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Jimmy Carter suggests Trump is an illegitimate president

Just what the hell is he saying?

Experience: I lived in a tree for two years

Just watched the Jeopardy Teen Tournament final. The eventual champ made a great point.

Alleged organizer in David Ortiz shooting arrested in Dominican Republic

Alleged organizer in David Ortiz shooting arrested in Dominican Republic

I can...

Boeing needs up to 3 months to fix latest 737 Max problem

Metro will study MAX tunnel underneath downtown Portland and Willamette River

Senate says Okay....Raptors up

Mayor calls out Republican religious hypocrisy

Gun-storage provisions and the rest of I-1639 kick in Monday

'You can't win without gay players,' says USA's World Cup hero Megan Rapinoe

Oregon Senate Republicans will return to work on Saturday, leader says

McSweeney's Does the Democratic Debates

Gym Jordan is butt hurt

Remember when Barack Obama reminded everyone he was the only African-American on stage?

'May God bless you': evangelical pastors' hidden role in human smuggling's boom

'May God bless you': evangelical pastors' hidden role in human smuggling's boom

Short version on how the Judiciary Committee got Nixon to resign

Keith Ellison endorses Bernie Sanders for president -- again

For those who remember: The best article I've read on Seaga

Oregon's public employers must have anti-harassment policies under new law

The conference table is set for G20

Trump official Ken Cuccinelli blames migrant father for drowning with daughter

Trump official Ken Cuccinelli blames migrant father for drowning with daughter

God it just doesn't end with conservatives trying to emulate the GOP.

Democrats want to repeal Obamacare - Mark Shields - PBS NewsHour

Trump's campaign strategy is to make our nominee unlikeable

Climate bill losing support in business community

Judge orders U.S. into mediation on border patrol treatment of migrant children

Judge orders U.S. into mediation on border patrol treatment of migrant children

Judge orders U.S. into mediation on border patrol treatment of migrant children

PBS 'Stonewall Uprising' American Experience (2011) WETA

Borowitz: Terrified Trump Writes Check to Biden Campaign

Border Detainees Are Fed 'Appalling' Menu of Slimy Sandwiches and Unhealthy Ramen

What happens if the Dem nominee disagrees with the....

The Oregon agency that studies earthquakes could be abolished after going over budget

Second U.S. Democratic debate sets TV ratings record

Trump sucks up to Putin, embarrassing us again (Paul Waldman,WaPo)

I came across these heartbreaking images-- Ruby Bridges, who integrated a New Orleans school--

Kentucky's controversial abortion 'reversal' law takes effect Thursday

Missouri's only abortion clinic to stay open until at least August 1

PBS 'Stonewall Uprising' American Experience (2011) WETA

Former Abraaj executive pleads guilty to U.S. charges

Fears build that Amazon could vacuum up employees

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Debatable

Donald Trump is weak.

U.S. charges New York man who boasted of huge investment returns with fraud

Tweet from Symone Sanders..

Interesting exchanges here on Busing, thought I'd illuminate a controversy that happened 6 years...

Ok...just saw my DVR'd copy of Stephen Colbert's show from last night......

Trump says he 'appreciates' Saudi purchase of U.S. military equipment (MBS is a "friend of mine.")

Beto Protest at Clint Border Patrol Center where kids are being SEVERELY neglected Sunday 10am

U.S. says Saudi pipeline attacks originated in Iraq: Wall Street Journal

U.S. says Saudi pipeline attacks originated in Iraq: Wall Street Journal

Oregon State Hospital staff injuries spike as facility strains to admit new patients

I'll give you guys a 2to 5 bet

Number of Venezuelan migrants could double to eight million: OAS

Trump offers to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in DMZ

Misplaced decimal point means Oregon county's 911 system could be out millions

Overcharging the American People for Concentration Camps is the Most Donald Trump Thing Ever(Ferret)

Sarah Sanders: I will walk out of the White House 'with my head held high'

Trump official blames migrant father for drowning with daughter

Rep. Garamendi (D-CA) Slams Chaos, Personal Attacks at 2nd Dem Debate as 'Circular Firing Squad'

Waiting for house committees to investigate McConnell's Russian connections

FDA Investigation into Potential Link between Certain Diets and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy

4,000-Year-Old Burial Revealed on Britain's 'Island of Druids'

Disappointed in Rachel tonite. Not even a mention of what Jimmy Carter said today.

Cockroach 'Superbugs' Becoming Near-Impossible to Kill

Recommendations for program to download I-phone photos and videos

As much as Tweets are posted here, remember that Twitter is no one's friend.

Let me tell you about Ruby Bridges.

$10 million gift to University of Oregon to help create joint cancer research center

Grotesque is the only word that comes to mind.

It bothers me that Harris's attack on Biden was apparently coldly calculated in advance,

Former Broward County residents accused of illegally exporting AR-15 parts to South America

Former Broward County residents accused of illegally exporting AR-15 parts to South America

Elizabeth Warren came out for making private insurance illegal.

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Bolsonaro's Environmental Policy: An Increasing Risk

Bolsonaro's Environmental Policy: An Increasing Risk

Trump's Ignorant Comments About Japan Were Bad Even for Him

Obvious question for Kamala Harris after debate.

look at all this diversity!!

'You don't have this problem': Trump vents to Putin about frustration with reporters

Plans ticketed-access area for VIPs, friends and family at July 4 celebration

ACLU wins ruling shutting down drumpf's fake "emergency" to build the wall

Canadian who contracted cave disease in Cuba warns travellers of risk

Florida Gov Signs Law Requiring Felons To Pay Off Fines Before They Can Vote

Bully boy routine grows old

Joking with Putin over eliminating journalists is a betrayal. And so is ignoring it.

Being a Possum is Hard Work!

Post your favorite covers...

"If I didn't become president, you'd be having a war right now with North Korea."

Free Parking - Rendered Mute

This Stunning Video Shows Sun's Pulsing 'Skin' in Incredible Detail

Melania Trump is noticeably absent from the G-20 summit photos

The Daily Show: The Plain View Project Exposes Pervasive Police Racism

Is This An Attack Line That Could Stick?

Lunar Robotic Mission Heracles Will Scout for Human Landings

The Daily Show: Rhode Island Teens Fight for Civics Education

06/30 Mike Luckovich: Not helping.

Spores in Space: Mold Can Withstand Radiation Doses That Would Kill a Human

An inspiring interview of Michael Hayden by Don Lemon, look it up on youtube tomorrow...

U.S. federal judge blocks $1 billion in funds for Trump's border wall

U.S. federal judge blocks $1 billion in funds for Trump's border wall

Seth Meyers - Night Two of the Democratic Presidential Debate - Monologue - 6/27/19

Seth Meyers - Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, Night Two: A Closer Look

A day in Colombia: two leaders assassinated, two receive death threats

An Arizona sunset.

Political Candidate Beto O'Rourke Joins OZY Fest 2019

Brazil's Federal Police Arrests Three People over Embezzlement of Political Funds

Seth Meyers: Guest Kate McKinnon

I would be interested in reading examples of brilliant white male Presidential candidates

What the hell is up with Biden and the NRA???

Trump's presidency 'needs to be annulled': Actor says that's the only response for 'illegitimate' pr

Tiniest Pink Baby Opossum Grows up to Be Adorably Ferocious

AOC invites Megan Rapinoe to the Capitol

Seth Meyers: Guest Rep. Pramila Jayapal Convinced a College Classmate She Was a Princess

For the ones dissing Harris for "planning" her attack on Biden:

A Breakfast Invitation Helps Rebuild a Crown Prince's Standing

WTF is Dump doing in this photo?

Trump invites Kim Jong Un to impromptu summit at DMZ via twitter

My busing story

Trigger Warning -- Cockroaches So Tough Develop Resistance to Pesticides They Haven't Even met

DeSantis signs bill to impose poll tax

Who holds the title for the biggest screw-up on Cuba issues? Hint: It's not a Democrat

Kate Mckinnon as Warren Mariane Williams depiction on SNL

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 29, 2019 -- The Essentials: African American Families

I like Joe. However is he

How Berkeley's busing program changed Kamala Harris' life -- and the presidential race

Many anniversaries in 2019

Peru's House of Cards: Odebrecht scandal has engulfed the country's political class

Trump is FINE

Jimmy Fallon - Jimmy Parodies "You Need to Calm Down" as Beto, Bernie and Trump (Live)

Warren continues to climb in the DU preference poll

Indigenous groups in Peru are suing government over oil, mining plans - and winning

Former Fresno art student pleads guilty to illegal $6.8 million arms deal with Nigeria

RollingStone "Marianne Williamson Is the Cosmic Sorceress We Need Now"

Which candidate at the debate suggested that ICE should be reformed....

Roseanne Barr won't be performing at Big Fresno Fair after all, due to Yom Kippur

23 patients abused at San Francisco hospital, city officials say

Rolling Stone feature article on Mayor Pete....

Trump Plans VIP Area for July 4th Celebration

Reproductive rights advocates file lawsuit against Georgia's abortion ban

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/28/19

The Bad Tribe.

The Bad Tribe.

"History Rolled in on a Yellow Schoolbus'

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed his first budget. Here's where the $215 billion will go

orville peck - dead of night (studio-2019) the masked cowboy love-child of roy orbison & andy bell

"Look at US! Aren't we awesome?! We're so diverse. We have women, a black guy, a Hispanic guy

San Bernardino County jail inmates say sadistic ex-deputy staged fights

What do you call an Irish possum?

Power Versus the Press: The Extradition Cases of Pinochet & Assange

Why did the chicken cross the road?

courtney marie andrews - rough around the edges (live in studio-2017) great song, great voice ...

Looks like there gonna put MF45 on Mt. Rushmore after all

My two hobbies

3 women arrested, accused of using Fullerton College to steal $1 million in financial aid

Pastor Sues Vimeo for Deleting Pro-Gay Conversion Videos

Mongols' probation means headquarters of motorcycle club is subject to search, not riders on the

Putin brought his own cup to the G20 dinner

Sacramento County ordered to post bond while it appeals $107 million jury verdict

Secret of AA: After 75 Years, We Don't Know How It Works

PG&E faces more financial woes over wine country wildfires that killed 44 people

better oblivion community center - full set (live/kexp-2019) phoebe bridgers + conor oberst is magic

Look. Trump is NEVER going to debate the Dem nominee. NEVER.

$1.2 billion CalPERS lawsuit over long-term care gets go-ahead from judge

California cities face $600K fines if they break state housing law in Newsom's budget deal

Trumps presser on now. He sounds tired or low key.

A 'significant leap' in experiments at nuclear fusion project based at General Atomics

A 'significant leap' in experiments at nuclear fusion project based at General Atomics

OMG! Did Anyone Else Watch This Guy?

Jr. put foot in mouth when tweeting about Kamala Harris.

4-alarm fire burns condo complex under construction in Santa Clara

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes faces jail time for fraud charges. Her trial is set to begin in

Haydn, Lauridsen, Petrini, Liszt selections

Bernie Sanders was not happy about Eric Swalwell's 'pass the torch' line

G20 summit: Trump says China talks 'back on track' and proposes Kim Jong-un meeting - live

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy wields veto pen to attack state Supreme Court over abortion ruling

UA president: Dunleavy vetoes 'will impact everything we do'

Alaska AG: Dunleavy could have state troopers bring legislators to Wasilla

Alaska Railroad signs initial deal for link to Canada and the rest of the country

Medicare for all and company paid health care..

Gov. Dunleavy vetoes $444 million from Alaska state operating budget

Vladimir Putin says Western liberalism is 'obsolete' because of LGBTQ rights

Brit Leader Who Previously Said Gay Was a Choice Praises Stonewall

After 18 Months Hayden's Rectangle Shows Promise In Reducing Violent Crime

An LGBTQ group honored accused gay bashers at a high dollar gala

12-year-old arrested after brutal unprovoked stabbing of gay couple

Some 70 Guam child sexual abuse claims settled by Boy Scouts, Capuchins, Sisters of Mercy

Beating Trump will be a team effort, Sanders tells Cincinnati

'Some penguins are gay. Get over it': London Zoo honors gay penguin couple for Pride month

If I was in charge: The next debate changes.

Encompass Health Agrees to Pay $48 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Relating to its I

(Jewish Group) Meet a 20 year-old IDF combat soldier, drag queen and political activist

GovGuam to join lawsuit over tainted water

Thirty Meter Telescope opponents pledge to hold steady as project's construction nears

Steve Sack FTW

Ige signs 'red flag' gun bill

G20 summit: World leaders agree on climate deal

Katherine Kealoha taken into custody; prosecutor calls her 'a walking crime spree'

Bernie Sanders FULL Speech Homestead Detention Center 2019/06/27

DOH: Hawaii-grown papaya not linked to mainland's salmonella outbreak

Bernie Sanders FULL Debate 2019/06/27

Federal judge rules against Formosa Plastics in pollution case

Italy High School shooter pleads guilty to avoid trial, sentenced to 80 years

Senator Sanders Speech NNPA Convention's Lifetime Legacy Award Black Tie Gala

Name something the Trump years have taken from you.

Julian Castro says he is no longer the other Texan' running for president; also iBeto news

Gov. Justice Signs Sweeping Education Bill

Pete on identity politics and "the crisis of belonging"(video)

Protesters of Mountain Valley Pipeline Chain Themselves to Equipment at Construction Sites

Iran tried to hack my Steam account.

Father sues West Virginia fraternity over son's brain damage

Weekend TOONs - Nightmare on Bald Mountain

Trump plans ticketed-access area for VIPs, friends and family at July 4 celebration

PEIA, stable for now, keeps an eye on declining enrollment

I read in a thread here that an election observer witnessed votes changed.(Ohio i believe) Question!

"You can't win a championship without gays on your team"

Busing v. Neighborhood Schools

No Debate Here: Miami's GOP Mayor Emphasizes "Existential Threat" Of Warming, SLR

Rev. William Barber: God can use the rejected to revive a nation

A Tennessee Hospital Sues Its Own Employees When They Can't Pay Their Medical Bills

Alluring! Half A Million Tons Of Sulfurous, Rotting Seaweed Covers Mexico's Rivera Maya Beaches

Five 2020 candidates tried to tour the Florida prison camp for migrant kids. They were all blocked

The media talk about Him like he's sentient, brilliant, and thoughtful...

$10,180 (RAISED OVER $1,000 IN 48 HOURS!!!) Biden takes first place in total raised

Pete Buttigieg Dismisses 'Electability' of Older, White Male Candidate Versus Trump: ...

New Report Details Rift Between House, Senate Dems on Border Bill: 'Betrayal,' 'Schumer Destroyed...

Trump: Kamala Harris got 'too much credit' for Biden attack

Schumer Talks to Party Switcher About Kansas Seat

Trump escalates spat with 'forgotten president' Jimmy Carter

Gambling odds after the debates (hint: Harris did well at the debate)

Trump plans an elaborate July 4th party in D.C. Critics say spare us another campaign rally.

If Joe really believes that he can work with Mitch McConnell

Judge expands areas where border wall building is barred

AOC invites Rapinoe et al. to House of Representatives in lieu of White House

Trump claims immigrant father, daughter who drowned 'would be saved' with border wall

Erdogan says Trump will not impose sanctions over Russian missile deal

Warren restates support for busing amid Biden-Harris duel

Do you believe Trump will actually debate the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee?

Trump pressures other G-20 leaders to weaken climate goals

Kamala's attack on Biden was months in the making

Donald Trump praises Mohammed bin Salman for doing 'spectacular job'

RIP NYPD Detective Luis Alvarez.

Judge raises doubts on charge against Flynn partner

Matt Gaetz is afraid someone will throw pee at him

Fact check: School district confirms Kamala Harris was correct on integration in Berkeley

Chris Christie on Chuck Todd: 'The most pretentious know-it-all on network news'

Luis Alvarez, 9/11 first responder who fought for victim fund, dies at 53

Ex-CIA chief slams Trump's comments on election interference in first interview since stroke

President Hillary Clinton?

Trump says he asked Saudis about Jamal Khashoggi killing, claims they are angry about it

Chilling New Birtherism Slam Suddenly Surges Against Kamala Harris On Social Media

Trump: Harris 'given too much credit' for attack on Biden

Dear Robert Mueller: If you can't indict a "sitting" president, tell the POS to stand up!

Found on Facebook (Not a meme): Open Letter to My Trump Supporting Family

Macron told Putin off for saying liberalism "is obsolete." Putin and Lavrov smirked.

Federal Judge Blocks Billions In Military Funds For Trump's Border Wall

Trump weighs in on Biden vs. Harris bussing exchange...

Joy Reed started off her program with Jimmy Carter questioning the legitimacy of donald trump.

Saturday's "Aww" video

Why was Ivanka sitting with world leaders at the #G20Summit?

What is the most important thing in 2020

Debates reshape Democratic race

Are these the people who said they supported making private insurance illegal?

Trump "extremely angry" RE Khashoggi, but "nobody so far has pointed directly a finger" @ bin Salman

Were there any OPs here attacking DeBlasio for saying he's the only candidate with a black son?

Moe Berg Documentary: "The Spy Behind Home Plate" (good read)

We have to get our priorities prioritized.

Do you find yourself just getting sad for some

Trump wants to seal off the Lincoln Memorial and hold a private Fourth of July party for family...

Trump wants to seal off Lincoln Memorial, hold private 4th of July party for family, friends, "VIPs"

Who is still on Mayor Pete's team after the debate? And why

John Roberts pulls out the thesaurus for one of Trump's nearly 11,000 lies

Paula Jean Swearengin, Cori Bush, and Amy Vilela are backing Sanders campaign for President

WTF Gives with Trump's Forehead?

"Bussing" or "Busing?"

Trump claims his admin "will soon come out with some sort of busing-related policy"

Deer at the salt lick.

CLOSE THE CAMPS! Tuesday, July 2nd

U.S. judge expands ban on constructing sections of Trump's border wall in Calif., Ariz., while also

Trump: "Virtually every leader" @ G20 told him "Congratulations, it's incredible..."

Putin has just declared western-style liberalism dead. In response, Trump ranted about California.

Oh, the best laid plans

Trump says he and Putin "talked about the election issue a "little bit" in private"

"A Face In The Crowd" is on TCM today at 4PM ET

Trump is not the duly elected president of the United States, SAY IT!

John Roberts said there are no Trump judges or Obama judges. Clarence Thomas didn't get the memo.

Yikes! I think she forgot something....

Email from a candidate, guess which one...

House Passes Election Security Package, With an Eye on Mitch McConnell

Precisely what would happen if in his July 4th farce speech

Newt Gingrich A Model For Moneymaking Campaigning Rachel Maddow MSNBC (3 yrs ago)

Please stop implying Trump is gay as an insult.

Trump says 'unfair' defense treaty with Japan needs to be changed

Trump says 'unfair' defense treaty with Japan needs to be changed

Trump's seeming ignorance of basic political terms is on full display overseas

Palestinian Authority arrests businessman who attended Bahrain conference: Haaretz

Pete Buttigieg returns to South Bend amid tension over police shooting

Temperature for June 1988

Not ready for prime time.. that is for sure..

Trump may meet Kim at the DMZ, but what's the point other than a photo op?

What concerns me about Biden's busing answer is that he didn't have anything better prepared.

Tribe on FL's illegal poll tax on released felons and upcoming ACLU litigation (YEAH)

It Needs to be Said, Trump has Made the Entire GOP Putin's Lap Dogs

7th Measles Case Reported In King County

Obama DID say he had black children

Elizabeth's Career in Photographs

Joy Reid Is Covering The Latest Rape Allegation By Trump - Time To Call For His Resignation.....

CNN's Acosta to Trump: 'What Is It With Your Coziness' With Dictators and Autocrats?

Donald Trump Jr. Shares, Then Deletes, a Tweet Questioning Kamala Harris's Race

Joy Reid drops a truth-bomb on Trump and exposes the damage he's done to the US

Beto O'Rourke protest at Southwest Key Detention Center in Houston today

Trump slams 'terrible' Jimmy Carter as 'forgotten president' after suggestion 2016 win was 'illegit.

Did Kamala Harris toss any chance at a possible VP selection if Biden gets the nomination?

Trump revives ICE raid threat, blasts judge who ruled against border wall

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes to stand trial in 2020 - TechCrunch

Joy Reid Troll Trump for turning his trip into a 'groveling' tour to meet with Putin and Kim Jong-un

Where is the $750/day going?

Youngstown Vindicator announces it will stop production

Trump is 'very angry' over murder of Khashoggi but defends crown prince

Tidbits for those like me who've been claiming stolen 2004 election....

Most of DC's $215 sports betting contract headed for the politically connected

Well shit, cancer is back!

Megan Rapinoe gladly accepts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's invite to Washington after World Cup

Trump administration delays implementation of 'conscience protection' rule

going to sf pride to mrrow . first one

Trump's Plan to Start Building Wall Monday Crumbles in Court

Florida Gov Signs Law Requiring Felons To Pay Off Fines Before They Can Vote

Seattle leaders considering rules to protect hotel workers

I teach for a living and have for quite some time

Only love will win

American Missiles Found in Libyan Rebel Compound

Anyone else experiencing extremely slow internet today?

Betsy DeVos scraps Obama-era rule on for-profit colleges

Man freed after wrongful conviction in 2003 armed robbery

In 1970

Dorothea Lange's Censored Photographs of FDR's Japanese Concentration Camps

MAGA teens attack mother for being Mexican

The Religious copout on Climate Change

RoyalCash - Radio Activity

I'm incredibly impressed with our women

"Reek....your name is...Reek"

The similarity between 45 and Hitler.

Black man goes for a walk with IV on doc's orders. Gets arrested for "stealing an IV"

'Knock Down the House' Stars Endorse Bernie Sanders' Campaign

US sends F-22 fighters to Middle East amid tensions with Iran

An open invitation to Biden supporters who have long been opposed to the NRA

Look how fat Pompeo, Barr & Trump are getting!!

At Least 204 Of 451 German Weather Service Stations Tied Or Broke June Record Highs On Wednesday

Malcolm Nance Issues Global Wake-Up Call: Trump Is Openly Helping Tyrants End Liberal Democracy

Elton John Pens Open Letter Criticizing Putin's 'Duplicity' Toward LGBTQ People

Bill Scher, Politico: Bipartisan Joe Isn't Deluded About Working with Republicans

Trump's abuse of refugees deserves our concentration

Thousands gather at Stonewall 50 years after LGBTQ uprising

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 30, 2019 - Claudia Double Feature

TCM Schedule for Monday July 1, 2019 - Star of the Month: Glenn Ford

🐦 ThisWeekABC SUNDAY: @GStephanopoulos goes one-on-one with: ✔️@SenSanders

Displays ignorance of basic terms

Serious ? -- Would Harris draw more/less independents and Repub never-Trumpers in General Election?

Trump believes 'Western liberalism' literally means liberals on the west coast


George McGovern advisor Ted Van Dyk: McGovern wanted to "take an anti-busing position."

For 1st Time In Instrumental Record, France Records Temps Above 45C - In 2 Locations

Life sentence in Charlottesville attack

Gonna Be In The Neighborhood - Mind If I Stop By To Say Hello?......

I met a traveler in from D.C., frayed, Who said--"On four July, along the Mall....

Where is the Hope? Where is the Future?

Cartoons 6/29/19

The Democratic Party Pivots To The Future

Anna & Elizabeth: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Trump Gushes Like A Lovestruck Teenager Because Kim Jong Un Follows Him On Twitter

It might have been...

Harris claims Iowa momentum after first Democratic debates

Trump to allow U.S. firms to sell technology to Huawei and promises farmers they would win

Here's what $1.6 trillion in student loan debt is doing to the economy

Rambling News Conference

Republicans start donating to Marianne Williamson to keep her in future Democratic debates

Reports: Kevin Durant talking to Kawhi Leonard about teaming up on Clippers, Knicks

Tweet of the Day

At G20, Putin leads attack on western liberalism

You raised $277.20 on June 28, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

German neo-Nazis 'ordered body bags, made kill lists'

Boatbuilder's Million-Dollar Problem: No One Wants to Eat the Tariff

Trump Supporter MELTDOWN: "It's Fake News!"

Claim: Permit was pulled and blimp banned from the Mall during the "celebration"

Come on Natasha; you know better than this.

Here is what I would have loved to see at the end of the debates.

Noooooooooooo Trump plans to seal off Lincoln Memorial 7/4 for a PRIVATE PARTY!!!!

? Candidates Microphones Turned Off/Muted In Debates? NBC, Yang, Williamson Claims

Trump shares his EXHAUSTIVE KNOWLEDGE and EXPERT OPINION on the subject of busing.

Warren's Down Home Appeal

Larry Sabato thread on why it's wrong to view 1970s busing through lens of 2019

Rift Between Schumer and Pelosi Over Border Bill -- Wash Post

Buttigieg: 'America hasn't solved' racial issues he's facing as mayor

Bill Maher yesterday had Toy Story's Forky side by side with Ms. Huckabee Sanders

A 12-year-old girl got infected with flesh-eating bacteria on a Florida beach. Experts say this will

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez met Greta Thunberg: 'Hope is contagious'

The House border compassion vote was frightening for me

So IVANKA gave the readout of the Trump mtg with Abe and Modi

This Land is Your Land...

Boy, 2, dies from E. coli linked to San Diego County Fair; 3 other kids sickened

A couple of questions for John Bolton and Mike Pompeo?

Working with Republicans: Merrick Garland says hello

Mitch McConnel sabotaged Obama at every turn and Trump and others

Steve Kornacki tweeted two 1970s polls showing how unpopular busing was in Delaware then

Every time Chuck Todd asked a question, my first response is

India wall collapse kills 15

If we are going to go back decades to find issues on

Trump pressures other G-20 leaders to weaken climate goals

David Letterman and Jonathan Van Ness on Beard Trims, Self Care, Gender and LGBTQ Rights Netflix

NYT: The Treatment of Migrants Likely 'Meets the Definition of a Mass Atrocity'

Why does life always feel like a battlefield?

How GE Burned Hundreds Of Billions By Ignoring Renewable Energy

On Why Having Warren and Harris on the Democratic Ticket Is a Great Idea -- Per Harry Belafonte

an increasingly radicalized Republican Party is the "overriding culprit

Last Remnant Of Forest Unique To FL Will Become A Wal-Mart; All Legal Remedies Expended

Please don't change the context of his words

Protest in Madrid as conservatives suspend ban on most polluting cars

Warren calls out Big Tech on Harris attacks

Trump Consultant Is Trolling Democrats With Biden Site That Isn't Biden's

He thinks "Western liberalism" literally means liberals on the west coast.

No Deal In Sight, But This Budget Crisis Is Different Than Ten Years Ago

Watch: Bernie Sanders marches in NH pride parade

Trump appeals U.S. judge's border wall funding ruling

While babies sit in 3 week old sh!tty diapers on the border with no soap or beds

Senator Warren on the job -

Such a good boy

"I watched Tucker Carlson buying chopsticks"

Does Harris have a plan to take down Warren?

President Xi emerges from tough round of negotiations with Prez Trump

Health Care Employers Will Fight Bill To Protect Workers Who Refuse To Get Vaccinations

As I read continuing reports of trump's actions from the G-20 Summit, my

Trump dismisses Carter attacks as "Democrat talking point"

1pm A Face in the Crowd just came on TCM

Woke up this A.M. to a propaganda tribute to POMPEO's wife as an extra State Dept emissary

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Judge reduces Gibson's Bakery award to $25 million against Oberlin College

$70.5M verdict in wrongful death case

Detail, La Sainte-Chapelle, Paris

Stop #2 of the day for ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ is an office-opening event in Hudson.

Trump Consultant Is Trolling Democrats With Biden Site That Isn't Biden's

Senate Strips PTSD, Immigration Provisions From Bureau of Workers' Compensation Budget

Can someone say "Go Fund Me' account?

Who said what about health insurance in the two debates and shortly thereafter.

Ohio nuclear bailout bill needs work - and more scrutiny: editorial

Trump Consultant is Trolling Democrats with Biden Site that isn't Biden's

Which is the biggest gamble??

Republicans Urge Donations to Marianne Williamson to Keep Her in Future Debates

Did this 12x18 soft pastel this week

Someone asked "Does Harris have a plan to take down Warren?" The better question is...

The Quick and the Dead

Ivanka and Jared get to play like negotiators at g20

Michigan Attorney General Files Lawsuit to Shut Down Great Lakes Oil Pipeline

The Lid Has Come Off The Pot

Talked to a friend from high school, a lifelong Independent.

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 29, 2019

Woman who tripped on collapsed 'wet floor' sign at Jack Casino awarded $3 million by jury

Bernie Sanders, in Cincinnati, Ohio, makes appeal to black Americans; calls out Trump

Why calling Bernie Sanders a 'radical' is nonsense

Some here say Kamala didn't need to be bused, because she had smart parents

Please, someone tell me what an Independent voter is.

Trump Makes Up Imaginary Quotes From World Leaders About His Greatness

Trump Consultant Is Trolling Democrats With Biden Site That Isn't Biden's

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader indicted on 16 charges, including felony theft in office

Clash of the Texans: Julian Castro's breakout leaves Beto O'Rourke to do some homework

SO, I was at a firework booth yesterday looking at prices.

What the hell has happened to his rump??

Maybe she needed to borrow a cup of sugar?

Caturday in the Lounge

Japan gave Trump a colorful map to explain US investments

Your dog's food may be linked to canine heart disease

A question for Biden backers only.

New Flint water prosecutors face a skeptical hometown crowd


Intolerable---Complicit Barbie giving "readout" of G-20 trilateral mtg on WH website

Trump rejects need for climate action at G-20: US has 'cleanest' water and air 'we've ever had'

In India - Dinner comes to the tiger

"Local "Proud Boys" try to intimidate the King County Library System's Drag Queen Story Hour

Aftermath of 2016.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Benton Harbor reach tentative deal to save high school

HEALTH: Gap Between Rich & Poor Americans Health Widening In Last 25 Yrs, Study 1993-2017

Well its been a week.. things got a little greasy.. but that is politics..

Biden's Support Slipped 10 Points After Debates, Poll Shows

The first NYT article on Hitler serves as a reminder about why we can't downplay hateful rhetoric.

Title IX report clears Michigan State University basketball players of sex assault

While on the subject of states rights.

post cards, why aren't we doing post cards?

Minneapolis church expelled over support of gay marriage

Marianne Williamson. Oooh.

How one Michigan credit union is helping ease customers from payday loans

I looked for you on the Trident. n/t

PredictWise Markets: June 29/19. There's a disturbance in the Force...

Michigan Supreme Court Boots Judge For Bad Behavior

Acclaimed Novelist Rejected by Two Cultural Organisations Because of His Jewish Faith

Biden supporters need to suck it up and get off the Harris Hate Express

Class 2020 US Senators seniority list.

So, the frothing-at-the-mouth RWNJ's at the Judicial Crisis Network have launched a

'Raise My Taxes,' Says This Detroit-Bred Billionaire, Who Gets The Harm Of Income Inequality


Hold still. No this happened

caption Trump in Japan photo

Just heard on ABC that there is the threat of terrorist attacks during 4th of July

Tlaib pushes to repeal Muslim ban, introduces anti-poverty legislation

Kamala's attack on Biden was months in the making

Europe Melts Under Heat Wave: PHOTOS & More, Deutsche Welle

Marvelous Marvin and Mark were construction buddies.

Trump plans an elaborate July 4th party in D.C. Critics say spare us another campaign rally.

Thanks to VP Biden and other candidates for standing up to Republican ratfcking

How Mitch McConnell -- and all White people -- benefit from White supremacy at the expense of our

Overworked McLaren nurses picket for better staffing, affordable healthcare

Tornado alley people: where is the best place to be during a tornado?

Buttigieg does it again. (re Kamala Harris)

we have 3 adorable foster kittens, who arrived Wednesday evening

Who were your favourite comedian(s) when you were a kid? Post a link.

Trump arrives in S. Korea after inviting Kim to DMZ

Harris/Mayor Pete. Yeah, that's the ticket.

How is it possible that there are no cucumbers worth picking one day

Remember President Obama's first debate performance

Duncan Hunter's lawyers seek to block evidence of extramarital affairs in corruption case

DCS and governor sued over level of care for vulnerable children

Trump the pathological liar and the annihilation of truth.

Ok, ok, how bout any Dem President WITH MAYOR PETE AS VICE???

Beto O'Rourke tweet defending Kamala Harris against racist attacks

Is this probably GOP ad a deal breaker??????

Vice News: This Guy Hates "Hamilton" So Much He a Play to Roast Lin Manuel-Miranda

Marianne Williamson echoes Andrew Yang, says her mic was 'not on' during NBC debate

Space Photos: The Most Amazing Images This Week!

Where in the world is Rosa Parks House?

Trump Consultant Is Trolling Democrats With Biden Site That Isn't Biden's

Norway wealth fund to map phasing out of oil companies from investments: finance ministry

Is Trumpenstein getting a cut from the prison industrial complex

U.S. calls for end to mobile data blackout in two Myanmar states

Libyan fighters seize U.S. and Chinese missiles from Haftar's forces

Libyan fighters seize U.S. and Chinese missiles from Haftar's forces

Joe Biden tweet:

Why calling Bernie Sanders a 'radical' is nonsense

Flint hears from prosecutors who dropped water charges

Singapore holds gay pride rally amid calls for repeal of colonial-era law

OMG... Damon... (NSFW)