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But we can't indict him?

WTH is wrong with his hand?

Mueller found no evidence that Trump has been veeblefetzing!

Streisand apologizes for remarks on Michael Jackson accusers

Dear Colleague: The American People Have a Right to the Truth, The Watchword is Transparency

Did you know it's National Puppy Day?


Oh look at MSNBC

@CrimeADay Mueller Report Redaction Key

fund to protect #nunescow from lawsuit

David Remnick, The New Yorker: It's Mueller Time

Democrats debate Mueller strategy as findings loom

Kamala Harris makes a point in Houston: It's not just O'Rourke and Sanders who can draw crowds

Don McLean - The meaning of American Pie

Total Awesomeness: 16-Year-Old Belfast Teen Cuts All The Brexit Bullshit In Devastating Fashion

Fraternity expels 4 at University of Georgia chapter after racist video surfaces

Peter Buttigieg, 'The Shortest Way Home'

Kirstin Gillibrand Campaign Kickoff Rally in New York City

To help out Rep Devin Nunes... Who wants to confess to being Devin Nunes' Cow?

Blind golden retriever has 'Seeing Eye' puppy to help him out

Did Jerome Corsi cooperate with Mueller or not? If he did cooperate, why is he feeling vindicated

A thief with a machete held up a gas station, police say--then the clerk pulled a machete of his own

Mueller's Final Move: (on why no charges YET for Don Jr and others)...

Suspect charged in stabbing of priest during livestreamed Mass in Montreal

Neal Katyal: I wrote the special counsel rules. The AG can -- and should -- release the Mueller report

Hate crimes rose by 226 percent in counties where Trump hosted campaign rallies in 2016: study

I hope we find out this answer

Corbyn's team split over soft Brexit

Poll: Gillibrand, de Blasio have favorable ratings under 30 percent among New Yorkers

Anyone have an opinion as why was Joe Strummer Lead Singer

Fox's John Roberts gets a taste of what it's like when Fox News fans get a taste of truth..too funny

Voting underway in Thailand's first election since 2014 coup

Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) is good on Twitter

The vetting of Bernie: Bread lines are a good thing

Sen. Richard Blumenthal: "We need to see the Mueller Report and not the Barr Report

Mueller Report Redaction Key!

Gotta give credit where credit's due.

The Mother Court: A.K.A., the Southern District Court of New York

If only my teeth were as white as

So the longer we wait for news of what the Mueller report actually contains - the worse for Orange


Alabama's Antigay Senate Unanimously OKs Bill to End Marriage Licenses

Hospital Canceled Hysterectomy for Trans Man Minutes Before Surgery

A million people marched in London today against Brexit

One million join march against Brexit as Tories plan to oust May

I'm upset Jared and Junior weren't even interviewed

Helicopters sent to rescue 1,300 passengers from cruise ship off Norway

Pete Buttigieg just raised an oft-overlooked topic: the religious left's role in politics

Mayor Pete and Mayor Steve Benjamin in Columbia SC today.

Pete Buttigieg, CNN, Town Hall, March 10, 2019, Austin, TX

So Trump may have shot himself in the foot by suggesting he was going to pardon everyone?

Cross post. With all this renewed talk about Reparations in the 2020 campaign.

When your granny finds out you like beer!

Is wikileaks saying anything?

Mayor Pete? Nope.

Buttigieg at 6% here! Pretty amazing so quick! Updated to 6% now!!

A hard look into edgy humor and how it can lead into Stochastic Terrorism

The silence is suffocating right now

Buttigieg as Joyce's Ulysses

Happy National Chip and Dip Day! 😋 What's Your Fav?

Trump wants this grifter on the Fed

So Tracy Morgan has a new show coming on TBS, I think.......does anyone else think

What is 'chlorinated chicken'? Seems US cannot export it to EU but could to post-Brexit UK

From Los Angeles to NY, many Mueller-instigated investigations will dog DT for the rest of his term,

Fellow Blerds: Wakandacon 2019! An Afrofuturistic Celebration of Art. Community. Technology.

BBC History Documentary Story Of The Buddha's Life

BBC History Documentary Story Of The Buddha's Life

Pete Buttigieg tells SC voters 2020 presidential race is about justice

Would it be an abuse of power if Trump were to contact AG Barr....?

Any "What We Do in the Shadows" fans?


jerry lee lewis and mick jagger - dead flowers...real country style

The Mueller Investigation (full film) FRONTLINE

elton john live I dont wanna go on with you like that (warning, may cause spontaneous dancing )

What is the longest Trump Twitter silence??

Nine-year-old girl, U.S. citizen, on her way to school, is kidnapped by ICE and held for two days.

Antibiotics set to flood Florida's troubled orange orchards...

Dadgumit, I totally missed the "NO COLLUSION DAY" celebration!! You?

Amy Klobuchar on KC DC?

cyndi lauper and adam lambert live mad world. angelic duet

Pillow Talk at the Conways - Sack Cartoon

lets list all of mother fucker and spawns crimes. Lets see how long we can get the list

A re-do on "gilding the lily" - cute-ifying a panda!1

Rubin: It's not the Democrats who'll have a problem addressing impeachment

Battle over Mueller report begins

Woman dead after being attacked by her two pit bulls in animal hospital

Jodo Talk 1 - Introduction to JODO Buddhism

Jodo Talk 1 - Introduction to JODO Buddhism

Japan The Way of Zen : Zen Buddhism Documentary

Project Future - Ray Gun Omics

Biden team denies 'pre-cooked plan' of Abrams as early running-mate pick

Watch this stray dog go from terrified to the happiest dog in the world 😍

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Proof Trump Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder

On the Relationship Between Highly Organized Culture and Moralizing Gods.

Jimmy Kimme Live: Donald Trump Jr. Running for President in 2024

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Presidential Candidate Took Mom to X-Rated Movie

Japan The Way of Zen : Zen Buddhism Documentary/Tour of Japan

Jimmy Fallon Checks In on the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

Jimmy Fallon Gets to the Bottom of What Beto O'Rourke Stands For

Jimmy Fallon Tells Joe Biden to Just Hurry Up and Announce He's Running

The Guardian: Pete Buttigieg for president? Long-shot stands out in crowded field

Beto O'Rourke aims to satisfy the hunger for a bridge-building president, but it won't be easy

'A bit of a rockstar:' Beto O'Rourke draws crowds in first 2020 presidential visit to SC

Kushner, Inc review: Jared, Ivanka Trump and the rise of the American kakistocracy

Jonanthan Pie. "Brexit: What the fuck is going on?"

Kansas death penalty case has implications for mentally ill

Dispute over refinery near national park heats up in court

New Jersey sues California company over 'ghost guns'

I've always advocated having a president who is multi-lingual

Trump Assembles A Confederacy Of Dummies To Stymie Climate Science

Jair Bolsonaro says Brazil owes world nothing on environment

If anyone has doubts about Buttigieg in Faux News country, just look at the comments on a Fox YT vid

75 Years Ago Today; The Great Escape

Guggenheim Museum will no longer accept gifts from Sackler family, makers of opioid OxyContin

Brexit march: Million joined Brexit protest, organizers say

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Springtime Squeeefest Edition

University of Georgia fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon suspended over racist video

Cabinet revolts against Theresa May, UK media reports

If only they understood....irony....hypocrisy....mendacity....dissembling....

Re-Targeting Cuba: Why Title III of U.S. Helms-Burton Act will be a Horror Show

Re-Targeting Cuba: Why Title III of U.S. Helms-Burton Act will be a Horror Show

Will someone please indict God?

Boeing presents 737 MAX upgrades to US airlines

Twitter Moment: A poetic CNN Tweet about Trump is reminding people of a bad romance novel

My good news/bad news about my taxes

The drugs don't work: what happens after antibiotics?

(xpost) The drugs don't work: what happens after antibiotics?

30 Years Ago Today: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (Warning: Graphic images)

Photo: ''I stand with LAX workers.''

ICE Releases "Dreamer" Flight Attendant Locked Up for Six Weeks After Mexico Flight

Another LOL from Chicago's Weiner Circle:

The Most Powerful Activist in America Is Dying

Harry Reid slams Comey for Russia election meddling

Booker wrestles with primary field lurching left

Surgeons accused of taking hospital kickbacks: our lawyers signed off on the payments

Why some Democrats say: Don't sleep on 'Mayor Pete' Buttigieg

Leaked schedule for A.G. Barr review of Mueller report with Trump (could be fake, since I wrote it)

The B-Team: are Beto, Biden and Bernie the best Democrats can offer?

It's Mueller time but don't forget: Trump has undermined the very idea of America - Robert Reich

Trump says Beto would be 'dream' 2020 rival

Democrat Gillibrand to deliver 2020 White House launch speech outside NY Trump hotel

Trump's U.N. pick showered key GOP senators with donations

Prosecutors suggest Paul Manafort may be trying to get $1 million out of his forfeiture

HIV Remains Persistent Problem In Missouri -- Especially In Rural Areas

Mexico's 'voladores' seek to keep ancestors' flying spirit alive

When did C-SPAN become wingnut central?

Magic coffee table :-)

The Twit tweets: Good Morning, Have A Great Day!

Because He IS One

Las Cruces city manager asks senior staff to sign at-will employment contract

Protesters rally against Ilhan Omar during her speech at LA event

As Harris draws crowds, some ask: Can only Beto turn Texas blue?

"Stand up to hatred," Sanders urges Americans during LA mosque visit

'A nightmare': flight attendant with Daca status held after flying for work

Rep. Lizzie Fletcher confronts Green New Deal, border security, Mueller at first town hall

If these fuckers dare to keep this report and most of its details and evidence from the public

Ooooh so naughty (used to be)

Trump mounts Rust Belt defense

Petitions calling for New Zealand PM to win Nobel Peace Prize gain over 20,000 signatures

Kellyanne Conway is no 'badass' - and she's certainly no feminist

Fifty-two tweets in 34 hours: How a Trump Twitter frenzy defined a weekend

The Ex-Bernie Staffers Behind Beto's Campaign

It's Not Too Late for an Independent Commission to Investigate Election Meddling

Under no scenario would I not want any of the Mueller findings to be made public

Humor -- Do you Know the Difference?

Seriously: Bern Returns

Beto says to end AUMF

National Puppy Day Photos

Cynthia Tucker - Why The World Looks To New Zealand -- And Not US

Meeting her #BlackGirlMagic inspiration in Grapevine, Texas

Danziger: War Of Words

Rep. Ilhan Omar tells California audience that Trump's anti-Islam remarks inspire attacks like NZ

Who gets to decide what is moral?

Hey DU! Tell us your favorite puppet character on TV as a kid.

Mexicans Have Been Stealing Pieces of The Wall The Daily Show

Flares illuminate Syrian horizon as WH claims caliphate defeated

Since Rapid Climate Breakdown Seems To Be Finally Getting Some Media Play, Expect A Torrent Of Lies


Will Republicans be able to steal the 2020 election?

Scale Of Mozambique Catastrophe Emerging; 100s Of Bodies Line Roads, Cholera Outbreak Reported

Urban Leaf

Drone Tour Of Flooded Eastern Nebraska (Climate Crocks)

Trump loving teenager claims national honor society bias

Your AirPods Will Die Soon: The surprisingly short life of new electronic devices


Donald Trump is as pure as the driven snow...

CRAZY: Our Response To Gun Violence - Is Now Fully Automatic

US agencies are writing their own accounting rules that endanger environment and public health.

US fraternity suspended after video showing members screaming the n-word goes viral

A Brexit Haiku:

The Russian investigation has allowed trump to behave in ways that would have impeached any

The Important Issue About the Events Around the Russia Investigation

Exxon Could Lose Lobbying Access To EU Parliament After Failing To Show Up For Hearings

I've heard several pundits on TV speculate that it's probably OoJ and Abuse of power...

Eric Idle: "Dear EU. We made a terrible mistake."

Yay, We're Saved! Mitt Romney To "Lead" Republicans On Global Warming "Policies"

Bill Barr just left his house - heading to DOJ now

So, Trump finally tweets after 40 hours, and it is really odd.......

The Melania Trump Story: When you sell your soul, the bill WILL come just don't know when

A viable theory on the whole 'trump* was sent by God' idea

Think This Proves A Leak To The WH?

Biden Top Democrat in Fox Poll

Sisters, lol

Today's Dilbert:

CSN for breakfast

For the first time in a long time. I'm going to atypically post

Nice idea. Never going to happen

CSN for breakfast 2

Senator Elizabeth Warren returning to Iowa next weekend

Senator Elizabeth Warren returning to Iowa next weekend

What happened to all those sealed indictments from Mueller investigation?

Conspiracy: What was reported and what we witnessed with our own eyes.

Trump's New Fixer

Mad King Trump. . . . Please come CAPTION this Crap-Meister

Naming Satan - The Many Names of the "Deceiver"

Want to understand the 2020 Democratic primary? Stay off Twitter.

CSN for breakfast 3

Are citizens, voters and activists more engaged with the political environment today,

If this were a Ludlumesque spy novel,

Saw the DSO perform Vaughn Williams Symphony #5 last night

David Crosby for breakfast

Brooks and Marcus on how Mueller report could shift politics

Why Self-Checkout Is and Has Always Been the Worst

The Mueller "Witch Hunt" and "Hoax" is applauded for not being a witch hunt or a hoax after all...

Bernie Sanders' LA Rally Draws So Many, Overflow Crowd Fills City Hall Steps Across the Street

Why be depressed and disheartened?

Presidential Candidate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Toasts Aspirations DESUS & MERO SHOWTIME

Strategy 2020..?

Democrats should be relieved and happy if no collusion was discovered...

Leaked Audio Exposes Oil & Gas Execs Laughing With Joy Over Cozy Access to Trump Officials

March 24 is the Cherokee Nation national day of remembrance

A rated FOX NEWS Poll * Biden 31 Sanders 23 Harris 8% Beto 8%

A question for those who have watched Pete Buttigieg campaign

Stephen Stills for breakfast

Stephen Stills for breakfast 2

Cop Helps Swan Family Get Home Safe

Britain Is Drowning Itself in Nostalgia

A WAPO cartoon from May 31, 1974

The National Cathedral reaponds to Trump

Stephen Stills for breakfast 3

While waiting for the Mueller Report try watching "The Mueller Report"

Stephen Stills for breakfast 4

The face of American socialism before Bernie Sanders

Neil Young for brunch

Bald Eagle Trio Is Raising Their Babies Together

Pete Buttigieg is having a moment

"QAnon" revealed to be a stalker with erotomania?

Good Day

Pete Buttigieg On Why He Wants To Face Off Against President Trump in 2020 The View

Reason I can't believe the "no indictments" means drumpf is exonerated

A real and present danger to democracy

NYT: Interest Turns To SDNY

In my opinion, the Mueller report is devastating for Donald Trump.

About Pete? One simple sentence:

As we wait here is a nice police story

The irony of it all: Trump, A grifter of grifters, a con man who is so easily conned.

Why it doesn't really matter whether Mueller's report shows collusion or not.

Bharara: 'Donald Trump is not out of legal jeopardy'

Executive privilege can't be used to 'hide wrongdoing' in Mueller report

just a few Sunday morning thoughts....

Stray Dog Follows Climbers 23,000 Feet Up A Mountain

Second Parkland shooting survivor dies by suicide, police confirm

Seth Abramson. It IS Collusion

Life is grand!

And I can't help falling in love with this little girl

Another sled dog just died in the Iditarod Race.

Devin Nunes told Fox News today that we should take the Mueller report and "burn it up"

Trump playing with matches in the tinder box called the Middle East.

Someone must have advised DT to break his Twitter silence.

Perp walk of man who kicked elderly woman in the face

South America leaders form Prosur to replace defunct Unasur bloc

No additional indictments from Mueller

Did you just hear that M$NBComcast hack - Kelly O'Donnell

Good morning to Robert Swan Mueller and his wife Ann!

Do we know how long Mueller's Report is?

Just a reminder...

The Walking Dead - looks like a big episode tonight (spoiler alert)

Mark Meadows is a dick

Does anyone else think that Mueller...

Fabulous Plants doesn't give a fuck, because Fabulous Plants are too busy being fabulous

US elections 2020 Slavery reparations: where do Democratic 2020 candidates stand?

OMG "Be butter"!! Ah ha ha ha

WOW, Mayor Pete's tied with Eliz Warren here, today, # 6%!

The Repug platform for this election cycle?

Hates Muslims but willing to climb atop dead Muslims who died fighting ISIS to claim victory

Attempting to conspire without finishing the act is a crime.

Found: A Historic Trolley Hidden Inside a House

With its ties in Washington, Boeing has taken over more and more of the FAA's job

Nadler: 'No Need' For Mueller To Testify If His Report 'Answers All Our Questions'

Jim Jordan responds when Stephanopoulos asks if Trump's hush money payments "concern" him.

There is a rumor that Trump will dump Pence for Niki Haley as VP, so, interesting Haley tweet:

Benjamin Wittes: "One needs to know not merely that the investigation has concluded but WHY"

➡️Uphill Media Livestream: Bernie Sanders Rally in San Francisco

I wonder if Manafort has seen the photos of Mar-a-Lago celebrations last night.

The Mueller Report: More legal trouble for Trump

Democrats, Awaiting Mueller Report Findings, Vow to Press On With Their Inquiries

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Rising above the floods

Almost 1pm east coast time

Tacko Fall Is a Basketball Spectacle to Rival Zion Williamson.

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 24, 2019?

Trump, Capone, & Syphilitic Dementia

wilco - california stars (live-1998-farm aid) lyrics by woody guthrie

Seattle is not perfect, but Seattle is not dying

Kamala Harris Speaks at MLK's Church in Atlanta

In speech at Trump hotel, Gillibrand to call Trump a coward

The three evil musketeers of the nut bag tea party.

Is anyone else as disturbed as I am by companies replacing glass bottles with plastic?

Nadler willing to go to Supreme Court to obtain Mueller report

Question about FBI Investigation into Trump

Here's Mayor Pete on freedom.......from Facebook:

Kavanaugh to teach summer course in England

As you listen to the pundit class pooh-poohing the Mueller report, remember:

At any rate, Epstein's court documents should be unsealed this week, dammit

Countdown clock is on for Mueller conclusions

"What if---"; "Is it possible---"; "I think---"; "In my opinion---": all of these are perfectly

Well, the Mueller Report has had one positive effect.

MSNBC, CNN, and C-Span are ALL showing Gillibrand's rally...

One simply positive and wonderful result from Mueller's report

Second Parkland student has killed himself

A freed slave became a spy. Then she took down the Confederate White House.

For the second suicide from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas in a week

Mueller Report Is A 'Partisan Document,' Nunes Says: 'Burn It Up'

David Sirota

Photo of the day: Mueller today w/ White House behind him after he & wife attended service

Leaks reveal San Diego operations of white nationalists active at area colleges

Mystery parent paid $6.5 million to get kids into top universities as part of admissions scandal

Saturation levels?

How smart would a 'smart wall' be at the border?

Cyclone Idai death toll passes 750 with more than 110,000 now in camps

Robert Jeffress: Christians who follow Trump are spiritually superior to other believers

If this report doesn't implicate dump...

Fishing reel banjo

QUESTION: Who is the ... OFFICIAL .... that said "No New Indictments" ?! Who is the source and

Principal Conclusions MUST be at least a little bit JUICY

Congress will continue to investigate... make no mistake!

People are saying that Mueller concluded Trump has a big genius and does not have tiny hands

Bernie Draws Massive Crowds in California

I'd rather see the Mueller Report

McConnell aims to use Green New Deal to divide Dems. But the party is unifying against his show vote

SC Democratic Party county chairs say early interest on Cory Booker, Kamala Harris

When those who say they want to "Make America Great Again" are asked just what

Henrik Fisker is back with his latest Hail Mary, a $40,000 electric SUV

From Virginia Heffernan contributing editor @WIRED / columnist @latimesopinion / tv @MSNBC

And they came from all over the EU and the old Soviet Block

Woody Guthrie's Granddaughter singing the SF crowd in with pro union song.

Congress expects Sunday evening briefing on Mueller report findings

Kathy Griffin on the photo shoot heard 'round the world

New - it wasn't just Acosta who helped Epstein - meet Florida state prosecutor Barry Krischer

On Election Night 2016, former US Ambassador Michael McFaul sent a sarcastic tweet "congratulating"

Mueller report summary going to Congress within the hour

Women's March leader shares post blaming American Jewish Establishment for New Zealand mosque attack

Atty. Gen. Barr expected to send summary of Mueller's Russia findings to Congress

DOJ official says the Hill will receive the letter from AG Barr in 30-45 minutes

No collusion No collusion No collusion No collusion very legal very collusion no angry democrats put

Our Chess Champion Has a Home

San Francisco Rally Crowd is Gathering

Nazis deface poster of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Russia sends troops to Venezuela in message to Trump administration

IPhone sounds: my phone make a two tone sound

Barr Summary: NOTHINGBERDER nt

ICE frees 'Dreamer' flight attendant locked up after international flight

🔥 LIVE: Bernie Rallies Supporters in San Francisco

Nadler: DOJ has just sent us a very brief letter about the Mueller report, which we will share short

So...once this summary letter is's immediate public record?

April's Ferguson-Florissant School Board Election To Be The First Using Cumulative Voting

He Ordered One TV, Got Two. Now He's Under Arrest - refused to return extra TV

Christian Bale Gains 450,000 Pounds to Play Sandworm in 'Dune' Remake


Nadler: The Department of Justice "determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgement."

It's a cover up

Here's the letter

Not enough evidence for Obstruction? Tweets and Lester Holt interview were enough.

it's over. he got away with it

AG Barr's summary of Mueller report has been sent to Congress

Brace for Fuckstick's gloat tweets.

Second Parkland school shooting survivor commits suicide

The fix is in

Yeah I'm going to need to see the full report.



Merry Fitzmas

This is what I expect and am not disappointed. It could be a lot worse...

William Barr's memo to Trump last year condemned the Mueller probe as "fatally misconceived."

Imagine how bad they're going to steal 2020.

So Manafort handing over election data to Russia

Orenthal J Trump

tRump wins. Again. SMH.

"Not exonerated".

Mueller clears the Trumpster in report,,,,,

When does trump pardon everyone involved, stating no collusion?

The hill just got bigger to beat Trump in 2020

Well. we can hope the Grand Jury itself will release a report.

Posting a post.

Mueller is a GOPer and this report needs to be viewed through that prism.

I feel the same

Maybe Mueller isn't the man of integrity we all thought?

Trump is going to take

White. Wash. n/t

Looks like some people can literally destroy the world

Barr&Rosenstein believe there is insufficient evidence to establish that there was a crime

Todd: "... THE Mueller report didn't make a decision on obstruction AG BARR is making that decision"

OOOOOORRRRR ... Barr is basically full of shit, and this ISN'T really what the Mueller Report says

Bottom Line IMO - Basically a White Wash! n/t

System protecting the lie of the election

Photo: Bernie and Jane at Adam McKay's house gathering

David Corn, spot on

I am in a state of stunned incredulity

Mueller just gave Trump a second term

QUESTION: Was Mueller Told To Determine A crime of Obstruction Was committed?!

This result my friends, will suppress voter turnout.

Sure was counting on Mueller, big mistake

Never trust a fucking republican.

If each and every one of you (myself included) fail to work your ass off for 2020, SHAME. ON. YOU!

Has Tiny sent the first post-report "No collusion" tweet yet?

Lost dog goes to a cop car & waits

After that Mueller/Barr report, turn the youngsters loose. At least they know how to fight.

So that's it. Time to move on.

Posters need to put their big boy and big girl pants on.

This is the game they will play

Buttigieg surges to third place in new Iowa poll

Mueller Report Vicious Circle

Impeachment is now officially off the table


MSNBC: The Mueller report will be weaponized! n/t

Dickey Betts on Allman Brothers' 50th anniversary and new Allman Betts Band

Not enough evidence??? Not enough evidence in plain sight??? WTF! If firing Comey wasn't

I have a feeling this report will motivate the hell out of the Democratic base.

Get angry. Stay angry.

Iowa 2020: Biden and Sanders neck and neck in Democratic Field, Mayor Pete jumps to double digits

I'm turning this shit off and watching DiY or NatGeo or something

Barr and Rosenstein made decision on Obstruction not Mueller..

Jumbo Shrimp - Military Intelligence - And Now...

I feel seriously sick.

A campaign that appeared to welcome Russia's help

And somehow a President once got impeached for lying about a blowjob.

BARR used weasel words throughout. Mueller's report was of the investigation and DoJ


Sorta says it.

****Big picture** per Laurence Tribe and Adam Schiff:

Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy but Stops Short of Exonerating President on Obstruction of

Hearing Hearing Hearings

IF. THIS. STANDS.---without any legal remedy being provided for the crimes America saw and heard

Trump obstructed justice in plain sight of the world. WTF did they need for proof???

This is not even close to over

Americans stood by with glazed eyes watching

"17 angry Democrats"

Is SDNY and "Individual 1" inquiry now squashed?

So Mueller punted to Barr regardind an Obstruction charge. And he never interviewed Trump in person

Nadler has tweeted that he will be calling in Barr to testify.

A great disservice was done by all those supposed experts

Food fight: can we have a presidential election without food photo ops?

Do You Think You've Hit Bottom? Oh No! There's a Bottom Below

The Mueller report did not conclude that Trump obstructed justice, but it also did not exonerate him

sarah repLIES

IMPEACHMENT should now be certain. Win or lose in the Senate. Impeach the MF!!

A summary of Barr's summary:

Surprise, surprise -- It's a cover-up

I didn't just roll off the turnip wagon.

Lyin eyes

Mueller team wimped out

Had a bad feeling after he didn't get Spanky to testify.

For the children of Parkland who seek peace from their nightmares

Barr was in a rush to shape public view of this report

Malcolm Nance weighs in.

Anybody for a little Carpenters?

Trump will be now be emboldened to do anything he wants

From Wonkette...

So, in other words, Trump successfully obstructed the investigation

Why on earth is MSNBC talking to Jay Sekulow???!!! n/t

The Pledge Of Allegiance FIXED

alt.leftie Glenn Greenwald celebrates the Barr letter.

Mueller Hot Take 12,000,006

One of my parent's enduring rules was no whining was allowed

It's FITZMAS, Y'all! Ready for Pardons all around, for everyone? Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, etc?


"No one associated with the campaign" ??


The summary isn't the report

Mueller's job was very narrow: It doesn't mean he didn't do impeachable things.

Seth Abramson's tweets say don't listen to the media

Former Prosecutor Joyce Vance weighs in with good questions

An alternative take on the Mueller Report... (what if it's the worse possible case?)

I mean, we live in a world where Donald Trump is President.

Is AG Barr trustworthy?


I wish our Constitution had another requirement for

You can now wait for the PARDONS to begin falling from the WH.

Robert Mueller feeling great after some good Communion wine and a soul cleansing...

Trump Plans Celebrating Mueller Report By...

Don't forget that we all go through grief at different rates

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a

**Iowa Poll** Biden 25% Sanders 24% Mayor Pete 11% Harris 10%

This is now a major scandal and Mueller may have just re-elected Trump.

Canadian "Nanaimo bar" no bake dessert

How long does it take to subpoena Mueller?

The Lord works in mysterious ways

Read Barr's letter and weep

Joyce Vance just tweeted a link to her Dec. 2018 article about Barr

"It's a shame your President had to go through this."

MSNBC is being responsible at least

Everybody hold on. Just hold on.

Trump has tweeted "Complete and Total EXONERATION."

Why didn't Mueller finish the investigation? There was more he could have done.

Seismic reports of exploding heads at DU. Is everyone OK?

So it's not what we wanted to see...

Forbes: "Trump defenders underestimate the Mueller Report by touting no indictments"

Nadler is calling Barr in testify.

So far no bump for Trump at predictit or predictwise

I am so thoroughly disgusted.

Nadler: House Judiciary calling Barr

My wife's response ...Classic

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 24, 2019

ABOUT LAST NIGHT #459 - Craig Ferguson

We will be protesting if the report is not given to the public.

Meh...he's still an asshole.

All investigations will now be in doubt. No one will believe them.

If you're shocked by Mueller's report, you aren't familiar with crime and the legal system

On the other hand

Trump is still a corrupt, shit tier human being and nothing will change that.

So, if NO ONE did anything wrong...why all the lies?

35 Million

The House should shut down their conspiracy investigation, It's over.

Protests are being planned by MoveOn.

I ask this one question. How many Americans today are saying to themselves?

It MUST be explained to the citizens of this country

What's the point of impeachment if it's never going to be used?

Report: Trump campaign most fears Biden, Beto and Kamala

So people perjured themselves over something that didn't happen

*****************RELEASE THE FULL REPORT !!! *****************************

I'm sorry, but this news is just f$cked up!

SDNY. They have a big job to do.

Tweet of the Day

The "Great Folding" has begun

Kamala Harris's second big idea tells us why she's a skilled candidate

OK CNN and MSNBC why the fuck after all the reporting you have done do you take this shit at face

Fantasy beats the hell out of reality again.

Ari Melber on MSNBC -- made an EXCELLENT point

Barr focuses narrowly on "the Russian government."

Does anyone else think Barr put an end to the investigation?

If this is what you say it is, I love it !

Release the report!!!!

What happened to the "tip of the iceberg" scenario.

BREAKING: Donald Trump is still an ignorant, stupid, racist, misogynist, lying, sack 'o shit

I'm as distraught and heartbroken today as I was on election night.

any word from Schiff or Pelosi yet?

Are we ever going to see the actual report?

This is why Congress needs to see the report...

***Barr's report ONLY discounts possible collusion/coordination with the Russian GOVERNMENT.***

The Democrats must subpoena Mueller immediately.

Laurence Tribe: Schiff's focus on whether Trump is NOW COMPROMISED is even more important now

No collusion/conspiracy with Russia

I will never forget. Did Barr?

The first Watergate trial could not reach Nixon and his henchmen

For a little break from the tumult's some lovely photos!

Millennial on the State of our Union: It's like the fall of the Roman Empire but with WiFi

Preet Bharara: Why is the length of Mueller's report still a secret?

Happy No Collusion Day...

Corrupt institutions have enabled, and continue to enable, Trump.

Pelosi's not buying it.

Let's give Barr a week.

Dems should avoid turning the "full report" into the "long-form birth certificate"

Watch for a Barr Special Hot Plate

******Joint statement from Pelosi and Schumer******

We are living in a world of upside down

GET IT GIRL !!! THANK YOU NANCY PELOSI !!! Looks like Dems are going to fight !!!

Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Attorney General Barr's Summary Of The Mueller Report

Never forget Mueller is republican

My question here is

are collusion/conspiracy the same as compromised?

You see what's been done with the Mueller report, right?

"What Barr's letter about the Mueller report says and doesn't say" - good piece by Jennifer Rubin

Captured ... The actual moment America started going down hill.

In Praise of Sauce

I am mad as Hell and am not going to take it anymore!!!

Counting on the Mueller investigation was just like buying a lottery ticket.

Key Fact: Trump was able to avoid talking face-to-face with Mueller

BOTTOM LINE: This is a DISASTER for Donald J. Trump

Ari Melber is doing a live show on MSNBC with knowledgeable guests.

Naysayers and Doom-Speakers Should STFU for Now.

Trump can now work with any country to help him win in 2020. It's now legal.

THE BIG LIE HAS BEEN TOLD. It will continue to be told over and over again.

What Barr says about obstruction of justice:

Meeting foreign spies in Trump Tower is now legal.

It is possible for someone to be both AG of the United States and totally corrupt.

Robert Reich on FB

Barr summary? Need more investigations. As many as the republicans did for Benghazi and emails.

Gillibrand goads Trump with speech in front of New York hotel

Will the Mueller Report be a modern day Warren Report?

Chuck Schumer on Twitter

DU New England Patriot fans

MUELLER: Our probe does NOT exonerate trump of obstruction.

I am tired of being hopeful, Let me know when justice actually takes place.

Seth Abramson tweet nails it

Under Scots law, a criminal trial may end in one of three verdicts:

Heads Up -- Nadler coming on to make a statement

Nadler speaking. On MSNBC now. (now concluded) nt

When a Dem gets asked about the "exoneration". They should...

So Yet Another Official Has Laid His Reputation Down On The Altar Of Trump

Any body here remember the Iran/Contra whitewash ?

I figured out who Andrew Yang reminds me of. Steve Forbes

Gronk Retires

Who was he waving to?

Folks, it's over. All of it. Over. Trump will not be indicted or impeached.


We live in a nation of idiots.

Mali leader sacks generals, disbands vigilantes after massacre

tRump's baggage didn't go away today...

Is this just the BEGINNING of the END...OR....

Mexican president says state was main violator of human rights

What my friend texted me

Folks, we were told for 2 years that Americans don't care about Mueller/Russia.

The Con has not been exonerated

Second Parkland Shooting Survivor Dies of Apparent Suicide

Honduran president calls Jerusalem Israeli capital, not moving embassy yet

The early success of Buttigieg, Beto, and Harris is a warning to Biden and others

Arsonist strikes mosque in Escondido, Calif., refers to New Zealand massacre in note

My question for Barr-

Erdogan says Turkey will not go back on purchase of Russian S-400s

Fucking bullshit

I'm watching Duke play UCF. I recommend that we all do the same.

Cycle helmet safety campaign with scantily clad models sparks storm

Rob Gronkowski announces his retirement after nine seasons with Patriots

David Corn: Trump Aided and Abetted Russia's Attack. That Was Treachery. Full Stop.

Nadler: "President Trump is wrong. This report does not amount to a so-called 'total exoneration,'"

The thing about the report re: trump's approval

Why did Manafort share confidential polling data with Russian intelligence?

Thom Hartmann has been sounding the alarm on Bill Barr's corruption for awhile now

Rep Adam Schiff video

New Mexico archbishop again denounces 'Santa Muerte'

9:00 PM EDT -- Ari Melber -- 2 hour special on Mueller Report

If Barr ordered Mueller to shut down the

"The report is much worse than this."

A guest just brought up a point-How much did Mueller actually include about Trump since

Charlottesville: In filing, U.S. attorney rejects First Amendment claims in rally rioting case

Chuck: Barr's summary 'will color' our understanding of the Mueller Report

I can't help falling in love...

Fu*k those Dukies.

The changing face of the most populous cities in the world from 1500 to 2018

The Many Problems With the Barr Letter

About Mueller and Audrey Straus....They are prosecutors..

Calm down and be patient

Barr's Startling and Unseemly Haste

Ask a Republican:

Hot air balloon stolen in Indiana found at Florida festival

Poll: Nearly 7 of 10 Georgia Voters in Swing Districts Believe Abortion Should Be Legal

So Barr says that the Mueller Report says that Trump and company did not work with the Russians?

The new normal? Washington state has already logged an unusual number of wildfires in 2019

60 minutes Pelley drops the ball on Mueller report.

Knowing That Trump Is Saying He's Exonerated How Will Manafort React?....

Trump was so excited he forgot to bring his family back with him.

Swift Pushback on Stephen Moore, Trump's Latest Pick for the Fed

What we still don't know about the Mueller probe

George Conway hits Sarah Sanders, says Mueller report 'does not exonerate' Trump