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Bye, Tulsi. tucker carlson is a fan. That's all I needed to hear.

Christine Pelosi to Trump: You misspelled "Melania..."

Full Buttigieg: 'Our Lives Depend' On U.S. Credibility Meet The Press NBC News

Buttigieg Contest

Tonight in N. Syria while US forces are withdrawing 'Thanks for US People but Trump Betrayed Us'

Republican held US Senate seats Democrats are going to win in 2020.

Hillary Clinton Appreciation Thread

Woopsie, trump appears to be losing the Military

Is this true? Mueller requested funding through Sept (2019) but then suddenly ended probe

If RFK was seeking the Democratic nomination today,

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: The Haunting Hour



Mitt Romney's Trump Indictment

Can I still update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free? nt

Christine Pelosi shames Trump on Twitter

Does anyone know if MSNBC is having a special tonight?

Big Pharma Paid 700 Doctors Over A Million Bucks Each. Tell Us Again How Single-Payer Is Too Pricey?

For vulture fund CEO Paul Singer, it seems having $3.5 billion is not enough.

Long Article from Huff Post- States that Tulsi May Have Hare Krishna Connections.

Congrats Abby

Barr stopped this important testimony ....

Trump Your lips are movin

Trump called into Mulvaney's Saturday Camp David meeting and asked aides about Doral...

OK Ari Melber - either shave or grow a beard.

Halloween Is Coming #101

Halloween Is Coming #102

Halloween Is Coming #103

Halloween Is Coming #104

Halloween Is Coming #105

Gaslighting gets difficult when corruption is obvious...

Pompous Pompeo lives in an alternate reality....


Photo of Trump with his fake tan removed by photoshop:

Tiddlywinks...checkers is tooo advanced...

Richard Blumenthal...

Tulsi Gabbard advertises on the Drudge Report.

Malcolm Nance....

Find time to listen to the music:

Help Me -- Joni Mitchell

Another campaign promise lie...

An interesting observation about bias against Harris

Happy belated 100th birthday, theremin!

Nate Silver...

Bus, meet Rudy

Election 2019: Pennsylvania Democrats in position to flip State Superior Court this November


mewithoutyou - In a Sweater Poorly Knit

Sessions screwed up on McCabe firing...Barr for the cover

My prediction: Trump will end up like that South Park episode

Rob Reiner...

TPM Marshall "Downfall #1" (he discussed trump's increasing failures)

I think the reason Trump backed down about holding the G7 at his resort

Need canning advice

Fighting ISIS from Iraq...What about our allies...?

Graham Open to New Evidence on Impeachment

Chris Murphy...

Tulsi Gabbard echoing Hare Krishna philosophy..hit link and watch (posted by pnwmom)

It's possible to avoid 3 trillion/year "taxes" for M4A

Andy Borowitz: The Life-Changing Magic of Impeaching Trump The New Yorker Festival

That flushing sound you hear?

Condolence to Nancy Pelosi and her family.

Malcolm Nance says Tulsi's NOT a Russian "asset"

From my Twitter feed: Nancy Pelosi statement on the passing of brother Tommy.

ROB REINER: Elected members of the GOP have eyes & ears. Now they just need balls.

Trump Department of Justice writes letter in support of firing gay teachers

LA TIMES Editorial: Donald Trump, the worst, most dangerous president in modern history.

Stay safe my fellow North Texans

Evening everbody

Bear Who Spent His Life In A Cage Is Thrilled To Play In Snow

Wait, what? NYT: LOSER45 thinking of leaving about 200 troops in eastern Syria now?

Oh those weary Republicans!

Active tornado in North East Dallas has moved into the suburbs.

Perfect response to "trump is in the hospitality business"...

Romney outlines a broad indictment (nonlegal) of Trump.

"People need to hear ALL of it!" concise summation of the last 3 years of Trump

Swalwell scorches Kevin McCarthy as GOP readies to censure Schiff.

Should this be a concern (posts elsewhere about third party candidates)

Why we should impeach and remove President Trump

"After 184 years, Cherokees seek House delegate seat promised in treaty"

Erdogan's Ambitions Go Beyond Syria. He Says He Wants Nuclear Weapons.

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats are definitely going to win.

Houston mayoral candidates discuss flood prevention, illegal dumping and Harvey recovery

Showered in blaze of bullets, upscale Mexican neighborhood in shock after cartel assault

Trump's Allies Craft List of Potential Mulvaney Replacements

Trump reversed course on hosting G-7 after learning that Republicans were tired of defending him

Mick Mulvaney's bad week just got worse

Justice Department Distances Itself From Giuliani

wow. Slate "Eric Trump: "Sickening" How "Every Family in Politics Enriches Themselves"

Wendy Davis married.

Nothing to Hide

Please read "Treason and Betrayal The Rise and Fall of Individual -1", by Kenneth F. McCallion

Fox host calls out Mulvaney to his face for lying about quid pro quo

(Jewish Group) How non-Jews can help Jews feel safe amid antisemitism

Democratic US House Members from Congressional districts that has a PVI +10 or higher Republican.

Wow. A Netflix movie about capitalism. What a cast. The Laundromat.

(Jewish Group) Orwell's evolving views on Jews

(Jewish Group) San Diego students required to take ethnic studies

Esquire: "We're supposed to believe that the Russians hacked into voting systems but did nothing..."

(Jewish Group) Tree of Life will reopen as a 'center for Jewish life in the US'

Dallas DUers? Everybody okay?

I worry that if Trump survives the impeachment trial we could be in even worse danger than now.

(Jewish Group)Like many European Jews living under threat, I am forced to conceal my Jewish heritage

Diverse Progressives Vie For Local Elections Around Iowa

Mitt Romney operates a secret Twitter account where he defends himself against critics, slams Trump

Russia state TV host praises Tulsi Gabbard, attacks Hillary Clinton.

Tweet of the Day

Clear and Present

Star voting....

Can Democrats win Republican held US Senate seats in 2020 in most Republican states.

If I were your shadow (first draft)


Orthodox Christian ☦ Supplication for Pets and Creatures in the Wild:

AOC takes her Bernie voters over to Warren.

Orthodox Christian ☦ Belief for the Redemption of Not Only Mankind But Also of Animals:

Amash: Trump's using troops 'almost as mercenaries'

Trump misspells his defence secretary's name in rambling rant about securing oil in Syria

Orthodox ☦ Christian St. Cyril of Alexandria

MDOT director: State might need gas tax hike 'closer to 80 cents'

Vote the GOP bums out!

Trump reversed course on hosting G-7 at his club after learning that impeachment-weary Republicans w

'There Is No Hope': Crisis Pushes Haiti to Brink of Collapse

Julian Castro speaks with Democrats Abroad - Oct 22

Trump Said to Favor Leaving a Few Hundred Troops in Eastern Syria

Bolivia elections: President Evo Morales may have to face second round

NWS confirms a tornado touched down in Dallas

Tulsi Gabbard is funneling campaign-money to her former religious community.

In an interview, why did Tulsi twice pass up the chance to clearly disavow help from Russia?

The Light of Christ. It illuminates but also burns.

📺 MONDAY CBS: NikolenDC asks AOC about similarities with BernieSanders despite a 48-year age gap:

In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace

Michigan marijuana social equity program favors college towns

The Green Homes Guarantee from @AOC and @BernieSanders is smart policy and an effective 2020 issue

Kroger ban harms communities

Brexiters would support Chairman Mao, Fred West or Thanos if they delivered Brexit, says new survey

Dozens of new websites appear to be Michigan local news outlets, but with political bent

I quit over two years ago.

Meryl Streep as Donald Trump is the best thing on the internet right now...

Speaker Pelosi goes to Afghanistan

Toad disguises itself as deadly viper to avoid attack

US SpecOps forces jeered in Syria: "America liar! Fuck Turkish! Fuck America!"

Trump admin issues new crackdown on immigrants with health insurance mandate

Elise Jordan, on Morning Joe, expressed her disappointment in former stand-up guy Mulvaney

Storm with high winds, dune-swallowing waves set to lash Michigan again

BREAKING - CNN Morning Briefing: "Impeachment Inquiry"

Happy Monday!

Hmmm, probably not...

Harvest time in Mid-West.

What will be your first post when you hear than the Con is leaving the White House

Monday TOONs - Speakers can get Hazardous Duty Pay, right?

Zuckerberg Has Advised Buttigieg on Campaign Hires

Chile protests: Five dead after looters torch garment factory

Researchers find wreckage of two Japanese aircraft carriers sunk during Battle of Midway

The Democrats should adopt the theme "RESTORE" for the 2020 elections

Swiss Greens Nearly Double Vote Share At Expense Of Hard-Right People's Party; Now #4 In Parliament

Poll: Iowa caucuses are 'up for grabs' as Pete Buttigieg surges into top tier

53 years ago, today, 116 children and 28 adults died in the Aberfan (Wales) disaster.

Cave of the Crystals or Giant Crystal Cave (Spanish: Cueva de los Cristales)

Buttigieg closes on Biden, Warren in Iowa: poll

Karma at the drive-through window:

Despite International Treaty, No Sign That Oil Majors Will Remove Old N. Sea Rigs, 11K Tons Toxins

Video: CBS This Morning Interview

CBS This Morning: Could AOC be Bernie Sanders' running mate? "I think I'm too young for that," ...

America is being held hostage by a bloody madman -- and he's in the White House

Same-sex marriage and abortion to become legal in Northern Ireland for first time

"Results." A very entertaining little Indie film

Full-On Collapse Of Northern Reindeer Herd In Siberia; From 43,000 In 2017 To A Few Thousand Now

At Least 15 Dead In Collapse Of Dam At Illegal Siberian Gold Mine;

Stones and rotten fruit for the withdrawing US force. What a farce this has been

Some "inconvenient truths" for the dead-enders who STILL support Trump:

NEW: The private Instagram account of Lev Parnas reveals new clues about his access to the Trump fam

Trump Wants Loggers to Tear Through This Pristine Forest. If It Happens, the Ecosystem Will Be in Ch

CNN's new "political consultant" is---SEAN DUFFY? Why not just give Trump an open mike? nt

Man in MAGA cap arrested for attacking anti-Trump protesters with bear repellent

Ohio counties, drug firms reach $260 million settlement in opioid epidemic case, averting trial

'A life-threatening situation': Dallas tornado devastates homes, leaves thousands without power

Typical...........risk life and limb for the oil but innocent women and children are on their own.

Poppies, Dandelions, Dasies Blooming Above 70N In Melting, Collapsing Permafrost

After Barr Released Mueller Summary-Parnas Posted Photos from CELEBRATORY DINNER w Trumps Legal Team

Evil always has a plan...

I'm still undecided

Trump tweeted "censure Adam Schiff for what he

Small appliances--which do you use?

Constitution Talk With Your Host, Rudy Giuliani -By Tom Tomorrow

Happy 79th Birthday to Manfred Mann!

Honest question for the undecideds of this forum.

Where, oh where, has the gravitas gone? It is time we found some grownups to lead the free world..

Is Donald Trump going to "self-impeach"?

Toobin, re: HRC emails- "As a journalist, I regret my role in blowing this story out of proportion."

Attorney general disciplinary hearing begins Monday

Have any of the most vocal "never trumpers" indicated how they plan to vote down-ballot?

U.S. Is Quietly Reducing Its Troop Force in Afghanistan

Dallas tornado lightning show from jet

Elizabeth Warren Unveils $800 Billion Plan to Reshape U.S. Public Education

The juxtaposition between ProChoice and ProLife in a nutshell.

Mark Zuckerberg Has Quietly Advised Buttigieg on Campaign Hires

Why was Sen. Chris Coons absolutely speechless today on Morning Joe?

Cracks appear in Trump's Republican firewall

Happy 79th 🎂 Manfred

Bulletproof memorial to Mississippi civil rights icon Emmett Till replaces vandalized sign

Lara Trump SHOCK: Americans Are Ignorant

Jimmy Carter and Bernie Sanders show age is no obstacle when it comes to serving

Should Uber & Lyft Drivers Earn $30 per Hour?

I followed someone else's tweet link & had to post this other tweet because it's too cute:

G7 Leaders Propose Alternate Location To Meet With Trump

CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell's ratings in freefall

Breakfast Monday 20 October 2019

How Would a Trump Impeachment and Removal or Resignation Affect the Primary Race?

A US damm stops river flow at the Mexican border

TPM: How We Ended Up With The Myth Of The Evil Labor Union

Purdue prof, wife plead guilty in $1.3M scheme, pocketing federal research money

Warren says she'll soon detail costs of her health plan

A nasty tornado did massive damage in the Dallas area.

Trump interrupted his first Pentagon briefing in 2017 with a little freestyle riffing on...Trump.

October at the Beach

So, here is a plausible path forward for Lindsay G.?

October 21 - Happy Birthday Mayor Kate Gallego (D) Phoenix

Year of the Home Run ends with arms race in the World Series

Kamala Harris hosts town hall in Aiken

Kamala Harris hosts town hall in Aiken

I thought Trump never changes his mind?

ISIS Reaps Gains of U.S. Pullout From Syria

Am I the sea - Whale pixs

I found a LES from 1986 my army pay

Dear Santa,

Researchers find second warship from WWII Battle of Midway

Doral has gone from "at cost" to "free."

Impeach is growing and other updates...

New Iowa Suffolk poll: Undecideds up nearly 40% since June. 63% of Decideds could change.

Supreme Court tosses challenge to Republican-drawn Michigan electoral maps

Trump claims Saudis paying for 2-3k US troops: White House would not explain what Trump meant...

Glenn Miller - American Patrol

Warren's Senate record (with lobbyists) doesn't exactly match her campaign rhetoric: Politico

Dizzy Gillespie was born on this date.

Kamala Harris says Trump's Twitter account should be suspended

MSNBC just played a montage of news personalities trying to bait Dem candidates on Gabbard.

Richard Engel: US officials tell me Trump wants to wash his hands of responsibility for the Kurds.

Investigating the investigators of the investigators...

Jr. Trump gets a calling for the top dog!

he's motioning to Putin to do what?

Trump is Cersei Lannister in the book, "A Feast for Crows"

New poll shows Klobuchar doing better than any other candidates against Trump in Minnesota

BREAKING: UK Parliament speaker rules government can't ask lawmakers to vote again on Brexit deal

Why did Mueller wear such soft gloves in this investigation?

Lindsey Graham Calls Trump An 'Equal Opportunity Abuser Of People' But Still Stands By Him

angry North #Syrian people are sending msg to @realDonaldTrump in 6 languages

Federal land employees were threatened or assaulted 360 times in recent years, GAO says

A few pixs of fat squirrels

Bercow refuses to allow 'meaningful vote' on Brexit deal today

Dog Is VERY Concerned When Her Favorite Toy Gets Washed

Startling Giant Times Square Ad Shows Marine Vet With Hogtied 'Trump'

Another anti-Muslim group to host event at Mar-a-Lago

Quick, call 911!

Kurdistan? It's a real place, but without a nation.

The Guardian: Judge says Assange extradition to proceed without delay.

"Does this mean that Trump had people on the payroll of the Russian mob working on his defense?"

I'm really enjoying what Jeffrey Dean Morgan is doing with Negan on "Walking Dead."

2014 photo of Trump and indicted Lev Parnas taken in Doral at Ivanka fashion show.

If you hear a porcupine talk, it's time to put the weed down.

Trump seeks to head off Republican fury to prevent another disastrous week

Whole30 Becomes First Dietary Program to Commit to Comprehensive Animal Welfare Standards

Women At Ernst & Young Instructed On How To Dress, Act Nicely Around Men

Mathew Miller: Parnas and Fruman, recently indicted, were members of Trump's legal team,

700 Doctors Were Paid More Than A Million $ By Drug & Medical Cos, 'Dollars For Docs'; ProPublica

Now why did this childhood poem spring into my mind?

TRussia's Sunny Isle, Florida. Not beholden to Russia? my ass.

MAGA-True meaning read today

Body Language Expert Dissects Iconic Pelosi/Trump Photo

The Rundown: October 18, 2019

Ha Ha!

What's your favorite video about Yang?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 22: Motown

Buttigieg does best among Iowans who watched the 4th Dem debate

Want Trump removed? New data shows Fox News is a huge obstacle.

Is San Francisco really America's most liberal city?

Lev Parnas is on the legal teams of both Trump AND of indicted Russian Dmitri Firtash,

An urgent email from @JulianCastro camp - calling for $800,000 by Oct 31

Julian Castro announcing he needs to raise $800,000 in thede next 10 days

Not all old white men ... letter to the editor (not mine)

'Farm Vs. Factory' Food Safety, New Resource from Food & Water Watch

The real reason for Trump's decision was because some G7 members had security problems, they were...

Elvin Bishop has a birthday today.

Tally of current endorsements (Senators, Representatives, Governors) for major candidates:

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 23: TCM Spotlight: Short and Sweet

Steve Cropper has a birthday today.

Fox News is not a news network. It's a training ground for Trump dead-enders, poll shows

Healthcare: "how will you pay for it?"

Most boring job you ever had...

Amy Klobuchar says she's catching on at exactly the right time

A-rated SurveyUSA NATIONAL poll: Biden 32%, Warren 22%, Sanders 17%, Harris 7%, Buttigieg 5%,

Losing to Democratic frontrunners in Minnesota

CNN hired Sean Duffy, who immediately pushed conspiracy theories that CNN had already debunked

Coloring book for MAGAts LOL

The many phases of my late roses, all in one photo

Cruise Line Bans Idiot For Life

Video: VA House GOP Candidate Suggests "Commonsense" "Ankle Bracelets" for Women Getting Abortions

Hillary should have avoided the word "asset,"

Search continues for missing West Point cadet

Discussions about healthcare options by Democratic Presidentical Candidates

So very very Goebbels.

Rep Smucker, co-sponsor of censure against Schiff, received contributions from Fruman

Inside Trump's First Pentagon Briefing

Mark Zuckerberg is offering hiring advice to Pete Buttigieg

Mulvaney has crossed Jared!

Syrian residents pelt retreating US troops with food and insults

trump won't protect the Kurds, but he's sending troops to protect oil fields.

Trump Supporter In MAGA Hat Carries Out Vicious Pepper Spray Attack During Peaceful Liberal Protest

California city returns island taken from native tribe in 1860 massacre

Lev Parnas' Private Instagram -- Giuliani, Trump, Melania, and First Family (video report)

Harry Enten on the Iowa Polling

Warren unveils K-12 education plan that skewers unequal funding

Ten Useful Korean Slang Terms X 2

Fowl language: Amazonian bird's mating call noisiest in world

Fowl language: Amazonian bird's mating call noisiest in world

When this is over, there will be two types of people

Prosecutors can't show Godfather II clip at Roger Stone trial, judge rules

Dozens of new websites look like they're local news operations in Michigan. They're not.

Trump: "I'm surprised that (Democrats) allow me to give up my $400,000 Plus Presidential Salary!"

Well, the Cabinet meeting is going swimmingly:

36 hours later and Trump....

Trump's airing of G7 grievances continues, wondering why no one has "scrutinized" Obama.

When will Pierre Delecto join DU? 😆


Brexiteer hypocrisy over Bercow ruling...Well they were fine with this last time...

George F. Will: Sinister figures lurk around our careless president

Andrew Yang's speech to the DNC

Black Leaders Demand Facebook Answer For 'Disturbing Civil Rights Violations'

Trump, to reporters during Cabinet meeting: "You people with this phony Emoluments Clause"

Proposals for Free Public Colleges are Popular with Democratic Primary Candidates

Elizabeth Warren Slams Amazon For $1 Million Donation To Change Seattle City Council

18th GOP House member announces retirement a day after saying he may back impeachment

BREAKING: Netanyahu returns the mandate for forming the government to President Rivlin.

Here's how House impeachment witnesses describe elements of Trump's Ukraine policy

Trump impeachment probe to focus on more key witnesses this week

...This is leading to a time of great danger...

Netanyahu fails to form new Israeli government; rival Gantz poised to take up the challenge

He's insane. TPM ""You people with this phony Emoluments Clause" and More from the Crazed Prez"

'C'est moi': Mitt Romney admits to running secret Twitter account under the alias 'Pierre Delecto'

TPM "Lev Parnas' Private Instagram Has Multiple Pics With Giuliani, Trump and First Family"

Trump's money machine triggers Democratic alarms

MSNBC? Why are you breaking in with trumps

The Millennial Urban Lifestyle Is About to Get More Expensive

Trump FOAMING at the mouth ....Right now.

WikiLeaks founder Assange appears confused at extradition hearing

Trump said he had "25,000" at his Dallas rally, which was held at a 20,000-capacity arena.

Democrats better be wary of supporting these endless wars

NWS Confirms EF-1 Tornado Touched Down In Shelton Friday

If there is a God...Please God Save us from this madman.

Facebook: Russian trolls are back. And they're here to meddle with 2020

55% of Democratic primary voters are considering casting their ballots for Elizabeth Warren

I've been in Singapore for a few days.

Trump: "I get more promotion more than any other human being that's ever lived"...

trump just said that Miami Airport was "one of the biggest airports in the world, maybe the biggest"

Diplomats describe all-time low in morale at State under Trump

White House Moves Testing Republican Support for Trump

ROFL... Trump having a meltdown . Watching on MSNBC. He is whining about everything

'A president should be allowed to run the country without this crap'... don trump

Anybody listening to Trump drone on and on. Talk about delusional.

It's like watching Death of a Salesman IRL, in our White House...

Who listened to Trump's press discussion held "just moments ago"?

Cadet missing after extensive search, took assault rifle with him

(NOLA) Saenger Theatre manager pursues class-action suit against Hard Rock Hotel developers

After that insane presser in which the Kurds were described as having just been dependent

538: No one is getting many endorsements

Hey Donny, I guess that phony Emoluments Clause is in that also phony Constitution.

Washington state to vote on affirmative action referendum

Why Can't We Do To Putin What He's Been Doing To Us?

"Watch what he does - Not what he says".

Grifter President Decides Hosting G-7 at His Own Resort is Too Blatant a Grift, Even for Him

This is totally trivial, but I love Stephanie Rhule's dress today.

The Trump Administration seeks to cut, drill and gouge wild Alaska

'Trump sold them out': Joe Biden hits the president over Syria troop withdrawal

The 2020 general election campaign ads.

Cartoons 10/21/19

"we found a photo of young men posing with guns... how we found out exactly who they were."

Trumpers harassing young female interns of Nancy Pelosi.

Jill Wine-Banks is wearing a kangaroo pin today...

What evidence do these a$$holes have about a DNC server in Ukraine?

No, We Won't Just 'Get Over It'

I was told by my younger brothers brother in law am a disgrace to army for my service I'm proud

Indicted Giuliani Goon Buddy Parnas IG Shows Close Ties To Trump

Sign seen as US troops leave Syria "Trump betrayed us"

Rescue dog can thrive thanks to her four prosthetic limbs

Trump: "There probably wasn't an informant. Maybe the whistleblower's informant was Schiff!"

GOP co-sponsor of Adam Schiff censure resolution received donations from Giuliani's arrested Buddy

The Trump Kids Probably Need To Stop Talking For A While

The Intergalactic Laxative

THE LAUNDROMAT: New Movie About The Panama Papers Scandal, International Finance

C-SPAN: Trump Cabinet Meeting, October 21, 2019

Glenn Kirschner: "He (Trump) announced that their (servicemen) sacrifices mean nothing."

Classes canceled a 3rd day amid Chicago teacher strike

Opinions CNN's Jeffrey Toobin -- again -- expresses regret for his Clinton email coverage

Mick Mulvaney is not stupid. He's an example of a highly-educated person whose only real...

Pompous Pompeo got his hypotheticals mixed up...

US takes step to require DNA samples from asylum-seekers

US takes step to require DNA samples from asylum-seekers


Little drummer boy

The latest evangelical cray...

As Long As Trump Is Given A Forum By MSM To Spew His Lies...

Speaking of idiots!

Rather than take a principled stand before an international audience, Mattis stayed silent

Thai king strips consort of titles for 'disloyalty'

Happy 222nd Birthday USS Constitution!

Lebanon says enough...

Mooch to Mulvaney...Resign & Lawyerup

Chile's president extends state of emergency after deadly riots

David Frum...

U.S. Takes Step to Require Asylum-Seekers' DNA

Opening day set for Planned Parenthood's new Illinois clinic

The Best of the Edward Gorey Envelope Art Contest

We miss you already...R.I.P.

Mexico will arrest kingpin's son provided public not at risk: president

Pence's Remarks at the 2019 International Astronautical Congress Opening Ceremony

Mexico will arrest kingpin's son provided public not at risk: president

Trump Defends Tulsi Gabbard from Clinton Attacks

SCOTUS throws out anti-gerrymandering case?

Social media, AI, China, and the West.

Chile Declares State of Emergency Amid Riots Over Income Inequality

Trump says it is foregone conclusion he will be impeached in U.S. House

(Global) Economic Momentum is Fading Almost Everywhere

Around the world, women are taking charge of their future

Blaming the Dems for the Doral reversal. So he's admitting that they have power over him......

The Con calls our constitution phony...

Trump urges GOP to 'get tougher and fight' impeachment as Pelosi details his 'shakedown' of Ukraine

To fill teaching positions, Aztec looks towards contracted teachers from the Philippines

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'The Doors Remained Open as a Man's Voice Came Over the Speaker'

Agent Orange doesn't know if Jill Stein likes Russians

Let's get this straight, Trump didn't ask Ukraine to investigate the Bidens!

Build your own house with these lego-like bricks.

Why Aren't More Democrats Endorsing Warren? FiveThirtyEight

FDA approves Medtronic's 'artificial pancreas,' the world's first

" people with this phony Emoluments Clause..."

Trump claims he's the victim of 'phony emoluments clause'


Liquidity concerns...

US may now keep some troops in Syria to guard oil fields

Is Trump getting worse? No, he's always been awful. There's another explanation for why we're....

Steve Schmidt returns...!

Northern Ireland set to legalise abortion and same-sex marriage

Northern Ireland set to legalise abortion and same-sex marriage

Trump is retweeting bizarrely false numbers from @bennyjohnson

Singer Brandi Carlile drops out of Fortune event over Kirstjen Nielsen's appearance

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burman at it again. Today's target: Ted Cruz

281 lobbyists working for the Con...!!!

Fox News Guest Says $50 Million Not 'As Big As You Think.'

Neither can the Big Con...


On this day, October 21, 1972: Watergate wasn't going away.

'Trump is thinking outside the box': Graham now 'impressed' with White House handling of Syria


MSNBC chyron: "House Dems zero in on "abuse of power" impeachment focus"

Meanwhile, the Cons AG on a fishing expedition for conspiracy theories...FUBAR

Northern Ireland to legalize same-sex marriage and abortion

Quid pro quo

Prime editing could treat 65,000 diseases...WOW

We should send a DVD of this to every leader who would have attended the G7 at Doral:

Perspective: "The media has turned a corner and is normalizing Trump less,

Dementia in football: Ex-players three and a half times more likely to die of condition

Joe Biden's health plan looks like the winner

The Incredible Shrinking President

Trump's Homeland Security Picks not eligible

No one shows up to Joe Biden debate parties

Women At Ernst & Young Instructed On How To Dress, Act Nicely Around Men

Women At Ernst & Young Instructed On How To Dress, Act Nicely Around Men

Rudy WHO...

Interesting Thought: "Most of the people who are currently at Democratic Underground would

Marvel Comics Universe movies: Good dumb fun or despicable? Let the quibbling begin!

Ted Lieu ...

China overtakes US in rankings of world's richest people

Trump: US never agreed to protect Syrian Kurd allies 'for the rest of their lives'

Ben Rhodes....

The ? Of the day....Which republican will renounce the constitution..?

This RawStory photo of Dump is perfect for his insane meeting today:

In honor of my 1000th post here at DU, I would like to talk about my personal heroes

You raised $126.00 on October 20, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Pause and listen to both versions of this song - Dutty Man

Marco speaking truth to power...?

Trump: "A friend of mine, who's an attorney, said "Did you know this call would be..."

Castro says he needs $800,000 in 10 days or campaign is over

Transgender Track World Champion Defends Her Human Right--To Race

Separation of church and snake: Ben Carson opens Cabinet meeting w/ a prayer for Trump

Pentagon draws up plans for quick Afghanistan withdrawal just in case Trump blindsides military

Trump's first lie.

Mannix Theme Song -vs- Rockford Files Theme Song

In 1964 My Dad Sold His Car So He Could Go To a Marine's Funeral

Abusive North American Companies Pay Off Latin American Police to Harass Critics

A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, military academy says

Upside down and sideways!

Democrats see impeachment proceedings taking longer than some initially expected

Trump's cabinet meeting meeting only lasted 71 minutes!

In Rare Appeal, Federal Judge Begs Senators To Fill Vacancies On His Court

Palisades Fire in Los Angeles burns more than 30 acres, threatens homes

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Didn't Just Endorse Bernie Sanders

Now I'm pissed! Totally geeked for Season 21 of Silent Witness only to find out I'll have to

Did you know Captain Bone Spur......

Tentacle drones (short video)

Well, this week is going to wild one!

New deep-water coral discovered

Trump: "The good news is "Never Trumpers" are dying off fast. They're on artificial respiration."

"I'm Willing to Fight for Someone I Don't Know": Sanders Speech Becomes Viral Rallying Cry

Jennifer Rubin: Pete Buttigieg is punching above his weight.

I was certain the Russians owned trump.

The CIA confirmed that Trey Gowdy altered documents to frame Hillary Clinton.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 21, 2019

We don't have meltdowns, we cause them

Pelosi releases 'fact sheet' saying Trump has 'betrayed his oath of office'

Anyone work in a customer service call center?

Exclusive to Rising: Ryan Grim shares excerpts of his conversation with AOC and Sanders

Trump Calls The Constitution Phony While Comparing Himself To George Washington

Trump considers self in "hospitality" biz? Guess that's why he maliciously slanders HRC...

Nicolle Wallace: "Trump has been told by close associates... that he will be impeached and..."

When trump was campaigning, I remember him saying we went into Iraq and

Trump is like dog shit on your shoe

Nicolle Wallace said that Trump has been informed by associates that he will be impeached.

Nancy. She said...

Trump's Homeland Security Picks Are Not Eligible

I wish that Trump hadn't caved on Doral

Howard Shore - The Exhibition

Russian Trolls Are Back for 2020

Woodworking question

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Question: Why are the "loose end in front of the toilet paper roll" people such Nazis?

Russian Hackers Masquerading as Iranian Hackers

Donald Trump doesn't know anything about George Washington or American History.

White House personnel director told Trump that Cuccinelli isn't eligible for DHS chief

This election should be about one thing: Character

Schumer warns Intel officials that Trump could expose whistleblower

Leaked document may implicate LKP leader Hwang Kyo Ahn in martial law plans

10/22 Mike Luckovich: Backstabbed

Researchers grow muscle cells on edible fibers (Harvard Gazette)

Indicted Giuliani associate joined DeSantis on last-minute campaign swing

Would the single charge of "Abuse of Power" be more powerful than twenty-four charges?

O'Rourke says Trump's rhetoric is "perhaps inspired by" Nazi Goebbels

O'Rourke says Trump's rhetoric is "perhaps inspired by" Nazi Goebbels

G7 gets lucky. Trump's Doral bedbugs won't be spread around the world

Not an excuse, but, perhaps, an explanation.

I like presidents that do not give our forward ops bases to kremlin

Seth Abramson weighs in on how many articles of impeachment democrats should bring.

Giuliani and Ukraine

When I see the Mango Mussolini performing for one of his rallies and waving his hands and gesturing

The Freshman Democrat Who's Making Conservatives Squirm

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: The Inner Sanctum - another one

Listen up my dears..anyone else worried about all the money the Trump campaign has this time

Mulvaney faces uncertain future after public gaffes

Is it possible this administration is afraid to bring the troops home?

Watched a you tube video on changing

Washington Post-Opinion: Democrats cannot win in 2020 merely by turning out the base

Innuendo Studios -- The Alt-Right Playbook: How to Radicalize a Normie

Good grief- I thought we left this bullshit behind in the 1950's...

Pierce: Donald Trump's Televised Cabinet Meeting Was Another Nutty Episode

Says he's 'the one that did the capturing' in Syria

Amy Klobuchar compares Elizabeth Warren to Trump

What are the ethnic demographics in Queens?

I think one of the main reasons Trump can't stop whining about the G-7/Doral thing is

"You people with this phony emoluments clause."

Four Important Presidents - Robert Redford Richard Nixon Abraham Lincoln George Washington

Menendez: A few troops isn't going to change fact that we've outsourced our foreign policy to Russia

Dahlia Lithwick: Lindsey Graham Isn't Breaking From Donald Trump

Wrong post in wrong forum by another soul lost in wilds of DU

Welcome back Tweety

On tonight's @NewsHour: Judy Woodruff interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders

Democrats kill GOP effort to censure Rep. Schiff over impeachment inquiry

On tonight's @NewsHour: Judy Woodruff interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic and Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 likely to flip.

It was SO great hearing commentators today rave about how perfectly Pelosi's handling impeachment

Trump's shifting narrative on Adam Schiff

Calling all night owls: Orionid meteor shower's Monday night peak to dazzle stargazers

BREAKING: Bernie backs up Gabbard (This, to me, completely disqualifies Bernie)

Heavy rain will cause 'significant' rise in western Washington rivers

Trump Rages Over Republican Defections as Democrats Press on Impeachment

Vote on Republican motion to censure Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff -218-185.

White House Personnel Director Tells Trump Top DHS Picks Are Ineligible

The number of workers on strike hits the highest since the 1980s

BREAKING: Madison school district rescinds termination of staff member Marlon Anderson

Facebook takedowns show new Russian activity targeted Biden, praised Trump

Semi-collision blocks all of I-5 traffic near Olympia

Chris Matthews is back

She didn't lose.

Canada votes in election that could see Justin Trudeau lose power

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard served her country in Iraq.

The worst quote in American History will be

Facebook takedowns show new Russian activity targeted Biden, praised Trump

Decided to take a break from political posts....

Has anyone ever tried Belsomra for insomnia?

Pittsburgh Public Safety: Traffic will be 'major concern' Wednesday for T-rump's visit