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Archives: March 22, 2019

At last, Tweety: CARTER "the most honest and moral president"

The children really need to be indicted and removed asap

Mom Didn't Believe When Kids Said A Mysterious Creature Was Living In Their Room

2 year time-line for @DevinNunes:

"A Battle for My Life" Emilia Clarke from GOT shares her battle with 2 brain aneurysms.

John McCain Torpedoed Trump's Attempt to Get Federal Aid For Luxury Housing in 1996

CVS Pharmacy Will Begin Selling CBD Products in Stores Across 8 States

Khizr Khan on A.C. 360 up next. CNN

Trump defined himself. As someone who tashes a war hero who has been dead 7 months.

American media: too much discussin' and not enough cussin'.

Marlins minor league team will break the law on 'Florida Man' tribute night

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! NEW MALLOYCAST SPECIAL!

Fats - Shake Rattle and Roll (is the sax player even human?)

I heard commentary about Dump's audience being silent

Trever Noah Can't stop laughing about Mexicans stealing razor wire off Trump's Wall

How about this duo?


Rick Wilson: Profiles in Chickenshit from the Grand Old Party ...

I bet the right wing see themselves in having the truth on climate change

Pierce: A Joe Biden-Stacey Abrams 2020 Ticket Is a Terrible Idea for Stacey Abrams

The Daily Show -- Today in Obama Scandal History: The Bike Helmet

Some days are just like that.

Just saw part of an ad for The Mirror. OMG. Amazing!

Venezuela: Why Was the Pemon Massacre Ignored by Mainstream Media Outlets?

How to put the "hot" in a hotel

Just saw part of an ad for The Mirror. OMG. Amazing!

New Zealand broadcasts Muslim call to prayer with 2 minutes silence for the 50 victims

Pompeo says it's 'possible' God planned Trump to save Jewish people

NewZealand Politican tells NRA to Bugger Off.

Andrew Yang Claims His Friends in Media Wanted to "Kneecap" Bernie Sanders

Mysterious 'John Doe' files court brief to keep Jeffrey Epstein documents from being released

'She was a good cook, as good cooks go. And as good cooks go, she went.'

Kamala Harris speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Sunday morning

Reports on TV are saying there will be no more Mueller indictments.

Beto O'Rourke set to hire ex-Obama aide Jen O'Malley Dillon to run campaign

Is John McCain Haunting the President or is it Just an Experimental Hair Tonic-Induced Hallucination

The Atlantic Accused David Sirota of Secretly Working For Bernie Sanders. But Where's the Evidence?

Steve King contrasts New Orleans to Iowa on disaster response: 'Iowans take care of each other"

Disaster in Mozambique

Secretary of State denies petition to overturn NM gun law

New Sanders hire, who was critical of Democratic opponents, scrubs internet history

Bernie is coming to San Francisco Sunday

'It's for Attention': Pete Buttigieg Calls Out Trump for Attacking 'Departed War Hero' McCain

Why was Franklin Graham schmoozing with a sanctioned Russian official this month?

2 photos. John McCain, 1973. Donald Trump, 1973. Hero and Zero.

Pete Buttigieg: The Kind Of Person To Take WH Next Is What's Important Morning Joe MSNBC

What can you say?

This family spends all their vacations rescuing dogs 💛

Busted: This letter proves Donald Trump lied about turning down George Conway for a job

Seriously, who carries on a feud with a dead guy?

Don't send cowbells. Devin Nunes. 264 Clovis Avenue. Suite 206. Clovis, CA. 93612

Noose Tightening in Northeast Asia

U.S. threatens to derail meeting of Latam lender if China bars Venezuela

U.S. threatens to derail meeting of Latam lender if China bars Venezuela

Anyone know how Trump University's basketball team is doing in the tournament ?

Climate change's fingerprints are on U.S. Midwest floods: scientists

Kentucky launches probe into drug overcharges by pharmacy benefit managers

Author says 'you can't underestimate the dangers' of Ivanka Trump, Kushner

Explosion at Chinese chemical plant kills 47, injures 640

Cost to taxpayers for Trump's golf trips now at $91,000,000

UK will change tack on UN motions criticising Israel, says Jeremy Hunt

The Daily Show - The Reparations Debate: Should America Compensate the Descendants of Slaves?

Top oil firms spending millions lobbying to block climate change policies, says report

The Daily Show - Today in Obama Scandal History: The Bike Helmet

Facebook acknowledges concerns over Cambridge Analytica emerged earlier than reported

Beto O'Rourke steps up in Bernie Sanders' backyard

Seth Meyers - Trump's George Conway Tweets, Senator John McCain's Funeral - Monologue - 3/20/19

Cindy Yang helped Chinese tech stars get $50K photos with Trump. Who paid?

Interior boss order aims to protect US public land access

Seth Meyers - Trump Ramps Up Campaign as Mueller Report Looms: A Closer Look

Stranger gifts car to struggling nursing student who works 2 jobs

Survey Finds White Men Dominate Collections of Major Art Museums

Florence and Michael retired by the World Meteorological Organization

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump is Lashing Out at Everyone

Truck driver involved in crash with Amtrak train carrying GOP lawmakers had marijuana and a prescrip

Shakespare predicted trump and McCain, only he named them Macbeth and Banquo

Trevor Noah: Biden set to pick Abrams as VP

Anti-vaxxers trolled a doctor's office. Here's what scientists learned from the attack.

Officials: Man defrauded donors with fake Beto, Bernie sites

Florida Republicans are trying to thwart both justice and the will of the people

FRIDAY: Mayor @PeteButtigieg on The View 11e/10c/p

Venezuela has its electricity back, for now, but it's still on the verge of collapse

Rep AOC and former Secretary of State HRC bond online over GOP's double standards

White House officials attend Hungarian Embassy event urging women to have more children

VA is gearing up for a massive shift of health care to the private sector

Pentagon plan to fund Trump's wall could hit Puerto Rico, European allies hard

Jacinda Ardern is nothing short of remarkable.

Tweet of the Day

Australia's coal bonanza at risk as Chinese import 'ban' spreads

Trump's 'socialist' rhetoric is lazy name-calling from a lazy thinker

Pants on Fire: It's time to put this lie to rest ... for good

'Mindblowing' haul of fossils over 500m years old unearthed in China

Epic Ana Navarro rant.

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 24 - The Irish on Film

Death toll from Cyclone Idai surpasses 500 in southern Africa

TCM Schedule for Monday March 25 - Treasures From the Disney Vault

QAnon is attacking a random woman in a disturbing and dangerous way

I believe that Sanders is not electable. You can argue, but this is true

George Conway Sends A Subtle Message With His Twitter Background?

Spring flooding could be 'unprecedented' with 200 million Americans at risk

Here's to ya maligned GOP. tRump's 'Greatest Economy Ever' Has Created Fewer Jobs Than Jimmy Carter

Tribes Call for Ban on Drilling Near Sacred New Mexico site

Britain's Prince Charles heads to Cuba amid US tensions

Britain's Prince Charles heads to Cuba amid US tensions

Exclusive: U.S. threatens to derail meeting of Latam lender if China bars Venezuela

I'm 38 and got in a fist fight on St. Patrick' is wrong with me?......

Alabama bill would allow tax refunds to fund border wall

Chile: retired soldiers sentenced over 1986 attack on activists burned alive

Chile: retired soldiers sentenced over 1986 attack on activists burned alive

Trump's Pick to Run Interior Looms Large Behind Ocean Sell-Off

This doesn't need a caption (chimpanzee with Virtual Reality headset on)

California Once Targeted Latinas for Forced Sterilization

May rejects petition to revoke article 50 despite 2m signatures

California Once Targeted Latinas for Forced Sterilization

New Zealand attack: Al Noor mosque imam tells world leaders to fight hate speech

Indiana House amends bill to make driver's license gender changes harder

Glowing New York Times editorial says 'America deserves a leader as good as Jacinda Ardern'

TIME Mag Cover Story Explores Meteoric Rise Of Dem 'Phenom' Ocasio-Cortez - The Last Word - MSNBC

(Australia) Twin cyclones force largest evacuation since Cyclone Tracey in 1974

NASA Astronauts Are Taking a Spacewalk Today: Watch It Live!

(German) Domestic Intelligence Report Highlights AfD Extremism

Mount Everest: melting glaciers exposing bodies of climbers

Northern Lights may be visible near Iowa

help name our under construction border wall

Indonesian airline Garuda cancels order for 49 Boeing 737 Max 8 jets

Women in New Zealand are donning a 'headscarf for harmony' to remember the mosque shooting victims

((opinion)) At last May manages to unite both the country and the Commons

National Geographic How Big Can It Get Croczilla HDTV

California visit presents key test for Bernie Sanders' 2020 prospects

Pompeo suggests Trump was put on Earth to save the Jews: 'As a Christian, I believe it's possible'

New Zealand minister in Turkey to confront Erdogan

Revoke Article 50 petition calling for Brexit to be cancelled hits 2.5 million signatures

Brexit : Just weeks from mayhem as EU sets ultimatum for UK

Poll--Miringoff cautioned that Trump was "sort of barking up the wrong tree," on immigration.

47 Years Ago Today; The Equal Rights Amendment passes, sent to states for ratification

What does Hell look like?

The EU knows it, so do our own MPs - Theresa May is finished

Spreading the Mosque Shooting Video Is a Crime in New Zealand

Airline Assured Flight Attendant She'd Be Safe to Fly to Mexico. When She Returned, ICE Detained Her

Did Mueller say that he was releasing his report today??

3/21: @GOP @DevinNunes is threatening to sue more people who mock him on Twitter

I like Pete but

The machine in South Carolina

A few days ago, Lindsey Graham stated that the Mueller Report shouldn't be made public

The question that will be asked ?

OxyContin Maker Sackler Family Sued by 500 Cities, Shunned by Tate Galleries

The "System" is broken.

Is there an actual reason why the media is assuming the imminent release of the Mueller report?

Oxfords Free Course - Critical Reasoning for Beginners (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Trump endorsed the U.S. recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the disputed Golan Heights.

My guess is that AG Barr already has the Mueller Report.

So Trump has weakened NATO and the US to the point were aggression by any nation is fair play.

I have lost ALL respect for Smerconish. He has revealed himself to be a Trumpian under his well

Globally, Intact Forests Absorbing More CO2 But Cannot Keep Up With Constant Emissions Growth

6 NE City Drinking Water Systems Knocked Out By Flood, Along W. Dozens Of Wastewater Plants

Trump tears up the Iran nuke agreement and now has made it more urgent for Iran to get nukes.

Gillum wants to register 1 million Florida voters for 2020

Trump: 'People Will Not Stand For It' if Mueller's Report is Against Me

Friday TOONs - He's Still At It, or A Basket (Case) of Despicable

Engineering elections? U.S. top court examines electoral map manipulation

Skeptical Democratic donors tell Joe Biden they will not raise funds for him

Firearm deaths of US school-age children at 'epidemic' levels, study says

The origin of Super Villains: Knockout (DC Comics)

The Rundown: March 21, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Teen Titans" #28

GoFundMe Bans Anti-Vaxxers Who Raise Money to Spread Misinformation

The Rude Pundit: Other Batshit Things Trump Said at His Latest Batshit Speech...

Protesters Call For Cow Suits And Moos At Devin Nunes Speaking Event

Il drumpf never laughs?

What do you think will happen with the first pick? NFL

Today's Kamala and Kids Moment

Woman tells Florida man she owns water

Rising Country Music Star Justin Carter Killed In Gun Accident At 35 (on set of music video)

Trump: I hope Barr will 'do what's fair' with regards to investigating Hillary Clinton

Pete Buttigieg: Wait till she realizes she's talking about the Indiana Parks and Recreation...

Turn in your smartphones! How Mueller kept a lid on Trump-Russia probe

The Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooook!!

NWS Deputy Director - Prepare: Spring Flooding This Year Could Be Worse Than 2011, 1993

Why are house dems giving White House so much time

Analysis - Trump's rhetoric does inspire more hate crimes

Shocked, Shocked!! Corporations Committed To Ending Deforestation By 2020 Will NOT Hit Goals!!

Running against Beto? Trump says he 'wouldn't mind'

Democrats Not Expecting Much from Mueller Report

Franklin Graham meets with sanctioned Russian official

One of the teachers from my high school was murdered

Heavily gerrymandered Ohio needs to change!

I would like you to imagine the following online attack-ad for the 2020 election:

Rosenstein Letter Hints Mueller Report Won't Disparage Anyone Who Hasn't Been Charged

Data shows the differences between the Democratic Party and the GOP is as wide as ever

Trump Waxes Poetic On 2016: 'They Came From The Valleys,' 'The Rivers,' 'The Cities'

'People lie, photos don't,' lawyer charges as civil trial begins for cops

Trump says economy would be much stronger if Fed stopped rate hikes sooner

GOP gerrymandering helped Republicans hold 16 House seats in 2018 midterms

Syria slams Trump statement on Israel sovereignty in Golan

Florida man plans live event

In light of the outrage by some of Bernie's hires, this very long older article about CAP and

Police make arrest in online threat against Albemarle High School

North Korea quits liaison office in setback for South after new U.S. sanctions

Trump rips McCain, says he gave Steele dossier to FBI for 'very evil purposes'

TGIF cuteness: baby elephant in the mud

Presidential candidates are eyeing big Super Tuesday prizes


GOP eager to exploit Dem court-packing fight

My settings for willingness to serve on juries got changed, and it sure wasn't by me.

Trump: Green New Deal 'the most preposterous thing' and 'easy to beat'

"Everything Is Destroyed, Everything": Idai Breaks Back Of Regional Infrastructure, Supply Routes

The bond market is flashing its biggest recession sign since before the financial crisis

Seth Moulton, once the man of the moment, struggles to find his path to the presidency

Neal declines to give timeline for requesting Trump's tax returns

Animals Give The Best Hugs

NOAA - Oceans Absorbed 34 Billion Metric Tons Of Carbon 1994-2007 - 4X Rate From 1800-1994

I'm starting to stock my comfy safe place with cookies, chips and M&M's, and a year's

Multiple 2020 Democrats say they won't attend AIPAC summit

Legal weed for N.J.? It's too close to call right now.

Pup vs Hose (Twitter):

The Reckoning of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center

Despite Actions of a Handful of Religious Leaders - TN Set to Pass LGBTQ Discrimination Bills

If you thought curling was just a winter sport . . . (Twitter):

Hillary: Nine years ago, the Affordable Care Act passed the House. @BarackObama signed it into law t

Monkey farmer is getting a little too close to 'Planet of the Apes' for me (Twitter):

"Come back. I just want a hug!" (Twitter):

2020 Will Be a Real Test for Our Democracy

Blind dog gets a device to keep him from walking into things (Twitter):

You snooze, you lose (Twitter):

"Nice country you have a shame to lose it."

"A big portion of the nation is united like it's never been united before"

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Robert Mueller has NOT gone to his office!!! Stay tuned for updates!!!

MEANWHILE, in Tejas...

Want to be the cool aunt or uncle to a kid who loves Shrek?

Most Republicans Say Diversity Will Weaken the U.S.

Twenty Things You Probably Didn't Know About Pete Buttigieg

trump interferes with Israeli elections.

Conway: Trump 'thinks he needs to be reelected to avoid indictment'

Drive carefully

Trump says he & Nancy Pelosi are still talking about an elusive infrastructure deal: 'They want it..

Racist violence threat keeps Charlottesville schools closed

The GSA contract for the Old Post Office Building

Mueller is driving himself around?

trump shouting over helicopter again.....

The media is doing its damnedest to spin a Mueller Fitzmas / Trump re-election scenario.

California's super bloom is the best in years, so vibrant it can be seen from space

An American walks into a bar...

The GOP does corruption better than any organized group in the world.

What is the downside to just waiting for the election of 2020 to resolve all these questions?

The Fake President who had to be appointed by the Electoral College,

Profiles in Crazy, LXV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Play that funky music...

Democratic Socialists of America back Bernie: 'The best chance to beat Trump'

President Trump tweets support for South Dakota during flooding!

Recently in this group, many of us were introduced to The Templeton Foundation

Thinking about getting a goat

It's not often that I would agree with Britt Hume, but he's nailed it this time.

Golfing again or running from the Mueller report?

Steve King steps in it again

Racist Violence Threat Keeps Charlottesville Schools Closed

Pentagon plan to fund Trump's wall could hit Puerto Rico, European allies hard

Separated at birth

Hate-free hats: Student challenges county schools' new policy on first day

Brit Hume criticizes Trump for McCain attacks

Massive lawsuit says Sackler family broke laws to profit from opioids

Any other DUers notice that since Dems informed Fox that they will not

Warm Welcome for Kamala Harris at AKA conference in Los Angeles

Mayor Pete on The View today. 11:00E/10:00C/P

US forces say 2 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Kamala Harris is going to have a rally in Atlanta on Sunday at 4

question about "charisma" (in particular, as relates to lichtman's keys)

Democratic Socialism

Uh-Oh: Does Trump Not Know Where Brazil Is?

OOPS: "Dumbest" Trump Son Accidentally Supports Net Neutrality

Broward Prosecutors Exonerate Man From 1983 Rape, Murder of College Student

I rewatched the movie Cast Away last night.

Trump's Golan tweet inflames regional tensions as Syria vows to recover the strategic plateau

Your Daily Greenwald, "1984" -Edition

Look on the bright side, at least you have thoughts and prayers...

Food prep for one

North Korea quits Kaesong liaison office with South Korea

BREAKING: Trump just left for another taxpayer-funded vacation at Mar-a-Lago.

Loose Ends Of The Mueller Investigation......

When will American Jew begin to speak out about Trump labeling the Democratic party as anti Israel

New Zealand women wear headscarves in tribute and solidarity

This is really special

ok, another ask- hit me w your best jefferson quotes to toss in the statement.

Bernie Sanders 2.0 is California bound: What's different this time?

Electoral College Map...we need a centrist candidate to win the rustbelt to stop Trump.

Video: Man Baby Individual 1 appears to be pissed off at Fox reporter John Roberts.

This Promises to Be the Dumbest Cruise Ever - The Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC)

Trump 2020 fundraising letter courtesy of "Stop Trump" on Twitter. #Fear #ThenSomeMoreFear #ThenMore

United Airlines Adds Nonbinary Booking Option

Wait, what? Dems don't want to go on a network who calls them "greatest threat to our Constitution?"

Beto's hiring of Jen O'Malley Dillon is a signal

Lets play "Chopped"! Bought a suprise veggie box.

Lockheed F-35 Dinged as Boeing's F-15X Wins in Air Force's Plan

I think Mayor Pete answers an age old question.

Why Dogs Are Loved and Valued More Than Cats

Stock Market Down -364.00

What we've learned From Mueller's investigation so far

White House rejects request for Trump, Putin communications

Assange won't hand over docs to House Judiciary

Check out this ad by a shoe company that supports strong women - and the raw hatred it generates...

God may have sent Trump, Pompeo says

'But His WhatsApp': AOC, Hillary Clinton Taunt Jared Kushner Over Private Messaging

Black panther in an India Forest at dusk

OK, I'm late to the party. Just what is going on with Trump and Fox News???

Here's a new one on the anti-vaccination front...

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 "Pastoral"

Recession fears arise again. The yield curve is inverting. The Dow is tanking

MEANWHILE, in Germany...

Trump wants you to think about ISIS "before you destroy your lives and the lives of your family!"

THE BALLAD OF THE WALL - (Parody of) The Battle of New Orleans Don Caron

TuckerFace Carlson story headline...

Well, there's a nickname for Kushner I haven't heard before . . . 'Abercrombie of Arabia'

Trump will nominate Stephen Moore for Fed Governor

1:01 / 2:49 THE WALL CAME A TUMBLIN' DOWN - Parody Don Caron

Thread on the Mueller Report and coverage

Michigan will no longer fund adoption agencies that discriminate against gays

Virginia transit officials drove through Elon Musk's tunnel. They'll stick with railways and roads.

Is it no accident that wing nuts vehemently object to each and every one of these notions?

Virginia transit officials drove through Elon Musk's tunnel. They'll stick with railways and roads.

VIDEO: Black woman brutally beat by armed white man in parking lot dispute -- as bystanders do nothin

US Patriarchy Wins Round to Keep US Women & Girls Sexually & Reproductively Enslaved

Giuliani is citing Wikipedia? A 6th grader couldn't use them for a book report.

University of PA statement on admissions bribery scandal (satire)

Howard Schultz

Trump Offers Fed Board Position to Economic Commentator Stephen Moore

Don't Make Health Care a Purity Test.

How Twitter's algorithm is amplifying extreme political rhetoric

Worth a mention: Disney did NOT acquire Fox News or the Fox Network.

Anna Navarro. The View. Saying what needs to be said! 👏

Leadership and tragedy

Hill's Pet Nutrition Expands Voluntary Recall of Select Canned Dog Food for Elevated Vitamin D

Klobuchar taking a centrist path to the White House in a field of left-leaning candidates

Juvenile Arrested In Connection to Threat Against Charlottesville High School

Love & Justice Women's Anthem- RI Raging Grannies

Love & Justice Women's Anthem- RI Raging Grannies

Bernie Comes to California 🎶

Scary spider



Should we be prepared for a Mueller report letdown?

NK withdraws from joint liaison office with SK

Democrats to order FBI, WH is preserve records shared with Mueller.

Buttigieg meets goal in one day!

Wait a minute: Who is fueling these imminent Mueller report stories?

Pick one (or not)

Clinton, Ocasio-Cortez poked fun that Kushner used WhatsApp for White House business

Parkland shooting survivor Sydney Aiello takes her own life

Are there any adults in charge?

Who's Laughing at Amy Klobuchar?

How Strongmen Turned Interpol Into Their Personal Weapon

Rick Steves wants to save the world one vacation at a time.

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around-Sweet Honey In the Rock

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around--Sweet Honey In The Rock

Peter Carr of the Special Counsel says they haven't provided any guidance on timing of report

What a moron!

Parkland shooting survivor Sydney Aiello takes her own life

From a Swimsuit Model to the Trump Megaphone: The Genesis of 'Jexodus'

Treasury yield curve inverts for first time since 2007, underlining recession worries

538: Does A Biden-Abrams Ticket Make Sense For Biden Or Abrams?

If Disney had actually bought Fox News, not just the Studio....

Recession coming?

Remington loses $3 million in Alabama incentives -- may be planning layoffs

Am I correct in my understanding that the Madman withdrew additional North Korea sanctions....

Seth Abramson: Don't fall for the 'report imminent' narrative.

I Want to Be Investigated by the FBI -Dershowitz (important, really)

Resistance Revival Chorus: This Joy - Women's Leadership Forum 18 (Joy is an act of resistance)

Great take on Brexit

Resistance Revival Chorus: This Joy - Women's Leadership Forum 18 (Joy is an act of resistance)

Morocco's hidden Christians see pope trip as chance to push for freedom

Scripps Presents: Pete Buttigieg

George Conway: Trump Needs 2020 Win to Avoid Indictment

Prosecutor Who Led Case Against Michael Cohen to Step Down

Truck driver involved in Amtrak GOP train crash had marijuana and a prescription drug in system

Teen arrested over racist threat that closed Charlottesville schools

Chick-fil-A Donated $1.8 Million to Anti-LGBTQ Groups in 2017

After Trump, the Republican party will...

Boeing to make standard a warning light that was not on doomed planes

Awesome cartoon: "Donald, Your Bone Spurs!"

Every Woman's Song -International Women's Day.wmv (make EVERY day International Women's Day!)

WH declares ISIS defeated as CNN reports on heavy fire with ISIS fighters in Syria

Every Woman's Song -International Women's Day.wmv (make EVERY day International Women's Day!)

Eagle has babies now, 2nd screen

We Can Moo It!

Change to 737 MAX controls may have imperiled planes, experts say

Me and My Uncle

Teenager arrested in threat against Charlottesville schools

Has your gas really gone up?

Stocks drop as fears of an economic slowdown persist

an email from my favorite commissioner of the water rec district

Little-known story about the Watergate break-in: Trump Isn't first to be vexed by confidant's spouse

A growing problem in real estate: Too many big houses

Trump says he's reversing North Korea sanctions imposed by his Treasury Department

I don't remember watching Klobuchar at the 2009 correspondent dinner

Cardinals ink 5 year $130M extension for Goldschmidt - That means at least 6 seasons as a Card

Extension? Execution? Let's call the whole thing off!

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan, says the U.S.-led NATO coalition

Trump's hair today - "Is he going for the faux hawk look?" says a tweeter

Michelle Obama in Labor Dispute at Tacoma Dome

Judge: Suit challenging Edmonds gun-storage law can proceed

Partners in crime (Twitter):

Michelle Obama in Labor Dispute at Tacoma Dome

South Alabama lags behind north in life-saving tornado shelters (

Secret Cabinet Office document reveals chaotic planning for no-deal Brexit

The Admissions Scandal Is About Parental Narcissism--and the Schools' Complicity

Milbank: Comes now Don Jr. to instruct England on democracy

Alabama lawmakers unanimously voted to stop issuing marriage licenses so gay couples can't get one

You raised $25.00 on March 21, 2019

Lindsey Graham's approval among Republicans up by 23% since joining the Trump Human Centipede.

Trump reverses newly imposed NK sanctions. WH says it's because, "Pres. Trump likes" Kim Jong Un

South American presidents announce creation of new regional bloc

US Treasury just announced Additional NK sanctions But Donald just withdrew them!!

Ignatius: Private, business data needs protection, but how?

U.N. experts rebuke U.S. 'threats', visa ban on ICC investigators

U.S. pressure on Hezbollah, Iran is working, Pompeo says in Beirut

U.S. pressure on Hezbollah, Iran is working, Pompeo says in Beirut

Jimmy Carter is the oldest living president ever,...

Another day, another tRump projection

The United States of America no longer has a foreign policy.

Citizenship question on U.S. Census would cause big Latino undercount: study

CNN town halls put network at center of Dem primary

Mueller's Mostly Silent Spokesman Responds to Media Blitz Over Russia Report

It's been what, 25 days since Sen. Sanders said he would "soon" release his full tax returns?

Judge Lisa Neubauer, our endorsed candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court, VOTE APRIL 2 2019

Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years

Trump Awards Advisor Who Called for Him to Be Awarded the Nobel With Offer of Seat on Fed Reserve

Bus tunnel no more: Routes using downtown transit tunnel to move outside Saturday

The Google Logo Today Lets You Compose Music in the Style of Bach

Don't you think it's rather likely Dipshit and GOP already know Mueller

Cartoons 3/22/19

So, I've seen discussions about nominating a "Centrist" vs. "Far Left" this primary season

Proof Trump doesn't know how his job works

Wisconsin Judge Blocks Lame-Duck Laws That Stripped Democrats Of Power

America's Happiness Rating Falls - Why? (w/ Julio Rivera)

Why Baltimore Persists as a Cultural Beacon

Betsy DeVos strikes out -- in court

The National Park Service provides an update on the sinkhole affecting George Washington Parkway.

Steve King denigrates Hurricane Katrina victims for needing government assistance

Julian Assange & WikiLeaks are getting nervous; ear-piece wearing operatives around Ecuador embassy

Braden Holtby won't visit Trump's White House

It just occured to me that we are all playing an International game of "Clue"

Today's birthdays: Keith Relf, 1943, and Susan Ann Sulley, 1963

It Was A Very Cold Winter

Do Trump fans know that we had other presidents before Obama?

The Atlantic: Nobody Knows Anything About 'Electability'

Yea, he needs another Mar a loco visit....

This dog had given up on life...then a miracle happened!

Find me the right cardiologist first...

Video: Police surround Ecuadorian embassy in London as Julian Assange stays inside

Whopping $360M worth of cocaine seized by Coast Guard in Eastern Pacific

The Trump scam has officially hit rock bottom

Secret Cabinet Office document reveals chaotic planning for no-deal Brexit

Anti-Muslim hate crimes soar in UK after Christchurch shootings

Air Traffic Control Notices of note

In foreboding sign for U.S. economy, factory sector softens

I'm switching to Buttigieg because he is a game changer.

Sam Adams is dedicating a beer to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg named 'When There Are Nine'

From Brooklynite, House Dems move to hobble primary challengers.

Trump's Sanctions Staff Defects as U.S. Expands Economic War

Million, billion, trillion, whats next for our repub debt?


Innuendo Studios -- The Alt-Right Playbook: Always a Bigger Fish

Sen. Elizabeth Warren stumps in Exeter

Has anyone tried a Pavlok?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren stumps in Exeter

Econ Community Goes Berserk Over Trump's 'Terrible, Horrible' Fed Board Pick

Rick Wilson tweet: "There's a rumor something is about to break...don't get ahead of yourself..."

Canoers Gain Access To The Water Near Trump Golf Course, Even When President Is There

Canoers Gain Access To The Water Near Trump Golf Course, Even When President Is There

Does anyone know what is happening in London? News of guys with ear pieces all around the Ecuador

Not optimistic - just don't feel confident about this, the snake is going escape

Lori Loughlin Once Said She Never Wanted to Do Anything That 'My Children Have to Pay the Price For'

BREAKING: The House Judiciary Committee is told to expect notification by 5pm that the Mueller rpt.

Breaking - AG has the Mueller Report n/t

What is love?

Barr now has the Mueller report. Buckle up, folks!

Just heard on MSNBC - Barr has the report

Nocole Wallace just reported that the AG has the Meuller report.

Mueller report sent to attorney general, signaling his Russia investigation has ended

The Mueller Report has been handled to A.G. Barr....

Why do Republicans hate Americans?

The Mueller Report now available at Amazon - Kindle only $7.99 !!

I think we should use Trump's bizarre and erratic behavior as a gauge

Downtown -- Petula Clark

So, whoever started print orders on the Mueller Report on Amazon KNEW the date

I thought this would be a FL or TX story, but it's NY

Remember, the report is not an indictment document itself. It is a report.

Boom goes my fantasy of trump handcuffed

Make Your Mueller Report Predictions Here:

My guess is that the Mueller Report is not good for Trump.

Barr sent a letter to Congressional leaders saying he may be able to advise them of conclusions

Mueller Report

Reporters in Florida "told to stick around till 7:30."

Reports: Robert Mueller Submits Russia Probe Report To The Attorney General

Barr's letter to Graham, Nadler, Feinstein, and Collins

Rescuer Spotted This Dog Crying On The Roadside Then She Saw What Was Tied Around It's Neck

Anyone watching the MAGAt parading in front of the Justice Dept behind the MSNBC reporter?

The report is done. I have a many questions.


Friday afternoon dump of Mueller Report good or bad for Trumpy?


Schrodinger's Cat, meet Mueller's Report.

I have some **advise** for DU. ....CHILL.

BREAKING: William BARR to release summary conclusions of Report to Congress "as soon as this weekend

Nothing, nothing, nothing, will come of this farce of a transition from Mueller to Barr who

So, has GODOT really arrived if he's Invisible?

A call for speculation: What does it mean that Trump never got interviewed?

The Mueller report and All these twitter Journos

Pelosi/Schumer statement on Mueller report.

There is only one thing that makes sense about the report being turned in now.

Brennan said that there could be indictments still coming that

prediction: the *initial* mueller report spin will appear to exonerate donnie. *however*,

*Only* Cong.leaders briefed - are we believing SHITLER won't get a headsup?!1 nt

Is it too early to start a Twitter hashtag #ReleaseTheFullReport

2020 Democrats: You might be surprised by Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He reminds me of Obama.

Rep. Swalwell: "The American people will see every word...of this report."

Or did barr shut it down and this what they had with much still unfinished?

Washington Post-Opinion: So will we "lock up" Ivanka and Jared for violating government email policy

The Witch Hunt has ended - was one discovered?

How quickly can Democrats summon Robert Mueller to the Hill to testify about what he found?

DOJ announcement:

My **GOD** is there a windstorm here right now

CONFIRMED: No more Mueller indictments

Timing Is Everything - What Is This Country Focused On Now....

No further indictments coming from Mueller, MSNBC just reported.

CNN Versus Faux News on Mueller report

U.S. Posts Largest Monthly Budget Deficit Ever

Keep an eye on Pence

Neo-Nazis hijacked Papa John's brand. Can Shaq take it back?


Bonus Quote of the Day

If they release the report promptly then it's to tRump's benefit.


Not provably criminal is too low a standard for democracy.

So it was true. No more indictments.

No add'l indictments flies in the face of having cooperating witnesses

It appears trump succeeded at plausible deniability

What about all the cooperating indicted people?


We are truly f*cked as a country. This day is as bad as, maybe worse than, November 9, 2016.

A Thread for Air Travel Inconsistencies and Absurdities

How the Report being done makes me feel...........

Is Trump Upset with Fox News?

I thought this would've ended with arrests & indictments

Remember - DOJ rules say you cannot indict a sitting POTUS

Does anyone else feel completely let down?

White House Says ISIS's Last Bastion Fell. So Why Is There Still Fighting?

Why did this happen? (air travel question - not rhetorical).

Does anyone know what happened to the Lancome company's product of face makeup called

If Trump Walks From All This We Will Know That....

In about "2 minutes" Trump is going to tweet out that the report completely exonerates him in

Screaming, crying, rending of garments and gnashing of teeth...

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 22, 2019

Biden, Abrams reps pour cold water on running mate 'rumors'

Yesterday & Today

I'm wondering if cases sent ot SDNY or other places

Mueller report: Not so fast

Just heard on CNN that mueller declined to subpoena tRUMP evidently (Accepted written testimony)

Republicans ask to stay order blocking lame-duck laws

We don't know what's already under seal, we don't know what's been farmed out to other offices

We'll have to do it the old fashioned way

A 2-year-old girl is in critical condition after being hit by a stray bullet in Tennessee

Antwon Rose shooting: Jury gets case in trial of white cop who killed black teen

Trump's Support Among Male Voters Has Crashed

No matter what the Mueller Report says, Trump's response will be "No collusion! See? Told ya so!"

Judge scrutinizes Trump's policy shift on asylum seekers

Judge scrutinizes Trump's policy shift on asylum seekers

it's going to be a bitch having to hear and see Trump and his supporters gloating. Sad, sad day.

I'm mostly disappointed his smug little shithead son didn't get indicted, I think.

Moscow is 'waiting to get beyond Mueller' so Trump can deliver 'concessions': ex-Ambassador to Russi

Fire reignites at Texas plant that earlier burned for days

To clarify.Sanders did release first 2 pages of his 2014 tax returns. Here is link:

Fuck Mueller and his report. This is about GOTV in 2020 and it always has been.

Trump slams European automakers, threatens US tariffs

I've turned my TV to non-politics

Sen Blumenthal said high probability of additional indictments of Trump's family

Soooo.maybe THIS report w/no indictments is why Trump changed his tune...

***THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION*** This is at most the end of the beginning

I am drinking tequila right now.

The Greatest Korean Drama Sword Fight: Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤

IADB cancels China meeting after Beijing bars Venezuela representative

to louise mensch claude taylor and brian k

Im going to follow seth Abramson

Mueller Report: Maybe it's up to the Justice Dept. to file charges on Russia collusion.

EPA adviser is promoting harmful ideas

Is there a drunken cabal over at FOX? nt

Which unpublished Mueller Report should I buy?

Environmental advocates criticize EPA cuts

Israeli PM Netanyahu says he will sue political rivals for libel

F**k Comey, and those self-identified progressives who refused to vote for the Democratic nominee

From the 2019 trump collection

Mueller is done but, it's not over.

EVERYONE: 1) Calm down. 2) Breathe. 3) Accept the mystery (for now.)

The highly paid news talkers are doing their job.

Brexit: Vote on Theresa May's deal may not happen next week

Brexit: Vote on Theresa May's deal may not happen next week

Remember: the "liberal media" has been the CONSERVATIVE PRESS all along

from CNN--DOJ says NO new indictments from Mueller. damn

This is the current WP headline: "Mueller submits final report without further indictments"

Anybody here taken a cruise in Greece?

Bill Barr Is Now the Sole Keeper of the Mueller Report. How He'll Wield That Power Is a Mystery

Holy Smoke! What about those Oregon Ducks?

CNN this is an Embarrasment to the democrats

Agriculture markets for 2019 hinge on regional, international factors

**Change Research Nat'l Poll** Biden 36% Sanders 24% Harris 9%

I will wait to see the report before gnashing teeth

Rep Schiff: "I think it's entirely possible if not likely that there will be other indictments."

"I want you all to stonewall it, let them plead the 5th, cover-up or anything else, if it'll save it

Did anyone notice how Comey all of a sudden

Just in: Trump is raging!!!!

Rare statement from special counsel spox Peter Carr about The Special Counsel

Out of all this one thing is true. Trump has been exposed as a big liar, cheat, racist, and Roger Stone big intel on a flip, I guess.

KGB and GOP send out their operatives to say NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

Let us not forget, the House voted 420-0 for full disclosure of the Mueller Report.


Lawrance and Rachel Maddow WILL be on msnbc tonight...they were off but.............

For me personally, I hoped for a report that would allow for bipartisanship to move to

So does Mueller just get on a plane and go to Disneyworld now?

Investigations will continue on Capitol Hill as House Democrats exercise oversight powers

I have tried to ignore politics and just trust Mueller would do his job but am kicked in the stomach

Rosenstein is just as corrupt as the rest of the right wing miscreants!

Attention Mueller: Get ready to testify before the House Committee.

Google will open new Seattle campus this summer, just across the street from Amazon's headquarters

Big night for Trump. He will claim victory over Mueller and victory over GM Detroit decision

Donald Trump 'encourages Russia to hack Clinton emails'

Can someone explain exactly what Mueller's job entails?

Again: the OBSTRUCTION was Trump's COLLUSION.

Could we please just---take a deep breath and try to understand that, while we do

There will be no further indictments from the special counsel

My nomination for 'Tweet of the Day'

Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Special Counsel Mueller's Report

So surely Trump knows by now what's in the report

Official DU "Calm Down and Wait and See What the Report Says" thread.

Some interesting threads this evening.

DOJ policy may be a problem in this case.

Trump surprises his own aides by reversing North Korea sanctions

There is good news with the release of the report.

It seems like DU has concluded Mueller has exonerated Trump? Is this correct?

I am worried that Trump will get out of this just like he does everything else?

Muller's diagnosis: Stage IV cancer in the White House

Some have forgotten, Mueller sent evidence of crimes he FOUND to SDNY.

We just saw the movie Gloria Bell.

Nights like this showcase DU members at their worst

Food for thought: Why would Mueller have bothered to indict a bunch of Russian hackers...


From a Bogus Website to Bernie Sanders's Inner Circle

It's awfully quiet in Mar-a-Logo

Tweety trying to force guests to make assumptions

More on Bernies 2014 tax returns that he put out

NASA rocket becomes Boeing's latest headache as Trump demands moon mission

trump statement according to faux news

so i guess we move on to finding wee wee and n word tape

Flu 'Surges' In Washington, And Vaccines May Be Less Effective

Dow drops more than 450 points; S&P 500 posts worst day since January on worries over economy

Anti-choice and anti-vax forms a disturbing nexus. "God doesn't hear the prayers of the vaccinated"

Sink Rate! Sink Rate! Pull Up!

Anybody else sick of the "pillow guy" on tv?

Just a heads up, you might want to check your "My Account" settings to see if the willing to serve

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg now has her own beer -- and the name is fierce

Knowing something and proving something are very different things.

We have a good reason to be upset. No indictments for conspiracy. That does not make sense.

No more indictments might just be a brilliant move by Mueller

Trump Thinks Democrats Are Laughing At Him Behind His Back

My #1 question for all Dem candidates: Will your AG rescind the rule against indicting a president?

The Mueller report could still charge Trump with Obstruction of Justice.

Orphans of the Flood

Seth Abramson's take on the Mueller report.