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4 takeaways from Bill Taylor's huge opening statement

Nixon was caught working with a foreign government to interfere with a US election

Alison Brown - "Steam Powered Aereo Plane" (John Hartford cover - instrumental)

Read Acting Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor's Full Opening Statement to Congressional Investigator

We cannot let this happen again.....

Poor Jud, my ass.

Amid Modest Sentences, Prosecutors Bring New Charges in Admissions Scandal

Trump was not trying to dig up dirt on Biden.

Here we go again... heartbeat bill proposed In Pennsylvania

The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs acidified the ocean in a 'flash,' killing most marine life.

Based Spartan and his crew attack a liberal protest with military style tactics.

Major Flooding Expected Along The Snoqualmie River

So with Taylor's statement today

Word of the day...

Trump's Asylum Ban Could Apply Retroactively to Thousands of Migrants Even Though Officials Promised

I appreciate the little known public servants who are testifying truthfully to Congress

Former U.S. Attorney: With "damning evidence, a reasonable defendant would likely take a plea"

"The overwhelming evidence" suggesting Tulsi is an asset --

Here's how rising car prices can hurt average Americans

Roll Call... Let's list the MFers who will be ousted by this Impeachment!!!

How loyal is a hungry 🐕...?

Joe Biden Blasts Trump's Lynching Impeachment Comment as 'Abhorrent'--But in 1998 Warned Clinton...

Getting royally pissed off is a bad thing only if it is caused by something trivial. If getting cut

"The Obama administration has been the most lawless in U.S."

How important that McConnell contradicted Trump today?

Brexit in one photo!

Ahhhh!! I remembered it!

Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary on Twitter. Gets slammed by respondents.

TX-28: Ocasio-Cortez endorses Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar's primary challenger

Why is MA on a list of states with the most restrictive abortion laws?

Oh my. Ann Telnaes.

Can Bill Taylor's testimony today have the same result as John Dean's testimony in 1974?

"Sadly, Mr. Lupner was born without a spine."

...Trump Inaugural Committee Donor Agrees to Plead Guilty to Multiple Federal Crimes

UH-OH: New Trump Tax Docs Show FRAUD

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! October Surprise!

Bill Taylor risked his career to defy Pompeo and testify today.... Let's give him his props!

Would Trump make a deal?

Majority of Americans have cried over money, study says

The Eloquent Silence

Mitch and the boys should rethink those flag pins.

Reading word for word quotes of Trump's pronouncements often puts me in mind

Trump should visit the Lynching Museum if he thinks he's been "lynched"

New York Times changes story admitting they misquoted Clinton saying 'Russians' were 'grooming' Tul

Eastern Orthodoxy: "Lord, have mercy on us all!"

Lindsey Graham loses it while defending Trump's lynching tweet

Wait... what? Jeb said something I agree with?

The Arab Spring rose up to fight corruption, repression, inequality and austerity.

If tRump is impeached and removed, what happens to his campaign money?

So when Sondland told Taylor that he erred when saying no quid pro quo

Go Nationals!!!

Minnesota Democrats lead push to protect confidentiality for abuse victims

NY times admitted misquoting Hillary, and where have those folks gone condemning Hillary for it?

Abandoning Open Skies: Trump Would Be Squandering More of Our Security Inheritance

I have hopefully come to the end of worthless mindless things I have sought after,

They Taught Rats How To Drive

If it ALL comes to deal making to end this shit, would you

I know this stuff is serious but it tickles me to listen to

Why Does the U.S. Have Nukes in Turkey, Anyway?

Trump's company removes his name from Central Park ice rinks ahead of skating season

The moral obligation of our time is to restore, rebuild, and respect the backbone of America--

Trump's toadies are apparently not versed in the code of mob communication

In investigating an OP question about trump campaign cash, I found this horrifying article:

Maybe the impeachment inquiry can get Giuliani to flip

Daily Caller asked all 53 Republican Senators about Trump impeachment. Only 7 gave a "hard NO."

Real Time with Bill Maher guests this week:

Here's What China's Yutu 2 Rover Found on the Far Side of the Moon (Photos)

After Today's Testimony By Taylor - Any Repug In The House Or Senate That.....

Shows you have to watch when visiting parents?

Business Insider: Joe Biden suggested Bill Clinton's impeachment was a 'partisan lynching' in 1998

Former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says she left post because 'saying no' wasn't enough

Catch Rachel on the rerun. Well worth it.

Wow. AG William Barr met in July with Dmytro Firtash's lawyers dIGenova/Toensing to discuss his case

Buying Colombia's local elections: a user's manual

I can't wait to see all the apology threads.

Trump administration unveils new water rules for California

North Koreans straining to meet 220 lbs of poop per able bodied citzen per year mandate

Police chief skipping Trump's 1st Chicago visit as president

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Strom Thurmond would be very proud of Lindsey Graham today..."

This is Totally Not Mitt Romney's Secret Blog, WINK WINK (Ferret/Shower Cap)

We should be prepared to give House Dems more time re. Impeachment

Danes move 120-year-old lighthouse back from eroding coast

Six members of global insider trading charged in Manhattan.

For you DU

Rachel Maddow says Trump's attacks on Bill Taylor are doomed to fail. (tweet vid)

Something not political to wonder about:

Scary thought...

Automation Nation

Actor Alec Baldwin campaigns for Virginia Democrats

Ted Lieu: Double quid pro quo in Trump's deal

Which Democrat can make a US Senate Race from Idaho competitive?

When the Republicans turn on Trump, it will happen all at once

St. Paul Mayor Carter receives threatening, racist messages on trash debate; police investigating

Adding this to my previous post. Please do not receive what I expressed as a

David Shire - The Reascent Of Man

The more I review the Taylor statement, the more punched in the gut I feel.

Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey

In homage to the Kurdish women who fought ISIS, by Nancy LeTourneau.

Pecos Credit Union C.E.O. and Former State Employee Sentenced to Federal Prison for Financial

'The whistleblower is no longer relevant, we are way way beyond that now'

Tweet of the Day

Financial Adviser Pleads Guilty To Running A Multimillion-Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Donald Trump will be in my town tomorrow

how much more is needed for impeachment?

Jacob Wohl's latest target? TED CRUZ!

Kurt Eichenwald statement

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground

The Daily Show: Bill Weld's 2020 Primary Challenge Against Trump

Does anyone think the GOP is NOT grooming Tulsi for a 3rd party run?

Who would have thought a few months ago there'd be a possibility of a bipartisan House impeachment

Brian Williams' Huge Bias

Halloween Is Coming #111

Halloween Is Coming #112

Halloween Is Coming #113

Halloween Is Coming #114

Halloween Is Coming #115

Middlesex County Woman Admits $1.7 Million Bank Fraud Scheme

Seth Meyers: Trump Will No Longer Host G7 Conference at His Florida Golf Resort - Monologue 10/21/19

Is something up with Trump?

Graham to introduce resolution condemning House impeachment inquiry

Miko Oyang on Brian Williams show using the word extortion.

Former Senior UAW Official Pleads Guilty to Taking $123,000 in Bribes and Kickbacks

They had a working cannon!

They had a working cannon!

Seth Meyers: Amber Ruffin Addresses Donald Trump's Lynching Comments

Former Executive Assistant Pleads Guilty in Connection with Embezzling Over $3 Million

I don't care who or when it was said!

Turkey's Lobbyists Had Deep Access to Trump White House

They tell you not to cry.

Police believe body found in landfill is missing Birmingham girl

Rachel at it again tonite, and on fire.

this disturbing evangelical video


Two plead guilty to participation in a Ponzi scheme involving $2.5 billion in transactions and

Let me set you straight, Dotard

She Has a Plan: Warren talks anti-corruption and wealth tax in Ames visit

Discarded knob Matt Whitaker slithers onto Fox, holds his own impeachment trial, exonerates Trump

Estheticians don't have to wax male genitalia against their will, B.C. tribunal rules

"If we are doing this with Ukraine-..."

Borowitz: Trump Offers ISIS Fighters Group Rate at Doral

Sondland in danger of perjury charges? From whom?

Genome editing retraces the evolution of toxin resistance in the monarch butterfly.

Global Millionaires--Just 0.9% of Population--Now Own Nearly Half of World's $361 Trillion in Wealth

Trump Attacks Obama As He Spends 283 Years Of Presidential Salary On Taxpayer Funded Golf

Another park is closed...😭😂

Nine Inch Nails - Corona Radiata

New nonprofit entity will have at least three full-time reporters covering state government in Iowa.

Republicans say no way to Evers' special session on gun control

trump tweet storm in progress

Lindsey Graham Plans to Introduce Resolution Condemning 'Illegitimate' House Impeachment: 'Should Be

Might Trump be willing to bargain away his presidency to avoid impeachment and imprisonment?

Montana Supreme Court Strikes Down Missoula Gun Ordinance

Police release bodycam footage in controversial arrest of woman on bicycle

Eastern Orthodox ☦ Church: Holy Prophet Amos, Pray God for Us!

Uh..Ronna 'McDaniel?' You DO Remember That Your Last Name Is ROMNEY, Don't You?

New Mexico issues final ruling against youth migrant shelter

☦"Holy Prophet Amos, Pray for Us!"☦

Grandma Winnie, 100 years old, just has one wish!

New York Times changes story admitting they misquoted Clinton saying 'Russians' were 'grooming' Tuls

Arpaio Pushes to Erase Conviction Pardoned by Trump

Exxon Mobil Climate Change Lawsuit Kicks Off In New York

Once a point of pride, Trump name reportedly scrubbed from New York ice rinks

Dear God,

Seven little penguins, rescued after being attacked by a dog, have been released back into the ocean

OMG... John Lithgow doing Rudy (on Colbert) is AMAZING!

Abby Finkenauer fish fry attracts 8 presidential hopefuls to Cedar Rapids for November event

Scientists fired by Trump warn particle pollution standards don't protect people

US envoy to Syria testifies that "dozens" of ISIS fighters have escaped after Trump abandoned Kurds

Minority contracting program plagued by lax oversight, government watchdog says

Michael Bennet pitches health care plan that's cheaper than Medicare for all

Jennifer Rubin thinks Pence will be POTUS.

Support for impeaching Trump soars among independents: poll

Trump announces disgraced Republican tied to Giuliani henchman as campaign chair in key battleground

If they bring Sondland back, could he ask for immunity?

Jo Ann Zimmerman, Iowa's first female lieutenant governor, dies at 82

Oh dear, Sarah Kendzior doesn't appear to be a Gabbard fan...

The Investigation Into Rudy Giuliani's Associates Has Widened

Remains of Kamille 'Cupcake' McKinney found in Alabama dumpster

Can members of the Trump cult be deprogrammed after the leader falls?

WARREN Joins Striking Chicago Teachers Rally, 'Everyone In America Should Support You'

Blood pressure drugs work far better if taken at night, study shows

Hong Kong legislature formally withdraws extradition bill that sparked mass protests

houndmouth - darlin (live kexp 2015) - the colder the heart ... the warmer the gun

I've been waiting for this moment all my life...

Bezos floats 'national team' to build Moon lander

Walked by a poster for the new Terminator movie

Holy crap that's a scary group picture

Poor toilet hygiene behind E. coli superbug spread

☦️ "Hymn of Love (Ο Ύμνος της Αγάπης) in the Christianic Orthodox way"

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/22/19

Orthodox Prayer for Departed Souls

Stephen Colbert - Guest John Lithgow: Trump Has Turned Our Comics Into Geniuses

genesis - like it or not (studio - 1981) - it's been a long, been a long long time ...

White Folks "Embarrassed to Admit" They Just Learned About Tulsa From "Watchmen"

39 bodies found in Essex lorry container

Breakfast Wednesday 23 October 2019

Russia-Africa Summit: How Putin Is Challenging the U.S. And China in New Continental Race

It is well to remember that Ukraine is literally the battleground

Winds of change: the sailing ships cleaning up sea transport

Britain was built on the backs of slaves. A memorial is the least they deserve

This is bananas: Prosecutors flagged possible ties between Ukrainian gas tycoon and Giuliani associ

Emmet Otter reboot by "Brait"! (where's the braid, Brait?)

Vance v the Con - So DUers who else will be listening to the Oral Arguments

Google Claims a Quantum Breakthrough That Could Change Computing.

Once a point of pride, Trump name reportedly scrubbed from New York ice rinks

NYT corrects its story on Gabbard and Hillary; they misquoted HRC

Using the death of 39 people in Essex for Brexit purposes in 3..2..1...

Phoenix police officer involved in viral video stop of couple fired

Trump's Ukraine Scheme Was Too Crazy Even For John Bolton

New Quinnipiac poll: 55 percent of voters approve of the impeachment inquiry, the highest yet.

Donald Trump is not fit to be President.

ALERT! New GOP impeachment talking point

Essex (UK) Police: 39 people found dead in lorry container

CNN Poll: Biden's lead in Democratic primary hits widest margin since April

*NEW* CNN (A- Rated) Poll - Biden 34%, Warren 19%, Sanders 16%, Buttigieg 6%, Harris 6%

SC-Sen: Susan Rice On Pod Save America, "Lindsey Graham (R) Is A Piece Of S@#$"

How 'Strange Fruit' Killed Billie Holiday

AI gets taught to play hide-and-seek... and breaks the game.

OCT 26 at 3PM Sen. Sanders - Nevada People's Presidential Forum via Video Feed .

Bobby D on Newt: JFC. Why are we still putting this lowlife on TV?"

Please submit your nominees for the 13th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

I lost my cool at lunch yesterday

Steve Bannon launches radio show and podcast on impeachment

Strange Fruit 2019

NY State Fraud Trial Against Exxon Mobil Begins;Heart Of Case Rests On Fraud, Double Sets Of Books

"The Empowerment Alliance" - Another "Grassroots" Gas Campaign Full Of Dark Money & GOP Operatives

USDA Inspector General Starts Investigation Of Suppression, Censorship Of Climate Science

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed (One of them, grab some rocks and try hitting again)

10AM ET Judicial Hearing before DC Appeals Court as referenced by TRMS: **Listen HERE**

I want someone of prominence

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney endorses Elizabeth Warren for president

Shhhh! Don't tell drumpf but he only has 61 million followers and Obama has 111 million.🤣🤣

Recently two people recommended Charles Todd as a historical mystery writer. **POSSIBLE SPOILERS

Wednesday TOONs - Avoiding Even the Appearance of Propriety

*** OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST First Round Voting - Thread 1 of 3 - Vote once in each thread! ***

Newport opens city roads to ATVs, marking a milestone in regional debate

*** OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST First Round Voting - Thread 2 of 3 - Vote once in each thread! ***

GOP therapy for Syria

*** OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST First Round Voting - Thread 3 of 3 - Vote once in each thread! ***

On the women who fought the Islamic State's territory -- and won.

The bombing of Black Wall Street was not an isolated incident. It was part of a national campaign of

What It Will Take for Israel to Avoid an Unprecedented 3rd Vote

Trump's newest asinine defense:

Will Trump shut down the government to fight impeachment?

Nature: Arctic May Now Emit More Carbon In Winter Than It Absorbs In Summer, But More Data Needed

*** OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST First Round Voting - 3 threads - Vote once in each thread! ***

*** OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST First Round Voting - 3 threads - Vote once in each thread! ***

Scientists have trained rats to drive tiny cars to collect food

Phys.Org - Northern Peatlands May Hold Twice As Much Carbon As Previously Thought

Kim Ji-young, Born 1982: Feminist film reignites tensions in South Korea

Sonny Criss was born on this date.

When Claire McCaskill first started on MSNBC, I was pretty 'meh'.

Katie Lee was born on this date.

Pardoning Trump for Obstruction Would Be a Big Mistake

'A Game Changer': Andrew Yang Explains How He'd Give Every American $1,000 Per Month

'A Game Changer': Andrew Yang Explains How He'd Give Every American $1,000 Per Month

Trump 's D.C. hotel abruptly cancels Christian aid group's Kurdish solidarity event

Did Trump just admit to attempted Quid Pro Quo via tweet !?!?

Fisherman at Dawn

Until the Orange Goon is REMOVED; he may still play with Nuclear Weapons

Get your nominations in for this year's Right Wing Evil Awards

39 bodies found in back of a lorry in UK - 25 year old driver arrested..

Bribery and Extortion

"It's a shame that we defy our president".

Trump's "Where's the whistleblower" is like saying "Chicago burned, find the guy who made the match"

If the 737 MAX is finally released, will you fly on it?

Crazed, Desperate Trump Calls Constitution "Phony"

Loony Lindsey Graham FLIPS, Backs Trump in Syria Debacle

The MSM is jushing a new narrative: Dems looking for someone else

On course for a General Election, this strategy could almost write itself...

This is awful.

Trump, claiming 'big success' in Syria, to make White House statement

China 'draws up plan to replace Carrie Lam' as Hong Kong protests drag on

Elizabeth Warren demands answers from US government after CNN's Yemen investigation

Missing West Point cadet found dead, officials say

Trump housing plan would make bias by algorithm 'nearly impossible to fight'

@RepCharlieDent: "My nose is not a heat seeking missile for the president's backside!"

Kim Jong-un orders razing of South's 'unpleasant' Mount Kumgang buildings

And a high school classmate on FB just dismissed Cato as a "liberal blog"

Halley Jackson, MSNBC: Trump will be live at 11 AM ET to "bring his message to the American people"

You raised $45.20 on October 22, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Pentagon official (Laura Cooper) handling Ukraine and Russia appears in impeachment inquiry

Four Airline Attendants Arrested in Laundering Charges. (bringing in illegal money)

I *LOVE* the fact that Bill Taylor has not resigned as US envoy to Ukraine

Listen to the oral arguments in Trump v. Vance live NOW

People thought it was cute when I was little and would pull my diaper off and run around naked.

I need some advice.

Guy rescues very pregnant dog from the middle of the woods!

And the Asshole Of The Day Award goes to.....

We don't need "someone else" to enter the race

Trump administration let nearly $11 million in student aid go to unaccredited for-profit colleges

Trump administration let nearly $11 million in student aid go to unaccredited for-profit colleges

Ginsburg wins Berggruen Prize for 'thinker' whose ideas changed society

Do you have a favorable opinion of Tulsi Gabbard?

I am listening to the court hearing on trump's taxes. Trump's lawyers are making the case that poor

Republicans DEMANDING Transparency for investigation of all Trump's SECRET DEALS!!

Matt Gaetz being his usual drama llama self:

Handy, colorful calendar noting deadlines, depositions, and Jacob Whol's arraignment??!

Betty Bowers on Hannity's sources:

NYC, California Sue Post Office Over Cigarettes

There is no greater advocate I have in my life than my sister; says Beto O'Rourke

Honey, we have some bugs in the backyard

McConnell said: (paraphrased) "I don't have the balls to answer that question, go away"

Which one of Trump's thousands of lies bothers you most?

Accusing people of working for Russia has a very ugly history in US politics.

Sevier Co. commissioner says 'queer' running for president is 'ugly'

Trump administration sought cuts to programs aimed at fighting corruption in Ukraine

Richard Engel: President Trump calls this a US success?

Who are the Republicans that are allowed in the SCIF?

I think that we are getting SS raise of a couple of dollars

An Italian Journalist presented Mike Pompeo packet of dog food , requesting him to consume it thrice

Ex-Russian Olympics official who drew wrath of Putin arrested by ICE in South Florida

An overlooked Bill Taylor revelation hints at worse to come from Trump


1,000 KM Maglev Rail line for 600KM/per Hr. train in China

Do we still want businessmen running the country?

House Republicans trying to physically disrupt deposition

14 protesters arrested in downtown Pittsburgh ahead of Shale Insight Conference, Trump visit

CNN poll: Biden wins the "enthusiasm" factor! A record level of enthusiasm heading into 2020

Significant statement from extremely-cautious Republican senator - GOP Whip Thune

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency issues urgent BOLO notice.

Firtash Lawyers diGenova and Toensing Scored A Rare Face-To-Face Meeting With Barr

The asshole soon speaketh,

Trump's attorney just said Trump could NOT be criminally investigated if he shot someone on 5th Ave

Wtf. Bill Posey is a Republican pushing that we should say vaccines are dangerous on FB as free

Apple deleted a Hong Kong protest app. What does it mean for democracy around the world?

Fuck Gaetz & Scalise for today's Trump-ass-kissing publicity stunt. Have a drink and chill, Matt.

What panic looks like"

The Rundown: October 22, 2019

Webcomics Weekly #58: Myths Busted and Substitutes (10/22/19 Edition)

It's hilarious watching ReTHUG Senators condemn the Con's approach

"'The White House is not to be trusted right now,' Mattis said

Cyclist who flipped off Trump running for local office

Can't they get that slug presentable for his address?

I have a nice bottle of Merlot and I will take a drink everytime drumpf blames

It's official: republicans are actively subverting the Constitution in real time:

Contradicting Trump, Ukraine Knew of Aid Freeze Before It Became Public

DEMS are debating right now whether they have Cap Police drag the HOUE GOP out of the SCIF...

I think our golden retriever needs glasses

CNN LATEST on "Impeachment Inquiry"

If republicans are attempting to bring in electronics today, doesn't that

Trump Taxes: Judges Seem Skeptical of Bid to Block Subpoena for Returns.

C-SPAN Video: Trump Delivers Statement on Turkey-Syria Border Ceasefire

When Bolton calls it a "drug deal".....

My heart (and head) are with E. Warren

Kid tricks NBA cameraman into showing 'Stand With Hong Kong' T-shirt

Trumpty Dumpty is at the podium

Trump's lawyer tells Judge Denny Chin that if Trump were to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue....

Trump lifts sanctions against Turkey

Klobuchar climbs in the recent CNN poll

He's lost it

Russia now controls the Middle East.

"A small number of ISIS fighters, relatively speaking, got out, and most of them have been captured"

The Pokemon Impeachment!

Putin Cuts Deal as U.S. Withdraws

Putin Cuts Deal as U.S. Withdraws

Trump lifts Turkey sanctions, calls ceasefire in Syria "permanent"

So We're pulling out of Syria, but we're taking "the oil"

Someone cut that fucker off !!!!! nt

My morning calisthenics courtesy of an idiot...

Betting my LEFT NUT that MILLER wrote this ENTIRE SPEECH.

House Republicans stormed the hearing room where Pentagon official was testifying

When the history books are written about this month...

Trump delivers another isolationist and divisive rant.

Rep Ted Lieu to the Donald: The Ukrainians are not stupid. Nor is the American public.

Fox News website doesn't mention Fox News interview where Whitaker admits WH abuse of power.

I predict a lot of litter.

Contradicting Trump, Ukraine Knew of Aid Freeze Before It Became Public

Trump says "he the fixer"?

"a wise man who stands firm is a statesman, and a foolish man who stands firm is a catastrophe."

CNN poll: Biden leads the race--15 points ahead of Warren. His widest margin since April

I am so confused!

I hope the committee lets the roque GOPer's right out of the door they came in and still

Barr might release his "review" of the origins of the Russia investigation as impeachment peaks

Well, Lindsay is going to be "very mad now"?

Jeff Tiedrich strikes again on twitter!!!

"Repubs took cellphones into the secure area, which is a huge violation"

Pence's Remarks at the Heritage Foundation Honors Gala. Issued on: October 23, 2019

Venezuela exodus set to top 5 million as long-term needs grow, officials say

Majority of Independents repulsed by Trump.

I'll bet Lorne Michaels is ringing John Lithgow's phone off the hook

Dick's CEO Ed Stack reportedly testing a 2020 presidential bid

I wanted pass out frozen chicken patties for Halloween this year

When the steering wheel freezes

Netanyahu fails again to form new Israeli government, opening door for political rival


Can the GOP toddlers be sanctioned for this tantrum?

Venezuela's gas shortages stall ambulances in their tracks

SCIF: Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Republicans Try To Spy For Trump By Sneaking Recording Devices Into Impeachment Hearing

Vice President Mike Pence and Mick Mulvaney being drawn into Bill Taylor's testimony

All this is so "laughable", but yet all I can do is cry!

In court hearing, Trump lawyer argues a sitting president would be immune from prosecution

Why the Gaetz et al SCIF stunt is a VERY serious national security problem

It appears the reports of Biden's sudden demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Matt Miller: the perfect encapsulation of the GOP's current attitude towards the rule of law.

Someone please give us a drawing of rethugs throwing a tantrum led by Gaetz!

Hmmm. Multiple violations of security protocols, extreme recklessness with classified materal...

Looking for Hope in All the Wrong Places

Pete Buttigieg on workers and unions:

Mieke Eoyang breaks down why the GOP breach of the SCIF is a national security outrage

I demand a recount-Louie Gohmert vs. Gaetz-who is the dumbest member of congress?

Adam Laxalt is going to be statewide campaign chair for Herr Marmalade

GOP source close to McConnell: "This is shaping up to be a very dark moment for the Trump WH"

Concerning SCIFs: In my current job, we have contracts with the Dept. of Defense

At-ten-HUT !

Everything Trump touches turns to shit. (Or is infested with bedbugs.)

Trump reaches end of legal rope on 'executive immunity' excuse

I'm a little leery about add ons to my computer, but this one has me intrigued

I'd love to see Warren & Biden just talking.

Trump's ENTIRE Syria lie-fest from moments ago, summed up in one screen grab.

Trump is slowly going around and around,

This was always my favorite Schoolhouse Rock. We the People

Matt Gaetz led a group of Republican staffers into the SCIF. With their cellphones.

Remains of three-year-old girl found in dumpster

North Dakota lawmaker refuses to cede position after controversial Omar post

Support for Trump impeachment rises as 59% say he pursued personal interests in Ukraine, poll finds

Are the Thugs still having their "SCIF Sit-In"..? I can't find latest news...where's the POLICE?

Republicans storming the hearing room:

Daily Kos, Trump on Obama: 'They could impeach him' ... 'they could've killed him'

Monmouth SC Poll: JB 33 (-6), EW 16 (+7), BS 12 (+2). KH 6 (-6)

Gaetz et al. are STILL in the room... eating pizza.

You've been visited by the Halloween moose. May god have mercy on your soul. (Twitter)

Rep Demmings shouts back at Republicans yelling at Schiff

Is The Invasion Of SCIF Cover for Espionage?

Refracturing likely to be next big trend for Bakken

Matt Gaetz, and every non-authorized Congressperson in that secure room,

Shameful stunt continues: gop members eating pizza in room.

More than 45 House Republicans already have access to depositions thru membership on committees

I was thinking "has anyone compared Trump's argument to the argument of Charles I" and of course....

Unprecedented times we are living in

Remember, Gaetz was under Ethics Probe for Threatening Michael Cohen

On MS NBC this morning...

Eichenwald: There will be consequences...

Trump: "Now people are saying, 'Wow. What a great outcome. Congratulations'" (Nobody is saying this)

A Very Serious National Security Issue....

Paul Krugman's sobering tweet...

Storming of the SCIF. So far, I've identified four of the jerks who did this. Anyone else have

Meanwhile, Rudy's goons claim fake executive privilege...

this is my 400th post.

Just Started Watching The "RBG" Documentary.

GOPers sropped Deputy Asst Secy of DOD Cooper's testimony, won't leave. Way to block impeachment?

Gaetz and Walker trying to cover their asses after live-Tweeting from SCIF

Not that it really matters, but that thing will see it, ARREST & ARREST THEM is trending on Twitter.

Pete Sessions chief of staff, Caroline Boothe, has been subpoenaed by SDNY. "She fully intends to c

Phoenix fires officer who pulled gun on parents over doll 4-year-old took from dollar store

Reminds me of a Bond villain who makeup there own rules...

Doug Jones is the Senate's most vulnerable incumbent. But he doesn't seem to care.

CNN's Chris Cillizza Declares Joe Biden Loser After He Opens Huge Lead on Elizabeth Warren

Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang at Post Live

I was just in a fender bender

A gaggle of the electorate venerates the puerile. This is a problem.

A dangerous propagandist...Steve Bannon

About the "Political Stunt of Storming a Hearing." Looks like Trump's idea to me..

I just explained to Trump the Turkish violations of the truce that would not have been possible....

Mattis said he'd 'rather swallow acid' than watch Trump's military parade

When you have a lawless president, you will have lawless followers.

So, if Trump is innocent?

The republican stunt involving the SCIP is more frightening than it seems.

Biden takes +2 lead in The Economist's Primary Polls tracker

Trump: "Watch out for Never Trumper Republicans, though on respirators, they are human scum!"

"If you have facts on your side, pound the facts..."

Swalwell on the GOP stunt

This seems telling

Republicans storm closed-door hearing to protest impeachment inquiry

Just to be clear, the GOP is not excluded

NEW: Trump had advance knowledge and supported a protest by Republicans who told him they planned to

Trump had advanced knowledge & supported protest by Republicans in SCIF

Flood Concerns Carry Into Wednesday For Two Washington Rivers

Resources to file a Bar complaint against Matt Gaetz:

Trump lawyer says president Trump couldn't be prosecuted for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue

Zuckerberg, in Washington to Talk Cryptocurrency, Gets Grilled on Everything

YouGov Poll: Warren slips

White House Aides Feared That Trump Had Another Ukraine Back Channel

Is barging into a SCIF with cell phones

White House Aides Feared That Trump Had Another Ukraine Back Channel (former top Nunes aid)

Official's homophobic slur ignites explosive reaction against Tennessee tourism hot spot

Virginia Republicans are running the same racist ads from 2017.

Fired North Dakota police chief under investigation for alleged misconduct, civil rights violation

Rudy Giuliani associates Parnas and Fruman face arraignment in campaign finance conspiracy case

Big surprise: the president is a liar.

"Guys who know how to fight will hunt down Democrats and kill them".

How Long Did Trump Speak

"Eli". If you want the crap scared out of you!


Trump is ordering Republicans to defend him at all costs.

Why 1 million children were kicked off Medicaid

1/4 of House GOP already have full access to depositions b/c they are on the relevant committees:

What the GOPer did today.....

The Supreme Court needs to stand for the rule of law soon...

*NEW* Marquette Law (A rated ) Wisconsin Poll - vs Trump: Biden (+6), Sanders (+2), Warren (+1)

Surprise, SURPRISE...Trump conspired with Republicans to stage today's Gaetz / Scalise shit show.

Republicans now say they didn't bring cellphones into secure area. Except there's footage they did.

Republicans trying to stop government from working...ala Gingrich

CNN reporting that GOP SCIF Stunt is intended to send a message to House and Senate GOPers.

South Dakota Democratic Party struggling with finances

Senate GOP blocks three election security bills for second day

Are republicans blind to how dangerous the Con is to the world..?

Hackers use e-skimming to hover near online shopping carts

Katie Porter grills Mark Zuckerberg, challenges him to work as a fb moderator

StormTrumpers invade the SCIF.

Chinese state TV refuses to air NBA opening night

WaPo reporter: "the House Sargent at Arms just walked into the SCIF"

The founding fathers never envisioned a political party protecting a lawless president...

Nats win Game #1

NEW -- House Minority Leader McCarthy's office had advanced knowledge & supported protest by Republi

What's next after Johnson's goal of Brexit on Oct. 31 fades?

Is there a list of repubs that broke the law by storming the deposition today? n/t

Tweet of the Day

Trump's claim he boosted incomes by $7,000 differs from actual data

OTD in 1973, a Republican Attorney General Elliot Richardson made it clear to the nation that....

NEW -- Surprise in court: Lawyer for indicted Giuliani associate ties his case to Trump himself. Say

Is Lady Bird Johnson the most underappreciated First Lady in modern history?

Does internet have up pic of GOP mob with people labeled? Like with FL2000 mob??

The GOP officially entered into Brownshirt territory today

Here's the quid pro quo proof, Lindsey Graham

Sondland seeks to align himself with Taylor after bombshell testimony

What is the main newspaper in Florida's first congressional district?

Republicans Disrupt House Impeachment Inquiry, Delaying Testimony From Pentagon Aide

If Trump is allowed to get away with this stunt....

When you can't defend the crime and criminal, attack the trial and the judges

Boeing replaces executive who oversaw 737 Max, other planes

A Visual History of the #YangMediaBlackout

Trump Backed GOP Plan to Protest Inquiry: Impeachment Update

The Con and McCarthy greenlighted the illegal republican takeover of top secret facility...

AOC calls out the criminals and traitors

VIRGINIA - Applications for Mail Absentee Ballots Due Tuesday, October 29

The consequences of Rep Matt Gaetz and the Merry Morons in storming a SCIF:

Arrest them, for fuck sake ARREST THEM! Do what THEY would do if YOU did it to them!

WATCH: Anti-Trump protesters arrested in Pittsburgh ahead of the president's visit...

McCarthy argument.....'Trying to rape someone is not rape'

New York City Bar Calls for US AG William Barr's Recusal in Ukraine Matter

Republicans committed a federal crime...

GOP lawmakers scramble to backtrack after realizing their SCIF stunt broke security protocols

Julien Baker-Sprained Ankle. Released 10/23/2015

Washington State AG Ferguson to EPA: Don't degrade water quality, deny states rights

Virginia - Are you ready to vote?

Heh Marco, better get the story straight...'oil fields securely in USA hands'

White House says it will halt New York Times and Washington Post subscriptions after Trump meltdown

*NEW* Marquette Law (A rated) Wisconsin Poll - Biden 31%, Warren 24%, Sanders 17%, Buttigieg 7%

The House passes a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal felony

Colbert Gets A Surprise Visit From Rudy Giuliani

Trump boasts he's using the US military to steal oil

Tlaib to endorse Sanders at campaign rally in Detroit

Bradley Byrne is my representative

'Human scum!' Trump issues threat against Romney and other moderate Republicans as impeachment talk

GOP instigators are gone. SCIF is secure. Deposition may resume this afternoon.

Hey boog a woman said you were rude

Parnas claims using Giuliani as a lawyer gave him executive privilege

Man with "Jesus Saves" race bib collapses with heart attack, is saved by fellow runner named Jesus.

Cartoons 10/23/19

Trump's Remarks on the Situation in Northern Syria

Were the Republicans who stormed the closed hearings trying to intimidate the witness??

What Is Rep Matt Gaetz Trying To Achieve? - What's His Angle?....

Enough with the quid pro quo...

Outrage in Brooklyn over brown hanged figures...

Indicted Giuliani goon fingers Trump by invoking executive privilege

Per FOIA request, State Dept ordered to begin producing Trump-Ukraine documents within 30 days

Chuck Schumer...

Don't fall for the LIE about closed-door hearings -- that the R's can't question witnesses.

Matt Gaetz's stunt backfired

Meth heads with cannons!

The Big Cons day so far...

Breaking: Hearing in SCIF is starting that the GOP lawbreakers have been removed

Care to comment on Gaetz's district main newspaper article on their illegal storming of the scif?

Judge orders State Department to release Ukraine records in 30 days

New York City Bar Calls for US AG William Barr's Recusal in Ukraine Matter

Susan Collins Will Oppose Controversial Judicial Nominee Steven Menashi

Destroying Evidence? Rep Gaetz deleted tweet he illegally sent from inside the House SCIF

Beto Smacks Trump's Sh&*-Eating Smirk Face

Heading into the SCIF, who's the guy with the yellow tie and what is that thing he's holding up?

Ex-Tennessee Gov. Bredesen introduces renewable energy firm

The Rude Pundit: Note to Republicans on Impeachment Hearings: C'mon. We All Know What Happened

The Cons motive...trivialize the process, and we don't need no badges

On storming the ramparts Dam Matt gaetz and freedumb caucus and gop

Cooper deposition NOW UNDERWAY. FUCK you, Gaetz. Scalise, and your orange enabler

The President of the United States latest tweet:

Beto Smacks Trump's Sh&*-Eating Smirk Face

Here's my take on the purpose of the GOPer SCIF Stunt.

Pentagon's Ukraine expert resumes impeachment testimony after Republican protest causes 5-hour delay

Cost of STAR Academy Refit Challenges Noem, Budget

3:25 p.m.: Cooper testimony begins after five-hour delay

Post Tortoise

"I'm still mad as hell"

Dump, via tweet, directed govt officials to apply political test when hiring for fed jobs (ILLEGAL)

Needing Something to Do, Bryon Noem Takes Up Blogging on State Dime

Very interesting question from latest Quinnipiac poll:

Is it me or does Mark Zuckerberg sound just like Steven Miller?

Question. Don't we have the technology to block cell phone and other comms from the hearing room?

Katie Porter questions Mark Zuckerberg (she is excellent, he is not)

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 23, 2019

Potato Chips

Chad Wolf under consideration for Homeland Security top job

OK. Who killed freerepublic?

Deal for Wyoming mines called best-case for idled miners

Quinnipiac Poll: Support for impeachment inquiry reaches 55 percent

Reading THE INSTITUTE. **Possible spoilers

this is all I could think of when I saw that picture of Matt Gaetz...

The most important number in the CNN 2020 poll isn't the one you think it is

An update on the crackpot GOPer who was going after Ilhan Omar:

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: THUGS break into 'Grand Jury Room' and threaten National Security

Call their bluff

Nicole Wallace said that the moron himself likely

Just wondering, what does trump store in his eye bags?

In Dump v Vance case, lawyers arguing Dump immunity extends to his businesses

'Pottymouth': Trump presides over a coarsening of American politics

Does anyone know the names of all the Repub's who were with Gaetz?

What has the msm reaction to house republicans stunt?

Good Music can be anything. The best music is just 3 chords and the truth

GOP senators acknowledge the picture being reported is "not a good one."

Pet Runs Away From Home And Gets Stuck Inside His Mom's Car

Stunning rainbow enchants Washington, heralds Nationals' World Series win

Oklahoma judge blocks new abortion law from taking effect

"This is shaping up to be a very dark moment for the Trump White House."

The 'blob': Paris zoo unveils unusual organism which can heal itself and has 720 sexes

7 reasons to stop hating pigeons.

Pittie copies everything his parents do 💓

Has Pelosi commented on the stunt?

GOP unveils new plan to rip health care away from 12 million Americans

William Taylor's testimony should be game over for Trump

John Cornyn's bill to address gun violence doesn't actually address gun violence

Maryland AG sues Kushner company,thousands of violations while renting rodent-infested units

Crooks Brothers Riot

Trump to promote withdrawing U.S. from Paris climate accord: source

Cummings lies in repose at Morgan; visitors pay respects

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-16: Bed Bugs & Broomsticks Edition

Trump announces BOLD STEPS to curb the flood of immigrants crossing the Colorado / Mexico border.

Priest Does The Kindest Thing For The Stray Dogs Around His Church

Just look how needy Trump has become

If Trump knew or helped plan the Republican obstruction of an impeachment investigation...?

12 of the Republicans in the stunt today can ALREADY go to the depositions...

Dems issued subpoena for Laura Cooper because Defense Dept directed her not to appear today

Al Gore With Important Reminder

Indicted Giuliani Associate Ties Case to Trump

Maryland AG sues Kushner-owned apartment company over alleged 'deceptive' practices, rodent-infested

Trump administration sues CA over state climate pact with Quebec

Kimmy thinks Herr Orange will keep his word about ethanol

House Homeland Sec Cmte Chairman asks sergeant at arms to "take action" against Republicans

Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Barr, Mulvaney, Perry, Rudy, Sondland and others.

BREAKING: Homeland Security Committee Chairman Pens Letter to Sergeant-at-Arms asking for action

AOC just made Mark Zuckerberg look like a deer in headlights.

tRump Attny: Prez can even shoot someone on 5th Ave, cannot be investigated or prosecuted

Ezra Klein tweet:

MSNBC announces four all-star female moderators for November debate

Orthodox: Psalm 117, for all who are troubled today in the current environment...

Who has qualified for the November Democratic debate

We Have Now Arrived At The Logical Endpoint Of Trump's Immunity Argument

Trump Cancels White House Subscription to "Highlights" Over Anti-Goofus Bias

Important reminder for DUers in certain states (including mine):

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wins $1 million award for championing human rights

NY City Bar association calls on AG Barr to recuse himself from DOJ issues of Ukraine investigation.

Tad Divine now working for Yang.

Must Be Said Out Loud.

The corporate media wants you to think our campaign is over. Let me be blunt:

Luckovich-This will distract from Trump/Ukraine

The corporate media wants you to think our campaign is over. Let me be blunt:

Ukraine-Gate. The media labels everything, but they haven't labeled this.

For Weird Al's Birthday Today, What Is Your Favorite Song Of His?

yank their committee assignments

Wayne State offers free tuition to Detroit teens who graduate high school

AOC makes Zuckerberg look like the total dipshit you think he is...

Matt Gaetz's undies are in a bunch as he denies speaking with Trump about the ambush.

GOP cowards:

Sen Patrick Leahy - Fun With Sharpies

"Imagine, if you will ....."

Voter enthusiasm for 2020 off the charts

David Axelrod: Trump campaign to smear @JoeBiden has had the OPPOSITE effect

Nancy says, "If you want to get this over quickly, then you had better straighten up."

Ted Lieu: 'Republicans acting out like childen, don't want quid pro quo testimony'

SPJ trademarks 'fake news' and sends Trump a cease and desist letter

So my son and I did early voting today for our regular local election. Since son is blind I get

Can someone explain how the stunt was resolved today, for

Dog Will Do Anything To Distract Her Dad From Playing Video Games

Many Who Stormed Deposition Are Allowed to Participate

Roasted Chicken Legs

Honestly he's just not even trying any more.

Vanilla Isis.

Here Comes Bernie!

So much winning!

Yang and Sestak at our local NH town dem fall dinner

New ad from Republicans for the Rule of Law will be promoted on Fox and Friends

Beto O'Rourke, ripping Trump with an expletive, defends comparison of administration to Nazi Germany

Beto O'Rourke, ripping Trump with an expletive, defends comparison of administration to Nazi Germany

Question on House rules

DeGette, she gets it.

TreyGhazi's remarks after kicking Darrell Issa out of a Benghazi deposition:

Harry Enten: so this is a good poll for her (Warren)

'Human scum:' Donald Trump has harsh comments for 'Never Trumper' Republicans

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 24 October 2019

Ari Melber on MSNBC is laying out the Bribery case

The Florida Bar's disciplinary complaint number is 1-866-352-0707

We love Yeli!

Fun Beatles cover


Little Lindsey: Gaetz stunt was "a peaceful protest, not a GOP version of Occupy Wall Street"

Shutdown of nuke plant has a surprising stinging consequence

'We lost New Mexico to Mexico': Internet breaks into hysterics over Trump wanting to build border

Let's identify one truth: Pelosi and Schiff are brilliant for not taking the bait.

Giuliani henchmen caught on tape doing statewide tour for Indiana Republicans during 2018 election

Trump's lawyers claim the president is an elected king

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are going to win to regain control.

Hey Rethuglicans:

Quite Relevant

I'm sticking with my prediction. There will be no trial, the Republicans will force Trump to resign.

with the fracus going on in dc this feeble brain of mine now finally computes .

does anyone recall ever hearing twitler say- 'do us a favor'?

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: Lights Out - episode "Little Old Lady"

Trump campaign scoops up Biden's Latino voter web address, trolls his voter outreach

SC senators amend 'fetal heartbeat' bill to remove exceptions for rape, incest (CBS)

Tweet of the night to Frum:

In 'The Ghosts Of Sugar Land,' Friends Reflect On Muslim Life In Suburban Texas

Sunset series at beach

"I am not a crook"!

McConnell prepares for impeachment

Our nominee with choose a VP early

Judge tells State Dept. to begin producing Ukraine records

Mrs Betty Bowers nails it

Former temporary AG Whitaker is such a fool!

Graham nixes plan to send Pelosi letter warning GOP won't convict Trump

Why Gaetz' SCIF stunt is a VERY serious national security problem

I swear, if Trump and Gaetz were characters in "The Life of Brian", they would be

Chileans go on strike as protest death toll hits 18

Elder mother-in-law refuses to move to assisted living

Chileans go on strike as protest death toll hits 18

Sanders and Warren Take Aim at Taft-Hartley

Want to strike a blow? Dump facebook.

Matt Gaetz and his band of brothers broke the law today.

Victory Fund Endorses 25 More LGBTQ Candidates for 2019 and 2020 Races

MLB umpire tweets about buying assault rifle and civil war.

Latest tweet from Adam Schiff

Is Lindsey Graham Strom Thurmond's Smithers?

Support for Trump impeachment rises as 59% say he pursued personal interests in Ukraine, poll finds

who quit Facebook?

Normal people get fed up over things like slavery, double standards, messed up healthcare, etc.

When Trump went to his Irish golf club, the cops were charged more than $100K

Trump is trying very hard to restrain himself from attacking Mitch McConnell...

Trump Demands 16 More Years In Office During Speech In Pittsburgh

Major league umpire Rob Drake tweeted "I will be buying an AR-15 tomorrow,...

Sevier Co. businesses worried about calls for boycott


Im Guessing Pelosi will release a statement tomorrow

What if

As some Houstonians pay $1K for WS seat, homeless residents earn $5 an hour to park their cars