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Archives: June 30, 2019

When Trump says NK's Kim follows Trump on Twitter

Motel 6 hotel chain to settle lawsuit over sharing guest lists with ICE

CNN Fact Check: Kamala Harris correct on school busing in Berkeley, district confirms

'Daughters' welcomes 1st black woman to national board

Indiana judge is indicted for his alleged role in his own shooting at White Castle

'Straight pride parade' may actually come to Boston

Dear Media

Jim Acosta: Trump waiting for Kim Jong Un to give him a rose.

Reverses course on Huawei

As G-20 reaffirms fight against climate change, Trump again stands apart

'Breathtakingly Ignorant': George Conway Calls Out Trump on 'Western-Style Liberalism' and 'Busing'

Should there be a higher bar for inclusion in these debates?

Kamala Harris: target of RW Talking Points

Portland antifa/right wing protests escalate to 'civil disturbance'

video of Ivanka trying to insert herself into a conversation of world leaders

Donald Trump praises Mohammed bin Salman for doing 'spectacular job'

After the next debate which candidate will have a T-shirt and what will it say?

A 19th-century fortified line in Cuba is a lesson for Trump - walls divide but are not impenetrable

Pull on your boots and grab a partner...I feel the Texan inside of me and it's Saturday Night

Americans Blame Trump For Making Politics Even More Hateful

Can the House defund the Supreme Court?

Ha! Is it me or is Trump confused how he got to school or those who did not......

I got this on my FB feed. Shared by Joe Biden's FB page.

A 19th-century fortified line in Cuba is a lesson for Trump - walls divide but are not impenetrable

It's an ass kiss fest when Trump meets with his staff

Bernie Sanders - Hillsborough County Democrats Grassroots Awards dinner

Whatever happened to..

Sam Greenfield Has A Question

Colombia: where performances of blackface continue

First gay pride rally held in North Macedonia

Son buys his dad a truck

Digital Warriors - Women Changing the World

"You bad, you bad, you bad, you bad, you bad!"

A Canadian cartoonist was fired for this cartoon

Washington Meddling in Haiti Neglected by US Press

"Redlining" forced black Berkeley residents like Kamala's family to live west of MLK Way.

Trump is a submissive puppy to Putin.

Washington Meddling in Haiti Neglected by US Press

De Niro, Sophia Bush, Stephen King and more cutting through trump admin lies about Mueller report

Key lawmaker wants U.S. to invade Venezuela to counter Cuba's influence

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic Nominee receiving over 60 percent in the general election.

8channers are kicking off a social media "operation" to pose as black people and seed Antisemitism

15-year-old oil spill thousand times worse than rig owner's estimate

Ok, I'll go there: A coalition between Harris and Sanders could be very formidable.

Bernie Sanders was against 'busing' in the 1970s

Segregation, and how it works.

Heart pounding. Watch this male lawmaker scream over his female colleague for 3+ minutes

Trump claims border wall would have prevented drowning deaths of father and daughter

Trump claims border wall would have prevented drowning deaths of father and daughter

If the Congressional Districts in MD and NC were to be fixed.

'He Is Not Going To Like This': Twitter Will Downgrade Trump Tweets That Break Site's Rules

Trump won't stop profiting off presidency

HRH Crown Prince Meets with Brazilian President

latest song I am working on again,for Tess,this is first version I did

Trump vows appeal after U.S. federal judge blocks use of some border wall funds

'New Orleans is Sinking'--The Tragically Hip

The Trump Justice Department has turned 'religious liberty' into a license to discriminate

'Ten Second News' by Son Volt

How a 35-year-old case of a migrant girl from El Salvador still fuels the border debate

Mother Dog Found Tied Up In Park Finally Has A Real Home

Dog Mom Rescues Orphaned Puppies Found In A Box

Honduras Is a Mirror for All of Latin America

Amazing it.....

Putin Says Liberalism 'Eating Itself,' Migrant Influx Wrong

After the events of today with Putin and fat donnie

Honduras at Ten Years After the Coup: a Critical Assessment

Isn't it great that we are debating about the future (sarcasm)

As DA Kamala Harris's Office Stopped Cooperating With Victims of Catholic Church Child Abuse

The Cuban Revolution and the National Bourgeoisie

Birtherism card is being played against Kamala Harris

Life Expectancy Falters in the UK: Slow Death but Fast Profits for the Agrochemical Sector

From Cyber War to Omnicide?

From Cyber War to Omnicide?

Hey US media folks here is how you interview a Trump supporter on Trump's lies

Coffee slump reaps bitter harvest for Central American migrants

Caravaggio Paintings Performed by Real-Life Actors,'Tableaux Vivant'/Living Paintings

French Video: World leaders have a chat, but someone keeps interrupting.

OK. it's late. just made a mint julep with some delicious Up-State NY Bourbon

porch pirates steal sick boy's gift then return it with an apology

Trump Admits He 'Gets Along' Better With Dictators Than With American Journalists

Trump's 'outrageous' VIP party plans for DC Fourth of July will create 'absolute bedlam': ex-White H

One good thing about the sudden (but surely coincidental) spate of anti-Kamala threads:

Fake Biden campaign website run by Trump operative

Japan prepares to resume commercial whaling after 30 years, despite public outrage

What's Cuter Than a Baby Cheetah? A Baby Cheetah With Its Puppy Pal

What's the point, other than a photo op?

I want as much dirt as possible about our candidates to be posted now...

Virginia mother of 3 run over: Nobody was helping, they were just filming

Americans caravan to Canada for insulin.

Stands apart, as G-20 reaffirms fight against climate change

Closing north side of the DMZ to tourists unusual

People are not leaving California because of High Taxes, it's High Cost of Living

Critics say: spare us another campaign rally

Judge blocks billions in military funds for border wall

The Fred Show

NASA Is Officially Sending an Aerial Drone to Titan and It's a Dream Come True

Ancient DNA help scientists study human evolution: 'It's like a time capsule'

How do we deal with our sides anger?

Lavender Light Gospel Choir sings This New York City LGBTQ gospel choir has been singing for over 30

Interactions Between The Ancient Maya And The City Of Teotihuacan Revealed By New Excavations

Interactions Between The Ancient Maya And The City Of Teotihuacan Revealed By New Excavations

Remember this image of Pres. Obama when he had the @WhiteHouse in Gay Pride Rainbow colors....

Superorganism - Something For Your M.I.N.D.

O'Rourke to visit Mexico, meet turned away US asylum-seekers

Sinead O'Conner - I Want Your (Hands On Me)

Pups at 6 weeks

When the gift of gab isn't.

Under fat donnie America is no longer "the good guys" in world politics

AP Jonathan Lemire is live tweeting the arrival at the DMZ any moment. do you think the folks from Mayberry RFD would vote if they were real today?

How national pundits rated Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Democratic debate performance

Bernie Sanders Delivers Keynote at Black Press Event, Labels Trump 'Racist and Worst President'

Small Indiana town's student-run newspaper shutting down

My laptop has stopped allowing me to upload photos from any SD E disk

This is SO EXCITING! N Korea will be Nuclear Bomb free!

tRump waiting for Lil Kim at DMZ

This whole thing about Kamala Harris and the Catholic Church is an obvious hit job.

Megan Rapinoe's iconic victory pose becomes a meme

Illinois governor signs $45 billion state construction bill

I cannot believe that Ivanka and Jared wormed their way into the meeting between Rump and Kim

OMG! Trump just stepped into N. Korea over the DMZ!

Indiana's top court taking up excessive seizure case again

U.S. News In Historic First, Trump Crosses Into North Korea in Meeting With Kim

India is now producing the world's cheapest solar power

Korean News Live.

Pritzker, Lightfoot silent on whether city's pension fund discussed at 'productive' meeting

Local Hero of the Month: Restaurant owner invites DC's homeless to dine for free

Weed cafes in Illinois? People could be allowed to smoke marijuana (not tobacco) at bars, restaurant

Trump becomes first sitting US president in history to cross border into North Korea

Obama Foundation fundraising down in 2018, pay for top staffers went up

Chicago cop's Obama N-word slur ends up going unpunished

Will the Media help trump? or a cabal?

Sunday is your last chance to buy gas before stations add 19-cent tax

Latest attempt to cut state pensions is no guaranteed fix

Illinois pharmacies support bill for oversight of pharmacy benefit managers

Public unions in Illinois continue on a year after Janus decision

A ramble 4 cups coffee so far Checking out for a day going fishing in FV Polish

Former Chipotle manager accused of stealing $626 is awarded $8 million

Rescue dogs from the South going to Maine...

Sunday Morning Baroque--From my 💙 to yours:

A VERY White House indeed...

Lady get up were going to go fishing boog woke my wife up my brothers need me

One of the last Klan halls in America faces the wrecking ball. Should it be saved?

Appropriate vetting vs Political Hit Jobs

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Spice Like Us Edition

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham roughed up by North Korean security guards

tRump's bad press is "fake news"...

Fort Worth firm allegedly violated payday loan laws for years. Now it's paying $39.7M.

Bernie Sanders speaks at opening of campaign's Greater Nashua Field Office in Hudson, NH

Deplorable. 80 yr old man arrested for walking: "I walk for dreamers and all immigrants''

Tara L. Samples endorses Bernie Sanders for President of the United States

Saw my first 2020 bumper sticker last week

Deputy under investigation after comment about gay pride parade

Hence why you should never trust the police...

Ron DeSantis signs bill legalizing cannabis drug for epileptic kids

Oregon state senator who threatened police faces complaint

We Ranked Each 2020 Candidate by How Sweaty They Got in Miami Weather

U.S. federal court delays adoption of healthcare rule on abortion

U.S. federal court delays adoption of healthcare rule on abortion

Boris Johnson defends calling gay men 'bumboys' claiming comments were 'wholly satirical'

Cory Booker in bold defense of Kamala Harris against racist smear by Trump Jr

Pastor: We should all Strive to be more like Jesus

Christine Lagarde's face while Ivanka Trump tries to speak to world leaders at G20 says it all...

Guns, Money And Bullshit: How Oregon's Legislative GOP Hacks Bult A Model To Destroy Climate Action

This Reheated Jingoism Is Pathetic


The entire photo op was meant to give him something to parade about come Thursday

Perilous Populist Players with Democracy

Two words trump has never spoken in his dictator diplomacy...'Human Rights'

I've made up my mind who I will vote for:

How Donald Trump sees himself?

Hehe. Indeed...

You raised $920.00 on June 29, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

... I don't think Otto Warmbier would have described his fatal torture as "peaceful."

Breakfast Sunday 30 June 2019

Trump Consultant Is Trolling Democrats With Biden Site That Isn't Biden's

Nation's largest coal producers look to merge mines that supply nearly 60% of Wisconsin coal

Do you remember when President Obama sucked up to Kim Jong Un, Vlad Putin, and a murderous ...

Walmart bans woman for eating half a cake, demanding to pay half price, police say

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Mai Tai 🍹 Day ☀️!

Goldman Sachs: Cost of Trump's tariffs has fallen "entirely" on U.S. businesses and households

'Feeling so accepted is so amazing': Thousands brave the heat for Heartland Pride Parade

Wisconsin's GOP budget now shifts to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. Here's what he could veto

Canicule, or, sweating through the hottest day in Paris history

Liar-in-Chief breaks with G-20 leaders on Climate Action

The photo line is always my favorite part of our events--and last night I took my 35,000th selfie!

Republicans' refusal to expand Medicaid is a show of 'gratuitous political cruelty'


Melania Trump: "I fell in love with Donald's 'amazing mind'."

In NK.. the camera pans to Jared Kushner, Ivanka, and ..Tucker Carlson, as Fox News's Jon Scott

Graham Says Harris Would Be a Tough Candidate

Harris surges to third place in national poll after debate

New Minnesota wage theft law takes effect July 1

DU POLL: Did you change your mind after the debates?

Ivanka Trump says stepping into North Korea was 'surreal'

The Research on Her Record: Why Kamala's Time As a Prosecutor and AG Are a Damn Good Thing

Trump to Putin: Don't Meddle in the Election (Wink, Wink!)

Internal cracks emerge in GOP strategy to avoid shutdown

BiPart... Aspirational, Delusional, or...

David Corn. 9700 "likes," 2800 retweets of his response to the WSJ.

Julian Castro: Trump-Kim DMZ meeting 'all for show'

Castro: Nobody has called for allowing an unlimited number of immigrants into the US

Fox Snooze demon sayuz leading a country means killing people.

The lights are going out, unless..

US president hails 'great honour' of crossing border at impromptu meeting

They Moved the Kids Back to the Black Hole of Stephen Miller's Soul

I wonder how Jeaninne Pirro would have looked at my Great-Grandfather?

"This guy's one sick twist!" . . . Please come CAPTION North Korea's Kim Jong Un !!!

Pentagon study: Russia outgunning U.S. in race for global influence

Faux "News" moral slagheap Brian Kilmeade says this about immigrant children:

When you are changing your baby girl's diapers, you do not imagine being the father of the bride.

Kamala Harris' 2020 Rivals Unite to Defend Her Against 'Racist and Vile' Birther Conspiracy Theories

While it's difficult, I encourage everyone to try to ignore dirt

The Violent Water Market in Puebla

Eric Swalwell Doubles Down on Attacking Mayor Pete for Police Shooting Response:...

Julian Castro Blasts 'Coward' Donald Trump Jr. Over 'Disgusting' Racist Attack on Kamala Harris


AOC Rips Ivanka Trump Over Viral Video of Awkward Conversation with World Leaders

Dark money pouring in for state redistricting

Sanders hits Trump on North Korea 'photo op': 'We need real diplomacy'

Cory Booker questions whether Joe Biden is able to speak 'honestly' about race

Hunter Wants Evidence of Affairs Excluded

Joe Biden in 1981 CNN interview: Busing is 'the least effective remedy' to desegregate schools

Listen to Trump--He is incoherent. #Trump needs a medical cognitive evaluation NOW. No joke.

Rep. Omar Just Referred To The Dems As Appeasers Several Times

"Affluenza" didn't save a 1%er this time. Heir found guilty of murder after deadly temper tantrum

Check out Ivanka Trump trying to insert herself into a conversation world leaders are having and the

In a campaign with many candidates, poo-flinging has just one effect.

😁 Kansas kids' lemonade stand raising cash for detained migrant kids

Fox News: The President Shouldn't Talk to Dictators (If It's Obama)

Rarely seen photo of a pair of douchebags

Donald Trump Becomes First Sitting American President to Step Into North Korea--a Win for Kim Jong Un

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Spotted at DMZ With Trump for Interview

New Democratic Party of Canada-Mouseland

Womp Womp - The Great Dealmaker Can't Get Anyone To Go Along With His G20 Climate Tantrum

43-Year-Old Salvadoran Migrant Dies in U.S. Border Facility

Aisha Moodie-Mills, on AM Joy, just had a "tongue slip" and called SHS "Sarah Suckabee Sanders"

Biden Suggests That Mocking a 'Gay Waiter' Was Seen as OK Five Years Ago

Motel 6 Agrees to Pay $10M for Sharing Guest Info With ICE

Tucker Carlson: North Korean Regime is 'Monstrous' But Leading a Country 'Means Killing People'

'Big moment': Trump waltzes into North Korea

Why is nobody talking about a student loan repayment boycott?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 2: TCM Spotlight: Out of This World

Are those REALLY prison camps in North Korea or are they just protective areas for Christians there?

Second "Celebrity Apprentice" cast member EVER to enter North Korea

Joe Biden is the big guy in the old west saloon brawl.

Harris has already slipped 5 pts in the Morning Consult poll since their poll taken after the debate

2018 Was Deadliest Year for Hot Car Deaths: National Safety Council

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 3: CNN: The Movies

PERFECT description of Kim drumpf photo op

No umbrella? No problem.

Meet the members of the NRA

My doggo, doing his best in the Paris heat wave

Stephanie Grisham bruised in 'an all out brawl' with the North Koreans

Ron Perlman was just on AMJoy and said Jimmy Carter won the week...

An 8-year-old girl receives gifts from the crows she feeds

"I must have missed the chapter..."

A Challenge: Please tell me how the MorningConsult Poll actually works.

FL finds a way to keep felons from voting

I hated to have to do this again...

Musician! 🐶

And the winning issue is......

Remember when Trump Supporters Reacted to the Declaration of Independence

day 56 of Beekeeping


Introducing Stephanie Grisham as "The Press Secretary"

U.S. Democratic candidates dump on Trump over North Korea meeting

Graham says he wants to compromise with Pelosi on aid, asylum laws

"Disenchantment" with liberalism is not a surprise to anyone, it's the authoritarian game

Jim Acosta calls Trump out in TENSE exchange at G20 summit

Tim Ryan savages Trump on North Korea, Huawei

Do you believe that a majority of NRA members are not the enemy?

AOC says Ivanka Trump not 'a qualified diplomat' in tweet about first daughter's involvement at G-20

🔥 Ice Cream Social in Rochester NH with Bernie Sanders

Mueller report reached an indisputable conclusion that Trump et al lied often and profoundly about

Seriously, Joe is being taken to task for saying that making fun of gays was considered OK in some

Transcript: Sen. Amy Klobuchar on "Face the Nation," June 30, 2019

Stop Calling Him 'Uncle Joe'

Here's the thing about opposing "forced busing"

I got an email from Joe Kennedy III yesterday. Thought I'd share it

Fox reacts to Obama and Kim vs trump and Kim

Duncan Hunter defends campaign spending on affairs with staffers, lobbyists as 'overtly political'

The Nonprofit Hospital That Makes Millions, Owns a Collection Agency and Relentlessly Sues the Poor

ABC LIVE on YouTube is playing LIVE the PRIDE MARCH IN NY!!

Kamala Harris race attacks: Campaign slams online remarks

Even more Ivanka exposure: @IvankaTrump speaks to troops at Osan Air Base in South Korea.

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 30, 2019?

(European Union) Electric cars: New vehicles to emit noise to aid safety

Is Trump wearing some type of body armor under his suit?

This Woman Videotaped A Baby Possum Crawling Around An Applebee's And Properly Went Off

'Chernobyl on ice:' Russia plans to tow a nuclear power station to the Arctic

"Yo man, that looks like cultural appropriation to me."

Richard Engel's tweet on Kim's love for Don the Con

Tucker Carlson, in North Korea: On killing citizens at home...

I don't think we need to use our imagination for this one

Let Me Be Blunt.

The Brits acknowledged our Declaration of Independence. Too late to say "Didn't mean it?"

Former President Jimmy Carter said that the Con is an illegitimate

I drive from Goldsboro NC to Raleigh NC about once a week or so

San Francisco Pride 2019 Live parade stream here!

$5,000 reward offered in Renton church hate crime

Court Smacks Down Funding of Trump's Beloved Wall

Kamala looking great ar San Francisco PRIDE

Happy 4th of July!

Sensitive Trump Goes After Jimmy Carter for Telling the Truth

WTF! this is the "Ivanka Tour" he's shoving her in our face

If we remove sanctions from North Korea in return to keep him, ya think they will go for it?

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Are the Latest Targets of Disinformation Campaigns

Cartoons 6/30/19

Scientists Suspect Mediterranean "Cat-Fox" May Be an Entirely New Species

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 1 July 2019

A personal story of homelessness that's reforming policy

Too much for me too.

Rooz Rozhd, Effendi!

Stonewall: A bar's path from illicit dive to LGBTQ landmark

Birth Certificate!? Where are dump's taxes?

'Many people will not be able to afford' a public option: Sen. Bernie Sanders - ABC ThisWeek

Who knew betraying your country overseas in public would get kudos from the media?

I saw them in February. Teresa!

Biden is just so "hurtful"

Kim Jong Un Declares Love for Trump - because Trump is "not moral"

Electric smokers

Ocasio-Cortez leads critics of video showing Ivanka Trump G20 chat

This cat spends his days on a sailboat watching dolphins 🐱⛵️🐬

To those freely complaining about folks here posting "hit jobs"...

Adorable Owl Gets Nursed Back to Health After Crashing Into Window

Shingles vaccine

According to Morning Consult, Warren then Buttigieg have the best favorable:unfavorable ratios.

Megan Rapinoe accepts Ocasio-Cortez invite to House of Representatives after clash with Trump

Federal judge: Let doctors into child migrant detention centers, quickly

What Is Trump Hiding?

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham bruised amid scuffle between reporters, NK guards.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Just who isn't running?

CNN Video: Trump Jr. sparks 'birther conspiracy' of Kamala Harris

Who watched the Yankees - Red Sox London series?

Mrs Betty Bowers: "If you're curious about the current state of the Evangelical movement in America"

FL - Cost Of Sea Level Rise In Volusia, Flagler Counties Alone More Than $1 Billion By 2040

ABC News: 2020 candidates defend Kamala Harris from attacks on her background

re: going to sf pride mrrow . first one update .

Here's a bit of fun

Klobuchar "Missed minority outreach?"

Impressive! Bakari Sellers took Urban to task for repeating "crazy right-wing talking points. [CNN]

Why did Cory Booker...

Baby lobster numbers spell trouble for shellfish population

Why aren't we doing more carbon dioxide capture?

Biden campaign accuses Trump of "coddling" dictators on overseas trip

Does Ivanka have enough self awareness to be embarrassed? ?

Mother pleads for help in harrowing video from Mexico detention centre: 'My son is dying'

Bernie Sanders Knocks Busing on This Week: 'Does Anybody Think it's a Good Idea'?

Barack Obama in the 2007 Primary

Beto O'Rourke at Clint Border Patrol facility where child abuse and neglect is occurring (Video)

In 'Brutal Assessment' of Barr, Ex-Colleague Says AG Backs Trump to Boost Executive Power

State Troopers take guys phone & accidentally record themselves debating the best way to frame him

PolyMet is now owned by Switzerland's Glencore. Why it matters

PolyMet is now owned by Switzerland's Glencore. Why it matters

Huffpost: "What The Hell Is Nancy Pelosi Doing?"

It seems like everyone is tense right now. Here's some good music.

Kamala Harris Was Not a 'Progressive Prosecutor'By Lara Bazelon Ms. Bazelon is a law professor and

New Mexico state Sen. Martinez arrested after suspected drunken-driving crash

DU POTUS donations still rolling in, now OVER $11,000

It's interesting some are pouncing on Biden for something he mentioned almost a year ago as well...

O'Rourke visits Mexico, meets turned away US asylum seekers

O'Rourke visits Mexico, meets turned away US asylum seekers


A misguided question - and a good question - about single-payer health care.

Turkey threatens Libya as six citizens detained by Haftar troops

The new press secretary fits perfectly into thuggish WH behavior....

At second ice cream social of the day, Sen. Bernie Sanders references Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet ...

Trump Took Fox News Tucker Carlson, Not John Bolton, To North Korea

Police investigating possible bias motive after man brings dog into St. Cloud mosque

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's statement before today's Pride March

Minnesota officials fear money Argosy University owed students will go to lawyers instead


A SpellBind tRump tonight Midnight EST, 9PM, PST

I get these ads/messages that pop in from the lower right side of my computer

Marianne Williamson back in Iowa for first time since Democratic debates

ABCs Call Their Parents in Chinese for the First Time 美國華裔第一次用中文打給爸媽

'This Is Reparations:' S.F. School Board Votes to Paint Over Controversial High School Mural

ABCs Call Their Parents in Chinese for the First Time 美國華裔第一次用中文打給爸媽

Can democracy survive in the USA?

Trump Jr. sparks 'birther conspiracy' of Kamala Harris

Bullock, blocked from Democratic debate stage, faces Iowa voters

He Cybersalked Teen Girls for Years -- Then They Fought Back

Beto O'Rourke visits turned away asylum seekers in Mexico

Drunk driving, stun guns, absentee ballots: Here are some new Iowa laws going into effect July 1

Iowa Medicaid leaders still negotiating insurers' pay as new fiscal year starts

🔥 Bernie 2020 Ice Cream Social, Windham, New Hampshire

Um... is this A.I.? No. It's me!

"I celebrate the Fourth on the third with a fifth."

Boone County Democrats brave temperatures as election season heats up

I predict that Harris' calculated debate stunt

I'm fully on board with a Biden-Rice ticket...

Iowa City man beat black man with pipe while yelling racial slurs, police say

No-one should be hanged, but...

Gov. Reynolds rules out recreational pot in Iowa

I'm not thrilled with all of the decisions Kamala made as prosecutor.


Booker: Biden's words 'causing a lot of frustration and even pain'

I'm just going to admit it here... I really miss having Game of Thrones to look forward to Sundays

Airline wants to outsource 5,000 maintenance workers: union

Check, check and CHECKED!

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 30, 2019

Spectacle - trump and the MSM

BASF to cut 6,000 jobs to drive down costs amid slowdown

Trump lies about Obama again, reflects on his "certain chemistry" with Kim

Happy Pride, musical play list ...

This op lit a fire in my heart!!!

Marianne Williamson, visiting Sioux City yoga studio, calls Trump an 'opportunistic infection'

On June 30, 1953, Chevrolet completed production of the first Corvette in Flint, Michigan.

Pediatrician who sexually abused Blackfeet children could lose retirement benefits

video of South Bend peace walk

Bernie Sanders Concerned About Media's Safety and Health Insurance. Orders Staff to Help ...

Istanbul police use tear gas to disperse gay pride march

Susan Rice replies to Dotard's latest lie about the Obama Administration

The online LGBT magazine blocked in its own country

Patients face roadblocks 2 years after North Dakota voters approved medical marijuana

Well Trump finally got to do something that will go down in the history books..

expressing feelings in Japanese

😁 🇺🇸 "Let Freedom Ring" 🔔 ☎️🇺🇸 ......MEMES !!! 😄

2.5 hours 9 POTUS contributions over $1,100 now over $12,000 WOW!!!

Useful IDIOT!

'Third Man' in Skripal Attack Was Link to Moscow, Investigative Group Says

@SaraGideonME Dem. running against Susan Collins-a few hours left to donate..

Happy Pride

Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers

Trump's press secretary bruised after jostling with North Korea security over media, report says

2019 Gubernatorial Elections and 2020 US Senate Elections in KY,LA,and MS.

sexual predator visits N. Korea, finds women "not my type". women celebrate their

Ride on shooting star! The Pillows..

Kamala Harris Set To Raise Money With Former Wells Fargo Executive

Warren and Bailey

Alabamians Defend Arrest of Woman Whose Fetus Died in Shooting

Last Dinosaur by The Pillows

We may be using Camels here in the USA, with climate change

Well, I'm laid up for two months.....

Restaurant owner who kicked Sarah Sanders out last year DEFENDS server who spat on Eric Trump

Kevin Durant signing with Brooklyn Nets over Knicks in NBA Free Agency

Officials Warn of Wasp 'Super Nests' in Alabama

Former Obama aide says Trump lied about past attempts to meet with Kim

Since 1 September 2017 US Passport Holders have been prevented


Russia Completes Its OPEC Takeover With Deal With Saudis

Fed judge orders US Customs & Border Protection to permit health experts into detention facilities

Legislator as landlord: Financial disclosures don't highlight state agency leases with North Dakota

I must have missed the chapter in the Art of the Deal where you meet a brutal despot on his own soil

The Con will never get over the fact that Obama was a better President

Prince - "The Most Beautiful Girl In the World" (Official Video)

Canine Heart Disease. Avoid these dog foods.

fun little video of Mueller dance routine (photoshopped)

AOC for the win:

Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl (Audio)

Motrhead - God Was Never On Your Side

Monday morning's front page in Seoul - Sure looks like the leader of the world is being laughed at

If "Deep" blue states really care for the reproductive rights of women and women rights in general

These Washingtonians have donated the most to Donald Trump this year

He's planning to keep immigrant kids at GITMO!!!!!!!!!

In 1969, Life Magazine Published The Faces Of Americans Killed In Vietnam.

Marshae Jones indictment is complex; Alabama hypocrisy isn't (Archibald/

They issues a commemorative medal celebrating the meeting between Trump and Kim

On anniversary of Shelby v. Holder, U.S. needs to reinstate Voting Rights Act (

Why War With Iran Is Just....A Horrendous Idea

George Takei to publish graphic novel on his childhood in US internment camp

Silver alert for DJT, 73 y.o. male, possible dementia, last seen wandering into N.Korea

Monday morning Seuol front page, special "Now go get your f*cking shine box" edition.

Florida library cancels its Pride Prom over safety concerns after protests against the event