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Dog Can't Believe His Family Got A New Puppy Without Asking Him First

Amid lice outbreak at TX concentration camp, children punished cruelly by border patrol

Have you seen this about a nationwide July 12 protest against the detention camps?

ICE raids delayed ahead of Pence's 'Latinos for Trump' roll out in Miami

Fashion world shaken by cultural appropriation claims

TedTalk: How Octopuses Battle Each Other

Author kidnapped by Somali pirates absolutely destroys the integrity of Trump and DHS Sec Kirstjen N

Elizabeth Warren, saviour of capitalism

'YEARS & YEARS': HBO June 24. Dystopian Near Future, Nationalism, Politics, Emma Thompson

Trump limits access of board overseeing safety at Hanford Nuclear Reserve

Millions To Lose Safety Net Benefits As Trump Redefines Poverty

US 'now a full-fledged banana republic' after revelations over Mitch McConnell wife's $78m grants

Trump says he really didn't call off the air strike against Iran!

Class of 2020 US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Mayor Pete Was Heckled By Black Protesters After Police Killed A Man In His Home Town

😁 cocked & loaded MEME's for your pleasure 😆

'YEARS & YEARS': HBO June 24. Dystopian Near Future, Nationalism, Politics, Emma Thompson

George LOPEZ says: ICE if you're listening you can find these immigrants at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!1

Four Teenage Boys Rushed to Burning Home to Save 90-Year-old Neighbor Trapped Inside

Oh good god. Doug Ford is an absolute idiot. I bet this has to do with the election

Likely Replacements to the Democratic US Senators running for POTUS in 2020.

1949 Geneva Convention requires even prisoners of war to be furnished with soap

This situation in Oregon State..

My chihuahua is fucking the hell out of an old bedroom slipper right now.

US POSTAL SERVICE: Plans To Slash Worker Benefits, This Week in 'The War On Workers'

Mr. President, I Want Out of This Abusive Relationship

Does rape count as a high crime or misdemeanor??

My husband and I went shoe shopping for him today...

Observations on the Xi-Kim Summit

2 clips of Allan LICHTMAN (on MAHER & CNN) with the "keys" to winning 2020 (impeachment is one)

When Canada and Denmark argue over disputed territory...

Watkins Family Hour - "Desolation Row" (Dylan cover)

one aspect of impeachment and removal that seems to escape everyone, especially republicans.

The road to riches is this simple: Drive a crappy car

Overcrowding, abuse seen at Mexico migrant detention center

Wow, Linda Ronsdtadt covered Joni Mitchell's "River" way back in 2000

Texas Republican is so annoying one member of Congress wanted to 'punch him': report

Driving along La Cienega, awaiting instructions...

Oregon Republicans walkout: Senator sightings across the state. Have you seen one?

They're exchanging love letters now...

It Couldn't Happen Here - But It Already Has

Marcy Playground - Sherry Fraser

Dog Poetry, this is hilarious

Guess who said this today: "the only one who matters is me"

beck - colors (studio - 2017) this song is a straight-up jam ...

NH Pride - Fired up for Kamala

Paleo-Conservative George Will compares The Reublican Party to

a modern Church has taken over a small California city

I just tried a box wine

Protest letter from CNN, C-Span, Fox, ABC & CBS re:South Carolina Dem Convention

Ill. Gov. signs 3 immigrant protection bills

ASIA ❖ heat of the moment

Kid Koala - Emperor's Main Course

Border patriot groups spokesperson charged with federal crimes


10,000 Maniacs - Across The Fields

Cowboy Junkies - Rock and Bird

Explorers find species thought to be extinct amid ancient ruins of 'Lost City of the Monkey God' dee

Explorers find species thought to be extinct amid ancient ruins of 'Lost City of the Monkey God' dee

Social Distortion - When She Begins

Manu Chao Me Gustas Tu

Wax - "California"

FBI Sends Investigators To Dominican Republic Following U.S. Tourists Deaths

FBI Sends Investigators To Dominican Republic Following U.S. Tourists Deaths

Screaming Trees - Winter Song

The Abyssinians - Satta Massagana

Another credible allegation of first degree rape against trump.

Get your ass off that desk

Trump claims media got it wrong on Iran strike: 'I never called the strike' back

A question for the Admins.

Mad World - Gary Jules

Never been to Spain

Can you believe we have no Buffalo Springfield ?

A small group of billionaires is buying vast parcels of the West (NYT)

Colombian Cartel Kills Woman Community Leader, Son Witnesses

Bolsonaro's New Security Policy Will Endanger Black and Marginalized Women

Bolsonaro's New Security Policy Will Endanger Black and Marginalized Women

Honduras protests: Military deployed after violence

Words of Robert F. Kennedy

How America overthrew Guatemala's reformist president

Missourians rally, express anger over new abortion law

One month later: Jefferson City businesses continue to recover from tornado

Former Greitens' investigator indicted on 7 felonies

Missouri backs off on rule requiring women get pelvic exam three days before abortion

Missouri Association of Counties looks for new office after tornado decimated downtown building

'Friendly' bacteria could help save frogs from disease

Ashcroft orders halt to fraudulent investment agent Rallo, seeks $1.3M in restitution, penalties

North Korea's Kim Jong-un receives 'excellent' letter from Trump

Este Lauder signs onto pledge to end cosmetic animal testing

US Consulate in Canada raises pride flag despite Trump order

Former Jefferson County Circuit Clerk candidate wins $225,000 in federal civil suit against election

Overland man threatens to 'kill every gay person I can' at St. Louis PrideFest, charges say

Hovhaness: 'Sonata for Harp', Kondonassis

Sarah Sanders' potential candidacy irks Tim Griffin

Robert Reich: Forget China - it's America's own economic system that's broken

Right Wing Watch reports white supremacist arrests in Pope County

Splintered Arkansas Supreme Court puts a crack in public meeting law

Government offers more evidence against Jeremy Hutchinson

Biden stumbles over abortion rights while Warren receives cheers

Sibelius 'Violin Concerto', Lisa Batiashvili

Boris Johnson's leadership bid survives, but his premiership can't

Yes, add Sen. Jason Rapert to the mix in gay pride sign takedown at University of Central Arkansas

The American Alt-Right poison at the heart of UK Politics.

Is Texarkana Texas' 'most dangerous city'?

Jan Dismas Zelenka Sonatas

Queensland sky lit up by plummeting meteor

Flexsteel to close Arkansas plant

Anyone read the original book 'House of Cards'?

Study: Arkansas' Medicaid work requirement did not boost employment

Handel: 'Oboe Cobcerto No. 2' (Two versions)

Server at OU restaurant sues former university administrator

Gay Pride WORLDWIDE! Edinburgh, Kyiv, and Bucharest

Oklahoma high court rejects challenge on Medicaid expansion

One of last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, Lt. Col. Robert Friend, has died

Kenya sends LGBT refugees back to 'homophobic' camp

🐦 SUNDAY June 23 - Face The Nation - Senator Sanders

State panel rips campaign tactic

Found in a High School Restroom: Cache of 1940s Wallets and Their Contents

Missouri Backtracks on Double Pelvic Exams for Abortion Patients

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Nasty Leak Edition

Breakfast, Sunday 23 June 2019

Andrew Yang: Paying for a Universal Basic Income

Andrew Yang: Paying for a Universal Basic Income

Arkansas lawmakers back 2nd look at $1.5M claim against state retiree pension system

John Cornyn's dog whistle tweet to the racists amongst his followers:

In South Carolina, Voters Blame Media for Amplifying Biden's Missteps

"We don't do pity parties. We do parties": New Orleans sends Dr. John off in style

Toxic algae bloom may be developing in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Health Department warns

City of St. George still faces plenty of questions, if created, but source of funding isn't one

Johnson & Johnson faces multibillion opioids lawsuit that could upend big pharma

Support for Trump in Louisiana plunges, poll says: See results, how that impacts governor's race

Pete looks more than ready for prime time in this video.

Sen. Sanders On Trump Delay: I'm Glad For The Decision, But We Need Real Reform - MSNBC

Trump Is A..

Tom Schedler, ex-Secretary of State, seeks his money back in sexual harassment settlement

Former SandRidge landman sentenced to prison

Dems consider reprimands for members: Ex-officials draw fire for crossing party lines to support AG

Why can't some media say Kamala. It's a , (punctuation)

Medicaid expansion is a 'common decency issue' for Oklahomans, supporters say

New old scam??

For ohiogal and pollock mst sgt I have my polish on today

Kansas Utilities Run Coal Plants Year-Round Even Though It Costs Ratepayers Millions

I have a global disease initiative idea. Is it crazy?

Uggh.. Marianne Williamson just on MSNBC conflating CDC with Big Pharma.

Kansas Regents Zero Out Tuition Hikes For In-State Undergrads

Kansas High Court Says The State Can't Limit Lawsuit Payouts For Pain And Suffering

A secular cult obsessed with abortion, sex, and #LGBT issues.

Neo-Nazi Who Murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville Asks Judge For 'Mercy'

Community Divide Remains After Reno County Denies Permit For New Wind Farm

Kansas regulators struggle with record-high 22K abandoned oil, gas wells

Trump Hotel Prices Skyrocket Around 4th of July

Republicans Absolutely Do Not Care If Trump Raped Someone, And They Never Will

In the checkout line at Walmart

Tim Ryan appealing to working class in presidential run: 'I know they feel left out, but I also know

Gilda and Laraine SNL The Pink Box

Biden calls for enshrining Roe v. Wade in federal law

In 1888 people were asked what they thought England would be like in 100 years....

In Nebraska, colleges relying more heavily on tuition to pay costs

He ain't heavy ...

The Latest: Bolton says US 'prudence' on Iran isn't weakness

Full interview: Bernie Sanders on "Face the Nation"

Why Texas May Be Turning Blue?

Kushner's Economic Plan For Peace In The Middle East Met With 'Contempt' In Arab World

Canadian company buys former Cabela's distribution center in Sidney

'Electability' is the most important, least understood word in the 2020 race

Kamala Harris describes tension in the Democratic Party over impeachment

The left is fighting back, even in Republican states, as it attempts to reshape capitalism

Check Out This Amazing Cover

Democrats cut deal to hear from White House counsel office insider, source says

Royce West meets with Chuck Schumer as he nears decision on campaign against John Cornyn

Congress unlikely to reach deal on Trump border bill before break

Business pulling out all stops against Trump tariffs

Ethiopia's army chief, 3 other officials killed in renegade general's coup attempt, government says

What Would Bernie Bomb?

Old 3G broadband...

U.N. chief says essential to avoid escalation in the Gulf

Inspired by Dallas courthouse shooter, Air Force base circulates 'incel' warning signs

Under Trump, U.S. military ramps up cyber offensive against other countries

You raised $15.00 on June 22, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

New report says Florida will face $76 billion in costs due to climate crisis by 2040

Full transcript: Sen. Bernie Sanders on "Face the Nation"

Florida public school officials are still allowed to paddle little kids and teens

Why Trump can't fill the gaping holes in his government

Trump: '2 weeks and big Deportation begins!'

Biden attack ads featuring his comments on race to be launched by right-wing group

A leftward shift': Communist party USA sees chance as progressives surge

Nancy Pelosi Gives Justin Trudeau Wine And Chocolate In Lost NBA Bet

The Dept. of the Interior says President Trump's 4th of July event will include:

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs $90.9B budget, vetoes money for UCF, other projects

Joy Reid, an anti gay bigot, let Jason Johnson lie to our faces about a gay candidate

Couple Drops Everything to Save Thousands of Vervet Monkeys

Mac Security update 10.13.6 May

John Morgan wants $15 minimum wage on ballot, but new restrictions could thwart effort

Biden Says Comments on Racist Senators 'Out of Context'

Anyone else notice avatars disappearing on Sunday morning--for most but not all posts, depending

This Mike Pence on CNN is a piece of shit.

Trump: Officials doing 'fantastic job' with detained migrant children given 'circumstances'

Was a time when, if I dropped something I'd just pick it up. Now I stare at it while I decide if I

Missouri's 'Jedi Disposal Act' Would Let You Pull a Darth Vader, Kind Of

Trump: I'd rather run against Biden

Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits California near Pacific Coast

Trump warns Iran of 'obliteration like you've never seen before'

Rep. Jim Hagedorn coming to Olmsted Co. for Town Hall.....

Trump on addressing election interference with Putin: 'I may'

Cantaloop/Cantaloupe Island

Trump says Clinton was tougher opponent than Biden would be

Cuomo to roll back solitary confinement administratively

WAPO OP ED: The Trump economy house of cards collapses. Dana Milbank, 6 21

'It's protein. It's good for you': Florida man poops in court, tries to throw feces at judge

Nancy Pelosi Reportedly Called Trump to Ask Him to Call Off Planned ICE Raids

Profiles in Crazy, LXXXXI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Living in the AGE OF IMPUNITY

Chief of Staffof Ethiopian army killed by his own bodyguard

Pence: 'We're not convinced' downing of drone was 'authorized at the highest levels'

Dem Rep. Garamendi: Trump Did Right Thing on Iran, But 'The Problem Here Is He Talks Too Much'

Judge James Tormey III dies: Chief of CNY's 300 judges and former county legislator

Stonewall at 50 - The riot that changed America's gay rights movement forever

So let's follow the story here, ignoring foreign stories and focus on domestic events

Flynn's Sweetheart Deal Highlights Barr's Subversion

Sunday's "Aww" pix

Reading Ian McGilchrist's The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain. Awesome.

Oswego landlord, owner of Renaissance Fair to pay $400,000 in sex harassment settlement

A long time comin'

A Disturbing Truth-If the Migrant Children Held In Cages were Prisoners of War...

Buffalo anti-poverty agency pays Texas consultant $1.7 million

Nevada Republicans dump state party leader

Adam Schiff on Impeachment: "I'm Not Prepared To Recommend It"

'I don't really know her': Why Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign is stuck at 0.3%

There are more of us than them.

"Manic Monday" by Prince

University of New Mexico gets rare George Orwell collection

Flying Wallendas to cross Times Square on a high wire

Half of Americans Are Effectively Poor Now. What The?

Can you make more money putting a movie on Netflix than PBS

Oregon - Its racial history

Biden visited Stonewall ahead of 50th anniversary of uprising

Selling home to 1 of 4 siblings. How to be fair?

Ralph Lauren receives honorary knighthood in London

Temperatures in South Texas are brutal right now,

Heavy May rain and flooding delaying Kansas wheat harvest

The rebirth of the Tintype

'Barack picked him for a reason': South Carolina voters stand by Joe Biden after comments

#Trumps Feds Show Up Unprepared For Hearing On Murdered And Missing Native Women

Elton John gets top French award, joins AIDS fight call

ES & S lobbies for paper ballots over election security concerns

HIV cluster rises to 53 cases in West Virginia county

Alaska Tundra Fires Proliferating, Growing Larger As State Warms

Sanders: Biden 'owes the country an apology' on 'civility' remarks

Rossby Waves, A Stuck Jet Stream, And Weather Extremes, Explained

I contributed to several candidates this morning...

Oregon GOP: Heavily armed militia lays siege to Oregon's Capitol as Senate Democrats cower in fear.

Polish historian getting friendly support from his cat during TV interview

Judi Dench reveals she has adopted three orangutans as she campaigns to protect the Bornean rainfore

I just got a, request for a contribution, email from Bernie. How this staunch Hillary supporter got

Joe fans, who is your second choice

Bullshitter in Chief: Trump Blames Obama For His Policy Of Putting Children In Cages

I'm kinda glad Republicans are calling everything they don't like "socialism"...

George Conway retweeted Brianna Wu's 23-tweet thread on Trump's history of sexial assualt, each

Duane and Dickey

We don't believe in identity politics

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 23, 2019?

Democrats are getting yet another candidate for president: Joe Sestak, former congressman and Senate

So you say you want a flawless candidate and flawless MSNBC talking heads...


The weekly reading at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory for June 16, 2019 breaks into 50 worst increases

Twins charged in shooting at Detroit coney shop that didn't serve mushrooms

'Urgent needs from head to toe': This clinic had two days to fix a lifetime of needs

NBC "HOT TAKE" on Trump's "Concentration Camps"

Photo of drone pilot and Iranian captors released

Jesse Collin Young sang his famous "Get Together" song at campaign event

"Wear It As A Badge Of Honor..."

Trump's Fourth Of July Salute To Himself Will Feature 'Military' Parade And Flyovers

Private prisons' stocks drop on Warren pledge

Do you agree with Bernie Sanders that Biden 'owes the country an apology' on 'civility' remarks?

"She's Number One": Elizabeth Warren Is Having A Moment In South Carolina

Does anyone have a good link to episode recaps of Season 2 of Black spot - Netflix?

Elizabeth Warren thinks corruption is why the US hasn't acted on climate change

Former congressman Joe Sestak enters 2020 White House race

Sen. Warren: It is time for structural change in America

Why is Alex Witt wasting our time

Iran warns of risk of conflict, Trump sees scope for deal

Why he can't fill the holes in his government

Bill Maher makes the case for Oprah to change her mind.

Nancy Pelosi called Donald Trump Friday night asking to call off ICE raids

Is Fox News finally ready to acknowledge that Trump lies about everything?

Dismisses UN request for FBI to investigate Khashoggi's murder

Paying online via PayPal versus credit card

Joe Sestak hits the campaign train in Iowa today

The economy is booming. But are Americans' finances healthier because of it?

Istanbul mayoral re-run: Erdogan's ruling AKP loses again

Top Utah newspaper says Trump migrant detention centers are 'concentration camps'

Pic of camps from a year ago

US officials express optimism negotiations with Iran possible

WH to assert absolute immunity in Donaldson testimony. Surprise.

Don't Let Trump Fool You About Not Wanting A War......

The banality of evil

Blue potato salad

Democrats seek to ban federal spending at Trump businesses

What song best fits your candidate?

Report: 2 Russian Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Violate Japan's Airspace

Cameroon should be banned

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Speech, So. Carolina Clyburn Fish Fry, 6/22

Sun setting on attempts to fan coal's embers

I'm sickened by the stories about the trump concentration camps and the children that are

High-stakes legal fight looms over Trump pollution rule

Trump still refuses to endorse Pence as successor

Republican (in this case, Trump) accused of rape.

Presidential candidates energize SC Democrats but White House contest remains unchanged

Kamala Harris Lays Out Trump's 'Rap Sheet' in Fiery Speech

Home Office thwarted return home of Isis suspect Jack Letts

UK Home Office thwarted return home of Isis suspect Jack Letts

Join the Oath Keepers. Get to use a really swell Baofeng scanner.

Biden would be 78 to start term if elected, is that right?

Trump says he's not prepared to lose in 2020

British target training of Saudi air force 'did not stop Yemen atrocities'

British target training of Saudi air force 'did not stop Yemen atrocities'

Trump Thanks Himself For Stock Market Rally, Tags Fake Russian Twitter Account

Cartoons 6/23/19

PARIS Prepares Pools, Parks & 'Cool Rooms' for Predicted Europe HEATWAVE

Marx Brothers for the Win

PARIS Prepares Pools, Parks & 'Cool Rooms' for Predicted Europe HEATWAVE

The Trump administration's plan to change the poverty line would hurt pople who need help the most

Pete to hold town hall in South Bend later today

A message from Hillary:

'I Don't Have a Racist Bone in My Body'

Collected and dignified

Trump Swears He Will Have A "Phenomenal" Healthcare Plan In A Few Days

Let's mount a camera on a helicopter rotor.

From my parish

Marking a birthday and a death, Judy Garland, June 10, 1922 - June 22, 1969

I have a question for those of you who play poker...

Booker Refutes Claim Biden's Segregationist Remark Was Taken Out Of Context

Trump: My One 'Do-Over' As President Would Be Not Appointing Jeff Sessions

Taxpayers Have Now Lost $107 MILLION Thanks To Trump's Golf Trips

It's GOP hypocrite time!!! Guess who said this:

De Blasio: NYPD Will Investigate Trump If They Get Complaint He Raped E. Jean Carroll

Iran reports previous incident with 'spy drone' in May

Black Bear scratching back on tree, Russian National Park

3 arrested after baby malnourished , children found with lice (Indiana March 2019)

Chuck Todd

More than 2,000 people win North Carolina lottery by picking '0-0-0-0'

Cory Booker defended Romney's work at Bain capital over President Obama's criticism of Bain's

Mayor Pete and Police Chief Chief Scott Ruszkowski holding Town Hall at 3:30 ET

Happy 75th anniversary yesterday, the G.I. Bill (the original one, from 1944).

Update on my treasure hunting, HOLY SHIT!

Live rat falls from ceiling and lands on table at Buffalo Wilds Wings

Why did Cory Booker vote against Bernie Sanders Amendment to allow drugs to be imported from Canada?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Protecting Consumers

Breaking News [6AM] 6/23/19: Trump terrorizing Hispanics

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 23, 2019

Call me shallow, but this is my favorite part of today's Warren/NYT Mag feature

Since not ONE ICE-BP-staff worker has come forward to blow the whistle on the camps, how about this:

Trump Bucked His National Security Aides

'Potentially Dangerous' Heatwave Set To Strike Europe

Cats Reverse Pavlov's Experiment

Does Cory Booker have a school choice problem?

Now that it is officially summer it is time for camp songs!

The South Bend Town Hall with Pete Buttigieg is not going well (live on CNN)

Mayor Pete's Town Hall is pretty rough so far.

House Oversight Committee to vote on authorizing subpoena for Kellyanne Conway

Read email from The Congressional Black Caucus. Made a 4x match donation. Donated before. Email

A little more each day. Bit by bit.

Latest video from Sea Shepherd protecting the Vaquita in the Sea of Cortez

We are dangerously close to this happening

I'm getting to like soccer more and more.

DU POLL: Is the Trump Regime bordering on "Crimes Against Humanity" yet? See definition.

Trump To Assert Bogus "Absolute Immunity" Claim To Keep Annie Donaldson From Testifying

Repubs are blaming Democrats for the concentration camps

Texas Republican: Migrant conditions in his state the 'worst' he's seen

'Female Viagra' Was Just Approved by The FDA Despite "Skimpy Peer-Reviewed Data"

Like it or not, Cory Booker's "attacks" on Biden are strategically sound.

Adam Schiff Warns Trump If He Defies Court Order Impeachment Is Next

July 4 madness...

"Chuck Todd is like Pence but with a goatee and more willingness to kiss trump's ass."

WaPo Ed. Board: New York's climate plan cannot counter the damage of Trump's do-nothing approach

WaPo Ed. Board: New York's climate plan cannot counter the damage of Trump's do-nothing approach

* to immensely profit from his hotels on the 4th.... 😠

Unemployment is rising in eight Trump states; polls show some have turned on him

Wealthy TV "experts" are shaming millennials for buying coffee and avocado toast.

Kushner conference was supposed to bring Israelis and Palestinians together. Neither side is likely

We wrote the policy, we bought the cameras, we hired the officer.

Orthodox Sunday of All Saints, last Feastday of the Pentacostarion

Pompeo accuses Iran of spreading 'blatant disinformation' on downing of drone

National Security adviser with no heart

'Of excellent content': Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump still write to each other

The new drug highway: Pacific islands at centre of cocaine trafficking boom

And next, Chump will fall in love with Hassan Rouhani

Former congressman Joe Sestak enters 2020 White House race

You know it is a problem when...

Migrants describe overcrowded Mexican detention centers as Trump ratchets up pressure

dhs protest?

Migrants describe overcrowded Mexican detention centers as Trump ratchets up pressure

A social network for knitting just made every other website look like goddamn cowards

FedEx misses delivery of Huawei package to U.S.; China paper says retaliation threatened

Elvis Costello: 'Pills and Soap'

beck - girl (studio 2005) one my all-time fave summer jams ...

We should turn trump and his cabal over to Hague

Maya Wiley got some viewers' hopes up, when she said on MSNBC that Jean Carroll's alleged rape

Hey you 75-year-old DUers

A Strange New Blend of Rock and Plastic Is Forming on a Portuguese Island

Thanks, Uncle Sam! After tax cuts, Texas Instruments spent $5B on stock -- three times more than R&D

Census, redistricting top remaining Supreme Court cases

Vogue Magazine Refuses to Have Melania Trump on Their Cover -- and Melania's Camp is Furious About it

Myanmar orders internet shutdown in conflict-torn Rakhine state: telco operator

How to beat Republicans


The New Yorker interview with lawyer concerning conditions at child detention center.

How a trip on magic mushrooms helped decriminalize psychedelic plants in a California city

Who is the "American Jewish Congress"?

Pictures at an Oxhibition

I just wept. But weeping is not enough....

'Anne Frank Remembered': Oscar-Awarded Documentary, Now on WHUT, PBS

In the Largest Protests in Decades, Czechs Demand Resignation of Prime Minister

Here's what I don't get

Josh Hawley Is Earning National Attention for All the Wrong Reasons

Murphy vetoes South Jersey Port Corporation minutes for the fourth time

OK I just got it: Texas needs the wall is to keep Texas GOP.

'Anne Frank Remembered': Oscar-Awarded Documentary

Jared Kushner's Palestinian peace plan reads like a real estate developer's brochure

Has any one of our Democratic Leaders filed any lawsuits yet?

This is what a real leader sound like

Keep Omelas Great?

Howarth bill would see absentee legislators lose pay

I just can't pile on Biden. Sorry.

This sign is heartbreaking 💔

Texas Republican: Migrant conditions in his state the 'worst' he's seen

Pelosi Statement on Border Supplemental Bill to Provide Humanitarian Assistance for Children....

Vague memory from my childhood...dolls wearing dresses from different countries.

German police confiscate 4,200 liters of beer from neo-Nazis

Booker Vows to Extend Clemency to Thousands of Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Nearly 100 Trump transition internal memo vetting documents leaked.

Murphy: 'All Options are on the Table' on Budget

Black residents of South Bend unload on Mayor Pete Buttigieg

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 24 June 2019

Oregon Capitol Closed After Threats From (Unknown Group)

New Jersey Selects Ocean Wind for Offshore Wind Project

I just checked- ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX (not news) PBS are not listing either debate.

CNN Documentary 'Apollo 11' Premieres on TV Tonight

Letter from Joe Sestak


Trump JEALOUS He's Not Treated Like Obama

Pete Buttigieg's comments at town hall after recent violence

Ravelry - new policy, do not post in support of Trump or his administration

Exclusive: Leaked Trump vetting docs

In 45 years, we have killed 60% of Earth's wildlife.

Booker is 'disappointed' in Biden for defending praise of Senate segregationists

Device to trap plastic waste in Pacific Ocean relaunches

Norcross wants to talk. Do legislators have the guts to press him on shady tax break?

Trump is "Cocked and Loaded"


I'd like to open a bakery.