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Archives: June 3, 2019

The gig is up: America's booming economy is built on hollow promises - Robert Reich

Mulvaney: Attempt to move USS John McCain during Trump visit 'not unreasonable'

Trump Effect: Racist white woman pulls gun on peaceful black couple.

The Uber drivers forced to sleep in parking lots to make a decent living

Rhode Island bishop sorry for saying Pride events 'harmful for children'

Why are extreme abortion laws taking over America? Blame gerrymandering

Eric Swalwell is putting on a heck of a good show on CNN town hall right now

Profile of Mrs. Mitch McConnell's China ties

Siege review: Michael Wolff's Trump tale is Fire and Fury II - fire harder

Arkansas's moderate millennials

Say what you will about Apple, but you can't say they don't have innovative products

Democrat-Gazette examines self-dealing in state government

Thanks to the far-left and far-right, U.S. Jews are trapped in a political no man's land

Good news on autism.

Lawsuit challenges University of Arkansas tenure policy

Obama at the game tonight in Toronto.

CNN Town Halls. Ryan vs Swallwell?

Time to go, police advise residents in part of North Little Rock

Nut of note: 70% of world's macadamia can be traced back to single Australian tree

Walmart shareholders to gather; presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to endorse hourly worker as

Bernie Sanders: I Know Where I Came From. Does President Trump?

(Jewish Group)Far-left Democrats Propose Resolution Linking Israeli Government to Pittsburgh Shootin

Student in blackface spouting a racial slur roils Fresno high school

Seattle has already scored the 3rd warmest spring on record

Trump's proposed tariffs on Mexico would be biggest tax hike in almost 30 years

Beto O'Rourke visits Oklahoma, meets with local Democratic leaders after "historic flood"

Senator Mark Warner: Barr has "little credibility" to review Russia probe origins

Regarding Impeachment

Justices throw out whistleblower suit, rule in favor of state treasurer

What if Obama had shown up at church in his golf clothes?

did #fatdonnie redo his horrid hair?

Parents of slain Oklahoma teen suing city, police officers

If everything required polling data to show Americans favored before Congress moved on it

Here are the states where Trump's Mexico tariffs would hit hardest

Jonathan Swan (Axios) kick-ass interview of Jared Kushner getting lots of praise.

Cry me a river.

Amtrak temporarily suspended between Missouri and Texas

I've been wondering how Trump can impose tariffs all by his little ol' self, since...

Trump Visits McLean Bible Church, Va. For Va Bch Memorial; New Hairdo

Governor scores big win as $1,000 teacher pay raises clear crucial committee

Despite perils, more U.S.-bound migrants are turning to 'La Bestia' to cross Mexico

Kushner Refuses to Talk About Trump's Birtherism and Muslim Ban When Asked If They're Racist

UW women's rowing team sweeps NCAA titles

Kushner grilled on Trump's birtherism claims

Latest phase of Louisiana's Legislative session? Trying to revive dead bills

New evidence throws census citizenship case into question

So,when is Trumpass Jr going to be testifying to the Senate Intel Cmte.?

Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X outvoted older generations in 2018 midterms

Yelling at refs could lead to jail time as Louisiana senate backs parental harassment bill

Britain seems a reluctant host

Pompeo delivers unfiltered view of Trump's Middle East peace plan in off-the-record meeting

Cougar killed after attempting to attack child in Leavenworth

YouGov poll: Elizabeth Warren is now among Democratic front runners

Happy Pride Month...

Higher tax for New Orleans hotel guests latest bill passed in city infrastructure deal

allan handleman

Trump's Middle East peace plan

OMG there's VIDEO of Trump's religious experience today in his golf duds at McLean Bible Church

Gaffes expected to accompany UK visit

Republican s for the rule of law

Ring of Fire: Study Proves Republican Tax Scam Did NOTHING To Help Average Americans

I ordered my USS John McCain hat to annoy my MAGA neighbors. Link...

Day 17

Quotes from Florida Man!

Peter Daou Becoming Increasingly Critical of Democratic Leadership

"Senate Republicans Won't Convict" is a very lame excuse.

So why does Beto O'Rourke get all the "white male privilege" questions?

Kushner Questions Whether Palestinians Can Govern Themselves

No One Is Stealing Our Jobs - Corporations Are Sending Them Away

Thousands of opponents of Argentina's military junta thrown into the sea, court hears

Trump Wants To Change Libel Laws Because People Make Fun Of Him

Meme Of The Day!

Don't know if they dubbed the voice, but funny whatever...

Raptors fans gave Barack Obama a standing ovation and 'MVP' chant at Game 2

Lyndsey Graham

A man walks into a bar...

Trump Yells At His Staff For Telling Media He Yells At His Staff

I just got a job offer--laying block starting on Tuesday.

A 'Bridge' to China, Elaine Chao and Her Family's Business, in the Trump Cabinet

Pluto has an underground ocean kept warm by a layer of gassy ice

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is starting at 11:00 PM n/t

Black Americans, women favor Joe Biden

Warriors Win!

Weird 'Fettucine' Rocks May Help Us Spot Life on Mars

royal philharmonic orchestra - symphonic pink floyd - nice for a background listen

30 'Homeless' Binary Stars Spotted Drifting in the Void Outside Any Known Galaxy

Top North Korean official reappears days after purge report

Science institute that advised EU and UN 'actually industry lobby group'

Social media info required from 'most' visa applicants

Just watched D Day: The Untold Stories on the

Kim Yong Chol reappears alongside North Korean leader

GMAIL down? All afternoon Thunderbird couldn't log on, although...

Canadian Inquiry Calls Killings of Indigenous Women Genocide

Dr. Anand Bhat's idea to reduce the price of drugs while employing more people.

Mexico's Little-Known Attempt to Save Freud From the Nazis

Why Peru's M8 Earthquake Was Damaging, but Not Catastrophic

(Jewish Group) Hatriot Mail: Attacks on White Gentiles Are the Real Issue

The Death of Astronomy?

John Oliver reveals the most vulgar detail about the Tennessee Speaker scandal that you haven't hear

Why Peru's M8 Earthquake Was Damaging, but Not Catastrophic

Roger Stone, who is under a gag order, posted this on Instagram.

Leonardo joined art with engineering

Tweet of the Day

Did the Maya Really Sacrifice Their Ballgame Players?

Rat jumps. Trump announces departure of White House economic advisor Kevin Hassett

Did the Maya Really Sacrifice Their Ballgame Players?

What Should You Do If You're Bitten by a Venomous Snake?

Why Does the Moon Keep Flashing Us?

If Democrats want to impeach -- they better come up with a slogan: Jon Meacham

A starting point to learn who, and what, William Barr is.

The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week (Last week...)

Warren is now #2 behind Biden on the DU!

Elizabeth Warren: Dream Big, Fight Hard

Does Taste in Music Change? Become "Mature"?

As lawmakers discuss minimum marriage age, conservatives push to keep marriage legal for 15, 16-year

Boeing says some of its 737 Max planes may have defective parts

Sudan: reports of gunfire as army moves in on Khartoum protesters

Rolling Thunder Biker Group Vows Mass Protest In DC If "Arrogant Little B****" Pelosi Attempts

Delius, Kirchner, Rodrigo

D-day rehearsal wrecks given protection before 75th anniversary

Criminal complaint: Former Idaho GOP chair wore wig, masturbated outside apartment complex

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Medical Devices

Donald Trump to land in UK amid rising anger over trade demands

Swedish Startup to Bring Pogo Sticks to San Francisco as E-Scooter Alternative

spotted at the Dollar Store - piles of McTurtle's memoir,"The Long Game"

Corbyn loves an election. Shame he's stuck in 1983

Cost estimate questions for computer software (& hardware?) developers:

Life is good if you have a baby duck

AstraZeneca trumpets pancreatic cancer drug success

Infineon snaps up rival chipmaker Cypress for $10bn

Presidential candidate O'Rourke gets at look at Tulsa County flood damage

Presidential candidate O'Rourke gets at look at Tulsa County flood damage

Oklahoma legislators protect their future careers as lobbyists

Steven Crowder Gay Bashes Reporter For 2 Years. Why Some Want Him Removed From Youtube.

Three African American women vying for Oklahoma Democratic Party chief

Donald Trump is lashing out at Mexico but his real fight is at home

O'Rourke, Sanders lead Democratic fundraising in Oklahoma

Arrives at Stansted

10 Years After Dr. Tiller's Murder, Kansas' Abortion Rules Could Take Another Turn

Trump faces giant penis mowed into field near airport where he lands for UK state visit

Can Kansas Schools Teach Computer Coding Without Eating Up Time For Math And Science?

Blackstone to buy warehouse network in record $18.7 billion deal

Kushner: Palestinians not capable of governing themselves

Jared Kushner expresses doubt that Palestinians can self-govern

Gov. Laura Kelly 'troubled' state workers bearing brunt of health insurance cost surge

Hood is off administration's lie about census

Company touted by Trump to build the wall has history of fines, violations

No hugs, kids cutting themselves

Kansas lawmakers overturn governor's veto, restoring KPERS funding

Telemundo exclusive interview with Bernie Sanders

I finally got blocked by someone infamous Roy Moore

The Missouri Highway Patrol Just Cracked A Big Odometer Fraud Case -- Here's How To Check Your Car

The Missouri Highway Patrol Just Cracked A Big Odometer Fraud Case -- Here's How To Check Your Car

Dear Abby

Joe Biden says LGBT+ rights will be his number one priority if he wins 2020 election

Trump's new do yesterday

How a 23-Year-Old Changed Journalism

Oh My! So even Boris Johnson says the Con is unfit to govern

More than half of community colleges are too expensive for low-income students

The president of the United States can't talk like this to the very Queen of England!

I just went big Lebowski Walter sobchak on boog

Zakk Wylde - Sleeping Dogs ft. Corey Taylor

Trump is already making promises what he will do if you reelect him in 2020.

Democrats criticize Rep. Don Bacon's joke about bombers and Iranian bingo parlors

Lawmakers override Ricketts' veto of bill expanding Omaha metro area bus service

Legislative leaders present united front on state's rent laws

Queen needs to give Trump

Stonewall at 50 a cultural delight

Andrew Yang Policy on ECONOMIC CRIME

Andrew Yang Policy on ECONOMIC CRIME

Our classless 'president'


Trump Baby Balloon Takes Off Again As Brits Raise $50,000 (finally some good Trump news ;-)

Cuomo seeks to update surrogacy law, end 'gay panic' defense

Buckingham Palace: it is truly gut wrenching

For fans of UK politics: Rory Stewart lofi hedgehog hip-hop

What an awful day to be a Royal..

Aww look--they're holding hands:

With marijuana legalization in doubt, will New York take baby steps?

Rain-delayed Governors Ball evacuated over weather danger on final night

From the governor's office...Historic actions not seen in Illinois in decades

City tech agency was overcharged for $47M procurement system, watchdog says

"hey, queen, ya got a diet coke?

I turn on m$nbc & I'm getting a lecture on 'conservatism' from george fucking will.

A Tale of 2 invoices: Beto O'Rourke pays El Paso, which Donald Trump's campaign still owes $470,000

A Tale of 2 invoices: Beto O'Rourke pays El Paso, which Donald Trump's campaign still owes $470,000

Beschloss tweet. President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II 1959

Insult to injury: Workers' compensation isn't working in New York

The New Trove of Secret Gerrymandering Files Will Be a Nightmare for the GOP

Boris Johnson's criticism of Trump projected onto Big Ben

A 'Bridge' to China, and Her Family's Business, in the Trump Cabinet

I miss the Bill Press show in the mornings.

For our Texas friends, is Trump "all hat, no cattle".

Breakfast, 3June 2019, Monday

Artwashing - BP Gets Press To Trumpet Aberdeen Gallery Donation Even Though 1/30th Of Total Budget

Julia Child Remixed Keep On Cooking

Last Male Sumatran Rhino Living In Malaysia Dies Of Old Age

Powerful union backs giving licenses to immigrants in New York

Uh, Those 'Death of iTunes' Rumors Are Starting to Look More Real

I said goodbye to my sweet Boudicca, this morning

Levee Failure Dardanelle AR 5/31; Vicksburg At Or Above Flood Stage Since 2/17; #noplant

Trump Begins UK Trip By Insulting London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Buttigieg Showcases Plan to Revamp Supreme Court

Elizabeth Warren:Just got back from California & my pick up at the airport included a very sweet boy

The Russian government demanded access to everybody's Tinder user data in case its spies want to tak

Shitstain Reportedly "Enraged" By National Climate Assessment, But "Thinks" Things Will Cool Again

Visitors threw food into a wildlife habitat. Now, a beloved otter is dead.

Trio Indicted For World Trade Center 'Pay-To-Play' Bribery Scheme, State Attorney General Says

Trump suggests AT&T boycott to force changes in CNN coverage

The Great Progressive Attack on Biden Has Begun (Wash Post)

April 2019 Second-Hottest April On Record; Globally .99 C Above Mid-20th Century Averages

Gillibrand sticks it to Fox News in scrappy town hall

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Eggs 🥚 🥚 Day! How do you like yours?

Liberals go after Joe Biden, trying to blunt his candidacy & the recent centrist surge...

As an American, I'm more ashamed today of a president than ever in my life...

Kushner says he never discussed security clearance with Trump

Dems hope Pelosi's resistance to impeachment will crack in June

From the UK: "Don't impeach Donald Trump. Vote him out of office"

50-60% Of Tahiti/Moorea Reefs Have Bleached In Past Days Up To 100 Meters Down w/o El Nino

Cory Booker dazzles California Democrats with call to end gun violence, oust Trump

Some cad has embedded grey hairs in both my sideburns and my beard

Trump tempers optimism on Middle East peace plan

89% Reproductive Failure Among GBR Coral Populations After Back-To-Back Bleachings

Trump complained about Sadiq Khan after getting off the plane, UK Foreign Secretary says

Trump's top economic adviser 'leaving shortly,' president writes on Twitter

It's 2 primaries now: Biden and everyone else

Sweeney won't rule out shutdown

AP Was There: Allied troops land in Normandy on D-Day

YouTube star who humiliated homeless man given prison term

John Delaney booed by California Democrats after criticizing 'Medicare for All'

Election Night 2020 by Tom Tomorrow

How deep is NJ in debt? Very, very deep but not as bad as 2017

Climate Science Denied as Trump Admin Orders Halt on Long Term Projections

Colorado's Gun Control Quarrel Illustrates How The Hickenlooper Way Might Fare In A Partisan Preside

Kushner casts doubt on Palestinians' ability to self-govern

Asshole Bishop Says Pride Month Events are Harmful to Children

Lol... BBC coverage of Trump in London (pic):

Stone Calls for Ex-CIA Chief to Be Executed

'I'm not a Bernie Bro': Sanders' base splinters in California

Jared Kushner: 'Not Here To Be Trusted' by Palestinian People During Middle East Peace Process

Watch Kushner Get Confronted With Trump's Birtherism in Tense Interview: 'Was it Racist?'[

Hard data shows a centrist Dem candidate would lose in 2020

UK Teen Mowed Giant Penis and 'Climate Change is Real' into Field Near Airport Where Trump Arrived

These people keep getting rewarded for bad behavior--then we wonder why there's so much bad behavior.

You raised $40.00 on June 2, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

We cannot predict the future....

Alabama Still Celebrates Jefferson Davis' Birthday

The Rundown: May 31, 2019

Kushner on whether he'd contact FBI if Russians ask for another meeting: 'I don't know'

Why the ACLU is training SC voters to get 2020 candidates on the record

This is being projected onto the Tower of London. Via @ByDonkeys.

China warns students, academics of risks of studying in U.S.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells 2020 Democrat John Delaney to 'please sashay away'

Top British lawmaker: 'We should not be rolling out the red carpet' for Trump

101002-KDF JAYPARK bestie

Monday TOONs - Dead Men Tell No Tales, But Their Hard Drives Do

Kushner's hard-to-believe rationalization of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting

I for one am happy that

In the Kentucky Governor's Race, It's an Unpopular Man vs. an Unpopular Party

M$M continues bar lowering for the Shitgibbon

Trump bemoaning lack of Fox News in UK

"I do not care if you went to law school. You cannot threaten me!"

Ex-GOP Rep. Diane Black: The idea 'everyone is equal' is 'not what this country is founded on'

Oh, boy.. The camera lights in Westminister Abbey shining on the back of Trump's head reflecting his

Mexico: Trump's tariffs could worsen Central American immigration problem

U.S. Manufacturing Index Dips to Lowest Level in Almost a Decade

Economists' fears of a 2020 recession in the US surge

Creator of Chernobyl miniseries slaps down Dan Bongino after he makes a pathetic political analogy.

Monty Python Saw Drumpt's Visit Coming Decades Ago

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter: Killing innocent civilians during wartime is not a big deal.

Tweet of the day (so far)

Seizure alerts.

Why the hell is the entire trash truck of White House grifters in the UK! I can understand

High school track star runs to raise awareness for MMIW

Picture this DUers - the Cricket World Cup is being hosted by

I'm worried for the impoverished of this country.

Joaquin Phoenix, marches on National Animal Rights Day, June 2

Max Scherzer:

Liberals go after Joe Biden

The Navy's War vs. Bolton's War

The CEO of pogo stick-sharing startup Cangoroo insists his company isn't a hoax

Democratic Party.. the party of the pragmatists.

White House: 'Too soon' to talk about stopping mass shootings after 12 killed in Virginia

How many babies are named Donald these days?

Even on such a day of loss, for me, Mother Nature is making me smile

DU LIVE thread - Trumpass seems to be behaving himself.

20 Questions for 2020: Pete Buttigieg

Trump starts his UK state visit with unhinged attack on the mayor of its capital

The lowest common denominator

A 'Bridge' to China, and Her Family's Business, in the Trump Cabinet

Kushner was pressed on whether Trump's birtherism was racist.

Trump and Prince Charles having tea?

Bernie Sanders: I Know Where I Came From. Does President Trump?

The Princess vs. the Demagogue - By Charles M. Blow

Trump is so mad people in the UK can watch CNN he's calling for a boycott of AT&T

Biden is running against himself

Could this be the reason why I and so many others are extremely frustrated?

Going to hide here in the Lounge....

Trump's insult of Meghan Markle is right out of his tired playbook

Presidential candidate Julian Castro unveils police overhaul plan

... we turned Madame Tussaud's into a giant USS John McCain baseball cap. Welcome to London!

Trump Says New Israel Elections 'Ridiculous' And 'All Messed Up'

The bearded guy who walked onstage and took away Sen Harris' microphone was an animal right's person

Briana Scurry says the 1999 USWNT's biggest win came at the bargaining table

Racist going to jail - WV official FEMA FRAUD

The night of November 3rd 2020..This little light of mine I'm going to let it shine

Museum of London Wants to Add Trump Baby Blimp to Its Collection

MEANWHILE, in Washington, D.C...

More Americans Are Living Solo, and Companies Want Their Business

Cruise ship captain arrested in deadly Budapest boat crash

Mike Pompeo: Trump's Middle East peace plan may prove to be flop

And the Dick of the Day award goes to:

Trying to find out what material was used here to create this texture

Link to House investigations of Trump and his administration: The full list

Kyrsten Sinema BQs Two Weeks After Becoming Fastest Female Senator

Kamala Harris Falls Out of Top Tier

A major Google outage meant some people were locked out of their homes.

For those of us who love slide guitar

Thar be whales here!

Outside group knocks McConnell over health care in TV ad

Supreme Court rejects anti-Muslim group's challenge to DC Metro ads ban

Miller and the Mnuchins are in Trump's retinue in London on our dime??

Louisiana nixes bill to set minimum age for marriage

Attorney whose work led to Clinton's impeachment admits Trump has far less respect for rule of law

Quest Diagnostics says personal data of almost 12 million customers has been breached

"Dark clouds are forming once again in Europe...."

"Hey, Phil, go fetch trump!"

With End in Sight, Spitzer Space Telescope Releases Glorious Nebula Images

London Calling

Florida Law on texting and driving and using your phone while your car is stationary.

Anyone else want to lower the aim on UK cannon welcome to djt ?? 1st thing I thought of.

Alabama church decides to host screening of banned Arthur episode featuring same-sex marriage

Trump wears tutu to meet queen

Welcoming tRump In London

Hey, CNN, when showing Sanders addressing a meeting, do not put a (D) after his name!

Who Do Non-Religious Democrats Prefer?

Pictures from Space! Our Image of the Day

Pictures from Space! Our Image of the Day

Utilities Raise Concerns Over FCC Plan for Unlicensed Use of Critical Spectrum

FDA food testing finds contamination by PFAS and other 'forever chemicals'

Ok, WHO did it better?

This Weird Galaxy Is Creeping Up on Our Milky Way

Corbyn to speak at anti-Trump demonstration on Tuesday, Labour says - live

Finished binging on Westside the prequel series to Outrageous Fortune. Awesome!

Sadiq Kahn' video message to trump. Very well done.

Has the Michael Flynn judge said anything about

The President and the Queen Dance a Pas de Deux

Rare albino fawn found, rescued by trucker in California

Why should we respect Donald Trump? Brilliant takedown

Trump calls for the MAGAts to boycott AT&T, in order to muzzle "dying, bad fake news" CNN.

Democrat Theresa Greenfield launches bid against Republican Sen. Joni Ernst

Where the Democratic candidates stand on Green New Deal, Paris Climate Agreement etc.

Ten years after tragic 'bolt from the blue,' two simple rules that could save your life

The Trump administration serves one group of people in America: the top 1%.

Supreme Court Sides with Hospitals, Overturns Obama-Era Medicare Rule

Swedish court rules not to extradite Assange for rape probe

Not that I really give much of a shit about AT&T, but...

WATCH: Radio host mocks Trump on Fox News by holding up John McCain's photo

Possible DNC hacker will have to face trial for Linked In hacking, despite mental illness claims.

Read today--that's about the size of it.

Prince Harry Keeps an Awkward Distance From Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace

Jonathan Pie: Trump Visits The Queen


Sanders Campaign: Trust Glenn Greenwald's reporting

NRA Fires Back at Gillibrand

Challenger Uses Ernst's 'Castrated Hogs' Ad Against Her

NASA captures stunning photo of the entire sky in X-ray

Seems like Buttigieg is ahead of the curve on reforming SC

Remember the Mall of America attempted murderer of a kid?

Exclusive: Steve Bannon Gets Caught in a Crazy Impeachment Lie About AOC

Former Trump Aide David Bossie Has Disappeared From Fox After Pissing Off Trump

San Antonio's former mayor can't vote?!?

Inside Pete Buttigieg's plan to overhaul the Supreme Court

Climate crisis seriously damaging human health, report finds

Bernie Sanders Drops the Hammer on Politico Over Profile Calling Him 'Cheap':...

Thousands back Japan high heels campaign

Nice pants, Individual 1. Lookin' sharp.

Virginia Beach killings: Suspect 'resigned hours before mass shooting'

Catholic bishop who ignored child sex abuse cases calls Pride parades 'harmful for children'

I hope our nominee is decided by April.

Canada 'complicit in race-based genocide' of indigenous women

Boeing Built Deadly Assumptions Into 737 Max, Blind to a Late Design Change

Canada 'Complicit In Race-Based Genocide' Of Indigenous Women

Sadiq Khan's video message to the orange want to be dictator....

I got a spam phone call

Spam phone call

'Horrible scenes:' More rain threatens areas swamped by record floods in central, southern US

I am proud of my Congressman Tim Ryan

Does anyone else here get into fights about technology?

My new favorite snack

Why a GOP super PAC is bothering to attack Steve Bullock's bid for president

Trial begins for No More Deaths volunteer who aided migrants

Next Wednesday (June 12) is the qualification deadline for the first set of debates

What kills black people,

How the 'Central Park Five' Changed the History of American Law

NPR: 'Completely Catastrophic': Flooding And Tariffs Causing Chaos For Farmers

Woodland Park Zoo Jaguar Dies At Age 20

In a Blow to Maduro, Russia Withdraws Key Defense Support to Venezuela

Louisiana lawmakers opt against setting minimum age for marriage

Where 2020 Democrats stand on Climate change

So it's beginning..We all knew that eventually..

Photo: Jared & Ivanka on Buckingham Palace balcony, or wax replicas? You decide.

Raptors fans gave Barack Obama a standing ovation and 'MVP' chant at Game 2

WaPo reporter hits White House for lack of media briefings: Press room is 'abandoned'

Ode To Billy Joe

Buckingham Palace Guards Impressed By First Lady's Ability To Never Crack Smile

Trump goes to London pt. 2: Faux Pas Edition

What's In It For The Royal Family To Legitimize Trump & His Family?.....

PIXIES - On Graveyard Hill (Official Audio)

Dave Hayes says: "Trump is Creating a Utopia"

5 reasons why bull terriers are So Weird......

POTUS charms the Queen

Buttigieg to appear Monday night on live town hall on MSNBC

Happy 80th birthday, Ian Hunter.

House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on Mueller report

It was noted that when

Tim Piazza case: Jury finds frat brother guilty of hindering apprehension

He knows things and shares his wiadom.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: On Mueller Island

Trump Addresses Protests During London Trip, Claims 'Tremendous Crowds of Well Wishers'

(A little late) Happy 100th anniversary, the Anaconda Copper Mining Company Smoke Stack.

BREAKING: Trump transition team member indicted on child pornography charges

House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on Mueller report...June 10th

Ginsburg sides with conservative justices in ruling over prison sentence

Figure linked to Trump transition charged with transporting child pornography

OK people! Where is a photo of Prince Harry!?


A Thought About Impeachment And How Our Allies Now Perceive The Dems......

George Nader, figure linked to Trump transition, charged with transporting child pornography

Connecticut Passes Generous Paid Family Leave Law

Trump normalizes foreign election intervention ahead of 2020

Democrats criticize Rep. Don Bacon's joke about bombers and Iranian bingo parlors

After months of fighting and delays, Congress to send $19 billion disaster aid bill to Trump

Quest Diagnostics breach: Nearly 12M customers may have had data compromised

I need a good editing app for my tablet.

From the State Banquet attendee list. US/UK taxpayers treating Trump's friends and relatives

"The New Girl" (1960)

Murphy on the Millionaire's Tax: 'Whose Side are You on?'

Just got my June Democratic Priorities Survey from the DCCC

Montana Hot Shots headed to Alberta fires

Insurer owes Bergen County hospital $1.6M million, lawsuit says

Oh Gawd!!! Queen Elizabeth was trying to educate Trump.

What is that schmata that Ivanka has on?

Notice the Queen's toast focused on the relationship between our countries and offered little

No one knows who sent racist flyers, so town is taking the investigation into its own hands

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Iftars With Bernie

Trump's speech at the state dinner .... Soooooooooooooooooooo Boring. He can not communicate

George Nader has been charged with transporting child pornography.

Stammering moron!

Buttigieg Town Hall, 7 PM ET, MSNBC. I hope Matthews learns how to correctly pronounce his name.

fucker can't even get his tux right....TOO fat -sad

Here are the states where Biden could win 100% of the delegates.

PHOTO: Don & Melania rock the Royals. Give his wardrobe consultant a RAISE!

FBI warns parents 'sextortion' cases involving children on the rise

A large Pa. employer supports 'Medicare for all' to 'remove an albatross from American business'

Brockmire: A show I didn't expect to enjoy, but I do!

Gold sure is having a day

House Oversight To Vote On Contempt For Ross, Barr In Census Probe

Spot the difference

Cory Booker rolls out Iowa steering committee for 2020 presidential run

Dems to call Watergate star John Dean to testify on Mueller report

After we're heavily into the debates, Joe's & Bernie's numbers could very well go into a free fall

Keep your mouth shut': Retired general smacks down Duncan Hunter's defense of accused war criminal

Washington state parks are free next weekend

How low will it go?

These protests aren't just about Trump, they're about everything he stands for

Trump is angry he can't watch Fox News in the UK

Bernie Sanders Speech Arab American Caucus California Democratic Convention

Bernie Sanders Speech Latino Caucus California Democratic Convention

The relentless slaughter of wolves paved the way for a predator that refuses to die.

One of the most hated tax breaks in America just won't die

Baby Workout

Nearly 12 Million Quest Diagnostics Patients May Have Had Info Exposed In Data Breach

Elizabeth Warren:Amber pays $1,150 a month for child care, and it's holding her family back.

Former Trump aide Roger Stone called for ex-CIA chief John Brennan to be hanged for treason

Biden declares LGBTQ rights his No. 1 legislative priority

Nearly 400 Missouri roads closed by flooding

Judiciary Democrats announce series of hearings on Mueller report

Leaked audio: GOP Rep laughs about executing queers after explaining being gay is a choice

House Dems to hold Barr, Ross in contempt over census question

Joe Biden:Happy birthday to the love of my life

Mayor Pete gets emotional talking to second grader about gun control

Dear Taboola/Outbrain/Zergnet/whatever crap Advertisers

EDA received grand jury subpoena amid New Jersey tax-credit probe, source confirms

Shit for Hair v. PBO

I haven't watched most of today's circus

Ex-governor's phone seized in Flint water probe

Racism allegations lead U.S. smoothie chain to require staff training

Madame Tussaud's turned into a giant USS John McCain baseball cap.

House Judiciary Committee faces pivotal week on Trump

Minimum-wage hike may be June's big horse trade in Pennsylvania Capitol

Somebody's going to be sending out for fast food fix tonight: Royal State Banquet Menu

Theresa Greenfield to run against Ernst

Facebook, Google and other tech giants to face antitrust investigation by House lawmakers

With FCC shot clock on Sprint/T-Mobile expired, here's where the merger deal stands

ACLU: For the record: Restricting abortion is about social control.

'Being Boris Johnson' The Highs and Lows, Comedy

I'm in DC walking around.

Snake oil is still out there; with fine print attached

I was watching the Queen and the President toast at their state dinner tonight..and

Hood is off Trump administration's lie about census

nancy's plan- get to the truth. and by get to, she means

Brexit and chlorinated chicken

Supreme Court rejects Trump request to fast track decision on DACA case

Jeffries says impeachment hearings should start immediately

Why conservatives are winning the internet

Conservative filmmaker alleges play based on Strzok-Page dropped by 'politically biased' theater

You do realize not ONE person connected to rump will show up and be questioned by our

Panicking Trump Trying To Recall Recent Affairs He's Had After Spotting Baby Balloon In London

Shitty grill

Supreme Court Denies Trump Administration's Request to Speed Up DACA Case

Mitch McConnell Feeling Emasculated By Wife Who Makes More Illicit Money Than Him

My guess is that it will not be Feline Friendly!

Jay Inslee On Climate Change -- "I have a plan for that." His interview with Yale 360.

Cartoon 6/03/19

TYT's Cenk Uygur Talks With Bernie

Donald Trump Is Sending Park Rangers to the Border to Help Enforce His Immigration Policies

Another billboard in London

Man sentenced to 19 years for throwing a 5-year-old boy from a balcony at Mall of America

Dear USA

Page: Joe Biden should tout his role in the 1994 crime bill -- not hide from it

House Oversight Committee to vote on holding Bill Barr and Wilbur Ross in contempt

Mushroomhead: Rumor Has It (Adele Cover)

Jonathan Pie: Trump Visits The Queen

Worst Downton episode ever.

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 3, 2019

It's Jeff Davis's birthday: celebrate racism!

road raging racist

Can't Trump get a tux that fits?

The Friends of Jeffrey Epstein reunion at Westminster

Christian "Prophet": Trump Might Stop The End Times - Hehehehehe

Chess piece bought for $6, expected to sell for $1.2 million.

NY Times reporter who wrote hit piece on Biden....

Buttigieg supports allowing abortion clinic to temporarily operate in South Bend without license

Jimmy Carter granted tenure at Emory University after 37 years of teaching

Jarod is a self-centered little jerk isn't he?

Hearings on the Mueller Report- without Robert Mueller

PBS News Hour doing a nightly recap of parts of the Mueller Report

Judge rejects House suit to block transfer of billions of dollars for Trump border wall

Anti-Semitic plot included 'kill lists' and targeted houses of worship, O.C. man admits

Trans woman seeking asylum after pleading for medical help in US custody

Trans woman seeking asylum after pleading for medical help in US custody

Barack Obama gets a standing ovation at Game 2 of the NBA Finals in Toronto.

Did the Dotard fall asleep when Queen Elizabeth spoke?

Luckovich-Here's to D-Day/Shut up about my grades


Tianamen Square. 30 years ago today.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex

He Jiankui: Baby gene experiment 'foolish and dangerous'

That George Nader indictment? It was a formerly SEALED indictment from Jan. 2018.

Because Canada doesn't have enough of a gun problem already:

'Jeopardy!' Star James Holzhauer Loses After 32 Straight Wins

Pete Buttigieg Hardball Townhall Live Stream

ICE offical calls child concentration camp med service "severly dysfunctional"

Are Billionaires Leading America Toward Civil War?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 4 June 2019

'There is hard data that shows that a centrist Democrat would be a losing candidate'

House passes $19 billion disaster aid bill, Trump expected to sign it


The Duchess of Cornwall doesn't need words.

Clue clue clue - total and complete shock

Market Crashes As World Realizes Trump Is Stupid (Tariffs)

Mayor Pete Town Hall on MSNBC right now...

A Former Hotel Partner Alleges the Trumps Evaded Taxes in Panama

A Former Hotel Partner Alleges the Trumps Evaded Taxes in Panama

Judge rejects House Democrats' attempt to block border wall

Study Finds Trump Tax Cuts Failed to Do Anything But Give Rich People Money

Updated story!

Obama could be talking about a greater sort the USA economy with this quote:

Hardball with Mayor Pete

Camel throat?

Uh-oh. Jeopardy related.

Why Two Ex-Surgeons General Support the 'Juliana 21' Climate Lawsuit

Mexico can stop people and drugs if they want?

The Relentless Slaughter Of Wolves

I think we all better learn to spell (and say) Buttigieg.

Charles P Pierce: Do you think she'll notice that I ate one of the corgis?

House panel threatens contempt of Congress vote against Barr, Ross

Looks like Pelosi and chairs are maneuvering to give committees standing to access grand jury info

Refinitiv blocks Reuters stories on Tiananmen from its Eikon platform


The Queen's gift...

UK teen mowed giant penis into a field for Trump to see as he landed in London