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Caption time.

**Chris Matthews is on vacation** WIll be back Monday night

Boy, are they in for a surprise...

Bolsonaro Displeases Military Officers For Giving Juan Guaid A Chief Of State Reception In Braslia

Not sure what evidence States have BUT

Only six countries in the world give women and men equal legal work rights

A Cosmic Perspective: Pretty Panoramic Milky Way Photo Resembles an Astronaut's-Eye View

With apologies to the Oklahomans here:

All Eyes Are On SpaceX Crew Dragon Test Flight Tonight -- Even Satellites

Alan Dershowitz suggests curbing press access to hearing on Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse

Dog Park Diane calls cops on black man dog parking while black.

Feral Cat Forms Unlikely Friendship With 550-Pound Elderly Black Bear

The Sierra snowpack doubled in size in February: These photos prove it

Pierce: How in the Name of Our Bearded Lord Are We All Still Alive?

Paul Manafort's new EDVA sentencing memorandum.

Sanders plans to weave family story into first major 2020 speech

March 3rd, Hina Matsuri. Japanese Festival for Girls


Meng Wanzhou: Huawei chief executive can be extradited, Canada says


Nordic skiing: Blood doping scandal rocks sport as five athletes arrested

Joni Ernst Is Bad For Iowa Women

South African Airways pilot resigns over fake licence

The Crisis of Globalisation


Easter Island looks for help to save statues from 'leprosy'

Easter Island looks for help to save statues from 'leprosy'

Chris Matthews is on VACATION. He's not being fired!

China bans 23m from buying travel tickets as part of 'social credit' system

Osama Bin Laden's son threatened the United States recently. What are you gonna do trump?

Venezuela blocks off second bridge to Colombia as Guaido flies to Brazil

John Dean: I Testified Against Nixon. Here's My Advice for Michael Cohen.

Russia will free nearly 100 captive whales from "prison" after public outrage

Man Arrested In Attack On Conservative Activist At UC Berkeley

Pete Buttigieg interview on Pod Save America

What used to be a given in Alaska -- enough snow -- is now fraught with perennial uncertainty

NLRB Sets Standards Affecting Beck Objectors Union Lobbying Expenses Are Not Chargeable

Interesting, the propaganda machine is now it's own primary focus

US revokes visas of 49 Maduro-aligned officials in Venezuela

Mueller vs the SDNY vs the NY AG vs the Manhattan DA

Khizr Khan on A.C. 360. What a great American. CNN

Rising firefighter suicides reflect toll of longer fire seasons and increased stress

Pelosi aide: Dems 'will take all necessary steps' to get Trump's tax returns

''Epistemological terrorism''

Brain Fart: Fox & Friends audience member on why he opposes the Green New Deal:

Bone spurs *cured*!1 SHITLER "walked away" & "walked away" from Vietnam (again)!1

Trump asks China to remove tariffs on US farm products

"Epistemological terrorism"

So tell me DU, did Drumpf actually write a tweet with the word "traunch" in it?

'Larry Sanders: A Lifetime of Caring', Documentary Film in Production Spring 2019 Release

Please, folks, do NOT buy into and pass along all of the out-and-out CRAP that is

Riparto d'Assalto--by Hemingway, 1922

Timber farm bear hunts in Washington may be canceled this year

SF Giants CEO knocks wife down during argument

Bernie Sanders declines to back reparations

Erie Locomotive Plant Workers Strike against Two-Tier

Erie Locomotive Plant Workers Strike against Two-Tier

Otto Warmbier's family and Trump spar over his defense of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in their s

American sustainable funds outperform the market

An expert in political science explains what makes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez such an effective member

My local dispensary just gave me a clone. I have the brownest thumb in history, believe me.

Hilariously Lazy English Bulldog Will Not Move

I've designed the AL FRANKEN COMMEMORATIVE POSTAGE STAMP. Waiting to hear back from USPS.

Cohen lawyer slams Trump over 'perjury' tweetstorm: 'POTUS has yet lied again'

Stray Dog Becomes The Biggest Foodie In LA

Jerry Lee Lewis suffers stroke

Opium addicted parrots are destroying crops in India

We're coming for their

House Democrats won't restore 'earmarks'

House Democrats Demand Information From White House About Security Clearances

Chelsea Manning subpoenaed to testify before grand jury in Assange investigation

'Do you want to change your bulls-- story, sir?' Calif. Dem preps for Cohen

Chronicling Trump's praise and loyalty to strong men

Tom For Utah has an astute observation about GOPers...

He said she fell out of a chair

Gap, Victoria's Secret and even Tesla: 4,300 store closures already announced this year

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Payback!

Trump says his remarks on Warmbier were 'misinterpreted'

Trump worships dictators

Lotsa Bigly people involved in this pedophilia ....

No, Democrats Don't Want to 'Murder' or 'Execute' Babies

Maxine Waters: This president has lied about his tax returns

Dems ramp up scrutiny of Kushner's security clearance

Alaska mayor vetoes law granting LGBTQ anti-discrimination protections

boooooooo!!! hisssssssssss!!

Rachel tonight about Manafort

Takei: Trump asking "Why shouldn't I like Kim?" a "clear bid for an actual reach around"

Sheldon Adelson, casino mogul and major GOP donor, in dire health, lawyer says

Sanders plans to weave family story into first major 2020 speech

Trump uses dangerous language. America doesn't need a 'Godfather-in-chief'

FFRF's Strategic Response Team is getting it done

For all NASA/Space enthusiasts, Deep Space Network real time info....

Moms will do anything for their babies.

Kushner and MBS -- cartoon by Bill Bramhall

The winner of the 2000 JFK Library Profile in Courage Essay was candidate Peter Buttigieg

GOP's anti-Muslim display likening Rep. Omar to a terrorist rocks W. Virginia capitol


A gift from Daddy

Pence today: "America will never be a "Socialist" country."

Alaska mayor vetoes law granting LGBTQ anti-discrimination protections

Alaska mayor vetoes law granting LGBTQ anti-discrimination protections

After you adopt a pit bull, you'll never be the same 💕

Arizona state lawmaker: Mandatory vaccines are 'communist'

Arizona state lawmaker: Mandatory vaccines are 'communist'

Belize is preparing for her future knowing that it's limitless

Maxine Waters has received new info showing how Trump used his foundation to avoid paying taxes

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Unites Washington!

Cohen Confesses and Gaetz Gets Gelded While the Second Summit Super Sucks: A Roundup (Ferret/SC)

Had this been a leap year, Feb. 19 would be the third snowiest. Ever.

Bernie gets personal

how much criminal activity would donnie's taxes actually reveal?

Mueller expects case against Stone to take five to eight days in court

45 years ago, today...

I never believed the Prague story (Jewish Group)

Texas lawmaker says he's not concerned about measles outbreak because of antibiotics

Adventures of Barry and Joe

*West Wing clip with Jimmy Smits coming up on Lawrence show.

Can Stone give book interviews in prison...?

Republican prostitute Karl Rove once boasted: "---we create our own reality---."

Trump Storms Out of McDonald's After Failing to Close Six-Dollar Meal Deal

A Brief History of Grand Canyon National Park - National Geographic

This is one creative kid

Tomorrow's Daily News cover page

Anti-Muslim Display Gets Tempers Flaring Around W.Va. House; Leads to Resignation, Injury

Here's a little late night humor for ya!

I'm beginning to dip into the mad world of Sourdough.

Proud Boys Plead Guilty To Charges Stemming From NYC Attacks

Roger Stone Continues To Find Ways To Piss Off Judge

Gotta love that GOP!

Successful Dem candidates must use this, to respond to repugs' b.s.

Ohio Republican judge leaves GOP after 41 years

Senator Hawley served with a subpoena.

Now about that ridiculous summit and the free hairdos

Anyone have peptic ulcers?

Judge orders Roger Stone to explain imminent release of book that may violate gag order

Nazareth - Love Hurts

We've got to USE this.

Hilarious. According to CPAP attendees Alexandria Ocasio Cortez


Here's what Buzzfeed has to say about Manafort's defense sentencing document:

House freshman Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) to introduce bill blaming Kim Jong Un for Otto Warmbier death

The BEST tweet in a long time!

Judge asks Roger Stone to explain 'imminent' release of book

An American got sick in Taiwan. He came back with a tale of the 'horrors of socialized medicine.'

God bless Portland, Oregon

NECESSARY for our candidates.

Hamena, Hamena, Hamena ...

The Daily Show: The "Black Friend" Defense - Between the Scenes

Pancho and Lefty


The Daily Show: Kamala Harris - How to Fix Policing and Criminal Justice in America

The Mueller report will be released in paperback on 3/26/19, all 960 pages and 1.1 pounds.

What do you think about Ken Dilanian (NBC) saying on The Beat that the left needs to...

Seth Meyers: President Trump and Kim Jong-un's Meeting, Justin Bieber's 25th Birthday Monologue 2/28

Two from Wm. Still Grant: "Symphony No.1, "Symphony No.2"

Ohio Republican judge leaves GOP after 41 years over disgust with the party under Trump

Pence Says 'Freedom' Ended Slavery & Defeated Hitler,' In Annual CPAC Speech

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Bernie Sanders Says It's Awkward Running Against His Colleagues

The Republican Party no longer exists

Tech whiz makes a fool of himself mastering the iPhone's "Touch ID." The tech whiz would be ME.


Retired Gen. Clark urges UVa students to help fix politics.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un Are Just Like Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Walter is upset again...😂

Approval rating slipping in Midwest

Hillary Clinton: Babies should not be in detention

High support for South Korea among Americans

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Gives Guillermo Directions

Where the investigations stand

Judge orders Roger Stone to explain imminent release of book that may violate gag order

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kimmel Kartoon - Michael Cohen is Droopy the Dog

Brave Cat Travels Across The World To Her New Home

I am actually quite afraid of the spread of "socialism"

Curtis Mayfield live in 1972...

Caracas Chronicles, Part I of an Ongoing Series

When the Levee Breaks - Reaction

Remember the Maine? CIA Intervention in Venezuela

Shopko used borrowed money to pay dividends; owes Wisconsin $13 million in taxes, fees

Wellspring of Milwaukee nursing home now closed after chaotic week

SpaceX Is Launching a Historic Crew Dragon Test Flight for NASA Tonight! Watch It Live

We need to encourage our representatives to support SoCalism.

Appleton native Greta Van Susteren has a new TV gig.

Doom for midnight

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Bernie Sanders Says It's Awkward Running Against His Colleagues

This is creepy

Samuel L. Jackson

Evers proposes minimum wage increase to $9 per hour by 2021

The billion dollar bummer: Why some Minnesota lawmakers are so conflicted about the state's not-

Federal auction sells leasing rights on thousands of acres of prime sage-grouse habitat

Saudi Arabia: detained women's rights activists to be put on trial

Saudi Arabia: detained women's rights activists to be put on trial

Saudi Arabia: detained women's rights activists to be put on trial

SpaceX successfully launches test dummy aboard new Dragon crew capsule toward space station

Striking Oakland teachers, school district reach tentative agreement

The CIA's View of Venezuela: What We Learn From the Archives

DOJ: No civil rights charge in deadly Tulsa police shooting

Well, we finally know how much the Minnesota Jobs Coalition spent on the 2018 election

Your Gangsta name is the color of your shirt and the last thing you drank. Who are you?

Families of Texas church shooting victims sue gun retailer

Peach Cobbler

UK-US trade deal: Envoy attacks 'myths' about US farming

It's clearly time to rename the Environmental Protection Agency

Why Minnesota legislators are so worried about the state's farmers

On the combustion of biomass in oxygen enriched carbon dioxide atmospheres.

Expect to see the S-word beaten to a pulp by Election Day 2020

European Union Lawmakers Arrested Protesting US Nuclear Weapons in Belgium

White Savior: The Movie

Minnesota House Republican upset about painting in which Trump gropes a woman's crotch

Minnesota House Republican upset about painting in which Trump gropes a woman's crotch

'When we strike, we win': Tentative agreement reached in Oakland teacher strike

cat brings joy to elderly man at hospital.

Tomi Lahren, Fox News wannabe/never-was, says Minnesota has 'terrorist wannabe problem'

Minnesota dairy farmers dump milk because of snow buildup

Quite possibly the most boring superhero ever:

We Just Discovered The Moon Moves Through Earth's Atmosphere

Photos: I grew up in Brooklyn, in a three-and-a-half room, rent-controlled apartment on E. 26th St.

Rochester man charged with stealing $172,000 from Mayo Clinic

Man convicted after threatening St. Paul church now accused of threatening county, state workers

Mayz Meanz Delayz

Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she will 'do better' in treatment of staffers

BOBBY CALDWELL - What You Won't Do For Love

In 80 Years, Warming Oceans Have Cut Multiple Fisheries' Productivity By 15-35%

Plastics May Draw Attention To Failing Ocean Health, But Warming, Acidification Far Bigger Threats

Fires In Tuscany, Penine Hills (UK), Rhine Falling As Record Winter Warmth Continues Over Europe

FL GOP wants to continue to privatize education. Why you shouldn't teach here!

For those of you having trouble telling the Trumps apart.....

Arctic Temps Now 20C Above Normal; Enormous Movement Over Bering Strait Side Into Arctic Basin

American Geophysical Union: Very Strong Methane Growth In The Four Years 2014-2017

Toni Harris has huge dreams to be the first woman to play in the NFL

Neo-Nazi group's leader is black man who vows to dissolve it

Why Jeremy Corbyn's media-bashing is Trumpian - and dangerous for democracy

CPAC attendees say Biden poses greatest threat to Trump

When Republicans cry socialism respond with this...and be proud to be a Dem

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp tells Fox News that the conference is embracing nationalism

New debt showdown begins for Trump, Democrats

Federal Gov Agrees To Funding For Disappearing Salton Sea; CO River Drought Plan May Move Forward

Western Snowpack Improving, But Odds Of Lower Colorado Basin Shortage Still North Of Two-Thirds

Kamala Harris makes sure Hispanic people hear her message

Rhode Island fraudster was major donor to Reynolds, Ernst, King, Pate

Rhode Island fraudster was major donor to Reynolds, Ernst, King, Pate

After Record Rainfall, Flooding In 2018, Harlingen TX, Other Rio Grande Valley Towns Parse Options

Could you get a starker example of how power at any cost works?

By The Book: The Right Answer by John Delaney

WikiLeaks Veteran: I 'Cooperated' With Feds 'in Exchange for Immunity'

Carl Bernstein: Our Country is in a 'Cold Civil War' in Great Danger of Being Ignited by Trump

Sen. Mazie Hirono Slams Trump: He's 'More Than Willing' to Believe Murders, Dictators Over...

If we had real journalists with a traditional sense of integrity, this Ted Cruz spew would never

Former head of children's food program gets 33 months in federal prison in fraud case

Stained Glass and Candles

Candace Owens at CPAC: Racism Is Over Because 'I've Never Been a Slave'

ON LOCATION for @BernieSanders. Volunteers are lined up to begin.

Litterbug discards trash all over Portland park What Would You Do? WWYD

Florida GOPer Real Sorry He Called Pregnant Women 'Host Bodies'

11 Million Taxpayers Losing $323 Billion In Deductions In Trump Tax Hit

Republicans pound abortion 'infanticide' message

Deficit-swelling Trump White House plans to use deficit against Democrats

Players' union sees 'value' with universal DH

Sometimes going back to the 20th Century is not a bad plan...

Here's what will happen on DU when the Mueller report is released

2020 Democratic hopefuls fanning out in early-voting states

Have Mueller and SDNY already interviewed Allen Weisselberg?

Top Foreign Affairs Dem rebukes Ilhan Omar for 'vile anti-Semitic slur'

Bill would let Minnesota school leaders escape funding cuts, jail time for not making up snow days

Myth: Nationalism is just the idea that a nation is and should be a nation

I think this is Abbe Lowell saying Kushner lied to him

A brutal Arctic air mass is about to take over the United States

This video of hannity and trump should be flagged as political porn.

Yesterday the last car rolled down the line at Lordstown GM in Lordstown Ohio, I wept as I

Shakira I'll Stand By You

Sexual & Reproductive Slavery: It's not just for African slaves anymore (and it never was)

"My Pillow" Guy Humping for Trump; Boycott My Pillow

France anti-Semitism: Strasbourg Jewish memorial vandalised

Cuomo: This is why Trump supporters shrug off lies - YouTube

Gator surfboard?

Lies are an assault upon reality.

Western Illinois University to lay off over 100 workers.

Picture of the century...Nature defeats technology

Trump bizarrely boasts his privately-held Scotland golf course 'furthers U.K. relationship!'

Bernie Sanders on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Poster linking Rep. Ilhan Omar to 9/11 sparks outrage, injuries in W.Va. state Capitol

Breakfast with The Beatles

Democrats 'overplaying their hand'. I don't recall the media asking republicans this during Benghazi

Watch 'CNN Christie' vs. 'Fox News Christie'!

Trump on Israel embassy move: 'Evangelicals appreciate it more than the Jews'

Dear Liberals and Independents

Breakfast with The Beatles 2

Large Ecstatic Crowds for Kamala Harris in Las Vegas

Breakfast with The Beatles 3

Breakfast with The Beatles 4

Welcome Back, Bernie!

Breakfast with The Beatles 5

Child Marriages in Idaho.

Do you think a candidate's "Body Language" is important?

He has all the best "treasons" to run again.....

Standing in line for the Sanders kickoff rally in Brooklyn

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of talking with, or being

The test of democracy is in its protection of minority rights

Whoopsie: "Gun slips from waistband, shoots man in genitals"

West Fargo man gets 18 months in prison for threatening to kill federal judge

Weekend TOONs - Jared Kushner's Republican-Approved Security Clearance (and stuff)

Ocasio-Cortez may have opened door to Trump's taxes

Just out for a walk with 42 Saint Bernards...!

"Time fer yer spankin'!" . . . Please come CAPTION Jim Jordan!!

Faiz Shakir: Finally, a South Asian American at the helm of a presidential campaign

Western North Dakota landowners call property rights bill 'offensive'

video shows Portland officers made deal with far-right group leader

Wonder if, during the Cohen hearings (open or closed) if he was ever asked this!

P.D.A. syndrome, Pathological Demand Avoidance, describes Trump to a "T"!

Michelle Malkin gets standing ovation at CPAC for mocking John McCain.

Nina Turner: On the way to the #BernieinBrooklyn Rally w/ @_terryalexander

Breakfast with Big Star

Your Library Card Can Get You So Much More Than Books (Tools, dogs, seeds, etc. )

Recent hospital stay

Breakfast with Big Star 2

What's with hotel bathrooms?

What is a Liberal? What is a Progressive? What is a Conservative..

Family Pug Seized And Sold On EBay To Cover Unpaid Debts

Impeachment is the best thing that could happen to Donald Trump and the Republican Party

For me bradda. Mr. Lebowski

Donut shop experience.

Legislative committee votes down $8M save for South Dakota nursing homes

Breakfast with Big Star 3

Documentary on one of the most underrated bands of the 70's. Big Star!

Homeless Dog Surprises Rescuer With Puppies -- And One Of Them Is Green

What can be done if "big money" isn't standing in the way of effective politicians

Swalwell re: Cohen - "We expect him to come back on Wednesday with CORROBORATING DOCS"

Haugaard: Jobs, Schmobs, I Want My WASP Culture!

Dimarzio 59 paf have arrived neck and bridge

GOP refuses to believe Michael Cohen bc he lied to Congress before...

Hey Mark Meadows! You say that you don't have a...

11 Million Taxpayers Losing $323 Billion In Deductions In Trump Tax Hit

Homosexuality is

John Dean: Why Cohen's Testimony May Help Take Down Trump

How to fix a broken onion, from a male perspective.

Ah, Prom nite in Ole' Dixie - Days to remember

The weather report is highly instructive here...


Swalwell: "We truly were at the edge of our seats..."

Who's Afraid of Amy Klobuchar?

How to automatically remove frump's image from your computer: Chrome extension

Police called to check on a deranged freezing man,

Pete Buttigieg CNN Town Hall, Sunday March 10 @ 9:00 P.M.

No, it's not a hoax: Massive alligator found in Southwest GA

The Lion of March Attacks!

Put Stone in jail already!

We need an Annual PPAC convention ,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!

The Guardian: Facebook's global lobbying against data privacy laws.

LIVE Stream Bernie Sanders kickoff rally in Brooklyn

A call for old-fashioned fudge recipes that produce

Anyone remember how Fox News reacted when Obama said he'd be WILLING to meet with Lil Kim?

Watch This Kitten Grow Up With A Pit Bull

"Many people don't know..."

My nomination for funniest thread of the day: Read replies: DUlitzer Prize!

Reposting handy calendar of upcoming hearings etc...add Cohen on the 6th and Sater on the 14th, eh?

Should Trump lose in 2020, he can expect to be cuffed by SDNY officials as soon as he departs the WH

Beware! The MEMES of March

Nirvana - In Bloom

Trump at CPAC - classic

A very good friend of the United States!

USD law students change party theme after 'Hawaiian Day' deemed 'culturally insensitive'

If a person or organization has to announce/write

every time I go to write the word 'scissor' I have look it up. and i swear to myself

Ear Worm of the Day

Funny STOS season 1 clips

Did the Kushner security clearance set off a counter intelligence operation?

Is SNL on reruns tonight or is it new?

Roland Martin on Van Jones at CPAC

Strasbourg's Old Synagogue memorial vandalized in 'anti-Semitic act'

So glad to see MSNBC cover Bernie's speech: They loved covering 45 last time....

The Cohen documents changed everything.

What is Bernie Asking of those to whom he wants to give so much?

ISIS faces final territorial defeat in eastern Syria battle

4 civilians killed after India, Pakistan trade fire on Kashmir border

Some of their own medicine: Isn't it interesting that "DONALD JOHN TRUMP" and

There is a good reason Republicans hate AOC.

Asked by @mschlapp about reports that Pres Trump doesn't read much, Mulvaney said:


Comedian Absolutely Shreds Heckler over Bernie Sanders Lie

NTSB found the cockpit voice recorder from the cargo crash near Anahuac.

Rapid City senator apologizes for 'true black history' flier at Capitol

Being a male, I can honestly say I want more woman elected to congress.

"Labor is the superior of capital..."

UK ambassador to UK says chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef is fine

South Dakota state senators reject request to amend 1863 law forcing Sioux tribes onto reservations

Trump Is Now Illegally Promoting His Golf Course As Foreign Policy

Accurate Satire Tweet (I Had to Share This)

Trump's CPAC speech edited down to its essence.

''We are going to be a part of a political revolution that will change this country''

Trump hugs American flag after walking on stage at CPAC

Photo from Ari: Well a few people showed up today in Brooklyn

A president gets cheered for cursing

Ruined crops, salty soil: How rising seas are poisoning North Carolina's farmland

"Never Forget", You Said:

Ruined crops, salty soil: How rising seas are poisoning North Carolina's farmland

Bernie exits as the crowd goes wild!

CPAC: The earth is flat. There was no moon landing.

Trump Rails Against Mueller, Mocks Sessions in Profane Tirade: Trying to Take Me Down With 'Bullsh*t

Rep. Ilhan Omar also under attack by GOP

The Cramps Play a Mental Hospital in Napa, California in 1978: The Punkest of Punk Concerts

Ex-Dallas City Council member pleads guilty to taking bribes

I have not done this in a while.

Tweet of the Day

Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado is quietly and seriously thinking about a run for president.

In my eyes this is the CHAIN of OBSTRUCTION (Each one stopping all our regulations)

Cemetery granted state historical status in South TX town believed to be the oldest settlement in US

Full text: Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign kickoff speech

Orange Anus Mouth is still honking on Faux

Trump Announces He'll Sign Exec Order Requiring Colleges and Universities to 'Support Free Speech'

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts

Somebody needs to call for the men in the white coats with the restraints! The pResident is on the

Those two lawyers Fredricka Whitfield has on were discussing Gaetz

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees, a United States Attorney Nominee, and US Marshal Nominees

30 Genius Ideas That Are Hard To Believe Are Still Not Implemented

This 2016 NY Times review of a biography about Hitler

2019 Horse Racing - Winx wins her 31th straight race

Daniel Dale live tweets cpac

So, 13k at Bernie's Brooklyn launch today

Have you seen this--about Barr's son-in-law?

Laurence Tribe: "POTUS as the boss of a racketeering influenced criminal organization"

First time I have seen this Classic Rock Video. Love it!!

I've been impressed by Beto, especially what he said about anthem kneeling. However...

MSNBC coverage of the meltdown is hilarious

Trump At CPAC: Democrats Want Funding For A Train From California To Hawaii

Because 2 self-mutilation threads are never enough: a third.

Nina Turner.

Did he mention the wall and the emergency during his rant?

So I hear Trump's speech at CPAC is still running at 2 hours

Concorde made its first flight fifty years ago today.

Trump is the result of our American culture

Man Shoots Himself Below The Belt

Alex Witless just said 3 syllables: "Me-lan-yuh." Is it supposed to be 4?

"It wasn't to his advantage to allow it to happen..."

Infant mortality in Venezuela has doubled during crisis, UN says

Guesses about tonight's SNL cold open.

Former Yazidi captives of IS reunite with families in Iraq

Former Yazidi captives of IS reunite with families in Iraq

Photo: Our friend Oscar Salazar spotted in Brooklyn after rally :)

'Sanctuary' cities are getting their grants despite threats

the replacements - swingin' party & here comes a regular (studio - 1986)

Tribes accuse Corps of withholding pipeline study records

NTSB sending investigators to fatal Tesla-semitrailer crash


A Troubling Discovery in the Deepest Ocean Trenches

AP FACT CHECK: Trump twists Cohen's words on collusion

Just more OMG WTF

German leader clarifies stance on student climate protests

Caption time.

the wallflowers - shy of the moon (1992 -studio) ... dylan meets the grateful dead ...

Strange, I just googled something and it came up with a link.

567 Venezuelan soldiers defected to Colombia, and it could be a sign that Maduro's once rock-solid p

Ok we now have evidence of criminality

Bernie in Brooklyn criticizes Trump by name

Four women who left water and food for migrants in Arizona sentenced to probation

Aren't Taxpayer Subsidies of Pro Football Stadiums & Pro Basketball Arenas Socialism?

How a black man 'outsmarted' a neo-Nazi group and became their new leader

Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 - 7/21/1970 - Tanglewood

Chaos erupts, 2 arrested during Texas execution

Dripping wet

Trump not responsible for low unemployment. Demography is.

DEA, New York law enforcement raid alleged NY drug mill, recover enough fentanyl to kill 2 nearly mi

Poster linking Rep. Ilhan Omar to 9/11 sparks outrage, injuries in W.Va. state Capitol

Sunrise, Sunset

U.S. Flag abuse

Candidate overload?

B.B. King & John Mayer

Has anyone heard about the Yulin dog eating festival in China

Have been reading up about living in an RV or buying a tiny home

How a black man 'outsmarted' a neo-Nazi group and became their new leader

Sen. Lindsey Graham at #CPAC: makes weird joke about north korea leader

Is General Raisin in charge of Space Force? Does anyone have a clue with Trump gibberish?

cpac attendees cheer trump"s cursing and mocking

Just received this from the Adam Schiff Team....trump at cpac

Besides FOX, any other tv networks carrying his rant in full?

Bananas for Bernie

Build a Border Wall? Here's What Border Communities Say They Want Instead

Willing to bet there is more

john mayer - slow dancing in a burning room (2013 - live on letterman)

Chicago mayor's race heats up with attack ads that blast a 'wealthy lawyer' and city 'machine' polit

MARCH 7, 8, 9 - Bernie Sanders plans three rallies for his first Iowa trip ahead of 2020

One thing is pretty obvious right out of the gate regarding Bernie...

classy trump promoting his businesses via twitter

Trump mimics Southern accent at CPAC to ridicule his former AG; also mocks Dems and Green New Deal

This, times a million.

Just had my first slice of Pretzel Crust Pizza from Little Caesars

The face you make when you travel 150 years into the future and you discover that

Senate Intel Committee Now Investigating Trump's Various Trips to Russia

Gotta start somewhere & remember at the same times

Trump's Rollicking, Two-Hour CPAC Speech is Longest of His Presidency

Scottish government wins Donald Trump wind power legal costs

Right now on C-Span2 - Book TV - great panel!

Stone's attorneys have until Monday to respond to judge about Stone's book.

trump got super sweaty at cpac

Elizabeth Warren says "I'm sorry. I followed Pence's history on LGBTQ Americans..."

GOP strategist stunned by reception to Trump's 'unhinged' CPAC speech: The Republican Party is dead

Losartan Recall (Blood Pressure Medicine): Third Possible Cancer Agent - NMBA

rump: Some Serving in the U.S. Congress "Hate Our Country"

What do you do when your diabetic dog's blood sugar is over 350 on an empty stomach?

So, trump wants a war, when and where will it be?

Scary article from The Guardian: "Why Trump Could Win Again"

For those who like/love cats

OK, I there's the SNL opener tonite. But- does no one else dream of Anthony Atamanuik...

With the hate trump is stirring up, some of our new members of Congress

Rescued Baby Raccoon Splashes Around In The Bathtub

John Mulaney hosts SNL. Thomas Rhett is the musical guest. N/T

I caught a couple of seconds of Trump's speech at CPAC!

I want to cancel cable tv but keep Internet

Trump Nobel nominations were forged

The History of Funk Music (documentary on youtube)

Nice try Mueller...

Tiny Puppy Saved From Dog Fighting Falls Into The Right Hands

Candidates press to connect with black voters

WNT Honors Inspirational Women with Names on Back of Jerseys at SheBelieves Cup

Behind Illicit Massage Parlors Lie a Vast Crime Network and Modern Indentured Servitude

Tulsi Gabbard's Financial Disclosures Leave Out Ties To Koch-Funded Think Tank

Trump's Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize Was Apparently Forged. Twice.

So after that CPAC meltdown how can actual conservatives still consider themselves part of all this?

Paper: Klobuchar promises to 'do better' by her staff

wife is home from rehab

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