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Archives: March 25, 2019

Memories of the last time I felt gut punched conjured up this image.

Was Mueller pressured to end his investigation?

Barr authored memo last year ruling out obstruction of justice

Brexiters pile on pressure as May's deal drifts away

A DUer said the SHITLER mob is too incompetent to conspire.

New Fox News Poll Has Biden Unseating Trump

DiFi: Feinstein: "AG Barr's 4-page summary of the Mueller report is inadequate

A Ghoulish Vanity

Andrea Mitchell--#Mueller was NOT consulted on content of AG letter.

In first South Carolina swing, Beto O'Rourke faces pragmatic voters intent on beating Trump

Sen. Bernie Sanders draws enthusiastic crowd to Fort Mason in San Francisco

JHC - Stop ! Not the normal people who are angry and venting! Those who feel the need

I am comforted by the fact that while trump may have Barr

My wife and I are glad.....

Weird video in lounge. 41 seconds,."oops" .posted 3/21, Thursday by.. catbyte. link:.(enjoy)

Texas officials say it would cost $1 billion to cool prisons - but they've grossly overestimated AC

Yesterday John Dean was speculating that Barr was trying to figure out how to put out a report to

Trump tweets.........Exactly what we assumed he would say......

"Us" is amazing

Mueller was not consulted on memo

Anyone who is attacking Mueller right now--check yo self. Wait for the full report.

Kamala Harris visits Ebenezer, Morehouse in White House bid

IOWA POLL: @BernieSanders maintains lead with 18-29 year olds

Will the full Meuller report ever be leaked?

On what basis does Trump call the investigation ILLEGAL?

If we aren't prepared to prove our case beyond a reasonable doubt in court, then we have no business

IOWA POLL: @JoeBiden and @BernieSanders lead the Democratic Primary

As Individual 1 In The Payoff To Stormy & The Playmate Isn't Trump .....

Rick Gates' case before Judge Amy Berman Jackson will be handed off to the DC US Attorney's Office,

So riddle me this...

Refocus and march on

How the f@ck is this happening in America in 2019?

We Are Burying The Lead. He Told Us What Is Coming.

What's Rosenstein's bag?

Can I take this opportunity to say how much I really fucking hate Trump supporters?

My explanation about Barr to the local Trumpies.

The Walking Dead spoiler alert

My Mom is 84 now, been voting in every election since Eisnehower.

Please do not blame the messenger. The GOP railed agains Mueller from day 1.

Some badly needed cuteness

Why the depression? The heathen rage and the wicked prosper. That's why.

Charles Barkley looks like a giant Easter egg.

Arguments "for and against"...

I will be glad when Hollywood does a movie about Trump

Countdown to Mumford and Sons....days 7 & 6

This feels like gaslighting...

Alert status ends at Cooper Nuclear Station as Missouri River drops

emptywheel: How William Barr Did Old Man Back-Flips to Avoid Arresting Donald Trump

2020 presidential race: Top Democrats support Iran's hopes instead of promising sanctions

Russian air force planes land in Venezuela carrying troops: reports

So did Mueller look into Trump's finances with Russia? If not them WHY??????


Americans want to know what happen in Trump Tower 6-16

How Congress could respond to the Mueller report

Little Wing

Is there any rule that prevents Mueller from making a

Riposte to B. Franklin, re: "A republic, if you can keep it."

What was Roger Stone indicted for if not collusion?

It Begins: Graham-Cracker Directly Threatens Comey

donnie reaches for his "mission accomplished" moment.

Please verify: It is the job of Congress, not AG Barr,

Seriously, Bob ... not even a little reach-around? We get NO LOVE?

The Facts

I think I will never know why so many professional people who could have wonderful

Another woman domestic violenced to death. Mercy.

NYT: The Many Problems With the Barr Letter (Neal Katyal)

My thoughts for today, and those of a friend:Mueller is too much of a boy scout and there is a DOJ

Barr Memo Reveals Semantics of Whitewashing 101

anybody wanna play fill in the blanks?

Photo: Bernie and Jane with the San Francisco Rally Volunteers

Why does MSNBC have Ari Melber hosting the Mueller Report special?

Steny Hoyer to AIPAC: Accuse me of dual loyalty

Kellyanne Sycophant Conway achieves maximum vomit on Twitter

Pete Buttigieg: We are the party of freedom

When Hillary was cleared for Benghazi & emails, I don't remember R's saying it was a disaster for

It looks like collusion between Trump and Barr...

Bernie Sanders Article On Vox

Even though they could never prove HRC did anything wrong. The relentless attention moved opinion

Whitewater, Benghazi, etc...

Want privacy when you get a call? Change your ringtone to one that sounds like a

don't mourn, organize

Is anyone else watching Guitar Legends 2?

Now that the "witch hunt" is over, what will be the next scandal?

Barr's daughter and son in-law work for Trump?

Trump regrets lack of investigating "a lot of bad, horrible, very bad things" on "the other side."

Bob and Bill are good friends

The best "spin" for the Democrats.

Special Counsel says report 'does not exonerate' President Trump

A 4 page letter doesn't explain a 2 year investigation. Felix Sater in town on Wednesday.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 26: Star of the Month: Fredric March

A new Democratic President must remove Chris Wray and Jerome Powell on day one.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 25 March 2019

Now I guess the Senate will start an investigation into the deep state of the intelligence agencies.

this discussion on MSNBC with Ari is really something

and in tennis....I just do not like that kyrgios guy.....

Democratic hopeful O'Rourke says he won't look to fund Yucca Mountain facility

Get the feeling Mueller wasn't truly done?

Interesting summary from the WSJ

Tenant rights bill would limit late fees, called 'slap in the face' by real estate industry

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 27: Starring George Segal

Patty Hearst and the SLA's militarist disaster

One good thing has come out of the release of the Mueller report:

If you liked the skateboarding video with Didga, I found a cute one of a guy and child snowboarding

Rob Gronkowski retired today.

Is there anything Mayor Pete CAN'T do?

Get Mueller and Barr before a committee under oath

I give up. The mother fucker will get what ever he wants

So what was all this 'Witch Hunt' stuff about anyway? Jesus!

Ashna Rangappa Refutes a Trumpster

Trump will be unstoppable not in his relentless pursuit to destroy American government and

Is Trump going to successfully turn this country into a dictatorship?

If Barr refuses to turn the full report over to the Congress, some patriotic soul must leak it.

Ladies and gentlemen The world as we knew it is over March 24, 19

I don't recall so much pleading from the media and talking heads to honor the HRC e-mail findings.

William Barr's 4-page Summary Report in Full

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Cocktail 🍹🍸 Day! What'll You Have?

"Shithole countries"

Fishing, Poaching Threaten Vaquita Conservation Effort

Let's calm down. The House will subpoena Mueller

Go Cougars - Houston is in the Sweet 16 and will play Kentucky on Friday.

COULD SOMEONE "LEAK" THE MUELLER REPORT ..... to make it public.

Now That Two and Half Years Was Wasted on BS....

Video Recommendation, Stochastic Terror, and the objectives of the "extreme" right.

2020 Democrats respond to Mueller report

Russian military planes deliver troops and cargo to Venezuela: Sputnik

Republicans Say Mueller Report Exonerates Trump While Also Claiming it's Partisan!

Nancy's decision to not push for impeachment hearings till there was some support in the Senate

Buttigieg surges to third place in new Iowa poll

Even the Trumpians in my condo know Trump and crew are guilty. They were hi-fiving and saying

William Barr Can't Exonerate Donald Trump

So, will Lindsay insist on still going after HRC???

Kamala Harris dropped some TRUTH at Morehouse today

William Barr Has Some Explaining to Do

Christopher Wylie: Under Bannon, Cambridge Analytica Hired Known Russian Agents...

I'm thinking ahead. One thing is for certain:

Things may get a lot worse.

Seth Abramson on pundit hysteria....

Anchorage man who hunts stolen vehicles agrees to plea deal barring him from chasing suspects

It may be that the Mueller Report turns out to be a license to collude with Russia for 2020?

Egypt bans singer from performing over free-speech remarks

Venezuela opposition fears crackdown after Maduro threatens arrests

Young Parkland voters' ballots were rejected at much higher rate than state average in November, res

FLIPPABLE: Eric Genrich for Green Bay, WI Mayor

Democratic National Committee asks us to help Lisa Neubauer for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Video: Pete Buttigieg Huge Jump 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucus Poll - Bernie Sanders Joe Biden Lead

Another Reason Why Taking Impeachment Off The Table.....

Good grief, the trolls are after Mayor Pete now.

Rosenstein should also be called on to testify.

Tremors on Mars detected for first time -- but they're not caused by geologic activity

If this true, changes narrative

MSNBC Special Coverage of Mueller Report 3/24/19

Israel says six wounded near Tel Aviv in long-range Gaza rocket attack

Hold Fast

One important thing about the Barr memo that people aren't noticing...

Worse than Fitzmas?

Well, at least we don't have to worry about an armed MAGA insurrection.

Somebody needs to pop this Barr bubble

Yep, as suspected ... KGOP Montra is "no full report" .... "dems should just move on" !!!

Barr's missive

Scott Air Force Base Project Could Be Cut To Pay For Border Wall Construction

St. Louis County Councilman Says Federal Subpoena Issued Looking Into Stenger's Administration

Thailand election: Pro-military political party takes lead

Illinois Teachers Minimum Pay Bill Introduced in State House

Should we be worried about dynamic pricing in retail?

UFCW president responds to Amazon's newly announced grocery chain: "Our leaders need to stop fawning

Exclusive: Aztec war sacrifices found in Mexico may point to elusive royal tomb

Exclusive: Aztec war sacrifices found in Mexico may point to elusive royal tomb

Bill Barr's WEASEL Words

Brazil puts economy over the rain forest

"Hey, white people who had faith in Mueller and feel like the system failed you . . .

Twelve days ago Manafort's lawyer lied that Judge Berman Jackson had found no collusion

Democrats -- stay angry.

Let's face it. We got punked.

Gary Kasparov on why proving collusion with Russia is hard.

Interesting quote regarding Mueller's intent and Congressional testimony:

A reminder to anyone who says the Mueller investigation was a hoax...

Headline from Atlanta's paper the AJC this morning.

What was the Cohen testimony about? What was the National Enquirer or those involved with

Maybe it's time that we view our criminal justice system the same way we view the Supreme Court?

No collusion, plenty of corruption: Trump is not in the clear

People need to start using the phrase "no evidence" correctly- media are fucking this up

No Collusion, No Exoneration - NYT Editorial Headline

The potential reality of a full Trump Term and its impact on how we think of our 2020 candidates

Mueller intended to make case to Congress, believing legislators, and not the DOJ, are 'empowered

Some Dan Rather wisdom for those who have let yesterday's events convince you that this is over:

So Far In 2019, 50 Wildfires Recorded In Washington State, 49 In Western Half Of State

Brunt Ice Shelf Calving Impending: Will Release Iceberg 2X Size of Manhattan

Where has the future gone?

a few thoughts regarding the shock some people seem to be experiencing re the SCO report

What If Our Collectively Stunted Respose On Climate Is Because Most People Like Warm Weather?

Joe Conason: No Collusion? Perhaps, But Certainly No Exoneration

$3 Billion And Counting: Flooding In MO, MS Basins Likely To Continue For Months

Stop Calling Barr's Letter a "summary" of Mueller's Principal Conclusions

What? Trump will now change his tone about Meuller?

Scientists Discover Massive Network Of Subglacial Lakes Beneath Totten Glacier (Antarctica)

Why far-right attackers aren't charged as domestic terrorists

Monday TOONs - Such as they are Edition

Why did they all lie?????????????????

Bishop takes pawn, red king wanders, Bishop takes knight, red king wanders, Queen to check...

Height Of Ice Cliffs In Places Like Greenland, Antarctica May Lead To Faster Glacial Calving, SLR

Trump was sent by God?

How much control does AG Barr have over the SDNY investigations ?

Maybe enough voters out here among the I's who feel that the craven double standard by the GOP

Trumpians inside and outside the WH were just as surprised about the Mueller report as they were

'Egg Boy' teen defends egging anti-Muslim Australian senator


Sarah Sanders: Trump doesn't have 'any problem' with release of Mueller report

Betrayed Britannia

Russia on Mueller report: 'It has proved what we already knew'

The Energy 202: Rick Perry calls expanding nuclear energy "the real" Green New Deal

The Politics Going Forward for Democrats

Is it just me.....?

Ok, I'll bite. No collusion with Russian about collusion with

Giuliani Rails Against Mueller Probe, Calls For Investigation to Find Out Who 'Invented' Collusion..

The Rundown: March 22, 2019

Psssst Russia, over here...

Sackler Trust halts new philanthropic giving due to opioid lawsuits

Trump's 2020 Run Will Be the 'No Collusion' Campaign

Trump Campaign Fundraises Off Barr's Summary: Mueller Proves Dems Wrong!

I'm calling bullshit on Barr's "Well the Russian government didn't help Trump."

Team Trump plans to 'slam and shame the media'

Ok, so trump didn't collude with Russia in their successful attack on our democracy. The attack

Navy Climate Task Force Leader: "We Probably Do Need Some Walls - But They're Probably Levees"

Ten to one the Mueller report (unmolested by Barr)

AOC: Removing 'Horrific' Trump Won't Solve Our 'Much Deeper Problems'

For 2020, it would be helpful, IMHO, if a concise, clearly worded "What I Can Do"-style

'Coal is on the way out': study finds fossil fuel now pricier than solar or wind

Christian Moms Group: TBS Comedy Show Is "Misleading Viewers" About the Bible

Bernie was the first person in Congress to introduce the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Hey old people! Let's do some one-upmanship!

"Nones" Are Statistically Tied for the Largest "Religious" Group in the Country

TWICE now, William Barr has been appointed to protect Republican privilege from the rule of law

Bernie Sanders Discusses The Housing Crisis, Sanders Institute Gathering - 2018

Sara says the investigation was shameful. Like the Democrats called for a Special Prosecutor.

When they call Mueller to testify

Barr and Rosenstein need to explain, under oath, how they concluded there was no obstruction,

OK, I have to get this off my chest.....

Hey DU, let's talk about bridges! What's your favorite bridge? Why?

SC Fishing Industry, Regulators Not Sure What's Next As Species Head North; Shrimp, Yellowfin, More

Kung Fu Panda (Twitter)

I'm gonna call the FBI and report a cover up of massive proportions.

Barr Was Appointed to Be AG Specifically to Do What He Did.

Pasta Pals (A Dude and the Tramp 2019) - Twitter:

Kellyanne Conway says Adam Schiff 'ought to resign today'

Being a model isn't as glamorous as it seems (Twitter):

Why swim when you can dog surf? (Twitter):

It's gonna' be a helluva party at the ant hill (Twitter):

"No f*cking fishing!" (Twitter)

Who hung the monkey?

And The Demoralization Of The American People Continues.....

Putins main goal was to defeat Clinton. That's what the conspiracy was about.

The fix was in from the beginning

Mayor Pete: How to turn around South Bend (2015)

Do you see what the Republicans are already doing? This is a fucking disaster.

R.I.P. Scott "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" Walker, from the Walker Brothers, at 76.

Special counsel and DOJ deliberated seeking subpoena for Trump

I stand with Uber and Lyft drivers striking in LA

Cartoon: Exonerated! by - Tom Tomorrow

Are you ready to apologize for believing there might be collusion?

for the investigation to end in such a state seemingly leaves a thousand threats still unresolved

Have We Missed The Point Of The Mueller Investigation?....

Whatever way you look at it, the UK is completely F*cked

The Great Pretender (Freddie Mercury)

Wonderful cartoon by the New Yorker's Barry Blitt: "If a mic drops & no one hears it..."

Just called Nadlers office

We will ALL feel better when

Explainer: Why Trump's legal woes go beyond the Mueller report

Peoples...the CONSERVATIVE PRESS will always do Republican bidding...

Tiago Della Vega - Fastest Guitar Player In the World

La Pampa: the illegal mining city Peru wants wiped out

Dr Dre removes university boast post about daughter

We need to hit back and make it sting!

Dan Rather: "I suspect most of the president's political opponents were disappointed because..."

Unlicensed dealers provide a flow of weapons to those who shouldn't have them, CNN investigation fin

Did pardon dangling undermine the case for "collusion"?

How Can Cohen Be Guilty If Trump Isn't?

My new* litmus test for 2020 - the will AND the chops to crack down on international crime

Today would have been Hoyt Axton's 81st birthday.

Pentagon identifies soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Republicans can't maintain Trump and Family's innocence for too long

Remember how Nixon was charged with obstruction?

Is it too early for Easter blasphemy?

Yes, Trump Obstructed Justice. And William Barr Is Helping Him Cover It Up.

I'm proud to stand in solidarity with 1,500 grad workers at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Things the Barr letter does not absolve Trump of:

Supreme Court won't hear appeal from company resisting Mueller subpoena

So are we all ready to get back to work???

Go Ahead & Believe Your Eyes, They're Not Lying

The Barr summary is flimsy deniability based on a technicality.

All I know is if I ever commit a crime

US air raid kills 13 civilians, mostly children, in Kunduz, Afghanistan

Two parties claim right to lead after 'inconsistent' Thai elections

We Just Are Going To Leave This, Right Here....

ONE question

The apparent results of Mueller's investigation is more personally serious than I imagined.

How many pages?

what if the full report is release and it is found that yes, there was some information

EJ Dionne: Six takeaways on the Barr letter

Yes, Trump Obstructed Justice. And William Barr Is Helping Him Cover It Up.

U.S. top court rejects shoe retailer Zappos appeal in data breach case

An important point: The Executive Branch cannot investigate itself.

maybe this sounds weird regarding the Mueller investigation

How to Say Pete Buttigieg

Riddle me this.

Author of special counsel law: "Any number of reasons president should not be taking a victory lap"

EJ Dionne on Buttigieg

Did Mueller possibly "recuse" himself from the indictment decision?

Joyce Vance: What did "did not establish collusion" mean?

Steve Moore: "I'm kind of new to this game, frankly, so I'm going to be on a steep learning curve."

I'm all for lively discussions of democratic candidates

and thank gawd the Dems are in charge of the House.....if Repubs were, this whole

The rats are running wild!

Some Report thoughts this morning

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says the National Rifle Association is holding "Congress hostage"

This tweet pretty much sums it all up:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says the National Rifle Association is holding "Congress hostage"

Sen. Warren on the NRA & unions yesterday

If we had gotten three more republicans and reigned in the Dems we could have stopped Barr

There are still MANY active investigations

And just like that, there are 1200 more aliens headed to the border.

You know what I wish?

On this day in 1975, the Lyon sisters went to the Wheaton Plaza shopping mall.

I say let the RethugliCONS have all the rope, bullets and shovels they want

Foreign company loses bid to review Mueller subpoena

Now, the House of Representatives will investigate.

The Forgotten Minorities of Higher Education

Mueller would have prepared his own executive summary. Release that to the public.

Just leaving this one out here.

Blue Bell ice cream returning to stores in Richmond and elsewhere in Virginia beginning this week

Blue Bell ice cream returning to stores in Richmond and elsewhere in Virginia beginning this week

Jesus. These are the guidelines that they will use to withhold information from the Mueller Report:

Lindsay Graham is unhinged. Bring it! Let's examine the Dossier closer. nt

Like Watergate

Senate 2020

Kurt Schlichter: Liberals Want To Ban Meat Because Doing So Sparks Joy

Call it the 'Barr letter' until we know more...

Did America surrender when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

None of the current and prospective Democratic primary candidates

.@StaceyAbrams says Barr's summary of the Mueller report is like...

I just don't get it.

Lindsey's threat. Either drop the investigations, or we'll start the Hillary investigations again.

Lindsay Graham is working on a double standard of his own.

Photos: Romanian youth spin burning tires as part of an Orthodox Lent ritual

Photos: Romanian youth spin burning tires as part of an Orthodox Lent ritual

Graham is speaking right now. Attacking FBI agents,

Stay focused, Dems. Get that legislation going.

Where are the hackers?

SCOTUS refuses to take up Mueller "mystery case".

What has trump done to prevent Russian interferance?

Father of Sandy Hook victim Avielle Richman found dead at Edmond Town Hall after apparent suicide

Nancy Pelosi was prescient when she said to be prudent regarding impeachment

The right wing's claim that the left wants to ban the eating of meat is patently absurd

Stunning conflation by the media. Insufficient evidence is not affirmative proof of no collusion.

The Republicans smell blood and they are going hammer the Democrats in the news media.

Democrats, here's what to remember about Mueller

Don't lose sight of the source

Maxine Waters: "This Is Not The End Of Anything"

The twenty active investigations of Trump, some involving multi-national collusion.

Book Reports by Bill Barr. (Feel free to add your own!)

Brett Kavanaugh is joining the faculty at George Mason Law.

Trump will hammer this "illegal investigation" and "coup".

Source w/ direct knowledge told DB "Mueller was making a case to Congress" not DOJ

What does Rump have on Lindsey "FLIM FLAM" Graham???

Good insight from Omarosa and corrected Craig Melvin.

How are we supposed to get through these trying times...

Christopher Wylie: Whatever this report says, here's what I know:

Releasing the full report

Getting past the Mueller report

Mueller investigation generates $17 million in federal revenue

Rosenstein needs to be called in to Congress ..

WAPO: It's not the Democrats who'll have a problem addressing impeachment

Where we are...

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire-March 25 1911 (THIS is what the current admin wants for us)

Thousands of Indian techies return home as US rejects visa extensions

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire March 25 1911 (THIS is what the admin wants for us!!)

I wasn't counting on the Mueller Report. And I agree with Dems NOT focusing on it or on impeachment.

Pic Of The Moment: Government By Gaslight

Sen. Tom Udall won't seek reelection in 2020

that can't be squared with Barr's claims of no conspiracy

Why aren't there mass demonstrations across the country?

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire March 25 1911 (THIS is what the admin wants for us!!)

Trump Libel Suits

Excellent source for understanding why Mueller handled the report the way he did.

Officer accused of giving homeless man feces sandwich wins appeal

Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist fire

Happy Land Social Club March 25 1990 87 people died (79 years to the day after Triangle)

Remembering The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Is There A Gag Order On Mueller?....

Nones, RCs, Evangelicals -- In that order

Pierce: William Barr Did What He Was Hired to Do

Presidential Historian: Barr's Four-Page Letter Is A 'Press Release'

2018: Obama Says Trump Is 'a Symptom, Not the Cause' of Political Unrest

Nadler begins conversation about timing for Barr appearance on the Hill

Times are pretty bad when I puruse this forum rather than General Discussion for lighter reading

The myth that Democrats need to do better with the "working class."

Okay, you so-called patriots and heroes working in the white house.

Have you seen this pop up when you try to load a page??

Hackers attack over a million Asustek users through backdoor software update

I know that there's at least 4 powerful people, who ain't buying the Barr BS

list of victims of the Triangle Fire

Ask your great grandparents: Protecting our democracy takes character, strength, and sacrifice.

list of victims of the Triangle Fire

Texans Receive First Notices of Land Condemnation for Trump's Border Wall

Can the House call before it anyone who testified before the Grand Jury?

Upton Sinclair re: William Barr

Talking points WH circulated to surrogates last night.

March 24 , 2019. The day America crowned a King.

Canada grants refugee status to some asylum-seekers who hid Edward Snowden in Hong Kong

For the repose of the Sandy Hook father

Watch: Riders fight during motorbike race

'Now I own my life': Saudi sisters who fled family granted asylum

Andrea Mitchell

Don't forget how they finally busted Al Capone: Tax evasion.

Norway opens probe into why cruise ship ventured into storm

Norway opens probe into why cruise ship ventured into storm

Trump and the GOP will overplay their scrummy hands. Wait for it. Lindsay has started.

The danger of a return to normalcy.

Premature Exoneration. Heh heh.

2 men charged with murder of off-duty Chicago police officer John Rivera, including would-be cop

10 Failed Levees In Midwest Flood Zone Were Not Inspected By Federal Government

exactly how bad IS the report if that stooge barr has to say, "does not exonerate trump"??

Yale rescinds student's admission as defendants charged in $25 million college entrance scam set to

The treason weasel is YOU Dump.

I love this country...

Trump, et al., are saying they are going to go after the persons responsible for the Mueller probe.

Lawyer: Suspect in mob boss killing affected by hate speech

Lawyer: Suspect in mob boss killing affected by hate speech

He got what he paid for.

"It wasn't Trump; it was Col. Mustard in the study with a candlestick." Come CAPTION AG Bill Barr

JUST IN: Federal prosecutors announce charges against @MichaelAvenatti, alleging he tried to extort

Still have to ask this

Oppositional Defiant Disorder -- DSM diagnostic criteria applied to Trump

Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt against Nike

Trump, Who Talks About Executing Drug Dealers, Vouched For Two of Them

Trump, Who Talks About Executing Drug Dealers, Vouched For Two of Them

Justice sought for 4 Dutch journalists killed in El Salvador

Eric Swalwell

Bernie Is Not a Wind Sock

One's Religion Is a Choice. It Is Not an Innate Characteristic of Anyone.

Trump hints at payback for 'evil' enemies over Mueller report

"Hold it---we will stop this interview if you continue to misrepresent what the report says!"

Trump uses Bibi photo op to look at treason and declare his love for his family, his country, & God.

No Trump, Israeli Annexation of Golan Heights was Illegal

What is Bibi doing here???

Never play the other man's game: Putting any faith in the possibility that Barr could be objective

Mueller told Justice Dept. three weeks ago he couldn't reach a conclusion on obstruction

SDNY is charging Michael Avenatti

So, Didn't Barr testify during his confirmation that a President could not Obstruct Justice

Halt to ex-Nazi pensions urged

Little Feat - "Willin'"

While we are looking over here, two Russian planes land with troops in Central America

Danny DeVito on why he backs Bernie Sanders for the US presidency

Iowa railfan news:

CALIFORNIA federal prosecutors indict Michael Avenatti (in addition to NY)

Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged extortion scheme

Amtrak's Hiawatha Service Sees Record Increase in Passenger Ridership

The Mueller Report is BAD for Trump. It's the only explanation for his silence this weekend - and -

Gee, I guess the Democratic ESTABLISHMENT was right about Michael Avenatti

Jeremy Richman, father of Sandy Hook Shooting victim Avielle Richman, found dead

Some others who "could not be exonerated"...

Whitepages (the web site)--Is that the best way to find a phone number?

"Indictment"world of difference between "no obstruction" and not making a recommendation on it

A couple of questions I need to ask

Six spots where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms around D.C. -- without big crowds

Watergate v whatever the hell "this" was/is

March 24 1989--Exxon Valdez oil spill

The biggest lesson from the Mueller probe? It's about character. John Podesta

I just have wonder who is left that haven't broke the law?

Michael Avenatti charged with extortion/conspiracy..whooo boy

Trump lashes out after Russia probe, cites 'treasonous' and 'evil' acts

Ari Melber going after Robert Ray last night (Whitewater prosecutor of Clintons)

Hawaiian cultural practitioner Tamsen Fox presents her arts and crafts!(short video)

PM concedes lack of support for deal as MPs seek to take control

Could Avenatti be the first of tRump's enemy hits?

Well there goes Avenatti's license

"Dear media - stop saying Mueller found no evidence of conspiracy"

I may have sent

Mueller reportedly willing to testify publicly before Congress

Big Picture: Iran/Contra Not Watergate

Rep. Jose' Serrano Says He's 'Living With Parkinson's,' Won't Seek Re-election

What it means: SHITLER too incompetent for collusion but stupid enough for obstruction!

Graham Wants A New Special Counsel To Probe DOJ Handling Of Dossier, Clinton Emails

Mueller Told Barr Three Weeks Ago He Wouldn't Reach Obstruction Conclusion

Can someone help me understand why DU'ers are holding up the SDNY as future heroes re: tRump crimes?

"I told you that guy was low!"

Mueller Punted On Obstruction, But Was It Barr's Question To Intercept?

Today's Apple product announcments...

Debt collectors that 'sue, sue, sue' can squeeze Washington state consumers for more cash

Happy guy

Trump's attorney slams Congress' ongoing Russia probes

This all feels a lot like Bush v. Gore

Facebook Video: Senator Sanders speaking at Love Center Ministries in Oakland - March 24

Avenatti's alleged co-conspirator is celebrity attorney Mark Geragos (WSJ)

Washington joins 21 other states in getting an 'F' for removing lead in drinking water

Pay ATTENTION to each media outlet saying "exonerated"

I'm proud to stand in solidarity with the employees at Ford GoBike in San Francisco ...

Trump is totally, completely and thoroughly vindicated, absolved and redeemed so sayth Barr.

Stonekettle article on what we know after the Mueller repots.

Legal weed won't happen right now in N.J. Lawmakers call off big vote.

Could Ben Ray Lujan Leave House Leadership For A Senate Bid?

READ: Bill Barr's 19-Page Memo Ripping Mueller Probe

Pete Buttigieg: Trump Should Have Never Come 'Within Cheating Distance' Of 2016 Election

Don't Democrats in Congress Have Anything Better to Do?

U.S. Senate judiciary panel head wants special counsel to look at origins of Trump probe

Stonekettle Station has a new essay up today.

I watched my home being robbed and the cops told me it did not happen. That's how I feel.

USC ... Revoke the Degrees of Alumni Who Got in Through Bribery

Democratic committee chairmen shift focus to Barr as House investigations forge ahead

Not even remotely sorry (Twitter):

Train War Goes Off the Rails--And Onto Twitter

Mueller's office confirms it is handing off the 'mystery subpoena case' to D.C. US attorney.

The Trump campaign is sending this memo to TV producers

British Airways Plane Lands In Edinburgh By Accident..(flight was to land in Dusseldorf)

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer aren't satisfied with AG Bill Barr's readout of the Mueller report

Graham Advised McCain to Give Dossier to FBI

Ever Seen These Two In the Same Place At the Same Time? Just Sayin'.

The Universe's Dark Secret: Where Did All the Antimatter Go?

Trump's AG Bill Barr has a history of cover-ups -- and he just struck again

GOP Power Grab: Bob Vander Plaats on the Iowa Supreme Court?

New Jersey lawmakers face "razor thin" vote on recreational pot

Chemically, Earth Is Basically a Less Volatile Version of the Sun

Nike fined $14 million for blocking cross-border sales

How a freak 'graupel' storm turned spring back to winter in seconds Friday afternoon

Trump cannot embarrass Republicans

Lawsuit Claims Popular Car Models Are Bursting Into Flames

Seems like more evidence Mueller was NOT done.

Mueller's conclusion raises new questions

It needs to be Mueller that testifies, NOT Barr

Giuliani says Mueller probe 'should never have happened'

Maryland and UCLA meet again in March, 41 years after they made women's basketball history

Mitch McConnell disagrees with Trump on Russian election meddling

Part 1: *Bracket Buster: Underdog Amy Sinclair Claims Top Spot in Extreme 16*

Sexual assault prevention group names Christine Blasey Ford person of the year

Part 2: Technical Foul: Bobby Kaufmann Responds to Extreme 16

Graham: Barr says he'll testify before Judiciary Committee

Clear reasoning on politicians and white supremacy:

He would have turned 105 today: Norman Borlaug

Reminder: April 3rd is the 10th anniversary of Varnum v. Brien (marriage equality)

Cartoons 3/25/19

Does Trump seem subdued

democratic primaries forum no longers shows on latest threads. how to fix? nt

Man Gets Probation In University City Jewish Cemetery Vandalization

Catch 22? I'm confused with so much disregard for the regulations!

Scott Turow: "A Crime in Public View": How William Barr Pardoned Donald Trump

Clint Watts: Trump being Putin's useful idiot just as scary as him willfully colluding with Russia

Hard Brexiteers call themselves "Grand Wizards", apparently cluelessly

Cherry blossoms reach 'peduncle elongation'

Top GOP lawmaker calls on Schiff to step down as Intel chair

John Wick Chapter 3.

UPDATED: Sting operation catches One Nation seeking funds from US pro-gun groups

Message to Democrats: Consider it a victory we were able to get beyond midterm elections.

"Democrats, remember that 99% of the the time Nancy Pelosi's political instincts are solid."

Bloomberg: Sater eyed Trump Moscow tower to launder money.

Gambino Mob Boss Shooting Suspect Was 'Radicalized' by QAnon, Far Right, Even Trump, Lawyer Says

Lindsey Graham Wants a New Special Counsel, This Time to Investigate Comey and the FBI

Geico Ad with soft serve ice cream well and sprinkles well reminds me of GOP voters.

Nancy Pelosi mocks 'broken clock' Donald Trump

Gov. Laura Kelly vetoes Republican tax bill. Will lawmakers override her?

Krispy Kreme owners admit to family history of Nazi ties

Fuck this asshole... Seriously

Madam Secretary has been running stories that are great topics.

Puerto Rico faces food-stamp crisis as Trump privately vents about federal aid to Hurricane Maria-ba

Sater Eyed Trump Moscow Tower to Launder Cash, BTA Bank Says

Deja vu all over again.

It looks like Trump is trying to curtail free speech.

New Zealand farmers have a new tool for herding sheep: drones that bark like dogs

Buttigieg shows signs of emerging from the Democratic pack

Listening to Randi

Donald Trump Just Picked A Laughingstock For A Huge Federal Reserve Job

Senator Lindsey Graham: President Trump's Case Is Closed, Now Let's Look Into Hillary Clinton

Fucking CNN

What Democrats can learn from Buttigieg

Sharice Davids doesn't commit to 'Medicare for all' or 'Green New Deal' at town hall

Aortic valve replacement.

I'm curious about something

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 9

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 25, 2019

U.S. calls Russia deployment of planes to Venezuela 'reckless escalation'

What Barr and Mueller have done is extremely Un-professional and incompetent.

Trump Regime Sending Lists to TV Producers Demanding Critics Be Silenced

Barr says if a crime wasn't found to have been committed, then there was not obstruction, however...

Minority leader McCarthy demands Schiff step down as intel chairman because he's a big meanie.

McConnell blocks Schumer measure calling for Mueller report to be made public

Even Chuck Todd is getting it!!! You know the press isn't going to buy Barr's Cliff Notes....

WWSD ... "What Would Satan Do"

I apologize for posting an article by Greenwald. I was wrong.

Buttigieg jumps to third pace in early Iowa poll - ahead of Harris, Warren and Booker

What We Do In The Shadows movie on FX?

So, are we still waiting on these 5 to decide?

BREAKING: Mitch McConnell moves to block release of Mueller Report.

Charlie Rose Interviews Mayor Pete 07/21/2017 (26 min)

Okay, just completed the first three paychecks at a new job that nets me a $5K annual raise ...

This Delta flight was piloted by a mother and daughter flight crew. Pretty inspiring.

"Please stay on the line ..."

Survivor Edge of Extinction. Wait, WHAT?

When Trump was a kid, and brought home a shitty report card ...

Buttigieg shows signs of emerging from the Democratic pack

Mitch McConnell Just Blocked A Move To Release The Mueller Report

Taraji P. Henson on Biden 2020: 'Save us, Joe!'

Drumpf just admitted, at the very least, that Russia TRIED to collude with them

Trump set to weaponize Mueller report in war on Democrats and media



The Trump campaign is sending this memo to TV producers...

This isn't a move forward election, this is a we're in crisis and everything needs to be fixed

Alex Jones has a meltdown in a restaurant...

Did Barr pressure Mueller to wrap it up? That's something I want to know. n/t

If Trump believes his own bullshit, he needs to tell Mitch McConnell to support releasing

One thing the Mueller Report shows for sure (that Trump won't mention).

There is a Reason Barr is Hiding the Muller Report

Rep. Ruben Gallego, averting primary bloodbath, won't run for the Senate (Ariz)

This approach of Trump trying to "hold the line" at the Barr memo and control the media narrative

BREAKING: British lawmakers seize control of Brexit process from government

Hey Dear Mr. GOPers!


Imagine if orcas joined you for a swim!

The next ploy by Barr and the Republican Party will be to slow walk the Mueller Report and release

Never forget that Barr pushed for Iran-Contra pardons in his last AG gig. Covered then, covering now

Victory laps?

I had oral surgery today.

I think someone who we least suspect just might surprise us all once the debates begin

***MORE BOOM !!! *** Dems calls for release of full report by April 2nd !!!

Do you think drumpf is every bit as surprised as all of us?

Haberman tweet:

Barr is attempting to obstruct justice

Must read: Matt Shea's "Biblical Basis for War"

If I remember right?

tRUMP release the report! because this is

Schiff just got a round of applause when he entered Democratic Steering meeting after GOP attacks

This should be the opening salvo for anyone arguing with a Trumpie about whether the Mueller

Trump moves to weaponize Mueller findings

Last week some critters got into my neighbours garbage before I put mine

the Trumpster Barr doing a slow grind

Woman Finds Frozen Baby Bat On Ground -- Then Realizes Someone Is Watching Her

Serrano announces retirement after Parkinson's diagnosis

Judge overseeing key Jeffrey Epstein-related suit dies

**BRAND SPANKING NEW DEM PRIMARY POLL** Biden 35% Sanders 25% Harris 8% Beto 8%

Sarah Sanders invents treason, suggests death penalty for Democratic leadership

Indivisible group(s) donating too?

Hilarious Anti-SJW Captain Marvel Fails!

Prediction: Meuller was unable to reach conclusions partly because of lack of co-operation by Trump

Quest for HRC if she can handle it (I think she can). Tell Lindsey, "Bring it on"

If Conclusive Evidence Is Now Found (After Mueller Report) About Collusion....

House committee chairs demand full Mueller report by April 2 deadline

Can someone please tell me

WOW air Cancels Dozens of Flights Amid Collapse Concerns

If there was ever proof that we need to worry about the 2020 election

House of Commons takes control of Brexit

Rep Maxine Waters: "This is not the end of anything!"

Majority leaders in Congres have too much power

AZ-SEN: Rep. Ruben Gallego, averting primary bloodbath, won't run for the Senate

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 26 March 2019

ME-SEN: A Trump Republican says he'll challenge Susan Collins from the right in 2020

Saint Lucia PM Accused Of Undermining CARICOM

University of Michigan sorority apologizes for active shooter scare

Antigua PM slams 'weak-minded' regional leaders for meeting with Trump

Luckovich-The Shadow has been lifted

At every turn there'e Rod Rosenstein.

Just got into an argument with a trumpanzee.

New York Buzzes Over a Mayor Mulling a 2020 Bid (Buttigieg, Not de Blasio)

How many pages was the report? Did Barr just get a short summary report?

Dear God will she EVER GO AWAY? F'ing Karen Handel... Fighting the 'Pelosi agenda.'

Damn it CNN

Doowop. I love it! But why were the doowop groups

So before we lose our minds over the Mueller Investigation.

Finally: Parliament takes control of Brexit

The House needs to subpoena Mueller to testify about his findings

I don't want to hear one more god damn thing about the BARR REPORT!!!

House Committee Chairs Demand Full Mueller Report

2020 US Senate Election in AZ,CO,and NM- Democratic Nominee.

Why isn't the media reporting that John McCain an Lindsey Graham started the tRump investigation?

David Axelrod really likes Buttigieg. I wonder if he would be a good campaign manager? I

'Simple Laws of Economics' Doom Remaining US Coal Plants as Solar and Wind Are Now Cheaper...