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Gun humpers launch initiative bid to repeal Initiative 1639

COLE and MARMALDE are my FAVORITE Internet Cats. Happy Halloween from the kitties

*NEW* Morning Consult - Biden 32% (+2), Sanders 20% (+2), Warren 20% (-1), Buttigieg 7% (+1), KH 6%

"Let's Also Speak The Truth": Kamala Harris Said Katie Hill Is The Victim Of "Cyber Exploitation"

31 Washington Fire Departments Send Crews To California

Officials cringe as Trump spills sensitive details of al-Baghdadi raid

Florida GOP postpones annual fundraiser due to lack of interest

Results of Donald Trump's IQ test is in!

A Forecast for a Warming World: Learn to Live With Fire

Turkey will attack Kurdish fighters who remain near border

Officials cringe as Trump spills sensitive details of al-Baghdadi raid

Judge Holds Betsy DeVos In Contempt, Issues Fine Of $100,000

The Circles Of Trump Hell expand exponentially

Short video from Sanders' rally in Detroit yesterday at Cass Technical High School:

Does anyone else feel that the Washington booing was a turning point?

easy cauliflower Alfredo soup

Joe Biden's statement of the passing of former Senator Kay Hagan

Fugelsang: poor Trump just realized that Matt Gaetz isn't Barron.

Take me out to the ball game

Learn something new every day!

The Con detests humiliation - he does not want to be impeached

Katie Hill's resignation should PISS EVERYONE RIGHT THE FUCK OFF!

Gop postpone biggest florida fundraiser due to lackluster tickets sales

My young friends in other countries

Army Officer Who Heard Trump's Ukraine Call Reported Concerns

White House aide will testify that he considered Ukraine call 'damaging'.

Has anything ever stopped a terrorist movement?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! October Surprise!

Judge kicks newest impeachment lawsuit into high gear

Student in Peru makes history by writing thesis in the Incas' language

Unless trump later saw body cam footage or talked to actual team

Influence of Sewage Sludge on Ash Fusion during Combustion of Maize Straw

CA-25: California state lawmaker Christy Smith launches bid for Katie Hill's seat

Liberals That Don't Get It: Booing Trump Is the Most American Thing Ever

MD-07: Maryland governor sets special election date for Cummings' seat

I'd say the wealth tax needs a provision that exempts anyone that's poor and hits the lottery

TX-24: Hispanic Caucus all in with Latina in crowded primary

Note to Scott Jennings (R - Jerk)


CA-25: Reporter on Katie Hill scandal promotes GOP candidates for her seat

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower's Name, Sources Say

Lillie Mae

Election 2019: Virginia State Sen. Bryce Reeves Makes Sexist Comments About Democrat Amy Laufer

Sessions Considering Senate Bid In Alabama

Election 2019: ERA advocates send 40,000 postcards to voters in five Virginia House districts

Ukrainian Oligarch Seethed About 'Overlord' Biden for Years

Election 2019: Virginia election officials seeing high absentee voting numbers

Twitter Rob Anderson for Louisiana. We follow each other

It's not just the baseball fans...

NSC Ukraine expert Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman - Opening statement (for testimony tomorrow)

Florida GOP Cancels Its Biggest Fundraiser

Y'know, America's OTHER Pastime is Telling Fascists to Go Fuck Themselves (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Illinois State Representative Charged with Offering Bribe to Fellow Lawmaker in Return for Support

Missouri Man Sentenced to Nearly Two Years in Prison for His Role in "Field of Schemes" Organic

Sanford Health Entities to Pay $20.25 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Regarding

OMG - I scored a copy of Rachel's book "Blowout"

Democrats are solid with Impeachment.

WH Aide who listened to Ukraine call -Heard Trump appeal to Ukraine's president to investigate Biden

WTF? Brat Sandmann's lawsuit against the Washington Post has been reinstated...


Bookkeeper Pleads Guilty To Embezzling Over $2 Million from Employer

A 21-Year-Old Has Been Charged After Allegedly Encouraging Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself

The Daily Show: Trump Announces Killing of ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi

Rona Barrett interviews trump 1980

'Beverly Hills Cop' Theme Song

After the GOP demands public hearings, and they are public, they will demand the "Cone of Silence"

Laura Ingraham/Fox go after VINDMAN Acuse him of Espionage

Gym Jordan and ilk will try like HELL to subpeona Joe and/or Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Nate Silver got mad at "the Libs" for being mad at Trump

Halloween Is Coming #141

Halloween Is Coming #142

Halloween Is Coming #143

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani Butt-Dials Reporter; Trump Booed at World Series: A Closer Look

Halloween Is Coming #144

Halloween Is Coming #145

Report: 'Look at My Record, Child,' Biden Tells Adult Climate Campaigner in Condescending Response

Wait, Vindman has an identical twin brother who is a lawyer on the NSC?

Crowd chants "lock him up!" at President Trump during Game 5 of World Series

It was Halloween Night at the White House!

TV newsreporter at fire shelter got very nervous when a woman he was interviewing

General Milley: I Don't Know Where Trump got "Whimpering and Crying" Story From

Sometimes when one receives and experiences an untoward event in one's life,

Body language expert analyzes Trump's reaction to being booed

Will all the Democratic Senators vote

CNN reporter: Trump claims farmers cried when he signed order. Roll the tape.

330,000 voter registrations could be canceled in Georgia

Facebook Allows Conservative Site to Break Rules

A Mysterious Statue Recently Placed Near The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Suggests Bryan

Detroit Home Health Owner Sentenced to Prison for Role in $1.5 Million Medicare Kickback Scheme

"The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump"

PG&E Power Outages: 3rd round of shutoffs will impact parts of 29 counties

So Was Trump Golfing During The Raid & Was The Situation Room Pic.....

Krugman: Selective deficit hysteria has done immense damage

on thom hartmann

welcome party in Chicago for Trump today

Pelosi's 'Baller Move': Trump Will Be Impeached

Fox News' Dana Perino is surprised Trump got booed at World Series - thought Americans would cheer

For the ride home.

Yes, still kicking... sort of

Colbert playing clips of dump spewing yesterday.

"trip to Nationals Park was one of the few times Mr. Trump has crept out of his self-made bubble "

Matt Gaetz mad because Ellen producer called him a "fucking tool"

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower's Name, Sources Say

'Rashida Tlaib joins Ocasio-Cortez, Omar in endorsing Bernie Sanders'

Rut roh! Former Special Counsel DoD Ryan Goodman says Sondland has screwed the pooch BIGLY

Leander settles lawsuit by former city manager for $349,000

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah -- Guest: Beto O'Rourke

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah -- Guest: Beto O'Rourke

Schenectady lawmakers cut taxes and slash proposed mayor pay raise

Bevin stands by past comments as Beshear gets grilled on campaign promises in fourth debate

John Yoo accuses decorated veteran Lt. Col. Vindman of espionage on Fox

Lawmakers propose 'abortion access fund'

Former North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan dead at 66

Watchdog: Rates at Trump hotel nearly three times higher for Republican retreat

When Trumpy's presidency ends, (damn. It Will end.)

South Korea- Constitutional Confrontation?

DNC Beats Appeal in Suit Alleging 2016 Primaries Favored Clinton

Cattaraugus County seal: Rated R for some nudity

70+ Inspectors General sharply criticized TheJusticeDept "handling of the original whistleblower

Human-Size Blob Drifts by Divers. And It's Packed with Hundreds of Thousands of Baby Squid.


This Newly Discovered Virus Replicates in a Completely Unknown Way

Ancient City of 'Mahendraparvata' Hidden Beneath Cambodian Jungle

With GM workers back on the job, UAW turns to Ford

Joe Bonamassa, Billy Gibbons, Derek Trucks and Dusty Hill live at the Rock Hall Of Fame

After Catch and Kill Fallout, Former Fox News Staffers Demand to Be Released From Their NDAs

14-year-old girl charged after punching man dressed as Donald Trump in the face at Florida haunted

2020 Texas Democrat Target List

Bronx Councilman Andy King gets 'unprecedented' suspension, $15K fine for ethics violations

If Trump is impeached and removed from office we won't be done with impeachment.

Election 2019: Virgnia pundits say the State Senate is going blue.

Driverless cars are stuck in a jam

Opinion:The $15 minimum wage was supposed to hurt New York City restaurants -- but both revenue and

Critics Say New Texas Polling Station Law Suppresses Liberal Votes

Louie Gohmert Says That He, of All People, Knows Who the Whistleblower Is

Purple Haze: Another Election, Another Round of 'Texas Is Shifting Democratic.' No, Really.

Hong Kong disqualifies democracy activist Joshua Wong from district elections

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/28/19

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you

Stephen Colbert: Vanity Fair Editor Radhika Jones Previews Vanity Fair's "Women On Women"

Wichita Falls trans woman running as conservative Republican for Congress

Wichita Falls trans woman running as conservative Republican for Congress

Aiming at Olympic boom, Japan builds 'Ethnic Harmony' tribute to indigenous Ainu

Ben Laden

China's ocean waste surges 27% in 2018: ministry

Guilty plea in Maryland newspaper shootings; insanity hearing is next

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 30 - It's Not Your Fault (w/ Michael Moore & Meagan Day)

Man arrested in Texas shooting that left 2 dead, 12 hurt

In case you wondered what happened to Charles Ogletree Jr.

Now that Pelosi has agreed to hold a formal impeachment-inquiry vote, Republicans no longer want it.

Photo: ''we progressives must build alliances too.'' #jstreet2019

Breakfast Tuesday 29 October 2019

Houston Oil And Gas Jobs Set To Decline Through 2020

Beto For America Weekly Update with Ofirah Yheskel, Rob Friedlander & Rob Flaherty 10.28.2019

Beto For America Weekly Update with Ofirah Yheskel, Rob Friedlander & Rob Flaherty 10.28.2019

(Jewish) Apsana Begum, who shared 'Zionist masters' post, selected as Labour parliamentary candidate

(Jewish Group) Palestinian student walks out on Holocaust survivor's speech in Arizona

Boeing's 737 MAX jet could soon fly again despite damning probes

Back in time for Halloween -- Sugar: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Just a reminder about Moscow Mitch's evil.

The back story is even worse. The Moscow mitch snub explained

Protesters Gather Outside John Hagee's Cornerstone Church to Decry His 'Extremist Message' on Israel

Expensive Virginia elections set stage for redistricting fight

Game changing' tuberculosis vaccine a step closer

Remember: Going from House Democrat to "house Democrat" can be profitable

Amazon poised to escalate Pentagon 'war cloud' fight

Democrats aim to protect Grand Canyon from 'imminent' drilling threat

La Cantera Resort Firm Paying $2.625 Million to Settle Federal Complaint Over English-Only Workplace

So let me see if I get this

Drunk San Antonio Woman Attacks Mother with Crucifix During Argument

How Teenagers Are Using their Quinceaneras to Boost the Latinx Vote in Texas

WaPo: Compares Obama's announcement of Bin Laden's death with trump's bit.

Top Bush Adviser Leaves the Republican Party

This wave of global protest is being led by the children of the financial crash

Republicans have come to a crossroads - Trump or the Republican Party?

Dear Senate Republicans...

Chicago mayor poses with Barack Obama Same Day She Refused To Meet Donald Trump

50 Years Ago Today: 1st computer-to-computer link is established on ARPANET (precursor of Internet)

'El Paso Will Never Heal': Three Months Later, the Border Town Still Reels

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower's Name, Sources Say

Put this on the side of a bus

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower's Name, Sources Say

Voters Over the Age of 65 Remember Nixon--and Want to Impeach Donald Trump

Soviet-Era Dissident Vladimir Bukovsky Dies Aged 76

MPs back 12 December election

Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro may be rivals -- but they're buddies, too

Senator Warren is Exactly Right

IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY, "Army colonel "A More difficult witness to dismiss than civilians"

ABA Policy Point - A Wealth Tax Is Constitutional

The back story ... Oligarchs... Ukraine ... Biden

China Dumped 201 Million Cubic Meters Of Waste Into Its Own Coastal Waters Last Year - Up 27% YOY

Thanks to the people he "never even heard of".

Released on this date in 1962

Tuesday TOONs - Running, Crying, Whimpering, and Screaming

H&M CEO Dismisses Sustainability Concerns, Worried About "Social Consequences" Of Not Buying Stuff

The Ukrainain-call transcript Trump wants you to forget.

Katie Hill - Announcement

Cognitive debiasing

Winds Clocked At 96 MPH In Kincade Fire; Fire At 30,000 Acres, 180,000 Residents Evacuated

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower's Name, Sources Say

... "But he hasn't got anything on," a little child said.

...the moment the President's lawyers said he is above the law, that moment the rhetoric changed.

Bolsonaro Visits Xi: Among All The Happy Talk/Trade Deals, Not A Single Word On An Amazon In Flames

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower's Name, Sources Say

Physicians for a National Health Program @PNHP ( Medicare for All )

Ukraine conflict: Front-line troops begin pullout

'This happened': A grad student refused to recant her rape accusation even after police arrested her

Jimmy Kimmel Show: Obama & Trump mashup re: announcements of bin Laden/al Baghdadi

Right wing political cartoon. TOTAL lack of self awareness.

Watching the NRA implode amuses me

Could there be a starker example of the Patriarchy right now?

Biggest Private Coal Miner Goes Bust As Trump Rescue Fails


Sessions eyes return to US Senate

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Mister Bribery Edition

Dear leader

A dodger made it to the World Series

Does this guest on CNN seem like a Russian agent?

The IRS Tried to Hide Emails That Show Tax Industry Influence Over Free File Program

Ingraham and Yoo reach a new low accusing Iraqi War hero of being a (spy).

"There are two sides to every argument", while true (sort of), is likely one of the most

October 29 - Happy Birthday Rep. Marcia Fudge (D) OH-11th

We mashed up @BarackObama 's Bin Laden speech with @RealDonaldTrump 's al-Baghdadi speech...

Who ya gonna call?

😃🇺🇸🐱🐈🐯🐅🦁🐆☀️❗️Post any/all things kitty!

Federal Judge Restores Ban on Fishing Net That Entangles Whale Species

trump Declassifies image of 'wonderful' dog that took part in Baghdadi raid

Thinking about hitting the all important send button

50 years ago today, the internet was born in Room 3420

Video Of Obama's Standing Ovation At NBA Game Resurfaces After Trump Booed At World Series

Eric Swalwell tweet that Speaker Pelosi just re-tweeted

Baldasaro rebuked for questioning whether Kamala Harris is African American

First Snowfall Totals for Oct 28-29 Happy Halloween-Winter......Pics...Wisconsin

The Queen being "inappropriate"

Glenn Kirschner: I think all Trump enablers in government should be asking themselves this question

So now Trump wants Chna to dig dirt on Biden!

Krugman: Debt, Doomsayers and Double Standards

Today's word of the day...

Flashback to Colonel Ollie North

As Kurds Tracked ISIS Leader, U.S. Withdrawal Threw Raid Into Turmoil

Questions about the awesome dog....

CNBC: Bernie Sanders on socialism, taxes and why he thinks fossil fuel executives are 'criminals'

Pumpkin & Trumpkin: Trick or Treeeeaaaat!

Future terrorist were created from the killing of Al baghdadi. Todays ISIS is the result ....

CNBC: Bernie Sanders on socialism, taxes and why he thinks fossil fuel executives are 'criminals'

There's a New Name on the List of Americans Who Stood Up for the Republic

This is in my backyard this morning!

Murray Energy goes BUST!

Halloween Dog parade 😍 😍 😍

Sean Duffy Goes After Decorated War Vet Alexander Vindman: 'He Speaks Ukrainian'

The Rundown: October 28, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 10/23/19

CNBC: Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism

Dope can't even spell Nunes' name...

Remember their names

I shouldn't have been surprised--EVs and government facilities

Speaker smackdown!

Shall we have a whip round?

Why Did CNN Hire a Moron Like Sean Duffy?

Halloween Costumes to scare Milennials

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower's Name, Sources Say

BREAKING: Trump Situation Room Photo STAGED

Trump Told Russians, Not Congress, About Attack

Grenfell inquiry finds fewer people would have died if fire brigade was better prepared

The fundamentally un-American attacks on Alexander Vindman

The big problem is that there are many who believe this nonsense

I opened up the thread and saw three hit pieces n Biden

Buttigieg interview at J Street conference (plus link to other candidate talks)

You know the saying all out of F's to give, well I am all out of FU's to give reading this

The Duffy, "He speaks Ukranian" is a Joe McCarthy "at long last, have you no shame" moment.

The Latest: Army officer Vindman arrives for testimony

"Never Trumpers" ?

Marijuana Legalization Plan Shows Sanders Is No Socialist

Oingo Boingo - Weird Science

Bernie on releasing a plan to pay for MFA: "I don't think I have to do that right now."

The Secrets of a Right-Wing Dark-Money Juggernaut -- Revealed

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Lebanon PM Saad Hariri resigns amid unprecedented protests


CNBC: Bernie Sanders on Political Revolution

I am going with this being a deliberate strategy cause white supremacy power structures

What the ever-lovin F**k?

The Righteous Brothers (Vindeman twins) are going to bring Trump down!

Sean Spicer can't dance.

You raised $30.00 on October 28, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

"I'm late. I'm late, for a very important date." . . . Please come CAPTION Devin Nunes!!!

Frank Luntz Wants World Series Boo-ers 'Held Accountable'

New Politico/Morning Consult poll

WaPo : Why Alexander Vindman's testimony is big

Lebanon's Hariri resigns after nearly two weeks of nationwide protests

Ukrainian-American Vindman twins - cute picture as young boys

I just messed up. Was asked to serve on DU jury and accidentally hit

Today's covfefe and hamberder?

Putin hosts Cuban leader for talks on expanding ties


Robert Reich: Trump's Emoulments Mess

Masked men gun down Iraqi protesters in holy city of Karbala

Guess what douche bags (Speaking to you, Sean Duffy and John Yoo) The NSC hires people who speak

Democrats Doing the Heavy Lifting on Issues: President Jimmy Carter on Beer

Is anyone else as disturbed by this picture as I am?

Trump has a sad about "why so many?" (WH officials testifying against him)

Alabama Abortion Ban Is Blocked by a Federal Judge

Relaxing Cat Video

"That's POTUS"

A federal judge today has blocked Alabama's near-total abortion ban from going into effect.

A crucial federal program tracking dangerous diseases is shutting down

Sondland goes flippity flop

157 republicans voted against the violence against women act because it would take guns away

I preferred when it was hip to be contemptuous of authority...

I see a path for Buttigieg

Trump Supporters Want John Roberts to Recuse Himself From Impeachment Trial

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Andrew Yang answers: How do we pay for the Freedom Dividend?

If Nunes and his aide out the whistleblower, there's just one thing to do.

From the Joe Biden interview on 60 Minutes this past Sunday night ...

Awesome Castro video! "Who are you? I'm you. I'm me. No, wait!"

Every other ad online right now?!?!

Brain Illness Spread By Ticks Has Reached UK

Joe coming up live on MSNBC at noon

Harris to Trump re: Vindman attacks: "He received a Purple Heart. You're receiving subpoenas."

Okay, DUers, show us how tuned in you are to offbeat requests for info

OPPIDITE- We gotta new one-- thank you "GEORGE II"

Any Americans in Greece? Any Americans in Greece ship dogs to/from U.S.?

Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter program gets $34 billion Pentagon contract, its biggest yet

Biden on Andrea Mitchell now

Multiple Houses on Fire After Plane Crashes in New Jersey

Cheney Rips 'Shameful' Attacks On 'Patriotism' Of Impeachment Probe Witnesses

Belladonna harvest...60 days of flower

Artists are getting Yanged left and right.

Records reveal the staggering amount of money Trump-owned businesses have raked in by doing business

Poll: During the debate before the vote on Thursday, how many times will republicans...

Scary Halloween Pumkins

But seriously....isn't there anything that Pelosi and Schiff can do about Nunes

Putting the politics of Sanders, Warren and Ocasio-Cortez in an historical perspective

CNN NH Poll: Sanders tops the field as best able to handle health care and the climate crisis

It's MAGA time!:

First snow.

Army officer Vindman arrival in military blue-w medals, created striking image as he entered Capitol

Pence is happy to release his Zelensky transcripts...only NOT!

Republicans arguing re: impeachment process ignore fact that Trump's call violated standard process

After DC Ballpark Booing, Chicagoans Surround Trump Event With Sound and Fury

Our Aspiration - New Ad

Our Aspiration - New Ad

Repubs on the key committees don't bother to attend depositions or even to read the transcripts:

House affirms in court filing that Mueller probe is still crucial part of the ongoing impeachment

Dear Democrats, the Republicans are handing us the Military

Jay Rosen: How Trumpers game the media

Frosty morning with George:

Sean Duffy trying to walk it back:

Warning from Apple for iPhone 5 owners

Tom Brokaw is an asshole. Just said on Andrea Mitchel's show there is not enough grounds for


Frum re: Ukrainian grifters (Parnas & Fruman), Giuliani's henchmen--

Trump is just mad that he didn't get the praise that Obama got for getting bin Laden.

The Dominoes Have Started Falling - Stand Back, Donwald!

Medium sized black bird with white stripe down its back...what was it?

'Why so many?' Trump groans as White House officials testify against him one after another

SOME people are saying that the Mueller investigation is separate from this Ukraine scandal. WRONG!

Somehow... McNaughton (MAGAt artist) thinks this makes Democrats look bad...

Vindman Opening Statement (long)

UK TV Fans delighted as popular comedy-drama renewed for another season

Not a word on Morning Joe about the pushback he got on the "Lock Him Up" chant...

Nationals Believe They Have Another Comeback in Them.

House Judiciary Committee says it has 'urgent' need for Mueller grand jury docs

Obama Spoke and Yang Listened

Abramson: Trump "has a gun to the head of the GOP," will start new party if GOP betrays him

Real Clear Politics Trump Approval Poll Avg, is badly skewed pro trump

Chair Carolyn Maloney: Vindman's testimony "extremely, extremely, extremely disturbing"

Steve Schmidt to Sean Duffy

The fundamentally un-American attacks on Alexander Vindman

Wow that was extremely fast!

Millionaire Google Exec Says, "Tax The Hell Out Of Me" At Bernie Sanders As Prez Prospect

Republicans have no defense for Trump.

I was dogpiled for saying I don't find victim blaming funny

Amazing Modern Prosthetics

IRS emails previously withheld show tax prep companies "write the rules" for Free File

Pan Head - Punny Printer

Washington State Parks tests live camera to check parking conditions

Bellingham mayoral candidates divide on housing policy

Elon Musk to go to trial in December over 'pedo guy' tweet

He uses the phrase "Never Trumper" like it's a bad thing.

With Sinema supporting the fillibuster, none of Warren's ideas will become law

Beauty queen says she will be killed if she is deported to Iran

These words are republicans talking points, and inaccurate.. Senator Coons..?

Excellent Article About Yang.

I am glad to offer my support for Christy Smith in her bid to represent CA 25

Sanders takes lead in new poll of New Hampshire

Joe Biden reportedly denied Communion at a South Carolina church because of his stance on abortion

Biden defends campaign fundraising: We have enough funds for 'full-blown campaign'

America's middle class is addicted to a new kind of credit

Walking Blues - Playing For Change

No more fillings as miracle gel regrows tooth enamel

Top Republicans say impeachment resolution is too little too late

Exclusive: Kushner says Trump's "record of accomplishments is unimpeachable"

Trump Agrees With Assault Accuser to Unseal Files in Lawsuit

3 Weekend Laser Pointer Incidents Involving Planes Near Sea-Tac

A McNaughton make-over:

The guy at the dumb end of the leash...

Murkowski Won't Sponsor Senate Condemnation Of Impeachment Investigation

Full Text of the Medicare for All Bill

Trump: "Nancy Pelosi wants to destroy Republicans. Our polls show just the oppidite!"

They changed the ABC song to clarify the LMNOP part, and it is life ruining.

Why the economy might not sway 2020 voters

Trump blasts Fed as policymakers meet on rates

"Repubs outsourced Ukraine policy to private lawyer paid by Russian mobsters. An Army vet objected."

Nature can help solve optimization problems

John Kerry: Yes! Now that's why we call @springsteen "The Boss"!

Senator Johnson lawyering up...⬆️

Humana will lay off more than 800 employees in Kentucky and several states

Baghdadi's death won't save Trump from his political problems

Biden denied communion over abortion rights

The White House touts Trump's deregulation. It's actually been a bust.

Kimmel mash-up, Obama vs Trump on Bin Laden vs al-baghdadi! LOL

So I channeled surfed over to CSpan2

White evangelical Protestants are fully disrobed. And it is an embarrassing sight.

Every year the Jesus freaks pull shit like this...

Whistleblowers walk among us. Now one has gotten in Trump's head.

At White House: Secretary Pompeo and Ivanka Trump leading meeting of President's Interagency Task...

Primary Challenges Might Keep These Republican Senators From Voting To Remove Trump

NCAA votes to allow athletes to cash in on their fame

NOVA: Walked by the county's largest polling place today...

Payday lenders discussed raising money for Trump's campaign to fend off regulation

FU jared kushner....

Ukraine is not Trump's first rodeo or the first time he has asked for foreign assistance...

Boos at a D.C. ballgame? What was Trump expecting?

This guy had no idea he was a cat person until he met this kitten ❤️

Seth Abramson: "Welcome to the Ukraine scandal, Jared Kushner"

Republicans probe...Steve Bannon

Wow. A dodger made it to the World Series!

In honor of #NationalCatDay, you gotta see this truly purrr-fect 🐈 house transformation!

Thank you, Briana Keilar!

Multiple small wildfires break out amid gusty winds in eastern Washington

Here's the Text of the Impeachment vote thingy

Almost 60% in Washington poll say impeach Trump

Lawsuit rejected over DNC tilt toward Clinton

Steve Scalice and Jim Jordan are dishonest people.

In Trump's GOP, Purple Heart Winners Aren't Patriots Unless They're Loyal to the President

Opinion: The super rich elite have more money than they know what to do with

Looks like Old Time Pottery has figured out the Thanksgiving dilemma.

The brilliance of Nancy.

Cartoons 10/29/19

Tory Rebel MPs - "they have accepted the whip"

IMO, don't expect too much in VA

Pierce: Suddenly, the Never Trump Republicans Don't Like Smearing War Heroes. How About in 2002? 200

An Economy for the People - Andrew Yang

I gotta tell ya... this is really fun...

ICE Is Rushing to Open For-Profit Detention Centers--Right Before California's Ban Goes Into Effect

Democrats unveil resolution setting scope of public phase of impeachment inquiry of Trump

Sanders Says $3.8B in Annual US Military Aid to Israel Should Be Leveraged to End Horrific

A Child Rapist Was Somehow Accidentally Released from Prison in Georgia

Breaking: House Rules Committee releases draft resolution for the next phase of the inquiry

A real First Lady...

does it look like Jared got lip injections?

I-976 proponent Dori Monson is at it again with his absurd, silly conspiracy theories

The most Significant people moment in ages - nicely put together - Guardian and Colbert

Funeral Mourners Get Stoned After Being Served Hash Cake At Restaurant.

Like China's One Child Policy: GOP-appointed health official admits tracking PP patient's periods.

FUX Noise Goes After WH Aide Who Heard Trump Call Before He Testifies The 11th Hour MSNBC

Speaker Nancy Pelosi...

Dear CNN. Please re-think the Sean Duffy hire. We don't need pundits who chase conspiracy theories.

Gov. Pritzker: "If President @realDonaldTrump wants to know what's 'embarrassing to us as a nation"

Devin Nunes says reporters are assassins...

Why is it comforting to put a name on something? Like...

GOP wipeout feared as impeachment fever spills over into House and Senate races

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 29, 2019

6 Ways Trump Has Sold Out America with Robert Reich

Emerson Poll: Arizona Democratic Primary:

How does outing the whistleblower helpful to republicans...?

MSNBC's "The Rachel @maddow Show" is #1 in A25-54 across cable news

What's going on here with Trump's hair?

Missing army colonel planned FARC member assassination and threatened to kill neighbors: report

Starting at the bottom: former FARC guerrillas book first election victories

No one was supposed to find out about this.

No one was supposed to find out about this.

Name one thing in this photo.

Jerry Brown...'the combustion engine is going the way of the dodo bird...'

Trump Accuser Summer Zervos' Ugly Breakup With Gloria Allred

What possessed McConnell to advise Trump to release that letter? And....

Democrats Have the Most Racially Diverse Field Ever. The Top Tier Is All White.

LMAO. ...

BUSTED! Lindsey Graham Visits Trump Properties More Than Any Other Lawmaker

Handed down on this day, October 29, 1969: Alexander v. Holmes County BoE

Diplomat Bill Taylor receives rock star reception in Ukraine after House testimony

Record-breaking Montana snowfall, cold expected to continue

Let not your heart be troubled. CA 25 is still likely Democratic

Colombia's defense minister says alleged army homicide was 'military operation'

Ron Johnson discussed conspiracy theory with Ukrainian diplomat 2weeks before Trump sought invest

New Jon McNaughton Painting. Christmas is coming, hint, hint.

They are getting scared!

Elizabeth Warren's Growing List of Anti-Endorsements

The 'Mole' on NASA's InSight Mars Lander Just Popped Out Of Its Hole (and That's Not Good)

The republicans can save the party or the Con...Not Both

Bolsonaro Refuses to Congratulate Argentinian President-Elect Alberto Fernndez

Glenn Kirschner...

Chickenshit... lol. You go, Nicolle!

Nicolle Wallace just called Yoo, Ingraham, et al "Chickenshit" ... On the air


Now, now ladies... don't all rush at once...

Johnson Wins Commons Support For Dec. 12 Election: Brexit Update

Is there an anti-semitic dog whistle? Re:Lt. Col. Vindman

Sanders leads, Biden slumps in N.H. poll

Internal White House debate stifles release of Pence-Zelenskiy call

(Jewish Group) Belgium's first female prime minister is Jewish

(Jewish Group) 70-year-old man beaten in Berlin in attack described as anti-Semitic

Brazil Does Not Allocate Oil Royalties to Disaster Prevention and Cleanup

(Jewish Group) Jewish Labour lawmaker in Britain beats back efforts to oust her from office by Corby

Kobach Resolves Disciplinary Complaint Filed After Voting Rights Trial

(Jewish Group) Lithuania's Holocaust record is an 'open wound,' Israeli envoy tells history teachers


Both of Laura Ingraham's adopted children are from Russia.

I know there's a lot more to come, but I'm just going to sit back and savor this for just a minute..

(Jewish Group) The decorated officer set to testify in the impeachment probe is a Jewish refugee

Conservative writer unleashes on Republicans... 'What the heck is wrong with these people'

Wasserman Schultz, Democrats did not tilt 2016 primary in Clinton's favor, judicial panel rules

(Jewish Group) 8 swastikas discovered on Smith College campus

Since the MSM "Stenographers" are reluctant to name this scandal, can we help?

Detroit Youth Choir performs at Michigan Capitol

President Obama in Chicago for summit...

For Yazidis, Baghdadi's death "doesn't feel like justice yet"

Shannon Watts: "They're like robots trying to mimic humans"

Gillibrand bill would bar Feds from recouping superstorm Sandy grantsi

'When the boos started, he turned to First Lady Melania Trump and appeared to say, "Whoa."'

U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls to Lowest Since June

Oh, motherFUCKER. Trump campaign's Parscale is pimping a $15 "USA Camo Dog Bandana."

Shouting match erupts in Vindman deposition as Democrats accuse Republicans of trying to out whistle

NSC official's testimony appears to contradict Rick Perry Ukraine claims

Silly SHITLER trusts Puteen now "exposing" US stealing oil. & Repukes now decry attacks on hero vets

The GOP's nightmare scenario

If the majority of the House passes a resolution, it is legitimate.

Missouri Health Director Tracked Patients' Periods

MSNBC newsperson called drumpf "loose lips" when referring to his announcement

Andrzejczak won't rule out voting for Trump in 2020

pence, pence .... GUMBY VP

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How desperate one has to be to inject Israel into the race

GOPer crashes and burns after falsely claiming Obama asked countries to investigate Mitt Romney

Giuliani associate can be questioned under oath about Republican money transfers, judge says

So here's where the rubber meets the road. Does Ambassador Sondland ...

Schumer: 'Increasingly worried' Trump will shut down government over impeachment

Ex-Biden aide launches super PAC

Republicans ran an entire presidential campaign attacking the military record of John Kerry

Questioning loyalties...?

NEW: Sanders & Omar rally in Minneapolis moved to much larger arena

Trump Has a Big Problem In the Suburbs

Seth Abramson...

Giuliani was working to get Russia-friendly board members on the gas and oil companies.

Menendez raising money for Joni Ernst opponent

Abbott tweets old video of non-homeless man having mental health episode

December 12th vote...hmmm...first vote on Brexit low turnout...hmmm

NEW: Sanders & Omar rally in Minneapolis moved to much larger arena

Seib: Delaney's Complaint: Democrats' Primary System Tilts Left

Taxes for 2019

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Jeffrey Dye still posting anti-Semitic rants on NAACP Facebook page

WATCH: GOP get up and walk away from the @VetAffairsDems markup.

RIP Former NC US Senator Kay Hagan(D-NC).

Beto O'Rourke on Payday Lenders

Beto O'Rourke on Payday Lenders

On Keppra again

Sadist assholes...

Old Time Radio for Halloween - Weird Circle - "A Terrible Night"

Ken Burns remembers the Vindmans: "Theirs is the story of America at its best."

World Series: Houston win could mean a Democratic year in New Jersey, while history says Washington

2020 AL US Senate Election- Republican Primary- Who wins?

Convicted former Trump advisor George the Coffee Boy to run for Katie Hill's Congressional seat.

"Layla" Crossroads Guitar Festival, Dallas, TX

Trick or treat tonight so much cutenesses with the kids

Desperation time!

Bone spur pres, I have them for standing hours a day

WH Rages: Impeachment Resolution Is "Illegitimate"

Is it just me or...

Trump approval rating drops among men

Brazil's Last Samurai still Cultivates Sword Art

Dark Money Feeds into Hoboken Election

OMGAWD......those fires in California.....

Trump's Defenders Are Now Attacking the Patriotism of a Purple Heart Officer

🐦 NOV 1 at 7PM - People's Celebration Watch Party with Bernie Sanders - Des Moines

Vindham's Testimony Appears to Contradict Rick Perry

🐦 NOV 2 at 5PM - Seniors Town Hall in Cedar Rapids with Bernie Sanders

Our message to corporate elites and the billionaire class: you cannot have it all.

If every person in every audience in every stadium, arena, theater,

🐦 NOV 3 at 12:30PM - Seniors Town Hall in Waterloo with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Four Years Ago Today: Portland Timbers 2 Sporting KC 2 Penalty Kick Shootout goes 11 rounds

House Rebukes Turkey With Votes On Sanctions, Armenian Genocide

Boeing: Wouldn't you think someone should go to prison?

🐦 UPDATE: NOV 12 at 4:30PM - Grassroots Fundraiser in Washington, D.C. with Bernie Sanders

Sink Sink Sunk

WhatsApp sues Israeli firm NSO Group, accusing it of hacking activists' phones

Rachel Maddow tweet:US Justice Dept's argument for staying Mueller grand jury docs embarrasing

Firefighters who admitted to health benefits fraud have withdrawn pension contributions

Court of Appeals issues emergency order blocking Congress from obtaining Mueller grand jury document

Real Change Begins with Teachers

In honor of National Cat Day, here's a repost of cat ASMR:

These foster kittens are piled on top of their mom -- and CAN'T STOP PURRING 😻😻😻

Poll: Suburban voters despise Trump--especially women

Julian Castro meets with DC inmates to discuss First Chance criminal justice plan

If a cat had a diary 😼

Experts question study claiming to pinpoint birthplace of all humans

10/30 Mike Luckovich: Faux and Frauds

My opinion---it's worth at least what it costs you:

The last time I recall the Republicans going after the character of military officer

N.J. plane crash: Pilot killed was renowned cardiologist, accomplished aviator, friend says

Luckovich: Faux and Frauds

Little potato with eyes 🥔👀

The brother of the Vice President of the United States is a genocide denier

Rising sea levels pose threat to homes of 300m people - study

Missouri agency tracked Planned Parenthood patients' periods

Once again Ohio is at the forefront of being bass-ackwards

A big thank you to first responders

Report: Tech companies have secret data showing that conservative voices outperform liberals

If I can be so rude to ask, how are you planning to vote?

'The climate doesn't need awards': Greta Thunberg declines environmental prize

I made bread!

'Flying coffins': senators rip Boeing chief over Max jet crashes that killed 346

'Flying coffins': senators rip Boeing chief over Max jet crashes that killed 346

Jeffries to Trump: "Talk to your boy Mitch. Or keep your reckless mouth shut."

'The climate doesn't need awards': Greta Thunberg declines environmental prize

"How dare an anti-Trump crowd act like a pro-Trump crowd?"

Harry Dunn's family to sue US government over Anne Sacoolas

Papadopoulos seeks California seat left vacant by Rep. Hill

This Democratic Senator Won't Commit to Voting for Her Party in 2020

'This happened': A grad student refused to recant her rape accusation even after police arrested her

Democrats unveil procedures for Trump's impeachment inquiry, rebutting GOP attacks