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Speaking in Grand Rapids, Trump just said he supports fully funding $300-million Great Lakes...

Get Shirts for Democratic Primary candidates made by Msongs!

Multnomah County fires top mental health managers

Women's Rights are "Progressive" and that is bad?

Has anyone here ever made a public records request?

As I understand it...

Judge orders Justice Dept. to turn over Comey memos

McConnell to Trump: Health care's all yours

Is Barr completely untouchable?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 29 March 2019

McConnell moves to 'nuclear option' for confirmation of Trump nominees

US Air Force grounds B-1 bomber fleet over safety concerns

Scheduled speech from Erik Prince shut down after protests

Turtle man wants the judges in to block and dismantle Obamacare.....

Defending Against Accusations of Russian Meddling, Trump Cites 'All of the Different Things'

Currently serving Democrats who are proven fighters.

A Mueller mystery: How Trump dodged a special counsel interview -- and a subpoena fight

A cat gif too good not to share...

Several weeks ago there was a leak that the Mueller report was coming any day.

Yup.....he's got them all by the balls and pussys

2020 US Senate Election- seats that Democrats will win to regain control in 2020.

"I support the Great Lakes. They are beautiful. They are big. Very deep. Record deepness, right?"

Latest F and M Keystone Poll

House foreign affairs demands briefing on Kushner trip to Saudi Arabia.

"You'd be doing wind. Windmills. Weeeee. And if it doesn't blow, you can forget about television."

I'm Old, on Social Security, and Just Finished Doing My Taxes

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Malloy Mountaineers Highland Games!

Friday's New York Times crossword is mine

Did trump set DeVos up so he'd look like a savior?

Trump left at the end of the MAGAt rally to fly to his 4 day weekend in Palm Beach.

Trump contradicts his own budget proposal, tells rally crowd he'll give more money for Great Lakes

Trump's association health plan rule struck down

Trump blasts liberal elites: 'I'm smarter than they are'

History Will Remember Trump as the First President who was Cucked by Michael Bolton, and Other News

Tucker Fantasizes About Trump With 'Boot on the Chest' of Enemies, 'Howling at the Night Sky'

'Yesterday, we got a call that an osprey was stuck in a tree and tangled

Turn on Rachel right fugging now for Schiff

Schiff's stunning response to the Republicans demanding his resignation can't be shown enough

Hypocrite has no meaning to them.

Chernobyl movie trailer (HBO)

did that mother fucker get the audience to boo Michele Obama?

American Jewa Face Trouble at Home and Abroad

Why is Robert Mueller not speaking out?

Adam Schiff Appreciation Thread

Malcoln Nance responds to Trump calling Schiff "pencil neck": Schiff has HUGE HANDS.

Trump on wind energy: 'I know a lot about wind'

Mother Jones: Why Progressives Are Divided on Pelosi's Obamacare Bill

Trump's very existence in my country offends me. He is an unparalleled melding of

Dog Rescued From A Lab Sees Her Old Friend Again

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 31 - The Irish on Film


Barr shut down special counsel Muellers investigation...

ROFL: Guy Tweets What Happens When Random Animals Show Up At Your Door...

Factory Job Losses Undercut Macri's Pro-Trade Talk in Argentina

Trade war imperils Amazon rainforest, experts warn

TCM Schedule for Monday April 1 - Star of the Month: Greta Garbo

Trade war imperils Amazon rainforest, experts warn

Look what I found!

WTF? CBS News article calls Schiff's brilliant statement "strident"

So Trump wants to hold those who perpetuated the "greatest hoax" accountable?

Brazil ex-President Temer charged in graft case linked to meatpacker JBS

Adam Schiff is fundraising off trump's attacks, and he's doing it in third person - beautiful!

Anyone else watching Goldstone on Don Lemon?

Lawrence O'Donnell on Adam Schiff's statement today: "Those words are going to live in history."

Bernie Sanders: I'll fight for farmers against powerful agribusiness

Who the hell is Donald Trump to call for a Congressman's resignation.

Another successful graduate of Trump university 😂😂😂

Has anyone seen the kitty?

Hold On

Hillary Clinton is still out there doing what she does best!

NCAA BASKETBALL my favorites

Human rights groups urge F1 to act over jailed Bahraini activist Najah Yusuf

Human rights groups urge F1 to act over jailed Bahraini activist Najah Yusuf

WOW, Pete's bumping up against Senator Sanders here!!!

Yeah, I don't want to hear any more nice guy bullshit about Will Hurd

Climate change: Global impacts 'accelerating' - WMO

So after MR ADAM SCHIFF gave that smack down

'Hoarder' pleads guilty in one of biggest breaches of U.S. secrets

Alaska: video shows father and son boasting after illegally killing bear and cubs

Alaska: video shows father and son boasting after illegally killing bear and cubs

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

Sinking sinking sinking...

Venezuela: Maduro blames blackout on sniper and tells people to pray

Honduran journalist critical of President Hernandez arrested on defamation conviction

California moves to limit use of drugs and whips in horse racing

Venezuela blocks Guaido from office for 15 years as the opposition scoffs

Layoffs at Fiat Chrysler plant in Windsor will affect 1,500 jobs

Adam Schiff for President!

American Airlines indefinitely suspends flights to Venezuela

Trump says he's taken better care of Puerto Rico than 'any living human being'

I think Adam Shiff should get cards and flowers for what he did today.....And 100 dollars...........

No, Kellyanne, Fentanyl-Laced Cannabis Isn't a Thing

U.S. lawmakers grill Trump's Interior Dept pick on oil drilling, ethics

Disney bans smoking at U.S. parks ahead of 'Star Wars' openings

Here's a bit of good news before I turn in for the night.

Is there one true patriot in the FBI or the DOJ?

Trump to meet with South Korea's Moon on April 11 at White House

OR Governor Kate Brown Interview with Holly Otterbein via Politico:

GM says no cut in Chevy Bolt sticker price as U.S. tax credit for EVs drops

Dogs detect odour emitted during epileptic seizures

Trump changes mind and extends Liberians' immigration protections in U.S

U.S. energy secretary unsure if Saudi nuclear approvals came after Khashoggi killing

U.S. energy secretary unsure if Saudi nuclear approvals came after Khashoggi killing

Did Mueller really turn in his report?

Carter Page trying to contact Seth Abramson?

My favorite new tv show: Whiskey Cavalier

Warm weather pushed Neanderthals into cannibalism

Hong Kong tourist dies in fall at Grand Canyon

Record-breaking floods force evacuations on South Dakota reservation

It's time...

WTO says U.S. failed to halt state tax subsidy for Boeing

This principal is amazing

San Franciscans raise $46,000 to stop homeless shelter in wealthy area

Archaeologists Find Bound Bodies Of Enslaved Africans In Portuguese Trash Dump

Carlyle takes step forward on $1 billion U.S. oil-export project

Chile court opens door for more Church sex abuse victims to seek damages

Chile court opens door for more Church sex abuse victims to seek damages

Nominee for Federal Reserve owes $75,000 in unpaid taxes

Man used as proof that 'Seattle Is Dying' tells his story

EU sees no-deal Brexit more likely than ever: diplomats

Local news (Los Angeles) before heading to a commercial said...

Despite Ankara's claims, U.S. can make F-35 without Turkish parts: sources

U.S. senators introduce bill to stop transfer of F-35 fighters to Turkey

Tiniest Hairless Puppy Shows Up At Shelter Begging For Love

To summarize Barr

Supreme Court Stays Execution of Buddhist Inmate

Nestle to face lawsuit saying Poland Spring water not from a spring: U.S. judge

Philippine news site chief arrested again over foreign ownership laws

Erasure - Take a Chance On Me

Pew Research poll: 64% believe Trump acted illegally

Adam Schiff's brilliant speech today was -5 minutes and 10 seconds. (give or take a few seconds)

Does Everyone Else Ask Permission to Pet a Stranger's Dog?

No call for simulators in new Boeing 737 MAX training proposals

Protests prompt Beloit College, Wisconsin to cancel Erik Prince lecture

U.S. lawmakers introduce bill to stop NSA's mass data collection

U.S. lawmakers introduce bill to stop NSA's mass data collection

Do you realize the Schiff's speech today is part of the Congressional record -- forever.

Oh my...yikes

NRA safety officer enlisted a Sandy Hook truther to sow doubt about Parkland shooting, emails show

I wonder whether we should copy the Scotish verdit of "Not Proven"

San Francisco Sheriff Vicki Hennessy to retire at end of 2019

US official: UK report confirms warnings of Huawei risks

US official: UK report confirms warnings of Huawei risks

Fire in Bangladesh high-rise fully controlled after 25 died

'We're human beings!' the homeless woman yelled. 'Acknowledge us!' Then people did --

Shin In Kyun's Analysis of "Free Joseon" suggests CIA operation

sweaty crazy talking Trump at the MAGA rally today

Trump's Corporate Tax Changes Did Not Put 'America First'

Elton John - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Harry Reid testifies exercise device injury cost him Senate

Cannabis banking bill advances in US House committee

Pete achieves 7% in DU Rankings, Warren holding at 6%.

The Daily Show: Team Trump Wants to Rein in Spending on the Special Olympics and Hurricane Relief

shakey graves & esme - dearly departed (2014-live-sxsw) - absolutely great new(er) artist

This says Barr isn't even going to send a redacted version of the full Mueller report. He's going to

The Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time - Theresa May, Jussie Smollett and The Bagel Butcher

New Frontier - Donald Fagen

Sale plan could make 'terrible' Hobby state office building a hot property

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Feels "Exuberant" After Mueller Report

Elton John - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mike Pence Goes Where No VP Has Gone Before

Oregon House OKs bill removing cap on noneconomic injury damages

Nike squares off against Intel, other businesses over big Oregon tax hike

Thank You, Republicans!

Oregon union membership rate declines, report says

Causation? Correlation? One thing for sure - not a Coincidence...

Every time they attack Adam Schiff we should, en masse, donate to his campaign site

What could be worse than ISIS?

J Edgar Hoover

Intellectual potted plant Don Jr. on AOC: '3 weeks ago didn't know the three branches of government'

Commercial, labor taxes among ideas to raise $2 billion for Oregon schools

I just saw a nazi on the tube

Oregon Health Authority falls short on fixing Medicaid payment problems

(Jewish Group) At AIPAC, Republicans and Democrats Spar on Definition of anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) Labour expels Jackie Walker for leaked antisemitism remarks

(Jewish Group) A History of American Jewish Women Shows How the Country Influenced Them, and Vice Ve

Bet the GOP is sorry they started that BS with Schiff. If he weren't so valuable in the House

(Jewish Group) The Left's Favorite Dirty Word

Oregon foster kids removed from county juvenile jail that limited tampon access

Marianne Williamson adds 'meaning' to Democratic presidential field with quixotic 'inner' campaign;

Venezuela and the Half-Truths of Noam Chomsky

Oregon teens push for lowering voting age to 16

Audit questions how Oregon spent some of the $11.6 billion received for federal programs in 2018

Border Patrol orders quick releases of families

Criminal Justice Reforms Advance In Missouri House

Loving the dirty looks Schiff is giving the intel chair, and his attempt to ignore Schiff

Let's thank Adam Schiff with a donation to his re-election campaign

the only problem with the Schiff speech

The Juxtaposition of living in 2019...

Robert Lee mayor Allyson Crenshaw booked on theft charges, Coke County sheriff confirms

"I know a lot about wind."

Watch NASA spacewalk, live starting NOW ....

Rick Wilson: 'Ridiculous Bullshit' as 'Better,' 'Smarter' Trump Rages Against the Losers

City council endorses I-27 extension through San Angelo

Tulsi Gabbard tweeting about the Mueller 'report' ( & other things)

Nestle faces suit over bottled-water fraud: report

187 Republicans vote against bill to close the gender wage gap

What ever you do, don't ever mix up the words 'Yakuza' and 'Jacuzzi.'

BREAKING: Independent Group applies to become political party to stand in EU elections

Your second term Trump voting relatives

Friday TOONs - The Gold Goes to Scroogella De Vos

Well, THIS birthday really sucks so far.

Stay classy Trump....

Is that the fridge door opening???

Kamala Harris will join Cory Booker as speaker at the Human Rights Campaign's dinner Saturday in LA

Rangers free 6 trapped baby elephants in Thailand

House Oversight Cmte seeks docs from TX and KS election officials to investigate voter suppression

Trump moves to turn Virginia red amid Democratic meltdown

Buttigieg Says Trump Is Radicalizing Americans

'Lock them up'? Trump turns his attention to enemies of his state

Trump Jr. Mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as Rally Crowd Chants 'AOC Sucks!'

Trump Curses Out Democrats on Live Television: 'Defrauding the Public With Ridiculous Bullsh*t!'

Trump Suffers Huge Losses in Court on Healthcare Rules

Fraudster Left Prison, Became Pastor, Stole $25 Million From Followers: SEC

Trump wants a 'cybersecurity moonshot' but cuts research

EXCLUSIVE Clarence Thomas Accuser Hopes Biden Learned From His 'Mistake'

Bernie Sanders: Decentralizing Agriculture (10/28/1993)

Can there be no doubt that Barr stopped Mueller's investigation before it was done?

Pete Buttigieg has accused President Donald Trump's administration of radicalizing Americans.

Wife of Sandy Hook father Jeremy Richman speaks out for the first time since his suicide,...

CNMI: Ex-Dynasty workers ask court to issue $4.2M in default judgment

Republican Lawmakers to Trump: Why Don't You Go First on Obamacare Push

Interior secretary nominee faces jabs over prior lobbying work

Maybe Schiff is not a "long-ball hitter" as 45 said but he sure hit it out of the park yesterday!

Trump Asks Senators to Create 'Spectacular' Health Plan (wait until you read who's writing it)

Nome woman arrested after confronting Gov. Dunleavy at airport

Sources to CNN: During Puerto Rico visit, Trump talked about using nuclear football on North Korea

I have a question

The origin of Superheroes: The Crow

Sen. Sanders on the Farm Bill 2012

The Rundown: March 28, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Detective Comics" #1000

Latest Audit: Agency 'Arbitrary,' 'Inconsistent' In Reviewing Rail Costs

Weren't these guys going to decide before April?

Trump tests post-Mueller vengeance campaign

Liverpool Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering and Maintaining a Drug-Involved Premises

Eye Eye

The Mueller report is more than 300 pages long. We've seen 101 words

State releases 443,000 pages of records related to EB-5 fraud

Bernie Sanders: Monsanto and the FDA (6/17/1994)

Time for us to jump out there with our plans for infrastructure and immigration reform, snatching

Border Patrol begins releasing migrant families on the streets of Yuma

AP FACT CHECK: Trump misleads on health care, Russia probe in Michigan speech

Long-Time Redmond, Washington Investment Advisor Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Investors of more than

Texas teacher receiving death threats after GOP state rep blasts anti-Trump assignment

3 School Board Candidates in St. Louis Say Creationism Belongs in Science Class

2018-19 Warmest Winter On Record For Northern Sea Route - 3.9 - 4.8C Peaks In Kara Sea, Chukota

GOP lawmaker suggests female colleague 'misunderstands' equal pay legislation

Bernie Sanders: Victory Against Monsanto (3/24/1994)

Even The Tiniest Climate Bills - i.e. Planning Recs - Face Almost Certain Death In TX Legislature

9 Senate Democrats on whether they'd be willing to get rid of private health insurance

'Clearly an end-run': Federal judge rejects Trump's health care plan to go around Obamacare

Sanders Statement on Monsanto-Bayer Deal 2016

Generational Backlash Intensifying, Generational Divide On Climate Policy Hardening

Trump Mocks Asylum Seekers Who Claim They Fear For Their Lives: 'A Big Fat Con Job'

Exclusive: Key Trump health official spends millions on GOP-connected consultants

Philadelphia Business Owner Indicted for Multi-Million Dollar Fraudulent Loan Scheme

Chicago Home Health Company Owner Convicted for Role in $3 Million Kickback Scheme

Trump Reportedly Loves News Coverage That Shows Him Undermining Cabinet Members

Michigan man charged with fraudulently obtaining nearly $12 million in VA construction contracts

Science - Bd Fungus Wiping Out Frogs Far Worse Than Thought; At Least 90 Species Presumed Extinct

Trump's North American trade deal at risk of stalling in Congress

Fugitive Who Allegedly Obtained $9 Million in Fraudulent Real Estate Loans Surrenders to Fed Agents

G.O.P. Cruelty Is a Pre-existing Condition - By Paul Krugman

Nemesis: "The inescapable agent of someone's or something's downfall" - Oxford Dictionary

Dog Is Very, Very Enthusiastic About Her Family And Walks

After 12 Years Away, St. Louis School Board Gets Ready To Regain Control

Confronting racism is not about the needs and feelings of white people

Missouri River Flooding Didn't Just Damage Farms, It Impacted The Global Supply Chain

"The rotten side of self-publishing" (Guardian article)

On Chess: Chess And Mathematics

GOP congressman tries to get Russia experts to accuse Adam Schiff of helping Putin

Pete Buttigieg On Colbert - Case for a younger president

"Fuck knows, I'm past caring, it's like the living dead in here."

Trump throws @BetsyDeVosED under his stinking Swamp Bus.....

Flights That Had The Best Passengers 💙🐶🐕🐾🐧

Lamar Alexander - A "Reasonable" MAGGAT On Climate - Displays His Blazing Ignorance In Interview

Napolitano talks about Barr's careful language in his brief

Autopsy planned today for SC 5th-grader who died after school fight

March 29, 1945: Roosevelt needs a break after the Yalta Conference, so he heads to Warm Springs.

Brexit : Ken Clarke on Brexit hangovers and amendments

Propaganda works. It's a weapon of war. (A peek at the Trump/Republican propaganda machine)

I think, I know how the Democrats can beat Trump in 2020: Decency.

Midwestern mayor Buttigieg wows progressive Dems in San Francisco.

Venezuela returns to 'Middle Ages' during power outages

Aviation Enthusiasts! NASA Snaps pictures of Supersonic shockwaves of 2 T-38's VERY cool!

Independent Group to register as Change UK party under Heidi Allen

Haha! You Trumped!

"You may think it is OK"

Why no fightback for the healthcare of the hundreds of thousands that benefit from Special Olympics?

Jay Inslee releases 12 years of tax returns, asks Trump to match

Brexit : LIVE - Debate before May's 3rd attempted vote on her Withdrawal Agreement.

'Ninja' kangaroo rats kick rattlesnakes in the head faster than you can blink. The videos are 'epic.

Jumping on the Whataboutism Bandwagon

Sunday is the quarterly FEC filing deadline...

Investigators 'believe Ethiopian 737 Max's anti-stall system activated'

New term for Trump policies - Sadopopulism

If this whole Trump ordeal was a scripted television show, and the most recent episode....

Recently Inspired by Kamala

New Quinnipiac poll released. Biden, Bernie, Beto lead among African Americans.

C&L: Beto's GOP Pal Joins McCarthyite Attack On Adam Schiff. Don't Trust Republicans.


San Francisco groups fight each other with rival GoFundMe groups for and against homeless shelter

BREAKING: UK Parliament wrapping up Brexit 3 debate. Vote imminent.

Q: Do you think that you'll see a woman president in your lifetime?

Woman Checks Her House On Google Street View And Sees Something Hilarious

Physical insults: Donald, as long as we're talking about other peoples' physical appearance,

Mueller question

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Thanks Midwest Supporters By Lying To Their Faces About Great Lakes

Name some things that are routinely mocked but you actually find to be absolute genius.

173-Pound Golden Retriever Loses Over 100 Pounds

The Man Trying to Make Sense of Brexit Is Tired and Would Like to Stop Now

🐦BernieSanders will be on "Face the Nation" on CBS on Sunday

Gaming out the counterintelligence part of Mueller's probe

LOL: Barr Will Release "A VERSION" of Report Without Trump Redactions

Flawed Democracy: McConnell Blocks Mueller Report AGAIN

BREAKING: Brexit 3 fails...

Brexit live updates: Parliament again rejects Theresa May's Brexit deal

For my job, I am currently in the process of trying to summarize a 350 page document.

Elizabeth Warren on Wells Fargo CEO's resignation: 'About damn time'

Elizabeth Warren on Wells Fargo CEO's resignation: 'About damn time'

Still more of hiring "the best"

Trump Crowd Chants "AOC Sucks."

Nominee For No. 3 At Justice Department Withdraws After Backlash From GOP Senators

Rescued Carriage Horses Look SO Happy and Healthy Now

Photographer Jeff Morrison sets his sights on Detroit's 'guardians'

Office Depot and Tech Support Firm Will Pay $35 Million to Settle FTC Allegations That They Tricked

Office Depot and Tech Support Firm Will Pay $35 Million to Settle FTC Allegations That They Tricked

This law professor came up with a brilliant way to halt the epidemic of annoying robocalls

Throughout the Special Counsel investigations

Wonkette: Devin Nunes Gonna Uber Over To The FBI, Make The FBI Put The FBI IN JAIL!

Is Pete Buttigieg a Political Genius?

"places" category - 11:00 am

Bullying and Profanity at the Michigan MAGAt rally...Melanie's #BeBest initiative suffers major blow

$20 service fee on $80 tickets? This shit is getting out of hand

"Buttigieg is leaving Beto in the dust" The ninth installment of the Post Pundit 2020 Power Ranking

shakey graves & esme - dearly departed (2014-live-sxsw) starts your AM off good

DHS to ask Congress for sweeping authority to deport unaccompanied migrant children

DHS to ask Congress for sweeping authority to deport unaccompanied migrant children

Mitch McConnell inches closer to nuclear option

Lindsey Graham talks about Impeachment

Donald Trump's Cruel Streak For decades, the candidate has willfully inflicted pain and humiliation

Fox & Friends to viewers: "You don't want the report. You want the summary."

Kamala Harris and Cory Booker leading 2020 endorsement contest

Irish schoolchildren brutalised in the name of religion

Name Calling (From the Institute of Propaganda Analysis 1938)

Denver-based Catholic order identifies 13 friars with credible sex abuse allegations

When SHITLER's gone we'll hear the "kinder gentler" Repuke speech. Which is your fave Repuke speech?

Why is NPR conducting polls on information that nobody has?

Trump in Michigan: "sad and pathetic, swinging so wildly to no effect"

Woman Begs World to Shield Her 4 Catholic Sons From Legging-Clad Butts

Behind the barn (TV commercial)

Tedeschi Trucks Band with special guest -Gary Clark Jr.

Catholic priest who admitted to abusing a boy in Ireland won't be prosecuted

Here's a pretty good April Fool's Day joke

Wow, I made the absolute worst egg salad last night. Does anyone have a recipe for egg salad that

Priest accused of sexually assaulting woman while performing last rites

April Fool's Day at the doctor's office

"Poor" Betsy DeVos......

Trump is losing the PR war...

Schiff "I Don't" speech and Morning Joe's reaction

Adam Schiff told the truth/President Twitter threatens to close the US-Mexico border

On Lying

Dump just tweeted he's going to...

"Lock them up!"

When you copy an image location from the internet

When trump loses his re-election , the rethugs will start some shit to keep him in there.

Harris proposes Rent Relief Act

Trump Threatens to Close Border Next Week 'If Mexico Doesn't Immediately Stop All Illegal

April Fools joke in a box for the UPS guy.

Is Pete Buttigieg a Political Genius? The New Republic By ALEX SHEPHARD March 29, 2019

Natasha Bertrand: We won't see much of the Mueller report if it is up to Barr.

The 47 minute Presidency

French New Wave film director Agnes Varda dies aged 90

"I'm proud of you."

Paleontologist may have discovered a record of the most significant event in the history of life on

Hero Adam Schiff...

Lies, lies

Hillary was right the first time...

First Gentleman?

No wonder what happens, the Repubs are winning this phase of the battle...

Trump Threatens to Close Border Next Week 'If Mexico Doesn't Immediately Stop All Illegal...

Has anyone else noticed NYT does not appear in the Google News summary. I know it's a pay

Is an ultra high speed rail service along the entire length of our Western states feasible?

Adam Schiff

Rep. Rashida Tlaib: Obama 'Looked Straight At Me and Said I'm Proud Of You'

Great cartoon about Barr's summary of Mueller's report:

Please help me delete/scrub a facebook account.

Email from Adam

Power Up: It's not just Special Olympics. Trump's budget cuts other disabilities programs

But...But....Death Panels

Is There a Second Mueller Report?

Jay Inslee becomes third presidential candidate to release tax returns

Kaine, Bennet set to introduce 'Medicare X' plan to expand health care

Media Bias: Which Way Does Your News Lean?

Georgia House approves bill protecting Confederate, state monuments

Obstructer of Justice

Trump's Treachery Goes Way Beyond Russia. He's working for any dictator who flatters him.

Commerce to be headed by WWE?

Differences in Trump Approval Mostly Party-Based

Democratic candidates are fighting to get enough attention and money to make the first debate stage-

Poll shows Biden, Sanders and Beto leading with African Americans.

Lindsey Graham explains his view on impeachment.

Fact-checking Trump's Michigan rally

Poll: Trump Trails Every Top 2020 Dem In Pennsylvania

EPA Science Panel Considering Guidelines That Upend Basic Air Pollution Science

Linda McMahon to resign as head of Small Business Administration


Cannabis retailer MedMen's financial troubles are a warning for the marijuana industry

How Cory Booker's past support for school choice could complicate his 2020 campaign

For my bruddah Glam the Americana Fan - Shakey Graves - Tiny Desk Concert

"If Mexico doesn't immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming throug our Southern Border..."

On the Trail of the Robocall King

President Obama's closest advisor and

What are some good Sherlock Holmes pastiches you've read?

Rep. Maloney introduces bill to ban taxpayer funding of 'conversion therapy'

Rep. Maloney introduces bill to ban taxpayer funding of 'conversion therapy'

Another one bites the dust: Linda McMahon stepping down from Small Business Admin position

Current Affairs

Plastic Bags to Be Banned in New York; Second Statewide Ban, After California

I appreciate four acts by Whiny Donny (read, before alerting, please)

I am so relieved that my country is not imposing drastic economic sanctions on itself TODAY.

This puppy was adopted and returned three times -- then he met Morgan

NRA Fundraising Letter: We Could Shutter 'Very Soon'

Overweight dog becomes a super hottie:

What about the war machine budget?

Julian Castro

Linda McMahon is reportedly about to tender her resignation.

Swamp creatures silently protest Senate confirmation hearing for Trump's Interior Secretary nominee

Volcano eruption in Mexico

Separated at birth

Analysis: As Trump swaggers after Mueller probe's end, he creates new policy controversies

Delta Air Lines testing (majorly) enhanced international economy meals

1,100 mutilated dolphins wash up in France

The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high

Mayor Pete has more chief executive experience than the mayors of Phoenix and San Antonio.

Court deals Trump second blow this week on health care

What happened with Brexit - a brilliant summary

Watch: Oregon player with most ridiculous flop of the Tournament

Serial Swatter Sentenced to 20 Years Prison

Pompeo Welcomed Saudi Prince Linked To Khashoggi Murder To US Thursday

Revealed: Trump-linked US Christian 'fundamentalists' pour millions of 'dark money' into Europe, boo

Paul Manafort will get his famous jackets returned

Buttigieg Says Trump Can Only Be Beaten With Ideas--Not Investigations.

NSA contractor pleads guilty to retaining top secret data

Betsy DeVos claims larger class sizes are actually good for students

Women face new form of harassment on Metro: AirDrop

What happens if Obamacare is struck down?

tash sultana - blackbird (live-2016) them and their guitar ... destroying it

Alaska temps expected to soar 40 degrees above normal

When Joe Biden Voted to Let States Overturn Roe v. Wade

When Joe Biden Voted to Let States Overturn Roe v. Wade

Stone Tests Judge's Patience With Instagram Post Bashing Schiff

Now this is a fireworks display!

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's fabrications on autos, health care

Pete Buttigieg 3/28/2019 Inforum at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco (video)

Oil heads for its biggest quarterly rise in a decade

Mayor Pete

Former Trump Family Driver Has Been in ICE Custody for 8 Months

The Humane Society acquires video that shows Alaska father-son brutally killing black bear and cubs

Ok can everyone calm the hell down about slicing bagels?

Maryland General Assembly overrides Gov. Hogan's vetoes of $15 minimum wage, comptroller's oversight

Wikileaks puts $1 million bounty on Mueller report.

A sure sign my favorite season is underway

GOP lawmaker draws backlash for telling Democrat to 'shut up' during heated ObamaCare debate

Flake: Better for a Dem to win in 2020

Kim showered Trump with flattery in letter before Hanoi summit

Kim showered Trump with flattery in letter before Hanoi summit

Nominee for No. 3 at Justice Department withdraws

Artist Makes Flower Crowns For Animals And They Look Like They're Straight From A Fairytale

I thought I was listening to FUX News

Prayer without words by Mary Gauthier

Wow Air ceases operations, leaving passengers stranded

Found the Video of Barr Delivering His Mueller Summary Memo...

Interior Nominee Censored Endangered Species Assessment of Organophosphates

GOP zeroes in on Schiff

Ethics of Trump Interior secretary nominee

Former Trump Family Driver Has Been in ICE Custody for 8 Months

Mike Pompeo and Trump Administration 'Concerned' About Brunei's Law to Stone LGBT People to Death

GOP faces tough battle to become 'party of health care'

Watch the guy behind Betsy DeVoss while she tries to defend larger class sizes.

Local lawsuits inch forward to seek damages for opioid abuse

We need Barr first, Rosenstein second,...

Barr spoke extensively w/ Lindsey Graham over dinner before he spoke w/ Nadler.

Children of Spring - MayDay Documentary (Trailer)

WTO: Boeing got unfair US tax break, hurting Airbus

'We Are Running Concentration Camps': Images From El Paso Stir Outrage Over Migrant Treatment

Your newest nightmare-- a drone with a shotgun...

Pressure canning isn't just for garden produce

Celebrates (for ninth time) 50 percent approval

Unique to Baseball

Poll: Inslee under 1 percent; Biden, Bernie, Beto top Democrats

Kamala Harris urges support for Save the Internet Act net neutrality bill

Take Me Out To The Ball Game On ... Georgia Avenue? Here's The Story Of Nats Park's Predecessor

Take Me Out To The Ball Game On ... Georgia Avenue? Here's The Story Of Nats Park's Predecessor

After Barr Letter, Majority Wants Full Mueller Report Released

CNN's Rangappa: Trump has 99 problems and 'Smollett isn't one of them'

progress from my grow...edit to add: latest updates at bottom.

Did a Georgia House prayer violate the Constitution?

Gaza border protests: 190 killed and 28,000 injured in a year of bloodshed

How soon before it's LEAKED in it's ENTIRETY?

Military Health System

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 29, 2019

Is Pete Buttigieg a Political Genius?

Playing golf again?

US woman kidnapped in Afghanistan says husband's abuse was just like captors'

Trump Tourism: How Charlottesville enabled Cindy Yang to market Mar-a-Lago in China

To speak with reporters regarding SBA Administrator's plan to resign

Brazil ex-president Temer hit with new corruption charges -prosecutor

MPs reject May's EU withdrawal agreement

Real leader of Republican party claims credit for "pencil neck" Schiff nickname

Why does the right hate electric cars so much?

Google revealed as unlikely go-between to help Trump-Cuba relations

Google revealed as unlikely go-between to help Trump-Cuba relations

03/31 Mike Luckovich: Selective outrage.

03/29 Mike Luckovich: Not so grim reaper

The Constitution and the President's Tweets

Quebec to ban public employees from wearing religious symbols

Barr says Mueller report ready for release by mid April

Georgia legislature sends 6-week abortion ban to governor to sign into law

Mueller report will be delivered by 'mid-April, if not sooner,' attorney general tells Congress

Here is folks....DU's "I am Adam Schiff" thread!

Border crisis: US failure to respond to migration surge has created chaos

Border crisis: US failure to respond to migration surge has created chaos

So no Democrat in the House or Senate has a security clearance to view the unredacted report?

We may have to wait until January 2021

We Got Alex Jones' Deposition Video. It Was A Predictable Disaster For Him.

Trump plans on golfing this afternoon at Mar-a-Lago. And tomorrow. And Sunday. Because he's on anoth

Norway's Kon-Tiki museum to return thousands of Easter Island artefacts

Every Living Creature - the Soufriere Hills Volcano and the island's creatures

Houthi leader attacks UK's Jeremy Hunt over efforts to relax Saudi arms ban

Barr: 400 pg. report "with certain parts redacted" will "possibly" be released by mid-April

Doctor: Guess-which-state man believed he was 'half-man, half-dog'

Sanders calls for expanded community health centers

North Korea "almost" done rebuilding key rocket test site month after Trump-Kim summit, South says

Saying the Same Thing Multiple Times Does Not Make It True

This UPS Driver Takes The Most Joyful Photos With The Dogs On His Route

How many individual donations has Bernie 2020 received?

Alex Jones video deposition made public (3+ hours)

City will pay $700K to N.J. man who claims he was attacked by cops, police dogs

Who is Barr kidding?

No way,...........Barr

Washington Post has an article on the next stage of Overwatch

I was just thinking, you know trump really did drain the swamp...

North Dakota moves to nullify its 1975 Equal Rights support

Nancy Pelosi should use the power of the purse to defund the office of the Attorney General.

Text message sent days before deadly storm chaser crash expressed alarm over driving

I'm thinking/feeling Congress already has a copy of the full report

Stupid media last friday we got nothing

Rolling Stones "No Filter" Tour 2019 Meet and Greet.. $25k per person

Cayman Islands Supreme Court Rules For Marriage Equality

WTF (re: Slate & Rachel Maddow)


Release the unredacted Mueller Report to Congress now. The people can see it later...

Businesses full of dirty Russian money

The Pukes in the House and the Senate are modern day carpetbaggers

Supreme Court halts Texas execution over Buddhist spiritual advisor

I remember when Nixon released the heavily redacted transcripts of his tapes

Stone Tests Judge's Patience With Instagram Post Bashing Schiff

Horrific video shows pit bull kill beloved Pom before helpless owner's eyes

That Diss Song Known as 'Yankee Doodle'

Trump Lags Far Behind Sanders and Biden in Pennsylvania - 10 points underwater

Apple abandons AirPower wireless charging product

If Robert Mueller Had Cleared Trump...

Alex Jones Claims 'Psychosis' Made Him A Sandy Hook Truther

BREAKING: Ex-Nevada Dem Assemblywoman Accuses Joe Biden of 'Blatantly Inappropriate & Unnerving'...

I blew out my birthday candles and

Chasten Buttigieg Is Winning the 2020 Spouse Primary.

Anyone ever have open heart surgery?

An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden

(Brexit) The media let malicious idiots take over

The specter of Islamist extremism looms over West Africa

Jobs for America!

First 2 questions for Barr

Leaked emails reveal Facebook's intense internal discussion over Alex Jones' 'anti-Semitic' post on

Do you think Schiff's powerful reply yesterday had anything

Video of Placer County jail guards beating inmate released; $1.4-million payout OK'd

In case anyone had any doubts, Tulsi Gabbard just proved she's unfit to be President.

Donald Trump issues New Permit for Keystone Pipeline

Taking stock of the clergy sexual abuse crisis: Holding bishops accountable

Justice Department asks judge to send Maria Butina back to Russia after her sentencing

Caltrans must pay $3 million after losing appeal in worker's perfume allergy lawsuit

An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden

Jim Jefferies - Don't Be The Asshole America!

Major labor union alleges University of California is intimidating members, sabotaging strike

FDA Wants To Require Mammogram Providers To Notify Women About Their Breast Tissue Density

'California deserves better.' Gavin Newsom rips PG&E plan that would 'prioritize' profits

Fox judge sides with Schiff over Trump on Mueller report

Autopsy: Migrant child who died in US custody had infection

Since the Barr letter was just TL:DR, I have redacted and condensed it as a public service

Why aren't we asking this?

Why Bill Barr cannot be trusted?

Michel Bacos, Hero Pilot of Hijacked to Entebbe, Dies at 94

Lucy Flores isn't alone. Joe Biden's got a long history of touching women inappropriately.

Katy Tur - STFU - the report must be released to Congress

When Joe Biden Voted to Let States Overturn Roe v. Wade

San Diego's downtown planning agency stripped of power

Trevor Noah tries to answer all your questions about Pete Buttigieg,

America is under siege

Hong Kong businessman gets 3 years in prison for bribery

This is facial recognition brought to a whole new level of CREEPY

How long can the # thing be on twitter? Why not try, #IfTrumpWasInnocentWeWouldHaveTheFullReport...

Former Trump Family Driver Has Been in ICE Custody for 8 Months

Oklahoma ex-senator David Boren accused of sexual misconduct

Bankrupt PG&E seeks to give out bonuses? That's rich

and Adam Schiff says to Barr " See you Next Week"

In One Kansas City Council Race, Experience Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

In 2016 Sanders appointed as his Jewish outreach co-cordinator Simone Zimmerman. In 2018

The Texas attorney general is investigating San Antonio for banning Chick-fil-A from its airport

Roger Stone at it again, needs to be locked up:

If this goes to subpoena time, we lose.

Fox News' Napolitano drops bomb on viewers: 'Schiff is correct'

Air Force Needs Almost $5 Billion To Recover Bases From Hurricane, Flood Damage

When Joe Biden Voted to Let States Overturn Roe v. Wade

London Symphonic Orchestra (1994) - Shes a Rainbow (The Rolling Stones)

HHS's Seema Verma squandered millions of taxpayer $$ on personal PR

New California bill would be bad news for porch pirates

Florida pet zebra fatally shot by owner after escaping its home

It's the season. They are at it again.

Pope Francis issues new Vatican City law for reporting sex abuse allegations

The Adventures of Satan

Utah Legalizes Sex Outside Marriage After Governor Signs Bill Rolling Back 1973 'Fornication' Law

Vietnam War Veterans Day - A message from Pete Buttigieg

Arizona cops release bodycam footage of lead-up to storming home over child with high fever

As the Democratic field grows, Stacey Abrams weighs a presidential race

For many Native Americans, embracing LGBT members is a return to the past

For many Native Americans, embracing LGBT members is a return to the past

Why Does Ari Melber Have Dickheads on His Show?

With social program fights, some Republicans fear being seen as the party of the 1 percent

As bad as Nixon was, he wasn't bad enough

The Singapore Airport Was Just Named The 'World's Greatest Airport' For The Seventh Year In A Row

House Democrats look to use budget process to pressure Trump administration to comply with investiga

so will people hate me if i confess i didnt like The Big Bang Theory?

Former AZ lawmaker David Stringer reportedly solicited sex from teen boys

Frexit? Italeave? After watching Brexit, other European countries say no thanks.

Close the borders!?! Trump really wants to be Kim

How the mysteries of Khashoggi's murder have rocked the U.S.-Saudi partnership

How the mysteries of Khashoggi's murder have rocked the U.S.-Saudi partnership

Eric Swalwell on Bill Barr's "peripheral third parties" redactions...

LOCK HER UP starts a separation of normally related mental processes that leads to TRUMP IS INNOCENT

Meet SpaceX's Starship Hopper

Papadopoulos on working for Trump: 'I wouldn't change a thing'

Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum happy friday !

Drive it home. If tRump was innocent, the Mueller report would have been released.

The Trump campaign is charging $30 for just a t-shirt with his no collusion tweet.

Rob Zombie - Return Of The Phantom Stranger ..

Cat Who Lived In Cardboard Box Discovers What It Feels Like To Be Cozy

Trump Threatens to Close Border with Mexico

I don't think I've ever used Google maps for what it was originally intended.

Adam Shiff is on Rachel tonight.

GOP Sees Peril as Party Scrambles on Healthcare

Leading Amazon dam rights activist, spouse and friend murdered in Brazil

Trump says GOP will become the party of health care

Leading Amazon dam rights activist, spouse and friend murdered in Brazil

DUers do you notice that the Unitary Executive is only acceptable to the scumbags when

New York to Introduce State-Wide Ban on Plastic Bags

U.S judge strikes down Trump rule allowing 'skimpy' health insurance plans

Employers hope to recruit more Samoans

The GOP has a fantastic plan for healthcare.

Adam Schiff demands FULL, UNREDACTED Mueller Report by April 2.

He could be anything, and Springsteen's son wants to be a firefighter

Just a question: do executive packages at health insurance corporations pay for pre-existing ...

I hit mute every time msnbc allows the asshat to bark into my livingroom.

Ha!Ha!Ha! Trump apologist on CNN saying Schiff should resign for calling Trump treasonous.

Tech layoffs to top 1,000 in Bay Area by late May, state reports show