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Does anyone know Warren's answer to...

UPDATED LIVE at 8:20 Pre-Debate Show with Ro Khanna and Briahna Gray

NASA Is Sending a Life-Hunting Drone to Saturn's Huge Moon Titan

Bank of America took a stand....unfreakinbelievable.

Canada: man acquitted of rape as judge says accuser 'combative' in court

Canada: man acquitted of rape as judge says accuser 'combative' in court

LIVE at 11PM - Post Debate Show

Other Than Shitstain, Big Oil, GOP, Fox & Jello Moderates, No Barriers To Climate Action

7 Whole Minutes Of Last Night's Debate Dealt With Global Warming

All-Time June High Temperature Records Fall In Six Countries During EU Heatwave

Runaway Senators, Militias and Koch Money: What the Hell Just Happened in Oregon?

Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded In Kingston, Jamaica Logged Saturday - 102F

Rangers' Hunter Pence named an All-Star starter for first time in his career

Why Is Medicaid Different in Puerto Rico?


Children Inside Texas Detention Centers Describe Squalid Conditions

Fiscal Oversight Board Certifies PRASA Fiscal Plan

Biden slams Trump for "divorced from reality" policies

Boeing CEO says 737 Max troubles have resulted in 'personnel changes'

I changed my pick! (Sort of)

what Americans did Trump beckon for summit photo with Abe?

Poll: Puerto Ricans Disillusioned with Politics Due to Rampant Corruption

Putin plays to Trump's ego and has him eating out of his hand

Mick Mulvaney Fired The ENTIRE CFPB Advisory Board

Argentine candidate Alberto Fernandez takes aim at IMF deal: 'loans are financing capital flight'

De Blasio Apologizes for Quoting Che Guevara as FL Dems Object, Rubio Mocks

The brutal psychological toll of erratic work schedules

Argentine candidate Alberto Fernandez takes aim at IMF deal: 'loans are financing capital flight'

Now states are free to gerrymander as much as they want....

A rumor went around the building that day that a guy had shown up without a left arm

Answer any question ... don't worry

If we're indicting people who fail to protect children, Republican lawmakers should be terrified

Before we leave the first debate behind

Someone Spit on Eric Trump? What kind of person would spit on a kid because of politics?

The sound on my laptop has gone all bullocks.

Brextic - Don't leave us this way..

The DLCC sees a spike in contributions after SCOTUS gerrymandering decision.

"Values Voter"

One of the three companies bidding on I-10 bridge walked off four projects in Florida

Ann Coulter is supporting Tulsi??

Senate's Russia reports to start publishing in July

Thank you Sharon Osbourne.

World trade panel sides with India vs US in renewables tiff

Please pardon a 'vent:'

India tariffs threaten California almond industry

Trump excited to be in Japan

Judge Wants To Know By Monday If Gov't Will Fold On Census Citizenship Fight (TPM)

Jeez, I believe this is a scam to net our town more money.

Some crocs of the past were plant eaters

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Suffer the Little Children!

What is indicted Pickens Co. sheriff doing on his mission trip to Brazil?

Functional hair follicles grown from stem cells

'One Day At a Time' rescued from cancellation by Pop TV

Children living in countryside outperform children living in metropolitan area in motor skills

****Debate Thread. WooHoo!***

Texas police officer charged with murder in Dallas shooting

Not a judgement call, but why didn't Biden go to the Homestead detention shelter

Putin is running free with Trump as President.

What good is health care

Ford to Alabama dealership: No Bible, flag, gun deals

Maine governor signs rules to finally allow pot sales

Banks announce billions in share buybacks after Fed approval

Could someone please tell me what time the debate starts tonight (Florida time)

So Gillebrand can just jump in and speak whenever she wants?

More white supremacist propaganda showing up on US campuses

Mexico stages raid on train, detains dozens of migrants

Mexico stages raid on train, detains dozens of migrants

*********Number #2 Debate Thread *********

Guillibrand is REALLY PISSING ME OFF. This is not the GUILLIBRAND HOUR. She is rude !!

Kamala Harris is really impressive

Pentagon releases IDs of 2 soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Message From OUR Planet:

Alabama pays $525,000 to settle Collier-Bentley case; with legal fees total hits $1 million

Mayor Pete reminds me of Mike Dukakis.

Venezuelan ex-electric chief among 2 indicted in US

Venezuelan ex-electric chief among 2 indicted in US

Marriane Williamson was right on talking about prevention

What the hell is this with the debate???

Live stream of today's Democratic debate

Baby makes first appearance.

Once upon a time in Hollywood.......

Survey of GOP voters shows high unfavorable ratings for Roy Moore

Official: Soldiers died by suicide at Arizona-Mexico border

At the first 40 min mark, I think last night was better by comparison.

Hickenlooper said it! The taking of refugee children is kidnapping.

John McCain's Ghost

I endorse Kamala Harris as of tonight

10,111 Lies

Appeal judges question Alabama minimum wage suit

Kamala is throwing touchdown after touchdown

First time posting in this forum. I just want to say...Re: the debates

It doesn't get much better than this

Indiana archbishop defends firing of teacher in gay marriage

House Passes Senate Border Bill in Striking Something for Somebody

Little Rock Diocese settles sexual abuse claims for $790,000

Marianne Williamson

I've gone back to Undecided because so many are so dang AWESOME!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 27, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Allied Powers

Cat-proofing Your Home

A Biden/Harris ticket is looking better and better...

WATCH: Disgraced anti-gay Republican spotted putting money in underwear of male dancer

GOP ex-congressman (Aaron Schock) caught on tape in Mexican gay bar

At the halfway point of this debate, I think Buttigieg is way ahead of everyone else

Anyone who interrupts Rachel Maddow deserves to be led out of the room.

Lawyer: Roy Moore lawsuit is frivolous, 'political prop'

Mayor Pete seems to have more gravitas tonight.

What is your favorite recipe for a thin crust pizza?

GOP ex-congressman (Aaron Schock) caught on tape in Mexican gay bar

Kamala goes after Biden on race

Biden's look of shock when Harris said, "And that little girl was me."

Eric Swalwell telling Buttiegieg he should fire the police chief: No

***********Number 3 thread***************

Eric Swalwell

House Progressives Cry 'Betrayal'

Mom paid $200 for her daughters to ride unicorns, disappointed

They should have a big net that can be dropped over candidates who don't know when to stop talking.

America - You Can Do Magic

I love Kamala.

Trump's proposed tennis ball tariff represents a grand slam of terrible trade policy

I need to see a Buttigieg / Pence vice presidential debate.

Can candidates see timer when speaking ?

WaPo Editorial Board: It's official: Trump fibbed on the census. Now he should just give it up.

Switching back to "undecided".

Sanders seems to have wandered from a rally of his own into this debate by accident,

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 28, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Stonewall

OK, this is not about the issues.

The first thing a new president can do is reverse Trump's executive orders

Federal government demands portion of Oklahoma's $270 million opioid settlement

Mississippi fights lawsuit over reliance on mental hospitals

Biden says our enemy is the gun manufacturers,

Cream rises - Harris is pure cream

A woman gets on a bus with her baby.

Will this debate be available online to stream? I need to rewatch the second hour or so.

Hospitals propose plan to cover uninsured Mississippians

Pete Buttigieg -- "If more guns made us safer we would be the safest country on earth.

No, the census has never been delayed. Even when it was really hard to conduct.

Joe Biden , Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete deserve some love tonight.

at what point do some of these candidates start dropping out?

Biggest loser tonight was Bernie...

I would never vote for Marianne Williamson

Hickenlooper sounds like he has cotton stuck in his cheeks

"I'm not running against anybody, I'm running FOR the United States"

I prefer wednesday's debate, and I'm glad Senator Warren was on wednesday.


Sentencings delayed for 9 guilty in $400 million pain cream fraud

I'm blue no matter who. But if Biden gets the nomination

Veteran organizations to hand out USS McCain shirts during Trump's Fourth of July celebration

I'm glad Gillibrand is a senator.

The "winners" of this Debate were Harris and Buttigieg

The Daily Show: LIVE - Votegasm 2020: Democratic Debates, Night Two

The absloute winner of this debate!!!

Says it all.

MSNBC must change it's introductory jingle, it preconditions a loss

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

It's not fair.

Kamala Harris is the winner says MSNBC commentators.

which undeclared democrat is most likely to jump in and grab the nomination?

Which 2 candidates do you think did the best tonight

Dan Rather on Harris going after Biden: "Did she win new fans or turn people off?"

Sept 2017 Kingsman film: POTUS cages and poisons drug users, and is impeached

So these debates are really important, right?

Anybody know what Joe Biden meant when he talked about rotating....

Seven accused in embezzlement investigation

Does Biden have Secret Service protection.

Why is joe the only one still on the stage??

U.S. judge limits bondholders' claim on Puerto Rico pension system assets

U.S. judge limits bondholders' claim on Puerto Rico pension system assets

Post debate stuff

The worst closing speech: Williamson.

Seth Meyers - The First Democratic Presidential Debate - Monologue - 6/26/19

Joe Biden at #DemDebate2 (HE SAID IT)!!!

I think the surprise winner of tonight's debate was Elizabeth Warren.

Certainly the worst comment of the night

If you think Biden/Harris 2020 is finished, I have two words for you.

Isn't Biden's argument on busing similiar

DU Poll: Would Pete Buttigieg be a good VP choice?

Sexual harassment settlements against Hinds County sheriff to cost taxpayers $330K

Warren/Harris or Harris/Warren. Both are fine by me.

Andrea Mitchell just tried to bait Bernie Sanders with a Pelosi question RE: today's House vote

Seth Meyers - The First Democratic Presidential Primary Debate: A Closer Look

Joe just explained busing facts, gotta get that bit down.

Kevin Sorbo disses the Raptors and proves he's a dumbass

The biggest misfortune tonight, IMO,

Best answer of the night from Mayor Pete on why the SBPD didn't fix their diversity problem:

MSNBC actually hostile to Biden. Matthews, Kornacki, and Reid definitely. NT

Can we stop hating on Kirsten Gillibrand, please?

speaking times for the debates

So Bernie accused Swalwell of ageism--but is it ageism or science?

Favorite moment? Pete attacking the GOP's religious hypocrisy

WA Post: Forced busing didn't fail. Desegration helped improve our schools.

Why is the discredited Joy Reid dominating MSNBC's coverage?

Kamala Harris Breaks out

From Sen. Harris: That little girl was me

"That little girl was me."

I don't suspect Michael Bennet's campaign will last long, and that's a shame.

Why Trump is not concerned with the climate crisis

After the last 2 nights, I think the safest bet to beat Trump is a ticket with Harris & Klobuchar

Kamala reminds me of Obama. They both enjoy the moment they're in, they

Biden: Gun manufacturers, 'not the NRA,' are the 'enemy'

On tonight's debate..

Politico: Kamala Harris breaks out

Before attacking Kamala Harris for "mischaracterizing" Biden's views, please look at what she said

A little tongue in cheek cult cinema for the millennials here

Food fight or debate?

Political Wire: If I had to pick a winner, it was Harris.

Per Chris Matthews: Biden's team says Harris is doing "exactly what Trump wants."

Harder tonight than last night to rank the debaters

Swalwell's point when he quoted Biden's 1980-something "pass the torch" statement...

Bruce Springsteen - Tucson Train

Bear cub killed for being 'too friendly' after tourists fed it, took selfies

Senator Chris Coons on Joe Biden..

Amount of time each candidate got on the microphone tonight

Another great tweet tonight

MF45 walks with Putin, pats him in the back, gives MBS a righteous handshake

Ocasio-Cortez hits Kellyanne Conway with epic takedown in viral clip

WaPo: Kamala Harris hits a home run

Did something political happen tonight?!

Pete Buttigieg Takes Aim at Religious Hypocrisy - Emma Green "The Atlantic"

Canada's reputation as a safe pork supplier could make it a prime target for food fraud

This might the statement about Harris, from a Biden senior advisor, that Matthews referred to,

Votegasm 2020: Democratic Debates, Night Two The Daily Show

"Kamala is going to have to prosecute herself ..."

The alleged "statement from the Biden campaign" that Chris Matthews raised such a stink about

Rump just fucked up in Japan at press meeting with Putin.

OMG: tweets following Marianne Williamson's "Bonkers Debate Performance"

Judge Wants To Know By Monday If Gov't Will Fold On Census Citizenship Fight

Kamala Harris's breakout moments from the first Democratic debate

Kamala Harris's breakout moments from the first Democratic debate

It was the spring of '69. I was 18 and a freshman at Willamette in Salem, Oregon.

Biden on busing in the 1970s

Trump sucking on something and sniffing at G20 photo shoot.

WaPo: Winners and losers from the Democratic presidential debate's second night

Why Colts Owner Jim Irsay Paid $4 Million for David Gilmour's 'Black Strat' - Rolling Stone

Just now on CBS Overnight News a boy migrant at Homestead told how they're not to share food with

Check in here if you still love Kamala AND Joe . . .

Am I the only one not watching these early debates

Kamala Harris shines in commanding Democratic debate performance

If you haven't seen HBO's "True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality" you should

If Bernie or Beto had challenged Biden the way Harris did, would people here be as angry with them

Jimmy Fallon - Wheel of Political Impressions with Trevor Noah

Old at heart: Solution to red giants' age paradox

If Trump won't denounce white supremacy then maybe evangelicals

Tweet of the night:

Trump jokes to Putin they should 'get rid' of journalists

Parkville, Topeka Men Indicted for $346 Million Fraud Scheme

Why did the media downplay the latest sexual assault allegation against Trump?

Half-tonne birds may have roamed Europe at same time as humans

Spacewatch: ESA greenlights Comet Interceptor mission


Stephen Colbert's LIVE Monologue Following Democratic Debate #2

Second Brother Sentenced in Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Fraud Scheme

New Zealand woman wakes to find giant, mud-spurting geyser in garden

Stephen Colbert - Guest Gov. Chris Christie: "Joe Biden Has Room To Have A Tough Night"

The Guardian: Who won the Democrats' second debate? Our panelists' verdicts

Owner of Tampa-Area Medical Marketing Company Found Guilty in $2 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

Anyone change their minds after June 26-27 debates?

Belgium prepares probe into Politico tobacco sponsorship

Journalism at work, folks.

Two New Jersey Men Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court For Scheme To Steal Over $2 Million In Stock

Bodies of father and daughter taken home as Trump blamed for border chaos

Bodies of father and daughter taken home as Trump blamed for border chaos

Gauntlet laid down...

BBC: Democratic debates: Who were the winners and losers?

Executive Director and CEO of Sponsor Organization Sentenced to 10 Years' Imprisonment, and Owner of

Swalwell asked both of his Grandpas for their car keys.

M$Greedia are something else - see how it's done

Massachusetts Laboratory and Its Owners Pay Over $1.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

Anne Arundel Medical Center To Pay More Than $3M To Settle Federal False Claims Act Allegations

Lozoya: Brownsville being left behind due to digital divide

Alan Dershowitz is suddenly getting cold feet about child-sex case.

After debate duel, O'Rourke, Castro set dueling Austin events Friday

Greenland Ice Sheet: 'More than 50 hidden lakes' detected

Houston ISD board raises employee minimum wage, cuts $17 million from budget

Update on troop he made Rasp

Liberal values are 'obsolete' - #Putin's Financial Times interview

Texas doctors sue state agencies to dispense medication directly to patients

50 Years Ago Today; Rebellion at the Stonewall

Gov. Lee calls for August special legislative session to replace House Speaker Glen Casada

No good water comes from a muddy spring.

Trump declares himself winner of second democratic primary-debate.

Lyapunov, Tchaikovsky, Delius, Johnson selections

Supreme Court strikes down Tennessee liquor sales law

Homo Nest Raided, Queen Bees Are Stinging Mad

Chris Matthews to Kamala Harris: After Busing Experience, How Did You Not 'Have Hatred Towards White

LGBT+ History Month: How the Press Reported the Stonewall Riots in 1969

'Bad care and bad experiences': Appalachian hospital merger draws scrutiny at FTC meeting

105 Years Ago Today; Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife, Sophie are murdered in Sarajevo

Don't lose sight of the fact Pete Buttigieg just made history

Internet church sues Tennessee over law banning weddings by online-ordained ministers

Knox County Commission denounces hate after detective's anti-LGBTQ sermon

SEC Charges New Defendant in $43 Million Tribal Bonds Scheme

Don't bother with Morning Joke....

State Street Settles SEC Charges for Adding Undisclosed Markups on Client Expenses

Low-wage workers in Memphis being sued for unpaid bills by Methodist

Eric Trump's Hot Takes On Democratic 2020 Debate Blow Up In His Face

The Guardian: Joe Biden's harsh lesson: when you're on top, the only way to go is down

Revealed: the $731,003 gender pay gap in US World Cup bonuses

The KPMG cheating scandal was much more widespread than originally thought

The Opposition on Brexit?!?!

Suspect in Nashville church fires, break-ins arrested

Merrill Lynch fined by DOJ, CFTC for 'spoofing' in precious metals futures

New Zealand woman wakes to find giant, mud-spurting geyser in garden

Professor sues Kentucky State University, claims denial of due process

Prayer request for daughter undergoing surgery this morning.

Bevin, Beshear to square off at Fancy Farm picnic

"Nothing will change unless we have the guts to take on Wall St, the insurance industry, ... "

Racism, by definition

Caroline Orr tweet; It's everywhere, has all the signs of being a coordinated/artificial operation

Federal judge sides with Beshear and returns teacher sickout case to state court

Why isn't Biden's support of the bankruptcy reform bill brought up more?

If you are on Biden's corner...

Employees allege this bankrupt Kentucky hospital cheated them out of health insurance

More Kitchener Than Churchill...

You can measure a human being by their priorities

How many of you love Pete Buddhajudge... bootygeuse...damn it...

Kentucky is a top target for on-campus white supremacist propaganda, recruiting

Photos from Kamala's younger years, and with family members.

Harris has proven that she is not afraid to butt heads with the "old guard". I like that.

"First they came for the immigrants and I didn't speak up

Let's wish the following folks good luck in their future endeavors

Some state employees could get pay raise

Friday TOONs - Gerry(mandering): "Not that there's anything wrong with that" - SCOTUS

Pruitt, Wehrum, Other EPA Heads Moved Heaven & Earth To Help Now-Bankrupt Philly Refinery

Exxon Boldly Announces That It's Investing Zero Money Into Carbon Capture Startup

Chuck Grassley "Very Much Disagrees" W. Interior, EPA Gutting FOIA Process

Same question I asked yesterday: which candidate that you like didn't live up to expectations?

Kentucky officials expecting surplus likely to pay for retired teacher health insurance

Last Night's Debate In 14 Words

Theresa May's Pathetic Climate Patch Job: "You Had Access To The Best Scientists In The World"

Impatient judge orders Kentucky to quit delaying on Planned Parenthood's abortion license

Democracy Stealers

Ford announces 12,000 layoffs, five plant closures across Europe

Beschloss tweet; "Now Is the Time: Integration in the Berkeley Schools"

Two Twitter takes on Marianne Williamson's debate performance last night

trump mocks russian meddling with vladimir putin at his side.

At G-20 Summit, a Smiling Trump Light-Heartedly Tells Putin: 'Don't Meddle in the Election, Please'

The moderators need to stop interrupting!

End-May Arctic Ice Extent Second-Lowest On Record; May Area 436,000 sm Below Average

Kamala Harris Jumps to Second Place in Major Online Betting Markets After Debate, Biden Drops

McConnell Aligned Group Sponsors TV Ads Against 'Medicare for All'

Trump Bashes Biden, Sanders Following Dem Debate: 'One is Exhausted, the Other is Nuts'

The Rundown: June 27, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Action Comics" #1012

Cats and fleas. With my last cat, I used advantage 2

Bernie Sanders Says He Will 'Absolutely' Call Trump a 'Racist' Right to His Face

Shuffling the deck: How the entire field fared

The origin of Super Villains: 100

Trump Reportedly Mulls Bypassing Congress to Pass Tax Break for Ultra-Wealthy

Candidates who will sink or swim on one issue...

"We are going to end corporate socialism...What do you think the bailout of Wall Street was about?"

Sharon Osbourne gave the Trump campaign notice this morning and Trumpster's reactions made me laugh

Does it matter what Bob Mueller might say?

Beto O'Rourke has a plan for veterans. But are South Carolina veterans buying it?

"Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!"

McConnell Aligned Group Sponsors TV Ads Against 'Medicare for All'

Cross-post: Why Beto is right and Castro is wrong on immigration reform

Buttigieg Addresses Police Shooting

When is the next Democratic primary debate?: Detroit on July 30 and 31

'Family Photo' "A man is known by the company he keeps"

Harris campaign sells 'That Little Girl Was Me' shirts after debate confrontation with Biden

Just saw my 1st Paris "yellow vest" protest on the Champs Elysees in Paris

Ask the farmers and the coal miners how their economy is doing?

Happy National Ceviche Day! Yum 😋 or Yuck 🤢?

Yield Curve Points to a Recession

CBS All Access's 'Strange Angel,' anyone?

First round of debates are in the books. Who stands as your current top three?

Trump to Putin re: Journalists-"Get Rid Of Them"

The Democrats' Turn to the Left Is Overblown

Tupelo Honey

Bernie Sanders cannot answer key question about Medicare for All: How to get it done

The folks that blasted reuniting a Cuban child/family now run separation camps

Elizabeth Warren just may be the Jack Kennedy of the 21st Century

Breakfast: Friday, June 28, 2019

Kamala Harris - Well Drawn

Mueller's mistake-He assumed Trump would be paper-trained...

Georgia's "heartbeat" bill, a ban on nearly all abortions, challenged in court today

Elizabeth Warren won the debate last night

Monday's explosion...

Dan Rather tweet; "this shows where the loyalties of the President of the United States really lie"

Kamala Harris Shows She's Here to Capture the Crown

I am 62 years old.

You're ready. You've got this. I love you.

Ok, I think this is insane......our Robin is primping her nest for the 3rd time!!!!!!

Trump Jokes to Putin They Should 'Get Rid' of Journalists

After the debates, I feel so much better about our chances in 2020.

Can California change way it draws districts to take advantage of SCOTUS ruling ??

Fellow Undecideds/Frequent mind-changers: When do you think you will choose?

Trump Aides Impressed by Kamala Harris' Debate Performance

Kamala Harris Uses Her Story to Force Dems to Really Consider Race

AS long as we can not elected a candidate ,,,,,,

Rosenstein was (possibly) an accessory to obstruction in Trump/Russia. He must testify to Congress.

BTRTN: Biden Go Seek... Harris Goes on the Offensive and Wins Big

I'm for strong gun control and women's reproductive rights, but...

It's hard to believe that any Democrat would cozy up to the NRA or think they're not the enemy

Note to some Primary Candidates: The Senate. Run for the Senate!

Supreme Court to review DACA program protecting young undocumented immigrants

Jake Tapper Pushes AOC on Concentration Camp Comments: Is That What You Called Them When Obama...

The Polls Have the Race Right

Rumford man investigated for cutting off opossum's tail (possum is OK)

Mike Gravel's first ad buy

Andrew Yang blames debate performance on his mic being off

Biden Lands Endorsement From Atlanta Mayor Bottoms

Biden takes flak on race and busing. But his views may still mirror America's.

The Dumpster Fire is in Japan...

Ken Cuccinelli, head of citizenship service, blames migrant father for drowning deaths...

John Roberts Thinks Billionaires Deserve Greater First Amendment Protections Than Voters

I think the anger over the Harris- Biden exchange is not because she asked the question

Nobody here seems to be paying attention to Michael Bennet

"Kamala Harris is not Black" Twitter attack

Supreme Court won't review blocked Alabama law that bans most second-trimester abortions

The next, and first, First Gentleman of the United States: Bruce Mann

Great Debate Last Night! There's Much More to Come.

Senators Try--Again--To Solve The Nuclear Waste Debacle

Apple's chief design officer, Jony Ive, is leaving the company

A boy was bullied with anti-immigrant taunts. His mom was beaten when she defended him

And now I have a Lily

Ohio's nuclear 'bailout' bill changed again. Here's what you need to know.

U.S. is ready for talks with North Korea, South Korea says

Supreme Court will decide if state funds can be used to help pay for religious school tuition

The discussion of Biden and school desegregation is missing context

Dworkin tweet; How it's done

The Democratic Party is FINALLY (once again) a LIBERAL political party.

Sexist comment by my MIL about

One Year After Trump's FOXCONN Groundbreaking: There's Almost Nothing to Show for It.

Waning Pink Crescent Moon

It's rollin', rollin', rollin'- keep that TP rollin'

Putin puts it in. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Donald Trump!!!

France records all-time highest temperature of 44.3C

McConnell Aligned Group Sponsors TV Ads Against 'Medicare for All'

Kamala Harris reverses answer on abolishing private health insurance, saying she misheard question

Supreme Court agrees to hear 'Bridgegate' case

Pro-De Blasio campaign ad

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Bridgegate appeal. Stunning move keeps alive case that dogged Christie.

Friday's "Aww" pix

FDA Investigation into Potential Link between Certain Diets and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy

NYT: Let's Debate Dress

Impeach me, I'll jail you - Philippines' Duterte dares foes to test him

Man breaks into King County Sheriff's Office, offers doughnuts, asks to go to jail

The @washingtonpost intends to observe a moment of silence today at 2:33 p.m. in remembrance

President Jimmy Carter talks about the 2016 election.

The Bernie Effect: Sanders sets the bar in Democratic health care debate

Manafort & Gates were wired more than $30 million for their work in Ukraine

It's sort of funny that an entire debate has been reduced down

Walter Mondale on President Trump: "He's got something deep in him that is detestable."

Rich Will Keep Getting Richer and 'Nothing Will Change,' Says Bernie Sanders, Unless

Rare photo of banjo player "One Eyed Bob" just before the accident!

I see this as a three person race now. Probably won't change, either.

Who Is Making Money From CBP in Your State?

Caption this.

After the last two nights I have changed from Undecided

Elizabeth Warren blocked from entering children's concentration camp

Biden lands 2020 endorsement from Atlanta Mayor Bottoms

Dem Candidates.....Turn your attention to Trump.......

How unfortunate that Steve Bullock wasn't allowed to be in the first debate

Trump's Case for China Tariffs Fails to Persuade

Harris clearly struck a nerve, because scruffy little shitweasel Don Jr leaped into action.

Rev. Jesse Jackson says Biden was on 'the wrong side of history' with busing

How Do Boomers and Millennials Really Stack Up?

Tucker Carlson: "If you speak english, Democats think you're racist."

Buttigieg warns Dems not to 'play it safe' in picking 2020 candidate

CNN: Winners and losers from night 2

I have a question about Julian Castro...

Jimmy Carter says a full investigation would show Trump lost in 2016

A MUCH needed laugh from the debate. 😂

and there are 11 more debates to go........

Russian TV makes fun of Trump. who had stand around and wait for Putin.............

The debate schedule is once a month until the end of the primary season next year.

I didn't think Sanders releasing his tax returns was going to hurt him...

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Driverless electric shuttle charts course for Merrifield; and Dominion Energy could be on board

I think that healthcare is one of the most important issue people are concerned about.

"The Wrong Babysitter." Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

The Second Democratic Debate Proved That Bernie Really Has Transformed the Party

Dinner Tonight

All about my personal experience of the music of 65

On the Busing Controversy

More voters than media showed interest in Marianne last night.

the music of 65

10 days for Polls to Reflect the New Reality

Congratulations to Illinois for legalizing marijuana and expunging 770,000 marijuana-related cases.

Talking to conservatives

Biden: 'an asinine concept'.Not chosen by Obama to secure the AA vote

Jane Sanders Visits Homestead Detention Center

France Records All-Time Hottest Temperature At 45 Degrees Celsius: Weather Service

It's funny how much of my job is simply telling patients that they're not going to die from it.

Why VP Biden has my respect.. He never lets anyone disrespect Pres Obama

How are you all coping and How are you doing it?

Putin: Russian president says liberalism 'obsolete'

in order to win in 2020.. To rid ourselves from the Nightmare!

I am proud that @NEA Today, which represents 3 million educators, supports our College for All Act.

NFL cornerback Josh Norman covers cost of respite center needs

A Warren-Harris debate would be must see tv.

App that can remove women's clothes from images shut down

BREAKING NEWS! I now announce my top five.

Kamala Harris Backtracks on Support for Eliminating Private Insurance

Biden's States Right Defense in 2019

U.S. Supreme Court to hear New Jersey 'Bridgegate' appeal

India arrests after women's heads shaved for resisting rape

India arrests after women's heads shaved for resisting rape

Here's what Ken Cuccinelli said about a DC rat ordinance in 2012:

Supreme Court refuses to hear Alabama's defense of abortion ban struck down last year

I've Been Having A Problem With Bread I Buy Getting Moldy Before I'm Able To Eat It......


Supreme Court Will Hear 'Dreamers' Case

Sand dunes at Trump golf course set to lose protected status after Scottish government says resort '

Sand dunes at Trump golf course set to lose protected status after Scottish government says resort '

It's the Hottest Day Ever Recorded In Europe, As Earth Moves Deeper into Climate Crisis

Evangelicals are naked before the world

Sen. Kamala Harris: Joe Biden And I Just Have A Difference Of Opinion Morning Joe MSNBC

Major Police Body Camera Manufacturer (Axon/Taser Intl.) Rejects Facial Recognition Software

Marianne Williamson's tweets say a lot

Marianne Williamson most searched on Google for night two of the Democratic debate

Trump says war with Iran wouldn't last very long. He hasn't read enough history.

Kamala spoke her truth. Joe spoke his.

House votes to block Ajit Pai's plan to kill San Francisco broadband law

White House mulls capital gains tax break to benefit wealthy

Bullock: No insurance to undocumented immigrants (Video from Morning Joe)

Trump gives Putin light-hearted warning: 'Don't meddle in the election'

You raised $391.60 on June 27, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Crypto Exchange And XRP Refuge Bitsane Vanishes, Scamming As Many As 246,000 Users

Vladimir Putin says liberalism has 'become obsolete'

Storm Clouds Over The Nation's Weather Forecaster

Laura Dern and 2020 hopeful Marianne Williamson used to be roommates

NIH Director Francis Collins: "Time to End the Manel Tradition"

After the debates

Is This Normal?

Putin and Trump met privately for nearly an hour...

Universal Music Group Fire Class Action Could Come Down to One Thing: Who Owns the Masters?

DU Primaries Report, June 2019: Warren Takes Charge

Western intelligence hacked 'Russia's Google' Yandex to spy on accounts - sources

Riz Ahmed's Star Wars Celebration Chicago Appearance Was Canceled Because Homeland Security Wouldn't

How to win the debate?

Here's How D.C. Appears In 'The Handmaid's Tale' [Spoiler alerts for Season 3]

Kellyanne Conway Had More Hatch Act Violation Reports Filed Against Her Than Anyone Else in 30 Years

【字幕付き】Japanese is My First Language Born and Raised in Rural Japan to Black Parents ft. Tiffany

Trump Wants To Withdraw Deportation Protections For Families Of Active Troops

President Carter says a full investigation would show "that Trump actually didn't win the election..

【字幕付き】Japanese is My First Language Born and Raised in Rural Japan to Black Parents ft. Tiffany

I just switched to Elizabeth Warren.

Adam Scott To Mitch McConnell: Don't Use My Image, Unless It's For 'Humiliating Defeat'

Jimmy Carter would have been a good President at 80

Trump Orders Rule Allowing Military Academy Grads To Defer Service To Play Pro Sports

Is your fish stick more bread than fish? Inspectors can tell

Teenager Jack Hughes is first Jewish player to be no 1 overall pick in NHL draft

NRA pulls out of lawsuit against Edmonds' new gun storage law

Now, MSNBC: Biden Press Conference, BREAKING: Remarks Since Debate

It's kind of odd that nobody here has said much about Kamala's gaffe

Wow. Biden is bringing down the house right now.

Boston's 'Straight Pride Parade' is one step closer to happening

Kamala Harris Sends Debate Crowd Roaring By Exposing The Myth Of Trump's Economy

MacKenzie Lueck is dead. Police seek aggravated murder charge against man arrested.

Kushner's Corruption in the Middle East...Buying peace

Estimated 17M Viewers Tune In To NBC, MSNBC & Telemundo for 2nd night debate.

Cartoons 6/28/19

Ou La La!

Joe Biden throws own campaign into turmoil after Harris attacks his record on race

Baltimore won't pay hackers' ransom, sets aside $10M in emergency funding to recover from cyberattac

Got pests? See if these will work for you.

Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China

In the Senate -- the vote about Iran military action

Rainbow PUSH Annual Convention Schedule of Candidate Appearances

Iran seizes 1,000 Bitcoin mining machines after power spike

Attacking Mexicans as 'rapists' and denigrating immigrants apparently has not helped Trump

BREAKING: Charlottesville car driver sentenced to Life in prison (AP)

Avowed white supremacist sentenced to life in prison for hate crimes in Charlottesville attack.

EU agrees trade deal with Mercosur after 20 years

BREAKING: White supremacist sentenced to life in prison for deadly car attack in Charlottesville

Let's talk about the people who would risk their children to immigrate....

Biden's speech is making me feel better about him.

Jackie O's Compound on Martha's Vineyard Hits Market for $65 Million

Murderer on my left, a thug on my right, finally I fit in...DJT

Scuttlebutt from around town about the debate

Pool Party....

John Roberts is trying to wreck democracy -- but Trump's incompetence keeps getting in the way

NEWS: Bernie Calls for No Middle Ground on Medicare for All

Marshae Jones might not be prosecuted in unborn baby's death, prosecutors say

The Latest: FBI: White Supremacist James Fields sentenced to life in prison

If an elected official said I support gay marriage

Trump wants a new nuclear deal with Iran. No one else does.

This is interesting

The traitor joked with our enemy about protecting our elections

Well lookee here - Trump Free day on Fox News website

Frank Rich: Kamala Harris's Debate Performance Should Scare Trump

I don't know if this line woks the way Biden thinks it does...

So when a fellow candidate or a talking head says "Joe is not a racist but..."

Huh? Politicianspeak: "I never, ever opposed voluntary busing".

If I had it MY WAY, every person in the LOWEST part of the polls would be in the KIDS Debate

Spoiler Alert. World Cup - Second Half Update

Trump, Putin Bonded Over Their Disdain For 'Fake News' : TPM

Across 30 years and an epidemic, Charlottesville's gay and lesbian communities came out together

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Calls For Trump Impeachment

'The Supreme Court's Gerrymandering Ruling Is A Doomsday Scenario For Voting Rights'

"Claire, put the dead squirrel down!"

Former Trump FEMA chief repaid taxpayers only 2 percent of $151k spent on personal travel

They're just accusations, right? RIGHT???

U.S. Congress ethics panel probes Gaetz over ex-Trump lawyer Cohen

Okay, seriously. Why is this shit still going on?

Cruelty, Inc

Some of the policies of the group behind the advertisement not wanting Medicare for All......

Elizabeth Warren pledges not to give ambassadorships to wealthy donors if elected

Elizabeth Warren's Policy Ideas Dominated the First Democratic Debate

Donations made to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America through June 30 are doubled.

Gov't Mule ; the ultimate cover band?

Iowa Democratic groups weigh doing business with Hy-Vee

Would have been nice if Harris had brought her passion last night to the Kavanaugh/Barr hearings

Joe Biden: "We've got to recognize that kid wearing a hoodie may very well be the next poet laureate

USDA have come out with acreage planted for this crop year

No last-minute reprieve for Amtrak's Hoosier State, final run through Lafayette June 30

Serious, honest questions re: health care (so please, no flaming)

USDA have come out with acreage planted for this crop year

name calling and bragging tweets from Trump

The House Ethics Committee has now established an ethics subcommittee to investigate Rep. Gaetz

I'm so sick of Republicans and their revenge elections.

Rush Limbaugh Goes on Rant Declaring Democratic Party 'A Bigger Hate Group Than the KKK'

Biden fundraiser ditches him and warns others may too

538: Who Won the First Democratic Debate? (Spoiler: Harris, Sanders, Warren, Castro)

Even if Palestinians don't agree or accept Jared Kushner's "Deal of the Century,"

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, June 28, 2019

Andrew Yang's Claim His Mic Was Cut Off During Debate Gets Shut Down By NBC News

I open my email box and what do I see?

One for Stonewall:

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 28, 2019

My nephew asked me why people risk their children's lives at the border.

Would a Former President Get Secret Service Protection in Prison?

Today, I stood with a majority of my Senate colleagues who voted to uphold the rule of law.

Putin Denies Meddling, Says 'Donald' Just Took Advantage Of Political Mood In US

The birther's are back -

'Rising enthusiasm for Medicare for All' has provoked dramatic surge in industry-backed lobbying

JUST IN: World Cup News. Spoiler Alert!

Paul Krugman busts GOP as much closer to fascism than Democrats are to socialis

DEBATES: Inconsistency in transcript of Kamala Harris

You'll Need Tickets To Get Close To Trump's July 4 Event

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary saves hundreds of dogs, pays vet bills for life

Impeachment: A Citizen's Guide (w/ Professor Cass Sunstein)

SPOILER ALERT: Women's world cup soccer update

@mpinoe was the first professional athlete outside of American football to join Kaepernick's protest

Once again, Trump goes into a room with Putin, and only Russian media is allowed in.

A Few Thoughts About the Debates and the Primaries in General

Marianne Williamson - The First Comic Relief Candidate

German far-right group Nordkreuz 'used police data to compile death list'

Eight from Eight- go Team USA

GOP leaders of AZ Legislature order Pride flags taken down from exterior of Capitol Museum

Teens behind octogenarian Gravel's long-shot 2020 campaign tweet from debate sidelines

Jesus Christ This Pisses me

MEANWHILE, in Japan...

A question for Biden supporters.

Re: Mineral Man's 'Busing' Post. If you're a parent, would you support it today?

The busing issue is based on one unavoidable fact.

Trump Supreme Court pick Kavanaugh delivered the goods for conservatives

So I saw Rocketman. Awwwww.....


EU and Mercosur agree huge trade deal after 20-year talks

EU and Mercosur agree huge trade deal after 20-year talks

French police pepper spray Paris climate protesters

Istanbul opposition figure in court over 'insulting' Erdogan tweets

The Best People: Trump's New Press Secretary Was Recently Arrested For Two DUIs

California set to be first US state to ban hair discrimination

I've decided on Elizabeth Warren. Let me tell you why.

U.S. tells Europe: Choose between us and Iran, as new trading system launches

US judge blocks Indiana 2nd trimester abortion procedure ban

US judge blocks Indiana 2nd trimester abortion procedure ban

Email from Terri Sewell (D) Congressperson of Alabama

Marianne Williamson, Longtime Wacko, Is Now a Dangerous Wacko- The Daily Beast

Mexico says 'maquila' plants to offer migrants 40,000 jobs

Mexico says 'maquila' plants to offer migrants 40,000 jobs

This is kinda cool.....Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly are one and two in the Senior Golf tournament

The way I see Brexit going and we are screwed

A possible unintended consequence of the busing conversation

Washington state man guilty of killing young Saanich, B.C., couple

The Onion strikes again

Conservationists celebrate 20th anniversary of historic removal of Maine dam

What's the first thing you will do when you get into office?...

Here's why Kamala was right to bring up her experience of being bused in Berkeley,

Senate gives greenlight to the Big Con, War, War, War....

Job creation under Trump

Imigration from the documentary "Blazing Saddles"

Foil packet 'Low Country Boil'. (recipe)

Adrienne Bankert ABC News: Rapinoe created a "firestorm" by saying she won't go to White House

Carter says Trump didn't really win

GOP, trump and mcconnell ... "Take a problem and make it worse"

I want congress to pass a law outlawing cilantro.

Biden sees support from Democrats slip 10 points after debate

I find the debates depressing...

I go to parties sometimes until four

Memorial garden dedicated for Capital Gazette newspaper employees killed in shooting

House Ethics Committee investigating Gaetz over Cohen threats

Sidney Ember's Secret Sources

Biden loses support of prominent fundraiser amid race, abortion controversies

"Don't meddle in the election," a grinning Trump told Putin in response to reporters' questions.

Feds allocate $10M to combat violence in rural Alaska

Barron just asked Melania if she would buy him a Megan Rapinoe game jersey

Judge weighs new US policy keeping asylum seekers locked up

4 Senate Republicans joined with Democrats to rein in Trump on Iran

I'll say it again. I will not support a candidate whose path is tearing down another Dem candidate.

Joe Biden, 1975. "I oppose busing. It's an asinine concept. . . "

Man Breaks Into Sheriff's Office, Brings Donuts

Introducing Canada Proud, a false meme anti-Trudeau organization. Fortunately

Senate Rejects Measure Forcing Trump To Seek Approval For War With Iran

Trump wants to "meet Chairman Kim at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!"

Mountain goats will be flown from Olympic National Park again this summer

U.S. bishop personally escorts asylum seekers across U.S.-Mexico border

Over a dozen and counting....We don't need no stinking badges

Rapinoe has 2 goals and US knocks France out 2-1

Subway Got Too Big. Franchisees Paid a Price.

Subway Got Too Big. Franchisees Paid a Price.

Nation's Largest LGBT PAC Endorses Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Exactly this...

So Gerrymandering is not withing the SCOTUS scope.

Here you go my friends ... you are going to need this

Mastermind Behind David Ortiz Shooting Arrested in Dominican Republic

Cable cord cutters: Do Sling, Hulu, etc., have those loud emergency EAS weather alerts?

When It Comes to the Census, the Damage Among Immigrants Is Already Done

Iran may stand down on nuclear threat after Europe, China work to bypass US sanctions

Think I'm takin a trip to Paducah....want to see there gold step Court house...

NPR: Biden Favored Constitutional Amendment to End Busing

Turner Classic Movies alert: "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World" on at 2:30 AM on Sunday

U.S. sanctions Nicolas Maduro's son

The dreaded Apocalypstick has arrived!

'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' Canceled After 17-Year Syndication Run

NBC denies Yang's accusation that his mic was turned off in debate

Riz Ahmed's Star Wars Celebration Chicago Appearance Was Canceled Because Homeland Security Wouldn't

Jeopardy Teen Tournament finalist

Purple-Haired Lesbian Goddess Flattens France Like A Crepe

Joe Biden's 2020 Rivals Sense Blood in the Water

Chick-Fil-A Worker Jumps Out of Drive Thru Window to Free Choking Boy From Tangled Seatbelt

Mayor Pete will be on Don Lemon tonight (10:00 ET). nt

Chris Stamey "New Songs for the 20th Century"

Joe Scar didn't like last night's debate at all.

E. Jean Carroll: "He killed something in me."

Hello, is it me you're looking for...?