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Baby Ducks Are So Happy To Be Reunited With Mom And Dad

Too funny. I saw a picture of of the five moderators of the two Democratic Party debates..

From the Texas Tribune on Twitter

She was so lucky that it was her dad that pulled her over!

Elephant Mom Saves Baby Stuck In River Current

MET Office Says Jamaica Recorded Its Highest Temperatures Ever On Saturday, Reaching 39.1 C /102 F

Great gift for the MAGAt in your life

I have never been able to understand people who could see and hear a child who

US: Once-secret Jeffrey Epstein sex offender deal must stand

Warren in the spotlight for 1st debate

I need to warn folks about Lyrica.

Denis Leary is a pretty good guy.

James Christopher Benvie: Man charged with impersonating federal agent to be released

Trump EPA OKs 'Emergency' Use of Bee-Killing Pesticide on 13.9 Million Acres

Kansas to allow trans residents to change birth certificates

Cryptocurrencies need close scrutiny, Financial Stability Board warns

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Two hour hate

Controversial Supreme Court judge orders corruption investigation into colleague

Watch Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue dance around climate change questions

US Representative Duncan Hunter(R-CA) is under indictment for campaign finance violations.

Breaking: Mueller subpoenaed to testify in public session July 17th.

Mueller to testify to Congress in open session about his investigation

**Brand Spanking New Mississippi Poll** MC Joe 50% Bernie 7% Elizabeth 7%

U.S. man Michael Nguyen jailed for "attempt to overthrow" Vietnam's government

DOJ Asks SCOTUS To Make A Drastic Move In Census Citizenship Case

I completely missed the scary nun genre.

UN votes to establish political mission in Haiti

Heads Up - July 17th is on a Wednesday.

Texas man who threatened Trump from prison gets 37 months

Bogota police under fire over violence during Go Skateboarding Day

Federal judges send 2020 census lawsuit back to lower court

Traitor Trump's Chief Of Protocol, Known For His Horse Whip, Has Been Pulled Off The Job

Warming up for first debate, Beto O'Rourke courts Miami teachers, Elizabeth Warren basks in adoratio

'The Hittites lived in interesting times' - art after the end of civilisation

I'm glad the Iranians called him "Retarded"..

Colombia "legalizes" empanadas (and other stuff)

Islamic scholar's terror convictions reviewed in Virginia

Oil leak worse than rig owner says

Avengers Endgame Final Battle - 16 Bit Scenes

Expect an attack on Iran July 15th or 16th just before Mueller testify s before Congress. Nt

Texas Monthly sells to billionaire oil and gas heiress

Flood damage at least $2 billion for Mississippi River towns

Caged Obama, Hillary on parade float causes stir in South Dakota

I've been a Foodservice worker for over 40 years. When I see how we treat the caged kids, I know...

If/When Trump goes off script and goes political on the 4th of July (MAGA!)

Mueller's going to testify. Now, back to the kids in cages!

St. Edward's University censured by professors association

The Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Your Rescue Dog

San Francisco approves historic ban of e-cigarette sales, a first for a major US city

Tiny Lamb Loves Getting Into Trouble

Man who gained notoriety for Busch Gardens flamingo death is killed in Orlando collision

Mitsubishi Motors to relocate North America HQ to Tennessee

Bernie Sanders campaign national co-chair Nina Turner with a not-very-subtle hit on Elizabeth Warren

DU POLL: Question for Biden Supporters

BMW PHEVs will have forced geofenced EV mode in emission-free zones, rewards

This picture of a dead undocumented immigrants might finally...

Loyal Dog Can't Wait For His Mom To Get Out Of The Hospital


Beto O'Rourke's war tax could radically change the political calculus for foreign intervention

House passes border aid bill despite White House veto threat


TechnipFMC Plc and U.S.-Based Subsidiary Agree to Pay Over $296 Million in Global Penalties to

Asteroid That's 3 Times As Long As a Football Field Will Whiz by Earth Thursday

Company that runs immigration detention centers is top donor for three Texas congressmen

Beto O'Rourke tweet blaming Trump for death of father and daughter (WARNING-Graphic photo)

Recommendation for beloved Lounge: Salad of peas, tomato chunks, avocado chunks, mayo

Capuchin Monkeys May Have Been in Their Own Unique 'Stone Age' For at Least 3,000 Years

Former Arkansas State Senator Jeremy Hutchinson Pleads Guilty To Bribery And Tax Fraud Charges In

Mueller testifies July 17th,

One Week Until the Great South American Total Solar Eclipse!

Mountain Top Accountant Sentenced To Seven Years Of Imprisonment For Laundering Nearly $1.4 Million

Do you know why labs are starting to use Republicans instead of rats for their experiments?

If you need to be excited and energized to vote. You haven't been listening.

Tide at the flood yet?

Watch 3 'BIRDS' Take Flight from the International Space Station

New York Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Federal Prison for Multi-Million Dollar Pyramid Scheme that

AG Mark Herring Files Suit Against Roanoke Robocallers

What's the difference between a Republican and a rattlesnake?

Native People: Changing Our Ways of Seeing

NRA shuts down production of NRATV

Stand in Solidarity At Homestead - Beto O'Rourke Official Campaign Event

I'm depressed....

N.R.A. Shuts Down Production of NRATV

David Pakman Show - Iranian President: Trump White House "Afflicted by Mental Retardation"

Will McGahn be subpoenaed also?

Turtle pulls back into shell when asked about Trump rape allegations

A Hate Group Held an Anti-Muslim Event in Warrenton, Virginia: Hate Lost, Love Won

Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on first mission

Sorting Out Reality From Fiction About Venezuela

GOP group launches ad blitz attacking single-payer health care ahead of first Democratic debates

Thank You Nancy

How Many Privatized Companies and Individuals are Making a Fortune From Torturing Children?

Tonight, Chris Cuomo channeled his father in the

New Survey Shows Rise in Number of Americans Who Believe Refusing Service to Jews Should Be Allowed

A very well deserved Employee of the Month!!!

This is about "why"? The Immigration Crises. Yes, we have had a flood of immigrants before..

Did anyone else hear this yesterday? I'm pretty sure some talking head said we are paying

Mrs. Betty Bowers replies to Trump's latest "Presidential Harassment!" tweet.

The Daily Show: Trump's 22nd Sexual Assault Allegation

The Daily Show: Tom Perez - Leading the DNC and Approaching 2020 with a Unity of Purpose

This 4-month-old baby was separated from his parents at the border. Now he is nearly 2 and still

Just got back from Elizabeth Warren's town hall meeting in Miami tonight

Democratic bigwigs fear debates will devolve into horror show

What The Rise Of Rome Can Teach Us About Politics, Family, And White Supremacy

Seth Meyers - Trump Is Unprepared to Lose the 2020 Election - Monologue - 6/24/19

Beto O'Rourke Pre-Debate Sit Down Interview with The Root (Video)

Oregon GOP hide to ignore climate change bill: IMHO: Fire them if they're hiding.

Seth Meyers: Hey! Trump Accused of Sexual Assault Again

Jimmy Fallon - Donald Trump Gets "Cocked and Loaded" for a War with Iran

Russian hacking in Durham NC?

A Zorse is a Zorse, of course

Are Kornacki and Beto distant relatives? The arm waving thing has some similarities

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Standing tall

One year later: Red Hen incident had little effect on Lexington tourism

Watch the building of the 2020 Mars Rover live!

Knitting News Coming Up on Colbert..Ravelry Ban of Trump??

Democratic senator on Fairfax: Lawmakers shouldn't worry about 'what happened in some bar in 2004.'

OK, this is a must see

Two Democratic super PACs giving $600,000 to try to turn Virginia General Assembly blue

Oh my arosa!

Billionaire Tom Steyer pours another $1 million into helping the Democrats win Virginia

Hampton quilting guild creates tapestry honoring 400th anniversary of first Africans

My name is Ned.....

Young Protesters At DNC Headquarters Demand Debate On Climate Crisis

Left-wing Democrat claims victory in close Queens DA race

God: "You have done a great job, Mike "

Same-sex couple in child custody battle after split: Oklahoma Supreme Court issues landmark ruling

Illinois becomes 11th state to allow recreational marijuana

Scientists recreated the 'alien crystals' thought to line the lakes of Saturn's moon Titan

Virginia taxpayers must file returns by July 1 to qualify for special one-time refunds

Mysterious Caravaggio sold privately for possible $100 million

"Spitting Incident" between employee of Aviary cocktail lounge, Chicago, and Eric Trump

Jerry Falwell Jr seizes the torch of assholishness and goes full sprint into the lead

Roanoke settles suit alleging police were denied overtime

AMC Gremlin vs. Ford Pinto: Who Ya Got?

NJ EMT Accused Of Manufacturing Arsenal Of Assault Rifles, Handguns

AOC-backed candidate Tiffany Caban declares victory in tightly contested Queens DA race

Just FYI, The $107 Million That The Man-Baby Has Spent on GOLF Trips, Would Have Bought...

Axios: Trump slump hitting media, per top news execs

In the Biggest liars contest... who to believe?

generationals - black lemon (studio-2014) - love the dichotomy between music and lyrics

Chris Hayes STUNNED By Republican's Inhumanity (TYT)

Organic farming enhances honeybee colony performance

Such a cry baby!

After coastal towns complain about Resource Institute, lawmakers could rescind its $5M windfall

U.S. Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe: 'I'm Not Going To The F**king White House'


Mom accused of boiling puppies, poisoning kitten, torturing kids

China considering halting all meat products from Canada over fake veterinary health certificates

Bystanders will intervene to help victims of aggressive public disputes

Lawsuit challenges constitutionality of NC laws protecting hog industry from nuisance actions

An Ancient System Could Stop Modern-Day Peru Running Out of Water

An Ancient System Could Stop Modern-Day Peru Running Out of Water

Michael Jackson - The Lady In My Life

The Evolution Of Capuchin Monkeys' Stone Tools Create An Incredible 3,000-Year Archaeological Record

Wake County notifying thousands about possibly unsafe drinking water in private wells. Uranium,

The Evolution Of Capuchin Monkeys' Stone Tools Create An Incredible 3,000-Year Archaeological Record

So if black Americans don't need reparations because Obama was President (As said by McConnell)

Rapist tRump's Projecting Goes Back At Least To *They're Rapists*

On Wed. Elizabeth Warren to visit a detention center in FL.

What gerrymandering court rulings could mean for NC, and where the cases stand now

North Carolina lawmakers are calling for raises, but some state employees would be forced to move

'Triple whammy' threatens UN action on climate change

UNC Asheville becomes first in UNC system to divest from fossil fuels

Stacy Abrams Urges Lawmakers To Restore Voting Rights Act

N.C. Senate approves ICE-cooperation bill. Paul Lowe, a Forsyth Democrat voted 'no' calling the bill

NC lawmaker says Lincoln 'unjustly invaded' the South, a 'sovereign nation'

Earthquake Panama-Costa Rica

The General Assembly Might Turn Every N.C. Distillery Into a Cocktail Bar

Sex, drugs and rent -- Clients describe rampant criminal activity in drug-treatment program

(Analysis) US election 2020: What to expect in Democratic debates

Buh Bye

When I went to high school one semester of Civics was required to graduate

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/25/19

New report says 634K more North Carolinians would get health-care coverage under Medicaid expansion

$6.6 million judgment upheld against Yo Gotti. Rapper is ordered to pay the manager of a Winston-

As 2020 presidential candidates campaign in SC, Pee Dee has been mostly left out

Robert Mueller subpoena isn't a 'friendly' one: Intelligence Committee Chair tells Maddow

STEM education program in the Pee Dee to close its doors

St. Louis County Prosecutor Announces New Conviction And Incident Review Unit

St. Louis County Prosecutor Announces New Conviction And Incident Review Unit

SC's Raise the Age law is about to go into effect. How it will be implemented remains vague.

The Onion: "Tips For Staying Civil While Debating Child Prisons"

'Cronyism politics': Ex-SC legislator appointed as magistrate after agency head bid fails

South Carolina lawmakers return for last time in 2019

South Carolina officials say state is facing EMT shortage

A Gun, A Bible and A Flag Walk Into An Alabama Car Dealership

Lowcountry lawmaker to run for SC Democract Joe Cunningham's US House seat

Always a good morning, noonday or night for Schumann's 'Rhenish'...

Bernie Sanders Statement on Tiffany Caban's Victory

We just got pizza from @BernieSanders!

'Nobody here should feel left behind': DCCC chair says money will flow to South Carolina

Let's think outside the box on Family activities Bigfoot hunt or ghost hunting

Graves of 30 US servicemen found on Pacific WWII battlefield

But what does he paint on the side of his wooden bus?!?!

Wayfair sold beds to furnish border camps. Its employees are walking out in protest

Ex-priest dies months into imprisonment for raping boys

Carpenter Brut - 347 Midnight Demons

Which issues do you want to hear about most in the debates? Me: Global warming.

Media trust is at an all-time low among US conservatives. Liberals are a different story

Georgia sheriff steps in after 140 people skipped jury duty

Navy's Newest Littoral Combat Ship Damaged After Smacking Into A Moored Ship In Canada

Abrams urges Congress to update federal voting rights protections

Taking one for the team?!?!

Anyone here ever disputed fault in a car accident?

Mueller Deputies Will Testify Too

GOP Urges Trump to Stay Quiet During Debates

For the record

How much can the Trump White House tear down Robert Mueller in the next three weeks?

Anti-abortion group targets Georgia House Democratic leader

Border Patrol officials in Texas are turning down diaper and toy donations for jailed kids

Jane Fonda Supports Governor Steve Bullock

I do not like president 45

It's time to put out a call to other countries out there to help us provide goods for detained kids

Expected CBP chief made racist comments about migrant kids

The "Ugly American" has never been uglier.

Trump demands subservience and gets incompetence

Breakfast, Wednesday 26, June 2019


Black Women, Motivated To Oust Trump, Aren't Convinced Of Any Democrat Yet

Homestead: Who's Profiting from Detaining Kids?

At Sunday School, Jimmy Carter Extends Praise To Trump For Restraint On Iran

You're a Democratic strategist for your chosen candidate. What's your debate advice for her/him? n/t

Goats making a positive mark on Brunswick

The Taliban Gave Me Toothpaste.

Beaumont businessman, family plead guilty in gambling ring

How many times tonight will moderators say/ask

Trump's Child Detention Camps Cost $775 Per Person Every Day

Robert Mueller To Testify In Open Hearings On July 17 Before House Committees

Warren Wants to Replace Every Single Voting Machine to Make Elections 'As Secure As Fort Knox'

The Rundown: June 25, 2019

The Weekly Pull: The Goon, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, War of the Realms, and More

The Webcomics Weekly #41: Duties of Call Ghosts (6/25/19 Edition)

Eric Trump says he was spit on at Chicago cocktail lounge

William F. Brown, Playwright and Cartoonist, Dead at 91

Texas puts 23,500 acres of West Texas school land up for sale

North Korea, U.S. to hold behind-the-scenes talks on third summit

Cruelty as a presidential policy standard

CPB Custody Act: Democrats unveil bill to bolster care of migrants in Border Patrol custody

...Finance pros who have tangled with Elizabeth Warren have a warning for her debate rivals

When they get us to argue about what we call the camps we are locking up babies in

Florida faces a climate crisis as Democratic candidates take the debate stage

Eisenhower called it the 'military-industrial complex.' It's vastly bigger now.

The US isn't interested in dialogue with Iran, France says

state level GOP gross men acting out as a Republician value

Russia says it will urge U.S. and Iran to begin dialogue

That Does It. I'm gonna say this and

Mueller's team may think it is done. Democrats have other ideas.

Distraction? Trump Tweets Cable News Ratings Amidst Extensive Coverage of Border Crisis

Trump Complains About Mueller's Upcoming House Testimony: 'It Never Ends'

List of Mayor Pete's efforts toward racial justice and equality

O'Rourke on haunting photo: 'Trump is responsible for these deaths'

2/8/2017 Silencing Elizabeth Warren backfires on Senate GOP

Why 2020 Democrats Pretend to Be Radical

In Development That Should Surprise No One, We Can Expect Record Algae Blooms This Summer

People send "thoughts and prayers" to Dana Loesch after NRATV cancelled

Team Trump plans debate night offensive

As Ds Prepare For Miami Debate, There's A 17,000-Acre Fire Burning Through The Everglades

Japanese-American elders protest outside Fort Sill internment camp: 'Stop repeating history'

Rapid cross-resistance bringing cockroaches closer to invincibility

Trump's Confused Russia Policy Is a Boon for Putin

Security officers in public schools

USDA Secretary - More Blindingly Stupid Than You Even Thought Possible On Climate

Elizabeth Warren announces visit to migrant facility hours ahead of first debate

Pennsylvania's GOP Chair Resigns After Sending Dick Pic To Philly Council Candidate!

Serena Williams Becomes the Second Black Woman Tennis Player To Be on Box of Wheaties

CEOs made 287 times more money last year than their workers did

Supreme Court Decisions due at 10 AM ET--no way of knowing if census case among them

Meet the people fighting for health care access for disabled kids detained at the border

Here's your donut

Trump criticizes post-World War II military pact with Japan

Facing my fears and doing it anyway**update**

I just saw this yesterday on FB

Activists get permit to fly 'Baby Trump' blimp over July 4 'Salute to Trump' celebration

The most important thing for the media today is the debates. The concentration camps

June 26, Equal Rights Day at SCOTUS: Lawrence (2003), Windsor and Perry (2013), Obergefell (2015)

Concentration camp confusion

Trump called into Fox this morning... unhinged as usual:

Buttigieg's use of dating app Hinge inspires partnership with Rock the Vote

Joe Biden will never give up on the system

best Dylan cover EVAR!

The front page of today's New York Times.

Trump says Google, Facebook should be sued over bias allegations

There Are People in Concentration Camps. Why Aren't We in the Streets?

Go figure! Trump says it's the Dems who won't fund the money....

Roy Moore trails Republican field in Alabama

Volcano Just Shot Out a Mushroom-Shaped Cloud So Big It Could Be Seen from Orbit

The Arab world in seven charts: Are Arabs turning their backs on religion?

Christian Pastor critizes Trump - Jerry Falwell, Jr. questions him in a Biblical way

NSA improperly collected US phone records in October, new documents show

Volcano Just Shot Out a Mushroom-Shaped Cloud So Big It Could Be Seen from Orbit

Dear Democrats, Here's How to Guarantee Trump's Reelection

The US isn't interested in dialogue with Iran, France says

Police: A mother reported a teen bully for racially taunting her son. Then he beat her unconscious

Albuquerque, NM, auto thefts drop, but rate is still worst in the nation

Nazis Dosed Soldiers with Performance-Boosting 'Superdrug'

NASA - Nares Strait Ice Arch Collapses In Late March (June/July Are Normal)

MSNBC: Father & daughter photo is Trump's Katrina moment

Mnuchin says "there is a path to complete" U.S.-China trade deal

In Images: Rising 'Phoenix' Aurora and Starburst Galaxies Light Up the Skies

Here on DU, we look at this primary season somewhat differently

A tweet that made me think

Sex Sells, but When It Comes to Female Pleasure, the New York Subway Isn't So Sure

If one more person tells me or insinuates who I should support..

Donald Trump says his campaign was spied upon...may be the biggest scandal in history.

Watch live: hearing on Kellyanne Conway and Hatch Act, 10:00 a.m., whether she's there or not

New death threat sends chills through northern Colombia

Tokyo Tech-led study shows how icy outer solar system satellites may have formed

Attorney General William Barr plays the bagpipes with the New York Police Department Bagpipe Band.

Hoping Hillary will take the Job when the new 2020 Dem POTUS offers it!!!!

UK Woman, 93, arrested as a dying wish after being 'good all her life'

Iranian President: Trump White House "Afflicted by Mental Retardation"

VIDEO: Conservative Politician Wrings Woman's Neck

Way to go Illinois!

Trump's Solution for Caged Kids: Blame Obama

Justice Department lawyer defends herself after viral video on child migrant treatment

Apple News Launches Candidate Guide to the 2020 Democratic Debates

It's Not So Much the Debate. It's the Days After the Debate.

Here's What You Need to Know About the Hyde Amendment and Efforts to End It

Trump Accuses Mueller Personally of Illegally Deleting Evidence

Wednesday TOONs - Itchy and Scratchy

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle head resigns over N.H. crash revelations

caption Trump photo

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle Grills Mayor Pete:...Should You Be Skipping This Debate?

OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD: Trump calls in to "vent" to Fox's Maria Bartiromo

Meanwhile in Central Ohio.......

Trump is Making Money Through His Prisons for Children

Kamala Harris and Katie Porter Intro Bill to Take on Big Banks, Including Trump's

People are trying to help the kids @ the border .... They're being turned away.

A picture has arrived. It could destroy Trump...picture from CNN

2020 Slogan

Steve Bannon's Big Shot Friend In The Catholic Church Is Done With Steve Bannon

Duncan Hunter's website has "Family Values" sect-He is very concerned about the sanctity of marriage

Kellyanne Conway skips House Oversight Committee hearing on her multiple Hatch Act violations

Supreme Court decision keeps 'Auer deference,' which strengthens power of government regulators.

Sham Hannity Reacts to Mueller Testimony: 'They Are Harassing the Office of the President!'

HIGHLIGHTS Stands Up For Immigrant Children

Rocky is making his final visit to the vet today

Where do crocodile tears come from?

Kremlin confirms Putin-Trump meeting at G-20 summit

There are photos you can't unsee

Two U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan, military says

Fireworks firms plan bigger pyrotechnics for Trump's Fourth speech

2nd quarter financial reports close on Sunday, June 30

Warren was featured in Capitalism: A Love Story, for good reason.

A discussion between the cat and the dog

The Cat and Dog discuss who can sit where on the couch

Bill Barr needs to be removed. Barred. IMPEACHED

House panel votes to authorize subpoena for White House's Conway after she fails to show for hearing

Senator Warren at the Homestead detention center (live):

New Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Has Two Recent DUIs

Warren's brilliant plan to neutralize Republican voter suppression

Trump/Russia, a smoking gun

Netanyahu says he's considering proposal to cancel September election

A House Dem Calls for Investigating Trump Sexual Assault Allegations as Her Colleagues Shrug

America must listen to E. Jean Carroll. It's clear Trump won't. - By the WaPo Editorial Board

Today in: "Wow, I Never Knew THAT!"

Lately, I need some light in my life,

Elizabeth Warren Chokes Up Talking About Conditions at Trump Migrant Detention Facility

"What's the big deal about children? Don't they have governesses?" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

Telling the truth about Republicans

After weeks of decrying the 'humanitarian crisis' at the border, House Republicans reject border aid

Final Supreme Court Rulings Out Tomorrow

Bernie Sanders launches Twitch channel

Stable Genius airs grievances over soccer player Megan Rapinoe, tags the wrong Twitter account...

I'm sure I just disowned my family.

Michael Gove - Because I Got High

Jim Jordan gets shut down after raging at Trump appointee who called for Kellyanne Conway's firing

Kellyanne Conway has now put herself in criminal crosshairs over an employment matter

The Soccer Team Built to Beat the U.S.

UN asks Russia for answers about bombed Syria hospitals

Timeline of Deceit: From Trump's Draft to Rosenstein's Cover Story

This is how the debates will play out

Ocasio-Cortez on Biden: 'I think that he's not a pragmatic choice'

Buttigieg defends decision to attend debate despite South Bend controversy

Two GOP Senators Call For Trump To Be Investigated For Latest Rape Allegation

Justin Amash (R-MI) supports subpoena for Kellyanne Conway

Hey, NeverTrumpers: Please quit lecturing actual Democrats about how to win

Pic Of The Moment: WTF Is Wrong With Republicans?

Wednesday Debate predictions

Trump explodes in racist rant after US soccer star says she won't visit the White House

Thomas Massie is an idiot

What would be the benefit of selling shares

Someone needs to pass the legislation to remove "The new Cololosus" from the

Malcolm Nance for President!

Matt Gaetz worries Mueller's testimony to Congress will lead to Trump's impeachment

Trump voters chose to take the blue pill (The Matrix)

194 Republicans vote against back pay for federal workers hurt by Trump's shutdown tantrum

Can anyone tell me what time the debate tonight starts????

GOP senators refuse to address 16th sexual assault allegation against Trump

Largest oil refinery on East Coast will close after fire

Trump World in the Woodlands

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves

Can we please, on these pages, stop calling a candidate a "teflon?"

How climate change helped force a beloved Maine brew pub to close

Lindsey Graham introduces bill to extend detention of migrant children from 20 to 100 days

Sources: Durant declines $31.5M player option

"Mueller terminated their emails

George Conway: Take him to Walter Reed - after morning's Fox call in

In 1939 the U.S. turned away a ship carrying nearly a thousand Jewish refugees from Germany.

Valeria. Her name is Valeria.

Nasty Woman

June 26, 2019: Trump declares victory in the War on Christmas.

Robert Mueller's Testimony

Trump says Fed should cut U.S. rates; Powell doing 'bad job'

Airlines and regulators meet to discuss Boeing 737 MAX un-grounding efforts

Queens D.A. Primary Too Close to Call, as Caban Narrowly Leads Katz

Yay! A victory - NRATV GONE!

Trevor Noah Spoke to Astronauts in Space at NASA

This Would Make A Great Bumper Sticker

Florida Voters Get Front Row Seat to Crowded Democratic Field

Survey: One-third of Americans would support a preemptive nuclear strike on North Korea

any tips for baking a pie in a toaster oven?

"You Don't Own Me", A Feminist Anthem with Civil Rights Roots

Warren visits migrant care shelter, says children being marched 'like little prisoners'

Trump invites USWNT to WH after Rapinoe barb

A prayer to get through this day and this moment:

Dutch railway to compensate Holocaust survivors

Yep. Power and corruption are at the center of her worldview

U.S. Government Continues the Investigation into GOA[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese] Misconduct

Timeline of Deceit: From Trump's Draft to Rosenstein's Cover Story

Robert E. Lee Descendant: Reparations Are Necessary If People 'Want To Fix Racism'

Bill Wehrum, an Architect of Trump Administration's Pro-Coal Rules, to Leave E.P.A.

Reply/Login Question

On this day, four years ago

Another bingeable series from down under!

Fact for today

Baby Trump balloon will fly July 4th!

Happy retirement, Frida!

Inside the West's failed fight against China's 'Cloud Hopper' hackers

You raised $25.00 on June 25, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

On the Senate floor, Schumer showed the picture of the two dead refugees near the water.

I stopped at Barnes and Noble today.

Watch Hollywood's A-List Stars Bring The Mueller Report To Life The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

The trouble with candidates like Biden and Booker is....

Supreme Court Hands Total Wine, Other Out-Of-State Liquor Retailers A Big Win

Bad news from my travels...

It's 7:15 PM in Paris and the heat index is 99 F (actual is 93)

Would you sue? Could I sue?

How aggressive are real estate salespeople in your area?

Does anyone have the story that other prosecutors from Mueller team will also testify?

Last time conditions for kids sucked at the Border, they were ordered RELEASED ...

I think the people of this country should demand an audit of the books fpr these camps.

Beat Trump Like:

Bernie Sanders Will Stream on Twitch Before and After the Democratic Debate

Chicago Waitress Spits On Eric Trump, No Free Cheese Plate In Sight

The current state of society is forcing sensitive people to become desensitized.


A mother is sought after an hours-old newborn in a plastic bag is left in the woods

George Conway Calls for Trump to Be Committed After Wild Fox Business Interview: 'Take Him to...

Leagues rush to reschedule games for hundreds amid Trump's Fourth of July changes

Saw a sign yesterday..

GOP Rep. Meadows Threatens Fireworks at Mueller Hearing: He 'Better Be Prepared'

Incoherent babbling brook of bullshit is what he is.

U.S. Border Patrol Profiling Minorities In Spokane, Lawsuit Says

Opinion: How Mueller's testimony could expose one of Trump's biggest crimes

Graham Moves to Lock Out Primary Challengers

The father and daughter who drowned at the border dove into the river in desperation

Ex-Trump aide Manafort to be arraigned in New York on Thursday: court spokesman

Trump, without offering evidence, accuses Mueller of illegal activity

Her name was Valeria

Florida Is Burning, The Midwest Is Flooding: Why Aren't Dems Debating Climate?

Mueller testimony will correct misinformation - Jerry Nadler

Regarding that horrific photo showing refugee deaths near Brownsville...

Go Home Already: Justin Fairfax Is Mulling A Run For Governor

Few folks know about this historic mass grave of HIV-positive people near New York City

Suicide by gun rental

Health care, climate change, immigration: What issues will be front and center on the debate stage?

Georgie Fame has a birthday today

What will depress turnout in 2020 is disinformation tactics like this

Big Bill Broonzy

Seattle, King County kick off effort to end youth homelessness

Warren Joins Protest Outside Child Detention Facility in Florida

Supreme Court rules for sex offender in child pornography case testing power of judges, juries

Chaos Reigns At NRA: Top Lobbyist Resigns, NRATV Shutters

Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment:

**Breaking** Reddit restricts popular Pro-Trump Forum--citing posts advocating violence (WAPO)

Florida Is Burning, The Midwest Is Flooding: Why Aren't Dems Debating Climate?

Pro-Trump message board "quarantined" by Reddit following violent threats

Paiste - 80" Symphonic Gong played by Paiste Gong Master Sven

Far-right suspect confesses to killing German politician

Breaking Down Bladensburg

Army IDs 2 soldiers who have died in Arizona this month

Sri Lanka planning executions after 43-year moratorium

The Nation: Elizabeth Warren Has Made Her Story America's Story

Kagan just scored a shocking victory over the forces of anti-government nihilism

I never want to read or hear "it can't happen again. Not here. Not these days" again.

OMG -- clueless!

Trump can't let any slight pass by

How the DOJ just asked the Supreme Court to essentially become a 'branch of the Trump administration

Venezuela crisis: Military force still an option, says Guaido

A little skewed?

Biden drops to +6 in latest Economist Poll

My baby boy was born almost two and a half years ago.

The Mueller story today has caused a lot of Republican prominents to torch their hair...

AMAZON: What Sick Fuck There Chose To Use PRN Files For Shipping Return Labels?

On this day in 1965:

Crimes Against Humanity

Trump jokes about penalizing pastors who oppose him at faith conference -- live updates

Question - looking for anyone who has graphic design skills

President 'Good Brain' is stuck on a 'grotesque feedback loop'.

2 more Broward sheriff's deputies fired over inaction during Parkland shooting

On this date 143 years ago, America began creating the Custer myth

Growing evidence suggests Parkinson's disease starts in gut

Trump-loving actor hilariously roasted for complaining that a Canadian team won't visit the White Ho

Trump suggests EU out of line in suing U.S. tech firms

Trump suggests EU out of line in suing U.S. tech firms

$750 a day to "care" for the kids? A better solution

Dear NeverTrumpers: Please quit lecturing actual Democrats about how to win

Florida man charged in Pinky the Flamingo's death is fatally struck by truck

Women's World Cup: USA's Jessica McDonald juggles game with son

Inside the West's failed fight against China's 'Cloud Hopper' hackers

The Seattle suburb where Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates both live is running out of money

Trump says 'not talking boots on the ground' if action taken against Iran

Trump says 'not talking boots on the ground' if action taken against Iran

Bitcoin soars past $13,000 as Facebook's Libra fuels demand

Trump says he can fire Fed's Powell; it's not that simple

Any other *Endeavour* fans out there...?

Good Luck to all of our candidates

Trump tells reporter his conversations with Putin are "none of your business".

USWNT's Ali Krieger says Donald Trump is angered by women he 'cannot control or grope'

Technical question on sound

Liberal wins Budapest primary to face Orban's Fidesz in mayoral election

Pittie Rescued From Michael Vick's Fighting Ring Is 100% Love

Senate approves $4.6 billion emergency spending bill for Southern border crisis

Trump on what he tells Putin: 'It's none of your business'

That Friend You've Known Since You Were Kids


*Tonight's 1st Debate* YOU NEED TO KNOW: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, STREAM

If you're in the St Louis area and want something to do tomorrow night

Happy birthday, Chris Isaak, born on June 26, 1956.

Boat carrying migrants defies Matteo Salvini's veto and reaches Italian island

The Pic of the father on the riverbank with daughter..

Bernie Sanders will close migrant detention centers if elected, says wife

SST aka Stupid Shit Trump blabbed again today saying there was no collusion, no obstruction, no

Trump Wants to Cut Regulations That Block New Housing

Warning about THE NATION.

Frida the rescue dog -- who became a symbol of hope after deadly Mexico earthquake -- retires

Frida the rescue dog -- who became a symbol of hope after deadly Mexico earthquake -- retires

Judge orders stem cell company to stop selling treatment

Roy Moore will never get out of the teens.

Crew member from Brazilian president's plane detained in Seville with 39 kilos of cocaine

Crew member from Brazilian president's plane detained in Seville with 39 kilos of cocaine

Madonna takes on the issue of gun violence in new God Control video

Norfolk Southern coal train derails into Great Dismal Swamp wildlife refuge

Norfolk Southern coal train derails into Great Dismal Swamp wildlife refuge

MSNBC just cited Dump's "chaotic governing style"

FAA testing 737 Max in a simulator found another problem. CNN

Bones uncover mysterious early history of the Neanderthals

Manafort to be arraigned tomomorrow for NY crimes.

Does ANYONE know why Chuck Toady is moderating DEMOCRATIC debates?

Trump Suggests Suing Google and Facebook

What happens in your head when you do 27+48?

Senator BS rekindles the "rigged election" meme

*CLIMATE PLANS of Dem. Candidates, Fla Climate Issues, Tampa Bay Times

Over Alito's Fuming Dissent, Gorsuch and the Liberals Protect the Right to Trial by Jury

Final Supreme Court Rulings Out Tomorrow

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-3: Keeping Up With The Nazis Edition

Dad Gets Tattoo to Match Son's Heart Surgery Scar

M$M at its worst

John Hickenlooper today...

Discriminitory Practices In The Chicken Industry.....

EPA's air pollution chief steps down after ethics probe raises new questions

Andrew Cuomo: Ocasio-Cortez's concentration camp remarks 'wholly inappropriate'

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 27 June 2019

Trump Suggests John McCain Is In Hell For Not Killing Obamacare

Kevin Durant declines Warriors player option, will become unrestricted free agent

Those were the days, my friends

Outsider candidates and pot-stirring groups plan debate-night TV ads

Disaster For Republicans As Poll Finds Swing State Voters Won't Vote For Trump Due To Healthcare

Is Biden getting the Hillary Clinton treatment?

Bank of America to stop financing operators of private prisons, detention centers

Bernie Sanders Won't Commit To Conceding Primary Even If He Has No Chance Of Being The Dem Nominee

House passes $4.5 billion emergency border aid bill. Provides for the treatment of migrant children.

This says it all

Jim Baker, former FBI, on CNN, made excellent point on Mueller hearing!!

Poseidon or Zeus

Inslee steps onto the biggest stage of his political career

Dear Mr Mueller

Good news to offset a horrible loss

Liberals add far-right extremist groups to list of outlawed terror networks

Why do rightwingers spew their crap as if everyone thinks like them?

Mueller Is Testifying. Will It Matter?

Neo-Nazi groups have been placed on Canada's listed of terrorist groups for the first time.

8 Questions About the Climate Crisis for the Democratic Debates

Canada and California sign deal to cut vehicle emissions

Kamala Harris and Katie Porter Introduce Bill to Take on Big Banks

As a child, @RepJimmyGomez grew up without health insurance.

Toy Story 19

A Cautionary Tale of Liberal Complacency..

Fight Night - ROUND 1!

Do you mind if I play through?

NRAs Top Lobbyist Resigns Amid Turmoil Within The Group

Howard Dean says Democrats will lose if they have 'two old white guys' on 2020 presidential ticket

These giant cranes show why the next fight in the US-China trade war could be so damaging

I was reading an article today in a popular magazine.

Keeping it simple

Top 10 Announcement: The Holy Shit Prayer Line is open for business!

The Use Of Strict Environmental Regulations May Just Have Been Undone.....

New Rule: If you are "Undecided" you don't get to bash any of the candidates

Facing investigation from Dems, top EPA official resigns

Washington Post- Opinions -Is Biden getting the Hillary Clinton treatment?

Bernie Sanders campaign officially announces visit to Homestead Detention Center Thurs. at 10AM

Cartoons 6/26/19

Ancient box turtle is back again in Dauphin County

White Nationalist Threats Against Transgender People Are Escalating

Trump: "Democrats say hearings could change impeachment debate. Does it ever end?"

Liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp, April 29, 1945: *Original Film

Any candidate on the stage in the next two nights can beat Trump, if...

We can alleviate outstanding student debt without total amnesty

I'm going to be on the debate stage tomorrow night. This will be my message...

My Leftist Brothers and Sisters, We Are Not Your Enemies

US, allies warn Russia that missile defenses will be bolstered to counter new threat

Who here supports Inslee?

What questions do you want Mueller to be asked?

Army Corps of Engineers monitoring water levels in Rio Grande

The party of Lincoln, TR, and Ike is now to the right of Marine Le Pen's National Rally party.

Norfolk Tides Third Baseman Sent Down To Baltimore Orioles

Impeachment count: 80.

Faiz Shakir: ''He's unique amongst all of his peers, not just one of them.''

CNN's first hour June 1, 1980

US, North Korea in talks to arrange a third nuclear summit

This is what America has become under Trump

Investigators Found Immigrant Kids And Families Locked In Disgusting Conditions In Border Camps

From now until the end of time. The photo of the drowned migrant and his two year old daughter

Luckovich-trump autographing a sad and sickening picture

Hey, this guy who pitched a plan in 2015 to build a trump tower in Moscow met with House Intel today

Smartphones aren't making millennials grow horns. Here's how to spot a bad study

Defense bill calls for military port on Arctic Ocean

Need a Smile? Canadian Armed Force Learning Punjabi Bhangra Dancing

Sanders Claims 2016 Primary Was Rigged, Won't Commit to Supporting Winner

"I'll Have A Very Good Conversation With Putin, What I Say To Him Is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS."

Ex-Trump partner says affiliation with failed projects hurt his reputation and cost him millions

Ex-Trump partner says affiliation with failed projects hurt his reputation and cost him millions

Panel recommends HPV vaccine for men up to age 26

5 seconds in Brian Williams mixed up Ohio with Hawaii.

The Devastating Oddness of E. Jean Carroll's Trump Accusation

Steve Sack FTW

NRATV and conservatism today

KEY ISSUES: Where The 2020 Democratic Candidates Stand, The Guardian.

Raimondo: Providence Public Schools are in crisis

out of season storm drops 4 to 6 inches of rain over most of Oahu overnight

NEW New Rule: You can discuss whatever you want that deals with politics.

Donald Trump Makes Political Ploy Of Cruelty To Separated Immigrant Kids - Rachel Maddow

Sanders Won't Commit to Supporting Nominee

Wayfair workers protest furniture sale to detention center

Questions Abound As Wehrum Heads For The Exit

EPA Press Secretary Also Leaving, Now Will Help State Department With Their . . . Uh, Mission

Current polling averages of 20 candidates in the debates (MSNBC)

Boeing suffers new 737 Max issue that could delay return

Woman indicted in shooting death of her unborn child; charges against shooter dismissed

The Floods Move South; MS River Volume @ Vicksburg Bridge Bigger Than 2008, 2011 Floods Combined

Kristoff: "Why I was wrong about Elizabeth Warren"

Warming Waters Warning For Fisheries; Since 1995, Lake Ontario Temperatures Up 2.2F

US protests spying suspect's treatment in Russian jail

Sanders signed the Indivisible Pledge - promising to support the Dem nominee

Senate GOP plan to force House Dems to accept their bill or get nothing done as the humanitarian cri

Pope expresses sadness over image of drowned father, child

Trump's sneak attack on social security -- and how he thinks he can quietly get away with it