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Halloween Is Coming #96

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Halloween Is Coming #100

Disappeared in El Salvador: The return of a Cold War nightmare

Disappeared in El Salvador: The return of a Cold War nightmare

'I am back': Sanders tops Warren with massive New York City rally

Russia's propaganda machine discovers 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard

Cher offers to cover legal fees for fired security guard

Federal Judge Declares GOP 'Poll Tax' Unconstitutional, Says State Can't Restrict Right to Vote Base

Five inanimate objects that are more useful than Mick Mulvaney. Feel free to add to the list.


People who are okay with our level of income inequality remind me of people who are okay with...

Ted Lieu reminds Kenn Starr about what really happened during Whitewater.

Ted Lieu to Ken Starr: Stop revising history. Stop lying to the American people

Charles Koch Is Funding a Campaign to Kill Food Stamps and Medicaid

Some are suggesting that David Duke hasn't really endorsed Tulsi, because

British writer has thoughts on why the British don't like Trump

Little girl being interviewed at Green Party event in canada today. She was about 7.

So - has anyone talked about the #YangMediaBlackout here?

Bette Midler

Trump Issues Proclamation For "Character Counts Week"

What the hell was THAT?!

I have been posting some really dark ass music lately

Interesting chart on drug toxicity

Not going to use Doral for G7# trumpisacrybaby

BREAKING: G7 will not be held at Dorale.

Beto defends Tulsi.

Trump tweets that his Doral golf resort in Miami will no longer host next year's G-7 summit after cr

I had a funny feeling that Graham is playing both sides!

"....tremendous problems, tremendous problems, with joe biden's son and ukraine..."

Lord have mercy! My carotid....

Tweet of the Day

R.I.P., G7 2020 @ Doral. The bedbugs' loss is a gain for world leaders.

In the event that Trump and Pence are removed from office due to impeachable offenses

UPDATEx7 Kai now has 85.3K Followers from 42K since Oct 19th!

Pelosi, Schiff, Engel and other Dems are in Jordan for unannounced meeting on matters rel. to Syria

GOP Sen. John Kennedy Says House Dems are Telling Americans 'You're Stupid and We're Smart'

Poor little fingers donnie!

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

some videos of the Trump "middle finger" to the astronauts cut out to a pic of the space station

Billionaire Tells Wealthy To 'Lighten Up' About Elizabeth Warren: 'You're Not Victims'

Kyle Cheney tweets: Pelosi, bipartisan group of Congress members are in Jordan

Breaking: New site for 2020 G-7 summit announced

Whisky Tribe is a thing

Decorah to the Twin Cities

Gabbard and Stein might want to tell Trump to STFU

This is typical of cats, right?

Trump in 2018: "Kurds are great fighters, ..they fought with us,...I do not forget..."

Allegations of bed bugs at Trump's Doral resort swarm Twitter (the real reason he cancelled G7)

Trump Launches 'Stop The Coup' Impeachment Hashtag But Twitter Users Aren't Having It

Three Steve Reich minimalism pieces. Challenging, profound. Tehellim, and Desert Music, 18 Musicians

The kiss of death for Tulsi's campaign...


Colombia: Three Indigenous Leaders Killed by Hitmen

Powerful moment at an Oregon high school

#%##@Y& SNL is a re-run this early in the season?!1 Season opening episode HARRELSON

"One more sign that he is feeling threatened and running scared"

Rescued circus elephant Ramba arrives at Brazil sanctuary

"That little girl was me"

Funny TripAdvisor review for Trump Doral

plane spotting at Honolulu airport HNL - great visuals, nice mix of craft

Likely Merkel, Macron, & Trudeau just told Trump about Doral, Yeah, we're not going there.

Did IQ45 just admit that he still runs his businesses?

Some people are more worked up over our former nominee warning that the Russians hope to set up a

Harris gives Steyer a quick tutorial on "One Nation Under a Groove"

New study suggests psychopathic men have a personality style that makes them attractive to women


Add risk of government shutdown to impeachment and other legislative logjams

I'm black and I like Trump

Chile protests: Fare increase suspended as unrest continues

Chile protests: Fare increase suspended as unrest continues

Tulsi Gabbard elevated in Iowa by Clinton spat

Russian Media Cheers Trump's Moves in Syria: 'Putin Won the Lottery!'

Kazumoto Ochiai is One of Tokyo's Ramen Masters

Woody Guthrie lived in a Brooklyn building managed by Fred Trump and wrote a song about how.....

Inside Joe Biden's brawling efforts to reform Ukraine -- which won him successes and enemies

Angry high school students chase off members of the Westboro Baptist Church

Bill Maher New Rules: Prickstarter

Getting High in LA the West Coast Way

GOP panics after Graham challenger breaks fundraising record, and new poll shows 7-point gap

Fearless, free and feminist: the enduring appeal of Jack Reacher

Gun policy gets biggest political test in the Virginia Beach district that suffered mass shooting

Researchers Detail How Slashing Pentagon Budget Could Pay for Medicare for All

Man in MAGA Hat Detained After Protestors Pepper Sprayed at Santa Monica Pier

Election 2019: My favorite season.

Ironic that an unhittable relief pitcher gave up a two run walk off homer in the ALCS

1960 educational film... ed asner / gail fisher

And the AL pennant goes to...

Just got openly threatened in a Bernie thread on FB

cigarette cockroach

Gary Clark, Jr., This Land

massive protests in Barcelona

before i go to sleep, remember boys and girls, PENDEJO is how we say Republican in Spanish

UK soccer team walks off after keeper racially abused by opposing fans

Once clean water now runs red in Fayette County town, spurring a fight for the PSD's future

DOH workers advance grievance after talks fail

Eyeing Governor's Mansion, Salango selling HD Media stake

"BIDEN 2020" -- A Bad Lip Reading

Ohio Bill Would Require Docs To Talk About Controversial Reverse Abortion Procedure


Anti-Nuclear Bailout Group Making Final Push For Signatures

House Democrats Propose Unemployment Benefits For Striking Workers

Dayton Mayor Endorses Effort To Put Background Checks For Gun Sales On Ohio Ballot

Egypt boasts biggest ancient mummy find in over a century

Cory's response to Tulsi's attack on Hillary is a GIF.

WaPo: Hamilton pushed for impeachment powers. Trump is what he had in mind.

Ryan's campaign struggles to raise money

Labour will back amendment calling for referendum on Brexit deal

After years of front-page articles about HRC's emails, NYT publishes her exoneration on page 16.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Not A Squirrel Edition

Dear conald,

The terribly fishy bastard boris beastly brexit deal

Hundreds of thousands join People's Vote March in London - in pictures

Tulsi Gabbard Does Not Deny Being A Russian Asset

Mobile bank Chime goes dark for millions of customers as it seeks $5 billion valuation

Sunday Breakfast Sunday 20 October 2019.

Breakfast with James Marshall Hendrix this morning with our Grandson

When you think why bother that is what they want...

Rachel Maddow Show 10/19/19

Apropos of nothing, I suppose, but....

Candidate for Maine governor paid Clean Elections money to future employer (GOP)

Trump Campaign Floods Web With Ads, Raking In Cash as Democrats Struggle

Andrew Yang Says There Is No Guarantee Impeaching Trump Will Be Successful

Andrew Yang Says There Is No Guarantee Impeaching Trump Will Be Successful

I refuse to vote for any candidate who goes on FAUX News

How the media (and we, if we're not careful) get played.

Bill Browder: "Tulsi Gabbard say that she doesn't control the Russian bots that support her, but..."

FINE!!! I'll hold the STUPID G7 thing at the STUPID Camp David!!! GAAAHHH!!!

Harvesting Salt

This GIF is genius and worthy of a post all of its own...

46 Years Ago Today; The Saturday Night Massacre

I Had a Late-Term Abortion. I Am Not a Monster.

Defense chief says US troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq

"This campaign is about fundamental change": Bernie Sanders' campaign co-chair addresses 2020 run

Trump vs. Trump: Kurds Edition

68 Years Ago Today; The Johnny Bright Incident. Racism on the gridiron.

Sanders endorsement is "most authentic decision to let people know how I feel," AOC says

Sanders endorsement is "most authentic decision to let people know how I feel," AOC says

STEPHEN KING: "Giuliani is so low he could put on a top hat and crawl under a rattlesnake"

How Low Will Trump Go?


Man who fought against gay adoption, but turned out to be molester, arrested on violating parole

AOC endorsement is "very significant," Sanders says

PELOSI, Schiff, Engel and other Dems are in Jordan

Mulvaney faced White House ouster threat before impeachment crisis took over

CLICK! That's all the MSNBC I need this morning. Just heard the Pentagon blamed for

Despite that "strong economy", food bank director seeing increased need for services

42 Years Ago Today; Plane crash claims lives of Ronnie Van Zant, Steve & Cassie Gaines

Camp David is only 60 miles from DC and the Trump Hotel.

On a day like this, my only recourse is to watch "Rifftrax Live: Birdemic" again. #SolarPanels

Happy 82nd 🎂 Wanda

Journalist resigns in protest as Al Jazeera pulls oligarch investigation

Journalist resigns in protest as Al Jazeera pulls oligarch investigation

'A threat to democracy': William Barr's speech on religious freedom alarms liberal Catholics

Chinese State Television Vows 'Retribution' Against N.B.A.'s Adam Silver

Wildly beautiful

October 20 - Happy Birthday Senator Kamala Harris (D) CA

Is there a way to determine the BMI of a specific body part?

Over the past week, Facebook and Twitter codified two classes of free speech

October 20 - Happy Birthday Rep. Mike Levin (D) CA-49th

Kidnapping. Abduction. Human trafficking. And that's just the government...

October 20 - Happy Birthday Senator Brian Schatz (D) HI

October 20 - Happy Birthday Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D) RI

Why it might not be a good idea to have a secret ballot if there is an impeachment trial?

Mulvaney: "He was honestly surprised at the level of pushback...At the end of the day he still..."

Mark Esperanto, Secretary of Defense...

IRELAND:Trump Resort Charged Local Cops 107K For Catering While They Protected Him During Golf...

Perception is only 10% of what Trump thinks about!

Richard Engel: Moving troops from Syria to Western Iraq creates chaos-ISIS will regroup

Minnesota voters evenly split on Trump impeachment

"The most important document you may ever read"

Trump tweets about his Bigly Wall. It doesn't go well.

Underwater Baroque photography -

Trump voters are not following a false prophet, they are following a false profit.

The Liberation of Mitt Romney

Trump apparently doesn't know the name of his own Defense Secretary

New video shows the moment Oregon school coach disarmed and hugged gun-wielding student

BOOG the chocolate lab and man were recruiting the grandson for our resistance guerrilla cell

A great Trump tweet from 8 hours ago!

An Economic, Environmental, and Technical Analysis of Biomass Sourced Jet Fuel.

Need more info on health care costs, and boy did I find some...

MTP: Brett McGurk: Future of Syria to be determined by anti-US actors

Sigh--- The joy of motherhood

Mulvaney's admission puts a new spin on Executive time on Trump's calendar.

being an asshole, level 2

President Donald Trump's Many Ties to Turkey

Broken: Secret Recording Captures Trump's True Feelings about G7

Politico: "No, Putin doesn't like impeachment"

Sanders: I wouldn't make Obama's mistake of shutting down grassroots pressure on Washington

You already have taken the bait...

You raised $110.00 on October 19, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

A note to Lindsey Graham

WaPo: Trump wants to make reality TV. But now the cast is ignoring his directions.

A cautionary reminder as we stand at some very real crossroads 2019

Brilliant demolition of Brexit on live TV.

A yellow Cardinal spotted in Florida:

" trying to get rid of a mole in your garden"

America is broken

2020 US Senate Election- Which Republican held US Senate seats will Democrats win to regain control?

Jelly Roll Morton (Ferdinand) was born on this date.

The good news is that the Mark Esperanto fan fiction is going to be off the hook.

Tired of SHITLER-is-*symptom*-not-the-problem - right now on Reliable Sources

Toledo Public Schools to discuss safety after football game suspended by gunfire

Wanda Jackson has a birthday today.

Tom Petty was born on this date.

Trump deleted his Mark Esperanto tweet.

Florida's First Amendment Foundation gets new leader.

Local congressional candidate says she was harassed by police after Democratic debate

Getting High in LA...Alaska, Amsterdam and in Colorado. Travel Blogs while High.

Mickey Mantle was born on this date.

Coolest dream scene...

American values betrayed: How selling out allies leads to selling out America

When Trump is impeached, how many times a day will he call Moscow Mitch?

Economy gives Trump advantage over Democrats in Ohio, pollsters find

With a couple of notable exceptions, all of the Democratic candidates

Billboard in Times Square Shows Marine Corps Vet Hogtying Trump

Making Chili this afternoon

Oh, Lordy, Chris Wallace played the TAPES for Mick Mulvaney..."You totally said that!"

2022 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that are likely to flip with a Democratic POTUS/Trumpence.

A horrid feudalistic quagmire with a flank of nationalist bollocks.

If Steyer and Yang were successful but not wealthy businessmen

Teach Your Children

AG Barr expands mysterious review into origin of Russia investigation

Ohio State wants lawmakers to ban betting on the Buckeyes

This guy gave up his old life to change the world for dogs ❤️

'Fire Begets More Fires': Rainforests Slip Into Cycle of Destruction

Regarding Health Care Plans, It Is Not Up to the President.

Which vulnerable US Senator up for re-election in 2020 loses by a wider margin?

Profiles in Crazy, whatever. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

When Trump leaves office he will have to live behind a wall, one way or another.

MSNBC eye candy... I probably shouldn't go here...

Editorial: Costs of I-976 would be too great to bear

'Esperanto' Trends as Trump Misspells the Name of His Own Defense Secretary

Trump's in tailspin and taking nation down with him

Cartoons 10/20/19

Cop rescues pit bull in -20 degree windchill 💙

Mike Huckabee Pretends Doral Emoluments Violation 'Wasn't Anything Illegal'

Feeling politically upbeat this morning!

Sean "MTV Real World" Duffy. A worthless former load in Congress brings his special magic to CNN.

3 absurd stories show how badly NASA understood female astronauts

Another great share from WaPo this morning - fighting back!

When the Courts rule in favor of the Congressional subpeonas

Happy Birthday to Senator Harris

When Hillary Clinton was First Lady and said what she thought, she was told to watch what she said

There are somethings too perfect to not share. This is one of them.

How To Have The Perfect Day in San Francisco Travel Guide

Thank God We're Not Going To Send G7 Leaders Home With BedBug Bites

After yesterday's rally in NY, people lined the streets to say hi to @berniesanders as he departed.

Mulvaney: "At the end of the day, (Trump) still considers himself to be in the hospitality business"

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 20, 2019?

Go baby, go!

This American woman experienced what it's like to have universal health care in the UK,

President Trump to hold rally in Lexington on the eve of the Kentucky election

Take a Tour of The Most Luxurious Dog Houses Ever

Former Baltimore Mayor Thomas 'Young Tommy' D'Alesandro III dies at 90

Strange phrase by Warren about cost of Medicare for all

Why was Giuliani involved in a shadow State Dept operation in Ukraine?

"Bring them home" my ASS. Trump Defense chief says US troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq

San Francisco Travel Guide Vlog Vacation Tour Things to do in What Place Visit See Trip Tips Diary

What Matters This Week in the 2020 Race

Got this idea for a political thriller.

Interesting thread by Heather Vogell re: trump tax and or bank fraud involving NYC properties

Utah Man slaps 2 Children on dirt bikes-shoots at Father-no deaths

PELOSI, Schiff, Engel and other Dems are in Jordan for an unannounced meeting re Syria/Turkey

these people are completely lost for a generation

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are likely to win to regain control.

Anyone here subscribes to Comcast?

Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot's campaign paid his former manager $57K for 'unknown' purposes

"Let's be superheroes."

Voters should give Klobuchar a look - strib editorial (about time)

Absolute Corruption - A Presidency With No Boundaries

Climate change has Miami under siege

Mulvaney digs hole deeper....



Pompous Pompeo says Mulvaneys admissions hypothetical...?

Why did former Highland Heights mayor Scott Coleman steal more than $160,000 in campaign money from

Impeachment inquiry hearings are NOT SECRET...

Over 2,000 conflicts of interest....

The ISF in al-Hol camp thwarted an attempt to escape a group of #ISIS mercenaries

Frank Figliuzzi....


Trump's Downward Slide Is Accelerating

George Takei...

Look at what the new and exciting has given us.. a govement that is no

Greg Abbott says TxDOT could remove homeless camps from Austin's highway underpasses

The 538 trump popularity graph is exactly what a cult looks like, impervious to facts

Chuck Schumer...

2020 US Senate Election- Which Red State Democratic Nominee is likely to win?

First time since 1877...

This is wrong and dangerous to a Democracy...

18 Fort Worth frozen food company workers exposed to hazardous chemical, official says

Anyone here ever go to a laser show?

former White House counsel McGahn and Donald Trump Jr. did not testify before the Mueller grand jury

Red Flags All Over for Senate Republicans

Sixteen days until the 2019 elections. Are you ready?

The Rescue of Apollo

How Low Will Trump Go? The president is unabashed, unapologetic and out of control.

Green parakeets all over Scotland

Indiana Attorney General Could Lose Law License

the pics Ivanka uses to honor the all female spacewalk? - 3 of 4 feature herself

Jake Tapper Crushes Trump And Congressional Republicans For Refusing To Come On CNN

Condolences to Speaker Pelosi on the passing of her brother.

Property Buzzards

David Plouffe's Campaign HQ Podcast w/Hillary Clinton- Full Discussion

Andrew Scheer brings up Quebec Separation on last day of the campaign

I did set up a PRS 594 sc it is tonal sweetness

"Someone get me a priest and a coffin. It's time to bury irony once and for all."

Does this mean McGahn and Don, Jr. might be targets?

poor confused dogs

Orangutan adopts 3 baby tigers

Could IA and ME have an all Democratic Congressional Delegation by 2022?

Why you can nver separate sports from politics

OMG that pause! "Pompeo knows some **** and is in way over his head"

here's a shocker.... Lindsay now back on the drumpf train

Aaron Rodgers has 6 TD's 5 passing 1 rushing

Pro-Impeachment ad has over 3.25M views so far. It's pretty well done. Hope they

The Trump administration is so incompetent...

tRump Keeps Pitching Foreign Leaders on his Resorts and Real Estate Deals

Pelosi Has Played this Beautifully

Hillary has run OUT of fucks. 😂😂😂

Photo: The reaction @BernieSanders had when greeted by himself 😂

Sheldon Whitehouse certainly does have a point re: trump threatening to sue CNN 😂

The Tea Party, Mulvaney and the Narrative that Still Haunts Us

Hillary is on a roll...

Road rage, Canadian style


**Archival letter from JFK to Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis found**

Amazon is paying $0 in taxes this year, and everybody has the wrong response to that

Before upgrading to OS X Catalina, find out which apps will be disabled

Elizabeth Warren to outline how to pay for 'Medicare for All' plan

Johnson to seek a new vote Monday on Brexit, as confusion swirls over delay

Trump is 'in the hospitality business,' Mulvaney says, after president reverses plan to host summit

Pa.'s State Bird In Danger Of Leaving State Due To Climate Change

2020 US Senate Election- How many US Senate seats Democrats will win? Solid to Tossup.

Tension thaws over whale plan between lobstermen, feds

Sure feels like someone is trying a split our party

Penne With Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Fox's Wallace says 'well-connected' Repub told him there's a 20% chance GOP will vote to impeach

Rare Exclusive Letter By Tony Posnanski Pink Edition on Ebay

mulvaney was advertising for dumbass's doral from the podium,

CNN Hires Former GOP Congressman and Trump Loyalist Sean Duffy as Political Commentator

Great Dane loves his 92-year-old Nana 😍

Speaker Pelosi: Here are a few moments that stood out:

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer eases access to welfare in Michigan

Now, everything Tulsi does to undermine the field will be viewed with rightful suspicion - and will

More proof supporting my hypothesis that the entire Mueller investigation was a sham

With the Astro victory it means

another: Sheet-Pan Shrimp Scampi

JUST IN: Controlled demolition only takes down 1 crane over New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel

Pelosi. Trump. Like a 3-dimensional chess playing ninja changing his poopy diapers in outer space.

Fewer Michigan college students want to be teachers. That's a problem.

Just got an interesting phone survey.

Pillsbury Golf Boy squirts out angry Schiff tweets: "When do we depose? I demand his deposition!"

Can Detroit businesses survive city's push for walkable neighborhoods?

Netflix has a new series, Undocumented, that will tear at your heart. Watch it if you

Amazing fast running 😍

Trumpy's getting grumpy on twitter again

Any candidate who defends Gabbard against Hillary has disqualified themselves, in my opinion

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 21 October 2019

Are we technically "at war" with ISIS?

Could Democrats end up with 60 US Senate seats by 2021.

Hillary wins the internet!

Gabbard visited Egypt with Dana Rohrabacher (R-Russia) to show support for Sisi.

Editor of Russian business daily Kommersant: "Maybe he (Trump) really is a Russian agent?"

Rainie Yang- Wan Bi Li (Ot: Destiny)

Rainie Yang- Wan Bi Li (Ot: Destiny)

Mackinac Island Gets Another Shot As Possible G7 Summit Host

Poor Mulvaney. I remember when he first

Federal Judge Declares GOP 'Poll Tax' Unconstitutional,

Metro Detroit Councilwoman's Voicemail: Hang Up If You Don't Speak English

Republican jitters grow

Tweeted 15 minutes ago...he's STILL whining about Bedbug G7. Repetition of same, earlier crap.

Trump is turning everything he touches into shit.

Have we ever had a POTUS who saw EVERYTHING - his office included - as a means to enrich himself?

Chuck Todd's questioning of Buttigieg about Clinton/Gabbard reveals glaring double standard

Trump's Rudy problem

This is not a 1980's video

$500,000 In Weekly Pot-Selling Cash Is Boon For Sterling Heights Credit Union

electric airplanes are not coming soon, they are already here!

'Don't be a dick, OK?' Hillary Clinton tweets parody of Trump Erdoğan letter

'Don't be a dick, OK?' Hillary Clinton tweets parody of Trump Erdoğan letter


Swiss election: Green parties 'make historic gains'

Impressive road win for the Ravens

2020 US Senate Election in Solid Republican states with Top Tier Democratic challengers.

The "Trump would never allow himself to be impeached, he'd resign first" meme is still churning.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

$60,000 bonus offer may lure UAW-GM workers into retirement

We have a problem

Michigan mental-health counselors get final OK of bill that allows them to keep practicing

Political Risk Is Alive in Latin America as Protests Spread

This shit has been rigged from day one...

Would a wealth tax help combat inequality? A debate with Saez, Summers, and Mankiw

Carly Simon's anti-Trump ad

Hillary Clinton posts fake letter from JFK to mock Trump's absurd one to Turkey

Did ya hear?