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Archives: March 9, 2019

A little cannabis humor

I don't see were Omar mentioned Obama in the Newsweek article

Prison authorities say they are investigating 'pharma bro' Shkreli

Interstate guardrail kept a vehicle from slamming head-on into Trump's motorcade

I stand with Barack Obama.

I mean... I... can fly like a bird in the sky... (Happy #InternationalWomensDay)

➡️ Unofficial LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders rally at Iowa University

Erin Burnett says rump may be down to only one possible replacement for Bill Shine:


Court denies new trial in 'Serial' podcast murder case


Notorious 'Pharma Bro' is facing another investigation while behind bars -- this time from the Bureau

Twitter Photos: Iowa University Rally

APNewsBreak: Utah lawmaker's LGBT posts anger activists

I don't care about negative attacks on candidates, I only care how they respond

Bass Pro Shops closing Cabela's operations in Sidney and Oshkosh; 162 jobs will be lost

Tell me again we are not a Kleptocratic Kakastrophic Klusterfuck...

FAA seeks a truce in dispute between Southwest and key union

You guys... He...he signed *the covers*

My daughter got accepted to HIGH SCHOOL!

*Bee Gees on WHUT (ch 32) now til 8:30 p.m.

Carmine Persico, Colombo Crime Family Boss, Is Dead at 85

Trump official said seismic air gun tests don't hurt whales-So Rep Cunningham blasted him w air horn

Hickenlooper Won't Call Himself a Capitalist

State of Nebraska cancels contract after spending $6M; company sues for another $15.5M

CNN backs off plan to hire GOP operative Sarah Isgur for political desk

CNN backs off plan to hire GOP operative Sarah Isgur for political desk

Do citizens of any province get some kind of supplemental income from the government?

🔥 LIVE: Bernie Rallies Supporters in Iowa City

Looks like beloved Erik Prince, brother of equally beloved Betsy Devos, committed perjury.

"A Father Should Be Able To Keep His Children Close."

Bernie's giving a speech to the overflow room

Nebraska slavery amendment to appear on 2020 ballot

On The Right Wing Talking Point That The VA Case "Had Nothing To Do With Russia"

Bernie Sanders' 2020 campaign slogan is a direct rebuke of Trump's 2016 message

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma loses bid to delay opioid epidemic trial

Let"s play a game of who said this?

Ellis gave this Jamaican woman more time for similar (but lesser) crimes.

Current And Former Partners Committed 71% Of Femicides In Brazil in January

Michael Avenatti law firm files for bankruptcy protection again; creditor objects

Trump Sags In Michigan

Triggered by a Final Jeopardy question: what do you think became of Jimmy Hoffa?

Texas bills would require climate planning

Bolsonaro Makes Generals Uneasy With Statement About Their Role In Democracy

Erik Prince acknowledges attending 2016 Trump Tower meeting 'to talk about Iran policy'

Ivanka's new line with a touch of style when she is under house arrest.

Tweety says to ITTMF

State sues ex-Rep. Dawnna Dukes to collect $10,000 in fines

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: guests - Matt Schlapp, Michael Steele,

The creepy porn President should focus on banning sex traffickers from the White House ...

Why was Bill Shine pushed out? VF floats theory that Dems about to investigate Trump & Fox

President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, "If you can convince the lowest white man

Stormy Daniels' arrest at strip club was improper: Police

Iowa Supreme Court rules that Medicaid can cover sex reassignment surgery

Ari Rabin-Havt: This is the packed house in Iowa City

US disaster agency rejects $306M for California dam repair

Booker slams Manafort sentence: Criminal justice system 'preys upon the most vulnerable citizens'

Utah lawmaker's LGBT posts anger activists

Transcript of the recording Rep. Omar released in support of her claim

China Experiences a Fracking Boom, and All the Problems That Go With It

Cartoons 3/08/19

Miss Rigby the cat has been sailing around the Atlantic with her family her whole life 🌊💙

Conroe woman pleads guilty to embezzling around $800,000 from New Caney business

Trump supporters portrayed as the stupidest, most gullible people on earth in merciless column

Another Trumpster Goes Down As Erik Prince Gets Busted For Lying To The House Intel Committee

Trump, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro to discuss Venezuela during White House visit

Trump, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro to discuss Venezuela during White House visit

Another trigger-happy gun humper tries to kill a black guy.

45 signs Bibles, God misses him by THIS MUCH 👌🏻

illinois has their mmj act together!

Milwaukee Bucks' Malcolm Brogdon: Racially segregated Milwaukee needs to change 'rapidly'

New Mexico governor enacts expanded gun background checks

Return of the cat man of Aleppo

Return of the cat man of Aleppo

Max Rose (NY) on MSNBC

Except for Paul Manafort, We Put People in Prison For Too Long

Presstitutes Turn Blind Eye to UN Report on Venezuela Washington and the Convict Appointed to Overth

Facebook Video: Bernie is talking to our overflow crowd ahead of our Iowa City Rally

Republicans Are So Corrupt That They're Celebrating Mitch McConnell Obstructing Anti-Corruption Bill

Trump budget to propose slashing domestic spending, boosting defense

Federal judge rules DeVos illegally delayed Obama-era special education rule

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Kincaid!

Tweet of the Day

Why did Reconstruction in the South largely fail when DeNazification in Germany largely succeeded?

Will Trump Really Use Service Members' Pensions to Fund the Wall?

Fifty Years Ago On Sunday

Who was the fucking judge who sentenced the whisteblower

Ex-NY official convicted in multimillion-dollar bribe case -prosecutors

Katie Hill (CA-25) is the real star of the 2018 class

Chris Matthews: Trump's impeachable crimes have been committed in broad daylight

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Begins Building Stone Wall

Attack the GOP for creeping FASCISM like they attack us for creeping socialism!

Joy-for-Rachel saying MANAFORT's atty asked ELLIS to *ORDER* concurrent sentence from JACKSON


Every. Single. Time!

65 Years Ago Today: See It Now; Murrow vs McCarthy (Entire Program)

Andrew Scheer, federal conservative leader, answers pizzagate and Trudeau's involvement

PBS WETA: 'A Conversation with KEN BURNS,' Tonight

Two new waxing crescent moon is something I've never done before...

Argentina: Witness against jailed opposition lawmaker indicted for false testimony

Jussie Smollett Case: Grand Jury Returns 16 Counts Against 'Empire' Actor

Countdown to Mumford and 22

Matt Schlapp is on Real Time. He is making excuses for Twitler's meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Question....who is the prize talking point of the repub talking heads now.....

Litmus test question "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" and more, as answered by Pete Buttigieg.

Russia destabilized the US using racism, Starbucks did it to China with a cat's paw cup.


Elizabeth Warren to hold Mississippi town hall moderated by Jake Tapper at Jackson State

Argentina: Witness against jailed opposition lawmaker indicted for false testimony

A 'Beat Trump' Fervor Is Producing Big Turnouts for 2020 Democrats

I have always felt white collar crime should be penalized a lot more harshly

Rabbit is told that he was adopted

I am a Neil Young fan...

A Couple Of Weeks Ago A New Football League Was Launched On TV.....

Ilhan Omar Backtracks After Calling Obama a "Pretty Face" Who "Got Away with Murder"

Hazel Scott

Another round. That's not Melania!!

Spring forward..PLEASE!! enough with the snow thing

NOVA Memory Hackers

Indigenous Woman Attacked at Trudeau Climate Rally

Real Time with Bill Maher

Boy spent 47 agonizing days in ICU with tetanus. Parents still refuse vaccines

United Airlines fires 35 employees for abusing travel benefits

As anti-vax movement gets weirder--and dumber--Facebook announces crackdown

Cat And His Favorite Girl Are Unstoppable

Naomi Klein interviews Soshana Zuboff, author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a

Why Call Chris Matthews Tweety?

TrumpOrg was recently granted trademarks in China for spas and escort services.


The military has a white-power problem

Ladies Of The Canyon - Joni Mitchell


California man learns he's dying from doctor on robot video

What's with the Bible on the right?

A funny version of the "Distracted Boyfriend" meme

Friday Night Wine Buzz.

Bernie invoking Hillary

Need some concise refutation points and positive points regarding the

Fifth arrest made on NC-9 election-related investigation

In another blow to Trump, judge rules in favor of ACLU in family separations case

Alabama's Roy Moore, undone by allegations, considers new Senate run

GOP and the human trafficer

'Captain Marvel' Gets an A CinemaScore

Trump expected to tap former Delta exec to run FAA: officials

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 3/8/19

Scientists revise magnitude of recent Alaska earthquake

Netanyahu campaign draws accusations of incitement

What's Love Got To Do With It?- Tina Turner

NCAA can claim victory after losing federal antitrust case

NCAA can claim victory after losing federal antitrust case

Mother jailed for 11 years in first British FGM conviction

Mother jailed for 11 years in first British FGM conviction

Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to de-legitimize the 2020 election

trumpty dumpty signed Bibles while visiting Beauregard, Alabama that was devastated by tornadoes

Elizabeth Warren takes on Amazon at Long Island City campaign event

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kim Jong Un Riding High After Meeting with Trump

Morning Joe badgers Democratic candidate: Are you a capitalist? He ends with the perfect answer.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mitt Romney Loves To Get it On

trumpty dumpty's Fordham report card is in...

Ilhan Ormar: Comments to Politico in Full

Florida's Democratic U.S. Reps. vote for historic voting rights, ethics legislation

Conspiracists Clash as Jerome Corsi Sues Infowars' Alex Jones

Hay Kiddos! Harvey: "Concerto antico"-1,2,3,4,5"/2 from Tabakova: "Concerto for Violin & Strings-1,

Watchdog group sues Pentagon for records relating to acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan's tie

You're No Good - Linda Ronstadt

Florida senator proposes 20 to 30-cent deposit on bottles and cans

U.S. EPA aims to curb biofuel credit speculation by blocking outsiders

Erik Prince lied to Congress about a Trump Tower mtg w/Jr. & UAE lobbyist.

Executions delayed while Ohio searches for new lethal injection drugs

House Dems renew push for funding gun violence research at CDC

Florida senators aren't ready to overhaul university spending in wake of UCF scandal

First-time voters for Bernie Sanders don't care about his age, say he speaks to what matters to them

Pro-Trump Florida Lawmaker Files Bill to Protect Social Media Users Banned for "Hate Speech"

USC Ignored Complaints About School Doctor's Sexual Misconduct and Unnecessary Rectal Exams on Gay

It's finally ridiculous: that thing in the WH is a disgusting, filthy, sleazy criminal.

It's like their defense is that they all constantly lie about everything, ergo lying doesn't matter

Miami 'anxious, not frustrated' over Democrats' 2020 convention indecision

The Doors - Soul Kitchen

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/8/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Sen. Cory Booker Wants A Revival Of Civic Grace

India Says Pakistan Has Failed to Take Credible Action on Terror

Presstitutes Turn Blind Eye to UN Report on Venezuela

"I AM NOT A ..."

Missouri voters already rejected RTW; don't sign petition to put it back on the ballot

Vermont town elects goat mayor

Missouri voters already rejected RTW; don't sign petition to put it back on the ballot

Trump just accused the Dem party of anti-semitism

Wisconsin GOP Faces Backlash After Being Caught Trying To Sneak A Homophobic Fanatic Onto The State

Wisconsin GOP Faces Backlash After Being Caught Trying To Sneak A Homophobic Fanatic Onto The State

A lady put a camera on her bird feeder and....

SXSW Panel Asks, Will Gerrymandering Get Worse Before It Gets Better?

London Capital & Finance: 236m firm collapses

Here's the actual September 2018 UN-report on Venezuela.

Florida is struggling to fill over 2,000 positions. Just don't teach in FL!

It is not that you have to be a racist or an anti-semite to vote for Brexit........

If you ever feel alone...

RW radio is bashing Joe Biden this morning

"Sudden thoughts and second thoughts"

How Tea Partiers Fueled Texas' Latest 'Voter Fraud' Freakout

Republican's racist Facebook posts resurface -- threatening to kill his special election chances

Wendy Davis: "The Midterms Were a Wake-up Call for Republican Leaders in Texas"

VenezuelaMinister And Former Vice President Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah Charged With Violations

Is it time to indict Jared ?

Three Romanian citizens plead guilty to participating in a multi-million dollar "vishing and smishin

More than a tad ironic...

LBN - Trump's private talks with Putin may contain clues to his Russia romance

Senior Republican Says Democrats Are Unlikely to Get Access to Evidence from Mueller Probe

Looking at the vehicles in the motel parking lot where I at

Creedence for breakfast, anyone?

Photo Journal: Good morning, iguanas!

Politico Reporter Fires Back After Rep. Ilhan Omar Claims Obama Comments 'Distorted'

Russian Trolls Shift Strategy to Disrupt U.S. Election in 2020

Creedence for breakfast, anyone? 2

A 'Beat Trump' Fervor Produces Big Crowds

Capitalism and the Democratic Party

As Possible Rivals Pass On 2020 Race, Biden May See A Path Clearing

Week 94: Trump Treats Manafort's Light Sentence Like an Acquittal. For Himself.

Creedence for breakfast, anyone? 3

History will judge Barr and Mueller equally harsh if...

'This Is Not 2016': What People Don't Get About Bernie Sanders and Race

There Are Two Carbon Tax Plans: The Oil Companies Favor One Of Them - Here's Why

Warming Is Rapidly Changing Mosquito Habits; Expect Much Worse From Yellow Fever, Dengue, Zika

Trump says the Democrats are 'anti-Jewish.' The numbers don't bear that out.

How Bad Is Peruvian Deforestation? Bad Enough That Peru Is Opening A Military Base To Deal With It

Trump budget will seek funds for border wall, Space Force

Dig a Hole in the Meadow...

GOP congressman complains wearing a MAGA hat isn't a federally protected status

Elizabeth Warren: I Understand Why DNC Would Pull Debates from 'Propaganda Machine' Fox News

No Legal Sanction - Nothing - Against TX Co. Whose Gas Pipeline Exploded, Killing Toddler In Home

Cory Booker Explains Why He Says He Loves Donald Trump

Kansas Republican State leadership kicked out of Topeka restaurant in drunken brawl

A Florida Massage Parlor Owner Has Been Selling Chinese Execs Access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

US Credit Card Debt Ended 2018 At All-Time High - $870 Billion; 4th-Largest Consumer Debt Category

N.Korea May Ready Rocket Launch, Blames U.S. for Summit Flop

In Trump's America, Honoring Workers Is An Act Of Resistance - By Connie Schultz

A Florida Massage Parlor Owner Has Been Selling Chinese Execs Access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Mueller Report: What Was Good For Clinton Is Good For Trump - By Joe Conason

Heartland Institute Erects Monument To Teh Stupid Arguing Against Warming As Security Threat

'Rape Day' Game Where You Play as a 'Dangerous Rapist' Pulled After Backlash

yet another false Mueller prediction

"Is it possible that if I try hard enough I can be president?"

Late-Summer Bushfires Hit S. Australia After Record Hot Summer; 6,000 Hectares Burned So Far

The Banks Files: Brexit funder urged campaign to "press it harder" after Jo Cox murder

I am sick of hearing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from myself, talking about her

The single strongest case for atheism ever made?

206 Temperature Records Broken In 90 Days In Australia's "Angriest Summer" - Fruit Cooked On Trees

Huge Victory for ACLU in Family Separation Lawsuit

At gym and Fox News claims Dems trying to get voting rights for illegals

Ignoring Trump scandals, Lindsey Graham eyes Republican conspiracy theory

Police search cancer patient's room

Caution !

AZ Misses Another Deadline For Colorado River Drought Plan; 12/16 Key Documents Drafts Or Concepts

WHENEVER Mr. Mueller files his report, I want to read it. I won't accept a "summary" or a

Is it or isn't it Melania

Vanilla Fudge

Norfolk VA Initiates Plan To Mitigate SLR And Storm Surge Damage; This Phase Will Cost $1.4 Billion

Elizabeth Warren: SEC settlement with for-profit college executives is an 'insult' to students

Sherrod Brown is now every Democrat's favourite Veep pick - except for the Senate problem

Elizabeth Warren: SEC settlement with for-profit college executives is an 'insult' to students

Trump meets the Biblical definition of "wicked"

Bo Diddley, Ron Wood/ Who do you love?

2020 Democratic hopefuls flock to trendy SXSW festival

2020 Democratic hopefuls flock to trendy SXSW festival

AOC's Comeback to those who want to "send her back to waitressing."

Idaho voters passed Medicaid expansion. Republican lawmakers are pushing back

A man tried to rob female UFC fighter and the results weren't pretty


Cory Booker on Colbert

Where have all the sparrows gone?

United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021

United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021

John Dean's Juicy Tidbit

Kitten attack

Don't impeach until you have the votes? Is that in the constitution?

The lab-grown meat industry just got the regulations it's been begging for

It's not often you see "paraglider" and "kangaroo" in the same sentence...

Is Trump trying to give Ivanka credit for an Obama administration State Department initiative

Go-oooo-oooh-aaaaarrggghh-llll! Look before you celebrate

I apologize.

"Votes in her memory can be cast for Sen. Kamala Harris in the 2020 primaries."

Britain's Asda supermarkets to stop selling single kitchen knives

Who's Afraid of Women of Color in Congress?

City of New Orleans, Arlo Guthrie

British government condemned after Islamic State teenager's baby dies

Weekend TOONs - No Wrist Slap! The Judge Said No Wrist Slap!

I just have to get this off my chest

Fox news reporter's lawyer wants NDA lifted re Stormy

I notice Joe Biden is being subject to extreme vetting.

The military has a white-power problem

The long list of cretin GOP Congress people

🐦 MAR 14 at 7PM EDT - Rally in North Charleston with Bernie Sanders

It's turn your clock ahead weekend

Unvaccinated Boy, 6, Spent 57 Days In The Hospital With Tetanus

What's not to love about North Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia,

Ahh, New York: Afterparty at the E train station

South Carolina Sorority Sisters Out in Force for Kamala Harris

SDNY and House investigators can now subpoena Individual-1 about Cohen pardon claims

Reminder: High-End Russian-Prostitute Ringleaders Busted Inside Miami's Trump Towers

Bernie Sanders-Style Politics Are Defining 2020 Race, Unnerving Moderates

If Democrats Are Going To Believe That Science Matters In Government

Handy calendar for keeping track of hearings and sentencings and such for March:

Federal Court denies Devos' efforts to delay education provisions for persons of color.

Kansas Republican lawmakers, lobbyists banned from restaurant for being too drunk, loud

The Reasons Why Judge T.S. Ellis gave Paul Manafort only 47 months in prison...

More PIX from the bird feeder photo lady....

Twitter Photos: On Location - Des Moines Rally

Knuckle pain

Seth Abramson making vivid contrast between Trump/Kushner and Bush/Cheney.

A Bible Passage Televangelists Don't Want You To Remember

If you are simplistic enough....

Sgt. Keith Miller and his crew hailed as heroes: 'I've learned that the autism community is much...

How 'socialism' plays poorly with the middle of the electorate

I'm glad the superdelegate system is different this time around...

This dog has a big fan

🔥 LIVE: Bernie Rallies Supporters in Des Moines

Jeopardy fans...Matt Jackson!

Major prostitution bust: Seattle police raid 11 massage parlors... (Chinese organized crime)

The ACA sabotage

Mrs. Betty Bowers strikes again...

Only in Australia.

If a Republican called me a socialist, I would wear that as a badge of honor.

I'm at SXSW

Woman hired Sicilian mafia hitmen to kill ex-lover, say police

Daylight Saving Time RANT!!

A special thank you to all those activists who brought a democratic house

Elizabeth Warren is right about Amazon. It's not as simple as avoiding their main website.

New Images of North Korea Buildup Confront Trump's Hopes for Disarmament

Can the House call McConnell in a for hearing...

Remember when the media started EVERY interview with Retrumplicans

So maybe the previous 44 presidents DIDN'T help arrange "happy endings" at their private clubs...

Wouldn't it just be easier for evangelicals to admit they don't read the Bible?

Bernie Rallies Supporters in Des Moines

Seth Abramson: Kushner the greatest domestic danger to America - HAIR ON FIRE TIME

Profiles in Crazy, LXI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Colorado Republican Doesn't Want Kids to Know About Consent

VIDEO: Arkansas Sen. Stephanie Flowers (D) Explodes Over 'Stand Your Ground' Threat To Her Son

Why America's New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same

How America's food giants swallowed the family farms

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

NBA/sports fans will get this

An Unvaccinated Boy Got Tetanus And It Cost Over $800,000 To Save His Life

We've got an uphill struggle

My next door neighbor won a trip to costa rico for a week and was wondering

Fmr DNC Chair Howard Dean Defends Party's Debate Decision: Fox News Is a 'Propaganda Outfit'

Photos: Bernie went down to greet crowd. Hugged folks. Took selfies ...

Sen. Kamala Harris responds to pointed question on race in America

Robert Kraft skips Navy SEALs gala after pulling out as honoree

Not For Nothing, Apple Cares About Cutting Its Carbon Footprint

GOP Mayor Resigns After Racist Texts And Email Leaks Revealed By Girlfriend

MAGA Freeloaders Booted Out Of Massachusetts Holiday Inn.

Mike Pence brags about destroying the environment in Ohio,

Natural Resource Defense Council -- Climate Change Fighters

If Texas turns Blue....

Evangelicals and Jews--in 90s I knew Evangelicals who wanted to have Jewish ancestry

Trump administration responsible for even more separated children, judge rules

Judge Ellis is the very definition of an "activist judge".

Laurie Anderson Will Bring Lou Reed's Guitars To A Cathedral Drone Show

Is this the end of recycling?

This is what makes Trump more evil than most criminals.

Ilhan Omar focus of anti-immigrant theories shared on social media by 2 Homeland Security agents

Is the border actually lawless? This father and son are hiking all 1,954 miles to find out.

Anyone know where to find the actual court documents about the cigar bar meeting?

Has Anyone Asked Trump What He Said To Cohen When He Asked For A Pardon?......

Dems should run an asshole

Kids For Ka-meow-la

Trump Lullaby to the Tune of "Hush, Little Baby." (Tom Toles)

Trump previously sought to cut USAID's budget-but NOW will fund it for Ivanka project.....

Top 30 Most Stunning Photos From The National Geographic Instagram Photography Contest

Blue collar no more: Skilled auto technicians are in high demand

Do you discuss current politics with

'Major' SR 520 Construction Starting Soon: WSDOT

What I'm listening to this morning..

Fear is a disease that leads to self destruction.

Legal experts: U.S. attorney general faces daunting decision on release of Russia report

Trump's sex trafficking friend went from pimping out sex slaves to pimping out Trump

The price of not being vaccinated

United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021

US man imprisoned for life in killing of Chinese student

White House rejects Dem request to interview ex-Trump aide

Dismal local outlook for upcoming salmon season

Wait a minute. We've been eating pineapple all wrong.

Hanoi and Cohen hearings; Trump had a bad week

A Florida Massage Parlor Owner Has Been Selling Chinese Execs Access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Dems seek relief for worried taxpayers in tough filing season

When a subpoena from the House is ignored

Photos: Bernie Sanders Des Moines Rally - Des Moines Register

Will the Masses Finally See Fox News for What It Is?

Dog Breeder arrested. 700 dogs rescued

CPAC Chairman Tells Bill Maher, Trump Kept Big Promises, So His Crimes Don't Matter

First ever

Trump's base can't handle the truth: He's wrecking their economy

Well .. it has finally happened..hubby has gone full MAGA

An Airplane Ran Out of Fuel at 41,000 Feet. Here's What Happened Next

Judge Ellis on Charles Manson:

Trumpsters say it was okay for Trump to have acted unethically and criminally for decades

A 'Beat Trump' Fervor Produces Big Crowds

The Umbrella Academy

Why Is This Man Running for President?

Wonder if there are any ties between

Cartoons 3/09/19

Imagine if this happened to you 🦍💗

What a nice photo I found

A message from women everywhere

What Hosting Company Hosts the Most Websites?

I'm looking for spinners. Does anybody have an electric carding

Online Shopping Market Share - Amazon's #1

Hussein Yusuf Kamal Ibish- Omar Is Hurting the Palestinian Cause

Climate change lecture heats up, warranting police presence

Feedback on changing from wind power to solar for a very old

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; March 8, 2019

Pence's Remarks at the 2019 Oil and Gas Association Annual Meeting

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts; March 8, 2019

Erik Prince: Blackwater founder admits Trump Tower meeting with Donald Jr in disastrous interview

Why didn't I know about this?

I think we can all agree that paragliding is dangerous...

I don't think there's a #FakeMelania. But...

February 2, 2019: So long and farewell: WTOP says goodbye to longtime DC home

I think my 21 year old son made a good move getting into the electrical trade


Just keep in mind that 2020 isn't in the bag...

Spa Founder Offered Access to Trump to Chinese Clients

$3. 💡. When I got home I read the warnings. ¿WTH?

Internet be like

Catholic School in Kansas Faces a Revolt for Denying a Same-Sex Couple's Child

Has anyone else?

Intelligent design gets even dumber

Let this sink in for a minute..

Trump to tap military pay and pensions to build his wall.

Obit from a crime family that is not named Trump:

Skyline Towers collapse: 46 years ago this month

bill shine Haiku. Now, write your Haiku.

My 94 year old aunt caught the tail end of an Inslee interview...

This Ango/Indo/Norwegian family rocks the Blues,Country and Rock

Obscure no-deal Brexit group is UK's biggest political spender on Facebook

Some Truths About American Politics

William Barr is trouble

If I ever have to run for my life,

New commandment...applicable only to The Abominable Glow Man.

Bernie Sanders 2.0: How his Iowa caucus campaign has changed -- and how it hasn't

I finally agree with tRump

I think that at this point that we can safely presume that time-travel will never exist...

As budget deficit balloons, few in Washington seem to care

Maybe we should drop the ist and the ism and just call some, Social Democrats ?

Congressman blasts Trump official with air horn after he said air gun tests don't hurt whales

DOJ lied - Sessions had opened an investigation into Hillary Clinton

Howard Schultz's Nightmare

Arrests in domestic terror probes outpace those inspired by Islamic extremists

A 'Beat Trump' Fervor Produces Big Crowds

14-foot fish spotted in river, giving hope to vanished giant's return (Hudson, Sturgeon)

Russian Trolls Shift Strategy to Disrupt 2020 Election

Popular apps like Yelp send your data to Facebook even if you aren't on Facebook, privacy watchdog s

Trump Budget to Propose Slashing Domestic Spending

Here's help to decide who to support in the primaries

Don't forget to do this

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 9, 2019

Trump to propose massive renewable energy cuts, something Republicans don't even want

A Battery Which Desalinates Water In Charging and Discharging.

It takes a lot of gall for a billionaire to run for President as a Democrat and...

Trump's Worldview Crumbles As The FBI Arrests More Domestic Terrorists Than Foreign Extremists

My cat is really pissed

Man angry his photo was used to prove all hipsters look alike -- then learns it wasn't him

Anybody familiar with Modern Monetary Theory?

My Four Moods

Who bought Kavanaugh?

I have a dog that is all of a sudden refusing to go into her kennel except to eat in the morning.

Cats - pretty little carnivores or vampires-in-waiting

Do you really want to know why some people are MAGAts? Read my story.

From Juan Cole - Criticizing Israel Isn't Anti-Semitic. Here's What Is

JUAN COLE "What does the World look like from Somalia? ...."

Educational drawing of the day (Mob history lesson)

Just got polled by Quinnipiac!

Kavanaugh's tax returns need to be examined

A gift

Sahle-Work Zewde becomes Ethiopia's first female president BBC

The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!

Leaked Documents Show the Govt Tracking Journalists@SenBlumenthal voicing "grave concern" over a se

Huge Rottweiler Wins Over Grandma Who Only Likes 'Lapdogs'

Tweet of the Day

Mussolini vs Trump

Our campaign is off to an incredible start, ... and are now headed to New Hampshire

God. A friend on Facebook posted a Photoshopped pic of the new women in Congress.

Family Saves Crab Stuck In Fishing Line