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72 Philadelphia Police Officers On Administrative Duty Over Alleged Racist And Violent Social Media

Private Companies Sponsored Pro-Bolsonaro WhatsApp Blasts

Cracker Barrel turns away Grayson Fritts, detective who called for LGBTQ executions in Tennessee

India's Sixth Largest City Almost Out of Water

Thank you AOC

NMI Museum asks for consistent funding

The New York Times Asked the Democratic Presidential Candidates the Same 18 Questions.

Judge in census case: New evidence alleging political motivation behind citizenship question 'raises

Brazil Senate overturns Bolsonaro's decree allowing arms for self defense

Brazil Senate overturns Bolsonaro's decree allowing arms for self defense

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 20, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Allied Powers

The New York Times Asked the Democratic Presidential Candidates the Same 18 Questions.

Senate Confirms Judge Who Attacked Roe v. Wade, Called Being Transgender 'A Delusion'

Ex-Senate staffer sentenced to 4 years for 'doxing' GOP senators in Kavanaugh confirmation fight

US joins four rogue countries seen as likely forces for bad, poll finds

US joins four rogue countries seen as likely forces for bad, poll finds

EPA defies climate warnings, gives coal plants a reprieve

NMI eligible for more disaster aid

"Apologize for what?" Biden hits back at Booker.

Nuclear weapons: experts alarmed by new Pentagon 'war-fighting' doctrine

Nuclear weapons: experts alarmed by new Pentagon 'war-fighting' doctrine

Parents of youth baseball players brawl after 13-year-old umpire makes controversial call

In general, making reference to one's big-name political associations( "As Senator Blank said

Trump's U.N. nominee breaks with the president on climate change

Take Five and we all know that would be, 5/4 count. Something different while taping your foot.

The real reason Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls

Secretive Startup SpinLaunch Gets 1st Launch Contract for US Military

Third Way VP says it's time to tame capitalism

Wow! Trump is getting his wall built!

Two Potentially Earth-Like Alien Planets Found Around Nearby Star

Two beluga whales flown from Shanghai aquarium to sanctuary in Iceland

Mike Gravel: US must treat Guam better

US beekeepers lost 40% of honeybee colonies over past year, survey finds

The problem of vaccine mistrust

CC Sabathia: 250 wins, 3000+ Ks ... But, is he HOF material?

Canada took in more refugees than any other country in 2018, UN says

Google rejects plans to fight sexual harassment and boost diversity

'Enough is enough': Community calls for halt on military construction in letter to Guam governor

Oldest Known Galactic Get-Together Occurred Shortly After Big Bang

You Birders Are Indecisive! What's the Collective Noun for Robins?

U.S. targets families for deportation to discourage migrants

We need more talk about the senate races.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Two hour hate

Everyone Wants to Talk About Reparations. But for How Long?

Argentina's Macrisis: Unemployment reaches 10.1% - highest in 13 years

For those who say investigate without impeachment

Argentina's Macrisis: Unemployment reaches 10.1% - highest in 13 years

Saipan public library to cut hours, pay

Did the "I Side With" candidate selector ahead of the debates. Here are my results:

There has to be change, Not hope, but Real Change, and Biden is not Change...

Trump Believes He Has the Authority to Replace Powell at Fed

Wall Street Journal issues blistering op-ed asking Trump what the point is of a second term

Article in local paper about Saturday's Impeach Trump rally in Vancouver.

Guam Memorial Hospital still at risk of losing CMS certification

UAW opposes Trump plan to freeze fuel rules at 2020 levels: testimony

House Democrats ask Marathon Petroleum to detail White House talks on vehicle rules

Does any one remember when this came out? This is one of the first jazz albums I bought

Not a bad idea to explore starting a Guam law school

Why Did Joe Biden Praise a Segregationist?

Senators get classified briefing on UFO sightings

Dell, HP, Microsoft, Intel oppose proposed tariffs on laptops, tablets

Guam's population 'getting very sick'

Mother Dog Was Abandoned In A Box With Her 9 Puppies

Chuck Todd

Joe Biden and other candidates speak to diverse faith leaders, activists

I am watching the NYT interactive of the Pres. Candidates

Rights groups question Mexican migration crackdown after woman's death

Rights groups question Mexican migration crackdown after woman's death

U.S. Navy says mine fragments suggest Iran behind Gulf tanker attack

Guam senator answers criticisms about online shopping tax

Mexico first to ratify USMCA trade deal, Trump presses U.S. Congress to do same

Planned Parenthood of St. Louis one step closer to losing license over state pelvic exam regulation

Right Now there is unhealthy air in certain cities in California.

Guam governor meets with credit rating agencies, visits troops

Brazil's Bolsonaro hands indigenous land decisions back to farm sector

Rachel Maddow has breaking news about Missouri trying

Rising Temperatures Ravage the Himalayas, Rapidly Shrinking Its Glaciers

Does anyone else get frustrated watching Rachel Maddow?

Mayor Pete interviewed in South Bend about the shooting

'It's an easy choice,' Rep. Don Bacon says as he quickly endorses Donald Trump

NY Times publisher writes op-ed in Wall Street Journal to defend the free press


UN health agency to remove controversial opioid guidelines

So with all the bashing of Joe why are his numbers still so high with POCs?

'Joints will be separated': Jamal Khashoggi's murder, retold

'Joints will be separated': Jamal Khashoggi's murder, retold

Report: At the bottom for LGBT rights -- American Samoa & CNMI

Scientists record singing by rare right whale for first time

Here's a guaranteed ticket to "air rage"

Senators reach deal to vote on blocking Saudi arms sale

StarKist supports SNAP program rule changes -- allowing larger variety of food choices

Senators reach deal to vote on blocking Saudi arms sale

Wow! Cory just set Joe straight on CNN about who should apologize...

tic toc motherfucker. jan schakowsky on the impeachment train.

Kealoha Trial: Defense rests its case, Prosecutors present rebuttal Thursday

Alaska teen 'killed best friend after catfish offered $9m'

Me 1981-2 DeLaSalle High School, Gonzaga and Kyle Kashuv in 2019

True story: MAGA breaching credit cards

HART Loses Its Last Original Board Member

Who would win in a fight?

Push to legalize recreational pot fails in New York

New Ruling In Maui Water Case Still Doesn't Resolve Old Dispute

Florida city pays $600,000 ransom to save computer records

Database says 91,600 killed in Yemen fighting since 2015

Database says 91,600 killed in Yemen fighting since 2015

'The Ugly Americans': From Kermit Roosevelt to John Bolton

Well... when Trump goes on stage for his 2nd inauguration speech

Did Booker ever apologize to Obama for attacking him and defending Romney in 2012?

Honolulu Council Approves Crackdown On Vacation Rentals

Lexapro is a lifesaver

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 21, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Billy Wilder in Paris

Pink Floyd - Echoes [Live In Gdańsk]

Meme of the Week - Susan McDougall on Hope Hicks - GFY

Juneteenth should be a national holiday

The Daily Show: Trump Unveils Fresh New Platform for 2020

Navy To Name New Destroyer After Daniel Inouye

How can you hate me if you don't know me?

The Daily Show: Are America and Iran On The Brink of War?

Government fails to release data on deaths in police custody

Government fails to release data on deaths in police custody

Now It's Time To Play "What's In The Background?".

Honolulu rail authority must replace 15 cracked canopy arms

Hmmmm - check the signs behind LOSER45 at his pep rally last night:

Trump's UN pick under fire for spending 300 days away from current post

HUD proposal aims to remove undocumented immigrants from public housing

Seth Meyers - President Trump Launches His 2020 Campaign In Florida - Monologue - 6/18/19

Rachel connected some dots with Marina Butina, discussed The criminal investigation of Deustche bank

Criminal Case Against Ken Paxton Remains Threatened After Court Upholds Prosecutor Pay Decision

Defend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They are concentration camps -- Chuck Todd wrong.

Homeless Seniors Age Faster, Die Sooner than Housed Counterparts

Democratic 2020 candidates descend on South Carolina for Clyburn's "World Famous Fish Fry"

Toronto Raptors coach says no word from White House but meeting with Trudeau in the works


Reorganization plan in the works for Reagor-Dykes

Buckle up, Elizabeth Warren! You're next!

Biden says he can beat Trump in South Carolina, Georgia, Texas

BREAKING: Judge Wants Another Crack At Census Case After Revelation Of New Evidence

Former Reagor Dykes Auto Group CFO Shane Smith admits to federal wire fraud charge

Riesel coal plant rebuffed in bid to slash tax value by two-thirds

Biden's campaign urged him not to mention Eastland

What are your favorite albums from this year so far?

Ascension decision to drop Scott & White Health Plan raises fear of shrinking options

"Using nuclear weapons could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic

Judge calls Baylor, law firm on the carpet for not producing evidence

Americans' Shifting Attitude on Gay Rights

AP: Iran says Revolutionary Guard shoots down US drone

Bisexual adults are far less likely than gay men and lesbians to be 'out' to the people in their liv

(Jewish Group) Why They Went: The Forgotten Story of the St. Augustine 17

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 22, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Starring Al Pacino

Dallas courthouse shooter wanted to die, family says

Navy to name new destroyer after late Hawaii senator Inouye

Jefferson Co. Group Delivers Petition Calling on Gov. Justice to Halt Rockwool Construction

Happy Birthday, West Virginia! (Warning: lots of images!)

Roy Moore(R-AL) will announce tommorow whether or not he'll run for the US Senate.

West Virginia House sends Senate new omnibus bill allowing 3 more charters every 3 years

New report finds NASA awarded Boeing large fees despite SLS launch slips

FBI eyes Deutsche Bank after money-laundering report

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Words You Can't Call Trump

Planned Parenthood of St. Louis one step closer to losing license over state pelvic exam regulation

Betty Bowers FTW on Christian Value Voters' support for the First Escort

U.S.. Military Spending Set to Rise Again (Socialism for the rich defence stockholders)

Warren says she's open to decriminalizing sex work

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Launches Re-Election Campaign in Orlando

Jimmy Fallon: Trump Campaign Launches 2020 Campaign with "45 Fest"

Oh, what the hell-- I'll choose a candidate...

Star Trek Fans, have you watched this? Star Trek: Renegades (Episode 1)

Sailing among the stars: how photons could revolutionize space flight

Married to debt: Couples are taking out loans to pay for their weddings

The 11th hour is starting now. How long till I hear Douchebag's voice?

Alleged Cryptocurrency Fraudster Arrested In Thailand, Charged In Multi-Million Dollar Investment

Louisiana Couple and Their Business Plead Guilty to Operating Sham Medical Reimbursement Account


Definition - concentration camp


Beto O'Rourke hires 4 for national communications team

Beto O'Rourke hires 4 for national communications team

Schumer Challenges Explanation for Delay in $20 Bill Redesign

Beto O'Rourke: From Juneteenth to today, Americans are still on the march for justice

Cracker Barrel bans an anti-gay pastor from holding an event in one of its stores

Cracker Barrel bans an anti-gay pastor from holding an event in one of its stores

Rep Jan Schakowsky calls for Impeachment Inquiry of Trump

Sherrod Brown Pushes Trump Administration On Overtime Pay

Worker bonuses plummet as corporations rake in billions from GOP tax scam

Public Transit, Housing Highlighted In Report On Low-Income Ohioans

Anti-LGBTQ Attorney Matthew Kacsmaryk Confirmed as Federal Judge

Follow-up: Mercy blasts UAW for lacking 'unity' following failed contract vote

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Mitch McConnell, Dry Rot of Democracy

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/19/19

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: A Message to Democratic Primary Candidates, Run for Senate!

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: How To Take Reparations From The Hypothetical To Reality

Ohio black lawmakers unveil legislative priorities on Juneteenth

Senator Sanders - CNN Cuomo Prime Time Interview - June 19

Man rapes 11-Year-Old Girl Gets 5 Years Probation

After a fair amount of talk about it, I found a package of Beyond...

Ohio Senate committee puts finishing touches on state budget plan

77 Years Ago Today; 4 prisoners dressed as SS officers steal staff car and escape from Auschwitz

Ohio Supreme Court nixes FirstEnergy electric grid charge

Ohio's farmland is underwater and unrecognizable. The impact will last even longer than the rain

Billionaire GOP donor and Trump supporter rejected Joe Biden request for Fundraising.

Cincinnati City Council Passes Budget Boosting Human Services, Neighborhood Groups

Iran Revolutionary Guard shoots down US drone amid tensions

$4.5M in settlements over deaths tied to Ohio doc in murder case

Trump supporters in 2016: Stop being ridiculous, he won't build concentration camps

Iran shoots down US drone aircraft

Marianne Williamson leans in to vaccine skepticism in NH: "To me, it's no different than...

Man threatens to 'kill every gay person I can' at St. Louis PrideFest, report says

Released for the first time today.

The coolest thing you'll see today; Buzz on a jet ski...

'It's just insane': MSNBC's Rachel Maddow breaks down the Trump administration's latest Russia scand

Governor Raimondo signs Rhode Island abortion rights bill

The Nation; Trump Administration Incoherence Could Lead to War

Chennai water crisis: City's reservoirs run dry

Sources: Conley sent to Jazz for 3 players, picks

Goggy-Bunnies & Unicorns

RoboCop is real

Good Morning DU!!!! coffee is up.. morning is bright and true Democrats are going to rally..

breaking news..oil prices jump after Iran shoots down us drone

9/11 responder who testified with Jon Stewart moved to hospice care

In South Carolina, Biden is Democrats' top choice

Florida city to pay $600K ransom to hacker who seized computer systems weeks ago

Canadian Conservatives: "Technology!" No Targets, No Numbers, No Taxes, But We'll Protect Climate

Chennai (Madras) - India's 6th-Largest City - Completely Out Of Water As Its 4 Reservoirs Dry Up

Fight for Survival on Doomed Jet Came Down to Two Cockpit Wheels

Cost Of Seawalls Alone For FL Will Total $76 Billion By 2040 - State Budget In 2018 Was $89 Billion

You know what? It's gonna be WEIRD when a Democrat is President again someday and...

Shitstain's New Coal Blowjob Could Block Future Presidents From Any EPA Action On Climate

Seawalls To Protect US Against Rising Oceans Could Cost $416bn By 2040

Fatal wetbulb temperatures arrive in Pakistan

Aerial photograph of Edinburgh, c. 1920, by Alfred G. Buckham.

Footage Shows Trump Supporter Assaulting Reporter Outside Rally

It's No-Infrastructure Year In The Midwest; 500 Miles Of Levees, 50 Breaches, No Money

Midnight, August 31, 2000 -- 1050 WEVD goes off the air in NYC.

Thursday TOONs: 725th Verse, Same As The First

Study: Midwest Can Expect Rainier, More Violent Springs, Hotter Drier Summers, Lots Of Irrigation

US air quality is slipping after years of improvement

Drought Forces 1,000s Of Residents To Flee Villages; 35 Dams In Maharashtra State Hold No Water

Climate change: Why is it so often "sooner than predicted"?

Make the mistakes and do the cleanup now, not later.

This soldier thought her puppy wouldn't remember her after several months away --

Marco Rubio prayer-tweet not seeing a lot of love...

NOAA - Rapid Rise In Rate Of Atmospheric CO2 Increase; Seasonal Peak Sharpening

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Once Bragged That His Border Tent City Was A 'Concentration Camp'

The Rundown: June 19, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 6/19/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/19/2019

TYT- Ben Shapiro FLIPS Over AOC Comment

Black-out by media in Lynchburg, VA re Jerry Falwell Jr.

Christopher Dickey; Exposing Trump's Khashoggi Coverup (Warning; graphic description)

Catherynne Valente schools her racist neighbors about the asylum seekers in their midst

Trump Presents Medal of Freedom to Economist Who Blamed Obama for 2008 Crash

I need a break because this was yesterday alone.

Breakfast, Thursday 20 June 2019

Hillary Swipes at Trump After Campaign Relaunch: I Wasn't 'Up Late Last Night Watching InfoWars

Australia detective stops presser to tackle man - allegedly made inappropriate comments to teenager

The list: 70 House members favor starting Trump impeachment inquiry

Maine enacts automatic voter registration

Mitch McConnell: We paid for 'sin of slavery' by electing Obama

2020 Dem Marianne Williamson: Trump's ICE raids 'no different' than what Jews faced in Nazi Germany

'That will not stand': Democrats plan next steps after ex-Trump aide Hope Hicks didn't answer key qu

Trump Gambles on an Untested Re-Election Strategy

Iran Shoots Down a U.S. Drone, Escalating Tensions....But

The best response to the Melania Trump/Jacqueline Kennedy comparison

Love this...hits it out of the park in the first paragraph

Clyburn Could Endorse Before South Carolina Primary

Jim Clyburn accuses Hoyer, Pelosi of 'tokenism' in staffing, then walks back attacks

Trump says Bernie, Biden look 'tired crazy' and 'exhausted'

'These People Aren't Coming From Norway': Refugees in a Minnesota City Face a Backlash

Cartoon: Trump welcomes Russian troops into USA

Homelessness crisis spurs recall effort against Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Accusing the New York Times of 'Treason,' Trump Crosses a Line

Children are dying in border holding facilities. A top immigration official is pleading for help

John Dean explains the big mistake Hope Hicks made by stonewalling Congress

➡️LIVE JUNE 21 at 9AM EST: Presidential Candidate Forum hosted by NALEO, Miami

Huge, critical debate on Columnist Connie Schultz FB page re her latest column on VP Biden.

This MIGHT be a FAKE poll...I'm not sure...and yet, I cannot bring myself to question its accuracy.

Lack of Medicaid coverage blocked 29 percent of abortion seekers from getting the procedure...

Trump Admin argues in court-they are not required to give soap or toothbrushes to detained children

Study: 1 out of 6 trips to hospital result in "surprise" medical bills

Williamson Calls Vaccine Mandates 'Orwellian'

Republicans fear campaign arm is stumbling in fight for the House

Ex-Liberty professor convicted of child sex solicitation

Biden sidesteps questions about his son's foreign business dealings but promises ethics pledge

Biden appears to be softening his stance on the death penalty

Biden and Democratic Rivals Exchange Attacks Over His Remarks on Segregationists

Texas congressman endorses Kamala Harris

Biden slams Trump's Iran strategy as a 'self-inflicted disaster'

OR State Senator Threatens State Troopers If Gov. Brown Sends Them To Return GOP To Session

MItch McConnell: "Slave Reparations are not a good idea."

Time to grow up, little brat!

Kamala Harris calls on Trump to watch Netflix miniseries about Central Park Five

Vox reporter shares chilling remarks from DOD official on Bolton, Pompeo, and the Iran situation

Steyer airing impeachment ad on 'Fox & Friends'

How strong are the powers of the Congress?

Trump is bumping into a very low 2020 ceiling

This Teeny, Pink, Sunburned Kitten Grow Up to Be GORGEOUS and Fluffy

Ex-U.S. Marine accused of spying by Russia asks Trump to help

Close Pelosi ally Rep. Jan Schakowsky backs impeachment inquiry

When Johnny Comes Rolling Home Again............

This painting at the Met is hidden to remind us of what refugees have done for us

John Hickenlooper on Juneteenth

"Only the best people"

Michael Bennet pushes sweeping plan to remake political system

David Blanchflower's new book: "Not Working: Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?"

Biden sidesteps questions about his son's foreign business dealings but promises ethics pledge

Phys.Org - Greenland Contribution To SLR Likely To Be Higher Than Predicted

I think Biden muddled the message that helped give him such a strong launch

Edward R. Murrow speaking about McCarthy and Fear.

Fox News Presidency: Tucker Carlson Now Advising Trump

I support Joe Biden ... He is correct on bi-partisan cooperation

Trump Keeps "Joking" About Serving More Than 2 Terms

Is it true that JoeScum said the Con quoted Jimmy Cliff on Hannity

Marianne Williamson apologizes, says she misspoke in calling vaccines 'draconian'

Happy Birthday, Brian Wilson and Chet Atkins.

Ted Lieu for the win, re: Hope Hicks

Horns are growing on young people's skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests.

Gabby Giffords tweet; "Speaking is hard for me, but I can't be more clear..."

Durango - by J.J. Cale

Expecting a Miracle? Think Again!

Mother in law no sense humor Some people quote philosophers I quote the Cohen brothers

A Night at The Garden

Tina Turner - One Of The Living

I never realized there were so many strange and threatening people in the US until I started reading

"...stand up and tell us that being able to sleep isn't a question of safe and sanitary conditions?'

Trump administration backtracks on closure of Job Corps program after bipartisan opposition from Con

Whether they know it or not, the Right has a climate change plan, and they're enacting it

Trump administration backtracks on closure of Job Corps program after bipartisan opposition from Con

Multiple people injured in shooting outside Pennsylvania nightclub: authorities

Tory leadership contest: Rory Stewart knocked out

Experts: New EPA rule will not overcome 'market forces,' revive coal industry -- by @KateMishkin

Experts: New EPA rule will not overcome 'market forces,' revive coal industry -- by @KateMishkin

Two Illinois Democrats Join Push for Impeachment Inquiry

Supreme Court rules that Maryland 'Peace Cross' honoring military dead may remain on public land

Bullyboy Hannity Challenges Jim Acosta To A Schoolyard Brawl

Trump Loses Interest In Venezuela

Few Democrats Want a President In Their 70s

'Never again' means nothing if Holocaust analogies are always off limits

An insane president, a criminal senate, a rigged supreme court

I'm asking for your "Tots and Pears" tomorrow, as I head off to trumpster-ville

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees and United States Attorney Nominee: June 19, 2019

Julie Andrews - Le Jazz Hot

Horns are growing on young people's skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests.

Trump's Iran problem: he's blown America's credibility

Hopey told Congress that Donnie was "serious" about accepting foreign oppo

Back home in South Bend, Buttigieg faces 'his nightmare'

Trump admin backtracks on closure of Job Corps program after bipartisan opposition from Congress

Trump foreign policy: One-up Obama

U.S. ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft absent from post for over 300 days, records show

'He Never Called Me Boy...' By Connie Schultz

A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)

Cory Booker on Juneteenth

Warren is climbing, Sanders is...

Trump says he may not reach out to 2020 swing voters

2020 Democrat Marianne Williamson says she misspoke in calling vaccine mandates 'draconian'

Trump says Iran 'made a big mistake' after drone shot down

Iran, U.S. in war of words after U.S. drone shot down

Craig Melvin MSNBC Determined to Keep Biden/Booker Feud Alive

Cashew Coconut Chicken Curry Recipe

Colombian armed groups recruiting desperate Venezuelans, army says

A quick rant about rough sleeping and homelessness

Cuddly Baby Lamb Thinks He's A Puppy

1 in 6 ER visits or hospital stays triggers 'surprise' bill

What it's like to be the oldest kid 😂

Seth Abramson to Democrats: Can we focus?

Christian petition mistakenly asks Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime show 'Good Omens'

Pic Of The Moment: When Republicans Whine That House Dems Are "Getting Nothing Done..."

World Refugee Day - Abshir

Happy Thursday the 20th

This little piggie is NOT going to market - trade war hits PORK

Controversial Call Leads To Brawl Between Parents At Children's Baseball Game

"Only by reaching high can you transform this country. You cannot meddle around the middle."

Trump administration rolls back Obama-era clean air rules

Do You believe busing is the answer to acheiving integration in public schools?

My main concern is how well a candidate understands politics and world affairs. How does yours rate?

What are your favorite things about your city or state?

Good news for some of you. I just notified one of our hosts I will no longer post.

Roy Moore lashes out at Sen. Richard Shelby, blames him for 2017 loss

Pelosi must begin Impeachment Hearings

I didn't realize that witnesses get to dictate the terms

Trump's Weird One-on-One with George Stephanopoulos The Daily Show

"You brought this on yourself!". . .Please come CAPTION former Acting Defense Sec. Patrick Shanahan!

What Biden's 36 years experience in foreign policy might reveal about a Biden presidency

Trump administration won't share evacuation plan for migrant child detention center, Rep. says

Nate Silver Bulletpoint: Only Two Meaningful Shifts Have Happened In The Democratic Primary So Far

Supreme Court rules 'peace cross' in Maryland can remain.

New Bernie 2020 video, "Trapped", focuses on rural poverty in the South

Who do you think will be the first of the 24 current democratic candidates to drop out?

Iran shoots down U.S. military drone over Strait of Hormuz

Congressman booed in reparations hearing

US Lawmakers Tell Trump: No Iran War Without Congressional Approval

The date for the Iowa Caucus is Monday, Feb 3, 2020

Video of the stinking garbage heaps left after the Trump Fest in Orlando.

Craig Melvin and a reporter just laughed through a segment

Planned Parenthood won't comply with Missouri exam rule

9/11 Responder Backs Stewart: "No Question" GOP Blocking Money The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Pelosi Defends Biden on Segregationist Controversy: 'Authenticity' is Most Important 'And Joe Biden

Senate votes to block Saudi arm sales despite Trump veto threat

Julian Castro Wants to Hold Police Accountable

Thurs."Aww" pix

Let's have a little look back at SNL's "Bernie Sanders"

Ocasio-Cortez Defends Calling Migrant Detention Centers 'Concentration Camps' NBC News

Thousands petition Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime's Good Omens.

Meet The 2020 Dem Running Against Trump Over Slavery Reparations The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

You raised $35.00 on June 19, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

News Flash! On the floor of the Senate Mitch McConnell is wearing a TAN SUIT!!!!

You need to watch Lawrence O'Donnell segment about concentration camps.

There is a weird iranian group calling on the US to start war with Iran.

The boy who cried Wolf!.....

Trump administration rolls back Obama-era clean air rules.

Senate votes to block Trump's emergency arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Trudeau prepares to meet with Trump today in Washington

Trump-hating George Conway: If Democrats insist on holding a circular firing squad, may they

Happy National Vanilla Milkshake Day!

Philadelphia pulls 72 cops off the street over offensive social media posts

Storm water drainage

** Nate Silver 538** Warren and Buttigieg have gained in the polls, Sanders has fallen

Any advice on Binary to English translation site

Retailers capitalize on Pride Month with rainbow merchandise

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Biden Over Segregationist Comments: 'You Can't Say He's Racist'

Our big mouth 'president' was asked if we would attack Iran...'you'll find out'

Photos: The Moods of Monument Valley

Joy Harjo named US Poet Laureate, first Native American

Here Is What Trump's July 4 Celebrations Will Entail

Using sea waves to generate electricity

'Everyone is used to relatives that are doofuses': Kamala's sister breaks tradition

Bernie Sanders Says Warren Catching Up to Him Because People 'Would Like To See A Woman Elected'

As WW3 is brewing, I feel so much better with a low IQ "reality" TV star at the helm

Roll up, roll up for Gwyneth Paltrow's great London Goop summit! Need your wallet cleaned out?

Who are Iran's allies?

Hicks told House panel Trump is serious about foreign help in elections

Climate breakdown to trigger debate over which cities to protect from rising sea levels

NYT: 18 Questions With Steve Bullock

Trump admin backtracks on closure of Job Corps program after bipartisan opposition from Congress

Biden calls Iran tensions 'self-inflicted disaster' after U.S. drone shoot-down

Joe Biden is a seriously flawed candidate.

Just one question from someone (myself) that does NOT completely understand the process

Sanders Says Elizabeth Warren Catching Up to Him Because People 'Would Like To See A Woman Elected"

Trump administration caves, won't close Job Corps training centers

Tiedrich tweet; our super-cool media has now spent more time hyperventilating over what @AOC said...

How many Democrats in the House have endorsed starting impeachment hearings?

Graham: Iran has to 'knock this s--- off'

2 caterpillars are sitting on a leaf

Trump Administration Tells Federal Judges It Shouldn't Be Required to Provide Toothbrushes or Soap

Last player to hit a natural cycle: single, double, triple, and HR in order

Why not shoot an entire black family for shop lifting?

Senate Blocks Trump Administration's Arms Sales to Gulf Nations in Bipartisan Rebuke

Trump Meets With Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau

I wanted to be an archeologist until I realized my life would be

The Memo: Can Trump run as an outsider?

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson are final two in Tory leadership race

Throwback Thursday: Warren bill would let same-sex couples amend tax returns for bigger refunds

My condition prevents me from dieting. I get

The Himalayas Are in Even Worse Shape Than We Thought

Where are our foreign affairs experts, what are PUTIN'S orders to rump on war in Iran?

I saw this on facebook!

How desperate and small does a person have to be to promote that VP Biden is a racist

Hope Hicks' latest obstruction just gave the Democrats a major weapon: report

Which 2020 Candidates Are The Most Progressive On Criminal Justice Policy?

When a recipe calls for kale, I substitute something I can not only tolerate but like!

One-way ferry fares for vehicles could increase by about $1

I think Massachusetts might very well split up over the effects of rising sea levels

Do you smoke weed everyday?

When the people start dying in Iran I will blame HILLARY HATERS

Analysis: Trump has used the "madman" strategy to some effect on the world stage. The downside is...

Trump demands Iran return drone pilot unharmed

Trump invites congressional leaders to White House to discuss Iran after Revolutionary Guard shoots

"a slowly growing chorus of calls from almost 70 House members for an impeachment inquiry,.."

Sending one out to 1600 Pennsylvania!

20,000 christian fundamentalists petition Netflix to cancel a show that's on Amazon Prime.

My "take" on the primaries....

White House inviting congressional leaders to Situation Room for Iran briefing

Cartoons 6/20/19

DUer "Fly by night" is the subject of award-winning documentary "The Blueberry Farmer"

Joe Biden's gaffe on segregationist senators shows why aides are keeping him away from reporters

Walmart paying $282 million to settle charges over Brazil payments

The Washington Post announces plans to expand its investigative journalism

We are going to get trump soon, not long now, maybe 2020, eventually.

Trump says Bernie, Biden look 'tired crazy' and 'exhausted'

Primary Preferences Don't Swing on a Daily Basis

Dang it!

Her name is Marijuana Pepsi, and she just got her doctorate

My response to any video crap from Shitler about Iran or Drumpt supporter is 2 words

I'm the last one to take issue with Barack..

Seattle Times: Skip the Citizenship Question on Census

Trump Demands Return of Drone Pilot From Iran

Netflix's "Designated Survivor" anyone?

A gay first lady? Yes, we've already had one, and here are her love letters.

Mush-Brained Mitch McConnell: DC & Puerto Rico Statehood is "Socialism"

Pence NSA Kept Maria Butina Tie Secret At Senate Confirmation: WaPo Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Trump's Cult Is Still DELUSIONAL

The Hill tweet; Nadler shuts down a Gaetz stunt

Dammit. Just got my 2nd visual migraine in so many days.

Prepare Yourself for the 2020 Version of Donald Trump - It's Gonna be WAY WORSE Than 2016!

Oh Lordy! Trump could bomb Iran???

This is in this room...

"They're perfect!"

Sanders saying Warren is pulling ahead because of her gender...

You can't be authentic while walking on eggshells

NEW Public Policy Polling poll in North Carolina: Biden, Sanders beat Trump

3 July 1988.

Stealing from cancer charities

Lawrence Vindicates AOC's "Concentration Camp" Claim

I am looking for a opinions on what Donny Deutsch said last night on Brian Williams

Trump shows off Air Force One model in Oval Office

Some hits you may not have heard for a while that need to be dusted off

If "Vegan Cupcakes" aren't a disqualifying characteristic, I don't know what it...

You are a filthy, sinful heathen!

Honduran Security Forces Tear-Gas International Human Rights Delegation

"...are we hurting your feelings..."

Lawsplainer: SCOTUS decision in Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, a First Amendment case

Trump and Trudeau

Just re-watched "The King's Speech". Forgotten how great it is.

Why would Mueller need to be subpoenaed?

Left or right handed

Does Booker want people talking about his cozy relationship with Rand Paul?

President Obama Had An Agreement With Iran That Trump Pulled Out Of.....

Justice Alito just wrote the most terrifying sentence to appear in a Supreme Court opinion in years

Lawsuit: NRA's Unpaid Bills Could Shutter NRATV

Roy Moore announces he's running for Alabama Senate seat

Trump's 60th presidential rally received 2 1/2 hours of cable news coverage before it even began

Michigan abortion foes can call procedure 'dismemberment' on ballot petitions

NYT: Democrats Can Win Florida in 2020 But they have to work a lot harder and they have to do it now

Whitmer: Shutdown of Enbridge Line 5 appears inevitable amid stalled talks

BREAKING: Roy Moore to run again for AL-SEN

Rays to Explore Splitting Games with Montreal

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 20, 2019

'I will answer every question': Onetime Trump business partner Felix Sater is set to tell House

Tommy Chong - The Smokebox

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, teachers rally for K-12 funding boost at Capitol

Iran shoots down US drone.

North Korea puts on a show for Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit

Dem MegaDonor Pulls Funding From Anti-Vax Group, Blames Wife For Initial Involvement

Philosophical question - What does "Real Peanut Butter" mean?

Rogue Nation

Prisoner was barred from group worship on some Wiccan holidays. Court says he can sue.

Harley-Davidson Is Fighting For Its Life by Building Anti-Harleys in Asia

Peace cross?

Accused spy Paul Whelan makes plea from Russia, asks Trump to intervene

Woman trapped in St. Louis jail stairwell for 2.5 days

LBJ - anti-labor anti civil rights elected senator in 1948 - worked across the aisle to

20 Requests for KEXP's "The Longest Songs on the Longest Day" Program

Trump's 'Sleepy Joe' Problem - WSJ op-ed

A request: please DO NOT put the results of USA-Sweden in a thread title

Did Harris just rule out a VP run with Biden

FBI got tip about Dallas courthouse shooter in 2016

Julian Castro: 'In An Ideal World, People Wouldn't Own Handguns'

'Avian incident' knocks out 84% of massive California solar farm

Roy Moore announces he'll run for U.S. Senate again in 2020

For Biden Fans: a lasting legacy

Oregon Republican senator threatens state troopers, warns them to 'come heavily armed'

Suspended state workers invited back after Flint dismissals

LOL. Justin Trudeau coughed during meeting with Trump.

We could all agree to post our opinions on candidates we favor.

I just watched Zero Days again because of the Iran situation.

Bulldog swallows 19 baby pacifiers

Appeals court allows Trump abortion rules to take effect

Well, Lindsey Graham came out and poo-pooed Biden's latest gaffe.

Sinclair is forcing its stations to run a commentary segment that's essentially a Trump campaign ad

Does anyone know what Pelosi is doing in this video?

Airbus is ready for pilotless jets - are you?

De Niro, Reiner, & More Cut Through Trump's Lies on the Mueller Report

Teenager's arrest rattles Lansing

I have been on a break from the news and DU.

Jerry Nadler gives Jim Jacket Off Jordan's bottom a long overdue spanking.

Does the news media have a candidate they would not

Roger Stone violated gag order with social media posts, prosecutors say

2000 years later, still standing (kinda)

Re. Rump doesn't want conflict with Iran-BULLSHIT!!!! He just doesn't want the responsibility.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 21 June 2019

Roger Stone violated gag order with social media posts, prosecutors say

Florida city pays $600K ransom to save computer records

'I don't want to do this': After stealing from governor's residence, man says he'll change

All of the Mueller report's major findings in less than 30 minutes (PBS News Hour)

They took their rosaries....

Scientology accused of abuse, human trafficking in lawsuit

Funniest Movies ? (your opinion) We all need to laugh.

2-year-old died after accidentally shooting himself.

Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

House Judiciary Committee releases Hicks transcript

Felix Sater Pledges to Answer Every Question

I posted this and then deleted it because I don't want to alienate those here who I like

GOP Lawmakers In Oregon Leave State

NYT Says VP Biden Called Sen Booker

Tory leadership: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are final two

I lock the doors in case I'm attacked

Michigan Democrats fight 'adopt and amend' plan that gutted sick time, minimum wage laws

Pontiac man must share $30 million lottery win with wife he was divorcing

Only 37% Of Voters Say Trump Should Be Reelected

Mayor Pete addresses new police officers in South Bend

Lawyers for the Trump Administration blocked Ms. Hicks from answering questions 155 times.

Ta-Nehisi Coates Torches Mitch McConnell On Reparations

GULF SPILL RESTORATION: Open Ocean Draft Restoration Plan 2 Available for Public Comment

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg hires 30 more Iowa staffers

Michigan legislature spends $1.2M intervening in gerrymandering case headed to U.S. Supreme Court

Group sues for records on US election hacking vulnerability

Sanders Opposes Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia, Calls on Trump to Obey Constitution

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Dispatches State Troopers to Find Senate Republicans Who Skipped Out on Clima

Joe Biden to rich donors: "Nothing would fundamentally change" if he's elected

DT says the drone attack was documented scientifically.

Indiana attorney general sued over groping allegations

Debbie Dingell (D-MI) On Auto Pollution Rules Fight: "Really Not Interested In A Pissing Contest"

Thousands petition Netflix !! to cancel Amazon Prime's Good Omens

Pence to help launch 'Latinos for Trump' in Miami

If Roy Moore(R-AL) fails to win the 2020 US Senate Election, Will he run in 2022 to replace Shelby ?

Free College and Sweden, Norway.

Looks like Roger Stone has screwed up again. Hope he goes straight to jail.

How can the refugees be illegal immigrants if they are trying to enter legally?

Poor health and lack of new business hurting Hoosier economy, Chamber says

Climate "Solutions" Caucus Adds Woodall (R-GA), Schweikert (R-AZ) Both W. LCV Lifetime Scores Of 4

Take your daughters, your granddaughters, your sisters

My #1 reason for voting in 2018

Don was a faller--high up in the logging world.

Six Months Into 116th Congress, Climate "Solutions" Caucus Has 1st Meeting, 4 Members Show Up

May Global Temperatures 1.67F Above 20th Century Avg; Hottest 5 Mays All Occured 2015-19

Here's Biden's Eulogy @ Strom Thurmond's funeral. It's not that long. Judge for yourself.

Avg. Annual Fed Flood Insurance Claims - 1980s-$257 Million; 1990s-$659 million; 2000s-$2.8 Billion

So Hope Hicks wasn't under oath?

This is pretty startling

Young Conservatives Want GOP To Address Climate; For Some Strange Reason, It's Not Happening . . .

Old Dominion University Study: Major Hurricane In Virginia Could Carry $40 Billion Price Tag

Two more Ripley employees indicted on federal charges after duck boat tragedy

Wanna a real scary thought?

Seattle Opening Smoke Shelters To Protect Residents Against Increasingly Routine Forest Fires

I'm heart sick over Speaker Pelosi's decision to not act.

IMO candidates attacking other Democratic candidates must have a problem with their own campaign.

The Supreme Court Is Showing an Instinct for Self-Preservation, at Least Until Next Year's Election.

Democrats Jump To Joe Biden's Defense After He Touted Working With Segregationists

Matt Gaetz gets laughed at after his attempt to derail Mueller hearing hilariously backfires

Joe Biden is not racist.

Trump set for first 'Meet the Press' interview of his presidency

Will VP Biden have to do a "Rev Wright"

Dakota Access Pipeline operator plans large capacity expansion

Dakota Access Pipeline operator plans large capacity expansion

06/21 Mike Luckovich: Another overpriced drug

Happy Midsummer to alll 🥁🎸⚡️🎶🤘🙂🙏❤️✌️☮️

Let me tell you how this will go down.

Air force Colonel Ret. on Hardball--she is running in Texas.....

Still no decision on special prosecutor in South Bend police shooting

The Arboretum.

The visionary brilliance of George Costanza 😁