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Huckleberry hopes she is remembered for her transparency and honesty.

More than 600 US companies urge Trump to resolve trade dispute with China

Brazil: Bolsonaro fires key moderate who warned of dangers of 'extremism'

Brazil: Bolsonaro fires key moderate who warned of dangers of 'extremism'

MLK: "This country has socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for the poor."

First major spending on Louisiana roads in 30 years is biggest surprise of the legislative session

Wow Chris Hayes just reminded America that Kevin McCarthy said that he

FEC chair responds to Trump saying he'd accept foreign intel on opponent: 'It is illegal'

Texas icon Schlitterbahn sells New Braunfels, Galveston water parks to Ohio company

This is the dominant story in Jamaica today

When Trump is finally out, will Putin call in the debts?

Rep. Duncan Hunter's Wife Implicates Congressman in Vast Misuse of Campaign Funds

Boren resigns from OU teaching post

If Iran is attacked the Shia in Iraq will attack American assets there,

"I would not have thought that I needed to say this."

Social market economy. Is that so wrong?

The scary thing about Sarah Huck's departure...

Austin school district employees to receive minimum 6% boost in pay

On the Reinterpritation game, Brass against is so much better than Five Finger Death Punch

Amy Klobuchar on a new Seth Meyers tonight

Sarah Sanders says Trump will have an ...."incredible six more years and get a whole lot done"

One of the best songs ever written...

Polls? Really? Until we are well into the debates, all these polls are little more than diddly squat

U.S. denies Tesla, GM, Uber 25% Chinese tariff relief

Trump ex-aide Manafort to seek dismissal of New York charges

Fort Sill Selected As New Temporary Shelter To House Unaccompanied Migrant Children

In the name of not putting a thumb on the scale in favor of top tier candidates

Senate confirms ex-Air Force General Stilwell as top diplomat for East Asia

Google will spend another $600 million on Oklahoma data center

Anita Hill says she could vote for Biden if he becomes Democratic nominee

Talas - High Speed on Ice

OK. I'm getting excited about O'Rourke again.

(Jewish Group) Texas 7' death row prisoner claims judge was biased

After scandals, Pope orders his diplomats to toe the line

The legacy of SHS

Ex-state senator Garrison dies

Austrian prosecutors investigating ex-leader of far right over sting video

(Jewish Group) New survey compares Israeli, American, French opinions on Judaism and Israel

Trump smashed months of FBI work to thwart election interference

OU carries out second round of staff layoffs this year

''I am proud to have these progressive champions supporting our campaign.''

Unhappy at Twitter, thousands of Saudis crash pro-Trump social network Parler

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Worse Than Watergate!

Anita Hill says she could see herself voting for Biden

First day as WH press secy

The Best of Buster Keaton

Inhofe blames Obama for return of unaccompanied immigrant minors to Fort Sill

Catholic bishops approve new sex-abuse reporting hotline

Central Park 5 Prosecutor Drops Columbia Law Teaching Job After Netflix's 'When They See Us'

Central Park 5 Prosecutor Drops Columbia Law Teaching Job After Netflix's 'When They See Us'

Is this voice good? (Use Me Up (Bill Withers)) Soundcloud:

Kansas Republicans fear executive action by Gov. Laura Kelly on Medicaid expansion

YouGov poll finds Biden with 50 percent of black vote

What is going on with Spanky & Flynn ?!?!???

Kellyanne Conway's most disturbing quote, IMHO:

U.S. retailers' halting outlook reveals scale of tariff fear

Wells Fargo To Pay $5M For Unlawfully Repossessing Service Members' Cars

WATCH: @chrislhayes asks @BernieSanders, ''Why does the word matter more than the agenda?''

"Let me make something 100% clear"

Huawei files to trademark mobile OS "Hongmeng" around the world after U.S. ban

My son plays bass and sings lead on The Bands video released today

Kansas Democrats' changes to presidential selection laudable, but incomplete

"the dumb party"

Hickenlooper responds to Sanders.....who responds to Hickenlooper.....who responds to Sanders.

Bob Dylan on Netflix: Rolling Thunder Revue.

Sara Netanyahu pleads guilty in illegal meals case as corruption probes loom over husband

France will send a new 'friendship tree' to Trump after the last one died

Maine becomes 8th state to legalize assisted suicide

Nancy's Plan

Why was Stephanopoulos just standing by Trump's desk like a minion?

Ghazni's ancient tower collapses in Afghanistan

These Two Things Might Be Shrinking The Number Of Teacher Vacancies In Kansas

Watch Beto O'Rourke on PBS NewsHour (Full Video Link)


New research aims to show what happens to galaxies when they are about to die

Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue

Scott Jennings (R-Asshole) on CNN tonight ...

Titans of Real Estate in 'Shock' Over New York Rent Law Deal

Bernie, Son of FDR

Putin fires police generals over discredited case against journalist

Lincoln law requires hookah lounge to stock liquor even though the Muslim owners don't want to sell

Seth Moulton apeared on PBS NewsHour

NASA Spacecraft Spots 'Star Trek' Logo on Mars

Lawrence just reported on Kevin McCarthy saying Putin paid Trump! And Chris Hayes said it earlier.

2020 US Senate Election- Maximum number of US Senate Races Democrats could win in 2020.

Justice Dept. Seeks to Question C.I.A. in Its Own Russia Investigation

Ex-teacher, janitor charged in St. Josaphat gun incident

The long-awaited upgrade to the US weather forecast model is here

DeVos' student aid chief quits foundation board following questions on conflict of interest

"human dog pound"

We don't need no stinking Mueller report.....

China says it has developed a new radar system that can spot US stealth fighters at incredible dista

TX-28: Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar gets primary challenger

Botswana decriminalizes gay sex in landmark Africa case

Tweet of the Day

Texas governor signs controversial 'Save Chick-fil-A' bill

The news cycle of the last 24 hours is makin' that vein on my temple throb, and throb, and throb

Behind the scenes in the White House Press Office

So, I joined the Diabetes family todayon top of Crohn's all this for someone that HATES needles


No not again. Klay Thompson hurt. I don't want the Raptors to win

America: The First Poor Rich Country

I totally agree!!

FEC Rebukes Trump Over Foreign Election Assistance

The Daily Show: Would Trump Accept Foreign Dirt on Political Opponents? YES

People First Plan to Eliminate Lead Exposure

Utah officer who pulled gun on black child sparks protests

Barr needs to be asked

In hot water? Study says warming may reduce sea life by 17%

Seth Meyers - Trump's Press Conference with the President of Poland - Monologue - 6/12/19

U.S. releases video it says shows Iran's military recovering mine

How could a once brave warrior like Mueller become so timid?

Help finding images of possible white nationalist logo

Pelosi On Trump Attacking Her On D-Day: 'I Felt Really Sorry For Him'

Seth Meyers - Trump Says He'd Take Foreign Dirt on a 2020 Opponent: A Closer Look

US gift to China questions enforcement of N. Korea sanctions

Kicking Ass Like The Badass She Is . . . . and looking GOOD while doing it!

Player who hit a HR on the first pitch he saw in the Major Leagues and later had the most total

Jon Stewart Breaks Down Over Gift From 9/11 First Responders

Yes, Saturn's Rings Are Awesome -- NASA's Cassini Showed Us Just HOW Awesome.

Return of the Giant Monsters (Kaiju): Gamera vs. Gyaos (1967) Full Movie

Raptors win first NBA title by knocking off Warriors in six games

Cargill puts up $30 million to end forest destruction in Brazil

Swiss women strike for more money, time and respect

Agree? Disagree?

The Great Tropicana Field Blackout of 2019 (part 2) and a historical cycle

#Breaking News....

Kellyanne Conway to Leave White House Immediately and Begin New Job at Kremlin

Brazil Supreme Court rules homophobia a crime

Brazil Supreme Court rules homophobia a crime

Kellyanne Conway Decides To Lie Low Until Rule Of Law Dies Down

David Cay Johnston on fire in interview with Ian Masters today, 6-13-19

Argentina group identifies 130th person taken during dictatorship

Should Kellyanne Conway get prison time for violating the Hatch Act?

Mitch McConnell wants to win with the help of Russians

"1984" at Seventy: Why We Still Read Orwell's Book of Prophecy

Are you hill folk or flatlander?


Jimmy Fallon: Trump Returns from the UK

Sloppy, lazy assed David Rhodes on CNN analyst "these are Iranian boats" really!?!?

Jimmy Fallon: Trump Teases Reporters with Mexico Immigration Deal Papers

Having ten people on the stage at once for the debates is rediculous.

Swiss Man Charged In Manhattan Federal Court For Insider Trading Scheme That Generated More Than

Riverside Man Found Guilty of Federal Charges Stemming from Bogus Debt-Elimination Services that

South Florida Pill Mill Owner Sentenced to Prison for Role in $2.2 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

Getting rid of 'cloud of doom': Gage County makes first of Beatrice 6 payments


School employee quits after 'cotton picking' comments to pupils

Britney Spears' ex-manager hit with 5-year restraining order

Man's deportation reversed in rebuke of government practices

Audit finds that director of Nebraska agency took 'questionable' trips in state vehicle

Progressive Announces Bid to Challenge Susan Collins in 2020

hypocrite of the year: politician who had his big medical bill paid by medicaid, opposes for others

NO! NO! NO! Fuck NO!

Aaron Schock Federal Election Filing Raises Speculation He's Planning New Run for Congress

2 from Joaquin Rodrigo:

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/13/19

UAW announces tentative agreement with Mercy Health

Trump rushes into damage control, blames media, recasts comment

Texas Planned Parenthood clinic will remain despite new law

Kellyanne Conway to Leave White House Immediately and Begin New Job at Kremlin

New York eliminates religious exemptions for vaccines

Firefighter union leader calls Trump attacks over Biden endorsement 'counterproductive'

Turkey says would retaliate against U.S. sanctions over Russian S-400s

U.S. House committee rejects low-yield nukes in defense bill

Holy shit. I just realized that Trump and Putin use the same domestic propaganda-technique.

Full Interview: Senator Bernie Sanders Makes The Case For Socialism - All In - MSNBC

Clearwater (FL) Chick-fil-A owner, former church youth leader accused of molesting teen girl

Trump Free Day!

Andrew Gillum learns to carry Florida Democratic Party's future and his own baggage

Jury sees child pornography allegedly possessed by NXIVM leader

Four years after Trump's candidacy speech, eyewitnesses share memories

Senate approves end to gender disparity for employee insurance costs

State lawmakers strike deal allowing rent stabilization upstate

The media should stop quoting Kellyanne Conway, because that would be conspiracy

Valedictorian at San Diego high school rips school staff for negligence, calls out one teacher for

At least 60 dead ice seals found along Alaska coast

Did Duncan Hunter's wife just flip on him ?

It's not Norway that's interfering in our elections

82 Years Ago Today; U.S. House of Representatives passes the Marihuana Tax Act.

Labor Rally Mantra: Murphy Good, Sweeney Bad

Organizations Sign Letter Calling for NJ State Legislators to Pass the Millionaire's Tax

Conservative Christian leader says date that legalized same sex marriage is "our 9/11"

65 Years Ago Today; Eisenhower signs bill placing "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance

Actually, 10 Cities Are Reportedly Waiting For Trump Campaign To Pay $841,000 In Rally Bills

Explaining the increase in coal consumption worldwide

Their pensions are gone. Newark Archdiocese is to blame, lawsuit says.

Trump's Cabinet members go into the bathroom, one by one. . .

Shapiro, Democratic lawmakers hear experiences of racism, discrimination

Rate my art

AFL-CIO president will host NAFTA town hall in Pittsburgh

ACLU Sues Coast Guard Over Allegedly 'Unlawful' Detention Of Jamaican Fishermen

How to tax Corporations in the 21st Century? (Johannes Becker)

Unions, immigration advocates divided over expanding work status checks to construction industry

Pelosi press conference trumped by Huckabee and Conway

Friday TOONs - No Collusion! No Collusion! Back Then, I Mean...

President John F. Kennedy observes as Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. is sworn in (daughter Nancy looks on)

A valedictorian thanked teachers in her speech. Then she went scorched earth.

What's for Breakfast, Friday 14 June 2019

36 hours later: I finally have a grown-up dining room

South Jersey trucking firm omitted criminal violation in application for $79 million tax break

Frum tweet; Assange the hypocrite

Has the orange goof called fox and friends yet?

In Philly, Jill Biden says she doesn't want her granddaughters fighting same fights 'we've already

Trump supporters are evil ignorant poopyheads. That's all for now. nt

Acosta on the day he met Hannity and Tucker on the press bus...

Once we get our nominee, will either Obama go on campaign trail?

No, Pennsylvania Supreme Court says, candidates can't be nominated by multiple parties

What happens when Mueller says he was forced to close investigation early?

'Flying Object' Struck Tanker in Gulf of Oman, Operator Says, Not a Mine

Size of Pennsylvania budget surplus may be less important than whether it actually exists

Today is Trumps birthday. What birthday wish/greeting do you have?

Senate Republicans Kill Bill Requiring Candidates To Report Foreign Interference

Congrats to the Toronto Raptors

Other than your favorite, who do you most want to see debate?

State Democratic Party adds to calls for lawmaker to resign

Julian Assange to face US extradition hearing in UK next year

Mitch McConnell Doesn't Realize It Yet But Donald Trump Will.....

Trump admin to imprison 1,400 migrant kids on site of former Japanese American internment camp

Never Forget!

At least 36 people dead in one of India's longest heatwaves.

The Rundown: June 13, 2019

Pick of the Week: "The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion" #

The origin of Super Villains: Darkseid

Abuse claims prompt Pennsylvania auditor general to examine Berks center for immigrant families

Alan Dershowitz Declares He Would Support Biden Over Trump in 2020

Trump says he won't fire White House counselor Kellyanne Conway over Hatch Act violations

If anyone needs proof that our nation is on the edge of the abyss, consider this:

Trump Snaps at Stephanopoulos: 'You're Being a Little Wise Guy, Okay, Which is Typical for You'

Trump: Congressional investigations into his antics are "death by a thousand wounds" and "unfair."

Republicans Once Supported Fetal Tissue Research. Not Anymore.

The DNC has announced the 20 Democratic presidential candidates who have qualified for...

Trump Clarifies Foreign Intel Comments on Fox: 'You Have to Look at It' to 'Know if it's Bad'

Progress with first time LED...

Can they place Trump under federal investigation again?

I've got a question.

Puke alert: Trump tells Fox he wants to redo Air Force One livery even though the iconic baby blue..

Video of Trump in Moscow talking about Trump Tower Moscow (Happy birthday, Jackass!)

Oil tanker captain disputes part of US account of attack.

Trump disses Pelosi on Fox and Friends........

Census Time - The Question

Hey Tom-

5 actual direct quotes from Trump's Fox&Friends call in this morning

Lindsey Graham wants to invade Venezuela to put 'points on the board'

Regarding the attacks on oil tankers...

The Noman

If I Was One Of The 101 Newly 2018 Elected Freshman House Members I Would Be Raising Hell.....

Politifact: Bernie Sanders oversimplifies record on Hyde Amendment

I don't buy the Iran mine story for a damned second

tic toc motherfucker.

Working the (alternate) facts to the max! . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Huckabee Sanders!!!!

Salty? Hell, no chef - It's perfect

Klobuchar backs impeachment proceedings 'beginning now'

Seems to me

Okay my friends.. Climate Change is not going to happen in the future

'Flying Object' Struck Tanker in Gulf of Oman, Operator Says, Not a Mine

Over 600 U.S. companies urge Trump to resolve trade dispute with China

Socialist? Bernie? Well, maybe, in a way, sort of, but it doesn't matter.

McConnell aids and abets trump's criminality

The Real Reason Nancy Won't Impeach. Wash Post

Racism gone mad

trump has now normalized foreign interference in our elections, backed by a republican led senate.

Justin Amash's politics are garbage and pretty disgusting. But

Rob Reiner tweet; Once again Trump is lying his ass off.

I don't even know where to start with this one.

TRUMP: "We have a new Jackie O. It's called Melania."

Trump Admits He'd Commit More Crimes in Shock Interview

Trump EXPLODES As Every Poll Shows Him Losing 2020

Why Climate Change Is Dangerous for Democratic Presidential Candidates

2020 Senate races without a Democratic Challenger:

We just got @IvankaTrump's 2019 financial disclosures. She made almost $4 million from...

playing w my brain. mmj

Tanker owner seems to dispute U.S. account of Gulf of Oman attack

Donald Trump trails Joe Biden by double digits in new statewide Michigan poll

Indiana Republican Susan Brooks will not seek re-election to Congress

Trump will "give it to the FBI or report it to Barr" IF "anything was incorrect or badly stated"

Employees turn their back on Agriculture secretary over being relocated to Kansas City

Scary Spicer on MSNBC now

House Dems Fear Retaliation as They Ready Investigation of Elaine Chao

Japanese tanker owner contradicts Trump's version of Gulf of Oman attack

Other than Beto, which candidates have recently faced a truly volatile race?

What is wrong with an "inquiry"?

Trump compares first lady to 'Jackie O'

Need some BBQ/grilling advise

Sarah Sanders was the disdainful Queen of Gaslighting

I really, really hate the term "Democratic Socialist". Really, I do...

Appeals court rules against Trump admin policy on abortions for undocumented teens

Teachers union to host 2020 Democratic presidential forum focused on education

Political Wire Straw Poll Results

Sanders Has Discussed Running for Arkansas Governor

Business conditions are at their worst level since the 2008 financial crisis, says Morgan Stanley

Clarence Thomas Says Exhibit on His Views Is Not Correct

Tiedrich tweet; "...hope you get something nice from the green card trophy wife"

UK rights advocate co-owns firm whose spyware is 'used to target dissidents'

Trump points the finger at Iran for oil tanker attacks

Al Franken has a new podcast. It's excellent!

Trump still owes D.C. $7 million in inauguration costs as he plans July Fourth gala

EXCLUSIVE: Trump says of Fed Reserve chairman 'I've waited long enough'

We will not truly be free until we take on the tyranny of oligarchs, multinational corporations, ...

Top elections cop says she's 'gravely concerned' about foreign government efforts to intervene

Virginia War Memorial's hillside of 12,000 American flags 'is amazing' PICS&Video

Starting today, @BernieSanders grassroots organizers are holding Bernie Barnstorms across the state.

Mark Hamill Wants Trump's Hollywood Star Replaced with Carrie Fisher's

Trump on the Democratic Field

Why Marsha Blackburn fell on a grenade for Donald Trump

ABC board rules against Trump -- he may lose his liquor license for Trump DC Hotel

New $20 Bill Was Far Along Before Mnuchin Delayed It

Frazzled Cats Formed From Hundreds of Hatched Lines by Luis Coehlo

What each person was before they became POTUS.

Kellyanne Conway's Actions 'Unprecedented'

More from the Chronicles of TrumpLandia: Heartbroken fans still love their hero

Michael Avenatti is sued for allegedly siphoning paraplegic's $4 million settlement

It's Lebron's fault

Oil tanker captain contradicts Pompeo. Well, who ya gonna believe?

Trump says his visit was the most fun Queen Elizabeth II had in 25 years

Centrist Democrats raise concerns over $15 minimum wage push

California Democrats under fire after vaping company Juul sponsors convention

Biden: No deep fakes, bots or disinformation by my campaign

Trump: "We have our own Jackie O today, it's called Melania"

Teachers union rolls out plans for 2020 forum in Houston

Trump downplays possible G-20 meeting with Chinese President Xi: 'It doesn't matter' if he shows up

How would you serve a stew that contains whole pieces...

Happy Friday, everyone!

Is there a fiction reading du group?

Listening to a 538 podcast with a Rep strategist, and his big

Jeremy Hunt tells broadcasters to 'grow up' and stop calling him 'Jeremy C***'

Actual White House tweet; the flag will need years of therapy...

**Donald Trump trails Joe Biden by double digits in new statewide Michigan poll**

5,200 people in ICE custody quarantined for exposure to mumps or chicken pox

Ivanka Trump Made $4 Million From President's Washington Hotel

well this was fucking sobering...

"It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

So, I stopped at a yard sale this morning ....

ABC News is helping Trumpco build campaign email list

🐦 JULY 5 - Senator Sanders - NEA #StrongPublicSchools Presidential Forum - Houston

Happy EOHABB day!

Hong Kong Is on the Frontlines of a Global Battle For Freedom

The CHAIR of the FEC feels obliged to comment...

50 years ago Brian Jones died


Trump's proof that 'Iran did it' is people in a boat taking a mine OFF OF THE TANKER.

Here's How the Candidates Will Be Divided for the Democratic Debates

Happy #JohnMcCainDay !

Courtney foils Trump's red, white, blue Air Force 1 plan Amendment won't allow gold-plated interior

The new plan to remove a trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere: Bury it

Howard Schultz Announces Campaign Staff Cut - and he's still eyeing Biden as his biggest competition

Do people realize if Speaker Pelosi didn't want to impeach, she'd have shut that ish down weeks ago?

The 2020 presidential debate match-ups are set: What candidates will face off in Miami?

ABC Helps Trump Build a Campaign Email List on His Birthday

I don't think Orlando's going to have any problem recouping its costs for Trumpalooza.

I wish I could take credit for this or, at least, give credit for it. It's something I read

You raised $126.00 on June 13, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg to debate; Warren on separate night

Justin Amash scorches Don Jr., bakes his ashes into a scone, and eats it with a dollop of marmalade

Beschloss tweet; JFK chose font for "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" on fuselage of Air Force One...

Lindsay Graham wants "points on the board" by invading Venezuala

Watch the Canadian women's soccer team jam to Shania Twain on the bus during the FIFA Women's World

Thank you, EarlG for expanding the list of candidtes on this forum

📣 JUNE 27 - Bernie Sanders - The First Democratic Debate Night 2

Dr. Sleep

Invisible People report- "Homelessness and Self-Esteem: The Real Mental Health Issue".

Jim Carrey bids adieu to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Great bad news from CNBC

Republicans Defend Trump's Election Interference Comments by ... Blaming Hillary Clinton

David Axelrod and Mike Murphy launch politics podcast

I'll just leave this here.........

It stinks of sabotage & blaming Iran...

So Trump says he's not going to fire Kellyanne Conway


Cartoons 6/14/19

Design leaks for Harriet Tubman $20 bill

"Copyright Troll" Lawyer Paul Hansmeier Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

Warren probes U.S.-backed loan to Kushner family firm

Chinese tombs yield earliest evidence of cannabis use

Andrew McCabe Says It's Time For Impeachment Inquiries Into Trump

An Expert on Concentration Camps Says That's Exactly What the U.S. Is Running at the Border

Number one goal is to get the orange man and his family/cronies out of the White House

Does anyone else want to jump off a cliff...

Educate me. WWPD with Iran?

Might be a stupid question. Is there anything I need to look at when I pick up my walker?

Rep. Duncan Hunter blames.....Hillary Clinton

I can't exercise for as long as I used to. When I come back from a run my wife asks me what I

Ted Lieu: We just posted this warning sign outside my Capitol Hill office.

May deficit surges to $208 billion, 42% higher than last year

Saw something on Ebay I'd like to order

Any Norwegian attempts to interfere with DPRK elections will be met a response so savage,...

Don't try to make all kissy-kissy with Me now, Twitter. It's too late.

Virginia woman sues Trump's DC hotel for $1 million in injury lawsuit

Dem Socialism: all pay for safety net - GOP Socialism: all pay for rich getting richer

This quote from Thomas Jefferson showed up on my Facebook memories from six years ago.

The historical origins of Air Force One's current design

In the midst of all the turmoil I remain continually and eternally

It's a strange argument

Beto is back in South Carolina, will be holding a roundtable at Gullah Geechee Nation today

Senate passes the Forever Daylight Savings Time bill

The Steele Dossier Lie

So what's the best way to respond to this?

State housing program aids recent college graduates

Record for HRs hit by a teenager in a season

Sen Warren's pup, Bailey, wants to send you pics!

Pharmacy 'clawback' bill headed to governor

Ted Lieu - "Dear @POTUS: We've been told you prefer one-page memos with pictures."

Trump changes course, says he would 'absolutely' report foreign campaign intelligence to FBI

Insurance provider on the hook in fatal Howard High bathroom fight

A hardly goodbye to Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

Sen. Harris, along with 4 other Dems, leads Trump in Michigan according to recent poll

ME-SEN: Maine Speaker Sara Gideon To Run Against Senator Susan Collins

Lineups Set for First Democratic Debates

Here's How Pugh and Other Board Members Profited from UMMS Contracts

Which Democrats Are Leading in the 2020 Presidential Race?

Sanders Has Discussed Running for Arkansas Governor

Donald Trump won't commit to supporting Mike Pence if he runs for president in 2024

So, The RCC Still Considers Contraception to Be a Sin?

Interesting article by Matt Taibbi on Bernie.

President Trump's internal polling data from March showed him far behind Joe Biden in key bg states

Just had a visitor at my Sweet William blooms

Maryland recoups money spent on botched health exchange rollout under settlement with IBM

Not just Trumpstain: GOP has Russia Problem

Playlist for today while cleaning house.

Baltimore officials rebuffed offers of state help for a 'week' after crippling hack of city computer

Fake science led a mom to feed bleach to her autistic sons -- and police did nothing to stop her

Portrait of a "presidency"

Jury awards $2.7M to man beaten by Maryland prison guards

"It's a fascist statement"

Guinea Pig Won't Leave His Dog Best Friend's Side

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 14, 2019

Pride Doggo. 🏳️‍🌈 🐕

🏳️‍🌈 🐕

Baltimore liquor stores challenge new zoning law designed to shut them down

The President takes an oath to faithfully execute the laws.

George Washington University Deeply Frustrated With Hospital's Majority Owner

The Play That Goes Wrong 😁

America Today:

They sang happy BD to him and trump now reading from his teleprompter on msnbcc...

Advocates Say That St. Elizabeths Has Been Illegally Locking Patients Alone in a Room for Weeks

When does one become "elderly?"

CNN: Trump just compared Melania to Jackie O.

Distrusting Both Iran and U.S., Europe Urges 'Maximum Restraint'


Melania is to Jackie O

Little Dog Who Was So Matted She Couldn't See Looks So Different Now

Hello? Is this thing on?

Employees turn their back on Agriculture secretary over being relocated to Kansas City

MEANWHILE, in North Carolina...

Respect con thien marine

I hope one of the candidates picks up the issue of Foster Care

According to tRump, everybody is lying except him

Donald Trump wants foreigners to run the government.

What birthday gift would you like to give Trump?

Weird/odd food things you do

So, just curious: Why do you think Sanders has fallen to single digits on DU?

"People actually fall for that shit?" Called a contractor for a quote to clean our carpets and tile

A New History of the 2A, White Settler Violence & Native Americans, R. Dunbar-Ortiz

Lion cub annoys the lioness

YIKES! Phones changing skeletons: 'bony spikes' are developing on backs of skulls

Rep Ted Lieu: We just posted this warning sign outside my Capitol Hill office.

Bernie Sanders 2020 Statement on First Democratic Debate Lineup

Happy 70th birthday, Jim Lea, of Slade.


***** SPRING SEASONAL PHOTO CONTEST Finals **** posted in GD

Pete Souza Tweet; "Dude you don't even know how long you've been president."

Jim Carrey on Huckabee...

Phonenix Police & Police Brutality

Why Trump Will Lose in 2020

Possible replacements for Sarah...

Happy 74th birthday, Rod Argent

Apparently America Disagrees With Donald Trump Melania Not the New Jackie O

There is no freedom without economic freedom.

Paul Krugman....When you lie about everything

Beto Round Table at Gullah Geechee Nation (Video Link) Updated with local news video

Trump's internal poll numbers are out. And both they and his team's response paint a bleak picture.

Amanda Knox returned to Italy years after her harrowing murder case. Here's why.

I'm late as hell, but WTF?! Warren should insist on debating on Night 2!!

The winners -- and losers -- of the Democratic debate draw

Nancy Pelosi lists bills passed through the House that the Senate won't vote on.

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 14, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Girls' Night

Republican Group to Run Ad on Fox News Urging Congress to Protect Elections Because Trump Won't

Does Anyone Use Vape Cartridges?

Is Refusing to Pursue Impeachment a form of Respect for the People or Contempt for the People?

Slate: Trump's Weak Case Against Iran

Japanese oil tanker's owner: Pentagon has it wrong on what happened during attack in Gulf

FEC chair: Accepting foreign assistance on opponent is illegal. Uh, so what's up Mueller?

**The Zogby Poll: Biden has big leads in key battleground states; Sanders in distant second**

Just my thought: Each day proves presidents are NOT above the law, so

UK rights advocate co-owns firm whose spyware is 'used to target dissidents'

Justice Dept. issues memo backing Mnuchin's refusal to give Trump's tax returns to Congress

Bernie is hurting all the other candidates against Trump by insisting on calling

Nazis Killed Her Father. Then She Fell in Love With One.

DNC Committee Throws Bound Jay Inslee Onto Melting Iceberg Before Pushing Him Out To Sea

Our king showing how great our cannabis flower bouquet is to Saudi King...who's 🤣

Good tweet:

Political Narrative and "Socialism"


The Twit tweets: Thank you Senator @MarshaBlackburn for fighting obstructionist Democrats...

The Reality Of How America Was Built.

This is how deep our government is in bed with Putin....

This summer, I'll be drinking...

Why would I go anywhere they don't speak english?

What's your secret super power?

Washington D.C. Says Trump "Lacks Sufficient Character" For Liquor License

Brazilians protest pension reform as Bolsonaro faces first general strike

Brazilians protest pension reform as Bolsonaro faces first general strike

Really? Of all the pictures you could have chosen for Flag Day, this is the one you go with?

Make that 66 House Dems for Impeachment - Swalwell comes out Pro-Impeachment

I fell again Monday morning on the sidewalk

Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism, Elizabeth Warren and the Media

Old old stuff from The Bobs

Frightening as Hell!

Team Trump Admits Poll Showed Biden Crushing Him -- But Insists Everything's Changed

Family Brings Baby Cow Into Their Home During Hurricane

93PUNX, Vic Mensa - Camp America


In the primaries it doesn't matter a lick what your "major issue" is or

I wonder if Trump checks Obama's Twitter page? Obama has 107m followers, Trump 61m

Why doesn't McGAHN sue SHITLER for defamation & slander?

DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel Backs Mnuchin's Refusal to Hand Over Trump's Tax Returns

Iranian boat fired missile at US drone prior to tanker attack, US official says

Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding (Remastered 2014)

Another Tiedrich tweet; If Trump had been on John McCain's plane shot down over Vietnam

You want lies with that?

Donald J. Trump State Park(s) N.Y. has a story exactly like you'd expect

X-post from GD - the Donald J. Trump State Park is a failure & tax dodge

Fox Chapel Cardiologist Convicted at Trial of Health Care Fraud Involving more than $13 Million of

Owner Of Mortgage Elimination Company Found Guilty In White Plains Federal Court Of $38 Million

From 2017: Take it from Khrushchev's granddaughter: Melania Trump is the perfect autocrat's wife

Thanks tax cuts and trickle down:

O'Rourke: White Americans don't know full story of slavery

O'Rourke: White Americans don't know full story of slavery

Pete Buttigieg's Comprehensive Foreign-Policy Vision

Baby boy, cut from Chicago mother's womb as she was killed, dies, family says

Book a stay in the UK's first vegan hotel when it opens later this month

2 firefighters remain critical after Roswell fireworks explosion

Pope Francis declares 'climate emergency' and urges action

White House physicist sought aid of rightwing thinktank to challenge climate science

NBCUniversal to bring production venture to Albuquerque

Trump camp says leaked internal polls showing Biden ahead are 'ancient' and 'meaningless'

Ban the Box law now in effect in New Mexico

Sinead O'Connor - Jackie

You think it's bad now? Trump is emboldened; it will get worse.

Beto, lagging in the polls, unleashes attack on Biden

Where is the Tea party now that their party

WA Post: 4 of top 5 Dem candidates to share 2nd night debate stage after a "lopsided drawing"

Judge dismisses suit against Trump and campaign over forcible kissing, pay discrimination

AZ likely to suffer worst Census undercount, lose congressional seat, if citizenship question added

Seth Abramson: " When no one is held accountablle for anything, the same crimes recur and recur."

'I cannot change what they did': Sheriff apologizes for attempted lynching

Pro-Kremlin media 'spread false claims that EU has Nazi roots'

New Mexico legislature reject 5 more petitions by 'patriot' groups

Main Street feels the pinch from China tariffs

If everyone is going to come full knives for Biden in the debates.. because

Flag Humper 45: "I dk what the 13 stripes represent."

After Illinois, these states could legalize recreational marijuana next

Facebook link for Pete Buttigieg fundraiser q & a happening now

Stormy reacts to Sarah's departure...

Former Otis manager sentenced to prison for wire fraud

Bleeding John Bolton Stumbles Into Capitol Building Claiming That Iran Shot Him