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I literally saw a construction truck by the side of the road today that said this

Finally, Donald tRump says something that I agree with...

I am reading the "The Uninhabitable Earth".

Randy 'Iron Stache' Bryce Starts PAC For Working-Class Democrats

Republicans freak out over HR1: They don't want America to have fair elections

Grace Jones dances down the runway at age 70

Nancy Pelosi Says it's Fair Game to Go After Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner: 'They Are Advisers to the

Gray Wolves - as a species - have a right to survive! w/ recent NPR news

New Commandment From the God Twitter Account

Amy Klobuchar Talks Health Care, Israel and, Yes, That Comb

recent NPR NEWS: Gray Wolves to be removed from Endangered Species List

Google Says Upgrade To Windows 10 After Critical Flaws Found In Chrome And Windows 7

Beto O'Rourke team begins making inquiries about possible staffers, strategists in NH

How Trump celebrates International Women's Day.

Sheldon Whitehouse on the Federalist Society, Judges, Matthew Whitaker and $1,000,000

What Some Democratic Socialists of America See in Bernie

What's wrong with the Classics Dept? - viz., Victor Davis HANSON. (Not NIETZSCHE)

Bernie says he's not asking Hillary for any advice because they have "fundamental differences."

SpaceX's Starship prototype moved to launch pad on new rocket transporter

Howard Schultz Bombs at SXSW: 'You Don't Like That?'

NM expands gun background checks.

**Iowa Poll: Not even in the race, Joe Biden leads herd of Democrats; Bernie Sanders close behind**

So far I've had three people tell me that we're getting an extra hour of sleep

Sex trafficker photographed with the upper crust of the Florida GOP

I set my clocks ahead already

Where did the "democrats support infanticide" talking point come from?

Tonight, Idris Elba hosts an all-new episode ofSaturday Night Livewith musical guest Khalid. N/T

Just got back from Captain Marvel

Michael D'Antonio: Why Javanka's security clearances were vital to Trump

Interview during a woman's Bball game that really broke me up:

The time has come today

Ebola treatment center in Congo is attacked again; 1 dead

Everybody needs some funk in their life.

Iowa Poll: Biden and Sanders stand out among likely caucusgoers

I am glad the DNC decided to ban FOX from hosting a debate

After more than 140 years, a massive fig tree gracing the plaza where Los Angeles was founded collap

12:53 a.m. Someone punched a designated driver in the face at a Kalispell bar.

Watch out for appeals to your vanity this election season.

Mueller vs Barr, and the battle to indict Trump

Trump signing bibles. Heresy?

"You can't hide, tRump!"

Covington teenager planning to sue CNN for at least $250M, lawyer says

The Russian Threat, Part 2

Mansa Musa: The richest man who ever lived

It Exists: DOJ Finds Letter Ordering Scrutiny of Uranium One, Hillary Clinton

Afghan who risked his life for Iowa soldiers becomes US citizen

Is Seahawks safety Earl Thomas worth a $50M price tag?

H-1B: Outsourcing giant games visa system to discriminate against non-South Asians in hiring, lawsui

Well...would you?

Trump invokes new demand for extracting billions of dollars from U.S. allies

Trump Budget to Include $100M for Ivanka's Women's Fund

Sudanese women protesters sentenced to 20 lashes, month in jail

Just went to see Apollo 11

Countdown to Mumford & Sons 21

Friend requests on Facebook.

Stephen Bechloss sucks even mentioning Hillary.

6 Animal "Facts" That Are Completely FALSE

CNN quietly backtracks from its huge mistake of hiring a Republican campaign strategist as an editor

You Wear It Well

Good cop

I'm sure it's a tribute but SNL pre-show is re-running Luke PERRY hosting, *jarring* to me

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

U.S. Gears Up for War on Venezuela

Tina Turner

Wonder How Much Money and Volunteers DSA will Supply for Bernie.

Easter egg factory

Michelle Obama announces Gayle King, Stephen Colbert and more guests for her book tour

OMGAWD......the engagement ring Alex Rodriguez gave to JLo.....

The Bald Eagle That Would Not Quit (happy ending)

Lead Poisoning: The Bald Eagle That Would Not Quit (happy ending)

FYI: SNL cold open up soon - Idris Elba hosts n/t

Husband and wife married for 70 years die a day apart

Ok.....l am not a fan of Osaka......sorry, she bugs me with her twirling of her racket....and

House freshman blasts air horn at Trump official who said seismic air gun tests don't harm whales

Which band that just never clicked with the general public, do you wish could get a do-over?

A fight over crab legs lead to a massive Royal rumble-like brawl at a Chinese buffet. And it is all

Trump must be upset with SNL tonite

God Offers People of Alabama New Bibles to Replace Ones Trump Signed

What do you call an acid with attitude?

Majority say Muslims, Jews face more discrimination than other religious groups

Man attacked by polar bear luckily survives...

Umbrella Academy - Dance Scene (VIDEO)

Captain Marvel

Would you part 2

Trump "likes" tweet about relationship with Florida sex trafficker.

Not exactly blameless

New York's Democratic presidential primary date under review

New York's Democratic presidential primary date under review

Elizabeth Warren: 'I am not a' Democratic Socialist

Remember...Spring back, fall down. n/t

Too bad this guy Roger never got a shot at the big time

When you decide to support a candidate do you support the person who shares your values

Senate Democrats plan on increasing education aid despite revenue shortfall

My 33yo son on the subway fr Manhattan

Scenes from Austin, Texas

Beto O'Rourke's campaign comes to life in a darkened theater, for better and worse

A Volcano Odyssey - Full Documentary


tonight's snl skit

Will Cheyney University lose its accreditation?

Marvel Fans - Where Would You Rank Captain Marvel Among The MCU? *spoilers*

SNL: R. Kelly Interview Cold Open

(Jewish Group) When Jews on Both Left and Right Whitewash anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) The anti-Semitism crisis tearing the UK Labour Party apart, explained

SNL: Weekend Update

Unfortunately I had to let Yang go

SNL: Can I Play That?

(Jewish Group) For 2,000 years we've linked Jews to money. It's why antisemitism is so ingrained

26 Women Rescued In Seattle Human Trafficking Bust

SNL: The Impossible Hulk

Washington House OKs step toward year-round daylight saving

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 crashes near Addis Ababa

an America recover from Trump? A radicalized right wing suggests dangers ahead

Mexico's leftist president creates new style of government

'A lot at stake': indigenous and minorities sidelined on climate change fight

Here is the list of Republican Seats in the Senate that are up for re-election in 2020:

American Gods Ep2 - Anansi speech "That the story of black people in America!"

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Disguise The Limit Edition

'Beggars in our own land': Canada's First Nation housing crisis

Maduro: Conspiracies galore as he piles on the excuses for ongoing nationwide blackout

Ethiopian Airlines flight to Nairobi crashes, deaths reported

Forever Young - Sir Rod Stewart

Brazil launches high-risk expedition to protect isolated tribe

Julia Ruth Stevens, Babe Ruth's Daughter, Dies at 102

Nasa astronauts to carry out first all-female spacewalk

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse in Bayside 'on the up-and-up' after Health Department shutdown

154 Years Ago Today; Amy Spain is murdered by CSA - last slave executed

6-year-old boy is youngest victim of Alabama tornado that left 23 dead

Maxine Waters says Donald Trump is not acting in the best interest of the country

Murphy, Delgado-Polanco to speak at state party meeting

The signature of Benito Mussolini...

'A major player': Sanders gets props from the Democratic establishment

The next crash: why the world is unprepared for the economic dangers ahead

Nerd Joke

In a global economy, is Daylight Saving Time necessary?


Melania Trump 'mistook former female Australia FM for partner'

I do not like springing forward - it sucks.

If the White House starts ordering BBQ sauce by the barrel, I'd think we'd have a problem...

Imagine being sooooo anti-government that you....

Woman crosses barrier to take selfie with jaguar at Arizona zoo

What Venezuelans loyal to Chavez say about Venezuela

Gov Murphy's key 2020 budget changes

Trump rages at 'hostile and corrupt' media in multi-tweet whine he is being treated poorly

Picasso and fascism.

The Real Horror of the Anti-Vaxxers

Since I've Laid My Burdens Down Mississippi John Hurt

Where is God?

George Conway on Trump's 'brazen and ridiculous lie' on the wall - 'Summa Cum Liar'

In budget, Trump to ask Congress for $8.6 billion for border wall

Progress - Bernie Sanders - 2015

Evangelicals Blahblah Climate Blahblahblah- Zero Evidence Of Changes In Voting Behavior

Biden tops 2020 Iowa presidential poll, Sanders gains momentum

Video Clip: Bernie mentions his mother's health problems and financial worries

Austral Summer/Northern Winter 2019 - Amid Extremes, The Standout - Record Heat Almost Everywhere

Daylight Savings - On the positive side. . .

Approaching day 4 without electricity in Caracas

Trump Diehards Create Their Own Yelp for MAGA-Friendly Restaurants

Full Measure on CBS

The Sex Trade Lady in FL is going to be a bigger story real soon.....

A mysterious payment to Paul Manafort's lawyer reveals a hidden chapter of Trump's 2016...

Exclusive: In budget, Trump to ask Congress for $8.6 billion for border wall

Russian interference and the 2020 election...what's next?

Trump blasts 'hostile and corrupt media,' says he has accomplished more than any other president

Archaic Arches

Trump to Divert Up to $385 Million From Crucial Health Programs to Pay for Migrant Child Detention

Can you separate the Art from the Artist?

The trousers of a man who insists he's 6 foot 3 even to his tailor....

Warren struggles to gain traction amid Sanders surge

Your role in the Cold War

The Memo: Team Trump insists Dem probes could 'boomerang'

ICE officials under review for social media posts suggesting Rep. Ilhan Omar took 'terrorism classes

AOC outdraws presidential candidates at Austin's South by Southwest -- and slams moderates as 'meh'

Feds inch closer to approving Alaska mining project seen as a threat to Pacific Northwest

The hands are too big, but otherwise pretty good toon...

Early signs of immigration fight on the 2020 trail begin on Capitol Hill

Biden eyes fundraising challenge amid new sense of urgency

The bogus number at the center of the GOP's Green New Deal attacks

ICYMI: A fake Forham Univ transcript of Trump in circulating. Fordham verified it

Trump's conservative judges who will dominate US law for decades

Sometimes I don't like myself.

Black women's groups demanding 'a return on our voting investment' for 2020 presidential elections

Photo Journal: Good morning, iguanas Part 2

Normalising the Nazi....

Castro hits Sanders over reparations stance

You don't understand, I'M DONE HERE!

First American League player to win a batting title in 3 different decades.

Bolton: Kim has 'very clear idea' of where Trump stands on missile tests

I haven't vomited since 1973...until this morning.

Especially for Solly Mack

Bernie Sanders - When We Are In The Whitehouse

Anyone have any scrap yarn they want to get rid of?

Here's What I Think: The 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Wasting Their Time

Joy Reid opened her program

➡️ Unofficial LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Rally in Concord New Hampshire

That's a wrap from Kamala Harris this weekend in South Carolina

As Cobb County trends blue, so goes Georgia statewide politics

he is happy to keep toying with Trump like a cat plays before he eviscerates his mouse

NC teachers who carry guns in schools would get pay raises under new bill

Imagine that you, a Democrat, are walking to your bus stop one morning on your way to work.

Spoiler Alert: I have all the good stuff :-)

Trump's power comes from his propaganda machine.

Jeanine Pirro on Fox News: Ilhan Omar wearing a hijab means she's not loyal to Constitution

Liz Cheney making an absolute fool of herself on MTP

Photo Concord: We will live stream the rally online at @WMUR9 at Noon. #FITN via @MikeCherryWMUR

Chuck Toad is a douche!

The deadly genius of drug cartels, Ted Talks

❤️ I grew up in a family that lived paycheck to paycheck and I protested housing discrimination.

Should Democrats censure Rep. Ilhan Omar??

Devin Nunes: Welcome to Socialism in California!

Did anyone happen to see this?

Organized crime/Chinese gov't angle is BFD & a huge scandal for Trump & the GOP. (Cindy Yang)

Can politicians and pundits at least get a thesaurus or is wanting that going to be "socialism" too?

Was Ilhan Omar taught to hate Jews?

🐦 MAR 16 at 2:30PM PDT - Rally in Henderson NV with Bernie Sanders

We should really figure out what's going on with the 737-MAX8

A Sunday morning "search and find".😂

Why Judge T.S. Ellis gave Paul Manafort only 47 months in prison

Many of Trumps apostles from hell go to court next week.

Study: Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer's and dementia

Stress, expectations make teaching in FL a tough sell.

I agree with Schiff, Mueller should subpoena Trump.

NFL teams propose major changes to video replay and overtime rules

Who is our most charismatic candidate?

Ethiopia gets its first female President

'A major player': Sanders gets props from the Democratic establishment

🔥 LIVE: Bernie's Back in New Hampshire to Complete the Political Revolution

Roy Moore 'Seriously Considering' 2020 Senate Run, Claims 2017 'Was Stolen'

The question our party is in the process of answering:

Redirecting Frustration and Annoyance

Regarding Dolt45's Bible signing

Cory Booker helped pull off an N.J. football miracle in 1985. Can he win big again in 2020?

Here in WI, it's gone negative, again.

Rescuing the Great Lakes

Will we be able to repair the moral fabric of our country?

Netanyahu says Israel 'not a state of all its citizens'

Did the UK govt up to late 1800s forbid the reporting of Parliament's activities?

Selective outrage from the MAGATS

A woman was trying to take a selfie with a jaguar when it attacked her, authorities say

Pot, kettle: Trump attacks 'Wacky Nut Job' Ann Coulter over border wall criticism

Arkansas State Senator Flower on Stand Your Ground

Ethiopian Airlines crash is second disaster involving Boeing 737 MAX 8 in months: CNN

Babylonian treasure seized at Heathrow to be returned to Iraq

Ari Rabin-Havt: Concord Rally Photo

Ever been the victim of a job scam?

energy orchard - belfast (studio - 1990) ... yeah, it's total U2 and Simple Minds

Bernie's Back in New Hampshire to Complete the Political Revolution

Ways to tell if you are a true American.

'Socialist' means for many 'anything that changes status quo',or 'anything I don't like'

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 10, 2019?

the alarm - love don't come easy (studio - 1989)

Changing Times

Archeologist Spends Over 35 Years Building Enormous Scale Model of Ancient Rome

Which group do Republicans hate the most?

If this Cindy Yang is linked to Chinese intelligence, do we have to open a whole new investigation?

Love it when AOC pushes Wingnuts' buttons; not so much mine about FDR

How does a ratfucker like Alex Castellanos get tagged to talk about antisemitism on This Week?

Ya know what the problem is? Not enough electric mandolin solos nowadays

Can someone post the Mueller gif asking tRump to stop breaking the law so he can finish his report?

Climate change protests on 3/15

SDF launches assault on last Isis enclave in eastern Syria

Socialism in California

Ye gawds! (Weather related by me)

Law professor explains how Trump is using the presidency to protect himself from criminal Charges...

I think it's interesting that, on DU, in this Democratic Primaries Forum,

Soon to be released,,,,,,,,,Pre-Order NOW!

a quick rural life (and first world problem) rant - The Yellow Card

The Donald

It's about time...for some MEMES

'Assad or We Burn the Country': How the Syrian Regime Prevailed

Looking for DU post about IRS forms needed io file 1040 form. Seems I didn't bookmark it. Thanks

Why Some Republicans Voted Against the Antibigotry Resolution

Met Matt Erpalding Friday

Republicans who believe in climate change seek antidote to Green New Deal

Richard Painter

Levi Sanders: Bernie, Just before leaving to go to another event in New Hampshire.

Trump's national security adviser: 'The ISIS threat will remain'

It's Daylight Savings Time!

Today's LA Times: Why the Republicans will never quit Trump

Jared Kushner Is 'Beating Heart' of 'Corrupt and Deeply Evil' Trump Administration, Harvard Law Prof

Pelosi, Schumer push back on new Trump demand for wall funding

Just when I was really starting to like her, AOC had to come out and say,

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) Blasts Trump Desire That Allies Pay More for U.S. Troops

Why the hell does the press keep calling Ivanka, Jared, junior "children?"

Feds: Telemarketing ring in India ran scam through Gold Bar

Are Republicans going too far with their labels and name-calling?

Clever lyrics, cool guitar

Solve this!

Just finished doing my taxes

A priest, a minister and a rabbi get free parking spots and the Trump tax law makes their congreg

After Starbucks, Schultz's first big gamble ended in defeat

Tragic/Funny Marco Rubio Story

Venezuela's Guaido calls for massive protest as blackout drags on

Top White House economic adviser previews 'tough budget'

Just discovered the British fairytale creature Mr Miacca. Have you ever heard of him?

'Just Wrestle Me,' Says High School Athlete Whose Male Opponent Forfeited to Avoid Wrestling Her

Pelosi, Schumer push back on new Trump demand for wall funding: 'We hope he learned his lesson'

Trump brands Ann Coulter a 'wacky nut job' over border wall criticism

House Passes Anti-Corruption, Pro-Voter Rights 'For the People' Act

Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy Video

Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy

** Breaking Michigan poll** Biden 40% Sanders 23% Harris 12%

75 Percent of Republicans Say White Americans Are Discriminated Against

Eagles DE Michael Bennett headed to Patriots

John Hickenlooper will be on Seth Meyers this Tuesday...

Photo: Full house for the Bernie rally here in Keene, NH

Cartoons 3/10/19

The Massage Parlor Owner Peddling Access to Trump Has Ties to Chinese Government-Linked Groups

Amash says he's been 'disenchanted' with conservative peers who won't push back on Trump

Top House Dem calls Trump administration's handling of AT&T deal 'very disturbing'

Why block citizenship to immigrants who defend America?

Given the current flow of the campaign, at SOME point, Bernie Sanders will be asked...

US pressuring India to end Venezuelan oil purchases

Well sometimes those internet tips pay off - Jeans

There was a bit of competition between Kim Jong Un and Trump

🔥 LIVE: Bernie Rallies Supporters in Keene, New Hampshire

Trump admin has weaponized DOJ against political opponents

Bernie Rallies Supporters in Keene, New Hampshire

The Source of Self-Regard: Toni Morrison on Wisdom in the Age of Information

What is the one thing that will make the smartest, most educated,

A white couple, a mixed-race baby and a forbidden adoption

The Source of Self-Regard: Toni Morrison on Wisdom in the Age of Information

Idiot woman attacked by jaguar when she jumped barrier for photo. Jaguar okay.

From North to South, A Winter and Summer of Record Temperature Extremes

Is the $100M going to Ivana part of the $200M the Pres was giving her for STEM research for girls?

New Documentary Explores Minds of Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein (Video)

Add a little space to your pad.

Democratic Senators Surprisingly Open to Sanders

No, Kamala Harris Is Not "Too Warm" Or "Connecting Too Much"

Trump campaign advisor dismisses White House diversity question, asks about black people in Lincoln

Joe Manchin's Daughter Saw 600% Increase In Pay As EpiPen Prices Rose 400%

Melania being Melania

Deepest places on earth.

21st Century Schizoid Man!

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 10, 2019

Everyone is welcome in the Democratic Party...

Having a bad weekend

Three Snacking Cakes to Change Your Afternoons

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

O'Sullivan Wins Players Championship Snooker w/ 1000th Century Break

tourist gropes a Thai woman and gets a beat down by her and 2 others - then cries like a baby

2020 Election Mtg Tonight

Incel loses. Brie Larson's Captain Marvel On Track For $1B After $455M Global Debut

Lynx are experts at arguing 😳

what's going on with Trump's legs here

Pregnant woman with post-partum depression, psychotic break...

Massage Parlor Owner Peddling Access to Trump Has Ties to Chinese Government-Linked Groups

turnip virgin - best prep method?

It was never a dress

The magic of magic

Sanders sets sights on Trump in first New Hampshire campaign rally

Love is eating dinner with someone every night forever ❤️

Investor Jeremy Grantham - No Industry Doing Nearly Enough On Climate; Current Politics "Horrific"

*Town Halls on CNN, starting with John Delaney @ 7 (edt,)

*Town Halls on CNN, starting with John Delaney @ 7 (edt,)

Great putt, Francesco:

Hey Zues Christ! Who is holding the nuclear codes?

This is so cool

Inslee has great candidate skills

Despite Advocates Of Lightbulb Freedumb (think Bachmann) US Household Energy Use Still Falling

Understanding MAGAT's - no details, just the black and white

Virginia GOP tries to weaken pedophilia laws after Republican gets caught with child-porn.

Even Jeanine Pirro mugs it up with gop's fave human trafficker!

Why would a NATO ally buy Russian weapons?

Why Bernie Sanders Is Right to Oppose Reparations

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Attacks Rep. Ilhan Omar for Wearing Hijab

There's a National Emergency!!11!!!11!

Just wondering if any candidates for president

Passengers killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash came from 35 countries, airline says

If it walks like a racist, talks like a racist, and votes like a racist....

"...Sb9, the fetal heartbeat bill, was poised to pass on Thursday..."

I guess a canceer patient taking medication

Trump tells RNC donors: "The Democrats hate Jewish people"

Video contrasts the backgrounds of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Good Question at Quora: Why hasn't Trump gone after Rachel Maddow like he did Mika Brzezinski?

In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments

Ew. Tucker Carlson at his creepiest.

Why hasn't Trump gone after Kamala?

Bernie Sanders on the Today Show 1981

A major player': Sanders gets props from the Democratic establishment

The new, safer nuclear reactors that might help stop climate change

Biden, Harris, Beto, Bernie have the best favorability ratings in IA

Arkansas Sen. Stephanie Flowers on the Stand Your Ground debate.

Countdown to Mumford and Sons concert 20

Bird Lines

An image showing the dawn of the middle class.

Way to go, 60 Minutes. Focus on criticism of ACLU instead of status of kids in cages?

A Volcano Odyssey - Full Documentary

ROKU and movies.

Arizona ranchers who supported Trump wall now have doubts about border plans

Trump Plots Narrow Path for Re-Election

GOP Group Aims New Ad at Beto O'Rourke

''Man, there is just a lot of energy out there ... ''