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Judge T. S. Elliot is a Reagan appointee.

Hey, it was only 20 years less than the maximum sentence. Thanks, Judge Ellis!

Heads bowed to the ground, suspected IS members surrender

Ellis is an ass n/ t

Fuck me. Let's all go commit crimes. If that's all he gets for being the WORST white collar criminal

BREAKING: Ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months for fraud in Mueller case

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is watching and I'd bet Manafort is going to actually face justice in DC

Merry Christmas Mister Manafort

Big Ass Tree!

Jennifer Rubin: Republicans manage to get Democrats out of a jam -- by showing the GOP's true colors

Everyone knows that mandatory minimums and sentencing guidelines only apply to people of color

Cohen 3 yrs Manafort 4 yrs, doesn't equate

Arent there people serving more time for a bag of weed

Is our Department of Justice compromised?

This Ellis character is in Dump's pocket

This light sentence really hurts.

Who is "The Dignity of Work" candidate now?

Now, if it were 47 months in a Ukrainian prison, I would be more understanding.

I believe Manafort will be pardoned

Cornel West Endorses Sanders:

Trump Virginia golf course cited for illegally cutting down trees from protected area

If You're Upset About Manafort's Light Sentence Just Wait Until Trump....

If there is a silver lining in this outrageous sentencing

Getting Ahead Of Their Skis

Manaforts sentence is way too light but remember he lost a lot of money and property too.?

Manafort gets a super light sentence from a Reagan-appointed judge

Evidence shreds GOP argument that tax cuts pay for themselves

Manafort can still be prosecuted in New York

CNN: This is a big blow to Mueller

I wasn't surprised by the light sentence, were you?

Rachel Maddow Beats Hannity By Nearly 1 Million Viewers In Ratings Domination

Professor Tribe calls it -

Picture perfect

Who else from the gang of traitors and thieves goes before Ellis?

How can this be?

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Taking reservations for 2020

A different perspective regarding Manafort's sentence

Opinion: Democrats might need Biden more than they know

Tweet of the Day

Kushner blackmailed both Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Jared Kushner goes rogue in Saudi Arabia, prompting national security concerns

🔥 LIVE - Bernie Returns to Iowa to Continue the Political Revolution.

File a complaint with the courts over Judge Ellis' conduct.

Judge Ellis: Manafort is a generous person who lived an otherwise blameless life

Don jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner all to be indicted sources say.

Tesla's new Supercharger slashes charging times

Here's some Watergate sentences for context.

"All the President's Men" is coming on now on TCM

Inslee, AG Ferguson lay down the law in letter to 262 gun dealers

Judge Ellis sentenced Fredrich Turner to 40 years min. for dealing methamphemine.

The Latest: Official: US still believes it can forge NK deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 8 March 2019

It's official. Our judicial system is not rotted from the head to the foot. White justice for the

Judge re: Manafort...otherwise"blameless" life

How Mueller's team fears Russia could learn US secrets in court case

John Kelly said a border wall 'from sea to shining sea' would be a 'waste of money'

Thanks to MSNBC: "For context on Manafort's 47 months . . . "

This state was getting ready to ban an abuse of LGBTQ kids -- then Republicans watered it down

IMO, it is extremely unlikely that the DC judge will hand down a consecutive sentence

House Democrats Are Flooding Trump World With Demands. Here's a Guide to the Investigations.

Judge Ellis sentenced Ex Rep William Jefferson**A BLACK MAN**to 13 yrs, Jefferson served 5

Colombia's prosecution lacks evidence to link corruption probe to FARC leader: Inspector General

Mets great Tom Seaver diagnosed with dementia at 74

Question about National security

Martin Shkreli Reportedly Using Contraband Phone to Plan His Comeback From Prison

Latest with Manafort made up my mind

Mangueira Wins Rio Carnaval With A Parade Honoring Assassinated Councilwoman Marielle Franco

House Bill Introduced to Remove Marijuana from List of Controlled Substances

SpaceX Crew Dragon Re-Entry May Be Visible Over Some of Eastern US

So crime DOES pay if you are a white male and part of the Trump-Putin crime family.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Georgia's Voting Problems Are Now Under House Investigation

The consequence and blowback from Judge Ellis sentencing must be swift and strong or we lose our

Judge tosses Stormy Daniels' lawsuit against Trump over hush money agreement

Judge Ellis also wants Manafort to get credit for 9 mos. served in jail already.

Ari Rabin-Havt: Looking good Council Bluffs, Iowa.

If Roger Stone does not go to jail for his breech of his gag order it's all over for our justice

Wolves and the Endangered Species Act, an Explainer

The whiteness of this fucking whitewash on rich white man Manafort is sickening!

GOP lawmaker accuses Democrats of conducting an 'inquisition' and assault on the 1st Amendment by in

Florida Bible study bill wins approval in first House stop

Omar lauds House passage of anti-hate measure as 'great progress'

Before They Go to Space, Astronauts Go to Geology Camp

I suppose I can forgive myself for stealing a pair of knee socks (50 yrs ago) during a blizzard

NASA Will Need Your Help Mapping Asteroid Bennu

Georgia governor backs 'heartbeat bill' to restrict abortions

Man in crisis calls gay bookstore, and manager and patrons answer

Mueller hauling the trash out of the Whitehouse

Top Marvel Executive: 'The World Is Ready' for a Gay Superhero in the MCU

How Not to wake up a Lioness!

Wonder if anyone has checked the judge's bank account...

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Here's Trump defining the word 'denuclearization' like a 6th grader taking a vocabulary test

Nielsen: I had no idea ripping kids from their parents would traumatize them

A Sealed Indictment?

I'll bet Ellis thinks he's a shoe in for the SCOTUS. He probably is. n/t

It's times like these I refer to Frank Zappa

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Payback! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

Martin Shkreli continues to run business from prison, report says


Randi re: Manafort

Maryland judge rescinds block against transgender military ban

NO one here should be okay with this sentencing

I don't care what anyone says... Ellis was bought off

I saw where the definition of a "cage" was debated with Sec. DHS

Is it readily available to see how Judge Ellis

Patriarchy & the Age of Consent


Conservative writer, David Brooks, comes out in favor of reparations

''This man is absolute love through & through.''

WaPo AUGUST 2018: "The extraordinary bias of the judge in the Manafort trial"

Now, more than ever, Democrats must double down on the investigations.

I just saw a commercial for Jay Inslee and it was great

Trump Settles on His Reelection Message

Conservative calls for cookie boycott because AOC used to be a Girl Scout

Judge Says Wilbur Ross Broke the Law

Bernie Sanders begins 2020 campaign in Council Bluffs

Reality Winner: Blew the whistle on Russia hacking voting rolls: 63 months

Like Trump, Does Bernie Still Think NATO Is A Waste of Money?

One injustice must not follow another. - Adam Schiff

Delaware Takes Up Popular Vote Proposal

Wrong number ...

So with all the judges tRump and turtle man are shoving through......

Given the number of incompetents, fascists, religious whackos and moral pygmies confirmed

So Tell Me, Republicans

Was wondering whether gout can be cured in a day?

Sanders seizes pro-Omar lane in 2020

Ignorance is our enemy.

Our DU friend, Bayard lost her companion of 33yrs today

I took a lot of photos today. The pictures on the camera card could not be recognized.

I Wonder Who Spends More Time in Jail, Paul Manafort, or the Children in Kirstjen Nielsen's Camps?

Crystal Mason is serving 5 years in prison for voting

Two make you laugh.

Manafort can still be charged with crimes, STATE crimes.

After Manafort's sentence, they should just set Cohen free. nt

Here's why conservative groups are so desperate to kill Democrats' sweeping H.R. 1 legislation"

Lord knows that kid could dance!

"I don't know about you, Lawrence, but when I voted, there were no Russians at the polls"

Who is this moron Trump supporter Lawrence O'Donnell has on?

Mueller team warns Russia may try to use sensitive informtion.

I am pissed Re: Manafort (I am a former Federal Inmate)

and finally others are finding out how we've known for ever that Rachel Maddow

I just saw the sickest videos on youtube. Re: Fainting goats.

A fifth arrest has taken place in District 9

Judge Ellis is a crooked fucker

"Otherwise blameless life" - Atlantic writer Franklin Foer begs to differ and makes a list:

Could Congress compell Manafort to testify in front of them

Roger Stone: ** WARNING *** a pic you may not want to see

Fifth arrest made on election-related crimes connected to NC-9 investigation

The discussion about the short sentence is a distraction.

Shifting away from coal is key to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, PSU study finds

NY State prepared to file different charges if Trump pardons Manafort

Zero-emission diesel combustion using a non-equilibrium-plasma-assisted MnO₂ filter

Venezuela: huge power outage leaves much of country in the dark

Venezuela: huge power outage leaves much of country in the dark

Bernie Sanders reignites enthusiasm on 2020 campaign trail

El Salvador: three women jailed for abortions released

El Salvador: three women jailed for abortions released

The Daily Show - Today in Obama Scandal History: The Tan Suit

In developing nations, national parks could save endangered species

Because it's so sweet

Hell has frozen over and David Brooks is onboard with reparations

A Trump official said seismic air gun tests don't hurt whales. So a congressman blasted him with an

Coral Reef Parks Protecting Only 40 Percent of Fish Biomass Potential

Gary Kasparov's simple & just solution for Manafort

Tennessee House of Representatives passes controversial fetal heartbeat bill

The Daily Show: John Legend - "Preach" & Using Music to Deliver a Message of Action

Dream Centers: A College Chain Crumbles, and Millions in Student Loan Cash Disappears

Dream Centers: A College Chain Crumbles, and Millions in Student Loan Cash Disappears

Mitsubishi Dando Drive House concept can power your home.

AOC accuses conservatives of making up stories about her so Fox News will have something to report

Yang: "First we get the economic boot off of everyone's throats"

When coral reefs change, researchers and local communities may not see eye to eye

2020 CO US Senate Election- Joe Neguse-D or Jason Crow-D 2014 AR US Senate Election- Tom Cotton-R.

Man Finds Something Very Strange Underneath Woman's Bed

Despite What Trump Says, Climate Change Threatens Our National Security

Despite What Trump Says, Climate Change Threatens Our National Security

a federal judge slammed Com Sec Wilbur Ross for breaking the law and violating the Constitution in a

Why Wendy's Is Facing Campus Protests (It's About the Tomatoes)

Here are some people Judge Ellis was harder on than Paul Manafort.

Immigrants rejected for asylum may appeal removal orders, 9th Circuit rules

Another tiny glimmer of hope for the VAQUITA...

Wild Grizzly Bears Find Random Stick In Field -- And Flip Out

Trump administration proposes overtime pay expansion

All Judge Ellis was doing was sending an invitation.

Pentagon may tap military pay, pensions for border wall

Pentagon may tap military pay, pensions for border wall

Why the continual referral of Senator Sanders as BS?

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 10 - The Irish on Film

TCM Schedule for Monday March 11 - Fred Without Ginger

States with stricter gun control regulations have fewer mass shootings: study

Stacey Abrams is a Trekkie!!!

John Hickenlooper(D-CO) should follow Sherrod Brown(D-OH) lead and focus on becoming US Senator.

Countdown to Mumford and 23

Schiff Taps a Second Heavyweight Prosecutor for Trump Probes

If I were an all-knowing, all-powerful omnipotent god (Episode #1)....

SpaceX's Crew Dragon Homecoming Friday May Be Toughest Part of Its Mission

Missile base activity in North Korea

Jimmy Kimmel Live: EXCLUSIVE - Trump's High School Transcripts Revealed!

Body of Unidentified Black Girl found in a Bag in California (Update, Girl Identified, Man Charged)

We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges...

Step Sister of Anne Frank & Holocaust Survivor, Met With CA Students In 'Nazi' Party Photo

Towboat carrying 13K gallons of diesel sinks near LaPlace

Judge approves settlement in Louisiana school religion lawsuit

Ole Miss student government votes to remove Confederate monuments from campus

Went to a show cuz a friend had an extra ticket...

Reviving The Mishandling Of Anita Hill's Testimony Is Bad News For Biden 2020

Anti-John Bel Edwards ads pulled from radio stations

A calm and restful night to all...

Shreveport financial advisor part of largest elder fraud sweep

Shreveport financial advisor part of largest elder fraud sweep

new federal judge for life: 39 year old who repeatedly weakened voting rights

Tariff Man Has Become Deficit Man

LSU, Will Wade telephone tapping is dark turn in federal college basketball probe

new federal judge for life: inexperienced 36 year old with ties to conservative anti-gay group

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/7/19

Stephen Colbert: R. Kelly's Outburst Didn't Faze Gayle King

Trump will be out bragging about a strong economy and threatening that it will change if Dems get in

This wouldn't have happened if it was Coca-Cola

There is a very simple solution to prevent preferential treatment of rich people like Manafort:

Ralph Hall, oldest-ever member of US House, dead at age 95

(Jewish Group) The House easily passed Democrats' anti-hate resolution, with some Republicans dissen

Finland's center-right government resigns

Party lines drawn on agency proposal

New Ketamine-Related Drug for Depression- 'Spravato' Approved By FDA

Mobile Telesystems Pjsc and Its Uzbek Subsidiary Enter into Resolutions of $850 Million with (DoJ)

Venezuelan union leaders stripped of their benefits ahead of massive strike

Former OU prez {& Democratic governor} sought for interview by investigating law firm. Retaliation?

Mozambique's Former Finance Minister Indicted Alongside (Others- Alleged $2 Billion Fraud and Money

End of the Line

IN memory of Obama's tan suit

Former US Navy Contract Official Pleads Guilty in Bribery Scheme in Which He Received more than $1M

No cow tipping here.

McAllen Woman Pleads Guilty to Multi-Million Dollar Kickback Conspiracy

Maduro pays Palestinian physicians $1500-1800/month. Venezuelan physicians? $5/month

Former Rocker Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Defrauding Thousands in Nationwide Real Estate

A court in Alabama allows father of unborn fetus to sue abortion clinic

What do you do for the weekend after your Campaign Chair has been sent to prison

White Male Privilege Writ Large

"I would say, President Trump, that's a big mistake....or a huge mistake as he would say..."

Former Richardson mayor, developer found guilty in bribery, corruption trial

March 9, Chavistas celebrate 4 year anniversary of Obama declaration as Anti-Imperialist Day

So many stores are closing and reorganizing. Where is the booming economy?

: Arkansas Senator walks out during debate over amending state self-defense laws; panel rejects bill

Venezuelans call out propaganda minister on his BS.

Arkansas Senator walks out during debate over amending state self-defense laws; panel rejects bill

Inhofe says Pentagon leaders lost trust over 'dismal' military housing

Well it's Friday, Mueller Time.

Senator Blumenthal seeks criminal investigation of shoddy military housing

Just some sprinkles for the crap sundae that the Manafort sentencing is

Inhofe pushes legislation to make English the national language

Scoop: White House leak to House Dems on Jared and Ivanka's clearances

'Astronomical symbol' debate takes Oklahoma House where it's frequently gone before

Read Sanders' full speech from Council Bluffs, Iowa:

White Male Privilege Writ Large (Part 2)

58 Years Ago Today; 1957 Georgia Memorial to Congress passed in GA

Montana Gov. Bullock hires top adviser with eye on 2020

'Justice is bought': Paul Manafort sentencing draws accusations of privilege

Oklahoma House approves eviction measure in marathon session

Was going to bed angry till I found this..........

Friday TOONs - Judge(Ellis)'s Gavel

Here's @BernieSanders plan for rural America

Did Giuliani or Trump intercede with Judge Ellis on behalf of Paul Manafort?

Trump inauguration took money from shell companies tied to foreigners

Does John Hickenlooper Have a Secret Weapon?

40 Years Ago Today; Birth of the CD

Kansas Spends Millions More Training Engineers Than Jobs With Higher Demand

Had Manafort been given 19-20, trump would have already pardoned him saying the sentence was unfair

'Whiter Every Election Cycle': How Identity Evropa, a Far-Right Hate Group, Joined the GOP

What time is the sentencing on March 13th?

Reports: FMR. AG Holder says Next Democratic President Should Add Seats to the Supreme Court.

O'Rourke Seeks Staffers In New Hampshire

Students at elite Sidwell Friends projected swastikas during assembly


Chinese school under fire for buying tracking bracelets for students

Covering your digital footprints in a frugal and legal manner

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Chews Up Conservative Writer's Girl Scout Cookie Boycott

Hungary's Orban says Fidesz could quit EPP amid anti-Juncker row

Trump Seeks Huge Premium From Allies Hosting U.S. Troops

Representative John Lewis

McConnell Works to Freeze Support for Campaign Bill

GOP Splits Over Hate Resolution

Kansas House Presses On With Tax Relief, Edges Closer To Showdown With Governor

'Gardening while black': lawsuit targets white accusers over 'outrageous' claims

'Gardening while black': lawsuit targets white accusers over 'outrageous' claims

"Otherwise blameless life"

What Symbiotic Relationship? Trump Tweets 'Thank You @FoxandFriends. Great Show!'

Trump cheered Kraft's team to Super Bowl victory with founder of spa where he was busted

Apples in the White House

OK, take a day or so to be dispirited. We're entitled. We genuinely care about justice and the

U.S. Cancels Journalist's Award Over Her Criticism of Trump

Only in trumpworld would a four-year prison sentence for his campaign chairman be seen as a victory.

Poarch Band of Creek Indians donates $184,000 for funerals of tornado victims

Jimmy Carter Willing To Travel To North Korea To Help Broker A Deal

Security holes found in smart car alarms

Judge Dismisses Five Remaining Charges Against Michael O'Donnell

February jobs report 20, will trump spin this??? 180,000 predicted.

U.S. adds meager 20,000 jobs in February to mark smallest increase in 17 months

Just swipe away the negativity

"He doesn't have cancer! He's not going to die in prison! HE JUST DOESN'T LIKE PRISON FOOD!"

The Rundown: March 7, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History" #1

The origin of Super Villains: MODOK

An article from last year about Ellis and sentencing

Of course Trump is involved: Owner of child slavery spas poses with Trump

New Buildings Rise At Kansas Universities As Students Bear The Cost Of The Old Ones

Trump Watched Super Bowl with Founder of Busted Spa

The 'Otherwise Blameless Life' of Paul Manafort

Teachers unions hope to turn widespread educator unrest into a 2020 presidential election issue.

Ivanka's leaked security clearance:

Dragon splashes down!

It kills me that in 2019

Jimmy Carter Willing To Travel To North Korea To Help Broker A Deal

paul manafort's "largely blameless life"

HuffPo article: Sherrod Brown Just Showed Why Democrats Need Him In The Senate

Woke up to this. 20,000 jobs created in February

Young humpback whale freed from fishing gear off Hawaii

At least 25 Central American migrants die in Mexico accident

Just a thought; The polling numbers Manafort gave to the Russians.

Stephen Moore is spinning like a top on the bad jobs numbers on CNN (20,000)

Trump says that Judge Ellis & "the lawyer in the Paul Manafort case" have absolved him of collusion.

Western Wall: Jewish women clash over prayer rights

Happy International Women's Day to all DU women

International Women's Day, For the Other Half of the Sky

More than 1,500 live turtles found duct-taped and stuffed in suitcases: CNN

American hospitals have a long way to go

I know that Manafort was given a light sentence for his crimes, but at least he is going....

American hospitals have a long way to go

Petty Kingdom

Kansas Catholic school rejects kindergartner with same-sex parents

This "judge" appears to be compromised...

Embezzling nearly $83,000 in Iowa gets 25 years. Times Republican 2017

It Took Two Months and Nearly a Million Dollars to Save an Unvaccinated 6-Year-Old From Tetanus

Elizabeth Warren: Breakup Amazon, Facebook and Google

Fox News has become an American plague

Yesterday's news...

"I want to grow up to be just like you." . . . Please come CAPTION the Hon. T.S. Ellis!

David Corn on Twitter

Priceless! The look on Stepahnie Ruhle's face when Peggy Noonan

Georgia puppy mill operator arrested after 700 dogs are rescued

The perfect day for Joe Biden to throw his hat in the ring is St. Patricks Day

No matter how smart your offspring are,

Anti-Semitism part of wave of 'depraved hatred', pope says

Trying to think of the name of the mainstream, "right-wing" opposition party in Venezuela

Mueller has over 2 million pages of documents on Roger Stone.

Robert Kraft should have listened to his mother ...

In India, a search for 'traitors' after conflict with Pakistan

White Linen restaurant bans lawmakers, lobbyists after altercation

He's screaming no collusion on my TV

Looking for easy PDF browser.

UK leader warns Brexit may never happen unless deal approved

trump, getting on our helicopter just said 'no collusion' ten times....the gaslighting of America

Delcy Rodriguez name US Senator as fiend behind collapse of entire Venezuelan electrical grid

Trump: "Dems have become the Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish party."

The anti-Semitism crisis tearing the UK Labour Party apart, explained

Pretty neat article about early LA rock n roll. Great photos

Trump to take a break from exhausting work on national emergency to fundraise at Log-o-Merde

Surprise! Trump Partied With Florida Human Trafficker During Super Bowl

The house should call for a special prosecutor for Judge Ellis

Chamber leaders join Gov. Laura Kelly to tout economic benefit of Medicaid expansion in Kansas

Does nobody care about credit card fraud?

Trump: "Judge said no collusion with Russia. It's a collusion hoax. It's a collusion witch hoax."

I have a favorite candidate..but that does not mean I don't listen to what others have to say

More bad reporting?????

Heroic Firefighters Saving Animals

Here's another travesty about Judge Ellis' leniency in sentencing:

hey National Media! Time to ask Trump about the Charlotteville Nazi's again.

Bernie has a little different way of phrasing it

I have outdone myself, in the 'self restraint' department

In light of Robert Kraft prostitution news, how does this IVANKA/ TRUMP ORG trademark read to you?

that Coats is hiding, information that surely would embarrass Trump

'Simpsons' producers pull iconic Michael Jackson episode

Bought a used 2018, very low mileage car and signed our life away......

"Don't do drugs, kiddos!"

trump talking before Republican Jewish Coalition.... only fifty-eight seconds....

CRINGE VIDEO: Trump Calls Apple CEO "Tim Apple"

Chelsea Manning back in jail

WINNING: Trump Sets New Deficit Records

British Values and Brexit

Chelsea Manning sent to jail for refusing to testify in Wikileaks case

AR State Sen. Stephanie Flowers delivers powerful speech in favor of gun violence prevention

Kansas fire marshal raises alarm after six death investigations fall through cracks

No Collusion Word Salad from Trump Before Trip to Merde-a-Go-Go

America's Light Bulb Revolution

How bad is Venezuela's economy? Even the criminals are struggling to get by.

Photos for the Day -

'She Had a Poor Choice of Words': Ilhan Omar's Constituents Grapple with Her Remarks

In Council Bluffs, Bernie Sanders says his ideas are no longer 'radical'

Ex-University of Connecticut official fined for improperly awarding fellowship to husband

Rep. Omar Retweets Criticism of John McCain And 'Faux' Anti-Semitism Outrage; Meghan McC Hits Back

S. Carolina megachurch has history of child sex abuse claims

Crab legs sparked a brawl at a buffet. A day later and hundreds of miles away, it happened again.

On Fox News, Dinesh D'Souza calls on Trump to use "force" and send the National Guard to campuses

Judge Ellis' tell that he is a Trumpster

SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule splashes down in Atlantic Ocean and is recovered

Eric Holder says

John Fugelsang cuts to the core AND slam dunks with this one

Is Boston truly looking out for immigrants? Not in this case.

One reason for Trump's foreign policy fiascoes -- his National Security Council is broken

Elizabeth Warren outlines plans to break up 'Big Tech'

Trump "feels very badly" for Manafort. Jeepers, if there were only SOME way he could "help."

Elizabeth Warren: 'It's Time to Break Up' Amazon, Facebook and Google

Trump Says Democrats Have Become an 'Anti-Jewish Party'

Would a resolution condemning bigotry against blacks, Muslims, or homosexuals had been watered down?

Trump thinks his supporters are the most gullible people on earth. Are they really?

Wait, what? The whole time? The whole time!? THE WHOLE TIME!

Trump Claims Border Wall Is 'Far Ahead of Schedule'

Yep, there's a guy who flies around on a jet-powered hoverboard

Read Bernie Sanders' full speech from his first Iowa 2020 campaign rally

Arkansas State Senator Stephanie Flowers is a NATIONAL HERO.

Trump Budget to Include $100M for Ivanka's Women's Fund

About those stories you read here and elsewhere about people who do strange things in the U.S.A.

Trump Sags In Michigan

My female chihuahua is humping the hell out of a bedroom slipper

report cards are in ...

Trump budget to include $100M for daughter Ivanka's women's fund

Odds for the Trump Recession are inching higher...

Hickenlooper: Pot for mine, but not for thine

Trump on Cohen: "Bad lawyer and fraudster! He lied! He lied again! He lied!"

Former Florida governor candidate Andrew Gillum set to make 'major announcement'

Ilhan Omar in Her Own Words: I Know What Hate Feels Like (Democracy Now!)

Atmospheric Scientists Reveal the Effect of Sea-ice Loss on Arctic Warming

So Trump sees an opening to tell another big lie.

Ilhan Omar in Her Own Words: I Know What Hate Feels Like (DemocracyNow!)

How Fox News talks about women:

It's Constitutional, not "radical": free speech for all men and women, including Muslims

Is China Really an Atheistic Country?

Exclusive: U.S. Air Force Secretary Wilson to resign, eyes return to academia

KU professor told student to 'learn English,' reports say. He's suspended from class

Congratulations are in order to the Honorable Judge T.S. Ellis.

Liz Cheney ain't havin' none o' that "condemn hate & bigotry" nonsense. No, sir, she is not.

Gillibrand, Warren commit to undoing Trump administration's abortion gag rule on day one

Gillibrand, Warren commit to undoing Trump administration's abortion gag rule on day one

House passes sweeping election reform bill

Can somebody please advise?

NYT Op-ed: What if the Mueller report demands bold action?

Cohen encourages Trump to use Int'l Women's Day as an occasion to apologize to women he paid off.

Giuliani says Trump employed Cohen because he felt 'sorry' for him

Immigration officials refuse to meet with Congress about sexual abuse allegations involving minors

Advisers urge Trump to defer 2020 rallies

"my client was offered 36-72 months in prison for stealing $100 worth of quarters..."

Republicans who voted NAY against the anti-hate resolution yesterday (and one PRESENT vote):

Bernie Sanders criticizes Blue Cross CEO over $19M pay

House approves massive voting rights, campaign finance and ethics reform package.

Bill Shine resigns from the White House to advise Trump's 2020 campaign

can someone please help me find a link to rep. omar's supposedly "anti-semitic" remarks?

MSNBC: Bill Shine has resigned.

Was Bill Shine pushed out?

No collusion, no collision

Red Red Wine -- Neil Diamond -vs- UB40

$50 million bequest to Scalia Law School from the estate of a California judge.

Here's to the Crazy Ones ...

White House Source Leaks Ivanka/Jared Clearance Docs to House Dems

No more Shine!

More speculation in DE this morning as Ashley Biden steps down from her job.

A republican quote on patriotism.

House oversight obtains documents on Jared and Ivanka security clearances that

Job growth falls to 20,000 in February

Judge: Jail time for man who attacked McDonald's worker

Bummer. Just lost my job.

A Woman Could Manage Barcelona In The Future

Western Abrahamic Religions Tend to Proselytize

Matt Gaetz with the founder of Robert Kraft's massage parlor. Seriously!!!

S. Carolina megachurch has history of child sex abuse claims

As an almost 64 year old guy, Plaease allow me to say this today.

Judge Ellis was a noted Trump supporter back in 2018.

The only people who are upset that the DNC dumped FOX are beltway & related media

WOW!!! Trump's 2020 Make America Gullible Again Campaign WELCOMES superstar BILL SHINE!!!

Unvaccinated Oregon boy, 6, nearly dies of tetanus, racks up $1 million in bills.


Affirmative action for right-wing nutjobs.

I worry about understating my income by $50 on my tax return.

45 Super Bowl partied with the "spa" founder in brothel sting

On Bloomberg Speak Pelosi is speaking and answering questions before the Economic Club. She is

Trump's 2020 budget proposal will include $100 million for Ivanka's "global women's fund"

U.S. Women's Soccer Team Sues U.S. Soccer for Gender Discrimination

House passes "the most significant democracy reform bill introduced in Congress since Watergate era"

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure, March 8, 2019

I haven't traveled outside the US for a few years

We need an example set

Poland Unveils Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path That Is Charged By The Sun

International Womens Day, Milestone

HR1 is a "big f***ing deal"

Vice President Mike Pence: 'America will never be a socialist country'

His first mistake was robbing a bank, police say. His second, fleeing on an electric scooter.

House passes sweeping anti-corruption and voting rights bill

what do y'all think of hickenlooper? he just rang my bell a little.

Loudoun Tribune publisher, political consultant Brian Reynolds arrested, charged with federal fraud

Photo: Bernie with volunteers yesterday in western Iowa

The Guardian: Trump inauguration took money from shell companies tied to foreigners.

America is set to surpass Saudi Arabia in a 'remarkable' oil milestone

Beto O'Rourke hits the campaign trail in new teaser for HBO documentary

White House Communications Director Bill Shine Resigns

UPDATED: Amtrak reports no injuries after train strikes vehicle in Bealeton

Omar will give GOP talking points..IJS

Question: does Manafort's relatively light sentence make a pardon less likely?

CO2 mineralization in geologically common rocks for carbon storage

Jimmy Carter offers to visit North Korea to try to break nuclear stalemate

UPDATED: Amtrak reports no injuries after train strikes vehicle in Virginia

After HR 1 vote, Democrats ready to move quickly on other top 10 bills - What is #10?

Looks like it's going to be a Mum-Mueller day.

Senators Urge IRS to Focus on Big-Time Tax Cheats, Citing ProPublica Stories

Actor Jan-Michael Vincent has died.

Trump marks International Women's Day by walking away from Melania and the Czech First Lady

Who's happy with Alliant Energy's latest rate hikes?

'Airwolf' Star Jan-Michael Vincent Dies at 73

JUst...Wow! Move over Charlie Finley!

Leaked chat messages show members of white supremacist group Identity Evropa are obsessed with Tucke

Walking in Memphis -- Mark Cohn -vs- Cher

Joe LOCKHART zings Ken STARR: Mueller keeps mum; STARR did pressers in his driveway

I always cringe

Happy International Women's Day--see the amazing google doodle for today.

I have a question for all the women out there in light of today being International Womens' Day

Done! Directed TurboTax to e-file my fed and state returns

trump's emergency at the border is hitting such critical mass he had to go to florida and play golf.

Photos: Today we said hello to seniors in Iowa and heard about their pressing concerns.

Donald Trump is.....autographing Bibles

Lordstown Ohio's history of modern labor militancy

Whoever our candidate is, he/she must prevail and return "Hope" to this country.

Sanders' 'Medicare-for-all' expands long-term care benefits

Just so no one forgets - A Dutch Intillegence Agency WATCHED the Russians hack the DNC!

Rep. Omar is starting to get on my last nerve...

Bear you're mid-riff

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 8, 2019

U.S. calls 'OneCoin' huge pyramid scheme, charges leaders

Trump Administration to Strip Protections for Gray Wolves

Maine GOP mayor resigns after calling elderly black people 'antique farm equipment'

Good Afternoon everybody.

Endeavor (parent co. of Hollywood agency WME) Quietly Returns Saudi Arabia's $400 Million Investment

Trump associate Felix Sater's testimony postponed to March 27

Big anti-Bouteflika protest fills Algerian capital

Doc Watson and Earl Scruggs with their sons, playing John Hardy

Dog Is SO Protective Of His Baby Cow Brother

Takei: What if Obama had watched the Superbowl with the ex-owner of the sex parlor?

I will be a contrarian on the Manafort sentencing

Harry Enten's mother.....

Hickenlooper is off and running

Ilhan Omar Goes After Obama, Suggests He Was a 'Pretty Face' Who Got 'Away With Murder'

Happy 74th birthday, Micky Dolenz.

Porn Star Adulterer Trump Goes To Alabama To Sign Bibles For Tornado Victims

You are President. To whom do you award the Presidential Medal of Freedom?r

Democratic senators ask DNI and IG to review Trump admin. compliance with security

Islamic State extremism on show at 'miserable' Syria camp

Islamic State extremism on show at 'miserable' Syria camp

I'm pretty sure that sitting in on a White House meeting isn't part of the general tour.

Newsweek: Ilhan Omar attacks Barack Obama..

Judge Amy Berman Jackson

Sick of hearing candidates taking about healing

Trump says he feels very badly for former campaign chairman Manafort

The jobs report shows why the White House should stop touting its 'economic miracle'

Fox News's Chris Wallace embraces false equivalence

Rep. Steny Hoyer: Democrats have a plan to help save democracy. Here's how it starts.

Rick Wilson: Paul Manafort Gets a 47-Month Taste of What's Coming for Trump's Tools


Michelle Obama's high school will name $4.3M facility in her honor

Sad, from Slate "Manafort's Brief Prison Sentence Is Appalling but Not Shocking"

Kamala Joy at Big Mike's Soul Food in SC

Israeli journalist urges Americans to 'say the truth' about Israel

Tornado relief followed by some light sacrilege

Remi Kanazi backs Ilhan Omar, calling for 'open and honest discourse'

Hickenlooper: Fracking is Good for Our Environment

Media sanctioned target of Rep. Ilhan Omar

Democratic Voters Don't Want an Anti-Trump

Pete Buttigieg -- a remarkable guy, destined to go places

Cats Recognize Their Owner's Voice But Choose to Ignore It

Woman of the House

Rep. Ilhan Omar speech that was targeted. NO-way is she being anti-semitic!

Perhaps the most corrupt administration in US history...

George Conway Torches Trump in Rare Public Remarks: U.S. Nearing a 'Banana Republic' Under This Prez

Running with Beto

Gayle King says 'all black people don't look alike' after Fox News mix-up with Robin Roberts

Pelosi: I Don't Think Ilhan Omar's Anti-Semitic, 'I Think She Has a Different Experience...

Beloved right wing icon Dan Bongino does not react well to his selfie with Li Yang being tweeted.

Regarding HR1 and the Democratic vision...

Senate bill would push back whale watching vessels

Meghan McCain Accuses Jewish Cartoonist Eli Valley of Anti-Semitism After He Mocks Her in Cartoon

Critical situation in Venezuelan hospitals as nationwide blackout enters second day

He contracted measles at age 30 -- he blames anti-vaxxers for 'spreading fear' and 'ignoring facts'

New Mexico House votes to legalize marijuana

New Mexico House votes to legalize marijuana

The Big Orange Head Autographs Bibles For Alabama Tornado Victims (NOT Satire)

Trump claims vindication after Manafort's light sentence, but misstates judge's declaration

New Mexico House votes to legalize marijuana

The Awful Truth: every President kills.

Founder of massage parlor where Robert Kraft was arrested is a Trump donor, frequent Mar-a-Lago part

Who misses Sarah?

These are not those that should be locked up; rather those that instituted it.

Would you pay the contractor and then go to the condo....

Manafort may be facing state charges in NY, Illinois and Rhode Island

New fosters

Stocks post 5-day losing streak, notch worst week of 2019 after anemic jobs report

If you're not following "Hear Me Roar" on least watch this hilarious short video

Seth Abramson: Why does Trump keep saying "no collusion"?

Democrat hatches new plan to unseat Rep. Gym Jordan in Ohio

How is the Cindy Yang story not blowing up? Human trafficker donates GOP and parties with Trump.

From msnbc....Trump's Interview Scorecard

Economy adds just 20K jobs in February, far below expectations

McConnell works to freeze support for Dem campaign finance effort

Ex-Sessions Spox Will Be CNN Analyst Instead Of Campaign Editor After Outcry

The difference between two Presidents in tweets posted at almost the same exact time....

Fox News analyst freaks out after Rick Wilson posts pic of him with accused Florida massage madam

A 'Beat Trump' Fervor Is Producing Big Turnouts for 2020 Democrats

Never Underestimate Republicans. They Will Do Anything to Win...ANYTHING

BoltBus links Everett to Seattle and other big I-5 cities

Shut the f*** up

The President Obama Appreciation Thread!

Tim Eyman pleads not guilty to stealing $70 office chair

Two Paths for Democrats

OK!! Got my FOURTH spoofing call today!!

Rep. Omar

North Korea Brings Rocket Site Back to Life

Tapper guest Gene Rossi, fmr Fed Prosecutor for EDVA, who knows Ellis and Jackson very well said

Warren Is Going to Keep Dumping Big and Interesting Ideas on You Friggin' Dolts Until You Pay Attent

As always, Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment:

Holy hell this song makes me wish I could still dance pain free. Play this LOUD

A NICE moment in the House for a change, and it was from a republican. Well done sir!

Starting in 2021, Americans will need a visa to travel to EU

There is a link! Got to do a morning TV spot in St Louis - as I cringe, you can watch...

I know it's Friday, but don't be this guy after work:

Did the vile MAGAcretin autograph bibles for those

Do "challenging questions" always need answers?

What happened to Mueller sending in his report?

Happy International Women's Day.....

REPORT: Florida Rubdown Tycoon Gave Thousands To Trump, Is Frequent Guest At Mar-A-Lago, And.......

Bernie Sanders 1989 on Media and Environmental Issues

After decades-long legal battle, gay couple's 1971 marriage officially recognized

I am genuinely surprised that anyone still gets upset about the outrageous

Unvaccinated boy contracts tetanus, nearly dies and racks up huge medical bills. Spoiler: he lives.

Have we reached the bottom yet?

Whoopi Goldberg Shares A Health Update on 'The View'

Academy-Award winning actress Olivia Colman

'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett indicted on 16 felony counts by grand jury

Monkeys BORN TO SUFFER at major research facility.

Turkey: Riot police fire tear gas at banned women's day rally

Photos: Thank you Senator Sanders for talking about insulin affordability with us today!

WashPo: Manning sent to jail for refusing to testify in wikileaks case.

Why do all the president's hires disappoint him so?

Okay, someone educate me. What exactly did Rep. Omar do that has everyone's panties in a bunch?

Alexandria jail housing Maria Butina, Paul Manafort, and Chelsea Manning.

This shit has to stop, when did people start thinking this is ok?

Why Did a Bunch of Republicans Vote Against a Bill Condemning Bigotry?

Help me out here please. There's a pair of photos here.

Pelosi Totally Chill With Sending Trump's Gangster Kids To Jail

Seat opening on Texas Supreme Court

U.S. Women's Soccer Team Sues U.S. Soccer for Gender Discrimination

Stephanie Flower's powerful statement

So if President Obama signed some bibles

Wow. Just wow. Kudos to Medhi Hasan who holds Erik Prince Accountable!!!

If Sanders' attempt to win black voters is a redux of 2016, it won't be enough

PHOTO: Trump's Sharpie signature on those Alabama Bibles.

Trump formally taps David Bernhardt to succeed Zinke at Interior

After a couple of tweets about the Alabama tornado tragedy, MF45 turns back to COHENCOHENCOHEN

2020 US Senate Election- Number of ways Democrats could get back in the majority.

Turkey: Riot police fire tear gas at banned women's day rally

Trump's savior from the Democrats

2 Types Of People In Winter. Me? The one on the right. Always.

Mrs. Betty Bowers does it again on twitter re: trump:

Trump budget to propose slashing domestic spending, boosting defense

**BREAKING NEWS** North Korea is preparing for a new missile launch

Shamima Begum: IS teenager's baby son has died, SDF confirms

DeSantis' Orlando airport appointee has tax lien for owing money to IRS

When I feel down, trapped, beaten, and/or powerless....this always helps me move forward....

I just read about a subsidiary of the anti-vaxxers.

We are in a very dangerous place....