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Lori Matsukawa anchors her final broadcast for KING-TV

Trump steadfast in denial as support for impeachment grows

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 17 June 2019

GOP nervous that border wall fight could prompt year-end shutdown

I don't believe any utterance from the Orange Shitstain, or his trumpkins,

Trump campaign fires multiple pollsters after unflattering numbers leak

George Will Predicts His Party Will Be Dead Soon Because Young Voters Hate Republicans

Arthur is a homeless Vietnam era veteran who lives in the woods near Ithaca, New York.

A note to Friends of No More Deaths from Grammy-award winning singer and activist, Linda Ronstadt:

Donald Trump calls London mayor Sadiq Khan a 'national disgrace'

Germany Joins Chorus Casting Doubt on Trump Administration Claim That Iran was Behind Attack on Oil

Brazil development bank chief quits, fuelling political crisis

2020 US Senate Election- If Democrats want to convict and remove Trump from office after 2020.

"The Good Fight" shows "Inauguration" and "The First Week" are

Chuck Todd allowed Republican to claim Trump's aggressive on Russia after Obama failed

Which of the following would be a better President than Trump?

What are the odds that the Democrats will keep control of the House?

Trump says he will roll out new health care plan in next couple of months

Note to ABC/George, ratings strategy fail: We know SHITLER is POS, don't want to tune in. But tyvm!1

Gaten Matarazzo's cool new Netflix prank show is all about screwing with people trying to find work

Buttigieg wouldn't reverse US embassy move to Jerusalem: 'What's done is done'

Happy Father's Day one and all!!!

Mike Pompeo and John Bolton have a message for all Americans, that whatever problem you may have...

A bridge made of grass

A bridge made of grass

I don't understand why the two young B & B are going after Biden because he is "so nineties"

Standoff with Iran exposes Trump's credibility issue

Guatemala election: Uncertainty reigns as top candidates barred

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

A percentage of everybody are jerks, including maudlin "dads" on Father's Day.

Hamsters Stuffing GIANT Foods In Their Cheeks

Ocasio-Cortez claps back at Trump after he cites her in tweet rejecting impeachment.

IN-05 Moves to Lean Republican Followings Brooks's Retirement

D.C. man refused to leave AOC's Queens office building, sprays cops with extinguisher

Morgan Stanley reading on economy collapses

Will impeachment backfire on Democrats?

Regarding Impeachment: What About a Special Committee?

Worshippers Wear Hardhats For 1st Notre Dame Mass Since Fire

Trump kicks his own Chief of Staff OUT of the Oval Office for coughing during interview

It's summer on the North Coast....

Trump said his administration doesn't have to follow the law.

With all the trump admin pushing for war with Iran:

link to ABC UNEDITED transcripts of Trump-Stepanopholous interview

Auburn 4, Mississippi State 1 going to the bottom of the ninth (Why I love the CWS)

Name this species


Threats of mass shooting at synagogue lead to arrest of Concord man

Last Week Tonight is a must see

Beschloss; Burglars arrested at Watergate , June 17, 1972

Clap clap clap. About time. There was never a time that black identity

This is Horrible even for Rick (Pawn Stars)

sign of the day

man killed at costco by off duty cop was nonverbal, had intellectual disability

#PRIDE50 -Listen to Marsha P. Johnson Talk About the Stonewall Riots In Her Own Words [RARE AUDIO]

Archaeologists Protest New Airport Near Machu Picchu

(LGBT)45% of Americans think that federal law protects LGBTQ people from discrimination. It doesn't.

45% of Americans think that federal law protects LGBTQ people from discrimination. It doesn't.

Costco shooting: Man killed by off-duty officer was nonverbal, had an intellectual disability

8 People Shot During Graduation Party In Southwest Philadelphia, Police Say

Floating cities: the future or a washed-up idea?

What's the worst thing you've ever had in your mouth?

LGBT Pride flags spark controversy, support in Utah city

Crimes committed in plain sight

PAC run by Utah governor's former staff under investigation

Utah's Rep. McAdams joins fellow moderate Democrats to halt congressional pay raise

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 18: Counterculture Films of 1969

'Cryoegg' to explore under Greenland Ice Sheet

State opens up occupational licensing to non-citizens

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 19: Star of the Month: Jane Powell

Remember kids, stay hydrated...

Swalwell praises Nevada's new gun laws but says national action needed

Most Say Trump Has Gone Too Far on Immigration

Williamson blends weed and inequality in Las Vegas visit

On the Doorstep With a Plea: Will You Support Medicare for All?

How and why has America gone down this path

2 Million Ppl of Hong Kong giving way to an ambulance while they were protesting - Twitter vid

Harris vows executive actions on immigration policy in Las Vegas visit

iron & wine - tree by the river/half moon (studio-2011) two songs that always put a smile on my face

Despite pushback from Realtors, Sisolak signs tenant protections into law

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Impeachment

Nevada state employees win right to bargain collectively

Workers at Sunset Station vote to unionize

Argentina's nationwide power outage puts Macri electricity interests in spotlight

Argentina's nationwide power outage puts Macri electricity interests in spotlight

NV Energy will start shutting off power at Tahoe during extreme fire-risk weather

Law overhauling regulation of Nevada's marijuana industry signed by Sisolak

dont share this picture

Attempt to restart Yucca Mountain licensing blocked in U.S. House

Jon Stewart SLAMS McConnell about 911 first responder aid bill in rare Fox News appearance

Nevada to pay $600,000 settlement after disabled man in state institution dies from injuries sustain

'A lot of little things': Incremental health policy changes favored over sweeping reform in 2019

Cortez Masto introduces bill to curb robocalls

Nevada Gov. Sisolak signs gun control bill into law

Trump team dumps pollsters after dismal data drops! (har-de-har-har)

Alabama: Where child-rapists have parental visitation-rights but child-abusers don't.

Government Accidentally Turns On Cat Filter During Facebook Live

Texas billionaire brothers block another Idaho road, prompting criticism over public access

Six families sue state over 'unlawful, inhumane, cruel' treatment at Nampa facility

John Oliver perfectly explains the Mueller report in a way all Americans can understand

Hanford could be resting place for vessel's nuclear reactors

Deutsche Bank may create 'bad bank' for high-risk assets

47 Years Ago Today; Five White House operatives are arrested for burgling the offices of the DNC

Men have biological clocks, too. Should they stop the tick-tock by banking sperm?

Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals America's dirty secret

Online Trolls Hurl Anti-Semitic Invective at Seattle City Council Candidate Ari Hoffman

79 Years Ago Today;RMS Lancastria is attacked and sunk by the Luftwaffe - over 3000 lost

Happy Debate Week Eve. Only 9 more days.

How important are Tiffany and Barron to their father?

"What We Can Be"

Appellate judges uphold $7.5 million jury award against Spokane County

Iran says its uranium stockpile will breach nuclear deal

Pollsters and the job numbers

It appears that Trump's ABC interview was the kick-off to his re-election campaign.

Ben Wittes tweet: six steps you can take to help control the problem of political disinformation

Israel/Palestine: Pete swats away Gotcha Questions

The Hill's Morning Report - Is US weighing military action against Iran?

No coughing allowed when Trump is in the rooom!

How did I miss this? Ivanka Trump, Kushner took in as much as $135M last year

Monday TOONs - Trusted Sources

This "branch manager" is doing a heck of a job !!

BREAKING: Buttigieg leaves campaign trail; will skip DNC's LGBTQ gala in NYC

WaPo: TRUMP supporters leaked his bad polling numbers

Biden leads in Texas, O'Rourke in second: poll

Leaked Polls Were Intended as Wake Up Call for Trump

Christie, Lewandowski and Manafort eyed as Dems' new star witnesses

Buttigieg 'almost certain' there have been gay presidents

Pfizer to buy cancer drug developer Array for $10.64 billion

There are 15 outside investigations into Trump -- and he relishes it

Federal minimum wage sets record with no increase since 2009

Democrats Defer to Pelosi

Pete Buttigieg accuses Trump of not caring about fixing border crisis

Trump Cites AOC to Say He Shouldn't be Impeached, AOC Responds: 'I'll Call Your Bluff'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sets Up Endorsement Battle Between Sanders and Warren

NYT Magazine: Elizabeth Warren Is Completely Serious

Battleground Florida: Both parties prepare for 2020 fight

White House, congressional leaders will try again to reach spending deal

Progressives' predicament: Bring down Biden without attacking Obama

California's Newsom takes aim: GOP destined for 'waste bin of history'

A terrible fallout of this administration.

Israeli Town Named After Trump Appears to be Fake News

Here she is... Lily!

Howz yous guys today?

So I'm watching a guy on CNN (Jonathon Greenberg?) who worked for...

Watch Trump Scold Mick Mulvaney For Coughing In The Oval Office

Are Republicans receiving enough scrutiny...?

Monday Breakfast. June 17, 2019

Why are we headed for a blowup with Iran? It began when Trump scrapped the nuclear deal.

"If you can believe it, Lincoln was treated very badly. But nobody's been treated badly like me."

The Rundown: June 14, 2019

With re-election on the line, Trump's poll numbers are full of warning signs

Picking a fight

Elizabeth Warren wants to level the playing field for entrepreneurs of color

Here's the Problem with Christian Privilege in the U.S. Government

Democrats don't need to tack right on immigration to win

"Get a Brain Morans" reference in Taylor Swift's new video

Madame Speaker---Have you heard the full Stephanopoulos interview of Trump?

Trump insists he's polling ahead of Democratic 'Motley Crew'

Elizabeth Warren wrote AOC's entry in the Time 100

The Yellow Handkerchief

Trump boasts of 100,000 requests to attend reelection rally

University of Texas / Texas Tribune Poll Texas Statewide Survey May 31-June 9

How elite colleges fail half of the poor students they admit

Evangelical leader promises 'most ambitious' voter mobilization in community's history for Trump

California Is Considering Ending Criminal Court Fees and Wiping Out Billions in Debt

The Illiberal Right Throws a Tantrum

Man killed after an alleged argument and attack on an off-duty officer in Costco was nonverbal...

Bad news for tЯump down in Texas

Cat filter accidentally used in Pakistani minister's live press conference

Sajid Javid Has Told Trump To Stop "Interfering" In UK Politics After More Sadiq Khan Tweets

The Tories would now rather face Scottish independence than lose Brexit

"I'll take swords over plowshares any day of the week." Please come CAPTION Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)

I can't resist the fundies at the abortion clinic here in Richmond

Buttigieg raised $7 million in April: report

Same crime:

German official: US video 'not enough' to pin blame on Iran for tanker attacks

India-US trade tensions threaten the ties that bind (DW)

India is hitting the United States with more tariffs

Supreme Court sends gay wedding cake dispute back to state courts

Trump tweets a bowl of angry, rambling, delusional, incoherent word stew for breakfast.

🇹🇭 Emotional scenes after the goal.

White People Want Trump (The Root Article)

Dems need to find a way to educate the people who know nothing about #45's crimes

Tiedrich tweet; thank god we elected the guy whose own intelligence agencies keep him in the dark...

Iran Threatens to Violate Nuclear Deal's Limits on Uranium Enrichment

Empire State manufacturing index posts largest-ever drop into negative territory in June

125 Million dollars each.

Right now - Active shooter in Downtown Dallas. Suspect in custody. No reports of fatalities.

Pfizer to buy cancer-research firm Array BioPharma for $48 a share in cash, in a deal valued at....

Report: Gloria Vanderbilt dies at age 95

Supreme Court declines to change double jeopardy rule in a case with Manafort implications

Gloria Vanderbilt, Heiress With a Knack for Reinvention, Dies at 95

FiveThirtyEight: How a Citizenship Question Could Impact Redistricting

Seth Abramson, re NYT Headline:

Dad reflexes:

Warren and Clyburn #Cancel My Debt

US women's soccer games out-earned men's games over last three years: report

Have we had a gay president?

Supreme Court hands Virginia Democrats a win in gerrymandering case

Xi Jinping to make first official visit to North Korea

50,000% markup for a shot makes the case for a single-payer healthcare system

Jeremy Hunt defends Donald Trump's attack on Sadiq Khan

Facebook to unveil new cryptocurrency

China is harvesting organs from detainees, tribunal concludes

Are we closer to a dictatorship today than a year ago?

Gillibrand's Campaign Not Going According to Plan

Accidental cat filter appears on Pakistan official's briefing

Roman Catholic church could allow married men to become priests

Proselytizing Atheists Take Over Public Spaces at Universities!

Chinese raids hit North Korean defectors' 'Underground Railroad'


Huawei says U.S. ban hurting more than expected, to wipe $30 billion off revenue

Amy Klobuchar: Here's what I said when @DonnyDeutsch asked me if he was a "good man."

Ireland to unveil bold plan to tackle climate emergency

Supreme Court upholds rule allowing state, federal charges

Supreme Court VA redistricting decision a big win for Democrats, but a strange bedfellows ruling

Once a world leader in creating public lands, US now leads world in shrinking them

How Likely is it Trump has Threatened Nancy Pelosi or Her Family?

NEW POLL: @BernieSanders now has the single largest lead against Trump of any 2020 Democrat

German Circus Replaces Live Animals With Cruelty-Free Holograms

America's slide into fascism

Don Beyer & Ted Lieu ask Special Counsel's Office to investigate Kushner for Hatch Act violations

Swearing off all PAC money can have a bad rebound for our people...

Op-ed: Buttigieg shows solid judgment on key issues

Is your doggy bored?

Boo hoo hoo. I'm being mistreated.

Joe Biden Says He's Ready To Handle The World. He Got Iraq Wrong Three Times.

Mohammed Morsi: Ousted Egyptian president dies in court, state TV claims

Egypt's ousted president Mohammed Morsi dies during trial

trump will not be re-elected if he's the nominee, according to astrologer with

Puerto Rico was about to pass a 'religious freedom' law but Ricky Martin stepped in & shut it down.

We need to understand this fact:

Airbus bests Boeing on day one of the Paris Air Show

So, since (almost) everyone agrees he's insane, now what?

McConnell on Jon Stewart: "It sounds to me like he is looking for some way to take offense."

Trump: "That is the only reason they play the impeach card, which cannot be legally used!"

No, Rep. Gabbard. The Mueller report was not to investigage collusion;

The danger of Tom Cotton

Buzz tweet; These boots are made for (moon) walking...

cell phones--age related?

Pro-Gun Parkland Student Loses Admission To Harvard Over 'Offensive' Racial Slurs

President Trump Aims to Slash Number of Federal Advisory Committees

The Pilot in Command of Vanished Flight MH370 Was More Troubled Than Malaysia Will Admit: Report

Facebook's cryptocurrency partners revealed--we obtained the entire list of inaugural backers

4 Years Ago Today; Nine Emanuel AME Church members murdered by an avowed White Supremacist

So Adam Schiff says no question Iran behind the attacks

Has anyone else noticed

Three Decades After Canceling Mapplethorpe Exhibit, Corcoran Examines Its Controversial Decision

Anyone in the freedom caucus...

Trump interview on ABC was a ratings bust

5 facts about illegal immigration in the U.S.

Biden's Iraq war vote not so hard and fast. To evaluate it, we need some background

Trade war costs overpower tax-cut gains at Cummins. Consumers may be next

Boy And His Puppy Both Have The Same Cleft Palates

General Wes Clark marks 20 years since NATO forces arrived in Kosovo.

There's an alligator swimming in a Texas lake with a knife in its head.

TPM: Michael Cohen Wanted Trump To Debut 2016 Campaign With Women In Bikinis, Elephants

HRC: 4 months old

George Takei: At least in internment camp I wasn't separated from my parents

TPM:GoFundMe Border Wall Group Reaches Out To Oath Keepers, Other Right-Wing Militias

After Vowing to Cover Legal Costs for Preachy School Board, CA Church Won't Pay

This is just the start of American authoritarianism

This family has 15 pets, one crazy schedule and the most perfect life ❤️

My Thought on the George Stephanopoulos Interview

The Man With 17 Kids (And Counting)

Embarrassing typo

As He Blocks Election Security Bills, McConnell Takes Checks from Voting Machine Lobbyists

Hunger Games prequel book and possible movie on the way

Fight Plastic Pollution by Asking Companies #IsThisYours?

Elephant listening to classical music....

Either someone has hacked Bill Cosby's official Twitter account, or.....

Young voters of color are supporting Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. But many want a different...

Why Bernie Sanders Isn't Afraid of 'Socialism'

Raspberries Sold In Wash. Recalled Over Norovirus

Lapid backs Liberman's call for Likud-Blue and White unity government

In response to discouraging polls, Trump concocts conspiracy theory

Seattle's dry weather forecast to stick around

Caption the stumblebum.

Live: Joe Biden speaking at POOR PEOPLE'S CAMPAIGN forum

A profound speech:

If impeachment vote was brought up today, how many votes would it get?

Biden says 1st action as pres. would be reversing Trump tax cuts weighted to the wealthy

Pigeon mom:

AOC fires back at Trump for agreeing with her: 'I'll call your bluff'

Building the Transcontinental Railroad, the moonshot of the 19th century


Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher's controversial war crimes trial to begin after months of disputes

Push to impeach Trump stalls amid Democrats' deference to -- and fear of -- Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is putting up guardrails for her party on more than just impeachment

In total, Trump faces at least 15 criminal or civil inquiries by 9 federal, state and city agencies.

Standoff with Iran exposes Trump's credibility issue as some allies seek more proof of tanker attack

Adam Schiff on Iran...

As price of insulin soars, Americans caravan to Canada for lifesaving medicine

Boris Johnson gets boost in race to become Britain's new PM

Medicare For All, which is right? Recent poll by Navigator

800 member Las Vegas "Tennis 702" Meetup group moves to Facebook

Pelosi: Dems will 'fight relentlessly' against Trump's ObamaCare repeal attempts

With apologies to TS Eliot

Zionist political theorist Michael Walzer Interviewed

Washington state waterfront owners asked to take dead whales

'Baby Trump' balloon expected to greet president for Orlando rally

Pakistani police target traffickers selling brides to China

Virginia AG calls for state to legalize marijuana

McConnell on 911 Bill

U.S. to withhold hundreds of millions in Central America aid

U.S. to withhold hundreds of millions in Central America aid

Here's why Teddy's on Rushmore and Trump will never be

Raptors Championship Parade brings out more folks

Cartoons 6/17/19

Magician who attempted Houdini-inspired trick is feared drowned

Lawyers: Alex Jones sent child porn to Sandy Hook families

Spokane Valley to select design following $1.2 million federal grant for Pines Road rail project

McConnell: "Granting statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico would be socialism."

@GovernorVA, @MarkHerringVA call Supreme Court's racial gerrymandering ruling a win for democracy

As early as 2012, Joe Biden's influence as a Vice-President was being noted; Obama handed

Have you ever just loved your children it hurts

Happy 39th birthday to Venus Ebony Star Williams

We still have questions about whether Russia meddled in N.C. That's a bad sign. - WaPo Editorial

I'm considering cutting the cord on Cable (DIRECTV) and can use some help.

Topeka Police apologizing for Father's Day tweet

How does a $50 million charter scam work? Here's what happened in California (before 11 people were

Sexism is weighing down the women running for the Democratic nomination

Re Mulvaney coughing. Take a look at what a real president does when a woman faints while he speaks

Married priests?

Ecuador 'allows US military planes to use Galapagos island airfield'

Ecuador 'allows US military planes to use Galapagos island airfield'

Caribbean science foundation participates in Clinton Global Initiative Action Network

A profound speech:

Beto O'Rourke moves to 4th place, Warren to 3rd in new Hill/Harris X Poll

Today is our 41st wedding anniversary.

Fact-checking Trump's ABC interview--on his comment about Hillary Clinton......

Biden shows a 22% lead over closest rival in new poll.

You raised $3.00 on June 16, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Tree thought to have inspired Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax' falls in San Diego park

Wherein Mr. Greenwald reads a headline and not the rest of the story:

Happy 40th anniversary, June 11, "My Sharona."

#SCOTUS rules in Virginia Uranium v. Warren that Virginia law barring uranium mining is not trumped

Biden: Work to Compromise with GOP, or Might as Well 'Go Home' or Start 'Real Physical Revolution'

What Trump is good at

Biden Runs Like It's a Primary of One

Maine Reverses Itself Again on Popular Vote Proposal

Very interesting post from The Bulwark on the top candidates:

Sharia court orders jail for rape victim unless kids handed to rapist.

Shots fired at the Raptors parade??

The House committee quietly racking up oversight wins against Trump

RNC chairwoman says 'way too early' for Republicans to focus on 2020 polling

Democrats want companies to disclose their climate risks -- and fossil fuel industry is worried

Las Vegas Tennis Meetup moves to Facebook, Tennis 702

A Pastor Who Wanted Women Executed for Abortions Was Arrested for Raping a Child

This article encapsulates the necessity for officially declaring the start of the impeachment

All idolaters must get stoned.

When these fuckers stress you out

Buttigieg's approach to courting black voters appears to be working

I think pedophiles have something in common with radical

USVI senator alarm over extended resources to reorganize 33rd legislature

Well we got some good news today

St Teresa - Joan Osborne

Trump is a loser.

This guy today.... 🦋

Pardon my Anglo-Saxon, but FUCK THAT!

Senator Gittens: Privatize WAPA to Ensure Better Service to VI Customers

Amazon Fires Back at AOC: She's 'Just Wrong' to Say We Pay 'Starvation Wages'

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 17, 2019

A profound speech:

Pew: World population expected to virtually stop growing by 2100

With G.E.R.S.'s Survival in Mind, Bryan's Vacancy Elimination Plan Worries VI Lawmakers

I'm sorry I'm late for work. I got dropkicked by a monkey again.

What the hell kind of wicked heathen godlessness is this?

If Trump refuses to leave the White House, if he looses the next election...

Boris Johnson accused of making MPs contradictory Brexit promises

What do you think about Nancy Pelosi's statement on Trump? - "difference between right and wrong"

I guess if he can't obey campaign laws hes not gonna obey traffic laws

'It doesn't break through': Democrats worry about grip on House as Trump overshadows agenda

Exclusive Polls Gonna Exclude -- The Safe Spaces For Sexist and Racist Doubt Churning

Blast from the past: Backhoe driver survives fall onto active train track in Forest

I ran the 440 for JV track.

FBI Investigating Top Executives of WAPA Contractor VITOL for Corruption and Money Laundering

Woodbury Fire Burns More than 36K acres - no end in sight..possible July 1st containment...

Dogs may have evolved 'puppy-dog eyes' to tug at our hearts

Boston's new MLK memorial is a gleaming bronze embrace

What Really Happened to Malaysia's Missing Airplane

2 people shot near Raptors rally at Nathan Phillips Square

Is Puerto Rico America's Forgotten Colony?

Dallas Morning News Photojournalist Tom Fox will get a Pulitzer for this picture:

Canada Proud paying people to wear banana costumes, push anti-Trudeau campaign

The Nonwhite Working Class

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 25

Retirees defy Puerto Rico government, get pension deal with board

Shooting someone on 5th Ave won't do it anymore

Handheld inflator?

Remember Clint Watts' Counterintelligence Advice On Russia When Reacting To Internal Polls

'THEY WERE RACISTS' spray-painted on Confederate monument in Nashville

Mistrial declared on murder counts in trial of Benghazi suspect

BTRTN 2020 Vision: The Warm Up Act is Over, It's Debate Time

Why Joy Division? Henry Rollins examines Jon Savage's oral history of the post-punk band

Trump admin says pride flags can't fly above U.S. embassies, sending a clear message to the world

He has them all stumped!! Biden Ahhh the audacity of the man

'Aggressive' CRIM Drive Against Tax Evaders to Rake In $300 Million

"But That's Socialism!" Today's episode... Statehood for Puerto Rico

Jones urges placement of a new Space Command headquarters in Huntsville

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 18 June 2019

After the attempted mass shooting in Texas, this article was written in relevant today...

Figures drops out of Alabama Democratic Party chair race; two will challenge Worley

Pit Bull Dog Wags Her Tail SO Hard No Matter What

Pelosi is hearing not just from progressives, but from moderates in Red districts

Pickens County Sheriff to plead guilty to wire fraud and tax charges

He is, in my opinion, pulling a bush!

It's raining.............................

Neo-Nazi must pay $4.1 million to Muslim comedian after calling him a 'terrorist'

Not just Florida Man...

My DIY solution for a dirty window

Harvard Pulls Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv's Admission Over Racial Slurs

I am still watching Toronto TV

Facts? We don't need no stinking facts..

'Blue Bayou': Linda Ronstadt, Much Love and Thanks!

Senator Sanders Poor People's Campaign Forum

NBC/WSJ poll: Enthusiasm for Warren surges while same for Biden, Sanders falls

Oh, here's another shitty sports/gym related school story.

Forced Birth and Heart Ache

Joe Biden's Full Speech/Questions at Poor People's Campaign Presidential Forum Today

Well, here is Trump's shit health care idea

McConnell: I don't know why Jon Stewart is 'all bent out of shape' on 9/11 victims fund

I think High School driver's ed classes in legal-pot states should start to cover pot use

Pentagon released photos to "prove" Iran attacked oil tankers

Newsom Says GOP Destined for 'Waste Bin of History'

LIVE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks to community

Freepers arguing that the oil tanker attacks are a false flag operation

U.S. to send 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East

06/18 Mike Luckovich: How to make Trump you bestie.

Trump says he'll announce a 'phenomenal' new health care plan soon.

Justice Thomas urges U.S. Supreme Court to feel free to reverse precedents

Killer Mike suggests EW & other Progs Get Behind BS..

Trump is the pimple that just keeps festering.

PA Driver gets probation, house arrest for crash that killed Washington Township fireman

Some Republicans I know are hoping for another candidate.

West Virginia House GOP education bill moving forward as teachers protest

Trump's U.N. nominee was 'absent' ambassador

Beijing says US legalization of marijuana is a 'threat to China'

The telltale cough

Topeka, KS, police sorry for Father's Day tweet in poor taste

Supreme Court rejects appeal from DC prep school student

Virtual act of treason

A woman president? I'll just leave this here.

Biden's Warren problem

Trump 'Calls Out' London Mayor Over Stabbings In London

White People Want Trump

Paul Manafort Seemed Headed to Rikers. Then the Justice Department Intervened.

Just Now: Trump now unhappy with...Fox News polls

WV House GOP Education Bill To Allow Charters Moving Forward As Teachers Protest

Shanahan can't pass an FBI background test?? (Sec Defense)

Alex Jones sent Child Porn to Sandy Hook Victims?