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Brian Bennett - Solstice

Pritzker praises pension buyout program, backs public safety pension consolidation

King County Labor Council ditches Sawant, endorses DeWolf

Democrats Need to Stop With the Closed-Door Hearings Where We Get Shards of the Truth.

Over the Rainbow

The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers, Local 36 has just endorsed Bernie!

Their goddamned RATINGS. That's what's behind the attacks on Biden

Western Michigan University's football stadium is now a swimming pool

Supreme Court's Bladensburg Cross Decision "A Blow Against Constitution and Religious Equality"

Photo: Flight to Miami

'This place has enough creepy old men': GOP vows to crush Roy Moore

Trump's tariffs have cost Americans at least $22 billion since the trade war began, report says

Trump sounds reluctant to attack Iran. But he's increasingly surrounded by hawks.

Nearly 31 years ago the US Navy shot down an Iranian airiner.

Does this speech sound familiar (TDS)

"Sit down and watch" ....

Hope Hicks refused to answer 155 questions from Dems during House testimony

Pritzker: No conflict between progressive policies, private sector

If Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020,

Ta-Nehisi Coates Clapped Back at Mitch McConnell for Saying 'No One Alive' Is Liable for Reparations

Michael Franti and Spearhead

NRA Suspends Two Leaders Amid Accusations of Coup Attempt

I think these attacks on Biden will backfire...

U.S. Claims Drone Was Minding Own Business On Its Way To Church When Iran Attacked It Out Of Nowhere

Next Contestant, Iran: Meet America's Permanent War Formula

Hawaiian High Temperature Records Keep Tumbling - 18 Record Highs Or Ties On Maui Since 5/16

Archdiocese of Indianapolis cuts ties with Jesuit school for refusing to fire gay teacher

Is Trump Fulfilling The Nixon Legacy?

The reference Biden made to being called "Son" was

Got hacked; some advice/red flags

Trumpism and Modern American Feudalism

Damn.....I forget how fantastic the "Good Wife " was......

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Two hour hate

trumper men should be worried that

The Pretender

Man threatens to kill 'every gay person (he) can' at St. Louis Pride

It doesn't get anymore oxymoron than this

Beto O'Rourke Big Idea: New Voting Rights Act (Video Link)

Millions of people missed watching Hicks/Trump blatantly obstruct congress

PSA: Ten Years Later, STILL Waiting For CHICKENSHIT Sean Hannity To Be Voluntarily Waterboarded.

Dear Hope Hicks

and Rachel, is going into the Hope Hicks testimony

Two suburban men guilty of providing support to Islamic State

What did Joe "get done" working with the "other-side"?

GOP SC Governor Responds To Multi-Foot Rains In 2016, 2018 By Cleaning Drainage Ditches

Survey finds biggest U.S. honeybee winter die-off yet

And Now The Gap Begins To Widen Between What We'd Like And What Climate Likely Will Do

So damn frustrating

[email protected] Grim.. "That Sanders is such a threat to the Establishment that they're warming to Warren..

Things Degrading At Heartland Institute To The Point That Asshole Tim Huelskamp Is Leaving

Lightfoot won't rule out broadening sales tax umbrella to include professional services

Aaaaand EU Leaders Fail To Agree To Net Zero Carbon By 2050 - Next Up - More Studies!!

Illinois governor could soon consider watered-down corporate diversity bill

Surfing Dog Reunites With Boy That He Helped Years Ago

American Economics, Culture, Enslavement & Reparations: Ta- Nehisi Coates

Inside Pakistan's first retirement home for third-gender people

These are the first words you see when you enter the Auschwitz exhibition

I love Joe Biden and don't have a favorite yet, so I feel comfortable saying

Nadler releases the full transcript of HOPE HICKS testimony yesterday. Here it is.

Proposed state worker contract includes 11.5% in raises over four years

Hope this goes here....500 and some days before we vote.....

Vulnerable US Senate seats up in 2020 from the most vulnerable to the least vulnerable.

Why is the media DEAD silent on children in cages?

Roy Moore is Back, in Case You Were Worried the News Didn't Have Enough Buttholes. (Ferret/SC)

Conservative MP seen manhandling female climate change protester at Mansion House event

Governor sends police after GOP senators who fled Capitol

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 23 2019 - Tenderfeet

TCM Schedule for Monday June 24 - Hollywood Hair Hall of Fame

Pre-K graduation video

Tomorrow We Have a Storm Watch for CO

Biden called Booker to quell tensions. Things only got worse

Joy Harjo named US Poet Laureate, first Native American so honored


Republicans Move to Derail Roy Moore

Kid brother called me in tears

Is there anybody out there that believes Trump and Bolton's version of events?

The Case For Reparations -- Chris Hayes Interviews Ta-Nehisi Coates

Jacobin Article: Why Bernie Talks About the New Deal

Turned on MSBC's The 11th Hour. How long till I have to hear the orange db's voice?

Jimmy Fallon: Trump Polls Orlando Rally Audience for 2020 Campaign Slogans

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge 2019: Sunrise Live

Facebook usage falling after privacy scandals, data suggests

2022 US House Election- Which US House District gets eliminated due to reapportionment?

Pictures: Cleanup at Camp Trump outside Amway Center

Remember when ...

Journalist Ryan Grim says progressive Democrats are battling to stand out in 2020.

Children are dying in border holding facilities. A top immigration official is pleading for help

Former Medical Director and Two Former Operators of a Houston Medical Clinic Charged in Multimillion

Hart to Heart Ambulance Services to Pay $1.25 Million to Settle Federal False Claims Act Allegations

NYT: Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back

Iran - Same drumbeat, same drummers

Biden being Obama's Veep almost completely closes the deal for me.

Walmart Inc. and Brazil-Based Subsidiary Agree to Pay $137 Million to Resolve Foreign Corrupt

Likely Replacements to the Democratic US Senators running for POTUS in 2020.

Former President of Our Lady of the Lake Foundation Pleads Guilty in Federal Court to Wire Fraud and

Trump Wanted Venezuela to Be an Easy Win. When It Wasn't, He Checked Out.

The Daily Show: Trump's Weird One-on-One with George Stephanopoulos

Anyone else nice and high now?

Hidden Recession - Economists flee Agriculture Dept. after feeling punished under Trump

I Can't Believe Some Members Of The Press Are Planning A Farewell Party For Sanders

Source: Obama believed his experience battling for 2008 nomination made him

Am I the only one who wants to throw a brick at the TV when this comes on?

The Daily Show - If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Sudan

The Latest Epicurian Delight....Chicken Salt

Seth Meyers - Trump's Rambling Phone Interview with Sean Hannity: A Closer Look

Migrant children describe neglect at Texas border facility

The real spoiler in this race is Sanders. If he got out of the race now, and threw his support

Christians petition Netflix to cancel the TV show, "Good Omens"

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, June 21, 2019

We need economic reform.

Trump Reportedly Orders Military To Attack Iran Before Strikes Suddenly Called Off

Abbrev. Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Focus On Local Music This Year

Brazilian journalist Romrio Barros shot and killed in Maric

Live by the ridiculous comeback, Mississippi State . . .

Everyone should listen to this video. Even Mueller.

Trump suggests 'loose and stupid' Iranian officer attacked US drone

There still is SNOW in Wisconsin!

Antigua: sprawling 'Chinese colony' plan across marine reserve ignites opposition

Antigua: sprawling 'Chinese colony' plan across marine reserve ignites opposition

Texas gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident last year

Medic stuns courtroom saying he killed prisoner, not Navy SEAL on trial

What's the WORST cartoon show from when you were a kid?

Britain broke law in allowing arms exports to Saudis: court

Rude Pundit on why the Iran strike was called off.

Poland Blocks Merkel's Push to End EU Carbon Emissions by 2050

Trump is giving up on regime change in Venezuela because it's complicated and he got bored, report s

'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli settles all cases with Retrophin weeks after suing drug company's direct

Trump is giving up on regime change in Venezuela because it's complicated and he got bored, report s

Apollo's Space Mission - Space Documentary 2019 [HD]

N.R.A. Suspends Second-in-Command, Implicating Him in Coup Attempt

Faced with rising far right, Soros Foundations look West

Nadler called Hope Hicks "Ms. Lewandowski" three times?

Israel Folau: Sacked rugby player in anti-gay row asks for donations

Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back

Can anyone tell me Elizabeth Warren's views on healthcare?

What would the US do if Iran shot down a US passenger jet and killed 300 innocent people?

Guatemala to hold election recount over fraud allegations

Gold Surges Through $1,400 on Dovish Central Banks, Weak Dollar

Ecuador judge frees Swedish programer close to Assange; probe continues

Mother sperm whale and baby dead in fishing net off Italy

Rocky Point Company Expands Its Reach With Purchase Of N.Y. Firm

Russia to release 100 illegally captured whales

Brazil's Prosecutors Buried Corruption Case Against ex-President Cardoso

Commercialization of the Ayahuasca Ritual: A New Colonization

Aldo Davila set to be Guatemala's 1st openly gay congressman

Aldo Davila set to be Guatemala's 1st openly gay congressman

Biden has been right on Iran for decades.

CNN's Jim Acosta Tells Bizarre Story About Sarah Sanders Trying to Sing a Christmas Carol With Him

Trump's poverty rule could cut benefits to 15,000 California households over time, report says

Ecuador judge frees Swedish programer close to Assange; probe continues

Marianne Williamson: What to Know About the 'Bitch for God'

U.S. lawmaker says small tech firms fear retaliation if they aid antitrust probe

When Trump visits his clubs, government agencies and Republicans pay to be where he is

Hong Kong: thousands gather for fresh protest against extradition bill

Malaysia aims to recover about $5 billion in 1MDB-linked assets

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez TORCHES Chuck Todd

South Carolina State Senator Endorses Beto O'Rourke

If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Sudan The Daily Show

9/11 first responder who testified with Jon Stewart enters hospice

Maine Gov. Janet Mills signs automatic voter registration law

The Strangest Encounters in Space NASA's Unexplained Files (Full Episode)

Mexico first to ratify new North American trade agreement

Trump's anti-abortion rule attacking Planned Parenthood can go into effect in 49 states...

I'm beginning to think there is something in the republican brain that Impedes their understanding

Archdiocese: School with gay teacher can't use Catholic name

Archdiocese: School with gay teacher can't use Catholic name

GM throws down gauntlet to autoworkers

Judge halts immigration arrests at Massachusetts courts

Judge halts immigration arrests at Massachusetts courts

Judge halts immigration arrests at Massachusetts courts

UT-Dallas Is Home to the First 'Muslim Interest' Fraternity; Now, It's Expanding Beyond

Russia-born executive Felix Sater to testify about Trump Moscow project

HUD Recommends the City of Dallas Pay Back up to $6.6 Million in Misused Housing Funds

Volunteers from the ship Iuventa saved thousands of migrant lives on the Mediterranean; now they cou

Gorgeous 'Atlas of Space' Smashes the Textbook View of the Solar System

First Neolithic City Was So Overcrowded People Started Trying to Kill Each Other

First-Ever Beluga-Narwhal Hybrid Found in the Arctic

From Mayor Pete

Assembly approves bills to delay closure of youth prisons, regulate electric scooters

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/20/19

CBS News Overnight/A story from March. A young giver in caring:

Trump Takes 'VA Choice' Lie To Next Level With Bonus Lie That McCain Failed To Pass It

Online tax bill designed to lower income taxes clears Assembly

Yemen crisis: UN partially partially suspends food aid

Yemen crisis: UN partially partially suspends food aid

"Let's paint some happy little hair now."

Brrrr. Lake Michigan's surface temperature is 7 degrees colder than normal for this time of year

Wisconsin settles for $5 million in more Lincoln Hills, Copper Lake cases

Another @BernieSanders endorser in South Carolina: state Rep. Michael Rivers of Beaufort.

News Anchor Leaving Sinclair Affiliate, 'I don't fit well with Sincair News Model'

GOP budget on shaky ground as second Republican senator vows 'no' vote

(Jewish Group) Understanding Ukraine's Jewish President

What is Amy Klobuchar's stance on copper-nickel mining?

(Jewish Group) Yad Vashem Tweets Link To Ocasio-Cortez To 'Learn About Concentration Camps'

How is America's distaste for government spending working out for us?

A grim milestone; We've executed the 1500th inmate since CP resumed in 1976

WEAK. Frankly Trump calling off this attack is bad.

Summer contest

100 Years Ago Today; The High Seas Fleet scuttles itself at Scapa Flow

Kremlin Twitter account: On meeting with Donald Trump: We have a lot to talk about

Pelosi is not doing the Republicans any favors...

Happy Monday everybody.

US aviation authority issues order prohibiting flights over some Iran-controlled airspace

55 Years Ago Today; The Murder of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner (Graphic images/language)

Welsh Government Declares "Climate Emergency": 95% Of Its Cars Are Diesel

Another Certainty Of Climate Collapse: More, Better And Slicker Industry Greenwashing

Hey! Who turned his campaign launch week into another "Infrastructure Week"?

How to beat Sweden:

Fox and friends lmao

"Progressive" Policy Institute Has Former NAM/Coal Lobbyist Fighting Climate Lawsuits For Big Oil

Any New Yorkers here? Who has the best pizza in Manhattan?

Friday TOONs - 2020 Campaign Kick-Off, Republican Style

That Real News feature on Colbert last night was

This Picture of Elizabeth Warren is so Perfect

So what part of this Trump v Iran mess do I have wrong?

The Uranus Effect

Massive Fire and Series of Explosions Rocks South Philadelphia Refinery When Vat of Butane Ignites

Support for Trump Plunges In Louisiana

Majority Say America Is In Decline

CNN'S Don Lemon: I understand what Joe Biden was trying to say * Video *

A year after stunning defeat, Crowley fundraises for Queens DA race

What is going to happen...

WATCH:TheJusticeDept argues 22-year-old refugee agreement is too vague to require soap or beds

Blast rips through South Philadelphia refinery, triggering major fire

The Most LGBTQ-Friendly City in Every Red State in America

The Rundown: June 20, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Superman: Year One" #1

Who stopped the raid on Iran?

9/11 First Responder Luis Alvarez, Who Testified with Jon Stewart, Is Now in Hospice Care

The Death of Vertigo Comics

The origin of Superheroes: Manhunter

Trump Says Alabama's Roy Moore Can't Win, But Moore Is Running Again Anyway

Am I having a false memory?

Senate Confirms A Silicon Valley/GM Cipher To "Advise" Pompeo On Climate, Agriculture

Gov. Steve Bullock, after missing out on June Democratic debate, qualifies for July face-off

As a Rabbi, I Agree with AOC: Trump is Running Concentration Camps on our Southern Border Opinion

Convicted Tory MP Chris Davies loses seat after recall petition

Just watched a new ad bashing Medicare for All

Hannity promises Trump would 'bomb the hell out of' Iran following downing of US drone

Justin Trudeau: "Climate Denial With A Human Face"

Brexit: Carney rejects Boris Johnson's no-deal trade claim

Trump Collusion from Hope Hicks transcript:

You know what is demoralizing?

Oregon Democratic Gov. sends police to bring back Republicans who left state over climate bill

At Liberty: The Next Frontier in Data Privacy

Pat Robertson: Christians Should Just Ignore What Jesus Said About Divorce

Morning Joe taking shots at "Woke Nation"

he's tweeting about the failing NYTimes and the Russian collusion hoax....Good God

Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back

Looking back at the Mueller investigation

The Three Pronged Answer

trump tweets on Iran....

I think he meant "SITES".....idiot

this whole Iran missile thing was nothing but bullshit stagecraft to make it appear as if

Cocked and loaded

Huge group of girls! Huge group of girls!

'This is all stolen land': Native Americans want more than California's apology

BA and Qantas join U.S carriers in rerouting planes from Strait of Hormuz

Regulators Resist Call For Action In Response To Black Lung Epidemic

Humpty Dumptyism


Profiles in Crazy, LXXXX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Maybe it's me , or am I missing something here...

Democrats defy Waters on Ex-Im Bank crackdown

Caption Trump photo

I'm Perplexed About This Pullback On This Iran Strike By Trump & The Reaction To It.....

BREAKING. Everyone on 5th Avenue is safe! No one is cocked & loaded!

Iran attack abort: What the holy hell?

Manufacturing, services PMI slump to multi-year lows in June

Friday's "Aww" pic

44 dead so far in India as bus plunges in gorge

"A New York Times reporter fed information about Jared Kushner meeting with Russians to the FBI

Are people here now seriously in favor of bombing Iran just because Trump didn't?

How dating habits can influence how you select a candidate

Shouldn't Trump have asked about possible death toll earlier than 10 minutes before the strike?

The issues 2020 Democrats are running on, according to their social media

Republicans have been red-baiting Democrats for almost a century. Now Trump is trying the same thing

Trump threatens Time journalist with prison over photo

Trump threatens Time journalist with prison over photo

Happy birthday, Joey Molland and Nils Lofgren.

Supreme Court tosses murder conviction in case that raised question of racial bias

CELEBRATION - Made it through another Summer Solstice

Critically endangered vultures poisoned en masse in Botswana

Private Prisons Have Boomed Under Trump. Elizabeth Warren Just Vowed to Eviscerate Them.

BREAKING: Supreme Court overturns Mississippi murder conviction on racial bias grounds

I agree with Laura Ingraham

At least they've dropped the pretense and admitted it's all about "preserving white culture"

It's SCOTUS opinion time.

Spain women: Top court rules Wolf Pack gang were rapists

Spain women: Top court rules Wolf Pack gang were rapists

Elizabeth Warren AHEAD OF BERNIE in 2 New Polls

The one thing that is bothering me about ALL our various candidates

Joe Biden Won't "Demonize" the Wealthy (We Know, Joe!)

Time magazine: Trump threatened reporter with prison time

Felix Sater a no-show this morning for staff-level interview

Summer solstice 2019: The longest day of the year, explained:

It is good news that Trump stopped the Iran Strike. HOWEVER...

Warren has Achieved Liftoff

UK lawmaker Mark Field suspended after ejecting protester from gala

Elizabeth Warren: Solitary confinement is a cruel & unnecessary practice. It's appalling

CNN reality check on Trump's assertion that he doesn't need swing state votes for re-election

UK lawmaker Mark Field suspended after ejecting protester from gala

House Intel to subpoena Felix Sater after he fails to appear for testimony

"Cocked and loaded" to strike Iran, Trump says he called off operation when told 150 would likely di

U.S. psychoanalysts apologize for labeling homosexuality an illness

Ta-Nehisi Coates: "Joe Biden Shouldn't Be President"

Why doesn't someone like Netflix televise mock impeachment hearings?

Pic Of The Moment: How Far We've Fallen

Flag-burning blast from the past: Texas v. Johnson, June 21, 1989

Like I said, it's all bullshit theater -- "TRUMP WARNED IRAN ABOUT ATTACK PLAN"

APNewsBreak: California launches anti-illegal pot campaign

Reparations: A Conversation 150 Years Overdue

African American South Carolinians weigh in on Biden's comments (Report by CNN's Martin Savidge)

'Hail Satan' opening prayer at Alaska government meeting prompts walkouts, protest

Ford reveals its Mustang Shelby GT500 will be the 'most powerful street-legal Ford ever'

Please help. I cannot find one of my art essays that I published here on DU.

Republicans are on the move. Are we?

Pennsylvania woman wins Supreme Court property rights case

The Orange Loofah's strategy of playing "The Madman" no one wants, or knows

Is Hope Hicks going to be in trouble?

Orangeman theater: drama or comedy?


"Never Trumpers" get real testy

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds GOP's lame-duck laws

Navy Divers Rescue Drowning Elephant Who Was Washed Out To Sea

Judge to appoint special prosecutor to investigate handling of Jussie Smollett case

Anyone remember Susan McDougal being locked up for 18 months when she refuse to testify

@a_leesha1 on how racism is being normalised and legitimised from the top down

That ends this week's episode of "War with Iran"

Alabama governor signs law allowing church to have its own police force

Happy 1st Day of Summer. It's been summer here in AZ for a bit now...

😆 Both Amazon AND Netflix have responded to the petition to cancel "Good Omens"

Exclusive: Trump warned Iran via Oman that U.S. attack was imminent, called for talks - Iranian offi

Donald Trump giving another interview to the "enemy of the people" media

Vladimir Putin on Thursday warned President Trump not to use military force against Iran

For the "Impeach Now" among us!

Lame Duck Laws upheld by WI Supreme Court

Maybe if the Mueller Report was written in Dr. Seuss style

NFL finalizes pass interference replay challenge rule for 2019

"Death to America" is a bold re-election slogan, let's see if it pays off.

You raised $70.00 on June 20, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

4-13-2017 - Vermont's Black Leaders: We Were 'Invisible' to Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump Has Chosen Lobbyists To Run EPA, HHS, DOD, And Interior - Rachel Maddow

These are exciting times

Are you an independent voter? You aren't if you checked this box

Hundreds of gigabytes taken in Customs and Border Protection hack - far more than acknowledged (WP)

Iran claims downing of US drone an accident.

"Death to America" is a bold re-election slogan, let's see if it pays off.

Tony Carey - First Day Of Summer

Justices: Proof needed that person knew he couldn't have gun

SCOTUS Overturned Curtis Flowers's Conviction 7-2 (Thomas Dissented)

So, Sater called in sick....

Meanwhile in the Arctic: Russia's multi-billion-dollar mission to own the Arctic. SCARY!

N.Y. decriminalizes Marijuana!

SpaceX's Crew Dragon gets tentative NASA target for first astronaut launch

SCOTUS Overturns Death Row Conviction In Case of Racial Bias

Iran releases first photos of downed US drone


The House should investigate this angle re: concentration camps

Invisible People report- One Homeless Woman's story.

Joe Biden wins 2020 support from these SC mayors

It really boggles my mind the way the "religious right" ignores Melania's nude photos.

Is The Supreme Court About To Give Haters Of The 'Deep State' What They Want?

Bernie Sanders 2016 National Press Secretary calls attacks on Biden "willfully disingenuous"

"Cocked and Loaded" and then he "Pulled Out" Anyone notice the sexual innuendo?

I don't condone violence, BUT....

Central Ohio police receive hundreds of calls from alarmed residents about the appearance of a huge

Lovely Poster..

Pelosi Statement on Aborted Iran Strike

Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd...

Trying to explain the base

Even with Google it's hard to find the offending Biden quote itself

The modern Brownie..

The Path Ever Returns

When Trump visits his clubs, government agencies and Republicans pay to be there.

This UK official was quick to get violent with a woman (Video) - he's been suspended

My thoughts on the 2020 election

Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It's time to switch.

John Lewis backs Biden:

Missouri rules against the state's last abortion clinic

What? The tough talking weasel got cold feet?

Kamala Harris picks up endorsement from influential Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings

Look who it is.

Not old. Governs the #1 state while he campaigns

I find it fascinating that black leaders are siding with Biden over Harris and Booker concerning the

Biden's past working relationship with a segregationist senator comes to the forefront

If the Republicans loved their country more than their party, they would try to keep Dotard


"The Call Is Coming from INSIDE the House!"

Bernie Sanders FULL Speech at NALEO annual conference - June 21st 2019

E. Jean Carroll: "Trump attacked me in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman."

"The White House" just tweeted and quickly deleted part of a 45 interview.

The story to me isn't about Bidens statement about working with segregationists.

So, who called Donwald at the last minute and said,

Our president is an amoral agent of chaos

What if Trump won't accept 2020 defeat?

Do you all know Flame - the Fire Station cat? squee!

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are the hawks behind Trump's Iran policy

Trump: Family separations we all read about & witnessed with our own eyes Never Happened

A political friend was telling me he thinks Florida is pretty much out of reach at this point...

Trump campaign manager predicts swing-state wins, 'electoral landslide' in 2020

I'm old enough to remember this well. Why are the rules different for Trump?

Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann gets Trump Russia probe book deal: New York Times

Buttigieg to skip Clyburn fish fry, attend march in South Bend related to fatal police shooting

Words that answer their own questions.

Conservative U.S. justices draw criticism by overruling precedent again


Seattle's tech workers earn second-highest wages in the world

Democrats want White House hopefuls to cool it on Biden attacks

Ocasio-Cortez: McCarthy should apologize to migrant children separated from their parents

Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment...

Put Down That Phone! WSP Begins Distracted Driving Emphasis

House Democrats release $4.5B border aid package

Denied a license, Missouri's only abortion clinic awaits judge's ruling

Pelosi tells Trump: No 'hostilities' with Iran unless Congress approves

'Similar to blast injury,' teen suffers injuries after vaping pen explodes

Trying to rewrite the history of his family separation policy

Well, at least George Nader's business partner, Elliot Broidy, is in the news today

ICE ON FIRE: New Climate Change Documentary, HBO

E. coli ground beef outbreak 'appears to be over' after sickening 209 people in 10 states


Newest baseless conspiracy theory!

ICE raids targeting migrant families slated to start Sunday in major U.S. cities

Sexual Assault Of Detained Migrant Children Reported In The Thousands Since 2015

George Conway urges Trump to resign over aborted Iran strike

Trump, questioned on child separation policy, insists, 'I brought the families together'

breaking. Trump threatened a journalist with prison.

Hillary Clinton slams Title X gag rule: 'It's up to all of us to fight back'

The Trump abortion 'gag rule' can take effect in Washington, appellate court rules

'Deal of the century' ignores reality

GOP chairwoman: If Obama called off Iran strikes he would get Nobel Peace Prize

May I, Please? It's not "cocked and loaded"

Maximum pressure tactics are incoherent

A cautionary note for Democratic primary candidates:

Elizabeth Warren calls for ban on privately run federal prisons

Clyburn says he's surprised Booker, Harris haven't taken off in South Carolina

'I just screwed it up': Nadler says he misspoke in calling Hope Hicks 'Ms. Lewandowski'

India is running out of water, fast

Hope says she told only 'white lies' about small matters

Days of the Theocracy Words and music by Kristin Lems

"Days of the Theocracy" Words and music by Kristin Lems

Motrhead "Heroes" (David Bowie Cover)

Kiddie Grabber Boogaloo

Trump speaks with Saudi crown prince after calling off Iran strike

Evangelicals go all in for Trump reelection

first day of summer - freeze warnings up for much of Nevada

Another Pillar of the Church Falls

Private prison stocks fall after Elizabeth Warren says they should be banned

65 units of supportive housing opening next month in Everett

ICE Raids to Round Up Immigrants Across Major Cities to Start This Weekend: Reports

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 21, 2019

George Carlin: The Bigger Dick Foreign Policy

Please, please, please: If you care at all about what Trump is doing at the border, READ & SHARE!

Isn't this lastest distraction/clusterfuck with Drumph....

Senior Iranian Official Threatens Trump: Iran Will Respond to US 'Economic Terrorism' ...

The Siren Song of early polls will sink a Dem's candidacy for the president

More than one-third of Democratic voters want Bernie Sanders to drop out of the 2020 presidential...

Broken: Report from Reporter in Corner of Situation Room

Community college classes are going to cost a little more

No one is above the law, no one! Actors summarize Mueller's report..must see video!

About that Iranian SAM that took out the drone

People First Housing platform

No one is above the law, no one! Actors summarize Mueller's report..must see video!

Trump Wants to 'Get People Higher' Than Minimum Wage of $15: 'That's a Very Low Number'

World leaders know flattery works with Trump

Ben Rhodes: Trump's Iran policy is rooted in lies -- the kind that got us into the Iraq War Failing

The ICE warrant on the left does NOT authorize agents to enter a home without permission

He said What?!

Trump, "We were cocked and loaded."

ICE set to begin immigration raids in 10 cities this Sunday

I just switched to undecided.

Who did it better Danzig - Come To Silver ,Come To Silver by Danzig O'Keefe Music Foundation !

A Trump official tried to argue that detained children don't need soap, toothbrushes, or beds...

caption time

Police called to loud altercation at Boris Johnson's home

Netflix bows to 10.000 Christian petition -

THAT guy

New PM faces losing Commons confidence, Tory MPs warn

Justice Thomas just handed down an opinion that would make it legal to kick black people off juries

New allegations of forcible rape by Donald Trump. Where is media??

Experiences with L-theanine for anxiety?

Inside Trump's Leak-Plugging Strategy

"THOUSANDS" of children "SEXUALLY ABUSED" feds say...

Pelosi Not Told About Threatened Iran Strike

New York lawmakers OK marijuana decriminalization

New York lawmakers OK marijuana decriminalization

We found Alicia with 3 legs, one of which seems to have healed improperly from trauma.

Felix Sater Failed to Show for House Hearing

For those keeping track at home, today, 21 June 2019, is...

Bobby Rush rips Biden as 'woefully ignorant'

And who should worry who? And the U.S. says Iran is the aggressor

We've started feeding a feral cat

Lawmakers: $100M electronic gaming parlor coming to Woodbury

Whoopi Goldberg et. al. on Biden, 6/20/19 - the first time I saw all FIVE members of the panel....

Pennsylvania's unemployment rate remains lowest since 1976

At the end of the day, night, whatever

House Dems have secured public testimony from zero-0-fact witnesses

The strike on Iran. T minus 72 hours.

Man Pleads Guilty In Fatal Stabbing Of Logan Circle Runner

Joni Ernst Target Of New Group Highlighting Iowans' Struggles

Former Rep. David Jolly on Deadline: White House... lol!

🔥 Bernie Speaks at the South Carolina Democratic Convention - June 22

When Ted Kennedy met James Eastland

🔥 Bernie Sanders Planned Parenthood Membership Forum SC - June 22

When reality TV runs into real-world reality...

10 years since Red Line crash: What it was like and how it shaped Metro

10 years since Red Line crash: What it was like and how it shaped Metro

De Blasio Calls Out Biden For Waxing Nostalgic About Relationship With Segregationist Southern Senat

🔥 Backyard Bash With Bernie - Columbia, SC June 22

I usually post videos of bands or artists, but today I'm hyping a YouTube channel. Lo-Fi Saint Louis

🔥 Bernie 2020 Town Hall in Rock Hill, South Carolina June 23

Trumps tweet a Time cover........

Trump intends to nominate Esper as secretary of defense

If the U.S. strikes Iran, what might happen next?

A younger photo of Jean Carroll.

READ: Court Unseals Manafort Docs, Revealing Texts With Hannity

Cartoons 6/21/19

Heard any good "walks into a bar" jokes lately?

Hey Donald... Heres another one... Enjoy the Read!

So exactly where is "international airspace" in the Strait of Hormuz?

Is Rape a high enough crime for impeachment?

Trump 4EVA: POTUS Tweets Video Of Himself Running For Prez Until The End Of Time

Can we at least admit he misspoke?

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour Auctions Off 126 Guitars and Raises $21Mil for Climate Change Battle

Trump tweets fake animated Time cover that shows him running "4EVA."

Honeymoon Hashtag Hell

Fuck Me! Trump had to be talked into

Former Minnesota elevator manager, who lived lavish lifestyle, sentenced for embezzlement of million

'We were cocked & loaded': Trump's account of Iran attack plan facing scrutiny

Ice raids starting in Miami, New Orleans, Denver, & more

A 'Bible tax': Christian publishers warn that China tariffs could lead to costly Bibles

I'm going to kick it the exact moment he thinks I won't.

Researchers tackle brainworm epidemic in northern Minnesota moose population

Sticking with Biden.. I am more convinced than ever.. he is the best person at this point in time

All these wannabe Democratic nominees are wasting everybody's time

More Say Immigration Is Most Important Problem

Repeated falsehood on auto plants

Wisconsin's Democratic governor vetoes 4 abortion bills

Quote of the Day

Sanders Vows to Fulfill Promise of Olmstead Decision

St. Cloud gets the New York Times treatment... for its anti-Somali racism

Boris Johnson: police called to loud altercation at potential PM's home

It will take more than a village

Who is our Barbara Jordan? Where is our Barbara Jordan?

Oregon Republicans shutting down the state senate to kill a climate change bill by fleeing the state

Hosting a "debate party" for Biden in North Carolina

Jury awards $585K to Minnesota officer over license lookups

Trump claims he never met Jean Carrol - Photo (He didn't even bother to look at) says otherwise

These are the Eight Stages of Genocide

Ramsey County to open its own year-round homeless shelter

Hieronymus Bosch Figurines: Put Them on Your Bookshelf.

Judge in InfoWars Case Says She's Been Notified of Death Threats by The FBI

Our proud boy threatens a Time reporter...

All in the most terrible taste...BUT hehehehe

Preet Bharara...

Know Your Rights Red Cards for Ice Raids

St. Paul council members, gay advocates call on Busuri to apologize

Remember Susan McDougall...?

What a brave man!

? Of the day..How many crimes can you commit and still be POTUS?

Trump on Telemundo TV with journalist Jose Daz-Balart

This....has been going on for a long time....

Former Fed Prosecutor Renato Mariotti addresses why Hope Hicks & Susan McDougal situations DIFFERENT

3M slashes life insurance payouts for retirees

Judge Orders Special Prosecutor To Review Handling Of Jussie Smollett Case

Why hasn't Trump gone after Geoffrey Berman ?

Iowa Regents didn't bargain in good faith with UNI faculty, UI grad students

Unbelievable: Hannity - Manafort collusion

Felix just said yesterday that he would sing like a canary...LMAO

A reminder...

When did NY Magazine inform the Con about this?

'I don't know when, but I know I'm going to die, honorable magistrates'

I must be too old.

'I never met that woman in my life'....🤷‍♂️

If Trump Wins Reelection, Look No Further Than The Media and Some on the Left's Response to Biden's

A Dec. 2011 Trump Tweet that will make you feel GREAT about the current Iran situation

Jay Inslee's 2020 plan: Become president, save the planet

The term "boy" when referring to a black man is considered a racial epithet

Massive fire at Philadelphia oil refinery likely to increase gasoline prices

Remember when closed Wal-Mart stores made Trump's base get all paranoid?

Trump "never met" alleged rape victim despite photo of the two of them with Ivana.

What the hell is "cocked and loaded"? D. Trump

On the brink...

Joyce Vance....

Millennials killed this, Millennials killed that... Now they are killing divorce.

My Friend Alan speaks at an "Impeach Now" rally

More workers attacked in ongoing 'safety crisis' at Iowa mental health facility

Landslides virtually disconnect one third of Colombia from rest of civilization

4 Severely Ill Migrant Toddlers Hospitalized After Lawyers Visit Border Patrol Facility

Update: Bernie will have some thoughts to share about this tomorrow at @scdp. Tune in around 1 pm

Santa Fe school shooter's trial moved to Fort Bend County

Trump has another moment right out of '1984'

4 Severely Ill Migrant Toddlers Hospitalized After Lawyers Visit Border Patrol Facility

Is Google News down for anyone else?

Judge orders Roger Stone to file rebuttal to allegation he violated gag order

December 2015: Bernie Sanders is Leading the War On For-Profit Prisons

Why is the House passing Bills then?

Iowa State University sorority placed on probation for hazing incident

A Joe Biden/Barack Obama ticket passes Constitutional muster according to legal experts

Why are folks more upset about toothbrushes

Fact check: Trump makes three false claims about Hispanics in Telemundo interview

Iowa affordable housing developer sentenced for defrauding USDA loan program

Renato Mariotti .... on Fox News involvement

Trump's EPA is 'dangerously off the rails' on toxic chemical regulation, say senators

Prison for profit

Woooooooooooooooooooo, just saw my advertisement AGAINST Medicare for all......

NYC question: Is the Empire State Bldg lit up with all red lights?

A kid made this puppy a wheelchair out of LEGOs 😮💚

Dog Is So Excited She Can Finally Run Again

State Department condemns Iran, China for persecuting religious minorities

Democrats call for oversight after Trump's Iran airstrikes reversal

Who's The Lazy One In Your Relationship?

Monkey's Family Welcomes Him Back With Hugs

Canada becomes first G7 country to ban shark fin imports

Why America Can't Solve Homelessness.