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Neil deGrasse Tyson Back With Nat Geo After Network Completes Assault Investigation

Today is the Ides of March.

RUDE PUNDIT: You Idiots Are Causing "White Genocide" Yourselves

Trump to send "volunteer force" (of bikers, vigilantes and white supremacists?) to the border

Howard Stern show 2006: After more than a minute, the Wharton trio cannot figure out

"The company says it was alerted to it by New Zealand police." How do the police...

Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Return to TV After Misconduct Investigation

Mayor Pete Butigieg: Some words for South Bend's Muslim community.

an now verizon is down???

Trump Encourages Violence From His Supporters. They're Listening.

Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill under investigation for alleged battery

Pete Buttigieg Announces Bold Plan For 2,500-Mile Intercontinental River walk

Does it take anyone else three attempts to plug in a usb cable?

Fmr CIA Operative Blasts Trump's 'Dog Whistle Politics': He Used Rhetoric Similar to Hitler

Ro Khanna: Bernie shows no fear, he is showing Democrats how to fight this president ...

The "disconnect" on terrorism

If the filibuster remains...

Unsealed documents shed new light on efforts to verify Trump-Russia dossier

Steve Bannon flexes influence during Brazilian president visit with Trump

INS v. Chadha - Supreme court case 1983

Don Blankenship is still at it...

Lori Loughlin's Husband Is Apparently A Vocal Trump Supporter Who Frequently Complains About People

Mueller Says Multiple Probes Continue

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Encore!

Ever hear of a site called "Documenting Reality?"

Did you know Sanders helped Jesse Jackson win the Vermont Caucus in 1988?

U.S. Postal Forever Stamps for 2019

I watched the New Zealand shooting video today.

In 2017, Trump waived punishment for Deutsche Bank. Trump owes Deutsche Bank over $100 million.

Dem chairman batters Trump's White House for blocking interviews with ex-staffers: 'They're basicall

You people that are desperate to believe every report that Mueller is done can't be helped

I grew up in the Baptist church. I used to believe strongly. I no longer do. The God I believed in

Kansas drunken driver who caused fatal crash sentenced to two days in jail

Cat doesn't appreciate owner's singing.

Missouri House Wants To Allow School Districts To Offer Elective Class On The Bible

THE WORLD'S GREATEST DU STORY (Add-On Story Time. Everybody plays...)

Are you folks watching Rachel

WTH, Missouri? Forced gun ownership?

Beto would rather not share his fundraising totals.

11-Year-Old Charged With Murder in Double Shooting That Left 1 Dead

A leader who will fight like hell for women's reproductive rights

Proposal for U.N. to study climate-cooling technologies rejected

Tucker Carlson responds to NZ massacre by warning it could lead to calls in US to curb free speech

Who is Brenton Tarrant? Dhaka Tribune

Muslim journalist comments on New Zealand

Graham says he'll probe Rosenstein's 25th Amendment remarks

TRMS's lead story (Block A) was a followup on

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Humiliated By His Own Party

Joe Biden's meeting with Stacey Abrams sparks speculation

10 years ago, Conservatives got the DHS to quash a report on RISING far-right terror in the USA


The MAGA BOMBER will be pleading guilty next week

Trump said White nationalists are a small insignificant group, but when asked not to act like one

why shouldnt govt meetings start w a prayer?

Countdown to Mumford and 15

Well this settles the 'white power' gang sign...

Well it is a bit late tweet:

Shaggy - Use Me

Sting, Shaggy - Just One Lifetime

NYU students harass a pregnant Chelsea Clinton, blame her for NZ attacks.

After criticizing Beto's library yesterday, today Kilmeade brought in Dr. Drew for idiotic analysis

I am not a Christian ...

"Spell the word 'suck up' and use it in a sentence"

"I won't respond," the young black woman told the judge, "until you call me Miss Hamilton."

Meet Kathleen Belew: historian of world wide white power terrorism

my bestest little buddy friend going blind.

HOT TAKE: The President Should Condemn White Supremacist Terrorism, Not Inspire It(Ferret/ShowerCap)

German journalist detained in Venezuela set free

Kamala Harris Making Clear (the)Threat Posed to Nation by White Supremacists

Arrested! guy who bothered brown pelican and posted video online

Cat-Loving Guy Goes All Out For His Graduation Photos

Not beating around the bush...

People who say that blue states should withhold taxes to the Federal Government annoy me

What Was Attorney General Barr Doing At THe Veto Ceremony Today?

Andrew Gillum on Bill Maher,

Trump Jr being groomed to run for president as family seeks a White House 'dynasty': report

About going to idea only..."Don't Give Up" That is it, and that is the secret.

Pilot Error Suspected in Texas Fatal Atlas Air Cargo Crash

Hannity Has A Bug Crawl Up His Neck As He Promotes The Next Segment On His Show

The Daily Show: Celebrating Fiendish Women Throughout History

The Daily Show - America: Merit-Based or Who-You-Know-Based? - Between the Scenes

Chelsea Clinton was attacked this evening at a vigil

Beto must be doing well, if the Club for Growth goes after him

Abortion is not a dirty word and Planned Parenthood isn't McDonald's and the GOP can go F**K itself

Seth Meyers - Beto O'Rourke Is Running for President, Pi Day - Monologue - 3/14/19

Trump Aides Are Desperately Betting on the Left to Cancel Biden

Seth Meyers: Guest Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock

You guys here remember the name Oscar Perez? Warning: Graphic photos

Court deals blow to Duque and US ambassador in favor of Colombia's war crimes tribunal

New Zealand Attorney General: NZ will ban semi-automatic weapons

Authorities Investigate Connection Between School Shooters And Radical Organizations

Report: Little Rock ICE officer forged signatures on arrest warrants

Report: Little Rock ICE officer forged signatures on arrest warrants

Anyone see TRMS tonight where the tyrannical enforcement of birth is forced on

Agree with Bill Maher that it stupid to ban Fox from hosting a debate

New Mexican ambassador offers warning to Canadian companies in Mexico

Many years ago a Catholic friend told me a joke

National Catholic Reporter: There's No National Emergency Except U.S. Injustices

At all-women tango festival, women reclaim a dance that often disrespects them

Lori Loughlin's Husband Is A Trump Supporter, Complains About People Not 'Carrying Their Own Weigh

US Bishops and Catholic Relief Services oppose Trump's "Remain in Mexico" refugee policy.

At all-women tango festival, women reclaim a dance that often disrespects them

Pharrell Williams Accidentally Gets High With Snoop Dogg and Stevie Wonder

Trump administration's ability to keep records


Snoop Dogg - Beautiful (Official Music Video) ft. Pharrell


Why does it matter if we save the Vaquita?

You KNOW He's Lovin' It

Will Trump go for Bolivia next?

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 3/15/19

Netherlands, U.S. agree on use of Curacao as possible aid hub for Venezuela

Netherlands, U.S. agree on use of Curacao as possible aid hub for Venezuela

Some possibly important Michael Flynn development may be happening before April 5th.

Golijov: "Lullaby and Doina", Boston Symphony Chamber Players/Finzi: "Fall of the Leaf", Northern

He is still out there

We'll Do our Best Show in Cuba, Says Blondie's Vocalist

'LudwigPastorius'--This on now and it's so enjoyable. You shared with us recently. 💞

UCSF study suggests novel treatment for fending off chronic age-related diseases: Moisturizer EDITED

Why the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Are Destined to Diverge

Cuban Music, Culture, and Cuisine Return to Downtown Los Angeles May 19

Military intervention not an answer for Venezuela: Colombia president tells paper

A Nonviolent Strategy to Defeat a US Military Invasion of Venezuela

Ya know what? The Smithereens were better

Former NRA director exposed as member of "Identity Evropa" fascist movement

World agrees on first global commitment to curb single-use plastics

Squeezin' in one last selection. Just listened to it. Melody! 😍

Cesar Sayoc, accused of mailing bombs to Trump's critics, is expected to plead guilty

Cesar Sayoc, accused of mailing bombs to Trump's critics, is expected to plead guilty

'Pay-for-access to Trump club': Mar-a-Lago faces renewed ethics concerns

1980, Stray Cats on NHK late night

El Norte review: an epic and timely history of Hispanic North America

(Jewish Group) Gallup: 52% of Jews identify as Democrats, 16% as Republicans

I'm gonna cut a few wires here.

US to deny visas for ICC members investigating alleged war crimes

Mary Rose crew might have included sailors of African heritage

Ya gotta be a better man than me

Holy fudge: soft foods helped humans form 'f' and 'v' sounds - study

They wrongly evicted servicemembers in Virginia Beach. It will cost them almost $1.6 million.

The Right Has Mainstreamed the Rhetoric of Mass Killers

Two of the mosque wounded reported to have died

counting crows - goodnight elizabeth (live, guessing ... 1996? SF) a f***ing stunning version

Five men charged in 71-count indictment (fraudulently obtaining at least $15 million in government c

Sky New Zealand pulls Sky News Australia off air over Christchurch massacre coverage

Keys to the Rain

Fugitive Loan Broker Extradited from South Korea Pleads Guilty to Federal Bank Fraud Conspiracy to F

28 years later, Old Dominion University students are resurrecting Norfolk's LGBTQ pride festival

Seven People Charged in $50 Million Health Care Fraud Conspiracy Targeting State Health Benefits Pro

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/15/19

Tweet of the Day

Sanders staffs up, still no timeline on tax returns

Trump's trade war cost the US economy $7.8 billion in 2018

Family of Norfolk Southern worker wins $1 million asbestos lawsuit judgment against the railroad

Proposed Missouri Law Would Force Every Adult Resident to Buy an AR-15.

Stunning 3D Images Reveal a Blue 'Hairy Structure' on The Surface of Mars

Trump supporter drives 'build the wall' float past New Zealand mourners.


Death Mask of Pakal the Great

Am I allowed to say "Fuck you Rush Limbaugh, I dare you to come to my country and say that"

Death Mask of Pakal the Great

Northam Signs Ethics Bill - James Madison University Denies Allegations On Bolling Hire

This is gig-economy fascism. Entrepreneurial white supremacy. Serving the interests of tyrants...

Attorney Teri Kanefield writes about Trump's end game and how we're seeing it now.

Hungry Otters Are Creating a Unique Archaeological Record

Massacre Suspect Traveled the World but Lived on the Internet

Birds and Humans Are Depicted Together in This Rare Scene From 12,000 Years Ago

Reddit Has Banned Two Channels Showing Human Death.

2019 test of Android anti-virus programs

Family: Two-year-old Noelani Robinson found dead (updated)

The recolonisation of Latin America and the war on Venezuela

93 Years Ago Today; Robert Goddard launches first liquid-fueled rocket

Federal judge denies Shaun Brown a new trial in fraud case

Gary Cohn On Shitstain's Paralyzing Stupidity On Coal Vs. Solar Jobs, Tariffs

California Officially Drought-Free For The First Time In Seven Years

➡️ Unofficial LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Henderson Nevada Rally

UNEP - If Carbon Output Ended Tomorrow, Arctic Would Still Warm By 5C By 2100

Question For All?

Northam signs bill to crack down on spam calls

Nebraska Flooding Worst In Decades; Bridges & Roads Closed, Washed Out Or Destroyed In Much Of State

In Winter Of 2017-18, SE Bering Sea Ice Failed To Form; Deep "Cold Pool" Also AWOL

51 Years Ago Today; My Lai Massacre (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Boulder Doctor Sentenced For Bankruptcy Fraud

It's just a matter of time before Trump begins asking his terrorists to wear ...

An "Adult" Speaks: Striking Students Should Learn How To Drill For Oil: Oz Resources Minister

Amazing rescue of stranded goat - The Dodo

Businessman Sentenced to Prison for Investment Fraud Scheme

Texas Is Nearing Battleground Status

'Not one woman got that kind of coverage': Beto backlash begins

Mueller's busy week offers new signs his report is coming soon

"My candidate is great because..."

Jeb Is Desperate For Some Other Republican, Any Republican, To Run Against Trump

Beto O'Rourke is 46. Bernie Sanders is 77. Does Age Matter Anymore for Democrats?

Long Island Chiropractor Pleads Guilty to Multi-Million Dollar Health Care Fraud

Fraudulent Political Action Committee Operator Sentenced To Two Years In Prison

Open response poll: anybody not running/talking about running you would like to run?

A nice map of the areas likely to be most affected by weather extremes.

Bootstraps, you say?

Trump sends the wrong message on New Zealand. World leaders must denounce the attack. - WP Editorial

Mayor Pete's words to the South Bend Muslim community...

New Zealand prime minister challenges Trump to offer Muslim communities "sympathy and love"

My morning breakfast with teenagers

Boston Woman Sentenced for $2.7 Million Bank Fraud Scheme

Australia provided fertile ground for Islamophobic culture, experts say

Warren fundraises off O'Rourke presidential announcement

Warren fundraises off O'Rourke presidential announcement

Isn't it interesting that Trump DIDN'T say his roving biker gangs would stop white nationalists?

Six-Year-Olds Can Be Prosecuted in North Carolina Courts. A New Bill Seeks to Change That.

Poll: Huge Majorities Reject Trump's Medicare And Medicaid Cuts

Argentinian doctors accused of subjecting 11-year-old girl to horrific ordeal in forcing her to have

Australian lawmaker egged after blaming Muslims following attack on New Zealand mosques


😁 Lots of Hoopla! this weekend about .....MEME Madness 🤔

Robert Reich: Trump is cornered, with violence on his mind. We must be on red alert

Trump is cornered, with violence on his mind. We must be on red alert - Robert Reich

The Memo: Questions sharpen for Trump after New Zealand massacre

Witness In Berlusconi's Bunga-Bunga Trial 'Poisoned'

Supreme Court expands scope of census citizenship question case

Brexiteers March to Leave with Nigel Farage in Sunderland

Trump again says there is no rise in white supremacy

Charles Schulz's Letter About Democracy, Discovered 50 Years Later

Buttigieg hits donor goal for participation in 1st debate.

Moment of Brexit tenderness as adorable British MPs think Article 50 extension is up to them

Elon Poll gives insight into 2020 Presidential election

Something the Democrats need to think about re. election.

Top American Exports

The bigoted Australian Senator Fraser Anning said this before getting egged by a protestor...

Some People Will Publicize The Villain. Let's Remember The Heroes Instead.


As it all implodes, they can't say they weren't warned...

What things would you like to fast forward to:

Weekend TOONs - Mourning in New Zealand, and the Cain Enabler

"There were some very fine people on both sides." Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Ex-Officer Charged In Arrest Of Former Football Player

Ran into a Trump supporter at Home Depot.

A friend who's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist did a podcast with Neil Degrasse Tyson...

During the South Carolina primary in 2016, Trump enthusiastically told a (fictional) story

Trump Admin Tracked Individual Migrant Girls' Pregnancies

America's current #1 form of foreign aid

Citing Congressional Authority, Blunt Votes To Reject Trump's Emergency Declaration On Border Wall

A local observation on Beto and Bernie campaigns...

It looks like 1% of the forum switched to Inslee. Can you tell us why? nt

O'Rourke 'not ... proud' of teenage murder fantasy writing

How the Daughters and Granddaughters of Former Slaves Secured Voting Rights for All

Politicians are like salesmen...

Typical cat

Exclusive: Washington Autopsy Files Reveal Lesin Sustained Broken Bone In Neck

Health Care Roundtable in South Carolina

Currently drinking 1st cup of coffee since March 2

BTRTN 2020 Vision: Biden and Bernie Set the Pace in the Polls, and Define the Ideological Spectrum

I absolutely hate wearing a belt.

Trump's super power is ignoranimosity

Yes, These Magical Curly-Haired Horses Actually Exist

When will Congress admit

And Trump wants to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize...

Fewest SOs by a league batting champion

New Zealand pulls Murdoch "news" channel off the air for irresponsible coverage of massacre

Just like that, New Zealand will ban semi-automatic weapons

For any April the Giraffe fans - the baby is coming!

Fact: If you send money to ISIS, you are a terrorist financier

Australian Lawmaker Egged After Blaming Muslims

Another question for all those who have picked a candidate?

April the giraffe is in active labor

Representative Jahana Hayes this morning:

Arrest made in brutal Staten Island mob hit of reputed Gambino family boss

This morning: Eagle outside my bedroom window!!

Ruby witness Imane Fadil dies, said was poisoned (Mob)

Beto Wrote This and Bernie Wrote That Could Well be a GOP/Kremlin Divide and Conquer Trap

Any good rust stopper/conveter suggestions?

Sully is on AMJoy

"Are You A White Nationalist?"

Nigel Farage's Brexit 'March to Leave' - not a great turnout

Comedian Breaks Heckler Down For 14 Minutes - It starts with Trump

🐦 March 22 at 5:30PM - Rally in San Diego with Bernie Sanders

Autopsy Files Reveal Lesin Sustained Broken Bone In Neck

Beto O'Rourke's secret membership in America's oldest hacking group -- I like this!

We think that, "He cannot say anything stupider", then he says something, "stupider"

I am a feminist...

Pete Buttigieg: Rock and Roller, Soldier and Mayor

The cat had a certain je ne sais quoi about her

VT Digger: "From the Archive: 5 Bernie Sanders stories worth revisiting"

Andrew Yang is running for president. Haven't heard of him? You will soon.

3/14 Report: Under Trump, Witness Protection Infiltrated By Russian Mafia

Castro to run against Cornyn

South Bend mayor and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said

Can you imagine the number of crimes Trump and his band of lunatics have done in secret?

'She is a survivor': Elizabeth Smart talks healing as Jayme Closs starts to reclaim her life

Ex-WhiteHouse ethics chief compares Ivanka-Kushner security clearances to college admissions scandal

A Plea To MAGA From a Former Tea-Partier - Part 1

A historic oil platform off Santa Barbara turns into a rusty ghost ship

Picture of the flood outside our house today & story links

A nice little open sourced paper on "Sloshing."

Neo Nazi Thugs The Same The World Over


A shadowy group trying to overthrow Kim Jong Un allegedly raided a North Korean embassy

Pete Buttigieg, the young and openly gay Midwest mayor, finds a voice in crowded Democratic preside

Trump "needs constantly to get reinforced about the things that he feels inadequate about"

Radio has Falstaff,so this for us: Beeth's Pastorale

How Cindy Yang raised the $50K for that autographed photo with Trump

Trump Shares Video of Diamond & Silk Praising His Veto and Bashing GOP 'Swampettes' in the Senate

WATCH: Australian Senator Egged By Teen After Statement on NZ Shooting Condemning Muslims

Australia has rescinded a visa granted to Milo Yiannopoulos in light of the deadly New Zealand mosq

No one knows when Muellers report is going to be released. Everyone is guessing.

A true story about @PeteButtigieg.

picking up garbage the right way

I've narrowed my primary field to four candidates.

BLS Report: Job openings little changed in Jan at 7.6 million; annual hires and quits rise in 2018

Ted Lieu: At #HermosaBeach St. Patrick's Day Parade with a Stormtrooper in a kilt. Because, freedom.

PHOTO: Beauregard Sessions. Humiliated, discarded, but his legacy lives on in this fine product.

If the news reports are correct that Mueller will release his report soon.

This is one of the most frightening articles I've read in a long time.

Trump tells it like it is and that...

Disabled animals given new lease of life at Israeli sanctuary

Help Me Out Here? WTF is the "Purity Patrol" in regards to the Democratic Primaries?

The expert, Kathleen Belew, says call it what it is ...

Steve Mnuchin's Financial Disclosures Haven't Earned Ethics Officials' Blessing. Why not?

tRump sets new record!!! Doesn't tweet until 12 noon in honor of something we don't know about yet..

Why Working with Mueller is Terrifying: (first 40 seconds) Mueller's former boss: Bill Weld

I would like to remind everyone something very important about Trump.

The many towers that Trump never built. It's Gonna Be Yuge!!!!

Bryan Tyler Cohen: (Rep.) Ocasio-Cortez brilliantly catches (Commerce Sec.) Wilbur Ross in huge lie

Two Veterans Groups, Left and Right, Join Forces Against the Forever Wars

Trump again punts on white supremacy after New Zealand attacks

Snowshoeing in San Diego, a place better known for surf and sand

Saving the planet is not radical. Killing it is radical.

How the FAA allows jetmakers to 'self certify' that planes meet U.S. safety requirements

North Carolina County passes "gun sanctuary" resolution

Beyond veto: Trump seeks more work-arounds to avoid Congress

Why Would A Staff For A Presidential Candidate Unionize?

Photo: We are going to build a campaign and a nation that is built on love and justice ...

Live video of New Zealand shooting puts tech on defensive

The young people of the world are organizing. There is hope.

Australia bans Milo Yiannopoulos after comments on New Zealand mosque attacks

Why Does the U.S. Tolerate So Much Risk?

Grace Lambert, a junior at Jackson High School, led the youth climate strike in Seattle on Friday.

"Don't hold Trump responsible for the violence"

Bernie's campaign staff makes history by being the first to unionize

Trump Urges GOP To 'Play Along With The Game' Of Releasing Mueller Report

Telling people that you have a question is not a question.

Photo: This was Bernie flying to NV Friday evening

Concerned Nation Gently Encourages Boston To Take It Easy This St. Patrick's Day

Tories tell MEPs to consider election run if Brexit deal fails

Tories tell MEPs to consider election run if Brexit deal fails

Boeing part found at crash site hints at same cause as Lion Air

Two messages to share after Christchurch massacre

Jim Hoft removed from position of "dumbest man on the internet"

It's funny how compassion, decency, and indoor plumbing are all "socialism" now according to the GOP

Tell it Malcolm

Corey Stewart to lead pro-Trump super PAC

Cindy Yang Extols Trump, Guns and the Chinese Communist Party Line

Cartoons 3/16/19

When an American president undermines national security

A simple observation about some who support Sanders.

What's the Most Embarrassing Thing That's Happened to You in an Interview?

All this clip needs is the Benny Hill soundtrack

Europe's Populists Set for Setback in Slovak Presidential Race

If the winner of the presidential election dies before taking the oath of office....

If the Filibuster Remains, the Progressive Agenda is Doomed

My NYT comment has 926 "recommends". Subject is yesterday's vote.

$12B Blankenship suit claims media, others conspired to ruin Senate candidacy

When tRump sends out his cops, his soldiers, and his bikers, we'll ALL be brave but REMEMBER THIS:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The reason people know more is bc Fox News has turned into "AOC TMZ"

Corporal Mortification, Like Flagellation, Didn't End in the Middle Ages

Are there any generalities that can be said about dogs and cats together?

Never mind Yakety Sax; on March 17, 1958, Yakety Yak was recorded

Republican Party's anti-immigrant tweets anger Portland mayor - and Republican senators

Why has Beto not released his first day fundraising?

11-year-old in custody after deadly New Hampshire shooting

Jacinda Ardern's office was sent shooter 'manifesto'

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 16, 2019

Photos: Our newly elected leadership team met with BernieSanders this morning to discuss unions ...

Pure soul! Standout performance! BLACK TEARS - Imelda May and Jools Holland

White Male Terrorists Are an Issue We Should Discuss

Amazing. Reallyamazing blues! Sinad O'Connor & Imelda May - Every Night About This Time

Hatch date should be April 2nd.

Questions for those that understand law! (and feel they KNOW Muellers reputation)

Bernie Sanders to bring presidential campaign to San Diego, San Francisco March 22, 24

Trump's Phone Friends Are More Important Than His Staff

Just Don't Do It.

The hero of the New Zealand massacre - Abdul Aziz

Witness In Berlusconi's Bunga-Bunga Trial 'Poisoned'

University of Michigan now reports an active shooting. ALL CLEAR.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

The terror attack in New Zealand has prompted many responses from politicians...

And it's another MSU/MI faceoff for the Big 10 Championship

Trump takes another squat on the grave of John McCain, courtesy of Ken Starr.

It's time for the medical community to stand up to Trumpian nationalism

Photo: Bernie and team with Harry Reid

Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people.

Cabinet positions?

LIVE: Bernie Sanders Rally in Henderson, Nevada - March 16, 2019

Photo: Nevada Rally Crowd

My first thread in GD:P! Here's what I think of all those running so far

🔥 LIVE: Bernie Rallies Supporters in Henderson, Nevada

*The Luck of the Irish- John Lennon

Robert Reich: Trump is Cornered With Violence On His Mind

Seth Abramson: "Sorry for the intense posts...."

Well, you know the election season has started in earnest when..............

New Zealand Shooting Live Updates: Death Toll Rises to 50 as Gun Law Debate Begins

This is awesome:

Michael Avenatti's ex-wife Christine speaks out.

New Mexico passes same day voter resgistration.

How NOT to be a "propaganda loser" (PART 1)

How NOT to be a "propaganda loser" (PART 2)

Pompeo shares where climate change lands on his top 5 threats to the United States.

Pete Buttigieg, the young and openly gay Midwest mayor, finds a voice in crowded Democratic presiden

repubs let trump on the stage for debates

Leontyne Price, for your Saturday opera fix

I think we will need to tent the White House


Tweet of the Day

Michigan MAGAt drives his "Build The Wall Float" past Ohio mourners of the NZ Massacre

Trump supporter Robert Cortis drove his homemade "Build the Wall" float past a NZ Mosque vigil

Say possible, one more time...

If you are old enough think back to the sixties. Remember the violence?

NYPD identifies suspect in slaying of Gambino crime boss Frank Cali

Critic Who Exposed China's Muslim Camps is Detained, Even Across the Border

My husband is asleep in his recliner. Should I empty the dishwasher?

NYPD: Man arrested in death of Frank Cali, reputed Gambino crime family boss

We are all one.

What is Kushner doing in Saudi Arabia and Israel? Nuclear deals for the Saudi's?

Holy Shit - look at flooding in Nebraska

Sailin' Shoes/Hey Julia/Sneakin' Sally

Christchurch mosque shooting: The faces of the victims

Prince Charles to become first British royals to visit Cuba

Prince Charles to become first British royals to visit Cuba

Buttigieg says campaign gained enough donors to be on debate stage

Joe Biden coming up on C-Span

NZ: The death toll now stands at 50.

I am embarassed to ask but how does one display emojis?

*Sigh* So I'm guessing that saying there is a number between 3 and 5 will be "socialism" now, right?

BernieSanders is scheduled to speak here in #Vegas.

Spot the difference?

Stephanie Miller vs Tomi Lahren debate

Seth Abramson is raging about the white power hand sign after New Zealand killer flashes it.

The nominees

What's the Closest Planet to Earth? Not Venus, Scientists Say

Contrapoints Is De-Radicalizing Young, Right-Wing Men (HBO)

When is the last time a terrorist praised a US President?

Trump has plaque in his golf club listing him as reigning champ of a tournament he never played in

GOP Lawmaker Wants to Mandate Gun Purchases

Australia Bans Ex-Breitbart Writer Milo Yiannopoulos After Mosque Attack Hate Dig

Brazil's new president is tweeting so much crazy stuff that he's giving Trump a run for his money

Important thread by Muslim woman about the fear she experiences every day for herself,

Beto O'Rourke outed as Cult of Dead Cow member, phreaker and writer of screeds

Italy investigates mystery death of 'bunga bunga' guest

Something's up. Judge Jeanine's show was scheduled to air tonight-Being replaced with documentary

Lenin Moreno's Betrayal

NY AG: President Trump Must Personally Pay $8.4 Million to Settle Lawsuit Against Trump Foundation

Washington Autopsy Files Reveal Lesin Sustained Broken Bone In Neck

We have no idea who Trump's successor will be-But we have already found the man most opposite of him

I know it's not going to happen, but can we 'anti-nominate' Trump for the Nobel Prize anyway?

Is Tucker Carlson a White Supremacist? March 13, 2019 Act 1 Full Frontal on TBS

Biden just tore into the rump big time!

U.S. Navy veteran detained in Iran gets 10 years in prison, lawyer says

Appeals court to hear arguments in Trump hotel lawsuit

Forget Third's all about the Third Wave!

Revealed: EU war-gaming for fall of May's government

Not sure how this crowded field will play out, but there are some great positives in this group...

A Day in the Life of a young orchestra