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"America's Team?" (Dallas?) HAR!

Trump told Republicans he doesn't want impeachment on his 'resume': report

trump will not get impeached because I think

'At Least Two Dozen' Republicans in House Are 'Deeply Concerned' About Trump's Ukraine Actions: Cong

Trump has fired a US Ambassador in order to enrich his friends. This is a crime.

104 pieces of plastic found in baby sea turtle that washed ashore

Whistleblower's attorney says team now representing 'multiple' officials as impeachment inquiry expa

This guy just saw a seal trapped in fishing line... then another one... and another one... 😱

'Family Portrait' - Kim Jinho

More Than 100 Killed And Thousands Injured In Anti-Government Protests In Iraq

More Than 100 Killed And Thousands Injured In Anti-Government Protests In Iraq

Gym Jordan called out to his face for defending Trump's collusion

Guy Does The Kindest Thing For Giant Thirsty Snake

Deutsche Bank Is Spilling The Tea On Donald Trump

Batwoman is on.

Sanders team tells @ABC a new policy proposal will be out tomorrow.

Old Time Radio shows for Halloween - tonight "Fibber McGee and Molly"

Fux Noise Abruptly Cuts Off Visibly Drunk Corey Lewandowski

Barbara Jordan, where are you?

Dilbert this morning, a commentary on today's American political discourse:

(Australia) Centennial Coal massively increased emissions from two mines with no penalty

Trump Sees New Polls and Orders Ukraine to Investigate Elizabeth Warren

Mulvaney predicts post-impeachment landslide

Americans Think ICE Is the Worst Federal Agency, Poll Shows

'Broken' Dog Can't Stop Smiling When He Realizes He's Being Rescued

Former Trump Organization executive says she expects Trump will resign - CNN

No one could prevent another 'WannaCry-style' attack, says DHS official

John Brennan Says CIA Would Now Assess the United States as 'Very Corrupt': 'No Longer a Democracy'

FEC chairwoman confirms accepting 'opposition research' from foreign national is illegal

Milky Way's centre exploded 3.5 million years ago

Trevor Noah, speaks wisdom --- The Botham Jean Murder Verdict (Daily Show)

Scoop: Trump's private concerns of an impeachment legacy

Overwhelmed or Ill Informed, 70,000 Wildfire Victims May Get Nothing

Overwhelmed or Ill Informed, 70,000 Wildfire Victims May Get Nothing

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 50 seats assuming they lose AL,MA, and VT.

Whistleblower's attorney says team now representing 'multiple' officials

GREAT defense of Biden by Cory Booker, who accuses Trump of "moral vandalism"

Trump Allies Pressed Ukraine on Gas Firm

'We Were Wiped Out': New Yorkers Preyed on Chicago Cabbies

'Bohemian Rhapsody' (Cover) - Forestella

*BREAKING NEWS* Whistleblower Identified

Socialist PM wins re-election in Portugal. No majority, must form minority govt

Russian Man Sues Apple Claiming An iPhone App Turned Him Gay

Google has suspended its controversial 'field research' that allegedly scanned homeless people

The Blow Monkeys - Digging Your Scene

The Feds Are Looking Into All The Tesla 'Smart Summon' Crashes

Sept16/ Warren anti-corruption plan central to her campaign

Portugal Prime Minister re-elected as Socialists solidify position

Chairman of WI Democratic Party, on Fox News poll: In dark times, this is lovely to see.

French conservatives protest bill allowing IVF for lesbians

Bruce Bochy: Tribute to a Living Legend

Glamour Shot

Will Trump resign before an impeachment vote?

Parking in a handicapped spot was bad enuff -

Harris's struggles nationally play out in her home state

New Week on the Longest Police Chase in American History!

August2018/ Sen Warren introduces aggressive anti-corruption legislation

WaPost: Our U.S. Attorney General is chasing conspiracy theories.

Simone Biles gets two more skills named after her at gymnastics worlds

Sunrise over the Mississippi

Normalizing Corruption....

To increase odds of conviction and removal, work on these Republican Senators .. starting NOW.

Henry FONDA couldn't stand Ronald RAYGUN - just a change o'pace upper. Start with #4

Pour a cup of coffee or tea and come down the mob rabbit hole .


Let's go Dodgers. 7 run 6th inning

If you have heard Senator Ron Johnson speak for more than 30 seconds and realize

I'm confused by the R defense on Trump

UAW says GM labor talks 'have taken a turn for the worse'

The un-American president: Trump hugs the flag every chance he gets, but the truth is very dark inde

The Big Con base....

Michigan drivers spot an interesting billboard

Watch how radically taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years:

Oil prices lower👇🏾

Looks like Pompeo's back from Italy

Let's talk about G.I. Joe, an old quote, and Trump....

Every time drumpf brings up the low unemployment rate,

It takes 2 brain know that the Con is a real danger to America

America's Auto industry...America's Middle class...15 billion

Trump tweets: Pelosi & Schiff are guilty of high crimes & misdemeanors & treason, must be impeached!


USA Today: "Why are we so reluctant to talk about it?"

It's Sunday in America so I posted signs for the Monday morning rush hour traffic

How corrupt is the Con...?

so dotard starts work at 12:30. What do you get done before noon? I teach 6 GR PBS students. I wis

Drumpf just put a campaign ad on Sunday night football


O'Rourke bashes president's anti-immigrant rhetoric at Phoenix campaign stop

O'Rourke bashes president's anti-immigrant rhetoric at Phoenix campaign stop

Swedish teen climate activist touring Dakotas reservations

When the piggies squeal about taxes...

NoShit...the Big Con

Mpls police union selling "Cops for Trump" t-shirts

Trump to hold election eve rally against Louisiana governor

Patrick Mahomes, everybody!

R.I.P. .....Rip Taylor

The Hunters

WaPo - Federal government has dramatically expanded exposure to risky mortgages

Natasha Bertrand...

Democrats have to stay united.

Betrayal: The Plot that won the White House (Rachel Maddow, 2018)

If RIP Taylor and Ginger Baker started a band...

Joker' shatters box office records

Minneapolis police union selling "Cops for Trump" T-shirts, in wake of uniform ban

You KNOW he's got a Pornhub and/or Youporn account

One good way to annoy Trump

Just another moment of hmmm......

Trump Sudafed picture from 2016

So Republicans can rebuke the NBA for kowtowing to China, but cannot say a bad word re: Trump?

Yovanovitch is latest casualty of Trump (abuse of power) against career diplomats

NYT Op Ed "Why America Needs Whistleblowers"

Lindsey Graham called it,"The dumbest fucking idea I've ever heard," so Trump is doing it.

Epstein Flaunted Girls After His Arrest at Hair Salon for the Stars

Del Monte foods closing 2 more plants, laying off hundreds

Trump is allowing Turkey to launch an attack in Syria!

Evo Morales Has 13-Point Lead in Presidential Race: CELAG Poll

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 8: AFI Life Achievement Award

21 years ago: October 6, 1998: Remembering The Heartbreaking Murder of Matthew Shepard

The president spent all afternoon watching television and complaining about it on Twitter

Ted Lieu - "Dear Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept: Stop being stupid."

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 9: TCM Spotlight: Short and Sweet

Being Donald Trump: Inside the World Where Conspiracies Are Reality

(Jewish Group) Security at Israeli & Jewish sites in India following Yom Kippur terror attack alert

LGBT History Month: Gay is the word: A history of LGBTQ bookstores around the world

Trump Will Resign: 'He'll Leave Office,' Ex-Trump Organization VP Predicts

Everything sounds better with a British accent. I wonder what she thinks of that thing infesting the

"Emaciated grizzly bears in Canada spark greater concerns over depleted salmon population

I too, just installed Linux Mint. I found an older laptop with Win 7 on it and I had managed to...

Trump Endorses Turkish Military Operation in Syria, Shifting U.S. Policy

Teddy the talking porcupine

Anyone watching the track championships in Doha?

North Korea fishing boat flooded after accident with Japan patrol boat

As Long As We're Talking Batshit-Crazy Conspiracy Theories, Here's MINE!

Italy's Connection to the Russia Investigation, Explained

Special Report - TRMS: LBJ's don't open for 50 years X-File

IMPEACH KAVANAUGH protests outside McConnell home today!

Pete Sessions downplays meeting with Soviet-born businessmen caught in Trump impeachment inquiry

Parade of US diplomats to testify in Trump impeachment drive

Giuliani Caught Trying to Score Cash From Ukraine Gas Company

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - One Child Policy

US to help secure Baltic energy grid against cyber attacks

Pharmaceutical Companies Are Luring Mexicans Across the U.S. Border to Donate Blood Plasma

Trump Allies Pressed Ukraine Over Gas Firm (lengthy but worth the read)

It's not news that Trump is corrupt. What's new is how he is succeeding in corrupting our government

Homeless singer returns to the stage after performance in L.A. subway goes viral

Father of Virgins

Two victims of El Paso mass shooting at Walmart remain in area hospitals

The penalty for treason...

Big 12 should fine Kansas for embarrassing Snoop Dogg-stripper fiasco

Opinion: I Won My Asylum Case, But The Government Still Won't Release Me

How the trade war crushed a growing Chinese market for U.S. cranberries, WBUR, 10/6/19

This isn't a real tweet but, oh, how I wish it were...

Some☦️Eastern Orthodox Christianity☦️insights....

A "Postcard" from Northern Germany for my DU friends

Trump abandons Kurds to whim of Turkish troops; massacres to likely follow

CARTOON: The president of Peru dissolves Congress

Monday Breakfast 7 October. 2019

In Peru, political upheaval fuels long-simmering frustration

Thinking about making Whoopee Pies

So the new week begins, what are people expecting (Impeachment)

Question for all the lying ReTHUGs on television saying that the Con was joking

Federal disaster declared for 6 Texas counties hit by Imelda

Cardinals need to step up

EP Energy files for bankruptcy amid struggles

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Is Donald Trump Trying to Impeach Himself?

Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to 3 for Work on Cells

Federal Jury Convicts Owner of Bullion Direct, Inc. in Austin for Investment and Wire Fraud Scheme

Now THESE are what I call honeymoon photos (why weren't mine like that?)!

Typhoon Hagibis: Monster storm could become strongest on Earth

John Oliver: The only way Trump's problems get worse is if he confesses to Jeffrey Epstein's murder

Eye Doctor Group, Physicians Pay $6.65 Million to Settle Allegations They Submitted Fraudulent Bills

Bernie Sanders has a new campaign finance reform plan ...

Bernie Sanders has a new campaign finance reform plan ...

Man Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Over $3 Million From Employer

Too bad the Kurds aren't in the position to be asked to deliver fake dirt on Joe Biden

Can our military refuse to obey orders that put America in danger?

Growth of far right networks 'fuelled by toxic political rhetoric'

Attorney Convicted of Embezzling Over $1.5 Million from Virginia Senator, Canadian Business, and

Who is Terrence K Williams?


Beto O'Rourke speaks to supporters in Tucson

Beto O'Rourke speaks to supporters in Tucson

'All I Can See Is Their Faces': 4 Killed, 5 Injured In Bar Shooting In Kansas City, Kansas

Be careful with Sudafed.....Warnings-----

SIUE Students To Study Water Quality With EPA Grant

School Districts Advertise, Offer Recruitment Bonuses To Fill Sub Shortages

Was it a "joke" or was it a diversion?

Fox & Friends denies existence of full Ukrainian transcript which we know exists! WH talking points?

Georgia Teacher Tells Students Confederate Flag Means 'You Intend To Marry Your Sister'

Erratic Trump struggles to control message as impeachment threat grows

I hope there is protection for the other witness 'Bunny'

It's all in the tweeting...

Fed Appellate Judge Upholds Baltimore Climate Suit Against Energy Majors; Discovery Will Proceed

Redskins fire head coach Jay Gruden after 0-5 start

Monday TOONs - The Ask

Do. Not. Laugh.

Macron: EU Brexit deal decision 'at end of week'

Glorious Leader: Nancy Pelosi Is "Guilty Of Treason"

The Hyper-Employment Paradox

Brazil Demands Money From Rich Nations So That It Can "Protect" The Amazon By "Developing" It

Impeachment tentacles spread throughout Trump's team

'I Gave the Other Guy a Shot'

Don't Be Fooled. Chief Justice John Roberts Is as Partisan as They Come.

Impeach Trump, Repeatedly

Brett McGurk, Trump's Ex Lead on ISIS, Slams 'Impulsive' Decision to Pull Out of Syria

The Rundown: October 6, 2019 (NYCC '19 Edition)

The Rundown: October 5, 2019 (NYCC '19 Edition)

The Rundown: October 4, 2019

NYCC '19: The Harvey Awards Winners

Rick and Morty Season 4 Release Date Revealed

Jury awards $7.6 million to mother of son killed by daycare worker

Bears vs. Raiders Week 5 Highlights NFL 2019 NFL NFL


David Leonhardt OP Ed: "Watch how radically taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years"

Lindsey Graham:Trump's decision on Syria "is shortsighted and irresponsible"

Trump pulls troops from northern Syria as Turkey readies offensive

Dumbfellas - by Tom Tomorrow

"Nobody wants to be the zebra that strays from the pack & gets gobbled up by the lion"

As Hurricane Michael anniversary nears, Rebuild 850 officials say recovery could take a decade

This needs the light of day

This Is Why Presidents Should Divest

Wow Lindsey Graham almost uses the "L" word & Fox & Friends have a sad...

Elaine Chao favored Kentuckians in meeting with officials seeking grants

For 1st Time On Record-The 400 Wealthiest Americans Paid Lower Total Tax Rate Than Any Income Group

Some Conservatives favor removing Trump from office--The Tide is Turning

The Mythical Republican...

Sorry about the genocidal betrayal, Kurdish allies

October 7 - Happy Birthday Rep. Bill Foster (D) IL-11th

Lindsey Graham calls Trump's Syria decision a 'disaster in the making' - live

Trump Ordered to Turn Over 8 Years of Tax Returns to the Manhattan D.A.

Breaking: Trump loses New York court fight to keep his tax returns secret- details to follow.

BREAKING: Trump Loses Court Fight to Keep Tax Records Secret From NY (!UPDATED!)

"Washington Black." What a great book!

"The Kurds? Yes, you may kill them."

Election 2019: Democrats Show Strength In Virginia

Rep. Kildee: The President lies and says Democrats "do nothing" in Congress (Thread).

Lindsay Graham: "This is Kavanaugh all over again."

Impeach Trump, Repeatedly

Can someone explain this about Joshua Brown (Guyger witness)

'Donald Trump is not a Commander-in-Chief': Trump's former ISIS envoy excoriates his Syria decision

i laughed so hard.

They need to change the cheer...

I got an email this morning asking me to join the Illuminati. I feel so special...

USSC: God .. Gays .. Guns ... the march to the right

And now for something completely different. "Spivak".

We are about to see a major shift in the primary.

WP oped on Trump's total destruction of our government... finally.

Trump: Pelosi & Schiff "guilty of High Crimes & Misdemeanors, and even Treason, must be impeached!"

The Dow is down this morning....

Pic Of The Moment: Desperate Trump's "I Know You Are But What Am I" Defense

Supreme Court hands victory to blind man who sued Domino's over site accessibility

Lindsey Graham calls POtuS a liar on Fox & Friends

Brett McGurk, Trump's Ex Lead on ISIS, Slams 'Impulsive' Decision to Pull Out of Syria

Elizabeth Warren Aims To Build Appeal In Republican Strongholds

ARTICLE: Trump doesn't think Americans should decide the next American election

You may have an opportunity to donate items to the Obama Presidential Library

'Money Is Not Speech and Corporations Are Not People':

Morning Joe

'Alcoholic Tide Pods': Everyone is very confused about the newest way to drink whisky

DUers With Long Memories: I Need Your Help (2000 election)

Marco Rubio gets Marco Rubioed

A betrayal of the most significant!

Winless Redskins fire coach Jay Gruden

On Putin's birthday, Trump hands over Northern Syria to him

What is tRump getting for betraying the Kurds?

Damn, Sweden has some great blues bands. Ida Bang & Blue Tears

'Once they're gone, they're gone': the fight to save the giant sequoia

Solar and wind make coal unprofitable in Japan

34 Years Ago Today; MS Achille Lauro is hijacked- American Leon Klinghoffer is subsequently murdered

Is it too late to start?

Richard Engel: Syria Kurdish official told us, reacting to Trump's overnight decision.

Sen. Chris Murphy: Why are Republicans upset about the Kurds? Clearly, Trump's not "serious"

Immigration protesters shout down acting DHS secretary

Crowd noise holds game up over 45 minutes.

Steve Bullock for President Raises Nearly $2.3 Million in Third Quarter

GE to freeze pension plans for about 20,000 US employees in a bid to cut debt

If taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society, I want a refund. And I want it

IBD/TIPP (A-/RV): EW 27% (+3), JB 26% (-2), BS 10% (-2), PB 7%, KH 3%, AY 3%

Harris says Iowa's caucuses can prove she's electable

Andy Card is concerned about the 'president'.

Backed into a corner, Trump begins flailing...

Annual Photovoltaic Installations Cross the 100GW Milestone

SCOTUSblog: Monday round-up

If I can see it and if you can see it! Then why can't they see it?

Boris Johnson will speak to Trump if US refuses to waive immunity for diplomat's wife

IBD/TIPP Poll: Warren 27 and Biden 26 (UPDATE from RCP: Biden 26.3, Warren 26.0 (Biden + 0.3)

How Pete Buttigieg would lower drug prices

Trump voters are going to be terrified when their made up world, reality comes crashing down.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Says He's Not Resigning

Wasn't Michael Flynn an unregistered agent for Turkey, working for Erdogan?

Steelers QB Mason Rudolph out with concussion

Are LGBTQ Employees Safe From Discrimination? A New Supreme Court Case Will Decide

The transcript that Schiff "parodied" was not a transcript.

Gary Larson's (The Far Side) first comic

There is one main question going forward.

IBD/TIPP head-to-head vs Trump: Biden +7, Sanders +4, Warren +2

If I had a twitter, account I would start this trend:

Trebek says his pancreatic cancer may mean the end of his time at 'Jeopardy!'

2018: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Made $82 Million While Working in the White House Last Year

Waterloo teacher on leave after "sniper rifle" comment about Greta Thunberg visit

Possession by Obsession: Nothing terrifies Trump more than looking like a failure.

Bernie Sanders Shares His Plan for a Working-Class Revolution

Many world leaders may duck dealing with Trump

Lindsey Graham: Just spoke to Sen @ChrisVanHollen about situation in Syria.

Tip of the iceberg

Caligula, Nero, Vlad the Impaler, Donald Trump

Good morning philosophy in blue

Trump: "The endless and ridiculous wars are ENDING! We can always go back & BLAST!"

When drumpf is having one of his impromptu press sessions with the media, someone

Jonah Goldberg on Morning Edition/NPR+Steve Inskeep

When you see this graphic compulsory voting seems like an idea to explore..

Greg Sargent: Trump's latest lies about the Ukraine scandal are imploding fast

RAWR! I'm a bear!

Donald Trump's Own Former National Security Officials Sign Open Letter Saying Ukraine Whistleblower

Donald Trump's Own Former National Security Officials Sign Open Letter Saying Ukraine Whistleblower

Carter vs. Trump:

I am very close to Donald Trump's age.

Heart Attack Scandal?

'I Gave the Other Guy a Shot'

Politico: "Decoding the explosive Ukrainian text messages."

Robot cutting hair

The Twit tweets: "... if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider..."

Dinner and a show, all for fifty cents! The hell you say!

Last Week, Warren may have won the Democratic Race

Little acts of kindness go a long way.....

Do we need to start immolating ourselves

Richard Engel tweet: "No care for the consequences for us or the region. It's beyond awful."

U.S. is the most admired country globally thanks to the star power of President ...

Elizabeth Warren Aims To Build Appeal In Republican Strongholds

Trump's goal is to do to the terms "impeachment" or "treason" what he did to "fake news."

"I'm not driving another inch until you kids calm down!"

Convicted pedophile Gary Glitter set to earn big royalties from 'Joker' movie

Doctor's may soon visit our homes in holographic form

"in my great and unmatched wisdom"

LOL! Trump Twitter bot fail...

Trump vows to utilize "my great and unmatched wisdom" as the Turkey situation unfolds.

Article suggests why MAGA "conservatives" won't ditch Trump for more "presentable" Pence,

All the news that's fit to steal. What happened to the Radford University student paper?

Always is Helping Keep Girls in School in South Africa

is 25a a way out of impeachment?

State Department official declines to appear for deposition

"We CANNOT abandon them" - ex-gov Huckabee

Radford University credit change sparks student dissatisfaction

The Trump Train officially jumped the tracks

House committees subpoena Pentagon chief and acting director of Office of Management and Budget

Turkey is more quid pro quo???

Trump ordered Kurd defenses destroyed.

A Wisconsin Marine vet will receive a pardon 15 years after he broke a man's nose during a drunken a

Slain witness would have testified in civil case against Dallas police

Undecided but narrowed down.

House Democrats subpoena Pentagon, White House budget office for Ukraine documents

The abandoned La Linda Catholic Church stoically awaits its certain fate

VP Biden has been kicking *ss and taking names... pretty proud of him

Trump's base is smaller than he thinks

Question for DUers

Sen Ron Johnson is actually dumber than you think...or more malevolent.

It's not lying if you can't remember exactly how

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Amazon warehouse worker wage appeal

The Trump Administration Has Figured out How to Get Rid of Federal Workers Without Firing Them

Hey, Lindsey, it feels good to get your head

🔥 🔥 🔥 from Ben Sasse (about retreat):

538: What's Behind Elizabeth Warren's Rise In The Polls?

Syria decision exposes Trump to political peril

About those hugs in Dallas

Hey Marco and Rev. Hucklebuck, when

Trump's Syria withdrawal announcement draws GOP condemnation

Just sitting here pondering the characters tRump could replace in The Wizard Of Oz.

Died on this day, October 7, 1849: Edgar Allan Poe

A Bernie Sanders Fan Reveals Something Important about The Daily Show

Hillary Clinton calls Trump's Syria pullout a 'sickening betrayal' of allies

Man robbed bank day before his wedding to pay for ring

Somehow I have a problem seeing Trump building houses for the less fortunate

'Get a grip': Colin Powell scolds Republicans for enabling Trump

Sen. Susan Collins is an endangered Republican. Impeachment could make her more so.

Is Trump following Putin's lead on the Kurds?

A Warren presidency might not be so bad for stocks, RBC says

That extra $140 million to Ukraine. Looks like it was essentially a bribe

My husband keeps reminding me and others

My memory is fuzzy. Anyone remember when King Cockwomble I last destroyed the Turkish economy?

There Are Only Four Ways a President Leaves Office Unwillingly

The End Of Guinea Worm Was Just Around the Corner. Not Anymore

Can anyone else see Trump fleeing the country if impeached?

Christopher Hitchens interviewed by Huge Hewitt on the Kurds (2007)

Fish and Wildlife Department giving crabbers a bonus season

Everett police crack down on crosswalk encroachment

US Rep. Maloney 'feeling better' after medical episode

legit tweet from Ivanka to Erdogan

Schiff tweet: "Syria announcement is, like much of his foreign policy, impulsive and dangerous."

The Republican Party is a Russian Asset

Cartoons 10/7/19

A difference between trumpers and Dems

While Lindsey was defending Trump on TV Trump betrayed the Kurds.

Moscow Mitch's Nightmare scenario...

Harris proposes six months of government-paid family leave

If you have a GOP Senator, CALL THEM about the Kurds

Republicans unload on Trump for Syria shift when he needs them most

Rep Spanberger tweet:

TPM "Kevin McAleenan Jeered Off Stage By Protesters At Immigration Forum"

HRC: #Trump's Syria "decision is a sickening betrayal both of the Kurds and his oath of office" and

And Erdogan accepts 45's invitation to vist White House

GE Slashes pensions for 20,000 employees

The "Wall" around Trump seems to be cracking...

Best responses to Bloviating BLOTUS Blather of Unmatched Wisdom so far...

Trained monkeys. Every repubic defending trump is like a trained monkey

Remember this. Erdogan's security beating up protesters on American soil May 2017

Pro-immigrant protesters force McAleenan to abandon speech (acting Dir. of DHS)


September 2019 Atmospheric CO2 Content - 408.54 ppm; September 2018 - 405.51 September 2017 - 403.37

Hey Jordan, Rubio, Blount...Was trump joking when he raised Biden with Xi in June phone call???

Alex Trebek says his pancreatic cancer may mean the end of his time at 'Jeopardy!'

The 20 countries with the best reputations

The acceptation of the rule?

Trump Freaks Out Twitter With 'Objectively Insane' Threat to 'Totally Destroy and Obliterate' Turkey

Russian State TV: Syria pullout by U.S. "too good to be true!" Host predicts a massive celebration!

McConnell has thoughts about the Kurds....

Today is Putin's birthday.

Happy Halloween.

I dunno why I hadn't thought of this earlier:

McConnell joins other Republicans in rebuking Trump's Syria withdrawal

What good is the solemn word of the United States of America

House has subpoenaed Pentagon and OMB for docs related to withholding military aid to Ukraine.

If global warming is a Chinese hoax, why did tRump ask them to for dirt on Biden?

Second Circuit Court of Appeals Puts Subpoena on Tax Returns on Hold

Judge stops NY from getting trumps taxes with a stay - NPR


Trump to Award the Medal of Freedom to Edwin Meese III

Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman: Trump wrong to seek help from Ukraine, China

Exclusive: Official Who Heard Call Says Trump Got 'Rolled' By Turkey and 'Has No Spine'

Richard Engel discusses trump's move in Syria

An Algorithm May Be the 1st Thing to See Europa Clipper's Coolest Discoveries from Jupiter Moon

Trump administration tells agencies to restrict unions in the workplace

Saudi Arabia says it seeks removal of Sudan from US terror list

Ancient Lake on Mars Turned Salty for a Spell, Curiosity Rover Finds

NEW: An aide tells me Bernie Sanders held an all-staff conference call to update his team ...

NEW: An aide tells me Bernie Sanders held an all-staff conference call to update his team ...

Remembering Kavanaugh...

Top Military Officers Unload on Trump

Reminder: Trump Has a Massive Conflict of Interest in Turkey

Like Many People with Cognitive Disabilities, Trump Listens

Turkish warplanes have launched an attack in N. Syria possibly targeting aid convoy

Cosmic Record Holders: The 12 Biggest Objects in the Universe

Now Lindsey is blaming President Obama

The Big Con will cause anarchy to escape accountability...

Poll: Warren and Biden running neck and neck as Sanders sinks

Look behind us, people. WAY WAY back there---that was "the line". We crossed it without fanfare;

BREAKING: Turkish warplanes bomb Syrian border crossing

We knew they'd do something big to eclipse the impeachment activity

Could we make a deal with Mitch to remove trump based on the Syria surrender?

Why NASA's Annoyed About Elon Musk's Giant Rocket

Barr digging a hole deeper than pardons will exonerate....

Meghan McCain: the world will see America

Here's an unexpected development (MA-SEN)

'POTUS went rogue': Trump's Syria move blindsides national security leaders

Mimi Roach:Maybe ⁦RudyGiuliani doesn't care abt legacy, but thoughts of former friends devastating

Adam Schiff...

U.S. Supreme Court tosses challenge to Republican-drawn Ohio congressional maps

Inherent Contempt...

Let me see if I have this straight. Adam Schiff's obviously playful parody ...

the 400 wealthiest Americans last year paid a LOWER total tax rate than any other income group

Where Will Bernie Sanders' Polling Numbers Go?

Today is Putins birthday, really!

Oh, dear God. Look at the "fine art poster" Trump's campaign store is selling.

Still holds up three years later (RE: Access Hollywood tape):

Bernie out for a walk

Buttigieg: AFFORDABLE MEDICINE FOR ALL A Plan to Slash Drug Prices and Boost Medical Innovation

This is pretty Funny. S2E1: Naked - Liza on Demand

Paul Krugman on 3 possibilities - all are horrifying

'A Complete Shock:' Long-Running Freeform Radio Station WBAI Abruptly Shut Down

Trump's enemies add up in the wrong state (Politico on Trump alienating Floridians)

It's a sin to be rich!

Bill filed to repeal Florida's teacher bonus program as DeSantis hints at new approach

Israeli media reporting that Turkey launched offensive against Kurdish forces in eastern state

Rio Police Arrest Four People Connected to Murder of Marielle Franco

Statement from the Speaker of the House

Para Archaeological Site Hit by Fire

A day after a fall and stitches.......

Johnson to Challenge the Queen to Fire Him, Sunday Times Reports

Mysterious Megastructures of the Elusive Tripolye Culture Unearthed in Ukraine

Trump: "In my great and unmatched wisdom"

PG&E issues unprecedented power shut-off watch for much of Northern California

Pres. Supervillain @PresVillain I take real Trump quotes and photoshop them into comics. #presidents

Rogue President: What to do?

At the start of Trump's term I made 20 predictions. Check out #12

Trump Sees New Polls and Orders Ukraine to Investigate Elizabeth Warren

Impeach Trump and kick Turkey out of NATO.

Diplomats angry and afraid as Ukraine controversy embroils Pompeo's State Department

Turkish Air Force is bombing the Kurds


Goat Rifles

Donnie follows in president u.s. grant's footsteps.

Trump's new advisors

These tweets do not get better with age. (LindseyG. Edition)

EVs Fire Up Pyroswitches to Cut Risk of Shock After a Crash

Chris Cillizza: The Secret of Why Donald Trump Won't Release his Taxes

I want you to really think about this. Today is the day the American Century effectively ended.

Jay Gruden fired as head coach of Washington Redskins

Lost signal for MSNBC at 4:10 PM ET

Rick Perry falling on the sword...

O'Rourke pledges gun control, marijuana legalization during Tucson campaign visit

O'Rourke pledges gun control, marijuana legalization during Tucson campaign visit

Perfect comment on Susan Collins-- "Often Disappointed; Always Disappointing"

US-based foreign agent bankrolled Ukraine President Zelensky's DC lobbying in hopes of Ukrainian gov

Garvey, Valley, Main, Huntington (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers ft. Priscilla Liang Fung Bros

Seth Abramson...

Next Year's Recession Will Be Brought To Us by Vladimir Putin.

Bruce Bochy's Final Speech to San Francisco

For those who have not yet seen and heard it, I strongly recommend former Justice Souter's

Is there anyone Trump has not betrayed?

Rudy gaslighting like it is 1999...


Chris Hayes...

You know today is Putin's birthday, right?

Trump's chance to make the deal of his life

Sen. Collins: Trump made 'terribly unwise' decision on Kurds

Apparently nobody in Turkey asked for a late check-out...

Klobuchar pulls in nearly $5 million in third quarter

Frantic dog protecting his owner

Bruce Bochy's Final Emotional Speech to San Francisco

Louisiana polls: Democratic governor leads GOP challengers by double digits

House Democrats consider masking identity of whistleblower from Trump's GOP allies in Congress

Seth Abramson: ' until the House grows a spine and does it'

Trump calls for Pelosi's impeachment ...

House Democrats consider masking identity of whistleblower from Trump's GOP allies in Congress

You raised $210.00 on October 6, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

decision to abandon Kurds not related to fancy Trump Tower making him money in Turkey.

Restoring Black Cowboys to the Range At the Black Cowboy Museum in a storefront near Houston, one ma

Trump: "if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits,

British Isis fighters in Syria 'may be freed if US allows Turkey invasion'

PASS government shutdown video

Who Is Kamala Harris? 2020 Presidential Candidate NYT News

Never thought I'd fall in love

Pet-Friendly Domestic Violence Shelters Help Abuse Victims Stay Safe

Pet-Friendly Domestic Violence Shelters Help Abuse Victims Stay Safe

One Child Policy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

We now know the richest 400 Americans have rigged the system

60 Amazon Workers Walked Out Over Warehouse Working Conditions

60 Amazon Workers Walked Out Over Warehouse Working Conditions

I remember when Reagan and the GOP did *nothing* when Saddam gassed the Kurds

Does he think the American flag is a trump sign?

Trump presser today: Military had no ammo till he took over. His poll #s up 17 points last 3 days.

You can tell Trump is lying about consulting with Joint Chiefs on Syria, because his lips are moving

U.S. Authorities Protecting Whistleblower in Trump-Ukraine Matter: Source

Let's create a Trump dictionary!!! (Trump changes the law)

Live video tonight of the Canadian Election debate

Understand this, please: Trump is abandoning the Kurds, our friends and allies, and his pal,

"In my great and unmatched wisdom..."

Trump claims Nancy Pelosi saw call readout and told him "This is not what the whistleblower said"

Western Music Expert Doug Green Revisits The Era Of The Singing Cowboy

About our "Shoulder to Shoulder" alliance. We had 10 KIA, the Kurds had 11,000

Sen. Chris Coons just came out strongly in favor of Biden for president

We all know that Trump projects ...

H.R. McMaster: "It was clearly Russian propaganda"

Democrats Consider Masking Identity of Whistleblower

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 7, 2019

Cornier cornbread. Try this:

Charlie Hallowell +#MeToo + 'redemption'

The second segment of yesterday's "60 Minutes..."

Question: Have rival presidential candidates ever become running mates after the primaries?

The Mandate of Heaven?! Mandate?!

Fave season 🍁 🎃 Stella loves leavez!

Luckovich-Habitat for Humanity vs Habitat for Insanity

"A Shakespearean Act of Betrayal": Trump Agrees to Let Turkey Invade Kurdish-Controlled Syrian Area

every tweet or word from the orange asshole is a big "fuck you" to the world


Open Skies Treaty, help explain this to me

Will Trump relinquish power peacefully? Not if he can avoid it

Gas taxes redirected

1/4 of Elaine Chao's meetings with local officials were with Kentuckians

Such a GOOD GIRL 😍

Guy Meets Aggressive Dog And Promises They'll Become Best Friends

Looks like some serious rain heading for South Florida - pay attention

2-Ounce Baby Wombat Grows Up So Fast

Two clear signs indicating Trump is terrified of new Fox News Wisconsin poll (Biden +9):

Belladonna update

Wow, big day for putin.

PG&E issues unprecedented power shut-off watch for much of Northern California

cartoon: Parenting

Oct 9 - Sen. Bernie Sanders - THE LATE SHOW with STEPHEN COLBERT

when trump sez he never knew Rudy's russian/Ukrainien him this

Ari Melber, giving Trump attorney Jay Sekulow an open forum to explain why impeachment is wrong.

I just can't stand Jay Sekulow.

Trump Digs In on Syria Decision

Graham says he'll introduce Turkey sanctions after Trump orders U.S. troops out of Kurdish territory

Trump: "Maybe the top general of them all told me "Sir, I'm sorry sir, we don't have ammunition"..."

Trump pulls United States out of military treaty that allows surveillance of Russia: report

* NEW * Morning Consult Poll - Biden 33% (+1), Warren 21% (--), Sanders 18% (--), Harris 6% (--)

Beto O'Rourke looks past early primary states with Arizona rally

Beto O'Rourke looks past early primary states with Arizona rally

guess who blew off the House depositions??

Ex-prof's strip club habit sticks Drexel University with $190K bill

New: HarrisX: Biden 33, Warren 19, Sanders 16 (Biden +14)

It's Putin's birthday

A Washington Post opinion said Trump was looking like King Lear

Walter Jeffrey at routine maintenance appointment

'Apologist and defender of the indefensible': Former Giuliani press secretary wonders 'what happened

Here's how Congress might try to fix Social Security this fall

Kesari explores his new home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary

Biden faces dual challenges from Trump, Warren

A Year Later, the Wound That Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Opened Is Still Bleeding

Surround Yourself With Fuzzy Alpacas

Trump's Peril Intensifies as More Whistle-Blowers Come Forward

One million donors - and all of their names are now on the wall at our campaign headquarters

So, does Trump know he's toast

U.S. Supreme Court kicks off new term, with Justice Thomas absent

Heaven leaves the Con...

Richard Engel...

Jeff Daniels to Play James Comey, Brendan Gleeson to Play Donald Trump in CBS Studios Miniseries

NBC: Trump is pushing a baseless conspiracy about the Bidens and China

"Donald Trump has issued a strange, rambling defence ..."

King Co. leaders to discuss ordinance that would put new limitations on breweries and distilleries

There are Trump Towers in Istanbul, Turkey. Did Erdogan use this as leverage?

Trump: "Some of the Kurds, as you know, that's a natural enemy of...uh, Turkey..."

I don't know if I buy all these Republicans secretly hate what Trump is doing

Peru Has Lost 30% Of Its Glaciers Since 2000; Loss Rate 2013-16 4X That Of Prior 4-Year Period

McConnell warns Trump most of Senate opposes Syria troop withdrawal

Natural enemies... 'it's ok to murder kurds'

Transcript-Gate. The WH is "hiding" the full transcript of Trump's call to the Ukaine

Extreme measures being considered to protect whistleblower identity if they talk to Congress

The GM strike is costing the company $90 million a day

Stocks close lower amid doubts about a China trade deal

I have basked in the glow of Rachel Madow


Florida businessmen with Giuliani, Ukraine ties won't comply with impeachment inquiry