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No red carpet most subtle #British burn ever.

Senator Harris IS a top tier candidate

Mexico draws red line on asylum before talks on Trump's tariff threat

Mexico draws red line on asylum before talks on Trump's tariff threat

No matter how much you criticize Trump, he is consistent.

The Sky News team covering Trump's visit to Westminster couldn't help laughing at him

Buttigieg on Franken resignation process

Wishful thinking on my part

Julian Castro releases People First Policing plan

Children of the Corn. The whole family looked dreadful for the banquet.

Tea with Prince Charles and Camilla and The State Banquet -- Part 3 and 4

Ex-Partner Alleges Trumps Evaded Taxes in Panama

The Man Who Would Be King

Monsieur Creosote, Monty Python: The Meaning of Life

People first Policing

Barr's zealous defense of Trump makes it impossible to trust his legal judgment

It should've been me!

Trump SNUB? US President touches down in UK but NO RED CARPET rolled out - 'Not formal'

"maternity tux"

Get Rhythm

The Invention That Won World War II

Trudeau lances problems. This is what liberals do. Take the hit. Lead.

Itty Bitty Dwarf Puppy Grows Up To Be An Adorable Terror

I just joined the Satanic Temple.

Tweet of the Day

Guys Fly Across The Country To Save 23 Puppies

A friend of my Son is a music teacher

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Fridaze!

Pastor apologizes to congregation over Trump prayer

Watch this nervous dog blossom into the bravest little boy!

Members of The Royal Family having an EXCELLENT time listening to President Trump

UK protestors troll trump with these images projected onto buildings

O'Rourke pays El Paso, Trump's campaign still owes $470,000

Destiny brought this guy and a starving puppy together on the most remote island 💛

"Tremendous" Crowds"? There are more police officers here than spectators. Poor Trump

the "Lois Lerner" talking point

The Denver International Airport Gargoyle...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

John Boehner: From Speaker of the House to Cannabis Pitchman

We Tried the Blue Milk at "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge"

Theresa Greenfield (IA-SEN) Campaign Announcement Video: "Worth Fighting For"

Gov. Newsom rejects parole for Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten

You're Welcome.

Trump blasts "Deep State Tailor"

just found a new nostalgia station on D*SH...

Just want to give a shout-out to Hulu.

A Muslim school board candidate was pepper-sprayed during a traffic stop.

hbomberguy - Climate Denial: A Measured Response

This. Just this.

One-third of orca task force recommendations moving forward

Ex-Business Partner Alleges Trump Organization Evaded Taxes in Panama By Matt Stieb

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson wants to play in NFL until he's 45

If I never see Chris Matthews moderate another a town hall it'll be too soon.

The View's Whoopi Goldberg offers cryptic explanation for Meghan McCain-Joy Behar absences

Inslee: The climate crisis gains traction, his candidacy doesn't

You're On The Path To Capitalism! 💀 BILLYBOB BILLY 💀 TWITCH RP 💀 GTA 5 Roleplay

Inslee: The climate crisis gains traction, his candidacy doesn't

The number of people over age 65 using marijuana is increasing faster than any other age group.

Meet the foster puppies - Mookie and Betts!

Duncan Hunter, defending accused war criminal, says he 'killed probably hundreds of civilians'

Leslie Van Houten

McCain and Obama used to taunt Trump in UK

Chomsky and Herman's Propaganda Model Foretells a Weaponized Facebook

Suffragist Appreciation Thread: 19th Amendment Passes the Senate, June 4, 1919.

After hearing the Nader story tonite on Rachel's show

NYT - Goldberg "Democratic Voters Want Impeachment. The House Dawdles."

6/3 Morning Consult poll - Biden leads by 19% nationally, 22% in early primary states

Breaking News: It's Only Monday and We're Already Drowning in Buttholes (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Candidate John Delaney gets booed for trashing Medicaire For All

Dylan, Dave & Bernie! Here's Dylan pitching to grandpa!

Sunday is music day.

*Just Released Morning Consult Democratic Primary Poll* - Joe 38% Sanders: 19% (-1) Warren 10% +(1)

Princess Anne tasked with sitting next to Jared Kushner at State Banquet

AMAZING interview with Ry Cooder

GOP lawmakers discuss vote to block Trump's new tariffs on Mexico, in what would be a dramatic act o

Supreme Court to hear pirate ship case

Clyburn walks back impeachment comments

Senate passes bill to deny entry for individuals who meddle in US elections

House to hold contempt vote for AG Bill Barr, Don McGahn next week

Luckovich: Toasted (DT meets the Queen)

Live from London, it's caption time!

Assistance Please - The Last Word - censored in...

Seib (WSJ): What Joe Biden Is Revealing About Democrats

Democrats Plan To Go Around Pelosi on Impeachment

Speaker Pelosi as Atticus Finch. Defend the Constitution in the face of certain jury nullification.

Different approaches for Minnesota's two GOP newcomers in Congress

Mississippi River flooding approaches records set in 1993

The Coming GOP Apocalypse

Republicans for the Rule of Law call for impeachment

Was Nader the Trump guy that went to Prague (and not Cohen)?

Even Trump's invisible crowds are the biggest ever

House overcomes GOP objections and clears disaster bill


Botched family reunifications left migrant children waiting in vans overnight

Could someone please Photoshop some ballerina legs on to trump

The Daily Show: Trump Hits the U.K., Beefs with London's Mayor & Gets Negged by Buckingham Palace

I still have my marbles,

U.S. Moving Toward Major Antitrust Investigation Of Tech Giants

Sanders slams 'anti-Semitic article' about his wealth

The Daily Show: Mitch McConnell's Supreme Court Villainy & A Weatherman's Outrage

2 hikers missing at Mount Rainier National Park

Pete Buttigieg on good, evil and Dick Gephardt

"Dead to me " Netflix. We loved it. Christina Applegate

There was a branch in my tree that snapped off...

Protester grabs Kamala Harris' microphone on stage

A former business partner alleges the Trumps evaded taxes in Panama

What are all these tariffs doing to your 401(k)?

Incredible Parkour video

Sharing posts

Breaking Stereotypes about Homeless People.

Transportation Department seeks to crack down on pipeline protests

Los Angeles judge dismisses all riot charges against 3 members of reputed white nationalist group

Pete Buttigieg on Impeachment

David Platt (McLean Church)2014 elected prez of SoBapt Internatnl Mission Board

trump is not welcome here

Royal State Dinner, Queen Elizabeth II Remarks

Harrisburg city school district may soon be under state control, as Pa. Education department

to General Discussion:

Joe Biden: R's will have an "epiphany" after DT leaves WH, and they'll work with D's.

You know that saying "You can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out"?

Phoenix Cops Bash Muslims, Call Black People Thugs in Shocking Facebook Posts

Houston knows Beto O'Rourke is right: Environmental racism is real here and throughout America

Houston knows Beto O'Rourke is right: Environmental racism is real here and throughout America

One of these is an over-exaggerated, one-dimensional caricature, the other is The Mask

Judge to decide next week if AG Shapiro can block looming UPMC-Highmark split

"I'm wasted and I can't find my way home"...

The Beatles "Just Rattle Your Jewelry" Royal Variety Performance

Is it our constitutional right to live in a world safe from climate change?

New Report Suggests 'High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End' in 2050

GOP divided over how to stop Trump's trade wars

'Why does Ivanka have a maxi pad stuck to her head?' and other hilarious quips about the Trumps' UK

Woman Charged With Battery For Throwing Milk Shake GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz

Retired coal miners seek Congress's help to preserve their pensions

Argentina's Macrisis: Country risk surpasses 1000 basis points

Argentina's Macrisis: Country risk surpasses 1000 basis points

Post tracks that are amazing leftovers.

Crazed Rudy Giuliani Threatens To Sue Robert Mueller For $17 Million

Subpoenas Issued To Trump's Mar-a-Lago Over Connections To Massage Parlor Tycoon

Time to Fix It, Just Fix Wilmington's Landlord Problem

more creepy pictures from the palace

Remember when Dotard urged the Duchess of Cambridge to take her clothes off?

Democrats push for $15 an hour minimum wage

Look at the kids reaction to meeting a real President. Someone they trust and look up to.

My prediction came true...

Kushner is a mealy mouth piece of glorified shit...with brown speckled highlighting


Thom Hartmann: Healthcare Industry owns Republican Party & half the Democrats

The pedophiles weren't in the pizza parlor basement, they were on The Big Cons plane...

Protesters troll Trump with images of Obama, USS John S. McCain

Last-Minute Maneuvers Attempt to Derail Hogan Road-Widening Plan


They are all missing the point...

If You Think Impeaching Trump Will Rally His Supporters, You Don't Understand The Authoritarian Mind

Berlin man owes Delaware bank $4.2 million in restitution after 4-year fraud scheme

Need soup!

If Bob Mueller was George Washington

Metro GM Cleared to Take Next Step for Rail Heavy Repair and Overhaul Facility

Chesapeake Bay: Pennsylvania called 'weakest link' by Bay Foundation. Maryland weighs in

Manafort is getting transferred to Riker's Island

Amtrak upgrades underway between Baltimore and Washington D.C.

ICE now wants to DNA test as many as 100,000 migrants based on 'fake families' claims

Attorneys meet with judge for Capital Gazette shooting case, set motions hearing date

Princess Cruise Lines and its Parent Company Plead Guilty to Environmental Probation Violations,



CVS Caremark To Pay $15M In Overtime Case At Lee's Summit And Other Call Centers

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/3/19

Santa Barbara County Man Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud in Investment Fraud Schemes that Promised

To See Their Clients In Jackson County's Jail, Attorneys Now Must Remove Their Bras

Stephen Colbert - Guest Wanda Sykes: What's Going On Now Is 'Not Normal'

Rialto Capital Management and Current Owner of Indiana Hospital to Pay $3.6 Million to Resolve False

He literally nodded off at a State frigging Banquet

The Queen of The United Kingdom - some clarification

Maryland Court Upholds $1.3M Ruling in Cigarette Butt Fire Case Against Steamfitters Union

Selections from Cornish, Butterworth, Delius

Twitter users: Please provide DU steam to #CancelLindaFairstein

'Pumping heart patch' ready for human use

Another trans woman murdered

Councilmembers, Sex Workers, and Allies Introduce Bill to Decriminalize Sex Work in D.C.

Very simple traditional eastern-european dill-soup.

Virginia College students sue DeVos for reinstating controversial for-profit college accreditor

This is wrong on sooooo many levels... BUT

A Muslim school board candidate was pepper-sprayed during a traffic stop. She decried it as police

Confederate monument at Capitol vandalized

Baby Trump balloon live here from The Sun YouTube

Transgender woman who had been in ICE custody dies in El Paso after falling ill

Third Sandy Hook case against Alex Jones heads to appeal court

(Jewish Group) Nearly Two-Thirds Of Hate Crimes In New York This Year Have Been Anti-Semitic

(Jewish Group) Neighbors of San Francisco Holocaust memorial receive antisemitic hate mail

Man who threw a boy off a mall balcony given 19-year sentence

I just saw the Con texting and farting on a toilet in

(Jewish Group) Trump Complained That 'Jews Always Flip,' Michael Wolff Writes in New Book

Mnuchin's next *reason* for ducking out early from Maxine's committee hearing...

This Is What Jerusalem Looked Like Just Months After Photography Was Invented

New Mexico Democrats pick new executive director

How the oil industry and Russia trivialize the Druzhba pipeline disaster

100 Years Ago Today; U.S. Congress approves 19th Amendment to the Constitution - Patriarchy Slain

DRC Ebola cases pass 2,000, prompting call for 'total reset'

State Appeals Court rejects 'chemical' refund case

New head and neck cancer drug could help patients live longer

El Paso Electric to be sold for $4.3 billion

Question about serving on a jury. Is it normal to be asked to drive 120 miles (round trip)

No, I didn't just inhale two Whoppers With Cheese. Why do you ask?

Biden Issues Climate Plan That Aims Well Beyond Obama's Goal

Biden's lead shrinks in Tuesday released CNN poll.

Lawsuit claims oil boom imperils Carlsbad Caverns

United States Reaches Settlement with Arlington Public Schools to Ensure Equal Opportunities for Eng

Republicans discussing measure to block Trump's Mexico tariffs

30 years Ago Today; Tiananmen Square Massacre

Why do Donald Trump's tailors hate him?

Apparently, trump* unleashed his "Inner Royal", last night

Karine Jean-Pierre - Hero and Badass

"XOXO." What a fun movie!

Emily Thornberry: Trump is a 'sexual predator' and 'racist'

Kamala Harris is so Good with Young People

Midwestern Flooding Just Goes On And On - Guardian

CNN Poll: Biden continues to lead crowded Democratic field

Beto O'Rourke pays bill for El Paso rally, Donald Trump still owes $470,000

Missouri Drops Plan To Deal W. Coal Ash That Did Not Address Groundwater Contamination

Donnie's 'Game of Throne'

Joe Biden's climate plan targets net-zero emissions by 2050

Christopher Steele, the Trump Dossier Author, to Be Questioned by U.S. Officials

Broomstraw Philosophers and Scuppernog Wine

Andrew Wheeler Whines About How Unfair The Press Is, Not Covering EPA's Great Work Under Trump

TalkRadio sacks George Galloway over 'antisemitic views'

Migrant Kids 'Kept in Van for 39 Hours' Before Reunifications With Parents

Clyburn walks back impeachment comments

Why Jared Polis vetoed 5 bills, and what it could mean for thousands of licensed professionals in

Manafort to Be Sent to Rikers Island

EPA Sued For Banning 23 Scientists From Advisory Panels, Replacing W. Industry Reps

Queen Elizabeth gifts Trump a book by Winston Churchill on WWII that he

Abolish Deadly Border Policy & Decriminalize Kindness

Dems to call Watergate star John Dean to testify on Mueller report

Trump administration asks court for emergency approval to proceed with border wall

Pete Buttigieg Destroys Trump's Tariffs And Showed Farmers Why They Should Support Democrats

Bennet meets polling criteria for first Democratic debates

Bennet meets polling criteria for first Democratic debates

The Finance 202: Manufacturing slips as signs grow of softening Trump economy

Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia is spending $20,000 on ads touting his work -- even though

If he didn't deserve impeachment, we would have said so...

Trump tries to upend the 2020 map

Trump to departing Theresa May: 'Stick around, let's do this deal'

Awesome parade for you dude!

Colorado's first openly gay governor signs two of state's most significant LGBTQ measures into law

"The calls are coming from inside the Palace" Jared & Ivanka's taxpayer-funded jaunt to England.

Sanders vs. Warren: Candidates crowd each other in hunt for progressive voters

Have you seen this Trump statue? (And it talks)

▶️ Podcast: Hear the Bern: Episode 9: Borders & Boxes: The Fight for Immigration Justice

The Impeachment Caucus

Trump Spends Campaign Money on Trump Tower

The Statue Of Taking Liberties

Go London!

For Next 10 Days, Clear Skies, Record Warmth Forecast For Already Shredded Arctic Icepack

GOP Senate Majority May Be in Peril

If Democrats Pull Their Punches, Donald Trump Will Knock Them Out

US abortion policy is 'extremist hate' and 'torture', says UN commissioner

Irked By Trump Rapport With RNC Head, Kushner Claims Campaign Has Fundraising Problem

A wealthy televangelist explains his fleet of private jets: 'It's a biblical thing'

Conservation groups release attack ad against Gov. Kate Brown re protecting gray wolves.

Progressive groups want Democrats, Pelosi to do more to impeach Trump

THis may be the final pic from the big Royal State Banquet affair-I've not seen this photo elsewhere


State Bar of California Proceeding To Place Avenatti On Involuntary Inactive Status

Who Do Non-Religious Democrats Prefer?

Dumpy's presser in London on now

MVP chants broke out during Game 2 of the NBA Finals -- for Barack Obama

Who wore it better?

58 Republican Assholes Voted Against Disaster Relief (Including PR) - Here's The List

Trump still doesn't know how bills are passed.

UPDATE: Husband is home and fine. And I love all y'all. ❤️

Joe's Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice

Clever "new" eco-friendly supermarket packaging

California F&W find man who killed 159 birds (hawks, harriers, flickers)

'Trump baby' blimp takes to the sky as mass protests of US president begin in London

Seth Abramson Connects the Dots

Trump Visiting Church in Golf Attire: That Dotard 'Billionaire' Can't Even Afford a Tailor.

In presser trump declared there were MILLIONS & MILLIONS of people coming through Mexico

Market Crashes As World Realizes Trump Is Stupid (Tariffs)

Tuesday TOONs - Royal Flush

The Final, Absolute Truth About Race & IQ

Breakfast Tuesday 4 June 2019

Today, I'm handing over my social media to Walmart workers to tell their stories - #EndWalmartGreed

Questions for any British/UK members of DU

London Mayor Dismisses Trump's 'Childish' Insults: 'Sort of Hate I'd Expect From an 11-Year Old'

About 7:00 AM on the Fox Business Channel I heard this from some Fox Blond/Brunette ...

I hope to hell we are not about pull another 2010

Trump Humiliates Himself By Appearing Not To Know What Brexit Is

Poll: Biden leads Trump by double digits in battleground North Carolina

REVEALED: Manafort family's mysterious $1 million lender

Catholic Priest: Women Must Cover Their Shoulders at Mass to Protect Male Purity

The Rundown: June 3, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 05/29/19

So I didn't see Elton John anywhere in today's coverage of the Visit...

Joe's Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice

Trump: Mexico tariffs will 'likely' go into effect Monday despite talks

How Elizabeth Warren would create a clean energy economy

How racism almost killed women's right to vote

Virginia Gov. Northam calling for special session of legislature to take up gun control

Netflix: Bathtubs over Broadway

Priest Begs Parishioners Not to Leave Church Over Rhode Island Bishop's Anti-LGBTQ Tweets

PangeaSeed's Sea Walls Program Works to Save Earth's Oceans One Mural at a Time

New Cuba travel restrictions imposed by Trump administration

Trump - Queen gift exchange

Trump Underwater In North Carolina

Conservative Newsmax CEO calls Trumps 'American royalty'

Dana Milbank: Americans must accept that none of these things ever happened

Virginia Governor Announces Special Session on Gun Control

{{Apparently a photoshop ::rats}}

Trump gloated about John McCain's cancer and cruelly mocked 'donut' Meghan McCain for crying: Wolff

Trump Claims U.K. Is Biggest Trade Partner for U.S.

Trump puts new restrictions on Cuba travel, banning most educational and recreation trips

Powell, Eyeing Trade War, Says Fed Will Act to Sustain Expansion


Australia is officially the "Florida" for the rest of Earth

First on CNN: White House directs Hicks, Donaldson to withhold White House documents from House pane

The Mueller Report is just the tip of the iceberg.

Michael Gerson: Franklin Graham has played his ultimate Trump card

The (very) thin line between love and hate.

Biden unveils $1.7T climate plan, vows to reject fossil fuel money

The people of Great Britain want to know why Trump wears more women's makeup than the Queen

Trump says NHS must be 'on the table' in post-Brexit trade deal

Daniel Ellsburg - the indictment of Julian Assange is the first shot in new war against journalism

The 45 King - 900 Number

It's over! No need for Impeachment. trump's done!!!!

Trump is a low IQ buffoon who thinks everything is a political cult rally

Breaking on CNN. WH orders Hope Hicks to

Ah well yet again

Stopped at the diner with our sons after the gym

Does AOC speak for all of America, or just . . .

Starting a daily meditation practice.

Time for the House to start withholding from the White House

I understand Hope Hicks' family has money, but they're not stupid rich. And she doesn't work in a

What worked so well in 2018... lather, rinse, repeat!!

Is anyone watching the hearing on Threats to Reproductive Rights in America ?

Scripps Oceanographic: May Atmospheric CO2 414.8 ppm; 2nd-Highest Annual Jump On Record (3.5 ppm)

The faster impeachment begins the more it favors Trump

Sudan: how Arab autocrats conspired to thwart reformists' hopes

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week

Trump: "I think I look amazing"

This is some REALLY scary shit from a schoolteacher:

Tweet of the Day - from British comedy writer Jim Felton

What was the Queen's gift to Whiny Donny?

Pastor apologizes after Trump visit

Climate Change Is Our World War III. Our Civilization Is At Stake. Joseph Stiglitz.

Twitler Tweeting on the Toilet in London

Is an acorn an oak tree ??? Is a tomato seed a tomato ???

I believe it is wrong to charge Americans astronomical prices for life-saving drugs

The Duchess of Cornwall winked behind Trump's back. What was she telling us?

He has been on Rapid Re-houseing for a year and a half. Girlfriend dies while waiting.

I just self-deleted the Mrs, Betty Bowers "London protests" thread.

I guess I have been out of touch a bit, what is Trump trying to do with the NHS?

Hope Hicks To Turn Over Some Documents

You have been taken hostage. Coming to your rescue is/are the last person/people you saw on TV.

Trump Tells Demonstrable Lies in Front of Entire World During International Press Conference

AOC Grills Military Contractor for Wasting Tax Dollars.

For all of those of a certain age.. working on any primary/caucaus

Trump's limo passed in sight of the baby blimp

My favorite sign from London-

tRump setting on a toilet in Trafalgar Square.

The Queen invited ONLY Donald and Melamine, his grifter brood tags along, demanding royal treatment.

Nigel Farage faces ban from EU parliament for failure to declare gifts

TN District Attorney: Gay People Not Protected by Domestic Violence Laws Because Marriages...

What god looks like

Nigel Farage has arrived at the US ambassador's residence

Farage faces ban from EU parliament for failure to declare gifts

South Korean led CFC headquarters will be at Camp Humphreys not MND

No, Trump does not "win" if the Senate refises to remove him from office.

Jambalaya - Reina del Cid

The Brits' sign game is fierce!

Lawmaker Says He's the Victim of 'Social Media Lynching'...

A better photo of Trump's attire at the state dinner:

Trial begins in the case of ASU teacher charged with harboring undocumented immigrants

Missouri Abortion Ban Opponents Could Face Referendum Snag

Why Change UK's split was inevitable

Andrew Yang Policy on MAKING TAXES FUN

Andrew Yang Policy on MAKING TAXES FUN

Good News is she's been removed from Airbnb

Tim Wise.

Trump complained about not being able to watch Fox News in the UK despite it being cancelled

The mainstream media has been ignoring Trump's attacks on LGBTQ rights for weeks

Donald Trump says the 'NHS and anything else' is on the table in post-Brexit trade deal negotiations

The era of James Holzhauer has come to an end. Join us as we look back on his best moments.

Breaking up is easy/hard.

Anyone else here a fan of both Pelosi and AOC?

More witchcraft, this time in Canada:

My dog got into the dirty laundry and made himself an Ivanka hat.

Nigel Farage defends BP MEP Ann Widdecombe's comments that science will find answer to homosexuality

London's Mayor Compared Trump to an Eleven Year Old Child

Trump baby right beside passing Trump convoy

Pastor of VA church apologizes: "I didn't mean to endorse the president...."

Do you remember S.I Hayakawa?

Trump in the U.K. - The Daily Show

Dilberts gonna Dilbert-Straight Pride Parade in Boston

Trump takes flack on Twitter for ill-fitting tails

Former Trump campaign chairman Manafort may go to Rikers Island jail: source

House Inches Toward Impeachment With Mueller Report Hearings

Trump Proved One Thing in His Visit with the Royals:

Trump looks truly miserable in his formal wear and waist coat...

Trump baby blimp 'stabbed with sharp object' by pro-Trump activist in London (not the main one)

Roy Jeffs, son who spoke out against infamous polygamous leader dies

The Con Fails Basic Literacy Test - down memory lane

WATCH: Trump Supporter Who Calls Herself 'Based Amy' Stabs Baby Trump Balloon

Arkansas woman removes mannequin hanging from tree after pushback

Cats wearing cameras:

Happy 77th birthday, Capitol Records.

Trump Stock Market Up Measley 1.6% Over Last Year

EU legal expert says online defamation enforceable worldwide

Tiananmen Square survivor reflects 30 years later: "I'm heartbroken"

Lactose Against The Intolerant Part Two

Trump administration approved Saudi nuclear transfers after Khashoggi murder

Who here knows how to make a proper hard boiled egg?

Trump, his tuxedo and medals

I have bad news. Trump has figured something out.

Photos appear to show Prince Harry avoiding Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace

VIDEO: Trump Supporter Who Calls Herself 'Based Amy' Stabs Baby Trump Balloon

Appeals court grants Meek Mill a hearing in '08 conviction

Larry the Cat under the beast - refused to leave

NRA responds to Gillibrand put-down by posting her 2008 letter praising gun-rights group

The Universe Reveals Its True Colors in This Stunning Milky Way Photo

Ethiopia religious anger over US gay tour plan

Ethiopia religious anger over US gay tour plan

Anti-Trump protesters flood London streets

Hope Hicks defies Donny Dollhands

A talking point to "undecided voters" is shown today: Trump made fun of a person dying of cancer.

Not too thrilled with Biden

Rare Sight! 2 Newborn Alien Planets Spotted Around Distant Star

Paul Manafort to be transferred to New York City's notorious Rikers Island

Senator: Oligarch linked to Kremlin earned millions while fighting extradition to U.S.


What's for Dinner, Tues., June 4, 2019

Chris Wallace Scolds Gillibrand For Calling Out Fox News 'Infanticide' Lies-Plays Into FOX News Plan

Mexico tariffs would be bad for denim-loving Americans

U.S. SEC sues social media firm Kik for 'illegal' initial coin offering

84 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

These 43 Republicans voted against disaster relief funding after demanding it for their own states

Rick Steves to give $1 million yearly to stop climate change

Trump concerned that Brexit is taking a long time, Farage says after meeting

Son who spoke out against infamous polygamous leader dies

How a war hero became a 'trigger' for Trump

EXCLUSIVE: How Trump neighbor and supporter William Koch avoided paying hundreds of millions in taxe

Eugene Robinson: Trump's visit a test of Brits' stiff upper lips

Five years ago today Trump Tweeted this.

Trump administration halts cruises to Cuba under new rules

On Trump wearing heels and lifts.

It's time to celebrate! My vegetable garden is FINALLY planted!

The Best Ways London Is Trolling Trump

Trump said Russia was getting out of Venezuela. The Kremlin says that's not true.

Cartoons 6/4/19

Trump said Russia was getting out of Venezuela. The Kremlin says that's not true.

2 utility workers dead after power pole falls on them in Marble Falls

trump/orangutan in cage (at London protests)

Bennet does well in his town hall, but how much good will it do him?

!!? Trump 'UK's NHS on the table in trade deal!!'--will this claim torpedo Brexit??

Joe Biden Has Three Words for Democratic Candidates Who Took Swipes At Him in California

Alabama mayor: transgender people and abortion supporters may have to be "killed out"

Thousands of kids live in tents in Homestead. Do the feds have a hurricane plan?

Superintendents: Colorado schools must evolve to prepare students for a changing economy

"When I lived in Iceland, I found a lump..."

Oh, the huge manatee.

Joe Biden Brings the House Down at Town Hall With Joke About Inappropriate Touching

Trump hosting dinner this evening in London at the US Ambassadors residence

Pete Buttigieg sat down with Now/This for this interview:

2020 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders' Message to AJC Global Forum

Hoyer and House appropriators back potential pay raise for Congress

The newsroom mood is 'pretty dark' as cuts hit The Pueblo Chieftain

Trump floats new emergency resolution to impose Mexico tariffs

Is there a multi-state serial killer of black transgender women?

In 2012 Trump urged KATE (now Duchess) to take up nude modeling.

Tammy Duckworth: 🌈Today, Buffalo Grove will hold its first #Pride parade! Let me tell you why...

Cocaine Mitch, running interference for Dolt 45

Teacher asks Trump to round up illegal students -- in tweets she thought would be private.

These aren't Democratic policies...

Jared Kushner REFUSES to Commit to Calling the FBI if Russia Tries to Interfere in 2020 Election

GOP lawmakers warn White House they'll try to block Trump's Mexico tariffs

Florida deputy charged after staying outside school shooting

Cardiff hospitals consider restricting all but vital surgery in no-deal Brexit

Grab a beer with Elizabeth Warren

Class-action suit puts Colorado State University on hook to repay up to 1,500 low-wage workers

Why didn't Joe Biden show up in California?

Breaking!! Ex Parkland Deputy Charged With Child Neglect..

"We Are Ashamed!" Embarrassed Americans Apologize For Trump During UK Visit

100 years ago today: Congress approves the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Woman accuses top US cardinal (Daniel DiNardo) of dismissing sex abuse case

E-mail I got today from Barack Obama.

Watchdog says FBI has access to about 640M photographs

Russia Could Unleash Fake Videos During Election, Schiff Says

'El Chapo' Guzman: No outdoor exercise, judge rules

Did Barr set a trap for Mueller? So Barr and Mueller are friends??

Elizabeth Warren Proposes 'Aggressive Intervention' to Create Jobs

Sudan crisis: Return of the feared Janjaweed

Temperature passes 50 Celsius in northern India

Excerpts from "Siege: Trump Under Fire." Warning Graphic!

After 35 years, homeless man readmitted to UT Austin to finish degree

Harry Reid changes opinion, says Pelosi-led House should open Trump impeachment inquiry

Coming up on Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC: Trump's London protest delusion

Senator Kaine: Trump administration approved transfers of nuclear technology to Saudis twice after

He didn't see the protest

Will Trump leave The Democrats no choice but to start the impeachment process?

Suing for retaliation gets harder under law

Indiana teacher awards autistic boy 'annoying male' trophy

How far away (in time) till you anticipate tRump will defy a court order?

LIVE: Biden in New Hampshire

LIVE: Biden in New Hampshire

Recall Polis Campaign Literally Grifting Welfare Checks

Londoners Protest Trump's State Visit, WaPo

Finally: Laurence Tribe takes down Dershowitz on his "legal malpractice" (e.g. courts & impeachment)

Remember, starting the impeachment process does not mean you will impeach.

Gov. Polis signs ban on toxic firefighting foam that tainted Widefield aquifer

I'm out of "angry". I'm just so sad and tired.

House Democrats propose $4,500 pay raise for Congress

Felony Deja Vu: Shady Usual Suspects Working Sullivan Recall

Why was Mnuchin able to go to UK when he skipped out on a congressional subpeona?

De Blasio blames staff after he misses 9/11 memorial unveiling

London Calling: The Clash

Trump asks where all the UK protests are.............

Attorney: Feds Owe More Than $750K for Shocking Assault on Gay Prisoner

I have a question.. about impeachment, censure, and removal.. I have to admit I am confused.

Debate: Healthcare vs Guns: Right or Privilege?

The Queen served 1990 Chateau Lafite Rothschild at the state dinner (OK, wrong year)

Trump made 2nd wife Marla Maples sign prenup that cut off daughter Tiffany if she joined military!

So the Tariffs on goods from Mexico will be the straw

Emails show Texas governor requested the voter purge that used flawed data

Whenever you're on the verge of feeling sorry for Melania, for the boorish way her "husband" treats

Plagiarism charge hits Biden climate change plan

Stop demanding impeachment until you understand this:

What to do about Trump's tailoring? We asked a tailor.

Colorado won't blow up massive boulder that destroyed highway. Here's why.

Pete Sessions, Allen West Could Face Off in Epic House Primary

Paul Manafort to Be Sent to Rikers, Where He Will be Held in Isolation

Civilization could crumble by 2050 if we don't stop climate change now, new paper says

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grills Trump officials over white supremacist terrorism

"I want the press to know, she pulled me close," Joe Biden jokes during interaction with woman...

Flexibility of the term "no legitimate legislative purpose"

About that cat post earlier.

Republican senators step up pressure over Mexico tariffs

While Trump Is Greeted With Protests and Balloons In London...

Trump suggested he wants British health system included in trade talks

Communities around Rocky Flats unite against oil and gas drilling near former nuclear weapons plant

British politician: Trump 'just killed off Brexit' by declaring British health system is 'on the

Nobody likes you...

Former head of CDC pleads guilty to charge of groping woman

Harry Reid says House should open impeachment inquiry.

The Mueller Report: I can't do this, I can't do that, Mommy won't let me, leave me alone.

Swedish court rejects request to detain Assange

Cheney, Barrasso responses to Mueller report strain credulity

The old TWA Terminal at JFK is now a hotel??

Confederate monuments can be removed from Memphis TN parks

Texas Governor Was Behind Attempted Voter Purge

A Perv, A Con Artist And A Fascist Walk Into A Bar.

Judge says white supremacists charged over violent riots are protected by First Amendment

Bedrock erosion: How much has Wyo lost to coal's decline?

Representative Jahana Hayes is a great freshman congresswoman:

The gig is up: America's booming economy is built on hollow promises

Trump, International Man of Misery

You raised $26.00 on June 3, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Administration seeks emergency court order to build border wall

President Kennedy State Dinner, Buckingham Palace, London Crowds! 1961

Local 10's Todd Tongen died at 56

This is cool...🏳️‍🌈Barack Obama (@BarackObama) Tweeted:

Cynthia Erivo singing Impossible Dream... wait till the end--

The Legacy of Dick Winters

The President is a FRAUD

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

Everybody's Rock Star

This made me laugh

DOJ agrees to work with Democrats if House pulls Barr contempt vote

But enough about this! Let's talk about something important

President Kennedy State Dinner, Buckingham Palace, London Crowds! 1961

There is a mysterious new order in Michael Flynn's court case.

My own personal tweet of the day.

Got a call from Michael Bennet for President. I know nothing about him. Any info would be helpful.

Mine's bigger than Trump's!

My pumpkin is doing well. I have a worry about my roses.

Are Republicans largely cowards or are they co-conspirators with Trump?

Bubba Trump Cultist: "Damn GAYS! Why ain't there a straight pride movement?"

Frank Figluzzi

"Ivanka is wildly out of her depth... and the president has allowed Jared Kushner and Ivanka to...

Advice needed about luggage and a 15 hour layover

Joe is back up to 15% on the DU poll!!

London's Mayor compares tRump to an 11 year old.

Love-Hate Relationship

Queen Elizabeth disses Trump by wearing broach given to her by President Obama

NYT: Biggest Offender in Outsize Debt: Graduate Schools

Today, Smash Mouth Owned Twitter With 5 Words

Carnival Cruise Lines Hit With $20 Million Penalty For Environmental Crimes

NYT Article this afternoon by Maggie Haberman and Katie Rogers

House Majority Leader rejects DOJ's offer of documents in return for stopping Barr contempt vote

On Turner Classic Movies tonight: 'Woodstock - The Director's Cut'

DOJ says it will resume talks with Judiciary panel if House delays contempt vote

Trump Children Crashed Royal Banquet

I think the style of Melania'a jacket lends itself to peek-a-boo............

Nez Perce Country

19th Amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote was passed 100 years ago today

U.S. Prepares Sanctions to Block Food Program for Millions of Venezuelans

This has happened to me more than once on DU where I get a weird reply to a post I made

And Admiral Ackbar was smart enough to be the first to recognize a trap as well....

Seattle ranks as one of the worst traffic cities in North America in recent study

Self deleted

Florida Rep Who Laughed at Killing Gays Digs In, Won't Apologize

Texas teacher said she thought her tweets were private messages to President Trump

I thought the Flynn stuff was to be released Friday?

What is the actual PROCESS of Impeachment in the House​?

Just posted a new vlog post on YouTube.

Trump admin approved sharing nuclear tech with Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi killing

This is how a Palestinian teacher greets his students every day

**Breaking** Fed Judge Sullivan announced that he will not force Justice Dept to comply w prev order

17 year old dutch girl, victim of rape, dies by legal euthanasia

She was fired or pulling a gun on a black couple. Now, the ex-campground employee has been arrested

'Nazi scum': Protesters mob, 'milkshake' Trump supporter in London

New Voting Machines On Display For Voter Comments In Allegheny County (PGH PA)

Trump Dismisses GOP Dissent Over Mexico Tariffs as 'Foolish'

In case you missed it, here's where Chris Matthews missed the point tonight.

Agents shoot, kill man at California-Mexico border crossing

I Understand That The People In Springfield Raised The IL Gas Tax $0.19/gal Which Doubles.....

Trump fell asleep while the queen spoke (video clip):

US-China Trade War: Trump Attempts to Veto China's Industrial Policy

Russia Denies Trump's Claim of Withdrawal From Venezuela

3,000+ Acre Wildfire Raging Near Vantage

Woman hangs mannequin from tree, flies Confederate flag

Corbyn attacks Trump for spreading hate during his state visit

Alabama mayor defends Facebook post calling for 'killing out' of gay people, 'baby killers'

The kids....barf!

Trump floats new emergency declaration to impose Mexico tariffs

I will now reveal my candidate for 2020.