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Tory councillors in East Staffordshire quit over Islamophobia row

Mr Spaceman

Venezuelan political activist dies in hospital after being missing for several days.......

Alabama 2019 tornado article misses the point, entirely

Revealed: Glencore bankrolled covert campaign to prop up coal

When I was a kid I injured myself sledding, falling off my bike and playing rafter tag. Now I get

#ETTD on steroids: Giuliani, was senior DoJ official in DC 1981-83 & US Attorney for SDNY 83-89

Ron Taverner withdraws from consideration for OPP commissioner

Why does the US corporate media only use the word "mandate" when the GOP is in charge?


Juliette Kayyem made a very good point on Erin Burnett

House Democrats Are Investigating Voter Suppression in Georgia

New play 'American Griot' explores blues music's Muslim and African roots

Memos reveal that US asylum shift targets Spanish speakers

Ash Wednesday

Internet blackout in the works for CubaZuela

History's largest child sacrifice was a response to devastating weather, archaeologists say

History's largest child sacrifice was a response to devastating weather, archaeologists say

Any "Turds of Misery" fans here?

Trump Blows Up And Threatens To Block All Other Networks From Presidential Debates After Fox Ban

KA-BOOM! Obama Says He Based Decisions on 'Facts, Reason and Logic'

The Capitalists Killing Venezuela

Thirty of the Worst Metal Band Promo Photos of All Time

Trump threatens to block networks from hosting debates after Dems reject Fox

Loving me some "Bohemian Rhapsody " right now......

Trump threatens to block networks from hosting debates after Dems reject Fox

Lewis Black on Vacinations.

Bone fractures increasing as seniors walk dogs to stay active

Bone fractures increasing as seniors walk dogs to stay active

DU is running very slow tonight - anyone else having problems? n/t

US plans end to wolf protections; critics say it's premature.

Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates

Elliott Abrams' bloody lies: Why the duplicity of Trump's Venezuela envoy should terrify us

Something really strange is happening here right now on ChavezTV

We had it tough in the office back then.

Elliott Abrams' bloody lies: Why the duplicity of Trump's Venezuela envoy should terrify us

What do you get from using peptide 2 (GHRP-2)?

mikey cohen says trump has been eating so much catfish

Do you really think tRump will try to start a Civil War if not reelected?

Ash Wednesday Wednesday

U.S. Government Tracking Journalists, Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database

Having an issue importing a pic for my profile

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says he'll reorient the company toward encryption and privacy

The Mueller report no one's talking about

Mom who protested teens being punished at school over MAGA banner had a racist viral video filmed in

Far-Right, White Supremacist Group Identity Evropa Worked the Phones to Keep Steve King in Office

Fox judge says Cohen telling the truth about Trump's crimes.

Governor Inslee's Acceptance Speech -- With Much Praise For Hillary

Alabama judge allows teen to sue on behalf of aborted fetus

Letting trump know....

Two NYPD Officers Accused Of Raping Teen - Charges Have Been Dropped

Would "Hickenlooper" fit on a bumper sticker?

Latest Newsweek cover story is on how Trump's racist rhetoric has reshaped the Democratic Party

Trump Administration Will Ask Military to Shelter Up to 5,000 Migrant Children

Ted Lieu on Hard Ball

How much longer will we "go along to get along"?

Rachel Maddow's Trump-Before-Trump Podcast Is More Relevant Than Ever

Venezuela: Call It What It Is--a Coup

When someone tells you "both parties are the same"

McConnell won't allow vote on election reform bill

They are Dog cages.

Sears is sued over 'Craftsman' brand

US Reporter Cody Weddle Released, Deported From Venezuela: Reports

This Is How Easy It Is to Influence Trump

Grassley says he wants Trump's tax returns when House gets them

Hundreds of immigrant recruits risk 'death sentence' after Army bungles data, lawmaker says

Einstein manuscripts: More than 110 new documents released

US journalist reportedly detained in Venezuela

Andy Parker: YouTube has bolstered conspiracy theories about my daughter's murder. It must stop.

Ha! Donnie pissed again?

Justice Department taps Mueller prosecutor to enforce foreign lobbying disclosure

Trump admin identifies 471 parents deported without children during family separations

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Payback!


Are there legal problems for attorneys when they change a witness's testimony?

This may be a two year old article, but it bears a viewing...

Lawyers claiming ties to Rudy Giuliani approached Michael Cohen after FBI raids;...

Is Kristjen Nielsen being paid for her product placement?

Obama Demands to See Trump's Elementary-School Diploma

Upcoming John Hickenlooper events

Rachel is cracking me up re the Insurance Fraud

So much joyfulness in Kamala Harris

Trump Is Being Investigated For A Mysterious New Crime In New York

Class of 2020 US Senators.

Why does coffee make me sleepy? Is this a normal thing?

Washington State Comes One Step Closer to Ending Personal Vaccine Exemptions

Michael Cohen Has New Evidence Against President Donald Trump - Hardball - MSNBC

"Idiots," "Anarchists," and "Assholes": John Boehner Unloads on Republicans

The DNC should go one step further with Faux News

Motor Mania (1950) - Starring Goofy

Dem lawmaker compares GOP to 'religious cult'

Did j'ever reach a place where it was *all* all right?

Cat snuggles up to firefighter who saved his life ❤️

American Woman, Divorced From Saudi Husband, Is Trapped in Saudi Arabia

Running While Female

Microplastic pollution revealed 'absolutely everywhere' by new research

Hankie Alert: Dog Who Spent 7 Years In The Shelter Is SO Happy To Have A Family

There is a wonderful video in the Video & Multimedia Forum..Randy Rainbow..He's in Love,..

I'm Jewish, and I Find the Hypocrisy of Republican Islamophobes Hounding Ilhan Omar Breathtaking

Watching the "Yes We Can" episode of the "2000's" CNN special

Border Patrol: More than 700 migrants detained at El Paso border Wednesday

**BBC: Poisoning The World From the U.S.A - The Devil we Know (Video)**

Huawei sues US government over product ban

Watching Rachel talking about the FBI bldg fiasco, I thought "How much of this shit

Legislation would close loopholes allowing secret government meetings in Texas

**BBC: Poisoning The World From the U.S.A - The Devil we Know (Video)**

Mexico: at most only 22 vaquita porpoises remain

Mexico: at most only 22 vaquita porpoises remain

Horse Deaths at Santa Anita Spell Trouble for an Industry

Alan Dershowitz accused of having sex with victim of billionaire's pedophile ring

Ya think Donnie Deutsch is giddy as hell and getting much desired payback

That address on trump's pay-off checks-

While we are being distracted with 45's shenanigan's, this is happening...

Horse Deaths at Santa Anita Spell Trouble for an Industry

Trump's Gestapo revealed:

The India-Pakistan Conflict Was a Parade of Lies

U.S. to revoke visas of 77 others tied to Venezuela's Maduro: Pence

Light From an Exotic Crystal Semiconductor Could Lead to Better Solar Cells

WaPo: Payments to company owned by Ocasio-Cortez aide come under scrutiny

Body language women had to learn when faced with his violent outrage

Source: Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Thr

Bishop Talbert Swan calls out racist evangelicals

A traitor to Democrats

U.N. warns of worst food harvest in North Korea in a decade

Dallas gets OK to remove Confederate War Memorial

How the media is failing the country: a historian on Dems and "socialism"

Judge admonished after invoking God in favor of defendant

School lessons targeted by climate change doubters

Poland considers exhumations at pogrom site and Jews object

Lawmakers: High costs slowing action on contaminant PFAS in water

As Trump wages trade war, U.S. goods deficit hits record high in 2018

I'd like your opinion of a new voting system being voted on in Georgia.

Every Man Has His Price - Trumpy's is 13 cents!

Trump calls Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple."

When your religion is....

Warner Bros. chair being investigated for sexual misconduct

Leaked Chats Reveal White Nationalist Plot To Keep Steve King In Office

Red Sox pitcher Wright suspended 80 games for HGH

Trump calls Apple's Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' during council meeting

A Bill Decriminalizing Teen Sexting Passes the House, Causing Republican to Scream About Anal Sex

When piety becomes fashionable you will know the evil by their signs...

Update - Colorado cops detain black man at gunpoint for picking up trash

The Daily Show - CP Time: The Cinematic History of the "Magical Negro"

The finest Stanley Cup Final

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara Under Investigation for Allegations of Sexual Impropriety

Trump revokes Obama order on reporting civilians killed in US airstrikes

Moose truce: Norway has 'pretty sexy moose' statue but Canada's will be bigger

Wall Street Journal: Cohen's lawyer discussed possible pardon with Trump lawyers

Republican lawmakers in Utah shoot down bill to stop people from carrying weapons near schools: repo

Census Bureau quietly seeks personal data about immigrants' legal status

Die Antwoord - "Fatty Boom Boom"

The Daily Show - The Russian Scandal: The Crme De La Kremlin III - 3/6/19


See nothing, hear nothing: more than half of Colombia left without local news

While the US is riding in the go cart of destiny, Canada has its own political problem

Morning Consult Democratic Primary National Poll March 2019 - Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Gain

Reminder: Manafort to be sentenced in Virginia on Thursday 3/7 @330pm EST

Mexico says only 22 VAQUITA porpoises remain

Refugees and Americans find community -- over a cup of coffee

And now a word from your Friendly Neighborhood Motivational Therapy Llama...

Mexico says only 22 VAQUITA porpoises remain. I'm BEGGING, pretend this about puppies

What Happens When You Go Surfing During A Polar Vortex

White Supremacist Propaganda At 'Record-Setting' Levels, ADL Report Finds

Rock Center: Osama Bin Laden Raid Documentary.

A better way to tax the rich

Steyer tells trump he'll stop running impeachment ads, if

Police Officer Who Confronted Black Man Picking Up Trash On Paid Leave

JoCo Catholic school bans gay couple's kindergartner. Hundreds of parents protest

World's Largest Bee Is Seen For The First Time In 40 Years

How will we repair our democracy after Trump? H.R. 1 offers a clue.

The Trump Administration Deported 471 Parents Separated From Their Kids At The Border


Center for Security Policy front group temporarily had article which suggested Bush "cleanse" Iraq

Conservative group alleges AOC and her allies ran PAC scam. But there's no evidence of wrongdoing.

The girl who was never meant to survive

Video Of Trump Calling Tim Cook "Tim Apple" On Accident Is Something Else

US plans end to wolf protections; critics say it's premature

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Will NOT Run Against Hillary Clinton in 2020

3 more arrested in NC absentee ballot fraud case

Countdown to Mumford and Sons 24

Senate Democrats vow to keep fighting bill modifying state minimum wage

Discovery story missed altogether last year, regarding castle at the bottom of a lake:

What would it take to restore the Fairness Doctrine?

Return of the Cat Man of Aleppo

Fed up with poor living conditions and abusive landlords, KC Tenants advocates for better affordable

Why Javanka may regret that they ever joined the Administration and submitted themselves to

Race for St. Louis' Board of Aldermen Presidency Reveals a City Cut in Thirds

Missouri Rep Demands Public ID of Anyone Suing Over Separation of Church and State

This just in. I mean, this just on. 😌 Mozart's "Flute Quartet-1, 2, 3", Emerson String Quartet

Chase Donald Trump's Russia scandal way back to a beauty pageant and it starts to make real sense

Now a St. Louis Rep Wants to Consolidate 31 Other Missouri Counties

Scientists Just Found Another Star with a Super Weird Dimming Pattern

Missouri Senate backs bill to reduce large lawsuit awards

The Brazilian President Has Tweeted About Golden Showers Twice In 24 Hours

National Enquirer attraction to open in Branson, Pigeon Forge

Carnival in Brazil looked extra orange this year as people protested 'Bolsogate' scandal

Nielsen 'not familiar' with how toxic stress harms separated families (PBS)

Kirstjen Nielsen testifies on border security, future of border wall (full testimony) (PBS)

Carolee Schneemann Pioneering Feminist Artist Dies Age 79

Stone Age Cave Symbols May All Be Part of a Single Prehistoric Proto-Writing System

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/6/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Willie Geist's Trick To Saving An Interview

Gephardt says focus on Ocasio-Cortez overshadowing important stories

Here Are Some Tips On How To Help Bees Survive

Missouri shells out another $600,000 in harassment case filed by prison worker

Johnson County Catholic school bans gay couple's kindergartner. Hundreds of parents protest

Fucking CNN: "How a public feud over anti-Semitism dealt House Democrats their first real setback"

Kansas lawmakers advance school funding bill despite last-minute objections

Obama Never Had Crowds This Size!...

XXX Obama scene in "Fleabag"

Kansas ordered to pay $48M to ex-pizza magnate Gene Bicknell

I see he wet his pants again...

Question about the timeline of events in the Bible.

Blue wave? Kansas Democrats think they have a 'real chance' for U.S. Senate in 2020

(Jewish Group) Ilhan Omar Shouldn't Get a Pass

(Jewish Group) The Ilhan Omar anti-Semitism controversy, explained

(Jewish Group) The Right Uses Anti-Semitism To Protect Israel. The Left Uses Israel As An Excuse

(Jewish Group) The Left Is Making Jews Choose: Our Progressive Values Or Ourselves

Arkansas panel tables bill removing flag's Confederate link

Huawei sues US over government ban on its products

Arkansas Senate panel endorses 18-week abortion ban

Well he succeeded BIGLY

@MarcoRubio says Saudi crown prince has gone 'full gangster'

Embassy Staffers Say Jared Kushner Shut Them Out of Saudi Meetings

Oklahoma health department sued by former employees

French cardinal found guilty of covering up sexual abuse

54 Years Ago Today; Bloody Sunday in Selma

Police: Oklahoma teen shot parents, believed they were Satanists

Bankrate Inc.'s Successor in Interest Agrees to Pay $28 Million to Resolve Securities and Accounting

Houston Woman Sentenced for Conspiring to Commit $50 Million Health Care Fraud and Money Laundering

Service secretaries: Tenant bill of rights will 'protect and empower' residents of privatized housin

Don't Foret!

Arkansas lawmakers vote to increase maximum ethics fines

February 2019 Atmospheric CO2 Content 411.75 ppm; February 2018 408.32 ppm February 2017 406.46 ppm

More Than 200 Weather Records Broken In 90 Days As Australia Approaches End Of Hottest Summer Ever

No vote on landlord-tenant bill after realtor association declares opposition

How To Rescue A Dying Coal Plant? Tell Legislators You'll Install "Carbon Capture" Technology!

Another Climate Lie That Will Not Die - A Deliberately Mislabeled Ice Core Graph From 1997

Ask the MAGAs if Trump is building his wall as he claims and doing so much to keep immigrants out,

Experts finally tracked down the digital wallets of the crypto CEO who died with sole access to mill

Democrats Worry Targeting Trump Kids Could Backfire

Florida sixth-grader arrested in Pledge of Allegiance dispute will not be prosecuted

Cornell West Endorses Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren to Head to Long Island City on Friday for 2020 Organizing Event

Can we get "Boycott Pellegrino" trending?

Elizabeth Warren to Head to Long Island City on Friday for 2020 Organizing Event

Thank you Sam Stein

Thursday TOONs - The Best Points for Consistency, Believe Me

McConnell won't allow vote on election reform bill

McConnell won't allow vote on election reform bill

NOAA - December 2018-February 2019 Wettest Meteorological Winter On Record For United States

In scathing ruling, judge rips insurer for putting 'bottom line' over patients' health

Detroit man sues three white women who called police on him for 'gardening while black'

Mario Batali surrenders restaurants after sexual assault allegations, several in New Orleans

Citizen's Climate Lobby Pointlessly Quacks About "Personal Responsibility" As A GOP Climate Strategy

Lawmakers to DoD: You knew about water contamination. Why haven't you done more?

Georgia heartbeat bill takes step closer to passage after clearing state House committee

Congress launches probe on why Texas and EPA stopped NASA from tracking Harvey pollution

Spat between AG Jeff Landry, ex-state Sen. Larry Bankston headed to Louisiana high court

German movie Never Look Away

GOP senator defends mandatory vaccinations after Paul says they're inconsistent with liberty

M. herald: Court weighs unsealing records that could reveal new details of Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse

Foreign leaders, including from Saudi Arabia and China, lavish Trump with $140,000 in gifts

What's happening with the Harriet Tubman $20 bill? It's still not clear

How Little Known Andrew Yang May End Up on the 2020 Debate Stage by Gaming the System

Census Bureau quietly seeking immigrants' legal status: report

Several passengers hurt as cruise ship tilts when hit by sudden 115 mph gust

Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, and Pals Accused of Sex-Trafficking Ring

Raising smoking age to 21 in Louisiana one of many bills set for next legislative session

Megaphones and more: Mueller details Russian U.S. election meddling

Would a Harris/Buttigieg ticket check all of the boxes.

Pelosi on Omar: Comments were 'not intentionally anti-Semitic'

GOP wants Trump to back off on emergency

When / how much does Trump sleep?

Signs of economic strain emerge in Trump's home base

The Real Bridge over the River Kwai

"The most surprising 15 seconds of my life by far." 😍

Manafort sentencing today by Judge T.S. "Showboat" Ellis.

'Not my fault': Trump struggles to defend his record amid setbacks on immigration, trade, NK

Italian far-right makes sexist International Women's Day flyer

Democrats won't debate on Fox News. They'd stand a better chance in 2020 if they did.

Inside America's biggest facility for migrant teens

What happens when Kushner gets a criminal referral to the Justice Dept?

This conversion is clearly gaining on religions

I liked this article, but can't help but bristle at its concluding paragrah

Iowa polls would close earlier in statewide elections under Senate bill

Gov. Greg Abbott blames DPS for voter roll snafu. But the story behind the citizenship review is com

Lawmakers to DoD: You knew about water contamination. Why haven't you done more?

Trump's presidency already the biggest scandal in US history -- even without Mueller's report: histor

That Time Trump Got $18.3 Million in Palm Beach

Cancer is a devastating disease.

How did your tax return come out? I usually get back $3000. This year, I have to pay $2000.

U.S. bolsters 'Beagle Brigade' to sniff out deadly hog virus

Rep Tlaib to Trump: "How Dare You..."

Can and WILL democrats in the House IMPEACH trump officials like Kirstjen Nielsen??

The Rundown: March 6, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 3/6/2019

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/6/2019

"Right now, some deplorable is driving a crappy car on crumbling roads..."

Judge: Ross "broke several laws & violated constitutional underpinning of representative democracy"

Jury Reaches Verdict in Florida for former officer Raja

Kamala Harris now has endorsements from a majority of cities mentioned in "California Love."

Bernie Sanders signs DNC loyalty pledge: 'I am a member of the Democratic Party'

Idris Elba is hosting SNL this week...

Idiot "threatens" he won't watch Dem debates because FAUX is excluded.

If Sanders' attempt to win black voters is a redux of 2016, it won't be enough

How to Become a Federal Criminal

Ted Lieu on affects of Emergency

Falwell Jr. calls Ocasio-Cortez 'stupid' and 'a liar'-- invites her to speak at Liberty University

D-Day, for the historically challenged

Trump threatens to block networks from hosting debates after Dems reject Fox

For all the Maduro-apologists: In what way could Venezuela POSSIBLY solve this problem on its own?

Rudy Giuliani's Desperate Defense of Trump Is Falling Apart in Front of Us

Justice for Corey Jones

Trump Absolutely Loses It in Unhinged Twitter Storm

New Probes Into Trump Obstruction & Kushner Security Clearance

Former Palm Beach officer found guilty of manslaughter, attempted murder

"Throw me somethin', mister!"

EU states block blacklisting Saudi, Panama over dirty money

Wow! It's here!

Who's a good boy? Dog has better toilet habits than my ex!

Alan Dershowitz accused -- in open court -- of having sex with victim of billionaire's pedophile ring

Disability rights advocates win ruling over lack of NYC subway elevators

When you have kids and need to upgrade your housing situation:

Embassy Staffers Say Jared Kushner Shut Them Out of Saudi Meetings

So sweet! Homeless man dancing with his dog:

"Because I get to decide what we vote on."

Me after Mardi Gras . . . I just want to hide under a table and hug my panda!

Things to think about....

What happens if you park in a no-parking zone.

Europeans, Canada, Australia issue first rebuke of Saudi Arabia at U.N. rights forum

Time lapse of a cat throughout the day:

Far-rightists cleared for Israel election, Arab party blocked

Paws off these cats: Bill seeks to stop gov't 'slaughter' of kittens

LOL! Kristjen Nielsen trying to convince everyone she isn't Cruella de Vil:

Hungary to replace anti-Brussels billboards next week: PM aide

As trade deficit explodes, Trump finds he can't escape the laws of economics

Battle against Ebola being lost amid militarized response, MSF says

The face of the trump administration's calculated immigrant abuse and family devastation

Thai court bans party for nominating princess for PM

can we stop giving rawstory clicks?

What's going on in America?

Travelogue-Bonaire--Plus Edit 1

Afzal Kohistani: 'Honour killing' whistleblower shot dead

Roger Stone on tenterhooks

Jim Clyburn just made the entire situation worse

The future of 3D printing

Ted Lieu schools Trump this morning on the law (and prison)

Cern cuts ties with 'sexist' scientist Alessandro Strumia

Which one is different than the others - A.M. quiz

Climate change: Rain melting Greenland ice sheet 'even in winter'

SpaceX's Crew Dragon Homecoming Friday May Be Toughest Part of Its Mission

March 7, 1965 - Bloody Sunday in Selma, AL

Liberty U students protest Falwells' comments on gender

Trump Again Seeks Deep Cuts in Renewable Energy Funding

What could Democrats have gained if they played the same sort of "hardball" in recent decades?

Florida Women. Sisters allegedly killed elderly dad in 'perfect murder' plot then covered it up for

Shipping delays leave some shelves bare at Hawaii stores

What is Manafort singing right about now?

Warren defends Omar from threats of violence over comments on Israel

Maybe if I stay very still, it'll go away -

House to vote Thursday on measure 'opposing hate,' Hoyer tells Democrats

Do Jarad and Ivanka have official Top Sectet clearances?

Guidelines ask agents to target Spanish speakers at border

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Says He Will Keep His Pledge To Not Go Negative In Ads For 2020

Fired Florida officer guilty of slaying black motorist

If I had the capital

Climate change: Rain melting Greenland ice sheet 'even in winter'

Dr. Phil Tries to Help Alex Jones

Man speaking on cellphone fatally shot inside restaurant

Cajun-style Red Beans and Rice

A Universal Plea to Everyone

Manafort sentencing time

We used to laugh at North Korea because of the tantrum throwing little child running their country

Beer and Girl Scout Cookies

New official low temperature for Illinois for January: -38 F at Mt. Carroll

Chris McDonald: I'm 'Accusing Adam Schiff of Being a Pedophile Because I Don't Like Him'

Ivanka Trump doesn't understand work. No one in the Trump administration does.

ABC News: Giuliani hired outside lawyers to spy on Cohen, talk him out of flipping on Trump.

Melania Trump celebrates the influence of women at awards ceremony

Celebrating six months sober on Saturday!

I stand in solidarity with activists, unions, and organizations ...

Kurt Schlichter: Socialists Will Take Your Car and Feed You 'Vegan Nightmare Food'

The full list of 2020 candidates

A billboard attacking Jussie Smollett, John Lewis and Maxine Waters causes outrage in Pa town

Lou Dobbs: Trump White House has 'lost its way'

The dog says "leave me alone", kitty says "let's play".....


google doodle honours mathematician Olga Ladyzhenskaya on her 97th birthday

Congratulations to UE Locals 506 and 618 for their successful effort in standing up for justice ...

goodle doodle for today honours mathematician Olga Ladyzhenskaya on her 97th birthday

What the Fall of the Newseum Says About News, and Museums

Carl Reiner; "Every day we watch corrupt, deceitful & bald-faced liar Donald Trump..."

We need our Democratic Party leaders speaking like Jeff

SHerrod Brown raising money four months after getting re-elected to the Senate?

RSVP Now: Elizabeth Warren in New York

A number of media hosts and their guests are fomenting Democratic divisions by refusing to

Sanders has support. Biden has support. Harris has support.

The first lady watched school kids coloring in Tulsa. The Turks saw links to terrorism.

U.S. Cancels Journalist's Award Over Her Criticism of Trump

The question that I think in on everybody's minds...

My question on Manafort here

Judge says God told him that sex trafficking suspect was innocent

Bulldog beats

Iran cleric linked to 1988 mass executions to lead judiciary

Iran cleric linked to 1988 mass executions to lead judiciary

Why is Corporate Media Asking Democrats to Move to the Center ?

Salem substitute teacher reportedly tells fifth-grader to 'go back to Mexico'

I overthought the Final Jeopardy art question in today's NY Times...

Russia laws ban 'disrespect' of government and 'fake news'

Schiff Floats Bill To Prevent Trump From Pardoning People For His Own Benefit

Hello from the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, where Paul Manafort is due at 3:30 p.m.

There are currently 591 candidates for president

Bacteria that 'eat pollution' and emit electricity captured in hot springs for first time

Physicists May Have Found a Way to 'Untangle' Information Trapped in a Black Hole

Is there a progressive billionaire in the U.S.? We need one to fund

Washington Post Breaking: Sen. Sherrod Brown, Democrat from Ohio, won't run for president

Tons of Pressurized Oxygen Could Be Hiding Out in Earth's Molten Iron Core

Sherrod Brown is not running

Let them drink tap water - Nielsen drinks the best (?)

The Tale Of Two Legendary Social Democrats: Bernie & Lula (TMBS 80) - YouTube

Sherrod Brown Won't Run For President

Precedent for Shitgibbon's possible Pardons

Photo: Friends before they became senators, friends after whatever comes next.

Staying put - Living in the state you were born in

Townes Van Zandt

International Women's Day March 8 - #BalanceforBetter

International Women's Day 2019 theme is #BalanceforBetter:

NASA Just Captured the First-Ever Photos of Merging Supersonic Shock Waves

Meet 'The Blobs': Two Continent-Size Mountains in Earth's Deep Mantle That Nobody Understands

Michael Cohen sues Trump Organization in New York Court

Trump threatens to block networks from hosting debates after Dems reject Fox

some quotes for International Women's Day

Dems knock McConnell for refusing vote on election reform bill

Michael Cohen has filed a lawsuit against the Trump org.

Anyone give anything up for Lent?

Michael Cohen suing Trump Organization for not paying his legal fees

While I wait for the hostess to decide if we can do two entries for the winter contest

What does stage 4 mean? Alex Trebek's pancreatic cancer diagnosis

No one with 30something percent support is popular

Loudoun County fines Trump golf course for cutting trees in Potomac floodplain

SherrodBrown has been an ally in the fight for economic justice. Together we've fought for higher...

You know, Trump really and truly is the Antichrist.

Some International women's Day quotes

Is America over?

in honour of Women's Herstory Month-some women classical composers

In honour of Women's Herstory Month-some women classical composers

Kamala Harris introducing bill to place Shirley Chisholm statue in the U.S. Capitol.

FYI: when candidates drop out

Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren Issue Statements in Support of Ilhan Omar

Governor Cuomo: The MTA's budget sinks or swims on marijuana...

"Bernie Sanders Beating Kamala Harris Among African American Voters"

D.C. firefighters perform a high-tower rescue in the cold and wind

My brother's life in boxes.

Beware the Ides of Trump

A man proposes to his intended on

Bet he goes to Florida after tossing paper towels at people in Alabama.

You May Need A Lawyer Sooner Than You Think

Women's Suffrage (stock footage / archival footage) (a brief history of suffrage in Great Britain

August 4, 1985

Women's Suffrage (stock footage / archival footage) (a brief history of suffrage in great Britain)


International Women's Day News Al Jazeera

Place Your Gentlemen's Bet

International Women's Day News from Al Jazeera

Brazil launches high-risk expedition to protect isolated tribe

Brazil launches high-risk expedition to protect isolated tribe

White House pressures Republicans to vote against national emergency rebuke

hey rethuglicans, if you are worried about the trade deficit, try this-

Over/Under 10 yrs 1 day

Joe Biden's 2020 Plan is Almost Complete. Democrats Are Impatient.

No Charges For Inmate Who Denied Owning Syringes Found In His Rectum

all right i'll stick my neck out and say 20+ years.

Surprise Snow: Winter Weather Advisory For Puget Sound

Trump's envoy for Venezuela dismissed US military action there during a Russian prank call

Disney heiress slams CEO pay, says 'Jesus Christ himself isn't worth 500 times' worker salaries

Trump's envoy for Venezuela dismissed US military action there during a Russian prank call

John Kelly, Out of White House, Breaks With Trump Policies

Mauricio Macri's long odds

Why is it so hard to call out anti-semitism

In stiff-arming Fox News, Democrats get one big thing right

Tweet from Angry Staffer (he hasn't been wrong too often), hinting that release of Mueller's....

Dont follow the royals much there irrelevant to me

I think Brown & Bloomberg will back Biden.

Ex-Trump campaign boss Manafort to be sentenced in tax fraud

The dog that scaled the Himalayas: Nepalese mutt climbs to 23,000ft

Trump: I did not break campaign finance laws

US- South Korean Differences after Hanoi

Yipes Stripes!

There Were 48 Racist, Anti-Semitic Incidents in Wash. In 2018

DCCC: 🌊🌊🌊 March Forward kicks off with the hiring of nearly SIXTY grassroots organizers....

Democrats ask: Do you want a primary or caucuses in 2020

You can kiss $2 gas goodbye: Here's why low pump prices are creeping higher

Wettest Winter in U.S. History

Melania lectures children about bullying...

Antisemitism? Really? Would This Be A Good Time To Remind People What Trump Did...

LeBron James just passed Michael Jordan on the NBA's career scoring list

Brazil's Bolsonaro says democracy, liberty depend on military

Brazil's Bolsonaro says democracy, liberty depend on military

Biden's tough talk on 1970s school desegregation plan (bussing) could get new scrutiny

May Ziade: The Life of an Arab Feminist Writer (Celebrating International Women's Day)

May Ziade: The Life of an Arab Feminist (Celebrating International Women's Day)

Will Lard Ass

Schultz recruiting GOP insiders ahead of possible 2020 bid

The Seed Queen of Palestine (Celebrating International Women's Day)


The Seed Queen of Palestine (Celebrating International Women's Day)

Scientists find new type of killer whale off coast of Chile after 14-year search

K Street mounts offensive to HR 1 McConnell, Trump join in opposition

Bite-sized solar investment is coming to Snohomish County long do you think until Rudy flips....

With Alex Trebek in the news, I got to thinking about TV game shows

Resetting state view on helping those with substance abuse

We are all trolls now

Sherrod Brown decides not to run for President

The Cruze cruises: GM assembly plant closing, maybe for good

Alaska's Don Young -- loose lips of Congress' longest serving Republican

UK Labour party could face human rights probe over anti-semitism

How Stacey Abrams Is Transforming Southern Politics

The waiting is killing me!

Trump Administration Won't Say If Deported Parents Can Ever Reunite With Their Kids

I am trying to figure something out here

Florida lawmakers advance bill requiring high schools to offer Bible class

Trump Administration Won't Say If Deported Parents Can Ever Reunite With Their Kids

Since the market has been down the last couple day's, is this just a normal sell off?

Cartoons 3/07/19

New Mexico becomes latest to allow video games as a sport

Campaigning politician found murdered in western Colombia, raising alarm for upcoming elections

Newly elected Rep. Lauren Underwood questions Kristen Nielsen in DHS hearing, is brilliant.

Oh, the irony in this lawsuit?

Chelsea Manning faces contempt hearing after refusing to testify before grand jury

in all my years of judging, i have never heard before, of someone more deserving of the full penalty

El Ministerio del Tiempo (Ministry of Time)

Singin' in the Rain . . . a boy and his dog:

Sarah Sanders hides from scandals with only 1 press briefing in 79 days

Bernie Sanders on the Today Show 1981

Florida lawmakers advance bill requiring high schools to offer Bible class

Rep. Ralph Hall (D, then R-TX) dead at 95

John Lewis, ‏54 years ago today

North Korea humiliates Trump with movie about failed summit

Trump's Defense Department Reportedly Blew $4.6 Million on Lobster Tails and Crab in One Month

Jane Mayer on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

WTF! happened to MSNBC on Ruko?

Paul Manafort is in the courtroom. He is in a wheelchair wearing a green jumpsuit.

He arrived in a wheelchair wearing a green jumpsuit.

More lies coming out of Caracas: Our tankers are perfectly fine!

Why is CNN doing Repug hit jobs that Repugs should do themselves

Socially Acceptable Anti-Semitism

Boycott Girl Scouts?!

Remember when Greenwald called Trump an "anti-interventionist" and peace candidate?

Manafort hearing underway!

If a Democrat wins in 2020 and there is a strong Democratic Senate

I Did It: 6 Days of Eating Dog Food

Good question, Tea Pain!

Utah teacher forces Catholic student to wipe ashes off his forehead

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 7, 2019

Labour warned against 'betraying' members as party admits it may not back fresh Brexit referendum

MEANWHILE, in Colorado...

Trump's new science adviser says it's not his job to correct the president on climate change

A little love can change someone's entire world 💓

Yes - Leave It

University dean resigns after school denies Chick-fil-A a location on campus

Paul Manafort's Sentencing Underway in Virginia (47 months)

Likelihood of these two things will destroy our country!

Senate Confirms Dangerous Religious Extremist Allison Rushing As Federal Judge

Tory chairman accused of repeatedly ignoring racism complaints

Conservative Columnist Wants to Boycott Girl Scout Cookies Because AOC Won't Tagalog

Manafort expected to receive lengthy sentence for "serious" crimes

Re-reading Thoreau's Civil Disobedience in today's trumpfucked world

Paul Manafort hearing in 15 minute recess.

Eww, I was watching Seinfeld yesterday and look who was on the show...

Taco Bell rewards Ore. man who survived on taco 'fire' sauce in wilderness

Sit this one out. Sit them all out.

Running for president: That's what girls do

A nanny state? Vermont town elects goat as honorary mayor

Running for president: That's what girls do

Ouch! Judge rules Manafort not getting any time credit for accepting responsiblity

PM modi after so called Air Strike

As of 5:00pm, judge says no credit for Manafort for accepting responsibility for crimes.

Verizon FiOS Quantum Router Advisory: Updates Pulled MAC Authentication, Bricking Those Devices

Pierce: Ilhan Omar Prompted Democrats to Pass an Anti-Semitism Resolution That Puts Republicans in a

Say what?

Rudy is at the White House. I'm calling a Manafort pardon before the night is over.

Let Me Say It Here Again.....

Hey Nazi, step to the side...

Does anyone have a transcript of Cohen's recent testimony. What EXACTLY was he asked

Md. Senate Passes Styrofoam Ban, Would be Nation's First Statewide styrofoam ban.

So Nancy P wins her anti-racism resolution by around 400 votes

Pentagon To Tap Military Pensions Fund For Border Wall

Well done Nancy Pelosi

Brussels Jewish Museum murders: Mehdi Nemmouche guilty

Were 1950s Republicans right, or are today's Republicans right

Elon Musk's security clearance is reportedly under review by the Pentagon after he smoked marijuana

Elon Musk's security clearance is reportedly under review by the Pentagon after he smoked marijuana

It's the Friday Stumper - but on a Thursday

Stormy Daniels' Case Thrown Out

'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli running business from N.J. prison with smuggled cell phone, report says

House passes anti-hate resolution

Hickenlooper raises over $1M within 48 hours of announcing 2020 run

''Shut Down Child Prison Camps Act''.

Ok Im going to say it

How much should a concierge be tipped?

I thought they said that Judge ellis liked moving things along quickly

➡️ KMTV3 Will Live Stream Tonight's Council Bluffs Iowa Rally ...

Georgia Senate approves state takeover of Atlanta airport

Manafort to speak at sentencing

Gov. J.B. Pritzker unveils graduated state income tax plan he says would give break to taxpayers ear

Is Manafort being sentenced for state or federal crimes today?

Move To Pull Consumer Protection Rule Heightens Debate Over Payday Lending

Why Pet Services Cost More Than A Hairdresser

Manafort asks judge for compassion, doesn't apologize, no remorse, says it's been "difficult"

Kentucky approves bill to make 'doxing' illegal after Covington student's online backlash

Luckovich-The Measles-Thanks to the Anti-Vaxxers for making this comeback possible!!

I've felt punishment -humiliation Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Manafort may spend the rest of his life in the courtroom waiting on his sentence!

Mets Great Tom Seaver diagnosed with dementia

Billionaire investor Sam Zell calls congressman's argument about Amazon's New York HQ2 deal a 'crock

The shit will hit the fan tomorrow when the Mueller Report is submitted

Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver has dementia and is retiring from public life

Ari Melber...on now...Barr and Rosenstein planning to bury the Mueller report?

Today is National Cereal Day

Democrats don't need any more presidential candidates. They need senators.

Who is comforting whom at the vets?

Harris County Now Largest in the Country to Implement Countywide Polling Place Program

Judge Ellis: Sentencing guidelines "excessive," Manafort has lived "an otherwise innocent life"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stuns Crowd With Speech

Paulie Manaforte's wheelchair . . . . . .

Free-range eggs producer accused of deceiving US consumers

"Manafort was wheeled into court looking like Hannibal Lecter

Manafort will receive a second sentence next week from a different federal judge

Ralph Hall, Texan who was oldest congressman in U.S. House history, dies at 95

How the heck long does it take to sentence someone????!!! The suspense is killing me...

****BREAKING NEWS**** Forty seven months for Manafort

47 months - holy shit - that is light

Manafort: 47 months.

47 months! That is all he got from Judge Ellis.