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Someday somehow

Watch this sick stray puppy transform into a new dog -- with the help of some rescued baby chimps 😍

Phoenix sued after police pull gun on parents of 4-year-old who took doll from store

Nancy Pelosi hits Trump on health care: His 'cruel hypocrisy knows no bounds'

McGahn is a whiney loser. His job is to protect the predidency, not run scared.

Fuck Robocallers! (Thank goodness for Nomorobo!)

Bipartisan senators propose forcing EPA to set drinking water standard for 'forever chemicals'

Pension obligations weigh on schools, local governments in New Mexico

Melania ... fake story ... fake lady

Software for Genealogy

Not that far from the truth at all.

Trump directs agencies to cut advisory boards by 'at least' one-third

Mitch McConnell And Elaine Chao The Targets Of New Investigation

Owner of attacked Japanese tanker: Trump admin isn't telling the truth

New energy legislation didn't end Colorado's "oil and gas wars." It just relocated them.

And, finally, Full Bloom

'I think I'd take it' is the last straw. Nancy Pelosi, it's time to impeach Trump'

Denver school board bans use of handcuffs on elementary school students

Earl Blumenauer's holding an 'IMPEACH NOW' rally in Portland.

Trans Woman Murdered in D.C. Suburb Is Second This Year

There are some jobs Americans will NOT do!

RNC's Doral Fundraiser Will Pour Money Into Donald Trump's Pocket. Again.

'Journalism Matters': Pueblo Chieftain employees protest cuts and their new owner outside the

Remember how slashing corporate taxes was going to cause a huge surge in investment?

U.S. drug monitoring aircraft allowed to refuel at Galapagos airport under new agreement

Oil Tanker Owner Contradicts White House On Explosive In Mideast Ship Attack

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Worse Than Watergate!

Today, WI Rapids, WI..sad story, they are family friends of ours. 😔😡☹️😥

Now that Sullivan recall bid has failed, does state GOP know enough to be embarrassed?

Friday Talking Points -- Debate Slate Set

Which Ex-Trump Official Said It? A quiz in honor of Sarah Huckabee Sanders' departure

Five reasons why 2020's down-ballot races could reshape America's future

Couldn't happen to a more deserving person...Duncan's wife flipped...

🐦 JUNE 29 5PM Keynote Speaker Sen. Sanders - Hillsborough County Democrats Grassroots Awards Dinner

Trump admin: If you think Iran's attacks on the tankers are bad now, just wait until next Tuesday

She's leaving him to lie for himself

Taking temporary post as Google CEO before transitioning into role as Sultan of Brunei

Mike Pompeo Said Congress Doesn't Need to Approve War With Iran. 2020 Democrats Aren't Having It.

'On Thursday, June 13, the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners filed suit

"Iran is going to attack us"

This filthy piece of dung, trash, garbage

if Dump's reign is based on reality tv, surely there is a reality tv writer

Today's question

With Father's Day coming, did you ever play harmless pranks on your kids

Elizabeth Warren: I've got a bill with @RepCummings, @CongressmanRaja, & @MarkWarner

DNC Committee Throws Bound Jay Inslee Onto Melting Iceberg Before Pushing Him Out To Sea

man. a world where the u.s. president is just assumed to be lying.

Neither Biden nor anyone else should promise the impossible to get elected.

EPA Air Chief Gave Presentation At Fringe Climate Denier Event, New Emails Show

Liz Warren gets short end of the stick in first debate

Guatemalan Parties Wrap Up Campaigns Ahead of Sunday Elections

Ali Velshi just now on MSNBC.

What Beto REALLY said about Obama in this video

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Governor of Arkansas?

ABC News Helps Trump Build Email List

An oldie but goodie dead-on description of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

What is Biden's plan for healthcare? Specifics needed. Not on website.

Huckabee Sanders Tells Colleagues She's Taking Temporary Post As Google CEO....

Real Time with Bill Maher guests tonight:

Rep. Hunter's hometown newspaper calls for his resignation

SH Sanders - latest in a long line of creepy, lying losers. just to jog the memory...

Can we just take a moment to bask in Sharice David's awesomeness?


'Cold Quasars' May Be at the End of Their Lives, But They Can Still Birth Stars

The Washington Post just posted this to their Instagram account

Atrocity, Lawlessness, Deception, and Louise Linton: Your Madness Roundup (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Magnetic Fields May Muzzle Milky Way's Monster Black Hole

Will you watch both of the 1st Democratic debates?

Phoenix police officer goes way over the top

I read somewhere that your eyes are actually in the middle of your face...

NASA Wants to Build a 'Starshade' to Hunt Alien Planets. Here's How It Would Work

White House Eliminates a Third of Federal Advisory Committees

We're going to have to turn out in such large numbers in 2020 that ....

Bronze Age cairn dig at Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Chamber

Trump channels Joe Pesci...

Largest world stock of animal-killing virus destroyed by UK lab

Love Kawhi Leonard...CONGRATS!!!💘

Scotland's crannogs are older than Stonehenge

Something really upset me today and I can't get it out of my head.

Bermuda land snail: An animal 'back from the dead'

It was 11 years ago that we lost a great man of character!

Democrat blasts Florida GOP official over 'cruel' Facebook posts

Franklin Graham: 'I think God was behind the last election'

So the "be best". Melania is the new Jackie Kennedy Onassis?

Laugh, and the world laughs with you

Human Skull Trophies Help Uncover the Maya's Mysterious Collapse

Human Skull Trophies Help Uncover the Maya's Mysterious Collapse

the gov. prosecuted a man for doing what the Bible tells us to do for people in need

The Daily Show: A Straw Cop Enforces Washington, D.C.'s Plastic Straw Ban

The Republicans and their idea of a leader caused these Iran headaches.

Police: Student stabs principal during graduation rehearsal

The Daily Show: The Obamas' Spotify Podcast & Escaped Lions at Large in South Africa

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 15, 2019 -- The Essentials: Directed by Agns Varda

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 16, 2019 - Happy Father's Day

TCM Schedule for Monday June 17 - Hollywood Hair Hall of Fame

Seth Meyers: Trump Open to Accepting Damaging Info on Political Adversaries from Foreign Governments

Nat King Cole, 'The Very Thought of You'

Lizzo: 'Water Me'

Seth Meyers: Guest Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Her Competition, Impeachment and America's Infrastructure

Top mental health experts to testify to Congress next month about Trump's mental health

How many of you say..." I knew this would happen"

Illuminating the night with curtains of light: the aurora borealis seen from above and below

Excellent Article about Warren. Buttigieg..."Braininess Is Now the Brand"

How Washington Learned to Love Debt and Deficits

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Is Your Home at Risk of Flooding? The Data Is Hard to Find

2020 US Senate Elections- Likely winner in all 34 seats up in 2020. 1-Safr D, 34-'safe- R.

Candidates shouldn't be endorsing potential prosecution of political opponents

Man claims coworkers urinated on chair, hung noose above desk at Boeing plant

Elucidation of the Molecular Signatures of 2 Gulf of Mexico Oil Disasters by 2D GC/MS (GCXGC/MS)

An Evening with Stephen Colbert at PaleyFest LA

Debussy Arabesque No.1- Inga Fiolia

Andrew Yang already torpedoed his campaign with one tweet.

'Uh-oh! We shouldn't have this!'

His internal poll numbers paint a bleak picture

Candidates at top of list to replace SHS

Night one of the debates. Snooze fest? Talking heads are calling it

Take comments about foreign election interference literally and seriously

$135 million for Jared and Ivanka

Mexico releases copy of letter

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Collusion Confusion & Sarah Huckabee's Departure

Receiving election dirt from a foreign country


It's not just foreign interference in elections we should worry about

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/14/19

Test of DOJ opinion justifying refusal to provide tax returns (TPM)

'Cinnamon Girl,' Neil Young (1970)

New Rules from tonight:

From his birthday appearance on Fox

'When You Dance I Can Really Love,' Neil Young

Video shows cop threatening to shoot a Black mother dead because her 4-year-old "stole" 99 cent doll

Extradition to China bill delayed in Hong Kong. That's amazing.

VW union vote: Chattanooga workers decide against joining UAW

Elizabeth Warren probes U.S.-backed loan to Kushner family firm

'One Way Out,' The Allman Brothers, Fillmore East (1971)

National Democrats to make a play for Tipton's seat

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seat will determine which party is in control?

'Soul Sacrifice,' Santana Live Woodstock (1969)

Ring of Fire: Japan Says Trump Admin Is LYING About Iran Attack

Sara Gideon, Maine's Democratic House Speaker, To Run Against Senator Susan Collins

Chemical weapons destruction resumes at Colorado plant

Missouri Restaurant Cancels Wedding Dinner After Learning It Was For 2 Brides

Why Hondurans Set Fire to the US Embassy

No DUI For Woman Arrested For Driving Toy Truck While Drunk

A Georgia Venue Is Refusing To Hold Same-Sex Weddings, So This Man Is Offering His Yard

'Ohio,' Neil Young, Anthem, Kent State Massacre (1970)

Gay pride street painting removed in Florence following dispute over city approval

'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,' The Allman Brothers, Fillmore Live (1971)

Ballot initiative sought to ban late-term abortions in Colorado

Activists, Senate Hopefuls Kick Off Democrats' Bid to Beat Cory Gardner

Gay Pride parades used to mean protests. Now they're an excuse for straight kids to party

Hong Kong leader delays extradition bill indefinitely amid protest pressure

Seth Myers on the ManBaby picking out new colors for his plane.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/14/19

Stephen Colbert - Guest Dan Abrams: 'No Collusion' Isn't The Same As 'No Conspiracy'

Laramie Democrat becomes first candidate to announce run to succeed Sen. Mike Enzi

Gov. DeSantis signs bill banning sanctuary cities in Florida

University of Wyoming announces collaboration in effort to strengthen state's coal industry

Cloud Peak gets court's OK to pay taxes

Analysis: Trump - Iran - Abe (Guardian)

Between the war drums for Iran and the disregard for the law and for ethical behavior...

How can democrats stop the certification of the 2020 election in congress?

Chilean bishop resigns after comments about Last Supper

Former Billings bank executive denies federal charges in blackmail, fraud case

Gianforte's entry shakes up Montana GOP governor's primary


So just how unlikely was the draw for our debates?

Article:McConnell downplays Trump's foreign election help comments

U.S., others object to U.N. counterterrorism chief visit to China's Xinjiang

U.S. plan to make Guatemala take asylum seekers called ludicrous by rights group

U.S. plan to make Guatemala take asylum seekers called ludicrous by rights group

U.S. ramps up Mexico asylum returns, Trump confirms 'safe third country' plan

U.S. ramps up Mexico asylum returns, Trump confirms 'safe third country' plan

Pence visit costs Billings $35K with no reimbursement in sight

'Moldova is free' cheers new premier as rival steps aside

Idaho Investment Adviser Accused of Bilking Montanans

Artcle Detaining Migrants In a Human Dog Pound

Court grants American Airlines' request to end 'devastating' slowdown by unions

How the Democrats plan to counter Trump's reelection launch

Why did Trump give an interview to ABC News??

PBS: Shields & Brooks on Trump & foreign campaign help, the Dem Debates

The same people who ate up a video that made Pelosi look drunk and stories about pizzeria satanists

Breakfast: Saturday, June 15, 2019

The second coming has been postponed

Some say "Trump hater" like that's a bad thing! nt

Paxton announces $13 million in debt relief for Texas ITT Tech students in multistate settlement

Welcome to Trump's Corrupt State - the Star Wars cantina of world politics

Framework forms around fledgling US hemp industry; licensed acreage in Oregon grows

The closing of the conservative mind

Opinion: A Persian Gulf war can have no winners

115 Years Ago Today; Excursion steamer "General Slocum" burns in East River - over 1000 dead

Jair Bolsonaro: Man who stabbed Brazil's leader acquitted

Alcock and Brown fly across the Atlantic - 100 years ago today.

Bird dog finds some birds.

This is how democracies die and dictatorships arise

Chinese state media urges retribution after UBS economist's 'insult' - doesn't look like one to me

Weekend TOONs - Collude Again, Collude Again, Diggity Dig

Did Biden catch a break missing Warren in the debate draw?

There is, once again, much discussion of what Trump said and then doubled down on

Texas mother of 'affluenza' teen says she is broke as she awaits her trial

Official mascot of the Republican party

Coming soon to Twitter - the REAL OJ!

"...please try to keep your pants on. no one wants to see that weird misshapen mushroom thing"

100's of cops are members of racist, misogynistic & homophobic Facebook groups where they mocked....

The Mark Zuckerberg Deepfakes Are Forcing Facebook to Fact Check Art

Exactly this...

U.S. claims Iran shot down American drones prior to oil tanker attacks

And now a public service announcement from UP with David Gura

Did the CIA help get the video of grainy "Iranians" in a boat to Donald Trump?

➡️ Watch LIVE JUNE 17 at 1PM: Poor People's Campaign Presidential Forum

AI deepfakes are now as simple as typing whatever you want your subject to say

"If you do not immediately return this call we will start illegal proceedings against you."

No Collusion, No Collusion

🐦 JUNE 16 - Bernie Sanders talks with Chris Wallace for an Exclusive interview this Sunday

Arkansas authorities arrest woman in killing of former state senator

Franco Zeffirelli has died, at 96

It's so depressing

Russia's Putin gives China's Xi ice cream on his 66th birthday

1 dead, 2 injured in shooting at Costco in California

U.S. has 'no interest' in new conflict in Middle East - military

Trump campaign zeroes in on a new threat: Elizabeth Warren

Trump admin portrayed - Exactly as I see it (warning: disgusting)

Trump fires back at reports on his lousy polling with accusation of 'the Greatest Presidential...

If you wanted to bring out 1 million anti Trump protestors in Orlando for Trump's Announcement

Trump isn't a president, he's a gangster (Lucian K. Truscott IV)

To enjoy with your cofveve

'They care about corporations:' Landowners demonstrate pipeline project's toll

Time for a new game. It's called Where's the Toxic Socialist? (First in a long series)

Alex Jones Offers $1M Reward After Alleged 'Malware' Attack That He Says Planted Child Porn on...

Some Virginia Beach lawmakers say it's 'too soon' to talk gun control

Trump fires back at reports on his lousy polling with accusation of 'the Greatest Presidential...

Flag Day: The impaled eagle is a nice touch.

Giant Pleistocene Wolf discovered in Yakutia, Russia

India set to raise tariffs on some US goods: reports

The Democratic Debate Lineups Are Set. Here's What to Expect (NYT)

Joe Morrissey knocks off Sen. Rosalyn Dance in Democratic primary

You raised $85.20 on June 14, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Lawyers for Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax ask for sex assault investigation

WaPo: Unearthed letters show Trump attacking journalists for telling the truth since the 1980s.

Alabama court forces rape survivor to allow rapist to have visitation with children

30 Hours Special Report on ABC - Stephanopoulos and Trump - 9 PM Sunday

North Carolina has lost a marvelous leader--Charles Van Der Horst

Jill Wine-Banks tweet; Why does anyone listen to 45? How can McGahn sit silent in the face of this?

That Dystopian Future? It is right round the corner.

Early college high schools are among NC's top options. Why is a funding cut possible?

When I was a kid, "tag" was a game played frequently in my neighborhood. It required no

Oh hey, good morning. America is GREAT again. I just found out myself.

Moore County locates new elementary school near pollution, hazardous waste sites in Aberdeen

How a Texas oil heiress got scammed -- and then seduced -- by Twitter's most inept Trump-loving troll

It's Time to Retire the Word "Collusion" When Describing Trump's Machinations

Social Scientists Convene to Explore the Relationship Between Armed Conflict and Climate Change.

I get to see my granddaughter tomorrow!

Jeffrey Epstein's scandal of secrecy points to a creeping rot in the American justice system

I doubt that the debates are going to be "attack the competitor" thing.

Communities Still in Dark on Cape Fear River Contamination

Trump throws support behind 'no brainer' measure to ban burning of American flag

Gaslit groundhog day:

Full page ad in our local shoppers' weekly...

Who Is Justin Amash And Why Is He Willing To Go Against His Own Party?

Trump's attack on Don McGahn did not make any sense?

Framed By Nature

MUST SEE!! Beto Justice Reform Roundtable with African American Leaders in SC(INCREDIBLE Video)

Sen. Collins to oppose Trump judicial nominee over record opposing gay rights

FAIR WARNING: If you hire Sarah Sanders, millions of people will not watch your program...

Trump was predicted on 4/19/2009

Federal task forces ban body cameras, so Atlanta police pull out. Others may follow.

Bernie Sanders Delivered the Most Profound Speech Since We Lost MLK

So how about a war with Iran to distract America?

The White House's next foreign visitor: Matteo Salvini, the closest thing Western Europe has to Trum

Last night was a bloody murder scene.

Iran Fired Missile at US Drone Prior to Tanker Attacks: Defense Official

Four-year-old drives Grandpa's car to gas station

Young Turks founder calls Warren's economic patriotism plan 'obvious political wordplay'

Does Joe Biden plan on releasing his tax returns?

Attendees at the Polk County (Iowa) Steak Fry in September


Temperatures leap 40 degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet see record Jun

How Guilty Is Trump And His Cabal If He Is Willing To Start A War With Iran.....

Trump: "If anyone but me takes over in 2020 there will be a Market Crash the likes of which..."

At just 1 week old, orphan 🦒 Kiko was already the same height as his human rescuers!

Salon: "Trump isn't a president, he's a gangster."

The administration's plan to redefine 'human rights' along conservative lines

The administration's plan to redefine 'human rights' along conservative lines

Just In: Trump claims his "NO BRAINS" Tweet is a "No Brainer."

Documents suggest connection between GOP strategist and census official on citizenship question, ...

Dahlia Lithwick: America Can't Just Live for 2020

The trade war's unlikely victim: Hollywood

Will the initial debates thin out the candidate list a little?

When Trump Loses The 2020 Election - How Much Damage Can He Do Between.....

Heading out with my new USS John S McCain hat today.............

Dangerous skin bleaching has become a public health crisis. Corporate marketing lies behind it.

Dangerous skin bleaching has become a public health crisis. Corporate marketing lies behind it.

"Warning from the FBI" poster, World War II:

PSA: Plural form of nouns ending in -ist

Mueller or McGahn could be a great national hero.

New YOUTUBE CHANNEL ON ELECTION SECURITY from Jennifer Cohn. Please share and support!!

Flow chart to help everyday Americans understand the American camp system.

Barack Obama's 12 most memorable speeches; KU expert discusses outgoing president's rhetorical legac

UM insurance vs uim coverage: Someone smarter than me tell me which I want.

US seeks to 'build international consensus' blaming Iran for tanker attacks

Prediction - Rain, thunder and lightning for

Melania is NOT the new Jackie O---she's actually:

Global heating to inflict more droughts on Africa as well as floods

A remarkable resource - everything you ever wanted to know about The Predicament

Italy adopts decree that could fine migrant rescuers up to E50,000

Diversion is a tool Trump uses again & again. Example: Melania versus Jackie Kennedy

Happy 76th anniversary, West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette

Happy 243rd Birthday, Virginia Declaration of Rights

Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones

Gulf of Tonkin 2019 style

Run for the Hills. The Lunatics have stormed the Asylum.

"Getting Away With It."

David Corn: Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan for Winning the White House, and Right Now It's Working

John Delaney on Medicare for All

Secure elections act is stalled

Something isn't quite right with these dogs 😂

The Analyst Who Gambled And Took On Trump

(Jewish Group) What I Learned at the D.C. Dyke March

South Florida synagogues celebrate LGBTQIA community

Regardless of Mueller Report, Trump should be charged with incompetence & malfeasance in office.

250,000 join Middle East's biggest gay pride parade

Noah didn't retire, so why should we?

Gay Liberation Front Seen in '69 Radical Protest Video

The Case for Gay Reparation

The Election: Attack the ego, attack the delusion, then watch Trump destroy himself.

Suggested speech top notes for Bernie Sanders

The internal poll that Donald Trump said didn't exist was just leaked

Lender to disburse $5.1 million in debt relief after 'deceiving' ITT Tech students

Earth to Mcgahn, come in Mcgahn.

Trump remarks deepen distrust with intelligence community

What is the least the Democrats should do to defend our country..

The Phoenix PD brutality case is not going away.Local news, June14, 11pm broadcast

In my opinion, The only way Trump can win the election is by cheating. What are the odds?

Critical services for the blind in western Washington shutting down

Catfished by Jacob Wohl


10:57 p.m. Someone was driving around town "hooting and hollering."

Inside the NRA's finances: Deepening debt, increased spending on legal fees and cuts to gun training

Former Idaho GOP chairman arrested in court on new charge. This time, trespassing

U.S. court rules against Trump administration in immigrant teen abortion case

Photos Show What Humans Have Done To The Planet

This is a TREND and I am UPSET

What Can We Do?....

Intelligence Experts Question Iran Video: 'U.S. Track Record On Ginning Up Evidence For War Is Not G

In Stores, Secret Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move

Trump warns of 'market crash' if he loses in 2020

Last chance to comment on changes for Wallace Falls

The 9th Circuit's Latest Trans Troops Ban Ruling Looks Like a Loss for Trans Rights, but It's Actual

Chile bishop resigns after suggesting there is a reason the Last Supper had no women

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia's Power Grid

Schwab: So, what do we mean when use the word 'socialism'?

It is an organized crime syndicate

NATO faces big bill if it does not pick AWACS successor soon: officials

Booker, O'Rourke rally with striking McDonald's workers in South Carolina

A deadly deer disease is spreading. Could it strike people, too?

Cartoons 6/15/19

Audubon intervenes to protect ocean monument for puffins


Trump Warns of Epic Stock Market Crash If He's Not Re-Elected

The most "1960s" music video you will see this week...

New Evidence Completely Undermines Trump Administration's Census Claims

Happy Pride Month! From a straight ally, and proud of it!

I'm from California

Happy 73rd birthday, Noddy Holder, of Slade.

I never understood the campaign for an independent Scotland.... Until now

Help Baby Trump come to Orlando! Please donate a small amount

Privately funded border wall forced open by federal agency

While watching TV it is now a good idea to keep a Fork beside you

Early Evidence Of Cannabis Smoking Found On Chinese Artifacts

Saving face How Donald Trump silenced the people who could expose his business failures

Notre-Dame: Les images de la premire messe depuis l'incendie

So I'm out eating breakfast at Taco Giro and there's this big photo

You could be swallowing a credit card's weight in plastic every week.

What is Plan B if tRump wins reelection in 2020? What if the Rs take back the House?

Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers' Traps--A First.

Mike💩Huckabee blasts CNN's Axelrod for calling daughter 'Habitual Liar'

I'll give you three guesses as to who is conniving with 45's administration to threaten Iran...

Tweet of the Day

Photos Show What Humans Have Done To The Planet

Beto O'Rourke releases Small Business Plan to help women and minorities

For those who want to disarm civilians, can we disarm the police too?

And now, some advice on ethics for the lovely Mrs. Mnuchin (Louise Linton):

'We are trapped': Zimbabwe's economic crunch hits passports

Ocasio-Cortez goes viral with MUST-WATCH speech in Congress

Executive Order on Evaluating and Improving the Utility of Federal Advisory Committees

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 15, 2019

Mayor Pete at City Club of Chicago, May 16, 2019

So, What if the Full Preterists Are Right?

The fruits of Private Bonespur's Hard Work redesigning AF1

Inside the NRA's finances: Deepening debt, increased spending on legal fees -- and cuts

Assuming, that if Trump is indicted after he loses in 2020, he will scamper off to

Twitter is great if....

Room erupts in laughter as Watergate witness humiliates Matt Gaetz

Alaska is melting and it's likely to accelerate global heating

The promises of billionaires in today's world....

Buttigieg with Jonathan Capehart, 92nd St Y, May 29, 2019

Nate Silver: Bernie should be concerned about Warren's momentum.

Trump retweets Islamophobic trash from notorious racist Katie Hopkins, who has said:

Here's something interesting about the tanker blow ups

Suspect arrested in Linda Collins death

FLIPPABLE: Ghazala Hashmi for VA-SD10

Soon, I will write a post called, They call me the Far Left?

Protect our elections....

FLIPPABLE: Debra Rodman for VA-SD12

Last night was a bloody mary scene.

Baptist pastor accused of molesting teenage relative

No trip to Target this afternoon: their computers/cash registers are down all across the country

FLIPPABLE: Alex Askew for VA-HD85

FLIPPABLE: Martha Mugler for VA-HD91

To beat Biden, his rivals must win in Iowa and New Hampshire

FLIPPABLE: Shelly Simonds for VA-HD94

Update on my treasure hunting...

Illinois becomes 11th state to legalize marijuana

Atlanta History Center acquires rare battle flag of Civil War's black troops

NOAA's New Global Model: How Does It Handle Tropical Cyclones?

Yer Blues: The Dirty Mac (Lennon, Clapton, K. Richards, M. Mitchell)

Ice on Fire: Climate change documentary

Georgia Medicaid recipients: What to do if your benefits were cut off

Blue lobster

NYTimes: Pentagon keeping security intel from Trump because they fear he'd leak it to a foreign

Animals by The Band Fleeb

Taliban claimed attack on U.S. forces. Secretary of State Pompeo blamed Iran.

Who stands to benefit from US v Iran?

Magic Mushrooms Could Replace Antidepressants Within 5 Years

What are some good job markets to get into?

It use to be fun to get On-Line and kick

State Rep. Eric Johnson easily defeats council member Scott Griggs to become Dallas mayor

The nationalist doesn't REALLY love his country, he loves that people think he loves it

I have a few investments in the Market..

Trump thanks Blackburn

Man stuck in traffic jam gets a call from Mike Pompeo

A man pays his respects...

Recovering Energy from Acid Base Neutralization Via Electrochemical Cells.

Planned Parenthood builds Ala. clinic despite abortion law

Lock Him Up! from Impeach Trump rally in Bethlehem, PA

Tennessee Volkswagen plant rejects unionization

Why do script-writers insist on turning the heroes of action-movies into psychopaths and sociopaths?

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 11

So, all the Target stores computers/registers down nation wide

Families of missing indigenous women march in Oklahoma

New Alaska park bridge aimed at limiting bear encounters

Just got back from the MoveOn rally

House Intel Republican: 'Foolish' not to take info on opponent from foreign ally

Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but---

Pitcher who holds the record for the most career pickoffs is...

Rainbow Parade engulfs Vienna

Rep. Ral Grijalva under scrutiny by House ethics committee over workplace allegations

If many registers are down nationwide at Target were they, how you say,

Chick-fil-a Prime.

Ring of Fire: Trump Is Taking Money From At Least 22 Different Foreign Countries

Franco Zeffirelli, Italian director known for "Romeo and Juliet," dies at 96

Not surprising

Putin and the FSB didn't want Trump to make the US and Russia all lovey-dovey with each other

Improvised food-craving substitutes

UT Rep Chris Stewart says it would be 'foolish' for a candidate not to look at foreign intel against

Pelosi: "I don't think there is anything more divisive we can do than to impeach a President..."

RAW: WWII veteran recalls storming Omaha Beach on D-Day

Trump And Other Gaslighters/Narcissists Create Crises And Then Act Like They Solved Them

Trump Campaign Zeroes In On Elizabeth Warren

Is there a way to tie one's Amazon charges to one's Mastercard bill?

Ottawa mayor tells Raptors to 'forget the White House' and visit Trudeau instead after victory

So the orange one had his re-election kick off...

Good God Almighty....

We do not need her alternate facts...stop covering her fake ass.

The disdainful Queen of Gaslighting...

Kamala Harris visits Las Vegas McDonald's to protest with workers

Butterflies feasting on butterfly weed

Campaign chaos sows disillusion ahead of Guatemala vote

Trump suggests Don McGahn lied to Mueller under oath -- and bars his testimony

Annual June conference in Miami has been helping and shaping Latin America for decades Opinion

Hard to believe in anything with the Big Con in office....

How do you define "impeachment inquiry"?

Peasant clothing? It could be a thing in the fashion world soon?

America Putting Malware in Russian Grid: NYT

A history of white privilege

Cleveland Is Paying $225,000 to a Man Who Burned the American Flag

Marijuana dispensary rolls out its own credit card as weed industry works to go beyond cash-only sal

Gov Steve Bullock was just ONE PERSON short of making the debates

Trump's July 4 Gala to Drain Security Costs From Special Fund Because He Hasn't Paid His Last Bill:

Trump's consistent criticism of Iran pushes U.S. to point of potential conflict

Is your loved one in a nursing home? Here's why you should be alarmed

Costco joins Kroger in recalling frozen berries over possible hepatitis A contamination

Election security bills face GOP buzzsaw

Trump's order to slash number of science advisory boards blasted by critics as 'nonsensical'

Man arrested after alleged threat to commit mass shooting at synagogue