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This little tortoise runs to his mom for cuddles 🐢💜

California wildfires trigger statewide emergency, force 180,000 to evacuate

Renaissance masterpiece found in French woman's kitchen sells for $26.6M

Fux Noise contributor: 'Most likely' outcome is Trump doesn't run in 2020

An Ohio factory closure stirs populist anger. Who will that help in 2020?

The look on this mama dog's face when she realizes her babies are safe ❤️

Baghdadi had bone spurs?

Biden on 60 minutes right now:

Watch This Baby Elephant Reunite With All His Friends

AP fact checker on trump today. Predicting 9-11 Bullshit

Soy Mexico Americano

Sanders remembers 'dear friend' former Rep. John Conyers

Alberto Fernandez elected president of Argentina

Alberto Fernandez elected president of Argentina

So, after a day of conflicting lies from Trump!

Little Pittie With Rare Disease Finds The Best Family

Is Trump at the ball game?

Protests planned across US "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!"

Ruling liberal candidate Daniel Martinez leading Uruguay election

The first "Medicare for All" Act, so appropriate on this of all days:

Women's March 2020 will be Sat., Jan. 18th.

Dump, you would know "sick and depraved" like Al-Baghdadi.

The problem with Katie Hill's resignation

German X-Ray Telescope Takes First Images of Universe. Here They Are!

Beto O'Rourke remembers to thank our service members who brought a terrorist leader to justice

Beto O'Rourke remembers to thank our service members who brought a terrorist leader to justice

Thirst turns to anger as Australia's mighty river runs dry

Trump had nothing to do with The raid and killing of Baghdadi.

Why Is Barr Blaming Russian Interference On Obama & Ukraine?

I get enough of that at work.

TV theme songs and intros

Tweet of the Day

Katie Hill was slut shamed for being a revenge porn victim

Bernie Sanders calls Trump an 'idiot' at Detroit rally.

I just asked Alexis to tell me who was our president!

Trump booed at World Series - video tweet

Ex-CIA spy Sabrina de Sousa flees from Italy to U.S. fearing for her safety: paper

US Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Lands After Record 780-Day Mystery Mission

Fox did NOT show *Chef Jose Andreas* throwing the first pitch

Election 2019: Virginia absentee returns more than double the rate of 2015.

Biden says Trump is 'an idiot' for calling Russian election interference a 'hoax'

At the World Series: Lock him up!!

Politico: How Trump gabbed too much about the ISIS raid

Gowdy says Trump's demand for Ukraine's cooperation in 2016 probe "can't be" impeachable

Full on "LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!" chants heard throughout the crowd at Nats Park

For my brother Mr. Lebowski

Fernandez wins in Argentina as voters rebuff Macri's austerity.

Trump was greeted with a thunderous chorus of boos from the sold-out crowd attendance at Game 5

Dale could sing her ass off. It's too bad this band broke up so quickly

James Comey: If Reports Are Correct, Trump Engaged In A 'Shocking Abuse Of Power'

President Donald Trump greeted with boos at Game 5 of World Series

Samsung's 'Space Selfie' falls out of sky, lands on Michigan couple's property

Video - #TraitorTrump facial expression changes when he realizes an ENTIRE stadium is booing him

Isis raid successful "in spite of" Trump's actions say U.S. Military and Intel officials

Rudy is looking for a lawyer. If he still can't find one...

months before any scandal, a centrist Pac w/ Dems was backing a Rethug against Katie Hill

I'd like to say "Thank you!" To the mebers of our SpecialForces on the al-Baghdadi raid.

Commander Bone Spurs was even too afraid to be in the situation room

Watch tRump's face change as he realizes the entire stadium is booing him

It honestly does my heart good to see all those

Veterans forImpeachment in the house:

Trump's Plan to Take Syrian Oil Slammed as 'Clear Violation of International Law' and 'Imperial Loo

NORAH O'DONNELL: But President Trump says Russian interference is a hoax-JOE BIDEN: He's an idiot

How many news cycles does Commando Mango get for the Baghdadi thing?

Joe Biden: The 2019 "60 Minutes" interview - CBS News (video plus transcript)

Having bigly fun at the World Series. The best fun!!

Owners of the Nationals (Lerner family) did not want to be seated with #TraitorTrump

The moment trump figured out the crowd

another view of the boos heard round the world... watch Melanie's face

There's no way #Trumps handlers will ever let something like *this* happen again.

Re CA 25 And Katie Hill

Definitive contrast pics of 2 Situation room realities - 1 reality, 1 show!1

Veterans For Impeachment

I find it remarkable that Barron Trump didn't attend with his parents the World Series.

Rep. Katie Hill announces resignation amid allegations of improper relationships with staffers

At The World Series: "Impeach Trump" Banner

Duque brutally punished in Colombia's local elections

Bernie Sanders draws big crowd, Tlaib endorsement in Detroit

Bill declares open season on Texas teachers' retirement funds

Fuck Twitter, they're turning down the boos

How early did the dotard leave the game?

William Barr's illegal DOJ activities, He is breaking the law.

Elite M.B.A. Programs Report Steep Drop in Applications - intl students opt for other countries

so we still have one foster kitten left

Trump was booed tonight. In 2017, Biden got a standing ovation at a Washington Wizards game:

Someday hopefully soon HP ump will be the easiest gig in baseball

Fans hung a very big "Impeach Trump"banner at the World Series!

Nationals Owners Didn't Want to Sit with Trump

Trump Booed Loudly at World Series; Lock Him Up!

Trump's current approval is 14 points below his disapproval, 538: (over all view of all polls)

I don't think Trump was the only one being booed

Imagine. Posted a million times before...

Bernie Sanders Rally with Rashida Tlaib


Seems a second person went whimpering down a tunnel today...

Getting booed tonight guarantees you

(regarding today's boos) when else have blue state people had direct access to Trump?

HELL Yes. My precious ASTROS are coming

The expression on Trump's face here...

Source: Nationals owners requested they not have to respond to request to sit w/ President Trump....

And a sad day to end on for Trump?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

everything Rump touches dies

Holy shit Barron is growing fast! 😂

I noticed something interesting in the World Series clip offered by NBC on twitter

Hong Kong enters recession as protests show no sign of relenting

Coach Pop now has an NBA record that may never be broken

Conditions deteriorating at makeshift camp on the Rio Grande where thousands await U.S. asylum

Pat Robertson: Scientists are using 'baby parts' in an experiment to 'make mice human'

We thought RAYGUN & Shrub were stupid but SHITLER *winning*!1

Electoral earthquake in Medellin: anti-corruption candidate defeats Uribe ally

AM Joy Podcast for Sunday10/27/19. Sounded like a propaganda station for Trump.

Trump opponent gets "roaring, sustained ovation" at series game where trump is booed

Packers now 7 and 1!


scary! clown and baby

Despite progress, Oklahoma's hepatitis C problem goes largely untreated in prisons

CA-25: Assemblywoman Christy Smith likley to run to succeed Katie Hill

Chef Jose Andres throws the first pitch

Bwhahaha! Video of Trump when he gets booed is put to music!

Escalating quickly

We talked about impeachment.... (Beau of the Fifth Column)

Argentina President-Elect Calls for Brazil's Lula to Be Freed

Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition, Largest Ever Debuts At Paris Louvre

Chicken-Fried News: Party crashers

Cursing could soon lead to a $200 fine in Massachusetts

Alex Padilla, CA Secy. of State, considering running for Katie Hill's spot.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Trump & Syria

Oklahoma census to take place without state funding

Leader of Second Amendment advocacy group considering lawsuit after being turned away at Tulsa

Inspired by Oklahoma's governor, another Stitt is running for U.S. Senate

The REAL reason Trump didn't get to throw out the first pitch

Rural Kansas Loves Its Hospitals, But Keeping Them Open Only Gets Harder

a reminder: those we elect resemble and represent the U.S.

Katie Hill messed up, but she should not have resigned

Cypher from The Matrix was a Republican.

Presidential candidate Julian Castro vows to be 'fearless and bold' in quest

Chanute hospital CEO: Kansas needs Medicaid expansion, not more donation pickle jars

GOP panics after Graham challenger breaks fundraising record, and new poll shows 7-point gap

The Most Popular Car the Year You Were Born

Local elections are nonpartisan by law. So why is the Republican Party campaigning?

At Omaha event, Pelosi says impeachment inquiry is about the Constitution

Iowa woman killed by explosion at gender reveal party

Who will save the euro after Mario Draghi has gone?

Proposed Medicaid expansion plan released today raises significant concerns

I feel for barron trump dammit I'd take the boy fishing if I could

EU has agreed Brexit 'flextension' until 31 January 2020, Tusk announces

Forecast of state tax revenues gets $266 million rosier, setting off budget battles

In chat at Creighton, Bob Kerrey challenges notion of secularism being 'the enemy of religion'

50 Amazing Animals Seen in Our National Parks

Those loud lock him up chants last night were even better than the booing

When your house is surrounded by massive warehouses

Air Force spaceplane returns to Earth after 780-day mission

NYT "Impeachment Inquiry Faces Critical Test"

Is anyone talking about this Veterans for Impeachment banner? Cuz it rules.

Breakfast Monday 28 October 2019

I heard Trump was met with boos at the World Series. Let's see how Obama is greeted by crowds.

Republicans Anxious and Adrift Defending Trump

Detroit Rally Photos by Bryan Giradinelli

ever been to a fundie haunted house?

Monday TOONs - Fly, My Flunkies!

➡️ J Street Oct 28 Livestream Schedule 1:45-3:15PM ET Interviews - Bennet, Sanders

'It feels like a horror movie': Republicans feel anxious and adrift defending Trump

Your Neighbor's Christian Education, Courtesy of Your Tax Dollars

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson again linked to Ukrainian diplomat spreading conspiracy rumors about Hillary

GOP-'It feels like a horror movie' - then stop hiding behind the chain saws.

Frank Rich: Republican Impeachment Panic Sets In

Video: Far-Right Candidate Says There's No Diversity Problem Because of All the Ethnic Restaurants

The Rundown: October 25, 2019

Axios interview with Kamala Harris: "Of course" it's different to run for president as a black woman

KY More Vulnerable Than Most States To Climate Collapse, But Its Leaders Still Lie, Deny, Delay

Trevor Jones - Along Came A Spider

100 Years Ago Today; Volstead Act is passed - Prohibition soon enforced

WaPo: "'It feels like a horror movie': Republicans feel anxious and adrift defending Trump"

America's Air Has Become Steadily More Polluted Since 2016, Damaging PM 2.5 Up 5.5%

"I'll See You in my Dreams". Absolutely wonderful movie!

An honest question about Republicans

The unexpected threat emerging against Bernie: Andrew Yang

Thanks and goodbye to a trusted editor program...

So, what is next for the idiot in the WH?

[he] "spent his last moments in utter fear... terrified of the American forces bearing down on him."

I just heard "ride of the Valkyries" and for the first time I wondered

Sen. Johnson, ally of Trump and Ukraine, surfaces in crucial episodes in the saga

Rarely has something I watched so enraged, disgusted, and saddened me. DISTURBING IMAGES

Morning Joe: we shouldn't be chanting "lock him up"

The new Crime Fighter?

the bloviator-in-chief is shitting all over Adam Schiff on the tarmac

The doors were "booby-trapped" so they blew holes in the walls?

BREAKING NEWS on Vietnamese Human Trafficking Epidemic

I can't get over that Trump say Schiff is a "massive leaker"!

Healthy Halloween

In waiting room at dr this young mister is 5 telling me about Santa

Should Schumer and Pelosis send private message to McConnell and McCarthy?

Rebecca Traister on the Boos / Lock Him Up chant: "thank that crowd"

The Guardian raises Doubts over Donald Trump's dramatic account of Baghdadi raid

re: Disrespecting the President

A man went viral for snubbing McConnell at Rep Cummings's memorial, says there's more to the story

More Than A Feeling - Mike Masse with Jenny Oaks Baker (Boston Cover)

😃🇺🇸🍫☀️❗️What's your favorite chocolate treat?

trump said a few minutes ago, "Adam Schiff is the biggest leaker in Washington, I've watch him leak"

Dallas Police Officer Shoots His Own Son After Allegedly Mistaking Him for an Intruder

Booing failing Presidents at the World Series: A Great American Tradition

Treason45 referred to Zelensky as "the new President of Russia" this morning..

Morning Joe & Mika blasted for fretting about 'lock him up' chant aimed at Trump:'Take your scolding

Last night fans at the World Series won the World Series.

Bolton's former deputy fails to show for impeachment inquiry deposition

Republicans resume attacks on Trump impeachment inquiry; key witness defies subpoena

Let's Talk Elections: Sanders (303) v. Trump (235)

Schiff's about to speak

Happy Halloween! Let's Talk Elections: A Pumpkin v. Trump

Not looking good for the Astros right now.

We can't both brag about being morally and ethically superior to Republicans but then complain when

Who are these "Democratic Strategists" that say we need new candidates?

They are all so bloody whiny...

The internetz have taken notice of Herr Orange's reception at the World Series

Michigan auto shop's display of Trump with Obama's head on rope draws outrage

Is it "Witness Tampering"?

Trump's Public Lands Chief Wrote For A Cult Extremist's Magazine

I cannot help but think that the boos at the World Series game mean more...

The actual Halloween hazard

Why every office should allow dogs 😂 (Especially on Mondays)

If we truly want to reclaim our democracy, the Fairness Doctrine must be reinstated and strengthened

As Russia makes 2020 play, Dem campaigns say they're in the dark, and experts fear election vulnerab

Rep. Katie Hill Did the Right Thing

If Trump releases video of al-Baghdadi's death, welcome to the ISIS Recruiting Drive 2019.

Cop Tases Disabled Man for no reason

This is an actual text conversation I had with a stranger last night.

Do single candidate Super Pacs need that candidate's permission to form?

It seems only Democrats can "lose voters".

The actual Situation Room pic has been leaked:

Trump's Remarks Before Air Force One Departure - Joint Base Andrews, October 28, 2019

Survey: US business hiring falls to a 7-year low

A stunning view: Sebastian Steudtner, a German pro surfer, rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare,

As election nears, the Democratic Party sees the voter rolls lose more and more Democratic leaning

Should the House repeal the rule against Members having sex with staff?

President of Major U.S. Union (AFGE) Accused of Sexual Harassment

A trumper bought a gun because she fears how Democrats will react


So, are apples oranges now? One might think so after some of the reactions to the boos

Trump's Remarks on the Death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Oh my. Wanna see a home where parents AND kids are goths?

So al-Baghdadi died? Really?

NYT : Trump's Syria Troop Withdrawal Complicated Plans for al-Baghdadi Raid

Maybe this has been posted before. If it has, it's still worth a second look.

Today's AF1 meal, photo by pooler extraordinaire @agearan

A good article in the Guardian - Make no mistake - Medicare for All would cut taxes for most

Spooky or adorable?? 🎃👻🙀

Sen. Ron Johnson met with a former Ukrainian diplomat who circulated conspiracy theories

Trump: "S&P hit an ALL TIME HIGH. Even killed Al-Baghdadi. Enjoy!"

My wake up song...what's yours?

Hurricane Pablo weakens to a tropical storm after making history in north Atlantic

UN treaty on business and human rights vital for economic and social justice

Justice Dept. appeals order to release Mueller grand jury materials to House in impeachment inquiry

Has Trump tweeted about the 'lock him up' chants? Here's a snippet:

Clark County (WA) GOP Elects Convicted Child Predator to Leadership Role

National Park Service withdraws proposal to make protesters pay for security

Sharing a Coke with your Soulmate

Brexit extension announced as Johnson pushes for election

When you get so sick of reading, why someones candidate choice is so much better than yours

Nate Silver has a sad:

Holy Cow! Big Grass Fire in Vallejo CA

Rarely has something I watched so enraged, disgusted, and saddened me. DISTURBING IMAGES

There is a lunatic talking on my television.

Kincade Fire, PG&E Power Shutoffs, Extreme California winds 11 pm update

Pete Buttigieg responded to homophobic comments made by a local Tennessee official, advocating for

The debate we need about lawlessness

DU Primaries Report, October 2019: Ups And Downs

Biden mum on running for second term if elected

'Very Dynamic' Getty Fire Burns Homes And Forces Thousands To Evacuate - 405 freeway is now closed

Understanding Firtash

Trump poops out another "SIR," story, in another al-Baghdadi victory lap with Chicago cops

"I could shit a better president"

Yes! That's the San Francisco Golden (Cough) Gate (Cough!) Bridge!!!

The time has come to fulfill and expand upon FDR's vision

I hate to break it to you but Trump loved the booing

Serial killer behind Australian backpacker murders dies in prison aged 74

Trump met with sustained boos when introduced at Game 5 of the World Series

Ancestral home of all human beings discovered by scientists

NFL Kicker Misses Game-Winning Field Goal After Telling Atheists To Believe In God Due To His Kicks

The ass kissers surrounding the blob in his box

You raised $315.00 on October 27, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

To the NYSE and beyond: Virgin Galactic becomes first public space tourism company

America's Political Mood Is Now the 'Most Liberal Ever Recorded'

Joe Biden's South Carolina firewall slips

On criminal-justice issues, Kamala Harris leads the pack

Daniel Dale is live-tweeting Trump's remarks in Chicago.

Pierce: No, I Do Not 'Respect the Office of the Presidency'

O'Rourke unveils criminal justice reform plan

O'Rourke unveils criminal justice reform plan

Winds fan fast-growing Getty fire in Sepulveda Pass, prompting evacuations and closure of SB 405

To those who are concerned, Joe Biden is NOT "taking money from Super PACs"....

Ex-Christian: My Faith Shifted After Seeing Ken Ham Get "Destroyed" by Bill Nye

Pastafarian Beer Maker Slams "Religious Crazies" Upset Over Hindu Deity Labels

Former US Senator Kay Hagan dead at 66

Views of Nationals Park from MPD Falcon helicopter

Confession of a stand up poet

Where is Michael Flynn now?

Webster's Dictionary: Gaslighting defined in a picture

Wasn't Spy Robert Hanssen A Member Of Opus Dei Just Like...

Anyone want some grilled fish?

Dem senator shuns 'lock him up' chants aimed at Trump during World Series (Coons)

2029: The Year Non-Religious Americans Will Definitively Outnumber Catholics

Why the spin?

Facts about the House Ethics Committee

Former senator Kay Hagan has died at age 66. She served one term representing North Carolina.

Handy, colorful calendar re: depositions, motion hearings, trials, etc:

As PG&E Leaves Millions Without Power Amid Wildfires, Sanders Says Time to Think About

I have two most favorite Bands...what's yours?

UPDATED INFO---Delta Force Dogs from the Al Baghadi raid

consensus: the "booing" shows how Trump has coarsened America / don't wallow with a pig

"One entered the city like a god; one scuttles in now like a rat." -- Penn Station, NYC, 1910 - 1963

WHO is the best coalition builder?

California fire emergency... major museum / college in danger. No tweet from Trump

How to discipline a child during Christmas-season:

So Tiger got a Dyson bladeless fan for his big comeback? LOL

Rep. Greg Walden, top Republican on powerful House panel, says he will retire

I LOVE my D'espairsRay! (Check it out Metal Heads!)

Not only did he have his goons scream lock her up for Hillary Clinton

Greg Walden to retire in latest sign of GOP doubts about retaking House

Commenced operation on October 27, 1904: the New York City subway system

Trump suggests impeachment was reason he kept IS raid secret

About Baghdadi, Game 5, Booing, and Chanting

DNA evidence suggests ALL modern humans evolved from ancestors who lived in a wetland in Botswana...

How Trump Will Use Baghdadi for the Next Year

Baghdadi's death is not a triumph

HAPPY 5TH YEAR Sriracha!!!

After decrying leaks, Trump shares sensitive details on Baghdadi raid

Why millennials are skipping church and not going back

Trump's visit to Chicago creates stir before he even arrives

Nate Silver/538-Warren's Wealth Tax Isn't The Slam Dunk Progressives Want It To Be

GOP State Senator: "She stays at home...she's lucky enough she has a husband that provides"

Missouri's only abortion clinic to challenge state shutdown order

Democrats could pretty plausible shift the Senate to 50/50 next year

Trump's desire 'to take' Syrian oil presents a barrelful of problems

Character indeed counts, Mr. President; let us recount

Adam Schiff...

Did you enjoy yourself last night, Donald?

Jamie Harriosn tweet to Lindsey Graham:you've visited Trump Properties 50% more than *anyone else*

As a Kentucky mill shutters, steelworkers see the limits of Trump's intervention

Why We're in For Another Big Week of Impeachment Inquiry Fireworks

Anti-Immigrant Trump Supporter Commits Identity Theft, Says She's Above the Law

Folks are protesting trumpty dumpty in Chicago

Caesar gets booed, Beware The Ides of March

Cartoons 10/28/19

Biden Statement-trump's "erratic behavior made it harder and more dangerous for the special forces

So, who wrote the upcoming "Anonymous" tell-all memoir?? Any ideas?

Protesters greet Trump at Chicago's Trump Tower

Trump's Anger Grows As More People Are Speaking Out.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 28, 2019

WH Official: Trump Must 'Feel Beautiful & Powerful'

Democrats Assuming Obstruction...bypass courts

Congressional Retirement Tracker 2020: House Republicans Head for the Exits

Acid rain, that '70s scourge, comes back

Andrew Yang answers Will the Freedom Dividend cause inflation or cause landlords to raise rent?

White House Appoints 2019-2020 Class of White House Fellows

John Conyers Passed Away

The big difference in 2020 health plans isn't among Democrats

Rand Paul complains about 'incivility' months after telling Rep. Omar to leave the country

Oregon GOP Rep. Greg Walden won't seek reelection

Richard Engel...

Trump Bills Irish Cops $100,000 For The Honor Of Protecting Him

Lindsey is a loyal soldier....what emoluments ?

@RichardEngel reports that Kurdish fighters had informant inside ISIS leader's inner circle, ...

Iowa woman killed at gender reveal party

David Cay Johnston on Trump's lying, crazy, self-absorbed weekend

Bob Dylan covers "Ring of Fire"

Ukrainian Oligarch Seethed About 'Overlord' Biden for Years

2 sets of rules...1 for Democrats, 1 for repukes

The Market for Voting Machines Is Broken. This Company Has Thrived in It.

Woman killed in gender reveal explosion was 45 feet away from device, died instantly

'What is the Fed not telling us?' Fears of economic instability after Central Bank intervention

For Trump, No Joy in Mudville

The High Heel Race Is Back. Here Are The Street Closures You Need To Know About

Viewers horrified as Chicago cops cheer on Trump's 'disgusting' attacks against their city

A comprehensive guide to the impeachment inquiry...

So are you telling me

Sorry morning joe, you are dead wrong...

Police officer told to "tone down" his "gayness" awarded $19 million in discrimination lawsuit

Trump described al-Baghdadi as 'whimpering & crying' before he died. Can you confirm those details?

Robert Evans, Hollywood mogul of legendary bravado, dies at 89

Democrats to Skip Court Fights Over Impeachment Witnesses

Last night marks the first moment I've ever ENJOYED looking at trump's face.

On criminal-justice issues, Kamala Harris leads the pack

Nationals still uncertain on Scherzer status after injection.

When the Clowns Run the Circus

The Maine man who died, came back to life and then vanished for good

Robert Evans, 'Chinatown' Producer and Paramount Chief, Dies at 89

Should Democrats speed up the Impeachment investigation?

Trump's shiny new talking point about income growth

Boris Johnson fails in third attempt to call early general election

The 'president' speaking on al-Baghdadi in Chicago

House will vote on impeachment procedures Thursday to 'ensure transparency,' Democrats say

WaPo Breaking: House will vote Thursday on impeachment procedures, Democrats say

Must be a slow news day...Trump's tweeting about how groovy Tiger Fucking Woods is.

How Eric and Don Trump Jr. inspired a short film about selfies and lynching

Breaking: House will vote Thursday on impeachment procedures

The Market for Voting Machines Is Broken. This Company Has Thrived in It.

It seems to me

Nellie McKay - "The Best Things in Life Are Free"

Bernie Sanders - J Street's 2019 National Conference

Bernie Sanders - J Street's 2019 National Conference

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 29 October 2019

"Lock Him Up!" Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump at America's Favorite sport.

Thursday's Impeachment Procedure resolution title: Directing certain committees to continue their

Beto O'Rourke's $1.5 Trillion Climate Plan Is Serious on Environmental Justice

Beto O'Rourke's $1.5 Trillion Climate Plan Is Serious on Environmental Justice

Trump wanted to cut off funds to schools linked to Erdogan's rival -- but White House lawyers said no

Do you reckon the tree was asking for it?

So Meghan on The View called the people chanting "Lock him up" the Swamp...

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have a favorite for president: 'I love Elizabeth Warren'

Who remembers GW Bush's "Bring It On" speech?

Nancy Pelosi is a fugging genius

Breaking NYT : Shifting Course, Democrats Plan First Floor Vote on Impeachment Inquiry

Joe/Mika, July '16...yep, there's always a tweet

HHS to shutter Homestead detention center, a victory for immigration activists

Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson responds to trump criticism:

Trump: "We have declassified a picture of the wonderful dog (name not declassified) that..."

Is This Us?

Asteroid Hygiea May Be the Smallest Dwarf Planet in the Solar System

Florida teachers union's cross-state bus tour for public school money rolls into Tallahassee

Trump Compares Impeachment Inquiry To Jussie Smollett 'Scam'

A Veteran Reporter Helped Giuliani's Associates Launch the Ukraine Conspiracy

Let's talk about bagging the Big Baghdadi Wolf....

Nancy Pelosi is backing the Republicans into a corner

DeSantis attacks $15 minimum wage initiative

Tweets from one-of-us, under-appreciated Andy RICHTER, with dessert by David CORN

Trump Says He May Ask Exxon To Help Steal Syria's Oil

General doesn't know what MF45 was talking about

Orlando pastor and radio host facing child sex abuse charges dies by apparent suicide

Tweet of the day:

iphone question

Florida man attacked after jumping on shark while surfing

Cummings pallbearer explains the heartbreak behind his snub of McConnell

I'm afraid that this country won't see the return of civil political discourse...

Judge Dismissed Defamation Lawsuit Against UVa Professor who Spoke Out on Confederate Statues

Anyone have advice for smoke inhalation beyond keeping doors/windows shut?

2 sets of rules...1 made up

The 'Veterans for Impeachment' on Why They Protested at World Series...


Bernie Sanders 2020 Rolls Out List of Endorsements from Across the Country

Honoring Jose Andres, and looking forward to returning to DC or Bethesda Jaleo,

Global Capitalism Is Destroying Habitats for Rare Species in Brazil, Study Shows

Republican Senators Upset That Impeachment Is Making Them Consider Their Conscience

Should I extend?

Bernie Sanders 2020 Rolls Out List of Endorsements from Across the Country

I Can't Watch This !

DOG UPDATE: The dog who aided the ISIS raid has an invitation to the White House...

This is what I would love to do...

Just heard on the news that......

Old Time Radio for Halloween - Peter Lorre in "Those Who Walk In Darkness"

DOJ Says It'll Be 'Irreparably Harmed' if Congress Gets Its Hands on Mueller's Secret

BREAKING: In major victory, Court throws out NC Congressional Map for 2020.

William Barr and the Corruption of the Justice Department

Bernie Sanders Endorses Chesa Boudin - San Francisco District Attorney

Nancy Pelosi has called for a vote for impeachment procedures...McCarthy's bullshit reply

Trump & Syria: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

"Nude golf" accident - yeah I have your attention. Was he wearing a golf glove?

Country of Georgia hit by massive cyber-attack

Speaker Pelosi statement: This resolution establishes the procedure for hearings

All the girls say I'm pretty fly... for a white guy.

What If Trump Didn't Get Caught?

Trump tweets about a dog and Tiger Woods, none about California fires!

A Simple Question

The Secret Ingredient That Improves Meat Every Time

NYT : How Europeans See America

Doubts over Donald Trump's dramatic account of Baghdadi raid

Sean Hannity Worries Aloud That His Midnight Chats With Trump Are Recorded (Answer: YES)

It freaks me out when the cats make this face, while staring at an 'empty' corner of a room

Ron "Let's spend the 4th of July in Moscow" Johnson in up to his eyeballs

Luckovich-Rudy-My butt is part of the Deep State

US air force's mystery space plane back on Earth after secret two-year mission

Oh, that George!

Meeting ALL our energy needs many times over with wind!

Trigger Warning * Nudity/ Violence. We have our Nero.

Iowa woman dies after explosion at gender reveal party

In Pro-Trump West Virginia Coal Country, the Jobs Keep Leaving

This couple had a baby and another one on the way when they took a chance on a senior pit bull 💜

Did I just hear that Sondland told the Committee that it was quid pro quo?

Chevy critiques new 1952 Ford

HUGE: North Carolina congressional maps ordered to be redrawn for 2020 election.

A retired coal miner likes Klobuchar

Bernie Sanders Gets a Hometown Welcome at J Street

A Google Staffer Helped Sell Trump's Family Separation Policy, Despite The Company Denials

Trump's DC hotel will triple the price for rooms during a planned Republican retreat. #Emoluments

Has Trump said anything about being booed?

Florida teen charged after punching man dressed as Donald Trump for Halloween in the face

Horse lover's dream

All That Booing Revealed the True Face of Trump: His face took the following journey over 15 seconds

Trump claims in his book that he predicted that bin Laden had to be killed before

Body language expert analyses Trump's Situation Room photo

Instagrammers rave about Peru's 'Rainbow Mountain.' Here's what it really looks like

General Motors Sides With Trump in Emissions Battle, Splitting the Industry

Faux News: 50% were cheers

"Sure sex is great and all, but have you ever heard...

Husbands of 2020 Democratic Hopefuls Find Roles on Campaign Trail

The Republicans are shredding America's Constitution

Senator Sanders @ J-Street

CIA: Our K-9s "salute" the heroic efforts of their @DeptofDefense colleague wounded in action...

200,000 Americans have been evacuated & that thing currently infesting the WH has said NOTHING.

Kamala Harris' home evacuated in Los Angeles wildfire

Purge of about 300,000 voter registrations planned in Georgia

GOP incumbent whom Katie Hill defeated is considering run for her seat

How did Americans ever vote for a guy who doesn't like sports or pets?

Why Trump will lose. Donald Trump is a crook.

Lindsey Graham says vote on impeachment won't matter anyway

The Dems are on message and on point!

Celebrities' Dumb Quotes

White House told in May of Ukraine President Zelenskiy's concerns about Giuliani, Sondland

Headed to Louisiana swamps and points west for my Fall photo shoot!

'National Unity' is a euphemism for being anti mitigating climate change and is the new wedge

Day of the Dead 2019: When is the Mexico festival celebrated, what the mask symbolises and how it's

Trump administration extends protections for Salvadorans, allowing thousands to stay in U.S.

I'm watching Judy Woodruff interview Mike Pence on PBS NewsHour.

Uranus Shines at Its Brightest Tonight: Here's How to See It

Federal judge reinstates libel lawsuit filed by Covington Catholic teen against Washington Post

We'll never win this one over.

Adam Schiff has announced he's no longer waiting for courts to compel witnesses to testify

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Are we sure that the dog, Trump showed today,......

Trump defends hitting back at former chief of staff Kelly over impeachment comment

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