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LOL...I just can't...

Four SEC's in the CWS?

InfoWars set to pay 'Pepe the Frog' creator $15,000: lawsuit

Harry Litman approves Lawrence Tribe's alternative path in impeachment.

Over 100 activist groups urge McConnell to take up net neutrality bill in the Senate

Seattle Council extends temporary Pike Place district expansion to protect The Showbox

Senate GOP, White House to meet on avoiding October shutdown

Trump Says He's No Nixon Because 'He Left. I Don't Leave.'

Trump is picking a fight with the Chamber of Commerce?

Robert Reich: The 7 Biggest Failures of Trumponomics

Never seen Kevin Durant play. Just saw him warm up.

Snow chains, snow tires, are these all a thing of the past?

Republicans warn Cuccinelli won't get confirmed by GOP Senate

Kim's Half-Brother Was CIA Informant

New details of Barr's far-reaching probe into 'spying' on Trump 2016 campaign

Trump urges appeals court to block subpoena for his accounting records

Dengue Expansion With Warming - Up To 2 Billion More At Risk Of Dengue By 2080; 10K Deaths/Year Now

Have you ever gone so long without sex that you...

Cummings sets contempt votes for Barr, Ross for Wednesday

John Dean Smacks Down Matt Gaetz At Mueller Report Hearing

Massive 8,000-mile 'dead zone' could be one of the gulf's largest

Another gem by Nick Hanauer, author of "The Pitchforks Are Coming... For Us Plutocrats"

Former White House counsel Dean describes parallels between Trump and Nixon

Trump ready to slap more tariffs on China after G20 meeting

Mexico given 45 days to curb migrant flow to US

Group shines new light on public executions in North Korea

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Travelin' Truthseekers! Mike's back

Where a citizenship question could cause the census to miss millions of Hispanics & why it's a big

John Dean's compelling case for parallels between Trump and Watergate

Breaking - Missouri Judge - Abortion Clinic stays open for now

Merrick Fucking Garland says hi.

Guns Gun dealer who bought extra guns in case Hillary Clinton won in 2016 goes bankrupt

"Notorious" RBG Credits Brett Kavanaugh for Making Female Law Clerks the Majority

Interesting how so many from Obama's camp are loving Beto O'Rourke

Rachel Maddow: "It took them awhile to get up and running. But, as of today, they are on it"

The next big thing in fashion? Not washing your clothes

We must all expect a contentious Democratic Primary.

"How come nobody told these stupid motherf#ckers I singlehandedly took down a president?"

VP Joe Bidens schedule in Iowa starting tomorrow

Venus, Earth's Evil Twin: Once a water-rich Eden, the hellish planet could reveal...

jaysus fucking krist!

Metropolitan Diary.

Kentucky Crowd Cheers Valedictorian's Trump Quote, Then Learns Obama Said It

Rep. Debbie Lesko - today's "I Am A Box-O-Rox Dumbfuck" award

It's on! Judiciary Committee will go to court to request grand jury materials

Look Out, Louie Gohmert! There's Some Real Competition for the 'Dumbest Man in Congress' Crown Now!

Reince Priebus Joins the Navy

Border wall lawsuit ruling appealed by House Democrats

1974-1980 Best Years to be an American

Fate of Obama Presidential Center could be determined by outcome of Tuesday hearing

Biden Tweet with his Granddaughter, Maisy, and Dr Jill!

I watched some of the Mueller report hearing today

Kavanaugh defender Amy Chua's daughter gets Supreme Court job with Kavanaugh

'Medicare for All'? American Medical Association says no, drawing protest in Chicago.

GMA news: Belly fat prostate cancer. *NOW* they tell me?!1

The special friendship between a neighbor and Brody, the St. Bernard

Democratic debate lottery to be held at NBC's 30 Rock

Gun seller that stocked up anticipating 2016 Clinton victory files Chapter 11

***6/10 Morning Consult poll, nat'l: Biden 37%, Sanders 19%, Warren 11%, Buttigieg & Harris 7%***

Justice gives Congress new details on 'spying' probe

***6/10 Morning Consult poll, early primary states: Biden 39%, Sanders 21%, Warren 8%***

Why Won't the Democrats Hold a Climate Change Debate?

U. S. files formal extradition papers with UK for Assange.

R.I.P. Bushwick Bill - GETO Boys

Property tax relief is next 'think big' idea for Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Illinois lawmakers to face

Baby Elephant Gets Stuck In Hole + People Doing Amazing Things for Animals

Banda de gaitas del Batallon de San Patricio MEXICO

Can You Match The Animal To Their Sound?

Chairman Nadler Cuts Gym Jordan's Microphone During Hearing

Businessman Willie Wilson forms PAC, criticizes Gov. J.B. Pritzker's graduated income tax proposal

I'm thinking of trying Pure Barre

2020 US Senate Election- Could Democrats end up with 67 seats?

Oradour-Sur-Glane, France: Nazi Massacre June 10, 1944, 75th Anniv.

NYT: Trump tells aides to lie about results of 17-state internal poll showing him losing to Biden

The Daily Show - Let's Make a Deal: Mexico Edition

The Daily Show: Back in Black - The CBD Craze

Julian Castro: People First Plan to Eliminate Lead Exposure

'Straight Pride' organizers revealed to have links to far-right and white nationalist groups

A point was made about how long the impeachment would take.

Seth Meyers - Trump Returns from Europe as Impeachment Calls Grow Louder: A Closer Look

Iowa Poll: Most likely caucus goers wish several or most candidates would drop out

Plant extinction 'bad news for all species'

Somebody isn't telling the truth

If you, like me, have lived through, now, three impeachment episodes, please weigh in.

'Homework gap' shows millions of kids lack home internet

NYT Op-Ed Congratulations on Fixing the Border, Mr. President!

Amash exits House Freedom Caucus in wake of Trump impeachment stance.

Lawmakers seeking to separate Chicago from Illinois ask Chicago mayor to fight corruption

De Blasio and Gillibrand beat trump in NY matchup,!

Dear Trump Suporters: "We the people will never-ever forgive you"

Sangamon County health department workers to picket after strike-authorization vote

Rural Oklahoma Man Decorates Truck in Support of Pride

18 Portraits of Trans Male Models That Represent Strength & Confidence

The 'Mad Bagpiper' of D-Day, Normandy, Brit Soldier Bill Millin

Oklahoma Democrats elect 1st African-American to lead party

Warriors fend off Raptors rally to force Game 6 after Kevin Durant leaves with leg injury

Whitey Bulger was a huge fan of Trump: 'He has my vote'

$122M in capital plan to make state Armory usable again

David Pakman Show - The Truth About Earth's Habitability Crisis

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Thinks the Moon is a Part of Mars

Audi Recalls First Electric Vehicle in U.S. on Battery Fire Risk

Pride Run With Beto Rockefeller Park NYC June 12

Ken Paxton Sues San Antonio for Cockblocking Chick-fil-A

Had to pull over on a major highway to catch this photo!

Doctors,Teachers to Stage again Peaceful Rallies in Honduras

Industrial methane emissions are 100 times higher than reported, researchers say

Liberals & Progressives better reflect Jesus than today's bible thumpers

Using stories from real life to make the existential fight for Medicare for All real to all

Trump's Plan for Finding Oil in Alaska May Put Polar Bears at Risk

The Morning Consult Poll... The UAWCHILD Analysis!

Virginia House Democrats Surpass 2017 Candidate Records

You Made Me Love You: Harry James & Helen Forrest, 1941

Former Houston Minister Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Embezzlement

Factions of Squabbling Bexar County Democratic Party Schedule Opposing Meetings on the Same Day

VIDEO: Bodyshop Leftover 'Barn Finds' Sprawl 20 Acres

Chattanooga Choo Choo: Glenn Miller Orchestra 1941, Nicholas Bros.

Unarmed man surrounded by cops who don't move to arrest - woman taping it saved his life

South Texas Was Hotter than Death Valley Last Week

Texas Parks Are Broke. But Good News, Voters Can Rescue Them.

In Case You Missed It, Here's The Entire 4.5 Hour House Judiciary Commmittee Hearing (Dean etc.)

Tweet of the Day

You Made Me Love You: Harry James & Helen Forrest, 1941

Kylie Jenner slammed for throwing a 'Handmaid's Tale'-themed party: 'Ignorance and privilege'

1st day in the hotel and I can't sleep worth shit

Count Basie, Swingin' the Blues, 1941

New York introduces country's first state bill decriminalizing sex work

Miles Davis "All Blues" piano cover

Republicans eye $400 million middle class tax cut as part of state budget

Louis Armstrong, La Vie En Rose

Maddow details the shocking corruption involving Mitch McConnell and his Trump-cabinet member wife

trump is nuts

Inka History in Knots (Book Review)

School Board member floats proposal for bigger wage bump for Madison teachers

Inka History in Knots (Book Review)

Wisconsin Democrats pick Ben Wikler as new leader of party ahead 2020 campaign

Edith Piaf, La Vie En Rose (1947)

This short movie clip may help you understand the mindset of a Trumpster ( humor)

Edith Piaf, La Vie En Rose (1947)

Foxconn gets approval for 7-million-gallon water diversion

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/10/19

Tulsa Man Sent to Prison for Evading Taxes on $5 Million Income

Stephen Colbert: Why Guest Sec. of Defense Ash Carter Lifted The Military's Transgender Ban

Scientists have discovered a mysterious lump on the moon's far side, and it's 5 times bigger than Ha

US defense giants Raytheon and United Technologies to merge

White privilege for a 1000, Alex!

Approved for Use in Alabama et al

5 a.m. msnbc: McTurtle's turn in the barrell: wife's corruption story

Florida Woman Arrested After Grabbing Man's Private Parts Until They Bled During Argument

EDITORIAL: GOP radicals muzzle opposition to abortion law

The Gulf could see one of the largest dead zones in history this year.

GOP transportation plan would allow handful of legislators to impose vehicle fees of any amount

Photos: Together we're going to build a nation that our children will be proud of

We don't need 23 presidential candidates. There's another important role to fill.

56 years Ago Today; The Stand in the Schoolhouse Door

"Who wants to live forever?"

Eyebrows raise after state pays Andrew Zimmern $57,500 to hype Minnesota

▶️ Podcast: Hear the Bern: Episode 10 - But the Union Makes Us Strong w/ Lane Windham & Ryan Grim

Hillary Clinton: "Classic Pattern" Of Fascist Takeover Is Happening Right Now In The United States

64 Years Ago Today; Tragedy at LeMans

"The Perfection." A perfectly crafted thriller.

What? Those "on hold indefinitely" tariffs are back on table next month??

Farmers appeal to St. Louis County

The Problem With Billionaires Fighting Global Warming? Billionaires - Guardian

Tuesday TOONs - The Best Bullseye! For the Win! Just Incredible!

Full-Scale Gutting Of What's Left Of Brazil's Environmental Laws Well Underway

John Dean Tweet; Republicans are a pathetic lot. They've descended into trying to out-Trump

House Speaker Melissa Hortman on how the 2019 legislative deal got done

EU Draft Strategic Agenda Raked Over Coals For Vague, Toothless, Number-Free Climate Proposals

The new Sudan, unfortunately, may end up looking like the old Sudan

Delhi At All-Time High Of 48C; Multiple Water Riots As Delayed Monsoon Edges North

Just watched a Tyler Henry episode and will admit...

Does Trump Know More Facts Of Mitch's Dirty Dealing?......

There should only be one commandment.

Justin Amash Steps Down From House Freedom Caucus After Calling For Trump's Impeachment

Arctic Losing Permafrost Coastline At Up To 3 Ft/Day, Up To 6X+ Historic Average Over Past 50 Years

Biden to jab Trump in speech as they both return to Iowa

Onetime Univ. of Minn. ticketing director, now in prison, skimmed $361K to feed gambling addiction

Poll: Abortion funding reversal helps Biden with primary voters

Aaron Rupar Tweet; Trump in denial about bleak internal polling

Poll: Republican support for transgender service members rising

Breakfast: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Trump Falsely Claims He Has Wiped Out 150% Of China's Economy

Interview: Pete Buttigieg on judicial appointments, reforming federal courts

A Long Primary is Good for the Eventual Nominee

Alabama gov signs bill requiring child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration

Bloodhound helps find Niagara Falls woman chained in basement

NBC announces five moderators for first Democratic debate

New York state lawmakers introduce bill to decriminalize sex work

Biden defends decision to pass on Iowa appearance: 'I would skip inauguration for that'

Biden Leads Warren In Massachusetts

Maine governor signs law expanding medical professionals allowed to perform abortions

Some dirty bastard broke into my house and stole everything except the

Exclusive: Trump campaign considering putting resources in Oregon

Fox News crosses the line on Joe Biden

Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell's potential conflict of interest, explained

Biden to say Trump 'fails the basic standard to be president' in Iowa speech

Read: Biden to label Trump an 'existential threat to America' in Iowa remarks

I can't explain this video.....

Media DEMAND hearings. The Democrats start hearings and media criticizes the witness choice

Press: How Speaker Pelosi trumped Trump

Why Are Conservatives So Eager to Call Elizabeth Warren "Liz"?

Recordings by Elton John, Nirvana and Thousands More Lost in Fire

Women in Siberian coal town beg Trudeau to let them come to Canada as environmental refugees

Pence says move to bar rainbow flags outside U.S. embassies was 'the right decision'

Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

**Brand New Massachusetts Poll** Joe 22% Elizabeth 10% Pete 8% Bernie 6%

CNN BREAKING NEWS: 'Biden to Eviscerate Trump Today in Iowa Speech' (VIDEO)

Are you literally f*cking kidding me?

Have to share this because it's so sweet

"A Tale for the Time Being."

FACT CHECK Was Linda Collins-Smith About to Testify Against Hillary Clinton?

Uh-Oh: Trump Says the Moon is Part of Mars

Trump Would Have Been Fired from ANY Other Job

Colbert Cold Open Wonders What Other TV Shows Trump Has Called to Vent Frustrations (VIDEO)

The Rundown: June 10, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 06/05/19

Russia says it intercepted US, Swedish jets over Baltic Sea

McConnell softens his tariff criticisms: 'You have to give the president credit -- it worked'

What's the next move for Nadler's Committee?

Most Cities Will Have To Introduce Congestion Charging, Say Experts At Global Transit Conference

When Joe Biden Was the Candidate of the Young

'Rampant disloyalty': Morning Joe panel reveals how much Trump's staff hates the president

Democrats plan to try ranked-choice voting in 2020 primary to select Trump's opponent

Trash-talking Trump aims to weaponize impeachment

Poll: Black voters favor Biden, consumed by pocketbook issues ahead of 2020

FYI motor heads and race fans

Mexico's Crystal Cave--truly unbelieveable.

Trump destroys Chinese economy - by 150% no less


The Biden delusion

'A child screaming out in anger': Trump mocked for wide-ranging rant declaring 'presidential...

Disney CEO makes 1424 more than the median Disney worker- Who decides who brings value?

Abigail Disney.

Her Evangelical Megachurch Was Her World. Then Her Daughter Said She Was Molested by a Minister.

*****Preliminaries are up for the SPRING PHOTO CONTEST+++++

*****Preliminaries are up for the SPRING PHOTO CONTEST+++++

The World Is a Mess. We Need Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Trump's approval numbers are similar to Nixon's before he resigned & they're about to get worse:...

Joe Biden for President Announces First Iowa Endorsements

1972 Bernie Sanders Dunks On CNN

Better Schools Won't Fix America

WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Refuses to Deny Trump Instructed Aides to Lie About Polls

Wrong in every way possible to be wrong

Been watching Matt Dillahunty on YouTube...

Puerto Rico Seeks to Move Island's Presidential Primary to March

I'm going to drop this here.

Would an open House investigation into tRUMPS X- employees AND CONTRACTORS

At least read the summaries!

Ranking the 2020 Democratic Candidates Based Only on Their Walk-Out Songs

I'm getting a continuing set of invites to Joe Biden fundraisers (nationwide)

OK, admit it...

Undecided at 40% leads LATEST Massachusetts Poll

What was the reason

U.S. women's soccer will begin World Cup title defense against Thailand

An impeachment inquiry ISN'T the only way for the House to get secret grand jury material, after all

Per Bill Browder: all charges against Russian reporter Ivan Golunov have been dropped!!

May Be Offensive To Some! Especially Cat Lovers! You've Been Warned!

Comrade Fluffy

American trees are moving west, and no one knows why

Excellent segment today on Morning Joe: historian Jon Meachen and Tim McGraw on American music.

Biden isn't "delusional." It's called campaigning. It's called politics.

Ok, gang, speculation game time. Wanna play?

AP: South Korea agencies can't confirm Kim brother as CIA source

In Honor of My Dad

Mayor Pete giving foreign policy speech now.

The House just voted to hold AG William Barr in contempt of Congress

Democrats Have the Edge In 2020 Despite Economy

"He told me about six months later. And my reaction? 'What the f---!'"

Kansas Democrats Will Use Ranked-Choice for Primary

Religion in the classroom: Where the faithful and the ACLU can agree

Texas governor signs bill legalizing lemonade stands run by children

DC: Metro has a new team running its rail operations. Here's what makes it unusual.

Pelosi on Trump attacks: 'I'm done with him'

Possible Alzheimer's Prevention Breakthrough Reported

Well, Biden's coming in to town today

Canada's Plan to Ban Single-Use Plastics....

From the sounds of it.. Trump will be kneecapped by our side today

The people complaining because Biden says GOP lawmakers "know better" than to support Trump, and

Rachel Maddow Tells Missouri GOP To Get Lost After They Whine About Her Abortion Coverage

My dad died Saturday.

Trump Appeals Ruling Over Congressional Subpoena. His Brief Is a Disaster.

Virginia Primary Election 2019: Key Races, Control Of Legislature

Our Constitution needs a fix. But it will be a hard one

1st woman to take command of a US Army infantry division

Muhahaha! You are now separated from your sibling forever!

Group launches ads praising Julian Castro's plan to limit 'immunity' for police

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Refuses to Deny Trump Instructed Aides to Lie About Polls

The reaction to Biden's comment emphasises why We MUST win the Senate in 2020

Alabama governor Kay Ivey signs chemical castration bill

Pajamas Line the National Mall Asking "Where are the Children?" (photos)

"Lock Him Up"

David Neiwert has been suspended from twitter.

New York 9/11 victim's remains identified almost 18 years later

Cool 📺 series from NZ. Several of the actors from Outrageous Fortune and Weatside.

A sad story ..but thought i would share.

Southern Baptist president says racial insensitivity shows disregard for the gospel

Jon Stewart shames Congress re: 9/11 First Responders Victim Compensation fund....must see!

What's everybody having for lunch?

Lena Horne, 'Stormy Weather' (1943)

Trump's lawyers: only the executive branch is allowed to determine whether president broke the law

Wilbur Ross Goes On TV, Says Wilbur Ross Things

Democrats say Biden must do more to win Iowa

Chamarro vs Dignity Health -catholic interference in the US HealthCare system.

Washington Officials Warn Rising Temps Could Bring More Fires

Billie Holiday, 'It Had to Be You' (1955)

Vancouver market hands out embarrassing plastic bags to customers to encourage recycling

Vancouver market hands out embarrassing plastic bags to customers to encourage recycling

"Potus took a piece of paper out of his breast pocket and said it's his deal with Mexico..."

'A major punch in the gut': Midwest rains projected to create near-record dead zone in Gulf

Trump unleashes on 'failing' and 'slower than he used to be' Biden

2006 Chrysler Town & Country lights problem

You raised $25.00 on June 10, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

John Dean says he's 'honored' to be on Trump's 'enemies list'

War and war impact movies you think every one should see

Has anyone seen the leaked internal polling that shows Trump "lagging" in many states?

Trump targets euro, renews attack on Federal Reserve

So tired of this lying piece of shit on my teevee

From today's BS email: "Now they will try to move the Democratic Party even further to the right."

I'll keep the asthma, thank you!

States prepare lawsuit to stop Sprint and T-Mobile merger

Chao Streamlined Federal Grants For Husband McConnell - Rachel Maddow

Anybody savy on cars' lights?

Democrats push new strategy for enforcing Russia subpoenas

How long will the debates be?

Level 42 - Lessons In Love

Three priests accused of enabling W.Va. bishop's 'predatory and harassing conduct' resign

Green groups sue Trump over offshore drilling rollbacks

Detroit's Fox Theatre will host Democratic presidential debates in July

Idiot is losing what's left of his mind live on cable!

What a fucking lying gasbag

Somebody please tell me this is photo shopped....otherwise?!?!?!

The media just let Trump claim Democrats are criminals, live on TV without any proof or real charge

I Wonder What Would Happen if the Collective Mainstream Media Took an Entire Day...

MSNBC Velshi and Ruhle are going to cover the William Barr story when

Some Perspective From An Older Progressive Voter on Democratic Presidential Primaries.

Trump: provide the production capability for small unmanned aerial systems

Dead gray whale was skinny and undernourished

Gov. Inslee sees the reality of our Climate Crisis: address it first or nothing else will matter.

Sleeper trains, long considered old-fashioned and nostalgic, are picking up steam.

Whopper #11,647 (or is it 11,648?)

Presidential ambitions could sink hopes in Congress

Cartoons 6/11/19

Bette Midler shares 'Hocus Pocus'-inspired jab at Trump featuring Kathy Griffin, Stormy Daniels

Buttigieg vows to seek repeal of post-9/11 war powers resolution

New Jersey mandates panic buttons for hotel room cleaners

President promises Kim Jong Un that he won't let the CIA use informants against him.

Biden Tells Donors and Lobbyists at Fundraiser That GOP Will 'Know Better' After Trump

Trump says he's considering giving Venezuelans asylum

When is Joe's speech? I need to DVR it. Edit:he's on now!


Trump is reelected

The GOP will not revert to "normal" after Trump.

A proposal, a compromise. The Restorative President

Biden speaking now!

Kosovo decorates Bill Clinton with a 'freedom medal'

He does not fight; he threatens, said Charlie Sykes yesterday on Nicole Wallace

Somebody said something about something

WTF! Business must be good! This morning I called two contractors about bidding on some work

The GOP is the Party of openness.

JON STEWART Goes OFF On Congress During 9/11 Hearing

Cause of Hardening of the Arteries- And Potential Treatment- Identified (H)

Room erupts in laughter as Watergate witness humiliates Matt Gaetz

"Let them be-- this isn't a Trump rally." Biden started out just fine.

Why is Iowa Important?

Hey M$NBComcast hacks

"Let's make America America again."

Botswana decriminalises homosexuality in landmark ruling

Alec Baldwin's 'SNL' departure is a win for Trump

Cause of Hardening of the Arteries- And Potential Treatment- Identified. (GD)

Middle of the Road - The Pretenders

Buttigieg's foreign policy: Isolate dictators, resist military action

Did TigerMom's daughter just get internship with Kavanaugh?! Mom supported him

Just Heard Trump Saying The Dems Are Not Doing Anything But Chasing The.....

Donald Trump Jr. to be interviewed by Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors Wednesday

Michigan News: Macomb County Supreme Court - Warren City Council Members Exceeded Term Limits

Kavanaugh defender Amy Chua's daughter gets Supreme Court job with Kavanaugh

Instead of bending to hacker ransom, Radiohead donates proceeds from stolen recordings to Extinction

Buttigieg: Americans 'Should Not Foot the Bill' if Israel Were to Annex West Bank

Top Dems Lead Trump In Head-To-Head Matchups, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

White House reporter busts Trump: His Mexico deal 'appears to be a blank piece of paper'

GOP tax bill author admits it doesn't pay for itself -- contradicting key Republican talking point

Processed foods are a much bigger health problem than we thought

'Stinking rich' Steve Mnuchin should be fined $25K a day until he hands over Trump's taxes: Dem lawm

'Stinking rich' Steve Mnuchin should be fined $25K a day until he hands over Trump's taxes: Dem lawm

Pelosi bristles after CNN grills her over why she shouldn't impeach Trump if he's committing crimes

As bishops gather, prosecutors step up scrutiny of church

Help Guys... Today We Watched John Stewart

Maybe the climate won't change if no one studies it

It really looks like my 40 year high school reunion will be down because of Trump.

I'm currently doing the best I can for my country...

Sanders, Co-sponsors Unveil Legislation to Put Territories on Par with States for Medicaid


I'm throwing my lot in with Mayor Pete

***** SPRING SEASONAL PHOTO CONTEST Prelimininaries **** Thread 1 of 3

***** SPRING SEASONAL PHOTO CONTEST Prelimininaries **** Thread 2 of 3

***** SPRING SEASONAL PHOTO CONTEST Prelimininaries **** Thread 3 of 3

Judge Hints Trump Admin Misled Court About Voter Fraud Panel Appointment Dates

Does Donald Trump look a little stressed today???

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 11, 2019

Buttigieg's foreign policy address at IU today

Mike Nesmith & Micky Dolenz interview 6/6/2019

Republicans will try to look normal after losing in 2020.

Listened to 2 Minutes of Xtian Talk Radio

Cartoon: A base-less strategy for Dems

?!?Possible SCOTUS might rescind Brown v Board?!?

Arizona weather forecast for June through September 2019

Gala leaves Iowa Democrats enthused but undecided


DailyKos Straw Poll has Warren with MAJOR Lead of 42%

🐦 JUNE 21 9-11AM ET - Senator Sanders NALEO Presidential Candidate Forum - Miami

Beto O'Rourke explains why the Clash and 'Clampdown' 'changed my life'

Dream with Us Nike Ad

BREAKING NEWS & The Hypocrisy of Trump!

Noctilucent cloud sightings have been pouring in from the western half of the nation.

Women's World Cup: US v Thailand (Spoilers)

That love ❤️ letter was another promise that the Con could build on the waterfront...

Post a quote from your pet & see if anyone knows who said it without using Google

Make Republicans American Again! In other words, Mitch McConnell is an overt traitor

Buttigieg: Stop 'endless' U.S. war, return to Iran Nuclear Deal

HMMM...I WONDER if Ted Lieu has anything to say about Trump promising not to spy on his BFF Kim?

Serious question: If a Democratic President will not work with the GOP, what WILL they do?

Davenport voter: 'Beto has the coolness that Obama did'

Davenport voter: 'Beto has the coolness that Obama did'

House just authorized Chairman Nadler to go to court to enforce subpoenas and obtain grand jury info

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock visits Sioux City, talks reaching the voters of Middle America

Agree with Wounded Bear...

Protesters plot to ruin Trump's big July 4 address with infamous 'Baby Trump' blimp

As a matter of perspective, it was said best by Barack Obama:

Poll: Six Dems Beat Trump In Head-To-Head Matchups

They told us Hillary was coming for their guns

Listening to the ignorant Trump speak to reporter today, was absolutley pathetic!

Protesters want to fly 'Baby Trump' balloon during Trump's Fourth of July address in Washington

I'm a Woman - Koko Taylor

Bismarck restaurant denies firing server because of pregnancy

State trying to entice behavioral health workers to go west

Woolly severed head of a giant Ice Age wolf - nearly TWICE the size of its modern-day descendants...

'Trump is a threat to America!' Complete information on upcoming Biden speech

Plans advance for new oil pipeline to serve Bakken, Rockies regions

Sides with North Korea against CIA

McConnell shrugs off questions about preferential treatment by Chao

"My stock goes up every time he attacks me"

DOJ threatens executive privilege to block access to census docs

USA 13 Thailand 0

I just saw on MSNBC that John Stewart gave the Congress

Says Kim has 'kept his word' hours, after Bolton say he hasn't

Not all country boys are bigots. Happy Pride month.

Rep. King's 'Diamond and Silk Act' gets ripped by conservative pundits

The toadies keep covering for him

This dog's first interaction with a caterpillar

Can your Tesla roast an entire yak?

West India, Pakistan Face an Unusual Encounter with Cyclone Vayu

Secret deal was news to Mexico

Stepping up Trump clash, House votes to enforce Barr and McGahn subpoenas

Mark Zuckerberg contacts Nancy Pelosi after Facebook refused to take down manipulated video; still

Do you know why Don the Con

Federal Agency Taking Comments On Predator Killing In Idaho

North Dakota Democratic Party: "Coal Is No Longer a Viable Source of Energy."

A Post photographer snapped an image of Trump's alleged secret Mexico deal. Here's what it says.

Argentine elections: Macri drops VP Gabriela Michetti from ticket

"And what is so rare as a day in June?" It is 75degrees, 35% humidity, gentle breeze

Depraved dictator envy

Argentine elections: Macri drops VP Gabriela Michetti from ticket

Conspiracy theories make CIA's job harder

North Dakota Democrats lose two interim committee chairmanships

Donald and the Delusion Discount: Markets are treating Trump as crazy but harmless.

Bet on P!nk.

They say you get the leaders you deserve

U.S. Demolishes Thailand In Historic, Near-Perfect 2019 Women's World Cup Opener

Listening to Mango Mussolini speaking at Council Bluffs ethanol plant with Earnst and Reynolds

Sen. Harris beats Trump 49% - 41% in latest Quinnipiac University National Poll

OVER $7,000

Noem: No fence in Pierre

Fox cuts away from Trump speech right after he laments that tractors can't hook up to the internet

South Dakota ACLU to challenge Noem's "Riot Boosting" Act in court this Wednesday

Trump tells advisers he would 'sue' if Democrats move against him

Economic rights are human rights. This is what I mean by democratic socialism.

Establishment Democrats Admit: Fascist Take Over Happening

Tomorrow morning- @GregJKrieg and I will have a full preview of the Big Bernie speech on CNN

Jon Stewart lashes out at Congress over 9-11 victims fund

Pete: America & the World: National Security for a New Era -Video of his Foreign Policy speech today

Trump to announce US troop increase in Poland

Chairman Nadler is on Ari now n/t

Click bait

‪NY Offers Chairman Neal Trump's Tax Returns, Neal Says No Thanks. Unbelievable!

Bernie Sanders to defend his brand of socialism in speech

Great Ted Talk about the link between Facebook, Brexit, and the 2016 election

Biden leads Trump by 'landslide proportions' in new national poll


The Newz spin: Trump's polls down Biden's up

Bernie Sanders turns the tables on Trump over 'democratic socialism'

Warren, the Incidental and Integral Feminist

Trump Pulls Piece of Paper Out Of Pocket, Claiming It's The Agreement With Mexico.

Pete Buttigieg just gave his first foreign policy speech. He offered 5 clear proposals.

Jon Stewart Absolutely Demolished Congress For Bailing on a Hearing for 9/11 Survivors

Commissioners approve closure of care center

Luckovich-trump's not loyal. He's on his third dictator

Allan Lichtman: Democrats Might Do Better With An "Off-The-Wall" 2020 Candidate Rather Than Safe Est

Denying human nature is what religion and republicans do....

Grassley: 'Congress has delegated too much authority to the president'

DAILY KOS "Sign the petition: Kick Trump off Twitter"

To those with any doubt about Putin having Trump in his pocket, I have a question:

Biden joins the call for a Democratic candidates' debate on climate change.

Ok, so there's a Trump balloon. So where's the Mitch McConnell balloon?????

FOX has done to our parents what our parents thought video games would do to us.

We can not vote Trump out of office as............

John Lewis's tears over ancestor's voter card stir emotions in Democratic caucus

Getting out of debt

Joe Biden Turns MAGA Into A WMD Against Trump In Iowa

Anyone seen "A French Village" about occupied France during WWII?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Chris Matthews is a real Debbie Downer....

@RepMattGaetz and @Jim_Jordan ....

'Not particularly radical': Sanders previews major socialism address in POLITICO interview

Trump Administration Attempting to Cut Adult Education by Almost 25%

Smooth R&B from Keith Sweat, Tyrese

Jury deadlocks on case of border activist charged with helping migrants

I always wondered what happened to important State documents after they were signed?

Trump just made it clear he's losing it with thirteen wild tweets.

Steve King not allowed on Air Force One for Trump's trip to Iowa Tuesday

Stephen Hawking Was Right: Black Holes Can Evaporate, Weird New Study Shows

Pete: America & the World: National Security for a New Era -Video of his Foreign Policy speech today

Watch Live @ 10 am ET: SpaceX Launching 3 Earth Satellites for Canada

trump's tax cuts aren't going to pay for themselves