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Let me see if I have this straight. Bill Barr is globetrotting on the taxpayers dime asking

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: Nightfall

Pompeo deputy overseeing Europe policy is next up in impeachment enquiry

If you're so innocent-if this is all fraud, why not produce docs/testimony to exonerate yourself?

Pompeo endorses work of Ukraine diplomat dismissed by Trump as 'never Trumper'

(World Series)Trump couldn't throw out the first pitch tonight...

Fundamentalist Pastor Burns FFRF Attorney's Book!

Business Insider Poll: Undecided general-election voters most like Andrew Yang

Trump: "My lawyers should sue the Democrats and Shifty Adam Schiff for fraud" (impeachment)

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Trump frustrated as White House effort to defy impeachment inquiry fails to halt witness testimony

Steve Sack FTW

'To Do List' - HYOLYN

Tony Schwartz: "There is only one reason I can imagine Trump selling his Washington hotel."

Why do the Nationals have that ugly


Investigate the investigation of the investigation!


So, a flabby slumlord has accused the most decent and ethical President in recent history ...

How many of our candidates attended the funeral service for Elijah Cummings today? In the church....

Only 10 students invited to Trump's speech at historically black college

What I've Learned Staking Out Trump's Washington Hotel

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! October Surprise!

Veterans Affairs Investigators Fault Whistleblower Office Created by Trump

"Don't let me down" (Not the Beatles)

Trump accuses Obama of treason for 'spying' on his 2016 campaign

House investigators subpoena 3 more administration officials

Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld: I'd vote for Joe Biden 'in a heartbeat' against President Trump

One last sunset and one last fisherman

Whistleblower complaint: Coalition of Inspectors General slam DOJ opinion

Rep. Joe Kennedy responds to Sen. Ed Markey's Nov. 10 climate debate Twitter announcement, says

Trump Has Officially Weaponized the Justice Department to Go After His Rivals

"ButtHisVoicemails" is trending nicely this evening!

Republican campaigns unload donations from Giuliani's indicted associates

I have had a killer tension headache for four days.

Friday Talking Points -- Collective Republican Amnesia

Wow! Rachel Maddow is doing Farrow's piece on Weinstein. nt

OMG Rachel, may your job be safe! She's covering NBC's coverups of Ronan Farrow's reporting...

Richard Leakey gives a talk at Duke University Oct 22

Trump picks winner of huge Pentagon contract

There is something deeply wrong with the police (as a whole) in this country

Giuliani Ties Hunter Biden, and Himself, to Romania

A request and two regrets: Tulsi, Klobuchar, Booker

full video Elijah Cummings funeral

Things Aren't Bad Enough, Now We Gotta Talk About Rudy Giuliani's Ass?

AK-SEN: Alaska seat suddenly at risk as GOP battles to hold the Senate

Election 2019: Two years ago, their race ended in a tie. Now they're back for a rematch.

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen won't face criminal prosecution, Brazoria County DA says

Charities pay $6 million to feds to resolve allegations they paid kickbacks to Medicare patients

The history of the Nationals Presidents Race: Who is winning and why

Masses of Chileans jam capital in protest against government

After Virginia Beach Shooting, This Democrat Is Focusing on Guns to Unseat Firearms Dealer Incumbent

McAleenan says he won't testify at terrorism hearing despite receiving subpoena

Healey sues ExxonMobil, alleges climate change deception

Texas Dems Set Their Eyes on the 2020 Prize

Lasers could cut lifespan of nuclear waste from "a million years to 30 minutes"

Key Witness in Impeachment Inquiry Asks Federal Court to Rule Over Testifying

Key Witness in Impeachment Inquiry, Charles Kupperman, Asks Federal Court to Rule Over Testifying

Key Witness in Impeachment Inquiry, Charles Kupperman, Asks Federal Court to Rule Over Testifying

Wow! Only 10 minutes in and Maher is already trashing liberals

Beto O'Rourke Holds Town Hall at North High School in Des Moines, Iowa

Beto O'Rourke Holds Town Hall at North High School in Des Moines, Iowa

New Poll (C-): Biden double digit lead, Rebounding Sanders bests Warren 18 to 16

if Impeach keeps growing...

BAS: Declining US GHG Emissions - Another Republican Fairy Tale, Laced With Political Bullshit

Four in five EU coal plants are unprofitable -- report

I think Barr is taking Rudy out

Senate Climate Solutions Caucus' Mike Braun (R-IN) Awash In Money From Coal, Oil Interests

Sweet Caroline - live

Butt Call...

Wtf, guiliani is being investigated and he Carry's on criming.

Coal Is Dying Faster Than Anybody Expected

Arctic Ocean Increasingly "Warm, Fresh & Sour" As Acidification & Melting Accelerate

If people complained about the price of insulin

IGs Unite Against Justice Legal Opinion That Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint Wasn't 'Urgent Concern'

Abortion in Colombia: Church praises Congress for defying constitution

SD Agrees To Drop Draconian "Riot Boosting" Pipeline Law In Face Of ACLU, Native Opposition

PG&E warns it could cut power to more than 2 million people beginning Saturday night

Only 10 students invited to Trump's speech at historically black college

Snow and thunder make for a pretty rare storm in the Texas Panhandle

A Greek ☦️ Orthodox Christian Prayer

Impeachment Inquiry Is Legal, Judge Rules, Giving Democrats a Victory

Only 10 students invited to Trump's speech at historically black college

A fake Facebook ad that claims Lindsey Graham backs the Green New Deal is actually a test for Zucke

Worst impeachment poll ever

"Once Wikileaks is shown to be the GRU's partner, all Trump's collusion with it becomes criminal. "

White House cybersecurity chief quits, says leadership is inviting an attack.

Seth Meyers - 99% of White Evangelicals Oppose Impeaching Trump - Monologue - 10/24/19

Raul Seixas May Have Betrayed Paulo Coelho and Turned Him over to Dictatorship

Are liberal arts colleges doomed?

Pope apologises for theft of Amazon statue from Rome church

Unsurprisingly, Trump used his visit to an HBCU today for what looks like a campaign ad

MPs plan to defy Boris Johnson by forcing Brexit votes

MPs plan to defy Boris Johnson by forcing Brexit votes

Picture of oil-stained Brazilian boy goes viral

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Facebook Disinformation Is "Extraordinarily Concerning" - The Last Word - MSNBC

Google CEO, in leaked video, says company is 'genuinely struggling' with employee trust

Hey, Congressional Democrats! Go Big!

Phil Collins - Take me Home (live 1990) - Chester Thompson Drum cam

Pete Buttigieg pitches himself as alternative to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren in New Hampshire

An HILARIOUS piece by Charles Pierce on the NATS.

Hill Reporter Worked With Indicted Giuliani Associate To Craft Ukraine Lies

Unpaid Bills Pile Up In The Wake Of President Donald Trump Rallies - All In - MSNBC

Halloween Is Coming #126

Halloween Is Coming #127

Halloween Is Coming #128

Halloween Is Coming #129

Halloween Is Coming #130

Phil Collins, "In the air tonight" (First Farewell Tour)

AOC: Impeachment Depositions Are Adding Up To "A Very Likely Abuse Of Power" - The Last Word - MSNBC

Real Time with Bill Maher 10/25/19

Rudy is get a new spokesman job?

here's my hunch about anonymous.

"Moment Of Silence" by the artist GERMS...

Let's talk about AOC vs DOD....

Jane Fonda Just Got Arrested for the Third Time This Month

Chief U.S. District Judge: No House vote needed to authorize Impeachment Inquiry.

Key Witness in Impeachment Probe Asks Court

Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina Prepare for Sunday's Elections

Kyle Cheney: "Howell also becomes the latest judge to point out That the OLC opinion..."

While Trump spoke at Benedict, HBCU students were told to stay in their dorms

Welp, the Nationals lost, so there will be a game 5, and Jose Andres will throw the first pitch!!!

The Actions of Trump and the DOJ Show That The Ultimate End Game

Nomiki Konst, a Bernie surrogate, criticizes Tulsi Gabbard.

Native Hawaiian heiress faces court test to control millions

Dayum! I just saw a spider crawling across the wall behind my monitor so I stood up to mash it

Watch this matted dog get a makeover then reunite with her puppies!

keeping the base in line.

Benedict College. They went on lockdown because the school feared for their safety.

ACLU sues state over use of solitary confinement for inmates with mental illness

Trump dials up rhetoric by tweeting Evangelical leader declaring impeachment a religious 'battle'

Former R.I. Democratic chairman says TV station should not have fired Doreen Costa for role in Trump

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/25/19

The Nitrogen Song by Ricky Kej...

Mathematical Modeling of a Microfluidic for the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide.

Satellite captures rare images of atmospheric gravity waves

Scientists force to crowdfund bird-tracking programme as eagle racks up sky-high phone bill

Report says deadly pandemic could sweep world in 36 hours - killing millions

Astonishing Fossil Site Reveals Mammal's Recovery After The Last Great Mass Extinction

So, I'm watching Firing Line with Meghan and Cindy McCain as guests...

Video shows officer shooting fleeing Fresno teen in the back of the head

Federal deficit increases to $984 billion for fiscal 2019, highest in 7 years

Snorkelling grandmothers uncover large population of venomous sea snakes in Noumea

Peru: The female porters of Machu Picchu

Jamie Jupiter - Computer Power

FBI alert on corruption in marijuana licensing draws attention in FBI alert on corruption in marijua

Federal Judge Rules Impeachment Inquiry Is Legal The 11th Hour MSNBC

Bill Weld: Trump faces higher risk of removal if senators go to secret ballot

See lawmaker's reaction when Poppy Harlow calls him out for tweet

See lawmaker's reaction when Poppy Harlow calls him out for tweet

Donald Trump Has a Big Problem in the Senate

State says pols missed deadline to have their day in court

Glacial rivers absorb carbon faster than rainforests, scientists find

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/25/19

Testifying Saturday - Phil Reeker expected to corroborate key testimony in impeachment inquiry

First drug that can slow Alzheimer's dementia

U.S. Navy Completes Medical Training in Peru

Amazing climate strike in Vancouver with Greta Thunberg today.

Impt reminder: walls are NOT permanent! Must be constantly rebuilt!

So Butina is back in Russia

Old expressions

Lab chimps to be kept in captivity instead of life at sanctuary

Thunberg Delivers Warning To World Leaders During Vancouver 'Climate Strike'

Trump and Barr are using the justice department to hide their own illegal activity

Greta Thunberg, Climate Activists, First Nations Leaders Rally In Vancouver, Canada

PG&E Warns of Biggest Blackout Ever as Windstorm Approaches

Just got a questionnaire from the DNC

Traitor Trump

I just came up with a hunch about the Durham investigation.

This is too sad

Anyone with a half a brain could see this from day bloody one...

Trump's company exploring sale of landmark Washington hotel

Florida (obviously) Man in action at a Target

Eugene Robinson on Cummings: serving the nation rather than winning the news cycle

Watch: Scientists have taught rats to drive - and they love it

I have just finished watching "The Laundromat"

A shame Trump canceled his subscription. Here's a perfect impeachment defense.

Trump: "Beautiful anniversary dinner for Jared & Ivanka will be totally paid for by me!"

Boris Johnson's snap-election bid could backfire and make Jeremy Corbyn prime minister

I am so looking forward to the fight with the Courts vrsus Barr and the Con

Trump's up, and tweeting about impeachment: "Pelosi must turn her District around!"

There may be no industry with more at stake with an Elizabeth Warren presidency than energy

Watching the beauty in nature can sometimes erase the chaos of the week.

Odd that nobody bothered going after Mueller with criminal charges . . .

Sen. Collins among 3 Republicans who haven't signed on to impeachment resolution

It must be said---AG Barr is the mob "enforcer" and is witness tampering.

Trump Administration Stops All Flights to Cuba Except Havana

Deja Vu

Some alternative "defenses" the White House might try if "constitutional immunity" doesn't fly:

UPDATE: All Post October Debate Poll Averages: Biden 27.2, Warren 20.4, Sanders 18.8 (Biden +6.8)

Pairs Well With Weed

Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton!!!!

'If I threaten someone, you'll know it': Kellyanne Conway is sounding like Donald Trump

Young Canadians File Lawsuit Against Government Over Climate Change

You can't impeach me -- because I quit.

History will repeat itself... cause right wing arseholes never learn...

Maggie Roche was born on this date.

Climate action at the Capital?

How The Kurds Can Get US Protection Again...

Is too much ever enough?

Senior Chinese official says Pence speech was "full of arrogance" and "lies"

Scientists have found that Trump officials are superior to lab rats for experiments.

Only the best

Morning Joe: Biden, Warren leading 2020 field in separate polling - Oct. 24, 2019

Army War College Paper: Expect Interlocking Collapses In Next Few Decades: Grid, Food, Lethal Heat

18 Years Ago Today; The USA PATRIOT Act is signed into law

My crystal ball on Bernie and Mayor Pete

I think I might start praying

Breakfast Saturday 26 October 2019

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Defying gravity, making history

"Crime after Crime" by Jen Houston, should be the democratic 2020 song!

"The problem is that we need some money. We need a few hundred thousand"..."

Not funny! Not funny at all! 🐶

Search by zip code for Impeach rally near you (also searchable map)

Navy's $13 Billion Carrier Needs Another $197 Million in Fixes

Happy National Mincemeat Day! Yummy 😋 or Yucky 🤢?

Turkey Warns U.S. Against Hosting Syrian Kurdish Military Commander

Press release from Wisconsin Senator Johnson (I guess I must label this: SARCASM):


'Stop making my job so bloody easy'

Diplomat who tried to quash smear campaign against colleague to testify in Trump impeachment inquir

Aaugh! 10 Facts About It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The Quinnipiac poll showing Warren in the lead sampled self identified registered voters not likely

Maria Butina Receives Hero's Welcome in Moscow

Jason Johnson's Weekly 2020 Presidential Black Power Rankings

Harris to Trump: The only part of criminal justice you can claim credit for is the "criminal" part.

You raised $77.00 on October 25, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Parts of Japan - one month's rain in 12 hours yesterday

Trump's former generals, from James Mattis to Joseph Votel, sound an unprecedented warning

October 26 - Happy Birthday Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D) MO-5th

Trump called Mattis in summer 2018 and directed him to "screw Amazon" out of $10 billion cloud contr

This college dropout was bedridden for 11 years. Then he invented a surgery & cured himself

Again this morning on MSNBC...someone promoted the meme on Biden

18 US military vehicles now are crossing back into Syria from northern Iraq SDF confirms to CNN

Ted Lieu: Trump enablers will blanch at what comes out. . .

Weekend TOONs - Every Day Is Chaos

Emptying a dump truck load of fresh manure on the Vatican's altar would be less offensive

Rudy's lack of awareness with phone security could be bad news for him and Trump.

"Socialism is a scare word they've hurled at every advance the people have made."

"Nationwide Boycott Plan ...Simple Plan To Get Rid of Trump." ???

Trump attendance @ Game 5 of World Series confirmed

Van Jones takes a dig at Senator Harris:

How to break up with someone via song:

It is just a matter of time before Trump gets some of our soldiers killed in Syria or elsewhere.

Going to the mattresses with the My Pillow guy. . . . Please come CAPTION the Trumpster Dumpster!!!

Another "grate" sign, brought to you by the nation of trump*sters.

Politico: Biden throws his campaign a lifeline

Betty Bowers: You may be the leader of a cult of howler monkeys...

No forgiveness possible. No quarter given.

A nice winter scene -Multnomah Falls, Oregon

It just hit me - the reason he wanted the President of Ukraine to discredit the Mueller Report

Charles Barkley tells Pence to 'shut the hell up' over criticizing NBA for China controversy

Bill Barr's alternate universe "investigation" has a goal: Right-wing authoritarian rule

Trump and Giuliani. Bevis and Butt dial? n/t

Trump and Barr's big counterattack: Actually, they're still covering up the Russia conspiracy

Local conservative paper surprises me : Anti-Gaetz editorial

Oh crap I can do this

Trump decided to leave troops in Syria after conversations about oil, officials say

LIVE: Bernie Sanders launches a canvassing event in Columbia, SC

The Reckoning Cannot Come Soon Enough

They've only been married for 5 weeks. Now she will be a widow.

Ski the wall!

I'd post this in the lounge if they'd let me.

Those still attending the Benedict forum

Reeker in the House

Nothing More-Don't Stop featuring Jacoby Shaddix

NYT's Annie Karni: "So much for the canceled subscription."

trump won't protect Kurds, but he'll protect oil...

Susan Collins had a very bu$$$$y week

What R. Giuliani has taught me.

this, the perfect characterization of Trump from Orwell

Saturday morning wake-n-bake. Ask me anything.

Nothing More-This is the Time (Ballast)

NYT: Biden's spending more than he's raising

Sine qua non causation--my theory of why they want to discredit the Mueller report

Genesis-Supper's Ready

just for fun: Pete plays jazz

Kamala Harris discusses caucusing in Iowa for Obama in 2007

Variation on "Where's Waldo": "Where's Shaq" 1989 H.S. Pix

Does anyone know if we are able to contribute to...

Trumps entire life was manufactured, protected through the use of money and lawyers.

NYT Editorial Board: Thanks, Whistle-Blower, Your Work Is Done

Hey Floyd!!

Stop Claiming 'No Quid Pro Quo' (National Review)

Giuliani Is Drawing Attention to Hunter Biden's Work in Romania. But There's a Problem.

"The Adults in the Room"

I've long been a believer in the very long term march toward human betterment.

Our Female Presidential Candidates Are Missing Sponsorship Opportunities

Bernie Sanders compares the ultra-wealthy to drug addicts: "I need more, more, more"

Lawyers say video of a transgender immigrant who died in ICE custody may have been deleted

Lawyers say video of a transgender immigrant who died in ICE custody may have been deleted

Sorry Matt Gaetz. Benefits of 'power posing' have no basis in fact

The Collapse of the President's Defense - By Benjamin Wittes

So, assuming Trump appeals the release of the Mueller report to the Supreme Court...

Lindsey the Limp,

'Happy Hunting': Documents Reveal Close Ties Between ICE And Boston Police

'Happy Hunting': Documents Reveal Close Ties Between ICE And Boston Police

The Rude Pundit's take on King Donald

These proceedings are biased and unfair - Sack cartoon

U.S. military begins bolstering its numbers in Syria's oil field region, defense officials say

Biggest PG&E Shutoff Yet May Black Out 2.5 Million Californians

Today! #OUTNOW! Launches Nationwide!

Trump has taken full advantage of a flaw in our court system.

Connecticut synagogue evacuated after receiving 2 bomb threats

This is funny

Dotard attacks Harris

Democratic Voters, Donors Give Buttigieg a Fresh Look

Spare me

Trump: "I am not concerned with the Impeachment scam because I did nothing wrong"

The U.S. Housing Market Crash Is Officially Here

"It's the economy stupid"

Migrating Russian eagles run up huge data roaming charges

Thanks whistleblower, your work is done

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Could George Conway Be The Author Of Anonymous?

Alleged White Supremacist Indicted, Accused of Lying to Feds About Hate Group Membership for Navy Fa

While Trump spoke at Benedict, HBCU students were told to stay in their dorms

Dewine is a disease in Ohio

How much denial can a person be in and still function?

Holy. Shit. I have never loved Hillary Clinton more. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Senator Harris' protest got event bogus sponsor removed and event opened to HBCU students

Bernie is justified in his reaction to Tulsi being a Russian asset.

Vatican eRosary app hacked multiple times just days after launch

I want him impeached and removed so he can't use the title

Former VA Secretary David Shulkin speaks out about 'shadow government' under Trump

Trump will miss National Anthem at World Series

7-day razor clam dig begins this weekend

Amazing pencil portrait of a woman

If the wealth tax had been in place a century ago, we would have had more anti-semitism from Henry..

So about that smiting thing

Tiger Descends - Lee Nal-chi

Far right expected to make gains in German regional vote

Does Anyone Know Who Sponsored Prop 1, Vote Ranking, In Upcoming NYC Elections?

Tis the annual Squishing of the Squash!

McCain warned Graham to avoid Trump drama. Instead, the GOP senator is a major player.

What will trump* do if he gets loudly and soundly boo'd, at the game, tomorrow??

Genesis-Please Don't Ask

Symbol of '80s Greed Stands to Profit From Trump Tax Break for Poor Areas

Trump talks ISIS and Oil in 2015: Bomb them, encircle, send in Mobil


The Republican party is drowning in the cesspool they created.

Trump Is Golfing As Democrats Work Through The Weekend On Impeachment

The butt-dial heard round the world

Doonesbury, October 24, 1999

They're the refugees that Trump tried to stop. But now they're here, and they're 'becoming Americans

Gunman opens fire in Georgia Walmart before killing himself

This Is Not America

Altamont: the ugly Woodstock

Hillary Clinton Birthday Tribute

Company with ties to Trump's brother Robert awarded $33 million government contract

The most obvious reason

Unprecedented. The Trump NLRB's attack on workers' rights

It's not about Trump and Republicans versus Democrats

Cities of Healdsburg, Windsor, ordered to evacuate

Lamont Administration Waits On Hospital Deal

No bonuses for white-collar Boeing employees this year

I'm fairly positive I have not used his name orally or in print since Election Day.

Is Mitch McConnell a dick?

FAA shuts down Florida firm that supplied faulty sensor

I wish the American people would come back home to the New Deal.

The Uyghur camps. The lockdown of Kashmir. The Muslim travel ban (among many other things)

An endorsement for Pete Buttigieg--

Korean president assassinated today, 40 years ago

Trump's move after winning a criminal justice award? Trashing cities and a black senator

Little man just finished his football season and wrote his coach a note saying "thanks".

Six Things Your Idiot Uncle Walter Doesn't Understand About The Impeachment Of Donald Trump

Caught Red-Handed-Trump denied having any substantive knowledge of who removed Yovanovitch or why.

FDR: I Welcome Their Hatred

What future holds for health care, science and roads

WH will appeal yesterday's Court decision in attempt to slow down impeachment process.

Watch Live: 2020 Democrats Speak At Justice Forum (Day 1) MSNBC

7 facts about guns in the U.S.

Kelly says he warned Trump against hiring 'yes man' to avoid impeachment

Kanye West says supporting Trump is 'God's practical joke to all liberals'

Tell the truth, would you love to punch Matt Gaetz in the face?

Cartoons 10/26/19

Is anyone fluent enough in 'trump* speak' to translate or interpret this tweet?

Which do you believe is worse and why if you care to elaborate?

Bill Barr Blows

What a Fool Believes

Carly Simon allows "you're so vain" to be used in political ad

George Conway to Trump: "We know you're not too bright, so we'll make this simple for you."

Charles Barkley to Mike Pence: Shut the hell up

The GOP cannot win #Ohio unless they suppress the vote

Paul McCartney song video, Looking for Changes, anti-lab animals, PETA UK

Thank you, Senator Harris

Another racehorse dies at Santa Anita Park, raising death toll to 35 since December

Red Hots or Hot Tamales

Twitter Home Page for George Conway....🤣

Public defender Lisa Middleman announces campaign to challenge District Attorney Stephen Zappala

Watch Live at 3PM ET: Sen. Sanders - Justice Forum Benedict College in Columbia SC

Philip Reeker deposition today

Ex-worker says Oklahoma prosecutor ordered illegal probe

Red Panda that escaped from Wildlife Center on Isle of Man, UK caught on camera

"Someone stole my sign."

Washington Supreme Court: Lawmakers Can't Legislate Constitutional Rights Away

Company with ties to Trump's brother Robert awarded $33 million government contract

The woman Green Shirt Guy laughed at arrested for identity theft.

Will Trump resign or be removed ?

Bridgeport synagogue bomb threats unfounded, traced to Florida man, police say

This cuddly little cow stayed by her mom's side until she got better ❤️

Rank Choice Voting - are there states set up to do this for the primaries?

What a great Rachel Maddow interview!

Ginsburg donating $1M prize to charity

$33 million govenment contract was awarded to a company......

Tiny Cat And Huge Dog Are Obsessed With Each Other

A reply to "Why Does Only One Party Play by the Rules?" (NYT 10/26/19)

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson brings her 'big truths' to a Connecticut yoga

This before and after is what adoption's all about 💗

Well, I've sampled this dish, and I'm not sure what everyone's complaining about ...

Meme-Famous Anti-Immigrant AZ Patriots Founder Arrested for Identity Theft from Elderly Victim

Two Brown Bears Fight in Transylvania and a Bear in Romania Dances with Trees

The impeachment procedure...let's talk

Whoopsie. Robert Mueller tweets back...

Hot Stuff

Meanwhile, America's military guarding Assad/Putin oil fields...💣

His whole presidency is all about getting back at people who did nothing to him.

Jack White to Perform at Bernie Sanders' Detroit Rally

What stable economy requires $100 billion liquidity injections...?

Does anyone have an easy to follow link explaining how the Republicans

Do you have a favorite Grateful Dead song/album?

An Agenda

Changing the Ukrainian plank at the convention -

Lindsey Graham....

Opinion: The Federal Reserve is in stealth intervention mode

Good fellas....

Pete Buttigieg on abolishing the electoral college from the Daily Wire:

Governor Gavin Newsom...It's a story of greed.


Jane Fonda Accepts Bafta Award During Arrest At Climate Protest

"all alone in deep-red Trump country"

Robert Reich....

Which cabinet official is the most corrupt...?

Nancy Pelosi NEVER stops working!!

Absolute PROOF jogging be bad for your health...

USA cyber security chief quits, says the Con inviting attack...

Official to Testify Pompeo Blocked Show of Support for Ousted Ambassador

Iowa native Katie Porter will be a great asset to Warren, starting next week


Lawsuit: Southwest pilots streamed video from bathroom cam

How can we talk about problems of crime

Who said it better?

I apologize to you all in advance.

The Green Shirt Guy Returns -- But Not In The Way You Would Expect It!

another good summation of trump corruption ---*warning* pic of underside of his head

Trump's lawless Republican mob was egged on by Sean Hannity

My cousin died Oct. 11 and nobody told me

How many US Senate seats will the Democrats end up with by Jan. 2021?

rita coolidge - higher and higher (studio-1977) one of the great 70's covers

LIVE: Senator Sanders at 5:55 PM ET Nevada People's Presidential Forum

trying to post a picture here

Photo: Bernie talking to a guy who just caught a catfish. #SouthCarolina

The eye popping cost of doing nothing about the US healthcare system.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 26, 2019

elvin bishop - fooled around and fell in love (studio-1976) this one takes ya back ...

Trump Ordered Mattis to 'Screw Amazon' Over Contract

This is why The Hill has gone to hell lately.

Folks, let's stop for a minute and reflect on what Kamala Harris did in the last 24 hours.

You have to read this!

Kelly Blasts Trump's Decision on Syria

A Song of Hope and Peace for Democrats

Zuckerberg versus a wax dummy

At Least 20 Billionaires Behind 'Dark Money' Group That Opposed Obama

Goodness! I thought that red smudge on Trump's rear might be the result of a golfing injury, but---


Krugman on why Republican budget deficit is about $300 billion above what CBO projected.

Bernie vs Warren

bob seger - against the wind (studio-1980) one of my late old man's biggest faves ...

Our Commander in Chief is a failure

Explosive device causes Arlington High evacuation; teen detained

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Trump's 'missing' DNC server conspiracy theory is way, way nuttier than you realize

PBS NewsHour, Politico to Host Democratic Debate in December

Victim's grieving brother shocked with Taser, arrested at College Hill homicide scene

Democratic Party makes it harder to qualify ...

U.S. Military Could Collapse Within 20 Years Due to Climate Change, Report Commissioned

Dershowitz hasn't tweeted out a single word about the Trump Ukraine impeachment.

Love Chef Jose Andres

Steffi DUI Grisham: "John Kelly was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great President"

Indian Americans give $3 million to 2020 presidential campaigns

Elon Musk says Tesla has finally made a ready-to-deploy solar roof

Bernie Sanders to black man: Be respectful so you won't get shot in the back of your head.

Here's the official FEC page reporting Presidential candidates fundraising. Interestingly,

"... the genius of our great President."

"Trump is Putin's shithouse cleaner"

Amazon synod calls for married priests, pope to reopen women deacons commission

Sanders has the credibility Trump lacks on criminal justice reform

Faye Wong - Bu Lui

Amazon synod document proposes defining ecological sin, divestment from extractive industries

Faye Wong - Bu Lui

To our friends in California

Symbol of '80s Greed Stands to Profit From Trump Tax Break for Poor Areas