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MovieBob/Escapist: The History of Propaganda in Pop Culture Is Weirder Than You Think

Joe Biden Banned Assault Weapons (Biden campaign video)

Who knew? It's Black Hole Week!

It's Black Hole Week!

Johnson & Johnson reaches tentative $20.4 million settlement in massive opioid case

James Johnson's struggles as an intersex footballer

I'm a bit out of the loop on the pending civil war.

Virginia teacher sues school after being fired for not using transgender student's pronouns

Anybody listening to NPR.? I got this piece of double hearsay

"The inspector general doesn't have to seek Pompeo's approval to approach the Hill with information,

Betsy DeVos calls $5 billion school tax credit plan 'the conservative answer to what ails American e

Jill Wine Banks on Stephanie Miller's show today:

Acting homeland security chief frustrated and isolated -- even as he delivers what Trump wants at the

So, Trump wants to face his accusers?

...Produce The Server...

If the Nats lose this game...

What time tomorrow is the IG's "urgent" meeting with Congress? nt

Trump comes to a conclusion.

Nate Silver: Media hyping of particular early states is a tell as to which candidate it prefers

Fantastic! Repubs now are embracing the term "Bullying"

If you want any idea what it is like in the White House

Do I have this right re: impending IG State Dept meeting?

Schiff: Any effort by Sec. Pompeo to intimidate or prevent witnesses from testifying will add to...

BREAKING: Pelosi/Schiff to hold a Press Conference tomorrow...

Democratic polls show competitive House races in Texas

So the man who redacted much of the Mueller Report to keep it secret

Pro-impeachment group to spend $3.1 million targeting Senate Republicans

Is it possible that Pompeo is the Whistle Blower?

Have any DUers seen anyone on M$Greedia mention that

Bill Murray At Crossroads 2019 with the Tedeschi Trucks Band

Warren campaign hires Michigan state director

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Kathy's Story!

I never want to hear or see another republican talk about 9/11.

'A presidency of one': Key federal agencies increasingly compelled to benefit Trump

"We have video surveillance of them grabbing as many penises as they can and taking off!"

Bob ❤️ Abishola

The State Department IG is Bad News for Trump. And Pelosi Already knows.

Biden tweet, minutes ago, responding to Trump attack ad

trolls said she should be banned from posting pics of herself so she posted more

Knew that

By the usual definition of "heckler's veto", it is the government that restricts someone's speech

40 percent of Republicans say Trump 'probably' mentioned Biden on Ukraine call

Luckovich: Baby on board

I can walk to the National Archives and look at the Constitution in its original cursive, but

"Pompeo is now a fact witness in the impeachment inquiry. He should not be making any decisions..."

Uncovered. tRump actually did receive medal during Vietnam...

Illinois State Museum returning 42 aboriginal artifacts to Australia

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes (Secret World Live)

Democrats Concerned Trump Will Incite Violence

Luckovich-No Comment

LA-GOV: GOP squabbles as Louisiana governor nears reelection

Steyer Group to Target GOP Senators

TX-17: Pete Sessions flees Dallas, will run for Flores open seat.

Beto O'Rourke On Impeachment: 'This Has To Be About What Is Good For This Country'

Interesting discussion - what would you have done during the rise of Hitler, if you were a German?

Beto O'Rourke On Impeachment: 'This Has To Be About What Is Good For This Country'

2020 US Senate Races that will be decided by a narrow to high single digit margin.

Your first look at Paul McCartney's picture book Hey Grandude!

Texas Republicans admit there's a problem

NH-SEN: Lewandowski says it's "fair" to say New Hampshire Senate bid might not happen

"Disaster for Ukraine"

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley Defends Ukraine Whistleblower Amid Trump Attacks

those of you with PLUTO tv..turn to channel 921 in the music section..Hallo-ween..

Bill Kristol RE: Ukraine DoS "Urgent" briefing

Facebook suicide that no one is talking about..

Harris presses Twitter to 'do something' over Trump's 'coup' tweet

More food porn! Preparations le Patisserie Christophe ROUSSEL, de La Baule Paris

Government-by-conspiracy-theory rides again

If I am hearing this right?

Pompeo Pushed Out His Own Ukraine Rep to Squash a Growing Scandal

Hillary Clinton will be on The Rachel Maddow Show tomorrow.

Trump says he's becoming victim of a 'coup'

Peter Gabriel - Biko

We shall soon begin hearing how shocked people are

Kamala Harris will be on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell - ON NOW

Kamala Harris is going to be on Lawrence O'Donnell show tonight.

So what do you think of the IG's urgent request to address congresional committes tomorrow?

remind trump an impeachment is not a court of law - no right to face accuser

Will Wednesday October 2nd go down in History

DoS Inspector General - Steve Linick

I'm a wreck. Scared of being blindsided by tomorrow 's

I don't know, but...

Take a look at all the most recent polls...

George Takei FTW!!

So where is Ms. "I'm so concerned.." Collins while all this is going on? Silent? What about Murkowsk

Ukraine signs key agreement with pro-Russia separatists

Virginia police officer suspended for calling in ICE for driver involved in traffic crash

Why are we still paying for Pompeo & Barr's private jets & other perks?

If you are not watching tonight's episode of Frontline,

John Pavlovitz:"Both parties are the same," is anignorant, intellectually lazy,& dangerous statement

Democrats turn eye to Rick Perry in Ukrainian probe

George Takei speaking at Vanderbilt Oct.2

Putin should be made to pay, and pay dearly

What the hell has happened to supermarket sandwich bread?

Zuckerberg In Damp-Down Mode To Keep His Core Business Model

Trump's Mind Is So Warped That He Can't Tell The Difference Between Right And Wrong

Biden on Trump's sadistic plans for border: Trump's "morally unfit to lead our country"

Corrosion Implications for Silicon Carbide in FLINAK in Contact with Hastelloy N

In the Congress, the mighty Congress

The Daily Show: Guest Gavin Newsom - California's Emissions Battle with Trump & Paying NCAA Players

The Daily Show: The Impeachment Trial of Rudy Giuliani

Breaking: White House Ordered Ultrasecret System Upgraded to Prevent Leaks

Photographer Captures The Precious Moments Of What Happens In Nature When No One's Around

So Trump gave Putin the Ukraine? Traitor, Nt

Giuliani has lawyered up.

Wow....the New York Times just now

Trump is going to get crazier, people

Watch your punctuation.

Coup, coup ka-choo! (gezuundheit) "I am the walrus!" Don't Bogart that joint----what? nt

Ag secretary: No guarantee small dairy farms will survive

Congrats Nationals!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Team Trump Implodes as Scandals Multiply

Is it all making sense, or is something else going on?

Seth Meyers - House Democrats Subpoena Rudy Giuliani for Documents on Ukraine - Monologue 9/30/19

Cat kneading ASMR 🔈🔈🔈

Urgent message from Trump White House: "Send lawyers, guns and money!" nt

Seth Meyers: Guest Chris Hayes on the Increasing Speed of the Impeachment Investigation

The Beatles - Back In The U.S.S.R. (2018 Mix / Lyric Video)

Seth Abramson penultimate tweet before signing off - Steve Linick

Sick fuck

Ted Lieu tweets evidence of MF45's desperation.

House Chairmen Say Pompeo Has Conflict of Interest

It's bedtime and -

Lounge PSA

Perdue Suggests Small Farms Can't Survive

FUCK DONALD TRUMP! Both versions...

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

Democratic Caucus Vice Chair: The WH Is Built On A Mountain Of Lies Velshi & Ruhle MSNBC

New Revelations As Impeachment Inquiry Heats Up - The Day That Was MSNBC


Valerie Plame On Ukraine Call: Trump's Been 'Caught This Time' Hardball MSNBC

Do you think that Trump has a clue to what is coming?

dog wants to play

Top Dem Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump, He Belongs In Solitary Confinement

(Jewish Group) There's a growing awareness that not all U.S. Jews are white

(Jewish Group) 'Antisemitism denier' re-elected to Labour's top disciplinary panel

trump threatened Lindsey Graham to keep him in line?

Hoping to make it home (to CA from AZ) to see my dad before he passes ...

Public Support for Impeachment Grows

Good God @MSNBC - can you please spare me Michael Moore bashing Biden & claiming he won't "excite"..

MSNBC speculates about IG's meeting with 8 committees tomorrow

(Jewish Group) Volodymyr Zelensky: Ukrainian Jew entangled in Trump's impeachment scandal

Seth Abramson....

Schiff in charge

I think I see why Russia wants Eastern Ukraine:

Argentine Supreme Court orders Macri to reimburse provinces for $570 million in lost revenue

What Trump Said to Putin

Tweet of the Day

steve earle - willin' (studio 2000-ish) for my old man the trucker in hospital w/stage 4 pancreatic

Australian opposition call for release of Trump transcript

I see legislative. Legislative exclusively. No judiciary and no executive invited.

i'm going to tippytoe out here on this trembling limb, and speculate?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Just now, on Youtube, I got a really weird Donald Trump ad. He's all "It's a fight!" and "witch hunt

MC5 Live 1970...

carole king - you've got a friend (live) a shout out to friends ... esp. the DU kind :)

Letter from House to DEPUTY Secretary of State, listing Pompeo' illegal actions

Who heard Prof. Timothy Snyder

Aviation enthusiasts; This is cool! "Ike Shooter, Gangnam Style" Catapult Shooters having fun.

25th amendment?

Remember SHARPIE GATE, Six Months Ago? Where Trump Altered A NOAA Weather Map To Avoid Admitting He

The Revolution will not be televised!

As Rachel reported, the State Dept. legal advisor who gave documents to the IG has an extremely

When Worlds Collide...

The Cramps - The Way I Walk

mindless drone Ivanka still walking around with her Christmas Morning Smile (TM)

Twitter, TweetDeck suffer global outage, thousands hit

Haven't heard anything about T playing golf lately.

Hispanic lawmakers eye leap to Biden

Just a quick FYI about "the base"

"A presidency of one': Key federal agencies increasingly compelled to benefit Trump

Missouri Capitol stone restoration company cited for workplace health violations

Farm-state fury creates pressure for Trump as trade, energy pain collide

From Scott Stedman re IG urgent meeting

Do you really think 20 Rep senators will turn on Trump?

Trump admin delays funds for human-trafficking victims

'A presidency of one': Key federal agencies increasingly compelled to benefit Trump

problem solved

T minus 7 hours 30 minutes and counting, now 6h 30m.

Oh God, I just thought of something that Trump could do.

Group alleges Missouri school district forcing religion

Vast majority of the 180,000 Ohio voters purged because they didn't vote

CNN put together this clip highlighting how Trump changed his public rationale for withholding aid t

Cuban foreign minister says improved relations with US are irreversible

Mitch McConnell Announces Senate Will Close Until 2021 for Repainting

Trump Said Democrats 'Want Human Trafficking' at an Official Event and It Didn't Even Make News

PBS Newshour: Tuesday, October 1, 2019 segment..

Here is tomorrows work schedule for the President of the United States .....

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/1/19

Texas County judge sued for allegedly violating rights of group in his courtroom

Trump Said Ukraine Envoy Would 'Go Through Some Things'. She Has Already.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Rachel Maddow

Perfect shot of a swimmer just before the water's surface tension is broken

Kansas moving closer to 2020 showdown over abortion after Supreme Court decision

Seemingly glaring exposure for Mike Pence in these two paragraphs

fired! Universal Orlando character who made 'OK' symbol on 6-year-old's shoulder

Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' Poised For A Huge Opening Weekend Worldwide

Massive fraud case involving Missouri hospital brings criminal charge to ex-CEO

Democratic attorney will challenge U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler in Missouri's 4th District

Hillary derails Rudy Colludy

Jeff Tiedrich for the win .....

Five earthquakes in less than an hour rattle southeast Missouri, experts say

Giuliani turns on 'honest' Ukrainian prosecutor who says Bidens did nothing illegal

Gay rights activists question why Johnson County polling place was moved to Catholic church

Im guessing there will be an official Pelosi Press Conference Thread

Joe Biden leads Democratic challengers in Missouri, but experts say he's far from a lock

Elizabeth Warren called a gay supporter to thank him for his $3 campaign donation

Dunning Kruger effect

Missouri won't cut off aid to poor people over medical marijuana use

UK to set out 'final offer' Brexit plans

President Obama foretold the future of Trump's 'moat and alligators' anti-immigrant dreams--in 2011

Home to thousands since the '60s, largest public housing complex in East St. Louis to come down

At least 25 soldiers killed in Mali militant attack

County Council slows down on ethics reform as Stenger reports to prison

Drivers' union complains of Metro Transit tactics as contract vote nears

A "coup" has already happened.

Ex-Infowars employee reveals he was mocked when he said his colleagues shouldn't make Sandy Hook CTs

Warren gets 'dramatic shift' in support from black voters

Judge rules against Hendren Plastics in suit over unpaid laborers

100 Years Ago Today; President Wilson stricken by debilitating stroke

U.S. Steel buying into Big River Steel

Latest UK poll has Labour in third...

Saving Private Bone Spurs

Strong, smart teen girls have had enough. No wonder men like Trump are rattled

Meacham - George Bush lied about WMDs and Iraq

Have you noticed?

Atheist free-speech suit against official allowed to proceed

A Trump hotel mystery: Giant reservations followed by empty rooms

West Texas county benefits from oil boom, population surge

No Review, No Input, No Public Comment: Now, ATVs Can Use Any Backroad In 5 UT National Parks

A year ago today Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. He was never seen again.

Public Health Advisory From The Government Of Hanoi: Avoid Going Outside

Let's cut the baloney and stop kidding ourselves when it comes to impeachment, Republicans

World's Biggest Peatland Is In Congo; The Size Of England, It Holds 33 Billion Tons Of Carbon

Pompeo admits to listening in on tRump/Ukraine phone call...

Dad of 'affluenza teen' charged with assault, accused of choking girlfriend

Lorenzo Went Cat 5 600+ Miles E/NE Of The Easternmost Cat 5 Storms Ever Recorded

Confederate statue in Bentonville square vandalized again

2 Million Residents w/o Water As Harare Shuts Down Water System; Drought, Cholera, Infrastructure

I wonder what his dreams are like.

Pompeo Confirms He Listened to Trump's Call to Ukraine President

THE BIDEN PLAN TO END OUR GUN VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC (Biden website / articles / tweets praising plan)

SNL's Chickham's Apple Farm actually exists (sort of)...

Judge asked to order Biden's son to take DNA test to resolve paternity

Please nominate a song for being BEST choice to wake up to

If "conservatives" are so awesome then why must they lie and cheat?

Need a lawyer?

What Republicans Privately Say About Impeachment

If Trump Goes Down, He's Taking Everyone With Him

Republicans, You're Not Helping Trump

We can turn that "OK" hate symbol back to be about inclusion

Risking everything for idealistic bullshit...

Oregon Titan Fusion Center: Revealed: anti-terror center helped police track environmental activists

Oregon Titan Fusion Center: Revealed: anti-terror center helped police track environmental activists

One of my paintings was accepted in a local show!

Trump Has Disqualified Himself From Running in 2020

I just had a painting accepted in a local show!

Rich People Publicly Complaining About Elizabeth Warren Is A Contribution To Her Campaign

Harvard's Legacies Are Nothing to Be Proud Of

Big Tech's eco-pledges aren't slowing its pursuit of Big Oil

Was There Another Cover-Up In Response to the Whistle-Blower?

Three questions for Giuliani (from another post)

Like two peas in a far right nasty pod

The Rundown: October 1, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #55: The Road to Arbys is Paved with The Meats (10/1/19 Edition)

This Month in Comics: September 2019

The Weekly Pull: Batman, Ghost Rider, COPRA and More

A Trump hotel mystery: Giant reservations followed by empty rooms

Alligator Moat: Behind Trump's Ideas for Border

'Very nice people', Trump said of the mafia. 'Just don't owe them money'

October 1 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D) CA-20th

I know that we can turn back time.

October 1 - Happy Birthday Rep. Grace Meng (D) NY-6th

He asked Boris for help to discredit the Mueller Report

October 1 - Happy Birthday Mayor Sharon Weston Broome (D) Baton Rouge

Catwalk crasher during Paris Fashion Week

"24% said there's 'almost nothing Trump could do that would cause me to support impeachment'"

October 2 - Happy Birthday Rep. Hank Johnson (D) GA-4th

North Korea may have fired missile from submarine

What is Pompeo's angle?

Impeachment inquiry puts new focus on Giuliani's work for prominent figures in Ukraine

Could Trump have threatened Lindsey Graham ?

I truly believe that we are on our way to a single payer system.

Republicans Changing Delegate Rules to Prevent Discord at Convention

Warnings that millions more could go hungry as Trump pushes $4.5 billion in food benefit cuts

"Yes, we'll definitely do it," Putin said, adding in a stage whisper: "Just don't tell anyone..."

WOODWARD complains about impeachment doomed to fail, weak House, but gives no fixes

The 'advanced' nuclear power sector is fuelling climate change, and WMDs

Why Trump is so intent on discrediting the Mueller Report?

Jason Donovan tackles 'neighbour's' fire in underpants

On impeachment, Trump and his allies on Facebook are outspending rivals up to 4 to 1

I Stuck with Nixon. Here's Why Science Said I Did It.

David Binder (Obama pollster) national poll, Likely Voters: Biden 34%, Warren 17%, Sanders 15%,

Please let this be real and not just clever satire.

Whistleblower alleges 'inappropriate efforts' to influence Trump tax audit

Michael Moore Says Dems Finally Have 'President Donald Trump On The Run' With Impeachment

State Dept Inspector General requests highly unusual "Secret Meeting"

Giuliani's Ukraine Work Tied to Firm Whose Website Has Vanished

Hi, GOP-This is the thanks you get for your slavering subservience to Trump and his lawlessness

If getting rid of Orange Hitler is a coup

Have we gotten to the point where it is inexcusable to support the Republican Party?

Trump to unveil Medicare plan in bid to contrast Democrat rivals




Two Scoops of Peach Mint!

In Ecuador, one woman has given shelter to over 8,500 Venezuelans

DOW down 590 points this morning (The world economy is not a zero sum game)

Serious question for DUers - do you think Don the Con and his

Does this phenomenon have a name (answered)

Venezuela refugee crisis overwhelms Colombia: "We don't have the money"

I have a new family member!

Dozens of Foreign Service Officers Have Joined a Private FB Group for Those Considering Quitting Job

Just finished the "Strong Towns" book

I want our countries back...

Polling points to warning signs for GOP on Trump

I have a new family member!

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Latino voter group files lawsuit over Alabama claim on census

Venezuela crisis: UN to investigate alleged human rights violations

132,000 descendants of expelled Jews apply for Spanish citizenship

The two things that state and local Dem groups can do.

I woke up this morning with a sense of impending excitement.

Discover the art of the surimi masters

Barr Went to Rome to Hear a Secret Tape From Joseph Mifsud, the Professor Who Helped Ignite the Rus

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 135,000 Jobs in September

White police officer who killed innocent black man in his home sent offensive texts.


The Guy Who Wrote the Book on Impeachment Says Trump Clears the Bar for Removal from Office

Trump: "If I wore a hat ..."

HUGE: Rudy Giuliani Subpoenaed by Impeachment Inquiry

BREAKING: Trump Endangering Whistleblower's Life

Giuliani's Ukraine Work Tied to Firm Whose Website Has Vanished

We represent the Mafia Guild, the Mafia Guild, the Mafia Guild...

I'll just leave this here for discussion: Misprision of treason

Three years of the visible crimes of the trump cabal has been as if we spent 3 years arguing if the

Ukraine Had No Idea Aid Had Been Delayed For A Month After The Trump Call, Say Officials

Steven Linick. Interesting man.

"Jamal Khashoggi Was My Fiance. A Year After His Murder, I'm Still Fighting for Justice"

Barr's DOJ mysteriously failed to pass whistleblower-complaint on to FEC, as law would require.

I've always thought that the Russian "oligarchs" money laundered to the Us is behind the repugs

Trump is on a crash course. Is he attempting to

NYC subway riders greeted by ad hyping 'crazy' Rudy Giuliani's law offices: 'Will work when drunk!'

A Family Earning $350k A Year Is 'Struggling' ?

The United States can impose tariffs on $7.5 billion in goods

We need the word-for-word transcript of the full Ukrainian call. What we have is only a third.

A Family Earning $350k A Year Is 'Struggling' ?

Just what does the GOP stand for nowadays?

The Dunning-Kruger effect on believers and non-believers.

Trump wanted to shoot migrants in the legs; with Alligator and Snake moats

Donald Trump impeachment: President called Boris Johnson for help to discredit Mueller inquiry

In any other "administration", Hogan Gidley would stand out as the most consistenly

NY Times Article

MAGA Activist Karyn Turk Pleads Guilty to Social Security Fraud After Stealing From Her Mother

Damn, if I need to make some...

House Threatens to Subpoena White House for Ukraine Records

North Korea fires ballistic missile from submarine, South Korea confirms

A request for healing thoughts, energy, and light to our son's girlfriend.

The U. of Florida will pay $50,000 for Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle to speak on campus

Photos: Sen. Sanders stops to pay respects at #HealingGarden Las Vegas

So, we have an A.G. on a taxpayer-funded world tour in support of Trump's conspiracy theories.

Support for impeaching Trump hits new high

Bernie Sanders has blockage in artery and has two stents inserted

Elizabeth Warren wants to tax the teeth out of corporate lobbying

House Oversight Committee sends memo to WH to prepare for a subpoena

The time has come to demand the Unredacted Mueller Report

the press conference not telivised?

Breaking: Bernie had two stents put in yesterday.

Republica Primary in your state

Pelosi on news conference this morning w/ #TruthExposed

Warren gets 'dramatic shift' in support from black voters

How long until Shitler tweets something evil and despicable regarding Bernie Sander's

Anyone know what a Moot is?

Trump: "The press has gone Crazy" reporting "Fake News!" about his "MOOT."

Dow is down -460

Kamala Harris tweet on Bernie Sanders:

CNN: America's factories are getting crushed by Trump's trade war, not the Fed


Nunes was sending messages to Flynn's lawyers (through a cut-out) asking them to request things -

The international reputation of the USA tanked the day Trump was voted in...

Rudy wants to "seek legal redress" against Congress for "exceeding their authority"

Sanders has heart stent surgery after chest discomfort

Just think about all the corrupt things happening that we don't know about

Pelosi/Schiff press conference NOW

Trump wanted a Moot...

Wednesday TOONs - Two Scoops of Peach Mint

MSNBC: Sanders has two stents inserted to alleviate heart blockage

Pete Buttigieg tweet on Bernie Sanders:

Frank Figliuzzi's right. 'Let these liars and their supporters go on record' supporting tRump

Politico: Warren Gets "Dramatic shift" in Support from Black Voters

"As all men allow the measure, and vary only in their opinion of the time, let us,

Eric Trump Accuses Don, Jr., of Being Whistle-Blower in Bid to Get Him Cut Out of Will

I would like to start a hopes, prayers, and best wishes thread for Senator Sanders.

Articles of Impeachment

Dear Russiagate Deniers: Screw You

Cancelations for ad buys for Sanders in Iowa

Bernie cancels events.

Amy Klobuchar campaign ad: "All of America"

Joe Biden tweet on Bernie Sanders:

"America's Mayor"

Nancy has him by the nuts

'Are You The Whistleblower?' Trump Boys Ask White House Janitor After Giving Him Serum Of All The

And therein in lies a bigly difference...

Rachel Maddow is on NBC's Today right now!

It seems that the scheduled meeting with the IG might have tempered the Pelosi/Schiff

Former Patty Murray staffer tells of Al Franken groping and explains why she hasn't come forward.

I will turn 65 in March of 2020.

Another resignation- Person who oversees OFAC & FinCEN

2020 White House hopeful Bernie Sanders hospitalized after suffering chest pains

Woman Finds An Incredible Bug Who's Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

Free E-Book : Europe 2025: A New Agenda

Don't let ANY kGOPb-er try to splice support for MF45 from this admin's ACTIONS

B-17 (Nine-O-Nine) Crashed in Conneticut

MAN is the internet fast. 😂😂😂

Trollbots are tweeting about #DONOTHINGDEMS and it is trending.

The Whistleblower is

Monmouth and YouGov national polls out today have Warren ahead by a few points

Prayers for a speedy recovery for Senator Sanders

Air Forces launches unarmed Minuteman III ICBM in test

Watching Botham Jean father on the stand..

Sanders removed from the bottom of my posts

Donnie is cursing....

Putin jokes that Moscow plans to meddle in the 2020 election

Rudy Ad on Subway

Putin says 'nothing compromising' in Trump call to Ukraine leader

The inspector general offering 'urgent' Ukraine briefing called out politicization of Trump's State

Fox Finds Phone Secretly Recording Him And Decides To Take Revenge

Warren climbs within 1.7 pts of Biden in RCP poll average

At least two dead, multiple people injured, after World War II-era plane crashes at Connecticut's Br

Things are not going so well for ordinary Russians under Putin

NEW POLL: Nearly 60 percent of Americans say it is time for new president

anyone notice the Stock Market is down 534.63 right now?

Trump reversed course on moat. No snakes or gators

Rick Wilson: "This ball of yarn is going to be messy" about article tracing Rudy's Ukraine Henchmen

Justin Trudeau sparring:

Trump says Democrats are wasting the country's time on 'BULLSHIT' in angry tweet on impeachment

Who Is Affected by the Dunning-Kruger Effect?

77 Years Ago Today; cruiser HMS Curacoa sliced in half by troopship Queen Mary - 337 lost

Ukraine extortion in a nutshell.

The Mocking of a President

BORDER WALL: Trump's Bulldozers Killing Saguaros at Organ Pipe National Monument Today

Is the MSM going to spell the word BULLSHIT

trump in the oval office.....going off

A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at a whistleblower

Jesus Christ trump is in the white house

Dems on offense

His Eminence seems somewhat disturbed today...

Unhinged and dangerous

Trump finally tells the truth

I have an idea.


Trump needs to be taken to the nearest psychiatric ward.

Elizabeth Warren tweet on Bernie Sanders

"What about that Obama conversation?"

Pompeo's angry rebuttle to the House impeachment investigation

He's about ready to stroke out.

Right now . Trump calling for Schiff to resign and be arrested for TREASON.....

CNN is airing fact-checks in real time as the President misleads on the whistleblower

Donald Trump campaign ad: "Coup"

State Dept. has a negotiating team on the Hill today:

Red faced and orange haired...

Impeachment is making Trump crazy (LAT)

I am watching the Con blabber and the stock market drop...!

Is trump even crazier today than normal

"The most hated man in the Pentagon," investigative report

Sanders has heart stent procedure after chest discomfort

Oceans and ice are absorbing the brunt of climate change

Somebody give Grampa a ride down to the cemetery, so we can talk!

"Now, that's where I FOOLED them." OCT. 2, 2019, the day Trump LITERALLY went Captain Queeg.

He is going off the rails and sniffing again!

Workers First: A Fair Deal for a More Just Economy

GIT OFF MY *sniff* LAWN!!

The stock market comeback is another 'failure' as chart analysts grow worried

25th admendment time!!!!

Trump campaign releases ad accusing Democrats of carrying out a 'coup'

Poor President Niinisto. Having to sit there and listen to the ranting and raving about topics that

Good God!!! The president is fucking nuts!!!

Don't hide your feelings.....

Manufacturers mired in deepest slump since Great Recession

This poll number proves how powerful Trump's misinformation machine really is

Trump just now in the oval office

You raised $139.00 on October 1, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

The more Trump gets nuts,

Trump disputes report about border moat filled with alligators

What's concerning is the Con believes his own conspiracy theories...

Dow plunges 540 points as big tech shares lead the decline

The term gaslighting needs to be front and center everywhere

Chelsea Clinton on Trump: 'His whole life has been a scam'

'Worse than McCarthy': Giuliani considers legal action against House Democrats

Trump's Perfect!

White police officer who killed innocent black man in his home sent racist texts

Fatalities reported in World War II plane crash at Connecticut airport

Trump's Use Of The Word "Perfect"......

USA v Stone Judge Amy Jackson... lol

We don't have a functioning government any more.

We have a live panic attack in the Oval Office...

Next year, REAL ID takes effect, and your standard Washington driver's license won't let you fly.

It is obvious what their plan is now after the new threats

Not caring what people think vs impressing them

Real ID TSA airport security October 2020 deadline is a year away

Can the House ask the courts to consolidate all the subpoena cases and expedite?

Impeachment is a 'coup'? Trump and Giuliani flunk civics class

The Central Park Five should take out a full page ad in the NY times calling for Trump's execution

ShakeAlert earthquake warning app will be available to the public in Washington late next year

UK parliament to be suspended again on October 8: Sky News

UK parliament to be suspended again on October 8: Sky News

Vision revealed for NHL Seattle headquarters and community ice rink at Northgate Mall

Just looking at the candidates Warren and Sanders

Adam Schiff Warns Trump, "We're Not Fooling Around Here"

Today Ukraine, Tomorrow Europe...

House Plans to Subpoena White House for Ukraine Records

Uruguay: Presidential candidates debate economy, development

Completely cynical outlook for Bernie

Bernie Sanders recovering from heart procedure after experiencing chest pain cancels campaign events

Pelosi and Schiff Trigger A Full Blown Trump Impeachment Meltdown

Seen on the subway.....

Trump lacks the know how, the fortitude and patience to act like a president!

Meanwhile, So much winning on the farm..

Catholic Church, Boy Scouts fight timeline to sue over child abuse

I have just watched Trump's presser with the poor Finnish President at his side and I literally

Trump wants Adam Schiff charged with treason. Again

Seal of the P.A. Bitch....

This just keeps getting better and better, now tRump's calling Schiff names.

Dow dives 600 points, as markets worry about US economy

Why don't we wait and see further notice on Sanders' health outlook and what his doctor

Lots more to cannabis than THC...

Trump: "I want that whole wall to be electrocuted, and sir, you never said that, they came to me..."

'I don't care.' Trump dismisses GOP concern over protecting whistleblower

You guys, this is the president.

I sure wouldn't say it was a perfect conversation.

Caption Time

Rick Perry come on down....

Holy shit! Obama is Nostradamus.

Kentucky deserves better...

Top Foreign Relations Democrat calls on Pompeo to recuse himself from Ukraine matters

The subpoenas are coming.


Wait for it...trump will ask for Russian sanctions to be dropped, Putin's master plan achieved.

Hurricane Lorenzo: Ireland braces itself for powerful storm

Workers Are Falling Ill, Even Dying, After Making Kitchen Countertops.

woman who climbed into lion enclosure and danced is lucky to be alive

Survey reports overall health in Snohomish county is lowest since 2016

Trump and Niinisto

Ignore the Con...

Pete Buttigieg coming up on MSNBC, after the break

While we are rightly focused on impeachment,

BTS Is Back: Music's Billion-Dollar Boy Band Takes the Next Step

Belgium's first sighted wolf in a century feared killed by hunters

Insight into Post journalist's death at Saudi hands

Trump and Finnish President Joint News Conference President

Inslee: 'Lethal' wolf removal by state is 'simply unacceptable'

"Her heart is huge and her brain is even bigger."

What? No frickin' sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads?

I'm curious (Bernie question)...

Why we have to put teeth into the subpoenas

Obama joked in 2011 that GOP will want a moat

Schiff, House Intel Chairman, Got Early Warning of Whistle-Blower's Accusations

Boeing whistleblower: 737 safety improvement nixed over cost

Trump said in the Oval Office today that he'd never called for a spiked border barrier. Well.

Minneapolis cops told not to wear uniforms to political events, comes ahead of Trump rally

Any of you guys heard anything about this?

Schiff, House Intel Chairman, Got Early Account of Whistle-Blower's Accusations

State Department IG briefing on the Hill is about retaliation against State Department officials

Another part of why Trump is extra nutty today.

trump's unhinged rant from this morning

Trump's Border Fantasy Includes Stabbing and Shooting Migrants, Feeding Them to Reptiles

The President of Finland has a solidly Scandinavian response to physical contact from Trump.

SoIG briefing about retaliation against State Dept staff trying to cooperate with democrats.

NYT: Schiff Got Early Account of Whistle-Blower's Accusations

Ryan, Romney, Kasich, Haley......

Question about harassment in the workplace

Trump is screwing up impeachment response, establishment Republicans fret

Did I Hear Trump Correctly - Did He Say He Released The Transcript Of His Call With Zalensky?.....

caption Trump photo

Silicon Valley billionaires' strange new respect for Elizabeth Warren

Never forget! Nazis had strict anti-abortion laws while killing Jewish children in camps. Familiar?

House Dems need to step up the pace with subpoenas and document requests

My dream ticket is

****NYT****State Department IG Meeting Is Likely on Witness Intimidation

Best protest ad campaign of the month!

World leaders these days when they have to listen to Trump talk

Today, we are all the President of Finland.

Trump's 2nd meltdown today

Did Idiot just say "President of Spinland?"

Main Phone number for State Dept 202-647-4000 to inquire about their whistleblower

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individuals to Key Administration Posts: October 1, 2019


Here is another reason I like the President of Finland:

Speaker Pelosi: "The president probably doesn't realize how dangerous his statements are."

You know Trump will go full dictator any minute

"Many people are coming to the artic and we dont like that" Trump

the Finnish President had some free time before the meeting so

"You have a great Democracy...keep it going"

"You have a wonderful democracy. Keep it going on"

It almost sounds like Pres. of Finland is taking tRump to task...

Trump meets Snapchat

President of Finland..


The major reason Why the Con must be impeached...successfully

one of today's meltdown - ends with Schiff couldn't carry Pompeo's Jock strap


The President of Finland is lecturing him on Climate Change.

12 candidates qualify for October Democratic debate

Here we go again....GREATEST HOAX EVER Lying MOFU

Why are the people who said Pelosi didn't understand the stakes and would never allow impeachment

Aaaaaaaaand he's off!

I think, I've found the party-tent.


Trump is the king of something, the King of Gaslighting.

Warren Leads Biden By 4% in New National Poll

limbaugh hannity

The Whistleblower went to the Intelligence Committee

Wasn't that "transcript" a 10 minute conversation...

The Finnish President as Trump talks about his call with Ukraine

A Finnish reporter just asked Trump what "favors" he's going to ask of the Finnish President

Trump (at press conference) quotes Limbaugh, Hannity

Placido Domingo Leaves Los Angeles Opera Amid Sex Harassment Inquiry

Faux news dominating 1st 10 minutes

Bearing teeth: 'Immediately halt all efforts' letter from Engel & Schiff yesterday

You stupid fuck. You can't sue anyone since you are a public figure

so trump is going to sue everyone in washington???

Finland MTV for the win..America media are chicken shit

Bob's Burgers.

Trump: (again) "I am a very stable genius"

trump is already a 2020 sore loser

Straight Jacket Please!!!!!!

What is this article he keeps referencing

And the plot thickens...

A Trump hotel mystery: Giant reservations followed by empty rooms - a form of bribery???

'Biden and his son are stone cold crooked'

The Media should cut this shit

I wish someone would tell that fucker tRump off right there on the spot. n/t

Trump just did a Travis Bickle -" Are you talking to me?"

Dear Media, Please tell this man GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Trump is now losing it again.

Who is that reporter

Complete and Total Meltdown

At this point...

Pence updated & will self-delete

Chris Hayes...

is this the face of sanity & reason?

Trump turns and walks out of the press confernence leaving Finland's president standing at the.....

To Eric: The. WH. itself. released. a. transcript. of. the. call. it. is. still. on. their. website.

I really miss the days when our President showed class and intelligence in public...

Fairfax Co., Virginia officer suspended for turning driver over to ICE after accident, police say

Oh the hypocrisy-Then Congressman Pompeo on subpoenas and interviews during Benghazi

***Trump meltdown*** Don't touch me

Anyone else going to the protest next Thursday?

Did I just hear that right? Gerry Adams on Sky?

Every reporter needs to what that reporter just did!

tweeters are saying Trump started to fall asleep at the podium... did he?

Adam Schiff, House Intel Chairman, Got Early Account of Whistle-Blower's Accusations

Can someone make a youtube of Trump channeling Travis Bickle-"Are you talking to me?"

Rick Wilson speaks truth to republicans. Again. I wish they'd listen, sigh.

Can we please all agree

Good idea...

Drumpf is so corrupt and twisted

Time to start making some noise: RESIST and PERSIST

Trump: Schiff looked at the transcript & said "WOW! He didn't do anything WRONG!" So he made it UP!"

Do we all have confidence in Adam Schiff

I understand that profanity offends some people and makes even those not offended

My Brother-In-Law Has The Same Cancer John McCain Had

Jesus H. Christ. It's the reincarnation of Captain Queeg.

The NYT did not report Schiff met with the whistleblower.

Senator King suggests at least 20 minutes are missing from Trump Ukraine transcript

So, you go out to dinner with a couple who are friends of yours.

Man Confesses to Brutal Killings That Terrorized South Korea, Police Say

tRump's meltdown and outrageous behavior is why I quit watching his spews...

Anyone else worried?


Trump name-drops Limbaugh & Hannity when asked if he asked Finnish president for any "favors"

While Trump melts down

Ya want to see Trump in full meltdown, allow me to share these few illustrative clips...OMG

Just woke up in New Zealand: Pelosi press conference

What Will It Take/How Long Before

Prosecutors appeal ruling banning Kraft prostitution video

NYC Subway ad: "Need a Lawyer? Call Crazy Rudy"

Name of woman just now on MSNBC/Velshi?

Oh, ha ha, you have to search Finland and Finnish on twitter

Some questions the media might ask ??

Dear Fourth Estate: How About This Tactic to Fulfill Your Actual Responsibility...?

After watching Trump's press conference today, and I the only one absolutely giddy with...

Snowden will make first major appearance since U.S. lawsuit at conference next month

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 2, 2019

Booker calls out O'Rourke for criticizing gun licensing before El Paso shooting

David Corn:The Scariest Part of the Trump-Ukraine Scandal? He Really Believes His Own Conspiracy The

Press conference

He actually repeated today that he's a very stable

The Finnish President and the Finished President!

Gunfights rage in southern Iraq, protests spread nationwide

Abbott's pulling a Dumpster move: threatens to intervene in Austin's "homelessness crisis"

Trump says he will likely bring litigation against some involved in Mueller probe

Brexit proposals give Northern Ireland unionists a veto: DUP

New abortion clinic being built in Illinois, near St. Louis

Is their a transcript of Pelosi's Press Conference?

Maxine Waters: "If he knew ANYTHING about the law, he wouldn't be so ignorant as to think...

Dirty deeds, Not done cheap...

Hello - I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good book (or books) that

OMG! Maxine Waters is talking about getting death threats all the time.

Remember "COVFEFE"!

Former NC GOP head pleads guilty to lying in bribery case

Confused about the NYT story that Kevin McCarthy and Steven Scalise are literally in hysterics about

Ex-SC official gets 7 months in prison in prostitution sting

Ohio State Doctor Committed Nearly 1,500 Sexual Assaults, New Report Finds

Is Trump telling another lie with his WTO claim we never won any cases until he became Prez?

Fight over Philadelphia's voting machines may head to court

Netanyahu's legal saga reaches critical stage in Israel

When will the NRA be held accountable...?

this is funny, Kamala's coming for Donnie!

The State of Colombia vs Alvaro Uribe Day 13: the key witness and the lawmakers

British spy in IRA and 20 others could be charged with Troubles-era crimes

Colombia detains, deports renowned journalist on entry

Eric Holder...

Federal Police Released a Document of Lula's Good Behavior that Is Required for Semi-Open Regime

Bolsonaro Says Foreign Interest in The Amazon Is Tied to Mining

OK I'm confused - what was the lunatic's point about Republicans

DOJ tells White House to preserve notes of Trump's calls with foreign leaders

Amazing that we are in impeachment inquiry...

Here's a pdf of Individual number 1 talking with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine

Asics Apologizes After Porn Plays for Hours on Promotional Screens Outside New Zealand Store

Has anyone here wondered what the Orange one will do his 2 months as a lame duck?

FBI is running Facebook recruitment ads targeting Russians in Washington

A World War II era style plane crashed killing 5 people.

How will Pussy Grabber React?

Treated water being pumped out of Butte's Berkeley Pit

What happens if a party's nominee dies before election day?

What happened to the "urgent meeting" that the State Dept IG

Yelling "coup" to attack a situation you don't like is far from a new tactic. Classic Russian psyops

The White House distributes picture of Schiff "losing it" next to the Stable Genius.

Watered-Down Pension Bill Clears First Vote in Brazil's Senate

Pompeo was so unpopular at CIA, his security detail threw a party when he left: report

Putin jokes about interfering in the next Election

The Sanders campaign is canceling TV ad spending in Iowa.

A call out thread about Halloween candy...

Democrats question Pence, Perry on travel to Ukraine

Andrew Yang Just Raised $10 Million in Three Months, His Biggest Haul Yet

The Nobel Peace Prize?

Why Impeachment must be NOW , quick and decisive

Back door route to conviction in the Senate?

Cartoons 10/2/19

Pelosi at war...

PARANOID!!! South Korean Style...

Sanders presidential campaign pivots health scare to Medicare for All message

"INCREASE TAXES ON US," 1% Businessmen Say Our System Is Broken: Patriotic Millionaires

Bummer. IG meeting isn't going to destroy Pompeo's

Jalopnik: The Collapse Might Finally Be Here

Burn! Finnish reporter asks his president what 'favors' Trump has asked for?

Trump's Presidency is the game show version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Rand Paul: 'We deserve to know' identity of Trump whistleblower

Putin: I don't share excitement about Greta Thunberg's U.N. speech (Reuters)

Rick Perry says he'll cooperate with Congress on Ukraine questions

And another Jack Burkman-Jacob Wohl flop

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-14: Wheel Of Corruption: Sign O The Times Edition

Timelapse video shows the darkening sky as a tornado warning was issued amid severe thunderstorms

Trump says he's considering 'a major lawsuit' over Mueller investigation

There were Trump hotel envelopes in the packet Raskin had from State IG

US to impose tariffs on EU

Isn't the Defense IG move today a positive?

North Korea launches ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

All the crap about Biden's son making a lot of money through corruption while he served on the Board

Trump fumes amid impeachment furor . . . .. 8-O

Stocks Tumble, Bonds Climb as Slowdown Fears Mount: Markets Wrap

Amber Guyger sentenced to 10yrs...

Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm feeling good.


Democrats Now See Race as Warren v. Biden

John Dean: When I was a whistleblower, the Justice Department protected me

Small Axe

North Korea fires ballistic missile built to be launched from submarine into Japan's EEZ

Fascism has kicked into overdrive.

Today was the hottest day ever recorded in October

Trump has started tweeting again

Amber Guyger sentenced to 10 years in murder of Botham Jean

Democrats probing whether groups booked Trump hotel rooms to earn president's favor: report

Klasfeld: DOJ supports trump's side in his subpoena-fight with Manhattan D.A. Vance

They gave Amber Guyger only 10 years for murder

Jake Tapper:A parental advisory for you:

Pelosi and Schiff issue stern warning over Trump impeachment inquiry (10.2.2019)

Rep Raskin: IG briefing paper looks like a hit piece on Bidens

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 3 October 2019


Government Plans to Begin DNA Testing on Detained Immigrants

Merriam-Webster word of the day for Oct. 2, anniversary of Khashoggi's brutal murder, is....

Trump just imposed tariffs on EU countries : 25% tax on French wine and Scotch whiskey

The entire Trump Crime Syndicate is now lawyered up, including crime bosses Pompeo Giuliani and Barr

DA doesn't recommend charges in Harmar, PA, double stabbing

DA doesn't recommend charges in Harmar, PA, double stabbing

Trump supporters: It's is a setup, the left tricked Trump into doing or saying scandalous behavior!

Black Twitter has a field day after finding out Stacey Dash listed as 'white' on arrest report

Iowa GOP muzzles Miller to enable Trump

this is bullshit

Some of us have had our family members succumb to dementia, delirium, alzheimers, and other

Yesterday in Georgia, Women in Prison Regained Some of Their Dignity

Patriarchy be like...

Seth Abramson laying IG's message out right now

Trump involved Pence in efforts to pressure Ukraine's leader

Dear Senators Sanders and Warren, wanna sell me on MfA?

The top of Trump is getting mighty golden

Thanks for all the well wishes.

F.A.A. Allows U.P.S. to Deliver Medical Packages Using Drones

The World Of Animal Odd Couples! Real Wild

Sung to the tune "Bohemian Rhapsody".....😂

'We're definitely going to do interfere. Just don't tell anyone!' Vladimir Putin jokes...

Joke of the Day!

CNN fact checking of tRump's presser kills conspiracy in real time.

Halloween Is Coming #11

Halloween Is Coming #12

Halloween Is Coming #13

Halloween Is Coming #14

Imagine if, in 2016, one of the GOP candidates had stents

Halloween Is Coming #15

'Get Well' Messages From Other Democratic Candidates to Bernie Sanders, Ranked

It's 88 degrees and there's a heavy summer storm outside.....

Pssssssssssst The Con involved Pence too

Census could undercount those without internet access

It's beginning to look more like President Pelosi every day...another dirt nugget on PENCE...

"Why doesn't Pence ever know anything about anything?"

Trump's plans for major expansion of Turnberry resort rejected

5 years for drugs 5 years for listing your kids at the wrong school

Impeachment isn't scaring Democrats anymore, especially in the Senate

Trump's biggest problem...

All the right wing distraction and desperate attempts reminds me of one thing...

Pelosi says Trump 'scared' of impeachment inquiry in exclusive ABC News interview

Trump's Justice Department Asks Judge to Block Subpoena for His Tax Returns

Phoenix police bust telemarketing ring that scammed seniors out of $40 million

It would be a great parting gift for Trump to take down Pence so they

Trump again says he is a "very stable genius" and says he "always chooses his words

State Dept top attorney has only 4 years experience practicing law

shock Chuck Todd makes good point: Biden didn't get rich like the rest of the swamp creatures

Preet Bharara: You know who got an even EARLIER account of whistleblower's allegations - THE WH!

BARF... HURL... and MMMMM...

Black Holes As We Know Them May Not Exist

'We're Not Fooling Around': Pelosi And Schiff Stand Firm As Trump Fumes

So when the house votes on impeachment

"She'll cut your head off and you won't even know you're bleeding." - Alexandra Pelosi re Nancy

Baltimore, Gaithersburg sue Trump administration over 'public charge' rule limiting green cards,

There is one witness who could prove Trump is innocent of everthing he is accused of.

Democrats will at least have a net gain of 2 seats in 2020.

Trump is the real victim here.

Does anyone believe the Trump we see now on TV could run a serious presidential campaign?

Tweety: "Now I see Pence...maybe forced into this..."

Folks: it APPEARS the most important part of the State documents are the distribution lines.

The Corruption Runs Deep: State IG passes out Giuliani Propaganda in Urgent Secret meeting

House Dems Probe Trump Hotels 'Ghost Bookings' by Foreign Governments, Groups

10/03 Mike Luckovich:White House accomplices

Schiff Makes Clear All Trump Efforts to Obstruct House Inquiry Will Be Added to Articles of Impeach

Trump sanctions chief leaving administration: report

Three Chairs Statement on State IG Briefing

I have noticed Trump supporters have not

Lindsey sent letters to Australia, Italy & UK "calling for continued cooperation" with Barr

President Obama "roasting" Trump.

Scheer 1984 speak:

'We call it tent city': Trump once again rips into San Francisco

Numbered family tax shelters to pay lower income tax under scheer:

Trump involved Pence in efforts to pressure Ukraine's leader

Pence's top aides frantically distancing him from Trump's conduct re getting Ukraine to smear Biden

Has anyone been to a Holographic concert?

It's seeming to me that the goal is to create enough confusion around

Oh well, as the saying goes, tomorrow is another day.

Divert/distract from the thing itself.

How come Trump's not the one with cardiac problems, despite his diet and lack of exercise?

Hey Putin!

so i'm gonna take a little break and get some chores done

So what was the big URGENT meeting about today?


As Missouri restricts abortion, Planned Parenthood opens massive new clinic across the border.

If Pence is Impeached