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Trump Official Says U.S. Is Running Out of Money to Shelter Migrant Kids

Iran is supposedly a sponsor of terror. If go to war

Sanders adviser on student debt plan: 'If we can bail out Wall Street, we can bail out kids'

Call For Trump's Resignation - Where Are All Those Dems That Came Out Hard Against Sen. Franken?....

I would hope President Obama would

Democratic lawmaker calls Trump 'a moron' for his handling of Iran

The Media Will Pick the Democratic Presidential Candidate

Changing from undecided

Who is that idiot congressman with Chris Hayes.?? What a widebag!

Trump: I do not need congressional approval to strike Iran

Almost 300 migrant children removed from Texas facility described as 'appalling'

'We Are Unafraid': NYC Immigrants Defy Trump's Raid Threats

Buttigieg Confronted Over Police Shooting - The View

G20 nations triple coal power subsidies despite climate crisis

737 MAX Pilots need simulator training - Sullenberger

Read the thread. People are trying to get supplies to children being held. 🤬

Bevin administration must pay for withholding pension reform analysis, judge says

Progressive media: PLEASE GROW A SPINE!!!!

(Sacked anti-LGBT rugby star) Israel Folau: Australian Christian lobby hosts new fundraising effort

(Sacked anti-LGBT rugby star) Israel Folau: Australian Christian lobby hosts new fundraising effort

Girl Adopts Street Dog While Traveling In India - DELHI

LIVESTREAM: Law Works is hosting a live play in 10 acts--Monday at 9pm ET..........

Paul Krugman: Self-Inflicted Medical Misery Red America's homemade rural health crisis.

Surprise!! The for-profit prison owners are making a bundle from trump's cruelty to immigrants.

Toolkit for responding to ICE mass workplace immigration raid

Inside a Texas Building Where the Government Is Holding Immigrant Children

Anton Black Lawyers Allege Police Body Cam Footage Was Altered

Driver with record charged with 7 homicides in New Hampshire biker crash

Coffee drinkers of the world - celebrate - not yet

I just saw a TV ad about the evils of Medicare for all.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Two hour hate

interesting video series behind the scene how Heathrow Airport operates

AG Bill Barr killed 7 Robert Mueller investigations -- 10 days after he submitted his report

Maryland Democratic Party accuses donors to Gov. Hogan of violations; Hogan lawyer calls complaint

funny and true short video on why politicians dont answer question and get away with it

More Mars Methane: Curiosity Rover Spots Biggest Surge Yet

Here's a handy hint for the storm season that I'd never heard before.

Watch Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins, age 103, competing in 100 meter track event!

Billionaire Steyer, Emily's List pump cash into Virginia to help Democrats

Donald Trump is a LOUSY debater.. He is a bully.. Our people have ideas and can express them

Baltimore City Council considers awarding up to $1.7 million in public funds to mayoral campaigns

3 Words Are Destroying Trump Forever, "Children in Cages"

Florida woman charged after giving husband's guns to police

Bernie Sanders faces a new kind of threat in Elizabeth Warren

APNewsBreak: Oregon governor says GOP must return to state

US Agency seeks homeowners that will allow dead whales to rot on their private beaches

Islamic State captives 'must be tried or freed', says UN's Bachelet

Islamic State captives 'must be tried or freed', says UN's Bachelet

Strong Candidate for the Worst Person in the World

A little film by UEFA of the Champoins League final

Anyone else watching the Investigation?

Despite new law, Trump administration has not given Puerto Rico emergency food stamp aid

Dave Bartholomew, New Orleans music legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, dies at 100

White House says Kellyanne Conway won't show up to Hatch Act hearing

I was only following orders.....

'Italia! Italia!' IOC awards 2026 Winter Olympics to Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo

Article There Is a Stench': Soiled Clothes and No Baths for Migrant Children at a Texas Center

House Republicans prove once again they don't want you to have health care

'All the best people': The judge who speaks Trump's language

Why Are Americans So Fucking Stupid On Climate? Texas Holds Answers.

I have come to the conclusion (not generally being a member of the grammar police)

In blow to FOIA advocates, Supreme Court blocks South Dakota newspaper from 'confidential' food stam

We need Elizabeth Warren AND the senate.

95F Sunday In Miami, 98F Monday, But A Climate Debate In Atlantis West? Heaven Forbid!!

Beto O'Rourke proposes 'war tax' as part of veterans' plan

GOP Will Block Bill Meant To Block Trump From Profiting From Presidency

Italian 'cocaine king' makes midnight escape from jail in Uruguay

Italian 'cocaine king' makes midnight escape from jail in Uruguay

I am looking forward to seeing the new Morning Consult Poll - I predict that Joe

**BRAND SPANKING NEW DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY POLL** Teflon Joe 38% Bernie 19% Elizabeth 13%

'A True Public Health Emergency': 70+ Medical Groups Sound Alarm on Climate Crisis

U.S. Agriculture Dept. Buries Studies Showing Dangers of Climate Change

6/24 Morning Consult poll, Early Primary States: Biden 43%, Sanders 21%, Warren 9%

**BRAND SPANKING NEW EARLY PRIMARY POLL** Teflon Joe 43% Bernie 21% Elizabeth 9%

A real church sign that I saw, with my own two eyes, this weekend

Here's how to handle an aggressive cop

Requesting prayer and / or good vibes for Rocky

FedEx sues U.S. government over 'impossible' task of policing exports to China

FedEx sues U.S. government over 'impossible' task of policing exports to China

Hans Christian Andersen's Classic Tale, "Chuck Todd & the Normalization Fairy️" (Ferret/Shower Cap)

"A House Impeachment Inquiry Could Well Exonerate Pres tRump"

We got "upgraded"

CWS: I am done with Vanderbilt's three whistle crap and their "military" uniforms

Did you catch the live streaming play of the Mueller report???

Former Arkansas lawmaker changing plea in corruption cases

Anyone know why a committee chair of the appropriate oversight committee...

Where are the churches with all of the mistreatment of immigrants?

The American people deserve better

Santa Fe police department union approves pay plan

'How Elizabeth Warren Learned To Fight,' A Very Impressive Piece

Huawei's U.S. research arm builds separate identity

A tornado hit South Bend Sunday, damaging buildings and knocking down trees, weather service confirm

I'm looking for a definitive list of crooked Don's constitutional violations

Brazil judge blocks transfer of indigenous land decisions to farm ministry

Colombia's authorities caught in a web of lies after community leader's assassination

Bishop's Lodge still in debt

Mass killing of Colombia's social leaders 'systematic attack on peace': senator

I am distraught about the children in texas. How can this happen? They can't wait for an election.

Vet Refused To Treat Hairless Puppy - But His rescuer never gave up

Joy Reid is selling her book on The Last Word

Dirty oil crisis over for Russia, but contagion felt on high seas

Don't Even GO THERE

The Daily Show: Trump Brings U.S. to Brink of War with Iran

Los Alamos National Laboratory cleanup costs continue piling up

People want to donate diapers and toys to children at Border Patrol facilities in Texas.....

Trump announces sanctions against Iranian leader who's been dead 30 years

New Mexico seeks better oversight of prison health contract

SpaceX Adjusts Launch Time for First Falcon Heavy Night Flight

Liability claims cost Santa Fe millions to settle

Star-studded cast to perform live reading of the Mueller report

Tweet of the Day

New Mexico governor reverses policy that asked union members to waive First Amendment rights

Washington Post: Puerto Rico might not get $600 million in aid until September despite new law

I have to say that I was so disappointed by Gillibrand

$12.5M claim filed against Phoenix for body-cavity search

The candidates for New York City's primary elections

The Face

The Daily Show: Christine Lagarde - Economic Equity and the International Monetary Fund

Melania announces Be Best ambassadors to "improve lives of children"

Seth Meyers - Trump Almost Started a War with Iran: A Closer Look

Warren gains 2% in MorningConsult Poll

I Fled Gangs in Honduras and the Cartel, but the U.S. Taking My Daughter Was Torture Opinion

Re: Bernie's plan to cancel student loan debt.

Trump The First President EVER To Not Hit 50% Approval Rating

Now that's collusion. . .


Bernie Sanders: "Open borders? That's a Koch brothers proposal"

Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton Cover

Biden touched a woman's shoulder and we spent weeks defending him from negative remarks

AZ: Democrat with little political experience becomes most effective in 2019

This one is for the M$M

'Orthodoxy in Dialogue' regarding the treatment of border refugees:

Operation Soft Cell - a worldwide operation against telecommunications providers

Today on the 11th Hour, only 30 seconds in to the show they had trump on screen and audio.

Chuck Todd's MASSIVE Trump Fail

Hasan Has Suggestions for Celebrating Eid - Deep Cuts - Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Orthodox Church statements regarding immigration:

The Atlantic: Republicans & Democrats Don't Understand Each Other

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese regarding immigration:

I think the term "Redacted Bible" needs to become a thing.

Over half of Santa Fe Waldorf School students unvaccinated

No One Needs To Ever Bash Trump Again. A Brit has done it for us.

Mysterious 'Bathtub Rings' of Titan Replicated on Earth

Locking down revenue: Small New Mexico towns profit from incarcerating migrants


Border patriot groups spokesperson charged with federal crimes

Officials: Wildfire In Lincoln National Forest Continues To Grow

New Wind Farm to Operate in Southeastern New Mexico by 2020

Former City of Chicago Alderman Sentenced to a Year in Prison for Using Charitable Funds to Pay

Two Physicians and Two Registered Nurses Indicted in Mississippi Compounding Pharmacy Fraud Scheme

Former Managing Partner Of Manhattan Accounting Firm Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charges

Drug Company Sales Rep Sentenced for Role in Kickback Scheme Related to Fentanyl Spray Prescriptions

Former Sacramento Kings Executive Sentenced to 7 Yrs. in Prison for Multimillion Dollar Fraud Scheme

The Mueller report hits the stage with star-studded Broadway cast

Aurora Man Sentenced To Federal Prison For Bank Fraud

Jared Kushner's economic blueprint for Palestinians faces boycott and derision

'Good day for a chokehold': the police endorsing racism and violence on Facebook

Should schools and buildings be torn down after mass shootings? Columbine looks to others as it

"Somebody Is Going to Die": Lawyer Describes Chaos, Illness & Danger at Migrant Child Jail in Texas

As Colorado prepares to ask voters to OK sports betting, a regional divide on the issue has surfaced

Stephen Colbert - Monologue, Rescue Dog Rescue and Opening - 6/24/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Andrew Yang's Plan To Give Everyone $1K Per Month

How Peru fell in love with a sea giant worth far more alive than dead

How Peru fell in love with a sea giant worth far more alive than dead

Trump Now Claims He Fixed Obamacare

PERA lost $1.8 billion after brutal finish for 2018 stocks. Now public workers and taxpayers will

Brazilian diplomats 'disgusted' as Bolsonaro pulverizes foreign policy

People are calling Candi CdeBaca a Communist. She'd rather be called an anarchist.

ADX, the federal supermax prison in Colorado, is force-feeding hunger strikers

Intense heat wave to hit northern Europe

Russian air force plane lands in Venezuela: report

Cory Gardner Sneaks Into Littleton, Gets Pummeled

Death toll on Colorado rivers is rising because of heavy spring snowmelt

Polis proposes health care pool for Colorado's local and state governments

When they see us

'Climate apartheid': UN expert says human rights may not survive

Zero Psilocybin Arrests in Denver First Month After Decriminalization

I called my 2 Repug & 1 Dem Rep.s (all men) and told them, in no uncertain terms:

Newspapers, WyoFile sue University of Wyoming for documents on Nichols' demotion

Oooh, The Obamas and the Clooneys on a double date In Italy. In your face Trumps.

Politico: Democrats fear 'circular firing squad' at debates

As Capitol nears completion, lawmakers say the project is on time, on budget

Iran's President mocks Trump

Iran says Trump's White House 'afflicted by mental retardation' in protest at sanctions

Bayer Faces Lawsuit From Missouri Buyers Of Roundup

University of Wyoming's Historic Cooper House Evades Demolition


Wyoming Supreme Court hears oral arguments in University of Wyoming gun case

Andrew Yang on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Andrew Yang on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Christian missionary who 'played doctor' sued by Ugandan parents over deaths of children

New billboard criticizes Wyoming's wolf management policies

Casper woman sues federal government over hiring of predatory gynecologist

Activist artists alter billboard near San Francisco to deliver anti-ICE message

Photos: Bernie Sanders, Pramila Jayapal, Ilhan Omar

Breakfast, Tuesday 25 June 2019

Trump Muses Privately About Ending Postwar Japan Defense Pact

Gordon administration takes a magnifying glass to Wyoming's tax structure

Could these f*ckers be any more tone deaf?

The Insanity in Oregon Is a Glimpse of Our Very Dark Future

Just a small reminder, The US Iran Nuclear Agreement was broken by the U.S. and allowed

Trump-Iran news: Russia says downed US drone was in Iranian air space, contradicting key claim by Wa

How long can you make it through this video?

Wyoming floats the idea of requiring trail passes for hikers, cyclists and horseback riders

Rachmaninoff & Eric Carmen's "All by Myself"

Cuomo Prime Time: Faiz Shakir defends plan to erase $1.6 trillion in student debt

Wyo. Guard rejects jurisdiction of EEOC in 2012 harassment complaint

113 Years Ago Today; Murder of the Century on the roof of Madison Square Garden

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 12 - Talking Democratic Socialism with Jacobin Editor Bhaskar Sunkara

"They Don't Know"

....a Picasso of pettiness; a Shakespeare of shit.

Republicans Criticize Montana Governor for Flying Pride Flag

A primary field with loads of experience? That's what the voters want.

Melania Trump Boasts About Helping Children 'Everywhere.' Twitter Critics Let Her Have It.

Tuesday TOONs - Huddled Masses and Small Schticks

Audit: Montana's higher ed office, board abused state money on hotel rooms, plane tickets, more

White House Threatens To Veto Aid Bill For Migrant Families At Border

Eugene Robinson: This is the reality of Trump's America

Scientist sues Montana State University women students over leaked report

"Trump slump" hits big media

Ayatollah WHO?!?! Trump Announces Sanctions On Long-Dead Iranian Leader

I found some cool furniture at a yard sale.

joe's presentation on drumpf and his previous relations with

Saratoga A - GOM Oil Leak Going Since 2004 - Puts Out 100-900X As Much As Owners Claim

Attacks on Biden have no affect according to latest Morning Consult Poll

Trump Baselessly Accuses Joe Biden of Lying About Obama's Lack of Endorsement: Something's 'Off,'...

...Right and wrong have come permanently unstuck in America

Ron Wyden: If Trump admin won't release report on Jamal Khashoggi slaying, then I will

Ex-legislator in Havre urges Hutterite boycott, alleging 'unfair advantage' over other family farmer

Bigger, More Frequent Wildfires In Western US Will Cause Spikes In Deaths, Illness

Trump's toadyism to Saudi Arabia: a new moral low

Poll: Democrats value experience in office over gender, race, age

Semper Vigilans

Pence On Climate "Policy" Shows That Getting Rid Of His Boss Won't Be Nearly Enough

Trump Considered Jeanine Pirro for Justice Job

Commerce Dept. ordered ex-official not to answer House panel questions

Stand-Ins, Push-Ups, Long Drives: How the 2020 Candidates Are Preparing for the Debates

'Climate Apartheid': Human Rights May Not Survive Coming Upheaval Says UN Expert

Greenwashing - The Next Generation - Brought To You By Dominion Energy

Another Kushner Property In Trouble

Trump tiring of Mulvaney

Tribes battling Dakota Access win partial victory in dispute over federal documents

Pompeo Still Weighing Senate Bid

Budget Deal Seems Out of Reach

Trump Won't Say He Has Confidence In FBI Director

Trump's "She's Not My Type" Comments Perpetrate the Myth that Rape is About Sex

Goldman Sachs Forecast Sees Trump as Slight Favorite

Majority supports Trump's decision to halt retaliatory strike on Iran: poll

Joe Biden keeps stepping in it - and voters couldn't care less

The Rundown: June 24, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 06/19/19

Bolton: Sanctions, other pressure will bring Iran to bargaining table

Jared Kushner's Bahrain conference won't work

FTC announces major crackdown on robocalls

Agriculture secretary: Farmers 'are one of the casualties' of Trump's trade war

Just turned off Morning Joe

Economic Trade Wind May Soon Become a Head Wind for Trump

A slowdown heading into reelection could damage one of the president's best issues.

Debt, Conflict and Vacancy Imperil Kushners' Times Square Dream

ICE agents are losing patience with Trump's chaotic immigration policy, NYer reports.

Betsy DeVos faces new lawsuit over student debt forgiveness

Rep. Jonathan Stickland's Not Running Again and You Can Thank the Lord

Dorothea Lange's Censored Photographs of FDR's Japanese Concentration Camps

Texas Border Control Facilities With Kids Turning Away Diapers, Toy Donations

Why It Matters How Powerful Men Treat Women

ICE Agents Are Losing Patience with Trump's Chaotic Immigration Policy

Emergency Aid for Migrants Badly Divides Democrats

PBS: An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes

Ben Shapiro's Audience DESTROYS Him (w/ Logic & YouTube Dislikes)


Economic trouble in Trump country ahead of 2020

I always wanted to lay nude on a bearskin in front of a fireplace. Now I'm

GOP Congressman Tells Detained Children To Leave Border Camps If They Don't Like The Conditions

You know what, I've lost my patience.

Dem Congresswoman Rips Trump Over Detention Center Conditions: 'How Dare You Torture Children?'

WaPo: 'Middle Class Joe' Biden has reaped millions in income since leaving the vice presidency

NYT Editor: We Were 'Overly Cautious' in Handling of Latest Sexual Assault Allegation Against Trump

Trump Unsurprisingly Says He Would Put Up A Supreme Court Justice Before 2020

Slurs, Right Wing Diatribes and Misdirection Abound at the Texans Against Communism Event

Ya Think?

West Virginia GOP Chair Praises Anti-LGBTQ Op-Ed Calling For Intolerance

These are the states with the highest (and lowest) enlistment rates over the last 5 years

Ben Stein: Black people have a 'very deep attachment' to feeling like 'they've been victimized'

Decorating on the Ceiling...

MSNBC's Mika scorches Trump over sex assault denials: 'What type of woman would you rape?

14 Potential Cases Of Mumps At Harris County Jail; 600 quarantined

Bennet adds top consultants to presidential campaign

PBS: False Equivalence: Why It's So Dangerous Above the Noise.........

The Mueller report hits the stage with star-studded Broadway cast

My latest read: a fascinating exploration of current genome analysis

Austrian court clears way for U.S. extradition of Ukrainian tycoon Firtash

GOOD GRIEF...One-Third Back Preemptively Nuking North Korea

Cuellar Pushes for $60 Million in Reimbursement for San Antonio and Other Cities Aiding Central

Gawd, AHNC is great today!!!

Ukraine walks out of Europe human rights body as Russia returns

MOVEON.ORG endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016. Today, things are different.....

First cold I've had in AGES,

It's a huge pill to swallow, for sure - that MF45 wouldn't be removed from office, BUT

Presidential candidate tax returns (archive at link)

WATCH: The Mueller Report Star-Studded Video (Live Streamed Monday)

Puppy who disappeared after crash found 13 days later

The Politics of Paranoia in the Far Right World of Trump.

47-Second Video Exposes the REAL Trump

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Lofts 24 Satellites in 1st Night Launch.

ADHD Trump: Orders Iran Strike, Then Cancels Last Minute

Bill O'Reilly Drops Accidental Truth Bomb On U.S. History Of 'Racist White Men'

'Good day for a chokehold': the police endorsing racism and violence on Facebook

The short life and long journey of the 6-year-old girl from India who died near the US-Mexico border

Co. Supreme Ct. Upholds Decision Forcing Teen to Register As Sex Offender for Swapping Nude Selfies

Companies discover new loopholes to avoid Trump's tariffs

Jelly Bellies - Nope, it's glass corn


California Congressman Salud Carbajal Endorses Beto O'Rourke For President

US consumer confidence falls to 121.5 in June, vs. 131.1 expected

So, Trump is mulling over "to end the pact" we have had in place for many decades with Japan?

You Think It's Hard to Run Against a Woman, Bernie Sanders? Try Running as One.

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results

West Bengal protests: Politicians hounded to return bribe money

Who cares about Biden's speeches? WHAT ABOUT HIS EMAILS, DAMMIT?

No Splish spash for blacks suffering Southern Heat

Commonly prescribed drugs are tied to nearly 50% higher dementia risk in older adults, study says

U.S. new home sales drop for second straight month

Democratic lawmaker (John Yarmuth) calls Trump a 'moron' for his handling of Iran

Kamala Harris endorsed by Rep. William Lacy Clay

Tues. "Aww" pix

Jimmy Carr. The most foul-mouthed comedian you will ever hear.

When you feel as though no one is there for you, remember

Greinke hits HR off of Kershaw

The state of the immigrant children, and the state of the Republican Party

America's Stonehenge

Each state's favorite Pixar movie

Trump is tiring of Mulvaney

Rough day reporting for the @NewsHour in the #WestBank today. #Israeli Forces gased the press...


A police officer just knocked on my door ...

Think back

Inhumane Bastards Refuse Donations to Help Abused Detainee Children

THE ONION: Tips for being civil while debating child prisons

A man visits his daughter who recently graduated from college.

Nearly half of Trumplicans believe it's okay to discriminate.

As Stalin said, one sexual assault allegation is a scandal, seventeen are a statistic.

Michael Jackson died on this day

Well, Joe Biden is still doing fine in the pre-debate polls.

Mika asks So what type of women _would trump Rape?

Bakra Bata--Pachelbel's Canon on steel drums.

Rep Duncan Hunter spent campaign $ for trips & Ubers to sleep w-multiple women -Blames "Deep State"

Is torturing children an impeachable offense?

A Twitter thread of Kamala Harris' endorsements for POTUS

A philosophy professor, convinced of his sense of the world, believed that he was

Great podcast on the history of Rock & Roll

Student Loan Rant

BREAKING (NYT): Refugee children moved BACK to Texas holding facility

Biden lead shrinks to +7 in latest Emerson Poll

Jeffrey Epstein plea deal must stand, prosecutors tell sex abuse victims

Trump threatens 'great and overwhelming force' if Iran attacks 'anything American'

The man who builds giants.

Emergency Aid for Migrants Badly Divides Democrats.

Warren, Sanders, Booker urge review of Sinclair $10.6B acquisition of regional sports networks

Biden wins early state endorsements, including black leaders

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Profiles in Crazy, XCII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

**Ready for a brand new Florida primary poll** Big Daddy Joe 47% Elizabeth 12% .......... Bernie 8%

Rep. Duncan Hunter requested dismissal of criminal charges

A U.S. judge has found three large Chinese banks in contempt

trump threatens Iran with obliteration and shits on Obama and John Kerry

Bipartisan House duo unveil amendment to block Iran strike without Congress' approval

Here's that protest schedule you have been waiting for

PA woman uses shovel to kill cobra slithering on her patio

New memo shows commerce secretary lied about origins of census citizenship question

What I am expecting out of my choice in the first and second debates..

Biden leads Trump by just a hair in new survey from St. Pete Polls

Best thing today - Dancing Dr brings joy to patients and staff

Oregon has too much cannabis. Two laws may help the state manage its surplus

New EPA rule would expand Trump officials' powers to reject FOIA requests

AP-NORC Poll: Democrats most excited by experience in office

'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry

MoveOn Straw Poll - Warren 38%, Sanders 16.5%, Biden 15%, Buttigieg 12%, Harris 7%

When will one of the Democratic Primary candidates demand the metric system?

Federal debt on track to reach unsustainable level in 30 years, CBO reports

Hypothesis: faith, is a sub-set version of Self-Deception...

What sort of denial do you have to live in if you are a woman/mother and Trump is your father?

How Trump uses the Hitler Playbook

100 children moved back to controversial Clint, Texas, border facility

Pelosi: Border package will pass despite liberal grumbling

I did not know that Minnesota has such restrictions on abortion

WaPo: Warren unveils far-reaching plan to overhaul elections

The man (trump) is a russian agent......

*** New (B+ Rated) Emerson College Poll *** Biden 34% (up 1), Bernie 24% (up 2), Warren 14% (up 4)

Happy 41st anniversary, the initial appearance of the rainbow flag.

A Wikipedia source for all things Pete:

Brazil guts environmental agencies, clears way for unchecked deforestation

Scientists have discovered a sea of fresh water under the ocean

The moment this lost baby deer sees his mom again 💕

Today is the 69th Anniversary of the Korean War

06/25 Mike Luckovich: Bible camp

Acting Border Protection Chief Expected to Resign as Migrant Children Are Returned to Texas Facility

DU POLL: For those who voted for Sanders in the 2016 primary, will you pick him again in 2020?

Warren, at +6 over Trump, continues to show strength

The Banality of Evil

FLOTUS Comms Director Stephanie Grisham to replace Sarah Sanders as WH Press Secretary

PollerCoaster poll of IA/NH/SC: Biden 29%, Sanders 20%, Warren 19%, Buttigieg 14%

Here's a definitive legal shredding of Trump admin's latest effort to concoct obstacle to Congress

Just received my book "The Mueller Report" from the library

WOW! Melania announces NEW WH Press Sec'y Stephanie Grisham with a #BeBest hashtag!

Iran calling Trump "retarded" - An insult that cannot be tollerated

Trump taps Melania Trump's spokeswoman as next White House press secretary

Pelosi: "A vote against this bill is a vote for Donald Trump and his inhumane, outside-the-circle of

When should you seek alternative points of view for your story...? 2:30 p.m. EDT today.

Federal Prosecutors Say There's No Legal Basis to Invalidate Jeffrey Epstein's Sweetheart Deal

FFRF: Bladensburg cross decision shameful legacy for Roberts Court

A leader with a heart

The brilliant M.Harrioit @theroot, explains malady of "not a racist bone in my body"

Lawyer on CNN: Trump Will Be Deposed in Defamation Case Within the Next Few Months

The brilliant M.Harrioit @theroot, explains malady of "not a racist bone in my body"

GOP rep says migrant children 'are free to leave' facilities 'at any time'

Court Docs Reveal Duncan Hunter Used Campaign Funds to Carry Out 'Intimate' Affairs With Lobbyists

11-year-old Girl Scout died after tree fell on her in 'freak accident' at Camp Koch

Pa. GOP chairman Val DiGiorgio resigns after report about interactions with Philly council candidate

What is the current reason for not starting impeachment proceedings?

Tim Ryan defends shift to supporting abortion rights

Parkland survivor David Hogg says he's been target of 7 'assassination attempts'

Last Night

Sanders Faces New Kind of Threat In Warren


This is what they are doing to these children. These babies.

Nacho baby

Judge rejects Trump attempt to push off Democrats' Emoluments Clause lawsuit

Trump's UN nominee made his stance on abortion crystal clear: Victims of rape should not have the...

Trump says migrant detention conditions 'better than they were under Obama'

ICE Agents Are Losing Patience with Trump's Chaotic Immigration Policy

You raised $65.00 on June 24, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Today is the 6th anniversary of the Supreme Court's gutting of the Voting Rights Act

How Democrats Could Guarantee Trump's Re-Election

St. Pete Polls 6/25 Florida primary poll: Biden 47.4%, Warren 11.8%, Buttigieg 8.4%, Sanders 8%

Moscow says downed US drone was in Iranian airspace

Is Howard Schultz's Failure a Bad Omen for Centrism?

The brilliant M.Harrioit @theroot, explains malady of "not a racist bone in my body"

Illinois becomes 11th state to allow recreational marijuana

A Plan to Mine the Minnesota Wilderness Hit a Dead End. Then Trump Became President.

A Plan to Mine the Minnesota Wilderness Hit a Dead End. Then Trump Became President.

The brilliant M.Harrioit @theroot, explains malady of "not a racist bone in my body"

Dpnald Trump is an Incel with Enough Money to Buy Sex.

We went to a border detention center for children. What we saw was awful

Pence touts Latino support for Trump in Miami ahead of Democratic debates

A Question about the MorningConsult Poll

The Travel Ban Shows What Happens When the Supreme Court Trusts Trump

Duncan Hunter & Trump are alike in one aspect: They are both sure they can get away with anything

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo visits Kabul, hopes for a peace deal before September 1

LGBTQ prom canceled for safety reasons after Christians bombard event space with threatening calls

Hillary does it again

California man shoots 10-month-old girl in head after her mother rejects him, police say

Women's World Cup 2019: President Trump says Megan Rapinoe shouldn't protest during anthem

Staged? Or are they really this bloody stupid?

Muslim women defy ban to swim in burkinis at French pool 24 June 2019

Evangelicals are pledging to spend tens of millions to reelect Donald Trump

Finally! A US citizen explains the truth about Nigerian scammers!

Question to McCAIN: So the accuser needs "questions" but the Rapist SHITLER *doesn't*?!1

Researchers Send Fake Presidential Alerts to Stadium of 50,000 Using LTE Vulnerability

Bolton says way is open for Iran to enter talks with U.S.

Afternoon AaaaaH! Ocean Waves. Relaxation break.

Detained kids could live in Trump Hotel suite for less money than the concentration camps charge

German regulator says it discovered new illegal software on Daimler diesels

Pete Buttigieg: I 'Stand on Shoulders' of Stonewall 'Giants'

Paul Ryan Crawls Out Of The Woodwork And Reminds America What A Shameful Sellout He Is

Iran's Rouhani says US 'lying' about talks offer

Good Samaritan killed in Arlington last year was 'beaten to death,' medical examiner testifies

Kennedy got us started to the moon

Trump administration's insistence on citizenship question may skew US Census by 9 million people

Stocks fall after Fed officials temper hopes for a rate cut

GOP congressman voted for tax cuts, now says America is too indebted to pay for appropriations bill

GOP congressman voted for tax cuts, now says America is too indebted to pay for appropriations bill

How accurate are polls today?

Can Trump, Cheney, Bush Jr. be sent to the Hague?

On the Antarctic Ice With Anthony Bourdain

We shouldn't look away from crisis of Trump's making

Insanity is contagious (Catch-22)

McConnell stiff-arms Democrats on Iran

McConnell stiff-arms Democrats on Iran

Found these profound words on Facebook.

Trump plan to strip public land conservation fund gets bipartisan pushback

"Mr President Obama is trending on twitter

Trump has standards? Who would have guessed?

That Big Rig You're Passing Might Be Full of Bees

Attention Zep and Heart Fans and a shout out to my friend TEB

It's OKAY to RAPE A WOMAN if she's YOUR 'TYPE!'

This 17-year-old is fixing up his neighborhood for free by mowing lawns for people who can't

Donald Trump made me agree with the Ayatollah of Iran for the first time in my life

First lady's communications director to succeed Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary

Cartoons 6/25/19

Lindsey Graham on E. Jean Carroll's rape accusation of Trump: "He's denied it. That's all I needed t

The Boomers Ruined Everything

Types of Trump supporters.

Wayfare Employees to Stage Walkout Over "Detention Center" Contract

Investigators Say Late Owner of QuadrigaCX Crypto Exchange Siphoned Client Holdings

**Breaking**US Court of Appeals 4th Circ sends Census citizenship question case back to Maryland

Anyone know of any FICTION about ancient Romans in the Americas? Nt

Canada Is Cashing In Big Time Thanks To Trump

Weaseling Before Jesus

**More Breaking Legal** Democrats' emoluments lawsuit against President Trump can proceed

Religious Leaders In Westmoreland County Object To 'Drag Queen Bingo' Fundraisers

Here's How Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Ultimately Voted For Trump

What are Democratic candidates doing to help the children at the border?

McConnell says no to delay on votes to accommodate Dem presidential hopefuls

EMILY's List backs Sara Gideon to take on Maine Sen. Susan Collins

Top of the bottom

Democratic leader concedes on Oregon climate bill after Republican walkout

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 25, 2019

Poll shows Trump, Republicans have not gained Latino support

House approves $383 billion spending package

David Hogg: They've Tried To Kill Me Seven Times

Good News: Lutheran Pastor Has Unique Use for "Purity Rings"

It's VERSUS, not "verse," damn it!

Just Released.....

Hunter Used Campaign Money to Fund Affairs

Ex-chair of FCC broadband committee gets five years in prison for fraud

Two headlines a minute apart at TPM in the past half hour

Trump issues doomsday warning to Iran after its president calls him 'mentally retarded'

Minneapolis gay bar owner says Jewish people 'must be eliminated from existence'

Congressman Duncan Hunter: $37,000 in overdraft fees.

ACLU files new evidence with Supreme Court on citizenship question

Adios, Escoria!

uggggh he is on tv again

Appeals Court Says the Census Case Is Not Over--Even if SCOTUS Upholds the Citizenship Question

Trump today "USA is by far the most powerful Military Force in the world"

Huge - France loses landmark court case over air pollution

Don Lemon stares down death threats to call out racism & homophobia

Billionaires Letter to 2020 Candidates: Tax Us More, A Moral, Ethical & Economic Responsibility

Politician caught using gay slur refuses to apologize, accuses critics of attacking his religion

Mayoral candidate caught on tape shouting antigay slurs at cyclist says he was exercising free speec

Republicans mark Pride by giving lifetime appointment to Trump's most antigay judicial nominee yet

GoFundMe shuts down Israel Folau's homophobic $3 million fundraiser

"I set fire to this house with all these people in it" said the fire chief

Trump Wants The Dems To Solve The Humanitarian Disaster At The Border Of His Making.....

Twitter drags Nicholas Sparks for his pathetic non-apology for leaked homophobic emails

Republican responses to the new assault allegation against Trump are both predictable and sad

Pups at 6 weeks

"...I have never seen such degradation and inhumanity. " - Atlantic

Viola Davis to sing the blues in Netflix film about queer musical legend

Luckovich-Media treatment of trump's rapes compared to Biden's Shoulder Massages

Straight people are getting more uncomfortable with LGBTQ people each year

Lesbian couple banned from fostering migrant children because their marriage isn't 'holy'

Warren No. 1 In 'MOVE ON' Straw Poll: 1st Time Double-Digit Lead Over Sanders, Biden

Nevada utility announces three major solar projects with battery storage

Buttigieg campaign hiring faith engagement director

Powell says Fed insulated from politics, wrestling with rate cuts

Rep. Ted Lieu: Impeachment is coming, and so is a Democratic president

TSA workers diverted to southern border

Billionaire Eli Broad: It's time to start thinking seriously about a wealth tax

Crud Steve Kornacki is on for Nicole Wallace

US Sues Omarosa - Alleges Failure to File Required Financial Disclosures After WH Employment

(Jewish Group) #MeJew

(Jewish Group) Once on This Island

(Jewish Group) The Long Legacy of the Shoah in Scandinavia

"I'm not going to the fucking White House." -

Here comes the "Biden has lost a step" mantra from the MSM

I never knew otters juggle rocks!

FROTUS (First Rapist) screws up Medal of Honor Ceremony

My goodness! All those laws are bieng broken!

Republican Policies Are Stripping People Of Safety Net Protections

Miami Beach Vacation Rental Owner Goes on Racist Tirade Against Black Guest

"A Useful Hint"

DOJ files lawsuit against Omarosa for allegedly "knowingly and willfully failing to file...

Trivago ad with mean lady and cool dude

Pierce: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Was an Arrogant Liar on Behalf of a Corrupt Administration*

Americans in the age of Trump: Less tolerant

Your daily reminder that the media is 100% trash

Last surviving prosecutor at Nuremberg trials: Trump's family separation policy is 'crime against

Seattle to open smoke shelters for 'new normal' summer fires

Two Republican senators say rape allegation against Trump should be investigated...

Mark Morgan to replace John Sanders as border chief, as DHS shake-up continues

Kamala Harris on AOC

Oh gawd: Nearly all UK veterinarians face skepticism from owners about vaccines

'He should be hospitalized': Internet stunned after Trump goes off on completely incoherent Mt Rushm

Mix a metaphor...Go!

Call me vengeful, call me spiteful, but I want to see Princess Ivanka and Prince Jahhr-uhd in a cage

So went to the pawn shop....

Weep for a minute and then get angrier than you have ever been

Toasting Sarah Huckabee Sanders. By the Press. Really.

Kamala Harris Urged to Get More Personal

From LBN: Mark Morgan to replace John Sanders as border chief

Feds: Rep. Duncan Hunter used campaign cash for [extra-marital] affairs

TPM/Josh Marshall: The Mystery of Duncan and the "Get-Togethers"

Highlights for Children stands up for immigrant children

Megan Rapinoe isn't here to make you comfortable

Melania Trump with her Extraordinary looks..

Rep Duncan Hunter used campaign funds for 5 affairs

Trump Deems Megan Rapinoe's National Anthem Protest Not Appropriate

CREW: Is Trump trying to hijack July 4th celebration to turn it into taxpayer-funded campaign rally?

Some More News: Perhaps Ben Shapiro Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously By Anyone About Anything

Below is the wishy washy response I got from contacting one of my Dem Senators.

Who is Stephen Biegun's North Korean Counterpart?

Where are the "Right to Life" people now?

Don't want to sound paranoid but I think my trump* loving cousin tried to get me killed.

Joni Ernst is Grand Marshall Red Oak's Junction Days Parade. Toss pig nuts to kids in lieu of candy?

Gov. Lamont Signs Paid Family Leave Bill

Trump wants to use Iraq to 'watch' Iran. Baghdad says not so fast

"We Have a Criminal in the White House": Behind the Scenes of the House Impeachment Debate

Now they are teaching robots to fight back.

Seth Abramson: "The Grand Bargain isn't a theory; it's reported fact..."

These are my neighbors' children in Trump's concentration


Father-daughter border drowning highlights migrants' perils (WARNING! Graphic image)

Extraordinary thread on conservatives and US climate policy in the coming years

Trump on possible war with Iran: 'I don't need exit strategies'

McConnell opens door to vote on Iran war authorization

MSNBC Is Certainly Getting A Lot Of Mileage Out Of These Debates......

PTI opening joke

"PLEASE HELP ME before it's too late"

Trump is not healthy for children and other living things

Primary Race Coming Into View

US and Iran showdown goes from terrible to worse

Classic Carlin: Coast To Coast Emergency

Federal prosecutors allege Duncan Hunter repeatedly misused campaign funds during affairs

100 migrant children returned to "inhumane" Texas facility

Joe Biden can only be defeated by himself. Looking more and more like he will be the nominee.

Homeless young father shamed by nosy woman on social media for sleeping between shifts at McDonald's

Seth Abramson: "I'm unclear on what "denial" of the alleged attack means."

Bernie Sanders is using his massive email list to warn immigrants about ICE raids

Leaving a tip - a fake Donald tip

Dr. Justin Frank MD Exposes Trump''s God Complex

Teflon Joe: Alleged gaffe gives Biden boost in poll

Pelosi clinches deal with progressives on border spending bill

The Rollingstone Politics 2020 Democratic Primary Policy Guide

Missouri Scientists Fight To Save A Fish With Teeth Like An Alligator

If Playlists Won Elections, Kamala Harris Would Be an Easy Frontrunner

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 26 June 2019

More cartoons 6/25/19

Even ICE agents are reportedly 'losing patience' with Trump's antics

The President of the United States threatened to Obliterate a Iran today.

Christie's Scathing Indictment of Trump

Trump's "Whip carrying" chief of protocol-Ambassador Lawler, pulled off job just ahead of G20 summit

When you're a pilot, but the car won't start

Cradles, Pews and the Societal Shifts Coming to Politics - Seib, WSJ

Wow! Warren! MoveOn straw poll has her with gigantic lead

Vacancy-Doped Neodymium Telluride for Thermoelectric Applications

LOL-Duncan Hunter argues he can't get fair trial in San Diego-Exhibit A is a CARTOON by Steve Breen

We had to say goodbye to our sweet buddy today

Watch the first 3 years of this little girl and her dog's friendship in 3 minutes 🐶 💜

I didn't know it, but I think I was driving impaired when I had my accident.

Blessed are the payroll makers - for they shall have window cubicles in Heaven