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Trump wants to see Mueller probe before it gets to legislators so they

Nunes sues Twitter, some users, seeks over $250M alleging anti-conservative 'shadow bans,' smears

Today's "snowplow parents" keep their children's futures obstacle-free

Aurea Vazquez Rijos: Beauty queen jailed for husband's murder

Aurea Vazquez Rijos: Beauty queen jailed for husband's murder

Music by PINK written to "W" rededicated to GET realDonaldTrump

Trump retweeted a QAnon supporter during his Twitter bender

Expressing oceans of appreciation for mnhtnbb

Pelosi Joins Clay In Ferguson To Stump For Voting-Rights Legislation

New Zealand shooter, QAnon fans get their radicalization from the exact same place

I'm back!!

Beto O'Rourke vs. Bernie Sanders sets up a debate about Medicare-for-all vs. "Medicare for America"

Watching Senator Gillibrand on ALL IN

'Laughter is the great unifier' - behind the incredible life of Molly Ivins

Mueller makes history exposing crime spree by former Trump aides

Watching Gillibrand, MSNBC Town Hall?

"Impeach Pence First".

Americans overwhelmingly want Congress to defy Trump and override his veto

NCAA Launches Investigation Into Why It Wasn't Making Millions Off Recent College Admissions Scandal

Overwhelming majority of voters want final Mueller report released

Only 7 Black Students Got Into N.Y.'s Most Selective High School, Out of 895 Spots

IF the vile MAGAcretin did nothing wrong and it's all a witch hunt, please explain

Countdown to Mumford and 12

Farm Bankruptcies Already @ 10-Year High; Now NE Farms/Ranches Lose Herds, Farms, Rail To Floods

GOP senator disinvited to Republican event over vote against Trump's emergency declaration

I hope this video makes your day, it definitely made mine One on One with Kellyanne Conway 🤣🤣🤣

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs smokable medical marijuana bill

Harvard Environmental Law Head: CERA Statements By Big Oil On Methane Emissions "Performance Art"

Seattle Council approves zoning changes for affordable housing

Poll: Biden leads among millennial voters

Cyclone Idai may have killed more than 1,000 in Mozambique, President says

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! NEW MALLOYCAST SPECIAL!

Correct me if I'm wrong but

On Rachel Maddow now. Trump inflated assets to Deutsche Bank to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Satire...pretty funny..."A STATEMENT FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA " the whole thing.

"The lowest cost way to get to universal coverage"?

House freshman draws a large crowd to her first town hall meeting.

A husband and wife, both teachers, came up with this....

Striped bass population in trouble, new study finds.

Why are Venezuelans seeking refuge in crypto-currencies?

Wish we could elect E. Warren. Not sold on Beto.

Jack the Ripper identified by DNA evidence, forensic scientists claim

Mercury retrograde's a bugger. There's got to be a better life than mine.

Bravo Elizabeth Warren fans! Exceptional on CNN. Heart + Brains

Bernie 2020 Rolls out its NJ Campaign Leadership Team

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Flood responders

40 Years...

Biden weighing an early announcement of running mate

OH NO! **MySpace** lost a decade of music uploads during a server migration

CNN Names Beto The 6 Million Dollar Man!

"Everyone running for federal office should be required to post their tax returns online."

" Chilling. They walk among us."........

Trump was tried two times for income tax fraud, and he lost both cases. (I never knew this)

Irish Catholic organization slams GOP for 'defaming' Irish Americans with 'toxic' tweet

Inside the August plot to kill Maduro with drones

A Child's Treasury of Petty, Stupid, Men Doing Petty, Stupid, Things, Starring Devin Nunes' Mom F/SC

Please welcome our new host, backtoblue!

Elizabeth Warren has one important advantage over Bernie

"I don't care when 45 calls him 'Crazy Bernie''

A Weird Powder Puzzle on the Martian Moon Phobos May Be Solved

Ali's filling in for Lawrence on "Last Word" tonight with angry panelists

Andrew Yang, Upstart Democratic Presidential Candidate, Comes Out Against Circumcision

Wow. A phrase I never thought to hear on HGTV.

Epstein prosecutors chose older victim to ease sex offender registration requirements

Ex-Peru president Alejandro 'El Cholo' Toledo arrested in US for drunkenness

Ex-Peru president Alejandro 'El Cholo' Toledo arrested in US for drunkenness

58 tweets in 2 and 1/2 day?

Biden weighing an early announcement of running mate

Elizabeth slayed tonight on CNN. She really is the best candidate in the field ...

Manhattan Court Signals Move to Open Epstein Teen Sex Documents - happening tomorrow

Any quilters use an AccuQuilt fabric cutter?

Five of the six most violent cities in the world are in Mexico

Send me a free Xanex. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 A closer look with Seth.

Never lose an argument about Trump again.

Twitter user "Devin Nunes' Mom" sued by...Devin Nunes. (plus 3 additional lawsuits, total $250M)

Top Cities with the Most Aggressive Drivers

Bolsonaro touts 'changed', U.S.-friendly Brazil to Washington

Bolsonaro touts 'changed', U.S.-friendly Brazil to Washington


The Daily Show - Beto O'Rourke: Born to Run & Born to Apologize

Jahana Hayes just keeps on doing her job, representing and helping her constituents....

Seeking Conviction: Justice elusive for NC sexual assault survivors

Blunt disinvited to GOP event in backlash over vote to block Trump's emergency powers

The Daily Show: Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang's Campaign for Universal Basic Income

Concertina wire stolen from border fence and used for home security in Tijuana

Seth Meyers - Trump Melts Down on Twitter, Defends Fox News Hosts: A Closer Look

Who, in the White House, came up with this bright idea?

Here is the Pentagon's list of construction projects that could be cut to fund a border wall

The "Tells" Are Just So Telling

Kentucky High Schooler Suing CNN For $275M Wants NBC, AP, Bill Maher Next

Warren calls for 'full-blown conversation about reparations'

Houston-area residents and workers complained of itchy throats and burning eyes following tank fire

Krugman: Getting Real About Rural America - Nobody knows how to reverse the heartland's decline.

I'd like to see Trudeau run on this. There are 300 radical right wing groups

When the parody is actually better than the original song....

Colbert for the win.

Have you seen the naughty 'toon from "Devin Nunes Mom"? NSFW

Judiciary Committee chairman says he has received tens of thousands of documents in Trump investigat

Trump won't get sustained 'boom' without an infrastructure bill and more tax cuts, new White House r

Hey everybody, let's do an experiment to find out if Devin Nunes is indeed "shadow banned"

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Visited the CIA During His Trip to the U.S.

Kamala's Heels Making Herstory

Brazil's pres Bolsonaro, wooing Trump, opens base to US rockets

Court in Chechnya banishes human rights activist to penal colony

'Broke up with sleep': Cory Booker exposed as addicted to coffee jokes

'One of the World's Most Respected Intelligence Agencies': Bolsonaro's Bring-Your-Son-to-the-CIA Day

'One of the World's Most Respected Intelligence Agencies': Bolsonaro's Bring-Your-Son-to-the-CIA Day

Tulsi Gabbard: the progressive 2020 hopeful praised by Bannon and the right

Elon Musk never sought approval for a single Tesla tweet, U.S. SEC tells judge

Tech consortium flags more than 800 versions of New Zealand attack video

A Friendly Heads-Up to Trump Supporters

Warren calls for scrapping U.S. electoral college in 2020 televised town hall

Warren calls for scrapping U.S. electoral college in 2020 televised town hall

Trump to nominate Washington lawyer Christopher Landau ambassador to Mexico: White House

Trump to nominate Washington lawyer Christopher Landau ambassador to Mexico: White House

Saudi Arabia curbs family influence in Binladin group shake-up

Saudi Arabia curbs family influence in Binladin group shake-up

Why Trump Is Stuck With 'Saturday Night Live'

For All The Cows. Devin Nunes is an idiot. #DevinNunesMom

Supreme Court divided over Virginia redistricting case and question of racial discrimination

Mexico warns Canadian mining companies of increased scrutiny

Memo to the GOP

Hope, an Orangutan, Was Shot 74 Times. She Was Blinded but Survived.

Michelle Goldberg: Who Do Jared and Ivanka Think They Are?

'It's Probably Over for Us': Record Floods Bring New Toll When Farmers Can Least Afford It

Gore: US Getting Close To Political Shift On Climate Change

'Egg Boy' to donate money raised for him towards victims of Christchurch attack

England could run short of water within 25 years

Sergei Lyapunov: "Nocturne", Anthony Gladstone on piano/Jakob Lindberg on lute: "Nocturnal"/Bizet:

#Superbloom or #poppynightmare? Selfie chaos forces canyon closure

Judge: Feds can post info on FBI raid of Trump's ex-lawyer

French cardinal convicted in sex abuse scandal to meet pope

Trump Reacts Angrily As Facebook Partially Blocks White House Social Media Director

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen highlights terror, cyber threats

US Navy won't alter sail-bys at sea despite China destroyer maneuver

Gillibrand attempts to raise money from her attack on Franken

Inside a Martian crater

Astronomers Have Detected 83 Black Holes in The Early Universe, Challenging Cosmology

Solar power used to create hydrogen fuel from seawater

Deutsche Bank loaned over $2 billion to Trump: report

AP finds hot records falling twice as often as cold ones

Some humans can sense Earth's magnetic field, suggests study

Play Ball!

Geologists Keep Finding 'Impossible' Rocks on This Remote Tropical Island

''The Predator Class''

YIKES!! Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman Hit With a $500 Billion Lawsuit

The Daily Show: Trump's Rhetoric and the Christchurch Shootings - Between the Scenes

Everything you need to know about our iconic Illawarra flame trees

Lost Leopard Cub Reunited with Mom

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/18/19


Ancient Monkey Bone Tools Shake Up the Narrative of Early Human Migration to the Rain Forest

Stephen Colbert - Author Vicky Ward: Only Melania Can Say 'No' To Ivanka

"Certain Women". Beautiful, subtle movie.

Here's a brief list of the many brands and products that include palm oil:

40 Years Ago Today; C-SPAN begins broadcasting from the House of Representatives

US sends specialist Thoughts And Prayers team to New Zealand after novice PM foolishly contemplates

Laborers 110 strikes against unfair labor practices at U.S. Silica

Labor supports Pritzker's progressive tax plan

Missouri county GOP pulls invitation to Blunt to protest emergency declaration vote, report says

Frank Lloyd Wright house in Town and Country could open to the public as a museum

Christchurch shootings: Ardern vows never to say gunman's name

Ex-Rep. Rodney Moore indicted on charges involving unreported campaign contributions

A Silent Sam supporter brought a gun to UNC on Saturday. Police asked him to leave.

Little River Band - Cool Change

Constitutional Crisis in Britain as Speaker blocks the bill

5 things Bernie Sanders must do to win in South Carolina

South Carolina wants to prevent the election fraud causing turmoil in North Carolina

How House Democrats pulled a bait and switch on impeaching Donald Trump

The Cult of Peronality

The Rundown: March 18, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 03/13/19

Dane County judge puts off decision in lame duck lawsuit

🐦 MAR 23 at 2:30 PDT - Rally in Los Angeles with Bernie Sanders

USC students linked to admissions scandal can't enroll in classes, get transcripts, university says

World's poor pay more for water than the rich: UN

Joe Biden leads 2020 Democrats in millennial support, poll finds.

Japanese Olympic chief to quit amid corruption allegations scandal

Tuesday TOONs March (and every other month) Madness

White Supremacy in all it's GLORY!!!!

I had a crazy--yet very still believable--dream last night.

Amazon: Arlington Co. Board Unanimously Votes To Approve $23Mill HQ2 Incentive Package

City of New York to Comply with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and Prevent Contamination of the

Shocking! Sen. Warren Warn Trumps Failure on CNN Town Hall with Jake

Huawei and Germany: 5G relationship status is complicated

Preet's got a new book out: Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment and the Rule

Kamala: "to help people understand they should not make assumptions about who black people are"

State House Rep Brian Ellis (R-Butler) resigned, Special elect May 21st

Military Joke - Works with any branch

Venezuela suspends oil exports to India


Beto to be at Penn State 3/19

DU for Warren is having it's best week/day yet

DU for Warren is having it's best week/day yet

Parents Who Cop to College Admissions Scam May Stay Out Of Jail

Boeing's Next Jet Has Safety Concerns, but FAA Says It's OK

Trump exploits Facebook -- again

Uninspired by the crop of 2020 Democrats? Keep your eyes on Mayor Pete

Couple lets house go to the dogs to find homes for thousands of rescues

Two random thoughts on Elizabeth Warren

Trump campaign manager: George Conway 'jealous' of Kellyanne Conway's success

Will We Destroy the Future?: A Conversation with Nick Bostrom

Trump Lashes Out at 'Dishonest or Corrupt' Media: 'Fake News is the Absolute Enemy of the People'

Trump exploits Facebook -- again

Fox & Friends Furious at Comic Book Teaching Kids to 'Know Your Rights' During ICE Raid:...

A Different View of the 2020 Presidential Election and Campaign.

Gee, the Cons are viciously attacking Beto! Why in the world are they doing that?

Don't even THINK of awarding Today's Internet to ANYONE other than MR. GEORGE CONWAY. #owned

How the National Enquirer Got Bezos' Texts

Mike Pence will visit Nebraska today to survey flood damage

Donald Trump is the King of the Money Launderers.

Gillibrand defends handling of harassment complaints

Former Sen. John McCain's role in Trump dossier intrigue detailed in deposition

Cartoon: Jacinda of New Zealand vs. Trump

Dem candidates to participate in LGBTQ-focused forum in October

US ambassador to Germany should be sent home over NATO spending row: Bundestag deputy speaker

Preet Bharara thoughts on Mueller upcoming Report

ISIS Camp In Baghouz Is Captured, As U.S. Allies Declare Progress In Syria

Records show FBI was investigating Michael Cohen long before raid

Effective Altruism

Mortgage No More: Baby Boomers Who Rent Are On the Rise

If "fake news" is so big an issue

Work Requirements Will Be Enforced for Medicaid Recipients in Ohio

Appeals court taking on whether Trump is violating the Constitution with his business dealings

Happy Birthday to DFW today!

USA Today caught cheating on poll

Where in the world is Tulsi Gabbard?

Nunes is suing Twitter for $250 million dollars because trolling on twitter is a basic human right

Trump Repeats NZ Shooter's Rhetoric Verbatim

Trump Threatens Military & Police Crackdown Against Political Opponents

Twelve arrested in South Jersey drugs, 'ghost guns' ring

The Ninth Amendment of the Constitution - question for DU Constitutional scholars

Cohen raid documents released. CNN is reading through now.

French Europe minister says article 50 extension without reason would be pointless

Breaking: Rod Rosenstein is staying longer at DOJ, per NBC's Pete Williams.

No wonder POtuS is having a meltdown. I just read that NY article re: Deutschbank. WOW.

I'm excited to announce we are headed to California this weekend to bring the political revolution

If we don't win in 2020, it may be the end of America as we know it

Missouri state tax return are a hot mess this year

Paul Ryan Joining the Board at FOX

Anti-vaxxers are now harassing parents who lost their children to illnesses.

Nikki Haley is a new nominee for the Boeing Board of Directors

Amy Klobuchar Runs On A Record Of Accomplishments ......

The difference between Starr and Mueller report

Devin Nunes' cow has something to say, and

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joins board of Fox Corporation

Surprise Cat!

So, my 64k question is...How do we get people to vote?

My personal theory on the Kellyanne/George Conway er, um, situation.

Guest at MAGA-rally openly advocates for dictatorship, gets standing ovation.

Elizabeth Warren wants to kill the electoral college

Rosenstein Agrees to Hang On at DOJ 'a Little While Longer,' Fox Reports

MSNBC: Trump to hold news conference 1:45pm et

Has Trump Seen the Mueller Report?

Ref Who Cut Black Teen Wrestler's Dreads Says He's Suffering 'Emotional Distress'

Here's the Cohen Documents

I'm impressed by the diversity of our candidates.

I agree with Trump that fake news is the enemy

Indicted Oligarch Dmytro Firtash Praises Paul Manafort, Says Trump Has Third-Grade Smarts

And this is legal how??

I just got bad news about my Tortie, Bouddica

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts; March 18, 2019

Team Biden Braces to Be Clobbered From Both Sides

What for it?

Sequestration Order for Fiscal Year 2020

Pre school field trip passing out the snacks boog is a great ambassador

Ex GOP leader Paul Ryan just got a big payoff from republican donor.


Have You Ruled Out Any Candidates?

Brown: Trump 'finally woke up and acts like he wants to do something' about GM plant closure

Gorillaz - Dare

Okay. I admit it. I need hearing aids...

CNN: Rosenstein to stay at DOJ "a little longer".

America's Economy Is Rigged From Top to Bottom

Rod Rosenstein staying at Justice Department 'a little longer'

Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Campaign Announces 10 New Women Hires

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan joins board of Fox News' parent company

@EricGiddens4IA It's Election Day! Make sure your voice is heard in this important election.

More info on NYT article by David Enrich on Trump & Deutche Bank (reason why Trump has melted down)

re Epstein - How many officials in government are part of the pedophile ring

Fort Calhoun nuclear storage called safe by OPPD

Trout extends with the Angels for $430 million and 12 years:

David Sirota: Some Personal News

How PG&E Overlooked Wildfire Risks in Favor of its Bottom Line

Limpball says New Zealand shooting was a false flag.

Divided Supreme Court makes it easier to detain noncitizens with criminal records

Numerous Trump media figures and pols are mounting ruinous libel and defamation suits

Power 2 The People - Right On!

David Sirota reunites with Bernie Sanders...

Wow.. such a good day for VP Biden

Uncomfortable Calligraphy Compilation Slow TV from IFC

US to Investigate Health Impact of Nickel, Silicone in Medical Implants

Nunes Whines About Twitter Trolls 'Targeting' Him, Says More Suits Coming

So Rosenstein has delayed his departure it appears.

What I'm actually doing on Saturday nights.

Feds Got Past Data On Where Cohen's Cell Phones Were In Run Up To Election

Unusual BREAKING NEWS on Climate Change and mass-extinction.

"Mama June", mother of "Honey Boo Boo", Arrested for Crack

Scott Walker considering running for Wisconsin governor or Senate: report

Not All Sports Stadiums Are Built with Taxpayer Dollars

Whales keep eating plastic and dying. This one's stomach had 88 pounds of calcifying trash.

Ted Lieu gives POtuS more good advice he won't take.

George Conway hits back at Trump: Just guaranteed millions will learn about 'malignant narcissism'

Devin Nunes supposedly got upset with this picture (warning)

Experts push back on Trump-touted poll that shows 50% of Americans calling Mueller probe a 'witch h

Rousing versions of IRA rebel songs on primetime BBC TV !

Bernie Sanders Hires Fierce Biden, Beto, Harris Critic As Top Adviser

Pic Of The Moment: Ah, Classic Fox News "Journalism"

Georgia bill would require men to report every release of sperm to officers

David Sirota's "award-winning journalism"

Alabama Penalizes Owners of Electric Vehicles

It all started with the strawberries...

Following the Koch playbook, Tennessee keeps finding new way

Orange Vanilla Coke

How come this is the first time I have ever heard of the Twitter account, Devin Nunes' Cow?

Quick question: What's the anatomical name of the spot right below your neck?

Sanders names women to majority of top campaign posts

This teeny tiny bulldog puppy was born a SPITFIRE 🔥

Archaeological Geneticists Call Jack The Ripper DNA Study 'Unpublishable Nonsense'

New Air Force One jets and hangars to cost 33% more than expected, Pentagon says

O'Rourke Stops in Lordstown

Who knew?

Trump administration budget wants food stamp recipients under 65 to have to work


Boeing's F-15X fighter jet gains at expense of Lockheed F-35 in Air Force's 5-year plan

Bernie Sanders campaign announces new women hires...

Another day, another Republican commits rape

Kirsten Gillibrand Stands By Her Call For Al Franken's Resignation

Homeless 8-year-old refugee won N.Y.'s state chess title. Now, his family is moving into apartment.

Fox News to Hold Town Hall Event With Howard Schultz

Shinola Watches - ever heard of them?

Gillibrand pushes back on criticism that she was too quick to demand resignation of Sen. Al Franken

What a vindictive prick!

Elizabeth Warren Isn't A Fan Of Raising The Gas Tax To Pay For Infrastructure Needs

Profiles in Crazy, LXIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Trump: 'I was never a fan of John McCain'

Trump tells reporters "I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be"

SDNY Documents Expose Avenatti As Cheap Liar

Poll: Biden leads among millennial voters

Can Teflon Don spell hypocrisy, when he Tweets?

Melania Trump hosts 'Be Best' meeting to promote social media kindness after president's Twitter mel

WH Proposed Budget Would Cut All Federal Funding For MEDIA, ARTS, LIBRARIES, MUSEUMS

Joni has 3 "town halls" this week Adel, Williamsburg, Burlington

Data Confirm Semiautomatic Rifles Linked to More Deaths, Injuries.

Trump renews attack alleging social media's political bias

Humana CEO Signals Industry Plans to Hijack the Medicare for All Movement

What happened to Velshi & Ruhle

Florida prosecutors offer to drop solicitation charges against Kraft

"Tough guy"

A Forgotten Italian Port Could Become a Chinese Gateway to Europe.

What Does Trump Mean When He Says - 'Everything Is On The Table' - With Respect To.....

In Brexit chaos, UK eurosceptics see dream ticket: new leader, new deal

Murdoch family launches a new Fox; former House Speaker Paul Ryan joins company's board

How vision plans rig the eyewear market while keeping consumers in the dark

Facebook says no one flagged NZ mosque shooting livestream

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 19, 2019

MAGA asshole shows up at vigil for NZ victims in Canada wearing Trump hat

Fish in river that famously caught fire now OK'd for dinner

Trump says he wants Brazil to join Nato under far-right leader Bolsonaro

Warren calls for 'right to vote' constitutional amendment, abolishing electoral college

Brazil's Labor Unions Prepare for War with Far-Right President Jair Bolsanaro

CROSSING GUARD: This very responsible turkey halted traffic on a two-lane road

Kamala Harris consistently cracks varying top tier of college campus favorites

Senator Bernie Sanders Appears to Be All In on the Our Revolution

CNN to host town hall with Cory Booker in South Carolina

Q: has Sanders switched his Party affiliation to D yet?

Two Socialists Elected In Neuqun Province, Argentina

lawdy! Trump reading -stumbling through a "news conference...

Bob Kraft, because when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. You can do anything.

Worcester co-op prints for progressives such as Warren, Biden, Ocasio-Cortez

He's outsourcing our space program to Brazil?

Worcester co-op prints for progressives such as Warren, Biden, Ocasio-Cortez

Third Way: The Road to 2020 Should Run Through Michigan

Amazing Rhythm Aces, The End Is Not In Sight

Drunk, stoned, or both??

Worcester co-op prints for progressives such as Warren, Biden, Ocasio-Cortez

How many solar panels does it take to fill up a hydrogen car?

Abortion will be illegal in these states if Roe v. Wade is overturned

Convicted French cardinal says pope has refused his resignation

You know what sounds really really good to me? Biden/Abrams.

Virginia Cop Identified As Part Of White Nationalist Group

Bill to eliminate rape kit backlog expected to pass in Washington

Woman who climbed Statue of Liberty in immigration protest given probation

The ridiculousness of Devin Nunes suing 'Devin Nunes' cow' -- and what it really signals

Washington Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

Pretty Flamingo

Welcome to Christchurch New Jersey

One-third of uninsured can't afford to take drugs as prescribed, says government report

Sawant uses out-of-state donors, leads in City Council fundraising

Nominate and Vote for your NC School Hero, Education Lottery program

Abel Prize: American professor is first woman to win prestigious math award

Looks like Trump found his Jeff Gannon.

Watch For Rodent Poop During Spring Cleaning: King County

Granny Starver added to Murdoch's new Fox Corp Board

U.S. Supreme Court gives Trump victory on immigration detention

Facebook agrees to overhaul targeted advertising system for job, housing and loan ads

Middle-class homeowners smacked by new tax law

Florida prosecutors offer Patriots' Robert Kraft deal to drop solicitation charges

Georgia woman charged over Isis-linked group that posted 'kill lists'

Trump calls GM's CEO in push to reopen Ohio auto plant

Kazakhstan president Nazarbayev steps down after 30 years in power

What is a good Beto video?

A Louisville Family Learns About Their Ties To A St. Louis Slave Who Saved Lives

WATCH: Furious Trump supporter begs for a 'dictator' to crush Congress

Venezuelan opposition seizes diplomatic offices in U.S.; Maduro official warns of "reciprocal" actio

Hitler was a 'good leader,' guest speaker tells N.J. students. School says it won't happen again.

Gerson: Right counting on cultivation of desperation

Yep... "The Devil is Responsible for the New Zealand massacre "..

Haiti parliament ousts prime minister in no-confidence vote

2020 Candidate Andrew Yang Takes a Stand Against ... Circumcision

Trump vows to "do something about" very "collusive" collusion between social media & his opponents.

Jerry Lee Lewis Expected to 'Fully Recover' From Recent Stroke

ISIS fighters linked to January attack on Americans detained

German politicians call for expulsion of 'bratty' Trump ambassador: 'Complete diplomatic failure'

Florida committee approves bill requiring felons to pay court fees before voting

Sanctions Against Venezuelan Gold Sector

10 Days Till Brexit

Donald Trump Jr. Says 'Red Pill' Groups Allow Conservatives to 'Express Themselves'

tЯump suggests Brazil could join NATO

Trump says he's 'very proud' to hear Bolsonaro use the term 'fake news'

ISIS Camp In Baghouz Is Captured As U.S. Allies Declare Progress In Syria

My niece lost her car to the flooding, could have been worse

Cartoons 3/19/19

Trump adviser Bolton says British establishment failing on Brexit

Trump adviser Bolton says British establishment failing on Brexit

Cyclone hit millions across Africa in record disaster: U.N.

Dem super PAC launches first 2020 ads in $100 million campaign

Kamala Harris heading straight to Texas county Republicans are worried about protecting in 2020

Bernie Sanders is focusing on electability in 2020 race

U.S.-Russia talks on Venezuela stall over role of Maduro

Washington Post-The real reason the Trump administration is constantly losing in court

NYT: Trump possibly committed bank-fraud when applying for dodgy loans from Deutsche Bank.

Key Senate panel split on Trump-Russia collusion: sources

Key Senate panel split on Trump-Russia collusion: sources

Cowboys for Trump

At what age should I show my child around my father in law's small vineyard?

As a stalwart Democrat I find this acutely distressing

Beto O'Rourke in 2012 said the US had an 'extravagant government' that needed 'significant' spending

CNN Poll: Harris climbs in the Democratic race, as enthusiasm starts high for both parties

***BREAKING CNN POLL*** Biden 28% Sanders 20% Harris 12% Beto 11% Harris jumps 8 points !

Mueller lawyer re: unsealing Manafort court docs

I find a Beto-Harris or a Harris-Beto ticket intriguing.

Trump thinks he can hide in the White House....

Ok, Hannity just said that the US will be the world leader in oil exports.

The real reason the Trump administration is constantly losing in court

will any information on sealed documents (indictments)

Has Anyone Ever Asked Trump If He Believes 'Is Anyone Is Above The Law'?.....

Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals to visit White House on Monday

Scientists Discover Dangerous Link Between Book Learnin', Back Talk

Harley-Davidson Sees 'Opportunity' in E-Scooters and E-Bicycles

Happy 82nd birthday, Clarence "Frogman" Henry

GOP Lawmaker Will Seek Amendment to Limit Justices

Is it right for a male politician to kiss subordinates on the cheeks while congratulating them?

Documents Delivered In House Probe

The vile MAGAcretin is stark raving mad

UPDATE: 'It swerved like a roller coaster,' says survivor of deadly bus crash on I-95

Mueller's top appellate lawyer tells judge he can't respond to request to unseal Manafort's court

Mathematics top prize awarded to a woman for first time

Dear Friend- Jo Yong Pil 친구여- 조용필

Official White House economic report claims Jabba the Hutt and Batman are Trump interns

VA police officer is an organizer & recruiter for white nationalist group Identity Evropa

[Video] Elizabeth Warren 03/18/2019 Town Hall - Complete Video

Trump Has A Press Conference Meltdown And Claims Facebook And Twitter Are Colluding Against Him

Door Decals Guide Dementia Patients Home

Biden leads CNN poll, but Harris, Sanders on the rise

Have an uncontrollable desire for tacos.......just the fast food type....

Fool me once---shame on you. Fool me twice---shame on me. Fool me

Time to Expel Steve King From Congress

Category 3 Tropical Cyclone Trevor Hits Australia

How long to cook chicken?

US government uses several clandestine shelters to detain immigrant children

The Atlantic: Bernie Sanders Just Hired His Twitter Attack Dog

Christchurch NZ has had a White Supremacist problem

America's Biggest Christian Charity Funnels Tens of Millions to Hate Groups

Mike Malloy's nightly show is now an hour from 8-9 central time

Reincarnation of Duane Allman?

Democratic presidential forum on LGBTQ issues will be held in California

Just so you know how Politico will cover the 2020 election:

U.S. jury rules against Bayer in Roundup cancer case

U.S. jury rules against Bayer in Roundup cancer case

Trump is proposing to completely cut all funding in Title II categorical dollars in his budget

Judges lean toward Trump in hotel 'emoluments' case

White House misses Democrats' deadline to turn over docs

Devin Nunes sued a parody account with about 1,000 followers. Here's how many it has now

What Would a Socialist America Look Like?

Indigenous land activist shot dead in Costa Rica

White House slams 'Medicare for All' as bad for Americans' health and wallets

Bernie Sanders hires Beto O'Rourke critic as top aide in 2020 race

Venezuelan steelmaker Sidor shuts all operations after energy blackout

U.S. judge rebuts Trump on transgender troop limits

David Sirota is a Liar

Canada cracks down on asylum seekers crossing U.S.-Canadian border

Viacom warns customers channels may go dark on DirecTV

Preet Bharara coming up on Ari - should be interesting n/t

Listening to the idiot's press conference-Did anyone notice his heavy breathing? Fucker is ill

Coroner: 'Y&R' star Kristoff St. John's cause of death was heart disease; alcohol contributed

Beto campaign: BS's supporters fuel misinformation about TX Dem's record-breaking fundraising haul

PA state Rep. Brian Ellis resigns after allegations of sexually assaulting an incapacitated woman

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Offered a Deal That Would Drop Charges

Trump, the man is an idiot. GM plant in Lordstown..

Excellent point. Oh the irony!

Really... Isn't Devin Nunes' lawsuit against Twitter the worst thing for the far right?

Her son died. And then anti-vaxers attacked her

Bank Fraud for $1000, Alex.

Spring has got to be here......just saw my first Lowe's advertisement for

I wish I could post two sets of drawings

Preet Bharara on The Beat - Considered taping

Prosecutors and the FBI have mountains of evidence against him, which is why Trump is scared.

Extra arts education boosts students' writing scores -- and their compassion, big new study finds


Mueller's top appellate lawyer Michael Dreeben tells judge he can't respond to @washingtonpost

So Much Losing: Trump Has Lost 63 Court Cases As President

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Politician who opposes mandatory chickenpox vaccinations contracts chickenpox

Nick Akerman, former Watergate prosecutor

Trump Is In Trouble in Ohio As Union Leader Slams GOP Tax Scam

I find this profoundly disturbing

@KamalaHarris's Texas rally on Saturday will be at one of America's largest HBCUs: Texas Southern Un


If the fucker had just stayed in his ego tower, no one would have given a shit about his cons

Jess Hilarious issues apology for her rant/profiling of Sikh passengers

So, if I inflate my income, I can become a billionaire too?

Really spectacular footage from a private vessel exploring portions of the Inside Passage. (19 min)

ABC News implies Mueller report may be coming soon

'...Domitian, brooding in his fortress, plotting ways to make our lives miserable.'

😁 WORD! to ya MEME! get on your reading glasses.

Koala in the car

Nunes trolled. Now there's a #DevinNunesGrandma

LGBT lessons row: More Birmingham schools stop classes

Should the Streisand effect be renamed the Nunes effect?

Wisconsin swing voters tire of Trump--but are not hip on Dems either.....

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's solution for the opioid epidemic...

George Conway Tweets About Trump to Avoid 'Screaming at' Kellyanne

Former Neo Nazi:

I need a Beto (Democrat-TX) tracker app

Beto O'Rourke jumps into New Hampshire, All Jets Fired

With the Playmate, Shera Bechard, what are the odds that Trump was really the impregnator

Rep. Clyburn calls Trump family 'greatest threats to democracy in my lifetime'

And just like that, the Atlantic story re Sirota is debunked by the Guardian.

The "illegal campaign contribution scheme" may not be the one you think??