are 'renting babies' to cross the border

Speaking to Fox News from American cemetery at Normandy, the Draft Dodger calls America hero a fool

Authorities have found body of Hanover teenager last seen swimming in Albemarle, his father said

Question about new subdivision in a city--and new roads.

Democrats line up for chance to take down Devin Nunes

D-Day at 70: the most important weather forecast in history

Trump is being shielded by a strong economy...

Democratic strategist calls impeachment debate a 'beltway story'

Why don't we see or hear much of Tiffany?

House Democrats don't have a majority for impeachment, but support is growing

BREAKING: Trump delayed the D-Day whine about Mueller on Fox News

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and the 2005 Bankruptcy Bill

Everybody Has a Low Floor

Four of the six people in this photograph have no official government position.

Kamala Harris ramps up staff, organizing in Iowa: 'It's game on.'

Live TV Spotify strikes deal with Barack and Michelle Obama to produce exclusive podcasts

DC Dyke March Bans Jewish Star of David Pride Flags.

Dotard isn't fit to shine the shoes of any of the soldiers

State 'overtime threshold' rule would boost pay for thousands

White House feigns surprise at Pelosi 'prison' comments

Just curious why Kamala Harris, at 11% is shown after Warren, who also is at 11%...

De Blasio, Gillibrand meet critical threshold for primary debate according to POLITICO analysis

BREAKING Stonewall Apology: Police Actions Were 'Wrong,' Commissioner Admits

This woman's hilarious video about 'straight pride' is so funny even straight people are sharing it

Minneapolis LGBTQ Bar Sees Protests Over Owner's Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts

YES, Don Jr. I'm sure it was incredible and truly unforgettable for the Queen to meet you, as well.

Interesting, read all ops today.. I will stay with Biden

He is Our President and we should support Him!

Federal Election Commission probing financial discrepancies at AOC political action committee

Kirkland's Juanita Beach closes after E. coli detected

Veterans in their mid-90s parachute over Normandy, 75 years after D-Day

the anatomy of a lie.

Democratic Party blows off Inslee's call for climate debate

(WAPO) Laurence Tribe: Impeach Trump. But don't necessarily try him in the Senate.

Are These Teenagers Really Running a Presidential Campaign? Yes. (Maybe.)

Showers, thunder in Seattle on Thursday and Friday to give way to warm, sunny weekend

It is being reported Pelosi wants to vote Trump out and then convict him.

Warren, Harris, Klobuchar, O'Rourke, Booker & other Democratic candidates voted for bills

Why you should watch... Ask Dr Ruth, an inspiring documentary about a sex therapist

Which States Will Be Hit Hardest by Trump's Tariffs on Mexico

Why you should watch... Ask Dr Ruth, an inspiring documentary about a sex therapist

Pelosi Declines to Talk Trump at D-Day Ceremony: 'I Don't Talk About the President' While Overseas

Ultimate limit of human endurance found

CBS Reports (1964): "D-Day Plus 20 Years"

Nothing 'middle of the road' about leaving poor women & women of color unable to access abortion

Trump delayed D-Day ceremony to squeeze in an interview with Fox's Laura Ingraham

Trump threatens China with tariffs on a further $300 billion of goods

Serious flooding in Oklahoma City.

PO on Chicago's South Side where ZIP code is 60619 celebrates the fact that today is also 6/06/19.

Trump is using tariffs to tank the economy so the fed will lower interest rates

Adorable 4-year-old boy calls out woman for her poor plane etiquette

The problem with an "all or nothing" mentality is that if you fail to get it all,

Okay you pizza crust makers. When making the dough, do you use tap or bottled water? The two best

Federal investigators concluded Ryan Zinke's MAGA socks violated Hatch Act

Group sues Trump administration for issuing fishing permits known to harm sea turtles

Who Mows The Lawn On The National Mall And When Do They Do It?

🐦 JUNE 9 at 12:30PM CDT - March for $15 and Union Rights Cedar Rapids joined by Sen. Bernie Sanders

Putin says West 'crazy' for backing Venezuela's Guaido

Trade war complicates a Boeing mega-deal worth $30 billion


We're excited to announce that Senator @BernieSanders will be joining @McDonalds workers ...

Catholic Church spent $10.6 million to lobby against child abuse legislation

You Oklahoma guys ok?

Commentary: Listening to D-Day's last eyewitnesses

Gun legislation may now have chance in Virginia

Congressional Dems Demand State Dept. End 'Disturbing' Policy Denying Citizenship to Kids of LGBT...

Great clip of Sen. Warren re: the Hyde amendment

Trump's tariff on Mexico goods 'rash, thoughtless' -- Rep. Schrier

NYTimes: The Donald Thinks D-Day Is About Him

House Democrats officially introduce contempt resolution for Barr, McGahn

Trump's giant gender gap: 62 percent of women say they are unlikely to vote for him

A wealthy Iraqi sheikh who urges a hard-line U.S. approach to Iran spent 26 nights at Trump's D.C. h

Why is Michael Flynn dumping his lawyers???

Cartoons 6/6/19

2008 Ford Explorer - drives great ... downhill

I may hold the record for junk calls

Zinke's MAGA Socks Broke The Law, According To Investigators

The Trump Adult Children in the Palace. Thx in advance

Measure Of Public Mood Is 'Most Liberal Ever Recorded,' Political Scientist Says

Macron to Trump at D-day ceremony: fulfil the promise of Normandy

Different perspective on D-Day

Guess who else voted against federal funding for abortions?

Trump deals huge blow to HIV research with new policy

"So Joe Biden and Republicans still support the Hyde Amendment. Luckily, we have alternatives"

Is there no limit to their stupidity?

Two cases show the astounding breadth of the Supreme Court's war on democracy

Fifty Years After Stonewall: I'm Proud to Stand with Pride Leaders Around the World

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell to Pelosi at Normandy: 'America is Less Respected in Europe' Now...

The organizers behind Boston's Straight Pride Parade should concern you

I have a mystery regarding my IPhone. Any experts out there that can answer my question?

Trump's giant gender gap: 62 percent of women say they are unlikely to vote for him

We are in the primary and not the general.

Spectacular U.K. island seeks rugged gardener

Anyone watching Strange Angel on CBS?

Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on

Pentagon Contradicts Trump Claim on Transgender Troops

27th horse death is reported since Santa Anita meet opened Dec. 26

Liz Warren Spends Evenings Tutoring Underperforming Candidates On Creating Comprehensive Policy

DHS watchdog finds 'egregious violations' at ICE immigrant detention facilities

Quick! Some researcher needs to announce that they're on the verge

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 6, 2019

I want to live in Elizabeth Warren's America

Pelosi Wants Trump to Go to Prison. Here's How It Could Happen.

Watching Elizabeth Warren Come Alive

Remember last Friday when some folks were claiming the market was "crashing"

NZ Herald: "Only 530 semi-automatic guns handed over, police say"

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

**B + RATED IPSOS Democratic Primary Poll** - Smokin Joe Biden 31% Sanders 14% Warren 9%

Dominican Republic deaths: Autopsies show similarities for three U.S. victims

**B + RATED IPSOS Presidential Poll** - Smokin Joe Biden 50% Orange Man 36%

The issue with Biden is NOT whether it's okay or not to support the Hyde Amendment

Founded by Lincoln, disgraced by Bush, destroyed by Trump.

Twitter video, that for me, covers the being overwhelmed feelings.

Today is the Eastern Orthodox Church 'Ascension of Our Lord'

Flynn told investigators Russia asked for Trump-Putin video call day after inauguration

For The Win: AXE responds to Twitter feed by telling one responder to effectively fuck off!

Listening to NPR in the car this AM-- miscarriage and abortion "accusations"...

Listening to the case of John Dowd

Trump's lawyer Dowd, should be disbarred for tampering with a witness!

Sanders calls on McConnell to put $15 Minimum Wage Bill on the Senate Floor

Snake on a segway.

We now have a recording that shows this.

Referendums To Overturn New Abortion Ban Rejected By Missouri Secretary Of State

Did anyone else notice Trump following a subtle social cue from Macron?

You raised $20.20 on June 5, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Creationists Are Mocking Flat Earthers for Not Understanding Science

Listen To The Voicemail Trump's Lawyer Left For Michael Flynn's Lawyer After Flynn Cut A Deal

I recall reading a story about an incident that happened when the Big

Detroit police fear 'serial murderer and rapist' at large after third body found

THE FIFA Womens' World Cup Championship begins tomorrow (in France)

Sanders will not be the nominee.. Warren is winning over that part of the

Kudlow Said Trump's Policies Would Lead to Depression

Idiocracy in 3...2...1....

President Trump's favorability flounders in key 2020 battleground states, new polls show

Utah man accused of threatening to kill members of Congress

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Town Hall, Fort Wayne, Indiana, June 4 (Video)

Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham of Fox News just lost a major advertiser

Georgia is cutting off Medicaid for 17,000 elderly, disabled patients

For all those who passed on D-Day

Great-Granddaughter of 'Hidden Figures' Katherine Johnson Earns Perfect Math Score

Straight Pride Day Declares Adam and Eve Were Victims of Heterophobic Housing Discrimination

Warren is now at 12% on the DU!

Warren is now at 12% on the DU!

Andrew Yang Interview on Bloomberg Politics.

Rev. Barber is on trial over a health care protest he led 2 years ago

Vanity Fair: Will Biden's Abortion Slipup Hurt His Shot at the White House?

Automakers Tell Trump His Pollution Rules Could Mean 'Untenable' Instability and Lower Profits.

Elizabeth Warren up to 12% DU Primary Preference!

Voicemail from Trump attorney reveals possible obstruction of justice: CNN

Come back Barack!

Illegal pot growers targeted by Riverside County officials in second raid in 6 weeks

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Trump, interviewed by Ingraham AT NORMANDY CEMETARY, rants about Mueller & Pelosi.

The Waltons of @Walmart own $175 BILLION while their workers are paid poverty wages.

Radio from D Day 1944

We were happy to work with @SenSanders on this video about the importance of the #EqualityAct!

Really sad... Mexico police react to USA Tariff threat - sad to watch

Lake Wallowa, Oregon

Wild living orphan elephant Sunyei & her baby Siku say 'hello' to Ithumba orphan herd

The hacks are trying to divide Dems just like when they were

Lest we forget.....There were very fine people on both sides!

What are these people talking about on their phones?

You know the more I watch the slaughter committed in both WW1 and WW2

Undercover Investigation Reveals Horrific Cruelty at Fair Oaks Farm.

Boehner says there is no ReTHUG party left

"Let that soak in."

Michael Flynn fires lawyers who cut plea deal with Mueller

Everybody on the Left wants Trump impeached

A, B, C, D or E?

I thought I was talking to one of my plants, says Charles

Artist Whose Painting Got Mistaken For A Van Gogh Creates Adorable "Starry Night" Dog Series

Policy and Politics of Contraception Rule Fiercely Debated Within White House

The senseless cruelty of the Trump administration's cuts to legal aid for detained migrant minors

Tucjer Carlson and Laura Ingraham are losing Bayer and sponsors.

When the Constitution is being ignored, that's called war

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 7 June 2019

Hi! And a debate watch party ask (Pete official email)

This Picture Tells a Tragic Story of What Happened to Women After D-Day

Cops: Sarasota man crashes stolen Audi, threatens homeowner with ax, ends up naked in a chicken coop

This is the essence of things, isn't it? The part that has bothered me most

Trump gave "a requiem for our (post WWII) alliances" -- STUNNING commentary on Nicole Wallace's..

I am heartbroken. Dr. John has died.

We lost another legend...R.I.P. Mac Rebennack, A.K.A. Dr. John.

R.I.P. Dr. John

D-Day veteran returns to Normandy and finds his portrait in the town

Handy temperature conversion chart

Most Americans agree with Biden on the Hyde Amendment

Churches wipe out millions in medical debt for others


I am cutting way back on my cable news addiction

I didn't realize how many calories the cakes at Cheesecake Factory have.

Is Pelosi Afraid That She Might Wind Up Being President?.....

'Dr. John,' Grammy-winning New Orleans musician, dies at 77

Will Any 2020 Candidates Take on Military Industrial Complex?

Have you seen the D-Day speech replays?

2020 US Senate Election- Safe to Tossup Democratic and Republican US Senate seats.

Oy vey.

The dog did it

"Summer of Judgement" - The Watergate Hearings

The Art of No Deal: Day 2 of Mexico talks, and it's beginning to look a lot like tariffs.

Welsh D-Day veteran remembers beach landing with 'air humming with bullets'

I have a Compaq Presario 5000 Desktop which we got in

Ooooooooooooops........Bradley Cooper IS NOT GETTING ALONG WITH HIS WIFE......

Ivanka is going to The Hague

Pope Francis: Lawfare endangers democracy, is used politically and to violate social rights

There is a thing in the corporate world about employees making a mistake.

Pope Francis: Lawfare endangers democracy, is used politically and to violate social rights

(2) Indiana Trump Voters Say They Feel Duped, Betrayed, and Conned By Trump

What we learned from the Trump family's London vacation

wealthy Iraqi sheikh who urges hard-line U.S. approach to Iran spent 26 nights at Trump's D.C. hotel

"A Mighty Endeavor": FDR's D-Day Prayer, June 6, 1944

Gort, Klaatu barada nikto

Luckovich-If I claim a bone spur can I avoid impeachment?

Dr. John, Hall of Fame Singer Who Brought New Orleans to the World, Dead at 77

Ok then......have never been a country song fan.....and am watching the crap show

Trump Supporter Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To Kill Members of Congress