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Only a Sick Man Would Continue to Bash a Dead Man

Trump urges General Motors to reopen Ohio plant in tweet

Could this be another "lie?"

Trump doesn't think white nationalism is a threat -- but data says otherwise

Amazon's second headquarters clears key Virginia funding vote

DHL Express: Prohibited Commodities for Venezuela

Trump attacks John McCain over Obamacare repeal

I don't think I'm alone here when I say this, the GOP/right wing must now be destroyed

Jeb Bush: Trump's 'unilateralism' on foreign policy is 'really dangerous'

Police convictions for fatal shootings are the exception, not the rule

French protesters riot in Paris, accuse Macron of "hot air"

Samuel L. Jackson doesn't care if his anti-Trump stance costs him fans

Rich parents have plenty of ways to game the US education system

Congrats to the Cyclones!

Washington Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

Looks like "Judge Jeanine" is in time out

Missouri River flooding prompts interstate to close north of Kansas City

I had dinner with John Hickenlooper last week...

AOC's got the stuff!!

Johnny Manziel

Buttigieg says campaign gained enough donors to be on debate stage

If you are interested in the Theranos / Elizabeth Holmes scam, HBO Documentary airs tomorrow night!

🐦 March 24 at 12:30PM - Rally in San Francisco with Bernie Sanders

I was all set to play some guitar today.

Get Together

Sledgehammer -- Peter Gabriel

"Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars" Documentary Film (2017)

Watch the NZ PM show others how to show sympathy with others

'COME HERE!': Man saved lives by standing up to gunman at New Zealand mosque

Political reality

'Racism is the shackles holding back our Republic,' says Brazilian anthropologist Lilia Moritz Schwa

$350 for THIS??!!??

Cleveland inks deal with Carlos Gonzlez

ViernesTradicional highlights and safeguards Mexico's rich cultural diversity found in clothing

Appeals court to hear arguments in hotel lawsuit

Knight Institute lawsuit challenging President's blocking of critics on Twitter

Liberal Redneck - Rich Kids, Poor Parents, and the Least Surprising Scandal Ever

Rubio's Gloating Betrays US Sabotage in Venezuela Power Blitz

Rubio's Gloating Betrays US Sabotage in Venezuela Power Blitz

cartoon: Veterinarian

How did the person who built the first clock know what time it was?

YESSSSSS! Dog Abandoned On Camera Can't Stop Smiling After Being Adopted

SCOTUS Just Handed NY a New Way to Win the Census Citizenship Question Case Against Wilbur Ross

Argentinian doctors accused of subjecting 11-year-old girl to horrific ordeal in forcing her to have

Argentinian doctors accused of subjecting 11-year-old girl to horrific ordeal in forcing her to have

Washington Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

Trump is finally starting to realize he's a lame duck and has accomplished nothing

Fight over terra-cotta warrior's stolen thumb focuses on The Franklin Institute

Buster Keaton, Cliff Edwards & a Martin Taropatch

Okay, Lindsey - You're On!

The most disturbing thing to me about the Trump presidency.

Rob Reiner - Best Tweet of the evening

Tantrum rendered ineffective

Terrible. Is Berlusconi taking a page out of Putin's playbook?

Seriously, the last thing I want to hear you talk about are "stains"

'I don't recall seeing any Starbucks over there': Buttigieg pushes back after Schultz's claim

So Bernie's spokesman says he didn't slip and that he got 7 stitches -- which is significant --

Watch this perfect time-lapse of a dog growing up with her best friend 💙

I'm glad the DNC kicked Fox News to the curb and I hope the shunning expands

Ms. Hammurabi- 미스 함무라비 South Korean legal drama

Having just come back from watching, "Captain Marvel"

U.S. citizen sentenced in Peru to 27 years over sex abuse ring


According to Trump, the problem is "just a few people." This tweet in response to that claim

I went inside a Colombian 'youth camp' run by anti-abortion activists

Dear Terrified White Dudes: Your Strategy Needs an Update

Era of Big NASA Space Telescopes May Be Ending

Serious question? Is there a mechanism/procedure in the US Constitution for

Countdown to Mumford and 14

Drug side effects.

Connecticut woman resigns from public school job after going on racist rant at grocery store

I Think Cnn Just Censored Bourdain's Discussion About Trump's Wall

WTG Oregon Ducks !

State of Washington passed bill to remove Trump from 2020 ballots if he doesn't release tax returns

U.S. suspends some military aid to Guatemala over 'misuse' of vehicles

Brexit will mark the end of Britain's role as a great power

The Horrific Long-Term Consequences of Regime Change


The Horrific Long-Term Consequences of Regime Change

My wife and I just got home from seeeing this guy at the Old Rock House

Kellyanne Conway Gaslighting America:

Bachelet urges El Salvadors legislators to refrain from reinstating amnesty for serious human right

"A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change"

Palmer Report: Trump just made it easier for Republicans to dump him

The accused New Zealand shooter and an all-white Europe that never existed

Just saw the great Randy Rainbow in person!

Cool SpaceX Falcon 9 launch above Downtown Los Angeles.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says labor should not fear automation

3 from Hannikainen/Mozart: "String Quartet No.14", Cleveland Quartet/Bantock: "Celtic Symphony" 🍀,

Can someone explain: I thought buying your way into US colleges was normal.

Pittsburgh Jewish Group Raises Money for New Zealand Muslim Community After Mosque Shootings

Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all !

Pittsburgh Jewish Group Raises Money for New Zealand Muslim Community After Mosque Shootings

The World's Recycling Is in Chaos. Here's What Has to Happen

Grapes have become a piece of engineering designed to please modern eaters.

It's disgusting how people are just freely admitting they watched 'the video'

15-year-long oil spill is the longest in U.S. history

So very #Wisconsin: A Barron man made a lazy river in his melting backyard

The Ghost of John McCain visits his old pal @LindseyGrahamSC......

The Trump administration is opening millions of new acres to drilling -- and that's just the start

Hannity has a bug crawling on his neck as he promotes the upcoming show segments.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Five Lives Edition

No voter ID approval for 12 UNC campuses, including Chapel Hill

Cholesterol-lowering pill 'new option for statin users'

Moral Monday protesters get charges dropped in trespassing case

Students who stay too long at UNC schools have to pay a surcharge. But a bill would change that.

Happy St Patrick's Day DUers

Happy 114th Anniversary, Eleanor and Franklin!

Revealed: EU war-gaming for fall of May's government

Kirsten Gillibrand officially jumps into 2020 race, teases speech at Trump hotel in New York

Bulldozing the White House and building a new one should be an issue for 2020

Well done, Brexit ultras - the EU has never had more power over Britain

For my friends on DU

Irish Rebel Song- Come Out Ye Black And Tans

(Nearly) lost to history: The equinoctial ring dial

"There's a sucker born every minute"...

I know it lowers the tone...BUT

50 Years Ago Today: Golda Meir becomes the first female Prime Minister of Israel.

Government withholds 84-year-old woman's social security, claims she owes for college

We could have saved ourselves all the heartache and controversy.

Kirsten Gillibrand Officially Enters 2020 Democratic Race

Some wake up music for ya

I missed this one: Kellyanne Conway called the mosque shooter an eco-terrorist

Tulum, Mexico

The thin-skinned magat can't handle a comedy show....

Nobody does it better. FACT

What are Democratic voters looking for in a candidate?

Trump doesn't condemn white supremacists, he hires them: Corey Stewart takes over Trump PAC

Missouri posts draft rules for medical marijuana dispensaries, grow facilities and more

Rolling Stone: "If Trump isn't worth impeachment, who is?"

Home on leave I am sounding old just gave the speech on drinking

It's Time to Attack White Nationalism for the Terror Group It Is

Here's a running list of all the ways climate change has altered Earth in 2019

A question for 2020: Who will Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez support in Clay-Bush rematch

St. Patrick's Day live from Dublin, Ireland

CHURCH AND STATE Unvaccinated Kentucky Student Sues Over School's Chickenpox Ban

ActBlue Daily Updates (DU for Warren 3-16-19)

2020 candidate Jay Inslee calls for Pres. Trump's removal after NZ massacre remarks

Sean's Pub - An Irish Pub born in the Dark Ages

O'Rourke Would Likely Pick a Woman for Veep

Trump Jr shares a picture of his father's face on machine gun 'MAGA-zine' on same day as New Zealand

This is such a great idea for Old and Young

Trump criticizes 'Saturday Night Live' after show airs rerun

The fight to reclaim holy ground from Steve Bannon

Happy St. Paddy's!

Bolton: North Korea 'not willing to do what they needed to do' for nuclear deal

South Bend mayor: Why coming out matters by Pete Buttigieg Jun 16, 2015

Trump spy agency nominee marooned in Senate standoff

'The Lord will get me to the right place': Pompeo opens door to future Kansas run

Kirsten Gillibrand formally joins Democratic race for president

What is a 'moderate' Democrat anyway?

I can no longer drink alcohol, per my gastroenterologist.

Kirsten Gillibrand announcement video

Trump goes after McCain over dossier for second straight day

☘️ Bernie Go Bragh

New Zealand Citizens Open To Gun Reform After Massacre

Where's Mick? The Hands-Off COS Was In Las Vegas During Nat'l Emergency Debacle

The VP should be chosen Bachelor style

"Praising With Faint Damns"

Denver Post Yanks Gardner Endorsement After His National Emergency Capitulation

Khizr Khan Says Downplaying White Nationalism 'Nothing New' for Trump: He'll 'Exploit Anything...

Bill McKibben writes in the New Yorker about Beto and the Green New Deal.

Please post your favorite Irish songs

Trump Accuses Google of 'Helping China and their Military' But Not the U.S.

Robert Reich: Warren is correct about busting up big tech


Robert Reich: Warren is correct about busting up big tech

US ambassador: No credibility to NZ attack suspect citing Trump as symbol of 'white identity'

NM Governor to add recreational marijuana to 2020 agenda

Trump defends Fox News hosts from attempt to 'silence' them

Beto O'Rourke acknowledges 'privileges' afforded to him because of race and gender

This should be a dilema for the MAGA's, but of course...

Just a point of curiosity if someone could give me a hand.

For those asking why Gilllibrand is launching her campaign from Trump's hotel...

Mulvaney after New Zealand attacks: Trump 'is not a white supremacist'

Australian prime minister suggests senator should be charged for hitting teen after egg attack

There Is No Level Playing Field....Social Mobility Is A Myth...?!

And people were wondering why the DNC kicked this pile of ѕhit to the curb.

Decoding The Racist Memes The New Zealand Shooter Used To Communicate (HBO)

Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang's Campaign for Universal Basic Income The Daily Show

NH LABOR NEWS: Warren Releases A "Housing Plan for America"

NH LABOR NEWS: Warren Releases A "Housing Plan for America"

NH LABOR NEWS: Warren Releases A "Housing Plan for America"

Always remember...BIRDS OF A FEATHER

One of the signs of the impending apocalypse.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Doesn't Think He's Too Young To Be President

Trump and Mussolini

Trump defends Fox News hosts from attempt to 'silence' them

After watching

Supreme Court ruling in Sandy Hook case could reveal gun manufacturer's confidential marketing....

Trump Goes After 'Saturday Night Live,' - Says Content 'Should Be Tested in Courts'

Trump's twitter feed is basically a psychiatrist's notepad of a mental patient.

Biden nearly declares his candidacy with a slip of the tongue

Trump asks if FCC and FEC should "look into" SNL but advises Carlson and Pirro to "fight back."

Liberal democracy is under attack....This is the everyday al Qaeda of the angry white soul

Nebraska Flooding Worst In 50 Years; Warming, Storm Energy, 5th-Wettest Met Winter Combined For Ruin

Young People, Climate Reality And Existential Whiplash

11-foot wall of water: One dam breaks, three counties suffer

Kamala Harris: Trump, You're the Emergency

Support floods in for Egg Boy, the internet's new political hero

White Supremacy

McCain released from POW camp this week in 1973. Trump commemorates by attacking him.

Laurence Tribe: Trump may get illegal help, again, from Russia and the Saudis in 2020.

Eggs for Dinner!

What Would It Take To Go 100% Solar?

Dean Cain Knocked Around on Twitter for Saying He'd Knock a Teen Protester 'Unconscious'

The devious, sick way Trump sabotaged our government agencies.

Did Rome and China Know Each Other?

Pete Buttigieg: Nice thing to wake up to

Profiles in Crazy, LXIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Integrated Pest Management to Boost Dragon Fruit Production in Viet Nam

Pete Buttigieg is a Hufflepuff

☘️If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough! ☘️

Breaking: "judge" Pirro suspended by Faux

Laurence Tribe is advocationg 'impeachment hearings' to begin NOW.

Is there some kind of "double jeopardy" clause for impeachment?

Fact of the Day...

What has been proven so far about the Steele Dossier...

Klobuchar after New Zealand attack: Trump's 'rhetoric doesn't help'

2020 CO US Senate and CO-6 US House Election- Crow-D and Romanoff-D should switch offices.

Yes, Mueller does things by the book, but he is also human.

Kamala, CA morning walk

Man arrested for threatening United Islamic Center of Arizona

"No War for Oil" as Thousands March Against US Intervention in Venezuela

Glamrock's Irish check in thread. Shout out if you're lucky enough to be Irish!

'It Is Unspeakable': How Maduro Used Cuban Doctors to Coerce Venezuela Voters

Trump: "White nationalism is not a threat" but it was easy to make white nationalist terrorism

I won't be supporting Beto in the primaries

New Zealand's Black Power perform emotional haka in tribute to Christchurch Victims

The GOP celebrates St. Paddy's day with class...

My new t-shirt says;

Islamaphobia is real

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 17, 2019?

My bro lost his job last month. This month it was my turn.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! -Barack O'Bama

Customers would pay millions to rescue Pa. nuclear reactors, including some that are already profita

Free access to Irish records on today!

Free access to Irish records on today!

We know Manafort and Stone are part of the conspiracy. The silence around Kushner is very loud.

I'm glad to see @GovSisolak & @NVDems adding Nevada to the @USClimate Alliance.

The Irish soda bread just came out of the oven, and...

The Irish soda bread just came out of the oven, and...

Brexit: Labour likely to back public vote on May's deal, says Corbyn

A song to display the height of an Irishman's bullshit!

GoPro camera taken in four-legged heist

I wish someone would post...

David Corn sends Trump a friendly reminder on what constitutes a "majority."

Happy St. Patrick's Day! -Barack O'Bama

Happy 100th Birthday to Nat King Cole

Trump attacks a UAW LOCAL in a bizarre tweet.

Just for the record, is there anyway Rump could file complaints about states decisions regarding

Heads up, Dayton! KKK rally planned

I'm undecided, but sloppy anti-Beto reporting needs to be called out

Legalizing Marijuana, With a Focus on Social Justice, Unites Democrats

At least every Blue state should

Dave Reichert Is Getting His Own 'Day' In King County

GOP legislators clamping down on voter initiatives

National Emergency!

Capitalism and Socialism

Joke's on the rich who bought 'old school' eilte rules

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 17, 2019

The Struggles of Being Socially Awkward

Trump attends church on St. Patrick's Day

Tlaib: Trump needs to send a 'loud and clear' signal against domestic terrorism, white supremacy

Wow, did they even TRY thoughts and prayers?

Ethiopian Airlines Black Boxes Showed 'Clear Similarities' With Lion Air Crash

Venezuelan plane crash caught on VIDEO from inside

Graham defends McCain amid Trump attacks: 'Nothing about his service will ever be changed'

Beto heading to Detroit area tomorrow

The Log of a Cowboy by Andy Adams

Cartoons 3-17-19

Madison weighs pricey plan for 100 percent renewable energy

At what point do our primary contenders qualify for Secret Service protection?

'Tricky Dick' Review: The Sound and the Fury

Dems fear Trump is looking at presidential pardons

He's developing a pouch only a pelican would envy

Kaine says Trump "emboldens" white nationalists

Report: Ex-Putin adviser who died in US had broken neck

Judge Blocks Kentucky Fetal Heartbeat Law That Bans Abortion After 6 Weeks

Ocean sink for man-made CO₂ measured

Rupee payment for Venezuelan oil under consideration

Air Force gives up fight to stop water from engulfing Offutt; one-third of base is flooded

Happy Evacuation Day!

I'm good with all of them but Gillibrand and Gabbard.

It is too soon to call for impeachment, but it's time to openly call Trump a threat to our Democracy

A Salad for Crouton Lovers

Because you NEED to laugh OUT LOUD: start at 1:50

Big Cats getting snacks

Support thread for LakeArenal who's dog, Ace, crossed the rainbow bridge today...🌈😔

Question: What do you do when confronted with a caravan of 5000 migrants?

Trump's 2020 map from hell

🍀Happy Saint Patrick's Day! "O'Carolan's Dream", Ronn McFarlane on lute/Michael McHale plays

CO is now going to allocate it's electoral vote to the winner of the national popular vote.

Cartoon without sponsorship

Bernie: Sign our petition: encourage each of the campaigns in the Democratic primary to form unions

Bernie: Sign our petition: encourage each of the campaigns in the Democratic primary to form unions

What do they call NCIS on an Army Base?

What a crossing guard! (Tweet)

Ireland's Prime Minister visited the US on St. Paddy's Day two years ago and had this to say...

A History of Ancient Egypt: From the First Farmers to the Great Pyramid by John Romer

Trump continues NATIONAL EMERGENCY VIGILANCE by attacking "lowest rated Fox Anchor" Shep Smith.

Here's how Pete Buttigieg is setting himself apart from the Democratic presidential pack

Elizabeth Warren Actually Wants to Fix Capitalism.

You ever look in your furry friend eyes and just see a soul

Chuck Todd Suggests America's Toxic Politics Is Obama's Fault: He Didn't 'Bring This Country Togethe

Boeing's safety analysis of 737 MAX flight control had crucial flaws - Seattle Times

Mike sauntered inta the "Pig and Whistle" pub joost ta have a pint or two and espied a new

Midnight encounter with an ancient Russian Jewish space scientist Trump supporter.

A Group Trying To Overthrow Kim Raided A North Korean Embassy

Pell trial journalist Melissa Davey AMA on the trial.

GOP's Saint Patrick's Day Tweet of Beto's Mugshot So Bad People Can't Believe It: 'No This Didn't...

Trump Blasts 'Lowest Rated' Shepard Smith and Other Fox Anchors: 'Should Be Working' at CNN

Dick Dale, 'King of the Surf Guitar' Passes Away at 82

Facebook removed 1.5 million videos of the Christchurch attacks

R.I.P. Dick Dale, "King of the Surf Guitar."

Trump defender cut off for lying about Trump's Charlottesville comments

Why does Biden claim he has "the most progressive record of anyone running"?

New fuel tax increase proposal gets support in hearing

I'm reading this book on east front ww2

Given that there appears to be abundant evidence that Trump and company conspired with

Serbian president vows to restore order amid protesters' call for resignation

Slovakia: pro-EU Zuzana Čaputov wins first round of presidential election

"Be like #50"

John Delaney knocks on doors for State Senate candidate ahead of Tuesday's special election

My response to Trump's latest tweet storm today:

Elizabeth Warren urges Iowans to vote Tuesday for Eric Giddens

Trump Demands Fox News 'Bring Back' Jeanine Pirro

Cambridge Analytica a year on: 'a lesson in institutional failure'

Beto stumps for Eric Giddens ahead of Tuesday's special election

Bangladesh Fifa official held for 'defaming' PM Hasina

Anyone else make chocolate ganache just to...

U.S. imposes visa bans on International Criminal Court war genocide investigators

Cory Booker to campaign for Eric Giddens later today.

They totally misspelled "thoughts and prayers."

I can hardly wait. I do belteve that someone is searching to find what it is

Manu Raju sums up Trump's weekend tweets.

Pete Buttigieg clips on climate change and the changing economy

How do you feel about making fun of Republicans' physical appearance?

That time Kamala Harris dragged the head of Homeland Security for ignoring white supremacy.

Wisconsin 2020: Bernie Sanders Leads Democratic Field

My daughter was quoted in The Washington Post today about the Georgetown admission scandal

Just saw AOC is going to be on Colbert Monday.....

I saw on MSNBC a little while ago that Colorado and 10 other states including the Dist of Columbia

Venezuela: power returns after blackout but normal service may be a long way off

OH NO! The cliffs of BROADCHURCH collapsed!!

Support the Scientific Integrity Act

Evaluating the Performance of Micro-Encapsulated CO2 Sorbents during CO2 Absorption and Regeneration

US eliminates coveted 5-year tourist visa for Cubans

Irate GOP Senator Is Fighting Trump Over 'Embarrassing' Russia Documents

Maureen Dowd tries to assassinate Beto campaign before it gets off the ground.

Cyclone Idai sweeps across Zimbabwe, killing dozens

Cyclone Idai sweeps across Zimbabwe, killing dozens

I only have ONE question about Pete Buttigieg........

Bait and Switch- US Duplicity at Hanoi

Taliban Capture About 150 Afghan Soldiers After Chase Into Turkmenistan

Taliban Capture About 150 Afghan Soldiers After Chase Into Turkmenistan

The Social Security 2100 Act Expands Benefits

A black woman took over a paper that said the KKK should 'ride again.' Now she's stepping down.

Maori biker gang perform an emotional haka surrounded by mourners (Christchurch)

(Florida) Waiting for weed: don't expect smokable medical marijuana right away

Pete Buttigieg's interview with Chris Wallace

U.S. Campaign to Ban Huawei Overseas Stumbles as Allies Resist

Moon Chung In Tries to Salvage Hope from the Hanoi Train Wreck

These Muslims and Jews in Ilhan Omar's district are united in frustration

UK police treating stabbing near London as terrorism inspired by 'far right'

Wake up ... college pay to play

What Governor Jay Inslee faces.

Sully the service dog honored with 2019 AKC Paw of Courage

The dog is too cute to represent Kellyanne:

US planning to leave 1K troops in Syria: report

Israel's top court bans far-right candidate from election, allows Arab slate to run

Happy 12-year anniversary with my gf

Dueling tap dancers

Boeings lobbyists have captured the airline industry.

Puzzling number of men tied to Ferguson protests have died

This Songbird Is Nearly Extinct in the Wild. An International Treaty Could Help Save It -- but Won't.

And now a word from the unstable nut case. WTF is he even talking about? He's terrified.

Friendly advice to Biden.

Kiss My Irish Ass

Southwest, mechanics reach tentative deal in labor dispute

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 18 March 2019

DUer Recursion was correct - A clear similarity between Lion Air and the Ethiopian crash

Wisconsin 2020: Bernie Sanders Leads Democratic Field

Texas is trying to block Tesla from even servicing its cars in direct sale battle with car dealers

OMG. 😂😂😂

AsiaAir CEO Tony Fernandes quits Facebook: 'New Zealand was too much for me'

Trump threatens SNL with federal investigation for mocking him

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick agrees to Dolphins deal (Sources)

Got to sing "The Wild Rover"

NASA administrator Bridenstine wants everyone to know he still has faith in the SLS

Today Trump twice retweeted Jack Posobiec, a Pizzagate conspiracy theorist who has praised Nazi...

Church sign of the day

Do you rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?

I'm proud to announce that I will be supporting @BernieSanders for President in 2020!

Lindsey Graham needs a medical procedure

Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar, Dead at 81

Going Out In Style

How did we end up with this monster? Hope this doesn't portend our end as a democracy.

Inslee doubles down on climate in bid to stand out among 2020 Dems

Four innocent Sikhs were kicked off a plane today because this woman was scared of how they looked.

Irish Rover

FSB had 2 hacking entities operating out of Prague until 2018.

University of Scandal, Corruption? USC at core of bribe plot

IA-SD30: Early vote returns looking positive for Iowa Dems ahead of Tuesday's special election

Anyone here remember Ernie Kovacs gorillas?

Bharara: 'Doesn't seem' Mueller's investigation 'ending any time soon'

It Wasn't Just Khashoggi: A Saudi Prince's Brutal Drive to Crush Dissent

O'Rourke faces pressure from left on 'Medicare for all'

Al Franken will love this . . . . . .

Biden's verbal slip about campaign draws Democrats' cheers

When it's 5am at an Irish wedding

Little girl tries chocolate milk for the first time

Facebook removed 1.5m videos of New Zealand terror attack in first 24 hours