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Guilty Dogs Compilation

Don't forget about state legislatures special elections, we are losing them this year

CNN anchor counts Trump's false claims using gumballs

Yesterday, AOC informed me about something very important to me.

Trump says he'd poll at 98 percent if he ran to be Israel's prime minister: report

A friend of mine showing off the CBD farm

Ocasio-Cortez: In US 'if you don't have a job you are left to die'

New Mexico: State Senate Committee approves legalization legislation

Here we go again!

Paul Manafort sentencing: Will second judge be harsher?

Tardigrades Are the Toughest Animal on Earth

Tardigrades Are the Toughest Animal on Earth

Furniture Bank Delivers Used Furnishings And Hope To St. Louisans Struggling To Start Over

Michelle Malkin Won't Apologize For 'Ghost Of John McCain' Jab At CPAC

Trump is still acting like Trump.

Household net worth falls by largest amount since the Great Recession, new Fed data shows

Liz Cheney Blasts Trump Plan To Charge Allies A Premium On U.S. Troops

"12 Things You Should Know About the Kushner Family'

McConnell / Russia /China /Chao corruption connection: new significance. How deep does this go?

5 months after losing our best buddy, we adopted a new friend

Tulsi said: "one of her closest friends (military) has refused to report her own rape.

Capitalism is not sustainable over the long term.

A new production tells the story of Father Tolton, the slave who became a priest

Yeah, that's definitely a cry for help.

Right in our faces ...

How/Why do we know about the cigar bar meeting with Kilimnik??

No One Under 30 Has Ever Experienced A World Free Of Paid Climate Liars, Shills And Denialist Hacks

The girl who executed Nazis after seducing them in bars dies aged 92

Moving On From Big Oil, NAM Now Works To Defend All Corporations From Climate-Active Investors

John Delaney: We need a more just form of capitalism.

Buttigieg is smart and articulate and at ease

when I was young I read the book Brave New World

Elder says medicine pouch 'desecrated' by Halifax airport security despite asking for X-ray scan

"Michelle and I send our deepest sympathies to all who knew the victims of today's plane crash"

Watching a tribute to Aretha Franklin.......

How many US states have you visited?

The fact that Iowa and New Hampshire are so unrepresentative of our party

Ethiopian Airlines crash kills all 157 on board, including 18 Canadians (Another Boeing 737 MAX 8)

I Know Where I Came From

Spouse watched Deadpool 2 the other day

Americans must soon register - but not get visas - to travel to some European countries

Schiff: Erik Prince 'certainly not telling the truth' about House testimony

Marco Rubio Says Venezuelan Explosion Occurred At 'German Dam,' Who Is A Journalist And Not A Dam

Texas Republican says 'emergency' powers go too far

Marco Rubio Says Venezuelan Explosion Occurred At 'German Dam,' Who Is A Journalist And Not A Dam

A Verizon ad tonight on THE WALKING DEAD...

Graduate of Harvard University, a Rhodes Scholar, Pete Buttigieg,

"After Life" on Netflix. Ricky Gervais. OUTSTANDING!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 11 March 2019

Ontario police reforms would 'completely subvert' watchdog's independence, director says

Non-binary Californian turned away from donating blood

Trump hates this photo. You know what to do...

White House And Ivanka Trump Propose New Spending On Child Care

A Long Talk With Pete Buttigieg

Rescues of Sick Marine Mammals Rise in O.C. as Record Rains Pour Runoff Into Ocean

Impatient Brazil investors are looking elsewhere

Mysterious Payment Made to Manafort Lawyers

Rep. Ilhan Omar focus of anti-immigrant conspiracy theories shared and liked on social media by 2 Ho

Rep. Ilhan Omar focus of anti-immigrant conspiracy theories shared and liked on social media by 2 Ho

Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Apple, too.

Trump's legacy: conservative judges who will dominate US law for decades

Tracking President Trump's visits to Trump properties

Dollar firms, sterling falls again on Brexit worries

New Milwaukee County sheriff says office will no longer share information with ICE

FDA allows genetically engineered 'Frankenfish' salmon to be imported to US

Tweet of the Day

China grounds Boeing 737 MAX planes after Ethiopian air crash

US Olympic Medalist Kelly Catlin Dies at Age 23

Caption time.

Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

First-time voters for Bernie Sanders don't care about his age, say he speaks to what matters to them

Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Moderate "Meh" Policies: "We View Cynicism as an Intellectually Superior Attitu

Roseanne Barr now says Michelle Obama got her fired...

So I'm Throwing My Hat in the Ring

Elizabeth Warren Is Right- Facebook, Google & Amazon Must Be Broken Up, Robert Reich

Time to make DC a state - racism is a big reason it's not. And Liz Warren is pro-DC statehood.

Congratulations to Jay Inslee (and his DU supporters)

It's either hope McConnell is willing to compromise, or ... eliminate the filibuster.

Fox News denounces Pirro comments on Omar

Gabbard declines to say whether Assad is a war criminal

CNN Town Hall with Pete Buttigieg 3/10/19

Tucker Carson Supports Rape

US Helms-Burton Law against Cuba Rejected in Europe

Elizabeth Warren Is Right- Facebook, Google & Amazon Must Be Broken Up, Robert Reich

Kim Jong-nam murder: suspect Siti Aisyah released after charge dropped

Socialists pls explain how your society/economic system will work

love this GIF! "Throwing the People's Elbow" (With Apologies to the ROCK!)

I made the mistake of finding out why "Bubba the Love Sponge" was trending on Twitter

Underwater video: "Watch Rare Footage of the Mysterious 'Type D' Orca"

Theresa May battles to save Brexit deal amid threats to oust her

Banks bow to pressure to stop profiting from Trump's immigration policy, but Big Tech remains defian

Tulsi Gabbard is NOT anti-war. She is nationalist, hiding behind

Nifty split screen of Bohemian Rhapsody and LIVE AID

U.S. Woman Mired in Saudi Arabia Is Granted Legal Saudi Residency

U.S. Woman Mired in Saudi Arabia Is Granted Legal Saudi Residency

David Axelrod on Pete Buttigieg's town hall performance tonight.

On Disability and on Facebook? Uncle Sam Wants to Watch What You Post

What is with ultra far right leaders and golden showers?

Newly Revealed Letter Shows Jeff Sessions Really Did Order Investigation into Hillary Clinton Matter

Funny screenshots from The Hunter: Call of the Wild

CNN Town Hall with Pete Buttigieg 3/10/19

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 12: Star of the Month: Fredric March

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 13: Missionaries

The Club for Growth sees the ex-Texas congressman as a serious threat to Donald Trump, and they're

Kudos to today's Palm Beach Airport tRump protestors!

The Psychology of Family Annihilators, What Drives a Man to Kill His Own Family?

Tucker Carlson offers no apology for saying 'naughty' things on a radio show

My friend Jana came to the U.S. from Czechoslovakia in the sixties to escape the Communist regime

Isaiah 24:4-6

I wonder who the oldest and youngest members of Democratic Underground are.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Robocalls

Oh, Lort. I just found the Prince YouTube channel

Eastern Orthodox: 'TWO WORDS' (Forgiveness Sunday), 10 March 2019/Sermon on the Day of Forgiveness

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Holst/2 from Delius/Brahms/2 from Collins/Franchomme/2 from Hovhaness

I spent a ridiculous amount of time this weekend

Top story: UN 'in mourning' after staff killed in disaster

(xpost) Top story: UN 'in mourning' after staff killed in disaster

Ex-Murphy staffer accused of rape seeks to get investigative files released before he testifies this

Japan's Tepco fights for return to nuclear power after Fukushima

Trump's 24 Hours: A Resignation, A Prison Sentence, A Weak Jobs Report The Last Word MSNBC

Tired of disappointing political leaders? 5 ideas to upgrade democracy

What Iowa Democrats think of Booker and the other 2020 presidential candidates

Boog the chocolate lab

N.J. teacher displayed an anti-Trump T-shirt. One mom isn't happy.

Iconic Chrysler Building is selling at massive 80-percent discount, reports say

Look closely and you'll see the not-so-hidden symbolism in Trump's signature...

My secret Sometimes when I drive union linehaul at night I jam

The white women who flipped: the price of changing your conservative views (The Guardian)

Getting rid of raccoons and skunks in the yard

Paper ballots come around again -- as cutting-edge way to vote

Murphy budget calls for millionaire's tax, finds $1 billion in savings

Coming up on Morning JoeScum - the Florida madam story

Joe Biden insider says "final" decision now "imminent" on 2020 presidential election

I agree with Joe S. After the USSC neuters the right to legal abortion,

State says two South Jersey car dealers preyed on buyers with bad credit

Body of girl found in duffel bag near L.A.-area hiking trail identified

Burkina Faso - the country where it's too dangerous to go to school

Kazakh police arrest activist who campaigned for human rights in Xinjiang

Murkowski & Manchin Slam "Unattainable" GND, Offer Zero Specifics, Shake Magical "Technology" Stick

Raising Kids In World's Most Polluted City; Inhaling In Ulanbaatar "Like Drawing Fire Into My Lungs"

Bernie Sanders takes jabs at Donald Trump while other Democrats avoid president's name

Venezuela electrical leaders, experts deny blackout is part of cyber attack

As 2020 decision nears, Pennsylvania insiders line up for Joe Biden

Mr. Divisive says Democrats hate Israel...

Socialism!!! Except In Wyoming, Where State Policy Propping Up Dying Coal Plants Is Freedom . . .

Republicans are having a meltdown over a House election reform bill (HR1)

Female Spy in Cold War Era Soviet Union

So, simple question: is this or is this not cool with you?

They hate liberals more than Trump embarrasses them.

Customers would pay millions to rescue Pa. nuclear reactors, including some that are already profit-

With Conventional Farmers Embracing Dicamba, Specialty Crops Likely Next In Line For Damage

Will be my first song

My wife and I saw Apollo 11 yesterday.

Former Gillibrand aide resigned in protest over handling of sex harassment claims

U.S. Olympic cycling medalist Kelly Catlin has died by suicide at 23, her family says

Your Daily Greenwald, "Business as Usual" -Edition

Dozens Of Small-Midsized Western Dams Face Relicensing By 2025; Age, Cost, Fish Loss All Adding Up

Join the Fight video

"Alexa, impeach Trump."

Join the Fight video

Report: Verdict issued against US Navy veteran held in Iran

Bill Maher: Evangelicals Make No Sense When Comparing Donald Trump to King Cyrus

In Invocation, Atheist Tells Iowa Lawmakers That Good Ideas "Are Evidence-Based"

VT Insights: In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders sets up Trump as opposite of democracy

Sanders campaign to be based in both D.C. and Vermont

Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro pulling into the Fox News parking garage.

The Rundown: March 8, 2019


Enjoy The Galactic Stupidity Of Marco Rubio's Latest (Now-Deleted) Venezuela Tweet!

Good Morning Everyone! Here's some Traffic to start your day, Paper Sun

Trump 'Named Winner of Golf Championship He Didn't Play In'

Monday TOONs - Donald Collusion Edition

NH LABOR NEWS: Sanders Stumps In Concord NH (Full Video And Transcript Of Speech)

Mayor Pete: 2020's stealth climate candidate (from Grist)

$2 Million in Repairs Planned for Ohio Governor's Mansion

2020 candidate Buttigieg calls Pence 'cheerleader of the porn star presidency'

A wave of state bills could threaten science and climate education

2020 Democrats aim to make inroads in rural America

Is This the Greatest Photo in Jazz History?

Muslim Fox News producer calls out Pirro: 'You have Muslims working at the same network you do'

Some sad news today in the cottonwood tree, a Decorah Eagle egg was broken......

VT Insights: In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders sets up Trump as opposite of democracy

Trump Administration Aims To Use Facebook To Spy On People Collecting Disability

If you think FOX viewers will be shocked at how Tucker Carlson talks about women...

At Six-Month Mark, Florence Recovery is Moving Ahead

Reporting once again from the People's Socialist Paradise of Venezuela

John Oliver On Trump Signing Bibles:

Iranian human rights lawyer sentenced to 38 years in jail, lashes: husband

Iranian human rights lawyer sentenced to 38 years in jail, lashes: husband

Fox News Strongly Condemns Jeanine Pirro's Attack On Rep. Ilhan Omar

Trump Diehards Create Their Own Yelp for MAGA-Friendly Restaurants

Here is the video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discussing FDR/The Green New Deal:

New Audio of Offensive Remarks by Tucker Carlson

Biden's Early Polling Lead Probably Doesn't Matter

Go Adam Schiff!

Every time I see its signature I think of this deadly cardiac arrhythmia

Video: Venezuelans now resort to bathing is sewers due to infrastructure collapse

Rescue Puppy Brings Her Family So Much Joy

Trump Diehards Create Their Own Yelp for MAGA-Friendly Restaurants

UK prime minister fights to save Brexit deal

'F---ing insane': De Blasio allies warn against 2020 run

Julian Castro on Rep. Ilhan Omar

Daylight Saving Time: Beware of Drowsy Drivers

I feel like I've been soft lately

When I hear about conservatives crying about the Liberal bias of Facebook and Twitter....

Everyone involved in the 2016 hush-money payments says they were campaign-related -- except Trump

Sanders packs in crowd for first 2020 rally in Keene

Hundreds of migrant children are taken from families ...

Being a grandfather is awesome

Fox News Host Drums GOP Pundit...: 'A Dozen Intel Agencies Confirmed Russia Interfered'

MEANWHILE, in Australia...

Why you gotta be that guy?

The fiddlers influencing mangrove ecosystems

This is a Showdown Time

ICE drops dozens more migrants at Phoenix bus station

Democratic National Convention will be in Milwaukee

John Guandolo: It Does Not Violate the First Amendment to Fire All Muslims Working for the Governmen

Trump Jokes About Secret Service Agents Masks: 'They're In Blackface'

BREAKING: Milwaukee it is...

Maduro cancels Monday. When will Venezuelans get in a productive day this month?

Dem Rep. Criticizes DNC Decision To Boycott Fox For Primary Debates

Early Cold War Boyhood Fantasies

Researchers Discover New Nitrogen Source in Arctic

"Most environmentalists suggest taking an international flight just once a year" - The Nation

Trump Claims He Only Called Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' to 'Save Time'

DNC picks Milwaukee to host 2020 convention

Is the fake melania back?

Jack Taylor

Questions about mobile data

Trump's $4.7 trillion budget locks in $1 trillion deficits, raises defense spending, cuts safety net

T-Rex exhibition with models recreated from best current knowledge.

"Occupy My Vagina" Eileen Weiner (in belated honour of International Women's Day) NSFW!!

"Occupy My Vagina" Eileen Weiner (in belated honour of International Women's Day) NSFW!!!

Is the U.S. labor market for truck drivers broken?

Cummings seeks testimony from two more Trump attorneys about Cohen payments

Two More Trump Lawyers May Be Forced to Testify

Winter Photo Contest Thread 1

Ever notice the upside down stars on the GOP logo?

Trump Pushes Team to Stick Up for 'Brave' Paul Manafort

"TOLD THE LIES" - Parody Don Caron ("Hold the Line")

Was this prophetic? I just worked an anacrostic puzzle from 2004 online and it contained the clues

Winter Photo Contest Thread 2

When Irish Eyes are Smiling.. while waiting for Joe to announce

Venezuela power cut: Lootings as desperation grows

Elizabeth Warren Is Running for President. The Other 2020 Democrats Are Just Jockeying for Position.

George Harrison's lovely song 'Here Comes the Sun'....

Transcript of Sentencing before the Honorable T. S. Ellis III

Robert Mueller Not-So-Subtly Nudges D.C. Judge to Throw the Book at Paul Manafort

Winter Photo Contest Thread 3

Falling into the rabbit hole - Chairman Mao called a liberal

Winter Prelims are up in GD

The 4 Best Photo Scanning Apps

Gillibrand: 0 New York endorsements

Bernie in '89: Climate change is the existential crisis of our time.

Sen. Hirono Defends Rep. Omar Because Anything She Says 'Can Be Viewed in a Certain Way'

Delaney: 'I don't believe religious doctrine should inform public policy'

"...primed to love hate, and to hate love."

Metalheads with kazoos drown out Westboro Baptist Church at Capitol

Dear Judge Amy Berman Jackson, please wipe the smirk off of Stone's face today. Thank you.

When your brother ruins your birthday party (Twitter):

Roger Stone

Squee! Huskies and huskies and huskies! (Twitter)

Decorah eagles update-- one egg is broken, other two are okay!!

KEENE, N.H. -- Has the backlash to President Trump radicalized the Democratic Party?

Kitteh Cheese Face Challenge gone wrong (Twitter):

Tickle me to activate smile (Twitter):

"Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?" (Twitter)

A furry holding a furry holding a furry (Twitter):

Trump wins club championship without actually playing in it

Bernie Sanders is interviewing possible 2020 staff in South Carolina ...

Words matter. Politics matter. Freshmen members of Congress better learn that

trump is national security risk! Dems must pound this point

Trump's "I really don't care about the Constitution, Do U" tweet..."Get tough R's!"

While Hiking Bloated Military Spending, Trump Budget Would Slash Medicaid By $1.1 Trillion

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 11, 2019


Milwaukee chosen as 2020 Democratic National Convention site

Ruth Marcus On MSNBC Still Beating Up On HRC


Indictments for Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and Jared from Mueller?

Things that make me think, "Hmmmm..."

Is there a hearing today for Roger Stone?

Dems pick Milwaukee for 2020 convention over Miami, Houston

New life goes on in Venezuela. Even by the light of a cell phone. Childbirth!


Scientists discover new turtle breed, the Purrtle (Twitter):

Did you know that you can't spell "evangelical" without "evil"?

Naked Science -Tsunami

Who was winning at this point in 2008, 2012, 2016?

Report: Beto picks a campaign manager

Florida man steals $33K in rare coins, fences them in a Coinstar for $30

**Brand New Monmouth A + Rated National Primary Poll** Biden 28% Sanders 25% Harris 10%

Rick Wiles Says 'The Synagogue of Satan' Is 'Crapping on the Country'

Trump Wants to Cut Medicare By 10%

"IRON JAWED ANGELS" HBO (the whole film, in honour of Women's Herstory Month)

"IRON JAWED ANGELS" HBO (the whole film in honour of Women's Herstory Month)

Clinton-Era Official Says Left Should Lead Following Center-Right Failures

Big guy adopts tiny special needs turtle and falls in love 🐢💞

How did billions of dollars get moved out of Russia through the Troika Laundromat?

Remember when you got a hot dog at the ballpark?

Court ruling: Trump administration must take responsibility for all children it separated

'I used Kamala running for President as an excuse to get in better shape.'

Listening to the NYT Daily podcast about Mueller was unsettling today.

Shop toys by age

At Sundance, a new documentary will paint a damaging portrait of Steve Bannon -- with his help

GoPro Hero 7 price drop

White House rejects Cummings' request to interview former official

Trump has just asked Congress to ignore Constitution and legal precedent when voting on his wall.

Beto O'Rourke Moves Toward a 2020 Race He Could Upend, Ready or Not (NYT)

Judge Jackson might have good reason not to jail Stone but she has already gave him a warning.

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Trump's 2020 Budget

Evangelicals are fighting vehemently against 'social justice'. Major statement late 2018

What to watch for when Biden and Beto launch - One Billion Rising 2019. - One Billion Rising 2019.

'Wonder Woman' star takes on Netanyahu over 'Jewish people' remark

I'm a capitalist, with a small "C"

Blowing wide open: drumpf and the "massage parlor" owner

Jaguar won't be euthanized after zoo attack on selfie-taking Arizona woman, officials say

Tucked in Tuesdays

What acceptable alternatives to Kaiser are available in So. Cal?

John Oliver Robocalls FCC to Urge Crackdown on Robocalls

Trump proposes a $4.7 trillion budget with domestic cuts, billions for wall

Trump reviving his border wall fight with new budget request

Equal Rights Amendment

Dorothy Arzner, First Female Director in Hollywood Studio System

Equal Rights Amendment

My 600 lb. Life

Ethiopia Joins China in Grounding Boeing 737 Max Jets After Crash

President Trump won a 2018 club championship -- without actually playing in it!

Maryland woman, 87, dies from injuries sustained in crash as police chased wanted man

Just heard that my brother Jim has had a heart attack. He is 76. Asking for prayers, UPDATE

Honestly, I think the GOP doesn't care that Trump is destroying them.

15 Tons Of Washington Beef Recalled: USDA

Neither MSNBC or CNN is carrying the press conference.

Data breach may have exposed the personal, medical information of 600,000 in Michigan

A remote bombing range on the border gets sized up for a piece of Trump's wall

Reminder: The president regularly spends the weekend hobnobbing privately with rich clients

Video shows NJ Transit cop drag, punch man on ground outside Trenton train station

Syrian forces use widespread sexual violence to humiliate and silence male prisoners, report says

Labor Department issues proposed regulations on overtime

Milholland's last public words were, "Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?

Algerian president says he will not run again after weeks of protests

Is Sarah drunk?

O'Rourke weighing possible Iowa trip ahead of 2020 announcement: report

Trump's emergency declaration looms over Pentagon funding fight

Please consider supporting this cause, MDSA17 HR2164

Van Hollen Calls for DOJ Investigation into W.H. Involvement in AT&T, Time Warner Merger Review

This doesn't look like 'frontrunner' Biden's agenda


Election Watchdog Hits Jeb Bush's Super-PAC With Massive Fine for Taking Money From Foreign National

ANOTHER SUICIDE -- this time George Foreman's daughter

Same old Sarah Sanders and same old lies!

Meanwhile in the Lounge infirmary

Help---my photos are stuck together.

Snarkiest Blues Song Ever! "Preachin Blues"

I cannot tell a lie; it's Trump's that drive this column

Are they thinking what you're thinking?

sarah huckafuck sanders.... 'democrats are fine ripping babies from the womb or killing babies'

Now, THIS is a border wall I can get behind!

Poll: Most Americans not interested in new regulations for big tech companies

Where Incendiary N.R.A. Videos Are Finding New Critics: Inside the N.R.A.

Trump budget again slashes aid to Great Lakes cleanup program

In case you still need to set your clocks to the master

Trump Is Getting Lost in His Own Lies

Hey media...

Cartoons 3/11/19

Climate Induced Risks of Hydrological Failure of Major California Dams.

Kill the messenger...

She speaketh.

Hey, you wanna buy a Nirvana band t-shirt?

What is Capitalism? What is Socialism?

As Europe worries about Trump, congressional leaders invite NATO head for joint address

D.C.-Area Students Plan Thursday Walkout and Protest Against Gun Violence

President Trump: The Twilight Zone

Richard Wolff on Capitalism

Richard D. Wolff: Theory and Practice of 21st Century Socialism(Long!)

Boy, that was the best news briefing yet!

Montana vs Arizona

makes me long for summer, and baseball

Shopping with Max

A sneak peek at Facebook's future home in the Strip District (pgh,pa.)

UK leader holds last-ditch Brexit talks with EU before vote

Tulsi Gabbard and others including Trump, are 180 degrees wrong about what happened before Iraq

Finally someone has done irt Tucker Carlson

I would like to know who gave the order to separate children from their parents?

Former Nebraska GOP official apologizes for anti-LGBTQ, anti-Semitic posts

Trump prioritizes school choice, charter schools in latest budget proposal

Equifax Was Aware of Cybersecurity Weaknesses for Years, Senate Report Says

Watching a discussion on MSGOP about how trump cannot testify because he is fundamentally incapable

For connoisseurs of NYT corrections, my humble offerings

Nancy Pelosi on Impeaching Trump: 'He's Just Not Worth It'

Jeez, get a room (Twitter)

Sanders and electability...

The VA Is Privatizing Veterans' Health Care While Launching a Campaign to Deny It

Sarah handled herself so well today...I don't understand why she doesn't do a presser EVERY day!

Pelosi says impeaching Trump is "just not worth it"

Former Acting AG Matt Whitaker to return to House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday

Update on my brother Jim. Drs put 2 stents in artery. Be home in 3-4 days

RE: Trump, Democrats and Jews. Ponder this for a nano second...

Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Nicols Maduro Burned Aid Convoy

Conservatives hit O'Rourke with preemptive strike in Iowa to keep him from flipping Texas in 2020

Ancient Egypt and the Internet

Buttigieg wins stellar reviews at CNN town hall

3 Texas Democrats in Congress back Julin Castro for president. What happens if Beto O'Rourke runs,

Few pathways to an acceptable climate future without immediate action, according to study

Wanna hear my original joke, seriously?

By using social media, Trump Admin wants to watch those who claim SS disability benefits

"Is it that he stopped believing in scripture when he started believing Donald Trump?"

Get ready for Pete Buttigieg - By Jennifer Rubin

Bill Powers, UT's president for nearly a decade, dies at 72

Monmouth poll on Trump

DOJ Asks SCOTUS To Decide If Census Citizenship Question Is Constitutional

Apple Sends Out Media Invites for an 'It's Show Time' Event on March 25

Julian Castro says his preparation to be president is 'more than enough'

Pelosi taking impeachment off the table

A New Robert A. Heinlein Book to be Published.

What IS an impeachable offense anymore?

A New Robert A. Heinlein Book to be Published.

Democrats hate those who are Jewish?

New re: Epstein case:

Federal court moves to unseal documents in Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal

Georgia Lawmaker Proposes Requiring Permission for Viagra, Criminalizing Vasectomies

Water from the Guaire River? No thanks. I'd rather die of dehydration than cholera, dysentery

Pelosi's impeachment comment

FiveThirtyEight: The Six Wings of the Democratic Party

Dare I say we refer to President Clinton's famous "definition of is" when it comes to impeachment?

Trump's Budget Contains Twenty Million Dollars for Bail

Documentary Paints Damaging Portrait of Steve Bannon

President Trump supports making daylight saving time "permanent"

Ivanka, Chinese voting machines...

UM, suppose the Dems impeach Trump and the Senate doesn't convict


Tucker Carlson Defended Statutory Rape in 2015 With Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes

It's Not Just Medicare: Trump Budget Eyes Social Security Cuts, Too

You know what? Just tear the whole criminal justice system down and build anew

Bernie Sanders Calls on Amazon to Improve Workers' Conditions

Amazon must recognize that workers' rights don't stop at the minimum wage.

Proposed legislation would prohibit nursing home employees from serving as patient guardians

Plane Turns Around After Mother Left Baby at Airport

I found a new gift for your favorite president

Why impeach in the middle of the ongoing investigations?

Asking for Prayer on behalf of another DUer.

'A big jump': People might have lived in Australia twice as long as we thought

Chick-Fil-A restaurants added to 'We Do Not Patronize' list for using non-union bricklayers, tile se

Venezuela power cut: Lootings as desperation grows

Chick-Fil-A restaurants added to 'We Do Not Patronize' list for using non-union bricklayers, tile se

UFCW 655 launches telephone Town Hall meetings preparing for new Schnucks/Dierbergs contract

America's Defining Divide Isn't Left vs. Right. It's Old vs. Young

Federal court moves to unseal documents in Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal

Nancy Pelosi officially comes out against impeaching Trump -- here's why she's wrong

I had forgotten about this from 2007... Fox news need to be off the air

Does Denmark have a 'pervasive' rape problem?

OK Nancy, I'm with you. Wait until ALL the information comes out about Trump.

How does it sound to say Trump is not worth it? That has to cut him. He is not even worth

Stacey Abrams: '2020 is definitely on the table'

Mexico's AMLO enjoys highest approval in Americas; Maduro, Guatemala's Morales, and Macri, the least

Mexico's AMLO enjoys highest approval in Americas; Maduro, Guatemala's Morales, and Macri, the least

News from @IAStartingLine on Twitter (re: Joni Ernst)

Gas prices up again today..........

Do you completely trust Mueller to reveal the truth and nothing but the truth?

Just learned that a Blood Moon appeared the yr Trump was born. Sign God chose him!!

Nationwide Blackout in Venezuela: FAQ

False Trump numbers:

Nigerians have a word for the suckers who fall for their scams-MAGA's!

More than 2,000 people in ICE custody quarantined for contagious diseases

The Republican Party stands for: Hate, Hate, and More Hate

High taxes be damned, the rich keep moving to California

Luckovich-They don't get that we're mocking them for their climate change approach

Mob boss Carmine 'The Snake' Persico dies while serving 139-year prison sentence

It's Interesting To Note That This Impeachment Issue....

Jeb Bush's Super-PAC Hit With Massive Fine for Taking Money From Foreign Nationals (Chinese)

Close to The Edge (YES) - Anim String Orchestra. Just amazing!

Facebook takes down Elizabeth Warren ads calling for breakup of Facebook

Nick Foles signed by Jaguars

Rising rent, costs threaten San Francisco's handmade fortune cookie factory

Countdown to Mumford and Sons 19

Nancy Pelosi is playing the smart and the long game

Pelosi impeachment opposition catches Dem leaders off guard; Hoyer demurs

2020 UT Gubernatorial Election- Could Democrats win if they nominate Jim Matheson-D?

R.I.P. "Wrecking Crew" drummer Hal Blaine (The Raiders' "Kicks" and hundreds of other hits).

Never arrested? Michigan State Police still likely has your photo in its database

At this point are there at 20 Republicans that would vote to convict tRump??

Pelosi is exactly right!

Hal Blaine -- legendary drummer dies at 90

Dems, find this woman

Trump's budget would steer $20M to Jack Nicklaus-backed hospital project

Still no new filing at Courtlistener for Roger Jason Stone, but he was supposed

i think i need to start calling 'the moron' prima donnie.

Jan Schakowski says Dems aren't telling her to get Trump out. Light her up!

Judge denies defense request in newspaper shooting case

Facebook restores Warren ads removed for criticizing the platform

Former Gillibrand aide resigned in protest over handling of sex harassment claims

Underground line could carry Iowa wind power to Chicago

Bernie Sanders' campaign touts support from minority members

The new Trump budget is a savage horror show. It's Ryan's dream come true.