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Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson have dire warning about Trump

A 'potentially historic' wind event could worsen California wildfires this weekend

David Tao : our Love

(Big Bang) Monster Remake by Megan Lee & Sungha Jung

(Big Bang) Monster Remake by Megan Lee & Sungha Jung

Threat of 85 mph winds forces 50K to flee in Northern California

Utada Hikaru : Heart Station

US, Saudis moving forward with nuclear talks

Utada Hikaru : Heart Station

Halloween Is Coming #131

Halloween Is Coming #132

Halloween Is Coming #133

Halloween Is Coming #134

Halloween Is Coming #135

WSDOT Asks Drivers To Prepare Early For Snow And Ice

Ai Bu Ting (OT: Boom Box) Coco Lee

Australian water rats cut cane toads open with 'surgical precision' to feast on their hearts

Jury determines St. Louis police denied an officer his promotion because he's gay

Trump lashes out at Pelosi, slams San Francisco district as 'very bad and dangerous'

Wanderings today - my iPhone and I

Beekeeping, Day 176 "Vivaldi Boards, One Down, One To Go"

Waiting for Bolton: A Capital Speculates on What He Will Say

McConnell blasts impeachment inquiry as 'kangaroo court' in fundraising pitch

Furious dog warns Mississippi province governor against posing with demonically possessed child

Even the dog knows that we can't afford four more years of Donald Trump.

Chance the Rapper hosts and is the musical guest on SNL tonight. n/t

'Pure North Korea fluffery':WH press secretary labeled a 'sycophant' after calling Trump a 'genius'

Roman Catholic bishops propose opening priesthood to married deacons in the Amazon region

Conservative Commentator to Republicans: Get Off The Trump Train Because It's About To Derail

How Joe Biden would strengthen unions

Wow - just saw an anti-Jared Golden ad on the Tee Vee

Schiff says committees are making 'rapid progress' in impeachment probe

THREAD: Let's start with this smoking-gun memo-obtained by The New York Times.

Sondland sang like a canary.

Alabama is stomping Arkansas...

Don't be alarmed if your Cali friends and family are out of touch for a few days

Sondland Testified Trump Demanded Quid Pro Quo Last Week

Question about Nixon and Watergate

Election 2019: The "Trump Effect" Turns Local School Board Races From Staid to Strident.

Boulder County, CO: Cold front blowing through presently.

Trump just tweekted "something very big just happened"


Alec Baldwin tweeted that he will be back on SNL tonight

Greta is coming to Los Angeles November 1 !!

pResident Dipshit 15 min ago

I sit on the House Intelligence Committee -- impeachable offenses have been committed

Killing the wrong FARC chief at the wrong place at the wrong time

The White House says John Kelly 'was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great President'

Hikaru Utada & Skrillex - Face My Fears [Official Video]

Hikaru Utada & Skrillex - Face My Fears [Official Video]

Colombia closes borders and bans booze ahead of local elections

Goodest Boy Has His Very Own Business Cards

So what will this big thing be that trumpy is talking about?????

U.S. Troops Cross Border Into Syria

Have we confirmation that Trump's tweet was releated to Syria?

R.I.P. Little Feat's Paul Barrere.

Donovan - Season Of The Witch

gov't mule - soulshine (live) warren haynes and the boys kill it on this allman's classic ...

How a Tax Break to Help the Poor Went to NBA Owner Dan Gilbert

California's Governor Wants Berkshire to Bid for Bankrupt PG&E

Something big happened today!

Grand Fucking SLAM !

Top U.S. Student Loan Official Quits, Calling for Massive Debt Forgiveness

Official. The Big Deal was a Special Ops attack on Baghdadi

Top State official details chaos after Yovanovitch ouster to impeachment investigators

Bill Barr's alternate universe "investigation" has a goal: Right-wing authoritarian rule

The Revolution Isn't Being Televised

Why does Kenney continually embellish the narrative regarding separation?

Bolivian President Morales agrees to audit of vote

jason isbell & 400 unit - alabama pines (2012 americana awards) - something about this song ...

Hozier - In The Woods Somewhere

It was mighty nice that our leader made a visit to Omaha, today!

Orthodox☦️Christian Vesper Hymn: 'O Gladsome Light'

SNL cold open up next. Alec Baldwin is back:

The University of Michigan stomped ND even worse off the field in 2019

i know i am gonna get shit about this being vague, but i have a family member

SNL Cold Open joke line "make him disappear" was kinda not funny.

Just two words I want to hear this guy say...

Do you think they'd impeach so a trial would be held in January?

While we consider Needy Amin's Tweet stunt

Ugh. He's going to spin this thing like it's the talent portion of the Miss Universe Pageant

GM puts $1.5B for Wentzville plant on table during strike negotiations with UAW

Bodeans - Fade Away

What could Trump be announcing come sun up?

Trump Approves Special Ops Raid Targeting ISIS Leader Baghdadi, Military Says He's Dead

Does Trump realize precisely what this will do to ISIS?

Little boy shows love for his coach

SHITLER probably didn't even know who al Baghdadi was - ABC calling him dead

Al Franken Headlines Politicon In Public Comeback

There was a League of Legends skit on SNL

My take on tomorrow's morning special announcement.

Give Trump the same credit he gave Obama for bin Laden.

Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - Eden

Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison, Joe Walsh - Something

delving around in the archives of my heart and memory tonite

Nicole Galloway nabs Chris Sloan as campaign manager

Beto O'Rourke on Gender Identity

Beto O'Rourke on Gender Identity

Sorry Wisky....THE Ohio State Buckeyes!

SNL: Trump Rally Cold Open

I'm just finishing up watching Apocalypse Now, the real long one.

So please tell me how many times have they killed this supposed ISIS leader?

Facebook includes Breitbart in new 'high quality' news tab

In Omaha, Nancy Pelosi promises to fight and recounts walking out on meeting with Trump

I Won't Love - Bek Ji Young, Lee Son Hee, Lee Seung Gi

Honduran inmate who linked president's brother to drug deals killed (not trump)

I Bet Trump Will Have A Staged Picture Of Himself In The Situation Room.....

Genesis - In concert (1973)

'Crafty and vicious': North Korea warns US not to ignore deadline for talks

Ex-top North Korean nuclear negotiator warns U.S. not to ignore year-end deadline by 'exploiting' Ki

Amnesty leaders condemn US's Remain in Mexico policy as 'disgrace'

Jupiter's bottom ...

Great, the same officiating crew that screwed UW

'Unconstitutional': STL lawyer says MO Republicans are breaking CLEAN Missouri rules

SNL: Weekend Update

Star Wars duel on Fencing World Championships.

Will someone please explain to The Dotard ...

Here is some sage counsel from Sam Harris everyone should...

With a wink, Trump asks that supporters not hurt protesters criticizing his rhetoric

Trump's tax documents show inconsistencies relating to property valuations

Jurors say police sergeant should get almost $20 million in discrimination suit against St. Louis

Bill Barr is corrupt!

Steve Stenger, sentenced to 46 months in prison, is now due out after 27 months, prison says

OSU hit with radio ad critical of school's handling of Strauss abuse scandal

Trial date set for private investigator accused of perjury in Greitens probe

'Unhinged' Trump 'Needs To Shut Up': GOP Chaos Amid Impeachment Fury MSNBC

Trump administration hellbent on purging the Obama-appointed security specialists tasked with...

Why Artists Have Been Enchanted by Witchcraft for Centuries

Feds accuse 3 more of embezzling from East St. Louis nonprofit

Resistance and Birthday...

Dutch inventor unveils river barge to scoop plastic before entering oceans

"Death wish": Trump co-author Says 'Self-Destructive' Trump Fuels Impeachment With Behavior

Heavy flooding and mudslides leave 10 dead in Japan

Or L'Simcha: Joyce, Richard, Rose, Jerry, Cecil, David, Bernice, Sylvan, Daniel, Melvin, and Irving

(Jewish Group) One-year commemoration of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting to be marked worldwide

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christian Hymn: 'Blessed Is the Man'

LRSD superintendent says schools will remain open in the event of a strike. That will be difficult.

Breakfast Sunday 27 October 2019

Hillary Clinton: Ukraine 'The Canary In The Coal Mine' On Trump Schemes Rachel Maddow MSNBC

URGENT!! Breaking Trump News 10/26/19 TRUMP News Weekend with Kendis Gibso Oct 26, 2019

"No room for HUMOROUS media coverage. This is deadly serious. This is Mussolini."

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Smiles Per Galleon Edition

Ari Rabin-Havt: One of my photos is now on a t-shirt.

Biodegradable coffee cups being 'grown' in bid to cut down on plastic waste

The David McWilliams Podcast : We need to fix the root problem: wealth inequality

The David McWilliams Podcast : How to get ready for globalization 3.0

The David McWilliams Podcast : Brexit - are we there yet? Plus, how the map of the Mid East has been

Text of Trump's address this morning leaked.

'Fear': Dems Going Public With 'Damning' Impeachment Evidence On Trump MSNBC

If the military took out the leader of ISIS, they did it spite of the toxic manbaby.

What's this "major announcement" from Trump at 9a

Eww! Icky, icky rain!

I stopped getting fundraising emails for Biden campaign

Rating agency upgrades Oklahoma's economic outlook

Star Wars Halloween. Spoilers?

Oklahoma county settles inmate death suit for $12.5 million

The Republicans are barred and allowed in at the same time

*** OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST -- Voting Ends Wed 10/30 at 8 AM EDT ***

Oklahoma clinic asks high court to halt abortion law

Sunday Doonsbury - "There's a Doonsbury For That..."

*** OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST -- Voting Ends Wed 10/30 at 8 AM EDT ***

*** OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST -- Voting Ends Wed 10/30 at 8 AM EDT ***

Forbes: At Least 20 Billionaires Behind 'Dark Money' Group That Opposed Obama

In impeachment inquiry, Republican lawmakers ask questions about whistleblower, loyalty to Trump

Medicaid insurer told it must refund $12.3M

To be opened at 9:05 am

If/when the technological singularity occurs, how and when will it manifest itself?

We're Less and Less a Christian Nation, and I Blame Some Blowhards

Are unions regaining their power?

What's behind these attempts to normalize those who carried out America's concentration camps?

NEW: A & B-rated October Poll Averages (Top Tier): Biden 28, Warren 22, Sanders 16 (Biden +6)

dRumps "Ca-stanza" defense

Live Photos creep me out. They're like something out of Stephen King.

One -Year Commemoration Of Synagogue Shooting To be Marked

Get ready for the pro Trump punditry lovefest.

Can someone explain to me why people won't evacuate when an explosive wildfire is coming their way?

Turkey gave up leader Trump swore he had already defeated as repayment for genocide

A Somali refugee just became the director of the Seattle clinic where she was cared for as a child

12/9/11 Trump explains to Wolf Blitzer why Obama doesn't deserve credit for killing Bin Laden

The media stole drumpf's thunder. Now everybody knows his news. There is no

Once you are taught to ignore what your eyes see and your ears hear, the rest is easy

Cannot handle the genius of Trump...

On Al Baghdadi:

The Grand Hotel in the Fall is gorgeous!

Was al Baghdadi Quid Pro Quo?......

Queer girls Band practice today I'm doing stroganoff

CPS strike updates: Chicago Teachers Union, city still millions of dollars apart as talks end for da

October 27 - Happy Birthday Rep. Lori Trahan (D) MA-3rd

😃🇺🇸🥔☀️❗️What's your favorite potato dish?

I have no TV, Would someone post, where Apricot Hellbeast speaks from?

If al-Baghdadi was wearing a suicide vest in the first place . . .

The Con did not inform Adam Schiff about the raid as required

House Intel Committee chairman Adam Schiff received no notification or briefing on Baghdadi op

This one's for the evangelicals...

He traded the Kurds for a news cycle. n/t

Democrats are stuck in a doom loop of premature polling

Now We Just Sit Back And Wait For.....

CNN: Lies, lies, lies: How Trump's fiction gets more dramatic over time

Seriously this is gross

Trump is narrating this al Baghdadi thing like slaughter porn.

Cat snuggles up to firefighter who saved his life

Graham Says Trump's 'Biggest Lie' Is of Islamic State's Defeat

RE: Trump's Announcement

KENTUCKY: City Official Worried That Day Of The Dead Celebration Will Summon Corpses From Their...

A well-regulated militia 😆

A sick and depraved man.

At times like this, it gives me great pleasure...

Why are Democrats leaving Kamala Harris to stand alone?

Tiedrich: our military killed this Bargain Basement Bin Laden guy

"Ah you don't believe, we're on the eve of destruction"--another shooting

"I want to thank Russia". "Russia was Great". " Russia was Excellent".....

This is just more quid pro quo.

'from the first day I came into office i asked where is Al baghdadi'

Al- Baghdadi had relinquished control of ISIS months ago

Does anyone know if the operation was over before

This sick maniac is talking as if HE was on site leading the command.

Claims he didn't notify democrats because washington leaks.....dictator

And Now Watch This Drive.....nt

Why the fuck am I awakened by that POS Sunday morning

He can never stop talking. Never. Has to bloviate.

sounds like trump would kill anyone for oil....'we should be able to take some oil too'

You knew this pic was coming:

Show of hands (or not) who here knew Al Baghdadi's name?

Wall Of Voodoo - Ring Of Fire

2 dead, 14 injured at Texas A&M homecoming party

This is an embarrassment to the world!

'Bin Laden was a big thing, but this is bigger' ....there you go.

Biden Faces Fundraising Woes as Buttigieg Appears to be Snatching Up Some of His Donors

Police Chief Victim Of Theft While In Chicago For Chiefs Conference (CBS)

Trump is going (late) to the World Series game tonight. No first pitch. Leaving early too.

Duma Guts Russia's Climate Draft: No Cap-And-Trade, No Carbon Taxes, No Funding

just said he didn't inform Pelosi because he didn't want people killed.....goddamn this 'president'

Trump: "I appreciate Russia, Turkey, Iraq, and to some extent Syria"

"canines....I call them dogs". A 5th grade speech

Listening to this moron is going to giving nightmare all day long!

Australia (Alone Among Nations) Will Try Using Old Kyoto Credits To Evade Carbon Cuts

Anything for a standing ovation

Because this is how racism works...

So he told people to take out Osama Bin Laden before the trade center fell...

Run left in the primaries, move to the center in the GE

Here is what bothers me the most with this raid?

"loose lips sink ships"

Watching the new/final Bojack Horseman season

Fall Armyworm Confirmed In 44 African Nations; South American Invasives Eat 80 Different Food Crops

On behalf of my family and my entire campaign, I want to wish everyone ...

It's October 2019 and the pathetic asshole is still running against Obama and HRC.

Donate: Chicago Teachers Union Strike Solidarity Fund

Things that can be replaced....

Photo: Babies love Bernie

Watching the new Nat'l Security Advisor on MTP. He is SLIPPERY and evasive.

Finally turned on CNN and was happy

And Trump held off his presser until the yarhzeit of the victims of the attack on Tree of Life

He's lying about everything related to the operation.

Aren't most of trump's magats in church at 9 in the morning on Sundays?

Study: Add Upstream Impacts To "Carbon Capture" Technology, And Net Emissions Cuts Tumble To 10-11%

Let's take a stroll shall we?.....

Trump told Putin about Syria, not Pelosi or Schiff, because "Washington is a leaking machine"

Why Moscow Mitch Is America's Most Insidious And Dangerous Climate Villain

Is there an actual LEGAL requirement for the president to inform Congress for ops like last night's?

I suppose now

Florida College Republicans Show Commitment To Environment By Holding A One-Hour Beach Cleanup

THIS is how a president speaks: with perspective, compassion, dignity, call to unity.

'Just too darn old:' Sanders, 78, Biden, 76, confront age concerns

Obama's notification was 9 minutes - Trump's notification was 50 minutes.

Rubio Springs Into Climate Action By . . Pushing Bill To Allow Sand Imports For Vanishing FL Beaches

Meanwhile back here in the states!

"This operation was delayed by a month due to the Turkish invasion of NorthEast Syria."

Beautiful Jim Key (Attention Catbyte)

The news doesn't seem to be making a very big deal

Question: Whose oil?

"Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" Comes to St. Paul, MN

Kurdish Intelligence helped locate the target. Even after we betrayed them.

Builder Trade Groups Blocked Energy-Efficient Building Code Upgrades, Huge Energy Savings, For Years

Why are Democrats leaving Kamala Harris to stand alone?

Anybody else happy for America

A question and some comments regarding Trump's chest-thumping announcement:

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 29: Starring Julie Andrews

Now Lindsey Graham is speaking... from the White House??

"Democrats can't be trusted with national security" - Trump campaign talking point.

This has gone on too too long

Why is Lindsay "two sides" Trumper holding a news conference?

Trump notified Russia of Baghdadi raid before he notified the US Congress.

Thank you Obama for helping take out ISIS.

Trump: "Bin Laden became big with the World Trade Center. This is the biggest there is."

Well, this explains the Trump Cultist perfectly...

State Dept official appears under subpoena as part of impeachment probe

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 30: TCM Spotlight: Short and Sweet

Trump on the "utter fear, in total panic & dread" of "a thug who tried so hard to intimidate others"

Trumps Sadistic Delight Watching A Man Die

Lindsey Graham: The American people should now thank Trump, he saved us.

Trump ordered Defense chief to 'screw Amazon' out of $10B contract, book reportedly says

One has to wonder how the American soldiers who did the raid feel about being used as a propaganda

You raised $815.00 on October 26, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump claims that Russia helped US, but Russia says, "say what?"

From the the funny side of the Sunday morning!

ISIS is a multi-national terrorist movement.

He called Russia in advance about Baghdadi but NOT Pelosi or House Intel Committee Chairman Schiff

Sorry, but the raid was a disaster.

"Get him out of Here" The attitude Democrats and Republicans all need to take about trump

Loungers threatened by wildfires and power outages: check in please.

Pence gives Chris Wallace 4 non-answers RE: why Trump didn't notify Pelosi RE: Syria.

How could he run down a tunnel if he was paralyzed?

Watching "face the Nation" and.....

Republicans storming SCIF

A lie from mr. DNA test was performed in the field & confirmed.

Picture if you will...

Looks like Dear Leader "got the wrong guy"

General Bone Spurs: ISIS leader 'died like a coward'

Bush set the middle east on fire, Trump has been pouring gasoline upon it.

The story should be that everything Trump said about the killing

Ivanka thinks she is brilliant at public relations

Floyd Cramer was born on this date.

Trump wanted this

One of these things is just like the other

Does this feel like a big "nothingburger" to anyone beside me?

The photo of Fat Nixon and "his" generals was taken 2 hours *after* the raid.

Henry "Mule" Townsend was born on this date.

On some days, you've just gotta love Google

Chance Supports Chicago Public Schools, CTU Strike

If the leader of ISIS was killed

Time to investigate Hannity

I will just leave this right here.

Schiff: John Bolton is a "very important witness" in impeachment inquiry

Just something to consider (in selecting a candidate during the primary)

A movie!

If we'd only followed the words of this song

Top State Department official says ousting ambassador to Ukraine was a White House priority

I said to my wife, all I want for Christmas is impeachment, nothing else.

A man killed himself and his three children and we're supposed to celebrate Dear Leader.

Ted Lieu commends intelligence community, Special Forces, & that order.

General Numbnuts actually trust his military advisors!

Two photos: Reality, and CosPlay.

And now his pals the Russians are undercutting him

Seen in Pennsylvania yesterday: frump yahoos by the side of the road. No pic.

"Whimpering, crying, screaming and scared out of his mind"??????

Wagging the dog Trump style!

Creme de la Creme Polling Averages! Only the best polls for the DU readers!

Which reporter asked about the Military Canines?

For my 420th posting, some music I'm enjoying

Obama's announcement of Bin Laden's death...

Vincent - Mike Masse (acoustic Don McLean cover)

Trump administration has acquired little of the private land in Texas it needs for border barrier

Sondland Told House Panels Trump's Ukraine Pressure Was Quid Pro Quo

Trump's ISIS announcement....BLAND...

Lie number 1776 - approximately: No one heard of bin Laden until 9/11

Did He Say How Long The Military Was On The Ground At The Scene Of.....

Now we know why Trump waited to go to game 5 of the WS.

"Washington leaks a sieve"?

Pence Gets Grilled For Not Notifying Pelosi Of ISIS Raid -- But He Slobbers Over Trump Instead...

simon & garfunkel - blues run the game (studio-1965) this sounds f***ing INCREDIBLE for 1965

Elijah Cummings: We are in a fight for the soul of our democracy

Sanders regains footing after heart attack

Threat of 85 mph winds forces 90K to flee in Northern California

Why is YouTube stopping repeatedly for me? Is it possible I've corrupted it on my devices?

One conspiracy theory.

Republicans 'Are Having Trouble With the Facts' Says Fox News' Chris Wallace

Lady wearing the red hate hat was arrested Friday for identity theft. Green Shirt Guy is still 😂

While sending 14,000 troops to Saudi Arabia, Trump claims to reduce Middle East troop presence.

PELOSI: the Russians but not top Congressional Leadership were notified of in advance

Klobuchar on Face the Nation

"So he said to me, 'Sir, I just can't seem to adore you enough.'" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

Trump told Russia in advance about the raid, but not Schiff of Pelosi

At least 2 dead, 14 injured in mass shooting at Texas university

My 95 year old aunt

Trump announces "I" have killed ISIS leader - the day Trump will attend the World Series

Trump: ISIS is very technically brilliant, using the Internet better than anybody other than Trump

Notes to Twitler:

AND...MOMENTS after the big Apprentice reveal...Vlad's military throws Trump under the bus.

Photos: Rashida Tlaib⁩ takes ⁦Sen. Sanders⁩ on the ''corporate greed'' tour of Detroit.

This is your brain on..."Prosperity Gospel"

Welp. There goes my relationship with my one surviving parent.

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 27, 2019?

Kamala Harris drops out, then rejoins HBCU event after Trump honor

This just in, ISIS has a new leader!!!!!! Oh no Donny????

Sit Room pic staged

Well, we have to admit, it did get the attention of all the Sunday morning news shows...

Beto O'Rourke's reaction to mass shooting in Greenville, Texas

Beto O'Rourke's reaction to mass shooting in Greenville, Texas

"As though you were watching a movie"

Chris Wallace grills Mike Pence for making ISIS kill partisan: 'Why didn't you tell Nancy Pelosi?'

Andrew Yang Expresses Concern Over Walmart's Plans to Increase Robot Labor

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was a murderer and terrorist responsible for terrible suffering and death.

Mike Morell and Admiral James Winnefeld on "Face the Nation"

How many US Senate seats will the Democrats win in 2020?

Donnie was golfing when the raid took place.

Worthless motherfucker denigrates memory of James Foley to make al-Baghdadi death more "juicy."

He thanked the Russians before US Special Forces. Russia throws him under the bus.

Trey Gowdy: 'No idea' about joining Trump legal team

White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, quoted last month, "No More Press Briefings"

There's ALWAYS a tweet...

Gordon Sondland Told Congress There Was Quid Pro Quo In Trump's Ukraine Scheme

There is ALWAYS a tweet for this...

Obama White House photographer suggests situation room photo of unfolding Al-Bagdadi raid staged.

House Intelligence Chair Rep. Adam Schiff says he wasn't told about al-Baghdadi operation

Remember that pic of Obama, Hilary, and others watching the Bin Laden raid live?

Here's Trump:

New Orleans City Council to consider $1 million fine on Entergy for frequent power outages

He couldn't inform Pelosi and Schiff...

Joe Biden on the first anniversary of the Tree of Life Synagogue shootings:

Schumer interrupts Trump's victory lap with a little dose of reality.

Pence Won't Say If He Knew Of Trump's Deal With Ukraine Described By Diplomats

I love this! Dua Lipa - Swan Song (From Alita: Battle Angel) [Official Music Video]

Pete Buttigieg: Four ways I'll make America a better place for women

It somehow took 9 cops to arrest 1 non-violent black guy for a subway-ticket violation.

Al-Baghdadi's Death Came Despite Trump's Actions, Military Officials Say

The fight against ISIS would not be possible without the brave efforts of the Kurds and allies

Fall - Sack Cartoon

Progressives, Hispanics are not 'Latinx.' Stop trying to Anglicize our Spanish language.

A new way to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

So Trump dominated all the morning shows this morning..Great! 🙄nt

Rachel was 100% dead on: "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE"

In today's Dilbert Scott Adams takes an obvious shot at trump:

The Economist: Klobuchar? We could see it from our angle

NEWS: Sanders Pledges to End Trump's Corrupt Tax Scheme

Pete for America: His policies for Indian Country

NEWS: Sanders Pledges to End Trump's Corrupt Tax Scheme

Amazon bishops call on pope for ordination of married men as priests

The man who leaked highly classified intel to the Russians in the oval says he couldn't inform Dems

The Missing "One-Offs": The Hidden Supply of High-Achieving, Low Income Students

Do you think we can do it?

After the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel collapse, lawsuits mount

Michael Moore praises O'Rourke on gun reform

Michael Moore praises O'Rourke on gun reform

It's a one day story.

AP Top 25 poll: LSU edges Alabama, Ohio State as new No. 1 in college football rankings

Tonight: join me and RashidaTlaib for a rally featuring live performances by Jack White and ...


I'm going to have to use Stephanie Grisham's TP out on Cult45s

States in play

Just gotta say, If you could build a wall out of tRUMPS lies

Jeez, Kelly O'Donnell is such a Dump-humper

Reproductive Rights and "Reversing Roe" Discussion

Reproductive Rights and "Reversing Roe" Discussion

Impeachment for Dummies

Fall's farewell

World psychic predictions for last months of 2019 and 2020

Mrs Betty Bowers strikes again

I don't think Trump actually 'told' Putin; he asked his permission.

Where is trump today

At Least 20 Billionaires Behind 'Dark Money' Group That Opposed Obama Exposed

I was out and about all day - do I have this right?

Damn! It was dark this morning.

Rock Against Racism

Chile protests: UN to investigate claims of human rights abuses after at least 19 deaths

Chile protests: UN to investigate claims of human rights abuses after at least 19 deaths

Democratic senator: 'No doubt' Ukraine 'felt pressure'

Propaganda at its finest

Jane Fonda, Ted Danson At Fridays For Future Climate Rally, Washington DC

'This is going to do lasting damage': Impeachment leaves Ukraine policy in chaos

To hear Trump talk about it, you'd think he was there at the time.

Vice President Biden's statement of the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

How the Fight Will Go Down: The Impeachment Process, by Tuck Frump

Trump wants to make a deal with Exxon or others to tap Syrian oil: 'We should be able to take some'

It's National American Beer Day!

But isn't "whimpering and crying and screaming all the way" how Trump handles subpoenas?

Amy Klobuchar:"the need to fix our justice system .......

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 28 October 2019

Everything Trump is associated with is fake. Such as the great al Baghdadi raid picture of Trump...

For an idea of how strong the winds in NorCal are.

Trump to UK: " I'm going to drop them right on your border and you can have fun capturing them again

Former Michigan Rep. John Conyers has passed away.

Florida Man arrested for sexual act with stuffed toy inside Target store.

Former Rep. John Conyers Has Died

This is 6th time al-Baghdadi has been killed since 2016. Convenient announcement during impeachment

Pentagon Officials Suggest Trump Lied About His Involvement In ISIS Raid And Made It 'More Difficult

I am planning on watching Joe Biden's Sixty Minutes interview tonight

MI-SEN: Peters Moves to Lean Democrat

Georgia Sees Surge In New Voters

"Shut up, Bitch"

Democrats Now Have An Unlikely Ally In Trump Impeachment Inquiry - John Bolton


Wink, wink

Max Scherzer Scratched from World Series Game 5 with Injury; Joe Ross to Start.

Left Southampton yesterday on the Independence of the Seas

This entire presidency...

My take on Trump's press conference

Frustrated Democratic governors find ways to sidestep GOP

I caught a Bigger terrorist than Obama

This is from twitter N/T

Iowa Liberty and Justice Celebration with Beto

Iowa Liberty and Justice Celebration with Beto

Maybe we are swinging too far left, if Biden, Buttigieg Harris and Klobuchar are considered

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 27, 2019

Interesting take on the raid by Garry Kasparov.

57 Years Ago Today; Maj Rudolf Anderson's U2 plane shot down over Cuba during Missile Crisis

Bin Laden was next to a military academy when killed. Guess who was 5km from Turkey...

The king of projection

Has Trump declared himself a God yet. The Emperor Caligula thought he was so wonderful he had

Senior US official to push South Korea to keep intelligence pact with Japan

Power cutoff to One Million businesses and homes ....

15 stunning moments from the Cons Baghdadi announcement....

Boeing Shaped a Law to Its Liking. Weeks Later, a 737 Max Crashed.

trump on al-Baghdadi

Trump staged Situation Room photo.

It's always about Obama....

Governor's race could have dramatic effects on Medicaid expansion in Louisiana

Al Jazeera: Trump's 'Died Like A Dog' Insults Are 'Really Going To Incite' Followers Of Slain ISIS L

Baton Rouge debate slated to be only joint appearance for John Bel Edwards, Eddie Rispone in runoff

Now for something completely different.. The one thing I hate about the Brits.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, in New Orleans, discuss 'gutsiness and resilience' in

"I am endorsing Amo Bernie Sanders because he's not gonna sell us out. '' -@RashidaTlaib

Election 2019: Virginia GOP Sends Racist Mailer Attacking Democratic Incumbent

Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell refused to answer when asked if they had been advised...?

Election 2019: Virginia Republicans attack transgender Delegate Danica Roem's identity as a parent

Old Time Radio for Halloween - Ray Bradbury's "Mars Is Heaven"

"We deserve SOMEONE WHO WRITES THE DAMN BILLS'' - @RashidaTlaib

Russia: Trump's Baghdadi Victory Lap Is Nothing But 'Propaganda'

Meanwhile, there was yet another mass shooting today

3 more months to get your shit straight Boris....


Valid Warnings....

Takei's great idea for testing Facebook's cash-for-lies ad policy

Slave-Revolt dot com

Representative Katie Hill resigns...!

How being second choice could put Elizabeth Warren on top

After his "great victory", the first people he thanked were the Russians and the Turks ??

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Rep. Katie Hill to resign amid allegations of inappropriate relationships with staffers

Tweet of the day!

Warren's wealth tax would solve economic inequality, says economist Gabriel Zucman

Rashida Tlaib endorses Bernie Sanders for president

😆 MEMES? Space.... the only thing between a THEME and THE ME😳

Shame Trump canceled his subscription. Here's a perfect impeachment defense.

This line sums up donald trump

"Coward, screaming, weeping, etc, etc."

Trump threatens to drop Isis fighters 'right at UK border' and leave Britain to 'have fun capturing

I am getting the generic of Lyrica tomorrow! I'm sick of my nerve pain which is a result of

I am sorry to have to ask this, but just who in the hell are we supposed to believe about

Thank you Detroit and Rep. @RashidaTlaib!

'Keep the Oil': Trump Revives Charged Slogan for New Syria Troop Mission

Joe Biden up on 60 Minutes. n/t

Facebook takes down false ad from PAC on Republican Graham

Dear Democratic politicians:

Halloween Is Coming #136

Halloween Is Coming #137

Halloween Is Coming #138

Halloween Is Coming #139

Halloween Is Coming #140

This couple's sharing the dream life with their cat 😻

What's Next: Depositions turn to the White House

Should have got an XL

Schiff accuses Bill Barr of 'weaponizing' DOJ