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Archives: March 13, 2019

New budget resurrects controversial 'harvest box' proposal as part of welfare reform

Odell Beckham Jr. traded to the Browns!!!

New book by Vicky Ward "Kushner Inc."

Statesboro Blues (Live at Macon City Auditorium)

US takes on China's Huawei in undersea battle for control of global internet grid

Covidien to Pay Over $17 Million to The United States for Allegedly Providing Illegal Remuneration

Coast Guard officer described by prosecutors as 'domestic terrorist' not facing terrorism charges

Father and Son Convicted of Multimillion-Dollar Investment Fraud Scheme

American Airlines, Southwest flight attendants ask carriers to ground Boeing 737 Max planes

Inside Biden and Warren's years-long feud

News Release: Tenth Edition of Data Book Reveals Trends in U.S. and Global Renewable Energy Growth

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro Loses at Least 3 Advertisers Amid Backlash

Former KPMG Executive And Former PCAOB Employee Convicted Of Wire Fraud For Scheme To Steal And Use

What's your favorite decade from the 20s to the 00s...

White House: Trump "Doesn't Know" the Massage Parlor Owner Peddling Access to Him

Ohio can block Planned Parenthood funding, appeals court rules

Trump speaks with Boeing CEO after crash raises concerns

Trump moves to close nearly 2 dozen international immigration offices around the world

Applause for 34 advertisers ditching ex-bowtie *ucker CARLSON

Trump Declares War on [Checks Notes] Planes

A List of the Parents Named in the College Admissions Scandal Indictment

Federal Grand Jury Issues Subpoenas in North Carolina

Remember When Jared Kushner's Dad Donated $2.5M to Harvard?

I just finished reading the Hugo winners.

Pelosi and impeachment

Trump Will Close International Immigration Offices

Which one would you save from drowning?

Filliam H. Muffman

What is wrong with the elite people of America?

Trump's FAA official refusing to ground troubled airplane is former industry lobbyist: report

Mueller has a secret weapon he uses against defendants: Ex-prosecutor

solar/wind reach one terawatt, up to 2 terawatts by 2023 at huge cost reduction...

This will make you happy. (Twitter video)

Daniel Ellwell is acting head of the FAA . He was an aerospace industry lobbyist

GOP Working To Save Face On Vote Disapproving Of Trump's Emergency Declaration

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Insecurity!

Bernie and California...

I think it would help if we revisit the definitions of a Democratic Socialist and a Social Democracy

Crap...Is anyone watching Rachel now?

Black Cats Aren't Getting Adopted Because They Look Bad in Selfies

Rachel on the grounding of the troubled aircraft

What those idiotic parents did, trying to get their kids into a name college, is beyond me.

Sanders aide apologizes for questioning American Jews' 'dual allegiance' to Israel

FAA doubles down on position not to ground the Boeing 737 Max

It looks like trump's government shutdown may have some culpability for the 737 max 8 crash.

Sounds Familiar no?

Rachel: Michael Flynn and Mueller are jointly requesting ANOTHER 90 day extension.

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Grills Wells Fargo CEO Over Profiting From 'Caging of Children' and Pipeline Di

DU POLL: Is Trump the AntiChrist?

Cardinal George Pell sentenced to 6 years in prison in child sex abuse caseArticle title

Currently on vacation

Kamala Harris Gettin' Down Just For The Funk Of It

Lawrence O'Donnell is speculating that McConnell won't run for re-election.

Americans should consider fleeing Venezuela as new sanctions loom, State Department says

Americans should consider fleeing Venezuela as new sanctions loom, State Department says

Katie Porter on Lawrence: "I spend 2-3 hours reading/prepping before a hearing." She is GOOD!

Venezuela: Guaido under investigation for 'sabotage' of power grid

Rep. Katie Porter just now on MSNBC...

Walter Russell Mead: Ilhan Omar Can't Break the U.S.-Israel Bond

Tucker Carlson is officially "on vacation"

'Almost certain extinction': 1,200 species under severe threat across world

Incoming Storm for Central U.S.

The View's Meghan McCain calls in sick after getting brutally mocked online all weekend

Today at work

Mueller says former Trump adviser Flynn's cooperation 'otherwise complete'

Ionic Liquid Based Separation of Precious Metals from Spent Automotive Catalytic Converters.

Pentagon sets limits on transgender troops

Pentagon sets limits on transgender troops

TX mom facing up to 20 years in jail for leaving her five kids home alone for Myrtle Beach trip

There's a major fire next to my mother's apartment

Lawrence thinks McConnell may not run for reelection

New Tucker Carlson recordings unveiled (NSFW)

Texas Republican opposes Trump plan to fund border wall with U.S. defense funds

Stephen Hawking's nurse suspended for financial misconduct and questions about her care

One, Two, Three Strikes you're out in the old ball game!@

U.S., Taliban talks end for now with no Afghan peace deal

U.S. Senate to vote Wednesday on Saudi Yemen war resolution

U.S. Senate to vote Wednesday on Saudi Yemen war resolution

Impeachment - - - and Trump's balls - - - are in Nancy Pelosi's hand. And she has complete control.

Watch the smallest kitten you've ever seen grow up into the cutest little 3-pound cat 💚

Tonight I heard some informed sources say they thought Biden WOULDN'T get in...

"If you're going to shoot the king, you'd better be god damn sure you kill him."

In newly-released transcript, former FBI lawyer fires back on charges that anti-Trump bias affected

House Democrats will skip questions on Ross's ethics violations at public hearing

Did somebody hack Matt Gaetz's Twitter account?!?

Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates to Release Tax Returns Passes Washington Senate

NXIVM President Nancy Salzman to plead guilty

I really like Jeremy Bash.

O'Rourke and Biden, signaling presidential bids, would infuse centrism into Democratic field (WP)

Uber agrees to pay drivers $20 million to settle independent contractor lawsuit

The Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time: Celeb Bribegate, Buzzkill Pelosi & Robotic Romney

Countdown to Mumford and Sons 18

Venezuela: prominent journalist Luis Carlos Diaz taken by intelligence service

Democrats Bridget Malloy Kosierowski and Movita Johnson-Harrell have just been declared WINNERS

Seth Meyers - White House Press Briefing, Joe Biden's Presidential Run - Monologue - 3/11/19

Setting impeachment aside

Trump's vulgarity is a feature not a bug

Tulsa City bailiff tells breast feeding mother to feed infant in bathroom.

Bolsonaro under fire for smearing reporter who covered scandal involving his son

Kate Gallego Declares Victory in Phoenix Mayoral Election

Pompeo calls on oil industry to support U.S. foreign policy agenda

Tucker Carlson Jokes About Sex W/Teen Beauty Queen In Resurfaced Audio

How come all the women I meet have a grade of F

Best description of FUX News I've seen

Bayer Roundup cancer trial goes to jury after closing arguments

Seth Meyers - Late Night White House Press Conference with Trump: When Did You Start Going Crazy?

CEO of boeing is a member of mar a lago,

U.S. working on steel, aluminum tariff relief for Mexico, Canada: trade chief

Talk to 'Green New Deal' backers, BP CEO tells oil industry

Mexico backs Disney-Fox deal, orders sale of Fox Sports channels

U.S. Congress invites pharmacy benefit managers to third drug pricing hearing

U.S. Congress invites pharmacy benefit managers to third drug pricing hearing

I know at this time I want Biden.

Contested oil wells in Colorado suburb clear major hurdle

so, I am a little freaked out - had to see an endocronoligist today

Compromise could win over GOP senators opposing Trump order

Oak Barrels

"Traitortots in Moscow..."

Man ordered detained by ICE 9 times arrested on suspicion of woman's stabbing death

Captain Chaos tweeting at 12:28 EST. The southern district of New York for the win.

New York, feds join to get 100K rape kits tested around US

CNN: Beto O'Rourke ready to 'push the button' on presidential campaign, source says.

The latest silly viral thing to come from the internet: Triangle Dance

Borrego Springs, California desert bloom

California agencies at odds over Colorado River drought plan

Trump's national monument changes return to spotlight

Surprise! Dust Ring Discovered in Mercury's Orbit

How prosecutors say the admissions bribery scheme worked

MSNBC podcasts

Two 'Proud Boys' members indicted on felony assault charges in Oregon

Greenpeace hits back at Trump tweet on climate change denial

Onion: CIA Orchestrates Coup D'tat To Replace Entire Population Of Venezuela

Onion: CIA Orchestrates Coup D'tat To Replace Entire Population Of Venezuela

Anybody else torn on the Newsome executive action on Death Penalty

Feeling pressure to ground Boeing planes, US Transportation Secretary flies on 737 Max 8

How Beauty Is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution

NYC high school students lock out administrators over 'racist, homophobic misogynistic video

AOC to women of color: "Stop trying to navigate systems of power and start building your own power."

Something is Seriously Wrong With Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Lies About "Tim Apple"

Bernie Sanders Huge Gain Monmouth Democratic Primary National Poll March 2019

My wife ended up in the ER for two hours. Cost: $4500

Bill SchneiderTrump is turning 2020 into a referendum on AOC and socialism. That's good news for D

David Pakman Show - Psychiatrist: Trump Pre-Dementia & Cognitive Decline Getting Worse

Placement of I-69 puts cities, residents at odds

In a public FB post, the first deaf-autistic person elected to public office asks for help

EPA Chief Urges The World To Buy U.S. Fossil Fuels

Honda recalls 1.2M more vehicles with dangerous air bags

Beto 2020: O'Rourke school, history in politics, career

Glinka: "Nocturne", Kamyshov on piano/Boshniakovich plays Rachmaninoff's "Prelude, Op. 23, No.6"/

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/12/19

Is bribing admissions counselors any more arbitrary than how we allocate college admissions now?

Dick's Sporting Goods will remove guns from 125 stores amid slumping sales, reports say

Recovering from Religion,

No wonder Tucker Carlson is "on vacation." These are the vilest tapes yet.

Governor signs $95M highway bill; Legislation will raise gas prices by 3 cents a gallon

This 106-year-old cyclist shows you're never too old to do what you love

Arkansas Senate approves bill banning abortion at 18 weeks

Exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Wells Fargo CEO (C-SPAN)

Recreational weed appears DOA

Missouri House Committee Approves Changes To How Colleges Handle Sexual Assault Reports

Scaramucci throwing out lures to investors again

((early list)) Dozens Of Countries Ground Boeing's 737 Max 8 Following Deadly Crash In Ethiopia

Here is a picture of Bob Ross feeding a baby raccoon to brighten up your Hump Day

Proposed oil regulation would increase transparency on spills, violations

That moment you realize that your baby is a Metalhead...

Mike Pence just offered Senate Republicans a deal with the devil:

Nope, not for about 11 years now. These days, I'm more of a Michigan...

OK, what's her DU name?

State Senate panel rejects bill on pre-existing conditions

Meanwhile, in The Land Beyond Petty...

"Watch out! That thing's loaded!"

Meanwhile, in Texas...

FAA doubles down on decision not to ground the Boeing 737 Max, as counterparts around the world have

Still in Texas...

Freshmen Dems 'Changing Everything' For Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ban-the-box bill sent to New Mexico governor

Lumber Liquidators Agrees to $33 Million Penalty for Securities Fraud

Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank LTD. Admits Its Employees Helped U.S.Taxpayers Conceal Income and Assets

Torres Small says more customs, border patrol agents needed for influx of asylum seekers

Here's the breakdown of the Pentagon's budget request

Republicans, residents vent frustration over border security at Deming event

🐦 MAR 20 Noon Rally PDT - Bernie Sanders Joins Striking UCLA Workers!

A white child called three black classmates a racial slur. Months later, the school is struggling to

Disputes may sink minimum wage hike bills in Legislature

Bill banning coyote-killing contests goes to governor

Wednesday TOONs - College Has Gotten So Expensive

Danzig - Bound By Blood and Danzig's Bound by Blood / O'Keefe Music Foundation

Trump Signs Bibles

I hope Manafort reads another statement about how this has been like Midnight Express for him

College bribery parent arrested is CEO of The Rise Fund, a social impact fund co-founded with Bono

GOP seizes on Pelosi's position on impeachment

Human-Centered Capitalism

The Rundown: March 12, 2019

Watch this from start to finish - then scream EfuckingNOUGH!!

Trump marks Day 26 of NATIONAL EMERGENCY tweeting about "one-sided hatred" of comedy shows

New Mexico Senate approves ethics commission

The cheating has going on for years and will continue!

Boeing donated $1 million to Trump's record-size inaugural fund

Philippe Reines: Stop drawing the wrong lessons from 1998

The sacking of a Venezuelan city

2 New Major Calvings From Grey Glacier Show Growing Stress On Vulnerable Patagonian Ice Sheets

High school plastered with swastikas after Holocaust survivor visit

CU Boulder Study: Acidifiction Event Horizon Approaches For Southern Ocean Food Chain

US Justice Department probe ratchets up scrutiny into 9th District election fraud

New Mexico's top insurance official appeals malpractice ruling

U Queensland: More Than 1,200 Species Worldwide "Will Almost Certainly Face Extinction"

Comedy Gold!! Royal Dutch Shell Calls On Shitstain Administration To Tighten Methane Leak Rules

3 Energy Company Collapses In Past Year Leave BC Gov On The Hook To Clean 100s Of Abandoned Wells

Gov. Steve Sisolak Announces Nevada Will Join 22 Other States On Paris Climate Goals

Diocese of Brooklyn: SNL Must Apologize for the "Harassment" by Pete Davidson

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma says FDA has granted fast track designation to its emergency opioid tr

Will someone please challenge Andrea Mitchell

Kamala Harris Praises Gavin Newsome's Decision to End Death Penalty in CA.

Trump Admin Assurances On Plane's Safety Ring Hollow Abroad Rachel Maddow MSNBC

GOP apologizes to governor for vulgar Facebook post

Udall: Trump budget would be 'devastating' to NM's economy

From the guy who thinks MBS shouldn't even be sanctioned for chopping up a US resident w- a bone saw

Pre-sentencing shout-out to "Court Santa", who's there when you can't be!

BTRTN: Job App for POTUS... No Experience Required. Indeed, No Experience Preferred.

Reagan Biographer Attacks AOC, AOC Responds Brilliantly.

Trump in comparison to Jim Jones - NPD and what we need to realize.

Iran and Saudi Arabia: Twins in persecuting women for having a voice

A set of china for sale. Riviera pattern of Meito china. Norleans group. Made in Occupied Japan.

Psychiatrist: Trump Pre-Dementia & Cognitive Decline Getting Worse

Tucker Carlson is Right Not to Apologize

Well, the new governor of Georgia is showing his true GOP characteristic.

GSA report to Congress downplays Trump's involvement in FBI HQ decision

The FAA refusal to ground the Max 8 is way more important than the cheating in colleges

Waiting For GOP

I had a dream I met Trump

Shimon Prokupecz is tweeting from Manafort sentencing:

psychiatrist: Trump should be quarantined, Cohen should fear for his life

Free Webinar on Essure Problems

How to fool Trump voters, call impeachment hearings oversight hearings.

Stormy Daniels slams Avenatti, says Cohen is 'dumber than herpes' at DC event

Commentary: 4 Ways To Reduce Plastics And Other Single-Use Disposables In Your Kitchen

#Boeing is a major lobbying player on Capitol Hill

Why all the hate for AOC?

It only cost Kushner's daddy a $2.5 million bribe to get him into Harvard.

Pelosi: @GOP Senators say--allow Trump to violate the Constitution *just this once.* [b]

New: Pelosi tweets that the House will not amend Emergencies Act--no "pass" for Trump

Driver pulled over with horse in truck bed may face animal cruelty charge

N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper proposes offshore wind study in budget

Avenatti facing hearing today on fraud claims

Dramatic rainfall changes for key crops expected even with reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Fact Check: Larry Kudlow's Revenue Deception #TrumpTaxSCAM #GOPtaxSCAM

Russia, Cuba and Iran will lead investigation into "US sabotage" of VZ electrical grid

Felicity Huffman Released On $250,000 Bail In College Admissions Probe

Manafort in court right now--Judge Jackson just ordered him to forfeit $11 million

Wait for it!!!!!

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Confirmation Hearing

Pure wealthy white privilege on display

A little - AWW - cuteness pix for this A.M.

Washington Post-Opinion: If this Joe Biden runs, he'll win

So the NYT put a picture of the actresses who bribed schools to get in but did not show the

Chris Coons on Bloomberg this morning said he is optomistic that Joe Biden will be running for

😆 Kellyanne Conway's Hot Take On College Admission Scandal Backfires Spectacularly

CNN: ICE agents illegally signed arrest-warrants, skipped mandatory review-process.

Are any of you on Spotify?

Has any DU poster actually called for IMMEDIATE impeachment? I have seen posts which

Weather Alerts

Good morning everyone.

Tweet of the Day

New Yorker: The Republican Planning to Run Against Trump in 2020

Here Comes The Judge!

Special prosecutor seizes St. Louis circuit attorney's email server

And now this to

Opinion The Democratic Candidates Should Tell Us Now Who They'll Put on the Supreme Court

Call Mr. Stone!

Saudi women's rights activists go on trial in Riyadh

OMG! He's moving the goal posts to "Being a Russian Spy".

FAIR: Fairness for Athletes in Retirement

Listening to the music you love will make your brain release more dopamine, study finds

100 children, many others feared trapped in collapse of Nigeria building that housed school

"OOOH, I am SO sorry, I am a CHANGED man, I need my wife, I am SOOOOOOO SOOOOORRRRRYYY...."

Listening to the music you love will make your brain release more dopamine, study finds

These kids seem to have a complicated love life...

Heinz Dieterich, Chavist apologist, throws the bus driver under the bus!

Pelosi rejects Republican bill to change national emergencies act

De Blasio says he won't resign as mayor if he runs for President

Judas Priest! Meghan McCain has NO clue as to what 'legacy admissions' to universities means

Johnny Cash covering Marty Robbins

I Worked In College Admissions And Had To Admit A Bunch Of Mediocre Rich Kids

Lawrence's Last Word: Mitch McConnell's Last Stand?

When you're mad cuz your Mom dressed you and your K-9 brother in stupid matching outfits (Twitter):

A "timely" reminder: The 2020 election is 601 days from now.

This is how workplace violence starts (Twitter):

Back in session. Here we go.

Scientists capture rare footage of the SandalCat in his natural habitat (Twitter):

The future of dog transportation (Twitter):

Kratu's back! 🤣🤣

Bird Stealth Level: Expert (Twitter):

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, DAD'S HOME (Twitter):

Pelosi and impeachment pt2

Good Morning folks, please give a warm DUMA welcome to MEAN MARY

Theresa May confirms she will vote to block no-deal Brexit

Me whenever I'm faced with real-life social interaction (Twitter):

To me i wonder why Manafort wasn't charged with

Our friends at JPR seem to have lost their unity...

NC Board Of Elections Concludes 9th District Election 'Corrupted,' 'Tainted'

This woman's voice could slice steel but couldn't crush an apple blossom

Manafort hearing: Judge not buying his fake apology today

Manafort ordered to serve an additional 43 months in prison

It's called "comedy", jackass.

Bernie Sanders on Basic Income - 2015

Canada just banned 737 Max8 from taking off, landing, or flying through Canadian Airspace...

Judge Jackson: "The "NO COLLUSION" mantra is simply a non sequitur"

Canada banning Boeing Max from Canadian airspace

Judge ABJ, pointedly: Question of collusion or conspiracy w/Russia was not presented in this case

How I would order the candidates by ideology (center to left)

Paul Manafort always wanted to outdo his father

Federal District Judge Jackson is taking Manafort and his team to the wood shed

Fake Melania body double sighting...again?

2011: OH Mother Convicted Of Felony For Lying To Get Kids Into Better School

It seems to me that those who want socialism and those who are MAGAs have similar motives.

Looks like 43 additional months for Manafort, right?

Manafort Sentence Out

Manafort total prison time: 7 1/2 years (both sentences)

7.5 years minus 9 months already served. 2-1/2 years of Jackson's sentence are concurrent.

**CNN** Manny gets another forty three months

Manafort must pay restitution of just over $6 Million.

BREAKING: Canada bars the 737 MAX 8 (leaving US and...Panama still flying)

ActBlue Daily Updates (DU for Warren 3-12-19)

3.5 Years?

Most he can get off for good behavior is 15%.

DOJ Probes if 1MDB Playboy Fugitive Donated to Trump Re-Election Fund

Largest carbon dioxide sink in renewable forests

Do you want to know what love is?

Brazil school shooting: Deadly attack in Sao Paulo

Well, a total of 7.5 years!

Split sentence????

The Upper Midwest is Melting....Melting

How long before Trump tweets "No collusion !"

Lori Loughlin in FBI Custody for Alleged Involvement in College Bribery Scam

John Hickenlooper on Seth Meyers last night...

Now Canada Grounds 737 Max 8

BREAKING: Manhattan DA Vance unseals 15 fraud & conspiracy charges against Manafort (No Pardon!)

BREAKING: Paul Manafort just indicted by Manhattan DA

Kate Gallego wins big in race for Phoenix mayor

*****BREAKING***** Manafort indicted by Manhattan Grand jury

Manafort indicted by Manhattan DA

Trump's conservative judges begin takeover of federal appeals courts

Tens of millions of dollars in bank fraud, tax fraud and that's all the jail time you get?

Wow, the only thing Manafort's douchebag lawyer had to say was

I have not cried since 11/8/16...

New York Charges Paul Manafort With 16 Crimes. If He's Convicted, Trump Can't Pardon Him.

Manafort's attorney in front of court saying "NO COLLUSION," crowd yells "THAT'S NOT WHAT SHE SAID"

Gaza Has A Secret

The Ethiopian pilots received additional training after Indonesian crash

Breaking: NYC Prosecutors charge Manafort

Trump, Boeing ties scrutinized as FAA stands nearly alone in support of Max 8

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican officials are extorting thousands of dollars from migrants to apply for asylum

Will Manafort be able to endure another trial in NYC?

The New York indictments could turn Manafort against Trump. This is a big deal.

Best morning EVER!! - Moving on to our afternoon, what time is that king o' ratfuckers due in court?

Wow. "Bomb Cyclone" has fallen.

Officer McGruff isn't the only one who takes a bite out of crime.

Arizona Black Rodeo returns to Rawhide in Chandler, attracting more than 9,000 rodeo fans

Good good good good vibrations (jiggly babies on Twitter):

Nat King Cole - Unforgettable

The Fukushima Daiichi Disaster Radiating Your DNA!

Where Exactly Is The 'Collusion' Case Against Manafort?....

Jacob Wohl Faked Death Threats Against Himself

Let's give proper credit to Donald Trump...

Rodeos, Bull Riding Events in LA May Soon be a Thing of the Past

Appeals court hears case on adoptions of Native Americans

Judge Jackson on the concurrent part of Manafort's sentence:

Chavista in Venezuela calls out Maduro supporters (Palast, Blumenthal... are you listening?)

When Jew-Hatred Isn't Anti-Semitic

As Kansas legislators slam New York abortion rights law, a colleague shares her story

Canada says satellite images support grounding of Boeing MAX planes.

Nothing about Manafort, from Trump, yet!

Exclusive: Lawyer said Michael Cohen could 'sleep well tonight' after speaking to Rudy Giuliani

Watch Boeing's Max 8s drop off the map as countries around the world grounded them:

About the briberies of sport officials at the universities

Pilots complained about the 737 Max in a federal database

Is there a March For Our Lives scheduled for March 24th nationally

US construction spending up strong 1.3 percent in January

Michael Cohen reassured in 2018 that he had "friends in high places"...

The Impeachment of George W. Bush

Harper Lee letter condemns home town for making her into a 'tourist attraction'

8 killed in mass shooting in southern Brazil school

What makes Richard Quest on CNN an aviation expert?

College cheating ringleader says he helped more than 750 families with admissions scheme

EU Parliament Calls for Suspension of Turkey's EU-Entry Talks

Look at the smile on this little boy's face!

Mark Riddell: Exam whizz at centre of US college cheat scandal

How marine snow cools the planet--And how ocean acidification could reverse that effect

FAKE NEWS !! (JDCrowe cartoon)

"Nobody should underestimate how much Manafort did to really help get this campaign to where..."

Manafort could face up to 25 years in NY state prisons.

Capturing wild animals for study can stress them to death. Is it worth it?

Brexit: PragerU vs. Reality

Brazil's Bolsonaro under fire for misleading tweet on media

Who is your favorite Irish musician/band/song?

What If A City Has To Rethink Its Past to Understand its Future?

Pat Metheny - Last Train Home

Bolsonaro paramilitary ties in spotlight after photo with murder suspect

Paul Manafort is sentenced to a total of 7 years in prison for conspiracy and fraud.

The Moral Center of Meritocracy Collapses

FINALLY the moron is grounding the Boeing planes.

The good part about the Mueller convictions not charging collusion

Earl Thomas to sign with Baltimore Ravens

California governor suspends death penalty

Handy calendar update, 3/13 - all the hearings, sentencin, testifyin going on in March!!

The Joe Biden 5-Point Plan

Tucker Carlson makes sexually explicit jokes about Miss Teen USA contestant in latest audio

DOD employees could owe IRS thousands of dollars in taxes and interest after PCS moves

Thousands of ISIS troops surrender amid attack on final stronghold in Syria

Beto O'Rourke is not the progressive some imagine

Trump blasts California governor's plan to halt executions

Brazil to build long-resisted Amazon transmission line on indigenous land

Brazil to build long-resisted Amazon transmission line on indigenous land

Le'Veon Bell bet on himself, and lost big

MSNBC: Is Mike Pence an honorable man? @SenWarren: No.

Brazil government kickstarts efforts to mine indigenous reserves: official

Ohio man says he's only drinking beer during Lent because that's what monks used to do

Brazil government kickstarts efforts to mine indigenous reserves: official

Trump orders grounding of Boeing 737 Max fleet in US

Trump's Hair Is Not A Comb-Over

The not-so-secret way the superrich game college admissions

Democratic candidate discussion -- Experienced politician vs. young upstarts

'Impossible travel conditions': Bomb cyclone hits central US with heavy snow, winds

Let us bring this catastrophic and unconstitutional war in Yemen to an end today.

Free Parking - Sex Slavery

Felicity Huffman awoke to FBI agents with guns drawn at her L.A. home

Trump weighs in on the #FakeMelania controversy, keeping his hand on the "national emergency" wheel

Trump and the collapsing Republican Party are triggering a massive political immune system

realDontheCon rips "HARRASSERS"

After second crash and FAA advisory, Boeing says it will update 737 Max 8 flight control system

Nancy announces House bill to protect Americans from gender, orientation and identity discrimination

The World Wide Web is 30 years old -- and its inventor has a warning for us

LIVE: Senate Voting to End War in Yemen

North Korea election: Surprise as leader Kim Jong-un 'not on ballot'

Howard "I love my tax cuts" Schultz vows to reject partisan bills as president

What did the federal guidelines suggest for today's Manafort sentence? nt

GOP faces crunch time on Trump border declaration

FAA tatement on the temporary grounding of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

It won't be adopted, so what good is Trump's budget?

If you ignore when he's wrong, Trump is a prophet

Pelosi: House won't take up bill to overhaul national emergencies

Didn't Manafort hand over polling data to Russia?

Did anyone else take note that Judge Amy Jackson

British MPs vote to reject no-deal Brexit

Facebook, Instagram go down around the world in an apparent outage.

Did Giuliani reassure Cohen in April, 2018 that "he had friends in high places".

Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel goes rail only on March 23

No Deal Brexit goes down

So Bill Donohue, spokesperson and maybe the only active member

So has Pelosi decided Trump is above the law (i.e. he is king)?

Sorry, President Obama. Trump is the "in" President.

Cy Vance is laughing at Republicans who think blocking Trump's impeachment will save him

Woman calls police on boy who was just excited over the Browns getting Odell Beckham Jr.

Boeing's 737 MAX 8 is just a microcosm of Trump's push for mindless deregulation

Judge won't let unvaccinated children back in school

Manafort will be pardoned.

Advertisers ditch Carlson and Pirro's Fox News shows

How is that "otherwise blameless life" comment working out Judge Ellis?

msnbc outage

Say Trump pardons Manafort of all fed crimes by the end of the week.

Religious Conservatives Argue Adam & Eve Would Never Have Been Banished From Eden If They'd Had Guns

Imagine the global distrust when the Ethiopians sent the black boxes to Europe

What the hell is a "highly detailed group of people"?

Trump's method of grounding the 737 MAX fleet? Talking to the Press...

Old Rape Kits Finally Got Tested. 64 Attackers Were Convicted.

UPDATE 1-Advantage Lithium CEO charged in U.S. college admissions scandal

As far as NY charges go--is there not double jeopardy?

Cindy Yang "has lived a very quiet life" says her lawyer, per ABC News:

Stanley 'Tookie' Williams: the last man to be executed in California

New post-Millenial voter registrations in California...

Radioactive particles from huge solar storm found in Greenland

Socialism v Crony Capitalism

The Fukushima Daiichi Disaster Radiating Your DNA - Thom Hartmann Show (and DU Video forum)

Breaking: "Nadler says former acting attorney general

"First Southwest 737 MAX Breaks Down on Flight #2 With CEO on Board." So, problems from the start?

Breaking - Nadler says Whitaker did not deny that the President called him to discuss

Brexit and Trumpism Have Failed Because Conservative Populism Is a Lie

Et tu, Fox? John Roberts calls Trump on his bullshit.

Memo Warned of 'Perfect Storm' from Iraq Invasion

Watch LIVE Senate Floor Proceedings Yemen Vote

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-10: Wheel Of Corruption: Into The Spiderverse Edition

Remember when Republicans on the House Oversight Committee were yelling "perjury"?

New right wing plan: Charge Rep. Ilhan Omar with treason now for future treason (No, not the Onion)

UPDATE: Judge just turned down prosecutors' request to delay hearing on defense access to FBI docs

Actors show different brain activity when in character, study finds

Is Facebook still down?

Nazi Symbol Of Hate Was Drawn On RBG At Subway Station (NSFW)

How do people sit on this furniture?????

O'Rourke Says He Wants to Run for President

Former Maryland Gov. Harry Hughes dies at 92

Guess the presidential campaign manager not in jail right now?

Columbus Ohio cops, doing it up "right"

Nancy Pelosi Boots Mike Pence From His House...........

Chuck Todd is an a-hole.

US warship quarantined at sea due to virus outbreak

Indicting Trump To Impede His Pardoning Powers.....

The racism of technology - and why driverless cars could be the most dangerous example yet

First Look on msnbc showed stills of Erik Prince w chyron about Joe Biden announcing a run.

Atheist summits aim to find community, and power, in networking nonbelievers

Tucker Carlsons vulgar racist rants surface

Trump wants to close international immigration offices. The ramifications are huge.

The Grace of Love: Leonard Cohen and the Sufis (Part 3)

Creationism vs Evolution Debate - Is Intelligent Design a Front for Hustlers?

Here's How Much Prison Time Manafort Could Face if Convicted on New State Charges

When Tetris gets real...

Beto O'Rourke gets the April cover of Vanity Fair.

Survey: Faith groups maintain widespread support for LGBT protection laws

Manafort expresses remorse while awaiting second round of sentencing

As GOP Attacks Women's Reproductive Freedoms, 'Testicular Bill of Rights' Would Restrict Men's

If Trump Isn't 'Worth' Impeachment, Who Is?

Just Go Ahead And Tell Yourself Bribery Is The Only Reason You Didn't Get Into Columbia

Cliff Mass: Record-breaking cold in Eastern Washington

NEW: U.S. government now has a condo in Trump Tower. (It was Paul Manafort's.)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 14 March 2019



How much will Donald Trump damage the Republican Party in 2020?

Male sexuality will never be legislated (Viagra, rape, misogyny)

Moreso than usual, Trump seems really obsessed with his "no collusion" claim in the last few days?

Update on Mayor Pete's road to 65,000 donors

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1: III and NOW, Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto: III

LIVE: Senate Passes Yemen War Powers Resolution

Native Leaders Tell Congress How Trump Trampled 'Spiritually Occupied Landscape' to Carve Up Nationa

Bring Back Eisenhower Socialism

There are links at different sites to actresses' kids. Where are stories about other kids?

Senate rebukes Trump with vote ordering the U.S. military to end its support for Saudi-led war

The Senate Resolution on Yemen just passed by a vote of 54 to 46

Facebook and Instagram are down

After watching the interviews with Senator Warren the past few weeks, there is nobody in the race

Why doesn't the $&@#%!!! media mention Russia's DECISIVE influence on Brexit

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 13, 2019

Pete Buttigieg ... Says Pence Has "Absolutely Fanatical" Views

Manafort: Persistent Felony Offender Under NYS law?

Bolsonaro Will Have Dinner With Conservative Luminaries During US Visit

Luckovich on Criminal Justice in the US

Atlanta police will no longer ask about marijuana use on applications

Bolsonaro Will Have Dinner With Conservative Luminaries During US Visit

We don't want to make a martyr out of Trump.

"Has congress ever ordered the tax returns of any other president?"

Maybe a dumb question BUT

Fox News Contributor Salaries Revealed in Financial Disclosures

At least 8 people were killed in a school shooting in Brazil

New: Facebook's Data Deals Are Under Criminal Investigation

Self serve ice cream:

Enjoying this game of cat and mouse. Er, cat and bird...

Undercover investigation finds Beagles suffering in lab experiments

How long do we have to live with this piece of shit?

I love the way the door instantly slammed on Manafort,

Protesters Flock to Fox News Headquarters to Scare Off Advertisers

'Tillerson "told Kushner that his interference had endangered the US"

Vogue Dogue

SenSanders 2020 campaign manager fshakir shares why Sanders came out quickly to defend Rep Omar

"Bathtub ring of hell."

Phoenix man accuses AMC theater of racial profiling after he's accused of sneaking in; his video goe

At least 8 people were killed in a school shooting in Brazil

Lori Loughlin Daughter Olivia Leaves Yacht Owned by Top USC Official

USAF begins surveillance flights off Venezuela

So...WHY did it take so long for the FAA to ground the 737 Max?

Jacob Wohl Faked Death Threats Against Himself -- Did He Felony Fuck Himself?

"It's Catney, britches!"

Bring back National Service, say people who've given it f**k all thought

Motrhead - Eat the Rich !

He can pardon via twitting

Watching Bloomberg: The Chinese government blacked out a discussion on its Uyghur minority.

I'll stipulate that Trump hasn't thought about pardons if some will stipulate that . . . . .

Has anyone gone to Egypt or Jordan? I have some questions

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Mizzou's Nobel winner gives away his $250,000 prize to students

Nancy Pelosi Equals Leadership