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A suggestion for DU

Pierce: On the Road, Cory Booker Is Talking About the Issues. None of Them Have to Do With Russia.

PBS is doing a Frontline special report on Mueller Report tonight.

If the Steele Dossier started the FBI investigation into tRump and the Russians...

The good doctor speaks...

We paid for a steak.

Two Category 3 Cyclones Pound Australia

Real ID-compliant licenses now available in Missouri

Apologies to President Trump BY SHARYL ATTKISSON

The best question I've heard re the Report

2020 US Senate Election- Retiring Democratic US Senators.

Chuck Schumer: "What are they trying to hide?"

Guy Sets Up Hidden Camera To See What His Cat Does While He's Sleeping

fuck it all-welcome to the united states of Putin and trump

Michael Avenatti is accused of keeping a $4M personal injury settlement payout from a paraplegic man

"All in the Family"?

Beto O'Rourke Hires Former Obama Aide as Campaign Manager

San Antonio City Council bans Chick-fil-A from revamped airport terminal

Quaker songwriter Carrie Newcomer's most intimate album yet

The only reason Mueller would leave the question of obstruction to Congress

Quaker songwriter Carrie Newcomer's most intimate album yet (X-posted from religion)

The Trump administration proposed federal loan caps, here's what it would look like

Countdown to Mumford and Sons 5

This parrot won't leave her favorite boy's side 💚

You can now see all transit in Seattle on one map, at the same time

Border Patrol Takes a Rare Step in Shutting Down Inland Checkpoints

Man, I miss Jeffery Beauregard Sessions!

How to sell a massacre: NRA's playbook, revealed

Regarding the Mueller Report:

Pete Buttigieg Huge Jump 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucus Poll - Bernie Sanders Joe Biden Lead

This giant chunk of ice could break off Antarctica any day

Taibbi: It's Official - 'Russiagate' Is This Generation's WMD

FBI expected to brief 'Gang of 8' on Mueller counterintelligence findings

Report: U.S. government wasted up to $1 billion on charter schools

Bannon: With Mueller probe over, Trump 'is going to go full animal'

Boeing bringing in hundreds for 737 MAX meetings this week

Release the Report

Feds Won't Charge Suspect In Santa Fe School Shooting

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! NEW MALLOYCAST SPECIAL!

Letter to Barr from six House Dem Committee chairs requesting Mueller Report by April 2nd

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'It Was a Cold, Drizzly Sunday Morning in 1973,

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'It Was a Cold, Drizzly Sunday Morning in 1973,

Actually, Trump Now Says, Mueller Acted Honorably

William Barr Declares Mueller Investigation Fully Exonerates Members Of Reagan Administration

Air pollution from Harvey was bad. This Houston petrochemical fire is worse.

Texas Lawmakers Aim To Limit Local Governments' Power To Sue

Rescued Penguin Swims Miles To Visit Man Who Saved His Life Every Year

Trump plots post-Mueller payback

The Houston Public Library's Drag Queen Storytime is Ending for Now

Mueller Report: Can't Exonerate Trump, Confirms Wikileaks Connection

Meet the Men Who Might be 2020's First Spouse

rudy is exploding on cnn hannity is calling for arrests

Pore Size and Shape & the Release of Radon Gas in Fractured Rocks in the Marcellus Shale Gas Fields.

Watchdog Organization Calls for (Another) Investigation into Failed Texas Anti-Abortion Group

I don't trust any elected or appointed Republicans. Nobody.

Rachel sure has a way of making everything better, doesn't she?

Barr Likely Replaced Mueller's Own Summary With his Own, According to Former Federal Prosecutor

Justice Department now says courts should strike the entire ACA

Grandma used to tell us your character is shown by the company you keep.

It seems to me the best course at this point is to work harder than we have ever worked . . . .

NM-SEN: Tom Udall will not seek re-election.

I wonder if the Mueller report contains some of DT's tax returns.

40 Years Ago Today; Sadat, Begin and Carter sign the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

I think if candidates in the DU "Current Candidate Rankings" have the same

Read, reread and ponder Rachel's "15 Questions" about the Barr letter.

Attorney General's Letter No Reason To Drop Primary Challenge To Trump, Bill Weld Says

Socialism vs Capitalism

Could someone have threatened Robert Mueller?

End Times

Elizabeth Warren on Colbert tonight

Question: Can Barr be charged with obstruction of justice?

DOJ Moves to Strike Down Entire Affordable Care Act: Axios

Tweet-Trump was sent by God

Cap's Rantings on the Graham Statement on the Barr Letter on the Mueller Report (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Who knew?

Edible marijuana sends outsize number of people to hospital, Colorado study finds

I will say this

Justice Department now says courts should strike the entire ACA

In Test of Boeing Jet, Pilots Had 40 Seconds to Fix Error

Daydream Believer -- The Monkees -vs- Anne Murray

Why doesn't the Dem House pass popular legislation and make The Turtle kill it?

Duke University settles research misconduct lawsuit for $112.5 million

Here's how to deflate Wingnuts' gloating over the BARR/MUELLER thing. Note: Calvin & Hobbes involved

Neil Degrasse Tyson live, yo.

Northam is still in office.

A fascist coup is afoot

Mary Daly, Justice Dept. Director of Opioid Enforcement and Prevention Efforts, Barr's daughter!

Right now, by and large, the media is acting like "the enemy of the people"

In blow to climate, coal plants emitted more than ever in 2018

Wow! Chuck Todd makes two solid journalistic points in one show

Eric Swalwell: "We are going to see every word, every period, every comma of this report."

The Trump administration is now calling for the entire Affordable Care Act to be thrown out.

Has the countdown begun to our collective "Howard Beale moment" when, with one

Seems like the entire mainstream media is jumping

I just tuned into the CBS special.

U.S. Said to Have Tapes of Alleged 9/11 Mastermind Plotting With Co-Conspirators

At least we have Felix Sater's testimony this week to look forward to

The ghool is back. Diminishing any Trump wrongdoing as always.

Sater hearing delayed due to House efforts to bring in senior DOJ, FBI, and SCO to get full

House Intelligence postpones Felix Sater's public testimony

How many days till someone leaks the Mueller report?

Rachel Maddow Trashes William Barr For Breaking Historical Precedent To Protect Trump

Neal Katyal:" Don't take Barr's word on obstruction"

Watergate Figure John Dean Suspects Barr May Be Hiding Something 'Fairly Ugly'

Democrats rally behind Schiff amid withering GOP assault

Whether Trump obstructed justice isn't the attorney general's call to make. It's Congress' Decision

SDNY should drop an indictment against potato head tomorrow.

The Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time - New Zealand's Ban & a Possible Biden-Abrams Ticket

The Daily Show - Mueller Report Series Finale: No Collusion, Maybe Obstruction

Will the Supreme Court End Gerrymandering?

The Daily Show: Students vs. Climate Change & Oil Companies vs. Oceans

The Redneck Liberal's take. Democracy is a farce

Bond market says not only is a recession coming, but the Fed will cut interest rates to stop it

Venezuela blames 'attack' as another crippling blackout hits

My $40 to CO Dems at work. Lawmakers Approve BAN on Conversion Therapy

I like the Redneck liberal's take

Gay, transgender detainees allege abuse at ICE facility in New Mexico

Glenn Greenwald calls on MSNBC to fire Rachel Maddow

Israel, Hamas clash over Gaza, then truce reached

DOJ attorneys joined the Manafort case this afternoon. WTF!?

Oklahoma top court clears way for Purdue, J&J, Teva to face opioid trial

*Eliz Warren coming up on Colbert.

Bernie's Campaign Manager Faiz Shakir Talks Baseball and the Immigrant Experience

Obamacare enrollments drop marginally for 2019

Supreme Court Rebuffs Mystery Company In Mueller Fight

The last hammer you will ever need, guaranteed

It's been more than 24 are you feeling?

It's time to start asking

Target of Alex Jones' attacks just committed suicide

Remembering when bankers tried to overthrow FDR and install a fascist dictator

Pentagon chief says $1 billion of funding shifted to border wall

Regardless of where you stand on Brian Williams, he brought the hammer down on Lindsey tonight.

Whats is wrong with Sarah Sanders

Instead of speculating and taking Barr at his word

We control the House


New study shows connection between increasing minimum wage and lower suicide rates

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a 50-pound sack of manure?

Airbus Secures $35 Billion China Deal in New Blow to Boeing

Insane asylum

If Trump's Border Wall Becomes Reality, Here's How He Could Easily Get Private Land for It

Former Trump adviser faces $5 million in legal fees amid pardon buzz

Focus needs to move away from Mueller toward something more tangible like Cohen's check

After Paris agreement, big oil and gas companies invested $110 billion in fossil fuels

Supreme Court says no to hearing Mueller's mysterious foreign corporation case

President Obama warn House Freshman about price tag of liberal policies

?!? A Rep from AL quoted Mein Kampf on House floor today?!?

Barr and Supreme Court

Are these demented cretins...

Oh boy. Trump is starting to play dictator god with gusto now.

Trae Crowder-keep calm and carry on

El Presidente

The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Celebrating Mueller Report

Texas Senate kicks off fight over religious exemptions

UK Parliament defies Theresa May, backs vote on Brexit alternatives

Barr now bears on his shoulders the final results of the outcome of his biased misleading

Tweet of the Day

Texas House Bill Introduced To Protect Mental Health Providers Using 'Conversion Therapy'

China's Xi pushes new 'Silk Road' in France

OMG! Lindsay is an even greater maggot than even I thought.

Romanian PM staying at D.C. Trump Hotel during AIPAC (emoluments alert)

"Russia, if you hear me............". Stated before the email dumps.

It could be that Barr may well regret his misleading summary being weaponized by Trump.

Debate over Texas abortion bill prompts tears, frustration and a boycott from Democrats

Nasa cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size

Border Patrol closes West Texas checkpoints as influx of migrants strains resources

Who keeps buying California's scarce water? Saudi Arabia

Philip K. Dick was a wild-eyed optimist.

Texas Senate advances bill to shore up teacher pension fund

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/25/19

ziggy alberts: Could You Love Me Now

Stephen Colbert - Guest Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Make The Mueller Report Public

Stephen Colbert - Guest Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Make The Mueller Report Public

Stephen Colbert - Guest Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Make The Mueller Report Public

We Have Spent $32 Million Per Hour on War Since 2001.

I pray that the honest media does not back down from the assaults being thrown at them by Trump.

Beto O'Rourke campaign announces location for El Paso rally

What happens after rich kids bribe their way into college? I teach them

Hits to mental health system start

Gun in pocket of 74-year-old substitute teacher discharges in 1st-grade Alabama classroom.

Ex-Forest Park manager says marketing payments to docs were just business expense

My new meme: Trump is a coward and a whiner. So is the GOP. After all the sliming of HRC

Newly powerful Grijalva prepares to challenge Trump administration

Weed killer Roundup increases risk of cancer by 40 percent, UW study finds.

'Mission Jurassic' dinosaur hunt to get under way

Get ready for Trump retribution and payback for the Mueller investigation

Best wishes to David Jolly, a former Republican who left the party and endorsed Andrew Gillum

Abortion concerns have blocked the effort to fund Arizona's 2-1-1 system

Because you are acquitted of a crime doesn't mean you didn't commit the crime.

Ninth Circuit recommended for expansion. Could it mean shift to the right?

(UK) Autonomy boss in 'deliberate fraud', court told

Why the GOP doesn't want people of color to vote

In Test of Boeing Jet, Pilots Had 40 Seconds to Fix Error.

Mathematicians reveal secret to human sperm's swimming prowess

Question about Double Jeopardy.

House passes bill to put more restrictions on voter registration

Mueller Madness??? What comes next?

Gallego declines to run for Arizona Senate seat

Sandy Hook dad who killed himself was under a constant attack by conspiracy theorists: NYT reporter

'Dreamers' tuition proposal likely dead

Mexico demands Spain apologize for colonial abuse of indigenous people

Mexico demands Spain apologize for colonial abuse of indigenous people

Joe Arpaio's wife bitten by rattlesnake

Now that Trump knows Lindsey encouraged McCain to turn over the dossier to the FBI,

One day. Republicans self-sabotage their "exoneration"-narrative after just one f**king day.

ASU gets $50 million gift for research into dementia

I love looking at this one shot.

Robert Mueller and the collapse of American trust

Whether Trump obstructed justice isn't the attorney general's call to make. It's Congress' decision.

Navy Unveils $3.2B Unfunded List: 2 F-35s, New Laser & More Precision Strike

Navajo Nation company ends bid to buy power plant, mine

Doubts Rise About Evidence That U.S. Diplomats In Cuba Were Attacked.

Mike Pence talked Dan Coats out of quitting the Trump administration

Conservative group at ASU apologizes for racist, anti-Semitic postings online

Oklahoma moves to stop towns from fees, bans on plastic bags

Los Alamos: NM Will Lose Most Of Its Forests By 2050; 120k Acres Conifers Died In 2018 Alone

100 Straight Months Of Temperatures Above Historic Averages For Svalbard; Some Months 12-14C Higher

Gov. Herbert vetoes special election bill, signs 18-week abortion ban and 118 other bills

Tool Monkeys! Fuck Yeah!! Fossil Fuel Emissions Hit An All-Time Record High In 2018

Pundies tell me for the last 48 hours that I should give in and believe that Donnie did not collude

More wealthy parents under scrutiny by prosecutors in college admissions scandal

Big picture being left out is that Trump and Russia worked in tandem for the same goal

What's one big reason Utah is seeing more libel lawsuits? The #MeToo movement.

FACT CHECK: Parson right about people with degrees in Missouri

$775 million settlement reached in lawsuits over Xarelto blood thinner

US Files Suit Against WV Hospital, Its Management Company, and Its CEO Based on Kickbacks to Doctors

(xpost) $775 million settlement reached in lawsuits over Xarelto blood thinner

After Decades Of Climate Lies, API Claims Big Oil "Stepping Up To The Plate" On Sustainability

UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi pulls Michael Jackson music from viral floor routine

Russian military officials in Venezuela for defence industry talks

So Trump signed a proclamation, recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Las Vegas Tax Business Owner Indicted For Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, And Aggravated Identity Thef

Felix Sater's Testimony Postponed After Lawsuit Alleges Trump Tower Moscow Money Laundering Plot

The Trump Administration Wants All of Obamacare Overturned by the Courts

Mexico Update: 100 Days In, Progressive President Riding High in Polls

Vanity Fair: Who the hell is Pete Buttigieg, and how is he polling in third place behind Bernie? 11%

Avenatti is toast.

7 States Agree To Voluntary Colorado River Cutbacks To Fend Off Fed Action; Long-Term Outlook Murky

OCHA - 1.85 Million People Directly Impacted By Cyclone Idai; At Least 686 Dead

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Maximum March 13th; 7th Lowest Extent In Instrumental Record

It's weird how the Havana Syndrome is not real, yet the ending of the Cuban Thaw it caused was

Tuesday TOONs - ABarred Version

Utah Sens. Mike Lee, Mitt Romney back bill to prevent Democratic 'court packing'

Robert Reich: The Real Scandal of Donald Trump

"Rock the Kasbah". Funny Bill Murray movie.

Utah's Super Tuesday presidential primary means 'rainbows and unicorns' to state's Democrats

GOP: a PR plan to exploit the delay between Barr Letter and Mueller Report to delegitimize Mueller

Kamala Harris OpEd: Our teacher pay gap is a national failure. Here's how we can fix it.

If the Trump admin gets the courts to repeal the ACA entirely...

It took 2 days to release the Starr Report that took 4 years to gather.

MacBook glitch when typing

Auto Lobby Shocked, Shocked By CAFE Shitstorm; Not One OEM Has Voiced Support

Like MJ or not, that program has done a yeoman's job this morning

The Flood You Didn't See: Pine Ridge "Humanitarian Disaster" As Floods Cut Roads, Cut Off Residents

Teachers union pushes dedicated funding source for salaries

Mike Pence talked Dan Coats out of quitting the Trump administration

Democrats plan early voting, 'virtual caucus' for 2020

Nevada considers banning 'gay panic' defense

Exclusive: Google funds creation of new local media companies

'If you build it, they will come': Missouri habitat helps monarch butterflies

How Did Barr Get Introduced Into The Trump Administration?.....

Trumpland Out for Sweet, Sweet Post-Mueller Revenge

Cortez Masto says she's close to a deal to remove plutonium secretly shipped to Southern Nevada

To the paid trolls monitoring DU for The Dark Side: I just read that the twisted POS

Elizabeth Warren to Colbert: Democratic Voters Don't Care About the Mueller Report

Christian Blogger: A Woman Not in the Mood Can't "Deprive Her Husband Sexually"

Nevada bill looks to license banks for marijuana industry

Obama cautions freshman House Democrats about the price tag of liberal policies

Facebook removes accounts from Russia, Iran for 'coordinated inauthentic behavior'

Warren Report: Public 3 days later -- Starr Report: Public 2 days later. Mueller Report..?

Trump Slams 'Corrupt and FAKE' Media Over Mueller Coverage: 'They Truly are the Enemy of the People'

The Rundown: March 25, 2019

Even In Victory, Trump Shows His Weakness

Schiff brushes off calls for resignation: 'I am more than used to attacks by my GOP colleagues'

Burlington Passes Resolution Condemning Canada For Not Exporting as Much Marijuana as Mexico

What the Mueller Report did confirm: Russia meddled with our elections.

Looming 2020 deadline triggers wild chase for cash

Morning Joe Shames Lindsey Graham For Admitting He Told McCain to Give Dossier to FBI:...

MSNBC panel calls BS on Trump's claims of exoneration

Just Heard Jeremy Bash On AM Joe Say The Following About Trump....

Why Ken Starr got it right and Mueller got it wrong.

The Republican Crime Syndicate Is Real

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) blames Alex Jones for Sandy Hook dad's suicide

Just watched the Pete Buttigieg interview on The View....

Terrible LA Times op-ed

Fed Researcher: Global Warming Serious Threat Because It Might (OMG!!) Cause A Financial Crisis

U.S. Republicans set 'Green New Deal vote' in bid to divide Democrats

Trump the worst President, the last President plus Mueller report

Note to trump: you are not "the people"! The press is the greatest defender of democracy bar none.

Glenn Greenwald Rips MSNBC to Tucker Carlson: They Fed People 'Total Disinformation' & Exploited...

Photo: Just moving between connecting with Americans, encouraging new leaders ...

Tulsi Gabbard: Trump indictment might have 'led to civil war'

Bump stocks, which allow rifles to mimic automatic weapons, are now illegal to own, buy or sell

Pentagon notifies Congress $1 billion authorized to begin new wall construction

A second counselor at this Indiana Catholic school will lose her job over same-sex marriage

No one is coming to save us. Turn off the damn tv, and let's gear up for 2020....

Republicans plot assault on Trump's tariff agenda

Trans man says Catholic hospital canceled hysterectomy 'minutes' before surgery

Trump and the GOP have a massive P.R./propaganda campaign going on right now ....

Trump's Most Dangerous Pick So Far

Mueller is a Republican

Pope wants psych tests for incoming priests; Diocese of Salt Lake City says that's already common

Tastes like chicken (Twitter):

Amorous Alpaca (Twitter):

Garfield On Ice (Twitter):

Trump is now going after Obamacare once again. Time to take to the street again.

Come on! Doggy needs a new pair of shoes! (Twitter)

"This doesn't concern you, robot." (Twitter)

Dem senator: 'I do not deeply respect and trust the Barr summary'

Kate Steinle's parents can't sue 'sanctuary city' for failing to tell ICE about shooter's release

Next likely travesty: TrumpBarr hiding parts of report

audiobook: WAR IS A RACKET by Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler

Black Lives Matter activist McKesson loses defamation lawsuit against Fox's Pirro

My somewhat tin foil hat look at Russian collusion.

VANITY FAIR: A Crime In Public View": How William Barr Pardoned Trump

Grocery Chain Replaces Plastic Produce Packaging with Banana Leaves

Question: Has anyone here read The Mueller Report?

George Papadopoulos Insists Mueller's Team Pressured Him to Say He Lied About Russia-Related Contact

This history is VERY important.

Pentagon Authorizes $1 Billion For Fence Construction At Mexico Border

Europe just passed sweeping new copyright rules that Big Tech hates

This Committee Owes an Apology, Senator"

"I see that the pieces of chicken that were on my plate have gone missing..."

Vatican women's magazine bosses quit over "climate of distrust"

It's pretty clear tRump is guilty as hell of Obstruction, otherwise, they would just release

Mueller Report: Can't Exonerate Trump, Confirms Wikileaks Connection

The Trump Administration Wants to Strike Down Obamacare. Again.

Don Jr. Does Victory Lap On Fox: 'Feels Great' To Know Dems Colluded, 'Not Us'

Nat'l Ntwrk of Abortion Funds Addresses Allegations of Improper Sexual Conduct Against Dr. W. Parker

It's pretty simple

Giuliani Demands Cuomo Apologize For 'Falsely Accusing' Trump Of Collusion

Killing the ACA all at once would be more disruptive than a hard Brexit

Stoking civil war among the electorate ought to be illegal and punishable by imprisonment. 45

Trump's tariffs are costing Americans $1.4 billion each month, study shows

"Dad tried to saw off my head and send it to the lab." . . . Please come CAPTION Alex Jones!!!

Yes or No, Do you still believe that Trump conspired with Russia?

I don't trust Barr one bit

Hey DU! Let's talk about the symbolism of stars in popular culture.

Pelosi at AIPAC: 'We will never allow anyone to make Israel a wedge issue'

Gah! Man Crawls Under His House To Fix The Cable -- And Finds 45 Rattlesnakes

Colbert just brilliant last night

Obama cautions freshman House Democrats about the price tag of liberal policies

Purdue Pharma, state of Oklahoma reach settlement in landmark opioid lawsuit

Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul joins opioid distributors investigation

If SCOTUS invalidates the ACA, Medicare for All would also be illegal

A nation of laws?

OK so who called for the Special Prosecutor? Was it the Democrats? If Comey had not been fired,

William Barr was not appointed to offer oversight of the Executive Branch.

You know what still matters? That Trumpy is and always has been a crook.

Chief Justice Roberts rejects bid to block ban on bump stocks

Stray Puppy Completely Melts When She Finally Realizes She's Safe

Should, would, could. When will Mueller Report be released?

A New Hail Mary for the Rosary?

the very same kind of election year shenanigans Barr has covered up once before with Iran-Contra


U.S. Supreme Court backs Sudan in USS Cole bombing lawsuit

Democrats push for Mueller report to Congress by next week, Republicans resist

U.S. to expand abortion 'gag rule,' won't fund certain groups: Pompeo

Look, Obstruction of Justice OBSTRUCTS evidence

The Barr Summary is a Crock of Shit

Stormy Daniels comment on Avenatti

Did Trump and Barr just pull one of the greatest scams of all time on our press and media?

If you are an "OA" fan, just found a great recap of Season 1 and explains a lot of stuff....

Michelle Obama's memoir Becoming sells 10 million copies

How is this "good news" for tRump

Islamic State group: Syria's Kurds call for international tribunal

Islamic State group: Syria's Kurds call for international tribunal

U.S. House to vote on overriding Trump veto of resolution ending border emergency

Criticizing a government is not being anti religion.

So, are we waiting until Saturday to pour into the streets to demand release of the report?

OMFG. This is how the Press Secretary is spending today.

What I wrote about Mueller in my book, First We Destroy the GOP...

Don't buy it America

Spanish judge to seek extradition of North Korea embassy intruders: source

Question....if Mueller had various evidence supporting collusion between Trump and Russia....

Can you host an organizing house party?

Don Jr. Does Victory Lap On Fox: 'Feels Great' To Know Dems Colluded, 'Not Us'

NEW PEAK BLOOM DATE: Warm temps will accelerate bloom cycle.

Puerto Rico Has Just Passed Its Own Green New Deal

Cold water currently slowing fastest Greenland glacier

Was his "no answer" a signal the answer was forced prematurely?

Interior Nominee Intervened to Block Report on Endangered Species

Pentagon Notifies Congress It's Tossing $1 Billion At New Border Construction

A question about Robert Mueller (AKA: Robert Mueller, if you are listening...)

Jussie Smollett expected to get a deferred prosecution deal

We're caught in the middle of an assault rifle gunfight armed only with butter knives. They are

The Critical Part of Mueller's Report That Barr Didn't Mention

In despair...

Interesting thing about SHS's "Enemies of the People" bracket that she shared.

Love will conquer hate.

North Korean officials return to DMZ joint liaison office, days after withdrawing

I am proud to display this flag as a symbol of my support for transgender people

Yahoo Finance with a ridiculous article fanning the "socialist" flames over our 2020 candidates.

Thai election process 'deeply flawed', say independent observers

Charges DROPPED in case against Jussie Smollett!

"the mueller report is in and i wanted to do something special for all the imaginary sources..."

Trump Admin Now Backs Judge's Ruling To Toss All Of Obamacare

Has "Cover-Up General" William Barr Struck Again?

Trump DOJ's 'cataclysmic' Obamacare attack puts health coverage for 2 million children at risk

The Mueller Report was merely one part of the solution. And not even the most important part.

Please watch this Slim Harpo video of 'Scratch my Back' so fun

Romanian Prime Minister Stayed At Trump's D.C. Hotel Over The Weekend

QUESTION: How long were the Nixon Tapes a news issue during the 70s?

Gigantic T. Rex Skeleton Found in Canada Is Officially World's Biggest

What Pelosi is REALLY saying (re: Mueller, Barr, RW spin, and impeachment)

In shift, Trump administration backs judge's ruling that would kill Obamacare

Tiny Armadillo Is Obsessed With Taking Baths

The Shroud of Trump

BREAKING: Rep Adam Smith just denied DoD ability to reprogram $1B in counter drug $ for Border Wall

In New Book, Papadopoulos Claims He Was 'Duped' By FBI Into Guilty Plea

Will SDNY ever indict any of the Trumpians now?

A Ragout to Remember

UC Berkley Law Prof. Terri Kanefield

Georgia Senate votes to allow lawsuits over questionable laws

Pope Francis really doesn't want anyone kissing his ring.

How The Partisan Gerrymandering Cases Before SCOTUS Are Different This Time

FYI: The Barack Obama group has been moved to the "Politics & Government" Category

Jussie Smollett charges dropped

FYI: The Hillary Clinton group has been moved to the "Politics & Government" Category

"Happy Anniversary, Bernie! (Well, sort of.)"

PFAS: This chemical has been polluting N.J. for decades. Now, 5 companies have to pay big to clean i

Instead of calling Barr and Mueller to testify

GOP congressman attacks poor people for wanting health care

"Barr claims that Mueller said" is an important construct now, as opposed to "Mueller said"

1,500-year-old garbage dumps reveal city's surprising collapse

After the Mueller Report, Are Trump Campaign Lies Being Covered Up?

A Deadly Blaze in the Alps Made a Biker a Hero and Tunnels Safer for All

Mitch McConnell wants to stop Americans from seeing the Mueller report

Favorite Concept album...

There's a logical explanation for "NO Collusion"

CBD is booming. But US farmers struggle to keep up with demand for industrial hemp

A word about the "experience" thing for anyone running for President..

"How Mueller's unknown reasoning could endanger American democracy in 2020"

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Felix Sater was ready to tell of money-laundering scheme...

Our Constitutional Emergency

Prize-winning show dog lost in Atlanta airport before flight to Amsterdam

Two in Camera monochrome

Alex Jones offers to execute 'scum' Rachel Maddow for treason over Mueller reporting

Everytime, someone in the media asks a Democratic person about the mueller report

Ohio pastor encouraged other ministers to have sex with 'groomed' teen, prosecutors say

Is it possible we could be falling into a full Mueller report trap?

What people aren't realizing about the ACA lawsuit

You raised $13.00 on March 25, 2019

Donald Trump just made sure health care will decide the 2020 election

Mayor Pete does The Breakfast Club

Once Jailed in Guantnamo, 5 Taliban Now Face U.S. at Peace Talks

If for nothing else, trump supporters will burn in hell

How to sell a massacre: NRA's playbook revealed

Do You Need To Hear A Pretty Song?

A family rescued a dog from certain death. Years later, he died trying to save them from a shooter.

Nasa cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size

So, it has occurred...

Thinking out loud here. If Putin's goal is to sow chaos in America and

Juju made a nice photo for me..

How did Matt Schlapp know "Mueller would be gone soon".

The Administration's new assault on Americans' health care

Is biblical literalism a requirement to be a real Christian?

House Democratic leaders urge focus on health care in wake of Mueller findings

I have NO reason at this point to NOT believe Mueller if he testifies in the House, BUT

I love Hillary Clinton!

Happy 73rd birthday, Johnny Crawford.

You know what would be radical?

Barr wrote an unsolicited 19 page pro-Trump screed. He's Kavanaugh without the boofing.

Just saw my first ad for Brian Hagedorn

The Iowa Caucus is 10 full months away. Feb 3, 2020

Should there be a official list here of news sources we don't want to use or post?

trump says the report says 'no obstruction' lying fucker.

Algerian army urges removal of the President

Trump at Capitol Hill -"republican party will be the party of healthcare"

Why, just why do many of you forget that

Email sent to Joe Biden

Email sent to Joe Biden

I knew this was coming... GPS speed limits

Trump: "The Mueller report was GREAT! It said no obstruction, no collusion..."

Email sent to Joe Biden

WATCH: GOP senator denounces Green New Deal using bizarre photo of Ronald Reagan riding a dinosaur

Donald Trump just made sure health care will decide the 2020 election

trump tweet: The Republican Party will become "The Party of Healthcare!"

Blasphemy: The General Synod's 'Life of Christ'...

Oh give me a break already Rand Paul .. I have had it up to my eyeballs

Can President Trump block his critics on Twitter? Federal appeals court will consider that today.

Can Rep. Ilhan Omar turn page after string of controversies?

I think, we should hold Trump to his campaign-promise on healthcare.

We should start calling it Schrodinger's Report instead of Mueller's

Three or four weeks ago, a news report said Mueller was ready to end investigation?

Happy 79th Birthday, Madam Speaker

Airbus lands a massive deal with China as Boeing battles its 737 Max crisis

Pelosi Tells Democrats Barr's Words Cannot Be Trusted - 'He Believes the President Is Above the Law'

Top 4 Things To Look For in Mueller Report in Light of Barr's Letter - Just Security


Bill Maher and Irshad Manji defend Chelsea Clinton from the crazy Left

Judge cautions lawyers to watch language in abortion case

Trumps Angle: Push the 'Fruit of a A Poison Tree' story as hard as he possibly can ...

Two Interceptors to Swat ICBM In Most Ambitious Missile Defense Test Yet

Mitch McConnell blocking the report. What do they have on him?

trump got his Roy Cohn

Did the "Barr Report" change how you will vote?

House Panel Nixes Pentagon Plan to Reroute $1B to Trump's Border Wall

For those of you keeping score at home

Maybe if I unload here for a bit, I'll stop feeling like the world is coming to an end

Little dog lifejacket

New York County Bans Unvaccinated Minors From Public Places Amid Measles Outbreak

Love Will Conquer Hate: Bernie Visits Islamic Center in California

I decided to take a vacation from politics and the news.

Supreme Court backs Alaska moose hunter over park service in broad ruling on jurisdiction

!?!? Women riding bicycles will get 'bicycle face' and a 'heavy jaw' late 19th century campaign

Federal judge ends North Carolina ban on abortions after 20 weeks

Federal judge ends North Carolina ban on abortions after 20 weeks

Pompeo says US to expand ban on foreign aid to groups that provide or promote abortion

WH Pushes For Obama Probes: Those Who Want To Move On 'Got This Party Started'

Commentary: Charges or no, questions can't be left unanswered

trump just shot America dead on 5th Avenue and no one cares

Copay Assistance Alert -- Asthma Fund on!

Cartoons 3/26/19

Theodore Roosevelt, writing in the Kansas City Star in May 1918:

Mueller Bombshell Hiding in Plain Sight!

NRA Instructed Far-Right Group to 'Shame' Anti-Gun Activists After Massacres

Higher fares sought to cover $143 million for hybrid ferries

May's deal better than not leaving at all - Rees Mogg

***April is near - we need the diversion of the APRIL Photo contest***Idea for theme

The district court presiding over the Mueller "mystery" case scheduled a hearing tomorrow (11:30 am)

Senate GOP eyes probes into 2016 issues 'swept under the rug'

Poll: Democrats want to abolish Electoral College, Republicans want to keep it

Rachel Maddow, the left's powerhouse on cable, doubles down on the collusion angle

Barr faces political storm over Mueller report

GOP investigating Trump Administration. joke

U.S. House panel OKs move to give Congress records of FBI probes against Trump

Democrats propose 'Extraordinary Profits' tax on capital gains, real estate

Indonesia Launches "Heresy App" to Help Muslims Lodge Blasphemy Complaints

Nobody's guilty of anything anymore, if you have money

Russia, if you are listening,

Student Held in Professor's Death, Claims Blasphemy

Mentally disabled Christian man charged with "blasphemy" in Pakistan

House fails to override Trump veto on southern border emergency

Mob attacks 200 Christian families in Pakistan after 4 women falsely accused of blasphemy

Warren clearly won this race

Trump ramps up attacks on the media following Mueller report summary


'I, Too, Was a Survivor': Senator McSally Ends Years of Silence

FAA says oversight needs to 'evolve' after Boeing crashes

Barr's cover up is not only on the obstruction but also "collusion"

Convicted drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman seeks new trial

William Barr Reads "Moby-Dick," Finds No Evidence of Whales (Borowitz)

Puerto Rico faces food-stamp crisis as Trump privately vents about federal aid

Kamala Harris has constructed a database of donors and emails raising millions for fellow Dems

I am tired

Tonight, INHERIT THE WIND ( 1960)

How ADORABLE! Coffee Boy Papadopoulos' lawyers have formally applied for a pardon from Trump!

Big Majority Want to See Mueller Report

If a tree falls in the woods and everyone hears it except BoB Barr,

Walk veto override fails in the House

Barr Bogus Letter and the similarity to the Rethug response to the 2000 election.

Betsy DeVos: Deep cuts to Special Olympics, student programs are warranted

House Republican Releases George Papadopoulos Transcript

Remember folks Rachel is #1

Interior Nominee Intervened to Block Report on Endangered Species

Folks, we've GOT to get the Senate!

Idaho Power aims to end use of coal and natural gas -- a 'big deal,' conservationist says

Are we looking at weeks before it's released?

Bellingham: Bicyclist dies in collision with Amtrak train at F Street crossing

Can Barr be found guilty of obstructing justice?

The complaint and affidavits in Avenatti's California case have been posted,

Missouri House votes to allow Bible courses in public school

Primary Stumps

She is evil

Trump and the GOP are again to trying to kill Obamacare

Patterns of corruption

Bucket list item! "The Horizontal Falls", Talbot Bay, Western Australia

Now run out there and go get it, asshole...

Trump Proposes Cutting Postal Employees' Pay, Benefits in $100B Savings Package..

McConnell must answer about refusing to sign bipartisan statement condemning the Kremlin's role...

Betsy DeVos: Deep cuts to Special Olympics, student programs are warranted

We're going to need a better candidate in Maine...

I have the TV off right now

WH will get the Mueller report before the public does in case it wants to make redactions, Barr says

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 26, 2019

Facebook, Axios And NBC Paid This Guy To Whitewash Wikipedia Pages

From FBI Records Vault - They just uploaded Trump Organization document

Turns out that Mueller left a key to open the lock to both getting the full report and impeachment.

Med protect one??? online doctors???

Graham: Mueller Report will go to W.H., Trump legal team will redact based on "executive privilege"

For "The Sky Is Falling" crowd- Trump's Popularity Unchanged After Completion of Mueller Probe

Adrea Mitchell sounds woke: Am Joe: Starting to believe in GOP gaslighting

Beto O'Rourke is getting all the attention, but Elizabeth Warren's economic policy proposals are....

Beto O'Rourke is getting all the attention, but Elizabeth Warren's economic policy proposals are....

I hope Graham loses his seat. Of course another nut would

Democrats introduce plan to improve the Affordable Care Act, Trump tries to completely destroy it

Will any Democrat EVER see the unredacted Mueller Report?

GOP congressman quotes Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' to slam Trump's adversaries as liars

This Seems Like A Great Time to Hang Out in The Lounge (versus GD)

Just got a robocall from...Scott Walker!

Is there anyone here at DU--even one--who thinks that Trump is innocent?...

Trump Tried to Undo North Korea Penalty, Contrary to U.S. Account

D.C. Circuit clears way for Trump to implement trans military ban

It's just the end of the beginning

Utah Senator Mike Lee OWNS Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez With Oh We Are Just Funning You

Brexit: Petition to revoke Article 50 to be debated next week

Annnnd he's off.

U.S. Senate fails to advance resolution calling for debate on #GreenNewDeal.

So, if the Mueller Report goes to Trump first, and a bunch of stuff gets redacted....

Tory rebels asked by No 10 if they would back Brexit deal if May quit

Jose Canseco to Tim Tebow, Your Swing Sucks, Let Me Fix You!

Inslee visits Portland training center on campaign stop

Boy! It sure didn't take long for Trump/GOP to start overplaying their hands

The iPhone x design flaws

Rancher under investigation after 29 dead cows found

Trump wants advisers to find a way to cut Puerto Rico hurricane relief

Time for a change: EU lawmakers vote to scrap clock shifts in 2021

U.S. extends foreign aid ban for NGOs supporting abortion

British Airways plane lands at wrong airport

Bill O'Reilly heading back to radio

588 days until Nov. 3, 2020. No, Trump did NOT "win re-election" with Barr's "summary" of Mueller.

The Green New Deal sets us up for failure. We need a better approach - By John Hickenlooper

Robert Kraft requests jury trial in Florida prostitution case

George Papadopoulos formally applies for Trump pardon

HUD inspector general's office says it'll look into whether White House interfered with Puerto Rico

Pete Buttigieg could become the first gay president. Americans are ready for one.

Amid speculation, McMorris Rodgers confirms that, yes, she is going to run in 2020

EU Parliament votes to end daylight savings

Pismo Beach is a real place. Goats and dogs welcome!

Totally Off subject - today the most popular broadcaster in Jamaica died


I have solar-powered cats...

Here's An Idea For A Presidential Campaign Commercial That Practically Writes Itself.......

The op-ed that got Stephen Moore his Fed nomination is based on two major falsehoods

The Politics of Beto and Amy O'Rourke's Marriage

Barbara Lee(D-CA) schools Betsy Devos

Sam Seder: 2012 Beto Has Some HORRIBLE Ideas For Social Security

Pompeo cuts OAS funds over advocacy of legal abortion

Pete Buttigieg wants to broker 'peace deal' with Chick-fil-A: I like their chicken, not their polit

Go See Nick Mason If You Can!

Lawmaker still seeks Trump tax returns regardless of Mueller report

Michelle Obama brings largest crowd of book tour to Tacoma Dome

U.S. Senate Republicans defeat Green New Deal resolution

Israel resumes Gaza bombing raids after rocket launched at south

It's time for civilian audit of trumps tax returns

Second Wisconsin Judge Blocks Some Of Lame-Duck Laws Pushed Through By GOP

Signing up for Babbel tonight so I can learn "F*CK YOU ROBERT CRAFT" in 200 different languages.

Mueller Report Will Be Released Within Weeks

The sickness of whiteness

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Saw a new billboard the other day

Justices Weaponize Redistricting Reform Against Partisan Gerrymandering Foes

Death Valley March 2019

Harris coming up on Blitzer this hour.

Read next week's news from Barr now!

Concept of what my back pain would look like - or what?

Kevin McCarthy is asking for Adam Schiff to step down as head of the Intelligence Committee.

Meet the 'King Kong Barbie': Doll-faced bodybuilder, 21, amazes the internet

Love Will Conquer Hate: Bernie Visits Islamic Center in California

We lost Ranking Roger today

Don't assume Trump will lose in 2020 if he gets rid of the ACA

States Most Affected By Automation Lean Republican

Hundreds of activists protest Florida lawmakers' secret immigration deal

Pence calls for NASA to send humans to the moon within five years

Keep waiting for all those good Christian GOP folks to

2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg makes gains in crowds, TV spots and campaign cash

Poll: Trump's Numbers Haven't Improved Since Mueller Ended Investigation

Meet the 'King Kong Barbie': Doll-faced bodybuilder, 21, amazes the internet

Ari Melber is interviewing George Papadopoulos

GOP senator's crackpot solution to climate change: 'Have some kids'

New Zealand Mosque Chairman Accuses Mossad, 'Zionist Business' of Orchestrating Christchurch Shootin

Luckovich-Barr: Here's my four page summary of trump's taxes

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max makes emergency landing in Orlando

Republicans in Congress keep trying to throw innocent doctors in jail

An Ex-Fox News Host Pitched 'Financial Freedom.' His Clients Want Their Money Back.

Republicans Open Their Mouths On Environmental Policy, Bullshit Oozes Out (Politico - Sorry!)

'Just shame them': NRA scheme to respond to mass shootings exposed

Mike Lee (R-UT) Presents GOP Environmental Policy By Showing Picture Of Reagan Riding Dinosaur

Keith Olberman IS ALIVE and doing Keith Olberman stuff.....

Virginia "transformation" of Juvenile Justice gets a new leader. Short article - worth a follow up.

John Hickenlooper Melts Into Puddle Of Fracking Fluid W. Pathetic, Mealy-Mouthed Op-Ed

Better Together's New City-County Merger Plan Removes Stenger As Metro Mayor

Key cooperating witnesses in college admissions scam sign plea agreements

First Black Woman to Serve as a Virginia Police Chief Says Racist Officers Forced Her Out

You have leadership here that is playing political games ...

I have a suggestion for Republican clowns who want Adam Schiff to resign.

Can we talk "autotune"? I HATE IT... You?

Utah bans abortions after 18 weeks, teeing up legal showdown

GOP Talk Up "Innovation", Don't Dare Cross Shitstain, Whose Budget Guts Energy R&D, Basic Research

Watch out who you donate hearing aids to

You've got to be kidding me! The DOJ is fighting Trump not being allowed to block people on Twitter

There's Not A Single Environmental Reporter Left At Any Kentucky Newspaper - New Yorker

Death Valley fly over

The Trump era in a Nutshell

What happened to the "Whistleblower" laws re public servants?

House Democrats want capital-gains tax to help pay for $52.6 billion Washington budget plan

Trump Complained That Puerto Rico Has Gotten Too Much Aid, Senators Say

Betsy DeVos calls Special Olympics "awesome" after proposed $18 millions in budget cuts.

Hubble Telescope Reveals What 200 Billion Stars Look Like (Photos)

Former HRC Head Joe Solmonese Named CEO of Democratic Convention

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

So if they refuse to release the original Mueller Report

Is this for real in Pennsylvania?

Big Majority Want to See Mueller Report

Investors say ex-'Fox & Friends' host turned them into unwitting slumlords

Widespread tool-using chimp culture discovered in Democratic Republic of Congo

How long is Alex Acosta going to be allowed to be given a pass? Can the press not multitask?

'Largest Facilitator of Child Porn' Extradited to Face US Charges

High school opts for gender-neutral prom court after backlash linked to transgender student

Ancient Punography

Senate fails to advance Green New Deal as Democrats protest McConnell 'sham vote'

Papadopolous says he had "street cred" in prison when they found out he supported Trump...

Barr plans to issue Mueller report details within weeks

Former Mattis aide penning 'shocking' book that details Mattis-Trump relationship

Auto sales are falling, and cars are more expensive than ever

Gang Starr - Above The Clouds

Democrats Pivot Hard to Health Care After Trump Moves to Strike Down Affordable Care Act

So I guess Mueller is good with all this?

Boeing 737 MAX software fix: Easy to upload, harder to approve

Here's what happens if the courts kill Obamacare