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Starting canvassing this weekend!

Brazil's Bolsonaro tries new tactic to loosen gun laws

Joy Reid nails it. Rump's base LOVES this abuse and death, because he is 'hurting the right people'

Zuckerberg says company 'evaluating' deepfake video policy

Has there been any announcement as to how the moderators will handle Trump's live tweeting?

WA gun law provisions effective July 1, but some sheriffs say they won't enforce it

U. S. asylum officers say Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy is threatening migrants' lives, ask fede

U.S. asylum officers say Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy is threatening migrants' lives, ask feder

2 Germans Visiting Washington Run Over, Killed At Beach

Tipitina by Professor Longhair--1953--NOLA

Charlottesville police will not assist ICE in raids

2020 US Senate Election- How many Republican held US Senate seats the Democrats need win?

Senate to vote Friday on Trump's Iran war authority

Timeline of Deceit: From Trump's Draft to Rosenstein's Cover Story

Why So Many Horses Have Died at Santa Anita

Why So Many Horses Have Died at Santa Anita

Trump complains about US defense pact with Japan, blaming G20 countries

Damn the game is tied.......Repubs, vs Dems in an annual baseball game.

Russell Wilson awards $100,000 in scholarships to 8 students

Jamie Dimon rips the student debt crisis as a disgrace

These immigrants are clearly desperate, reminiscent of...

Know who else preferred the death of innocents to the slightest perceived risk? Herod.

How We Left the Door Open for Trump to Do This to Children

Stride piano--Harlem Stride

Nearly 100 drivers followed a Google Maps detour -- and ended up stuck in an empty field

Toy Association Says Tariffs Will Devastate Industry, Result in $3.4 Billion in Lost Wages

I'm so happy. My kid's reactions are all failing in the lab.

Love In The Mist

Warren poses for selfies whenever asked and I think that is brilliant.

Breakdancing moves closer to 2024 Paris debut

NYPD failed to find one incident of biased policing in five years

Tom Perez is speaking for me! 1st Dem Debate, opening.

What is your favorite quote for Debate #1?

Bernie Sanders Proposes Wiping College Loans The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Getting ready to watch the debates ...

(Jewish Group) Judenrein Europe


House backs ban on White House spending at Trump's properties, sending message to president

U.A.E. Splits With U.S. Over Blame for Oil Tanker Attack in May

Belleville Diocese Waiting To See If Pope Accepts Resignation Of Controversial Bishop

(Jewish Group) Putin's War: How Russian aggression decimated Jewish life in eastern Ukraine

WashU Will Raise Its Minimum Hourly Wage To $15 By 2021

St. Louis County Council Gives Initial OK To Police Body Cameras

I don't care if Trump tweets constantly throughout this debate. I hope MSNBC has

Please tell me Brian Williams will exit at 9pm

"Who Goes Nazi?" -1941 Parlor Game by Dorothy Parker Thompson

This Puppy Mill Dog Is Finally About To Get A Family

(Jewish Group) Of Cartoons and Comments: innocuous opinion piece brings out the antisemitic trolls

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Suffer the Little Children, Bob Kincaid subs for


Trump, Them damn "Japs" w/their Sony TVs. Trump is giving a 1970s talking point.

Irony Alert: The Two Least Godly Men On The Planet...

I'm surprised by Gabbard's response about health care.

and Nancy Pelosi Just came to the Congressional baseball game......and the

I don't have a candidate yet, but every one of these candidates would make a fine president

What are your favorite temperature ranges/humidity levels/weather conditions?

********DEBATE THREAD 2************

Please, my beloved Dem candidates, *don't* do the speaking Spanish thing.

Beto vs Booker

So, what are your thoughts on Evangelion's Netflix-dub?


Why is upchuck toad asking debate questions?

A grim border drowning underlines peril facing many migrants (What actually happened)

Meet Shadow_Goddess!

Does anyone here have a plan to deal with Mitch McConnell?

Mindy Fischer FTW

Tweet of the Day

Vanderbilt wins College World Series!!!!

If McConnell is re-elected, getting judges approved by a Democratic President

US Navy USS Saufley DD465 1952 Living Conditions

What did Warren say was biggest threat to our national security?

Gov. Inslee--

interesting series on the London Underground subway, viewed thru employees' perspective

My calculations tell me I've typed every combination of words possible.

Male candidates, if you speak over Rachel Maddow, I will ignore you

Dem Coalition's Jon Cooper: Watching tonight's debate, I'm tremendously proud to be a Democrat.

My ignore post previous please.

neighbor from hell

So, who's likely out after tonight?

Let's Flip Virginia: Three stories from the ground on why the 2019 election matters

Top 3 performers tonight?

Here are my ratings. What are yours?????

Putting the clamps on the debate interrupters

Did anyone count the number of times each person got to speak? nt

Woman taunts McDonald's employee for sleeping at work; turns out there's more to story

I'm GLAD they didn't talk about trump (much.)

Google says search results for Castro have increased 2400%.

Minutes each candidate spoke during the debate (as of 10:47 ET)

The Daily Show: LIVE - Votegasm 2020: Democratic Debates, Night One

Matthews calls DeBlasio a heavyweight tonight

Cory Booker hit a Grand Slam

To whom do you give the Session 1 hook?

Seth Meyers: Working with Segregationists Comments Don't Hurt Joe Biden's Popularity Monologue 6/25

Nicole Wallace thought that Klobuchar was the best

Let's be clear: nobody is dropping out because of their debate performance tonight...

So why did candidates in tonight's debate not "lay a glove on Biden" as Brian Williams noted, as

Chris Matthews again got it wrong.

Who's angling for the coveted OJ Simpson endorsement?

Minutes on the microphone during tonight's debate, candidate by candidate

This format is ridiculous. There's a much better way to vet the candidates

3 Candidates Who Disappointed You the Most in Tonight's Debate?

Did Whiny Donny twit?

Tulsi Gabbard's Bitter Tweet

Democrats Diverge on Economy and Immigration in First Debate.

Phoenix-area Cox customers complain of scrambled TV picture after Democratic debate began

wow, Booker just said 100% he turns down VP slot if top is a male, it needs to be a woman

Arizona Democrats give Elizabeth Warren edge on first night of primary debates

Aziraphale won't say he's in love......

Chris Cillizza: Winners and losers from the 1st 2020 Democratic debate

Pregnant woman shot in stomach, charged with manslaughter

Claire McCaskill was disappointed that they did not go after Trump

holy shit is all I can say (Rump's latest tweet)

The Other North Korea

Pelosi has argued for prosecution of Trump after he leaves office but not for impeachment.

Tulsi Gabbard on Joe Biden supporting the Iraq War: It was the wrong vote

sure is nice to come on DU and see practically zero mention of trump. way to go DU nt

Trump "Sorry, I'm on Air Force One, off to save the Free World!"

Tunnel of Eupalinos in Samos, Greece; a technical miracle of the 6th century B.C.

Donald Trump is a piece of shit AND SO ARE REPUBLICANS

Grijalva Defends Democrats' Funding Bill, Biggs Blasts It As "Anything But" Humanitarian

Jim Obergefell is concerned for the the future of marriage equality

Prediction: Trump will not debate anyone.

Few folks know about this historic mass grave of HIV-positive people near New York City

WTF Is Donnie Deutsch

Supreme Court Blasts Economic Protectionism as it Strikes Down Durational Residency Requirements

Did anyone see the Donnie Deutsch-Lawrence O'Donnell dust up?

I think the 2020 Democratic candidate tonight who had the best night by far was

Who is the MSNBC commentator in the pink shirt...she's my new favorite

EPA Urged to Put Public Health Over Monsanto Profits by Banning Cancer-Linked Glyphosate

Votegasm 2020: Democratic Debates, Night One The Daily Show

ALi - Does Anyone Know This Person

I can't imagine how the guru will do tomorrow

Let's play a game: Who for ...

Warren on CNN: "I wanted to talk about bigger things than Trump."

Desert-dwelling carnivorous dinosaur found in Brazil

Desert-dwelling carnivorous dinosaur found in Brazil

Senator Warren made me choke up. I'm in love. It's personal for her.

Max Wright Dies: Father On '80s Sitcom 'Alf' Was 75

Drudge poll shock: Tulsi Gabbard runaway winner of first Democratic debate

Most of the pundits are wildly off the mark in their assessment of the 2020 election.

New York City Officials Declare Climate Emergency

Glad Lawrence O'Donnell Brought up Bush's Ugly 2004 Campaign

ra ra riot w. rostam - water (studio-2016) a supremely catchy, hypnotic gem ...

Who had the most speaking time in the Dem debate?

Van Jones: Warren talks better than all the other Democrats because she listens better.

People with depression need a strong support group to help them step away from suicide

Is America really safe?

Ryan is right, and he presented the winning strategy for Dems.

rostam batmanglij - in a river (studio-2018) lil' pride month musical contribution to the group :)

A Trump supporting ad aimed at the evils of universal health care

The new left economics: how a network of thinkers is transforming capitalism

So Julian Castro apparently supports legalizing human trafficking at the border

FAA Finds New Risk on 737 Max and Orders Boeing to Make Changes

Alabama jails pregnant woman for crime of getting shot by somebody else.

Roger Stone must file today (6/27) a response to the government's filing

The Turning Point

(The Guardian) Democratic 2020 candidates clash on healthcare, immigration and economy in first deba

Unseen 9/11 photos bought at house clearance sale

Stephen Colbert: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "We Can't Just Say, 'Is Miami Going To Exist In 50 Years?"

Stephen Colbert Unpacks The First Debate Of The 2020 Campaign - Monologue and Opening - 6/26/19

Germany sweats through hottest June day ever

Incubus: 'Drive'

No words needed

Help Julian Castro get to the next Democratic debates!

HPV vaccine 'offers chance' of wiping out cervical cancer in rich countries

Battle lines drawn for Mueller testimony

Jared Kushner's 'deal of the century' fails to materialise in Bahrain

This botched fact-check accused Bernie Sanders of being 'misleading' for when he was 100 percent cor

Take a guess how russian propaganda-outlet RT framed the democratic debate.

Japan's plastic problem: Tokyo spearheads push at G20 to tackle waste

Feisty Trump sets tone as stormy G20 looms

People with depression need a strong support group to help them step away from suicide

Groups tell lawmakers to remove uranium from list of 'critical minerals'

North Colombia mayor investigated over community leader's homicide

Democrat with little political experience becomes most effective in 2019

Diplomats 'concerned and amused' by Colombia's attempts to restrict access to FARC reintegration cam

Michigan Patient Recruiter Sentenced to Prison for $1.5 Million Kickback Scheme

Two social leaders reported murdered in one day, four demobilized rebels in a week

Utah hospital sued for not stopping a doctor who drugged and sexually assaulted a girl -- and shared

Utahns are losing millions in growing real estate scam

Unfortunately this comic is so very true

Jersey City man faces more charges in $30 million mortgage fraud scheme

The Most Energetic Light Ever Seen Just Showered Down from the Skies Above Tibet

A Utah family is suing after an elementary school blocked their diabetic son from going to class

Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Is Incredibly Active Right Now, and We Don't Know Why

Bar And Restaurant Owners On St. Charles' Main Street Want Changes To New Liquor Ordinance

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: How to Cover Sexual Assault Allegations Against the President

How the Hobby Lobby ruling helped and hurt religious freedom

Trump on what he tells Putin: 'It's none of your business'

Looks like Orange one will be tweeting about Midler soon.

Samantha Bee: How US Meddling in Central America Created the Modern Day in Border Crisis

People were livid when Hilton hotel's CEO said he didn't tip housekeepers. Should you?

My Presidents

Salt Lake's Olympic bid gets boost from new IOC selection process

Breakfast, Thursday 27 June 2019

Utah Democrats choosing leaders for party dealing with debt, staffing issues

114 Years Ago Today; sailors start a mutiny aboard the Russian battleship Potemkin.

When Dad says "Hola, como estas?" to the waiter at the Mexican restaurant #DemDebate

Food desert bill passed, but without any money

Brush strokes at dawn with a touch of moon...and later

Bosnian man arrested in Germany over 2015 Paris attacks

D.A. working on deal with billionaire charged with drug trafficking

Cortez Masto to presidential candidates: "You have to show up" in Nevada

Washoe County School District to shut down offices as Superintendent Davis plans return.

Jury finds City of Reno liable for property loss in Swan Lake flooding

A boy was bullied with anti-immigrant taunts. His mom was beaten when she defended him

I was impressed enough with Julian Castro last night to change my preference to him for a day

Is Robert Mueller too cautious to be a patriot?

Burning Man hires top lobbying firm, former Trump campaigner to deal with BLM

Over $9,000

Nevada lawmakers may bring back a vetoed bill to boost oversight of Tesla-style tax breaks

I see a pattern...

Harry Reid, convinced UFO sightings are real, defends funding of secret research

Tiedrich tweet;"you should be ashamed of running around looking like a day-glow orange traffic cone"

Alabama Woman Indicted After Someone Else Shoots Her in the Stomach, Killing Her Unborn Child

Bette Midler tweet; "that's how he feels about anything he can't eat or fuck."

Proposed contract would see NV Energy pay Clark County School District $1.5 million annually to

Re: latest rape allegation against Trump...

Audit reveals procedural missteps, possible ethical concerns within state dental board

Trump signs order to allow military academy graduates to play pro sports

Trump's DC Hotel Charged Secret Service $200,000 in First Year of Presidency

US Senate panel takes up thorny issue of nuclear waste

Thursday TOONs - ME (plus, Ann Telnaes debate sketches)

Las Vegas casino workers picket Palms, call for negotiation

Tulsi Gabbard went on Breitbart after the debate.

Hoo-boy: from the "unhinged job ads" files

Man who robbed bank to get away from wife sentenced to home confinement

Lawsuits against Scott Gragson could seek $468M, attorneys say

Elizabeth Warren Debate Wrap Up

On healthcare, I wonder if the MFA-ACA improvement

How would Medicare for All Work? Medicare today is viable because people have paid 30+ years into

GOP leaders preen while children were abused, neglected and left in squalor

At the table on the US side for Trump's first bilateral meeting of the G20 (left to right):

Ohhhhhhhhh! Notre Dame Fire Could've Been Caused By A Cigarette, Prosecutors Say

Clark County school trustees to vote on $500K settlement for fight

Trump Arrives at G-20 with List of Grievances

Two Women Who Heard E. Jean Carroll's Account of Being Attacked by Trump Go Public

NASA opening moon rock samples sealed since Apollo missions

Signs of 'Hidden Consciousness' May Predict Who Will Emerge from a Coma

Two Women Who Heard E. Jean Carroll's Account of Being Attacked by Trump Go Public

A dream I had last night

(A-hole) Rep. Burgess responds to criticism over border problems

Trump says he wants to attend Presidents Cup in Melbourne

Ha! Best tweet of the night re: the debate moderators...

Trump Tweets Another Troll Video, This One Hitting MSNBC's Debate Performance: 'Real Professionals'

North Dakota abortion clinic files federal suit over 2 laws

USA Today debate recap article-very different take than DU

Billy Drago Dead At 73 😢

Daily Show debate recap analysis

No Hitler Mustache No Concentration Camp

What do you do with too many blackberries?

Democrats need to win women in 2020. The debate showed the candidates know that.

Lawsuit: Idaho Fish and Game check stations unconstitutional

Appellate court raises new threat to Obamacare

Canada Losing Scientists As Its Climate Infrastructure (Ships, Satellites, Funding) Decays

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez learns to play the insider's game

Russia denies role in Israeli airport GPS jamming

Liz fans read this!

Who's behind the law making undocumented immigrants criminals? This 'unrepentant white supremacist.'

Beto O'Rourke elicits memes as he tackles debate question in Spanish

Attorneys seek emergency court order to end 'health and welfare crisis' in migrant detention centers

Venezuela crisis: Maduro says 'fascist' coup foiled

Women Corroborate Account of Trump Assaulting Writer

Texas Tech moves forward with design phase for Amarillo vet school

Nigel Farage should face 'highest penalty' over undeclared gifts from Arron Banks, says EU committee

Trump Doesn't Have a 'Type.' All he sees is prey.

Bill De Blasio was the unexpected Russia hawk of the first Democratic debate

*Hermione, and i cannot emphasize this enough, Granger energy*

Texas oil company denies wrongdoing in Idaho royalty lawsuit

Turkey at the salt lick.

The Rundown: June 26, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 6/26/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/26/2019

Democratic debate: Low-key Julian Castro gets tough, upstages Beto O'Rourke in first meet

here is my question for the du brain trust- e jean carroll's husband

Theresa May says next PM must not try to bypass parliament on Brexit

UN rapporteur: tax cut plans of both Johnson and Hunt 'a tragedy'

UN rapporteur: tax cut plans of both Johnson and Hunt 'a tragedy'

If anyone can solve it Nancy Drew can! hehe

Fire Chuck Todd.

Julian Castro explains why he challenged Beto O'Rourke on immigration

Iran holds back on threat to breach nuclear deal

Iran holds back on threat to breach nuclear deal

Lake Dunlap Association Campaigning For Water Distirct

Japan urges UK to avoid no-deal Brexit

Prosecutors: Jury should hear Las Vegas shooting ammunition case

Swamp Creatures

Trump: "I have tremendous numbers of Iranian friends... they're from Iran." Just. Watch. His. Eyes.

TEA To Replace Board, Superintendent Of Harlandale ISD

My take on last night's debate

Attorneys call for Trump administration to be held in contempt over border conditions

Warren ran away with the Democratic debate, survey by progressive group shows

I have to vent. I have a big problem.

Trump praises allies at G20 but criticizes Japan, Germany, and India

Ryan wasn't good & he didn't articulate it well, but he has a point regarding industrial areas

Hill Country landowners lose legal fight over $2 billion gas pipeline

Private prisons get slammed ahead of Democratic debates

North Macedonia to host its first Gay Pride march, in test of rights record

Anyone Know When NBC/MSNBC Is Rerunning Wednesday's Debate?

Angry laws made by angry men, restricting reproductive justice for women.

I hate the cattle call of big debates

Warren Proved to Be Most Skilled on Debate Stage

Dallas Rep. Colin Allred's two doubles help lead Democrats to victory in congressional baseball game

US economy grew at solid 3.1% rate in first quarter

Trump demands withdrawal of India's 'unacceptable' tariff hike

My comment about M$Greedia's post debate discussion

Warren has been campaigning in GOP stronghold towns and they are listening

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are suing Arkansas over its abortion ban

Warren the reformer v. Sanders the revolutionary

OK, I'm switching to Warren.

Beto 'Sure Did' Feel A Bit Targeted By Other Dems, But 'That's Part Of Politics'

Trump hotel in Washington charged Secret Service $200,000 in president's first year

This Was the Most Substantive Presidential Debate in Years

Castro Uses Morning TV Spot For Some Mild Gloating: 'Clearly I Had A Great Night'

Paul Manafort, looking a bit worse for the wear.

The heat wave in Europe

This police chief allegedly 'flipped off' city staff. Now he could lose his job

Heading to G-20, Trump Once Again Assails America's Friends

Charles Blow drops the hammer on 'sexual predator' Trump in brutally blunt NYT column

BREAKING: Robert Mueller Will Testify PUBLICLY

Trump Seeks Fresh Start With Putin After End of Mueller Inquiry

Playing to the worst stereotypes to gin up a right-wing base of odious enmity.

Crimes Against Humanity On The Border - By Joe Conason

Wonkette: Kamala Harris Ready To Prosecute Trump's Thirsty Ass RIIIIGHT NOOOOW

Karma strikes again - Florida man

Supreme Court says federal courts don't have a role in deciding partisan gerrymandering claims

Another day in America

Chuck Todd Talked More Than Rachel Maddow And 7 Candidates At Democratic Debate

Campaign (self-serving) comments on the first Debate

So we can all agree Cory Booker won the debate last night.

Dalai Lama says Donald Trump has a 'lack of moral principle'

The Supreme Court case on gerrymandering is a disaster

Dallas to install LGBTQ-themed rainbow crosswalks in Oak Lawn

Yankees/Red Sox ... in London?

Dalai Lama says Trump has a 'lack of moral principle'

Freudian Slip - Trump: "Women are being raped in numbers that nobody believes".

Hows your tomatoes?!?

Today's disastrous Supreme Court decision on gerrymandering will boost Trump's electoral chances

Armed & Misogynist: How Toxic Masculinity Fuels Mass Shootings

It . Gets . Harder . And . Harder

Medicare for all: Why not?

Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh Manafort.

Jimmy Fallon - Jimmy Recaps Night One of the First Democratic Debate

Alabama woman loses unborn child after being shot, gets arrested; shooter goes free

How can the debates continue

I lost a classmate I hardly knew, but his life proved we weren't all bad

SCOTUS denies Trump citizenship question on census. Roberts joins liberals.

**BREAKING: Supreme Court rules against Trump over bid to add citizenship question to 2020 census**

SCOTUSBLOG: 'District Court was warranted in remanding to the agency, and we affirm that disposition

Alvin is the first named storm in the Eastern Pacific

Idaho man accused of murder had hundreds of disturbing posts on his Facebook page

Stranger Things on the Fourth of July...

Intricate Effigies

In Memoriam

What do you think of serial "selfie" takers?

I wondered how Meghan McCain keeps from getting fired from 'The View'. Now I know.

The Supreme Court rules against the Trump Administration on the census question by a 5-4 majority.

UW Researchers Unite to Salvage Their Work After Radiation Leak Shuts Down Their Labs

I like nearly all our candidates but for now I'm on the Booker train

Laurence Tribe on the SCOTUS gerrymandering decision: "State Courts here we come"

US generates more electricity from renewables than coal for first time ever

Supreme Court ruling halts move to redraw Michigan political boundaries by 2020

Bette Midler on DT's Twitter response to the Democratic Debates:

In case you missed it

Supreme Court blocks 2020 census citizenship question in setback for Trump admin

One human rights abuse at a time

Angela Merkel seen shaking for second time in just over a week

Self defense questions

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 27, 2019

Happy with them all, and remembering difference between

Pic Of The Moment: Reminder: Trump Only Hires The Best People

The Spokane Public Library remains open to homeless patrons and drag queens -- and months of

After Biden gets attacked from all sides tonight...

Pragmatism, "Half-Loaves", Small Measures, Policy wonkiness is how we got Trump

Boeing shares fall after new uncertainty about the 737 Max return

Sanders' Electability Pitch Has a Problem. Trails Biden in key match ups against Trump

Does anyone know why the FBI raided New Haven's City Hall?

State and top fed official at odds over Hanford high level radioactive waste

The week before I married (for the last time) in Taos, New Mexico,

'Rich People's Charity Won't Save The World': Morris Pearl, Patriotic Millionaire

Beto Is Live From Homestead FL Right Now

If Trump Went to Prison, Would He Still Have SS Protection?

Anyone remember the Republican clown car in 2016?

King County seeks to preserve 5,000 acres for parks, open space by the end of 2020

John Delaney campaign ad: "A Shared Humanity"

SCOTUS just ruled -- No citizenship question on the census!

Cory "The Big Story" Booker rescued someone from a fire

In your opinion which two candidates from last night

Castro Contradicts His Past Statements On Border Enforcement

Welp. Fire with fire. Gerrymander the hell out of every state we control

Easy Basic Raita Recipe

NYTimes analysis of Gerrymandering decision offers ray of hope

A pregnant woman was shot in the stomach. She was charged in her baby's death.

Brexit civil servant in charge of no-deal planning quits

Master Debater Biden takes the stage tonight

Bernie Sanders arrives at the Homestead Migrant Detention Facility

The gerrymandering ruling suggests that some academic work might be needed

Here's a 4 page PDF of a @BernieSanders WSJ article for easy printing:

🐦 JULY 2 at 7PM - Ice Cream Social in Iowa City with Bernie Sanders

🐦 JULY 3 at 12PM - Iowa City Office Opening with Bernie Sanders

Madonna's bloody 'God Control' music video draws mixed reactions

🐦 JULY 3 at 3PM - Des Moines Immigration Roundtable with Bernie Sanders

Trump Wants To Withdraw Deportation Protections For Families Of Active Troops

Mexican government pulling funds for NFL

Liberty Crumbling

🐦 JULY 3 at 5PM - Des Moines Office Opening with Bernie Sanders

Twitter says it will label tweets from Trump and other leaders that break its rules

Twitter adds labels for tweets that break its rules -- a move with potentially stark implications...

🐦 JULY 3 at 6:30PM - West Des Moines Independence Day Parade with Bernie Sanders

My mother, a party loyalist, was somewhat shocked by two things last night.

Elizabeth Warren v. the white guys on Mitch McConnell

🐦 JULY 4 at 10AM - Slater Independence Day Parade with Bernie Sanders

Would It Be Interesting To Have A 1st Lady vs Potential 1st Lady Debate? What Ya'll Think?

🐦 JULY 4 at 11AM - Ames Independence Day Parade with Bernie Sanders

Supreme Court Affirms Police Can Order Blood Drawn From Unconscious DUI Suspects

Biden: the best debater in 2008

The False Argument Against Medicare For All

You raised $229.00 on June 26, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Classical Music + Trump Vols I, II & III (Hugh Atkin)

🐦 JULY 4 at 12PM - Ames Office Opening with Bernie Sanders

This is absolute madness - Trump hotel in Washington charged Secret Service $200,000 in president's

🐦 JULY 4 at 4PM - Windsor Heights Independence Day Parade with Bernie Sanders

Don't know if posted already, but I appreciated Castro talking about a Marshall Plan

Superficial observations

Ford Wants to Claw Back to Profitability by Cutting 12,000 Jobs in Europe by End of 2020

🐦 JULY 4 at 6PM - Pella Independence Day Parade with Bernie Sanders

Warren texted praise to Castro post debate. Hmmm.

With a Medicare for All system

WV gop chair potter ousts cornelius

TV actor and Willie Tanner on 'ALF,' dies at 75

Vatican cancels football match with Vienna over anti-abortion protests

Search trends for the debate last night:

Two women compatriots corroborate E. Jean Carrolls Rape Accusations

The video of the Resident mocking the debates is more evidence

Immigration at the G20

Elizabeth Warren: I Have The Biggest Anti-Corruption Plan Since Watergate - MSNBC

Kamala Harris DM's with Univision News

"I want to say there are three women here who fought pretty hard for a woman's right to choose,"

I really hate to say this, but Trump will go down in history

Here is appetizer to my post about the music of 1965.

15 of the last 19 Supreme Court justices have been appointed by a Republican President.

Buzztweet; Three guys still around to talk about it - check!

Photo - Manafort entering court today

Alabama woman indicted for manslaughter after miscarrying when shot

Seth Moulton Missed The First Debate. He Doesn't Think It Matters.

Tillerson told House panel that Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner left him in the dark on conversations

According to USA Today, Klobuchar was among the winners

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour Fights Climate Change with his Guitars

What happens when tRump ignores the SCOTUS and includes the citizenship Q on the census?

Question about Beto's Senate race: what were his solid policy positions?

FBI, If you are Listening...

The problem with Trump's probation administration

The World's first Guitar shaped Building : Giant Glass Tower : Seminole Hard Rock

A two hour "pre-debate" show on MSNBC???? Really???

Senator Sanders: I will not close those facilities ("don't call them detention centers")

When the Democrats win the presidency and the senate,

No Soap. No Toothbrushes No Beds

Lawrence O'Donnell slams faux Progressive Donny Deutsch: 'Pure guesswork' 'zero value'

Curious, why on our DU headline is Bernie who's at 7% photo shown, and Pete B who is also at 7% not

John Oliver on Meghan MacCain - Can I say one thing?

Airline group advocates more training for Boeing 737 Max

Got an explanation on the $110/$220 supplement and July 1 filing

Well, when you lose one, but win the other?

The gerrymandering decision today locks us into being two different countries

Emergency Drills are always a good idea...

'Straight Pride Parade' Organizers Say Application and Route Approved by City of Boston

Black bear spotted napping in a tree in Mill Creek

Warren, among others, is absolutely right. The super wealthy must be forcefully countered

Among 9 other candidates, Inslee gets his 6 minutes of fame

He might some humanity after all........

MSNBC: Delaney is having a fight over health care with Ali Velshi.

President Superhero: Bitten by a radioactive rotting mango, he destroys with a touch...

Restaurant Defends Server Who Described Customer as 'Fat' and 'Gay' on Receipt

Consumer Confidence Slid in June on Trade Tensions

Delaney is getting destroyed by Ali Velshi about universal healthcare claims


What if the Pope placed certain countries, or regions, under

The Twit tweets: I have asked the lawyers if they can delay the Census, no matter how long, until...

Who did you like before the debate who didn't live up to your expectations?

Trump threat: "Delay the Census"

Tweet by Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on the immigration crisis

Bill Barr blowing a lot of hot air

Thursday Debate predictions

Chicago Server Denies Spitting At Eric Trump "He's not my type"

U.S. Moral Authority

Castro had a really good night last night. He was also excellent at the She the People Forum.

More Australians trust Xi Jinping than Trump

So, That Overweening Asshole in the White House Wants to

Gay conversion therapy

Chuck Todd sucked much of the air out of the room in the first debate

Chuck Todd is a troll

My lay questions about the census & Gerrymandering rulings

OFG Bancorp to buy ScotiaBank's Operations in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

'Tragically Wrong': 6 Brutal Lines from Justice Kagan's Gerrymandering Dissent

Trump asks lawyers if census can be delayed, calls Supreme Court decision 'totally ridiculous'

Sunlight passing through the wings of a Black Jacobin Hummingbird forms a prism of rainbows

I am now an official radio recording person, soon to be relatively famous.

Bolsonaro's G-20 Trip Hits Snag: Brazillian Crewman Arrested With 86 Lbs. Of Cocaine

Alabama man dies 3 days after copperhead snake bite at Smith Lake

Why should M$M choose primary debate moderators? When was that decided?

Another goober who thinks he's respecting the flag

Virgin Islands Legislature Approves Bill Banning 'Coral Harming' Sunscreen Ingredients

Eric Trump is lucky this didn't occur

Even though SCOTUS ruled that the citizenship question can not be added to the census....

FUCK YOU, Chief IN-Justice Roberts.

Jed Sugerman: "Mueller opened huge loopholes for outside groups and foreign gov'ts....

WaPo: Trump is quietly leading us closer to nuclear disaster

Partisan Gerrymandering Isn't The Supreme Court's Problem Anymore

In Comforting News, Sahara Dust is Suppressing Stormn Development in Atlantic

Bank of America Will Stop Lending to Private-Prison Firms

DU Poll: Would Tulsi Gabbard be a good VP choice?

a Medicare hmmmmm...

I've got a plan to ensure that a sitting president can be held accountable for committing a crime.

Do you like Georgette Heyer Regency novels? Any other authors come close to her skill?

Netflex documentary--Life Overtakes Me

WAPA Receives $22.9M of $39.5M Medicaid Payout in new bill; JFL Hospital Receives Funding for Raises

Now that Trump wants to delay the census because he didn't get his way

House GOPers theatrics

When Religious Logos Fail Really, Really Badly

Any word from all those Constitution loving ReTHUGs

Ford asks dealer to end free shotgun promotion after fatal shooting at California store

beef sushi

Pierce: The Era of Democrats Running Scared From the Ghost of Ronald Reagan Is Over

Spain Battles Biggest Wildfires In 20 Years As Heatwave Grips Europe

To be fair...

3 Juicy Moments From Rex Tillerson's House Foreign Affairs Interview

UNews DM's with Kamala Harris

'The Battle Continues': Gerrymandering Wars Go To States After SCOTUS Ruling

Depressing - Less than halfway through the year, more wild polio cases than all of last year

Jeff Greenfield: The Land Mine that Just Got Laid for Elizabeth Warren

Biden's mission: Don't punch down

Trump shares his thoughts on being told to shove his "citizenship question."

(Jewish Group) Jewish social media users respond in disgust to Corbyn-supporting accounts mimicking

The Gerrymandering ruling adds to the egregiousness of Bush v. Gore

Almost got Trooper on video....

All Creatures Great and Small Is Returning to Television!

(Jewish Group) Huda Elmi, Labour, called for EHRC to be 'abolished' over antisemitism investigation

Trump claims Mueller a criminal, is 'very happy' McCain is dead,

(Jewish Group) Apple refuses to withdraw Fatwa app alleged to feature antisemitic rhetoric

Think after tonight we'll get down to 8 viable and 4 interesting candidates

Cargo of Cocaine Found on Brazilian President's Plane

(Jewish Group) A Dutch rapper said she chose the stage name 'Anne Frank' as a tribute. Antisemite.

Two health care issues all Dems should be pushing for at all levels...

Bullied Gay Librarian Posts Heartbreaking Facebook Message Before Dying by Suicide

Biden to debate for first time as front-runner

10 LGBT Uprisings Before Stonewall

New Evidence Shows That During the 1973 UpStairs Lounge Arson, Gays Had to Take Rescue Efforts Into

Did Trump do that !???!

White House "developing plan to" cut capital gains tax via executive order, bypassing Congress

Need really simple advice re printer ink cartridge.

The Foundational Principle of MAGATry:

He Died In An Infamous Arson At A Gay Bar. Now, His Family Is Trying To Find His Remains

It's hot as hell tonight in Paris. Have some Fela Kuti

Holy cow. I'm normally not a fan of cover bands doing note by note covers.

For those seething over Chief Robert's gerrymandering decision & unconvinced on his census vote

Doc Pomus was born on this date.

Why Beto is right and Castro is wrong on immigration reform

Women Cannot 'Expect Courts To Protect Us,' Warren Calls For Federal Law To Affirm Abortion Rights

NBC's First Democratic Debate Soars Past Ratings Expectations, With More Than 15 Million Viewers

Hey McConnell!

Trump Is the Worst Kind of Socialist

Happy Birthday, Beach Boy Bruce Johnston

Am I the only one bothered by

Dems voting for Senate Border Funding Bill

After tonight's debate, how quickly should the 1% folks (or maybe 5%) make an early exit?

Hmmm. Drudge instant poll shows Gabbard winning first Democratic debate in landslide

How to steal a Navy, by Israel

First Dem debate brings in 15.3 million viewers, NBC says

The best government a corporation can buy....

Climate impact of clouds made from airplane contrails may triple by 2050

538: What Went Down on Night One of the Democratic Debates

I'll be on the debate stage in Miami tonight - Watch live at 9 pm ET at ...

Cosmic waves discovery could unlock mysteries of intergalactic space

Leah, a 14 yr old activist met Bernie today at Homestead and posted this

In Defeat, Pelosi Agrees to Pass Senate Border Bill Without House Conditions

Where Is Bernie Sanders' Climate Plan?

Commission, not court, deciding fate of abortion in Missouri

Tonight at 8:20PM - Pre-Debate Show on Twitch featuring Campaign Co-Chair Ro Khanna

Investigation du jour....

Can the City survive Brexit?

Biden/Harris or Biden/Castro or Biden/Buttigieg works

Scumbag Hunter and his 5+ girlfriends...

Beto O'Rourke at Homestead Youth Detention Facility (VIDEOS)

Daily Beast: Why conservative media loves Tulsi Gabbard for President

My question...'why did you visit Assad..with help from Bannon?'

I can honestly say that I have never ever eaten at this republican fast food joint....

You either take care of the children or you don't...pass the ugly fuckin bill

Tonight our campaign will be hosting a live pre-debate and post-debate show ...

Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking. Take a ride along the Punjabi American highway.

RWW: Lance Wallnau Is 'A Prophet of God That America Needs to Be Listening To'

'The Bold Solution We Need': Over 100 Academics Endorse Sanders Student Debt Cancellation and

Just heard an odd Tulsi Gabbard comment

Car-size asteroid explodes in the atmosphere south of Puerto Rico last Saturday

Have an old car? You're not alone. Vehicle age hits record

Evangelicals breaking up with Jesus


Nancy has more empathy in her little finger than all of the freedom caucus combined....

Tulsi Gabbard Is Having A MAGA Moment After Her Debate Performance

A 12-year-old girl contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while on vacation in Florida

DOA...Mitch says with a hearty guffaw...

Trump officials secretly plotting to give another tax cut to the ultra-rich: report

RWW: Peter LaBarbera: Drag Queen Story Hour Is 'Mental Rape' of Children

Bring it on Home to Me. Sam Cooke.

How Reverse Darwinian selection afflicts Trump's Washington

Wonder whose thumb weighed in on this decision..?

That big rig you're passing might be full of bees

Politicians Can Pick Their Voters, Thanks to the Supreme Court

I just got a call from SSI....

Violent far-right extremist groups on the rise in Germany

Beto, I would want him as my best friend if I were running for president 2020

Question. What was the House suppossed to do when McConnel refused to allow the House version of

We Heard Full Sentences Last Night

The Nation Jan, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard's Deceptive Foreign Policy (why the RW loves Tulsi)

Larry Klayman is at it again...

One of Colombia's most vocal anti-corruption advocates threatened with death

This cost 4.6 billion....

Saudi Arabia planned to invade Qatar last summer. Was Tillerson fired because he tried to stop it?

Move over Florida Man... Alabama Woman charged in fetus' death after being shot in stomach

Rape in Colombia tripled over past 20 years; 87% of victims are minors

Trolls pushing Gabbard and deBlasio targeted online polls after debate last night

Arkansas woman to be freed after over 22 years in prison

Map of most commonly spoken language in every state, excluding English and Spanish

**Breaking** Dershowitz doesn't "welcome" lawsuit after all, asks judge to dismiss teen sex suit.

Finally will not have to walk in with a wad of twenties in my pocket...

The exact quote about John McCain being dead from Trump... Daily Kos:

De Blasio apologizes for quoting Che Guevara in Miami

Roger Stone's "combative" response to charge that he violated gag order.

An uneasy tenure: how Tillerson found himself cut out by Kushner

Mark Zuckerberg: We can't stop Russian election interference by ourselves, US government must help

Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, Bill de Blasio WIN First Dem Debate

Colombia: Another Farmer Leader Killed After Being Tortured

Nina Turner is a divisive person.

Angry Rex Tillerson says Kushner hijacked U. S. foreign policy.

Luckovich-Gerrymandering-SCOTUS voted 5-4 to leave it in

Astronomers Spotted a Car-Size Asteroid Just Hours Before Impact

Astronomers Spotted a Car-Size Asteroid Just Hours Before Impact

I can't wait to see M$Greedia cheer on the Con's fascist parade

UN climate talks: Delegates back IPCC report without targets

Texas Republican slammed for saying he wants his bank to finance for-profit child detention

First the campaign chairman, then the campaign nominee....

You have to see this hero-Baby falling from window is caught by boy walking by

Asylum Officers: Trump's 'Remain In Mexico' Policy Is Against 'Moral Fabric' Of U.S.

How does one participate in the MorningConsult Poll?

Sanders campaign says he will close migrant detention centers if elected

How "Right to Work" Laws Take Away Your Rights!

Second US town (Lake City, FL) pays up $460,000 to ransomware hackers

Regarding SCOTUS giving partisan Gerrymandering their blessing: Non-Clinton voters,

The Sawtooth Mountains

Republicans far more likely than Democrats to say fact-checkers tend to favor one side

No need for infighting... RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel says everyone is a, wait for it, SOCIALIST

Approximately 100 Colorado Drivers Drove Into Mud Because Google Maps Told Them To

Last night's debaters who I think Trump would fear the most in a general election

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 28 June 2019

Hmmm. What to think when someone you truly respect weighs in...

Jamal Khashoggi warned Moroccan journalist before his arrest, says wife

Jamal Khashoggi warned Moroccan journalist before his arrest, says wife

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's alleged stalker arrested for going to her office 3 times

Western intelligence hacked 'Russia's Google' Yandex to spy on accounts - sources

Putin: Skripal attack should not affect UK-Russia relations

Supreme Court decisions handed Republicans a huge political victory

12 Debates..? through April..

Glad that Pelosi didn't throw those kids under the bus, just so she could say that she

Trump's idea for U.S. Census delay would be unprecedented -experts

Canada investigates spate of endangered North Atlantic right whale deaths

Sewer Overflow Closes Golden Gardens Beach

Bottom line elite republican reasoning...we don't want to pay for any people's govmint...

I wish some intrepid journalist ask Trump guys question.

Tweet of the Day

French city shuts down public pools after two women wear burkinis