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Archives: June 18, 2019

Supreme Court declines to take up contraceptive mandate case

Michelle Obama on James Corden Show tonight.

Democrat in Competitive California District, Katie Porter, Joins Call for Impeachment Inquiry

Juneteenth - June 19

California State Capitol Flies LGBT Pride Flag for First Time Ever

Alabama Senate is rotten at the top

Please watch this (3min 32 sec.)you will smile.(about a dog that always wags her tail, loves people)

Jury awards $5 million to family in Jackson Hospital case

McConnell swats at Jon Stewart over 9/11 fund: 'I don't know why he is all bent out of shape'

Mobile towing companies face severe penalties in fraud investigation

The most overused word in the primary season by the talking heads is

Trump officials leaked polling data to 'stop the madness' and as a 'cry for help'.

Shitler's orange head has forever stretched out of shape the sweater neck hole of our

The Fed may break a lot of stock-market investors' hearts this week

House Democrats Turn The Tables And Unload On Mitch McConnell

Oregon governor Kate Brown signed 5 year fracking ban into law today!

Slow white Bronco at 25

1 injured, 'several' detained after shooting in downtown Seattle

A N.H. woman allegedly shoved her golden retriever off a dock and then watched as it drowned

Judge dismisses suit by Alabama woman claiming Trump forcibly kissed her

Please Stop Thinking This Will Be a Fair Election

New Democrat backs impeachment as support grows among voters in conservative districts

More than 250 dolphins have stranded themselves from Florida to Louisiana in 2019

I hope some people on this board heard Howard Dean on All In.

Who going to watch the master con artist campaign rally tomorrow night?

Planned Parenthood builds Alabama clinic despite abortion law

SCOTUS Reaffirms 'Double Jeopardy' Exception With Mueller Probe Implications (good news!)

Justice Thomas just admitted he wants to burn down the very idea that courts should obey precedent

Canada approval imminent: Pipeline will bring tankers to Washington waters

It has dawned on me that USA is now holding back the world

Sharia court orders jail for rape victim unless kids handed to rapist. No, wait.

1. He's turned on Fox. 2. He called ABC Fake News and tagged the wrong ABC.

Jon Stewart Continues to Blast Republicans for Not Supporting the 9/11 Victim Fund

To hear Pompeo "laugh off" Trump's comments is "absolutely horrifying," -Valerie Plame

Trump's order to trim science advisory panels sparks outrage

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Worse Than Watergate!

Durkan to sign law allowing paid leave for Seattle workers after death of a child

Abortion, birth control, religion and the children.

Undocumented workers fired from Trump properties to attend event rivaling Trump reelection launch

Ex-Gov. Bentley settles fired official's lawsuit

found this deep deep dive into Trump family/Manafort MOBBERY from last year


How dare you ask Mike Pompeo that question?

Justice Department intervenes, keeps Manafort from being sent to Rikers Island

Woman who asked for Mariah Carey cake got Marie Curie instead

All of the Mueller report's major findings in less than 30 minutes

Trump's ABC Interview Goes Off The Rails

Next Year's US Senate Seniority List- if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Granite Bay Man Sentenced For Multi-Million Dollar Product Substitution Fraud On Federal Government

Who wore it better?

Dog Lost For Years Is So Happy To Be In His Best Friend's Arms Again

PBS, 'The Lavender Scare,' Cold War Gay Witch Hunt, June 18 Premier WETA

My mind is made up. Elizabeth Warren. Sent a contribution yesterday

Dogs' Eyes Have Changed Since Humans Befriended Them

Nobody Believes Trump Admin's Story About Iran

Leeds, ND, Man Signs Plea Agreement in an $11 Million Dollar Fraud Scheme

Mitch McConnell calls granting statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico "full bore socialism"


All of the Mueller report's major findings in less than 30 minutes. PBS

Thanks, Volkswagen.

A profound speech:

South Carolina Man Is Sentenced To More Than Three Years For $1M Investment Scheme And Tax Evasion

Why Millennials Can't Afford to Buy a House

Adorably Naughty Dog Comes With A Set Of Rules For House Guests

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj - Why Your Internet Sucks

Birds are starving all over the world...

Tweety Bird does not like Bernie

*** SPRING Photo Contest WINNERS ***

Jared Kushner called Mohammed bin Salman in an attempt to stop him from carrying out executions

You can access more than the 24 news cycle

This nightmare is what Venezuela has become

Am I the only one with a major pet peeve about designated parking slots?

*** WINNERS Thread for the SPRING Photo Contest*** is posted in GD

Anyone going to watch the Chris Matthews Town Hall?

Trump's mental gymnastics are incomprehensible

"Bad Polling? Fire the Pollster!" and Other Leadership Solutions From a Great American Dipshit F/SC

I just turned off Chris Matthews' "town hall" to watch an episode of "Documentary Now" on Netflix.

Warren moves into first place on the DU preference board! n/t

Mississippi ABLE launches savings program for disabled

Rump attacks Fox "News" Polls! Something weird going on in his pea brain. LMAO

Trump just tweeted: "Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens

Warren is now #1 on DU!

Trump's reelection support is 50-50 in Texas, Biden and O'Rourke lead the Democrats, UT/TT Poll says

Have we become a nation of emotional pygmies; people so small of mind and spirit that we

I learned something interestng about trump today

US Senators running for POTUS and their replacement.

Katie Porter backs impeachment inquiry.

Trump needs to keep Manafort happy.


Dogs' Eyes Have Changed Since Humans Befriended Them

Tweet of the Day

I can't wait for the new Morning Consult Poll - I am sure that Biden will dominate...again...

James Zogby.. "I'm tired of the "Warren & Buttigieg are smart (& Bernie's not)" theme

"...that's all he got left cause alligator bit it..."

Migrating Baby Exoplanet Sculpts Disk Around Newborn Star (Photos)

Al D'Amato, former GOP Senator, and former Trump cabinet official, attends Biden fundraiser

PBS, 'The Lavender Scare,' Cold War Gay Witch Hunt, Airs Tues. June 18

The Daily Show: Phoenix Cops' Extreme Response to Shoplifting Caught on Tape

New YouTube post up

Biden's strongest suit is in the town hall format.

Bam! Fresh Crater Spied on Mars -- and It Looks Spectacular

Add the name of Katie Porter to the Support of an Impeachment Inquiry

The polar opposite of Trump

The Daily Show: Growing Fears Over Deepfake Technology & Sarah Sanders's White House Exit

Tabasco environmentalist Jos Luis lvarez

Environmental activist who fought illegal mining murdered in Chiapas

I gotta be careful here

Seth Meyers - Trump Sits Down with ABC's George Stephanopoulos: A Closer Look

The American Dream Lives: In China Where 70% of Millennials Own Their Own Homes

The Late Show: Jon Stewart Won't Let Mitch McConnell Off That Easy

Trump tonight: ICE will start removing millions from US

(Jewish Group) Why neo-Nazis Love the BDS Movement So Much

(Jewish Group) Why do so many Jews hate Jews?

(Jewish Group) An Abandoned Weapon in the Fight Against Hate Speech

As if teen girls are not under enough pressure:

2020 US Senate Election- Tipping Point seats.

Bill Cosby's Father's Day Post Insisting He's 'America's Dad' Has Social Media Reeling

French Jews face trinity of hate from left, right, and Islamists, says author

Dad and son conversation:

Nightly Business Report tonite: builders, CEOs, other industries

the new pornographers - the bleeding heart show (studio-2005) the great Neko Case on backing vocals

cop beats handcuffed 16 year old girl

Newly discovered gerrymandering files should remain secret, NC Republicans tell court

America Loves the Idea of Family Farms. That's Unfortunate.

Duque welcomed by May and protesters in London

Colombia fails to sell seized assets meant for victim reparation: report

'Army in northeast Colombia stigmatizing, threatening and even shooting at civilians'

Uribe revives idea to submit rule of law in Colombia to 'rule of opinion'

If Speaker Pelosi doesn't think the House is ready to begin impeachment hearings, it's because

Trump Slams Fox News Poll

Cuomo blasts McConnell: His priorities are bent out of shape

Newly discovered gerrymandering files should remain secret, NC Republicans tell court

Re: Manafort-Rikers. Remember, the Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance crooked history with TRUMPS

If I'm single and childless and make $15/hour

trump is tweeting the usual nonsense and hate at 1am DC time

U.S. Restores Some Aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala

How the Nazis destroyed the first gay rights movement

Saudi Arabia beheaded 5 men 'proven' to be gay under torture

Anti-gay GOP ex-congressman Aaron Schock finally reveals if he'll run for congress again

Kavanaugh quoted Dennis Prager--without attribution--in a f*cking Supreme Court ruling.

Dumbing down exciting up?

All of the Mueller report's major findings in less than 30 minutes

Trump Tweet Leaks ICE Plans for Mass Deportations of 'Millions' of Immigrants Starting Next Week

Who Do We Call When a Homeless Person Needs help?

Trophies Made of Human Skulls Hint at Something Sinister Around Time of Maya Collapse

Trophies Made of Human Skulls Hint at Something Sinister Around Time of Maya Collapse

Southwest union asks its members not to fly American Airlines because of judge's restraining order

AT&T to cut nearly 2,000 jobs, telecom labor union says

Stephen Colbert - Monologue (with Jon Stewart) and Opening - 6/17/19

Stephen Colbert: Why Guest Preet Bharara Didn't Return Donald Trump's Call

New Democratic ad targets Chip Roy for opposing tax break for Gold Star families

Republicans campaign, fundraise on protecting new license plates from 'out-of-state liberal' attacks

Alan Dershowitz says he could support Joe Biden over Trump.

Jackson sues Siemens for $225M in 'bait and switch' over faulty water meters, billing system

Top 10 Important LGBTQ Moments In US History (2 years ago)

The Stonewall You Know Is a Myth. And That's O.K. NYT Celebrating Pride

More than 20 Mississippi students hospitalized in bus crash

Two segments on CBS News programs. They were a buster to load. I went 'round in circles which

Hey Press Corp....

(Jewish Group) Prime Minister of Malaysia questioned why Jews 'resent' being called 'hook-nosed'

(Jewish Group) John Cusack slammed for antisemitic retweet

Monopolist's Worst Nightmare: The Elizabeth Warren Interview

Gunman dead after shootout with police outside Dallas court building

Why New Balance turned on Trump over China tariffs

Knox County Commission punts on denouncing threats against LGBTQ community

Prank call results in Dominos driver attempting to deliver pizza to The Queen

New Tennessee laws taking effect July 1

Mom was taken to the hospital yesterday

Current MSNBC chyron: "Trump to rally for re-election amid sagging polls"...MAGAts in Orlando!

Senator Marsha Blackburn Murders Police Officer

Trump vows mass immigration arrests, removals of 'millions of illegal aliens' starting next week

Senator Bernie Sanders will be doing an AMA on r/SandersForPresident at 4:15PM EST

▶️ Podcast: Hear the Bern: Episode 11 - Bogeyman: Democratic Socialism (w/ Greg Carr)

Time For Another TEA Party?

North, South Memphis hit hard by reverse mortgage foreclosures

36 Years Ago Today; Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space

Alan Brinkley, Leading Historian of 20th-Century America, Dies at 70

Nashville Police Say It Won't Be Easy To Discover Who Vandalized Confederate Monument

Trump Supporters Line Up Early for Rally

Why A Decision By Vanderbilt Could Make Its Outpatient Clinics More Expensive For Patients

Tuesday TOONs - A lying White House Press Secretary walks into a bar...

Latest Morning Consult Poll for 6/17, Smokin' Joe 38% (+1%)

Warren: I hope you'll read this powerful story from my friend, @AdyBarkan. We need #MedicareForAll

Trump was asked: "Who are your favorite authors"?

TSU accreditation on probation because school failed to show how it improves student outcomes

A word of caution: His keyless car killed him while he slept. New legislation could save others

The Nation: Why the Paper of Record (NYT) Hates Cartoons

Gov. Bill Lee said he'll call a special session to elect a new speaker. Now what?

Trump to Kick Off 2020 Campaign in a City That Loathes Him

Sandy Hook victim's father wins defamation lawsuit

Britain's Next Prime Minister Has Probably Already Lost Scotland

Photograph lays bare reality of melting Greenland sea ice

For anyone seeking the wisdom of the prophet

"It's my birthday too, yeah!"

All of the Mueller report's major findings in less than 30 minutes

Fox Chapel Cardiologist Convicted (of Health Care Fraud Involving more than $13 M of Insurance Billi

Former UEFA president Michel Platini arrested

Klobuchar lists actions she would take in first 100 days as president

Medical billing company plans to expand in Kentucky

I still don't understand, why Trump's tweets are considered news, when almost all of them turn out

Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on first mission

Driver's Licenses for the Undocumented Are Approved in Win for Progressives (NYS)

War of words explodes in Bevin-Hampton battle, pulls in Mitch McConnell

Burn On, Australia; Government Removes Last Barrier To Opening Gigantic Adani Mine

If Paris Agreement Were Working, Methane Levels Would Be Falling; They're Rising Faster Than Ever

Someone talked some sense into that bonehead and now the attacks on Saudi oil are minor? Grea

And now CNBC is doing it.

"Strange Weather." Incredible performance by Holly Hunter.

When I saw today's Google doodle honoring Bill O'Reilly

Kentucky county to sue coal company linked to W.Va. Gov. Justice to collect unpaid taxes

Kentucky county to sue coal company linked to W.Va. Gov. Justice to collect unpaid taxes

War & Peace: How the Upheaval in Khartoum Affects One of Sudan's Longest-Running Crises

Trump: "People have never seen anything like" his Orlando MAGAt rally "(unless you play a guitar)"

Here's why President Trump has spent more than 100 days in Florida

Trump to Kick Off 2020 Campaign in a City That Loathes Him

In lawsuit over a Trump health initiative, Bevin, Beshear put Kentucky on both sides.

Exclusive: President Trump Calls Alleged Iranian Attack on Oil Tankers 'Very Minor'

The Rundown: June 17, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 06/12/19

Trump Flags 'Security Incidents' from Clinton Emails

AT&T cuts another 1,800 jobs as it finishes fiber-Internet buildout

Top EU adviser blames US for Iran tensions

Breakfast, Tuesday 18 June 2019

"Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" publisher apologizes to dad of murdered boy

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The second bourbon warehouse in a year collapses in Kentucky

Warren knocks opponents for spending time at 'fancy fundraisers'

Iran says it won't wage war, Russia tells U.S. to stop stoking tensions

Matt Bevin says he's anti-corruption, but his own office may have just broken the law

**Joltin Joe Biden's Lead Holds Strong in Latest Democratic Primary Tracking Data**

Richard Painter; Is McConnell working for the Russians?

From Kos: I'd never heard of this Jimmy Carter story before. We did not deserve him.

Hello darkness my old friend.

Lined up days in advance for Orlando rally

Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board: Our endorsement for president in 2020

😃🇺🇸🍱☀️! Yay 😋 or Nay 🤢?

Winooski residents: Sen. Sanders, listen to the people


Spravato: The controversial ketamine-like drug that Trump is pushing on veterans

Spravato: The controversial ketamine-like drug that Trump is pushing on veterans

Jobs for America!

Hong Kong leader signals end to extradition bill but refuses to quit

Wow he wasn't kidding about the coughing thing...

A poem about Mitch -

Our endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump Editorial

An Expert on Concentration Camps Says That's Exactly What the U.S. Is Running at the Border

After snoozing my alarm for the 3rd time

The economy is not as great as some might think...

Aerospace Worries As 'No-Deal' Brexit Remains In Play

Survivor's Guilt ....

Air Force landlord falsified records to boost income, documents show

Good Karma Bad Karma

Quebec law banning hijab at work creates 'politics of fear', say critics

Paul Manafort Seemed Headed to Rikers. Then the Justice Department Intervened

Ex-Trump aide Hicks to be the first star witness for House committee

Don't write a check you can't cash - An "Ah-oh" cat moment

Teenage neo-Nazis jailed over terror offences

Teenage neo-Nazis jailed over terror offences

This June 4th NPR/Marist poll has a lot of interesting data

Shady group trying to build Trump's wall begs radical militias for help

Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but not by much

Five Reasons Florida's New Anti-Sanctuary Bill Is Racist Nonsense

Biden's Plurality in Many Current Polls Exceeds

As inmate suicides spike, troubling questions raised about handling of mentally ill in nation's loca

The controversial ketamine-like drug that Trump is pushing on veterans

NM the worst place in America to be a kid, again

CNN Breaking: Tsunami warning issued for northern Japan!

Mental Health Pro: Trump's Narcissistic & Sociopathic Traits

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Legacy: Shameless Dishonesty

Instead of impeachment, let's talk about Mitch McConnell...

My life in a song.

What the actual....Facebook is starting its own currency.

79 years ago today, June 18, 1940: "This was their finest hour."

Snowflake incels have a new hobby: Making "defeminized" movies.

"It was that sneer of hers, the consciously curled lip, which seemed practiced before a mirror,..."

Outtake from Trump and Stephanopoulos ...

Trump may live-tweet first 2020 Democratic debates: report

Coyotes meet the new apex guy - reintroduced wolf

Powerful Quake Jolts Northwest Japan, Raising Tsunami Warning

Biden spars with Warren and Sanders at first event facing rival Democrats

Donations to charity dropped last year despite a strong economy. Was the tax law to blame?

🐦 JUNE 22 at 5:45PM EDT - Backyard Bash in Columbia with Bernie

Trump's Worst Poll Number

🐦 JUNE 23 at 3PM EDT - Town Hall in Rock Hill with Bernie Sanders

McConnell's Blockade of Legislation Faces Big Test

VP Biden reminds me of Iowa.. older,but gets the job done..

Bernie Sanders to Visit South Carolina on June 21-23, 2019

Schiff: 'Time is running out' for Mueller to testify

Barack not doing his job on 9/11

GOP pollster gets hilariously destroyed after blaming a broken elevator in his European hotel on 'so

Dems taunt Trump with threats of prison time

Our Orlando Sentinel endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump Editorial

🐦 JUNE 22 at 1PM - Sen. Sanders South Carolina Democratic Party Convention

Trump prepares to bypass Congress to take on Iran

🐦 JUNE 22 at 3:10PM - Sen. Sanders - Planned Parenthood We Decide Election Forum

Our Orlando Sentinel endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump Editorial

Letter to the editor - Trump is a patriot

The "two words" that Trump has nightmares about

🐦 JUNE 21 7:30PM - Sen. Sanders - Jim Clyburn's World Famous Fish Fry

Chasten Buttigieg: 'I wish that I could tell you that' every message I receive isn't 'homophobic'

The Mercers have bailed on the orange madman.

Asshole Frank Luntz gets destroyed--blaming a broken elevator in his European hotel on 'socialism'

Huckabee is a lying and sick SOB

WATCH: Princeton professor jerks a knot in MSNBC anchor for defending 'innocence' of racist Harvard


The Supreme Court's Virginia uranium ruling hints at the limits of federal power

Dominican Republic deaths/sudden illinesses

Pic Of The Moment: Trump To Kick Off 2020 Campaign With Rally In Orlando, FL, Today

Charitable giving drops after GOP tax 'cut': report

Report: Blistered By Scrutiny, Mercers Curtail Spending And Bail On Trump

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; June 17, 201

Is it just me or is Trump's state of mind getting worse?

A Maryland school told them to be quiet -- but see what these students did

FBI Background Check Slows Shanahan Confirmation, Dredges Up Domestic Dispute

Jeffrey Rosen, Barr's Top Deputy, Spared Paul Manafort From Rikers Island

WATCH: Alabama GOP official berates reporter about Sodom and Gomorrah after she questions his anti-L

One Of The Polling Companies Trump Fired In Fit Of Pique Was Started By Conway

"Why didn't they impeach Donald Trump?"

NASA tweet; Introducing the first-ever Deep Space Atomic Clock!

Overzealous police officers score absolutely bonkers victory over Fourth Amendment

Bullock qualifies for second Democratic debate

12PM ET - Coming up on #AMR @MSNBC: @BernieSanders - tune in!

Is Joe Biden too old, white and washed up to succeed? Tell that to Jerry Brown

A Prison Death, a Mysterious Autopsy, and Official Silence

Lock him up? Democrats are pushing prosecution for Trump -- but those calls alarm some law enforcemen

Where does your primary support stand today?

'Even bigger lunatics than we realized': UN officials reportedly think Trump is planning 'massive' b

Blast from the past: Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terrorism

She said: "Stick it where the sun doesn't shine!" I said:

WOW!!!! Extraordinary downburst of hail in #Calgary, Canada on the 13th of June!

Betty Bowers tweet; "When America sends its people to Orlando, they're not sending their best."

Donald Trump Flips Out Over NYT Report On New US Aggression With Russia - Rachel Maddow

Trump Draws Fewer Viewers Than Family Feud As ABC Interview Bombs

Scientists shocked by Arctic permafrost thawing 70 years sooner than predicted

The Mueller Report in 30 minutes per time to read.. start here

Pompeo blocks inclusion of Saudis on U.S. child soldiers list - sources

I'd Be So Embarrassed To Be Seen At A Trump Rally.....

Pompeo blocks inclusion of Saudis on U.S. child soldiers list - sources

Profiles in Crazy, LXXXIX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Carbon Hill mayor refuses to comment on 'killing out' gays remark

A long, long, long list of Trump contradicting himself.

Kim Jung Un makes an appearance at the Trump rally (plus a strange Trumpian mating dance):

China Killing Prisoners To Harvest Organs For Transplant, Tribunal Finds

"When they came for me..."

I hope this woman is prosecuted in the US. Or in Uganda, if possible.

Raw sewage drains into Pamela Rush's backyard.

Here's the Craigs List ad paying 100.00 for people to attend the rally

If you ever want to teach a young person how the world works...

Why do people think that tossing out a cigarette butt isn't littering?

WTF San Diego?

You raised $20.00 on June 17, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Opinion: SCOTUS Ruling All But Guarantees State Criminal Charges For Trump

Did I hear someone on Morning Joe blame increase in robocalls on Trump's policies?

I thought the only reason people went to Orlando...

Trump To Sell His Family As The New Kennedys At Reelection Launch

BREAKING: Trump's ACTING SecDef is quitting...

Suggestion: Don't call them tariffs. Call them the

Anyone ever have a Carotid Endarterectomy done?

Orange one is going to make me work a lot to make me keep up.

Ex-GOP lawmaker hits Kyle Kashuv's racist posts: 'These are the social media postings we see of a sh

Trump To Sell His Family As The New Kennedys At Reelection Launch

You REALLY need to read this column about trump by Rex Huppke. It is WONDERFUL.

Witness the first casualty of war: language.

How about a book recommendation? I just read...

Trump says Shanahan out as Defense secretary nominee

'There's no accountability': Trump, White House aides signal a willingness to act with impunity.

White House Explored Legality of Demoting Fed Chairman Powell

What's Clearer Now Is This: What is right is the right that gets done.

Elizabeth Warren just introduced her child care plan in Congress

Andrew Yang: Breaking up big tech won't solve 'fundamental problems' of social media

I, for one, won't be using Facebook for my financial needs!

This always bears cognizance

Anyone ever have a Carotid Endarterectomy done?

Biden seeks campaign cash in California

Wilson's Attack On the Black Middle Class In Federal DC 1913; White Supremacy, Rollback

Can any parents out there help my sister with her Ph.D?

A Roe v. Wade Conversation With Wendy Davis and the Attorneys Who Argued the Landmark Case

Busiest US port hit by 7th straight month of export declines amid escalating trade war

Not giving these loons any advertising but omg

Heading for Orlando?

"Trumpchella" (or "Chumpchella"?)

Do we call this one "The Panamanian Connection?"

Orlando paper rejects Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running 'concentration camps' at border amid Republican

and crap, the screamer is back at some grass court tournament in England before Wimbledon......

15,000 Kilos of Cocaine, Worth Up to $750 Million, Seized at Philadelphia Shipping Yard, Sources Say

Sen. Bernie Sanders Talks 2020 Race, Escalating Tensions With Iran - Andrea Mitchell - MSNBC

Pastor, deputy who called for execution of LGBT people 'no longer on active duty'

Aerial photos of St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup victory parade

Judge Says Missouri Legislators Unlawfully Cut Off Planned Parenthood's Medicaid Funding

Why the Paper of Record Hates Cartoons

Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead: Abbott Finishes Off Texas' Hated Driver Responsibility Program

Katharine Gorka expected to be named Customs and Border Protection press secretary

Secret Service Visits Seattle Activist Amid Political Feud

If you live in PA contact your Rep. tell him to vote against bill 1602

** NEW ** Quinnipiac Poll (A- Rated) * Florida * Joseph Biden leads Trump by 9 points

Prominent Never Trumpers need to have a high profile speech at the Convention next year

Dallas Settles Exxxotica Porn Convention Lawsuit for $650,000

Trump To Sell His Family As The New Manson's At Reelection Launch

Sanders to deliver live response to Trump campaign launch

Extraordinary: @TheJusticeDept's deputy AG asked @ManhattanDA Vance to respond to a letter from Paul

Please oppose Pennsylvania 'In God We Trust' bill

Make it happen

Trump's Mar-a-Lardo friends pushing med to Veterans Administration

Ocasio-Cortez defends comparing migrant detention centers to 'concentration camps'

8 Times Pastor Robert Jeffress Was a Stooge for Donald Trump

Strong quake jolts northwest Japan; no major damage reported

Jon Stewart Slams Mitch McConnell During Fiery Appearance on 'Late Show'

"Use of a baseball bat in self-defense will likely be viewed as an imbalance of force"

Panicky Trump Brothers Seek Podiatrist Notes After Dad Sends Troops to Middle East

Trump's health care focus puts GOP on edge

Quinnipiac poll, Florida: Biden 41% Sanders 14% Warren 12%

Far-right teen who branded Prince Harry 'race traitor' jailed for four years

How To Prepare for Flat Earth Conference Coming to North Texas in November

The Myth of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy

Why Did Trump Tip Off Immigrants That ICE Will Begin Deporting 'Millions' Next Week?

Biden/Sanders, Warren/O'Rourke to be center stage at first debate

Biden is 10 points up on Trump in Fox News poll

Have census forms always come with

"Push to impeach Trump stalls amid Democrats' deference to -- and fear of -- Pelosi

Trump says Shanahan out as Defense secretary nominee

Love this tweet!

I think the Trumps just don't think 60% of Americans even exist

Cartoons 6/18/19

"Today I resigned from the school district. I would like to share with you what I gave them."

You know it's time to worry...

Trump Set to Live-Tweet Democratic Debates

Why don't media interviews of trumpanzees include the question "Where do you get your info?

Trump Attacks TYT

🔥 LIVE June 18 at 9:30PM - Bernie Sanders Responds to Donald Trump's 2020 Campaign Kickoff

Let's talk about Phoenix PD and Barbies....

How Sheriffs Undermined Their Successors After Losing Reelection

Join me for a Reddit AMA today at 4:15 pm ET ...

Trump Will Live Tweet the Democratic Debates

If "safe" is your main concern, forget about Biden. The safest bet to beat Trump would be Klobuchar,

Alex Jones hit with sanctions by judge in Sandy Hook lawsuit

I was riding a bus from NJ to NYC the other day...

This cloud formation wasn't classified until 2017. It's wavelike ripples created a 'stunning sight.'

Panicky Trump Brothers Seek Podiatrist Notes After Dad Sends Troops to Middle East

Consumer Product Safety Commission's acting chairwoman plans to step down

Remember that video of a baby having a full convo with his dad? 💙

Colombia to resume aerial fumigation of coca, says Duque. With glyphosate, defense minister adds

Many Democrats happy to go with Warren over Sanders

Colombia to resume aerial fumigation of coca, says Duque. With glyphosate, defense minister adds

Family who left 80-year-old alone on New Hampshire mountain may get billed for rescue

'They were racists' graffitied on Tennessee Confederate monument

The 2019 version of HA Goodman takes a swing at Warren.

Bernie Sanders hits McConnell for saying DC, Puerto Rico statehood is 'full-bore socialism'

World population to near zero growth by the end of the century: Pew Research

EU court declares Germany's highway tolls illegal

52 years ago today, the Monterey Pop Festival ended. The Jimi Hendrix Experience was there.

Just saw this great sign down the block from my house:

Chasten Buttigieg: 'I wish that I could tell you that' every message I receive isn't 'homophobic'

Papers, please, Melanie.

The Stonewall Riots

Here is my list of favorites in order at the moment.

52 years ago today, the Jimi Hendrix Experience closed the Monterey Pop Festival.

Saw a Monarch doing an early check on the Milkweed, today

Dr Mahathir says no to gay marriages in Malaysia

Presidential Candidate Julian Castro Continues Revealing Details of His Fair Housing Plan

Drug traffickers shut down Caribbean coastal towns after police kill boss

@AOC tweet to Liz Cheney......

Cheney's Office Considered Disguising Navy Seals As Iranians To Provoke War

US preschoolers less pudgy in latest sign of falling obesity

Wet MAGAts ask "Where on earth are we going to seek shelter? We're all under these little umbrellas"

I won't be watching one minute of that rally

Holy shit -- years after DNA evidence exonerated them, Trump suggests the Central Park 5 are guilty

Four Former La Vernia Students Given New Indictments in Sexual Assault Hazing Scandal

The Secret to Elizabeth Warren's Surge? Ideas

Report: Russian attack on Wolf Creek also targeted another nearby nuclear plant

Florida man says he had sex with stolen pool toys instead of raping women

A Texas family gamed the Masters ticket lottery using identity theft, millions of emails

Rebel-turned-journalist assassinated in southwest Colombia

Mitch McConnell Says We Don't Need Slavery Reparations Because We Elected Barack Obama

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 18, 2019

Republican gun activist arrested for felony after flashing gun at cop while driving 90 mph through

Maine lawmakers clear 'groundbreaking' solar bill

April Ryan to Trump: 'Will you apologize to the Central Park Five?'

Let's Just Have a Pet Peeve Thread

Neo-Nazi Propaganda Letter Mailed to Folklores Coffee House in San Antonio

Snap - The Power

The Proud Boys white supremacist group has been stopped by bicycle police in Orlando.

Did drumpf bus in his usual crowd?

Now what the f*ck are you doing?

New poll shows Biden and other top Democrats beating Trump in Florida

This town is now known as 'Gay Hell' in a Pride Month rebuke of Trump

Andrew Yang is on Chuck Todd's show right now.

Everyone used to worry terrorists would attack football or baseball games. Why no longer?

Black Hat Computer Security Group Drops Will Hurd as Speaker Over Concerns About His Voting Record

What do the Trump's have against tailors?

Royce Brooks: "Our Priority Is Making the Biggest, Best Run at Flipping Control of the State House"

Clinical pet peeve: if I ask you "How long has this been going on?", don't say "A minute".

Gay-themed books fuel fight over free speech at small-town library in Maine

Renewables are winning the economics battle against new coal and gas, stunning study shows

"But That's Socialism!" Today's episode... Hotel Elevators

The Spy Behind Home Plate

White power signs in Orlando today:

NBA finals game 6: When the Warriors were down by 1 in the last...

BlueKeep - again: U.S. Government Announces 'Critical' Warning For Microsoft Windows Users

Trump is no JFK

Are you really f*cking kidding me - Part 3 - they behave very will indeed (don't want sued?)

Did you take my eggs again Darryl? 😁

The one question for which I really need an answer

So will tonight be more of a trainwreck than usual Trump rallies?

I get that some people hate Biden for his past votes, etc, but I think attempts to take down Biden

Yet Another Rural Texas Hospital is in Jeopardy After Anti-Tax Activists Kill Funding Proposal

The July Contest

Canadians worried about climate change but half unwilling to pay more to fight it

DR officials identify man believed to have paid Ortiz hitmen

DR officials identify man believed to have paid Ortiz hitmen

Two companies petitioned for Trump's solar tariffs--now they're both out of business

George Stephanopoulos's face.

Since 1989: Top 1% Up $21 Trillion. Bottom 50% Down $900 Billion.

Watching local news here in Florida. Three government planes have landed in Orlando.

Joe Biden stops by Stonewall Inn to commemorate 50th anniversary of riots

Looks like Uday & Qusay are the warm-up act at daddy's Orlando MAGAt rally...


Luckovich-If trump was President in 1962

Trump Baby Blimp takes flight in Orlando!

Bravo Barbara Lee

Recording at Trump's Orlando clusterf*ck instructs MAGAts in proper handling of protesters.

**BREAKING A-RATED QUINNIPIAC FL PRIMARY POLL** Joltin Joe 41% Bernie 14% Elizabeth 12%

Is the 2020 US Senate Election going to be like the 2000 or 2008 US Senate Election.

Gila Woodpecker

Just a little warm up for souls for Trump's rally:

I don't usually do this, but I am going ask everyone of to say a prayer for a good friend of mine.

Anybody try that twitter post about an easy way to peel garlic?

trump rally, when are they serving the bug juice?

The way these cretins disrespect the US flag disgusts me.

Hilarious! Michelle Obama Inspires Team USA To Dodgeball Glory Over James Corden

Valerie Plame, Democrat, has announced she's running for Congress

'If he sees me, he's going to shoot me': Dallas photographer Tom Fox recounts his story of survival

Colorado Du-ers batten down!

See Saturn Near the Moon in the Night Sky Tonight! Here's How

Dead Kennedys - Stars and Stripes of Corruption

Illinois pothole

Breaks in the Perfect Symmetry of the Universe Could Be a Window Into Completely New Physics

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are likely to win.

Proud Boys stopped by police before reaching anti-Trump rally in Orlando

FULL: Bernie Sanders Speech at Poor People's Campaign Presidential Forum - June 17th 2019

Gold-Prospecting Astronomers Trawl Universe's Oldest Stars

Boaty McBoatface, Internet-Adored Sub, Makes Deep-Sea Discovery On Climate Change

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melania goes to the Dogs!!!!!

Pelosi Statement on President Trump's Threats of a New Mass Deportation Dragnet

Mitch McConnell's curious definition of 'full-bore socialism'

IAAF claims Olympic champion Semenya is 'biologically male'

The Evangelical, the 'Pool Boy,' the Comedian and Michael Cohen

US air quality is slipping after years of improvement

White House knew of Shanahan domestic incident for months, officials say

WH sued over missing notes from Trump's meeting with Putin.

Democrats plan to ask Hope Hicks about hush money to silence affair allegations against Trump

Gov. Mills signs bill to ban single-use plastic bags

California governor, lawmaker alter proposed vaccine rules

Chick-fil-A Will Open Its First Seattle Location Next Week

Pup fostering gives genetic boost to wild Mexican wolves

They're lined up in Orlando to see their president.

A Foreigner Paid $200,000 for Tickets to Trump's Inaugural. Now He Says He Was Duped.