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STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 5 June 2019

It might take a sec, but you'll get it.

Trump Administration Directs More Former Officials to Break the Law

The message...

House passes bill to protect 'Dreamers'

Owner Of Minneapolis LGBTQ Bar Called Out For Anti-Semitism

Dershowitz losing his mind again.

Where is Leopold when you need him most?

Erase the Shitstain!

British woman stabs Trump baby balloon while shouting he 'is the best president ever'

David Jolly on All In suggests Nancy Pelosi should


The Replicant is short circuiting.

I encourage you to take action if you support moving impeachment forward

Trump baby blimp 'stabbed with sharp object' by pro-Trump activist

William, Harry and Kate Deny Trump What He Wanted Most: a Photo Op

Bulldog Reaction to US - Official Trailer

Campground Connie has been arrested!!!

Pittsburgh Steelers player goes to prom with student Anthony Molinaro

Pittsburgh Steelers player goes to prom with student Anthony Molinaro

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Fridaze!

Luckovich-A Fish and Chips tariff

The WH psycho is tweeting after midnight UK time to call Bette Midler a "washed up psycho."

House passes path to citizenship for Dreamers

Bwahaha! Javanka in the attic

The Emporor's new hair style: it must have been very windy at the golf course .....

How to understand Republicans, in one easy lesson

I'm proud to live in a country whose leader flies overseas just for the very important job of...

11,000 People Who Prepare Your Airline Food Are Considering a Strike

Don Fraser, Congressman, Minneapolis Mayor & husband of Arvonne, dies at 95

Steve Sack does it again!

GOP Senators told WH they have votes to override Trump if he tries veto them on Mexico tariff rebuke

Ted Lieu trolls Trump, Melania, AND her "signature initiative" with nothing but a hashtag and "CC."

Buttigieg, Gillibrand and Franken?

Just made my first contribution to a candidate since the 2018 cycle...

I'll take "Vile Scumbags" for $1000 Alex

Korea: The "Antiquated" Trip Wire Strategy of the CFC: End in Sight?

This bears repeating.

'Just Rattle Your Jewelry' *The Beatles Perform for The Royal Family*! 1963

UK protesters displays magat hat with USS John McCain on it

Anyone watch America's Got Talent and see that guy touch a doll and the judge felt it?

I honestly think the pundits are morons for chasing the Vanity Fair article on Marla Maples.

2020 US Senate Election- How many ways Democrats can end up with 51 seats ?

Wildlife Photographers Receiving Expert Help (Pic Heavy)

Why is most everyone in the press ignoring that the Dictator is not having press conferences?

Elizabeth Warren's Big Break From 30 Years Of Pro-Corporate Trade Policy

LCV Statement on Biden's Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice..

cartoon: Trump wearing the crown

Here is my take on the democratic primary field.

My next trip to Ireland, I will certainly be bypassing Doonbeg

San Francisco supervisors strike deal to expand forced treatment of mentally ill

Open Secrets has published a guide to Trump's foreign business interests

Apple Just Announced It's Selling a Mac Monitor Stand for $999

Can you imagine?

Some new photos....

Pima County votes 3-2 to continue funding water stations along border

Dutch - Just Before the Rain

Former GOP Rep Urges Nancy Pelosi To Give A Primetime Address Making The Case For Impeachment

Dingbat Cult of The Devil member stabs Baby Trump -- and cuts herself in the process.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 6, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Allied Powers


The Daily Show - Trump in the U.K. Day 2: 75,000 Protesters and One Weird Tuxedo

They are cutting the lungs out of our planet! It will kill US.

Harry Reid changes opinion, says Pelosi-led House should open Trump impeachment inquiry

A fawn and a friend

Tariffs are always bad, but with Mexico they are worse and this all could be a backdoor to something

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 7, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Based on Booth Tarkington

2 injured in eastern Idaho upholstery shop explosion

Dear Queen Elizabeth II

Michigan sheriff's office auctioning '69 muscle car abandoned in storage

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 8, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: 1976 Documentaries

The job was in Nogales--A house on a hill overlooking the border.

Tamara for Georgia: Mueller Report and Democratic Party dysfunction.

Puttin' on the Ritz

Ellen Degeneres' tagline: "Be kind to one another"

(Jewish Group) Would-Be Jew Killer Guilty of Firearm Violation, Church Threats

(Jewish Group) Jewish community leaders condemn Labour candidate for 'Zionist Slave Masters' Faceboo

(Jewish Group) Vienna outdoor exhibition of Holocaust survivors cut up with a knife in the third att

Paris Food Photos!

Just a plug for a movie airing tomorrow...Deadwood

Who was the better guest - Obama or trumpty dumpty

Biden and Sanders lead Trump by 12 points in Michigan.

Did He Leave?

Hancock wins the runoff


Anyone a fan of Robert Costa, WaPo reporter?

US Court Weighs if Climate Change Violates Children's Rights

Tiny Trump Photos ...

Barack Obama and his grandfather 1965

National Geographic Expose -- Suffering unseen: The dark truth behind wildlife tourism

Biden says impeachment of Trump could happen 'very quickly'

The menu our POTUS and FLOTUS served Prince Charles tonight. (ugly font!)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs historic legislation to end rape kit test backlog, combat sex crimes

Judge dismisses free speech lawsuit against UT

Hiroshimaites: Hiroshima Bomb Created Asteroid Impact-Like Glass

larry the cat

Fort Worth ISD Board votes to fire teacher over tweets, but she remains employed pending possible

The Daily Show asks Bernie Sanders what millennials seen in socialism

Former CEO Of Municipal Credit Union Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Multimillion-Dollar Fraud

"Conduction" (new Ta-Nehisi Coates fiction piece)

North Canton man indicted for defrauding Medicare and Medicaid out $2 million, including allegedly

Oakland decriminalizes shrooms and other natural psychedelics

Alaska Senate votes down full oil-wealth fund payout

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/4/19

Trump U-turns on NHS trade comments, saying 'I don't see it being on the table'

Christus to close, raze St. Mary Hospital in Port Arthur

Never gamble with a four year old on your lap

Environmental Group Sues Federal Government Over Endangered Central Texas Salamanders

Trump Insults De Blasio. So, de Blasio Should Challenge Trump To A Debate.

Hearing to consider fate of lone Missouri abortion clinic

Georgia-Pacific to close Hope plant plant; 102 jobs lost

Sunday collections went to pay for lobbyists (catholics)

Superintendent faces suspension as Marlin ISD's future hangs in balance

How The Ixtoc I Oil Spill Still Affects The Gulf 40 Years Later

Never get a "bagel" in Canada. I'm sitting in a Tim Hortons in the

Rise in huskies at local shelters blamed on impulsive 'Game of Thrones' fans

What It's Like When The Fate Of Your Band Name Is Up To The Supreme Court

Beverly Hills votes to end most tobacco sales

What's for Breakfast Wednesday 5 June 2019

Cheyenne Mayor Accuses Governor Of Intimidating Behavior

Rocky Mountain Power To Break Ground On $3.1 Billion Wind Project

Trump's gift to The Queen revealed

Report Names Kansas And Missouri Nursing Homes With 'Persistent Record Of Poor Care'

Report Names Kansas And Missouri Nursing Homes With 'Persistent Record Of Poor Care'

Report Names Kansas And Missouri Nursing Homes With 'Persistent Record Of Poor Care'

Andrew Yang Policy on NET NEUTRALITY

Wyoming helium production helps keep world supply afloat

Andrew Yang Policy on NET NEUTRALITY

ApricotHellbeast tells the world he doesn't know Nazi Scientists were working on Nuclear Weapons

The New West: For some New West towns, it's gut-check time amid huge change

Pfizer had clues its blockbuster drug could prevent Alzheimer's. Why didn't it tell the world?

Damaging talk of 'no deal' spells doom for the Tories

DR Congo Ebola outbreak: More than 2,000 cases reported

Train derailment near Bill temporarily closes rail lines

We are here in Bentonville ...

Daily Show asks Bernie Sanders what millennials see in socialism

UW task force narrows in on parking garage

Nigel Farage - Russian asset?

Colorado lawsuit over companion animals settles for $1M

Police raid on Australian Broadcasting Corp. offices sparks firestorm over press freedom, natsec

Judge Approves $1M Exxon Settlement Over Montana Spill

Rate Of CO2 Rise 2nd-Highest In 60-Year Instrumental Record; 7 Straight Yrs @ 2.2 PPM Or More

''Walmart meeting starts at 10:30am CT and will be webcast here:

Trump reverses decision to close Anaconda Job Corps

Pig steals 18 beers, gets drunk, picks a fight with a cow, passes out under a tree.

Jason Box On Why Greenland's Likely Looking At A Big Melt Season This Summer

"I Can't Say We've Experienced Anything Like This Since I've Been Working In Agriculture"

Four students charged in threat to Belgrade schools


Booker's affordable housing plan: Tax credit, zoning changes

EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler: It's The Media's Fault People Are So Worried About# ClimateChange!

White Supremacists Keep Beating The Federal Government In Court

Two and a half years later, DHS still hasn't performed audits to see if votes were hacked in 2016

How Illinois became the first state legislature to legalize marijuana sales

The Rundown: June 4, 2019

This Month in Comics: May 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #38: Vampires, Jazz, and Magic (6/04/19 Edition)

Those clever Chinese ...

WaPo:Biden staff acknowledges lifting language from other groups for policy plans

Michael Wolff

The Bourgeois Blues

I got a 'personal invite' to a financial services seminar, do they check your ID when you get there?

Well, someone's excited about a trip to the Hague. Some of the replies are priceless!

Beto O'Rourke Releases Plan for Voting Rights

The Congress needs to confront Trump more about the subpoenas and contempt of Congress threats...?

"It's crystal clean, has to be crystal clean clear."

Kamala Harris rolls out proposal that would require states prove abortion laws were constitutional

Powerball winner of $344 million jackpot used numbers from fortune cookie

Beschloss tweet; King George VI implores Churchill to NOT join the forces in Overlord

ADP private-sector job growth tumbles to a 9-year low in May

Biden campaign confirms he supports controversial abortion rule: report

Joe Biden's long evolution on abortion rights still holds surprises

New poll shows both Biden and Sanders with sizable leads over Trump in Michigan

Why do so many dismiss the sex assault allegations against Assange?

NSIDC/NOAA - Arctic Sea Ice Extent In May 2nd-Lowest In 40-Year Instrumental Record

Russia's manipulation of Twitter was far vaster than believed

Why? Who got to him?

'What Does He Think He Is?': Chris Matthews Destroys Trump For Bringing His Sleazy Kids To London

Beto O'Rourke Wants Term Limits For Congress And The Supreme Court

Food stamps helped lift the US economy out of the Great Recession

Manafort will get no special treatment at Rikers Island, de Blasio says

'It was a political lynch mob': Steve King pledges to fight GOP over his exile

Democrat-led House passes Dreamers bill in rebuttal to Trump

Appeals court to revisit grand jury secrecy

Rie aka Suzuku Top Runner

Daniel Dale leaving Toronto Star to work for CNN full time...

Shots start to fly ahead of first Democratic debate

Terry McAuliffe eyes another run for Virginia governor

Judge Changes His Mind About Flynn Transcripts

Trump Blames 'Corrupt Media' for His Poor Poll Numbers

EXCLUSIVE: More safety concerns for Boeing as FAA says its 'Dreamliner' planes could lose braking

More Democrats Prioritize Women's Issues

Did he really say assault rifles are used for entertainment?

Peter Navarro is on CNN gish galloping away about how...

A recipe for POMMES ANNA, a dish Trump served to the Prince of Wales

Bullock reiterates that he won't run for MT-Sen

Wisconsin Legislature to send abortion bills to governor, who plans to veto them

Trump Tells Prince Charles: Don't Blame the U.S. for Climate Crisis

RAF Vet placing a wreath for his mates

Trump Cools on Plans to Pardon Alleged War Criminals

Wednesday TOONs - Inappropriately Dressed

How to spot a right wing extremist!

New York Times writes Draft Articles of Impeachment, based on Nixon & Clinton text

'Central Park Five' Prosecutor Resigns From Charity Boards Amid Backlash

Who at m$nbc decided that George Will should be giving Democrats advice on the next election?

Trump says he "would've been honored" to serve in Vietnam War

Republican: Trump Will Refuse to Leave White House If He Loses

Daniel Dale: I'm going to work for CNN! I'll be on the truth beat full-time starting June 17, ...

Dem Candidate Booed for Saying Socialism Isn't the Answer

Broken: Trump Farts at Table

Trump Goes Into Denial About USS John McCain: 'I'm Not Even Sure it Happened'

Omigod. Melania's latest hat must be in support of UFOs.

O'Rourke rolls out sweeping elections, government reform proposal (The Hill)

Trump Clarifies He Didn't Say Meghan Markle Was Nasty: 'I Said She Was Nasty About Me'

Piers Morgan asks Trump how he can support LGBTQ rights and ban transgenders from the military

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Explains Why 40,000 Americans Have To Die Every Year From Gunfire

Scientists Have Created The Loudest Possible Sound Underwater

There's a new Canadian dish out there!

Americans Say Fake News Bigger Problem Than Terrorism

Oregon weighs bill allowing victims of racially motivated 911 calls to sue

How Donald Trump for years used the royal family to gin up publicity for his properties

Congress needs to get onto the Twit for his personal spending. Like the millions he spends on golf.

Teacher Fired After Reporting Undocumented Students To Trump On Twitter

Republican, Democratic senators seek to block Trump Saudi arms sales

Amazing video of demographic changes over 170 years

Fox News' Dobbs: GOPer's Who Are Against Tariffs Are Traitors



Federal investigators to examine equipment from 2016 N.C. election amid renewed fears of Russian hac

US-China trade war to cost $455bn in lost output, says IMF

Autoworker says Trump's tariffs humiliate the US on the world stage...

David Hogg:Cis fragility is a hell of a drug

What happened?

It has begun. There are London-protest-Truthers.

Fredrick you magnificent beast - World's most handsome horse

2020 hopeful Inslee says U.S. foreign policy should be built around climate

Russian aircraft intercepts U.S. jet three times in three hours

The British really know how to stage a protest rally (photos)

When it comes to the presidency, The days of self enforcement are over, forever.

Meet the GOP operatives who aim to smear the 2020 Democrats -- but keep bungling it

Notables from trump's interview with Piers Morgan, oh my!

Flying Manta Rays in the Sea of Cortez during mating season.

Trump Says People Need Assault Weapons Used in Mass Shootings for 'Entertainment'

Steven Crowder cries after being called out for blatant homophobia

Bill to legalize assisted suicide in Maine goes to governor

Let me leave this right here...

Ocasio-Cortez says Manafort, others should be released from solitary confinement

A depressing survey on education in prisons

Ted Roosevelt on D-Day; "We'll start the war from right here!"

NARAL hits Biden for support of controversial abortion rule

Could Term Limits for Congress Put a Time Limit on Democracy?

AG Barr wants to make a deal.

Mom fell and broke her ankle yesterday

Pelosi denounces new tariffs amid Mexico trade talks -- live updates

Irish farmers warned not to cut grass, spread fertilizer during Trump's visit

Beschloss tweet; FDR writes to 9 year old RFK

Bernie plays ball: Three generations of Sanders join impromptu neighborhood baseball game

The Man Behind the Kremlin's Control of the Russian Media

LIVE-Stream: Walmart 2019 Annual Shareholders' Meeting

The Waltons - the owners of Walmart - earn $25,000 a minute.

I would like to see a new law in this country.

Navy raises traditional blue-and-white flags once again as it commemorates Battle of Midway

Get a backbone people.. your candidate will not survive if you do not

Trump administration cancels English classes, soccer, legal aid for unaccompanied child migrants in

AOC gets it wrong in tweet about Manafort 'solitary confinement'

Trump the nationalist celebrates D-Day's triumph of internationalism

How Payday Lenders Spent $1 Million at a Trump Resort -- and Cashed In

3 Americans found dead in same Dominican Republic resort within 5 days

Trump campaign requests DNC be sanctioned over election interference lawsuit, citing Mueller finding

"Well, isn't that special"

I just left the Walmart stockholders meeting ...

"I didn't know my Tweets were public"

I wrote a sonnet on the day of Trump's inauguration

Canadian Inquiry Calls Killings of Indigenous Women Genocide

Trump In Denial About Poor Standing on World Stage

Canadian Inquiry Calls Killings of Indigenous Women Genocide

The GOP's New Dirty Tricksters

Canadian Inquiry Calls Killings of Indigenous Women Genocide

Amid budget crisis, Army base considered for unaccompanied migrant children

Flavor packed, feast worthy sous vide chuck roast

You'd think, after all these years, when I drive up to the liquor store the

Photo: Bernie Sanders goes outside to talk the the workers

Trump's anti-abortion global gag rule harming women in Africa and Asia, report says

Can Democrats Win The Senate By Adding States? It's Been Done Before

Trump's anti-abortion global gag rule harming women in Africa and Asia, report says

First female CPR dummy created to help save women suffering from cardiac arrest

Trump's anti-abortion global gag rule harming women in Africa and Asia, report says

TRUMP re: Vietnam: "I wasn't out in the streets marching saying I'm going to move to Canada..."

Joe Biden Has the Most to Lose at the Debates

YouTube will remove more white supremacist and hoax videos, a more aggressive stance on hate speech

Local Columbus Dr to be charged for 25 accounts of murder

Bette Midler: I want to thank everyone who came to my defense last night

Columbus MD to be charged in 25 murder counts

Hey MSNBC, really, you just reported that ranchers down in New Mexico are complaining

Transcript: Senator Sanders - Walmart Shareholders Meeting June 5, 2019

Microplastic Pollution: People Eat 50K Plastic Particles A Year, Health Effects Unknown

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete 7th Season

YouTube Bans White Supremacists, 9/11 And Sandy Hook Truthers, Holocaust Deniers, Other Extremists

Central Park Five prosecutor under fire again after Netflix series

Whoever gets the nomination has the responsibility to unite the party and motivate the base

Church leader charged with child rape in US

American taxpayers paid over $90 billion more under Trump tax law

Gallup: Trump's Job Approval Trending Down, Now at 40%

The Army ignored her warnings about a dangerous colleague. Then he set her on fire

WHY did not one single talking head explain that impeachment is IN THE CONSTITUTION?///

MSNBC's treatment of Bill Clinton is disgraceful.

Homophobic Florida lawmaker claims victim hood

About this Gillibrand/Franken thing...

i'm watching the dimwit. this is raygun's third term.

Another place Trump gets his fashion sense

Trump: "If the Media was less corrupt, I'd be up by 15 points, If it was fair, I'd be up by 25"

There's Nothing "Pro-Life" About Sweeping Abortion Bans ("arbitrary killing of women by gov't)

There's Nothing "Pro-Life" About Sweeping Abortion Bans ("arbitrary killing of women by gov't)

There's Nothing "Pro-Life" About Sweeping Abortion Bans ("arbitrary killing of women by gov't)

Lives on the street because they don't make enough for an apartment.

There's Nothing "Pro-Life" About Sweeping Abortion Bans ("arbitrary killing of women by gov't)

Here's a link for my thread called Paris Food Photos!

The cutest thing you'll see all day...


Just had to kick a guy out of the clinic for coughing like crazy and refusing to wear a scrub mask.

Dutch girl was not 'legally euthanised' and died at home

Sen. Cantwell wants to double funds for affordable housing in Washington

Irish funeral firm rents out four limousines to Trump for $1m

Ancient Siberia was home to previously unknown humans, say scientists

MSNBC covering #BernieAtWalmart.

The Great generation gap of the 60's.

Bernie Sanders' campaign announces he'll march with McDonald's workers in Cedar Rapids Sunday ...

Bette Midler thanks those who defended her after Trump called her a 'washed up psycho'

Trump says he knows most of the Irish who live in the US -But doesn't know how to close an umbrella?

Trump administration imposes new restrictions on fetal tissue research

North Korea to halt Mass Games after Kim fury: Tour firms

Why hasn't Tim Ryan run for the Senate in Ohio vs the sleazy Rob Portman? Is Ohio that red?

Donald Trump likens Irish border issue to wall between US and Mexico

The secret history of Catholic caregivers and the AIDS epidemic

As tariffs bite, get ready for a 1970s-style supply shock

Sen. Cornyn asks Twitter to sign a Birthday Card for Trump

This is why we call our march Pride.

Give me some skin man!😋

Biden 48, Trump 44 in Texas, Quinnipiac University Poll finds

Trump administration cancels English classes, soccer, legal aid for unaccompanied child migrants in

Trump prepared to talk to Iran but says always a chance of military action

NY Senate passes historic bill for adoptee rights

Cuba cruise ship ban unsettles travelers

Arrests along Mexico border surged again in May, blowing past 'breaking point'

Some Parkland Parent's all in on blaming...

V.A. Prepares for Major Shift in Veterans' Health Care

Paul Lee Ticks tweet:

Trump, Unloved in Britain, Still Tries to Play Kingmaker

Never get a "beagle" in Canada. I'm sitting in a Tim Hortons in the

Elizabeth Warren : Unions built the middle class and unions will rebuild the middle class.

So I am driving listening to the 40s songs and there is a song

Happy hunting': Border Patrol searches on buses increase

Joy Behar on tariffs and McConnell:

CNN Poll: Over Half of Americans Believe Trump Will Win in 2020

Was he holding one of these folders to offer a toast to the queen?

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! We will NEVER go back!!

Former White House photographer trolls Trump's visit to UK with Obama throwbacks

How Donald Trump for years used the royal family to gin up publicity for his properties

Trump 'making up for not serving in Vietnam' with increased defense spending now

Notre-Dame fire: Lead test call for pregnant women and children

Who remembers the 73 oil embargo?

Rebut of D'Sgracen D'Saster points to a earlier radical-right power grab

Trump to speak at Lincoln Memorial during Fourth of July celebration

Chipotle says Mexican tariffs could cost it an additional $15 million, possibly forcing price rises

Stable Genius defines "climate change." Please don't be eating or drinking when you read this.

Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon surges to record high

Biden just blasted Trump on one of his biggest weaknesses.

Here's What The Army's First Ever Operational Hypersonic Missile Unit Will Look Like

EXCLUSIVE Top House Democrat Intros Bill Requiring Feds to Track White-Supremacist Terror

D-Day paratroopers (in their 90s) land in Normandy

Democrats fail to mollify impeachment crowd

La Luz Del Mundo Leader Charged With Child Sex Crimes in Los Angeles

Kirsten Gillibrand: It's time to legalize marijuana nationwide. Here's my plan to do it.

Monroe man gets 1 year in jail for threats to massacre Jews

"A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate. It's this guy."

BTRTN May 2019 Month in Review: Stuck Inside of No Deal with Those Endless Blues Again

BTRTN May 2019 Month in Review: Stuck Inside of No Deal with Those Endless Blues Again

Biden and Sanders with sizable leads over Trump in Michigan

Quelle horreur! Labor strife threatens world's Nutella supply

People eat at least 50,000 plastic particles a year, study finds (Guardian)

Texas may be a battleground state-Biden up 4% over trump in Texas

People eat at least 50,000 plastic particles a year, study finds

Draft Charter of Pompeo's "Commission on Unalienable Rights" Hides Anti-Human Rights Agenda

Trump's now at Trump International Golf Links Doonbeg, his 192nd day at a Trump golf club.

Virginia governor launches effort to remove discriminatory laws

State Dept Boosted Hawks In Attacks On Iranian-American Anti-War Advocates

Nightmare: stretcher under helicopter going into uncontrollable spin

ACLU claims criminal record screening at Virginia apartment complex is racially biased

Ok, can anyone tell me what happened in Cuba?

Democrats plan Capitol Hill event to put Trump's mental health under fire


When interviewed Donald Trump didn't like Vietnam and would rather have fought in WWII

Child Abuse American Style

He would have turned 72 today: Tom Evans, of Badfinger

Police investigate body found outside ex-lawmaker's home


'Frankly, it stinks:' Virginia's GOP freshmen say they're frustrated by minority status in US House

ABC raid: Outcry as Australian police search public broadcaster

New research explores the mechanics of how birds flock

ABC raid: Outcry as Australian police search public broadcaster

Smartphone relaxation app helps some manage migraine

Face the Facts: Democrats Must Move to the Center to Win Senate Control

Pelosi: Trump is "Notion Mongering" to Distract from Mueller Report

Northam pushes GOP on gun control, but some advocates see little hope for special session

If you are looking for a really good pre- D-Day movie,

That famous Muslim athlete, Muhammad Ali

Make that four political parties for Lincoln Chafee

Seth Abramson: Barr has participated in a clear course of deceit.

Fear of 'killer shrimps' could pose major threat to European rivers

Orange faced man in bad tails

When will the DNC announce the 2 debate stage names?

Chicken farmers thought Trump was going to help them, but his administration did the opposite

Troops charged in Green Beret's death in Mali planned to record him being sexually assaulted, Marine

Sanders crashes Walmart meeting, blasts 'starvation wages'

The Irish Trip: Rotting Flesh Pt. 5

Man shot in home by Lynchburg police files federal lawsuit seeking $12M in damages

Amazon is helping police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells

Former Head of Pentagon's Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell

6 in 10 People Unsatisfied with State of Democracy in Brazil

80 arrested in Virginia cockfighting raid, authorities say

Bolsonaro Pushes for An Evangelical Justice in Brazilian Supreme Court

State officials blasted for poor oversight of Medicaid programs

Lead Prosecutor Recommends Semi-Open Prison Regime for Lula

MSNBC's Steve Kornacki is why I can't and don't watch polls

Nurse Beaten by Patient Denied Request for Unpaid Time Off and Fired

Trump has failed the heroes of D-Day - By Max Boot

Sex is like a bank account

I find all sorts of stuff riding my bicycle...

Really? TPM "Neal Balks At Using New New York State Law To Get Trump Tax Returns"

MC Reaa: Worthy of Homage and Praise by President Bolsonaro

Are we welcome anywhere?

Poll: 74 percent of Americans say former Trump officials should obey congressional subpoenas

Portland company creates plastic that can dissolve in water

Trump Planted 5 Stories About Royals Moving Into Trump Tower: CNN

DHS Chief: 24 cases of false paternal claims found at border in first days of DNA testing

Yea... Biden Voted for the Hyde Amendment....

Trumpites go bugshit over black women graduating from West Point

OK, time to fess up. Who did this?

A W.Va. bishop spent millions on himself and sent cash to cardinals and young priests before...

Cocoa's child laborers

What questions do you have for Senator @BernieSanders? We'll be interviewing him live ...

***So Joe Biden is the ONLY Democrat winning Texas.***

For Pride Month he posted a photo of himself in a rainbow turban. Then Barack Obama retweeted it

Warren's Astonishing Plan for Economic Patriotism

(Jewish Group) Police investigate Labour member who wrote 'I hate Jews!' on Facebook

Centrists warn of 'slippery slope' after Democrats skirt rules to fund agenda

Dad and baby have a great conversation

Hickenlooper, Warren oppose Hyde Amendment

Palmer Report: Trump's day so far....

Deaf And Blind Dog Knows Special Language

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, June 5, 1981: Pneumocystis Pneumonia --- Los Angeles

Link to a cool chart that shows the clear deception of Barr

Fired for asking Trump to deport undocumented students

Trump ends fetal tissue research by federal scientists

Just a coincidence, I'm sure: Trump brags about grabbing women "by the pussy" and

Bipartisan pushback over arms sales

Business worried about trade war

One man's socialism is another's mainstream political beliefs

DU Poll: How long will it take the US to recover from tRump?

Cordial Trump belies mistrust of U.K. intelligence

"Echo in the Canyon"

Gerrymandering expert was paid $2 mil US for census citizenship question


We will now see how organized Biden's campaign is.....

Free Belmont Stakes PP's....

We are amused as Trump's court storms the palace

Watch these teeny tiny eggs hatch into the cutest little birds!


Stephen Strang Defends Preacher Kenneth Copeland's Private Jet

Pelosi: Trump treating Mexico 'like an enemy'

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of: Fan Favorites Edition

How 'bout them apples: Trump tariff threatens Mexico trade

Trump makes conditions worse for concentration camps

Because they're dogs...

On Lawrence ODonnel last eve, Michael Wolff said Melania is basically living in Maryland with

Cartoons 6/5/19

Exposing the Racism Hidden in the "Pro-Life" Movement

Leaked audio reveals Pompeo saying US has struggled to keep Maduro opposition united

Fact-checking Trump's false claims on climate

It doesn't matter whether Trump is a genius or an idiot: his media strategy works

They Live (featuring jarvanka):

Ocasio-Cortez calls Jay Inslee's climate plan the 'gold standard'

Intel Shows Saudi Arabia Escalated Missile Program

Chasten Buttigieg Has Some Questions For The Straight Pride Parade Arseholes*

Trump Claims He Made The Air Cleaner Just By Being President

Nate Silver Reads DU Primaries

GOP Chair Claims D-Day Anniversary Should Be About 'Celebrating Our President'

Dem lawmakers blast Trump for opening door to mining in Grand Canyon

That is some serious water heading for Texas/Louisiana

This Little Boy And His Mom Take Care of 70 Rescued Farm Animals

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 6 June 2019

Mexico has brought it's own demands to tariff talks.

Legal expert's devastating side-by-side comparison of Barr and Mueller statements shows exactly how

S&P 500 Has Performed Far Worse Under Trump Than Under Obama

Netflix just notified me that Season 5 of Black Mirror is up!

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 5, 2019

Motorcyclist receives award from PETA for saving Bald Eagle

lolol at the Orange Bloat 'They were dropping tar-pole-uns (WTF) over the John McCain for painting'

Boston's Straight Pride Parade Is Even Worse Than You Think (spoiler: they're nazis)

Thousands Could Perish Annually In US If Global Heating Not Curbed, Study Finds

Trump: "I now make up for" not serving in Vietnam, "sees similarities" between himself & Churchill

Little dog watching the rain. (Video from Twitter)

Paras now in their 90s leap into Normandy once again 75 years after they jumped on D-Day and started

I like Joe as a human being, but we can do better.

Were the primary in Michigan held today, my vote goes to the one

Andrew Yang Policy on ROBO-CALLING TEXT LINE

Andrew Yang Policy on ROBO-CALLING TEXT LINE

House Democrats plan event to scrutinize Trump's mental health

I heard that there are some disastrous employment numbers

These KU Students Are Helping Revive Journalism In Eudora, Kansas

Planned Parenthood Lawyers: Missouri Officials Are Not Following Licensing Procedures

Polls flash 2020 warning for Trump

Grads Burst Into Laughter As Dog Steals The Show During Ceremony

Warren: Hyde Amendment should not be American law

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Uber. Anyone tried to use it today? The app seems to have shut down?

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75 years ago my 20 year old dad was dropped in Normandy

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