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Quick Question Regarding Impeachment and the Senate

Remember when Jeff Sessions schooled Jim Jordan (R-OH) about "investigations"?

Mf45 re-election strategy is to "Benghazi" Joe Biden.

furious jackrabbit slapfest

Halloween Is Coming #16

Halloween Is Coming #17

Halloween Is Coming #18

Halloween Is Coming #19

Halloween Is Coming #20

Rick Perry expected to resign in November

Trump Is Losing To Every Democrat In Ohio As Support For Impeachment Surges

The Con knew his gig was up on China, so he went full Monty today...

America is likely complicit in war crimes in Yemen. It's time to hold the US to account

Just saw a sick as for trump

SecDef Esper, formerly of Raytheon, is confirmed on July 23. Two days later....

IQ45 called China in June and now again today on live TV

Message to All World Leaders - URGENT!!!

If Trump escapes conviction in the Senate...

Two Trump envoys drafted statement for Ukrainian president to read pledging to investigate Biden:

Trump's final, unbeatable impeachment defense

Pelosi should agree to WH and GOP demands she hold an "official" House vote on impeachment IF

Little delicacy being served at the Library of Congress

Republican Congressman Embarrassed By 16-Year-Old Climate Activist

The Con raised tariffs for Chinese goods from 10% - 25% on May 10 2019

Taxpayers protection of a corrupt politician...

Scoop: Trump letter dares Pelosi to hold vote on impeachment inquiry

This'll really piss off President* Tiny Hands if it happens--losing to a girl.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is a dual Canada-U.S. citizen

These fuckers who are SO against "globalism", against the UN, so xenophobic, now

Ecuador declares state of emergency as fuel protests block roads

Oops! There goes another!

Dahlia Lithwick: Trump Can't Outrun This One

Bingo...The Con in terror over losing legitimacy of Presidency...

Joker with Spoiler Alert

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic nominee in all 35 seats up in 2020.

Seth Abramson...

Fox on the Run

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Kathy's Story!

So Tribe says the central article of impeachment: Failure to Uphold His Fiduciary Responsibility

Amazing photos for a mental health break, because you know you need it.

Private sector seeks to profit by detaining migrant kids

New per CNN: Sanders' $1.3M ad buy in Iowa is back on.

Will it ever be possible to find out the contents of the password protected server?

Warren calls for transcript of Trump's call with Chinese leader to be released

Greta Thunberg in Iowa City tomorrow 10/4/2019

Trump tweets that he has the "absolute right" to have other countries investigate his opponents

Trump tweet, minutes ago: I have an absolute right, perhaps even a duty, to investigate CORRUPTION

A (really long) must read

Grizzly bears fight on Canadian Hwy

Dems and talking heads need to start asking GOP why they're so afraid of him.

Scoop: Trump letter dares Pelosi to hold vote on impeachment inquiry

GOP senator doesn't remember signing 2016 letter urging 'reform' of Ukraine prosecutor's office

One Sweet Day - Cover

Day One of continuing education is done. How is everyone tonight?

Pete Sessions makes it official: he's running for congressional seat held by retiring Bill Flores

LMAO at trumps misinformation commercial

I went to my 50th high school reunion a couple of weeks ago.

The Repukes are defending tRump's breaking of these laws...

Cuomo continually kowtows to republicans.

Coast Guard officer who drafted hit list pleads guilty to drug and weapons charges


Is Trump still the Commander-in-Chief in any pragmatic sense?

So, is this Trump's worst week ever?

Anyone consider that for evangelicals, trump is a better christian than pence?

Jair Bolsonaro pictured with second accused in Marielle Franco murder case

A great cartoon on the GOP....

I never liked the comedy series "Friends."

I no longer give any shits about what "Republicans are saying about Trump in private."

'This is gonna look so bad': bodycam footage shows Texas police leading black man by rope - video

CNN contacted the offices of 64 Republican lawmakers in the House & Senate today to see if any had

So, a couple days late; During presser when #45 got all mad about question from Reuter's

Cherry Limeade Pie with graham cracker crust is a tangy taste of nostalgia

Fox & Friends Host Suddenly Realizes Her Viewers Are Total Idiots

Trump & Trump Jr yuk it up over a fake "climate activist" at AOC town hall today

I'm not seeing any subpoena's being issued for witnesses on Biden

Guess who's getting his own talk show!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Not Just One but Four Quick Easy Answers to Repubs on Biden:

Jameis Winston already improving under 'QB whisperer' Bruce Arians

Let's go Dodgers!

Warren labor reform rewrites the rules of the labor economy

Diplomats Drafted Statement Committing Ukraine to Probe

Alex Jones' legal team to be sanctioned in Sandy Hook case

CA-50: Duncan Hunter Way Behind

So when do we march on Washington?


Breaking: WSJ: Trump ordered removal of Ukrainian ambassado

Election 2019: "On Life Support" - Virginia Republicans Say Their State Party Is In Shambles

Battle for Trump's tax returns pits feds against state

A great resource for recalling every single day of this mess - in fact, let's look at Days 1 and 2

BREAKING - Adam Schiff releases info on key documents (texts) tonight!

Mississippi city tries to limit noise near abortion clinic

Someone... just... PLEASE... take the damn' shovel away from him!

Trump tweet around 15 min ago

Trump could stand in the middle of the White House lawn and shoot American democracy in the face and

'Americans don't look to Chinese commies for the truth': Sasse decries Trump's call for probe

Judge OKs settlement of racial profiling suit in Mississippi

KY Governor Matt Bevin (R) says working several jobs to make ends meet means you have "freedom."

Finnish media: Leader 'ice-cold strong' in Trump encounter

A Health Time Bomb in the Fracked Oil Fields (Coverup During Standing Rock)

Colombia promises action after outrage over children eating from garbage dump

Reprise: Randy Rainbow and "If You Ever Got Impeached"

"Reports detail shooting by FBI agent"

The Daily Show: Mike Pence's Ignorance Defense

Cross-Link to prairieblog on Health Time Bomb in ND (Coverup During Standing Rock)

Evangelical Political Front Resists Rio Mayor's Casino Dreams

Seth Meyers: Trump Wanted the Border to Be a Water-Filled Trench with Snakes & Alligators- Monologue

Rudy Fucking Giuliani should be in prison.

Pete Sessions wants Bill Flores' seat. Flores has other ideas.

50 Ukrainian soldiers died while Trump held up aid

Seth Meyers: Guest Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA)

The Mooch on Don Lemon: Trump is having a nervous breakdown...

Congress releases 22-pages of text messages of top Trump officials discussing the Ukraine scandal

HA !

Brazil police raid Rio hospital to get bullet that killed child: report

2020 US Senate Elections which the margin of victory is less than 10 percent.

Mexican Supreme Court Justice resigns amid corruption questions

After watching Shitler make his Biden/China

Brazil's government to present bill allowing mining on indigenous reserves

Seth Meyers - Trump Publicly Asks Ukraine to Investigate Biden Amid Impeachment: A Closer Look

Pulling VP into the scandal....

Jair Bolsonaro pictured with second accused in Marielle Franco murder case

You know what pisses me off? I'm seeing all these threads about negative info and reactions

Jair Bolsonaro pictured with second accused in Marielle Franco murder case

Cookie Monster for the WIN !

Seized hoard of Nazi artefacts to go on display at Argentina Holocaust museum

'War for survival': Brazil's Amazon tribes despair as land raids surge under Bolsonaro

White House asserting it doesn't have to comply with Impeachment Inquiry demands unless there is

Rockville Man Pleads Guilty in Federal Court to Scheme to Defraud His Employer of More Than $1.7 Mil

Scientists observe mysterious cosmic web directly for first time

Trump administration's war on science has hit 'crisis point', experts warn

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 4, 2019 -- TCM Spotlight: Monster of the Month: Godzilla

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 5, 2019 -- The Essentials: Vietnam Stories

I want to say I got it wrong

What do you bet drumpf's attorneys

Netflix series tells story of pregnant Honduran detained by ICE in Kansas City area

Netflix series tells story of pregnant Honduran detained by ICE in Kansas City area

Bernie Sanders Says His Complaints About Media Coverage Are Different Than Trump's

Four People Charged, Fifth Pleads Guilty, In $4.5 Million Health Care Fraud Conspiracy Targeting

I am concerned Trump is going to do something really crazy!

Scientists fight to save unique Guiana coral reef

Scientists fight to save unique Guiana coral reef

Cameron Collins And Stephen Zarsky Plead Guilty To Insider Trading Scheme Involving Former Congress-

Law Firm Hires Stray Kitten After Visitors Complain Of His Presence

In Honduras, attacker holds gun to head of Radio Progreso anchor Snchez

Ukrainian Fraudster Sentenced To More Than 9 Years In Prison For $20 Million Decade-Long Conspiracy

Brazil surpasses 2019 target of $20 billion in privatizations

Panama Papers FAQ: All You Need To Know About The 2016 Investigation

Lancaster Surgeon to Pay $4.25 Million to Resolve False Billing and Kickback Claims

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 6, 2019 - Katharine Out West

Tardigrades Could (Maybe) Survive a Nuclear Attack. And Now We Know How.

For your entertainment; Push Trump Off A Cliff (again)

News anchor says he was a victim of OSU doctor accused of abusing hundreds

TCM Schedule for Monday October 7, 2019 - Star of the Month: Paul Muni

The hunt for life on Saturn's moon Enceladus just got a big boost

Antonio Brown video emerges of furniture being hurled into pool

We Just Learned Plants Under Attack Evolve a Universal 'Scream' to Warn Others

Overexposure to pesticides is a likely cause for neurological symptoms in Cuba-based diplomats

Overexposure to pesticides is a likely cause for neurological symptoms in Cuba-based diplomats

'The numbers are real:' Reagor to pay Ford Credit more than $53 million, jury decides

What happened to Rudy Giuliani? It's a long story

Ohio University suspends all frats, citing hazing allegations against 7 chapters

I just finished reading a 20 page op-ed by George Conway (husband of Kelly Anne)

If anyone has access to Twitter, these series of tweets by M. McFaul are chilling:

Irony Is Not Dead

AdvoCare, former CEO to pay $150 million in FTC settlement

Iraq unrest comes at critical moment in region

The dam is breaking on Trump's criminal and traitorous behavior whilst in office...

Trump wanted Ukraine's president to launch investigations before face-to-face meeting,

"I am DONE with @VanJones68. He just said impeachment is a "lose-lose situation" for Dems"

Carrot-addicted kangaroos saved at NSW hospital after gates keep tourists out

Into the great unknown: The Soviet Union's secretive Venera 7 probe

Farmers get 'negligible' benefit from insecticide that kills bees, researchers say

Former Ukraine President Says Joe Biden Never Asked To Close Cases

Argentina's second-largest labor federation votes to reunify with larger rival

Argentina's second-largest labor federation votes to reunify with larger rival

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/3/19

Anyone know about language translators? The ones that let you have real time conversations...

I look for things,here there and everywhere. I discovered a trick that helps a lot.

Carelessness could result in Melania Trump living in your refrigerator

Great Apes Have Just Passed A Complex "Theory Of Mind" Test

Found: Milk Residue That Proves Ancient Europeans Used Cute-as-Heck Baby Bottles

From - Comcast & Trump admin to strike down key provisions of one of Civil Rights Acts

Financial Times: Biggest banks will reduce workforce by 10% and replace them with robots.

(Jewish Group) Jewish Labour Party lawmaker in UK faces no-confidence vote on night of Yom Kippur

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic incidents in Argentina more than doubled in 2018 over the previous year

(Jewish Group) A teen allegedly attacked a Jewish woman in Brooklyn, pulling off her scarf and wig

(Jewish Group) Here's what it's like to grow up as a Jew in Iraq

The gay L-O-V-E story behind the iconic image adored around the world

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was the first gay activist

This gender non-conforming blues singer was a Harlem Renaissance super star

As seen on Colbert tonight LMAO

Warren snags Gonzalez endorsement in CA, draws 8500 to San Diego town hall

I'm stunned that Harris isn't polling better in California.

CNN: Damning text messages MSNBC: Text messages could show quid pro quo

Georgia man brings gay rights case to U.S. Supreme Court

'Rise Up' - (Cover)

Trump's New Executive Order.

Turtle 🐢 Moscow Mitch might give the Dems a gift 🎁.

2 Border BoJo puts everything @ risk cause white nationalist Brexit bollocks

Woman on ridge

McCarthy is setting up a reason/excuse for the Senate to reject articles of impeachment

Email Leak Exposes Trump Tower Russian's Dirty Lobbying Operations

Brexit : Bonnie Greer says 'Ireland owes the UK nothing' in heated Brexit debate on BBC

62 Years Ago Today; The Sputnik Crisis begins with launch of 1st man-made Earth satellite

Ameren, MoBot Are Making Solar Power More Affordable For Homes, Schools And Nonprofits

They can't say the word "server" - Ha!

Trump, the Self-Impeaching President

Ameren, MoBot Are Making Solar Power More Affordable For Homes, Schools And Nonprofits

Russ. witness in US corruption-trial killed in Russia after Trump-linked russ. lobbyist reveals name

Why isn't anyone talking about the Kushner bailout for 666 5th Ave?

Here Comes the Trump Slump

60 Amazon Workers Walked Out Over Warehouse Working Conditions

CNBC pointing to Trumps policies for causing recession

Last night I dreamed about a turtle roasting in the oven

Florida man shot and killed son-in-law in case of mistaken identity, sheriff says

3rd Large-Scale Coral Bleaching In HI In Four Years; Expect Bleaching Annually w/i 20 Years

Full transcript of Ukraine call exists and probably has explicit quid pro quo.

It seems like feeling like I'm starving for some time is just the way it's going to be


"History-Maker" Fire In Central Yukon; 250km2 Burned In Mid-September, Caused By Lightning

Bob "I'm A Bag Of Shit" Murray Looks Like He's Heading To Default As Coal Empire Collapses

So when speaker Pelosi gets the "I DARE YOU TO IMPEACH ME" letter today

26 Years Ago Today; Tanks shell the Russian White House during the Russian Constitutional Crisis

A simple salute to my dog

Triple-Digit Heat Across Southeast; Driest, Hottest September On Record Across All 120 KY Counties

Ukraine to Review Criminal Case of Firm Linked to Biden's Son

Ukraine to Review Criminal Case of Firm Linked to Biden's Son

The Rundown: October 3, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Grendel: Devil's Odyssey" #1

The origin of Superheroes: Static (DC Comics)

Cookie Monster Spells S-U-B-P-O-E-N-A (Hilarious!)

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman hold press-conference with Elizabeth Warren's BDSM sex-slave.

The Snake-And-Alligator Border Moat: A Budget Analysis

In case anyone's having trouble choosing a breakfast beer brand:

Willing to take one for the team

Let's be clear: Trump did not want the Ukrainians to merely investigate the Bidens; he wanted them

Kushner and Mulvaney heading up Impeachment strategy. CNN.

What is Trump trying to cover up about Khashoggi's murder?

Annie Grayer CNN: @janeosanders came out of the hospital to talk to reporters.

Trump, minutes ago: This has NOTHING to do with politics or a political campaign against the Bidens.

How to respond to the treasonous Trump supproters

Friday TOONs - All the President's Men(tal)

October 4 - Happy Birthday Rep. Lauren Underwood (D) IL-14th

October 4 - Happy Birthday Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D) MA-4th

He doesn't want China or the Ukraine to "investigate ", he wants manufactured evidence.

October 4 - Happy Birthday Rep. Ilhan Omar, (D) MN-5th

Your move Mitt

The impeachment discussion is moving from Capitol Hill to rec centers & schools across the country

Trump's Red Wall in the Senate

U.S. economy added just 136,000 jobs in September, in fresh sign economy is cooling

Racist graffiti found on wall at University of Iowa library

Don't know how to post a photo inside a post

Breaking NYTimes: Ukraine to Review Criminal Case of Firm Linked to Biden's Son

Base, schmaise... I keep seeing all this talk about a "base"...

Why are not more people speaking out and freaking out

Nancy Pelosi, minutes ago: What did Trump promise China in exchange for interfering in our election?

Frank Rich: Trump's Wrecking-Ball Impeachment Defense

---- Being Donald Trump: Inside the World Where Conspiracies Are Reality

This 2016 letter proves that GOP attacks on Biden over Ukraine are nonsense

today's jobs numbers- are we gonna

CNN's Jim Sciutto just tweeted this: Stand by for news on Trump and Xi.

Kushner 666

Whether the Senate stops the removal of the President or not...

Everything the cat tells you is bullshit (Twitter)

DOJ Boss Joins UK, Australian Gov't To Ask Facebook To Ditch Its End-To-End Encryption Plan

Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming? (Twitter)

"...Trump told some about 'quid pro quo', says HASC chair."

OMG the deep state got to Xi!

Global Shippers Spent Billions On Scrubbers That Divert Carcinogenic Marine Exhaust Into The Sea

250 Miles Of Dead, Dying & Damaged Mangroves Mapped Along N. Australian Coast

Giuliani consulted on Ukraine with imprisoned Paul Manafort via a lawyer

Boris Johnson will write to EU requesting article 50 extension, court told

Delicate flower Fredo Nunes files another defamation lawsuit.

Cause and affect....if Ukraine was invaded by

The Congress (Democrats and Republicans) need to get a handle on this.

Carl Bernstein on CNN 8:50 this AM

So how are all the other 'Corruption' investigations going?

CNN: Trump promised Xi no one in admin would talk abt Hong Kong protests. Counsel's speech canceled

Will Trump and Rudy go after Marianne next?

Jared Kushner tapped to lead impeachment fight

Forty people indicted or jailed. Republicans force Nixon to resign. Get your popcorn ready.

US trade deficit widened in August to $54.9 billion

Barr Pushes Facebook for Access to WhatsApp Messages

It is coffee. i's coffee time

It's Veritable Fucking Fire Sale of Foreign Election Interference

Conservatives attacked Ocasio-Cortez over a bizarre town hall speaker. Now, a pro-Trump fringe group

Democrats need to continue this investigation.

Is you is or is you ain't?

WaPo Editorial Board: Trump is now publicly abusing his oath of office

WSJ - Fracking Sector Facing "Core Operational Issues"; Wood Mackenzie - "Unsustainable"

State of the Battleground - October edition.

Peter Navarro is being a total asshole on CNN....'Am I being interrogated here?'

Ambassador Sondland (involved in Ukrainian quid pro quo) donated $1mil to trump's inauguration, BUT

Bill Taylor is a goddamned American hero.

Supreme Court to review ruling on Louisiana abortion law

Chipper Jones Threw The Ceremonial First Pitch At The Cardinals - Braves First Playoff Game...

53 years ago today...

Peter Navarro just called Adam Schiff a sociopath on CNN

The way Trump is squawking about Hunter Biden, we may be witnessing

Stephanie Ruhle: "Can Mitch McConnell stay in the turtle shell?"

Trump promised Xi US silence on Hong Kong democracy protests as trade talks stalled

Show me the man and I'll find you the crime

That was a LaRouche plant at the AOC town hall

More from Adam Schiff

Supreme Court agrees to review Louisiana's abortion law that could limit women's access.

First witness scheduled to testify in Ukraine Probe

Is it actually possible that a Democratic president could ADD ADDITIONAL Supreme Court justices...

Buster Keaton was born on this date.

The alarming employment trends that the jobs report won't tell you

Have fun. Name This Band -

In this one case, Pelosi should do what the Dotard wants...

10-4 Good Buddy

Are Hopes too High for Convicting Trump?

Crucial role of right-wing media missing from impeachment coverage

Some autistic people find comfort in specific objects. What happens when they're not available?

Ezra Klein's VERY persuasive argument FOR impeachment now.

Buzzfeed Links Bogus Net Neutrality Comments Directly To Broadband Industry

Forget the Wall....Corruption in foreign governments is now the most important issue.

China said "no".....

Latest Seth Abramson thread

Had an uncertain, uneasy feeling while reading the other day

Somebody cleaned up Trump's crazy tweet from last night.

So Republicans would call this good politics?

Robert Reich explains ten-step impeachment process (from July 2019)

New guy / same as the old guy

White House Refuses to Cooperate With Impeachment Probe

If anyone you know is still convinced Biden needs to be investigated

Speculation: Is Elizabeth Warren holding off on announcing her Q3 fundraising...

At least Treason45 is finally doing something for the American people...Gutting SS and Medicare

I robbed the bank, so what? The bank is corrupt, the bank should be investigated.

Trump is destroying the USA, and...

Gerald Rivera Tweet, Huh?

Flush With Cash, Pete Buttigieg Bets His Campaign on a Breakthrough in Iowa

If Trump hears that someone is a "model of integrity" that is very bad and they must be removed.

Trump: "even if that means requesting the help of a foreign country or countries"

In a very dangerous way, Trump has driven America, the world into a state of stagnation.

It's Time for Bernie to Talk About Himself

The Bully in Charge is Going Down.

Explicit quid pro quo will be found on full transcript of the Ukranain call! Impeachment certain!

Supreme Court says it will consider Louisiana abortion access law

John Cornyn tweet today: "Trump Justice Department" investigating "VP Biden conflicts of interest"

The top secret computer server is not just smoking, It's on fucking fire.

The incredibly damning Ukraine texts from State Department officials, explained

Krugman: Here Comes the Trump Slump

Browser question

Broken: Jacob Wohl to Replace A.G. Barr!


Hardware question

Elizabeth Warren raises $24.6 million in third quarter

Waterloo teacher on leave after "sniper rifle" comment about Greta Thunberg visit

It feels to me like we've lost our republic.

Leaked emails from Natalia Veselnitskaya 2 mo before TT meeting saying Jeff Sessions willing to

Trump is like a serial killer who led police to field of all his buried bodies

Facebook's updated ad policy is letting politicians post misleading ads

Trump Ads running in OKC

Question about Roku and a wired connection

Bad timing for Chinese protesters

Team Warren tweet and link to "An Update on our Q3 Fundraising Numbers"

truimp even cheats himself at pocket billiards. And that's not even a game.

Doors Open Today To West Hollywood's First Cannabis Cafe

Doors Open Today To West Hollywood's First Cannabis Cafe

Doors Open Today To West Hollywood's First Cannabis Cafe

Pic Of The Moment: The Current State Of Affairs

Analysis: The U.S. economy is cooling, but it is not collapsing.

Read Trump's Lips, He Wants Foreign Help in 2020

Should the Senate fail to act on impeachment

trump is ranting LIVE on CNN outside the White House. He's in-fucking-sane.

Wow, Trump was just asked by a reporter

What drumpf is trying to do is to keep the conversation away from the corruption

Trump is in a screaming meltdown on CNN right now

Well, if game 1 was any indication

Crazy Dude is on our lawn again..

Hunter Biden Scandal?

trump is on MSNBC yelling about corruption,

Trump Implodes And Confesses To Treasonous Crimes Against The US

Trump lawless allies (Giuliani & others) call Yovanovitch's actions to stop their work, OBSTRUCTION!

Here's how Brits can get permanent residency in Sweden after a no-deal Brexit

Marianne Williamson raises $3 million in third quarter, doubling her previous haul

Trump just claimed he hasn't seen Biden's poll numbers.

Evidence piling up that VP Mike Pence was all in on Ukraine extortion plot

Could someone explain the references to "cougar" on both sides? Everywhere...

President Gone Rogue

John Gotti's final words " I should have brought a running helicopter with me into the courtroom"

Trump impeachment inquiry: Democrats are investigating Mike Pence's role in Ukraine controversy

Trump is "fighting corruption" because he's so familiar with corruption.

Trump and the Republicans: Part Mafia, Part Eastern Bloc Politburo, All Disaster

Lion bones weighing 342kg seized in South Africa

Warren relies on small donors to raise $24.6 million

donnie's accusations about biden have all the credibility of his accusations about obama's birth.

Mike Pence's Ignorance Defense - The Daily Show

Elizabeth Warren Outraises Joe Biden in Third Quarter With $24.6-Million Haul

Republicans are beginning to realize their long bacchanal may be over

Schiff sums it all up very simply

A Giuliani-Pete Sessions quid pro quo?

Zuckerberg insists Facebook will be impartial toward Warren

Mike Pence knew exactly what he was doing

I hope Pelosi doesn't fall for Trump's call for an formal impeachment vote.

Somehow appropriate for the times...

Mitt Romney Tweet: President's brazen and unprecedented appeal... is wrong and appalling.

Supreme Court showdown set over pipeline crossing of Appalachian Trail

Mahatma Gandhi's ashes allegedly stolen as his portrait defaced with "traitor" graffiti

Romney has officially jumped from the sinking ship

Handy, colorful calendar re: depositions, court dates, document deadlines, etc.

This has been a longstanding issue with me, so excuse the rant, or scroll past

Video: The Bernie Sanders Interview - Chapo Trap House

SCOTUSblog: Justices grant new cases for upcoming term, will tackle Louisiana abortion dispute

Dani Brzozowski

Pooh: what shall we do today?

Diahann Carroll has died

BraNd NeW HouSe FiRe TODAY!

Diahann Carroll, Oscar-nominated, pioneering actress, dies

Trump admits Democrats could easily impeach him: 'Unfortunately they have the votes'

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders blow past Joe Biden in fundraising race

Diahann Carroll, Oscar-nominated, pioneering actress, dies

Found dead in her hotel room on this day, October 4, 1970: Janis Joplin


On June 12, 2019, Donnie-Smorgasbord was asked if he would accept dirt

At Least 42 Dead After Days Of Violent Protests In Iraq

Pierce: This Is a John Le Carre Novel Starring the Marx Brothers. It's Also a Smoking Arsenal.

Elizabeth Warren Says Trump Supporters 'Are Getting Really Nervous'

Diahann Carroll, Pioneering Actress on 'Julia' and 'Dynasty,' Dies at 84

Stephen King:You don't have to be good to work for Trump-You just have to be willing to kiss his ass

How Much of Warren's $24.6 Million Haul Came From Big Donor Fundraisers?

Every question can all be answered by this simple mindset:

LA TIMES: Democrats in districts Trump won in 2016 face little impeachment backlash so far

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg under pressure to testify to Congress about Libra

Bovada's updated odds on winning the Democratic nomination

Chinese woman caught at Mar-a-Lago with malware was apparently asked to target Clintons: docs

Adam Schiff: "It comes down to this"

Joe Biden: People of Faith Should Support Trans Equality

10 dead, several missing after Typhoon Mitag lashes S. Korea

Fox News Achievement

How Democrats should impeach Trump: A plan from 2 realists (Philippe Reines & Tom Nichols)

Everything he touches dies - yes I'm looking at you GOP.


Support for impeachment is climbing fast.

Warren Matches Sanders, Whips Biden, in Latest Fundraising Round

Impeachment polling is unprecedented

You raised $25.00 on October 3, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Most U.S. Presidents have been Diplomatic, at least to some degree.

Russia is helping China build a missile defence system, Putin says


Free Speech Freeway

Next Q & A with the orange slug,

Iranians tried to hack U.S. presidential candidates in effort that targeted hundreds, Microsoft says

As the Repubs pretend they see no quid pro quo, even in those texts, our side should highlight the

Man Shot Dead After Trying to Surprise Father-in-Law

Blue Cocktail Hour Oct. 16

David Axelrod: she is now the frontrunner to win the Dem nomination.

Eric Trump: Hypocrisy creates unlevel playing field in politics (NOT The Onion)

Speaker Pelosi should call a presser

Trump has confessed to working with foreign governments...

Ethanol state lawmakers praise Trump administration plan to boost production


Romney calls Trump's push for foreign dirt 'wrong and appalling'

My first porno movie!

Trump's life long con game exposed. Trump "loves" corrupt people for this reason.

Mitt Romney: A PHD graduate of the Susan Collins School of Political Weaselry

Iranians tried to hack U.S. presidential candidates in effort that targeted hundreds, Microsoft says

Trump spews incoherently on the WH lawn, 10/4/19

Trump's impeachment polling is historically unprecedented

Ro Khanna: I just spoke to @BernieSanders & he's doing great.

Trump Country Begs For Clean Water


Was Steve Rattner drinking a Bloody Mary

'Gave Me Goosebumps': Praise for Independent Video That Captures Side of Bernie Sanders

Here's a perfect question for Trump

Trump's impeachment polling is historically unprecedented

Hoo Boy! Just got back from another conversation with Duane. He's the counter man at the


2 things. drumpf seems to be screaming "IMPEACH ME"! crimes

The Black Hole of South Korean Domestic Politics

Teenager who disarmed Colorado school shooter is now a Marine

Chris Hayes tonight

So who is gonna be our Sen. Lowell Weicker?

Trump altered the weather forecast and

Marco Rubio:..."I think he did it to gig you guys."

Trump Coming to Minneapolis Next Thursday

What is the strategy now with Pence as guilty as Trump?

U.S. Supreme Court to hear case of gas pipeline seeking to cross Appalachian Trail in Va.

Beschloss tweet; Jim Garner & Diahann Carroll at the March on Washington, 1963

Will his campaign pay all the bills? (Ft Worth Star-Telegram)

Trump Didn't Just Ask Xi to Investigate Biden On Live TV. There Was a Phone Call Too

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure: October 4, 2019

Trump tries out new defenses as damaging Ukraine evidence piles up

I'm thinking a secret server could easily be cracked by CIA or FBI

Officials' texts reveal belief that Trump wanted probes as condition of Ukraine meeting

Jacob Wohl's "Hooker Marine" Exposed As A Fraud

Trump has turned U.S. foreign policy into a subsidiary of his reelection campaign

The 5 stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

White House plans to spurn Democrats' request for documents in impeachment inquiry

Ukraine aid delay irked lawmakers for weeks, but Trump told some about 'quid pro quo,' says HASC cha

Greta Thunberg Mocks Putin Criticism with Twitter Bio: 'A Kind But Poorly Informed Teenager'

I'm looking forward to the Speaker and her Committee Chair (s)

Why the GM strike could last well into October

Microsoft donates $223,000 to finish high-speed rail feasibility study by 2020

Wrong and appalling...

"And I want you to know that I did not ask any foreign leader to assist me"

Abbey Road number one on UK charts again after 50 years!

Wow -- Sen. Johnson now says SONDLAND told him there was a Ukraine quid pro quo

Trump Goes on Live Television to Do Exact Thing Whistleblower Said He Did

Ernst sound bites of Templeton IA Town Hall on MSNBC and CNN are doing her a favor

BuzzFeed News: Keep Track Of All The People Involved In Trump's Impeachment With This Diagram

Kim Jong Un Told Trump He Was Too Busy Developing Ballistic Missiles to Help Him with Biden Thing

Rescued Baby Otters

Treasury Inspector General to Review Handling of Trump's Taxes

Looks like both Volder and Sondland were in on it. Why do they fuck themselves for Trump?

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Purdue Challenged Over Attempt to Pay $38 Million in Bonuses

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 4, 2019

Sena Kana - Up ft. Wiz Khalifa & Sheppard [ Music Video ]

Radical warming in Siberia leaves millions on unstable ground

Bike lanes, sidewalks will get $8.5M in grants countywide

In a radio interview today on WCCO in the Twin Cities,

'The future of boating': Everett will be home to Boats Afloat

Quick McConnell Senate trial?? Not so quick

Atheist group says Texas judge 'crossed the line' when she handed a Bible to Amber Guyger

Congressional panel wants to interview Boeing whistleblower

Astounding documentary by BBC in 2000- Reputations: the Secret World of Richard Nixon

Who wants to hear (read) a dirty math joke? No it's really a dirty joke.

Samantha Power Open to Senate Run

Forget the swamp, Trump digging moat around himself

2020. He's 10 points behind late into the evening, appears it's over then

The Democratic National Convention is 9 months away and Trump is already running TV ads about Biden

Military-Veterans Advocacy Secures Strategic Victory In Privacy Rule Lawsuit

"The Ukraine Quid Pro Quo"

Rep. Adam Smith: President Donald Trump is an 'aspiring fascist,' but America will survive him

The guy who paid out 25 million for running a fake college is now concerned about corruption !?

Schnucks To Stop Selling Tobacco Products By January 2020

Schnucks To Stop Selling Tobacco Products By January 2020

What happened to our candidate thingies?

L.A. to void 2 million minor citations and warrants that had kept people trapped in court system.

Krist Novoselic Defends Nickelback from Trump: 'Leave Grunge Bands Alone!'

We all knew that Trump is basically the kind of dirtbag who hits on his wife's sister and then says

Atheist group files complaint vs judge who gave Guyger a Bible

Susan Colllins AND Susan Sarandon should be forced to address

An excellent article by the the New Republic:

A message to the Resisters in the USA from the Finnish President

Looks like Taylor didn't trust trump to provide aid even if Ukraine played ball

So. Pompeo just visited the Holy See? Guess who else had before?

Hilarious! Republicans Swift Boated Themselves Attacking Warren!

Yet another Profile in Cowardice:

Gawd, I hate wing nuts...

David Frum: Mike Pence Failed in His Most Important Duty

Used to be the yardstick was if your Mom didn't have to work...

Trump asks Kenyan President for help investigating Obama's birth.

Step by step walkthrough of UKR scandal

Trump Trails Generic Democrat Nationally by 11 Points

Facebook exempts political ads from ban on making false claims

The Wild West of Online Political Operatives (Ron Robinson related)

Trump Misled GOP Senator About Ukraine

Quid Pro POTUS #QuidProPOTUS pass it on nt.

Giant spider takes siege of St. Louis Arch

When Pence lies, the tips of his ears turn red

Here's an interesting theory on GOP view on Impeachment

Alabama Woman has the fuzz test her meth

Jake Tapper: Volker will be leaving the McCain Institute

Trump is in Trouble

Medellin's own Watergate?: spy cams and mics found in campaign office

Janis Joplin passed away 49 year ago today (January 19, 1943 - October 4, 1970)

Good point. Farmers get used as a pawn by tRump.

WaPo: House committees request information from Pence

How long before Trump attempts to declare bankruptcy?

BREAKING: Committees Seek Ukraine Documents from Vice President

Facebook said I could not promote Impeachment t-shrts bc "political ad"?? yet allows

The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe Day 14: the victim and the superstar magistrate

So the other day I got an unacceptable response to a reply I made to an op

If you could snap your fingers and get take out from any restaurant anywhere, what'll ya have?

Committees Seek Ukraine Documents from Vice President

Rio Police Arrest Four People Connected to Murder of Marielle Franco

Trump Administration Unveils More Cuts to Food Stamp Program

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear First Abortion Case With Kavanaugh

Come on people. You gotta laff about about something -- double entendres

New brutal impeachment poll 50%-39% (Economist/YouGov)

Serious question - how can Don the Con claim to be concerned about

Updoing Container pots for edible gardening.

House Democrats seek documents from Mike Pence for impeachment inquiry

Police: Photo showing Twin Falls officer looking at inappropriate website was altered

Costco's first China warehouse has 200,000 members, blowing past the 68,000 average

driving impaired on the wrong side of the highway... don't drink and drive

Why would you?

Have y'all watched the Unicorn yet?

NEWS: Sanders Campaign Statement on Third Quarter Fundraising

***CIA's top lawyer made criminal referral on whistleblower's complaint about Trump conduct***

CIA's top lawyer made criminal referral on whistleblower's complaint about Trump conduct

I saw this energy drink in the grocery store today

Is Trump's Plan To Have Barr Simply Indict the Democratic Nominee? Does Trump Have a Choice?


VP lightning rod.

D.C.'s Solar Permits More Than Doubled In The Past Year

A majority now believe if House impeaches then Senate should remove trump from office

The moment America has been waiting for

Who is the 'Ukraine gas exec' playing golf with the Bidens in Trump's Nickelback post?

Guinea pig best friends with Golden Retriever --VERY cute video:

Very cute video of Guinea pig and Golden Retriever best friends:

Hey!!! He's wearing a purple suit!

Volker leaving McCain Institute.

Any Trumps Or Trump Retainers Wanna Whine About People 'Profiting' Off The Presidency?

WaPo Editorial Board: Trump's corruption is black and white

Trump is an A-hole!

Rampaging Hong Kong protesters bring large parts of city to standstill

New Poll. Majority support for removing Trump.

Trump's Fascist Tactics ESCALATE

So why wasn't asking Russia to help in 2016 impeachable?

Drip, Drip, Drip

USA Today (opinion): Democrats should impeach Trump

The President commits crimes in front of helicopters

Sen. Sanders: I'm looking forward to be back on the campaign trail soon. ...

Boston Children's Hospital researchers seem to have pinpointed the cause of multiple sclerosis

Bernie Sanders Had a Common Heart Procedure. So Why the Mystery?

I'm in a Twitter fight with some Bernie folks arguing "millennials and socialism are the future..."

Trump Envoys Pushed Ukraine to Commit to Investigating Biden

Iranian Hackers Targeted Trump's Re-election Campaign

Please explain to me the Ukraine Scandal.


Is this why Trump stands the way he does?

CIA's Top Lawyer Made Criminal Referral About Trump

Angry Constituent Confronts Joni Ernst: 'Where Is The Line?'

Migrant cross for new Jesuit cardinal

Abortion Battle Goes to U.S. Supreme Court

Belief Bias

Armed Militias Taking Trump's Call For Civil War VERY Seriously

Iranian Hackers Targeted Trump's Re-election Campaign

10/4/19 The wisdom of D. Trump

Haitian protesters are holding up a giant Bernie Sanders tweet about their human rights ...

How do we prevent Pence from becoming President? He is poison fruit

FWIW, Can a whistleblower bypass IG/DNI and go directly to Congress? Yes, but....

Ex marine was lying about his service:

Holy Rachel Maddow, Batman! 😃

NEW: @BernieSanders just left the hospital in Las Vegas. ...

We've had 91 days of 90 degrees or more this year! Breaking all records.

Anonymous Authority

Rachel Maddow in Batwoman. It's true.

It's been a while, foodies, but I have a question for the food science minded, re: Pastry Cream

Confusing questions here. Hope i can explain it right

This should be interesting: Sondland scheduled to testify to 3 House committees next Tuesday (8th)

Trump's Latest Defense of His Asking Ukraine to Investigate Biden Requires You to Be a Moron

"The real reason for Trump's meltdowns" - Marketwatch

Foodies in the Lounge.. I have a question for the food science minded re: Pastry Cream

Our first taste of fall weather 62 now 44 tonight in Ohio.

Sanders' treating physicians confirm he had a heart attack Tuesday

TAMPA: Federal Court Strikes Down Ex-Gay Torture Ban

Statement from @BernieSanders campaign and doctors who treated him ...

Some feedback from the Finnish president on his visit to the United States

Statement from @BernieSanders campaign and doctors who treated him ...

Breaking - Dems Subpoena White House

"I'm very worried about the security of the whistleblower," Pelosi said. "And I'm very ashamed of ..

Mulvaney Subpoena has issued

Just kidding...

Contest: Name the band

How is an acorn blue? Not a joke. Found a blue acorn outside.

I actually started a new job today!

Bernie Sanders Had Heart Attack, His Doctors Say, as He Leaves Hospital

Trump issued a takedown notice by...Nickelback?

House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings subpoenas White House for Ukraine documents

Now let me get this straight.. Giuliani is Trumps Svengali???

It occurs to me that it would be very good for Warren to give a strong & vocal defense of Biden.

'Rude" - (Cover) - Daryl Ong

Treasury inspector general to review handling of Trump's tax returns

Jared in charge.....of failing


New Raycroft Research National Poll

Luckovich - democrats comin'


Updoing container pots for edible gardening

Does the Republican Senate really actually want a trial?

So kind! Cheetah Thanks Man For Building Steps To Help His Limbs

OPed in WashPo: Republicans have chosen betrayal of our republic.

Barr says nobody can see the Cons tax returns...

Florida woman "consumed" by Oklahoma City and Columbine attacks arrested with arsenal of weapons

Barr involved in Ukraine coverup...

Adam Schiff...more documents

MSM TV Headlines: October 19, 2020

Choose the winner of the Tammy Baldwin Breakthrough Award!

Choose the winner of the Tammy Baldwin Breakthrough Award!

Impeachment numbers growing...

Questions Republicans are asking their Leaders?

The Big Con losing republicans support...

Benjamin Wittes: There are no good songs about subpoenas.

Michael McFaul...

2020 US Senate Election- margin of victory.

Believe me.

Oct 4, south central KY and it did not get above 90F !

We have an arch criminal for a president. Lawlessness, political anarchy, mentally diseased accurate

QAnon Linked to Australian PM

US government opens California land to oil, gas drilling

The real issue isn't Donald Trump. It's his party.

Seriously, who is the engineer?

Warning issued after RNC sends 'imitation census' mailers to boost Trump re-election in Montana

"Trump Justice Department" investigating Biden - Ashna Ranguppa replies in tweet

Bernie Sanders Gets Stuff Done 5 Amazing Victories

Brett Kavanaugh Is About to Get His Hands on His First Abortion Case

Rich McDaniel, Warren Campaign National Organizing Director, resigns

Halloween Is Coming #21

Halloween Is Coming #22

Halloween Is Coming #23

Halloween Is Coming #24

Halloween Is Coming #25

Jamie Raskin appreciation

I think AG William Barr has scarpered.

I am seeing a ton of ads for him/IQ45 on CNN, are any of

what will be the act.. conversation.. document.. outrage that will do it?

McConnell vows to block Trump impeachment in fundraising pitch

Florida woman 'consumed' by Columbine and Oklahoma City arrested with two dozen pipe bombs

In the fall of 1997 Bill Clinton's approval rating was 61%

The next Dem Administration has to release everything

Richard Engel....

How large corporations took over single-family homes

Why is MSNBC running Trump's anti Biden ad when CNN won't?

Police looking for hit-and-run driver who struck student in Thurston County

So, a poltroon, curmudgeon, mountebank, cozener and meshuggena walk into a bar. Barkeep says:

Con Jr. opens mouth, inserts foot...

Biden Won't Say If He'd Vote to Convict Trump

Texas execution halted over claims judge was anti-Semitic

Is it wrong for us to discuss the health of our candidates?

Oct. 1-4 Harris X poll, Likely/Definite voters: Biden 35%, Warren 17%, Sanders 12%, Harris 7%,

The 7 most explosive exchanges in Trump's Ukraine envoy texts

Don't support our Constitution GOPers ?? Fear THIS !!